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by paul shearon

 A few months ago we found out about a new clinic specialising in radical genetic alternation. Designer bodies on demand…. if you could afford it. We decided to afford it, and my boyfriend Jamie just got back.

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I suppose I should start with my name. It’s Tom if you need to know. I’m on my way home after a long day in work, my suits rumpled and it’s stifling in the summer heat. I’ve been on my own all week and my mood is foul. The car I’m driving is old and beaten up, the aircon completely shot, but I’ve traded my old car for something much better I have to remind myself. I round the corner and crunch up the gravel to our house.

I’m dog tired after working all the hours I can take right now and I can barely drag myself up the stairs and through the front door. I drop my briefcase and loosen my tie, taking whole seconds to realise something is different: there’s another bag in the hallway. He’s back! My boyfriend, Jamie is back and my whole mood lifts. Shrugging off the dull fatigue was easy as a warm glow of excitement flooded through me. He’s back a whole day earlier than I was expecting. There’s sounds coming from the garage and I hurry through the kitchen in a single bound.

A few years ago I started my new job, it was better pay but it was long hours and further enough away to be a problem. So when I couldn’t get to the gym anymore I set one up in the garage. Just a few weights and a bench, nothing fancy. Jamie was laying down on the bench press, the bar was literally bending in the middle as he lifted the all the weights available simultaneously, rhythmically moving them up and down like they were made of thin air. He was wearing a thick grey t-shirt and some old baggy grey sweat pants, a dark sweat patch was spreading in an oval in the middle of his chest. Tom just stood and watched silent admiring for a couple of minutes, Jamie’s reps going well past the hundreds mark, before he racked the weights and sat up straddling the bench.

“Hey how long have you been there for?” Jamie asked, rounding on me, his face was blushing red as a brilliant smile spread across it.

“Hi handsome,” I replied, embracing him as he raced across the room, we kissed briefly before holding him at arms length, gripping his steel hard biceps, “My god, you look so different! How do you feel?”

He just simply smiles wolfishly as a run my fingers through his hair. His boyish good looks were still the same as always, but his brown hair looked thicker. A two day stubble was covering his jaw where before he struggled to grow any facial hair in anything but sparse and patchy places. He’d shrunk as well, going from almost as tall as me, with a wiry gangly frame, to a 5ft5 wall of squat muscle. My chin rested just perfectly on his head as I hugged him close to me again.

We have been together for almost six amazing years now, moved in four years ago to our house here in the country. Me, I’m the typical dominant top: bread winning, six foot five, blond and handsome with a square jaw. Jamie on the other hand was quiet and submissive, a hungry bottom. Skinny and quiet, he liked to feel protected by me, but with a darker kinky streak that took me by surprise when we first met. We are both by no means perfect but we love each other.

Apologies, I should really explain. A few months ago we found out about a new clinic opening on a luxury liner in the middle of international waters, specialising in radical genetic alternation. Designer bodies on demand…. if you could afford it. We talked long and hard about it and decided that we could handle the changes, not to mention the finicial burden. So I threw myself into my work at the bank, Jamie took a part time job for the first time in years instead of being a stay at home boyfriend, we sold the car and gave up on luxuries for a while.

Normally we would have killed each other after a month of the enforced hardship, but we kept reminding ourselves why we were doing and that spark of illicit excitement kept us going. Now seeing Jamie standing before me, all that we had been through seemed worth it. His normally hairless arms were covered in thick dark hair, tapering off at his elbows, hinting at yet more changes hidden away. I’m giddy with excitement and can feel butterflies in my stomach, yet I’m surprised to see he’s nervous.

“What do you think? Was it what you were expecting?”

I kiss him full on the lips, usually I would grip him and lift him right up, before dragging him upstairs, but I can barely lift him off the ground now. I have no idea how I’m staying so controlled, he smells amazing, even his pheromones have been tweaked to send me into a hormonal rage. The musky scent of his sweat is making me breathing heavy as a run my hands under his t-shirt. Our kissing is getting more passionate, desperate… insistent. I loose control and can’t wait anymore, yanking his t-shirt over his head.

