Wolf and me

By Darian Drake 
4 parts
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Part 1

My name is Darian. I’m in my late thirties and am in pretty good shape. I have dirty blond hair and a handsome face. Hey I’m not a ten, but I do turn heads. I usually wear a white cowboy hat and a form fitting tee shirt to show off my not too shabby pecs, abs and arms. I like to wear faded button fly levies, which show off my best asset. My firm butt. I show a nice basket too, I have 9 inches when hard and my balls are rather large for the norm, about the size of extra-large chicken eggs. So in the right pants I fill out the crotch rather well. I like to wear boxers so my dick hangs down the inside my pants. Even when soft it hangs about 4 inches down. Ya I turn a few heads sometimes. LOL.

Early last summer, I decided to go for a relaxing drive up in the northern wilderness.

I had been driving for a few hours, the sun was shining and the weather was warm and balmy. It was the perfect day.

Birds were flying overhead and small animals scurried here and there. And best of all there was no sign of civilization to be seen. Just wide open spaces and serene woodlands.

I was traveling along a dusty old gravel road when I saw this truck with the hood open.

There was this guy leaning over the engine. He must be having car trouble so I pulled up behind him.

(Damn he showed a nice butt in those faded tight jeans of his and I could see his crotch had a nice bulge too!)

I subconsciously rubbed my crotch with one of my hands as I fantasized about him maybe giving my ass a good fucking. It had been a while since anyone had used my eager butt.

As I pulled up and stopped the car he must have heard me because he stood up and turned around. I got out of the car. God, he was a stud. Nice bulge in his trousers. He looked to have a nice chest and build under his shirt. But the thing that I noticed the most was his eyes. They were the most gorgeous penetrating, piercing dark eyes and had a sort of wolvish look to them. I sure could melt for a stud like him. Just looking at him was making me get a semi-hardon.

He reached out his hand and I matched his movement. He shook my hand with a firm determined grip. It sent tingles up and down my spine and my cock got a bit harder. He casually glanced down and had a slight grin on his face, he knew he was turning me on.

Then he said in a deep sexy baritone voice,

“Matt Wolf, but I prefer to just be called Wolf.”

The grin on his face got a bit bigger. Fuck he was hot.

“Darian, Darian Fox.”

I told him.

Wolf laughed a bit and said,

“Seems we have something in common. Both our last names are a form of a canine.” Then in a bit quieter voice, almost under his breath, like a murmur . ”And probably a couple of other things too.”

I was wondering what he could have meant, because I don’t think he meant me to hear and was probably just thinking out loud.

“What seems to be the problem? Is there anything that I could do to help you out?” I inquired of him.

He smiled again and answered in that wonderful deep studly sexy voice, “Well, my truck seems to be overheated. My rad must have a bit of a leak. There’s no houses around here for at least 100 or so miles, except mine. It’s about 5 miles over yonder in a small woods. I own most of the land around these parts, nigh on 150,000 acres. The rest, including this road is crown land, owned by the province. Mostly a wildlife sanuary. But there’s a small creek about a half mile from here. I’d be mighty obliged if you could give me a ride to get some water from there.”

Well it just so happened that I had a large 4 gallon picnic thermos that was near full of water, in the back of my half Ton Tacoma Truck. I always liked to carry water with me, as I drink a lot.

“I have some water inside my truck and you are certainly most welcome to it.”

I stated as I glanced back at my car. I turned around and proceeded to get it for him. I opened the trunk of my car and leaned inside to retrieve the container.

I’m not boosting when I say that I have a nice firm and well shaped butt. And since I was wearing my 501 beige Levis, my butt was well displayed as I leaned over. I snuck a glance behind me as I lifted the water container from the trunk. Wolf was looking down at my butt and rubbing his crotch. He had a thoughtful look on his face.

I backed from the back of my truck and when I stood up and turned around, Wolf was looking into my eyes in an almost hypnotic way. I felt like I would do anything for this stud master.

I lugged the container over to the hood of his truck and hefted it up.

Wolf unscrewed the radiator cap and I started to tilt the water container to fill it up.

It was a bit heavy and Wolf noticed so he reached over and started to help me tilt the container. But it was a bit awkward so he moved behind me and put his arms around me and together we tilted the container and started to fill up the radiator.

Having Wolf this close to me was almost more than I could take. His crotch was lightly touching the cheeks of my ass, I almost signed as I wished I could just push my but back onto him and rub him to arouse him.

As if reading my mind every once in a while his crotch would rub up against the cheeks of my ass. Damn, now my cock was getting harder. I could feel it expanding in my pant leg.

It seemed like his cock was getting hard too. As it rubbed up against me. But I couldn’t be sure. I was wishing that I didn’t have my jeans on and that he was getting ready to penetrate my twitching ass. Finally the rad was full, (I wished that I was). Wolf backed away from me and I lowered the water container. I turned around, but he was standing sideways so I couldn’t see if he was hard or not. I returned the container to my truck. When I turned around, there was Wolf leaning against the side of his Jeep and his cock was hanging out of his pants. He had a knowing look on his face. His cock was huge. And it wasn’t even hard yet. He had a smirk on his face, His shirt was open revealing his magnificent chest. Firm six pac, perfect abs, and thick muscular arms. He had hair between his pecs and a trail running down the center of his chest to his crotch.

“Wolf knows what little fox wants. Wolf saw little Fox examining him with a hopeful look on his little cute face. Come here little fox. Show the big bad Wolf how your hot little mouth sucks his cock and gets it nice and hard.” He ordered me in that deep commanding baritone voice of his.

I couldn’t resist this studs order. His eyes were staring into mine and I felt a compelling sensation. I didn’t hesitate and I moved over the few feet that separated us and dropped to my knees.

My Cowboy Hat tumbled off and I looked up to meet his eyes again. They seemed to be almost glowing, penetrating, commanding me to obey. It was almost eerie, like he had some strange power entrancing me.

He made a quick nod with his head and I leaned into his crotch. He smelled so good. Just like the man stud that I could see he was. I stuck out my tongue and gently licked the head of his magnificent manrod. The taste was unbelievable. His Man Rod got hard and it expanded to 10 ½ inches by 2 ½ inches thick.

Slowly I licked up his shaft to the base. I continued licking up and down his shaft. He reached out with his hands behind my head and gently ground my face into his crotch.

He held me there and I smelled his package.

It was pure paradise.

I breathed deeply; Oh man there was nothing better than smelling a real stud. The testosterone smell of him was driving me wild. It was intoxicating, I felt like I was drunk. I just wanted to please and serve this Stud God. By this time my cock was hard as a rock and straining against my pants wanting to get out.

He released my head and gently pushed me back. Then he stripped off his clothes. He was stark naked. He had beautiful pecs and a wonderful six pack. He was a stud. Worth worshipping and pleasing. I moved closer to him again, as I had hunched back to view his entire Manhoodness. I then reached up with my right hand and lifted his cock so that I could see his balls. Damn, they were as big as mine. I opened my mouth and slowly I engulfed one of them. Then I used my left hand to push the other one in my mouth.

