Submissions Guidelines

We always welcome story submissions from our readers! After all, it's our readers who know best exactly what works in stories like ours. You can use this form to provide feedback or to email a story submission.

To submit a story for consideration, please use the contact/submission form and paste your story in text form in the "Message" box. Use regular text, with a blank line in between paragraphs. Try to avoid unusual characters since not all browsers are compatible. You can use HTML italic and bold tags (<i> and <b>) and ampersand escape codes (e.g., &mdash; for an em dash).

Please spell-check your submission before sending it in! A story should not be a single, long paragraph and paragraphs should be separated by blank lines. Dialogue changes of speaker and transitions between exposition and dialogue should start a new paragraph.

Metabods retains the right to edit any submitted story for grammar and clarity, unless the author explicitly informs the editor/moderator that the story or chapter must be either published as is or not published. (There is an option for this on the submission form.) Normally edits are limited to what is necessary for English readability, in the judgment of the site moderator and editor. Authors may request to review edits made to the submitted work prior to or after posting of the submission on the site.

The author retains the right to remove or revise any story or chapter at any time upon submission of a request via email; if this request is not from the email address associated with previous correspondence, some additional verification may be necessary. Metabods retains the right to decline to publish on, or remove from publication on, any story or chapter submitted. Normally such refusal has to do with problematic content or intellectual property (see below), or because the story or chapter is not, in the judgment of the moderator/editor, consonant with the tone, history, and existing content of the site.

Author information: YOU MUST include your name and email address with a story submission. This information will be kept strictly confidential unless you explicitly agree otherwise. You may include a web page and or email address that can be linked next to your byline and on your author page. If you want to attach a web page or email address to your existing stories, please contact me and I'll be happy to add them on.

Please see also the General Disclaimers above for more information.

Problematic content: Please do not submit stories with underage content, because I can no longer run material that will be construed as involving sex with minors. If your characters are of high school age, you must specify that they are 18 years old; alternatively you could move the setting to a college or other venue not associated with minors. Other problematic content will include what common sense would suggest (e.g., rape or coercion of minors, abusive situations involving minors, graphic violence, unwilling participants, dangerous sexual acts, depiction of minors being photographed for distribution, suicide or attempted suicide without consequences, adult sexual situations with children, or works which the contributor does not have permission to contribute to Metabods). Publication and removal is at the webmaster's discretion, which may be both subjective and arbitrary.

Author rights and permissions: Authors retain rights to and title to their submitted works. By submitting a work, the author grants the Metabods a non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty-free, perpetual, and non-cancellable license to display the work. (If this is unacceptable, please contact us to discuss your concern.)

Authors may license their stories to other publishers, but that does not revoke the license granted to Metabods. Metabods will respect requests for changes to stories, to attribution, and/or to email addresses by the original author of the work.

Decisions to honor requests to remove a work from public display are determined on a case-by-case basis. This does not nullify, terminate, or revoke any license granted to Metabods. If a story you wrote appears on Metabods and you wish to remove it, please contact me immediately and request the story be removed.

Only submit a story if you are the author or explicitly have permission from the author to submit the story for display on Metabods. Do not remove or replace another author's or poster's attribution from a story submission.

This is a free, nonprofit archive. No compensaion is offered. Metabods posts stories directly submitted by the author or with the author's permission; we don't automatically include any stories that are genre-relevant appearing elsewhere on the web.

Celebrities and fictional characters: Stories involving celebrities must include a disclaimer that the story is fiction and is not intended to imply anything about the true sexuality of the celebrities mentioned or any personal knowledge about their private lives. This disclaimer should not make any mention of owning or not owning a celebrity.

Stories about celebrities may not include stalking, threats against celebrities, or the death of celebrities or their friends or family members as a plot device.

Generally speaking, stories involving copyrighted characters from mainstream media are discouraged, not only for legal reasons but because this is not a site focused on slash fiction and similar content; I'd rather read and post stories involving original characters and situations. Stories involving fictional characters from television shows, movies, books, comic strips, etc. must include a copyright and trademark statement for the production company or publisher (not the television network on which a TV show appears, unless the network is the production company).

Contact me with questions: If you have any questions at all about submission, just ask. And thanks for sharing your fantasies! We and our readers truly appreciate it.

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