Frank’s boyss

by Multiple Authors

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This is another old story, like Multicock fratbrats, that I thought was really hot and wanted to rework as a multilimb story. I’m afraid I got a little carried away… :)
A co-worker in Cincinnati had asked me to help wire his home for stereo speakers and as he lived in a small town about 40 miles from our work, Frank asked me to drive home with him, meet his family and spend the weekend. Enroute he told me of his 4 sons, the 18 year old Don was trying to get into the Air Force, the 17 year old Bill who was saving to buy his first car, the 16 year old Mike who worshiped Don, his older brother, and the youngest, recent junior-high-school grad, Jeff at 15. Frank said, “David, since you just got out of the Air Force, and are only 19, I know you and my boys are going to get along really well!”

Upon arriving at his home, I found his wife had prepared a fine dinner and this gave me a chance to talk with the boys. As we talked I couldn’t help but notice—since they were all habitually shirtless—they were all well built, athletic types, all with four lanky muscular arms, 10-pack abs, and honeydew-melon pecs. Don cornered me after dinner to talk Air Force for over an hour! He then suggested we join the others in the outdoor pool/jacuzzi, so I followed him upstairs where we changed into our swim suits. The size of his three well developed 18 inch softies gave me a start and just as we were both naked, Frank came into the room to tell us his wife had received a call and they had to leave immediately for Indianapolis.

He looked over at his naked son and said, “Look at the cocks on this boy of mine. You should see them when they’re hard, absolutely amazing.” I was embarrassed with this talk in front of his son and think i only nodded to him as Don slipped on a sharp, white Speedo and wrestled with his 18” cocks to produce quite a well shaped and good size bulge in the crotch. Frank asked me to take care of his boys while he was gone and said he would probably not be back until Sunday. He apologized for bringing me to his home and leaving abruptly, but he assured me I would have a good time with the boys this weekend!!

Upon arriving at the pool I discovered they all wore the same white Speedos and had a similar problem: where to put all the family meat. Don & I joined the other boys in the jacuzzi and I was asked by Don once again about life in the service and as the boys listened, they would occasionally sit on the edge, offering me a great view of their nylon covered crotches. Don said he noticed my face turned red when his dad mentioned his size of his cocks and I had to admit I was embarrassed that Frank had been so bold about his son. Don told me I should not be concerned & embarrassed with the family as they were all real close and he and his brothers wanted me to feel like family during the weekend.

Mike jumped on the ‘family’ theme and told me I was to sleep in the “bunkhouse” with them. A comment which caused both Jeff and Bill to sport big smiles. I was intrigued by their reactions to all this. After a while, Don suggested we all watch adult movies on the pay-TV. While I showered downstairs, the boys changed upstairs and we gathered in front of the TV. The guys all wore just their tight briefs and I felt overdressed in briefs and a robe. Don kidded Jeff about always getting hot during the movie, reporting that he got so hot he shot off in his shorts. Mike & Bill must have had a similar problem as they defended Jeff to me immediately!

I knew something was going to happen tonight, as these hunky guys really had me hot under the robe. Don asked me if I had tried grass and after telling him I had, Don brought out several rolled joints. The five of us were really stoned by the time the film came on the TV. During the first part of the movie there was a shot of a guy’s big cock and Bill said, “Boy, I’d really like to suck on that!” Don winked at Bill and said he was about to give away a family secret to me, their house guest for the weekend.

Mike Said, “If you want something to suck on, Bill, come here and suck these,” as he hunched his hips up and showed his 19 year old’s hard dicks tenting his shorts. After this, my cocks were creeping out the top of my shorts and just about that time Don told me I should make myself comfortable and remove the robe. Figuring I had nothing to lose with this bunch, I did as he asked, displaying my cockheads sticking out of my waist band by about ten inches. All the boys stared at my dicks and Don said, “We may have a new buddy here, guys!!”

All inhibitions left me and I wrapped my hand around my bulging brief-covered dicks and let the guys see the full outline of my cocks. I said, “OK, how about you guys standing up and letting me give you an airman’s inspection now?”

