Wheel of fortune

By Seth Peterson 
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I had a dream last night. It was fantastic, erotic, and I wished so hard it would happen. I dreamed I was a contestant in a ‘Wheel of Fortune’ type thing. The host was the male Tico from DS2, and he was quite polite and courteous to me.

“Good evening, Your Excellency. I have prepared a game for you tonight, one that I hope will make your life quite enjoyable.”

“Oh? Do tell, Tico.”

“Very well. You see the wheel behind me, Excellency?”


The wheel was blank, just a large circle of wood.

“This is a wheel of fate.”

“Oh no, are you going to kill my friends?”

“Good heavens, no. That is what Nicaea is for. This is for your enjoyment only, Excellency.”

“Okay, I’m listening.”

I blinked and the wheel was suddenly divided into innumerable segments, each with a different design in it.

“Whoa. What?”

“Well, Your Excellency, each segment of this wheel represents a different crush you have in the real world.”


“Indeed. I will spin this wheel thrice, and the person each represents will fall madly in love with you in the order of your choosing.”


“Yes. Shall we begin?”

“Go for it.”

He spun the wheel deftly and the pointer clacked about until landing within a segment.

“Ah, congratulations, Excellency. You’ve landed on Will Johnson.”

Will Johnson was tall, tan, and studly, with a nice butt, an achingly hot deep voice, and the best facial hair I’d ever seen.


“Shall we go again?”

“Of course.”

He bowed and spun the wheel again. Another seemingly insignificant segment, but Tico smiled politely at me.

“Another good choice. How does AJ Lopane sound to his Excellency?”

AJ was my height, but was one of the most attractive boys I knew. He also had big, sexy muscles and the tightest butt. Like Will, he had incredibly hot facial hair.

“Fantastic! Let’s go one more time!”

He flicked the wheel and nodded at the choice.

“Preston Hill. Congratulations, Excellency. “

I was so happy I couldn’t believe it. Preston had been my crush since eighth grade. He was tall, athletic, with an amazing ass and great legs. But his face was the thing of legend, with long blond hair and a jawline that you could cut yourself on.


“Now, the rules are as follows. You will enjoy one person’s company until you wish to end it. Then the next will fall in love with you and the procedure will repeat. Once all three have been ended, you will be brought back here. You can then enjoy the selection again, or spin again for a new three, minus the ones you chose tonight. Now, who do you want first?”

“Hmm…let’s take Will, then AJ, then Preston.”

“At once, Excellency. Would you like to participate in the bonus round?”

“The what?”

“The bonus round, where you have three chances to win extras for when you awake.”


He bowed and walked over to one of those lottery ball machines. He spun the handle and picked a ball out.

“Ah. ‘Height Growth Plus.’ Would you like to apply this to all three, or just one?”


“I am unsure myself, Excellency. I do not usually participate in such events.”

“Um…all three I guess.”

“Of course.”

He twisted again and pulled a second.

“Hm. ‘Sternritter V.’ Your Excellency?”

That was a Bleach reference…but I couldn’t place it. So I played it safe.

“Just AJ.”

Tico bowed and spun again, grimacing at the ball.

“Dick Plus. Excellency?”

I grinned.

“All three!”

He smiled forcibly.

“Quite the immoral one, aren’t you?”

He caught himself.

“My apologies, Excellency.”

He bowed.

“This will conclude my service for now. Well then, good luck Excellency.”

He snapped his fingers. I woke up, with my mind reeling and my dick rock hard. Why did life tease me so? The end of the day, though, brought a most wonderful surprise. Will approached me outside my locker. I blushed staring up at his nice face and sexy facial hair.

“Hey, Chris.”


I swooned at his rich, baritone voice.

“I was wondering if you’d like to come over to my house today.”

I smiled.

“Love to.”

I followed him out into his car and he drove us to his house. He took me upstairs, sneaking past his parents, and pulled off his sweater.

“I’ve been seeing how you look at me in the halls. I’m glad I finally get to have you.”

I blushed and he walked up to me, his pecs rubbing his shirt. He leaned down and kissed me gently. His hair rubbed my chin and I lowered him onto the bed. My phone buzzed, but I was too busy pulling off Will’s shirt and pants to notice. I did notice when his sculpted chest began to pull upwards from under me. I grinned as Will closed his eyes as his legs grew up and out slightly. His whole frame stretched up and up and up and up. His feet burst out from his giant bed and almost stretched the room. He sighed in contentment as his huge body relaxed, making the bed creak in protest. Jesus, he had to be nearly seven foot! He slid his massive hand along my waist.

“Now, where were we?”

“I think I was about to suck your cock.”

“That sounds good.”