It was almost more than I could take. But I managed.

He let out a groan; I swirled my tongue around his balls relishing the musky taste and aroma of him. His cock was growing and stiffening as I worshiped his huge sacks. Then suddenly I let his balls slip out of my mouth and looked to the side noticing what I hadn’t registered in my mind before. There was no water on the ground around the engine of the car. If his rad was leaking where was the water? I hadn’t thought about it before.

Well what do you expect?

(This was one hot damn stud and I was fucking horny.)

I hadn’t had real sex, with a man that is, for a hell of a long time. I had thought that I was gonna have another loner sexfest with my toys and myself.

I mean I had come prepared, for the wide-open wilderness where no one can disturb me. But I’ll talk about that later.

Anyway, I was wondering what he had been doing before I had arrived.

Had his truck really broken down?????

Oh, what the fuck, as long as he didn’t hurt me. I was willing to service this hot hung stud. He looked down at me because I had stopped sucking him. He somehow realized what I was thinking. And then he cracked a smile.

“Actually,” he said, “I heard your truck coming for a while back, I have extremely good hearing. I heard you humming to yourself, and knew you were a guy by the tone of your voice. Well, it’s been a damn long time since I had male company, which is what I desire. And I acted quickly and drained my radiator into a bucket so that it would look like I needed help. You still want what you see?”

He glanced down at his huge cock.

I looked down, and well, Ya, fuck; I wanted it and him. I nodded and looked at his manhood.

I licked my lips a couple of times and leaned forward into him again. His cock started to stiffen again and was getting larger by the minute. Wow, this was one big stud. Probably about the biggest that I had seen before. I opened wide and slowly but surely took the pulsating head into my mouth.

Now I had often played around at home with my various toys. And I had a couple of large dildo’s that were about the same size as this studs huge pole. Often I had taken a couple of good sniffs of poppers and sat on one of them and deep throated my self at the same time with the other one so I knew that I could manage to engulf Wolf’s entire length with no problem. It just so happened that I had my poppers in my pocket. I had planned on stopping somewhere secluded and have some fun in the wilderness. So I had brought my poppers with me. I didn’t bring my dildos or gay magazines, just in case the police stopped me.

I didn’t want to get arrested. But I had brought along a couple of large English cucumbers to use and I also had some other vegetables in the cooler, just in case. Then I could say I was going for a picnic, and had the stuff to prove it. I also had a copy of men’s exercise.

You know the one where all the hot jocks are working out with different weights and equipment, and showing off gorgeous bodies to die for, and nice loaded baskets. And a skipping rope and some weights, so that I would be able to justify the exercise magazine.

Anyways I digress.

I reached into my pocket and took out the bottle of poppers. I had Wolf’s huge quivering head in my mouth and I was looking up into his dreamy eyes. I showed him the bottle of poppers and he nodded his head.

I took two good big long sniffs of poppers. One in each nostril. And then I started to go down on him.

He was a good 2 ½ inches in diameter and his cock had lengthened to 10 inches. My head was spinning with the excitement of swallowing his tool and with the rush of the poppers.

I let his massive cock glide steadily into my mouth, inch by inch. Deeper and deeper. Wolf let out a low growl that sounded like an animal. He closed his eyes and tilted his head back.

I was looking up his wondrous body as a swallowed the length of him. I didn’t stop until his balls were against my chin. Then I slowly pulled my mouth off of his cock to the tip.

He was making low moaning growling sounds.

I knew I was pleasing this stud. With my mouth posed at the tip of his cock, I took another couple of quick sniffs of poppers.

Wolf opened his eyes and looked down at me with his penetrating demanding eyes.

There seemed to be a red tinge to them, but maybe that was just my imagination.

While he was looking down at me and I still was looking up at him.

I did what I do best. With much more force and speed I went all the way down on him. My hands were on his butt and I pulled him into my mouth and his balls banged against my chin. He let out a howl, like a wolf and I started to piston suck his rock hard stud cock. Faster and faster, harder and harder. I just couldn’t get enough. He was breathing heavy and making little thrust motions with his hips as I blew him.

I heard a deep moan building up in him and as he let it out and it slowly developed into a howl. Damn, was I imagining it?

He sounded just like a real wolf. Then he yelled. ”Oh, fuck I’m cumming. I’m gonna blow my load.

I increased the momentum of sucking his pleasure tool and then he quivered and I felt his whitewash filling my throat. I breathed deeply through my nose, then held my breath and took his entire length inside of my mouth and held that position.

He was howling and shooting his load deep inside of me. He just kept cumming and cumming. I was almost drowning, but the pleasure of it kept me wanting more.

I was going to show this stud that I had what it takes to please a real man.

Those great big balls of his were emptying their entire contents into my eager throat and mouth.

There was so much that some of it was dribbling down my chin.

Finally the pulsating stopped and he was making pleasure whimpering noises.

He pulled his cock out of my mouth and with firm strong hands lifted me up off of my knees. His eyebrows seemed a little bit fuller and his sideburns a bit longer. But, I shrugged it off and thought I was just imagining it.

He was a little bit taller than me but only by an inch or so.

Then he licked his cum off of my chin and brought his tongue to my mouth and I parted my lips and he tongue wrestled with me.

He gave me the most passionate french kiss that I had ever had. His arms wrapped around me as he hugged me tightly. Grinding his hips against mine. I hadn’t noticed before but I felt a bit wet in the crotch area and realized that I had also cum. And without even touching my cock. I had been in so much ecstasy I hadn’t realized.

Part 2

Wolf took his tongue out of my mouth and looked into my eyes. There was a burning ember deep in the depths of them.

Wolf then said to me, “How would you like to come back to my den. We can get cleaned up, have a bite to eat and then, I’ll be ready again. Only this time, I am gonna fuck that hot little ass of yours till you beg me to stop. I think that I read that in your eyes. You want Wolf to fuck that nice ass of yours, don’t you”

I eagerly replied,

“ Oh, yes sir, yes sir. But I won’t beg you to stop, I’ll beg you not to stop. You see Wolf, I am mostly insatiable. I can be fucked for hours and hours and still not get enough. I love mancock rammed into my eager butt. Over and over again, the bigger, the harder, the better. And you most certainly have the equipment to handle my needs.”

But Wolf had that grin again. Was he hiding something from me?

Well, what the hell, as long as he wasn’t too ruff, I would do anything he wanted. It seemed that he had somehow hypnotized me. I had never felt like this before. Something was going on but I didn’t care.

Wolf told me to follow him back to his den. So he climbed in to his Jeep. I climbed into Truck and we did a U turn and proceeded back down the gravel road.


Shit. Did he say Den? Did I imagine that I had heard that?

