Becoming a family of their own

by TreborNawoc

 It’s date night for Alex and Dylan, and Alex has plans to make the evening truly special.

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Alex was in his room getting ready for his weekly date night with his boyfriend Dylan. Even though he now lived with Dylan and his family in their mansion on the edge of town, the boys kept up the tradition of going out on a date every Thursday night. It was something they both loved—and something they had been doing together for nearly five years. Tonight was different, though.

Alex was standing in front of his mirror, completely naked. He took in his hot body that he was proud of—even though he hadn’t actually done any work to maintain his physique. God, I love my metabolism, he thought, then drifted back to all those years growing up having the best abs in his school, while spending all his time playing video games, or watching all the other guys running themselves into the ground trying to get a body to compete. Then he met Dylan...

His stomachs started to tie themselves in knots just thinking about tonight. He ran through everything in his head. He had made all the preparations, had spoken to Fergusson about setting up the perfect location, had saved up his money and bought the perfect ring, had practised the words over and over, again and again. Tonight would be the night...

He picked out his favourite shirt, a nice silk number that actually looked like a crop-top on his elongated frame, and put on his favourite jeans, which highlighted his bulge perfectly. Throw in a nice watch, a neck-chain, nice shoes and Dylan’s favourite aftershave, and he was set.

Dylan, meanwhile, was sitting in his boxers watching TV when the news came on and reminded him what day it was. “Shit,” he said out loud to his empty room. Without moving his legs, he extended his body to his bathroom to quickly wash, brush his teeth and style his hair. Snaking back into the bedroom he quickly picked out a nice crop-top, pair of jeans, shoes and... Fuck where is it? he panicked, trying to locate the cologne Alex got him for his birthday. There it is, phew. Throwing himself into his clothes, and carefully spritzing himself with the cologne, he rushed downstairs to find Alex standing waiting for him. He caught his breath at the sight.

“Wow, Alex. You look... you look... well, you look great!” Dylan said, kicking himself at his clumsy choice of words.

“You look not to bad yourself, stud,” Alex replied. “Shall we?” he gestured to the door.

Alex led Dylan to the car that was to take them down to the beach. As he was sitting in the car with his serpentine boyfriend, he smelled something familiar.

“Hey, is that the cologne I got you for your birthday?” he asked Dylan.

“Yeah. Do you like it?” Dylan replied.

“I love it, man. God, it smells so great on you. It’s like your own natural scent is enhancing it,” Alex said, taking in more of the scent.

The car arrived at the beach and Alex, ever the gentleman, stepped out to open the door for Dylan.

“My, we are being gallant tonight,” Dylan remarked, laughing a little. The boys headed down to the beach where Fergusson had arranged for a barbecue and fire pit to be set up, with a cooler full of beer and, unknown to Dylan, some champagne inside next to it. Alex led Dylan to a long lounger, then tried to get the fire pit and barbecue going—but just couldn’t seem to get either started. Well, this is a great start. Can’t even get the fire going... he thought.

“Allow me,” Dylan says. He took in a deep breath and breathed fire on to the fire pit, causing the wood to catch fire instantly and start to crackle away. He then extended his body over to the barbecue and breathed fire on it as well to get the charcoal heated up enough to start burning.

“I keep forgetting you can do that,” Alex laughed.

“Well, I don’t tend to do it that often...” Dylan said, trailing off.

Alex threw some meat on to the barbecue and started to cook away. As he did so the boys chatted about how their week had been.

“Well, you know I’ve started to take on more responsibility with MultiTours,” Dylan remarked.

“Yeah. Not like you to suddenly become a grown-up,” Alex teased.

“Hey, I’m just as grown up as anyone in the house—okay, maybe not as grown up as Sam, but I’m still responsible,” Dylan protested. “Anyway, with mum and dad getting on I had a chat with Sam about us taking on more of the workload to let them try to get some sort of enjoyment from their old age and so it looks like I’m going to start looking after our Mediterranean operation.”

“Quite the step up from being the rich, playboy socialite,” Alex snarked, continuing to wind Dylan up.

“I know. Am I making a mistake?” Dylan mocked. “Nah, I had to do this anyway—as well as helping mum and dad it’s actually going to give me something to do.”

Alex bunned a burger and brought it over with a beer for Dylan, and the boys continued their chat, moving on to the less serious topics like the Olympics (“My God, did you see the abs on those guys in the pool?” “Yeah, but how do they cope only having an 8 pack?”), TV (“It’s his deadpan delivery. I just love Captain Holt”) to the local gossip (“Did you hear, there’s some sort of weird, mutated bees flying around, stinging people and causing them to become multis?”—Dylan just smiled at that one!).

“Hey, isn’t your little bro Aaron coming to stay this weekend?” Dylan asked.

“Yeah, can’t wait to see him. It’s been about 9 months since I last laid eyes on him. That’s the rubbish part about him getting accepted to that placement in America, although I do hear that they’ve been loving having him over there,” Alex said.

“I’m not surprised. They’ve probably never seen a stud like him before,” Dylan laughed.

“Well, he worked hard for it. He didn’t seem to get the metabolism we have, so he spent hours in the gym each day as well as hours studying,” Alex said.

“It must have been weird for him. I mean, Grant has his extra arms, but apart from that we’re all the same,” Dylan said.

“Yeah, right. So says mister ‘I’ve got a hundred abs, can breathe fire, have a super long tongue and can swallow huge things whole’.”

“Okay, maybe in amount of abs, and the fact I can breathe fire, but believe me that both Sam and Grant have just as long a tongue,” Dylan retorted. “And while you’ve seen Grant swallow huge things, Sam can do it too, he just doesn’t for some reason.”

“Really? But yeah, it wasn’t easy for Aaron at first. I could hide my abs in a long t-shirt for most of my childhood, but how do you hide three legs? We were the only multis in our village. Sure, we’ve got two multi cousins, but they live about 15 miles away—and Simon and Andrew are both like me, mostly...”

The two boys kept gabbling away, Alex getting up every so often to prepare more food and get more beer. Eventually the fire pit started to smoulder, and the sun started to set. Now’s the time and now’s the hour, Alex thought. Here goes.

“God, I love watching the sunset with you Alex,” Dylan said. Alex filled two glasses of champagne, checked his pocket one final time, and handed Dylan a glass. “Oh, champagne. Wait, what’s up?” Dylan asked, suspicious. Alex took a deep breath, reached into his pocket, and went down on to one knee. Dylan’s eyes lit up.

“Dylan Robert Scott, I have known you and loved you for the past five years. In that time, I have shared your journey as you have shared mine. I now ask you if you would continue sharing that journey together for the rest of our lives. Dylan, will you marry me?” Alex’s voice started to quaver, and he looked into Dylan’s beautiful sparkling eyes.

Time seemed to slow, and panic gripped Alex as he thought that Dylan would say no, that Dylan suddenly didn’t love him, that his life would be over. Looking up again, he realised that Dylan was talking, and he hadn’t been listening to a word...

“Are you listening to me? Alex? Alex?” Dylan repeated.

“Sorry,” Alex mumbled, then asked, embarrassed, “Did you answer?”

“Alexander Cole, of course I answered. Were you not paying attention?” Dylan said, bursting out laughing. “I said yes!”

Dylan awoke with a smile on his face. Was it the dream he had? A little bit—it was an amazing dream. However, the reason for his smile was lying next to him, snoring, drooling out the side of his mouth like a St Bernard... his fiancé Alex. Yes, his fiancé! It was one of the easiest decisions he had ever made. When Alex asked him to marry him, he said ‘YES’ without any hesitation. At the moment it was their special secret—but today they were going to tell their family and friends...

Walking his legs to the bathroom as he did every morning, but continuing to hug Alex, Dylan started his morning ablutions. Slowly rolling Alex, so that he didn’t wake him, he then went and got washed in his custom-built shower. As he cleaned himself, he thought back over last night and then thought about the man he’d be spending the rest of his life with, and that made him smile even more. Shower done, he dried himself and put on his clothes for the day. Alex, meanwhile, was still snoring away.

Dylan decided to leave Alex sleeping, heading into his anteroom for his breakfast. Walking his long body through the relatively small (for Dylan) door, he found that Fergusson the Butler had already prepared a breakfast for him. Ten huge, strapping, naked muscle men were lined up waiting on him, along with four gallons of orange juice. Dylan smiled and got to work, swallowing the men effortless and draining the orange juice before wiping his mouth with a napkin. Breakfast done, he headed back to the bedroom to see if Alex iwass up yet...

Alex, in the meantime, had finally awoken and headed back to his room to get ready for the day. Dylan caught the back end of Alex leaving his room and decided to head downstairs to wait on Alex coming down. Bumping into Grant and Luke coming out of their room, Grant ready for uni and Luke heading out to work, Dylan asked if they can round the family up and meet in the lounge in 10 minutes. Suspicious, but agreeing to help, Grant and Luke split up to gather everyone up...

With Mum and Dad, Sam, Grant and Luke all assembled, Dylan and Alex calmly broke their wonderful news. Mum started bubbling straightaway while Dad managed to maintain his composure, albeit with a little tear falling from his right eye. Grant and Luke were bubbling with joy while Sam, ever the big brother stood up and hugged Dylan then hugged Alex.

“Well, now you really are part of the family,” Sam said, bringing Alex back in for a hug. Alex just smiled. Dad then came up and shook his hand very warmly, then shook Dylan’s hand. Without saying a word, he then left the room, mumbling about finding something. Grant and Luke hugged Alex and Dylan, then made their apologies and headed out to uni and work. Mum, still crying, just hugged Alex and didn’t seem to want to let go until Sam pried her off and allowed Dylan and Alex to make their escape so that they could go and tell Alex’s family.