I inched off his boxers and his dick sprang up into my face. Holy cow. Talk about a plus! His cock had to be nearly a foot, swollen with blood and hung like a horse. I went to slip my mouth over his head, but my phone buzzing distracted me. What…? Will blinked in surprise and I felt his cock slowly begin to grow in my hand. No way. It hadn’t even grown yet?! Will grunted as his shaft lengthened. His grunts turned into groans, and then into steadily louder moans. I looked at my phone in shock. The latest effect caught my eye.

“High Grade Earplugs in effect.”

I smiled in relief as Will began to arch his back behind me. His cock was stretching out and out, and Will was moaning without bounds. I didn’t even notice I was jerking myself as Will moaned louder and louder, his ecstasy arching his head back. His cock would not stop growing, curving up as it grew past anything I could have imagined. It bulged and widened as it grew out, and Will moaned ridiculously loud. God, this was so fucking sexy!! Finally, his cock stopped, but the head was so small. Then I saw it twitch and begin to expand rapidly. Will bellowed in his deep voice, his whole body shaking with power. His bellows boomed through the room as his sensitive head finished bulking. He stopped to stare at his gigantic cock, slapping lightly against his nipples. He threw his head back and moaned ridiculously loud as it shot up to his face.

Holy shit, the thing had to be two feet long! Will’s tan body was drenched in sweat and he slowly opened his eyes to look at his monster cock, its head on par with his nose. He grinned hugely and slipped his mouth over his own head, pulling off each time with a nice ‘pop’. His eyes closed and he moaned again, his cock growing past his eye level, past his hair, stretching up and up. His moans grew in intensity and frequency as his head ballooned out and his shaft thickened, its body growing veins and plumping out. His gigantic cock nearly touched the ceiling before stopping for good. Will was soaking with sweat and he looked up at his monstrous dick. He licked the massive shaft, a bloated vein pushing out at the motion. He angled his body so his cock dipped toward me. I gaped at the size. That thing had to be at least half as big as I was! The skin pulled around the swollen, purple cockhead and I slowly began to swallow the bulging mushroom. I didn’t even get close. The head was nearly a feet across. Will still bit his bottom lip as I slipped my tongue around the beautiful opening in his dick.

He groaned again as my tongue flitted across his warm skin. His hand ran across his wet skin as his abs glistened with sweat. I sucked on his swollen cockhead as Will gasped with pleasure. I pulled off and moved onto his warm, sweaty body. He was so tall now my feet barely reached his abs. His lips slipped into mine and our tongues danced. My hand reached down to massage his prominent pec, my finger rubbing his nipple. I slid down his wet body until my ass rubbed his gigantic shaft. I slid up and down his huge cock, the skin pulling and making Will moan with delight. All too soon, I had to go. Will stood, his head brushing the ceiling and his cock pushing against the opposite wall. He grinned.

“I don’t know what the hell you did to me, but I love it. I’ll catch you in school, hottie.”

“Any time, Will.”

I left, leaving Will to decide how to fit his four-foot cock and seven foot body into his tiny clothes.

The next day was amazing. Will’s head was level with the ceiling, and I gasped in shock as my eyes took in his body. He was so tall his clothes barely covered the majority of it, and tan skin was exposed at every angle. But his shorts took the cake. The bulge in his front was so massive it looked like a cantaloupe had been shoved down his pants. He saw me and slipped his gigantic hand around my waist.

“Hey babe. Like the outfit?”

“Dear god, you wear it like a glove.”

“It feels like a glove. God it’s so great to be this big.”

“We’re getting looks. Well, you’re getting looks.”

“Let ‘em look.”

He bent way down and slipped his tongue in between my lips. I mean, he had to bend. I came up to his wrist! And that was the biggest turn on I’d had in a while. Well, right beside the soccer ball rammed down his shorts. As we reached his class, he gave me another kiss.

“Want to hook up again today? My place?”

“It’s a date.”

My back was to the locker, so no one saw Will’s hand slip into my pants to squeeze my ass.

“Looking forward to this?”

He flexed, making the front of shorts seemingly swell. I bit my lip and groaned.

“Oh god. I want to pleasure you so bad.”

“I’m loving it. See you.”

“Bye, hon.”

He kissed me again and squeezed my ass before going into his class. My cock throbbed as I saw him having to duck to go into his class. I shook my head in amazement as I watched his ass twist and lift in his tight shorts, strained all the more by the giant load in front.

I lasted thirty seconds into the drive before I pulled Will’s shorts down. My face turned so beet red I must have looked like a tomato.

“Are you…wearing a jockstrap?”

He laughed.

“I thought you’d like that. I only wear it for special occasions.”

His cock wasn’t even close to fitting. His shaft spilled out of the sides while his bulbous nuts hung below the fabric. I slipped my hand inside the pouch and began to massage his bloated, enormous dick. Will groaned.