I shrugged it off and obediently followed him. About three or so miles back down the road there was a small lane that I had not noticed when I had driven along the road before.

Wolf turned right, into it and I followed him, just like an obedient puppy, or Fox, I laughed at myself.

Two miles down the lane we came upon a rather large cottage that was built into a hill. Three quarters of it was right inside of the hill. And about ten feet of it was built on the outside. It had a loam roof, twenty inch thick logs for the walls. Inter-woven at the corners and a heavy solid wood door. There were a couple of windows about three foot wide by five foot high. And a beautiful garden surrounding the outside. It was picture perfect. We pulled up outside. And parked the vehicles. We both got out and I went over to Wolf. He put his arm around me and asked me.

“So, what do you think of my little den.”

Now I realized that he had said den and I could see the reason.

It was like a den built into a hill a wolf den. I answered Wolf in an amazed voice,

“It’s truly spectacular. It’s like a fairy tale. I have never seen anything so quant and beautiful.”

Wolf laughed and dropped his arm down and gave me a friendly but firm pat on the rear. There was that sensation again. Every time he touched me I felt like I was in heaven.

“Glad you approve and like it,” he told me. “Come on inside and I’ll show you around and then we can have a bite to eat.”

He took my hand and led me into through the front door.

When I entered I gazed around. There was a huge walk-in fireplace with benches on both sides and a large kettle hanging over the hearth. A comfy large couch and a few cabinets with glass doors and various knicknacks inside on the shelves. It was breathtaking.

The walls were all natural wood and stained to a cedar color.

Off to the side was an open kitchen with a wood table and four chairs and a sink with a hand pump.

There was no electricity this far out although he did have a portable generator for emergency’s and his fridge and freezer. And of course no water pipes so the water came from a well.

And when needed, light came from the fireplace and the woodburning stove in the corner.

Also, at various places lanterns hung, that could be lighted.

It was a total ancient fantasy realm. There were two doors at the back of the room.

He led me to them and opened one. There was the bathroom. With a large turtle leg bathtub a small sink and a portable toilet.

The sink had another handpump that must have been connected to the well.

He explained that the kettle over the hearth was to warm water to fill the bath.

There was a large drainage hole in the center of the bathroom covered by a grate.

I guess that when you unplug the stopper in the tub all the water drains away.

Then he took me to the other door and behind it was his bedroom. On one wall was another fireplace.

There was a big kingsize bed. A wooden dresser that looked like it weighed a ton or two, and sliding wooden panels on the rear wall, which I assumed was the closet.

(I later found out what was really there, besides his clothes.)

Wolf led me back into the living area and turned to me and looked deep into my eyes and inquired,


Well I was speachless. This was paradise. I managed to answer him and replied.

“Wolf, this is the most fantastic thing that I have ever seen. You have everything a guy could want.”

“No, not everything.”

He said sadly.

I felt sorry for him and inquired what he meant. Wolf sat down on the couch and pulled me down beside him. He then in a hesitating voice, started narrating to me,

“Well Darian, the problem is I am lonely. I have no one and I crave company. But being so far away from everything I don’t see much of other folk. I would love to have some one to settle down with me and share my den and life.

My family is long gone and I have no relatives, except for the animals and small creatures around about, I am pretty much alone. And only when I go to the nearest town, which is fifty miles away, to get supplies, I don’t see anyone.

I would give anything to have someone, perhaps like you.

To love and to hold and live with.”

A big tear ran down his face.

I reached up my hand and whipped it off with my finger. I couldn’t resist. I licked my finger and tasted his salty tear.

Then I smiled at him and said to him,

“Wolf, I would be honoured to be your mate, if you will have me. My life up till now has been pretty drab. I live in a small studio apartment and have a lousy job that I hate.

I would love to get away from it all and live in the natural wilderness with a guy like you. No one will miss me if I just up and left.

What do you say?

Would you take me please, as your soul mate?”

Wolf had a sad look in his eyes.

It looked like he wanted to tell me something, so I touched his arm and looked into his eyes questioningly.

Wolf looked deep into my eyes and took a deep breath.

Then he started to speak,

“Listen Darian, I’m going to tell you something that no one else knows about me.

You may change your mind and leave, all I ask is that you never tell another sole what I am going to tell you.”

I smiled and nodded that I would do as he asked and squeezed his arm reassuringly.

Wolf continued, “A while back when I had first come to Canada, I had been exploring the far northern tundra’s. I had never been superstitious and didn’t believe in fantasy before then. But then it happened. I was out in the woods hunting for some small game for food and as I went by a grove of trees a white wolf jumped out and attacked me and scratched me with its claws.

“There was a bit of blood, but it didn’t hurt. The wolf looked to be old, very old. Then to my amazement the white wolf started to change form. It became human. It was a werewolf. I was taken back. Was this really happening?

“A very old man stood there. The old man had a raspy voice and said to me that he was dying, his time had come. He came to this seclusion to be alone, but I had showed up. He was the last of his species. After him, there will be no more of his kind. Fantasy is vanishing from this realm. But there is still a tiny bit of fantasy left and now because I had shown up, what was left of his wolvish powers would be passed on to me. He had expected to be alone.

“You will not become a full werewolf but you will take on some attributes of a werewolf. You will have the power to change a bit when you desire. Longer and fuller sideburns. Thicker eyebrows. Pointed ears. Hairier chest, slight wolvish teeth, and triple your normal human strength.

“He couldn’t take this back from me, in his wolf aspect it was instinct to attack, which was the main reason that he had come to this wilderness, it was lucky he still had the strength to become human again, or he would have killed me. Then he explained to me that all I had to do, is think wolf, and I would metamorphosis. You will still have your own intelligence and you will be able to change back when you wish. But you must change at least once a week or your body will do so when you least expect it. He said that he was sorry this had happened but it must be my fate.

“And then the old man collapsed and expired. disintegrating into dust. I was shocked. Needless to say. I still couldn’t believe it, but I had seen it with my own eyes. I thought ‘wolf’ and I felt a change coming over me. Everything the old man said happened to me. I quickly thought ‘human’ and I changed back.

“This didn’t seem so bad, but I was afraid that I might be discovered by someone and I would be hunted down and killed. So I moved here. to the wilderness. When the old man had expired there was a sack where his body had been and in it was quite a number of gold coins and diamonds in it. I had become wealthy but at what price. I would have to live a life of solitude. I bought this land and built this den and have lived here for the last 10 years. Lonely and starving for company.

“And then you came along.”

We both sat in silence for a few minutes, while I thought about what Wolf had told me and he gave me time to analyze and think about what he had told me.

Well, needless to say. I found it a bit hard to believe. Fantasy!!! Was Wolf crazy!!!

But then again there was that wolvish look in his eyes when he looked at me.

And the way he had howled.

Could I handle this?

I turned to look at him and found that he had been staring at me the whole time with what looked like hope in his eyes.

