by Taur Reg

 Transformations spread through an entire town—but why?

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Ben woke feeling oddly invigorated. Like last night’s saloon hopping extravaganza hadn’t happened. Usually hangovers hit him hard. He’d hide in bed until the headache, the full body ache passed. He stretched his arms and yawned. He tried to stretch his feet but for some reason he couldn’t feel them. The whiskey must have been more powerful than he’d reckoned. No headache, but lack of physical sensation?

No more alcohol for you, bud.

How many times had he said that to himself?

He worked to move his legs again. Nothing. Oh, my God? Am I paralyzed?

Ben took a deep breath. He turned on the bedside lamp. Then he fainted.

When he woke again he tried to deal with what he saw lying south of his eyes. Where his youth-going-to-seed body had been was something quite different. Not like any body he had ever seen before. It was harder determining what remained from his former body than what had been added with his new form.

Yes, he still had arms. But he’d been equipped with the requisite two before. Now he had four! Legs and feet? Those features would have to be forgotten. When you have a snakelike tail from the waist down, who needs legs, right?

Ben closed his eyes again and took another breath. What the hell had happened to him? As if in an answer to his question he started to remember the drunken dreams that had filled the night. He saw his body from a distinct vantage point: floating overhead.

He lay naked stomach down on the bed. It had been a warm night so his body was uncovered. He looked to the end of the bed to where his feet hung off and saw a dark head approaching his right foot. The head was too close to the foot to see what was happening. But he felt it. His foot had been bitten and he sensed that some sort of venom was saturating his system. Strange enough, the sensation was a kind of good one. How it was that he could remember feeling what happened after the fact was beyond him.

Ben was transfixed by what transpired next. The shadowy figure was gone! He’d disappeared. Or maybe the memory wasn’t important. What he did see was all he needed to see. In what seemed like a matter of seconds his body began to transform. The human Ben was becoming his newly “improved” self.

His body lengthened as the legs melded together into one unit that was rapidly covered with a scaly blue-green skin. The feet were gone and in their place was the tip of a tail. His cock started to evolve in length and thickness and it turned a deep green color before receding into a slit in his lower belly area.

The transformation to his torso was equally amazing. His former fleshy stomach changed to a series of torso crossing abdominal muscles. An eighteen pack! Then a second set of arms grew in as the chest area gained new pectorals and nipples. All of his upper body broadened and became thick with solid muscle. The change wasn’t one he’d have volunteered for but it had its advantages. He might look like a huge snake below the belt but above he was definitely a stud. He found that as he watched the process of his metamorphosis he actually loved what he was becoming. Whatever he was he was powerful and he felt terrific.

Those were two things he hadn’t been feeling of late. It’s hard to feel powerful when your life has been a series of determined failures. The alcohol had once given him a brief release from his reality. Once he even liked the feeling of abandon. Arguably, it might have made him feel terrific. The next morning always belied that claim.

He usually felt defeated, numb and weak. What was really happening was he used the juice to help him face his fear of life. In actuality he felt more terrified than terrific. And when the terror returned so did the thirst.

Now, he felt alive in a way that would have only seemed fantastic to him before. He wouldn’t have been able to dream up a change like the one he was experiencing before. He had too much invested in his almost daily stupor.

He saw ads condemning addiction to cocaine. How the shit stole your life from you. He hadn’t gone that route. Self-destruction would have been faster. You could take your time dissolving into a bottle of the hard stuff. He’d been taking his time. Or the juice had been taking it for him, from him?

Metamorphosis of a far different and unexpected nature was working its strange magic.

The change had worked from his tail up. Last to change was his head and face. Here the change was significant and pleasurable. He had never really appreciated his features while human. He envied the handsome men he encountered. But, though his features were incredibly snake-like, he was pleased by his new countenance. He imagined himself as rather handsome. The earlier, fleeting thoughts that he was becoming a monster had vanished. The new thoughts were that this change was his destiny and if there was more change to be had then, bring it on!

On his blue-green head the hair was gone. He looked like Mr. Clean. All he needed was a large gold hoop-shaped earring but his ears had been replaced by small holes that were almost completely hidden under a flap of skin. Cool. His eyes had bright green oval-shaped pupils and they were able to see the heat rising auras around different things in his room. He switched the lamp off and realized he could see more with less available light than the old human eyes had been capable of. His nose was flatter and wider with horizontal slits for nostrils. His mouth now contained a longer, thinner tongue that was very sensitive to the air’s temperature and humidity. His teeth were pretty much as they had always been. They were larger and whiter and where his canines had been were fangs. He knew the sharp organs produced venom. It was this same venom that had affected his remarkable alteration.

He also knew that he had a sort of ingrained purpose that had arrived with his new form; he felt compelled to make others as he was. Oddly, he liked that idea. He liked the feeling that he had the power to cause other men to become as he was. He sensed that whomever had bitten him had been compelled to do so by the same innate desire. It seemed so natural and necessary. He wasn’t meant to be alone in his new body. Where the alcohol had severed ties this new being wanted ties everywhere.

The dream vision ended and Ben smiled at the acceptance of his graceful shape shifting. He slid out from his bed, down the bare wood floor of the hallway and moved his sleek body through the open, unscreened window at the corridor’s end. His body dropped down to the cool, dew covered grass. The sensation was wonderful. Being human had never given him such pleasure. He wanted to find and thank the being that had graced him with this awesome transformation.

But right now he would be visiting the first man who had entered his mind. He was going to share this very cool change with the object of his very secret desire: his workmate stud, Carl. He would change Carl and then they would … what? Yes, that was the portion of his dream that became clear to him in a hormone releasing rush—they would mate! Ah, the joy that vision inspired in him. This night was barely half over and its remains held such promise: a complete transformation and a bonding in a matter of hours. What other reason could there be for being at all? The natural imperative realized in an indescribable way. Ben would share the gift and in the giving know love at last.

The first wave of morphing hit the Mount Pillion neighborhood of Sparta at approximately 2 PM on a quiet spring Sunday.

Frank had been preoccupied repairing the tiny engine of a model plane when he felt a sharp jab in his side and keeled over onto the garage floor. It was a stroke of fortune that he’d pulled his small pick-up out of the garage only minutes before his transformation. If he hadn’t his substantial trunk would have been wedged between the truck and his workbench.

After the pain receded came a brief period when he felt as if his body were on fire. Then the heat was replaced by a wave of ecstatic pleasure that made him feel as if he was having a whole body orgasm. Finally, he found himself the owner of a large equine lower half and a very buff torso.

Frank might have been shocked about his rapid metamorphosis if it weren’t for the feeling that he was supposed to be a centaur. It felt as if the four legs beneath him were normal, like the human form had been some sort of lengthy aberration that had at last been corrected.

Frank rose up from the floor. He forgot what he’d been doing before the change and proceeded to head for the woods that bordered his back yard. Something told him to head for the safety of the arboreal cover.

Within a short while another centaur joined him. The fellow was equally as large as Frank with blond hair on his head and chest and a chestnut brown hind. Frank couldn’t help but stare at the guy. He seemed familiar, but Frank had no idea why. The fellow smiled back to Frank as he approached.

“So, what d’ya think happens next, Mr. Buckmaster?”

Frank was surprised to hear himself addressed by name. “I’ve no idea. I guess we have to wait and see.” He paused and looked at the other centaur. “Pardon me. Do I know you?”

“You should, Mr. Buckmaster, we’re next door neighbors and … I deliver your paper.” The handsome centaur smiled again and laughed.

Frank was having trouble with what he’d just heard. It was less difficult reconciling the fact that he was standing in the woods having a conversation with a guy who had just been transformed into a centaur than it was recognizing that the beautiful stud was his eleven year-old paperboy.

“Tim? Tim Allison? My goodness! what a difference a day makes, eh?”

“You’ve changed quite a bit yourself, Mr. Buckmaster. If you don’t mind my saying so you look great.” Tim gave Frank a knowing wink.

Frank couldn’t believe his paperboy was making a pass at him. All he could respond with was: “Please, call me Frank.”

Tim came up to Frank and started stroking Frank’s left nipple. For a brief flash Frank felt uncomfortable but then the discomfort passed and he relaxed into enjoying the sensation.

“I really think you’re hot, Frank”

Things were happening at an incredibly accelerated speed. Not an hour ago Frank was a forty-five- year-old divorced father of two teenage sons. Now he was a young, stud centaur experiencing foreplay with a magnificent male who just happened to be the little boy next door.

The facts might have been, but his desires to fuck and bond with the golden taur were very clear and present. It was easy to tell that the attraction was entirely mutual. It was as if the two centaurs had been made for each other.

Tim started nibbling at Frank’s nipple and Frank ran his fingers through Tim’s curly blond hair. The action became more passionate until Frank found himself mounting Tim and having the most intense orgasm he’d ever experienced. When he ejaculated into Tim he felt as if the two had become one eight-legged being. He felt as if he could melt into Tim and forever reside there in their heavenly connection.

“God, Frank, is sex always this amazing? I feel like I am being led into loving you and I’m happy to feel this way. Fuck Sega! Sex with you is the bomb, man.”

Frank regained his senses and realized he had just fucked his friend Phil’s youngest son. Phil wouldn’t believe what had happened to Timmy. Where was Phil, anyway? Had he become a centaur as well?

“Well, Tim, you are certainly a very fast learner. I think centaur sex must have some ingredients I’m still unaware of. I’ve never had such transcendent sex before.” He sighed and shook his head in wonder. “Wow, that was the first time I’ve ever been with a guy. It sure as hell won’t be my last. I could fuck with you for days.” Frank held Tim’s face in his hands while looking deep into Tim’s azure eyes. “You have to be the most beautiful creature I have ever seen!”

“God, Frank, I don’t hold a candle to you. I guess you know that was my first time. Thanks for giving me your all, Stud.”

“Stud? That’s a first. I’ve never been called stud before. I think there must be some sort of pheromonal centaur connection that has made us nuts about each other so soon after our transformations. Not that I’m complaining, mind you.”