As they got up, Don turned off the TV & suggested we go up to the bunkroom for a formal inspection. We all trooped upstairs, and I made sure I was the last up so I could get a good look at their cute asses as they climbed the stairs. In the bunkhouse I had the boys stand at the end of their bunks and then Don whispered in my ear, “Dave, don’t be uptight at all. You can do anything you want to do with us, and we’ll do anything you want us to do to you.” I shouted for attention and as I looked around, there were 4 hunky four-armed guys wearing skin tight cotton briefs bulging with hard cocks and hot balls. I was so hot I had a tough time deciding which one to approach first. I finally chose Don who, like the other boys, was standing at the foot of his bunk with a raging hardons pushing his briefs to the limit.

I said, “Looks like you’ve got a few hardons in your briefs, airman. What do you have to say for yourself?”, I demanded. The other 3 guys giggled and I said, “Quiet! If I hear one more sound from any of you, you’ll be punished.” I turned back to face Don who responded, “Sir, my dicks are hard from looking at my brothers baskets & wanting to play with them.”

Shocked at this frankness I decided to play along to see where this would all end. I said to Don, “So, you like men’s pricks! What do you like about your buddy’s cocks & balls, airman?”

Don replied, “I like to suck them and have them suck me off, Sir. I also like to fuck their asses and have them fuck me, Sir, real hard.” I then reached out and began feeling his shoulders, letting my palms rest over his muscular chest. I pinched each tit until it was hard & as rigid as his cocks, causing his shorts to show wet spots. I then ran my hands down his body further, slipping them inside his briefs and cupped his large, warm balls in my hands as I nipped and tongued his left nipple. Standing upright I said, “It feels like this airman’s balls are full of hot cum for some lucky buddy.”

Moving to Jeff, I asked him why his 15 year old cocks were so wet and rockhard in his briefs. He replied, “Sir!, I’m hard because I want to squirt my pecker juice.” I asked him to describe his favorite way of ‘squirting’ and he replied, “I like it when Don is fucking my ass with his 18 inch rods and Mike sucks my cocks and bill chews on my nipples,Sir!”

I felt-up Jeff as he talked and played with those nipples, as I had done with Don. Bill and Mike were really hard, excited and moaning by the time i got to them. Young Bill volunteered he was hard because he could see how big and fat my cocks were, still protruding from the top of my shorts, and he said he wanted to suck me till I shot into his mouth. Mike said he wanted to shoot all over my face and asked me to come over to him and ‘inspect’ his dicks and nipples. I couldn’t disappoint the boy, so I jacked him off some through his shorts and bit hard on his left nipple. As I stepped back from Mike I looked at four bulging white briefs supporting four sets of raging hardons topped by rapidly enlarging moist spots of pre-cum.

There was no question these guys were as hot & ready as I was. I then called to ‘airman Don’ to drop to his knees in front of each of his brothers and using his teeth, pull down their shorts in order of smallest to biggest cock size. Don began with Jeff, and blew his warm breath onto Jeff’s balls as he quickly slid the briefs down over the kids erect dicks. He asked if he could lick the tip of Jeff’s dicks & clean off the pre-cum juices. I replied, “No airman, continue on your rounds.” Doing so freed three upright poles hot for action. I then told Don to stand at attention at his bunk and had the three other boys watch as I skinned Don’s tight and moist shorts. I pushed my face against Don’s throbbing basket and licked his fly, trying to gain access to his cocks. Giving up I yanked down his shorts and let fly his cocks & tightly drawn balls.

“Wow!, your dad was right, you’ve got the biggest cocks & balls i’ve seen. You’re going to be a hit in the Air Force shower room.” Don said, “Look, David……I mean, Sir!, we see each others meat every night. What we want to see is your man meat. We want to strip you and play with you now!” I stood up and walked to a bunk, lay down and put my hands behind my head, causing my briefs to rise expectantly. “OK airmen, do what you want with me.”, I stated boldly.

Don began giving orders like the second in command. Turning the lights out revealed a moonlit parade of shiny wet cocks bouncing around me as Don ordered the guys to stand with their cocks over my face and hands behind their backs. Don then proceded to remove my shorts, spreading my legs and sucking my dicks into his mouth. Realizing I was about to cum, Don pulled back and announced, “For the first round of sex, Jeff will fuck David! Mike and Bill will fuck David’s mouth and when you three have got David so hot he is begging to cum, I want you to let him loose to fuck me.” Mike instantly complained, reaching out to grab my cocks saying, I’ve never seen one shaped like a torpedo. “Oh, please Don make him fuck me, it would feel so good.”

