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Drug test

by Also Known As

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Part 1  (added: 19 May 2011)
Part 2
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Part 1

Stefan had a hard time not looking at the guy. Normally, a trip to the doctor’s office was an exercise in a perverse sort of game he played with himself  –  what was wrong with the others in the waiting room. VD? Bulimia? Usually, the other patients at the office were college age, like him, because the doctor was located just off campus. But this time he was the only one waiting.

He was here answering one of those ads about getting extra money to be in some drug test or something. Seems like he never had any spending cash, and the offer seemed innocent and easy enough.

But he never counted on encountering anyone like the guy who had just entered the waiting room from the doctor’s offices. Stef had come out in high school, so scoping out other guys, particularly at this rather liberal college, came second nature to him. He didn’t try to conceal his interest in some guy, and most guys were either open to his scrutiny or, sometimes, ended up in his bed with him for a little action. He knew he was a good looking guy, and he dressed to accentuate his better assets, including an ample cock that was now pulsing and swelling in his Calvins.

This guy… how could he have ever missed him before? As he entered the room, he filled the doorway. Stefan had a special place in his pants for muscled beauties, and the more masculine the guy the better he liked it. And this guy practically defined masculinity.

First off, he was wearing a tank top that had to be about two sizes too small for him, so tight on his torso that he might as well have just left it off. Every well-defined muscle that bulged along his upper body pressed insistently against the heather gray material. It was stretched to the point of tearing  –  in fact it looked like his thick lats were doing just that! The guy turned slightly to close the door and gave Stef a view of a back so wide and powerful that his breath caught.

Everything about this guy screamed MAN. There even seemed to be some scent that accompanied his presence, or maybe that was merely in Stefan’s imagination. The lines of the guy’s amazing body, the dark curls that erupted over the low scoop of the neckline from between pecs of death, the way his butt filled his jeans, not to mention that something monstrous was pushing eagerly at the guy’s bulging crotch  –  Stefan could practically feel the guy’s dickhead pushing against his hungry asshole.

When the beautiful young man turned back, their eyes met and a sudden surprising shock seemed to pass all through Stefan’s body. He had heard the term animal magnetism before but had never actually felt it until now. It was like electricity and lava. Then the guy smiled, a smile that Stefan knew the meaning of quite intimately, and the shock built up a couple more notches and he felt himself blush from the sheer sexual frankness of the guy’s glance.

The guy paused at the doorway and licked his lips, and his body seemed to swell slightly with even more muscular might. The tear under his arm opened more and the sound of it echoed across the room. The guy’s smile increased and he winked at Stefan before walking across the carpet to the exit, Stefan watching the guy’s amazing and firm ass moving with an inviting swagger, and then the muscles of his arm flexed and bulged as he turned the doorknob and flashed another smiling glance back at Stef’s gawking gaze before leaving.

“Stefan Haupt? Mr. Haupt?”

Stefan’s world re-aligned and he tried to subtly adjust his hardened dick before standing up and going into the offices himself. The nurse, a not-bad-looking fellow with red hair and a well-trimmed goatee (Man, thought Stef, how did I miss that guy’s thick and powerful neck before? He wished he’d stand up so he could take in the whole package), arched a knowing brow and seemed to slightly laugh. Stef smiled back and went through the door.

A smell of antiseptic and ammonia assaulted him, erasing the gorgeous guy’s manly musk from his head. He was met by another young guy  –  he wondered, idly, where the women nurses were  –  who touched him lightly on the shoulder. This guy was pretty nice looking too. Evidently he worked out, and when Stefan glanced over to look at his face, their eyes met and he felt that same little jolt in his loins again, though far less powerful and overt than the guy in the lobby had delivered.

On the other hand, although this guy was certainly attractive, he could never hope to measure up to the overwhelming masculine beauty of the mystery man. The nurse said, “First time here,” and it was a statement, but Stefan answered anyway.

“Yeah, I’m answering the ad. The one about the…”

The nurse interrupted. “Yeah, I know.” He smiled and slightly squeezed Stef’s shoulder. “You’re lucky, I think you’re one of the last guys accepted. You’re… Polish?”

Stefan shook his head. “Austrian. Not by birth, but my mom and dad are both from Salzberg.”

The nurse unlocked a door and opened it, gesturing for Stefan to enter. “The doctor will be here in a moment, Mr. Haupt. Please disrobe and have a seat on the table.”

Stefan was already unbuttoning his shirt. “Naked?”

The nurse smiled and nodded. “As the day you were born, Stefan.” The door closed and Stefan continued to remove his clothes, carefully folding his pants and setting them on a chair. Once he was nude, he checked himself out in a full-length mirror on the back of the door. He killed an itch above his dick, digging into his wealth of rough blonde curls and making his ample cock wag. It was still semi-hard and he closed his eyes and tried to recall a memory of the guy in the lobby, smiling with satisfaction and feeling the familiar surge of blood into his member. He sucked in a deep breath and opened his eyes, taking in his whole naked self in the reflection.

He was no prize specimen like that huge guy, but he was damn good looking if he did say so himself. He hit the gym three or four times a week, enjoyed volleyball and baseball in season, and ran the indoor track most mornings. Consequently he had a tight, firm, powerful body. Not huge, certainly, but good enough to get lingering glances from both sexes when he walked across the quad. He had a dusting of more golden curls on his chest and peaking out from his pits, his hair was cut very short and he shaved his chin close because he’d always had trouble really getting a beard to grow.

He was about to turn around and check out his proudest asset  –  the tightest little ass this side of the Mississippi, when the knob started to turn and Stefan found himself face to face with the handsomest doctor he’d ever dreamed of.

“Well, hello,” the man in the long white smock said. His voice was a deep rumble and his eyes were as dark as coal. He had jet black hair, straight and unkempt, the locks sliding forward across his gaze as his head dropped slightly so his dark eyes could take in all of Stefan’s overt naked beauty, head to toe and everything in between.

“Hello yourself,” Stef answered, rarely taken aback by anyone’s attention, even so close and unexpected as this. “You’re the doctor?”

The man smiled and offered his hand. “Dr. Carmichael, at your service.” They shook hands. The doctor’s grip was firm and assured. He wasn’t the sort to test another man’s strength, no macho posturing necessary. Stefan couldn’t help but notice hoe the man’s bicep swelled as his arm pumped. “Take a seat, Mr. Haupt. I need to do a physical before we discuss the procedure, just to see if you’re… suitable for the drug.”

“What is it, by the way?”

Dr. Carmichael grinned slightly. “I’m afraid I can’t discuss it before you sign the release, and you can’t sign the release until I’ve certified your fitness. So the sooner we get this part over, the sooner your questions will be answered.”

“Cool.” Stef hopped up on the table and the doctor got to work. Stefan had a hard time controlling his impulses while the man’s hands explored his body. Dr. Carmichael, like seemingly every other man in this building, was an exceptionally attractive and more than usually muscular man. It was a little hard to tell under the gown of his smock, but as the exam continued it became evident to Stef that here was another built hunk with bulging power lining his limbs and pecs that begged to be worshipped. He couldn’t see the guy’s ass, but he would have bet all the money for next year’s tuition that it was fir and round and ready to be humped.

While Carmichael checked him out stem to stern, they shared pleasantries and discussed his health history and sexual practices. “Isn’t this a little unusual, the sex stuff? I mean, unless I have something, like VD or AIDS or something, what’s the difference?”

“Some… side effects from the treatment may alter certain… um, let’s just say that based on what you’ve told me about yourself, there should be no surprises for you.” Stef wanted to ask a lot more questions suddenly, but the one he really wanted to know was, “Who was that guy who left just before I came in?”

The doctor laughed. “Mitchell? Yeah, he’s something else, isn’t he?”

“Is he a student?”

Carmichael nodded. “Same year as you. Mitch is having an exceptional reaction to the treatment. Although he’s also getting the new prescription so maybe that’s not totally unexpected.” He met Stef’s curious gaze. “So, you found him… attractive?”

“That’s not the phrase I was thinking of. More like, incredibly fucking totally hot. I’m amazed I haven’t seen him before around campus, a guy like that would be hard to miss.”

“Maybe you have and you just didn’t know it.”

“No, I think I’d know it.”

“Okay, I just need a blood sample and we’re done.”

“Am I a good candidate?”

“Excellent, Stefan. Practically perfect, actually.”

“So, now can you tell me what this is all about?”

“After a simple signature right here, I can answer all your questions.” Stef eagerly scribed his name on the line and sat back. “You can also get dressed now, if you like.”

“I’m comfortable if you are,” he answered, grinning. Stef allowed his eyes to really check out his doctor’s body and found himself becoming aroused yet again. Jesus, what was floating around in this place that got his dick throbbing every five minutes? “So, what’s this miracle drug I’m testing?”

The doctor smiled and set the clipboard aside, leaning back against the door and folding his hands behind his head, his folded arms bulging against the seams of his lab coat. In that position, his smock fell open and his crotch was pushed forward, offering Stef an explicit and lingering view of a bulge that seemed ungodly. He could tell that the doctor’s torso tapered to a tight, slim waist, creating a V-shape that suggested he was both much larger and stronger than he first appeared. “Yes,” the doctor purred, “I’d say you’re a perfect candidate.”

Stef leaned forward a little. “I’m all ears.”