“I think you must be right. Still, I don’t know how anyone could resist coupling with these big bodies. I barely remember being a little guy with a little dick. Can I try my new equipment out with you, Frank.”

Frank positioned himself in front of Tim and dropped down onto his front knees. His smile was the only other response.

In the following days the woods filled with newly transformed guys. Tim’s family showed up. His father and his brothers all made impressive centaurs but none of them was nearly as grand as Tim was. He was definitely the star stud of the group. What had happened to Mrs. Allison was a mystery. There were only male centaurs in the woods. Phil didn’t seem to care. He had found a fine fellow to bond with and they were so busy enjoying each other’s masculine charms that Cynthia, his wife, had become someone from the mythic past.

It seemed that all the centaurs were quickly forgetting their past lives and remembering having lived as taurs in a different place and a different time.

Frank had located his boys but they were far from being boys anymore. Dean, his youngest at fourteen, was so big he towered over his father and seemed to enjoy looking down on him. The guy looked like someone had figured out a way to graft a very muscular college football star’s torso onto the trunk of a Clydesdale stallion. Dean seemed arrogant to Frank, but he could easily understand why. How else would it be for a quiet, insecure boy? Think of it- suddenly gifted with all that size and power. Who wouldn’t be arrogant? Frank hoped his son would learn to temper his arrogance with the knowledge that for those who have much, much is expected.

Paul, who’d been a skinny sixteen, was smaller then Dean, yet still larger than Frank. Paul wasn’t so full of himself. He was just very happy to be a centaur. It was a dream come true for him. He told his father that ever since he had first seen a drawing of a centaur in a book from the library he had felt an unusual connection to the four-legged myths. For him being a centaur was so cool he just walked around with a big stupid grin on his face all the time. And a big semi-permanent hard-on knocking against his belly.

Frank found it hard to see his sons so differently. He had very mixed feelings about their transformations. He felt almost guilty that he wanted to play with Paul’s erection. It was a strange desire for any father to have towards his son. Fortunately, he had Tim and Tim was the fulfillment of any of his fantasies. Paul would remain a fascinating, yet unattainable, sex object and his loving son.

Everyone was so occupied with their bodily pleasures that real concerns like why they had changed and what they would be using for food had eluded them.

One morning bales of hay, alfalfa and bags of oats were found at the edge of the woods along with a large assortment of fresh fruits and vegetables. Frank reasoned that since their bodies were half equine they’d be eating like horses: copious amounts of grains and water. The other stuff must be for their human parts. Obviously, centaurs were vegetarians. There would be no prime rib for this crew.

Tim remarked that the way the grub was delivered reminded him of a zoo. Frank laughed off the remark but found himself thinking about it over and over again. Despite his concentration he hadn’t arrived at any likely conclusions. For the time being he was a carnal beast among other carnal beasts and his prominent phallus was directing the content of most of his waking hours.

When Tim first brought back some food to share with Frank he wondered how it was they’d be able to consume the grains. If they ate the stuff raw wouldn’t it take forever to eat?

Frank grabbed a handful of hay and started chowing down. He was pleased to find that he not only liked the taste but that his tongue and teeth had no difficulty with the fodder. Soon Tim joined in and any thoughts about nutritional dilemmas vanished. Neither had a clue as to how their teeth were capable of breaking the dense food down. Neither cared. It was just good to be eating again.

Another week of sexual and nutritional satiation passed. On an afternoon when all Frank wanted was some decent rest and relaxation something very disturbing occurred.

It was Frank’s guess that, by now, most of the men in Sparta had become centaurs. Most all of the men he knew from his extended community had joined him in the forest community. Granted, the men were no longer mere homosapiens, but were now what was probably more correctly identified as homoequinus. What had defined the men as men wasn’t an adequate definition of their new masculine identities. Also granted was the lack of concern on his fellow centaur’s parts with more highly developed pursuits than fucking and feeding. No one, he included, had showed any real signs that they cared to be concerned with those creature needs or comforts that would have occupied the forefront of their human existence. No thoughts of shelter, production of sustenance, locating viable water sources, protecting themselves from the harm of predation or the elements had clouded their tamed centaur minds. In point of fact the centaurs seemed to be far more connected with their animal natures than their human brains were capable of questioning. Frank wondered if he was becoming more complacent because of the change or was he, as were his fellow tranformees, now as docile as most quadrapeds who are given the little they need? Was his mind reverting to some primitive setting wherewith the intelligence to question his condition was unnatural and, therefore, unnecessary? Or were the centaur hormones so rich and brain bathing they were dulling his senses? Was every meal and every session of intercourse making him more stupid? Or was it that centaurs were adequately equipped with a different standard of intelligence than humans?

Frank had tried to discuss his concerns with Tim but was quickly redirected into sexualizing. Tim had said: “What’s with all the worry, eh? Are you having too much fun? I’m sure we’ll get the lowdown on why we’ve been turned into centaurs eventually. ’Til then why don’t you relax and enjoy it? Aren’t you happy being with me? I love you, stud. Drop the mind trips, huh? For me … please.”

So Frank tried not to mention those thoughts that caused him trouble. He didn’t have to work too hard to be unconscious. Every day he was a little less aware of the measured differences between his current existence and his old way of being. Every day he was more centaur and less human until he experienced an unsettling event.

Frank was alone lying resting in a small copse of alders by a stream when it happened. At first he though he was dreaming or his eyes were fooled by the play of light against water. Something-and thing was the only word he could use for it-had crossed the stream not ten yards away from him. It appeared to be a very large green snake. But, since when did snakes have human torsos with two sets of arms? And when did they start being around twelve feet long? The sight was almost too fantastic for Frank to believe until he realized that a matter of weeks ago the sight of a centaur would have been entirely too incredible to fathom. If there were half-horses running around what was to say there weren’t other unusual human/animal pairings? Now, Frank thought, all the men in Sparta haven’t transformed into centaurs! At least one guy is a snakeman and the chances are that there are more like him. That thought terrified Frank. For the firs t time since his transformation he had become frightened and he knew somewhere deep inside of him that he had justifiable cause to be extremely frightened. There were monsters lurking in the woods. Monsters created in the image of snakes and as every quadruped knew—snakes are dangerous! Snakes are deadly! Imagine how lethal a creature with such exaggerated size and the intelligence of a human behind it would be. The more he thought of what he had seen the more frightened he became until he was almost paralyzed with the fear the monster sighting had engendered within him. Still, he wasn’t so frightened he didn’t know that he had to hightail it out of that place and tell his brother taurs what he had seen. Even if they didn’t believe him. He hoped that Tim would realize just how palpable his fear was and they would be able to warn the other centaurs that there was indeed a threat to their idyllic existences. If the snakemen were able to attack the centaurs, it was obvious to Frank, the centaurs would be wiped out in a matter of minutes. Frank’s wonderful life as a centaur would end almost as quickly as it had began and the centaurs he loved—Tim, his sons—would perish with him.

Perhaps there was some purpose to his transformation after all. He could sense that the snakeman he had seen was the precursor to the arrival of something wicked and life-destroying. Frank had seen the enemy. He prayed the enemy had not seen him or any other centaur. The small amount of time that separated the centaur’s awareness that the snakemen existed and the snakemen’s lack of discovery of the centaurs might be all the time the centaurs had to arm themselves for battle or flee the area. That he had retained some of his human thought processes might be all that kept the centaurs free from immanent annihilation. Why he alone had retained the sense to be afraid was not important. What was important was that he be able to convey his fear to the others and still marshal the power within them to survive.

Frank ran with the determined speed of a messenger. The news he carried was cast from horror but it was news he must relay and for that purpose, Frank knew, he had been made.

Ben had only been to Carl’s house once before. It had been for a house warming party almost a year ago.

The house was California bungalow style built sometime in the early Nineteen-Thirties. Carl’s grandfather had built it for a client who’s bank loan failed so that the house was repossessed. The grandfather had given it to Carl’s parents as a wedding gift.

Carl and his younger brother, Jim, had been late arrivals in a large family of mostly sisters. The eldest child of eight was Carl’s brother, Gene. Between Gene and Carl there were five sisters. The sisters were all married and had children. None of his older siblings had wanted the house. Gene lived in Florida. The sisters had there own homes. So, Carl and Jim moved in and agreed to pay the property taxes and maintain the house in lieu of rent.

Jim worked evenings. He had only been in bed a short while when he heard what sounded like an animal in the house. The windows were open so it wasn’t that unlikely that something could have gained entry. If the thing had the smarts to break a screen then it could get to the garbage in the kitchen. That’s what Jim thought must be happening. A raccoon, a cat or, he prayed not, a snake might be making its way through the kitchen now.

Jim had dealt with animals since he was a small boy. He wasn’t afraid of getting whatever it was out of the house. Still, once he knew what he was up against, he’d call Animal Control. They’d be better equipped to deal with the “vermin”. Especially, if it was a snake. Jim wasn’t very fond of snakes.

The noises were louder. Jim thought there must be more than one animal or the critter was one noisy beasty. Naked, he walked down the small hall that separated his room from his brother’s. The night light in the bathroom cast a yellow glow against the polished wood flooring and the white stucco walls. His brother’s door was open but Carl wasn’t in his bed. Maybe he’d gotten up when he heard the noise.

“Carl? Are you there?”

“In the living room, Jim. I’m here with Ben.”

“Ben?” Jim couldn’t figure out what Carl’s friend from work would be doing at their house at this time of night. “What’s up?” Jim asked as he walked into the dark living room. “Why are you guys sitting in the dark?”

Jim felt something brush against his leg and then an intense pain in his calf. The pain made him gasp aloud and he fell to the floor. Then he felt the same pain again only this time it was in his neck. He passed out.

Ben and Carl watched as Jim’s body stated to contort and transform. Jim was younger than Carl but a good three inches taller and at least twenty pounds of muscle heavier. With twice as much venom in his body Jim’s transformation was rapid. In less than ten minutes he had taken on all the attributes of his new reptilian form.