“Sure kid,” Don replied, “I always give you what you want. I want him to fuck me first though. I’m the oldest and I deserve to get his cocks first. The last time dad joined us you got your fuckhole filled first, so it is only fair that I get butt fucked first this time around.”

The boys watched as Don reached down to lift my legs, exposing my ass and spreading my cheeks. Bill and Mike held up my legs as Don tongue-fucked my hole, getting me really hot again. Jeff said, “That’s enough! I gotta fuck him now or I’ll squirt all over all of you guys.”

Don moved aside and let Jeff slip into my tongue moistened hole easily, causing me to jump with pleasure and my legs to drop onto Jeff’s shoulders. The boys then gathered around my face and Bill and Mike slipped their young, hard meat into my mouth from each side of the bunk, while Don sat astride my chest trying to ram his large dicks in the middle. Jeff was really working on my fuck hole so my dicks were jumping straight up into the air. Seeing this, Don slipped down and forced one of my torpedo shaped dicks all the way into his ass in one thrust of my butt. Every time Jeff hit my ass pumping away in my hole, I rammed up into Don further and further. As we fucked and sucked each other, the boys grabbed and twisted on four pair of nipples grown firm & erect from all the hot sex action. Just about the time Jeff said, “I’m going to cum in his ass.” Bill came off on my face. Mike’s dicks erupted moments later and my mouth caught wave after wave of juices. Don was groaning atop my hard dicks and finally shot his load all over my chest and face as he watched Mike & Billy kissing each other when they came in my mouth.

Freeing their dicks from my mouth gave me a chance to breathe and just about that time I shot my load into Don’s ass as he gave my nipples a really serious workout, pulling and pinching them until I finished pumping my load up his ass. Jeff, having cum moments before in my ass, now pulled out and began to lick my hole, trying to taste his own cum deep inside. Don leaned over to insert his tongue deep in my mouth and taste his brothers cum juices which had filled my mouth to overflowing. As we all calmed down and I pulled my dicks from Don’s hold, Mike suggested we take a shower together.

He wanted to continue to play military roles, so we headed to the showers in smart, close order march, with each of our dicks pressed into the leaders ass crevice. As leader, I could feel hardening rods in my slot, as Jeff was following my lead, & getting hot again.

Their shower was a large room with 4 showerheads, and each of the boys took a showerhead, leaving Don and I to share the remaining one head. I enjoyed looking at Don’s well shaped, firm ass as he bent over to soap his legs & feet. Keeping up the military role, I said, “Airman Don, you will demonstrate the correct showering procedures to your brothers. Stand upright and then soap your entire body!” As everyone watched, Don soaped himself completely and I told him to turn around so his buddies could see his ass, had him bend over and said, “Now soap that hole. That’s it. Now soap up one finger and poke it in and out of your hole. Feels kinda good, doesn’t it? You want to get your hole real clean!” As we all watched Don finger fuck himself, we were getting hard again, especially when we saw Don stick two more of his many long thick fingers up his hole!!

I then said, “Boy, I don’t think you’re doing that right, let me show you how… my finger feels good up there, doesn’t it? You three airmen get over here on the double, I want all of you to soap your asses and get ready for me to inspect them.” The boys soaped themselves, not neglecting to finger fuck their butt holes. I inspected each of their holes, giving Bill two fingers as he was squirming with pleasure. I then ordered them to get back under their own shower heads, grab the soap and take one step forward. Ordering them to soap up their balls, I said, “I’ll show you all how first with Mike’s big balls. First you get your hand soapy and roll your balls through your fingers. Good! Now, your pricks. Wrap your hands around your pricks and soap them good. That’s the way, get them good and hard. You should always get your meat hard when you wash it.” Then I said, “Now, let me inspect your hard peckers.” One by one, the boys walked over to me for an inspection. I dropped to my knees and inspected their hard rods. The older two, Don & Bill were uncut, Mike and Jeff were cut. I gave the uncut boys special, hot cleaning instructions and they returned to their shower heads to complete their assigned routine. Mike and Bill had their cocks in my face again shortly. I noticed they were once again dripping juices. Don and Jeff rejoined them around me. Don said, “I think we should wash our instructor’s cocks so he’ll know that we learned how to wash correctly.” Don pulled me up to my feet and led me under a shower head. There eight hands were running all over my body. Three fingers entered my soapy ass, fingers wrapped around my cocks, hands massaging my balls, masagging my pecs and tits, and my cocks were about to shoot again when Don said, “Mike, get your ass over here. You wanted David to fuck you and now you’re going to get your chance. David’s going to fuck a load of his man juice into your ass. Bill, you soap this boy’s ass and prepare it for a good fucking. Jeff, you bend over and let Bill fuck you.” After taking up our positions, I aimed two of my cocks at Mike’s tight, young butthole. It was a tight hole and tough to enter. He began yelling for me to go slower with the torpedo, but soon pleasure returned & he wimpered softly as he took my full dicks into his butt and his oldest brother’s cocks into his mouth. Don said, “Jeff, get behind me and fuck my ass as Mike sucks my cocks. Bill, you get gehind Jeff and fuck his hole while he fucks my hole.” This trick turned Jeff into a humping sandwich and we all fucked for about ten minutes.

