Frat boys, bro!!

by Seth Peterson

 What happens when a handsome boy and his buddy finds some frat boy pills? Sick bulky results, BRO!!

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Craig flexes and pumps his big thick muscles, squeezing his big chest.

Kyle grins, rubbing Craig’s pecs. “Hey…had an idea. Hear me out?”

Craig nods and leans in, kissing him deep and squeezing his ass against his friend’s big bulge. “Yeah?”

Kyle smirks, patting Craig’s thick chest. “So, recently I’ve been really getting into the frat boy thing. I’d love it if either you or I…or both turned into one. Big thick muscles, big thick belly, beer obsession, kind of douchey…”

Craig grins and kisses him deep. “Mmmm, yeah let’s do it!”

Kyle grins happily. “Fuck yeah! Me, or you?”

Craig chuckles, squeezing his buddy’s chest. “You go for it bra.”

Kyle grins happily, hefting a pill and swallowing it. “And hey…I have one more. So you can take one…or I can go for another dose if we like it…hehe it’ll be fucking hot, bro!” Craig grins, chuckling as Kyle scratches his chest, pecs firming slowly but surely as darker hair sprouts on his chest.

Craig licks his lips as he squeezes and rub Kyle’s pecs, feeling the change rubbing over his growing, swelling body. “Mmm, what would a double dose do to you?”

Kyle shrugs, mental capacity somewhat shrinking. “I dunno, bro! Let’s see what one does.” But even as he’s saying that, Kyle is reaching behind him to grab some things he’d prepared. Tugging on a ratty tank top and turning a baseball cap backward on his head, he chuckles, voice growing deeper as his muscles soften gently, gut slowly starting to expand against his new top.

Craig purrs and grins as Kyle rubs his hands down over his gut, squeezing and squishing it in his hands, feeling his own growing body. He’s licking his lips as he leans down to kiss Craig, loving his newly deep voice. “Mmm you look hot bro,” Craig says.

Kyle kisses back, pulling back as Craig’s face grows a prominent sneer. “Whoa…no homo, bro.” Kyle grins, smacking Craig’s ass harshly as Kyle reaches into the fridge, grabbing a beer and chugging it happily. “Fuck, bro, feeling swole today!” His gut swells larger and larger, shoving his tank top outward and upward, a heavy trail sprouting down his belly.

Craig rubs his big solid gut, squeezing it and giving it a smack as it swells, looking down at his buddy’s sexy body. “Mmmm fuck bro no homo,” Craig reassures him, “just two frat boys hangin out man.” His hands are wandering over Kyle’s thick gut and up to his huge pecs, squeezing them tighter.

Kyle nods firmly, continuing to chug his beer. “Fuck yeah, bro!” He tosses the can aside, grabbing another as his gut heaves into a thick, meaty belly, body growing hairy and a little musky. He sighes in pleasure, rubbing his bulging gut. “Jesus fucking christ, bro!! Here we go!!”

Craig laughs loudly, smacking Kyle’s ass again as they bump bellies.

“Fuck, bro! You’re so fucking big! Been working out, man?” Kyle asks.

Craig growls and pushes back, rubbing his ass against Kyle’s immense cock bulge, grinding as he smacks your huge belly. “Mmmm fuck bro, look at that thing grow, it’s becoming huge man.” Smacking his belly a couple times, he gave it a grope, shivering from Craig’s deep sexy voice.

Kyle laughs, smacking his bulging cock against Craig’s abs. “You want some of this, you fucking fag? Hahah just kidding, bro, I love you, man.” He bear hugs his buddy, trembling and moaning loudly as his cock bulges thicker, balls exploding in size with a quick one-two spurt, dangling like huge fleshy oranges under him. “Ah, fuck, bro…there’s the horniness. Jesus…wanna fuck some slut, you know? So fucking pent up, bro…” He wanks idly, sighing. “No homo, bro.” He scratches his chin as dark stubble cracks and bushes across his cheeks and neck.

Craig purrs deeply, hugging him back and moaning under his tight hug as Kyle squeezes up against him, kissing his lips and flexing his abs against Craig’s huge thick cock. Kyle’s own cock is throbbing huge now and hard spurting precum between them as Kyle grinds against his buddy, hugging tightly. “Mmm fuck yeah no homo bro just frat bros.”

Kyle nods self-righteously, kissing back. “You fucking know it, bro!” He humps his bulging beer gut heavily against Craig. Pausing, he reaches into his pocket, pulling out the second pill. “The fuck is this? You know, bro?” He holds it out, lifting an eyebrow.

Craig grins and shrugs. “I think it’s your workout pill man, you better take it.” He grins, patting his huge belly, rubbing it all over squeezing and kneading it in his hands, feeling it bulge.