The doctor eyed Stef’s prick, watching it becoming slowly engorged and pushing across his thigh. “Not all, certainly,” he said. “You mentioned Mitch earlier. Maybe the shortest answer is that the drug we’re testing turns men into Mitch.” Stef’s wrinkled brow told Carmichael that more explanation was needed. He pushed himself off the door and took a couple of steps toward Stefan as he spoke. “It was developed primarily as a sort of Viagra alternative, but with much broader capabilities. The little blue pill, it just, well, plumps when you cook it. It doesn’t do much for the rest of the body. Have you ever tried it?” He looked at Stef’s still burgeoning hard-on and smiled. “No, I doubt you’ve ever needed it. Well, Viagra affects the penis specifically allowing longer erections even in the absence of sexual enticement. The rest of the body is unaffected. This new drug is somewhat more powerful and is designed to enhance, well, everything.”

“So Mitch…”

“I’ll put it this way; when Mitch walked in here, he didn’t look too different from you.”

Stef’s eyes widened. “How many treatments did that take?”

“As I said, when he walked in here… today… he looked like you.”


The doctor began to take off his smock. “I thought you’d never ask.”

Stef grinned and leaned back on the table. “Why Dr. Carmichael!”

“Call me Rich,” he answered, as he unzipped and released his drooling monster from its cage.


Part 2

If the doctor’s exam had been thorough, it was nothing compared to the man’s ability to fuck. Maybe his intimate knowledge of the human body, and particularly of Stefan’s, enabled him to know exactly where to go to get the biggest reaction.

But even that could not explain Stefan’s overwhelming orgasmic reaction once it hit. He’d been fucked well and true more than a few times, and done his share of fierce humping to make a guy scream, but when Rich managed to keep bringing him to the edge of release and them pulling him back, applying his lips and hands with expert finesse all over Stefan’s naked flash, teasing and rewarding with equal faculty, making Stef’s balls hurt with their load until, at last, he was allowed to pump out so much hot cream that he thought he might never come again.

Plus, the doctor’s body was everything that Stef’s imagination had promised. He was built like a brick shithouse. Intercostals and obliques so well formed and defined that they acted like arrows that pointed to the thick, fat, long tube of sex meat bulging between his legs. And that cock! The man could do things with that hard beauty that Stef never knew was even possible. And the man had to be a yoga expert to get them into the positions they found themselves in. Sideways fucks, legs twisted, back arched, moaning from equal parts pleasure and pain until that final release where his whole body exploded through his prick.

And now he watched the doctor getting dressed as he lay exhausted on the examination table, his body slick with sweat and his soul soothed and satisfied. “Jesus fucking Christ, what the hell was that?”

Rick turned slightly and smiled. “Just a little something I learned from Mitch.”

“Fuck. That huge guy can move like that?”

“Mitch can do a lot more that that.”

“You did this with him before he took the drug?”

Rich was buttoning up his shirt, masking his beautiful muscular body under the blue button-down oxford. “No, after.”

“Have you—,” Stef wanted to ask if the doctor had done the drug too, but before he could get the words out, the doctor was shaking his head. “Nope. But I didn’t look quite like this before I was with Mitchell. There’s something… something happens.”

“Why didn’t you take it?”

Rich shrugged. “Didn’t fit the profile. But I still managed to realize some of the benefits, don’t you think?” He winked, picked up the clipboard, and left the exam room.

Stef was putting his shoes back on when the nurse returned. “We should have your blood results back in a couple of days. Stop by the desk to make an appointment for your treatment on Wednesday, if that’s convenient.”

“Sure, no problem.” He stood up, eying the attractive orderly. “So… you’ve been with Mitch, too?”

The nurse smiled. “I’ll walk you out.”

After Stef made his next appointment, the receptionist handed him an envelope explaining that it had some instructions for him to follow before the treatments began. “These are important, so please read them thoroughly and follow them to the letter.” Stef nodded and left the office with just one thing on his mind  –  find Mitchell and fuck his brains out.

Unfortunately, the instructions he’d received had other plans for his sex life. `Do not engage in sexual activity for 48 hours prior to your first treatment. Sexual activity is defined as vaginal, oral, anal or other penetration to or from a partner or partners. Other forms of sexual activity not involving penetration with or without a condom may be acceptable but not advisable.’ There were other dietary and physical limitations and warnings, some of which would be easier than others to adhere to, but that first point was going to really test Stefan’s resolve, particularly when he encountered Mitchell a day before his scheduled appointment.

Stef was sitting on the bleachers at the track, shirtless in the late spring sunshine, studying for his Biology final when something inside him seemed to vibrate. He could feel something in the environment change, though he couldn’t tell what lead him to that decision. It was like a feeling of being watched, some innate sensation outside the usual boundaries of everyday life.

He looked up and it was as if his vision was drawn to the shape of a guy entering the track from the far end of the stadium. He was about 200 yards away, but even from where he sat, Stefan could tell it was Mitch  –  there could be no mistaking that profile.

And if anything, he looked even more impressive than he had earlier.

Stefan found himself staring at the guy. He was stretching his immense frame, twisting his trunk around and over, obviously prepping for a run. He was wearing a very small pair of running shorts and a pair of shoes and that appeared to be all. The shorts were blue with white stripes on the side. They contrasted with his copper skin and the hint of body hair Stef spotted in the doctor’s office was revealed here to be a veritable forest that spread across the expanse of his wide, powerful chest and plunged down his rippled belly to disappear into his tiny shorts.

Stefan sat up and turned, watching the small figure pulling his muscled arms wide, stretching his chest. His waist seemed unnaturally small from here, as if he were built like a top, all shoulders and chest and back narrowing to a waist that could not possible hold all that bulk up.

Then he was jogging, starting slowly, running along the track opposite where Stef sat alone in the bleachers, providing a show of unbridled sensuality for this audience of one. His approach was almost painfully slow for Stef, but he was soon rounding the curve and approaching where Stefan sat waiting, watching, and hardly breathing.

His steps on the track seemed to echo through Stefan’s body and he watched the golden God approach. Mitch’s massive chest bounced as he moved, and his ample package shifted and heaved in his shorts, looking like two eggs and a sausage bouncing in a latex sack. He wasn’t wearing anything under the shorts, obviously, and they were the kind that were cut all the way to the waistband so his powerful, heavy thigh muscles, each one thickly defined and flexing under his glowing skin, had room to move.

He came ever closer, the lines of his powerful form shaping themselves in Stefan’s eyes into the ultimate definition of what a man should be with each step. His face was angular and masculine, with a heavy brow and high cheeks. His chin was square and shadowed with a growth of beard. His chest was amazing. Stef could see each band of his pectorals as he moved, but it was the fascinating and amazing bulge between his legs that really made Stef feel hot all over.

He had a huge cock. It was blatantly obvious. And huge balls. Thos shorts wanted to split open under the onslaught of his heavy equipment. Closer he came, his skin lustrous and bronzed, and then he passed and Stefan watched his powerful ass carry him away. The diamonds of his calves looked firm and hard, and his back was a map of power, bulging with more muscle than Stefan had ever seen.

Stef remembered to breathe as Mitch passed again to the far side of the track and he realized he had not moved while the God passed by. But now he stood up, adjusting his hard-on in his shorts and walked to the front row of the bleachers, to a spot where Mitch could not miss him.

Again he rounded the turn, and he looked bigger still, as if his upper body was expanding outward with muscle, making his waist look even smaller, and that prick was fat and firm and pushing against the seams of his tiny shorts. Stefan, a runner in his own right, took the opportunity to step down onto the track and go into his own stretching routine, turning his back to the approaching god and bending over, leaving very little to the imagination concerning his intentions.

He heard Mitch approaching, then slowing. His straightened, his back still to the man, when he felt him behind him, heard his soft breathing, felt the heat of his powerful body, and then a voice, deep and as powerful as the man who owned it, said, “I saw you in the doctor’s office.” The voice seemed to move through him, washing Stef in waves of masculine energy. He felt it in his balls.

He turned and… looked up. He hadn’t realized just how large Mitch was before. He looked huge. And amazing. And when their gaze met, Stefan felt that same overwhelming shock of sexual heat infuse him. It was stronger now, almost too much to bear. He felt his mouth go dry and his dick start to swell. “Yes,” he answered. “A couple of days ago.”

Mitch smiled. Jesus he was too gorgeous to look directly at, like the sun, or a total eclipse. “I’m Mitch.”

“I know,” Stef answered, “Dr. Carmichael told me about you.” He felt like he was falling into a pit of ultimate pleasure. His heart was racing and his cock felt like it weighed a ton.

“He fuck you?” Mitch was just standing there, looking perfect. He defined masculine power. It came off him in waves.

Stef nodded. “We fucked each other.”

“You getting the treatment?” He was confident and perfect. His muscles swelled as Stef watched him. He seemed to be growing bigger and stronger with each breath.


Mitch nodded. “Okay. You want to fuck after?”

“I want to fuck you now.”

“No, little man. You want me to fuck you.” He reached down and tucked his thumb into his waistband and tugged the slim, shiny, elastic fabric of his shorts down, plunging his other hand into his crotch and pulling out the ample fullness of himself, revealing his cock to be even larger than Stef imagined it to be. It spilled over the lip of his shorts and dangled in fat abundance, the thickly veined shaft bigger than any prick Stef ever saw, the plum of the head wrapped in a tight cowl of foreskin. “You want me to pump your ass hard and fast and forever. You want this inside you. You want me to fuck you, right?”