Arriving in Alex’s hometown, a 20-minute drive from Avonkirk, the boys stepped out of the stretch humvee to quite a few stares until the people in the street realised it was Alex, although the height of Dylan did draw gasps. The townspeople were used to Alex’s height but seeing someone more than twice his height was something that they weren’t prepared for. Rather than hanging around, the two boys quickly headed into Alex’s house.

It was a normal sized house, so Alex had to duck his head slightly, while Dylan had to coil his body down to fit in.

“Mum? Are you home?” Alex called out. Instead of an answer, the sound of scrambling feet came towards them. However, the rhythm of the feet sounded odd...

At the other end of the hall, a young stud appeared. With golden tanned skin, a gorgeous face and ripped body with three legs appearing out of long shorts, here was the unmistakable form of Alex’s younger brother Aaron.

“Aaron!” Alex shouted, and ran towards his little bro for a hug, lifting him off the ground. “You look great! I see America has been good to you?”

“Yeah. It’s been unreal. The guys are so friendly, although it took them a bit of time to get used to me. I even found some time to study!”

“You must have missed Max though?”

“Oh, you’ve no idea. We chatted on the phone every night, and tried to do zoom, but I can’t wait to see him now that I’m home”

Hearing the voices in the hall, Alex’s mum came through.

“Oh boys,” she said to Alex and Dylan. “What brings you through?”

“Well mum, let’s go through to the living room...” Alex trailed off.

The four of them headed through to the living room, with Aaron gawking at the length of Dylan’s body. Mum and Aaron sat down on the seats, Alex sat on the couch and Dylan sat on the floor opposite Alex, but his body was wrapped around the room so that his arm was around Alex’s shoulders.

“Mum, Aaron, we have something to tell you,” Alex said. “Well, we’re... well, we’re... em... we...”

“We’re getting married!” Dylan jumped in to save Alex.

Alex’s mum’s eyes went wide, and she jumped out of her chair and leapt across the room to give both boys a hug. Aaron wasn’t far behind. Alex recounted the whole event to his mum and brother. Mum blew her nose on her hanky.

“So, we’re all having a get-together tonight up at mine—you’re both invited, of course,” said Dylan as they started to make their way back out to the waiting car. Mum and Aaron said they wouldn’t miss it for anything.

While the boys were back on the road to Avonkirk, the news was spreading around town like wildfire...

The evening came and the boys’ family and friends were all gathered out in the garden at the Scott Mansion. Mrs Scott had managed to put on a spread, although Mr Scott was still no-where to be seen. The boys had made sure to invite all their close family, friends and their partners. Aaron and his boyfriend Max, Ryan, Brandon and Ezra, Findlay and Brad, Arlo, Dr MacNeill, Rev Greenshaw and many more were there. Alex’s cousins Andrew and Simon were even over with their mum. They couldn’t believe the myriad of multis present, being the only multis in their little town at the edge of the district.

As they mingled and chatted, congratulations being passed to Alex and Dylan, and suggestions for the wedding were flowing:

“Have you thought of a venue yet?” Brandon asked.

“Yeah. We’re thinking down on the beach where Alex proposed,” Dylan said. “It’s nice and peaceful down there, and it’s also where we had our first date five years ago.”

“My little bro has a band that could play. They’re really good,” Ryan suggested.

“Shaun at the Tasty Double D does fantastic catering,” came another suggestion from Ezra.

“Well, we’ve already asked Reverend Greenshaw to conduct the wedding and he’s delighted,” Mrs Scott said.

Suddenly there was a commotion as two other guests arrived. Everyone instantly recognised Ky, but the guy who was with him certainly wasn’t Tre—or was it?

“Tre?” Sam said. “What the hell happened to you?”

“Oh, it’s a long story,” Tre said. “But first...” Tre gave Dylan a six-armed hug, as Dylan looked confused at Tre being only a few inches shorter than him. Leaving Dylan to his confusion, Tre bent down to give Alex a huge of congratulations.

“Okay, Tre, spill,” Dylan said. Tre explained the accident at the pub and the aftermath. Everyone listened intently, confused that the original multi could have been further transformed but looking the proof right in the face.

At this point, Mr Scott finally appeared holding a bottle of Whisky. Calling for silence, Mr Scott makes an announcement:

“Ahem. Ladies and Gentlemen. You all know me. You also all know that I’m a man of very few words. However, today, my son and his wonderful partner announced their engagement to us all. There is nothing prouder for me, as a father, to see my son finally settle down and decide to spend the rest of his life with the person he loves. To that end, I would ask you all to join with me in a dram from this bottle, which I bought the day after your first date with Alex. I sensed then that this wasn’t just a simple teenage casual relationship, but something that would last, and I’m glad my instinct proved right.” He started pouring glasses and passing them around.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, to Alex and Dylan:

”May the best you’ve ever seen
Be the worst you’ll ever see;
May a moose ne’er leave yer girnal
Wi’ a teardrop in his e’e.
“May ye aye keep hale and hearty
Till ye’re auld enough tae dee,
May ye aye be just as happy
As I wish ye aye tae be.”

He lifted his glass. “Sláinte!”

“Sláinte!” everyone replied.

Eventually, as the party started to quieten down as the older members made their farewells to the young couple, the boys made their move.

Alex pulled Aaron aside and quietly asked him if he would be his Best Man. Aaron was over the moon and accepted without hesitation. Dylan knew that there was only one person who could ever fill that role in his life and pulled him aside.

“I was wondering... [breath]... would you... would you consent to being my Best Man? I can’t think of anyone else I’d rather have at my side than you,” Dylan nervously asked. Seeing Dylan in such a nervous state, an unusual state for the normally confident, outgoing young man, slightly shocked the other man.

“Of course. I’d be honoured. I’m your big brother, and I’ll be there for you always,” said Sam.

Beaming from ear to ear, Dylan gave Sam a hug. Things were actually starting to fall into place. He was actually going to marry Alex!

“C’mon Alex,” a frustrated Dylan said to his boyfriend over the phone. “It’s been six weeks! My balls are nearly bursting here...”

“Now, now. A promise is a promise. We said we wouldn’t have sex or blow our loads until the Wedding Night. Surely you can wait just one more day?” Alex said, the smile in his voice coming clearly through the phone.

“That’s easy for you to say, you’ve only got two balls to worry about!” Dylan pleaded. “First you tell me I’m not allowed to eat anyone until after our honeymoon, and then this. You’ve really turned into a little bossy-boots since I said yes!”

“Well, I clearly just know what’s good for you,” Alex laughed. “Are you all set for tonight?”

“Yeah. Just a few guys coming ‘round for a pool party. Sam is trying to organise everything with military precision, as usual.” Imitating Sam, he went on, “Fun will be between 21:35 and 22:03 only, followed by food to be consumed by precisely 22:14.” Both boys laughed.

“What about you? All set?” Dylan asked.

“Nearly. Simon and Andrew should be here by tea-time and then it’s just a few of us for a Barbecue in the garden. Wonder what Simon and Andrew’s other halves will think of it?”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, they’re both norms. Might be weird for them sitting in the company of other multis. Especially when Simon and Andrew are the only multis in their town.”

“Oh shit. Their minds will be blown when they see Aaron and Max!” Dylan laughed. “How long before they two end up naked, do you reckon?”

“Oh, I give it 15 minutes, maybe half an hour, tops! Anyway, time to get up! It’s nearly lunchtime and we’re both still in bed. Can’t wait to see you tomorrow. I love you.”

“I love you too,” Dylan said.

With all the preparations completed in the space of six weeks (thanks to Sam, the master organiser) the boys had reached the eve of their wedding. Everything was in place, from Jacob’s Band playing during the Reception, to the Rev Greenshaw agreeing to conduct the ceremony. The food was arranged, in very large quantities, the venue was prepared, even the tailoring had been done (MacMáire’s Menswear to the rescue). Now it was just the stag parties and the last sleep before becoming a married couple.

Ding dong

The doorbell at Alex’s mum’s house rang. Mrs Cole opened the door to be met with two very tall, attractive young men, accompanied by two normal sized, but still attractive young men.

“Oh, it’s Simon and Andrew. My how the two of you have grown. Come away in, it’s starting to get chilly outside.” She beckoned all four of the men in and led them out to the back garden where a fire pit was already in full flame. The two norms paused at the sight. They had been used to Simon and Andrew but seeing the other multis in the flesh was like stepping onto a different planet.

Mindful of his manners and seeing the two norms just standing with their mouths gaping, Max bounded over on his powerful legs and held out a right hand for each of them.

“Hi,” he said from his bottom mouth. “I’m Max. Nice to meet you,” he said from the top mouth.

Alex came over and gave his cousins a hug. He hadn’t seen them in a few years, even though they didn’t live that far away. Somehow life just didn’t seem to give any of them the time, until now.

“Si, looking good. Holy shit Andrew. Look at the height of you!” Alex said.

Andrew, now the tallest person present, dwarfing Alex by 8 inches, looked down and smiles.

“Hey cuz. Congratulations,” Andrew said, before pulling Alex into a hug. “I can’t believe you’re getting married tomorrow! I can’t wait to meet everyone. Is Dylan really as tall as everyone keeps telling me?”

“Oh, he’s probably taller than that. He’s 10 feet taller than I am. Makes me look like I’m a kid compared to him,” Alex laughed.

