Growing problems

by Joushy

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I looked up from my book and stared at the clock. Waiting for eight o’clock was like waiting for the end of the world. It never seemed to come.

But i’m getting ahead of myself. My name is David and I’m 15 years old and my high school trip to Florida had finally come. I had been waiting for this trip all year. And then the door bell rang. I opened it to find my beat friend Steve waiting.

“You ready?” he asked.

“You bet!” I replied.

We boarded the bus which is taking my class to Florida. Me and Steve sat down. “I cannot wait to get there!” He said excitedly. “I need a good vacation.” Last year Steve and his family had gone to Hawaii and a hurricane had struck. So he was in need of a vacation where a natural disaster didn’t strike.

“I know what you mean,” I replied. With the homework we’re assigned I was glad to free of it for two weeks.

“I’m hungry,” Steve said and dug around in his bag till a puzzled look came across his face. He pulled about a fortune cookie and laughed. “I forgot I had this, me and my family ate Chinese last night.” He cracked it open and read the fortune: “You and the person beside you will be bigger than the earth.” He said it an mysterious voice and I couldn’t help laughing.

“Those things are so ridiculous,” I said.

“Yeah,” he replied stuffing the cookie in his mouth.

“I can’t wait to get to the beach,” I said.

“Well first we’re going to the pool in the hotel. They’ve got a huge pool with two watersides.”

“Awesome!” I said. “I love water slides.”

The hotel was amazing. It was a five star room with three bathrooms and a kitchen. Me and Steve were changing into our trunks. As I slipped mine on I noticed they were a little snug. I had just bought these and I was as skinny as a stick. So I was not used to my clothes being snug. Maybe I’m finally filling in, I thought to myself. I noticed that when Steve came out his trunks looked a little snug too.

“Ready to hit the pool?” He asked.

“Yeah,” I replied, still puzzled.

The pool rocked. That’s all I can say about it without going into an hour long paragraph about it. It was open all day so me and my class hung out around the pool all day. The girls sat at the tables and talked while the guys messed around in the pool and slides. When it was about half way through the day I noticed some of the girls were eyeing me. Lunch came and Steve came out of the pool and walked over.

“Man I’m starved.”

“Yeah me too,” I replied. Steve’s trunks now looked even tighter.

He looked at me weirdly. “Dude I think you grabbed your little brother’s trunks those things look about two sizes too small for you,” he said.

I looked down and realized he was right. My snug trunks were now slightly uncomfortable. “I guess I did,” I said slowly. “Did you grab your little brother’s trunks too?”

“What do you mean?” he said looking down. “Oh shoot,” he said looking around embarrassed. “I think I did. Dude this is really embarrassing we’re wearing trunks too small for us.”

“I don’t think anyone notices,” I said but I glanced over at the girls that were eyeing me earlier. “We could buy some in the gift shop.”

He thought about it. “I don’t think they’re that noticeable but they’re not exactly comfortable.”

“Yeah mine are a bit tight too,” I said.

“Well let’s just not worry about it,” he said blowing it off. “Let’s get some food.”

There was a food cart outside near the pool and we bought some food there. It was a Mexican cart. “Dude I have nothing against burritos,” Steve was saying as we ate our food. “But it’s not exactly pool food.”

“I think it’s good,” I said, looking at my burrito.

We got up and got back to goofing off with the guys. Although two of them got sick from the burritos it was an awesome day.

But about around five o’clock Steve came over looking in pain. “Man these things are squeezing the life out of me.”

I looked at his trunks and was greatly puzzled that they now looked extremely tight where at lunch they just looked a little more than snug.

“That can’t feel good,” I said.

“Yours don’t look any better than mine.” I wish he hadn’t said that. You know when you’re doing something, let’s say playing outside, and you get a bad cut but you don’t notice it because your having too much fun, but the second you notice it it starts hurting right away? That’s what happened with me. I looked down at my trunks and doubled over from the pain. It felt like the trunks were compressing my stomach into my back.

“Dude what is wrong with these trunks?” I choked out.

“I don’t know but they aren’t going to last much longer. We’ve got to get different trunks.”

“Actually,” I said, “I think I’m done swimming.”

“Yeah,” Steve agreed, “I’m done too. Let’s just get these trunks off.”