“Well, since you put it that way.”

Mitch rumbled a laugh. It felt like boulders moving against each other. “You know the rules, bro. No play until after the day.”

“Or what?” Stef wanted to tempt fate for just a touch of that monster inside him.

Mitch shrugged his mountain range of shoulders. “Them’s the rules.”

“You always play by the rules?”

Mitch arched his dark brow. “You know what happens to guys I fuck?”

“Like I said, Dr. Carmichael told me about you.” Stef reached down and moved his touch along the inches of Mitchell’s cock. It was hot and smooth and firm.

“You can’t wait one day?” Mitch sounded amused. But his cock was swelling, lengthening, getting hotter and harder. His whole body seemed to magnify, the muscles of his chest pushing against his tanned skin, his nipples expanding.

“No,” Stef answered truthfully, “I can’t.” Mitchell was a force of nature, more than a mere man, the essence of sex encased in perfect masculine beauty and power.

Mitch smiled. “Okay. Your place or mine?” He tucked his cock back in his shorts. It was so big now it pushed the fabric down and out, exposing an ample shining forest of pubes.

“My roommate’s in my dorm, studying for finals.”

Mitch’s eyes narrowed. “Same here. I came out to get some air.”

Stef swallowed hard. “What about right here? Right now?”

Mitch shrugged again. “Whatever you say, little man.”


Part 3

Mitch was shoving off his shoes and socks and pulling down his shorts before Stef had time to reconsider his hasty proposal. Once he saw Mitchell exposed, and all his power and beauty  –  not to mention the incredible proportions of his now swelling manhood  –  he was more anxious than ever to be with this man, even though the thought of fitting his hugeness inside his well-worn but still tight little butt was suddenly a fearful thought. The man just kept getting larger and larger, and he didn’t seem to be fully erect yet, unless the goddam thing was so fucking heavy that it couldn’t lift its own weight.

But that thought was just as suddenly extinguished when he watched it pulse and twitch ever upwards, blooming longer and thicker as it rose, darkened with blood and hot with sex. Mitch petted his cobra with a sort of reverence, as if he was as amazed by his own size at Stef was. “Don’t worry,” he said softly, looking down at himself so that at firest Stefan thought he may have been talking to own cock, “it looks big but I have amazing capabilities.”

“Meaning?” Stef was naked now, too. The sun felt good on his skin, and a cool wind ruffled his blonde hair.

Mitch met his eyes, and that same sudden electrical shock of sex bathed him again. “Meaning bend over.”

“Don’t I even get a kiss?” Stef teased, but he was already positioning himself.

Mitch was all business. He was stroking his dick as if milking it, the veins bulging, the head growing purple and shiny. A glob of clear precum appeared at the piss slit and Mitch let out a slow, deep moan. “Kiss this,” he said, and he grabbed Stef’s hips and shoved himself home.

Stef cringed and bit his tongue. Fuck, he was huge! But almost as suddenly as the pain shook his ass, a more soothing warmth was flooding him, a sensual and fulfilling ocean wave of blissful sexual pleasure that swelled within him like a plunge into a warm pool. He closed his eyes as fireworks exploded in his head and his whole body shook with overpowering pulsations of deep and incredible gratification. He could feel Mitchell ramming his ass, feel the immensity of him, his hugeness and hardness pummeling him, but that powerful feeling was accompanied by a feeling of complete and utter sexual satisfaction imploding like a supernova.

He gasped. He gulped in air. He felt himself tighten and swell, energized from within. It went on and on, his vision blinded by pleasure, his body enraptured and his brain numbed by the onslaught of it. Then, another, higher, broader, thicker wave of power and joy and strength exploded with fire deep inside. He felt the orgasm within him building higher and higher, his balls felt huge, flooded with cum, and suddenly he was pumping his load and shouting, screaming, crying from the intensity of the delivery. His whole being, his soul shook and swelled with it, and when it was over, and Mitch was pulling himself free, Stef was filled with an emptiness and a longing for the feeling back. The power and pleasure and incredible satisfaction of Mitchell’s prick inside him.

“Shit,” he whispered, suddenly feeling the hot gravel of the track digging into his knees and chest as he lay there under the sun, naked and fulfilled and powerful.

Mitch stood over him, his cock dripping, his body pulsing, bulging with power and strength. “You okay, bro?”

“Oh, man.” Stef sucked in a deep breath and exhaled it as a chuckle of happiness. “I’m fucking amazing, Mitch. Jesus Christ, what was that?”

Mitch kneeled to gather his shorts and shoes, then stood and slipped the slim material of his jogging togs up his powerful legs. “You’ll find out.” Stef turned slightly and looked up at the huge perfect man. “Tomorrow. You get your shot tomorrow, right?” Stef nodded. Mitchell smiled. “Make sure and find me after. I can’t wait to see what the two of us can do together.”

“Better than that?”

Mitch closed his eyes. “You can’t even imagine.” He opened his eyes and smiled as he tried to manage his enormity back into his shorts. From Stef’s angle on the ground, Mitch looked bigger than ever. “Wait until tomorrow, you’ll see.”

“I can’t wait.”

“I’ve noticed.” He offered his hand and helped Stef to his feet, scanning his body as if committing it to memory. “It’s happening already,” he said softly, and he reached over and pinched Stef’s right nipple hard.

“Ouch! Fuck, do that again.”

Mitch only smiled and said, “See you later, little man.” And then he was off, jogging around the track, leaving Stef to collect his shorts and wander back to his dorm room, his ass tingling and his heart racing.

Stefan slept poorly that night. His whole body hurt, as if he’d had one hell of a workout at the gym. When he did manage to drift into a shallow sleep, dreams of Mitch and muscle filled his head, and he would awake over and over to find a huge, hard erection blooming in his grip.

His roommate, Geoff, remarked about Stef’s restlessness. “Bad dreams?”

Stef pulled the sheet from over his head. “Actually, the dreams weren’t bad at all. I… I’m not feeling quite 100% this morning, is all. Think I’ll go see the doctor again.”

Geoff shrugged. “Whatever, just don’t give it to me.”

Stef smiled to himself. Fat chance of that, he thought. Although the thought of nailing Geoff’s fine ass had passed through his brain more than once, even though the guy showed no sign of being gay-friendly, even when that meant a free blow job from a rather talented practitioner now and again. “Don’t worry,” he said instead, “I don’t think it’s catching.”

Stef did not shower, he didn’t have time. He stayed abed a bit too long, as usual, and dressed hurriedly and without much thought. His whole body ached, and every stretch of his muscles yielded a new tenderness. He felt a distinct and nearly unavoidable desire to whack off, but he lacked the time even for that. Instead, he wandered tired and bleery-eyed across campus toward the doctor’s office.

The red-haired receptionist looked slightly surprised, even though he knew perfectly well that Stef had an appointment. As Stef signed in, the receptionist said, “You did read your instructions, right?” Stef sniffed and nodded, “Of course,” he answered, but a flush of red colored his face nonetheless as the memory of the previous day’s track work-out returned fully.

He waited only a few minutes before the other nurse opened the office door and escorted him again to the same exam room. “Should I get naked again,” Stef asked, almost hopefully.

“If you want to,” came the reply, “but it’s not necessary.” He smiled, winked, and left.

Stef saw his reflection in the mirror on the door and blinked hard. He narrowed his eyes and leaned forward, looking closely at himself, and a shock ran through him. He moved his hand against his chest, feeling the hard bulge of muscle there. It pressed against his skin, and he flexed it, feeling the bands of power move.

With a suddenness that startled him, the door opened, wiping his reflection away, and Dr. Carmichael was there. As he looked up from his clipboard, the smile faded from his face and his left eyebrow arched. He scanned the figure in front of him and a knowing understanding slowly crept into his face. “Good morning, Stefan.”

“Morning, Rich.”

“Been busy, have we?”

“No, just studying for finals and—”

“You know what I mean.”


“Mitchell.” The doctor closed the door. “You read the instructions, I presume.”

Stef sighed and nodded. “Yeah. But.. c’mon, you know what he’s like! Fuck, that dude is everything anyone could ever dream of! And when he’s fucking you, it’s like… like—”

“I know what it’s like, remember?” He consulted his clipboard and tapped a pen against it. “This really should disqualify you, I’m afraid.”

“Huh? I just thought… I though maybe we’d have to put off the treatment or something, but not that I couldn’t—”

“You’ve been partially exposed, you see. It invalidates the test. The results will be skewed. And… I’m not entirely sure it’s safe for you now. You could receive an overdose. Hell, you may already have one, from the looks of you.”

Stef tilted his head. “You mean the—?”

The doctor set down his clipboard and reached over, tugging Stef’s shirt over his head. He clicked his tongue and then started unbuckling Stef’s belt and pulling his button fly open. Stefan’s semi- rigid prick popped out, pulsing dully and, now exposed, inflating to fullness, engorging with blood at a surprising pace and shoving itself upwards inch by amazing inch. “This is what I’m talking about. Get your clothes off and get on the scale, please.”

Stef did so, seeing now in the wakefulness of accusation just how different he was. His muscles were fuller, harder, rounder. He felt heavier, too, and his dick, he would swear it was bigger. The doctor shifted the little weights around and frowned. “You’ve gained 20 pounds, Stef. Since two days ago.”