I stared deep into his eyes searching trying to see inside of him.

Could this be true. This stud a werewolf. Were my new found hopes be dashed to pieces.

I got up the courage and said to him,

“Wolf, Matt. I like you. I like you a lot. You are the most handsome verile stud that I have ever encountered. Hey, I can’t lie. You are all that I want in a man. And I would thoroughly love and desire to be your mate. But this is a bit hard to believe.”

Then I leaned back and requested of him, “Can you show me? But before you do, if this is true, I need to know if you have the desire to kill or hurt me! Do you?”

Wolf, Matt, replied with earnest, “Oh no, Darian, I need you. More than anything. I would never hurt you. If you can handle my curse, I will be yours and you will be mine. PLEASE!!! Darian. I have so much love to give.PLEASE!!!” Wolf had such a wantful look in his face that I could do nothing but melt for him. I put my hands on his cheeks and gave him a long kiss while keeping my eyes open and looking in his open eyes. I could see the want and the need there, and a glowing red embers his gaze penetrated mine. It was almost as if he was looking inside my head at my mind.

“Show me, I must see for me to believe.”

My heart was pumping like mad and I could see Wolf’s chest going in and out as well.

Wolf stripped his pants off and let his shirt drop down around his waist, then Wolf closed his eyes and two more tears came out of his eyes, and slowly trickled down his face.

(I guess that he thought that he was going to lose me. )

Then his face started to change slightly, his eyebrows grew bushier. His side burns lengthened down to his chin. His teeth became slightly wolvish. His ears grew pointed.

I couldn’t believe my eyes.

As I looked at his chest it became more hairy. I guess it was part of the wolf because his cock sprang to full erection. I stared at his hot chest and hard member.

Then I looked up into Wolf’s face, he slowly opened his eyes and had a pleading look.

I looked at his face and looked back into his eyes searching and searching, trying to see deep down inside. He looked so sad. I leaned back a little and looked at him overall.

He still had that stud look. He was still hansome. As a matter of fact, I was turned on by what I saw. I reached up with my hand, whiped off both of his tears and again I licked my fingers and tasted his salty tears once again. Then I slowly reached up with my hands and felt his side burns with the tips of my fingers and the palms of my hands.

They were so soft. Then I couldn’t resist. I leaned forward and looking him straight in the eyes pressed my lips aginst his. His eye were still open too. His lips parted and I put my tongue into his mouth. He tasted the same. I touched his pointed insisor teeth with the tip of my tongue and licked around them.

He was shaking. Then I french kissed him like there was no tomorrow. All the while, looking deep into his eyes and he into mine. Something clicked. I wanted him. I didn’t care that he was different. He still was a stud. No matter as a wolfman or a human. I wanted him.

He was still looking into my eyes and he read the message that they gave to him.

I was his, he was mine. No matter what. He started to weep with joy and I couldn’t help but to join him. He now knew that I accepted him.

Both as the wolf and as human.

He wrapped his arms around me and put his head into the nab of my neck and cried tears of joy.

I followed his moves and we wept for a good ten minutes.

Then he pulled away slightly. And looked into my eyes and murmured, “Thank you, Oh, thank you. I will treat you right.”

Then before my eyes he metamorphosed back to human, and I found him every bit as attractive.

I didn’t care what form he was in. I had heard of love at first sight, but had never known it myself. And now I did. I wanted to be with him, love him, and do everything with him.

I licked the tears off his face and he licked mine.

Wolf stood up and took me by the hand and helped me off the couch.

We went to the kitchen and he got out some canned pasta and heated it over the woodstove and we ate a light snack. We couldn’t stop looking at each other and smiling.

A few times we just laughed for the joy of what we had found in each other.

After eating we cleaned up and Wolf led me by the hand to the bedroom.

As we walked he said to me,


I quickly asked of him, “Please Wolf, call me Fox. I would like to be Fox. Your Fox.”

Wolf laughed gaily and replied, “Ok, Fox, remember what I said before? About fucking your nice firm butt? Well, now I’m going to give you what I said. The fuck of your life. And I hope you don’t beg me to stop.”

I replied, “Are you kidding, I want you to fuck me, and fuck me, and fuck me until we both pass out exhausted. And, maybe if you would like, you could try fucking me as the wolfman. It might be fun. Fuck your little fox. Because that’s what I am, you know. YOUR little Fox.”

He looked at me startled. Then laughed again.

We went into his bedroom. (Now it was mine too.) Wolf went over by the fireplace and took off his shirt and then dropped his trousers. He was magnificent. Damn I wanted him.

Then he told me he was going to show me what was behind the sliding wooden panels.

He slid them aside and there was another room of about 15 feet by 15 feet. In it was a desk with some drawers. At the side was an open wardrobe with different types of clothing in it.

Everything from cowboy stuff, cop stuff, uniforms, and leather stuff.

I looked at him questioningly.

Wolf, then said, “Fox, I used to like to dress up in this stuff and play out fantasies with other guys before I became the Wolf. But I have only been able to play by myself since then. And now that you are here, I would like to share some of these fantasies with you.”

I whole heartedly agreed and went over to look at the different clothes.

There was a leather sling hanging in the wardrobe. I looked over my shoulder and saw four metal hooks had been placed in the ceiling to attach and hang it to.

Well I knew what I wanted to do first. I had always enjoyed being in a sling and getting my ass worked over.

I turned to Wolf and pleaded with him,

“Please, Wolf, could we have some leather play? I would like to be in a sling and have you work my ass over good. Please!!!!!!”

Wolf laughed and said, “What ever you want my little Fox.”

We got out the sling and hooked it up. Then we stripped down and got ready to put on some leather. Wolf also had some temporary tatoo’s and he put on a couple for me. One on his chest and one on his arm. This was going to be one fantasy after another.

We were made for each other.

I could hardly wait for Wolf to explore the potential of my eager ass. He opened the top drawer in the table and there were a variety of dildo’s. Some lubricant and he even had a couple of fresh bottles of poppers for me.

We both got into some leather and damn we looked fine.

I wore a leather harness, a studded leather armband, a leather jock strap and a leather cap. Wolf wore leather chaps, two leather gauntlets, an arm band, a metal harness and He slicked his hair back and put on a black leather master cap. He also partially changed to Wolf. His eyes became more wolf like. And bit of hair grew over his upper lip and on his chin. He looked a bit different. I didn’t know he could change certain parts of him. I wanted Wolf more than anything.

I was not fully into Master/Slave stuff, but since I was a bottom all the way, I enjoyed a bit of dominance from my partner. Then this time Wolf dropped to his knees and started sucking my cock. He was good. I think that he was sex starved. I relished his mouth on my cock. He felt so good. Then I sucked him. Then we sixty nined. Enjoying each others manhood. God, he smelled so good.

