Yoga mates

By Seth Peterson 
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Jason woke up, blinking tiredly as he stepped into the dorm bathroom. Sighing in exhaustion as he brusquely felt his short, black hair, he examined his plain, basically featureless face, complete with dull dark brown eyes, wondering what new acne had popped up this time. Grunting in annoyance, he all but stumbled into the shower, turning on the water as he slowly woke up. Running his hands over his bony, skinny body and nonexistent rear, Jason mentally prepared himself for yet another dreary day. Donning his usual sweatpants and heavy jacket, he grabbed his bag and headed into the lobby. But when he saw the ad on the bulletin board, his interest piqued. “Your regular old flamboyant yoga class. Bring your tight pants!,” it said. Jason had been a huge yoga fanatic a while ago, and that certainly did sound promising to meet guys! Eh, what was the harm? It would certainly alleviate his boredom.

And so Jason walked into the new fitness club, yoga mat under his arm. He just planned to try a class or two. It was free, after all, and no sensible college boy paid for anything he didn’t have to. And the ad sounded promising to meet new boys; there were plenty of gays at Jason’s college, but they were all a little too flashy. Jason liked it when gays could just be subtle like himself…not wear tight-ass clothes or god forbid crop tops and stuff. It just got to be humiliating for the rest of them at some point So when his eyes took in the barrage of booty shorts and excessive bare skin poking out everywhere, he almost groaned aloud. Nope, no thank you, gotta go. He had almost turned around when a very loud, very high pitched voice cut through him like a knife.

“Hi there—!”

He bit his lip and turned slowly. Sauntering toward him was a very effeminate, limp-wristed boy not much older than he was. The initial reaction was slight revulsion, but on second glance, Jason found his mouth going dry. The guy was absolutely breathtaking. Long strawberry blond hair, the most startlingly blue eyes, aquiline nose, and cheekbones he could cut himself on. Then again, all the guys in this club seemed to be amazingly attractive. And all of them were in seriously peak condition. With the abundance of crop tops and short shorts, Jason could easily see the pronounced abs, firm muscles, and delightfully thick lower bodies. His disgust for the place rapidly turned to a profound lust. The gorgeous boy in front smiled a breathtaking grin and held out his perfectly manicured, flimsy hand.

“I’m Danny! Are you Jason?”

Jason nodded quietly, trying to get some moisture back into his mouth again.

“Good of you to join! Come on…we’ve got a spot in the back.”

There were only about a dozen stunning boys in the class, none older than Jason by the looks of it. They all smiled politely, a few waving. Jason suddenly felt very overdressed in his jacket and sweatpants. As if reading his mind, Danny smiled.

“You’re fine. Everyone starts the same.”

Jason barely registered the comment, instead trying not to stare at the ballooned bubble butt in front of him. Blinking hard, he smiled nervously at Danny, trying not to gawk at the teen’s beautiful face.

“You’ll fit right in, Jason baby!”

Jason blinked at the pet name, but dismissed as friendly gay welcoming. Danny turned, his wrists dangling limply as he sauntered back to the front.

“Ready, people? Starting with downward dog! Jason, you’ll pick up quick. Don’t worry.”

Danny fiddled with his iPhone, and before long a soothing, meditative melody came over the speaker. Jason found his apprehension and tentativeness slipping away as the stretches came easier and easier to him. He’d practiced yoga before, and this was just like back in the day. The time absolutely flew by, with Jason’s stress melting away, his eyes not so much staring at the perfect boys in the room as just taking them all in.

By class’s end, Jason felt transformed. He massaged his light shoulder as he picked up his stuff. The rest of the boys all left, but a few waved him goodbye. Danny approached him as he was leaving.

“You have fun?”

“I did! Definitely coming back tomorrow.”

Danny clapped his hands happily, and Jason noticed with some dismay that he had adorned them with nearly a dozen jingly, flashy hoop bracelets.

“Oh good! Glad you liked it! Here.”

He handed Jason a bottle and towel, along with a scented soap.

“Compliments of the group! Come back soon—”

Jason smiled disarmingly and headed out, pleasantly light headed. Upon arriving back on campus, he found himself wonderfully productive and clear-minded, thanks to the routine. It was very effective, even if the people were a bit flamboyant. Still, he wasn’t going to be seen or anything. As he lay down to sleep, he smiled for the hundredth time that day, yoga music still playing in his head. It had been a good day, after all Jason woke up the next morning, a little more chipper than the previous morning. Smiling to himself slightly as he brushed his chestnut hair off his forehead, he tilted his head, watching his hazel eyes catch the light slightly, freckles adding a decently cute effect today. He stepped into the shower, hands lingering over his toned, but firm muscles and slight butt. Fully awake, he hesitated only briefly before grabbing his sports jacket and designer jeans. Had to make a good impression on the alarmingly handsome boys at the yoga place today! Maybe he’d hit it off with one of them. Heck, Danny had seemed nice enough, as flashy as he was.