“Shit.” Stef was amazed, ashamed and little excited all at once. “So—”

“So, another treatment would—”

“But this isn’t another treatment. This is a first treatment! I haven’t had any shots, so how would anyone know?” He wanted this badly. He wanted what Mitchell had. That innate and overpowering masculinity that swelled and bulged and flexed in every muscle. He wanted the killer cock, the electric glance, the brick shithouse body and the ability to fuck a guy to heaven and back. “Please, Rich? This is my decision. I want to do it.”

“But the tests—”

“Fuck it. You want to see what happens to, I know you do. You saw Mitch go from me to what he is now. What happens when a guy goes from this,” he paused, throwing his bicep into relief, watching it rise hard and fat under the skin, bigger already than a day ago, “to… whatever comes next?”

“I’m a doctor, Stef, I can’t just—”

“I signed the release. It’s my body. My life. I want this.”

Rich stood there looking into Stef’s eyes, then down his improved body, at his fat, hard, thick dick and a smile crossed his face. “What the fuck,” he said at last, “let’s go for it.”

Dr. Carmichael pulled a syringe from the pocket of his smock and removed the cover from the needle. Whatever was inside was clear, like water or vodka, and filled the vial. “Here it is. Phase 3.” He swallowed, maybe having second thoughts. “What Mitch got was Phase 2. This is the next revision. More concentrated, more powerful. The pure stuff.”

Stef was already excited. “How does it work?”

Rich shrugged. “It’s pretty advanced. Viagra provides a temporary solution to a problem. This is a more permanent alternative. It works at a more basic level, and as you’ve seen for yourself, the changes seem to be transferable.”

“How quick does it work?”

“Mitch changed in about two hours. This is twice as strong.”

“An hour? I could be like Mitch in an hour?”

“Well, Mitch took Phase 2, which took two hours. Phase One took 24 hours. So… if that rate continues, we’re talking—”

“Give me the shot, Rich.” He came around the scale and stood next to Dr. Carmichael.

“Okay. Well, this part’s gonna hurt some.” He shot a bit through the needle to removed the air bubbles, turned the syringe over, grabbed Stefan’s nutsack and shoved the solution into Stef’s balls.”

Immediately, he felt a heat like lava in his groin. It was overbearing and he nearly collapsed. The heat built like a furnace that suddenly exploded outward into his whole body. He started to sweat and breath in short, sharp intakes. He clenched his teeth against the building pain and heat as it swelled outward to his fingertips and until it felt like the hair on his arms and legs and head was on fire.

He couldn’t speak, and time seemed to stop. His vision went white, then black, and his whole body went rigid. He could hear someone calling his name, felt hands on his body, the heat building even hotter until he thought he would die from it, or explode.

Then the growth kicked in, and everything changed.


Part 4

Stefan had never felt anything like this. Probably, no one had.

Immediately, he felt like he was floating, or lifting into the air. A feeling of release and freedom suffused him, and he signed deeply and opened his eyes.

The doctor was trying frantically to get a video camera running, while simultaneously watching what was happening to Stef as each second ticked by. “Holy fuck,” he said softly, pausing to reach down and adjust his cock.

Stef smiled and pulled in a deep breath, feeling as if the air was inflating him. He caught a glance of movement in the corner of his eye and turned toward it, realizing it was his own reflection that attracted his attention. Then he said, “Holy fuck,” too as he watched himself change.

It felt so good. So powerful and pure and beautiful. He could feel himself growing, feel every muscle expanding with strength and size. He watched his legs bloom, the thick wedges shoving against each other and swelling outward. His chest ballooned, the bands of might expanding thick and proud and fat under his skin. His nipples were blooming, too, growing bigger as his chest expanded.

His belly arranged itself into a display of raw power. The skin seemed to suction onto a six-pack of abs that were getting bigger by the second. Then another pair of muscles started materializing low on his waist, between his hips, and then he noticed that his waist was compacting.

He started to look more and more like Mitchell. The amazing taper of that guy’s torso was manifesting on Stef, his lats spreading and thickening, serratus and intercostals and obliques swelling into beingm then defining themselves, deeply etched, thick and amazing, arranging themselves like arrows that pointed toward his crotch.

He was developing so fast and so big that what was happening between his legs almost escaped his attention, but the sheer weight and the tingling, throbbing, fantastic heat of the tool drooping thicker and longer from his loins made him stare at what his cock was becoming.

Rich was dragging the video camera over to capture the action, repeatedly whispering “Holy shit,” and “Jesus Christ,” and “Fuck me,” over and over as Stef changed. He focused the camera down on Stefan’s cock and zoomed out, because it was growing so big, so fast, he had to take it all in.

It was a beast, growing into a monster. Stef’s golden pubes were growing thicker above his developing meat, and it looked like some fast-motion film of a zucchini growing from a thick golden forest.

Stef reached down, noting how his forearm was a mass of clearly defined muscular perfection, and placed his hand against the shank. An electric thrill of orgasmic bliss erupted through him and he sucked in a shuddering breath. “Fuck,” he whispered, and he stroked himself lovingly and shook with erotic passion. His cock began to plump and rise, inflating with inhuman speed. His balls swelled and dropped, churning with manly power. They inflated with seed like balloons, and with just another stroke he started pumping a thick, full load of creamy white spunk against the mirror.

He came and came, stretching his head on his neck and closing his eyes, surrendering to the sudden, overpowering orgasm. His body was still growing stronger and bigger, seeming to accelerate instead of slow now that he was fountaining a hot load of cum all over his reflection.

“Oh, yeah,” he moaned, stroking himself slowly, feeling his hot load coating the thick inches of his tool. He could feel it growing in his grip, pressing against his fingers, forcing his hand wider to accommodate it. He reached up with his other hand to pinch his nipple, having to search for it first on his still-expanding chest. He dug his fingers through the forest of hair that covered his pecs until he finally located the fat cap of his right nipple and, pinching it, a new shock of sexual pleasure erupted hard and fast.

He moaned, a deep heavy sound, and his orgasm renewed itself, he was pumping quarts of hot cream from his unstoppable balls, his body was growing stronger and bigger with every passing moment and he felt beyond masculine, beyond powerful, beyond strong.

It felt like it would never stop, and he never wanted it to. Bigger and bigger he grew, every muscle redoubling its size, bulging against his skin, stretching it to the limit. He was taller now, too, he knew that when he opened his eyes and looked down at the doctor. They had been eye-to-eye before, but now he was at least a head taller, and growing taller still.

He stroked and milked himself as he looked down at his developing body. He raised his arm, the bicep he had displayed earlier to Rich was now at least twice as large as it had been. Was it 18 inches? 20? How big would it get. It glistened against his tight skin, and he twisted his arm to watch the cables bulge and grow.

His cock was still growing, too, so large now that he couldn’t fully encompass it in one hand. The tip was rising ever higher, and still erupting, his orgasm continuing to build in strength and intensity with the rest of him. God, he felt like Superman, so strong that nothing was beyond his powers, and like he could fuck the whole world and never stop.

He felt a mouth on his cock and he looked down and the doctor was sucking at his fountain. He grinned and reached down and placed his hand against the back of Rich’s head, pushing down on his manhood. Yes, he thought, drink it in, suck it up, take it all. Suck on me and grow. Become more than you are. Grow powerful and masculine and strong.

He pumped himself into Rich, feeling as if he was controlling what was happening now, that he could come as long and as much as he wanted to. Or needed to.

He looked ahead at the stained reflection of his growing body, watching his chest expand, his waist contract, his face resolve into one of perfect masculine beauty, so striking that he was falling in love with himself. His upper body was spreading beyond the edges of the mirror, now, his shoulders a yard wide, his chest bulging forward farther with muscular power, his lats inches thick and still growing.

He was still coming, he rubbed at Rich’s head like a good pet, pumping himself into the doctor’s guts. His traps rose and spread, the lobes of his shoulders separating and rising, his arms 22 inches and growing. He was unstoppable.

How much did he weigh now? How strong was he? How big was his dick? His ass was tingling, hungry, needful. “Rich,” he said, his voice deeply powerful, resonant and strong, “you gotta fuck me.” Rich looked up, cream running down the sides of his mouth. “Fuck me, Rich. Right now.”

Stef’s still spurting cock came out of Rich’s mouth with an audible pop. “Yes, sir,” he answered, and he rose off his knees and started unzipping, pulling his throbbing prick out and circling behind the huge, muscular monster.

From behind, Steff was just as impressive. His back was a mile wide with massive, thick bulges of muscle everywhere. His ass was round and firm and huge, a shelf of male beauty dripping wet, ravenous, needful. Stef bent slightly and his pink hole opened for Rich like a welcoming tunnel. A sudden wave of man musk swept over Rich as he leaned his pelvis forward and kissed the tip of his stiff prick against Stef’s perfect hole.

Dr. Carmichael’s body was shook with a deep, all-consuming tremor of erotic pleasure. The merest touch of his cock to the huge man’s ass made him feel like he was coming buckets, released and powerful. He swooned and sighed and pushed forward, the feeling of sexual release building higher and higher the deeper he went until, all the way inside, he could feel the man grab onto him and the fucking truly began.

Stef grabbed hold of his fountaining tool and leaned down to suck it into his own mouth, drinking down his salty spunk as his unending orgasm grew even more intense. He closed his eyes and concentrated on giving Rich all the pleasure he could deliver, controlling the muscles of his ass to massage and squeeze and caress the doctor’s dick.