The scent of his crotch was overwhelming. I was getting hornier by the second or minute. Then we started french kissing again. I snickered, was I in heat for this stud. Wolf looked at me and I smiled at him and licked his face then I snickered again. I hugged him tight. Really tight. And snuggled his neck and made a mmm mmmm noise. Was I dreaming? This was the stud of my life. Who know’s, when fantasy comes alive, anything can happen. “Oh Wolf, Oh Wolf, I think I love you. I have always needed someone like you.”

I cried. Wolf panted and hugged me back. ”Fox, I love you too. We were made for each other. I think it must have been fated.” He murmured in my ear.

We hugged, we held and we played together. He placed me on his bed and then with my ass spread wide. He dipped a finger into the jar of lubricant and pulled out a large dollop,

then he put his finger against my asshole and started to lub it up. He stuck the finger into my ass and I quivered.

My ass was eager.

I Moaned, “Take me my Wolf, take me.”

He inserted his finger right into my ass all the way. It felt marvelous.

Then he pulled out his finger and pushed it back in again and again.

Then he pulled out and put two fingers in. When they were totally in, he spread them a bit and twirled them around inside of me.

He was pulling them out and twirling them in. I was moaning in pleasure the whole time. Wolf pulled out his two fingers

Wolf then reached into the drawer again and pulled out a big dildo. He showed it to me it was a bit smaller than his cock,and I nodded to him.

I wanted him to do whatever he wanted to do to me. I craved him.

He lubed up the dildo and placed it against the crack of my ass and I took a couple of big sniffs of poppers and then pushed my ass towards Wolf’s hand with the dildo in it. Wolf started to push the dildo in to my eager butt.

It slipped in inch by inch until it was all the way in. He then pulled it almost all the way out. Then rammed it in. Over and over. Again and again. He continued to work my ass with that dildo, and I was quivering with pleasure. I had never felt like this before. I watched his magnificent face as he worked my ass. His eyes had that red glow to them, mesmerizing me, making me want him more and more. To be his totally. He was like a god; I had never before loved anyone as much as I did him. I was his completely. I would do anything for him. I just wanted to please him and be his for eternity. Then with the dildo all the way in my ass wolf used his wolf strength and lifted me up and carried me over to the sling in the corner.

Then Wolf said, “I want your/my ass. Give it to me Fox, my Little Fox!!!!” He then pulled out the dildo. He put my legs in the stirrups.

I couldn’t take it any more. I wanted him. I needed him. I looked into his eyes and said pleadingly with immense gusto, “PLEASE WOLF, DON”T MAKE ME WAIT ANY LONGER, PLEASE I BEG OF YOU, PLEASE FUCK ME NOW WITH THAT BIG COCK OF YOURS. PLEASE!!!!!”

Without taking his eyes off of me he reached into the drawer in the table and took out a Leather cock ring. The type that went around the base of the cock and then an extension that went up between to balls and around them to separate them. This made his cock rock hard and gave the illusion of becoming bigger. He lubed it up with some KY making it all nice and slick and shiny and slippery.

Wolf reached over and grabbed the bottle of poppers and handed them to me. I took a few big deep sniffs, while I continuously looked into his eyes.

Then he placed his cock against my ass and started to push.

I moaned loadly. Yes this is what I was waiting for.

Slowly Wolf penetrated me.

Pushing in deeper and deeper.

He didn’t stop until he was completely inside of me. His huge balls laying against the cheeks of my ass.

For a few moments he just held his cock there without moving. Enjoying the feeling of being deep inside his new mate.

I felt like we were joined. Nothing could be better.

Then Wolf slowly withdrew to the very tip of his cock and with speed and a great thrust, rammed it to the hilt.

There was nothing but pleasure and I moaned loudly to show him, I wanted him, every inch.

My body was quivering and shaking as Wolf rode me. All I wanted was to please this stud, my stud. To be his fuck toy. He had his hands on the chains of the sling now and was pulling me into him. Faster and faster. Pleasure, upon pleasure upon pleasure.

He was piston fucking me. Ramming me hard and deep with all of his might. His balls banging hard and making slapping noises against my ass cheeks. Every once in a while he would reach down and slap my butt cheeks with his manly hands, sending thrilling sensations throughout my body. I was quivering with the most fascinating feeling of pleasure. I just wanted more and more of him. All of him. I wanted him completely inside of me. Let us join and be one. He was fucking me so hard that all you could hear was a loud slapping noise as his body hit mine. And we were both moaning with extreme pleasure. He kept plowing my eager hole. I never wanted him to stop. I had such a high, it was indescribable.

He was my Master. As he thrust He was looking down into my eyes and I up into his. I could feel his spent up love pouring into me. And mine back into him.

I remembered his other alter form, like I said I wanted all of him.

I reached out and put my hand on his arm and asked him to slow down for a second.

He immediately stopped and had a concerned look on his face.

“I’m not hurting you, am I, my little Fox?” he inquired.

“No, No, Wolf my master. I just was thinking, I want all of you. Every aspect. I want the Wolfstud as well. Can you change, take me totally. I want all of you, please,” I pleaded.

Wolf smiled down at me and with a grin he said in that deep mesmerizing voice of his, “What my Fox wants my Fox gets.”

This was going to be an exciting first for me. And him too. I was already quivering with anticipation.

I took a few big long sniffs of poppers while looking at Wolf in his Blue/Grey eyes. My head started spinning and he new it was time. I felt I could hear what was in his mind as he thought WOLF, WOLF. His cock head was still partially in my ass. Then he began to transform. I could feel his power. His cock seemed to throb with expectation. I watched as his eyebrows got bushier, his sideburns grew down to the bottom of his chin. His ears grew pointed. He was smiling and his wolf teeth grew peaks. And his chest and pecs got a layer of thick black hair.

Damn, I was really turning on, and then he started to growl moan and slowly pushed his cock into the depths of my butt. Somehow he seemed bigger.

He went right to the hilt and all the while was looking deep into my eyes. I was floating. Then like an animal in heat, he withdrew all the way. My ass stayed open and he thrust forward and his rod found my hole and entered again. Deep down inside of me and his balls made a loud slapping noise on my ass cheeks. He pulled all the way out again and thrust in. He was building up rhythm. I had never been fucked like this before. I felt like I was out of my body. Floating in Heaven. Every time he withdrew my butt hole stayed wide open, it almost was winking at him inviting to come home to where he belongs. He did so over and over again. Pulling all the way out and then plunging back in. He built up speed and power more and more speed and power.

I thought he would fuck my brains out. I could feel his very essence.

His cock was hot, very hot, almost burning. My ass was boiling. We were both sweating bullets. He was dripping his hot sweat all over me as he used my ass brutally. Each drop of sweat brought new added pleasure to me as it landed on my body.

My cock was so hard, ever time Wolf thrust and pulled me onto his wolf cock, my cock would bang hard against my abs.

It almost hurt it was so rock hard. I was ready to explode. I tightened my ass cheeks around his thrusting member. Then he let out an animal roar, He was coming. I felt his hot jism deep in my bowels, filling me full. I could almost taste it. My ass felt so good.