Aaron, meanwhile, was chatting to Simon about his restaurant, giving him some ideas from his time in the United States.

“Wow. I’d never have thought of mixing those two together on the same plate. Thanks Aaron. Did you enjoy your time over there?” Simon asked.

“Yeah. Although it took them a long time to get used to me,” Aaron laughed. “They just weren’t ready for a stud like me. And they kept telling me I talked too fast!”

As the boys started to settle, Alex went into the kitchen and brought out some beers for everyone. Max, meanwhile, got the barbecue started in his own way—by breathing fire onto the charcoal until it started to burn, giving the two norms a fright.

It wasn’t long before Aaron started taking his clothes off, followed by Max—who didn’t need much encouragement in that area. In a few moments everyone was sitting around the firepit, completely naked.

“Holy shit Alex,” Aaron blurted out, “look at the size of your cock! It’s nearly touching the ground. And your balls are massive!”

“Yeah. Dylan and I decided we wouldn’t cum until our wedding night, so that’s about 6 weeks’ worth in there!” Alex said, with a bit of pride in his voice.

“Better you than me,” said Max, starting to slowly jerk off his own massive cocks at the sight, “I couldn’t go a day without blowing my loads. These bad boys are already like fire hoses when I go off.”

“Wait, I recognise you from somewhere. You look like that boytaur porn star with the 5 cocks,” Simon said.

“Ha. That’s my big bro Danny. He might be the porn star, but I’m bigger than him,” Max said, twirling his cocks as though to prove the point.

The mood lightened a little, the boys all laughed and continued to drink and eat. Alex wondered what Dylan was up to at his stag party...

With bodies as long as theirs, an Olympic sized swimming pool was too small. So, the Scotts had a triple-sized pool installed, length and width, so that they didn’t keep bumping in to each other. Even so, the deep end was still shallow enough that Sam could rest his arms on the side of the pool with his feet firmly on the floor. It was here that Sam had planned a little party for Dylan and some of the guys...

With Sam, Dylan and Grant all living at the house, they were naturally the first in the pool. Luke joined them after finishing work, wearing skin tight swimming shorts that left little to the imagination. As he and Grant met, they kissed in their own ‘unique’ way—extending their long tongues out to meet, about 8 feet away from each other, slowly wrapping them around as they got closer until their lips touched. Grant’s four arms wrapped around Luke’s arms, and they embraced as though they hadn’t seen each other in years (in fact, it was only since lunch time!).

Next to arrive were Brandon and Ezra. Dylan was pleased that Ezra had settled down with his school friend. With nothing left in his life, Ezra had volunteered to become one of Dylan’s ‘meals’—instead, he ended up being transformed into a multi by Dylan’s unique anatomy. Now he had a new life, new job, new boyfriend and new family and Dylan couldn’t be happier at seeing him smile.

Finally, Tre and Ky arrived, looking very much like the odd couple. Ky, a multi who very easily passed as a norm, was absolutely dwarfed by the towering figure that was Tre. Tre had, until that summer, been a relatively normal sized multi but after an accident with Sebastian he had gone through a crazy transformation, resulting in extra legs, extra arms and a long body that almost reached the height of Dylan. In one night, Tre had gone from being slightly above average height, to the second tallest person in history. Dylan smiled as he remained grateful at keeping his title as number 1.

With everyone assembled, Sam started to go through the itinerary for the evening, eliciting ‘boos’ from Grant and Luke, resulting in laughter from the older multis. Eventually, Grant and Luke grabbed Sam and dragged him, with his clipboard, into the pool. The boys all started playing water games, although Ky, Brandon and Ezra were at a disadvantage as the other multis were able to stand securely on the bottom of the pool without any difficulty.

After an hour or so, with Grant, Luke, Brandon and Ezra now wrestling in the pool, Sam and Ky went off to chat about ‘grown-up’ stuff.

“Seriously—I’m engaged to an old man,” Tre laughed, as he and Dylan manoeuvred their long bodies out of the pool.

“I need a bit of fresh air after all that,” Dylan said.

“Me too. I’ll join you.”

The two boys stepped outside, their long bodies leaning against the glass walls and roof over the swimming pool. With their legs crossed on the ground, and their torsos on the roof, the two tallest men in history looked quite a sight.

As they looked up at the starry sky, Dylan let out a sigh.

“You know, I always thought it would be Sam who got married first. He always seemed the one with the plan, but he’s never really managed to find someone...” Dylan drifted off.

“I know what you mean. He’s been my best friend since we first met at university, but even though we did have a ‘thing’ before I met Ky, I always felt of him as more than just a boyfriend, if that makes sense,” Tre mused. “Even now, I love him just as much as I love Ky, but more like a brother than anything else...”

“Hey, you are like a brother. To me and Grant too. Ever since Sam brought you home that night it’s like you’ve been part of the family,” Dylan said.

“Thanks. That really means a lot to me. You know, that night where I first met you all probably isn’t how most introductions happen!”

“Well, that’s the understatement of the century. I lived in fear for weeks, months even, that I was going to be taken away and put in some weird research lab. But that woman never appeared in any missing person’s report, and no-one ever came looking for her. Strange...”

“Hmmm... At least no harm ever came of it. Well, except the woman who attacked you. It doesn’t seem to have affected your appetite in recent years. Although I did always wonder how you started eating people—again...”

“Oh don’t. You’re making me feel hungry. Alex made me promise not to eat anyone until after we got back from our honeymoon. I’m telling you, there’s nothing like it. Don’t get me wrong, I have never, ever eaten anyone who hasn’t given their consent and I would stop it today if I ever found out that I had eaten someone who didn’t want to be eaten. Hand up to God.” He lifted his right hand.

“So what made you start it again?”

“I was on holiday in Germany and ended up having to go to the dentist to have a tooth removed. Funnily it grew back, even though it was an adult tooth...

“Anyway, I was in the chair and did my usual when the dentist said ‘open wide’, and the nurse just went wide eyed and couldn’t stop staring at my mouth. Afterwards, he came up to me and gave me his phone number and asked to meet up with me. When we met up, he asked me outright to swallow him whole. At first, I said no, but he kept asking and begging, so I eventually agreed on the condition that at any point he wanted me to stop that he would let me know.

“Now, the woman I swallowed tasted horrible, but eating this guy was like tasting the best thing ever. We were both in ecstasy, and he didn’t want it to stop. Well, it reached its natural conclusion and as I gulped the last of him down my throat and closed my mouth I looked down and noticed that he hadn’t made any mark on my body.

“Then his family got involved. Turned out they didn’t like him in life but saw an opportunity in his being eaten. The company lawyers managed to sort it all out before it made it into the courts and the press, but it seemed to leak out somehow, and I started getting messages from guys all over the world who wanted to be eaten. I asked the lawyers to create the waiver form and make it so water-tight that there couldn’t be any backlash. Now there are thousands of guys who are all just waiting to be eaten, living a great life while they wait for their turn. I know it makes me a bit of a monster when you look at it, but it really is what these guys want. As I said, I don’t think I’d be able to live with myself if I swallowed someone who didn’t want to be eaten...”

Tre listened intently. He realised that Dylan was telling him something that very few people knew.

“You should try it,” Dylan said. On seeing Tre’s look, he continued, “I’m being serious. I reckon you would probably be able to manage to swallow someone. You’ve got some of my DNA in you now! Just... don’t knock it until you try it. That’s all I’m saying...”

As they continued chatting, Fergusson, the butler, came and got their attention.

“Ahem. Master Dylan. There appears to be some sort of ‘delegation’ for you at the door. Shall I show them in to the main ballroom?”

“A delegation? For me?” Dylan asked, confused.

“Yes sir. I believe they called themselves ‘The Cult of Dylan’,” Fergusson said, with an eyeroll, just for effect.

“C’mon Tre. Let’s go and see what they want.”

As their god appeared before them in the main ballroom, the 300 muscular men of the Cult fell to their knees and prostrated themselves.

“Well, that’s different,” Tre snorted.

One of the men near the front rose and announced, “Lord Dylan. We are an offering from across the globe, given to you on the eve of your wedding. We are ready to become one with our Lord.”

“An offering?” Tre whispered to Dylan. “What kind of offering? They don’t have anything with them.”

“They are the offering,” Dylan whispered back. “Remember when I went on that trip to America earlier this year?” Tre nodded. “I was introduced to these guys. They all worship me and want to be eaten by me to ‘transcend’. I think it’s kind-of cool having my own cult.”

“Don’t let Rev. Greenshaw hear you say that,” Tre whispered back. “So, what are you going to do? You can’t eat them all, and you promised Alex you wouldn’t eat anyone until after the honeymoon.”

“Oh shit. You’re right. But I can’t refuse the gift. They’ll be insulted and I don’t know what they’ll do if their ‘god’ denies them.”

“Well, you better do something...”

“Right. Em... right. Okay. Pinkie promise not to tell Alex that I ate people?”

“Oh, all right.” Tre held out one of his pinkies and locked it with one of Dylan’s. “Pinkie promise.”

“Great. Now you’re going to have to give me a hand here. I’ve managed 120 in one go, but never 300...”

“Wait, what?”

But before Tre could respond Dylan was already making an announcement to the assembled cult members. “Behold, my trusted aide Tre will assist in receiving this great offering,” Dylan proclaimed.

The cult members all chanted, “We honour our Lord’s aide Tre as a conduit to our Lord.”

“Who will be the first to offer themselves?”