And still he grew. Bigger now than any other man on the planet. More powerful and stronger and more beautiful.

And the camera recorded it all, every inch of muscle that grew, every inch of cock that swelled, the two men pleasuring each other, sucking and fucking, growing stronger by the second.

Stef released his own cock from his mouth and straightened, looking at what he could see of himself in the mirror, and he slowly, effortlessly, flexed every muscle on his body into hard, bulging, perfect relief. Raising his arms, making his shoulders press upward, his biceps and triceps bulge outward, his whole body a roadmap of overwhelming muscled glory.

Only he and the camera saw this. The perfection of the male form, every muscle perfect and bulging, his monster chest arching away from his body, the fat muscles of his 8-pack, the thick obliques pointing downward to the huge prick shooting stream after stream of hot cum. Getting fucked in the ass as he posed, feeling fulfilled and satisfied as no man had ever been.



Part 5

Technically, the doctor was still trying to fuck Stef when the young man decided it was time to find Mitch. Delirious with pleasure, hard as a rock and starting to feel the effects of being with the newest God on the block, Rich’s dick was streaming jets of cream as Stef left him in the exam room.

It was useless to even consider clothing, as big as he was. He’d paused long enough to stand on the scale again, to see how much muscle was now packed on his much larger frame, and after fiddling with the little metal blocks, sliding the back and forth in the little room accompanied by the sounds of the doctor’s fevered moans and continued ejaculations, he finally managed to figure out he now weighed nearly 300 pounds. And he judged his height, based on what he knew about doors and ceilings and his old normal dimensions, to be in the neighborhood of seven feet tall.

He could hardly fit out the door, and as he strode into view, all activity stopped dead. His monster prick, slick and pulsing, drooped from between his heavily-muscled thighs, jutting forward over the lemon-sized nuts that hung fat and ripe behind it. He was leaking thick strings of heavily musked precum, a steady drizzle of sexual supremacy in search of one man.

The nurse stared at him, and within moments his dick had inflated in his pants and he was coming, staining his jeans darkly. His breath was short and when Stef looked at him, into his eyes, he came even harder and leaned against the wall for support.

The huge beauty strode down the hallway, his hand reaching for the knob and accidentally squeezing it into a wrinkled pulp of brass. So he merely pushed against the door with his massive shoulder and it fell forward, into the lobby, and he shoved his bulk through.

The red-headed receptionist started to rise but found his knees suddenly week, and he too was spouting a flood of cream into his shorts within seconds. Stef smiled at him as his fingertips stretched through the deep blonde forest stretching across the massive globes of power surmounting his chest, and the guy blew out a fast exhale and collapsed back into his seat, his hands clawing at his fly to rip it apart and get at his own meat.

It was all innate to Stef, everything he was doing now. He was tuned in to some new, heightened level of awareness, and he could make men come just looking at them, just being in the room with them. He was overwhelming, more than possible, beyond masculine.

He paused at the door and looked down and his own cock was instantly hard again, inflating with heavy, hot blood, the head bulging and darkening and he smiled and he was coming, shoving a fast, thick tide of his potent cream from his never-empty balls. His flow erupted high and hard, plastering the ceiling and spraying in a fat arc across the ugly paintings that hung on the walls.

He sighed with contentment, allowing his dick to deflate as quickly as it had erected itself, and he left the doctor’s office.

A heavy flood of masculine essence flowed around the God that Stef had become. It was invisible but potent, and every man he encountered, no matter what age, gay or straight, was similarly affected. He took the stairs, worried he would no longer fit in the elevator but unashamed of his nudity, his glory, and emerged into the sunlight next to the medical building. The warmth felt fantastic against his exposed flesh, and he, again, made himself hard with pleasure and contentment, his cock thickening into massive magnificence, the helmet freeing itself from the foreskin and growing fat and shiny and another heavy load of cum erupted from him and arced high into the air, splattering onto the sidewalk and lawn.

He moaned contentedly and shoved another tide free before allowing himself to deflate. He could maintain an erection indefinitely, he knew, but it made walking rather awkward. As it was, his gait was now emphasized by the sheer size of his legs, and having a two-foot high prick wagging like an upside-down pendulum was a little unwieldy.

He could smell him. He was out there. They were joined, now, in something unique and amazing. Mitchell was waiting for him.

He strode across the lawn and the parking lot toward campus. His naked body glowed like some liquid metal deity, the absolute supremacy of his masculine prowess evident in every inch of his unbelievable muscularity. His barrel chest and yard-wide shoulders balanced effortlessly above a waspish waste, tightly packed with hard, bulging strength. The golden curls of fur that grew across his form accentuated his size and dimensions, shining like spun gold.

In the parking lot, he paused as a door opened and he looked over at a guy, about 60, emerging from his pickup. He smiled at him, the towering God, and the man shook and fell back, his crotch full with seed he didn’t know he had. Stef left the old man with a satisfied smile on his face and grinned with delight when two more men spontaneously erupted at the mere sight of him.

“You’re welcome,” he said, his voice a deep growl, and he reached down and caressed his monster. It swelled in delight, leaking a thick river of clear honey along his leg.

He reached the campus 10 minutes later, leaving a trail of soggy underwear and deeply fulfilled gentlemen in his wake. He came twice more on the way, the second time grasping his beast in his rough paw and sucking it into his hot, wet mouth, gulping his own salty cream like a starving man. He tasted good.

He reached a small group studying on the lawn. Of course they were already staring in his direction, how could anyone not stare at a 7- foot tall, 3-foot wide super muscled hunk of prime masculine meat walking leisurely across the campus, his monster cock swinging heavily, strings of shining clear precum varnishing the grass as he came?

Stef was smiling and as he came closer, he watched the physical reaction his presence caused. A couple of the guys had arched their backs and rolled their eyes in their skulls, already lost in an orgasmic bliss more powerful than they’d ever felt before. Another guy had his cock in his hand and was stroking for all he was worth, spurting several streams across his fist. The women’s reactions, from what Stef could judge, were no less dramatic, for they were either rolling in the grass, or trying to attack the men in the circle, or digging between their legs as they stared at him.

He smiled and those with eyes locked on him seemed to reach a mutual and sudden crest of their ecstasy, many moaning or shouting or groaning as their crotches exploded with orgasmic climax.

Stefan flexed his muscles for them. He bent his arms so his biceps bulged with obscene and unbelievable power. His skin was shiny with sweat and the scent that lingered about him grew stronger as he posed, displaying the awesome new dimensions of his massive body. He looked at two of the guys who seemed to be in some worshipful haze and he said, “You ready, fellas?” They made no indication that they weren’t, so Stef got hard and let loose a fat, thick fountain of his powerful cream all over them. He came like a flood, and they went crazy, licking it from their faces and clothing and swallowing his cream hungrily, wanting more and more. He could see their arms starting to bulge before they knew what was happening.

He walked on. A guy on a bike, seeing the huge naked man, nearly crashed into a tree. Stef thought to help him but before he reached down, the guy’s crotch darkened and his body shook with ecstatic bliss. He left him panting and creaming his shorts. He rounded a corner and three more guys came, two of them started to grope and kiss each other with fierce need as the third tore open his jeans and used the creamy load inside to lube his frantic whacking. Every man he passed, it was always the same. They all came in an instant, some swooning and collapsing from the sheer power of his sexual onslaught, others turning to those nearest for sensual sustenance, others finding their own firm hand the only available outlet.

He was near the dorms now, standing beneath a large oak. Mitch’s scent was stronger here. He recognized it from before, but now it was a clarion, calling to him. He rubbed his touch across his nipple and closed his eyes, feeling a deep thrill of orgasmic bliss erupt through his huge body. He could feel his arm swell against itself, huge and hard, and slowly, slowly… still growing.

It was true. He could feel it. It was there, mingled with the never- ending thrum of erotic bliss that now swam through his blood every moment. That thrill would build to eruption when he wanted it to, and thinking of it now it happened again. He stood there, legs set wide, arms now relaxed at his side, and his cock pulsed and throbbed and inflated with blood, extending and rising and bloating bigger and bigger, the head swelling, the eye dilating, his balls churning and then he came again, and again, and again.

He was still growing. He came again, shoving a flow from his body. He was getting bigger. Stronger. More beautiful. He came again. His muscles grew more powerful each second. He grinned. He sucked in a deep breath. He exploded with a flood of hot cream from his fat, huge, hard tool. He came and came and came.

“Mitch,” he whispered.

His ass ached to be filled. His muscles throbbed with power. His cock sizzled white hot, hard as stone, thick as a normal man’s arm, and he came. And he came.

He opened his eyes and smiled. A flood of cum surrounded him. It hung from the branches of the tree and puddled on the pavement and sank into the grass. He could smell himself in it, his own masculine scent. He was calling. It was a signal. He was ready, and waiting, and wanting. He sucked in a slow deep breath and felt his cock harden to steel solidity and he came again, a high, thick fountain of bright, hot cream. He sighed and came again, pumping another heavy load from his boundless balls. They swelled with his power, fat and round, and he opened his eyes and came again. It flooded from him now, here, close to his ultimate lover, his balls swelled and drooped with the load of it, and he came over and over, each new fountain accompanied by a deep, rich, powerful orgasmic rush of erotic bliss.

Then he saw him. Unmistakable. His broad, beautiful profile pushing open the doors and stalking across the campus toward where Stef stood, naked and perfect. Mitchell strode with determination and purpose, and as he approached he was ripping his own clothes off, letting his hard prick bob as he jogged toward where Stefan waited for him.