“Amazing.” Carl said to Ben. “He makes us look puny.”

“I’m glad it was so easy to change him. He might have been a struggle in another situation. Let’s leave him to his dreams and really see what these bodies can do. What do you say about a little snakey love, eh Carl?”

Carl felt his erection poking free from his reptilian belly. In an instant Ben had captured him in his mouth and was sucking as if Carl’s were the only hard-on in the universe.

Carl felt incredible. He was grateful that Ben had chosen him tonight. Now, he and Jim and Ben were a different, more spectacular species; a perfect blending of human and reptile raised to the highest possible level. He could feel the powerful energy racing through his improved body. He wanted to make love with Jim, too. He almost couldn’t believe the desire that flooded through his veins. He’d never had thoughts like these before, thoughts of powerful sensual contact and the ability to make others become as he was. He knew the images in his mind would see reality soon and that was nothing less than …


The trio of reptiles spent a considerable amount of time “bonding.”

The dawn was yet hours off and there was work to be done. After a moderate amount of discussion the snakemen had decided on a course of action.

Off into the night they slithered until they came to the place Jim and Carl remembered from their teen years: Camp Mallacahui. Though the camp was a least twenty miles northeast of Sparta it had taken them an amazingly short time to arrive there. Ben was awed by how well he could move his large body. There was speed and grace in this advanced reptilian form. Ben was just surprised he could learn to master it so rapidly.

Jim was hungry and wondered what was on the menu for his big, buff snakestud body. He had eyed a dog that had barked at them, but something told him that dogs were too much hassle unless they were little. The barking mutt had been a Doberman; too big, too many sharp teeth. “Hey, Carl, can we stop and stuff a kitten or two? This morphing has made me radically hungry.”

“I’m as hungry as you are, Jim, but we’ve got to get to the camp before dawn. Isn’t that right, Ben?”

Ben slid up to Jim and rubbed his abdominals. “I sympathize, Jim, we’ll just have to wait. We’ve got plenty of work left before the night ends. Then, I’m sure we’ll all have plenty to eat. I could go for a baby or two myself.”

The three snakemen laughed and slithered down the road. So far, as if by magic, they had managed to avoid contact with any humans. Ben was certain that any man that got in his way would get some secret sauce shot into his system in a millisecond. Any woman would faint. He hoped.

He looked at his cohorts and felt a closeness that he had never felt to any others before. Here, next to him, were two beings that he had helped to create. Knowing that truth made him feel powerfully joyous. How he had come to be transformed, where he was going or what the future held was nothing that concerned him. All he was experiencing was an incredible sense of well-being. He knew that the last few hours were the best hours of his life. Hell, they were the first real hours of his life. Jim and Carl must be feeling what he was feeling, too. That made Ben feel kind of warm and fuzzy inside which was hard to imagine for a reptile. If that was what he really was now. Or, he hadn’t thought of it before, maybe we aren’t part snake at all. Maybe we’re something beyond that, something entirely original and powerful: the next dominant race on earth!

Tim had listened intently to Frank’s news. His initial reaction was one of serious disbelief until Frank asked him why he thought they had become centaurs. Tim couldn’t find an answer so Frank offered him one. “Don’t you think it’s an odd coincidence that we should be transformed into half-horses at the same time that other guys have become half snake? I think we’ve become centaurs so there would be another being on the planet powerful enough to fight the snakemen.”

“And you’d be right.” A large centaur stepped forward. He wasn’t young like Frank and Tim and the others were. In fact, he was noticeably different in many respects. He had a long graying beard that indicated that he had been a centaur longer than a few weeks. His long hair was pulled back away from his lined and weathered face. His ears came to points not unlike, Frank thought, those of Spock on Star Trek. The centaur looked in a word, wise.

Tim asked, “Who are you? I haven’t seen you before.”

“And there was no need for you to have until …”

“Until what?” Frank asked.

“You have seen for yourself, haven’t you Frank? You saw what we’re up against. You saw a naga.”

“A what?” Frank and Tim asked in unison.

“A naga. N-a-g-a.”

“Sounds Japanese.”

“They’re far from that. They aren’t of this world at all. They came to earth, as much as we can tell, from a solar system millions of light years from Earth. To put it bluntly, they’re here to take over our home.”

Frank and Tim looked to each other and then back to the centaur. “Who are you?”

“The name is Chiron.”

The Chiron?” Frank asked in amazement.

“The same.”


“Yes.” The centaur said.

“But that would make you about …” Frank shook his head in total amazement. “It can’t be true.”

“What can’t be true, Frank? I’m lost. Who the hell is Chiron?” Tim looked to the centaur named Chiron.

“I don’t suppose you’ve read any Greek mythology, Tim. No? Well Chiron was the centaur who taught all the Grecian heroes how to be heroes.”

“I think that’s why it’s called mythology, Frank.” Chiron smiled.

“So, you aren’t really the same Chiron? Is that what you’re telling me?”

“No, Frank. I am the same centaur.” Chiron patted Frank on his shoulder. “I’m just telling you not to believe everything you read. Especially things that have been rewritten a million times.”

“Wait a minute. Are you telling me that this centaur is the same one you read about in books?” Tim asked in wonder.

“Do you think you guys could wrap your minds around this fact fairly soon? I’m not here to make myths credible. There are naga here in Sparta and it’s up to us to see they get no further.”

“Listen, Chiron, or whoever you are, I saw that creature and I don’t think we have a chance against them.” Frank said.

“Weren’t you the one trying to convince your friend here that you had become centaurs in order to fight the naga? Or do I have you mistaken for another centaur?”

“Yes, but …”

“Yes, but what? Great gods! You are a taur now. Start acting like one! You wouldn’t have been transformed if we thought you wouldn’t be able to defeat the naga.”

“It wasn’t like we asked to become centaurs!” Tim moved to defend Frank.

“So, let me see if I understand what you are saying. You love the bodies and the terrific love and sex, but not if you have to do any work to save those bodies from harm or death. Is that right?”

Tim pawed the ground with his hoof and refused to meet the eyes of Chiron. He felt ashamed.

“First you turn an eleven year old into a twenty-something half-horse then you shame the kid because he doesn’t want to be a soldier in your army. That’s nerve!” Frank’s anger was flushing his face red.

But it wasn’t just anger coloring him. He was afraid. He couldn’t imagine how the centaurs would manage to fend off the naga. The snakemen had fangs and bodies that could constrict anything. Frank had no trouble imagining that the centaur’s trunks were easy targets for the naga’s squeeze-happy muscular tails. He didn’t relish the idea of being squeezed to death.

“Hold your horses, Frank.” Chiron implored. “I know you have a lot of questions and I hope I can answer all of them. Just give me the opportunity, please.”

Frank calmed down a little as Tim rubbed his back. “I guess I got a little carried away. Sorry. It’s just we’re new at this centaur business and … ”

“You weren’t expecting to be in the middle of a war, right?”

“Exactly.” said Tim.

“If we strike early and hard it doesn’t have to become a fell fledged war. Yes, the naga are our enemy. No, we don’t have to wage war to defeat them. There is much I have to tell you. So, let us go then. The time is nigh and your brothers await.”

At that Chiron led his fellow centaurs into a meadow in the deepest heart of the forest. Torches lit the perimeter of the clearing. At the center of the clearing was a structure that looked to be some sort of stone altar. All the centaurs in the forest were gathered before the altar where Chiron stood. Neither Frank nor Tim had known there was such a clearing in the forest. Frank’s son, Paul, had covered every inch, or so he swore, of the forest and he had never seen the meadow before. “Do you think this is a magical or sacred place, Dad?”

“Son, after what has happened over the last month or so I’d believe just about anything. Magic is something we could really use. I hope this is a magical place.”

“So do I, Frank.” Tim joined.

“We should know what this is all about soon. Magical or not.”

And, so, what would become a long and amazing evening began.

Camp Mallacahui was two miles from the main road. The camp lay at the end of a dirt road next to a cold, clear body of water called Lake Denton. On the other side of the lake was another camp that was used to help disabled children experience time in the great outdoors.

Jim and Carl knew the layout of the camp well. Where they and Ben were headed was to the bunkhouses and the staff sleeping quarters. The buildings were situated about 200 yards from the camp’s largest building. The building served double duty as both the mess hall and meeting hall and sat parallel to the lake’s south shore.

A full moon had risen over the lake and it’s yellow glowing body reflected in the still water’s surface. A coyote howled but, other than that, there was only the sound of crickets, an occasional frog’s croaking and the wind to make any sound at all.

Ben whispered to his friends: “Quite the romantic night for metamorphing, eh? Let’s make some friends.”

Carl led them to the first bunkhouse. It was the bunkhouse for the older boys: the boys who ranged in age from sixteen to eighteen. He knew that once these guys were changed they would help with the boys in the other bunkhouses while he, Ben and Jim would make short work of the camp counselors.

Ben was anxious to get a move on. He relished the idea of having a swarm of new “playmates”.

Jim looked down on his form in the moonlight and marveled at himself. He could sense that with his change had come an appreciation of what he once would have recoiled in fear from. He was a monster but, God, it felt good to be one. He wondered if everyone who changed would feel such a natural kinship to the foreign form. Why waste time wondering when you’ll know soon enough?

Carl opened the bunkhouse door, dropped down to the floor and moved to the first bunk. A boy with short blonde hair lay cockeyed across the bed. Carl almost got an erection from the thought of what a magnificent snakeman the kid was going to be. He bent down and buried his fangs in the boy’s arm. The boy moaned. His eyes snapped open and just as quickly snapped closed.

Across the room Ben had become an efficient biting machine. He moved from one bunk to the next and systematically inserted his fangs in whatever bare flesh he encountered. Carl could tell that he was having the time of his life. With gung-ho recruiters like Ben the whole world would be changed in no time.

Jim found the biggest kid he could and spent a long, happy time filling the lad with his hot venom. In less than ten minutes all of the boys had been bitten and the first blond boy was well on his way to full snakemanhood.