The man who stood earlier rose and offered himself. Dylan started bending his body forward towards him, at the same time beckoning Tre to follow.

“Okay, lift him gently,” Dylan told Tre, who seemed completely mesmerised by the whole affair and followed his instructions as though he were hypnotised. “Now open one of your mouths.” Audible gasps were heard as the assembled members noticed Tre had two mouths.

Tre opened his upper mouth wide, wider than he’d ever opened it before. Slowly he placed the man head-first into his mouth, his two tongues tasting his face and neck. Tre’s eyes opened wide—he now understood what Dylan had meant. This man was exciting his taste buds in ways that he had never felt before. He started to swallow, his mouth opening wider to take in the man’s shoulders without any difficulty. As more of the man entered his mouth, and started down his throat, Tre’s eyes started to close in pure ecstasy. In seconds he had reached the man’s waist, and his erection. While nothing compared to a multi’s erection (or erections) it was certainly large for a norm. Wrapping a tongue around it, to give the man one final pleasure before he ‘transcended’, Tre continued swallowing until the man’s feet slide into his throat, and his mouth closed back to normal with a click.

“Fuuuuck me. That was... that was... I can’t even find the words to describe how that felt,” Tre said, feeling amazing. Dylan, who was currently swallowing his tenth man, just motioned with his hands as if to say ‘help yourself’.

Although he started slow, Tre soon got the hang of things, starting to swallow two men at the same time. As the room started emptying, he picked up the pace even more, shooting out all four tongues and opening his mouths wide enough that he could swallow four men at once.

After 45 minutes, and with the room empty except the two ‘gods’, Dylan turned to Tre with a smile.

“You are a quick study. I kept count as we were eating. I managed 162, which means you’ve just swallowed 138.”

“Holy Shit!” Tre shouted. Then sheepishly he said, “New pinkie promise. You can’t tell Ky about this.” They both pinkie promised and made their way back out to the pool, both the exact same size they were when they entered.

Back at the pool Dylan and Tre were greeted by everyone asking where they went. Making excuses, they all sat down and had some food and some beers.

“Man, Dylan. I can’t believe you’re getting married tomorrow,” Luke said.

“You’re getting old. You’ll be in cardigans and cords in no time now,” Grant teased.

“Still won’t be as old as Jack and Victor over there,” Brandon joked. [Author’s note: Jack and Victor are grumpy old men on a Scottish comedy show called Still Game.]

“Hey, we are not Jack and Victor,” complained Ky. “We’re just clearly more mature and sophisticated than our peers...”

“More like Statler and Waldorf then,” laughed Ezra.

After a few more laughs at Ky and Sam’s expense, the boys just looked up at the stars in silence.

As they watched the universe go by, Sam quietly said, “Well, tomorrow the family gets bigger. Does Alex really know what he’s letting himself in for?...”

Sam knocked on Dylan’s door.

“Dylan? Time to get up,” he said, softly.

Opening the door, he saw that Dylan’s bed was empty, but spotted the long trail of abs leading from the toilet out to the balcony. Stepping out into the early morning sun, he spotted his younger brother leaning on the rail around the balcony with a mug of tea in his hands.

“Hey, Sam,” Dylan said.

“Hey. Came to wake you up. Not like you to be up so early.”

“I couldn’t sleep. So many things racing around in my head. I mean, I’ve never really doubted myself much before, but I’m really starting to now.”

“Well, everyone gets jittery on their wedding day. It’s almost part of the ritual.”

“I know, I know. But, thinking of all the stupid things I’ve done before, yet Alex has stood by me at every turn. Not once have I ever doubted that he was my true love, and yet there are times where I just took him completely for granted. Does he really deserve to be married to an absolute nutcase like me? Do I deserve to be married to such a warm hearted, kind, goof like Alex?”

“Of course you do. Since the moment you first brought Alex home, I thought, ‘He’s the one.’ Not just me. Mum and Dad thought it too, and you know how picky Mum can be when it comes to judging someone’s character.”

“That means a lot, bro. It really does.”

Dylan shivers in the cold autumn air.

“C’mon, let’s get you inside. You’ll catch cold out here, and that’s not what we want on your big day.”

Sam led his brother back inside and closed the balcony doors. Dylan snaked himself over to his mini kitchen and poured himself some more tea. He wondered how Alex was getting on....

Over at Alex’s house, chaos was reigning.

“Mum where’s my socks?” Alex shouted, panicking. “And have you seen my waistcoat?”

“Socks are in the dryer. I wanted to make them toasty for you putting them on this morning. I’ve got your waistcoat as it needed ironed,” came the reply from the living room.

Despite this, Alex’s nerves still didn’t calm. Sure, he now had the socks and waistcoat, but where were his brogues and his tie? Turning his room upside down, he kept searching and searching until he ended up just sitting in the middle of the floor with everything around him.

“Hey bro, you really need to chill...”

Aaron stood at the door, naked, with Max behind him. Max, who was also naked, had his upper arms over Aaron’s shoulders, and his lower arms around his waist. Clearly, the two of them had a more enjoyable morning than Alex was having.

In the midst of this, Andrew appeared at the doorway, his head bent down due to the low ceilings in the house. Just as he was about to say something he looked down and spotted that Max and Aaron were still clearly in the middle of their fun, both of Max’s cocks sitting comfortably in both of Aaron’s asses.

“Em, oh, em, Alex? I took your brogues and gave them a polish. Just thought I could do something to help. Simon’s in the kitchen cooking breakfast.”

Looking down again, seeing Max’s cocks move on their own, Andrew decided now was the time to just leave them be and headed to the living room to help his aunt.

“C’mon bro. Let’s get you some breakfast before you have another meltdown!” Aaron said, grabbing his brother’s hand and pulling him, and Max, to the kitchen.

“I’m sure Dylan will be having the same amount of stress,” Max commented.

Back at Dylan’s house things were going like clockwork—all thanks to Sam’s organization skills. Dylan was dressed in his Tartan Trews with Dark Blue Jacket and Waistcoat, and Mrs. Scott was crying for the fourth time today.

“Oh, my baby is just so grown up.”

“Will you calm yourself, Mother, it’s not like you’ve never seen me dressed up before,” Dylan joked.

Sam, Grant, and Luke appeared in the same outfits, as befitting their status as Best Man and Groomsmen. Mr. Scott was dressed in his kilt, whilst Mrs. Scott (in between bouts of tears) was wearing a nice dress with a Scott tartan scarf.

“Okay guys,” Sam said, “let’s get going. Luke, can you check on Shaun, just to make sure that he gets access to the kitchen? Grant, can you give Fergusson a hand with all the seats? Dad, can you check that the ballroom is ready for after the service?”

“What about me?” Dylan asked.

“Hey, this is your big day. You’re not meant to do anything except turn up, say yes, and have fun. But if you do want something to do while we get ready, you could try to keep mum from crying too much before the service even starts.”

“So, you give me the hardest task of all?” Dylan laughs as Sam makes a swift exit.

Arriving at the front entrance of the Scott Mansion, Rev. and Mrs. Greenshaw were greeted by the towering mass that was Sam.

“Good morning, Reverend. Good morning Mrs. Greenshaw,” Sam welcomed them.

“Ah good morning to you, young Sam,” the Rev replied.

“Are you ready for something special this fine day?” Mrs. Greenshaw added.

“I sure am. If you both follow me, I’ll get you a nice cup of tea while we get the finishing touches done.”

“Lead on, young sir,” the Reverend said, cheerfully.

He chuckled away to himself. Forty-three years he had been parish minister in Avonkirk. It was his first parish since finishing his probation, and he would happily retire here when he is no longer able to serve the community. He had seen some amazing things in his time: the rise of the internet, the chaos of a world pandemic, the world almost erupting into global war more times than he’d care to think about, and the coming together of nations to prevent the onset of global catastrophe. And yet, the most intriguing thing was the birth, in his parish, of so many unique young men—young men who had extra arms, extra legs, extra mouths and more. Although the young men had ventured into other parts of the world, the majority remained in the town, meaning that most people outside the district had never heard of a ‘multi’, let alone seen one. God works in mysterious ways, the Rev thought as he followed Sam into the mansion.

“There we go. That looks perfect,” Grant said, looking over his handiwork.

“Well Master Scott, it does appear that the old adage of ‘many hands make light work’ has been proved true,” Fergusson joked. “Now I do believe that some of the guests will be arriving momentarily, so it might be good for you to be in place to greet them.”

“Good plan,” Grant said to the older man, and started walking to the front entrance of the mansion. How did we ever cope before Fergusson? he thought to himself. He’s always in the right place, in the right time, with the right idea...

As he arrived at the front door, Luke also appeared.

“That’s Shaun all set up in the kitchen. Did you get the chairs done?” Luke asked Grant.

“Yip. All looking perfect. Now just to get all the guests into place.”

As the guests started to arrive, the two boys directed them through the house where attendants collected their coats, and out into the gardens overlooking the beach. The guests were an interesting bunch of norms and multis, all friends and family, who had grown up with either or both of the happy couple. A familiar van pulls up as Grant heads over to greet them.

“Mr. and Mrs. Bridger. How nice of you to come along. If you go round to the back of the house that’ll give you a better access to the Ballroom. If you just park behind the band’s van, there should be plenty of room. Dad is in the Ballroom and I’m sure he’ll be over the moon to see you both.”

“Good God!” Mr. Scott exclaimed, seeing a familiar face and extending a welcoming hand. “You haven’t half grown since the last time I saw you.”