Jamie had always been envious of hairy guys and loved the idea of having some chest hair, now he has his own carpet of luxurious brown hair running across his pectoral muscles, tapering down his washboard stomach before disappearing bellow his waistline. Two dense pockets of hair poked from under his tree trunk arms.

“You have got to be kidding me, your amazing!” I exclaimed, “Your perfect!”

We both started laughing, before another round of passionate kissing started. Jamie began to back off and took me by the hand and led me upstairs, breaking into a run before we even got halfway up. Panting we reached the bedroom and I struggled to get my tie off over my head, as Jamie’s hands undid the buttons on my shirt, pulling it out my waistband. Putting his new muscles to work he ripped my leather belt in half and popped the button on my pants as he ripped open my fly. My cock sprung out of my pants as he tore my boxers in two and quickly found its way into Jamie’s mouth. His hair felt different and soft as I grabbed hold and took control of him as I face fucked him the way he liked. I suddenly noticed the way he deftly took my cock all the way down the back of his throat, his tongue exploring and writhing like a cobra. When we talked about all the small changes that would geneticists would make, I never thought that they would make such a difference. My eyes nearly rolled back in my skull as he worked my cock like a pro. I could feel my balls tightening and the pressure building and had to tell him to stop before I came into his giving mouth. He smiled up at me as a gathered up my wherewithal, my cock bobbing up and down as my heart hammered in my chest.

“Let’s see what else they changed!” I pulled him up by putting my hands under his arms his armpits. They felt great, will have to play with them later I reminded myself. I shrug myself out of my shirt before I drop to my knees in front of Jamie’s swelling crotch. I could see the outline of his monster cock pushing against his pants. A dark stain was spreading where his precum was flowing freely. He must be like a leaky tap, I have too get his pants off now, I thought before yanking them down.

A full nine inches of floppy monster meat waited for me between two tree trunk sized thighs. Curving over his apple sized balls. All of it surrounded by a thick bush of public hair. I was pleased that they had left in that reddish tinge in it though. I cupped my hand under his leaking cock, rubbing the precum all over his shaft, so it was slick and glistening. I grabbed the beast, now horizontal and pointing right at me, before swallowing the purple, heart shaped head. The taste of his cock was indescribable, sweet and smoky at the same time. Jamie moaned and his hips bucked as I worked his cock head, unable to take any more of him into my mouth, literally too thick to swallow. The geneticists had doubled the amount of nerve receptors in his genitals and every touch would feel amplified. Especially my tongue lapping away down there. Tearing myself away from that tremendous organ to run my tongue around other sensitive spots on the inside of his thighs, then moving onto his heaving balls…

“No!” he yelled, and knocked my mouth away from him, breathing heavily. Obviously someone else was coming too close too loosing control as well, “Not yet.”

I spin him round and bend him over the bed, spreading his hairy thighs and exposing his tight buns. I instantly want to dive into that hairy arse, but I restrain myself and begin to massage his back. Even here Jamie had not missed the attention of the clinic and now small dark hairs covered his rippling muscles. Slowly I worked his shoulder and spine in long rhythmic movements working my way lower, before reaching the small of his back. Suddenly I loose all pretence and began kneading and grabbing his arse. Working the steel hard bands of muscle like kneading dough. By now Jamie is moaning like mad and biting the bed sheets in anticipation, grabbing handfuls of cloth. I lift up his hips and slide his cock out from under him so its pressed up against the side of the bed. Gallons of precum was flowing out like a stream. I almost thought he had cum already but Jamie can be quite vocal and I would certainly have known.