“Oh babe, careful. I’m driving.”

“You’ll survive.”

He groaned as blood began to pump to his cock. The strap strained and stretched as his cock grew and lengthened. Will moaned.

“Do me a favor and let it out. That kind of hurts.”

I smiled and maneuvered the flesh tube out of its holding. Will’s cock was easily two feet soft and was growing by the second. I pumped the shaft and watched the huge organ begin to lift itself.

“Don’t let it up or I won’t be able to see the road!”

I laughed.

“I can’t even imagine. A cock so big it blocks your vision.”

“I love it. Trying to get it to fit into my clothes is so much fun.”

I angled it so that the hardening dick pressed against the dashboard and not the steering wheel.

“Is it a pain?”

“Not at all. I always wanted a bigger cock.”

“Dude, you were like twelve inches to begin with!”

“Eleven. And that doesn’t matter anymore. Now I have a four foot cock, hon, and I’m loving every massive inch of it.”

“So am I.”

He grunted as I massaged his giant shaft. I couldn’t even fit my hand around his base it was so thick.

“Can you imagine if this thing got even bigger?”

Will licked his lips.

“Yeah, I can. And I like it.”

“Bigger than four feet?”

“It can’t ever be big enough, hon!”

“Whoa! You feel…the same way I do.”

“You want a monster dick?”

“No. I want you to have a monster dick.”

He chuckled as we pulled into his house.

“Okay, my parents aren’t home, so we don’t even need to be quiet.”

“Good thing, too.”

I motioned to his huge cock and he nodded.

“You’re right.”

We laughed and got out. Will’s cock sprang upward, almost whacking him in the face. Its head was still a good foot and a half above his hair and he kissed the huge vein in the middle.

“I need some sexual release. Have you seen my balls?”

They were easily melon sized.

“They look heavy.”

“They are. But I got good legs. I can handle them.”

I slapped his firm ass and he turned.


“Hey yourself. You wore a jockstrap.”

“That’s true.”

We went upstairs and shut the door.

“Now how the hell do I do this?”

“You can just suck as much as you can.”

“Oh, I will. But there’s no way that’s fitting in me.”

“Then you can do me! I don’t even care if I can’t have sex as long as I have a dick like this.”

“Wow. We…actually like the same thing.”

“I noticed.”

He gyrated his hips and his cock pumped to full mast tantalizingly close to me.

“There’s no such thing as too big.”

“Careful what you wish for!”

“Can you make me grow again?”

That stopped me dead.


“Can you make me grow again? My cock, I mean. I’m tall enough.”

“You…want to be bigger? You’re huge! You have a world record by three feet!”

“I know, I know, but I…no. Never mind. Sorry. Forget I asked.”

“No, Will, I…I’m just worried about you. I don’t want people to treat you like a freak.”

“Oh please. I don’t care. They’ll be jealous, if anything. I just want to please you. And I want it myself.”

“Okay, Will. I’ll see what I can do.”

I pulled out my phone and texted Tico back for the first time.

“Hello, Tico. Please repeat effect 3 for this round. Is that possible?”

The response was instant.

“Good afternoon, Excellency. To repeat effects, press the # symbol. One press for latest effect, two for second, and three to repeat the first effect put in play. This is true for all rounds. HaVe A PLeaSaNT Day.”

My hands trembling, I pressed the # key. My phone buzzed, and I turned to Will.


He grinned nervously and we both turned to his swollen, massive cock. My phone buzzed again and Will closed his eyes.

“Oh god, it’s happening again. Oh fuck yes. Oh…oh…OH! OHHH!”

His cock trembled slightly before exploding outward, expanding and bloating and swelling at an absurd rate. Will screamed in pleasure and bliss as his cock unraveled like a snake before hardening, only to lengthen again. Will’s first transformation took about two minutes to complete. This one only lasted about thirty seconds. His cock grew so fast it was almost hard to keep track of. His body barely kept up, sweat soaking his skin-tight clothes in seconds. His cock rammed into the ceiling and almost seemed to know it couldn’t grow up anymore, because it began to angle itself so it could continue swelling. And just like that, it was over.

Will’s cock was enormous. Like, beyond comprehension enormous. I’d put it at seven feet easy. The shaft was as thick as my leg and so pumped with veins you could almost see it throbbing with muscle and blood. The head was as big as an apple, and so deeply purple it almost contrasted with his skin. The piss slit was almost three inches big and steadily leaking pre. I attributed that to his bull balls, which looked around the size of soccer balls. Will whimpered lightly and looked his cock over.

“That’s…what I’m…talking about.”

“Oh man, Will. It’s almost as big as your room!”

