An enormous ego

by Thatbadwriter

Axel is pretty cocky about his size—not without reason.

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Axel sauntered through the locker room oozing bravado, and why shouldn’t he? Axel was the biggest man at the gym by leaps and bounds, hell he was the biggest man in the whole damn town, so why shouldn’t he be cocky as his damp paw thud heavily and rhythmically against tile. Every eye was drawn to him, as it rightly should be, as he walked proudly nude and erect for all to see. The remaining drops of water glistened in his brilliant white fur, as if to say “this is perfection embodied,” shining like a dazzling gem, and every one of his immaculate muscles flexed with a post workout pump. His body was an impossibly defined temple of masculinity, having achieved the perfect balance between bulky and lean mass he was beyond either David or Adonis, and the proudly engorged member that bounced a whole two feet ahead of him confirmed that this was no feat achieved in the name of compensation but rather his birthright as a perfect specimen. The gorgeous man ran one hand through his wet spiky hair and down his cobblestone body in an act that never once failed to arouse any and all who witnessed it, and like a predator in his own right the rabbit, a goliath amongst his own kind, found his adorable overstimulated prey.

His target in sight Axel shifted direction ever so slightly and made his way to a rather handsome looking tiger. By anyone else’s measure the large cat would be… well… large, but at his imposing height of eight feet and two inches the man’s six feet and change was more cute than anything. “Hey little guy, you new around here?” Axel asked as he sat alongside the tiger on his bench, knowing full well he’d joined two weeks ago and, like everyone else who’d ever joined the gym, been unable to take his eyes off him.

“I’m…uh…yeah…new…um…sorry,” the tiger floundered, eyes and mind completely preoccupied elsewhere.

“Don’t sweat it cutie, I know I’m a lot to take in,” Axel’s deep voice reverberated throughout the locker room as he further flaunted his prowess by flexing his pecs while he spoke. “Tell you what, as you can see I could use a hand with this bad boy,” he rocked his hips to make his monstrous dick sway back and forth, “and it looks like you could use some relief too. So how about you tell me your name and we help each other out.”

“…..I’m Taylor…..” he managed after a pause.

“Well, Taylor, whaddya say? Want to go on the ride of your life?” Axel cockily asked as he draped a firm muscled arm around the tiger and pulled him close to his warm, wet, musky, and naked body.

“Y-yes,” he stammered almost without breath, completely under the massive rabbit’s spell.

The next moment was like an explosion of fireworks in Taylor’s mind when Axel leaned forward to powerfully dominate his mouth. Such a massive man possessed an equally massive tongue to effortlessly fill the tiger’s mouth as his hands reached to the base of his tank top and, with a brief pause to their kiss, Axel unveiled a nice six pack. “Very nice,” Axel said before resuming the kiss and stroking Taylor’s abs slowly, purposefully tracing his fingers around each one. The tiger quivered with pleasure when he felt a massive paw tugging at his waistband and his eyes flitted open.

“A-Axel, right here?” he asked nervously and received a response of his nylon shorts sliding past his perky bubble butt.

“Right here,” Axel confirmed lowly and seductively with an irresistible cocky smolder, eying Taylor’s throbbing length as it popped free as he stood to put his legs on either side of the bench while his own length eagerly dripped pre.

Taking the cue Taylor lay back and lifted his legs up to Axel’s shoulders, both nervous and incredibly eager to take such a massive and confident man in such an open space. With gritted teeth and an intense groan, he felt the massive rabbit begin penetrating him as his mind reeled with pleasure and agony alike. With every second Axel’s large angry meat made its way deeper and deeper in Taylor’s quivering body until finally he came to hilt in the tiger. The following flurry of moans, yelps, and grunts that filled the locker room next were nothing short of legendary as Axel begin vigorously thrusting in a display for all to see. With his head thrown back and emanating deep guttural groans, sounding more like a fearsome tyrannosaurus than a simple rabbit, Axel began fucking harder and faster, constantly fueled and pushed further by Taylor’s cries of pleasure.

Increasing to levels of raw speed and pleasure only beasts like him were capable of delivering Axel watched as Taylor came blowing shot after shot upon his abs, with some even reaching his pecs, with the sensual whimpering wails he loved to hear from “larger” species. Abruptly grabbing a locker and tightening his grip on Taylor’s leg for support Axel began bucking hard enough to be mistaken for a furred jackhammer. Roaring with an indisputable sexual dominance Axel started unleashing torrents of his immaculate seed deep into the tiger. No more than three ropes had been blown in him before Taylor’s ass had begun to literally overflow with cum, hot cream oozing out his hole and around Axel’s mighty cock as the rabbit only came more and more. For two full minutes Taylor was filled, or overfilled, with the immaculate seed of the most alpha bunny that had ever lived.