“Mitch,” he whispered again. It rumbled from his broad chest. He squirted another thick stream. It sprayed across his body, it shot into the sky.

Then they were together. Stef towered over him. Mitch’s eyes were fierce and feral and the shock of erotic heat that always occurred when their eyes met was an explosion, a vast fireworks display, an atomic bomb.

“Who’s the little man, now?”

“Holy fuck, Stef! Jesus H!” His mouth was on Stefan’s in a moment. Stef could feel the other man’s hot prick pressing between them. He wrapped the man’s muscled form in his own overwhelmingly powerful arms. Finger-thick veins pulsed with blood. He felt himself swell against him, still growing, still stronger, still bigger. Mitch moved his mouth to Stef’s ear, his thick lips warm against his neck, and he whispered, “Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me.”


Part 6

Dr. Richard Carmichael recovered from his encounter with the muscle god and slowly straightened. His body ached, and as he managed to get to his full height, a discernable tearing noise accompanied his movements.

Everything hurt, but it was the good sort of hurt, the kind after a hell of a workout which he no doubt had just experienced. He smiled as he looked down at himself and saw the seams along his arms and legs splitting apart. Other sudden loosening constrictions told him that the seams on his back and across his shoulders were similarly experiencing some very violent rending.

Skin broke through his clothing and he started, slowly, to flex his muscles, bending his arms and tensing his chest and shoulders. He was Hulking out of his clothing, stretching his arms wide so the buttons flew off his chest and his shirt split open, exposing the bands of strength still slowly building upon themselves across his torso.

He reached his hand to the broad, bulging hemispheres of his chest and his bicep broke through his sleeve. His hand touched the tight skin struggling not to be torn apart like his clothing, and the rush of erotic pleasure raced through his body and zeroed in on his crotch, where his dick still hung semi-limp out of his open pants.

That passionate current inflated his prick all over again and the sheer weight of it surprised and thrilled him. Its heft and mass made him feel charged and it grew heavier still, tingling with delight and throbbing with hunger. Hunger for a touch, for a caress, a stroke, a suck. He watched himself thicken and stiffen, mesmerized by his own improved cock when his smock and shirt split wide open down his back and the sudden release of pressure aloud his muscular back to spread its wings of thick power.

He laughed, giddy with excitement and sexual anticipation, thinking of what he had just seen and experienced, wondering where that huge and beautiful young man was right now, feeling himself growing heavier and larger with every beat of his heart when his attention was drawn to the open door and his intern, Jeff, was there, his crotch wet and sopping, his face coated in sweat.

“Dr. Carmich—,” he began, but then he saw what was happening to the man he was spellbound all over again. Rich’s chest, burst through his shirt, was building into a mammoth display of pectoral wonder. His smock and shirt hung in tatters off a set of wide, thick, amazing shoulders, and a fat, juicy, hard prick angled up from between his legs, still wet and shiny, dripping precum like a salivating snake.

The doctor said nothing. He started to slowly rip the ragged clothes off his growing body. He bent arms overwhelmed with muscle and pulled the shirt off, revealing a torso of amazing vascular might, covered with hard bands and cables of power, fed with veins snaking over his muscle. His belly was a cobblestone street, and the taper of his whole upper body pointed straight toward that huge male appendage throbbing with desire, the helmeted head dripping honey that covered the whole tool and coated his churning balls.

The doctor breathed in slowly, his expanding chest rising and falling, dark curls of thick masculine hair spreading quickly across the tight, dark skin. He put his hand to his cock and stroked himself with slow, intense pleasure. His cock responded by suddenly swelling to attention, and he said, softly, in a voice like a Harley’s cut pipes. “C’mere. My dick is hungry and my balls are full.”

Jeff took a couple of steps, but Rich wasn’t about to wait for him to come to any decisions. He reached out, the muscles of his arm twisting and bulging around each other, and grabbed the young man, spinning him around and, with the video camera still rolling, shoved him over the exam table and tore his pants off his ass, digging his fingers into the seams and physically ripping his way in. The scent of his intern’s cum, pooled inside his shorts, acted on the doctor like an aphrodisiac and he shoved his hugeness to Jeff’s tight hole and plunged deep, deep inside his hot ass.

Jeff yelled from shock and pain, invaded by the fat prick of his boss but the heat and hurt was quickly replaced by something quite a bit more welcoming, as the serum that was now living inside the doctor in a somewhat diluted version acted in its way, easing the way inside another host and making the ordeal not only palatable, but pleasurable.

Jeff’s ass tingled with erotic bliss. He’d never felt anything like it, the feeling of satisfying fullness accompanied by the same feeling of erotic sensation that radiated from his cock when he was fucking someone else. His own prick inflated suddenly, almost painfully hard, throbbing insistently until, of its own and with no external stimulation, he was coming again, his body jerking from the doctor’s insistent ass fucking and his own inescapable drive to pump a fresh load of cream free.

Rich was perfectly aware of what he was doing. Was it still rape if the victim was willing? He could feel his strength growing, knew there was literally nothing Jeff could do to stop Rich from taking anything he wanted, doing anything he wanted. He loved watching this muscular body fucking Jeff’s full, round butt. Shoving his fat cock in over and over, plunging deep and full, feeling the young man’s tight bowels hugging his enormity, and he was letting go of load after load of his cream as he fucked him, so much it gushed back out and splashed hot against his loins. His thighs were ripping his pant legs open, but those same monster thighs were holding those pants up, too big to simply fall off. His ass tingled and throbbed, hungry for a cock like Stef’s, wanting more of what that man could give.

So he fucked on and on, harder and harder, feral grunts leaving his throat as he pummeled the intern’s ass.

Jeff grabbed onto the exam table, knuckles white, teeth clenched, hardly able to withstand the power of what was happening to him, his body overwhelmed with sexual bliss… and starting to grow.

Seann, the red-headed receptionist, sat satisfied in his chair, his dick in his hand, the strong scent of mansex permeating the waiting room. He’d squirted his load all over his shirt and was drifting in the afterglow when a man cleared his throat and Seann looked up at the face of the UPS guy.

This was a face he knew very well, not to mention the arms, ass and legs. Fred, the UPS guy, was a daily delight for the man who’s job tended to expose him to disease and illness all day long. Fred wore his tight brown uniform as if it was painted on, the sleeves grabbing hold of thick biceps grown strong from hefting boxes for hours and hours. His ass was tight and pert from carrying those same boxes up stairways, and the rest of him wasn’t bad either.

He had close-shorn hair, dark, and a thick neck, almost as wide as his head. His mouth was small but his lips were full, and he had a small nose that looked like it had been broken at some point. His eyes were piercing blue and he always smelled of sweat. Thick dark hair covered his forearms and when he wore shorts, like now, Seann could see that the body fur seemed to extend everywhere, down his legs for sure. More curls erupted over his collar and he looked like he needed to be shaving his jutting chin almost constantly.

Fred was grinning as he eyed Seann’s fat prick, and he said, “Am I interrupting?” Seann started frantically tucking himself away, but Fred’s next sentence stopped him. “If you need any help with that, just say the word, baby.”

Seann’s embarrassed blush turned into one of excitement. “Actually,” he said, “I could use a hand.”

Fred set down his delivery, a small white box, and leaned over the counter, reaching his thickly muscled arm down to Seann’s dick and grabbing hold, rubbing his rough thumb across the head. It plumped and jerked, and Seann bit his bottom lip as he arranged himself so Fred could get a better hold.

The sound of two men fucking made its way down the hallway, a series if heavy pounding thumbs and a very deep, very masculine grunting and moaning. Fred smiled as his eyes narrowed, and he leaned in closer. “Sounds like a busy day.” Stef’s thick load of cum dripped down the walls and Fred sucked a deep breath in through his nostrils, his chest expanding with the sexual scent. “Smells like it, too.”

“We’ve been.. ooh, ung, Jesus Christ, right there. Yeah, ooh, yeah. Been busy. Huh, uhhh, oh God.” He felt close again already, his excitement heightened both by the public nature of the handjob and that one of his Fred fantasies was actually coming true.

“I love a big dick, Seann.” His manipulations were making that very clear. “Wish I had more time but… you know how it is.” He stroked harder and faster, his face close to Seann’s. “You know I’ve always wanted more than your signature, right Seann? You know I’ve wanted to fuck you hard and fast.” His stroking echoed his words. “You almost there, baby?”

Seann was gritting his teeth and curling his toes. He nodded slightly.

Fred’s grin turned into an open-mouthed smile, and he hopped on his belly upon the counter and went down on Seann’s hot cock, holding the base in his fist as his lips started sucking with delight. He was rewarded almost immediately with a thick load of salty cream. Fred gulped greedily, sucking Seann’s dick until he was again spent, then hopping off the counter and wiping the corner of her mouth with the back of his hand.

Seann collapsed back into his seat, eyes closed, a beatific smile on his face. “Oh, fuck.”

Fred chuckled. “Love to, but I’ve got other deliveries to make. I just need one more thing from you, baby. Can you sign right here?” He tapped his electronic pad. Seann scribbled a more or less straight line across the sig field and sat back again. Fred reached out and pressed something into Seann’s shirt pocket, saying “Call any time, Seann.” Then he left.