“It’s so heavy. I’m gonna need a bigger pelvis!”

“Especially with those beautiful nuts of yours.”

He hefted one.

“Fuck it, I need two hands.”

He used his other one to lift it before letting it down. A slight churning noise caught my ears and I looked at Will in shock.

“Was that?”


He lifted it and let it drop again. The same sloshing sounded and I laughed incredulously.

“You have that much cum?!”

“I guess so.”

His eyes closed suddenly.

“Will? You okay?”

“Oh god…I’m…I’m so…horny.”

He gasped, his face turning red like a girl in an anime.

“Oh Sean baby, I need release.”

His cock began oozing faster and he shifted so his cock pointed at me.

“Just try to suck as much as you can.”

I did. He tasted so salty and he never stopped oozing. I was in heaven. So was Will, because he kept grunting and moaning, his face getting redder by the second. I noticed his balls were slowly swelling, the cum obviously building in his overstretched sack.

“God, you just can’t cut it. This is great.”

His enormous hands began to massage as much shaft as they could, barely meeting around his giant meat stick. His cock hardened to its absolute max, the head turning a beautiful plum color and the area around it reddening as well. Will bit his lip.

“That’s better.”

He looked at me.

“You’re not a huge fan of cum, are you?”

“I don’t like it, no.”

“Do you want to grab some towels from the bathroom, then? We can use those.”

“Okay, Will!”

I left his room and grabbed a couple towels from the upstairs bathroom. As I walked back inside, something immediately struck me as wrong. Will had shifted his position. And his eyes were closed.


“I’m sorry. I have a serious problem. I just couldn’t resist.”

“Resist what?”

Then my phone buzzed from beside his baseball mitt-sized hand.

“Oh my god, you didn’t.”


“Dear god, it won’t even fit in the room!”

He angled his cock so it pointed toward the hallway, but frowned.

“Nothing’s happening.”

“Maybe it’s a once per deal thing. Or someone is being smart.”

Then Will’s ass began to grow. He was sitting down, but I could see the muscle begin to push him upward and outward slightly.

“The fuck?”

His waist stayed the same beautiful size, but everything below it grew outward, giving him a wicked curve.

“I thought my dick grew, not my ass!”

My mind connected it.

“You need to be bigger before it can grow.”


“You need bigger muscles to support whatever’s coming.”

That made him blush harder and grin. His legs began to thicken and bloat as his ass kept growing fatter and harder. His lower half finally stopped growing, but it left Will looking incredible. The curve of his ass looked amazing behind his absurd cock. Then his dick started growing. And it grew. It was a slow transformation like the first time, but far more intense. Will’s base began to grow across his newly-stretched pelvis, the fat shaft thickening as far as it possibly could.

When his base could not grow any further, his cock began to lengthen. It grew and grew and grew and just didn’t stop. It began to outgrow his room and stretched into the hallway. From my angle I could watch his fleshy tube harden and strengthen to support its own massive girth. I heard something smash in the hallway and looked to find Will’s penis knocking against tables as it wobbled heavily. Will grunted as it began to press against the wall in the hallway.

“Fuck…maybe I should have gone outside.”

He sighed as it stopped growing, nearly fifteen feet at least. When I say truly gargantuan, all the porn sites in the world can’t prepare you for just how massive it truly was. I grinned in awe at Will and went into the hallway, my hand trailing wonderingly on his thick-as-a-ham shaft. I arrived at the top of his foreskin, the fold looking like the top to a sleeping bag rather than a dick. Then…the head. Basketball sized, dark purple, and throbbing with need, it was truly the best looking thing I’d seen in a while. Will grunted from the bedroom and his enormous shaft shifted, knocking over another table.

“How’s it look, hon?”

“Um…words can’t quite describe it, Will. I think I’m love with your penis.”

“I am too. Thank you so much, Chris.”

I rubbed his head, a touch too dazed to think clearly.


His cock throbbed and pre began to leak from his monster slit at an alarming rate. I dabbed at it with the towel, a little afraid to put my mouth near his mouth sized opening. Who knew how far it could stretch…? Will grunted.

“I’m…so…sensitive. Careful.”

I went back into the bedroom as Will’s cock began to soften.

“I’m trying to take my mind off of it so I don’t stay hard. Otherwise, I’d blast all over in a heartbeat.”

“You don’t want to flood the house!”

“Oh god…how much could I possibly have?”

I motioned to his pumpkin-sized nuts, which were beginning to lift him off the bed. He nodded.

“Huh…fancy that. What a ride, huh?”

He stood and I nearly fainted. His lower half was curved and gorgeous, his ass looking like they had two cantaloupes in them. But his front took the cake. His nuts swung between his calves and his cock was still half in the doorway. He pulled it in like a hose. Even soft, it was nearly five feet long and Will looped it in his arms.