I bury my face in his arse, my tongue working his puckered hole, teasing it open. Jamie is getting whipped into a frenzy now, rimming always did that to him before, now it was like trying to put out a fire by pouring napalm on it. He rammed his muscular behind into my face with force, panting as I replaced my tongue with a probing finger. Then two and then free, his arse was so accepting now! Usually I have to work his arse slowly and carefully because he was so tight, but now I could go in hard and fast from the off. Ideas started too churn in my mind with possibilities, I cup more precum and slathering his hole with the prefect natural lubricant. I start with three fingers, working his arse fast and hard while pumping the shaft of his cock with my free hand, before going for all four fingers, then my thumb is swallowed hole by his hungry arse. Jamie throws his head back and yells in delight as I get my entire hand inside, a huge spurt of precum lands on my knees and I pull out in case I’ve hurt him or pushed too far. There’s a wet smack as I pull out and his sphincter retracts like elastic. Apart from looking slightly pink, you could tell anything had happened.

“Why did u stop?” He asks panting, looking slightly stunned, “That was amazing!”

We somehow manage to get onto the bed in a flurry of kissing and grabbing, until I get on top kneeling in between Jamie’s legs. He is lying on his back, arms above his head and grabbing the head board, smiling hungry as I take him all in.

“What it like when you cum? Have you tried yet?” I ask huskily into his ear, kissing his neck and moving down to his nipples.

“I tried it once, I wanted to wait but the doctors said I had to masturbate too check everything was working while I was still there.” He said sheepishly, “I know you don’t like me too do it without you, but I had to!”

Usually I don’t let him cum until I get home, it drives him into a frenzy when I get through the door and adds to my dominance plays. Plus it always makes things a lot spicier. Right now though, my annoyance is forgotten and I’m curious too the point of frustration too see what he can do with that hose of his.

“What was it like?” I ask quickly, desperate too know.

“It was intense… ,” he said smiling, now he knew he wasn’t in trouble, “It went everywhere! Literally!”

I cant wait anymore and jam my cock into him with such force, his body bucks with a sharp intake of breath. We’re both exclusive and haven’t bothered with condoms for years. I pin his arms down behind his head and grunt as I pump away at his slick arse furiously. Jamie moans and we hold each others head pressed ear too ear, unable to manage our kissing as well as moving like a well oiled machine. We break away still coupled at the waist and I bury my face in his hairy pits, breathing in his new scent, growling from the back of my throat like an animal just how Jamie coaxed me to when we first started going out. Ironically I was coached into my role as dominant masculine top by my submissive bottom boyfriend.

The whole bed is shaking and creaking with our energetic sex, the added weight of Jamie’s new body making it creak with every exaggerated movement. Jamie’s cock is fully engorged now, standing up straight and hard, a full ten inches erect and about 8 inches around. I slowly work my cock up in and out of him as I press the beast up against my sweat slick chest rubbing it against me. Precum drooled and ran down his shaft in buckets, he must be close by now I thought, all the veins in his arms where standing up as he held his muscles taught. Jamie moaning like a wild beast, eyes closed in ecstasy.

I grab his shaft with both hands and begin working his it hard, I’m getting close my self and want to wait and see this sex god explode first. Usually I can tell when Jamie is close when his balls jump back up inside either side of his cock. I used too think it was cute and unique, but now his hairy bull balls were far too big for that. When I first pulled down his pants then hung a few inches low in their hairy sack, now they were drawn up tight against the base of his cock, taught in his scrotum. I pound his arse faster and harder, while I finally manage to get hold of his slick foreskin and pull it back to expose his massive purple head. Jamie is breathing like an Olympic athlete going for gold now, his eyes closed as I grip that massive purple head with both hands.

“OHMYGOD OHMYGOD OHMYGOD!” He yells and his legs drawn me in sharply, so I slam home into his hole, “I’M GOING TO CUM!”

In a crazed scream, his cock bucks like a bronco and I struggle too keep hold. A jet of cum fly’s straight up in the air and falls back down on his hairy chest right between his pecs. Another buck and the next was even bigger than the last and goes flying over his head and audibly splatters against the wall, the next two spurts too my amazement hit’s the same spot and runs down the wallpaper in great rivulets. He seems too whimper as another great gobbet lands squarely on his face.