As I shot my rich load into Mike’s tight butt, Don unloaded his cum into Mike’s mouth. Bill and Jeff both shot at the same time, leaving us exhausted as we pulled apart, falling into a pile on the tile shower floor. Only Mike had a stiff rod, so he stood up, pulled my head up and planted his cocks in my mouth. Don told Mike to keep his hands behind his back and then Don jacked Mike’s shaft while I worked on the cockhead in my mouth, working my tongue into his slit until he came in my mouth with a moan, shooting load after load. After rinsing off and showering again, we returned to the bunkhouse and donned fresh briefs, falling back into our bunks for a needed night’s sleep. I was having some difficulty going to sleep, as i was thinking of two more days and one more night of hot man to man action with these really terrific boys, playing out our fantasies.

The sun filled the bunkhouse the next morning. As I opened my eyes, I saw Bill standing over my bed. He had a tray in his hands with a cup of coffee on it. He said, “Good morning! I brought you some coffee. Dad always says it takes 3 cups to get his heart started after an evening of sex with the four of us!” I thanked Bill and he sat on the edge of his bed as I drank the coffee. He said his 3 brothers were already out at the pool. Bill was wearing his white Speedo, and his big cocks bulged out so much I could discern his cocks from each of his balls. He walked over to a dresser and offered me a pair of Speedos like his. He said they were Frank’s, his dad, and he liked to wear them swimming when he was with just us boys. He said his mom spent a lot of time looking after his aunt in Indianapolis & the 4 of them were alone a lot with their dad. Bill said, “Dad really likes to fuck us. Once he tied each of us face down on our bunks and spent all day Saturday going from one butthole to another, until he had shot up each of us. I didn’t like to get buttfucked at first, but now i love it. it looks like you’re getting hard in your briefs, David!”

I looked down at my dicks and sure enough, they hard as telephone poles. Bill said, “Why don’t you let me help you get your cocks into these Speedos, then we’ll join the others.” I stood up and let Bill slide down my briefs and pull up the trunks. They were very tight and displayed my cocks to the fullest degree. I could have just as well been bareass naked!. After he stretched the top of the Speedos to cover my cocks, he leaned up and kissed me and started to grind his spandex covered cocks against mine. We held that position for several minutes, exploring each others mouths with hot tongues.

Finally Bill said, “You’ve fucked both Don and Mike. Today it is my turn to get one of your mancocks up my ass and I want my 3 brothers to watch while you plow me.” At this, I slid both my hands down his back, inside the trunks and massaged his tight buns. Bill threw his muscular legs around my waist, spreading his cheeks and allowing my finger to find his fuckhole. I inserted first one and then two fingers deep in his ass, and he began bouncing up and down on my hand as I finger fucked his hole. I finally said that if he wanted his brothers to watch me fuck him, we better get down to the pool or it would be too late as I was mighty ready to give him his wish right at that moment. So Bill let his legs down to the floor and we went downstairs and out back to the pool and joined the others.