“Oh, baby, I’m going to have fun with this.”

I nodded bleakly. Whoa. He bent down and kissed me long and wet, his chin hair scraping against my face.

“Shall we find a nice quiet place to do this? I don’t want to make a mess of things.”

I nodded and we left the room, Will having to duck. His ass almost got stuck in the frame, but his nuts did. He grunted in pleasure and his cock started to twitch.

“Oh no.”

He turned sideways and scooted out. I grinned and he shook his head.

“What have I done?”

“I don’t know, but this is going to be a great time, sexy.”

“Fuck yeah.”

We dated for exactly one month. The make out sessions kept getting better as Will kept getting taller…and more hung. Not a lot, but enough to make a sexy difference. On our anniversary, I had a dream. Once again, Tico approached me.

“Good evening, Excellency. I trust you are enjoying your love life?”

“Oh yeah! It’s our anniversary tomorrow.”

“Um, yes. Well, about that, Excellency…”

He trailed off and I eyed him coldly.

“Spill it, Tico. What?”

“I am deeply sorry, but I neglected to mention that each love choice can only last one month, then the next is immediately put into play.”


“Apologies, Excellency, but you can choose to replay the three when the selection is over.”

“What will happen to my boyfriend?”

“Well, Excellency, he will remain unchanged until you end the current selection. He will forget about the prior month, but his bonuses will remain intact until you end the selection.”

“Okay, fine. I’m not going to argue. Thanks, Tico.”

“Yes, Excellency. AJ is up next. Have a pleasant day.”

Up next was AJ. AJ! God, I was excited. I had wondered how much I could augment his fantastic body. Sternritter V, as I had remembered, was the Imagination one, so I figured I’d be able to morph his body to my liking. I was staying over at his house while his parents were away, and he wasn’t the shy one at all. I had barely gotten into his bedroom before he pushed me up against the wall and pressed his soft lips into mine. Slightly surprised, my hands wrapped around his curved waist to squeeze his arched butt. I imagined it growing bigger in my hands, but to my surprise, nothing happened. My phone had buzzed, so why wasn’t he growing? AJ’s tongue slipped into my mouth and I caressed it with my own. He pulled off my shirt and took in my body. He frowned slightly.


“I was hoping you’d at least have a trail.”


But my stomach began to itch. I looked down in surprise to find hair sprouting from my belly button, down to my dick. I gaped and AJ stared.

“No way.”

Uh-oh. He looked at me and grinned.


“We’re going to have fun.”


My phone buzzed and AJ groaned as he grew up and stretched until I only reached his shoulder. Smiling, he stripped down to his boxers. Deciding to relish the moment, I slipped his swollen pec into my mouth and sucked on his puckering nipple. AJ smiled.

“How big do you want them?”

“As big as you want.”

He grinned.

“How about dodgeballs?”

His pecs expanded in my mouth, solid muscle filling my vision. AJ groaned in pleasure as they bounced heavily.

“That feels fucking amazing. And is three inches a nice size for nipples?”

I could only suck harder as his nipples plumped inside my mouth and grew longer.

“Oh god, Chrissy. Watermelons. I want watermelons!”

I was a little confused until I felt the already massive pecs grow and balloon outwards. I pushed myself back as they heaved down. AJ moaned in shock and pleasure and bounced his chest. His giant pecs slapped heavily against his washboard abs. He grinned even wider.

“I can’t see my feet.”

“Yeah, but I’ll bet the view is nice.”

“You have no idea.”

He looked backwards and looked at me slyly.

“Do you think I have a nice butt?”

“It is pretty hot.”

“I like it. Don’t you think it could be bigger, though?”

“How much bigger, sexy?”

“I think maybe quadruple it.”

He groaned again as his ass blasted out, full and swollen. Each cheek gained at least five pounds of muscle, forming the sexiest bubble butt I had ever seen in my life. He licked his lips and bounced again, his ass and pecs heaving up and bouncing down. I laughed in disbelief, my cock straining against my sweatpants. He looked me over and raised an eyebrow.

“I’m thinking you’ll look better as a blond.”

I felt my hair itch ever so slightly and AJ grinned.

“Oh, so hot. But longer.”

I gasped as I felt my hair inching downward, covering my eyes and creeping down my neck. I could see how blond I was and my cock strained even harder. My hair flipped up, exactly like Preston’s and I smiled as I blew a lock out of my eye. AJ rubbed his cut stomach and pulled off his tight pants. I blinked in surprise at the hefty package he was sporting. Nowhere near Will, but impressive for a non-enhanced guy. He caught my gaze and lowered his boxers slightly, exposing the pubes.