“How’s that for a ride, little dude,” Axel asked with a breathy confidence and a cocky smirk that Taylor swore would have made him cum again if he wasn’t already spent, “Told you it’d be unforgettable.”

All Taylor could manage in his worn afterglow was a spent but satisfied half-smile that told Axel everything he already knew, he was the best and the biggest without question.

Taking a moment to savor both his conquest and his mess, Axel leaned against one of the lockers and closed his eyes, thoughts of his own greatness and masculinity flooding his head. The thought he was probably without compare, no, he was without compare, no one would or could ever be bigger than him. Warm and pleasant feelings radiated through Axel’s body as he reflected on his own grandeur, Taylor however was stunned to see the giant of a man that’d just filled him was growing even larger as his long ears crept towards the ceiling.

“A-Axel…” the tiger nervously start to say before realizing he had no idea what else to say.

“Yeah…” he answered with his eyes closed and groggy with pleasure, before his head suddenly slipped back without any more locker to support it. “Whoa, whoa! Look at me! I’m growing!” he declared, happily basking in the attention of everyone present.

Despite having only just unleashed what was probably the largest orgasm of his life, Axel began to grow hard from the rising heat within him as he grew. In mere moments his head hit, and crashed through, the ceiling as his tremendous legs were filling the quickly evacuating locker room. The roof began tearing away as more and more of it got stuck to his glorious snowy pecs before frailly crumbling away while he rose higher from the tiny gym.

With a ground trembling quake he began to stand up out of the gym, his ego swelling enormously alongside his monstrous prick and perfect body as the shell of the former building looked like little more than a toy compared to him. His hands glided along his flawless muscles as he admired his own majesty, and as he began dripping dollops of pre larger than most men he began to grow quicker still. His own self-admiration was clearly feeding growth which in turn led to Axel’s self-infatuation growing even deeper still in a cycle that would make even Narcissus look no more than a little vain.

All of the town was drifting further below his shins as its citizens could only watch this godly rabbit’s endless rise. No one capable of comparing to his size had ever existed or would ever exist, not one soul was capable of such a feat besides this perfect hulking bunny. It didn’t take long for the tallest skyscraper to barely reach up to his smallest toe, and still he grew faster while leaking thousands of gallons of hare’s essence upon the populace.

Actual godhood appeared well within his grasp as Axel began to penetrate the very atmosphere itself and exist in the void unscathed, so powerful that the universe itself dared not harm him. A smirk wrought by his dominance over the emerald and sapphire sphere told its every inhabitant he was in charge and he very much knew and adored it. Catastrophes far beneath his notice occurred globally when he departed the planet that once had the privilege of housing him, deep wounds to the land and mountainous waves plagued civilizations so small Axel couldn’t distinguish a single one.

The Earth itself though was not long afforded the glory of being his equal as it too became like little more than a baseball before dwindling away into unremarkable averageness. Euphoric pleasure filled his every cell as Axel surpassed planet after planet, showing them all want it truly meant to be celestial with his perfect form and pristine fur. The sun itself could not even compare with his cotton tail and yet he grew, knowing this was but a fraction of his true glory.

With increasing speed the blackness of space was being filled by the whiteness of Axel as he claim his rightful place as the perfect dominate masculine man. The galaxy entertained him for several minutes, wearing it like a corset, then using it as a cock ring, before the swirling mass became akin to a top to be outgrown and swallowed by his finger. Clusters were like dazzling pebbles whose brilliance he could enjoy for a time before they too were microscopic to the rabbit jock.

With nothing left to compare to him, outgrowing it all, Axel again felt his truly unquestionable dominance was something only he could’ve achieved when a bizarre curvature entered his vision. He didn’t have long to consider it however before his body collided with it too and he began filling this new container at an alarming rate. His muscle strained against the barrier, his might proving yet again uncontainable, and with a blinding light and unspeakable screeching he broke it.

Suddenly Axel was walking proudly from his shower in the gym, showing off his nude and delectable muscles housed on a nine-foot six snowy rabbit. He was always horny after his workouts but today he felt exceptionally ready to ride the first cutie he could get his hands on. Then, as if fated, a tiger with respectable muscle for his considerably smaller size entered the locker room and took immediate notice of Axel. The giant of a man needed not even a full second to see this was what he’d craved and he set out to work his magic.

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