Zero hour

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I awoke.

What the hell happened, I asked myself as I scanned the brightly lit room. The walls were a pale blue and the floor was what appeared to be a black granite. A thick metal door was at the far side of the room, and a huge mirror was covering the wall to the right of me. I arose from the bed and stretched.

I really wanted to know what happened. I was answering a newspaper ad for gym employees, and the person on the phone was alright, nothing wrong. But when I came into the building, I must have fainted or something.

I looked around the room once more and noticed something strange: a huge cube-like thing right there next to me. I scratched my head. How did that appear? I went to take a closer look. The front of it had a door to one side, with a bunch of blinking buttons on the other.

I was about to push a few when a booming robotic voice said, “Do not touch the cloner!”

I stepped back in fright and looked up. An old-fashioned megaphone was attached to the corner with a very modern video camera underneath it.

“The test subject will stand in the middle of the room!” the voice bellowed out again.

“What’s going on!” I yelled out.

“Stand in the middle!”

Not knowing what else to do, I did so. I looked at the mirror and wondered if it was someone behind it.

“Your designation is five-six-two-three!” the voice bellowed out. “You will be a subject for our Master!”

“What is—”

“You are an Alces Alces, a moose. Is that correct?”


“Is that correct!?”

“Yes, but what does that—”

“And you are of a muscular build?”

“Well yes, but—”

“And you are extremely well endowed?”

“The hell does that have to—”

“The subject will answer!”

“Not until I—” I felt a huge electrical current run through my body, and I collapsed to my knees.

“The subject will answer!” the voice said once more. “Or else he will be subjected to another shock!”

I looked at my reflection and noticed a slim metal collar around my neck. What the hell was going on?

“The sub—”


“Your body will then be tested for our master.” Was that smugness I heard in that voice? “The subject will step inside the cloner!”

A subtle click was heard as the machine’s door opened. Not wanting another shock, I weakly got onto my feet and went over to the machine. The interior was roomy, enough for a huge guy like me, antlers and all. I gingerly stepped in, and the door shut itself closed.

“The machine will turn on!” the voice said clearly through the machine.

A red laser grid appeared above me, and started to drop down slowly, almost like a scanner. I wanted to move, but I somehow knew that if I did, I would be subjected to another shock.

A few minutes later, the grid landed to the floor and turned off. Was that it?

“Phase two starting now!”

A bright flash of light blinded me from all angles. I saw purple spots fluttering across my eyes as the door opened.

“The subject will stand again in the middle of the room!”

I shook my head a bit, trying to clear my vision and did so.

Damn, am I a huge moose, I thought to myself when I saw my reflection. I posed a bit, hoping that it was indeed a one-way mirror and that someone was behind it.

“The subject will now strip!”

Hey, no need to ask me twice, I thought as I took off my shirt. I flexed a quick double-bi before I began unbuttoning the shorts. My underwear followed soon after.

“The subject will now begin self-worship!”

I slowly began to rub my chest, my fingers lightly ruffling the fur there. I traveled downward to my nipple and began to play with it. My other hand started to massage my thick member into stiffness, rubbing the head in rough movements. I moaned deeply in pleasure as I felt my palm get moist with pre.

Wait…what was going on? I loosened my hold on my cock. I shook my head again, trying to think, but my other hand was still playing with my nipple, sending quicksilver shocks of pleasure through my body.

“The subject will continue!” the voice bellowed out.

“No…this…this is wrong,” I slurred out. I tried to steer myself to the exit when I felt the shock again. I collapsed to the floor, panting heavily. I tried to get up, only to find myself slowly humping the smooth stone floor. I moaned loudly at the feeling, then felt myself orgasm in thick heavy gushes, my balls trying to shove their entire load out. I writhed in pleasure.

“The subject will enter the last stage of the testing!”

I heard heavy footsteps come towards me and a huge shadow cast itself above me. I panted heavily as turned over, my cock still spitting out the last of its load. Then my eyes widened as I saw who it was.

It was me naked, right to every detail. The only thing to add to this vision of oddity was a huge ’1’ in the middle of the torso, marked in white fur.

The clone—for that was the only thing I could think of—smiled and held out his hand towards me. Bemusedly, I grasped it and he pulled me up.

“Hello,” he said, his deep voice a perfect duplicate of mine. He started to rub his hands around my thick belly and traveled upwards to lightly twist my nipples.

“Fuck,” I grunted out, my dick still rock hard. He grasped it with one hand and began to rub the shaft in firm heavy movements, like I would do. The other hand went to work playing with my sack, lightly tugging and squeezing it. I moaned deeply, and he smiled.

Then I felt an arm wrap itself around my chest, fingers brushing against a nipple. I felt a hot breath in my ear. “You think this is good, stud?” I heard myself say. “It will only get better.”

I came violently at that, heavy streams jetting out of my cock. The clone quickly put my head into his mouth and sucked hard, swallowing my load. I moaned louder at the feeling, pinching my eyes shut. I often sucked myself, but never like this!

The clone behind me chuckled and kept on with the nipple play. “Yeah, that’s it. Give him your load. Use him like the cum bucket he is.”