“You like?”

“Of course.”

“Come and get some then, blondy.”

I grinned and slipped my tongue over his huge nipples.

“More sensitive. Way more sensitive.”

I felt the nipples harden in my mouth and AJ moaned sharply.

“Oh god yes! Bigger!”

I felt the nipples expand in my mouth and AJ groaned in pleasure. I nibbled on the tips slightly and AJ moaned loud and long.

“So good, Chrissy.”

I traced my hand to rub his rough chin and cheek. He smiled.

“You like?”

I sucked in response and he moaned again.

“Then let’s make it a bit scruffier.”

His stubble deepened and hairs grew slightly from his chin. I rubbed his beautiful cheek and he grinned as his nipples continued to pucker in my mouth. His hand snaked through my blond hair and he pushed slightly, causing him to moan as my lips brushed his erect nipples. I pulled off and massaged his tan arms, my fingers tracing his white hair. He looked down and grinned.

“Basketballs would look good, right?”

His arms began to swell dramatically. Veins popped out as his arms exploded outward, a massive bulge forming in his bicep. He was freaking huge and he massaged his pec as I began to lick his giant arm. My phone buzzed and he gasped with pleasure. I looked down as I felt his boxers rub my leg. The bulge was rapidly expanding and he groaned as it pushed his waistline out. He pulled off his boxers and I watched his dick bone out steadily. I was a little disappointed when it stopped at his pec level, still massive but not as big as Will’s. I suppose Will had some sort of super reaction with his. But Will didn’t have the gigantic muscles AJ had. AJ looked down in shock, but grinned as he slapped it against his chest. He hefted his balls and smirked.

“I think oranges are good for this size.”

His sack grew and dropped lower, each ball growing to a massive size. He bit his lip and exhaled in ecstasy. He looked me over and licked his lips.

“What are you thinking?”

“I kind of like dominating. You like being dominated, right?”

I did not…oh wait. Yes, I did.

“Yeah, but don’t hurt me okay?”

“How could I hurt my cute little blondie? Now come here and suck my dick.”

I bent down and slipped his enormous shaft into my mouth. He pushed forward and I gagged as his enormous cock slid in.

“No, c’mon. You can take the whole thing.”

I felt my neck open slightly and his cock began to slide down my throat. I almost thought I would suffocate, but I found I could breathe fine as AJ ground his dick up to the hilt. He grabbed my long, blond hair and pushed hard. I didn’t mind so much as he slammed my face into his warm crotch. I was just enjoying his long, thick dick. He grunted and pushed faster.

“Bigger. Just a couple more inches.”

His cock expanded in my mouth, but I swallowed the extra skin without a problem. I sucked on his tan horse cock as AJ began to moan in pleasure. He looked down at me.

“I like it when my lovers moan. Make a little noise, cutie.”

I found myself involuntarily beginning to groan as his cock pressed down my throat. My hand wrapped around to squeeze his hard, giant ass. He gasped and muttered to himself.

“Oh man. Oh yes. Bigger.”

I don’t think he realized, but his ass grew in my hand, inflating again and arching his back further. His cock slipped another three inches down my throat and his pecs swelled as his abs hardened and his biceps bulged. I found myself moaning louder and louder, even with his huge cock in my mouth. I felt it begin to pulse in my mouth as AJ pumped harder.

“Oh god, Chrissy. Yes yes yes!”

I timed it perfectly. Pulling off just as AJ shot his load, I avoided the disaster I was aiming to avoid. He jerked as he blasted across the room.

“You pussy!”

“I want no part in that! I suck, I don’t swallow!”

“Pussy. Oh, that was so good.”

“Want to do it again sometime?”

“I want to do it again now.”


“I’m not done yet. Come on, I’m ready again. And I want more this time.”

I could actually feel my willpower draining. He was good. AJ pulled off my pants and his hand pumped my raging boner.

“You’re pretty hung, sexy. But I’m not after that.”

He turned me around and I bent forward, exposing my smooth ass. I felt his hands rub my cheeks before his cock head began to trace the inside of my hole. The tension was growing. AJ laughed and slapped my ass lightly.

“Think you can handle me?”

“I guess there’s one way to find out.”

“That’s what I like to hear.”

I felt his cock slowly press against my virgin hole. I moaned as he began to push into my ass.

“You can take it all. I know you can.”

Oh yes I could. He shoved his massive meat stick up my butt, right up to the hilt. I moaned at the pain and pleasure. It hurt, but in a really good way. He slid out slightly before ramming into me again, sparking another wave of pain and joy. As AJ fucked me harder and faster, the pain slowly gave way to sheer pleasure and he slammed his three-foot cock into me. AJ began to moan with me as his dick slammed in and out of my ass.