Seann felt a glow all over, his spit-slick cock in his hand, the sound of Dr. Carmichael and Jeff’s eager fucking still pounding its way through the walls. The small white box sat on the counter. The label read: Caution Medical Supplies. It was from Sapient Research, manufacturer of a new male enhancement drug. Inside was a small bottle of clear fluid. On its label were two words.

Phase Four.


Part 7

Mitchell McArthur lay on his back, the huge muscled mass of his upper body resting on the thick, broad shoulders that reached out from his powerful neck. His eyes were closed and his head slowly moved back and forth, his open mouth sucking in deep breaths of cool air. His legs, bent at the knees, rested on the shoulders of another man, bigger even than him, who was shoving his fat prick deeply into Mitch’s bowels. He was being fucked hard, and fully, and with authority.

Since he had been changed by whatever the fuck it was that hot doctor shot into his nuts, Mitch had been doing almost nothing but fucking. He’d taken some time off now and again to explore the new physical limitations of his mighty body and found that he could find fairly few up to now. He seemed able to go and go and fucking go! He rarely tired, even after the most strenuous of workouts, and saw and felt his body doing things he thought impossible only days ago.

His strength was way beyond normal, even for a guy his size. He didn’t really have any idea before he’d grown how much iron those huge bodybuilder sons of bitches were lifting, but after he visited the gym and threw around hundreds upon hundreds of pounds, he checked online at a few sites and figured he was two or three time stronger than any other man his size.

He didn’t question it, he just went with it. His body answered his demands with seeming ease. Oh, sure, there were limitations to his strength. He strained when he was lying on the bench and the bar was bending under the weight of nearly 750 lbs. of steel, but only at first. After three or four pumps, he was suddenly thrusting that bar like he used to do with one not even approaching 200 lbs. He was doing bicep curls with massive dumbbells, the ones way over near the heavy end of the rack, the ones he used to check out and think, `shit, no one actually uses those.’

And the burn of his muscles, the feeling of bulging, massive power, there was just nothing else like it. He couldn’t get enough of it. An hour after finishing a set that left him drenched in sweat and heaving for breath, he found himself back in the gym and piling on even more poundage.

But before long, the call of his cock was the only song his body would dance to. No matter how powerful and enormous his workouts made him feel, it was nothing to the power and enormity of his fat cock’s hunger.

It wasn’t just the constant thrum of desire, of course, that paled in comparison to the surging feeling of sexual gratification it delivered to him when he was engaged in the act of well and truly plowing someone’s ass. And with his new body, and his frequent appearances on the gym floor, the selection of prime ass had swerved way, way up on the prime ass scale.

Guys he never considered in his league, beautiful men with broad chests and bright smiles, guys who leaked sex from their pores, guys who defined the word fuck were now after his ass and catching his eye and sharing their ample and amazing assets with him. And he found himself increasingly wanting to be in the position of dominance, the one on top, the guy who gave the orders, short and sharp in his new deep tones, shoving himself deep, deep inside one hot butt after another, seemingly able to keep going for hours at a time, his balls always full and his dick always hard.

And something happened to those guys. Something amazing and considerable. Every last fucking one of them, next time he saw them, were noticeably bigger.

The dicks in their shorts hung lower, bulges larger, drooled at the site of him. Their chests exploded with cables of brawn. Their shoulders spread wider and higher and thicker, and their arms and legs were overwhelmed with new muscle.

Then, today, something else happened. Something changed. Something more amazing than everything before. He felt it, whatever it was, in his balls. Something that tugged and felt good, some warm embrace of sensual release. Someone else wanted him, someone who he could not dominate, and someone he absolutely had to find.

He could feel Stef drawing closer as if he was a freight train. A low, rumbling, powerful approach that he alone could feel  –  and it felt good. Complete. Utterly perfect.

And now, here, Mitch was in ecstasy. A sexual ecstasy so profound and absolute that he felt nothing else, heard nothing else. The man fucking him knew, perhaps, some portion of the pleasure he was delivering, but Stefan was lost in his own haze, one of masculine dominance and power. He pumped load after heavy, hot, potent load of his seed into Mitch’s body, gushing his unending tide of orgasmic cream into this man and feeling him change with every pump.

Mitch’s cock, held erect between the two mammoth male forms, was similarly unloading, fountaining thick cream between them, slicking their skin and drenching them in his scent. Mitch’s arms were outstretched wide, his hands clenching and unclenching, the cords of muscle overrun with thick veins that pumped hot blood to feed the growth, and if he could have looked at them, he’d have seen the biceps, triceps and extensors building upon themselves, the fibers and cables of power bulging and growing. The lobes of his shoulders were growing fat with muscle, clearly defined under his skin. His cum- soaked chest was inflating like two hard balloons, the nipples being driven lower and lower as the muscle unfurled.

And Stef watched it all happening, and every second of growth made him cum harder, fuck harder, shoving all his unstoppable masculine supremacy into Mitch, watching him become a mirror image of his own still-developing self.

Stefan was a fuck monster, a sex god, something had taken over when he and Mitchell coupled and he felt nothing but power  –  the power of his cock, the power of his muscles, the still growing power of his being as the drug continued to work on him. His knees dug into the moist, cool earth as he shoved his hugeness into the man beneath him. His grin was vicious and beautiful. Sweat dripped off his mammoth form in streaming rivulets, winding down between the tightly packed muscle, draining through the valleys of his force. He felt himself come again and again, a heavy release of hot cream that gushed from him in abundance. It was constant and unending, and the orgasm shook him from head to toe.

Mitch felt dazed, his mouth slack as his body built itself ever larger. He tasted something on his lips, his own cum, shooting out of him forcefully with every plunge of Stef’s cock into his hot and hungry butt. He was being changed, remade, improved, built up into another superman like Stefan, a fuck machine, a sex god.

Their coupling, loud and strong and animalistic, had a far stronger effect than either could realize, lost in their own orgasmic states. Like ripples in a pond, Stef’s power over men grew immense when at last he coupled with Mitch. Guys sitting at computers in their dorm rooms were suddenly overcome, sucking in hot air and creaming inside their pants. The library, filled with quiet study, erupted with deep moaning sounds and gasping as every man there felt their bodies overcome with sexual bliss, their dicks inflating and erupting with heavy loads of hot come.

Distance lessened the impact, so that those nearest their hard, deep fucking swooned into a collapse of shuddering, groaning ecstasy. Their dicks and balls were pushed hard and full, becoming erect so fast and so strong that it was painful, their balls exploding a dozen times until they, normal men, were spent.

But not so for the two sex gods. They had no such limits. Their sexual pleasure grew larger and faster than their overly muscled bodies, and they pumped load after load after hot, creamy load.

And Mitchell continued to grow.

The doctor emerged, finally, his body stripped naked, too large now for the clothes he had worn and too proud to care. He was transformed into a vision of male muscular beauty. Heavy, fat bellies of hard power bulged on his frame. His skin was shiny with sweat, his new carpet of dark fur matted in tight curls against his body. He walked into the waiting room of his office leaving Jeff behind, just as Stefan had done with him.

Seann stood up slowly, his pants and shirt a damp mess with his seed, and gawked at the amazing man walking slowly toward him. Dr. Carmichael was smiling broadly. He knew fucking well what he looked like. “Any messages?”

Seann gulped hard and took a minute to figure out that his naked, perfect, powerful boss was joking. He snorted out a laugh and shook his head. “UPS came by,” he said, nodding at the little white box. He drank in the view of the man before him, feeling himself, impossibly and for the third time, growing erect with desire.

The doctor now stood at the counter. He was taller as well as broader. His chest was a constructed of two smooth globes of muscle, overlaid with that sweet, dark, soft fur. It climbed out and up and down from there, traversing the man’s six pack and then spreading again, a thick mass of darkness above his thick, fat prick. Seann could see only the first couple of inches of the monster, but he thought it was easily nine inches soft. The man’s skin was so thin and elastic that every muscle was clearly defined beneath it. Even his navel was fucking sexy.

Rich picked up the box and said, aloud, “Phase Four.” He looked into Seann’s eyes and grinned. “Think of that, Seann. Stefan was Phase Three.”

“Jesus Christ.”

“No shit.”

“Who gets this one?”

“Remember Jason?”

“Oh, yeah, Holy fuck, that guy was gorgeous. Long eye lashes, tight little bod. A smile that could kill at 30 paces.”

The doctor nodded. “I’m very tempted to shoot it into my own balls, but the company was very precise about the consequences of giving it to a guy who did not meet the profile.”

“Stef, though. Mitch had already fucked him.” Carmichael nodded. “Didn’t seem to do him any harm… or you, either.”

Carmichael shrugged. “He fit the profile. So did Mitch. There’s an exception to every rule, young Seann. You should know that.” His eyes fell along Seann’s tight body and rested on his shirt pocket. He reached forward and plucked the UPS business card out. “Plans?”

“A few,” the redhead admitted. “He’s a fucking stud.”

“Fred, huh?” Seann nodded. “Hmm.” Carmichael tucked the card back in Seann’s pocket. “Does that mean you don’t have time for a little pre- date fun?” Rich’s hand continued its downward arc and landed on his cock. It was growing erect very quickly, the eye already glimmering with precum.

“I’m sure I could fit you into my schedule.”

“Good. Get your ass out here. I need someone to fuck.”

“Is that an order, doctor?”


