by Josh Dugan

A rather exotic species of hybrid plant thrives in one of the hotter hot-houses.

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“You can see how they’re fully developed,” Brad said, showing me the tropical plants he had carefully nurtured. And they were very well developed, I couldn’t help but notice. The steamy hothouse was alive with Brad’s hybrid plants, and the plant he showed me drooped with its heavy load of huge, perfect penises.

“They all work perfectly,” he said, smiling as he probed among the penises, gathering a few to display their perfect form for me. They were amazing, each one an enviable specimen, and they did begin to swell with arousal as his hands jostled them.

“And they can be attached to someone and they continue to function?” I asked, the thought stirring me to arousal.

“Yes,” replied Brad, smiling. “That’s the fun of it. Check me out!” He pulled at the elastic waistband of his sweatpants. I felt sort of embarrassed about looking in, but he gave me a smile of understanding. “It’s okay,” he said. “I’d feel funny, too, but you might be amazed.”

And amazed I was—and aroused! Five of the beautiful penises crowded Brad’s genital area, lazily rising to various stages of arousal as he enjoyed my gaze upon them. He sensed my shyness, so he reached down and gathered a few of the enormous penises in his hand, raising them up for my inspection. They were rapidly engorging now, becoming too big for even his large hand to surround.

“This is probably a stupid question, but which is the original?” I asked, feeling my own solitary hardon rising.

He laughed, a little flushed with arousal. “This one here, more or less in the center of the bunch,” he said, separating it from the others with his hand. “But it’s grown with the rest of them since I added them.”

Each of Brad’s penises had that same heavy, sleek length and elegance as the penises drooping from the exotic plant.

“It’s really quite nice,” Brad said. “As they grow into you, you develop all the internal plumbing as well. I can’t believe how much come I can pump now. The downside is that I’m always aroused and I almost always have to come!”

“You call that a downside?” I smiled.

“Not really, to be honest,” Brad laughed. “And most of the boys who have joined my staff here have enjoyed helping themselves to extra penises from the plant, and wouldn’t have it any other way now.” I had noticed the handsome young men who worked on the property earlier, and now, looking outside the glass panes of the hothouse, noticed the hugeness between their legs under their pants or their work aprons as they talked to each other while attending to various chores.

Brad noticed my hungry look as I surveyed the heavily-endowed young workmen strolling or working together about the property. “I’ll introduce you,” he said, with a sympathy and friendliness that disarmed me.

“Thanks, Brad; I’d love to meet them, but I would feel so… naked, I guess,” I said. “You know.”

“Who wouldn’t?” he laughed, squeezing my shoulder. He motioned towards the beautiful penises hanging in weighty clusters from the plant. “Go on, I know you would like a couple extras, at least!”

I laughed, but I felt nervous as well as aroused. But I had to try! “Okay,” I agreed.

“You won’t regret it,” Brad said.

We sorted through the array of penises hanging pendulously from the plant. They were so sexy! I loved the way they began to enlarge as I examined them, and they were warm in my hands as I compared their sizes and lengths. Finally, Brad helped me select three huge guys (I knew I would probably want more later, but didn’t want to settle for only two), and when we had decided, he deftly popped them at the base from the plant, which caused the penises on the plant to bob and swing as a few large, glossy leaves came loose.

I dropped my trousers on the spot. “Now hold these in place firmly, for about twenty seconds,” Brad said. “You may be surprised as you begin to sense through them, but most guys are. We’re used to only having one hardon, and it can be a bit overwhelming when you feel that you have several, the first time. Frankly, I’m still not used to it, but I love it!”

Brad expertly placed the penises against me, indicating where to hold them at the base against my skin. We clustered them close to my own hardon, very much aroused at the sight and feel of the beautiful new penises. And sure enough, I felt my skin tingle where they touched me. And in what seemed like a very few moments, I could feel with the penises, and my own hands were warm around them. I wanted to faint with arousal, but by some miracle remained standing as the beautiful penises took root in me and began to swell. “Okay, you can let go now,” Brad smiled. Now I wanted to faint, and did start to black out, overcome by the magnificent array of aroused penises weighing heavily from me.

I was suddenly in Brad’s warm arms, his neck snuggled close to mine, and our giant sets of penises protuberantly pressed together as he held me. “It’s okay,” he said, his breath warm and sweet against my ear. “I’m here for you, dude.”

“Ohhh, I’m sooo turned on!” I exclaimed, grateful for his gentle embrace. “I have to come in the worst way!”

“Another one adds ‘em on!” called out a young voice, as one of the handsome young workmen and a group of his co-workers workmen entered the hothouse. “All right!”

“Party time!” called out another, and the others said, “Yeah!” in chorus.

I was lost in Brad’s arms, and madly aroused, feeling the burning surge of come within my loins. His lips were upon mine, and his powerful arms gently around me as my groin raged with its load of giant hardons grinding against Brad’s. I heard the groans of the beautiful young workmen around us as they became aroused and began their tortured multiple-hardon mating.

As Brad’s tongue entered my thirsting mouth I welcomed it with my own tongue, and with the sweet intensity of his closeness overpowering me I began to come, violently, spasming against his strong body, grateful for the strength of his embrace. My legs thrashed wildly against his, helpless with the powerful jolts of pleasure as my hot hardons soaked themselves with burning gobs of molten, oozing come. Brad’s torrent of come pulsed against me as well, and we moaned and screamed as the ejaculations continued. Geysers of fire burned up from within us and spouted forth from our gigantic multiple hardons, soaking the huge penises with come and glazing our legs with an uncontrollable steaming coating of thick, hot, fragrant ejaculate.

The air was heavy with the grunts and screams of the workmen around us as they came uncontrollably, holding on to each other as their enormous hardons rained jets of hot come endlessly, relentlessly. They struggled to relieve each other of their mighty urgency, sucking down the huge hardons that remained untapped.

I fell down with Brad as our legs collapsed with the paralyzing pleasure of our still-pulsing jolts. Other arms held us as the boys groaned, stupefied by the enormous ejaculations, but welcoming us all the same.

I would have laughed if I had the energy, with all of us spattered with great glistening gobs of the delicious come, but I and the rest of us were overcome with the overpowering buzz of glorious afterburn as our huge cocks settled into their final thankful pulses of ejaculate.

“When I can walk, I’ll get us some wine,” one of the handsome workers said. I hugged Brad as his sweet body began to drift off to sleep in my arms, there in the hothouse among the come-soaked penises of the workers and ourselves. A glass of wine would be good, I thought.

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