“Hi, Mr. Scott,” Jacob said, extending his lowest right hand to meet Mr. Scott’s. “Yeah, I think I went through a bit of a growth spurt.”

“A growth spurt? More like an eruption! You need to stop overdoing it in the gym or else you’ll struggle to get through the door!” Mr. Scott laughed as he led Jacob and the other band members through to the Ballroom.

“Well, funny thing is I don’t go to the gym at all. I just seem to be naturally big...”

“Well, now that’s a problem I think quite a few of us would like to have.” Mr. Scott chuckled. “Now there’s the stage. Do you think you’ll have enough room?”

“Plenty of room, Mr. Scott,” Vlad said from his upper mouth. “There’s only the four of us, although I think that there are a few surprises incoming tonight too.”

“Excellent lads. Well, I’ll just leave you to it. If there are any problems or issues, just come and find me and I’ll see what I can do.”

“No problem, Mr. Scott,” Jacob said. The four band members headed back out to their van to collect their gear.

Sam appeared in the Ballroom, and his father waved him over. Despite contracting his spine as he walked over, he still towered over his dad.

“Everything okay?” Mr. Scott asked his son.

“Yeah, well, except the cake. We’re still waiting on that,” Sam replied.

“Well, I wouldn’t worry. I’m going down the cellar to get some good wine for the reception. Sure, you can handle it without me?” Mr. Scott joked.

“Oh, I’m sure, dad. I’ve already done just about everything else for today...” Sam drifts off as Mr. Scott wandered down to the cellars.

“Sounds like you’ve been busy.”

Sam perked up at that familiar voice and quickly turned to see its source.

Dewey was dressed in a full tartan and kilt; a blue and green pattern Sam wasn’t familiar with but looked rather fetching on the man all the same. His hair, rather than being contained in a simple ponytail as usual, was flowing freely with a few small braids throughout the mass. He was even wearing the traditional kilt hose and flashes, and he even had a sporran.

The two took each other in for a moment, before Dewey finally broke the silence.

“Um, Sam, you there?”

“Oh, uh, yeah. I’m fine. Sorry, I just…I wasn’t expecting to see you like…well, all fancied up like that.”

Dewey’s cheeks reddened slightly. “Yeah. Dad said I should try to look my best for the big day, and Gran and Pops insisted I wear a traditional tartan and kilt for the occasion. I hope I’m not too overdressed.”

“No, you’re fine. You look amazing, honestly. Though, I can’t help but wonder what pattern that tartan is. It’s not one I recognize.”

Dewey’s blush had deepened at Sam’s compliment, but he simply answered his query.

“It’s a pattern called ‘Texas Bluebonnet Tartan’. I wasn’t really sure if I could get away with wearing any of the traditional tartans of the clans, so I convinced my folks that wearing the official state tartan of my birthplace would be good enough.”

Sam made to comment again on the unique plaid, but the second mention of the Bridger family reminded Sam of what was still missing.

“Oh, speaking of your family, are they here with the cake too? We’re getting real close to the start of this and I want to make sure everything’s ready before we begin the ceremony.”

“Oh, yeah, they’re here. They just sent me ahead because they don’t want me to get anything on my tartan. I tried to help them with the cake, it is pretty massive, but they insisted.”

“Well, we didn’t want to get you all dirtied up on the big day, dearie.”

The two turned to see Mr. and Mrs. Bridger, dressed simply but nicely, coming in, followed by Mr. Patrick and Professor Lawrence. Mrs. Bridger came up to hug Dewey.

“What’s going on?” he asked as he hugged her back. “Where’s the cake?”

“We were having some difficulties working out how to bring it in,” Mr. Bridger explained, coming up behind his wife. “Until this nice young lad with an overabundance of muscle saw us and kindly volunteered to help.”

He turned around just in time to point out the cake coming toward them, seemingly of its own accord. That is until it reached them and turned, revealing an enormous man wearing a combat uniform over his powerful double-stacked torso.

“Where do you need this?” he asked in a surprisingly soft voice.

“Oh, uh, if you can just wait a sec, I’ll get Fergusson and one of the wait staff.” And Sam headed off to get them.

“That’s not too straining for you, is it, uh…what, what did you say your name was again?” Mr. Bridger asked.

“Newt, sir” he replied simply. “And no, sir, it’s not. I’m used to carrying big, heavy, and awkward things in the army. They do their best to get the most out of my special strength. So, something like this is pretty simple for me in comparison.”

“Well, dearie, it certainly was a stroke of luck on our part that you arrived when you did. Though, you don’t seem quite properly dressed for a wedding.”

“Oh, I was just dropping off my brother. His boyfriend’s band is playing the reception, so he got an invite to come. But I’ve got to report back to the base after we finish with this.”

“Then we shan’t keep you too long, sir.”

Fergusson had arrived with Sam and a young man pushing a large cart in tow.

With everything now in place, Sam offers Dewey his arm, and leads the Bridgers out to the gardens.

All the guests were in place, seated in the field just above the beach where Alex and Dylan had their very first date.

The Rev. Greenshaw was present, in the black robes befitting his ministry, but with a white scarf with embroidery that gave a little colour to his garb. Although thought by many to be simply a dour presbyterian, the Reverend was actually a compassionate man, with a great wit and wicked sense of humour.

He stood chatting with the groomsmen, looking up at some of them more than others....

“Good heavens, I must admit that you do all look very smart in your tartan trews. Those jackets and shirts must have cost a small fortune, mind you, with the height of you. I must admit, I’ll probably be making Mrs. Greenshaw very jealous surrounded by all you handsome young men.”

The four boys laughed, especially as the Rev waved to his wife with a grin.

“That’ll be me in the doghouse tonight then. So, Sam and Aaron are both with Dylan and Alex, and we have Grant and Luke as groomsmen for Dylan—” Grant and Luke both nodded. “—and we have Max and Tre as groomsmen for Alex? Excellent.”

As the Reverend kept chatting, more and more guests started arriving, a great mixture of multi and norm.

Then Sam arrived, taking his place at the front, but not before he checked his watch for the 100th time today.

Dylan then made his entrance, escorted to the Altar by his beloved mother, who was doing her very best to hold back tears of joy. He made quite a sight, and many people suddenly realised that he looked just as good fully clothed as he did with his legendary abs on display.

As they reached the Altar, Dylan gave his mum a loving hug and a short kiss, as she took her seat in the front row. Turning, he gave Sam a hug, followed by Grant and Luke, before shaking the Reverend’s hand.

The moment was arriving...

Aaron walked his way up the aisle, his three legs giving him an unusual gait, and his tanned, muscular body straining his custom-made jacket and trews, setting many hearts a flutter. As he reached his place, the Reverend spotted Alex, and with a smile and a glint in his eye announced:

“Beloved friends, would those of you who are able, please stand...”

As the string quartet played soothingly, Dylan turned to see Alex, his hearts almost stopping. From his hair to his toes, this man was beautiful, but even more importantly, from his hearts this man was his true love. From the moment he met Alex—engineered, he later found out, by Tre and Sam—he knew that this was the one person he wanted to spend his life with. He was the kindest person he knew. He put up with all of Dylan’s imperfections, his faux ego, his laziness, his ‘appetite’ and more, and yet Alex still loved him.

Alex, for his part, couldn’t take his eyes off Dylan. This giant of a man, who dwarfed him by over 10 feet, with an ego to match (or so people were led to believe) but with so much love in his hearts for his friends and family. Standing there in front of him was his rock, his best friend, his lover, his everything.

As he reached the Altar, Alex let go of his mother’s hand, and with tears in his eyes he gave her a hug.

“Thank you,” he whispered in her ear.

Turning to Dylan he grasped his hand as Dylan, out of habit, leant down to give Alex a kiss.

“Ah, ah, ah,” the Reverend said. “Let’s not get ahead of ourselves.” Light giggles came from the assembled families.

“Beloved friends, please be seated.

“Well, I have to say that this is a different kind of service to my usual one. Normally I conduct weddings in the church but having one of the happy couple taller than the roof means that we’ve had to come out to celebrate this union in the splendour of God’s green earth.

“And what a splendid place this is, being as it is, the location where our lovely couple enjoyed each other’s company for the first time. And so today, on this spot, we now further bring these two loving people closer together in the bond of holy matrimony...”

The service was passing by without a hitch, even as time stopped when the Reverend asked the traditional ‘does anyone object’ question. To Alex and Dylan, lost in each other’s eyes, the words were a blur, the actions were now but a memory, until reality caught up with them as they turned to face their family, with their hand in each other’s, and the Reverend’s arms around their waists (he couldn’t reach their shoulders!).

“Beloved friends, may I be the first to introduce to you, this happy, loving, newlywed couple, Mr. Alex and Mr. Dylan Cole-Scott.”

Together, hand in hand, arm in arm, they walked down the aisle as a married couple. All around them their friends and family were congratulating them. There were smiles, tears, handshakes, hugs and kisses.

“And now, friends,” the Reverend said, “if we can let the wedding party get on with their photographs, I’m sure that it’ll keep young Sam happy. We all know how he likes things to operate like clockwork.”

The photographs were always going to be interesting. How do you fit a couple and families in who range from Mrs. Scott’s height of 5 foot 4 inches, to Dylan at 19 foot 8 inches? Somehow the photographer managed, but it did involve a lot of flexibility from the ‘tall’ boys! One of the funniest photos was Dylan being held by everyone else in the photo, and still having his legs firmly on the ground. Quite an amazing feat, especially considering the young multi does weigh more than half a ton...