Lost in a sea of pleasure, I can feel my cock bury my own seed deep inside him as I watch him continue to coat himself in thick white ropes of cum. Fifteen too twenty explosions later (sorry I lost count) and he is literally drenched in cum. One great big dollop has hit him just on the muscle that connects his arm too his pectoral muscles: the sweet spot of his armpits that I coveted so much and I bend down too lick it up. Jamie is lying stunned and spread eagle on the soaking bed sheets as his exertions pool around him.

I collapse on top of him, exhausted and spent and we drift off for an hour or two before we both awaken too find that the sun has gone down already. We throw the bedding in the wash and towel off most of the excess before jumping in the shower together. Jamie’s hairy little body looks even good slicked down under the water jets from the shower and we are soon kissing each other again slick with shower gel and Jamie’s precum. It’s going to be a long night I realise, but I don’t care, its Saturday tomorrow.

It’s going to be hard too keep up with Jamie’s new voracious sexual appetite now, but it’ll be fun to try. Besides, its only for a few weeks till I can get the time off work to fly out to the clinic myself.

I can’t wait.

It’s getting increasing difficult to keep up with Jamie’s demonic sex drive.

I’m still working overtime at the bank, but even with the wad of tips from Jamie’s new body is earning at the restaurant I cant afford to slack off on the penny pinching. So eating out, cinema, even the decent TV channels are out of the question. This means I’m dealing with a bored sex god every night who’s turned on by the slightest thing and no means too distract him. With his insatiable appetite it means he can perform almost all night every night and I can honestly say death by sex is looking like a reality now. I’m exhausted.

But I’ve not run out of ideas yet.

I’ve snuck home early and pulled up at the end of the road to get changed on the back seat, before carrying on too the house. I park on the road so he can’t hear the car’s engine and head round to the back door. By this time of day I know Jamie will be in the garage pumping away. I can hear him grunting away through the garage door.

I slip the dog tags over my neck, adjust my cap and walk through the door. David is on his back bench pressing the modified and reinforced bar. We had to reinforce it the original after the old one snapped in two.

“On your feet solider!” I bark, dropping my bag by the door.

Jamie let the weight bar fall back on the rack and bolted upright, “What the hell?”

“Your not in uniform solider,” I reply, pulling my army issue cap down lower over my eyes and straighten my shirt.

This has been one of Jamie’s fantasies that we shared with each other when we started too explore each others desires. We’ve done some light role play but nothing like this. I’m dressed in a full officers uniform that I picked up from a surplus store, boots and all. I throw another pair of dog tags at him.

“Put these on,” I say to him, walking around and apprising his body, “At least you in half your uniform now.”

He’s wearing his favourite dark green vest that had an army look to it. I saw him putting it to one side for his this morning for his work out, before I left and it sparked my idea to surprise him now.

Jamie was wearing his dark green vest, now tight across his chest, while his old pair of sweat pants were stretched tight across his thighs and irresistible crotch . In between those two pillars of muscle I could see Jamie’s cock twitch and start too snake down his legs like it was trying to escape out the bottom. His dog tags jangled round his neck and settled between those jutting pecs.

“Are these standard issue solider?” I ask, pulling on the elasticised waist of his sweat pants.

“No, I don’t so…” he started, still slowly taking in the situation.

“No, what solider?” I ask again aggressively, getting right in his face.

“No Sir!” he shouts back. He’s getting in to character.

“I think you should take those non regulation pants off. Now solider!”

I turn around too face the other direction, while he does. I can hear the fabric being pulled slowly over his hairy, muscular legs and it takes all my self control not to turn around as I listen. I can also feel my cock getting hard at the thought of what I had planned next. Finally I turn around to face him. His cock is snaking out of his bright white jock strap: his main present for his birthday a few days ago. Slightly bigger than a usual jock strap, it was the only one that could cover everything sufficiently. We had lots of fun trying on his old underwear and watching his monstrous cock popping out along with his balls dangling out the side. Now his balls were still constrained under the thick fabric while his dripping cock snaked out and around the side. Pressed up against his left leg.

“My god solider, what are they feeding you on this base?” I ask in mock exclamation. Wrapping my hand around his thick shaft and feeling its weight. Hefting it around.

“Errr sir?” he asks confused, beads of sweat forming on his forehead.

