Voss the hoss

By Josh Dugan 
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I had gotten to know Hines well enough to know that he liked me. There was something about him that attracted me to him—I don't know whether it was his stunning blond good looks, the beautiful blonde hair on his handsome body, or the rumor (from one of my friends who played soccer with him and had seen it for sure) that he was not only huge, but uncut.

How I envied his soccer teammates, hating them for having seen him the way I could only dream of him, as they played roughly together on the soccer field, celebrating each others' successes, encouraging each other in their setbacks, piling into the locker room together, showering together. I could picture him laughing off their adulation as they joked about his "hoss"-ness, humor being the only acceptable way for them to deal with what was probably their envy and desire for him.

Hines and I joked about his last name—Voss—he blushed visibly when I said it sounded almost like "hoss." There was something in the way he laughed about it that made me want to pursue it a little. "It almost sounds like you're a horse," I laughed.

He laughed, and made a surprisingly erotic-sounding horse's whinnying sound. It came out like real whinnying, but with his voice's musical harmonics, very male and masculine, magical to me. I couldn't hide the surprised pleasure I felt. "My god," I said. "With a whinny like that, you may as well be a horse. Or at least have four legs."

"I wish," he laughed. "My soccer teammates used to call me 'Voss the hoss', although for another reason."

"I bet I know," I laughed, and he whinnied again, deep and male. I felt my blood surge and my come stir within me.

He smiled. "Also," he said," they liked the way I played and said the only way I'd be better would be if I had four of my legs instead of just two."

"How cool!" I said.

" Who knows; maybe a full moon will do it." he smiled.

We both laughed, both aroused at the thought of him four-legged. I secretly hoped for a full moon.

"We could call you "Hinds," I laughed. "With four legs, you'd be twice the hoss you are."

He laughed, but I was aroused by something in the way he unconsciously ran his hand through his blonde hair as he smiled, mentally picturing himself with two sets of hindquarters. It was totally hot, we both knew, and it was hot that it was as erotic for him as it was for me.

That was the start of a kind of magical thing between us, even though we were too busy to be together.

We would see each other intermittently, passing each other as we went to our various classes, or happening to see each other in the library or at the store, pursing our busy academic schedules.

But I found I could bring our mutual arousal back instantly, no matter how briefly we met. All I had to do was say, "Hey, Hinds." It definitely hit him in his inner core, leaving him pleasantly rattled and both of us turned on.

It was a late on warm Saturday night during a full moon when I was awakened by the drunken sounds of his teammates laughing and shouting outside the dorm, coming back from a team beer bust.

While they were smart enough to have helped carry each other staggering their way back to the dorm, they sure were sounding stupid as they laughed and howled. And it was just a little annoying how often they were shouting "Voss the hoss!" in their stupid, slurred voices, like they'd just invented the phrase for all the world to hear.

I could reach the corner of the nearby window curtain from my bed, so I lifted it slightly and peeked out the window towards the sounds of voices and drunken laughter.

There in the light of the full moon I could make out their shadowy forms as they staggered and reeled in, arm in arm, laughing and stumbling.

Vexed, I dropped the curtain corner and tried to get back to sleep, burying my head in my pillow, which muted the noise somewhat. But it was even more annoying that for some inexplicable reason they were getting louder.

I realized they were getting closer to my room.

"Voss the hoss!" they kept shouting, laughing and, "If I weren't so drunk, I'd think you were a hoss, Voss the hoss," and "Looks like a drunk hoss to me! Wanna gimme a ride, Voss the hoss? and "Okay, Voss the hoss, here you go."

And suddenly my dormroom door crashed open, light spilling in from the hall, and a couple of loudly hilarious teammate voices shouting.

I held my pillow tightly over my head to block the annoying loud shouts of the drunken teammates, but to no avail.

"Ta-da!" they cried, amid sounds of bumping and jostling against the walls.

"Hoss delivery! We've got Voss the hoss, your hoss! Hope you gotta lotta hay to feed him, he's a big one!"

There was laughter and scuffing, thudding sounds, and then they were gone as suddenly as they came, their drunken laughter and hooting echoing further and further down the hall.

"He's really a hoss, that Voss the hoss! I wanna be a hoss!"

I unclenched the pillow from around my ears, listening to see if was over yet.

The room was sweet with the smell of alcohol and tangy with the smell of young male athletic bodies.