With photographs done, and with Sam checking his schedule, it was time to head in for the reception. Both Dylan and Alex were happy to dispense with the traditional speeches—’nobody goes to the wedding to hear us guffaw over each other. They want to dance, Sam. Why won’t you let them just dance?’ was Dylan’s argument.

And so, as the late autumn sun began to set, they all headed into the Ballroom, ready to dance...

“Ladies, Gentlemen, and Non-binaries,” Vlad announced from his lower mouth. “Would you please welcome the newly married couple to the floor as they take their first dance together.”

Jacob played an introduction on the piano, as the other members joined in, before Vlad started singing.

”Someday, when I’m awfully low,
When the world is cold,
I will feel a glow just thinking of you
And the way you look tonight….”

Vlad’s smooth voice carried over the dance floor as Dylan, coiled around Alex, looked his new husband in the eyes, a tear glistening in the corner of his eye. ‘I love you,’ he mouthed to Alex. ‘I know,’ he replied, ever the Star Wars fan!

As the key changed, and Vlad started harmonizing with himself, others started to join the happy couple on the dance floor.

Dewey was looking fondly but longingly out at the couples winding about the floor as he swayed gently back and forth to the rhythm. His dads and his grandparents were already amongst the throng, so he was standing alone. Which made it easy for Sam to find him as he came over to him, smiling at seeing him move to the music.

“You seem to be enjoying the musical choice.”

Dewey shrugged. “I love the classics. I used to practice to this song for my dance class in uni. Was a little lonely doing it by myself, but I always liked to imagine being in the arms of a handsome partner when I did.”

“Well, how about we make that fantasy a reality?” And Sam retracted his spine down a few feet to offer his hand.

Dewey hesitated, a surprised and almost uncertain look on his face, but then he smiled softly and took Sam’s hand, allowing him to be led out onto the dance floor, the two coming together upon reaching it and beginning to move along to the song.

The dance drew to a close and the dancers all politely applauded.

“Thank you,” Vlad said. “Before we continue, I suppose we should introduce ourselves...

“My name is Vlad, the ‘little’ guy over there on piano is Jacob, on drums is Jonas, and on Double Bass is Gareth. We are the ‘MultiPhonics’, and we will be keeping things going all night long.”

With that the band broke into another dance band hit, with Vlad singing and playing the Tenor Sax at the same time.

“Hey, Sam!”

Sam and Dewey turned from where they’d wandered off the dance floor to see Ryan slithering toward them, followed closely by Tre and Ky.

“Great wedding, man,” Ryan said, pulling Sam into a firm six-armed hug. “You really did a great job organizing.”

“Yeah, bro, it’s been fantastic.” Tre leaned down to offer his own six-limb hug.

“And we can’t wait to see how the rest of the night turns out,” Ky added, standing up on his tiptoes to try and reach Sam to hug him as well, earning a bit of a smirk from him.

“Thanks, guys,” Sam replied simply, leaning down a bit to meet the shortest in their group halfway.

Well, second shortest now, he thought to himself, briefly glancing to the side to see Dewey standing shyly behind him.

Speaking of: “So, are you going to introduce us, or what?” Tre chuckled out. He was certainly interested in meeting this guy that Sam had been talking about.

Sam smiled down at Dewey, who was looking a bit like a rabbit face to face with a pack of wolves. Retracting himself down a bit, he put his hand on his shoulder, and Dewey met his gaze for a moment before taking a breath and settling himself.

“Everyone, this is Dewey. He’s a friend of mine who works for MultiFace. Dewey, these are Ryan, Tre, and Ky.”

Dewey looked between them as Sam pointed each one out, then hesitated before quietly saying, “Hi. It’s nice to meet you all.”

Ryan smirked, a little bemused. Tre cocked his head in thought as he took in the two of them. Ky meanwhile decided that he’d have to be the mature responsible one and, after letting out a sigh, moved forward and offered his hand.

“Nice to meet you too, Dewey.”

Again, Dewey hesitated, but them accepted the proffered hand and returned the gesture with a small smile, briefly glancing at the extra fingers in Ky’s grip as he did so.

“So, you work for MultiFace?” Ky prompted as they pulled apart. “That’s pretty cool. I’ve got an account on there myself.”

This finally did the trick, and Dewey’s smile brightened slightly as he began to reply

“Well, parttime, yes. I’m mostly there to keep the network connections running and keep an eye on the servers. We’ve been needing to upgrade to a better space since we passed a thousand users but finding a good spot locally has been somewhat…challenging. Avonkirk’s not exactly big enough to have lots of unused server space available for us to move into.”

“Well, that’s unfortunate,” Tre put in. “There really isn’t any good space you could use?”

“Not one that’s designed specifically for server storage, no. We could convert an unused space, of course, but that would be a more expensive option. There is one space we found that would work without any modifications, but it’s owned by the government, and they haven’t been responding to my inquiries about it.”

“For someone who only works for it parttime, you seem pretty invested in the site’s success,” Ryan pointed out.

Dewey hesitated again.

“Well, I…I can just see how good of a service it is for helping multis connect. Especially if we start getting more international multis on the platform. More and more multis don’t live in a fully integrated town like Avonkirk. So, having an online platform to connect and share experiences can be quite helpful for them.”

The three nodded at this explanation, but that didn’t stop Dewey from suddenly feeling rather exposed.

“Um, you know what, I’m kinda thirsty after that dance. I’m gonna…gonna go get some punch. Any of you, uh, want anything?”

Tre and Ryan chuckled and shook their heads.

“I’m good,” Ky replied.

“I’ll take one,” Sam put in, and Dewey nodded his head before scurrying off. As soon as he had disappeared into the crowd, Sam turned back to the other three and frowned.

“Come on, guys, what’s with the looks?”

“Sam, come on, he’s into multis. It’s so obvious.”

“Yeah, I know. We literally talked about it the second time we met up. It’s not a big deal.”

“No,” Ryan retorted, “the big deal is that you picked your brother’s wedding as a good idea for a date.”

Sam sputtered. “A date? What?! Are you crazy? He’s just a friend. He offered to be my plus one after I found out you were bringing a date to this. Speaking of which where is the lucky man?”

Ryan paled slightly at being put on the spot, and Tre and Ky chuckled as Sam turned the tables on their naga friend, who struggled to respond as they waited for Dewey to return.

“Hey Shaun,” Tre said as he sat down next to his old uni friend, “this is really excellent food.”

“Well, you know how difficult it was putting together something like this. Normally we’d have a sit-down dinner, but with so many varying heights, it wouldn’t have been comfortable having everyone at the same tables, so we went for the buffet option.”

“Makes sense. I don’t know where I would have sat if that was the option. Putting my body under the full length of the table wouldn’t have been comfortable for me, or for everyone else.”

“Exactly, that’s why I suggested the buffet to Dylan but with seats around the hall for everyone to sit on, especially the older family members.”

“Good call,” Ky said. “Hey, who’s the hot waiter?” Ky nodded in the direction of a hot, blond guy.

“Oh, that’s Ruari. He’s definitely the most popular waiter down at the Tasty Double D. He brings in so much custom that we’re struggling to handle it!”

“Oh...” Tre got thinking. “I might have an idea...”

Meanwhile, in another corner of the ballroom...

“So, you’re going to be a GP in Doctor MacNeill’s surgery? That’s awesome. He’s a legend of a man,” Dylan said, addressing the stunning boytaur.

“Yeah, I’m looking forward to it,” said Gavin, while drinking a glass of wine. “If only Seb could get a decent job away from the Lab.”

“Why? What’s wrong with the Lab?” Dylan asked.

“Oh, it’s just that they are all still a bit weird about the two of us. I was glad to get out of there to be honest. Almost all of Avonkirk doesn’t bat an eyelid when I walk past, but those guys just keep eyeing us up like we are test subjects. I feel for Seb as he didn’t enjoy it in there as a norm, let alone as a multi.”

“Hmmm...” hummed Dylan, “I might have a solution there. You see, we’re looking at expanding the staff at MultiTours, and one of the things we talked about recruiting was a Chief Medical Officer. I take it Seb does have a medical background?”

“Of course. We both have. We just ended up working in research instead.”

“Well, let’s go see if he’s interested...”

The two walked off in search of Sebastian.

Ruari walked over to the super tall guy chatting to his boss. He’s so hot, he thought. Wait, get it together Roo, you’re meant to be professional here. Oh, but look at all those arms, what I would give...

“Hello? Hello? Anyone there?” Tre said, waving one of his lower arms in front of the hot blond’s face.

“I think you’ve broken him,” Shaun laughed.

“Oh, sorry,” Ruari said, snapping out of it, “em, would you like a refill?”

Tre noticed that Ruari couldn’t take his eyes off of Tre’s arms.

“So, Ruari,” he said, “I’ve been having a little chat with Shaun, and I have an idea that he thinks would be right up your street.”

“Em, okay?” Ruari said, confused.

“How’d you like to be a multi?”

“Well, to tell you the truth, I’d love to be. But don’t you have to be born a multi? Surely you can’t just become one?”

Ky, Tre and Shaun all let out a little laugh.

“Let’s just say that it is possible,” Shaun said, “otherwise I’d still be a norm. So would Jake, but he was transformed in a different way to me...”

“You’re kidding, right?” Ruari said. All three shook their head.

“So where do I sign up?”

“Come with me,” said Tre, “we might want a bit more privacy for this...”

“So, what do you think?” Dylan asked Sebastian.