“Uhhhh more. Give me more. Yeeeess!”

I felt a hot sensation creep up my body. The heat turned into more pleasure as AJ pumped faster, faster, faster. We both moaned louder as AJ screwed me. AJ muttered something under his breath I didn’t catch, but the heat burned in me again and this time, it felt a little painful. I felt tightness in my chest, then my neck, almost as if AJ were choking me. I felt bile rising in my mouth until I realized…holy fuck, it wasn’t bile. AJ laughed in sheer happiness as his cock erupted from my mouth, the massive head squeezing in between my lips. It popped out of my mouth and continued to swell outward. AJ growled with power and slid his enormous cock back and forth, the huge head slapping my lips with every thrust. It kept growing as he fucked me and I could feel it swelling inside me. I couldn’t move due to its girth and it was stuck outside of my mouth. AJ had literally impaled me on his monster cock.

“How do you like this, babe? Is this fucking sexy or what?”

It was so hot I almost came. He grunted and moaned with pleasure.

“Think you could fit another?”

My mind immediately thought of Will’s cock erupting from my ass, right below AJ’s as I swallowed the beautiful hair at his base. Double penetration fuck yes. And voila, it happened. But it wasn’t Will. It was Connor Allen, another muscled stud from my grade. AJ was totally gay for Connor, and I didn’t mind it at all.

“Ok, so do I just ram it down his throat?”

“Hell yeah.”

Connor somehow managed to squeeze his seven inch cock below AJ’s and into my mouth. As he slid back and forth, AJ’s beautiful dick grew even further, slipping into Connor’s mouth. AJ muttered something again and the same feeling heated my insides. Connor groaned heavily as his cock emerged from my ass and was promptly swallowed by AJ. So it’s like this. Connor’s sucking AJ’s cock and AJ’s sucking Connor’s cock and I’m impaled on both of them. It was amazing. AJ didn’t make them grow anymore and thank god for that. Can you imagine if their cocks had come out their asses? Either way, I felt a little stretched. Two six foot, wrist-thick cocks logically do not fit inside a man, and yet here I was.

We sucked and fucked and had a great time. After about an hour of it, though, we were sweaty, exhausted, and I was getting quite sore. So AJ shrank his and Connor’s cocks and reverted us all back to normal. It wouldn’t do to have us obscenely changed in the space of one night. He did, however, leave himself with a few bulky enhancements. I wasn’t complaining. Connor vanished and AJ kissed me hard.

“Come over tomorrow. We’ll do it again.”

I intended to.

The next time I saw Tico, he was smiling happily.

“I have great news, Excellency. Preston is up next, but you have a chance to maximize your excitement level. This is a very special event, and almost never shows up. You must sacrifice all of your spins, but substitute them for three incredible effects.”

“Ooh! Do tell!”

“Well, to start, we have to sacrifice the other spins first.”


Preston was perfect anyways.

“The following prize spins will be rare. Very rare. These three will result in the greatest time yet.”


He spun the wheel.

“Inherit Plus. Any preference?”

Hm, if it was like DS2, then…


“Mr. Johnson, very well. Because it’s Plus, you get both of his effects. And because you left one effect only to AJ, a random one will be enhanced.”

I purred. He spun again.

“My Excellency, you’ve hit the jackpot of pleasure. Tongues!”


That didn’t sound so great.

“It is a twofer. You get Tongues and Drain. Trust me, it will not disappoint.”

I awoke, very curious to see what this was.

The next day, Preston found me right after English.

“Hey, Chris. I have a question.”


“You’re bi, right?”


“So, you’d be okay with…y’know…”

“Oh totally.”

God, his face was so intoxicating. He took me to a deserted room after school and slowly leaned in. I threw my arms around his neck and kissed him. He seemed startled at first, but immediately returned the kiss with passion. He pulled back after a second and laid his forehead on mine. Damn, he was tall.

“Do you like tongue?”

“The more, the better.”


He kissed me again and I felt his tongue slip into my mouth. It explored my mouth and I almost died. Literally died. Then the strangest thing happened. I felt his tongue begin to inch down my mouth. My, he had a very long tongue. It began to slip down my throat and I inhaled sharply. How was this possible?! Oh, wait. This was the “Tongues” thing. Wasn’t very impressive though. The best it did was preventing me from suffocating. It was pretty hot, though. His tongue continued to slip further down my throat.

His whole body shuddered and I felt a coil of tongue slide down my throat. His tip must have been close to my chest now. I was beginning to get weirded out until I felt the pleasure hit. Holy shit, what was this? Another shudder and more tongue slid into me. The pleasure skyrocketed and I moaned as his tongue uncoiled again. This was way past anal with AJ. Holy mother!! I jerked as another coil slid down my body. We both started to moan as he pumped his infinite tongue into me. I slipped my hand under his shirt and rubbed his fantastic six-pack as another wave of pleasure slammed into me. His body shuddered as another coil was pumped into me.