He was ramming me and ramming me and emptying his load deep inside my/his ass.

Then it happened, I couldn’t hold back. I also started to roar like an animal and I started to shoot as well. I had never cum like that in my life. I just shot buckets and buckets, up on the ceiling, on his furry chest and on my own chest.

Some even landed on my face by my mouth and I licked it up. Not wanting to waste a drop.

After what seemed like eternity. We were spent. He collapsed on top of me bearing us both down. I felt no weight. It just felt natural that he should be on top of me. In me. We were one. I was his, he was mine. Wolf reached up and took my legs out of the stirrups of the sling, his cock still deep inside of me.

Then he leaned forward and put his strong arms under my back and hoisted me up, being careful to keep his cock inside of me.

I put my arms around his neck and he carried me to the bed. But in the little amount of time it took to carry me there. He had changed to human again. We both got excited again. He started to bounce me up and down on his cock. He was riding me again, or I was riding him again. He bounced me like that for near a half an hour. His strength was undefeatable. Then Wolf did something I wasn’t expecting. He changed to his wolf form while he was ramming my ass.

He shape shifted back to human and bounced me.

Then he shape shifted back to Wolfman and bounced me.

He shape shifted to Wolf while he was fucking me. Then back to human. Then back to Wolf again. He did this over and over again. It was truly amazing and I felt like I was becoming part of him. I could feel our aura’s joining and melding together. I could sense his mind and the way he was looking at me, I could tell he felt the same way. Then as he was shape shifting to Wolfman he started to erupt again. He planted his mouth over mine and I could taste his hot breath. As he came, he started to shape shift faster as he plowed my ass. It was almost as if I was shape shifting with him. He was shooting inside of me and I was shooting all over our chests. I had my eyes open and I could see us in the mirror behind him.

Oh, my god, I was shape shifting with him. I saw my eyebrows lengthen, and my ears grow pointed and my sideburns lengthen. It was exhilarating. I watched as I shifted back and forth with him. All the while tongue wrestling with my stud. Then we were human and we fell back on the bed. Wolf pulled out of me and lay beside me panting and panting. I was panting too.

I turned my head and looked at him and inquired excitedly,

“Did you feel it? I shape shifted with you. As you held me I shape shifted. It was fantastic.”

Wolf looked back at me and said,

“Try doing it on your own. Think Wolf.”

I concentrated and thought Wolf as hard as I could but nothing happened. Wolf transformed but I didn’t. Then Wolf changed back and took my hand and again transformed. This time so did I. We were both amazed. I let go of his hand, and immediately I changed back to human. Then I took his hand again and changed to Wolfman. It seemed that somehow we had really joined when we were together touching. We were joined and became one and a like. I hugged wolf and nestled into his chest and I murmured to him, “Now we have another reason to stay together. I love you Wolf.”

Then I stood up over him and straddled him. Then I proceeded to sit down on his cock. I started to ride his manhood. Rising up till I was almost off his cock and then quickly sitting down on his big stiff rod till it was completely deep inside of me. I rode him for a good half-hour and then he moaned loudly and exclaimed that he was Cuming again. I built up speed and felt my own balls building up to shoot as well. Then he came deep inside of me and as he did my cock erupted at the same time covering both of us. We were both in

Spasyms of pure ecstasy. Then I collapsed on top of Wolf and we lay there panting. We were both spent. Wolf had his arm around me and held me tighter and whispered in my ear, “I love you too my little Fox. I love you too.” And with that we fell asleep.

Part 3

In the morning after a good restful night sleep. We both awakened at the same time. I leaned into Wolf and planted a kiss on his face. I said, “Wolf, I Love you.”

Wolf laughed and asked, “How much, Fox?”

“Oh “I laughed back in response, “This much!!!” And I pushed him down flat on the bed. Rolled over on top of him and stuck out my tongue and licked right up his face to the forehead. Then I licked down his chest from his chin and around his nipples, between the crevasse of his abs and to belly button. Up to his arm pits and buried my face in them and inhaled his manly aroma and licked and slurped his pits. Then on down to his beautiful cock and down his firm thighs to his feet. Then I looked up at him and with a smirk on my face, I retorted, “That much, so there.”

Wolf laughed with pleasure and pulled me up on his chest and hugged me tight and turned to wolf and hugged me tighter and said, “I love you this much and more my little fox.” Then he placed his lips on mine and forced his tongue into my mouth and French kissed me.

I tried to roll off of him and cried, “Oh help me, the big bad wolf is gonna get me. Oh, Help.” Then I reached down and tickled him under the arms. Wolf squirmed, and let me go. “No fair!” He said.

Then we rolled around on the bed and tumbled here and there. Laughing and touching each other. Just enjoying each other. Then I snuggled into Wolf again. Damn he felt so good.

We lay there and discussed what had happened the previous night and came the conclusion that we must have been meant for each other all along and had finally found each other.

We kissed and felt a glow surround us. I could almost feel like I was a part of Wolf. I had never felt so fulfilled and alive. Damn I loved him. I giggled again and hugged him tight. He was mine, forever and ever. He giggled back and hugged me tight to. It was almost like we melded together and were one. We eventually got up.

We made the bed and went to the kitchen for breakfast wearing only our boxer shorts.

Wolf made us a wonderful omelet. He had a couple of dozen chickens, so there were fresh eggs.

We sat at the kitchen table, across from each other. While we were eating, we both kept looking at each other and smiling. I reached my foot across the floor and touched his. Then I ran my foot up and down his masculine legs. The feeling sent tingles up and down my spine.

Damn, I loved him. I never wanted to be anywhere but with him.

After we had eaten and cleaned up the dishes. Wolf suggested that we have a shower.

I was a bit surprised. I hadn’t noticed one when he had shown me the bathroom.

Wolf took my hand and led me outside. It was mid morning and the sun was up and beating down on the Den. It was quite warm and balmy.

We went around to the side of the Den and there was a free standing shower.

On the roof was a enclosed plastic container about five foot by five foot the same color as the roof so that it blended in.

It was full of water and was warmed by the sun. Attached to it was a hose that went to the edge of the roof and hung over.

Attached to the end of the hose was a shower head, and a rope.

You stood under the shower head and pulled the rope and the water came out in a spray and thus you could have a shower.

There was bio-degradable shampoo and soap that was environmentally safe.

Wolf took my hand and led me under the shower and pulled the rope.

Water poured out and got us soaked. It was nice and warm. When we were thoroughly wet he let go of the rope to stop the flow of water.

Then Wolf took some shampoo and put it in my hair and started to shampoo my hair for me. I repeated the gesture.

We stood there rubbing each others heads building up a lather. Then we spread the lather down over each others bodies and proceeded to clean each other off.

Wolf pulled me into him and embraced me. He said with passion,

“Oh my little Fox, I truly love you.”

