Tyrone’s giant

By Joseph Pramas 
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I am not looking for a relationship; I do enjoy sex and love to play with myself. Hey I am honest. A big dick is my turn on.

I was living in New York City when I met my bud Tyrone. He is a very tall African-American man, 6’6” and about 220 pounds. I was attracted to him because he had a strong, dominate yet gentle persona, was always honest and showed a confident in his appearance and stance. He had a very deep and booming voice that really turned me on and he sometimes referring to himself in the third person. Well I was curious about the rumors of him and his size. I heard all kinds of stories about his “gift”. We were at the Eagle Bar on a hot balmy summer night when I finally got the nerve to ask him.

I asked, “T, I am looking for a regular fuck buddy, would you be interested?”

He said, “Sure guy, Tyrone loves to enjoy himself”. He smiled and looked at me with his deep dark, almost black eyes. It was as if he knew what I was thinking and what I was going to ask next. After about a minute of silence I started to say, “Is it true that…..”

“Hell yea guy, your buddy T is packin”! He laughed. “I know what I got and I ain’t shy, I love to show off my big meat”.

He said this pretty loud and some people heard him but he didn’t care …

Well we paid the bill and went back to my apartment in the village. When we got there I told him to make himself comfortable. I just turned my back for a second to lock the door. When I turned around, I was in shock! There was Ty, pants dropped, a big smile on his face and his manhood dangling like a massive pendulum between this muscular thighs.

He said”, Well guy, what do you think?” He laughed as I looked in amazement.

He continued “Boy there is nothing I like better than to freak out a white dude with my big manhood”.

It was beautiful; his dick was thick, veiny, and hanging long just above his knees.

“Come over here and check him out guy”. “Touch him boy, he won’t bite.”

I went over to examine it. This man was the proud owner of one of the thickest, spongiest cocks I had ever seen. And It wasn’t even hardI held it in my hand; it was very heavy and firm even when soft. His sack was large, smooth, warm and full of testosterone. He knew the power he had with such size. He looked down and me and smiled with a big twinkle in his eye like a giant man.

“So think you are man enough to satisfy Tyrone lil guy?” Everything he said was with a smile.

He then said,”OK baby boi, stand back”.

I replied, “Stand back?”

“Yea, take three steps back from Big Ty”.

I stepped back about three, three and a half feet. He took off his shirt and socks causing his mighty penis to sway back and forth. Now he was completely in the buff.

“Baby boy, check this out!”

He starts to play with his nipples and his colossal manhood starts to grow and get hard. Very hard! It starts to stand up, I can’t believe the size he grows to, it looks over a foot long and thick as a flashlight! He made it bounce a few times then laughed at the expressions on my face.

“So boi, what do you think of that?”

I was bowled over! I got my tape measure and measured it. It was thirteen inches long! He kept bouncing it while he stood there. Then after a few seconds, He said, “Buddy, this is nothing, stand back and watch this. T is going to show you what he is all about.”

He stood there tall and imposing with a big smile on his face. He folded his arms and then started to flex the muscles in groin and pelvis. As he flexed his mighty black manhood started to grow longer! I was standing about two feet away from him and his dick grew longer and longer! The head got closer and closer to me as his shaft grew. It kept growing till the very tip of his dick touched my belly, I stepped back out of amazement. Now it had to be at least 15” long. Tyrone let out a big hearty laugh, and said in great confidence,


I could not believe this man’s hardihood. He was in your face and loved it and wanted to show off more! As he flexed I could see the stress in his face so this must have taken a lot of effort on his part to make his dick grow so big.

“So boi, what do you think about this.”

I was speechless and just when I started to open my mouth, he spoke up and said, “WHEEEWWW BOY look out, cause now Tyrone is going to show you what he can really do!”

He put his hands proudly on his hips and flexed his pelvic muscles more. His mighty penis started growing again, now even longer! As it grew, it pushed me back until I was two feet away from him! When he made it stop growing, took a deep breath of relief,, “So what do you think about your big daddy now?”

I was standing 2 feet away from him and his mega dick was between us! What amazed me even more is that his manhood didn’t hang or droop, but it was erect! I looked at it and him in amazement. His cock was two feet long and not only long, but as he made it grow, it got even thicker! It was now the thickness of a coffee mug. The head of his manhood was full, firm and very shiny. I watched it for a while, I could see the vein pulsating and feel its warmth. I could only imagine all the blood it took to make this dick erect.