I switch back to cold steely mode from playful, and throw his cock back at him so it slaps halfway around his hips, watching it swing back and forth, “Drop and give me fifty solider!”

“Yes sir!” he shouts with zeal and drops to his knees and starts doing push ups.

“Guess again solider,” I say still wearing a hard expression. Pointing away to an exercise matt in the corner, “Over there, now!”

I watch him start to walk over to the matt, cock fly back and forward, flopping against his legs.

“And solider…” He turns around on the matt.

“Stuff that thing back into your jockstrap!” I say pointing at his swing semi. I cross my arms as he amusedly tries to stuff it back into the jock strap but by now he’s leaking precum like a hose and its slipping and sliding everywhere. Eventually he stuffs it back in so its curving around his balls in a big C, stretching the fabric too its limits. He stands proudly to attention with his hands clasped behind his back, bulging out proudly, but I was rummaging through my bag. Then I found what I was looking for.

“Now drop and give me twenty solider.” Lobbing the item in my hands in front of his feet. It landed with a thunk on the matt and bounced slightly.

Jamie’s eyes widened. It was the novelty black rubber dildo that we got for Christmas a few years ago as a joke. It was over 15 inches long and nearly 9 around, with a set of rubber balls and realistic veiny ribbed surface. We had both joked about it at the party with our friends while we got drunker and drunker, but we both knew we could never use it in bed for anything other that trying too stuff it in out mouths or stroking over each others body. But I’d been playing around with the capacity of Jamie’s magical new arse and I think he could take it.

He simply stared its bulk, lying on its side.

“What’s wrong?” I asked, walking ehind him and whispering it harshly in his ear, “are you scared private?”

His voice was wavering now, “No sir!”

“Good,” I grab the dildo and use its suckered end too stick it too the matt, applying a liberal dollop of lube from a tube in my pocket, “Now drop private!”

Jamie dropped on too his shins and shuffled back till his hairy arse was positioned over the shining black tip, then started lower his taught buttocks over its. Squelching as it slipped easily inside him. Gripping his bulging cock, trapped inside the jockstrap, he moaned as it completely penetrated him. His legs wobbled as the black rubber balls touched the inside of his thighs.

“I think you enjoyed that too much private, lets make it a bit more interesting.” producing a pair of handcuffs from a pocket in my combat pants. I secured his hands behind his back before ordering him to continue.

Jamie’s breathing was getting deeper and more laboured as his slid up and down on the massive dildo, as I kept time by shouting out his reps. The jockstrap was starting to bugle out as it took the strain of his full blown erection. I walked around behind him and reached around to tweak his erect nipples, standing out among his dense chest hair, making him gasp and shudder. Both of us were surprised and aroused by how his chest hair was getting denser after Jamie’s first week back home.

“41, 42, 43, come on solider, make it fifty!” I barked again, “Faster! 44, 45..”

I could see the blood rushing too his face, making his cheeks red as I quickened the pace and drove him faster. He was going to need to cum soon, his jockstrap was sopping wet from precum and was pooling on the floor. That’s when I unleashed my secret weapon. I pulled out a small remote control and pushed a button, indicating the lowest setting. The reaction was instantaneous, Jamie’s threw his head back and howled, as the dildo started vibrating right next to his hyper sensitive prostate.

I had hollowed out the dildo, there was plenty left inside too stop it snapping, and replaced it with a powerful vibrating motor I had picked up. It was only on its lowest settings but Jamie looked like his was in ecstasy already, stopping completely and grunting as it massaged his prostate. I knelt down next to Jamie and pulled out his soaking wet penis, leaving his balls trapped inside the jockstrap. The smell from his crotch and sweaty body was powerful and my cock was leaving a damp patch on my pants too. I had to resist to stay in character, standing back up before him, yelling “Come on solider, don’t stop now! 62! 63! 64!”