“I, well, I don’t really know what to say,” Sebastian said, alternating between mouths. “I mean, I’m interested of course, but, wow, to get offered a job with you guys is, well its...”

“He’ll take it,” Gavin jumped in. “He’ll just panic himself into a stupor, so I’ll say what he’s trying to say.”

Dylan just laughed. Clearly, these guys were meant to be together.

“Perfect. We’ll get it all sorted when I come back from my Honeymoon. That should hopefully give you enough time to sort out your notice at the Lab.”

“I, well, well, I, you know—”

“Yip. That’ll be grand,” Gavin finished for Sebastian.

The two super tall boys shook hands, signing the deal, as Dylan made his way back to the Ballroom.

“Friends, family, I’d like to pay tribute to one of my dearest friends. I’ve known Dylan like a brother since Sam and I were at school together. I remember babysitting for him when Mr. & Mrs. Scott went on business trips, and having to keep him out of trouble, and beating him every time on the PS12.” A chuckle came from the assembled guests.

“But now, I’d like to sing a little tribute to Dylan and Alex, accompanied by my little bro on piano...”

A light introduction came from Jacob, as Ryan nervously took a deep breath...

”Oh, gin I were a baron’s heir,
And could I braid wi’ gems your hair,
And make ye braw as ye are fair,
Laddie, would ye lo’e me?
And could I tak’ ye to the toon,
And show ye braw sichts many a ane,
And busk ye fine in silken gown,
Laddie, would ye lo’e me?”

“Wow,” Max whispered from both mouths. “Did you know Ryan could sing?”

“Nope,” said Aaron. “But this is one of my favourites, and he’s got the perfect soft voice for it.”

All the couples around the room put their arms around each other, as the giant snake boy softly continued his way through the love song. When he finished, he had a moment of panic as complete silence fell upon the room, followed by rapturous applause. Both Dylan and Alex came up to the stage to hug their friend, Ryan wrapping his six arms around them both.

Meanwhile, in one of the side rooms, Tre and Ruari are chatting.

“So, that’s the deal,” Tre said. “I can transform you, but there’s no guaranteeing what the transformation will be, and it definitely isn’t reversible. So, you need to think carefully.”

“Um, I think I want it,” Ruari said, nervously. “Like, I know that there are so many unknowns, but I lead such a boring life outside work. I don’t have many friends. Yeah, it’s true. I think people are intimidated by me, so they don’t ever want to even try to have any kind of conversation.”

“As I say, this isn’t like a short burst of fun for a few days. It’s the rest of your life.”

“Well, I’ve made up my mind. Yes, I’d love to go through with it. So, what do I need to do?”

“Leave that to me, although you might want to brace yourself, just in case...” Tre drifted off, as he opened his lower mouth wider than any human mouth. Two long tendrils appeared, followed by another two from his now wide upper mouth.

Ruari, unsure what to expect, scrunched his eyes closed and braced himself. Without warning, he felt four different jags, like wasp stings, on different parts of his arms.

“Okay,” said Tre, “that’s it done. It might happen soon, or it might happen later. My change happened in my sleep, so hopefully that’ll be the case with you...”

As both guys headed off back to the Ballroom, Ruari started to feel just a little lightheaded....

“You know, your friends were right. You really did an amazing job putting this together for your brother.”

It was nearing the end of the night, and Sam and Dewey had found a quiet spot in a corner of the ballroom to sit and relax together.

“Well, I had a lot of help. But thank you.”

The two shared a smile. From the far side of the room the band announced the final song before the departure. Dewey looked out at the reduced crowd, with many of the folks having retired to chairs from the lateness of the hour. Then he turned to Sam.

“Um, if it’s all right with you, could we…maybe just have…one more dance? It is the last song before the end.”

Sam beamed in reply and stood up, pulling Dewey up with him as they came together and slowly moved about their quiet corner to the music.

“And now, can we ask everyone on to the dance floor to say, ‘Bon Voyage’ to the happy couple as they head off on their Honeymoon,” Vlad announced. “Please form a circle, and hold hands, as we bring the evening to a traditional close...

”Should auld acquaintance be forgot,
and never brought to mind?
Should auld acquaintance be forgot,
and auld lang syne?”

The assembled family and friends joined in singing, crossing arms on the last verse and rushing forward and back as Dylan and Alex stood in the middle of the circle.

To rounds of applause Dylan and Alex were dragged from the Ballroom by Sam and Aaron, and rushed out to the front door where a stretch Humvee was waiting to take them to the airport. All the family and friends followed to wave them off, with Mrs. Scott and several others all in tears of joy...

After boarding the private 747 and taking to the sky, Dylan turned to Alex and said, “I love you, Mr Cole-Scott, and can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you...”


The two champagne glasses clinked together as the newlywed couple settled into their honeymoon. They had a long journey from the UK but had now arrived on their secluded island in the Caribbean. Upon stepping through the door of their lodge, they spotted the card with two glasses of freshly poured champagne. Drinking the champagne, they both read the card:

’To Alex and Dylan,
Wishing you every blessing on your marriage.
Enjoy your honeymoon,
P.S. Enjoy the staff...’

“Looks like Sam has taken care of everything for us,” Alex said. “Although I’m not sure what he meant with his P.S.”

As if on cue, a staff member appeared at the other end of the room. He bowed his head as if in prayer. “Good evening, oh exalted ones. I am Terry, son of Wayne, and I have the honour to be your valet for this wonderous time. However, should my Lord Dylan wish to consume me at any time, there are others who are able to take my place.”

“Wait,” Dylan said to Alex. “Does this mean that all the staff are Cult Members?”

“Yes, my Lord,” Terry said, hearing Dylan’s question. “We have been rewarded for our faith by being selected to serve you for the next two weeks and have already been prepared that none of us shall return home in physical form, but as part of our Lord’s all powerful form.”

Dylan smiled at Alex like a child in a sweet shop. Alex just rolled his eyes.

“I suppose, I did make you promise not to eat anyone until after the honeymoon, but rather than you gorging yourself on the very last day, I’ll let it slide. But please let us at least have one night together first?” Alex said, with a twinkle in his eyes.

“Oh, oh, ooohhhh,” Dylan clicked on to what Alex is meaning. He cleared his throat to try to sound more ‘god-like’. “Thank you, my faithful servant Terry. Please pass the word to the staff that their Lord is pleased with them and shall look forward to walking amongst them in the morrow.”

Alex snorted. Terry bowed low and walked backwards out the room.

“Are you trying to sound like Thor or something?” he laughed.

“Hey, no fair,” Dylan complained. “You know I’ve got to play along, or it hurts their feelings.”

Taking both of the empty glasses Alex sets them back down on the table before grabbing Dylan’s hand and pulling him to the bedroom.

“Oh, someone’s feeling frisky tonight,” Dylan laughed as he follows along.

Once in the bedroom, Alex literally tore off both his and Dylan’s clothes in a fit of passion.

“Fuck Dylan,” he moaned, “I’ve been waiting six weeks for this...”

Pulling Dylan’s head down towards his, Alex kisses his husband forcing his tongue into Dylan’s mouth. While nothing compared to the tongue Dylan had, Alex had a long tongue compared to norms, and he knew how to use it.

Dylan, for his part, placed his hands on either side of his gorgeous husband’s face and started sliding his own tongue into Alex’s mouth. At the same time, he pulled his long body in different directions to bring his legs closer.

Breaking the kiss, Dylan looked down Alex’s long abs to his cock.

“Fuck, Alex!” he gasped. “How big is that thing?”

“Six weeks,” Alex repeated, “no sex, no jacking off, no cumming. I’ve been saving it all for tonight...”

Without another word, Dylan moves his head to take in the beauty of his boyfriend’s, no, his husband’s gargantuan cock. Alex was always huge, but six weeks of holding it all in had swollen his cock and balls to epic proportions. Dylan looks up at Alex’s face with pleading eyes...

“Go on,” Alex said, “it’s all yours...”

“Well, if you insist,” Dylan smiled before opening his mouth wide and swallowing the entire two and a half foot long cock. Using his long tongue, and his talented throat muscles, it didn’t take long for Alex to get hard.

With blood pumping from several of his hearts, his cock grew and grew under Dylan’s careful ministrations.

Dylan started slowly sliding up and down on that behemoth of a cock, his tongue teasing the tip and squeezing all along the shaft.

Letting Alex join in on the fun, Dylan walked his legs over to Alex’s upper body. Alex, giving Dylan a knowing look, took one of Dylan’s cocks into his own mouth, while slowly jerking off the other.

After so long without any sexual activity, it didn’t take long for either boy to blow their loads. But as Dylan pulled his mouth off Alex’s cock, he saw it is still as hard as ever...

“Shit, Alex,” Dylan said, “I think you’ve grown...”

“Mmmhmm,” Alex hummed with Dylan’s other cock now in his mouth.

Dylan started to jerk Alex’s tree trunk of a cock, his biceps bouncing with each stroke. Again, it wasn’t long before both boys blew, but Alex was still hard...

With both of his cocks spent, and Alex soaked in his cum, Dylan walked his legs over to Alex’s cock. Looking at the tall column of flesh raised in front of him, Dylan realised that even standing his legs won’t reach high enough to take it in his hole. Balancing on his lower torso, Dylan raised his legs off the ground and positions himself above Alex. Slowly, but steadily, he lowered himself onto Alex’s cock.

Oooohhhh fuck,” Dylan screamed in ecstasy as Alex’s cock forced his cheeks apart.