I felt his abs quiver in my hand before hardening ever so slightly. His chest filled out a tiny bit and his ass grew almost imperceptibly. I gasped as the effect made sense. The gasp turned into a groan as two full coils slid down my body. I could feel it heating up my insides as it shot pure ecstasy through me. Preston moaned as his abs hardened slightly, his ass bulged out again a small amount, and his chest pushed forward, his nipples beginning to press against his shirt. His tongue began to pump faster and the pleasure increased steadily. His body began to grow steadily, his muscles swelling ever so slightly every second. The two of us groaned and pressed our bodies closer as tongue slid into me and his body slowly grew. With a slight jolt I realized that his cock was growing too. The thing was massive already! The tongue slowly began to slow after a bit, but I barely noticed. Both of us were soaked in sweat, our eyes closed in pleasure. I began to open mine, only to squeeze them shut and gasp as another coil slid down my throat.

Finally Preston pulled away from me. There was no resistance, almost as if his tongue hadn’t grown in the first place. I opened my eyes and blinked in surprise. Jesus! His shirt lifted off his diamond-cut six pack as his baseball sized pecs stretched the fabric and his inch-long nipples tugged with every motion. His cock, easily nine inches, strained at his front as his ass curved off his back in a huge bulge. He wiped the sweat from his brow and flicked his golden hair across his face.

“Holy shit, dude.”

“Oh my god, Preston.”

He felt his gorgeous abs and massaged his boned dick.

“That was freaking amazing.”

“Can we do that again sometime?”

“How about tomorrow? That was amazing.”

“I’ll do that anytime, but maybe I can get some of that cock too.”

He grinned dazzlingly and pulled his short leg up slightly as his dick sprang downward, its perfect tan head slapping his thigh. He pressed it into me and kissed me again.

“I’d love to, but I’m drained. Besides, I have to leave.”

“All right. See you tomorrow, cutie.”

He winked.

“See you.”

Waiting for the next day was excruciating. But true to his word, Preston showed up at the bathroom after classes. His shirt was very close to revealing his beautiful six-pack, and he was already hard. Well, then again so was I. He was about to bend down to kiss me when I felt my phone buzz. Oh yeeeeah…I had completely forgotten Preston blinked in surprise as he began to grow upwards. His lanky legs stretched and his shorts crept up his tan thighs. His boner flopped against his leg as his shorts reached soccer length. His shirt pulled up to expose his second row of abs and tightened around his shoulders. The seams began to split as he stretched up. His calves tightened and his arms bolstered, giving them a large but slim appearance. His muscles didn’t grow much, but I suppose that was reserved for the Tongues. But his cock grew.

It stretched and lengthened and thickened until it hung about mid-calf. I waited for it to get bigger, but instead Will’s extra growth was channeled into Preston’s height. And boy, did he get taller. He was at least as tall as the bathroom stall before the last spurt. That put him at nearly seven and a half feet! He was forced to strip down before his clothes ripped. Not that I minded at all. His toned, sexy, flawless body was perfect. The broad shoulders, tight muscles, rock hard six-pack and fat, bloated cock. It was too much. He grinned down at me and let his tongue extend downward. It fell slowly until I caught it in between my lips and swallowed it eagerly. This sounds very odd in paper, but trust me, it was godly. As we enjoyed another round of (tongue sex??) it, I grabbed his large, swollen cock and began to stroke it gently. As I stroked, he pumped, and everything grew, tightened, and grew again. He was able to do another ten minutes this time around and then I did get some of that cock, its gorgeous tan girth not even close to fitting in my mouth. I could get a quarter way before I choked. Not that Preston minded. He just laughed and smiled with that dazzling grin of his.

When we had to leave all too soon, I realized how godly he was. Almost eight feet tall, with big, streamlined arms, swollen pecs, an eight-pack (yeah. Eight.) that was carved out of diamond, a massive cock, and an ass that you could almost see from the front. Oh yes, he was a god. And he was mine. I came up to about his stomach, and I wrapped my arms around his strong, thick waist and kissed his perfect shelves of abs.

“You’re so beautiful, Preston.”

“All because of you, babe. I like this. Again tomorrow?”

“Oh yes.”

He put on his shirt, which didn’t cover his first layer of abs. It stretched over his pecs and was filled with his arms. I almost came right there, let me tell you. His shorts were tight against his thighs, with a massive bulge down the front and two hard, bulging spheres in the back. It was a sight that would make the straightest guy weep. And I was not straight in the slightest.

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