Kyle laughs, popping it without any thought. “Oh! Chill, bro. Thanks.” He relaxes in his bud’s fondling, murmuring softly. “Oh bro…I feel…oh fuck, bro…” His body trembles before it starts to quiver harshly, body barely able to handle so much. “B-bro…wh-what was in that?!”

Craig grins as Kyle feels over his friend’s muscle body, playing with his nipples, pinching them and giving them a tug as he feels Craig’s body swelling and growing. “Mmm it is a very potent pill, stud.”

Kyle shakes his head, head fogging as most brain function becomes unnecessary. His body arches as his pecs heave with weight, round and firm and hard! But below that, his gut is bulging. He finishes his beer and go for another, each chug adding ten pounds to his rapidly swelling muscle belly, fat and beef combining. “Yeah bro…fuuuuuuck.” His face gets even more arrogant, hair darkening and spreading across his body.

Craig sits on top of Kyle’s huge massive gut, grinding against it, rubbing his hard leaking cock over it teasing it. Slapping it with his huge hefty cock, he bounces up and down on it, hands on his buddy’s huge pecs, squeezing them for support.

Kyle grunts and bellows, gut surging with size and alcohol, bulging and wobbling heavily, sheer power flowing from his body. “Jesus fucking christ, bro, you a fucking fag or something? I mean fuck bro!” He laughs, smacking Craig’s ass as he grinds, his huge cock arching between Craig’s own pecs as he swells. “Oh fuck me bro…feeling so fucking beefy….fuck, bro…”

Craig grabs a couple beers and opens Kyle’s mouth, pouring them into him and forcing him to drink beef, making him beef out more, voice deepening, growing bigger, taller, more of a jock. His ass grinds hard against Kyle’s huge cock, sliding it into his ass and bouncing on the massive member, squeezing it in his ass cheeks as he rubs it against him.

Kyle pants and huffs in delight, voice lowering even more as his body fattens and swells, a massive DILF body trapped with the mind of a horny, moronic college stud. “Oh fuck bro! You like…some slut or something, bro? A fucking dumb fag, bro!! I like it! Fuck his cock, bro! No homo if the balls don’t touch, bro.” He fucks Craig hard and rough, balls bulging under him, two huge watermelon nuts pumping testosterone into his pal! Kyle’s shirt strains hard against his huge pecs and belly.

Craig moans and groans out loudly, feeling him bulge and swell, fucking that huge cock into his ass, making Craig shoot precum covering his friend’s belly and pecs in his thick precum as it gushes from his cock. His hands were on Kyle’s giant pecs, playing with them, squeezing them, pulling on his nipples as he moans hotly, “Fuck bro no homo just two bros hanging out.”

Kyle nods hard, a gold ring clipping into his nostrils as his nipples leak gold, two rings adding to his fat pecs. “You fucking know it, bro! God, I’ll just pretend you’re some dumb slut, right, bro? Bro, you’re so fucking tight, bro!!” He keeps fucking, mind encompassed only with two things. He chugs his beer, patting his swollen gut as it bulges even more, round and heavy yet soft and wobbly!

Craig wraps his arms around the huge gut, squeezing it and holding on tight as he screams out from that massive cock pounding him, making him moan and squeezing his ass hard around the member, milking it, panting. His hands feeling that gut swell bigger and harder, tearing your shirt apart, growing so massive and huge.

Kyle sighs in dismay, tugging his shirt off. “Fuck, bro, getting too swole! Tore his fucking shirt to fucking shreds, bro!” His cocky grin gets even more prominent; he looks the world’s biggest douche canoe. “Guess I’m just too big, huh, bro? God, the sluts are gonna love this fucking bod, bro!” Craig smacks his pecs, rubbing them happily. “The fags, too, bro.” Kyle laughs, humping harder. “Fuck, bro…”

Craig chuckles deeply, placing his hands on his buddy’s huge biceps, squeezing them and rubbing over them, feeling his huge cocky muscle and loving it, bouncing deeper on his huge member. “Mmm fuck yeah bro they’re gonna love bouncing on this huge fat slut breaking member bro.”

Kyle nods, laughing. “Yeah! You fucking get it, bro!” He swells even larger, biceps heaving with weight as his torso thickens and widens. “Mmmm fuck, wish I could get even more fucking studly, bro! You know, bro?” He keeps fucking his smaller buddy, huge pelvis ramming into him. “I dunno how, bro. I feel so fucking incomplete though, bro…”

Craig rubs his buddy’s square jaw line as he leans in, kissing him hard, making out with him, as Craig bounces harder on Kyle’s huge cock. His hands are pulling on Kyle’s nipple rungs, teasing them, as he groans happily, rubbing his ass down that cock. “Mmm, you got another pill in your pocket bro?”