Then he kissed me deeply.

It felt so good having this man stud holding me and loving me.

I could stay like this forever.

While he was kissing me, he reached up and pulled the rope. Water came down and rinsed off our soapy bodies. We held that kiss and relished each other.

When we were rinsed off, he let go of the rope and ended the kiss. We were clean. He reached into a small cupboard and got out a couple of towels and we dried each other off.

We went back into the house to get dressed.

My clothes were dirty from the day before and of course I had cum in my jeans so they were a bit Soiled with dried cum.

I was about the same build as Wolf, so I could wear some of his clothes until I was able to clean my cloths and later on, go and get my other belongings. I would also have to cancel my lease and quit my job.

I put on a fresh pair of Wolf’s boxer shorts, some blue jeans and a tank top. Just wearing his clothes made my dick get semi hard. I could smell his scent on the clothes. It was like perfume to me. Wolf and I finished dressing and I stepped into him and hugged him hard. Burying my face into his chest. Wolf hugged me back.

Wolf told me there were some chores to do. And I eagerly wanted to help him.

I grabbed my cowboy hat and put it on. Wolf also had a cowboy hat, but his was black. He looked so good.

The first thing we had to do was saddle up his horses and ride up to the back fields to check on his flocks of animals.

Around behind the Den was a small barn that I hadn’t noticed the previous day.

This was where he kept his two stallions. There was also a chicken coop where the egg layers lived. In another stall was a cow for milking. When we entered the barn, the animals greeted him enthusiastically. He went to each and petted them. And each nickered and mooed and clucked at him. They loved him too. Wow, this was a real man. I wish I had met him long ago. He opened the stall for the cow and shooed her out saying to her to go graze Marybell. Marybell moved on out and as she passed Wolf she turned her head and gave him a lick. I laughed. The animals really did love him. He then opened the chicken coop door and the hens moved on out.

We got down the saddles and the harnesses for the horses and suited them up. And then led them out to the barnyard.

Wolf introduced me to the horses. The one he was to ride was named Storm. He was completely black except for a white patch on his forehead. As we were introduced he nodded his head to me. He really understood what Wolf said. I touched his nose and nodded my head back at him.

The stallion that I was to ride was Ivory. He was pure white with a black patch on his forehead. He nodded his head to me and nuzzled my neck. I reached my arm around and patted him on the mane.

Wolf said,

“Guys, this is Fox, he is going to be living with us now. He is my mate. And I love him. I hope that you will too.”

They both raised their heads and nickered loudly and nodded up and down. They accepted me. I looked at Wolf with my eyes aglow. I was was in paradise. Had I died and gone to heaven . Wolf gathered me in his arms and kissed me, holding me tight. I felt his love pour into me and mine flow back into him. We were one. We mounted the horses and Wolf nickered at them and they started to gallop back towards the back fields. Wow, He didn’t even have to talk to them and they understood him. Maybe I could learn to relate to them as my new found stud mate could. We galloped together up into the back wilderness for about 20 minutes and then I saw a flock of sheep and a herd of cattle. We slowed down as we approched them. This must be his animals. Wolf dismounted and then they all came over to him and he petted each and every one of them. Then they returned to graze. God, he was amazing. He was the perfect stud and now he was my perfect stud. Wolf remounted his stallion. Wolf looke!

d at me and Said, “Ok lets go back to the den. The animals are all well and we can clean up the barn and milk Marybell. Then the rest of the day is pretty much ours. Do you think that we can find something to do?” He laughed. I steered Ivory over closer to him and Storm.. Then I reached across and pulled him towards me and kissed him and replied, “ Well, I don’t know but perhaps I might go for a walk or have a nap or something. Unless you have something in mind.” Then I snickered and gropped his crotch. And used my knees to make Ivory gallop and we raced away. Wolf laughed and called after me. “Oh so you think you can escape me? Well, I am not going to let you go, you are mine and I will keep you. With that, he and Storm galloped after us and we had a merry chase. Wolf caught up to me and he reached across and touched my arm. There was that sensation again. I stopped Ivory and he pulled up beside me. The horses knew what we wanted. They came close together and Wolf and I touched. I leaned into him and he wrapped his arms around me and we kissed. No matter how many times we did this I felt such immense pleasure. I loved him.

He stopped kissing me and used his knees to make Storm canter and yelled back over his shoulder. “Fox can’t catch the wolf. Ha Ha.”

Well, I stroked Ivory’s head and whispered into his ear. “Do you think you are up to it. Let’s go get him.” With that Ivory took off like a bullet and cantered away. We were gaining on Wolf and Storm. We were streaking like the wind. Faster and Faster, we were almost flying. As we approached The Cabin we drew up beside Wolf and Storm. I reached across and tagged Wolf.

I yelled, “Gotcha. And laughed out loud. We reared the horses and jumped off.

Wolf turned to me and grabbed me and kissed me and said, “No I got you, my little fox. You are mine.” I melted into his arms and exclaimed, “Yes you do. For now and always.” I looked into his eyes with adoration. I was so happy. We unsaddled the horses and let them roam around the!

yard. Holding each others hands we went into the house. I turned to Wolf and said, “I know it’s only been a while but, please Wolf do you think that we might have sex again now. I just can’t get enough of you. I know eventually we will calm down a bit and not have sex continuously but right now I need you again. Please. Please.” Wolf wrapped his arms around me and replied, “I thought you would never ask. I want to make you more mine. Make you never want to leave me. I need you, I want you.” Then he led me into the den and took me to the bedroom. He turned to me an inquired, “What is your fantasy this time. I am here to please my little Fox.”

Part 4

We had been together almost a month now. We were extremely happy as we were meant for each other. I loved Wolf so much and he in turn loved me back. We were made for each other. When I first met Wolf it was up in the northern part of Ontario, near Algonquin Park. He owned a large package of land and had a beautiful house built into the side of a hill and there was a barn just about 100 metres away from the house. He owned two stallions, some sheep, cows and chickens. He also had a secret that I found out about and totally accepted. He had been bitten by a werewolf and so he himself turned into a werewolf. Not a full one but one with just a few traits. Longer sideburns, bushier eyebrows, Canine teeth and a nice furry chest. His strength was also tripled. He was a total Top stud with a 10 ½ inch man rod.

In his Human shape he had short cropped blonde hair, penetrating Blue eyes, wonderful smile pecs and abs to die for, masculine arms and over all extreme good looks. I could hardly ever stop looking at my stud.

It was Saturday morning; we had finished the chores and had sat down to a good breakfast.

Wolf sat across the table from me.

He looked at me and smiled and then said, “Fox my mate, how would you like to try something new today? A new way for me to fuck you. Something you should find very exciting and pleasurable.”

I smiled back at him and replied, Wolf, “I find anything that you do to me is fantastic. I love every minute that I spend with you. But I am curious what did you have in mind?”