The day just about crawled as Jason eagerly awaited his yoga club. But it did arrive, and he had to force himself not to sprint into the room. Danny was there, as limp-wristed and effeminate as ever. Oh well. He made it work with those stunning features of his. Danny waved happily and the rest smiled at him. Flushing slightly, Jason took his spot. Just like before, a sort of mystic trance came over Jason, the time seeming to fly by. Before he realized it, the music stopped and the time was up. Danny approached him again afterward, smiling happily.

“I’m so—glad you made it again! Thinking about sticking with it?”

“I am! This is so relaxing…I could do it all week.”

Danny smiled dazzlingly.

“Here’s hoping you do! Catch you tomorrow?”

Jason nodded happily.

“Count on it!”

Jason was already so relaxed by the time he got home he almost fell asleep. But sadly, he had work to do. So he forced himself to plug through the work, his mind calm and tranquil despite the rage-inducing work that was his Calc class. His mind kept drifting to the boys…their enormous muscles and beautiful features. God, it was like he was in a Greek mythology story. The question was, would he eventually be welcomed by the demigods or eaten by them? Chuckling to himself, he distracted himself for a few more minutes before forcing himself to finish his work. His mind in a daze, Jason glanced at his roommate’s empty bed, wondering just how long the idiot was going to keep partying. If he wasn’t coming back drunk, he was coming back high. Ah well. Jason climbed into his own bed, smiling to himself as he drifted off.

Jason woke up, stretching happily as he made his way into the bathroom. Running his hands through his long, silky, dirty blond hair, he grinned at himself, admiring his plush lips, gorgeously freckled face, arched cheekbones and strong jaw. He was a cutey! Winking one dark green eye at himself, he sauntered into the shower, pausing every so often to rub his pumped, swollen muscles and bloated bubble booty, biting his fat lower lip as he slipped a finger into his dense cheeks. Humming happily to himself, he slipped open his drawers, taking a few minutes to lay out his clothes and select a matching outfit. He had to look good, after all. Finally he settled on a very flattering athletic top and skinny jeans. Admiring himself in the mirror, he ran his hands over his bulging outfit, fingers molding his heavy pecs and thick lower body. Smiling yet again, he pulled on his tight gloves and scarf and just about skipped out the door.

His foot tapped impatiently in his stylish boots all day. God, classes were so boring! He just needed to see those beautiful, wonderfully lively boys at the club again! As he raised his hand to answer another question, mind barely in his class, he noticed one of the guys give him a sideways glance, probably at the effeminate lilt to his voice. Jason didn’t care. He loved his voice. Let people know what team he was playing for. Well, that and his flawless fashion set and gorgeous face, obviously. He smiled slightly at his false sense of arrogance and went back to daydreaming. God, he couldn’t wait for yoga today So when Jason walked in and everyone’s face lit up, his spirit lightened tremendously. He waved a hand flashily, smiling eagerly.

“Hi guys!”

Everyone waved and greeted him, Danny coming up to warmly put a hand around his shoulder. Jason’s hand went around Danny’s waist, not at all flirtatiously, and Danny hardly seemed to mind.

“How are ya today, Jason?”

“Ready for some stretching—!”

Danny smiled, squeezing Jason’s shoulder.

“That’s the spirit! Looking good today—”

Jason flushed slightly, jerking his hand downward.

“Oh, you charmer—!”

Danny smirked and headed to the front, with Jason’s eye tracking that nice swollen butt moving in Danny’s yoga pants. Going to his spot, Jason settled down for yet another great day. And he wasn’t disappointed. Hot, lithe bodies flexing and stretching all around him, that beautifully soothing music, the feeling of euphoria and relaxation seeping into his very bones, god it was great. He made eye contact with Danny a few times, winking each time. Danny kept rolling his eyes, even though Jason didn’t miss the blush that would creep into his cheeks. Smiling himself, he went on with his poses, feeling his daily stress slipping away like always.

After class, he approached Danny, eyes taking in the bracelets he always sported. They were so cute—.

“Enjoy class, Jason?”

“I always do!”

“Yeah…only three days, and you’re really a quick learner!”

“Well…I used to do it a lot when I was younger. Helps a ton.”

Danny nodded, hair falling into his eyes slightly.

“I can imagine! Glad you got back into it.”

Jason smiled, watching Danny pull his hair out of his eyes. God, he was really cute.

“Glad I joined! Can’t wait for tomorrow.”

Danny smirked, a slight glint coming into his eyes.

“Fun day Friday! You’ll love it—”

Jason smiled, curious and interested.

“Here’s hoping! See ya tomorrow then?”

Danny smiled, turning and giving Jason a good view of his bulging butt.

“You got it!”

