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Information below can be found both on how to reach me (BRK) and on suibmitting your stories. Submissions welcome!

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The following social media venues are all great ways to reach me with comments, suggestions, praise, complaints, and anything else you want to tell me! I love hearing from visitors to the site, whether you're a newcomer or a regular.

If you have comments on a particular story, especially one that was written by another author, post a comment on that story page using the Disqus comment plug-in at the bottom of every story page. Some authors also have links to their web pages or email addresses on their author page as well.

Contact / Submission Form

You can use this form to send me feedback or to submit a story. We welcome story submissions from our readers! After all, it's our readers who know best exactly what works in stories like ours. You can use this form to provide feedback or to email a story submission.

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Note: Teenagers (“t”) must be 18 or older. See the Submission Guidelines for more.

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  • To submit a story for consideration, paste your story in the "Message" box above. Use regular text, with a blank line in between paragraphs. YOU MUST include your name and email address with a story submission, but they will be kept strictly confidential.
  • Terms: By submitting a story you agree to the Submission Guidelines. Please read these before submitting.
  • Check for your copy: You should also get a copy of this email at the address you give above, unless you uncheck that option. If you don’t, check to make sure the email address you gave is right and try again. If you still don’t get a copy, I might not have gotten it either. In that case, message me on Instagram or Patreon.
  • I will attempt to reply to all requests, comments, and submissions made using this form to let you know that your missive was received. If you don’t get a reply back from me after a day or so, message me on Instagram or Patreon.
  • I do not claim any ownership or copyright on submissions, only the right to post them here as granted by your submission. Authors retain the copyright to their stories after posting on Metabods.

  • Posting: I normally edit and publish stories the week I get them; if I’ve already closed that week’s update, the story will likely be deferred to the following week. Posting is not guaranteed, however, and while I try to post most of what I receive and to do so on a timely basis, stories might be delayed or declined for various reasons.
  • Note on multiple chapters: In order to keep the update sizes more or less consistent week to week, multiple long chapters (say, over 4 or 5k words each) submitted at the same time may be distributed across more than one update—unless doing so would work against the story, of course. If you prefer that the chapters you submitted all be published together in the same update, please let me know above under "Comments (for the Moderator only)".

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