Me and Steve rushed to our room to get the trunks off. Steve immediately rushed in and went to strip but before he could there was a loud RIIIIIP. I stared at steve’s trunks now lying on the floor in pieces. Steve looked at me in horror. What’s happening to us? Looking at Steve naked I realized how big he had gotten. He looked to be about six foot eight. And to be about two hundred and eighty pounds.

“Dude…….” I trailed off.

He looked at me. “What?”

“Go look in a mirror.”

He walked over to the bathroom. “Holy crap!” he shouted. Just then another RIIIP rang out. I looked at my trunks. Now in pieces on the floor.

Steve came in and stared at me. “Dude…you’re huge.” I walked over to the mirror and stated at the giant staring back. I was huge. I was at least six foot nine and two hundred and ninety pounds of pure muscle. My pecs were huge shelves and my arms bulged. Then I looked down and gasped. My dick was huge! It looked to be nine inches soft, and eight thick.

Steve walked in and looked in horror. “What do we do? Maybe it’s just a growth spurt?”

“A growth spurt!” I shouted. “People don’t just grow four inches in one day!”

“Well maybe it’s over.”

“Yeah,” I replied. “Maybe it’s stopped.” But as I gazed in the mirror I saw my body grow very slowly and slightly, so slight that if I hadn’t been looking in a mirror I wouldn’t have noticed. My body expanded.

“Dude you just grew!” Steve said in shock.

Just as I turned to answer I saw his body slightly expand too. “You just grew too!” I shouted.

Steve was now in a panic. “What are we gonna do? What if we don’t stop?”

“Calm down,” I told him. “First we need to figure out why we’re growing.”

Steve started thinking. “Maybe from the burritos?”

“No, I noticed your and my trunks were snug when we put them on.”

Just then there was a knock on our door. “Hey guys, can I come in?” It was Drake. One of our friends. Steve looked at me panicked.

“Uh just a second!” I shouted. “Get your pyjamas on!” I said to Steve.

“What?” he replied.

“They’re the only clothes that will fit now—get them on, Drake can’t see us naked!”

“But we’ll just grow out of them!”

“Not for a while, they’re stretchy. At least we’ll be clothed.”

“Oh alright.” Steve went into his bag and pulled out his pyjamas. He pulled them on. The size change was much less noticeable in these clothes. They stretched so you couldn’t tell any difference. I got mine on quickly too and opened the door.

“Hey Drake,” I greeted him.

“Hey man,” he said walking in. “Hey Steve,” Drake greeted him.

Drake looked at Steve, “Dude have you gotten taller?”

Steve looked at me. “Yeah I guess,” he said.

“Well I was going to ask if you wanted to go out but it looks like you two are ready for bed. It’s only six a clock—why are you guys not out?”

Steve looked at me again.

“Yeah,” he said. “Yeah let’s go out.”

I looked at him bewildered. “Are you sure you wanna go out?” I said trying to get my point across.

He looked at me hard. “Yes.”

“Alright!” Drake said excited. “There’s this great club for teens under 18 where they serve virgin martinis.”

“That sounds great. Just let me and David change and we’ll be right out.”

“K,” Drake said and walked out.

“Are you mad?!?” I said to Steve.

“No! And this is just what we need! To calm down and let loose a bit. It took a day for us to even notice the growth I think we’ll be fine for one night.”

“Alright,” I gave in, “but what are we gonna wear?”

“Our clothes should do fine for now. They’ll be a little snug but we’ll manage.”

“Alright,” I said with a sigh. “Let’s get dressed.”

I pulled on my underwear and stared in the mirror. You know, I said to myself, this isn’t that bad—you’ve always wanted to be a little bigger and now you’re getting more than that. There are a lot of guys who would love to be in your position. I flexed my arms. Oh yeah I said to myself. My arms were huge as they bulged out. I flexed my pecs and watched the two shelves flex and pop. Looked at my six pack which was starting to look like a ten pack. If that’s possible. Looked at my tree trunk legs and flexed them. Then moved my eyes back to the huge bulge in my underwear. Lifted it and felt it. Truth be told, I loved it. I loved everything about it.