As he stood there, he had a look of satisfaction on his face, like he was trying to get a point across. I just stood there in amazement because I was so amazed by his giant dick,I couldn’t move! He enjoyed the look of awe on my face while I worshiped his mighty penis. After about 5 minutes of silence he said with a big smile,

“ I am laying down the law with my giant pee pee boi. Now, you are going to do what your big black daddy tells you, or I am going to grow even bigger! HE HE HE!”

Hell I would love to see that!. After being speechless all that time, I asked him, how he does that? In laymen’s terms he told that his dick was condensed with thick spongy tissue that made it very expandable. I knew what he was trying to say because I had taken anatomy and physiology in college. When he was 13 and started puberty, his manhood grew from that of a child into a 10” monolith.

He spoke to his father about the situation and learned that there was nothing wrong with him. In fact, his dad told him that all the men in his family were well endowed. But what his dad didn’t know what that T could make his meat grow at will. Of course his curiosity about his body got the best of him and he started to experiment. When he started flexing the muscles in his pelvis, he could make his manhood grow longer! The more he tried, the longer it got and then realized he was having fun doing it. He decided to name his manhood “PP” because a PP was usually used for a very small penis. He liked the exaggeration! He made money showing off to his peers when he was young. Over the years he was able to get more and more control over it and now he could make it his shaft grow up to two feet long! I was in shock and loving it. He still likes to experiment and is trying to grow it even longer he told me.

“So dude, now I need you to get Tyrone off, think you can handle it?”

I said, “How?”

“Just start sucking the head and collar, Ill tell you where to touch and Ill do the rest”.

I wanted to suck but, it being as thick as a coffee mug there was no chance. I tried and while gave it a shot, Tyrone laughed at my efforts.

“T, I’ll have to get some lube, could you set me free?” I said this with a chuckle. He stepped back and I went down the hall to get some lube from my bedroom. I came back with the lube and was able to view him in a side view. There he stood this well built man of 6’6” with this 2-foot penis jutting out of him. The most spectacular thing was it all looked natural and proportionate. He looked at me with a shit-eating grin on his face. He made it bounce and boy could it bounce! It looked like a giant pump handle bobbing up and down.

He said playfully, “Look boi, I can bounce my PP” Nothing pleased him more than freaking out another man with his gift. He had such a handsome face, dark eyes and clear completion for a man of 43. His grin turned into a smile. You could see his teeth evolving behind his beautiful thick full lips. He looked at me and licked his lips with his tongue. Dam this guy is inconceivable.

“Well baby boi, you wanna please Tyrone or what?”

I stepped back into the “front of the line” as it were, and oiled up his monster.

Before I started, he said, “OK dude, I like to feel good and I don’t hold back, I am warning you now ok. I enjoy my meat and love to feel it.”.

That was fine with me. A man as gifted as Tyrone deserves it. As I stroked and played with it, it started to pulsate. It was so warm.

T started to moan as he played with his nips. His smile gave way to expressions of pleasure. His eyes rolled back into his head and he started to breath heavier. He started to lick his thick full lips as the moaning got louder and his muscles tensed. I could see he had great control of his ejaculations, he was holding back for now but was really wanting to bust a nut. His tool started to throb and got thicker, if you can believe that!

“OK baby boi, here I go!”

His breathing got heavier and heavier while I stroked his mighty manhood. “OHHH, OHHH, OHHH!”. I watch his dick as he got closer and I could see what was happening. For his cum to get from his nuts to the end of his dick took a while so he was really enjoying on very long orgasm before he fired.

He clenched his teeth and his facial muscles were getting tighter. “AHHHHH, AHHHHHH,AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!”

He fired! it hit my chest with force and just kept coming. He shot 9 streams of cum! After each shot, he would moan MMMMMMMMMMM!

After a minute of silence he looked over to me with his eyes at half mass and winked. He was exhausted! His dick pulsated as it deflated. Its head started to descend and it hit the floor and slowly dragged as his pole retracted. His erection was gone but it took about a half hour before his dick was back to normal.

“Well bud, looks like your buddy Tyrone has got one BIG monster dong!”

We hung out at my apartment while we waited for his dick to go back to normal. In that time we talked about past sex experiences. Most of the conversation was about his experiences, he had so many, I wonder why!

He stood up and started to put his pants on. To get dressed, he had to tuck it in his underwear so it wouldn’t dangle out. It looked like a chore but he enjoyed it. Before he left, I wanted to ask him if he sucked himself, he replied, at least twice a day! In fact when he got home he was going to help himself to some more pleasure. What a man.

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