College fantasies

by J. R. Jones

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The new life in college wasn’t going like my brother talked about. You know, sex every weekend, glorious frat houses with big parties, and the sexiest people on the planet. Well so far there is parties at frat houses that I do not get invited to. And sexy guys that don’t notice me.

I had to figure out away to change all this disappointment. One day it did, but I didn’t do any thing, well not exactly…

The alarm went off first day of being a sophomore in college. As got up I saw my roommate Max still in bed with his blond hair sticking out just above the covers. Out the hundreds of guys at the place I liked him most. He didn’t mind I was gay at all. Max also has an amazing surfer body. His tan is golden brown, just like some of the streaks in his blond hair. The muscles on his body was tight and large—not bodybuilder-size, but still incredible. He had an a firm chin and jaw, and a Zac Efron smile, and stood over 6’4. The perfect guy.

I walked in the bathroom to see if the time I’d spent at the gym lately had done anything for me. Sadly nope. I wasn’t ugly or fat but I wasn’t a hunk like the Max. I was mixed black and white, so naturally I had golden brown skin. My hair curly and hung over my head. My curls were light brown and had blond streaks in them. I was kind of scrawny, with a little muscle and nipples size of dimes. The best thing about me though and what every one loved was my eyes. They were bright green some times blue.

After I stopped feeling sad for myself I took a quick shower, put on some simple clothes, and started my soon to be crazy day.

Max had invited me for lunch.

“Wa’s up dude,” I said getting Max’s attention as I sat down across from him.

“Oh. Hey Josh, how was class”, He said with his great smile.

“Do you even want to know how great physics was,” I told him sarcastically, then laughed.

Maxed laughed too, his chest almost ripping the tight white V-neck. He stopped when he saw I was now looking at his body. “Um ok, here I forgot to give you this.” He reached down under the table and handed me a brown box size of small perfume box. He put it on the table. “I didn’t want to forget before I went to class. I’ll catch you later,” he smiled and left. I waved a sad wave by, disappointed we couldn’t talk more. I stuffed the box in my bag and went to my next class.

I got back to the dorm around four. Max wasn’t here yet. I slid off my back pack. I went through it and got out that small box. The top just popped open while I had it in my hand. I grabbed the object inside. It was a blue vial that had a note tied around the top. I took off the note and read it to myself.

“Hey You are the few people who will get to try out a new water product ’fantasy’, enjoy and let all your fantasies come true”

I looked at it crystal blue liquid inside the vial. I popped open the vial and put it to lips and drank it. It was good—sweet.

I sat on my bed and quickly fell asleep. I dreamed about all the guys who were cute but I’d never even spoken to. Max was there at the end of the dream calling me. Before I could say something back, my eyes creaked slowly open.

As my eyes adjusted I could tell this wasn’t my room or dorm. The walls were dark blue with a light blue trim. The bed was twice as big as mine. I practically ran into the bathroom I could see that was connected to the room. I turned on the hot water to pour on my face.

Before I did anything else I stopped myself and stared at the guy starring back at me in the mirror. It was me but not me. My chest was big now and had large pecs. At least a 10-pack set of abs were now under those pecks, with a trail of brown hair on them. My muscles were five times larger, thick too, veins running from my neck to my wrists. Powerful legs and ballooned up calf-muscles. My thighs had large rolls on them flexing in the mirror. Right above them I was in a large black boxer-briefs that didn’t hide nothing. My huge cock pushing making the boxer-briefs stretch. I pulled the boxer-briefs off to reveal my new 11-inch soft cock dangling between my thighs. I pulled the boxers back up. My hair was no longer curly and tangled but long and wavy. My face was angled with a superman jaw.

I walked to the room. I felt great and confident in so many ways. I looked and saw another person in my bed. It was Max sitting there naked staring at me smiling. “Hey Josh. You ready?” I couldn’t believe it, out of all the changes Max gesturing to have sex with me was the most surprising. “Here let me help you relax.” He walked over past the bed and started kissing me. I kissed back filling his tongue slide in and out my mouth made me get real hot. His body muscles pressing against mine.

His hands explored my back grabbing and touching until he had a grip on my ass. Which just got me hard. My cock pressing against his making him hard. He slowly started to kiss down. His hard kisses touching my neck down to my quarter sized nipples, his kisses getting more intense. he pulled down my boxers with his strong hands. He grabbed the base of my dick with his right hand and put my growing now 15-inch cock in his mouth, his tongue swirling around my shaft, taking at least 10 inches.

The pleasure was intense making me sweat with every stroke from his mouth. Max’s pace changed, going faster, wanting my cum, and I didn’t slow him down either. He went faster and took more. I grunted with so much pleasure and grabbed his hair pushing my shaft deeper in his throat. I tried to warn him I was about to come but I only went deeper. I came pumping come down into his throat. Him swallowing it only made more come. It filled his mouth making some drip down to his chin.

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