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Suggestions2022-11-14 23:59:53 for “Becoming the ultimate man” by musclestory:
  • Add [Always Hard]
Suggestions2022-11-06 07:15:35 for “The curse of the SuperJock” by SuperBlimp:
  • Add [Belly Growth]
  • Comment: Thanks!
Suggestions2022-10-29 21:47:39 for “Funsize” by Ziel:
  • Add [Size Decrease]
  • Remove [Size Increase]
Suggestions2022-10-29 07:10:16 for “Funsize” by Ziel:
  • Add [Size Decrease]
  • Remove [Size Increase]
  • Add [Vore]
  • Comment: Size decrease, not size increase (although the decrease took place before the story began), and it seems to be going in a vore-y direction. Thanks!
Suggestions2022-10-29 17:52:39 for “Funsize” by Ziel:
  • Add [Size Decrease]
  • Remove [Size Increase]
Suggestions2022-11-12 23:58:34 for “King size” by BRK:
  • Add [Medieval(ish)]
Suggestions2022-11-26 02:05:09 for “Lunch of champions” by Cris Kane:
  • Add [Getting Taller]
  • Add [Complete]
Suggestions2022-11-16 07:59:20 for “Massive” by Alex Rif:
  • Remove [Size Increase]
  • Remove [Body Suit]
  • Remove [Age Difference]
  • Remove [Father/Son]
  • Remove [Hyper Pheromones]
  • Remove [Incest]
  • Remove [Lycra/Spandex]
  • Add [Rubber/Latex]
  • Remove [Halloween]
  • Remove [Superhero/Supervillain]
  • Remove [Stories with Images]
  • Remove [M/M]
Suggestions2022-10-29 11:19:21 for “Medium gets large” by Queen23:
  • Remove [Size Decrease]
  • Add [Size Increase]
  • Comment: Size increase, not size decrease. Thanks!
Suggestions2022-11-21 06:20:13 for “Musky morning” by screamingmoist:
  • Add [Man Scent]
Suggestions2022-10-30 22:08:20 for “Party of the year” by screamingmoist:
  • Add [Cock Growth]
  • Add [Huge Cock]
  • Remove [Size Increase]
  • Add [Muscle Gut]
  • Add [Public Nudity]
  • Add [Gradual Change]
  • Add [Increased Libido]
  • Add [Retcon]
  • Add [Straight to Gay]
  • Add [Nonconsensual change]
  • Add [Supernatural]
Suggestions2022-11-01 19:45:24 for “The power of suggestion” by BRK:
  • Remove [Replication]
  • Comment: Not replication, as noone is duplicated.

    It is a stranger turning into a twin brother.
Suggestions2022-11-01 00:53:18 for “The profile” by RdyRoger:
  • Remove [Cock Body]
  • Remove [Cock Growth]
  • Remove [Cock Shrinking]
  • Remove [Cut to Uncut]
  • Remove [Footcock]
  • Add [Huge Balls]
  • Add [Huge Cock]
  • Remove [Getting Taller]
  • Remove [Size Decrease]
  • Remove [Muscle Growth]
  • Remove [Muscle/Strength]
  • Add [Hyper Cum]
  • Remove [Getting Hairy]
  • Add [M solo]
  • Remove [M/M/M/...]
Suggestions2022-11-07 05:45:06 for “Project Cerulean MX: Aaron's story” by CsabaXXX:
  • Add [Cock Growth]
  • Add [Muscle Worship]
  • Add [Muscle/Strength]
  • Add [Man Scent]
  • Add [Other Mental Changes]
  • Add [Hetero Sex]
Suggestions2022-11-14 21:23:15 for “Revamped” by Double-U:
  • Add [No Sex]
  • Comment: Thanks!
Suggestions2022-11-26 12:00:08 for “Think bigger” by Alakazam1988:
  • Add [Ball Growth]
  • Add [Belly Growth]
  • Add [Feeding]
  • Add [Cum inflation]
  • Add [Getting Fatter]
Suggestions2022-10-27 22:47:19 for “Transform: Friends in need” by Also Known As:
  • Add [Hyper Cum]
Suggestions2022-11-20 15:30:20 for “Transform: Phone sex” by Also Known As:
  • Add [Hyper Cum]
Suggestions2022-11-18 00:31:29 for “Transform: The athletic supporter” by Also Known As:
  • Add [Hyper Cum]
Suggestions2022-11-01 22:27:49 for “Welcum to Hell” by Alex Anders:
  • Add [Extra Mouths]
  • Add [Multipec]

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