Wolf let out a loud laugh and answered me, “Well my little Fox, you’ll just have to wait a while and find out. Because it is a surprise. But be assured you will find more pleasure in it than you have felt before.” Wolf stood up to remove the dishes from the table and put them in the sink for washing. We were both dressed in our underpants only.

I was in my blue briefs with a black waste band. He stood by the sink with his hands crossed over his fine chest in his White boxers with red waistband. His crotch showed up nicely in them.

He had a playful look on his face as he blurted out, “You are going to find this very exciting. You will be in shear ecstasy.”

Excitedly I blurted out, “Oh please Wolf, when do we start. Don’t make me beg.”

“OK my little Fox,” He replied, “It starts now.”

He walked over to me and then took me by the hand and led me outside and proceeded to the barn. Then he slid open the barn door. We approached Storm, the appaloosa Stallions stall door, opened it, and led him outside. Wolf grabbed a blanket instead of the saddle and threw it over the Stallions back.

Then turning to me, Wolf told me in his masculine voice, “Alright my little Fox, take off your shorts as I will mine. Then I am going to mount up and you will sit in front of me.”

I obeyed immediately. Wolf dropped his shorts and his manhood sprung out erect. Then without an effort, he leaped up on Storms back and stuck out his hand to help me up in front of him.

He had brought the bottle of poppers with him and he handed them to me. Then in a hot sexy voice he spoke up and said, “OK now my little Fox, Take a few sniffs of poppers and then I want you to lift up and sit down on my hard cock. Then we are going to ride like the wind.”

Wow, I thought, that really was a new one. I quickly sniffed the poppers a few times and as my head started to spin, did as my mate asked me to. He had his hands on my waste and helped to lift up, and then with his manly wolf strength placed me over his rock hard cock. And slowly lowered me down the length to the base. As usual it felt tremendous. With one arm firmly around my waste and the other holding the reigns, he urged Storm to a walk. As Storm started off, we started to sway on his back. Wolf’s cock moved around inside the depths of my ass. Stirring up so much pleasure, I was ready to explode with lust. Round and round, back and forth his cock stirred. I had never felt like this before. Wolf gave Storms side a little kick and Storm started to gallop.

I started to bounce up and down on Wolf. God what was this stud doing to me. It was amazing. The sensations flowing through my body were unbelievable. I was just almost bouncing off of him only to bang back down. It was like he was entering me completely. As I rode him my balls were slapping against the stallions back. The hairs of the horse tickled my balls, making my cock harder than it had ever been before.

Wolf used his knees to squeeze Storms sides indicating him to move to a canter. Storm picked up speed, as did my riding of Wolfs Manhood. The wind was blowing through my hair as we galloped across the fields. Wolf still had one of his arms around my waste; he gave me a loving squeeze and leaned forward to speak in my ear.

“So my little fox, what do you think? Do you like this new way of me riding you? Isn’t it grand?” He murmured seductively.

I leaned back into him, making his cock go deeper. I yelled out in a joyful voice, “Oh God Wolf, It is stupendous. You just keep amazing me at how you continue to find new ways to please me. I am having the time of my life. We cantered through the field for what seemed like hours. I never wanted it to stop. Then Wolfs arm squeezed me tighter and he started to shutter and shake.

“Oh Fuck, my little Fox.” He screamed in pure ecstasy, “I am going to shoot my load.”

With a loud wolf howl he emptied his load inside of me. I felt his hot juices fill me up. The feeling was so intense that I immediately started to shoot myself. My cock exploded and my sperm flew up into the air, the wind cared it back into my face and chest. I stuck out my tongue and caught what I could. The orgasm seemed to never end. I just kept Cumming and Cumming. I didn’t know that I had that much in me.

Finally Wolfs arm loosened its hold on me. He pulled in the reigns and Storms canter came to a slow walk. Wolf lifted me off his cock and let me sit in front of him. He wrapped his arms completely around me and hugged me hard. He nestled his head on my shoulder and nibbled on my ear. Then moved down to my neck and caressed it with his tongue. I felt his love pouring into me. I was in heaven. I couldn’t believe that this Stud was mine, completely and utterly mine.

Wolf brought Storm to a stop and leaped spryly off of his back. Then he reached up and using his wolf strength lifted me off of Storms back. He held me cradled in his arms and looked down into my face. His eyes were aglow and with a big smile on his face he planted his lips against mine and started to kiss me passionately. Then to my amazement, he shape formed into is werewolf guise. I could feel the hair growing on his chest and his canine teeth in his mouth. I ran my tongue around over his teeth and kissed him deeper.

He placed me down on the ground with his arms still around me.

He looked me deep into the eyes and breathed, “Oh my little Fox, You bring me so much joy and happiness. I am honored to have been granted you as my mate. I Love you so much.”

Looking back up at my wolf stud, I started to weep, “Oh, my true love. I am the one who is honored. The day that you came into my life was the best day ever. I have become part of you and you part of me. We belong nowhere else but together. I love you so much.”

By this time, Wolf was also weeping and we held each other tightly. It was if an aura surrounded us.

The love of each of us flowed into each other, only to be returned three fold. We stayed that way for quite a while. Not wanting to let each other go. Finally we separated and remounted Storm to go back home. Apparently we had turned around while we were riding and I could see the ranch only about a half mile away. This time I was behind Wolf on Storm. I had my arms wrapped firmly around my stud mate. I had my face buried against his back, relishing in the warmth from his body. I breathed in deeply inhaling his manly aroma. It was like ambrosia. We arrived back at the cabin, went to the barn and dismounted. We both threw on a pair of levies and a tank top. Storm needed to be washed down after the ride.

Wolf got a bucket of water and a couple of horse brushes. Then we tackled Storm. I was near Storms head and suddenly he turned it towards me pushed his nose close to my ear and snorted, blowing his hot breath onto me. Then he did a horse laugh and stuck out his tongue and licked my face. Wolf saw what happened and almost fell over with hilarity.

He continued to laugh and said, “Well my little Fox I think he enjoyed the ride as much as we did and he sure likes you. Maybe you should give him a kiss back.”

Fine I’ll show him. I put my hands on Storms nose and leaned forward, snorted and planted a kiss on his mouth.

Storm raised his eyebrows.

I looked over at Wolf and with a stern look on my face stated, “There what do you think of that, jealous. Maybe I should sleep with the horses tonight!!!”

But I couldn’t hold the stern look very long. Both wolf and I started to laugh, even Storm seemed to be horse laughing. I walked over to Wolf and fell into his arms. Hugging him tightly. We finished up grooming Storm, gave him some feed and in each other’s arms went back to the house. It was nearly sundown and we prepared our dinner. The day was done. We just went out to the porch, sat in the double swing chair with our arms wrapped around each other. The sky was clear and the stars were out in abundance. It was just so pleasurable sitting close together and sharing our love. Tomorrow was another day. What excitement could we get into then?

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