Taking a deep breath, he lowered himself even more, eliciting moans from both of them.

“Holy mother of...” Dylan whispered as he continued to work his way down Alex’s shaft.

Finally reaching the base, Dylan let out a breath he didn’t realise he was holding. Having such a long body, it almost looked like he was quite detached from the goings on, but his facial expressions told a different tale.

“Alex... I, uh, don’t think, fuck, that you’ve ever reached so far inside me before...” he moaned in pleasure. With his torso taking the weight, Dylan used his incredible abs rather than his legs to slowly hump Alex’s cock. Lifting his legs so that they were almost 6 feet off the ground, before ramming them home, Dylan started to build up speed.

“Oh, fuck, Dylan, unh, unh, fuck,” Alex moaned as he pounded Dylan’s hole.

After a few minutes Alex’s back arched as his balls gave up what was left of their load in a great explosion of cum inside Dylan’s ass. Feeling the cum spurt into his body, Dylan’s own cocks exploded for a third time.

Both boys collapsed into each other’s arms, Alex laying on the double king size bed, while Dylan coiled himself all around...

In the morning, Alex woke up. Dylan was nowhere to be seen...

“Urgh. What time is it?” Alex asked the empty room.

“It’s almost one o’clock in the afternoon hubby,” Dylan said, his torso floating in carrying a tray towards the bed.

It always amazed Alex to see Dylan moving like that. With his legs nowhere to be seen, Dylan’s long torso simply carried him wherever he needed to be within a 20 foot radius. The core strength those abs must have is unreal, he thought.

As Alex was in his thoughts, Dylan continued to float over to him. He gave his new husband a kiss on the forehead.

“I thought you could use something to eat,” he said, tenderly.

“Hey, breakfast in bed,” Alex purred.

“Well, no. Actually, it’s lunch in bed,” Dylan joked.

“How long have you been awake?” Alex asked.

“Oh, since about eight o’clock. It was such a gorgeous day, so I popped down to the beach for a quick swim. The water was so warm, and it felt great not having to put any clothes on.”

“Why didn’t you wake me?”

“Oh, you just looked so peaceful there, like you were having a wonderful dream. I couldn’t bring myself to drag you from that.”

“Awww. So sweet,” Alex said, giving Dylan a kiss on the lips. “Have you had anything to eat?”

“Just a couple of the staff. I’ve also been walking like John Wayne all morning thanks to that cannon between your legs...”

Alex laughed as he sat up to enjoy his lunch.

“Is that why you’ve just floated in here?” he asked.

“Yeah. I’m actually sitting on an ice pack right now!” Dylan chuckled.

The first week was pure bliss and relaxation, with nothing to disturb the happy couple except the sounds of the lapping waves against the beach. But something felt odd with Dylan, although he couldn’t place his finger on it.

“It’s not maybe someone you’ve eaten?” Alex asked, knowing Dylan hasn’t touched any food since they arrived.

“No,” Dylan replied, “it can’t be that. I’ve never ever had any kind of food poisoning, or upset stomach, no matter what I’ve eaten.”

“Well, you don’t look ill or anything.”

“I don’t feel ill, just feel a bit off, you know.”

“I wouldn’t worry about it. We’ve only got another week and then we’re home.”

“I know, I know.”

The two boys just lay on the beach in silence, watching the waves, drinking some tasty cocktails, and just enjoying being in each other’s company...

The last night, Sam had prepared a little surprise for Alex and Dylan.

The three remaining staff members produced a special meal for both of them, prepared in advance by Toby, Dylan’s favourite chef. Toby had mastered the art of preparing food that could only be eaten by vorers, but for this occasion had also managed to reduce the size of his famous dessert into a size that Alex could manage too.

“Oh, you’ve told me so much about this,” Alex said as they reach the dessert course. “Is it really as good as you say it is?”

“Even better,” Dylan said, “Toby is a culinary genius. I’m glad to see that he’s starting to branch out into other ideas too...”

One of Toby’s meals had been a special preparation of a grilled bull, coated in a special sauce with very specific instructions for garnish. Dylan had never tasted anything like it. It almost tasted better than the staff member who brought it out—almost. But now both boys were getting excited about the pudding.

“Well, I suppose I’ll get to find out just what the big deal is then,” Alex said, lifting the reduced size dessert into his mouth. Dylan simply lifted his dessert into his mouth using his long, forked tongue.

“You know,” said Alex, stopping putting his dessert into his mouth, “I always meant to ask you about your tongue.”

Dylan, mid swallow, closed his eyes in pure bliss as the taste sensation hit him.

“Oh, it’s soooo good,” he said, almost on autopilot. “Eh, what, sorry. What were you meaning to ask me?”

“Why is your tongue forked?”

“Ah. Are you sure I haven’t told you?”

Alex shook his head.

“Really? After all these years?” Dylan asked. “Oh. Well, I had a bit of a rebellious phase where I got the end of my tongue split. It’s when I had my ears pierced too. But my tongue just never seemed to heal over, so looks like I’m stuck with it.”

“Oh. That kind-of makes sense then,” Alex shrugged and popped the dessert into his mouth. Suddenly a taste sensation hit him like nothing on earth.

“Ah ah ah,” Dylan said, stopping Alex from talking, “you need to let it sit on your tongue for a minute before swallowing it whole. No chewing.”

Alex sat for a minute and swallowed. Further taste sensations are dancing around in his mouth and throat, causing Alex to close his eyes in pure joy.

“Oh my god,” he said after another minute or two, “that was incredible.”

Dylan chuckled as the two of them finished their meal. In the very early morning, they’d be flying back home, so after the meal they walked outside to enjoy their last evening on their perfect honeymoon.

As they looked over the sea, they could see fireworks on one of the neighbouring islands. One of the staff members confirmed that it wasn’t actually organised for them, but the boys enjoyed the display all the same.

The two boys slept for most of the journey, with Alex only waking up to have a meal. Dylan had swallowed the last two staff members just before they left their lodge. He was still feeling slightly off but didn’t want to worry Alex about it.

Arriving back at the Scott Mansion, the boys stepped out of the car as Mrs Scott stood at the front door to greet them. Alex got out the car first, as Simpkins collected the cases.

“Oh Alex,” Mrs Scott gave Alex a hug, “I’m so glad to see you both. You’ve been missed, and quite a bit has happened the past fortnight.

“Dylan? What’s happened to you?” Mrs Scott shouted as her son stepped out the car. She walked quickly up to him, as he bent himself lower to give her a hug.

“Nothing mum. We’ve just been relaxing at the lodge,” Dylan replied.

“Now come on, I know my own son and there is something wrong with you. You’re taller for a start,” Mrs Scott said, sounding concerned.

“Eh?” Dylan mumbled, confused.

“Nope, you’ll have to see Dr MacNeill,” Mrs Scott continued. “Maybe you’ve picked up something on your holiday.”

“Nah, it’s nothing mum,” Dylan said calmly, but Mrs Scott was already on the phone.

Twenty minutes later, Gavin pulls up at the Scott Mansion. He had only been working with Doctor MacNeill for a month and so far had seen his fill of action. Now he had been sent up to check on Dylan who had just returned from his honeymoon with Alex.

Fergusson showed Gavin in to the sitting room where Dylan was waiting with Mrs Scott and Alex.

“Oh, Doctor Fry,” Mrs Scott said, “I’m glad you were able to come at short notice. Is there any news on Ky?”

Dylan and Alex’s ears pricked up at this.

“Obviously I can’t say too much, Mrs Scott but I can tell you that he is up on his feet at least.”

“Wait,” said Dylan, “what’s this about Ky?”

“I’ll tell you later dear,” Mrs Scott replied, “but first I think that Alex and I should let young Doctor Fry get on with his examination...”

Alex and Dylan’s mother left the room, leaving Dylan with Gavin.

“Okay, let’s start with the basics. Any pain anywhere?”


“Any sickness, vomiting et cetera?”


“Any nausea?”

“No, but I have been feeling off.”

“Oh really? Just in general or has it been in a particular part?”

“Well, round about here.”

Dylan pointed to the part of his torso a few feet up from his waist.

“It hasn’t felt the same since Alex and I... well... you know...”

Dylan went red in the cheeks, feeling slightly embarrassed talking about this with the young Doctor.

“Well, you were on your honeymoon,” Gavin said, breaking the awkwardness.

Gavin started going through a few checks in the area, including applying some slight pressure and listening with his stethoscope. With a serious, professional tone he addressed Dylan. “Well, I think I might have a reason for your discomfort, but I need to do a quick test just to confirm. Any chance I can get a urine sample please?” Gavin asdked, holding out a small, clear container.

“Em, sure,” Dylan said, confused. He walked out to the bathroom and filled the container, then washed his hands.

Walking back into the sitting room he saw that Gavin had put some gloves on and had an odd looking device. Dylan handed him the urine sample, and Gavin opened the container and stuck the device in.

“Okay, that should take a few minutes to analyse the sample,” Gavin said. “In the meantime, I think that I’ll need to come back and do a further check up in a week or so, and regular check-ups over the next nine months. I’ll also need to get a midwife appointment organised and start the antenatal care. Oh, and I’ll need to make up a diet plan and other things like that.”

Bleep, bleep

“Ah, it’s finished its analysis. Yep, it’s as I suspected. Congratulations Dylan. You and Alex are going to be great fathers.”

Dylan just stared at Gavin, confused. He could see both his mouths opening and closing, but the words just didn’t seem to make sense to him.

“Wait, I’m pregnant?!”


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