And I wanted more of it. I wanted to grow more. I must’ve been like seven feet now. And…I spied the scale on the floor and steeped on. I waited as the numbers flashed. Holy crap! 356 pounds. I was a monster! A freak! I had grown to a size that human kind had only dreamed of. And as I stared at the scale the numbers flashed again. 357.

Now Steve went to the other bathroom to change. Let’s go to his point of view:

As soon as David closed the door I sprinted to the other one and striped off my clothes. I had been dying to get in front of a mirror ever since lunch when I had noticed the growth. My body was huge. I looked at my tall frame and muscular body. I mean come one, what guy doesn’t fantasise about growing huge? And now I was getting that. Not only that David was growing too which was gonna make it more fun. I looked at my mountainous pecs and bulging arms. My abs that could break brick. My tree trunk legs and,my favourite part, my cock. I had snuck I ruler in with me to find out how much it had growth. I grabbed it and measured. I stares at the number in shock. 10. 10. 10. 10. Rang through my head over and over again. I had what every porn stripper dreamed of. What every gut hoped for. What millions of guys dream about. I hopped on the scale and waited for the numbers to pop up. Holy…..I trailed off as I stared at the number. 366. David again:

I walked out in my tight jeans and very uncomfortable shirt. I waited for Steve until he walked out in clothes that probably didn’t look better than mine. We walked out to meet Drake.

“Finally! You two took forever!”

“Sorry,” Steve said. “But let’s get going.” We arrived at the club. It was extremely cool. It was like a cool hip bar but it was all people my age up to seventeen. We had a lot of fun hanging out until a girl came over and stole Steve. Drake and me started talking about tomorrow at the beach. Then he looked at me funny.

“Dude have you been working out?”

I paused considering my answer. “No,” I said. “I guess I’m just filling in.”

“Yeah, and I’m gonna grow a beard by tomorrow. Now how did you get so big so fast?”

“Wait,” I said. “Do you think I’m using steroids?”

“No, well there have been rumors going around about you and Steve. I don’t say anything! But I mean the evidence isn’t in your favor.”

I stared at him. “Yeah I guess it’s not.”

“And now Steve going off with that girl. It’s not looking good for you two.”

“Yeah, well it’s not that though. I would never use steroids.”

“Oh I know man. I didn’t say I agreed. Though I wish I could be your size.”

“Yeah,” I laughed. “It would be awesome if you grew with us.”

“Oh,” he stared at me puzzled. “Growing? What do you mean?”

I cursed myself. Come on man just tell me. I looked at him. It would be nice to tell someone I could trust wouldn’t go off and tell someone else. “Okay,” I said. “Ever since me and Steve got here we’ve been growing. I know it sounds impossible but it’s true.”

Drake just stared at me until finally saying, “You guys are so lucky! Can you control it? Like can you make yourself and other people grow?” I knew what he was hinting at.

“You want me to try you?” I asked.

He smiled sheepishly. “Yeah do you mind?”

“Yeah but at the hotel. I’m ready to leave these clothes are getting really tight.” Just to prove it the button to my jeans popped off and hit a glass.

Drake laughed until he had tears in his eyes. “Dude this is awesome,” he choked out.

Just then Steve walked up. And he looked like he was fifty pounds heavier.

“Um hey,” I said.

“Hey,” he replied. “Why aren’t your jeans zipped?”

“Because I can’t.”

“Oh. Ok well I think it’s time to get back.”

The car ride home was very cramped. Drake drove since he was the only one legal and me and Steve ride in the back. For some reason after Steve’s “experience” he had put on fifty pounds and he was sitting beside me in his underwear because his pants had cut off his circulation. And his shirt had ripped.

The minute we got home me and Steve sat down in the couch and Drake stayed standing. “You sure?” I asked him.

“Heck yeah!”

“Okay.” I imagined Drake bigger, my size. I imagined his chest rising, his back expanding, his bulge expanding.

Drake just stared at me. Then sighed. “Guess it doesn’t work.” He walked over to the couch and sat down. More like smushed into the side. Because me and Steve were starting to take up a lot of space. And with Steve sitting only in his underwear, which were very stretched now, with his huge bulge sticking out.

“Um Steve,” I said. “Would you mind getting some clothes on?” Right as I said that my pants flew off. Steve and Drake started laughing.

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