The three adult snakemen waited and watched. The changing seemed to accelerate because of there being so much alien energy saturating the bunkhouse.

Carl approached the bunk of his first creation. It didn’t take long before the new snakeman opened his eyes. He looked up to Carl and smiled. Carl bent down and kissed the former boy. The kid kissed back heartily. When they stopped kissing he said: “If this is a dream I hope I never wake up.”

“No dream, my friend, you are one of us now. And so, as you can see, are all of your friends.” The new snakeman stared across the bunkhouse in awe. Every last one of his campmates had been transformed into a brightly colored muscular creature. They all had tails and … and … he looked down to his body to be sure his eyes weren’t deceiving him … four arms! The better to embrace with, he thought.

Jim lavished his attention on the big guy he had found. The kid might have been seventeen or so before but now he coiled his torso up to stand eye to with Jim. Jim had helped create his equal and just grinned at the snakestud.

“Wow, what am I?” the kid asked.

“I don’t know what we’re called but, can’t you feel it?” Jim asked.

“You mean that feeling like I was never that other thing, that human?”

“Yes! That’s it! Like you shed the false skin and have become your true self. It feels great, doesn’t it?”

The stud embraced Jim and kissed him passionately.

“Thanks for showing me heaven. I love it and, I don’t know how it is possible but, I think I love you too, bro’ ”

“I guess whatever works to change us makes us love what we’ve become and those who are like us.” Jim replied.

Ben quickly took to his leadership role. “Welcome, my new brothers. Unfortunately we cannot stay here for a lovefest. That must wait to a later time. We must go onward and give the gift to the others here at Camp Mallacahui. There are eighteen of you here. That makes three groups of six. Carl, go with the six closest to you and work on the youngest camper’s bunkhouse. Jim, you take your six and visit the other bunkhouse. I will go with my new friends to the counselor’s quarters. We will meet at the dock in roughly twenty minutes. Go forth now, snakemen, have fun and multiply!”

And that is exactly what they did. The end of the morphing detail had created another forty-three snakemen. Ben almost couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw so many happy, snakebodied campers approach the dock.

The light of dawn was coloring the sky and Ben knew that they must go to the caves before the sun rose. The caves? What caves? He did not wait for an answer. He dropped down till his upper belly and torso met the cool soil and slithered away from the camp. All the snakemen followed his lead.

At the far Eastern edge of Lake Denton was a meadow. At the far end of the meadow, hidden at the base of a tree-covered hillock and behind some shrubs and grasses was a narrow hole. Ben found it easily. It was as if he had already been down the hole. As he squeezed his supple form through the opening he felt like he was being born into his new life. That here on the other side of the entrance would be the answers to all the mysteries that had come with his transformation.

Another thought entered his mind and filled his spirit: he was home. Home! Here he would be loved and embraced, as he had never been when human. Here he would know family and brotherhood. Yes, he was home and …

Oh, Auntie Em, there’s no place like home.

Frank stood rapt in attention. The speech Chiron gave was a long one. It was an inspiring one, too.

At the beginning of the oratory Frank had had numerous questions regarding how the centaurs would be able to conquer the more obviously able-bodied naga. It had seemed to him that twelve-foot constrictors with multiple arms held the advantage over half-horses. Chiron was able to disuade him of that idea. There were centaur features Frank hadn’t taken fully into account and some he was totally unaware of. Chiron presented the news of the hidden centaur qualities with bravado and obvious relish.

Tim stood close to Frank holding his lover’s hand. The two centaurs frequently looked to each other in astonishment and palpable relief. Chiron delivered something more than a speech. He gave his centaur brothers hope. The tools the centaurs need to defeat the naga invasion existed within the centaurs all along. They just needed a little concerted effort, focus and training to start using them. Frank squeezed Tim’s hand and smiled at his lover.

He whispered, “We’ve got a fighting chance now, Stud!”

Tim beamed back at Frank. “We’ve got centaurpower. We’re gonna kick some naga tail for sure, Frank.”

Dean, standing behind his father added: “Amen.”

It had been a tight squeeze through a very narrow passage but Ben’s reptile body adjusted to the fit.

Once inside his eyes made a rapid adjustment to the dim light. To his surprise, the passage had opened unto a massive cavern. Unlike what would be expected the ceiling, walls and floor of the cavern were smooth. No stalactites or stalagmites were present. He supposed that the cavern was the way it was because sharp objects were not snakemen’s friends.

Behind Ben, Carl gasped. “Is this home, Ben?”

“It feels right to me, Bud. If this isn’t the place it will sure as hell make do.”

“This is your home, Ben and Carl. Welcome.” There standing in the shadows was the largest snakeman Ben could imagine. He was almost twice the size of Jim and so Black it was easy to tell why they had not seen him on entering the cavern. Not only was he big, but he had an extra set of arms and an incredibly well muscled torso. There was a huge smile written across his handsome face. Ben almost swooned. Carl gasped again.

Jim asked, “Who are you?”

“Fellow Naga, my name here is Joe. My Naga name can’t be translated into the human language you still use. I am what you might call the “general” of what we have called Project Home World. Soon there will be an unconquerable army of Naga with one incredible purpose: To transform Earth in to our new home. You are among the first who have been chosen for transformation. I am most pleased to have you join us. I trust the change suits you.”

Ben turned and addressed Jim and Carl. “I don’t think we have much choice but to like what we are now. Isn’t that right, guys?” His friends nodded in agreement. “For myself I have never felt better. But, of course, you already know that, don’t you?”

“Over generations we Naga have developed a venom that causes rapid metamorphosis with little to no pain and also makes the transformed glad for their new form. By the looks of you, the human to Naga change has been more successful than even I imagined. You have done an amazing job of adding to our numbers. These young specimen are just what we need to accomplish the task at hand.”

From the depths of the cavern, a mass of snakemen approached their leader. Ben was mesmerized by the display of masculine pulchritude. He felt so connected to these beings. It was as if each one of them was a brother and he had been welcomed into an amazing family. He felt their strength, their sensuality and their intelligence. He felt like he could melt into this mass of masculinity and just be.

Carl was overwhelmed by what he was seeing. Joe was very obviously no average Joe even among the Naga. Carl felt like his eyes were meant to see only Joe. He was forgetting Ben completely. He wanted to be embraced by the massive black arms. He wanted to suckle the stud and never come up for air. He wanted to be Joe, to know Joe inside and out. Carl had never felt such an outrageous sensation. When Joe smiled at him Carl felt like Joe’s smile was his smile. Then it happened. There inside his head Carl heard Joe’s thoughts. They had to be his thoughts. Carl’s thoughts were becoming Joe’s thoughts and he wanted it to be so. He wanted what Joe had to take him and claim him and so it did.

Jim stared at his brother in amazement. “Carl, what the hell is happening to you?”

“I am not Carl. I am Joe.” Carl stated in a very matter-of-fact manner.

“What are you talking about? You’re beginning to freak me, Bro.”

Jim stood stunned as Carl’s skin started to darken. Then he saw that the being that had been his brother was again transforming. From the now black chest, another set of arms started to grow. His torso lengthened and his body became increasingly muscular. His face took on the features of Joe. Every aspect of Carl was Joe. Jim could sense that there no longer was a Carl. His brother was to be known as Joe and for some reason beyond Jim that was as it was meant to be. When the new Joe smiled at him, he felt lost in the smile. Jim felt so lost that he knew he had to let go to be found and with this knowledge he, too, would be changed. So, it was that Joe embraced Joe, brother to brother and they kissed a soul-melding kiss to welcome their overpowering connection.

Ben turned to share his feelings with Carl and Jim, but could not find them. The others were gathered around two Naga who looked to be the twins of Joe. The twins were wrapped around each other and they were kissing. It was an amazingly sensual sight. It was hard for Ben not to be drawn in by what he was witnessing. He fought off the feeling that he wanted to join these black giants. But, to his shock, he saw that most of the younger recruits were not resisting. They were growing and changing in a rapid sequence. First, the darkened skin and scales made their appearance. Then, the lengthening torso followed by the third set of arms, pectorals and nipples. Then, the onslaught of muscle growth and, finally, their faces became the faces of Joe, the smiles of Joe, the eyes of Joe. Ben realized that each Joe had surrendered to the call of the first Joe and chose to be identical to him. He could sense that his brothers were of a single powerful mind, a group mind as it were. Their thoughts spoke across the air and spoke to him. He heard the call but refused to answer. He was just fine being as he had become. This was good enough for him now. Maybe later he would choose to be a Joe clone. Not now. The call was strong, but Ben proved stronger. Somehow, he recognized that the kissing Joes were none other than his friends, Jim and Carl. He sighed with the realization that the men that he had shared the gift of metamorphosis were gone. They were replaced in mind and body by a form more superior. It was painful for Ben to fully comprehend this truth. These were the guys he was beginning to love, especially Carl. It had been only hours before that they had explored the sensuality and sexuality of their new bodies, that they had made love. It was a love that had saturated his senses in such a way that he felt as if he were melting in to Carl’s embrace. Now Carl was part of something stronger and Ben felt a stranger to that strength. It was way too soon to be experiencing a longing like the one that held him that moment. It was the feeling that overcomes people grieving from loss. That was what he felt—loss—intense, almost unbearable loss. If anything would cause him to welcome becoming another Joe it was this longing. He looked away from the twins continued to embrace. He had to gain the power to shake the longing, the power to be self-realized just the way he was. Yes, he would miss Carl deeply. And Jim. But, no, he wasn’t joining them. Just his knowing that they were happy as Joes made their loss less difficult to bear. His grief would have grown as fast as their changes had overtaken them, yet sensing that this was the way they were meant to be eased the pain. How was it possible to feel so connected and yet so separate?