I thought I heard Hines, giggling softly to himself. I stretched and turned to look at the open doorway, and there he was, as delivered to me by his drunken teammates.

I could barely believe my eyes.

There he stood, leaning drunkenly, head swaying, a handsome, athletic, naked silhouette against the light from the hall, propped heavily against the open door as the drunken laughing voices receded further in the distance. His body swayed, one of his hands clumsily running itself through his tousled blonde hair.

Was he embarrassed to be delivered to me in this condition? His quiet giggles suggested it.

But I almost passed out as my gaze ran down his silhouetted naked form, from the hand in his blonde hair to his massive shoulders, to his narrow waist, to his —again not believing my eyes—to his four nude legs, to his four bare feet.

He tried to focus his eyes on me, having difficulty keeping his dizzy head turned in my direction.

"I'm a hoss," he giggled, trying to walk his four beautiful feet towards me, but helplessly pitched against the wall, unable pull his beautiful naked drunken body away from it.

"Look at you," I said, almost inaudibly. I felt myself wildly boning.

He smiled and whinnied drunkenly, a warm cloud of his alcohol-sweet breath invisibly crossing the room and kissing me warmly all over.

It was then that I noticed how huge he was, how proud and huge his giant penis was, fully aroused in greeting. I couldn't help but notice its brother penis, fully aroused between his hind legs.

The four of his legs looked like they might collapse into a handsome heap, and as swift as thought I found myself suddenly up and helping him, trying to keep him from falling, and suddenly I was close to him, loving the muscular feel of his handsome body as I held him up, close to his beautiful alcohol-sweet lips.

Suddenly I was kissing him, holding his wonderful naked four-legged body against me as he reeled heavily in my embrace, his beautiful sweet-tasting numb lips trying to return my kiss. I kissed him for all I was worth, knowing I was about to come helplessly all over him, my huge penis hot against his as I locked myself against his drunken body, loving him helpless in my embrace.

His handsome arms found me and wrapped themselves clumsily around me as we kissed.

It was heaven.

Suddenly my abs were burning hot with liquid—pulsing liquid—his liquid come, in hot jets compressed between our bodies as I held him tightly. It was too much too soon—I realized I was coming, too—my penis bathed in his hot come and burning from within as my own come pulsed fiercely, hot between us, against his penis and its relentless jets of hot, pulsing come. He moaned, his lips buried in mine, his muscular body swaying drunkenly in my embrace as we came and came.

I managed to catch my breath as I held him to me, both of our bodies oozing with hot, fluid come.

I pulled him inside and closed the door behind us, catching his body instinctively as one of his beautiful hind feet slipped on the come-slicked floor.

He laughed, struggling to hold onto the floor with his four bare feet as I held him to me tightly, not letting his four legs loose their footing.

He was so beautiful so close to me. I kissed his shoulder as I led him to my bed, and found his lips and kissed them again, feeling them smile even as I kissed them.

Walking him four-legged to the bed was almost like leading a horse, with the complex motion of his four handsome legs, the handsome rearward extension of his back where his front hips joined his hind hips, the kiss of his four clumsy legs and feet against my legs as he tried to follow my lead to the bed.

It was in a silent, nearly slow-motion puff of blankets that we both fell together onto the bed, one in our embrace, his four feet crazily falling all over each other as we landed heavily, silently, his billowed blonde hair settling as we landed together.

He groaned with pleasure, his drunken arms lazily squeezing me again, his hind legs squirming heavily against his front legs, all four of them lazily making friends with my legs. We were totally hard again, my penis and both of his..

"My hinds," he slurred, smiling. "They want you again, my hinds." And sure enough, they were both huge, both of them huge and uncut. Even though his huge penises had just come; his huge front penis and its equally huge brother, so huge between his hind legs, both wanted to come again.

"I want to do a three-way with you," he breathed sweetly into me. I loved his warm, sweet breath.

"You'd need two of me," I smiled.

"Or two of me," he giggled. "The moon is still full." It boned me to think of two of him, both four-legged. I would ride one of him while the other of him trotted four-legged alongside. I might even learn to ride both of him circus-style, one foot on each of his hindquarters as they ran their four legs handsomely alongside each other.

I would make love with the two of them, they would make love with each other. What an addition to the team they would make! Maybe in uniform, maybe not.

"Only if I can keep both of you," I laughed.

He whinnied as the bed shifted heavily, and then both of him whinnied again.

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