Jason left, feeling bubbly, giddy, and very excited for whatever was going to happen tomorrow Jason hopped out of bed, grunting happily as he stretched his arms. Daintily moseying into the bathroom, he carefully brushed his shoulder-length, platinum blond hair out of his sparklingly green eyes before heading into the shower. Under the hot water, he didn’t even try to stop himself fondling his own body, hands rubbing the enormous muscles all over his body or his monstrous derriere. He jerked off, he fingered himself deep, he even chanced pushing his shampoo bottle up his fat cheeks a few inches. It felt amazing. Back in his room, it took Jason his usual twenty-five minutes to apply his makeup. Foundation to make his beautiful freckles stand out, mascara to highlight his eyes, some nice dark red lipstick to make his colossal dick-sucking lips pop, and just a slight blush. Smiling naughtily to himself, he slipped on his earrings and nose ring before he began his half-hour routine of picking clothes. Pausing to examine himself in the mirror, he grinned. Put Ruby Rue’s ass on Dan Peyer’s body and have that stud breed James Charles, and you’d have Jason. He smiled dazzlingly as he ran over that scenario…yeah, seemed legit. He finally settled on his tight, neon crop top and matching short skirt. Nothing else would fit around his preposterous ass, anyway. Smirking to rub his firm abs, he slipped on his short heels and headed out.

He knew his long, painted fingernails and deliciously high voice got stares. That, coupled with his perfect makeup, either got some very admiring or some very dirty looks. Jason didn’t give a shit. He was glamorous and fabulous and gorgeous, and he didn’t care what anyone else thought! Well, except Danny. God, he wanted that boy. So charming and gorgeous and sexy. Jason couldn’t get him out of his mind. And he figured today would be a good day to flirt it up a little. Let him know how he really felt about the stunning teen.

So happily sauntering into the yoga class, Jason smiled ear to ear and waved, limp wrist flopping his hand everywhere.

“Hey, girls—”

Everyone just about screamed, waving and blowing kisses. Danny smiled happily, coming up to Jason. Lightly pecking him on the lips, Jason grinned.

“Hey, stud. I’m ready for my deep, intense stretching—”

Danny blushed, not unhappily, and looked down slightly.

“Ahah, excellent! All right, guys, today is fun day Friday! You know what to do—”

Jason looked around as the other boys began to move around.


Danny smiled, looping his arm through Jason’s. Jason smiled, running his finger over Danny’s hoop bracelets.

“I keep telling myself to buy some of these. I love jingling.”

Danny smiled, lightly tickling Jason’s nose ring.

“I can tell. Anyway, fun day Friday! Partner day!”

Jason tilted his head, pushing his lips out poutily.


Then he noticed the other boys slowly getting into more…erotic positions. Downward dog, but done so that one boy’s crotch was in the other’s face. Cobra, but one on top of the other. Jason slowly smiled as he took it in. He turned to gaze into Danny’s gorgeous blue eyes.

“Care to be my partner?”

Jason grinned happily and Danny led him to the mat, putting the music on. Jason hummed eagerly, letting Danny guide him onto the mat.

“Any pose?”

Jason motioned to the others.

“Cobra looks good.”

Danny smiled and motioned.

“New guy gets the bottom.”

Jason smirked, popping his cheeks.

“You sure you don’t just want some of this?”

Danny smirked.

“Try me.”

‘You know it’s the biggest in the room.”

“Jason, darling, it’s the biggest in the state. Now down.”

Jason chuckled and lay down, grinding his already-hardening cock into the mat. He bit his bloated lower lip as he felt Danny’s crotch push into his bulbous rear. The tight yoga pants did nothing to hide the growing erection Jason felt pushing against his watermelon-sized butt, and he began to slowly hump the mat. Danny took no time at all to slowly lower himself until he too was humping the gigantic bubble that was Jason’s butt, arms slowly going around the boy’s chest to fondle his meaty pecs. Jason turned briefly, noticing all the boys were engaging in similar activities. Danny huffed hotly into Jason’s ear.

“We’re gems and lambs all week. But this is when we have our fun. No way twenty stunning gay boys meet without some action—”

Jason moaned happily, enjoying the hot humping.

“Every guy I’ve brought in here has been turned from a twig to a total stud. But no one’s changed so perfectly as you, Jason.”

Jason bit his lip.

“What do you mean? I’ve always been like this.”

Danny grinned, nibbling on Jason’s ear.

“I know, I know. You have. But you’re perfect for me.”

“Mmmph…and you’re so hot. I want you.”

Danny flipped Jason over and promptly smothered his lips in a kiss. Jason returned the kiss with gusto, his enormous lips dwarfing Danny’s. Danny humped into Jason harder and harder, Jason’s rear providing a lovely cushion. Lipstick got everywhere, but Jason hardly cared. This was heaven. All at once, the music ended, and Danny got up.

“W-wait…no way that was thirty minutes.”

Danny glanced at the clock.

“Hey. Time flies, I’m afraid. All right, guys, see you all Monday for another great week!”

Jason felt his heart sink at the sudden aloofness, looking down as he went for his bag. A hand on his arm turned him as Danny kissed his firmly.

“I want you, Jason. Would love to catch you around some other times.”

Jason’s grinned hugely, kissing back.

“I’d love that—!”

Danny smiled happily, patting Jason’s enormous rear.

“Stay pretty, darling, and I’ll see you around!”

Jason smiled and looked back, blushing slightly.

“You know it, Danny—!”

He shouldered his mat, wondering just what the next day would bring!

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