Ben marshaled his personal force and approached what he determined was the original Joe: The Joe that had the power to create duplicates of himself. There was an aura around this Joe the others had not begun to emanate. Ben wondered how many more there were and whether or not all Naga were as one in this physical manner. Was this how it was to be Naga? All as one and one as all? Ben wasn’t so sure he wanted that. He loved being transformed. It was the best thing that could have ever happened to him. Being changed this way was a phenomenal experience. He felt truly alive for the very first time. He felt altered in only positive ways. His connection to the others like him was a stronger and more wonderful thing than he had ever known as a human. But, even with the intensity of this metamorphosis, he wasn’t prepared to surrender who he had become, the new and improved Ben, just to be changed again into another Joe. Being Joe might be the highest calling for all Naga. It was not his calling. Of that fact, he was sure.

“So, Big Guy, what’s with all the duplicate models?”

Frank had not been sleeping well. His nights were tormented by outrageous dreams. The dreams weren’t always unpleasant or nightmarish. Sometimes they were just the opposite. He would feel as if he were awake in his daily reality until some scene or thing would make him aware that he was not awake at all.

As he lie back against the warm trunk of Tim he felt as if he had no means of escape from the dreams. It was like they were overpowering in a sensual, yet satisfying way. The dreams offered him a release he had started to accept as natural and beautiful. They were always the same except that the details seemed to expand and heighten with each subsequent nights sleep.

In the dreams, Frank was alone in the same wide meadow where Chiron had assembled all the new centaurs and told them of their task. Frank called out for Tim but there was no answer. His lover was nowhere to be found. No other centaur was nearby as far as he could tell. But something else was nearby. Frank wasn’t sure who or what it could be, but he was sure that it was there. He felt eyes staring at him. It was a very uncomfortable feeling knowing that he was being watched but not knowing who or where the watcher was.

As a centaur, Frank’s senses were far subtler then they had been when he was a mere man. He was able to sense things that would have gone unnoticed before. Now he could sense the presence of another unlike himself and he was certain if he just remained calm and centered his energies he would be able to sense, to sniff out as it were, where the foreign watcher was hiding.

He closed his eyes and listened. He was waiting to hear the rise and fall of breath; A sign that the other could not conceal. His centaur senses picked up movement across the meadow and close to Chiron’s alter. Whatever it was it was hiding behind the altar. Now Frank just had to summon up the courage to confront the being.

He heart began to race and his head became to swim with the visions of what he feared the most: Naga. What if it was one of the snakemen hiding back there? Then what do I do?

In the dream, Frank could see light waves emanating from everything as if all things, not just sentient beings, had auras. The trees, shrubs and grass cast off a subtle green hue that was transparent and drenched everything. It was like the air in the meadow was suffused with chartreuse pollen that clung to all things and danced in the sunlight like millions of tiny green planets. The stone of the alter gave off a gray-blue light that was less transparent and didn’t dance with the light so much as absorb it. From behind the altar another type of light, distinct and disturbing to Frank, shone. There where the beast, whatever it might be, was lurking the light had a deep scarlet hue. The red color mixed up with the green transparency and made the air look as if it were bleeding. Across the top of the altar the color became more solid and more frightening. The stone took on a black-red appearance like a mass of dried blood had scarred the rock forever. What could it be that possessed such a scarlet aura? It was nothing Frank had ever encountered before.

Part of his fear vanished to be replaced by a different fear; a fear of the unknown. Even if it had been Naga he would have known what to expect and what to do. He would have fled and warned his brothers of the sinister snakeman. Now, as he stood shaking and trying to mange his fear, Frank was torn between the desire to run away and the desire to discover what hid from him, yet seemed to beckon him also.

Then Frank heard the whisper. He had heard it before. Each night at this point in the dream, the sound called to him. At first, it was always vague. It was less a whisper than the idea of one. It seemed to deflect from his ear and disappear just at the hint of being heard. Then the sound became more audible. It had more weight and substance. It was the aura touching Frank, the presence declaring itself known. The trouble was that he wasn’t sure he wanted to have knowledge of the creature with the scarlet aura. A shiver went down his spine and he shook, but then an altogether different sensation moved across his flesh. He suddenly felt warm and began to calm down. The fear that had been crippling him started to rise off him and dissipate like a fever that cools down and dies with the morning.

Instead of needing to flee, Frank felt that he had to have this encounter. He felt that behind the stone altar was someone, some thing he had to know and embrace. He had no choice. It was as if his lust compelled him forward. His sensuous self wanted this meeting in the worst—the best—way. So, with newly found ardor he moved toward the altar to meet the possessor of the eyes, the aura and the welcoming whisper.

It was always at this point of the dream Frank would wake with an incredible erection.

He never told Tim about the dreams. He didn’t want to frighten his partner and he wasn’t sure that Tim, being the solid stallion he was, wouldn’t just tell Frank to forget about the dreams and try to get a better night’s sleep. After all, he was going to need his strength to fight the Naga, wasn’t he? Frank could count on Tim to be practical and stable. Sometimes he wished that weren’t so. He needed to share his fears and his dreams. He loved Tim, but the fellow wasn’t always able to hear what he had to say.

Finally, Frank decided that he needed to see if the dreams were more than fantasies that flooded his sleeping mind. He determined that going to the altar might reveal the truth behind his dreaming. If nothing happened there than he might be able to let the dreams fade away and start spending his night time hours resting instead of tossing and turning his torso.

It was late morning and the mist had started to clear from the meadow. There were no other centaurs to be seen as he approached the altar. He stopped short thinking he had heard something, but when no sound followed he continued trotting toward the mass of stones. There, what was that? Again, he could have sworn he heard something. This time he stood in place and waited. Insects buzzed around him and his tail twitched to shoo the flies off. There was a cool breeze blowing that made him shiver. Off in the distance he could hear birds twittering and what sounded like a large frog croaking. Then he heard the faint sound again. It was soft, indistinct, a whisper. A whisper! At once, he knew where the sound came from. He looked to the altar. The leaves of the trees behind the altar had taken on a reddish cast since the last time he was here. They appeared to be almost scarlet. It was unusual for the tree leaves to be such a color in early summer. Autumn was months off and the nights were not yet so cold as to force the flame from the forest.

Then it dawned on Frank that all the pieces of his dream were in place. Each aspect of his sleeping reality now presented itself in his waking world. He sensed the presence. He felt the eyes staring into his very soul. There was the whispering sound and the drenching red aura. He knew that behind the altar something waited for him. He was no longer afraid. He knew, somehow, that the meeting was preordained; Just as his transformation into centaur had been preordained. The dreams had led him here and he must follow that lead.

On coming to the altar, Frank could hear the sound of a soft music. It was beautiful and unlike any music he had ever before heard. It was the sound of a flute. No, that wasn’t right. It was the sound of what he remembered were called Pan Pipes. The music was haunting. It was sensual and caused him to feel stirrings in his lustful centaur nature. His body became flushed with warmth that made him feel, there was no other word for it, delicious. The more he heard the pipes playing the more he understood that the scarlet aura was welcoming him and he so want to be welcomed.

Frank peered around the back of the altar and there, to his pleasant surprise, was another myth come to life. He had heard tales of such a being but never thought he would be glad to encounter one or that the being would be fondling himself in anticipation of Frank’s arrival.

Ben gazed around the cavern in awe. With the exception of one other individual, every Naga he saw looked identical to the one called “Joe”. They were all large, ebony colored and had three, and not two like him, sets of arms. Not to mention the fact, that these newly transformed Naga were entwined in one gigantic slithering, slippery snake style orgy.

Ben felt only slightly out of touch with the group. He would have enjoyed the sexual bonding. That belief was a no-brainer. Where his thought processes got in the way was in giving his identity over so completely to the will of any other; Even when the other was as superlative as Joe. He knew he was satisfied being just the way he was and not a clone of Joe. Still, he wanted some answers.

What exactly was the purpose of surrendering your identity to another’s anyway. What did it give you that was so enticing? Ben figured he’s wait out the orgy to see what was up with his friends. Was it possible that they were still Jim and Carl now? Could someone become someone else’s look alike and not be mind fucked, as well? There was some reason why all these guys had just let go and morphed in some sort of sympathetic symphony of surrender. Why didn’t he hear the seductive music so strongly that he too was compelled to give in and grow black and extra-armed? Was he alone of such singular mind that the call wasn’t able to meet his hard head?

“What do you make of this?” The question came from behind him. It was a nervous whisper close to his ear.

Ben turned slowly to see who spoke. It was the fellow Naga who had remained as he had: four armed and a shade of green. Ben realized that this was the first one who’d become Naga at Camp Mallacahui. The blonde boy was gone now, but Ben still could see by his eyes who he’d been. Somehow, with the change his eyes had remained blue instead of turned to the yellow Ben’s were. It was almost hard to imagine that the kid who had been so appreciative, so smiling with pleasure the night before, now looked so distraught.

“Your guess is as good as mine … sorry, I recognize you from last night but I don’t know your name.”

“My name isn’t importance now. It could be “Joe” before I know what’s hit me. I don’t like that idea. This has been some strange trip these last few hours. I keep thinking I’m in some bizarre dream I can’t wake from. Last night I didn’t want the dream to end. Now, I’m not so sure. Whatever is up with all these big black clones is a bit too frightening for me. I didn’t sign up for this, ya know. You guys just came along and one of you, one of them now, bit me. Next thing I know I’m some sort of snake man with four arms. I really was excited about that change. I felt great and my energy level spiked like I’d been eating steroids or something. I’ve never felt so strong before. Or so horny. But, morphing into supersnake, I’m not ready for that. It looks like you’re the only other hold out. That seems funny strange to me. Before we came down here, I thought you were the leader. Obviously, he’s the Big Kahuna here.” The young Naga gestured with a nod of his head towards Joe. “Oh yea, my name is Reg.”

Ben had listened with close attention to what Reg had said. He didn’t take his eyes off Joe. It was easy to tell who Joe was despite the sea of similar faces and forms. Joe radiated an aura that stood out no matter where he was in the cavern. He was like a beacon and these duplicate Joes were basking in his light like snakes on a hot rock in the noonday sun.