I could barely grasp the remote my hands were so slick and had to wipe them on my pants before I could grip it again. Then I turned it up a notch again to medium power. Jamie’s cock was so big now that he became erect in stages, right now he was almost fully extended, but flopping about and still pliable so you could bend it still, slightly. As I turned up the power, it began to thicken again and straighten out, pointing up at 45degrees. A stream of precum can pouring out in a thick stream. You can see why I had so many false alarms in the past week, thinking he had cum early.

“Please, let me cum, its too much!” he begged, we both knew he really enjoyed it. I could tell when our play strayed away from anything pleasurable.

“Let me cum what? Private?” I asked smugly.

“Sir!” he yelled, “I need to cum! Sir!”

I considered his request again for a minute or two while he moaned and bounced his amazing arse up and down on that monstrous dildo.

“Ok private, I think that’s enough for today.” I said and turned the power up to maximum.

The effect was amazing too watch, his cock stiffened and his head fell forward, teeth tightly clenched, “Nnnnnggghhh!”

It pointed straight up now and was hard as steel, bobbing around as the blood surged through it. Finally he sank all the way down on the dildo before his hips started too buck away, seemingly of their own accord. His mouth gasped silently as the first jet of cum was fired straight in to the air and smacked against the ceiling. Usually there’s more of a pause between Jamie’s ejaculations but today he was aroused beyond all self control. Another and another fired straight up and splattered against the ceiling. Eventually the mess started too drip down on him as his cock continued to spasm weakly, sending seamen flying merely over his head and then his shoulder, hitting him in his hair and face. Before dribbling down his heaving pecs.

I don’t know how I managed not to cum right there and then in my pants, but the sight of Jamie’s cum drenched body was magnificent. Living with this sex god for a few weeks had hardened me to his lures, so I could now walk through a room without ripping his pants off, but this was a hard test of my self control.

“Good work solider,” I said, voice quavering, “Now go hit the showers and then report to my quarters afterwards”

He slowly pulled himself up of the glistening slick dildo and smiled at me in the way that made my legs want to buckle. I unlocked the handcuffs and started looking for a mop. The downside of sex life now was that there was a lot of cleaning unless Jamie felt like aiming at something suitable… like an empty bath, or a reservoir.

“Sir?” I heard him ask behind me, I turned around, “Should I report to your quarters with this?”

My naked, cum drenched boyfriend was standing before me with a ready lubed dildo in his hands, sporting a half erect cock that could be coxed back into life at a moments notice. Can you guess why it was at least another two hours before we both hit the showers.

A week later I was in the office of Dr John Phillips, the pre-eminent scientist with a flare for designer bodies. We were in his office set in the side of the converted luxury liner, over looking the a beautiful ocean sunset. I landed late in the evening after a long journey from Manchester Airport to Havana before another two hour helicopter ride to the Artist, emblazoned with GeneTechs logo of the double helix in a triangle. I had been barely in the ship for an hour and was dog tired but had spent most of it in a consultation with Dr Phillips about the modifications I was going to receive. There was no time too find my sea legs, there was a tight schedule for Dr Phillips to stick to. He was tired as well, but I could see his eyes crease up when he smiled, he still enjoyed his work.

A naked, half completed hologram on my new body floated above Phillips’ desk, while he pecked away at a keyboard, refining the changes.

“…so you see the new synthetic muscle we weave in with your current musculature won’t tire as quickly as normal and actually works to maintain and regulate structure and tone.” said Dr Phillips enthusiastically, “This means you don’t need to spend hours at the gym to maintain your body and will last indefinitely. Does that clear up your queries?”

“Yes that’s great!” I have bags under my eyes and my hand wrapped around a mug of strong black coffee.

“Now that covers most of your upper body modifications.” He held up application form I filled out months ago before leaving England, “You requested some extensive and detailed modifications lower as well, lets cover the with the genital area first. Do you have anything you want to add to your original notes ?”

“Ah!” I reach inside my bag and drop the 15” dildo down on the desk, it lands with a thump and I sit back in my chair with a grin.

Phillips raises both eyebrows and appraises the sex toy, “I believe we can accommodate these dimensions”

Instantly he’s pecking away at he keyboard and I just smile and watch the sunset.


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