Jason Taylor was sitting in the cafeteria when his dick erupted. He could feel it happening, a slow build-up from something as if his asshole was being slowly licked, his nipples slowly tortured, his neck kissed, his balls suckled. It was a tingling, tickling sensation, more of a hint than an actual feeling.

But it grew stronger as he sat there. He was scared, and then he was too turned on to care what was happening or why, and then he felt his ample prick shoving urgently and insistently against his jeans and, suddenly, he was coming.

He pumped a sudden gush that heated his crotch and, before he could feel anything other than satisfaction, he came again. And then again. He sucked in shuddering breaths as he came a dozen times, and fully, filling his shorts to sopping with cream that crawled between his ass cheeks and dripped down his legs.

And somewhere, deep inside him, he felt a tugging. Toward the campus. Toward a tree. Toward his destiny.


Part 8

Stefan’s hungry ass was being filled with hard, full, deep thrusts of Mitchell’s now amplified prick, swollen to mammoth proportions like the rest of his hyper masculine and super muscular body by Stefan’s earlier attentions. Mitch had grown nearly as large as Stefan now, but Stefan was also still growing larger so neither knew, nor cared at the moment, whether Mitch would ever catch up to Stefan’s dimensions.

They were both simply fucking huge. The muscles that bulged along every line and angle of their bodies were shredded and fat with power. Every fiber twisted and flexed in clear, utter detail beneath the skin. Veins pulsed and pumped hot blood into the brawn, feeding them to grow larger still, drawing on what seemed like an endless supply of whatever was making them become the behemoth sexual gods of non-stop fucking they were now.

No one had seen a back like these men possessed. The muscles not merely distinct and bulging, but perfectly formed and fat with strength. Their shoulders were colossal displays of male supremacy. And those backs spread wider, growing even bigger, unfolding like wings leading to impossibly narrow waists. It appeared, now, that they were made of nothing but muscle. It pushed against the flesh, each muscle bulging against its neighbor, the bodies flexing and moving in a sexual harmony of pure male fucking.

Every once in a while, something like a tremor could be heard from the men. Their deep, satisfying groans of animal lust and continuous development escaping their massive bodies as deep rumbles that resonated through any man within earshot, pumping from him another load of his own hot cream, his balls already screaming to be left alone. But these men were made of pure sex, and it pumped from them like the unending flood of cum each could produce.

Jason was sucking cooling breaths into his overheated body. His fingers dug into the moist ground and his head hung forward. Then he threw his head back, his eyes pinched shut, his body suddenly tight and tense as another flashing rush of orgasmic bliss shook him and his cock, hard and red, overwhelmed with veins, the helmet shiny and firm, pumped out another flow of cream. It splashed hotly on his chest and dripped down his skin.

He was naked now, having stripped himself of his clothes as he walked across the campus, literally ripping himself out of them, unable to control what was happening to him. The orgasms were much stronger now, he could feel them coming and tried to prepare for them but they were too powerful to overcome. His balls ached and his cock felt like it was on fire and his whole body felt energized and electrified, and it would not stop.

This one passed. He dipped his hand to the fresh load and licked it from his fingers. He smiled and breathed easier for the moments before the pounding draw began in his chest again, the sense of something physically pulling him toward someplace. He didn’t know why or what awaited him there, only that as he approached, his uncontrollable orgasms came closer together and he had a feeling of swelling masculine power surging through him.

He stretched his wiry frame and got to his feet, thinking that if he got to the place faster, maybe this would stop. Because as much as he enjoyed it, it was rather an inconvenient lifestyle to have to wander the world naked and constantly experiencing mind-blowing orgasms. It made conversation difficult and he rather enjoyed wearing clothes now and again.

He jogged toward the pulling place. He got several yards closer when he could feel another shove of perfect male sexual pleasure swelling inside him. This is how it started, a feeling of warmth and weight inside his body, like he had eaten a full meal and felt satisfied by it. But it would shift, subtly, and move lower in his body, pushing into his loins and growing insistent and hungry and powerful.

He stumbled as a sudden tingle or erotic bliss erupted through him and he could feel his cock growing heavy and urgent. It was coming again, harder than ever, faster now. A wave of heat washed over his whole body, all the exposed skin on his nude form. His nipples tingled and seemed to throb, his limbs felt hard and muscular, his belly tightened and he fell to his knees again, falling forward onto the soft lawn. The sun beat down on his overheated flesh and the feeling inside swelled like a balloon growing deeper and stronger until his cock was hard as steel and his balls seized up and he sucked in a deep breath and came again, lost to an orgasmic rush even stronger than before. He could hear himself come, he was jetting so hard.

Then it was over again, and the pull was back, and he rose slowly to his feet again, his dick dripping cum, and moved closer to the heart of whatever was calling him.

Stefan felt him approach. Mitch, less strongly, but the same feeling of something coming closer was within him. Stef met his lover’s gaze and they both smiled broadly, their angular, masculine faces reflecting the innate knowledge that another was coming.

Neither knew how they knew, or cared. Mitchell’s thrusting hips slowed and he pulled his huge tool from Stefan’s hot and hungry hole, still spurting his unending load. “Can you feel it?” he asked, the voice emerging from the giant man as deep as an earthquake.

Stef nodded. His body pulsed and throbbed with unrestrained power. His arms were overwhelmed with muscle, his chest too broad to see over, his entire body grown wider and taller to hang all that brawn off of. “Yes,” he answered, getting up and slowly stroking his own huge cock, slick with honey. “Who is it?”

Mitch’s mountainous shoulders shrugged. “I felt you like this,” he answered. “He’s another one.”


“Doesn’t feel like it. Remember?” He looked at Stef and they had an unvoiced connection and Stefan did remember what he had felt as he drew near to Mitchell. He looked at the man now, grown several times larger than before, and wondered what he himself looked like. Was he so beautiful? So powerful? So perfect? “He’s almost here,” Mitch rumbled, his smile growing wide.

“Bigger,” said Stef, softly. “We can get bigger.” He bent his arm to watch the bicep bulge. It was a tight sphere of power, big as a bowling ball. He could smell his stink rising from his pit. He was filthy from fucking Mitch on the lawn, they’d worn a huge hole in the ground at the base of the tree. The tree itself had been shoved forcibly over, leaning now precariously, its limbs still adorned with thick strings of his cum.

“Bigger,” echoed Mitch, wondering how it was possible.

Jason saw them from across the quad. You couldn’t miss them, they were the only things standing. All around him, young men had stripped themselves naked and were fucking and jerking off or simply lying on their backs writhing in some erotic ecstasy.

But across the lawn, next to a rather oddly planted tree, stood two mighty giants. They were naked as well, and even from a distance of 100 yards, their unbelievable dimensions were clearly detailed. They had huge upper bodies that glistened with sweat, chests so large that they seemed almost comical, but the power of them was undeniable. These colossal upper bodies narrowed to impossibly small waists, then their bodies suddenly exploded outward again with legs large enough to hold all that muscle upright.

One of them was stroking his meat slowly, his cock like a third arm, rising from between those monster thighs with obvious potency, the shiny helmet seemingly lodged between the rounded hemispheres of his chest. The other’s dick was no less impressive, hanging slightly limp above balls he could see distinctly even from here.

He started moving toward them, and the waves of male erotic power grew thicker and stronger as he approached.

“That’s him,” Stefan said. He was slowly, patiently stroking his fat prick. It was hot in his grip, hot and rock solid hard. He grabbed it and squeezed it and tensed his ass and felt his balls rise. The head swelled and reddened and a thick pump of cream unloaded and poured down the sides. It was heavy with his power, thick with the ultimate masculine energy he produced in such abundance now that it permeated the very air and reached out its touch to stroke the hard cocks of guys in a wide radius. Farther than a football field, and growing stronger by the minute.

He could come when he wanted, come as strong and as much as he wanted, or simply pump out thick tides of his seed, warm and sticky and smooth. Or create this, this essence, this powerful, powerful transforming flow.

So much strength. So much power.

“We’ll rip him open,” Mitchell estimated, looking down at his own monstrous appendage and chuckling softly. “This is a problem.”

“No problem,” Stef corrected. “We won’t have to fuck him.” Another heavy flood erupted up his dick and spilled down its vein rippled sides.

Jason was nearly there, his body was charged with the presence of the two sex gods, he felt like he was being fucked as he walked, that every inch of his naked flesh was being pleasured, his dick was being sucked and stroked and he was coming, coming constantly. He could feel their power.

They were looking at him. The ground was soaked with their cum. The larger of the two was streaming a thick flow. He felt himself irresistibly drawn to it. He wanted it. He needed it. It would feed his desires and quench his needs and complete him.

“Hi,” said the smaller god. Jason felt the word move through him. He nearly swooned, but the draw was too powerful. He looked at the larger god, the lines of his massive form, his unbelievably beautiful face, the purest essence of masculine magnificence. The god pulled his hand from the flow of his cock and sucked his fingers into his mouth, licking his own cum from his hand. The muscles and tendons of his arm twisted and bulged.

Jason came closer, overshadowed by the two, feeling small and powerless. The larger reached out his huge hand and placed it behind Jason’s head and pulled them together, pulled the slim, athletic frame of the boy to the huge muscled structure of the god and fed him from the source.

Jason drank deeply. Nothing ever tasted so purely wonderful. He felt a heat inside as he swallowed, a heat that swam though his blood and reached to the tips of his fingers and toes. He sucked down Stefan’s salty cum and began, quickly, to change.

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