“Do you feel that?” Reg’s whisper was hoarse.

“Yes, I do. It’s an unusual feeling. Like I’m aware of what is going on from their perspective and mine, too. Like I am able to feel what they are feeling and yet be above really feeling it. Is that what you feel?”

“Exactly. I feel separate and joined at the same time. How is that possible?”

It is because it is meant to be.

Ben recognized the voice in his head as Joe’s. “So, you’ve been in on our private conversation, eh?”

“Shit!” Reg wasn’t whispering anymore.

Sorry. I have to keep track of what is going on. What kind of leader would I be if I was ignorant and unaware?

“What other tricks are you able to perform?” Ben asked.

“Yea, and what’s up with us not changing into you?” Reg rejoined.

Patience, nagas. I’ll explain it all to you in due time. Let’s wait out this bonding session and then your transformed friends will need to eat and sleep. It takes a lot of resources to nurture these bodies. Even Supersnakes, as you so aptly call them, Reg, need their rest. For now why don’t you two satisfy your own needs and I’ll be back to you in short order.

As Ben’s eye caught the image of Reg, he started to feel a wave of desire arc across his mind and then excite his genitals.

“Another trick of yours, Joe?”

Stop analyzing it and enjoy.

Within seconds, Ben found Reg’s strong muscular tail had wrapped itself around his tail and he was looking eye to eye with the beautiful blue-eyed Naga. Whatever else might be occurring in the great underground space dissolved from his consciousness as he gave himself over to the need for Reg. As Ben kissed the handsome lad, his hands met Reg’s hands and their fingers laced together. The power of sensual, sexual energy sparked throughout their beings and carried them away to their own special bonding session.

How Frank would explain the fellow riding on his back to the others was less a concern than how he would explain his interspecies infidelity to Tim.

“You needn’t worry about that, Friend Centaur. Once your group gets a look at me, they’ll be fighting for my attentions. Including your lover.”

Frank had first realized that Pan was able to read his thoughts when the satyr was going down on him. The better Frank had felt the higher the heat was raised while they sucked and fucked themselves silly.

He’d forgotten all about Tim in the throes of full passion. Sex with the satyr was red hot and lusty. Love had nothing to do with it. Satisfaction was all. Pan’s purpose seemed to be full-fledged satisfaction. Frank could tell the lusty goat-man got as much of a charge out of Frank’s pleasure as his own. He seemed to feed off whatever pleasure was around. If the deity had any calling, it was to supply pleasure. No, no just supply it but to ensure its presence.

Frank had heard tales of satyrs and their ribald libidos. He wondered what it would be like to be so sexually charged all the time. He’d been glad, as a man, that his own needs were relatively easily satisfied. Being in full rut all the time wasn’t anything he’d aspired towards. Some of that attitude changed with his becoming a quadruped. Centaur sensuality was of an earthy, unbridled nature, but it still fell far short of the wild abandon satyrs enjoyed. He’s never felt such intense pleasure move across and through his body.

“How the hell do you deal with this arousal 24/7, anyway?”

Pan laughed. “Deal with it? I don’t deal with it, Friend Centaur. I deal it. It’s my stock in trade. Wherever I am arousal is in hand, so to speak.” The satyr laughed again, amused at his wordplay.

“Don’t you ever get tired of feeling so horny? Are you always erect?”

“Gods don’t get tired. And, no, I am not always erect. Where would the fun be in being permanently hard? I enjoy being aroused as much as mortals like you do. It gets a little old to always be the seducer, though. One of these days, I’ll find a guy who wants to seduce me. Like I even need to be seduced! Ha! But I’ll pretend if I can, just to try something really different.”

“I was surprised you were so versatile. I’d thought since you were a God, you’d always want to be in control.” Frank’s cock twitched with the memory of having Pan impaled upon it.

“What? Do you think that because I let you plow me, Studhorse, that I relinquished control? Not so. I was even more in control then. You’ll have to rethink that idea that there’s no power in vulnerability. That, my friend, is where the real, absolute power lies. Most mortals never figure it out. So, consider what I just told you is a gift. Remember, the real power is in being vulnerable. The other kind of power is false. It’s just force and only fools and madmen need to use force.”

Frank went quiet trying to take in what he’d just heard. The concept wasn’t lost on him. Tim might have had trouble wrapping his mind around such a foreign idea. But Frank was a more considerate being. Something deep inside him, something that faintly echoed what Chiron had spoken of, told him that this idea of “open vulnerability equaling absolute power” would come into play as they encountered the Naga.

As they to traveled further Frank could feel Pan’s substantial erection growing as it rubbed against his coat. Moments later they had stopped and Frank knew he’d be on the receiving end of this lesson. He gave himself over to the power of Pan and opened to his own power in turn.

After loving, Ben and Reg had eaten and rested with the others.

There had been dreams while they slept, but neither remembered them.

When Ben awoke, he felt very odd. It was as if his body was bulkier and harder to move. But that wasn’t as strange as recognizing that there were thoughts in his head that were not his own. They were Reg’s thoughts! And, as his mind tried to grapple with the rush of this mental connection, Ben’s eyes opened to realize a remarkable change had occurred during their sleep.

Where there had been two distinct beings there was now one. And the one that had formed was quite a deal different than what the sum of the two parts should have produced. Ben and Reg had indeed bonded. They had bonded into something entirely different from the sleeping black nagas who surrounded them.

What am I?” Reg asked in amazement.

Don’t you mean, “What are we?” It appears as if we have bonded into some form of life that is quite different from these others lying here.

As their shared eyes scanned their new form, it was almost too much to take in.

Don’t faint, Reg!

Sorry, Ben. I just wasn’t prepared for this. Were you?

I think you can read my mind, Reg. Do you see any indications that this was going to happen?

No, Ben, I don’t. I don’t remember anything from the time we fell asleep until now, either.

I guess Joe had other intentions for us, eh?

That’s an understatement, Ben!” Reg began laughing aloud.

Hey, I am glad you find this amusing. I want to know why we are occupying the same body and why we are whatever we are. Stop laughing and let’s take a walk with our new legs!

How many sets do we have, Lover?

As far as I can tell … ten!

To go with the five sets of arms, I suppose. Nice and even.” Reg began to rub their hands up and down his, no their, lengthened and muscular torso. Their hands brushed across their new sets of nipples and they became very aroused.

So we have five sets of shoulders and five sets of arms and hands and—whoa!—Stop stroking those nipples while I get a handle on this new body, huh!

Sorry, I guess I’m getting carried away with myself. Excuse me, ourselves!

Ben could feel a wave of giddy pleasure waft across the big multi-limbed body he and Reg now occupied. It was like moving into a palace after living in Quonset hut. Being Naga was incredible, but being like this was spectacular.

Reg had a distant thought of how, only 24 hours before, he’d have been horrified by the prospect of being changed against his will. Now, in that short period he had experienced his first transformation, his first sex with a male—with anyone for that matter—his first feelings of what he supposed must be the fabled love they always wrote and spoke about, and now this: the ultimate bonding. Yes, he was giddy and amazed. He was pleased to share such intense and incredible pleasure with the one he had learned to love so quickly. He was happy now. A wondrous feeling of connection now eclipsed the fear that had colored his previous experience. He could sense that as he shared this body strange and awesome things were happening to him … to us … to … we … to … me! ME! I am Mantipede!

At that instance, Ben realized the joining as Reg had. He knew completely what he now was. His voice rose with Reg and the two became as one. I am Mantipede!

Though the separate essences still existed deep within their shared being, it was now replaced by a conjoined identity. The separate personalities of Ben and Reg had bonded as their physical nature had. They had truly become as one. They were now a singular expression of the form they possessed. With the blending, a hybrid identity had been created. The being knew now what it was and who it was. It ran its multiple hands across its torso and began to make love to itself. The Mantipede pinched and rubbed his many nipples and worked himself up to a fevered pitch. To the rear of the creature, a sheathed phallus poked free from its flesh-hooded confines. It grew rapidly and stretched out until the Mantipede’s hands could stroke the glistening organ. Sets of hands set to administer different types of pleasure. The stroking and rubbing worked to make the Mantipede’s erection as hard as the stone of the cavern. The Mantipede breathed heavily and began to kick his legs and rear up as he stroked his mighty member. He lifted his torso farther from the cavern floor and with a loud moan proceeded to spray the unsuspecting nagas around him with tremendous volumes of his seed.

The noise awoke the nagas. Cum was splattering their black bodies. The Mantipede kept coming as if his supply of hot semen was inexhaustible. Then those who were now fully awake realized that this strange creature before them had presented them with a different form of nourishment. They began to lick the sweet seed from each other’s skin.

Joe came forward and worked his way through the group of licking nagas. He stood before the Mantipede and proceeded to swallow all he could of the semen as it issued forth from the great phallus. All of the nagas were again aroused by the smell and taste of what they had consumed and began to bond anew. Tails and arms rapped around each other. Sucking, fucking, and kissing spread throughout the cavern.

Finally, the new being stopped ejaculating and kneeled before Joe.

“Ah, my friends, you make a most beautiful Peder. I am pleased you were able to surrender to your true nature. This is so much better than what you were before, don’t you agree?”

The voice that came from the creature was a slow and deliberate one. It was the voice of strength and innate power. A voice that was neither too masculine, nor too feminine. It was that of pure assurance and confirmation.

“Yes, Master, this is as it should be. The “we” of Ben and Reg has been supplanted by the “me” of this true creation. We are bonded into Mantipede. I am now Mantipede. As it was destined. I am here to serve you, Master. I am your grateful creation.”

“I welcome you, My Mantipede. I dub you “Ranger”. You are the first of many more that will be your offspring. You will aid in our transformation of this planet. Others, transformed as you have been, have gone before to colonize the farthest reaches of this Universe. Your purpose is to breed, able Peder. By the ability of your organ, I am certain you will have no difficulty fulfilling that task. Are those questions that plagued your minds now answered?”

“Yes, Master, beyond my wildest fantasies!”