Kyle tilts his head. “Another pill? What fucking pill, bro?” He rummages around. “I don’t feel one, bro!” But in the fridge, there’s one twice the size of the others…Craig had spotted it as he’d grabbed the sixteenth beer. “Just fucking pits, bro!” He sighs, fucking almost like he’s texting idly. “Dunno what to do, bro…”

Craig grins, wrapping his legs around him, squeezing to his huge body ,rubbing those massive swollen pecs leaning into him. “Hey bro, I think there’s something in the fridge for you, why don’t you get up and get it with me stuck on your cock like a slut.” He laughs, patting at your huge belly.

Kyle rolls his eyes, sneer on his muzzle. “Jesus bro, you some kinda fucking fag? No homo, dude…” He laughs, hefting his enormous bulk, rubbing his cock while it’s still inside his buddy as he lumbers to the fridge, reaching in and grabbing four cans of beer, all in one massive hand. “More beer, bro? I mean, I need that!” He pauses, grabbing the horse pill full of blue liquid. “Jesus bro, is this fucking ecstasy or something?”

Craig grins, his feet rubbing against his buddy’s huge balls, squeezing them with his feet. “Just take it bro, you’re going to love it,” he says, patting Kyle’s big dumb head and squeezing to that big gut. Stuck on his huge cock, sitting there with it stuffed up his ass, spreading it wide.

Kyle lifts an eyebrow, shrugging. “I mean, okay, bro. I trust you, man!” He chases it with some huge gulps of beer, pausing as he blinks harshly. “Oh fucking hell, bro…wh-what’s going on…?”

Craig squeezes to you as he grins and rub his huge body as it rumbles and starts to bulge and swell feeling his thick huge muscles playing with them as Kyle groans out hotly, squeezing up to your huge gut.

Kyle bellows in pleasure as he balloons with mass, tank tearing right off as he grows bigger, dumber, cockier and hairier. Thicker, softer, fatter and bulkier. And yet somehow, he just keeps going! Cock stretching his buddy’s insides as it expands double inside him, his balls becoming pumpkins wrapped in tight scrotum flesh, so much testosterone flowing into his friend as his cock permanently leaks pre! He pumps twice and hump hard, pouring hot jock cum into his bud! “Fuck, bro! G-good, bro!!” His voice is so loud, so deep and powerful! His coat is almost totally dark brown now, with shades of black instead covering his hairier regions.

Craig shivers and groans as he pumps out ropes of cum landing all over Kyle’s massive belly, getting turned on by his hot mass growing bigger and thicker, making Craig shiver. His hands squeeze as much of that huge body as he can, feeling it bulge up massively and huge rubbing all over.

Kyle fucks him hard for almost five whole minutes, finally pulling out and rubbing his still-stiff cock. “FUCK, BRO. SUCH A GOOD FUCKING FUCK, BRO. NO HOMO, OF COURSE, BRO.” He rubs his buddy’s head, towering over him. Easily ten feet tall, a ton and a half of pure swollen meat. Ballooned pecs, a beyond-ample belly, an immeasurable cock and two enormous balls jostling just between his knees. “FUCK, BRO. ALL THE BEER’S GOING TO HIS FUCKING GUT, BRO. SO FUCKING BEEFY, BRO…”

Craig steps up to him, rubbing over his huge gut, giving it a smack as he looks at the big bro-man. “Fuck yeah bro, you’re looking thick.” He laughs as he grab the giant’s huge hard cock, jerking it in his hands, rubbing it hard, pulling and tugging on it harder, jerking it off.

Kyle grunts and pants loudly, body continuing to bloat and wobble as he expands. “JESUS FUCK, BRO, YEAH? THANKS A FUCK FUCKING TON, BRO!” His vocabulary is fast growing limited, mind shrinking as mass piles on to his torso and away from his brain. “FUCK, BRO. FUCKING SWOLE AS FUCK, BRO!!” Kyle laughs loudly, cock firing yet again, balls refusing to tighten, just instead sinking even lower as his constant tugging pulls his cock longer and longer

Craig laughs as he tugs on the big man’s cock, sucking on the cock head, working his mouth back and forth on the massive shaft, sucking and slurping hard, moaning around it, reaching down to play with the huge balls, tugging on them hard and giving them a squeeze. “Mmmm fuck yeah bro, you’re a god.”

Kyle grins cockily, never once doubting that. “FUCKIN COURSE I AM, BRO. SO THICK AND HEAVY, BRO.” He chugs entire cans of beer in one gulp, panting as Craig pats his huge, rotund super-gut. “WORSHIP YOUR GOD, BRO. NO HOMO.” He laughs, a huge booming sound as his balls drop yet again, huge sloshy bean bag chairs of cum swelling around his calves, even as he tugs on another tank top, this 13XL perfect to stay tight and strained on his fat torso, huge trail still totally visible, the waistline ending just on his belly button, endless pre spraying from his enormous giant-bro cock.


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