“Yeah,” I panted out. I pulled Number One’s mouth off of my cock, the last dribble of cum landing on his cheek. I wanted more. Needed it. I pulled him towards me and we kissed lustfully, our tongues tangled and our hands roaming around our bodies. I tasted my cum in his mouth and wondered if he was to taste as good.

I turned the clone around and bent him over, his rump high in the air. I gave it a few firm gropes, then positioned myself for entry, my swollen cock head pressed firmly between his massive rump cheeks.

I shook my head again. No, wait, what was going on…? This isn’t right…something…not…

“C’mon, moose, breed this stud.” I felt the fingers rub the nipple hard. “You know you want to sink your cock deep in his ass. Make him feel good.” Another hard rub. “Make him wanting more.”

Yeah, I thought as I saw myself bent in front of me. Need to fuck this stud. Need. Must. I grabbed his sides and roughly pulled him towards me, shoving about half of my thick cock into his tight rump.

He bellowed loudly at the intrusion, his own cock spurting out his load. I felt his ass-muscles clench at my cock, massaging it, coaxing me to shove more in. I pushed him just a bit, then pulled him back into me, forcing his rump to house my entire cock in its strong grasp. I started to fuck him, slowly at first, then to a firm hard rhythm that left the both of us grunting and moaning.

The clone behind me chuckled again, still rubbing my nipple. “Yeah, you like that, don’t you?”

“Yes,” I grunted out through clenched teeth.

“Like fucking yourself, dontcha stud?”

“Oh fuck yeah!” I moaned out, pile-driving my cock in my sweet ass.

“Just imagine how good it would feel, having your dick in your rump, eh moose?” He twisted the nipple, causing me only to fuck the other deeper and harder. “Him giving you the same hard fuck you’re giving him. Having that thick cock of yours in your own firm tight ass?”

“Oh fuck yeah,” I panted out. “Having me be used, just like him. Oh hell yeah!” I shoved myself all the way in the rump and unloosed another heavy load of cum deep in it. The other clone roared also, shooting out another huge load of cum onto the floor. Once our orgasms subsided, I pulled out and shoved him to the floor. Then I turned around.

Another clone, yet this one had a huge ’2’ on its torso. His dick was just as hard as mine, and it was weeping thick drops of pre from its slit.

I was about to reach out and stroke that cock when I felt that sense of wrongness worm itself in my mind again. I shook my head, trying to clear my mind, when I felt thick fingers dig into my rump.

“No!” I slipped out of Number One’s ministrations and tried to flatten myself on the mirror. The clones looked at me, their members hard and drooling, wanting me to just give in and to lick and suck and… *This is wrong!” I screamed. “What is going on?!”

“The test will continue!” the megaphone bellowed out.

Another bolt of electricity shocked me, but I didn’t give in. “What is going on!?”

Muffled voices were heard from the megaphone, then one, much deeper and less mechanical spoke.

“The test must continue. Please let them assist you.”

“Not until you tell me what is going on!”

A quiet hum, more felt then heard, and suddenly my ass was itching. It needed to be scratched, to be rubbed. Licked. Probed. Plowed by thick cocks. Fisted with heavy hands. My balls quivered impatiently with a heavy load of cum. My mouth watered at the thought of sucking thick moose cock.

“The test must continue.” the other voice patiently droned. “Let them help you.”

I tried to resist, knowing that if I gave in this time, this feeling would never come back. I would be fucking these clones, and they would be fucking me. The itching intensified at the thought of one of those cocks in me, plowing me full, deep, and hard.

Then I saw flash from the machine. The door opened to let out another clone, this time with a ’3’ on him. He went up to Number One and they kissed passionately. Then Number Three turned around and presented his rump to Number One. They started to rut with a greater intensity than I did.

I turned to Number Two, who was swallowing his own load, his tongue trying to reach down and pull more of his cock in. I swallowed, wiping my drool from my mouth and tried to snap out of it. I needed to figure out what was going on. I had to resist. I had to…

I fell on my knees, my body weak with lust. I panted at the sight of Number Two releasing himself, then, with a wink in my direction, strutted over to the rutting duo and forcing himself in Number One’s rump. My mind went into overdrive at that sight, and I instantly came all over the floor. I moaned out as deep amounts of pleasure erased every worry from my mind.

“The test will continue,” the voice said again.

I nodded, my balls drained of their load but still swollen with a heavy load. I stood up and faced the mirror, putting my hands on it and jutting my rump out. Soon Number Three showed up.

“Glad you can make it, stud,” he said, the voice low and sensuously lusty.

“Just fuck me, stud,” I told him, my own tones matching him in every intensity.

I moaned at the rough entry, but soon met his rhythms. “Harder,” I moaned out, eager to have this damned itching satisfied.

“Whatever you say, dude.” And he started to pile-drive my rump. I looked at myself in the mirror and noticed this giant zero painted on my torso. My mind tried to tell me something, but soon the thought was lost in a thick haze of fucking. I moaned out as I came all over the mirror, which only drove him to fuck me harder.

I can’t wait until I get to fuck him back.

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