“Good then. Now, go out and do as you did before. Make others as yourself. Be fruitful and multiply!”

“Yes, Master, as you wish.”

“And remember, My Mantipede, do not leave any who have seen you untransformed or left the memory of your being. Be as stealthy as you are able. Be gone!”

Ranger dropped his torso down towards the ground and used his sets of arms and hands in tandem with his legs and feet to crawl free from the confines of the cavern. His greatly extended body, covered in hard, smooth muscle would not have been able to exit through the hole Ben and Reg had used to enter the cavern. That was no problem for the peder. He used his newly acquired strength coupled with sharp nails, large, tough hands, and feet to claw the rock away from the hole and give him the room his body needed to make its exit.

Once hitting the fresh air, Ranger exhilarated in the pleasure of his new body. But this pleasure lasted only a second, for he sensed eyes watching him. He quickly turned to see that two young hikers had stopped in stunned silence, seemingly glued to the path they had been taking. The two men were, Ranger estimated, somewhere in their twenties. They were dressed in shorts and hiking boots. Their torsos were bare and covered with sweat from their exertion on this hot summer day. They were prime specimens and Ranger knew a good thing when he saw it.

Ranger sensed the two were about to break free of the shock and start to hightail it out of there. He had other plans in store for them.

“Ryan. Get rid of your pack! Now!” The taller of the two screamed at his partner as he shed his own backpack.

“What the hell is that thing, Eddie?” Ryan screamed back.

“How the fuck would I know! I’m not sticking around to find out, either!”

Oh yes you are! Ranger thought to himself.

As the hikers moved to flee the monster before them, Ranger’s hind legs whipped out from behind him and encircled the two. The men were thrown off their feet and, as they scrambled to regain their footing, Ranger’s legs wrapped around them and squeezed until neither man could break free. The two were trapped in the prison of Ranger’s finely muscled rear body.

Ryan screamed and fainted. His partner squirmed his body in a vain effort to free himself. Much effort to no avail. Ranger turned and smiled at Eddie.

“Please! Don’t eat us!”

Ranger shook his head and began laughing. Eddie paused from his squirming and stared at the monster in wonder.

“Eat you? Don’t be silly. I do not intend to eat you. I have something much better planned for both of you.”

“Please, let us go. We won’t talk about you. We’ll forget we ever saw you. I promise. Just don’t hurt us!” Eddie made an effort to sound as sincere as possible. If he told anyone, he and Ryan had encountered some kind of multi-armed and legged monster, who would believe him?

“This won’t take long and you will love it, trust me. It isn’t everyday you get to be with a mantipede!” Ranger continued smiling. He was truly enjoying his new power. These two would make an excellent mate. He was excited and pleased to find a suitable pair of candidates so quickly. Already, he was able to feel that there would be much loved shared by the four who had become two.

“What are you going to do to us, Mister?” Eddie sounded as frightened as Reg had been before.

“You’ll know in a few minutes. Patience please.”

Eddie started to squirm harder. Ranger laughed and tightened his muscles minutely. Eddie stopped moving.

Ryan remained unconscious. Too bad. He won’t get to experience the full change like Eddie here. So be it. Time to do my work.

Ranger concentrated until a slick oily substance started to exude from his pores and moved to cover the hikers’ bare torsos.

“No, Stop!” Eddie screamed as the substance started to absorb into his skin and disappear. Then something triggered a desire in him that he should not have had and he found himself licking the oily skin on Ranger’s body. He liked the taste. It was kind of like cream and honey. He kept licking and, as he did so, energy increased to a peak throughout his body.

Eddie looked over to his captive partner and saw that he had roused enough to be licking up the fluid, too. They were both licking furiously away when Eddie realized that he loved Ryan. He had never admitted to such a feeling before. Not only did he love Ryan, he wanted to be joined forever with his friend’s energy. He needed to share his essence and his spirit. They must unite. Now!

Ranger watched in contentment as his mate began to take form. He moved his muscles so that the two men could now be touching. As soon as their skin touched, the transformation took hold and Ranger was able to ease his legs away from the men.

Ranger continued to watch in fascinated joy as Eddie and Ryan morphed into a beautiful peder body of their very own. The transformation was a wonder to behold. It made him feel even more connected to his new mate.

The hikers torsos fused into a thicker and broader single torso. Their arms became two sets atop each other as new arms grew out from the sides of their torso. Eddie was screaming now, but not in horror. No, these were the screams of passionate release.

Their torso lengthened until it seemed to be ten feet tall. Then their legs pushed out and another set of legs grew in behind them. These were followed by subsequent growths until the new mantipede had ten sets of legs, just as Ranger did. There was a full chorus line stretched out from the new creation’s torso.

As that was happening, Ranger looked to see Ryan and Eddie’s heads come together and one composite face was created from their joined features. As handsome a face as my own, Ranger thought. I could easily love such a beautiful face.

The hair disappeared from the new head and the tips of the ears became sharp like those of the Elves in fiction Ben had once read. The Peder was as attractive as Ranger imagined he would be.

Ranger approached the new being and placed his hand up to Eddie/Ryan’s new face. A hand came up from the new being and clutched Ranger’s hand.

You were right, we … I … do love this!

The two peders were now able to mindspeak and Ranger gave his creation a name to suit him, “Ready”.

It appeared that Ready had taken more rapidly to his form than Ranger had. The different aspects of Ryan and Eddie had joined so thoroughly, it was as if the two men had never existed. Essentially, that was true. For the creation that stood before Ranger was an entirely different thing physically, though it shared aspects of humanity. It was an amalgam of the two men raised to their full potential and bonded in an inseparable form. They would meld some of their memories together and leave others far inside the recesses of their shared mind. Now they would be one whole being that never lacked self-acceptance or groped outside itself for anything other than comfort and communion. As Ranger was, Ready was an individual expression that had no doubts or confusion as to his purpose. As Eddie and Ryan had morphed, they had taken on such a deep bond that they completed each other and formed a holistic communion. They had become a creation capable of self-love and able to satisfy all its needs save one.

I must mate!

He and Ranger were made to couple and produce more like themselves.

Yes, we must join now. Ranger’s song called into Ready’s mind. Ready kneeled down before him with his beautiful buttocks raised up into the air.

Ranger, now happily erect, mounted his new lover and proceeded to fulfill his Master’s task. He felt himself melt into his mate’s form and for an instant the two conjoined into a many-armed and legged breeding unit. The rapture was beyond anything any of the men would have ever been able to experience had they not been so transformed. They were a small community of lovers brought together to carry on their loving unions.

Ranger breathed a heavy sigh and released a torrent of potential mantipedes into his mate. He was aware now, as if he had always known this natural fact, that all mantipedes were hermaphroditic. Though they did not share external female features, they did possess those genital abilities that made it possible to reproduce. And, since every mantipede was able to “father” and “mother” offspring, so it came to pass that Ranger was able to receive Ready’s staff and be inseminated, in turn.

Ready stretched his supple and muscular form before his mate. He struck a “most muscular pose” and Ranger laughed. But Ranger, also, was in awe of how perfectly normal it appeared for his many-armed lover to make such a gesture. As he was pleased with his own newfound strength and form, he was even more delighted with this ideal manifestation that he had helped to create. He was grateful to Master for his ability to transform men into a higher purpose.

“There is much work to be done before nightfall, My Mate. Let us go to work helping others know our joy!”

The two mantipedes ran, hands and feet hitting the ground in rapid succession, down the trail and towards Camp Mallacahui.

I know just the place to find possible peders!

Lead on then, Ready!

Ranger dropped back and watched the awesome motion of his mate moving before him. It was a sight he would never tire of, of that he was sure. The way the many muscular limbs made a wave as they worked to move the fine form forward was as wonderful and incredible as anything he could imagine. Were Ranger able to summon up the distinct sides of his former personalities they would have agreed. From the most unusual of circumstances, through something totally different, Ben and Reg, now Ranger The Mantipede, had found true happiness.

What Pan had predicted came to pass. With rapid abandon, Tim had surrendered to the lusty God’s seduction.

The centaurs had been so aroused by the presence of the purveyor of pleasure that, while each waited his turn with the Satyr, couplings began in passionate spontaneity.

Frank found himself in a three-way with his sons and no qualms about incest entered his mind. In his former life, he had teenage children. In this life, he was related to two incredible studs. They were equal to him in most every way. The age difference had disappeared when they were transformed. Essentially, Frank was now from the same generation as Paul and his once little brother, Dean. In his other form, the idea of sexual play with his boys was an anathema. In this life, it was just play. Nothing less, nothing more.

His thoughts were centered on pleasure alone and his sons were two of the most pleasurable beasts going. They were different in size and mien. Dean was as much of a showboat stallion as possible and Paul, though smaller and not as bulky, was as beautifully confirmed as any centaur, including Tim. Paul’s eyes always sparkled in matching the grin that was glued to his happy face. He was as content a creature, as Frank had ever known.

Dean was less open with his emotions and more aloof. He was far from content. He still hadn’t found a way to reconcile the difference of his former pimply and shy self with his new form. His eyes seldom shone and his serious nature made a small crease sit between his eyebrows. Frank had worried that Dean would never be able to be part of the herd. The huge stud had difficulty relating to anyone he found to be his lesser. Having his singular size and bearing meant that all of the herd was lesser than he was. This made him haughty, superior, and very unpopular. Most of the herd avoided him and he liked it that way. It was his belief that they were all envious. He would have been surprised to hear that they called him a “Horse’s Ass” when he was out of range.

Frank was surprised to be so intimate with his younger son. It was Paul who made a point of keeping close to his Dad while Dean seemed to be growing farther and farther apart from his family. Though his sons had their share of differences, as far as Frank was currently concerned, both were centaurs and able to make love with equal force and abandon.