As I came out of the door with Bill, they all turned to look at us. They whistled and joked about our obvious hardons in the suits. “It looks like Bill gave you more than just coffee david,” Mike retorted! The 5 of us sat at the glass topped table, our legs spread wide so we could inspect each other’s bulges. I asked the boys how long they had been fucking each other and if any of them had girl friends. Don said they all had girl friends except for Jeff, but nobody knew that they all liked men, mainly. Don said that when he was just 13 his dad told him the facts of life one evening when the others had gone to bed and his mom was away. After he told him about the pricks and the cunts, Frank had asked him to strip naked and he inspected his cocks and balls. Don told his dad that he wanted to see his cocks too. Frank dropped his pants and shorts and let his son examine his cocks until Frank was hard. Then Frank told him about what guys can do together and gave Don his first blow job. Don begged his dad to let him do the same to him. Don said that ever since that night they’ve sucked and fucked each other. Don said he taught the other boys about jacking off, sucking and fucking. Don said they were fast learners and good students! Don mentioned one night, about two years ago, Frank walked in on them during the night. They were all locked in a daisy chain, sucking each other’s dicks. Jeff did not have any crotch hair at the time! His dad just came into the room very quietly, closed and locked the door and joined them in their sexual adventures that night & has been their fuckbuddy ever since.

I suggested that we had all better get the wiring done for the stereo speakers before we got into another session. Wearing only the speedos, we worked on the wiring. By noon we were finished and had rock music throughout the house. Bill and Don fixed hot dogs and beer for lunch.

Just as we finished, Tim, a friend of Don’s came to the house. He was about Jeff’s age, and built like a greek statue, with six beautiful arms. He was wearing only tattered cut-offs and tennis shoes. He was blonde and his body was hairless. He said that he shaved it for better swimming speed. Don invited Tim to join us in the pool. Tim walked over to its edge, unbuttoned his cut-offs and skinned them down, revealing a white jock with a wide waistband.

The pouch was filled to capacity, so his waistband was about four inches below his navel, due to the large basket. As Tim dove into the pool and swam underwater to the other end, Bill said, “Boy! Would I like to get my hands on that jock!!” Mike said, “You can have the jock, Bill, I want what’s pushing his jock out so far!”

Tim climbed out of the pool several times & performed dives from the board. Each time before a dive he would pause at the end of the board, and there were 10 eyeballs focused on his gradually slipping, bulging jockstrap. Before one of the dives he stood on the board & adjusted his basket in the jock, just before it finished falling off.

All of us nearly exploded trying to hold back the boos!! After a while, we all climbed out of the pool and laid down on our towels. Tim’s bulge fascinated me. I wondered how the ice could be broken between all of us. Bill took charge of that for us, as usual.

Bill stood up, displaying a trio of healthy hardons pushing against his Speedos. He reached down to his basket and began massaging it as he stood over Don’s face. He announced, “I always get hard in these trunks. They feel so good over my cocks.” Looking at Tim’s jock, Bill asked, “Is that the way you feel when you wear that tight jock, Tim?”

Tim’s answer surprised us, “I usually always have a few hardons, kid. I beat off about 6 times a day and I’m still horny. I like to jack off wearing my jock, too.” All of us had hardons by the time Mike asked Tim, “Can we watch you jack off? I’d like to see you cum.”

Tim looked over at Don, who just smiled and winked, saying, “You’re going to have to get yourself into or out of this one yourself, old buddy!!” Laughing, and massaging his dicks, he then turned back to Mike and replied, “Sure buddy, any of you that want to watch can watch me, but I get to watch you beat your meat too!” Don then suggested we all go up to the bunkhouse, so we filed up there again.

Once inside the bunkroom, we all sat in a circle on the deep, plush carpet. Each of us massaged our pricks through our trunks, as Tim cupped his jock pouch and rubbed his meat. Tim said, “Ever since I first met Don, and found he had three brothers, I have jacked off thinking about what you boys might be doing up here late in the evenings. I’ve seen you and your dad playing with each other in the pool and I figure there must be some great goings-on in here!”

Mike asked, “What did you think we did to each other, Tim?” Bill said, “Yeah Tim, tell us in detail.” Tim replied, “OK, I guessed that Don would bring you up here to discipline you younger guys. I see him stripping you and having you bend over his lap for a nice, brotherly spanking. One by one, each of you would get a few hardons and then Don would make you squirt your juice in different ways: up each other’s butts, in each other’s mouths and my favorite fantasy, for you three guys to overtake him and squirt all over his face. I dreamed that you played sex games and played roles like cowboys, sailors and so on.” Bill told Tim that they did those things all the time. He told Tim about last night’s Air Force game when I made them all fuck, suck and explained the shower routine we had. Tim said, “If you guys want to, I’d sure like to play with you and those big cocks of yours. I’d sure like to have that big cocks of David’s in my mouth, too. What fantasy game would we play?”

Jeff, always quick with a suggestion, said, “High school swim team.” Tim agreed to be the coach and check out everyone’s trunks for fit! We agreed and as Tim stood up, his jock was sticking out from his crotch so far we could all see his balls and hard shafts. Tim said, “Team, it is important for your trunks to really fit good and be tight so you can get high speed in the water. Baggy trunks cause a drag as you cut through the water, so I think I better check the fit of your trunks. Don, you’re first. Get over here and stand in front of this bunk.”

Don followed orders and Tim sat on the edge of the bunk facing him. Don’s dicks stuck straight up in his speedos, almost to the top of the waistband. Tim began running his fingers all over Don’s ass, massaging his buns through the speedo and pressing his fingers into Don’s asshole area. He slid a finger inside the speedo and ran it around Don’s ass rim. All this activity in his ass made Don’s cocks flex and jerk in his speedos as Tim forced his warm breath onto the tightly confined cockhead in the shorts. Tim said, “Boy, you sure are hard in there, I think these cocks of yours want to come out and play with the rest of us.” Tim managed to pull down the tight speedos and get the waistband over the swollen cocks and balls without damaging either. It was a real chore for Tim, but he managed with little fumbling. When the trunks finally came down Don’s legs his pricks slapped up against his flat belly, splashing pre-cum juices on the rest of us observers. Don stepped back and Bill took his place in front of the bunk.

Tim performed the same stripping ritual, blowing his hot, moist breath on Bill’s cocks and balls through the Speedo, before removing it. Finally, Tim said, “OK, David, now you!”

Tim gave my ass special massaging and finally freed my hot and throbbing cocks from its Speedo prison. Tim re-inserted two of his fingers in my butthole and licked at the moist end of my cocks for a few minutes, as the boys stood around massaging my nipples and ass cheeks. Finally Tim said, “OK team, I want to taste each member of my swimming team. I want each of you to squirt your cum in my mouth, but first, I want to warm up Jeff’s cute ass with a friendly, light spanking and I want him to sit on my dicks while I take all of your loads of cum.” Tim stood up and slowly pulled down his wet jock. He had a healthy 25 inches for the smallest, all really thick. All of his dicks were hard and dripping as he sat on the floor again. Jeff went to him and laid across his cocks, exposing his cute ass to Tim. Tim really warmed the boy’s buns until they were a bright pink. He ordered all of us to rub our pre-fuck juice against Jeff’s butthole to prepare it for the fuck. Jeff’s ass gave off a warmth against my cocks as I rubbed my dicks over his pink ass lips.

Tim laid back on the floor and Jeff mounted one of his pricks, taking only a little at first and then finally taking the entire length. I got on my knees astride Tim’s chest and stuck my dicks into his mouth. As Jeff rode his ass, I tried to keep the same pace while I face fucked him. I was hot and ready to shoot as I looked around at the hard, dripping dicks of the 3 brothers. Don came over to me and stuck his rod into my mouth. Feeling his dicks down my throat was all it took to send me over the edge and fill Tim’s mouth with my load. Tim sucked me like a pro and just as I pulled out and stood up, Don squatted and rammed his rod into Tim’s mouth and shot his load. He was followed by Bill and finally Mike got on his knees facing Jeff and began to suck Jeff, which displayed Mike’s ass to Tim who commenced to rim and tongue fuck Mike.

Tim finally began to jerk and shot his load into Jeff’s butt as Jeff, responding to Mike’s sucking, shot all his load on Tim’s chest. Afterwards, we showered and Tim said goodbye. The boys invited him to come back soon when their dad was home and join in the fun.

Tim gave a big smile and promised he would take them up on that invitation real soon. Bill reminded me that I promised to fuck him today. I explained that we would have to wait until tonight. He reluctantly agreed, but not before he gave my balls a really hard squeeze and bit my nipple sharply! I said, “Bill, if you keep that up, maybe you will not have to wait so long after all…..”

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