Dean had mounted his Dad and proceeded to plow him with his great tool while Frank bent down to suck on the tip of Paul’s staff. As Frank was fucked into a stupor, Paul took the beautiful centaur’s cock head in his mouth and sucked until his Father, who now seemed more a brother, came and came again. Then the trio switched positions and started pleasuring again. Frank paid no attention to his lover who, by this time had left the Satyr’s ministrations and was joined with another centaur in full-fuck mode.

On Chiron’s arrival, sad to say, the orgy ended.

“Ah, my Brothers, I wish that my mind could rest so long as to join you and Friend Pan, but things are happening not far from here that do not allow me that pleasure.”

Pan stepped forward from where he had been enrapturing one of Tim’s brothers. He wiped some centaur spunk from his mouth and spoke:

“Tell us great Chiron, what news could you have that would stop this pleasure so abruptly? Is there not the time to give your brothers the release they so desire? And what of you? Your serious demeanor is casting a pall on my little getting-to-blow-you party.” Pan leered at Chiron and gave him his best come-hither look. The wise centaur stood his ground and replied:

“We have no time for such dalliances. As you waste your energies on temporary erections and orgasms, the enemy works to conquer Earth. Just today, I witnessed the latest in the Naga arsenal. I have never imagined I would live to see the likes of this being. I was impressed by its size and agility and became very quickly aware of the threat such a being’s existence imposes upon our ability to fight back. I am afraid that I will have to “fight fire with fire” as you Americans say. I need two volunteers. Two lovers to come forth.”

There was much whispering and looking about, but no two stepped to the front of the throng.

“Do you understand the serious nature of this newest development? Do you doubt what I tell you? I know that there is fear here. I also know there is great strength and courage laying low and needing to rise up and defend our brotherhood. Must I choose among you at random? Who here has the purpose to make a great sacrifice and become an unbeatable warrior. Who among you is of character and great depth?”

Frank pushed forward through the ranks of his centaur brothers. He stood before Chiron. “We will do whatever you ask, great Lord.” He then turned to the crowd and searched it with his eyes. He found Tim and their eyes met. He could sense the fear in his lover’s eyes. He directed his calm assurance towards his lover and saw the proud golden centaur’s Adam’s apple move up and down as he gulped.

The centaurs surrounding Tim stepped aside as he trotted forward to join the one he most loved and respected. Frank had always made him aware that he was far more than the former paperboy he had once been. If this was his lover’s desire, than so be it. He would join him. He was no coward and he would prove to all those he knew that his pairing with Frank was because of that truth. They would help Chiron to lead the others of the brotherhood.

Frank took Tim’s hand and held it tightly. He lifted both their arms into the air and shook them together. The crowd resounded in cheer. Hoofs stomped the ground like thunder approaching. Other couples raised their arms together and saluted the first pair in return. They, too, stepped forward.

“What do you say, Brothers? Are we here to win against the Nagas?” Frank shouted above the din.

Franks friend and Tim’s Father, Phil, responded: “We will do whatever it takes!”

Then the entire herd spoke as one. “We will do whatever it takes!”

Pan came to stand beside his fellow deity, Chiron. His manner had taken on the same powerful reserve as his centaur friend. Chiron waited until the fervor died down.

“I must admit you had me worried, my Brothers. I was beginning to fear that what I had felt existed among us was just my irrepressible imagination. I am grateful to you, Frank, for your unwavering courage. If there are to be commanders in this army, you, my son, are the first and the bravest. But I am not asking any of you to go to battle alone. In fact, what shall transpire tonight will be beyond your imaging, but it will be for our betterment and help us to form an invincible foundation against the Naga threat. Their leader is not the only one who knows the art of transformation. As witness, how you all became centaurs in my image and by my spirit. It is now time for you to take on greater roles in a new and more powerful form.

“I do not want you to be frightened of what is about to happen. It is what is destined to be. We need to make the Naga fire burn down to ash while our mighty flame flourishes. I have seen what we are up against and I know what will stand up against that being. You here, my Brothers, every pair of you must unite in purpose and being. You must join, as you have never been able to before. You must place your entire trust in to me and let me guide you. Will you do, now, whatever it takes?”

The Brothers did not hesitate in responding. The shout went up. It shook the leaves on the trees and made the torch flames almost go out. “We will do whatever it takes!”

“Good. Then we shall begin. Calm yourselves. Listen to my voice and my voice alone. Take your lovers hands into your hands and look into your lover’s eyes.”

Frank and Tim were already doing this, so looking deeper was no problem for them. They moved their hands to clasp together and both centaurs smiled.

“Look to your lover as if their eyes are your eyes. As if what they see, is what you see. Look into the very soul of your partner and feel that soul as your soul. Listen to my voice and prepare for the ultimate communion.”

Tim began to feel as if his entire body was tingling. It was an odd, but not uncomfortable feeling. As he looked into Frank’s eyes, he could sense something altogether wonderful was beginning to happen. He had always felt as if Frank was a part of him; that, on some level, they were inseparable. He had on many occasions imagined that he had become Frank and Frank had become him. He longed for that closeness and intimacy. He loved Frank so much that he desired to be one with him.

Frank was feeling exactly what Tim was feeling now. He was experiencing the same tingling, the same desire to be joined in a rapturous communion.

They were not alone in their feelings. Across the wide field, all of the partners were enmeshed in the same amazing experience. No eyes strayed to see what might be happening to someone other than their centaur lover’s being. No hands stopped clasping. The centaurs were united in pairs to do whatever it took and what Chiron had determined it took was this.

The joining accelerated. A great heat arose over the pairs. Centaurs began to sweat and shake. Their auras started to become visible and the hot air made the glow rising off the hot bodies shimmer the way images of oases appear in the desert. A great hum began and, to a centaur, each was lulled into a fathoms deep trance.

Centaurs began to be absorbed into each other’s bodies until each body had four arms and eight legs, a lengthened torso and an even longer trunk. As the lover’s eyes were locked onto each other’s gaze, their heads moved forward to touch until foreheads were tight against each other, noses rubbed together, while lips felt other lip’s moisture. Then in a swift gesture the two faces melded together and thrust out forming one face; a hybrid of the former two separate face’s features.

It would have seemed that this physical event was the end of the transformation process. Chiron knew that he needed his new warriors to be a force to be reckoned with. They had to have as much power and agility as he could give them. And so, it came to pass that torso and trunks lengthened and broadened even more. Muscular development increased and new sets of arms and legs grew into place. A track of abdominal muscles extended between the torso and trunk. It was hard and thick with each muscle clearly defined.

Frank and Time had morphed into a giant stallion with six sets of arms and twelve sets of legs. Their united form was covered with a deep black hide like Frank’s had been, but with Tim’s golden hair on the tail, and feathering around the massive hoofs. The crowning glory atop their new head was curly golden hair falling back to form a thick golden mane.

The new creation looked at itself in wonder. It was in awe of its form and rubbed its muscles, moved its fine body in amazement at the splendor and beauty it beheld.

Standing before Chiron and Pan there were, at the least, eight hundred creatures just like the one formed from the bonding of the former Frank and Tim. There was little talk amongst the new beings. Most were still in a state of delighted shock.

“Brothers. I am pleased at what I am sensing here. I can feel the pleasure you are now experiencing. Please, let yourselves give into it completely. Become acquainted with your new forms and identities. I have made you into these new beings because it was necessary. That does not mean that it is not, also, wonderful. I see you before me and am awed by your power, your majesty, and beauty. You are, indeed, a force to be reckoned with. Do not worry that this change is permanent. Whosoever whishes will be returned to their former selves once we have defeated the Naga. We shall surely do so now that you have become as you are.”

Each new creature was coming to terms with what he had become. Where there had been two stud lovers now there was a single mega-stud. The personas had melded together just as the physical beings had. Each one possessing a single super-intelligence to ride astride the massively muscular, multi-limbed body and be absolutely communed.

Tim had willingly surrendered to the stronger nature of Frank. Frank, in turn, accepted those qualities that made Tim so special to him. The new being took a name. He was to be called Rakim. And Chiron spoke into the mega-studs mind, “You Rakim, are my first general. You will lead your fellow mega-studs forward to defeat the Naga. You will truly do whatever it takes, as you have already proved to me.”

Rakim stood before Chiron beaming. He could feel the excitement of his herd and it gave him great pleasure, great pride. He was happy to have been the one to say, “yes” first. He would work hard to assure the evil force’s defeat.

Chiron turned to his dumbstruck companion, “Now you may have that party you so desire, Hoofed One.”

Pan didn’t have to be told twice. He waved his arms across the crowd and a fine, rainbow-like twinkling began to rain down on the transformed beings. “Let the real communion begin. Mega-studs take your partners and fuck like crazy. We need to make many more new ones just like you. Breed, Boys, breed!

Across the field a scene of sexual frenzy erupted as studs mounted one another and those in front of the pairings sucked each other’s thick and glorious centaur equipment. Soon, the field was littered with centaur sperm and the ecstatic moaning of breeding mega-studs.

Chiron had been aware of the Nagas abilities and matched them. It would be close to impossible for a Naga to transform any centaur now. He had also given the centaurs something the Nagas lacked: hard and powerful hoofs that could break bones with their incredible force. Naga tails were no longer something to be feared; now they were something to be broken, mangled, crushed.

The centaurs were also equipped with the means to reproduce quickly and efficiently, whether through intercourse or by a magical force that each had been gifted with.

Pan had chosen his partner and Chiron graciously acquiesced. The two spent the remainder of the evening drinking satyr wine and exchanging other sweet fluids, as well.

Unbeknownst to the revelers there was one who was not so pleased by what had occurred on the field before him. One who had stepped back into the shadows. He had no partner to meld with. He did not need one. He was perfect as he was. He was the most fully realized and perfect of all the centaurs. No one would turn him into a many-legged freak.

Dean turned away from the sickening orgy cursing the centaur Frank, the one he once knew as “Dad”. It was that centaur that had given in so readily and ruined what they all had. It was that one, Dean wanted to make pay. And as he trotted off into the depths of the darkening forest he swore, “I know the exact way to make you pay, Rakim. You’re toast!

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