Kyle’s third leg

by Unknown

Kyle finds an abandoned container of goo that turns his "third leg" a lot more literal.

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Walking home from the last day of 12th grade, Kyle saw some classmates drive by. Kyle was a bit jealous, of not having a car. But not by much, because when Kyle turned 18, his parents gave him a choice between a lightly used car, or his own apartment. Kyle liked being by himself, so he chose having his own apartment. He also didn’t need his own car yet, as everything was within walking distance of his modest one bedroom home. But Kyle sure envied his classmates being able to drive anywhere they wanted. As he walked home, he wondered to himself about having the same morning routines, the same route to school, and the same old self. While he couldn’t change himself, he could at least change which routes he could take to go home. It sounded like a good idea to him, except he only knew one route to his apartment. “Oh well, I guess it’s time to explore,” he thought to himself, as he left the sidewalk path that he always took. He would always walk past an alleyway, every day as he went to and from school.

The alleyway headed towards the direction of Kyle’s apartment. He always wondered if it was a shortcut, but he never bothered to try it. “Today is different,” he thought to himself, as he calmly walked towards the alley. As he walked through, Kyle noticed a small wooden box by a trash bin. Kyle initially walked past the small wooden box, but curiosity got the better of him. Upon closer inspection, Kyle noticed that the box had a built in lock, “I bet there is old jewelry in there, I can probably pawn it for a few bucks,” he quietly thought to himself. While the wooden box was small, about the size of a shoebox, it was rather heavy, at least for its size. Kyle was surprised by the weight of the box. “It’s probably not jewelry, if it’s this heavy,” he thought to himself. Kyle could not pry the box open with his hands, he thought about throwing it on the concrete ground to open it, but he figured that whatever was in there would probably break in the process. “I’ve got a flat head at my place, I can probably open it with that,” Kyle thought to himself. He decided that the box was more important than exploring the alley, so he backed out, and went to his apartment using the same route he always took home.

Back at his apartment, Kyle was extremely curious of the contents of the box. Resting the box on his table, Kyle used a flat head screwdriver, as he inserted the flat part into the crack under the lid, and tried to pry it open. He could not, the lid was firmly locked-in tight. He put the box on the ground with the crack facing his body, he inserted the flathead into the crack; the flathead laid suspended by being wedged in. With his foot, he stomped on the flathead, the force of the stomp, caused the lid to open with a loud crack! The force was so great, the contents, which was a glass jar, filled with a bright blue liquid, broke. The liquid spilled with great force and splashed like a tidal wave towards him. Kyle freaked out by the blue gooey liquid, he jumped back in shock, but it was not far enough, as most of the goo landed on his waist and legs. Kyle was grossed out, but, he quickly calmed his nerves, and with his fingers, Kyle took some of the goo, and pulled it up to his nose. “It smells like epoxy glue,” he thought, as he put a small sample in his mouth. “Yeah, it’s fucking glue.” He winced at the bitter taste, and spit out the remaining globs on his tongue. “I need to take a shower, before this glue dries, and I’ll clean up the floor after,” he thought to himself as he headed in the bathroom.

Taking his clothes off, he noticed that a lot of the goo had penetrated his now ruined slim jeans, and was making contact with his skin. His skin was feeling tingling, particularly around his groin area, he brushed it off as the glue drying. As he stepped into the hot shower, the tingling feeling in his legs had washed away, along with the remnants of the blue goo, but his penis still felt tingling, despite the water washing the goo off his groin. “It’s been a while since I’ve jacked-off, it’s probably that,” he thought, as he started rubbing one out. His penis was six inches long when hard, fairly modest compared to his classmates, but he didn’t mind, as he loved jacking off in the shower every other day. Nearing climax, Kyle was surprised on how incredibly good it felt, “it's never felt that way before,” he thought in surprise. After a few moments, Kyle led out a soft whimper, as the warm cum blasted off his penis, with so much force, it hit the shower wall. Kyle nearly collapsed from the pleasure, it was a totally new level of arousal for him.

Finishing up, he noticed that his penis was still hard, while he enjoyed his incredible orgasm, he didn’t have a need jack off again. He dried himself, and put on a pair of boxer briefs, and an old shirt he liked to wear around his apartment. He was going to put on a pair of jeans, but his cock was still rock hard, so he decided to wear a pair of basketball shorts. He was feeling a bit tired, though he still had to clean up his mess. He figured he’d take a quick nap after. And that’s what he did.

Kyle groggily woke up, still rather exhausted. He thought it was still Friday night, but he was surprised that there was light out. He slept through all of Friday afternoon, and Friday night, and onto Saturday morning. But he didn’t mind, “at least I’ve got nothing to do it’s Summer…OH WHAT THE FUCK, I STILL HAVE A BONER!” he thought to himself, rather surprised. He propped up from his bed, looked down at his erection. The shape was perfectly seen through his shorts. He noticed that his erection was about an inch and a half longer, but what really threw him by surprise, was how wide his dick had gotten. It looked like somebody had stuck a small shoe between his legs. He immediately got up, and walked to the bathroom to see himself in the mirror. As he walked, he noticed that the base of his legs were a bit farther apart, not much, but he could feel the difference. He dropped his shorts and boxers and looked at his full size mirror. He looked at his wide hard cock. It was shaped just like a hot pocket, but a little wider. He also noticed some indentions at the head of the penis. “My cock probably developed an allergic reaction towards the glue,” he thought to himself. Despite his initial freak out, he felt a soothing sense of pleasure emanating from his cock. “I should probably call my parents, but I think I’ll wait a day or two, and see if it goes back to normal by itself,” Kyle groggily thought, his mind was really fuzzy, he decided to take a nap. He put on his boxers and shorts, and took a nap on his sofa.

A few hours later, Kyle woke up. He felt tired as ever, and his mind was still very groggy, though he still had enough sense to walk to his bathroom, and inspect his still rock hard cock. Again, he noticed his legs were a bit more spread apart, more so than before. Stripping off his really tight boxers and shorts, he noticed that his weirdly shaped cock had further transformed. He noticed that his indentations were much deeper and pronounced at the head of his wide cock. He explored the indentions with his finger, he could feel bony appendages at the end, seven in total, and they were connected by thin webbing. With the center one, being slightly larger than the rest. His foreskin still engulfed the connected appendages. Kyle further explored his cock, he noticed that his balls had gotten much smaller, and his sack was not as low anymore. He also felt his cock had started to grow backwards slightly past the base. His light brown pubic hair had disappeared. Kyle felt the sudden urge to freak out and call someone for help, but he didn’t, as an overwhelming sense of tiredness washed upon him, and he went back to his sofa to sleep. Leaving his boxers and shorts in the bathroom.

Kyle woke up, it was early Sunday morning, and still tired as ever. Without moving his lower body, he looked down at his waist, he could see that his cock had further changed. It was much wider now, and about as-long as his feet, which were a size 9. The tip of his cock had the shape of what appeared to be seven toes. With his fingers, Kyle explored the inside of his foreskin, he could feel the toe like appendages were no longer connected by the webbing, but they were still covered by the sheath of his foreskin, and the top of the appendages had a thin hard layer to them, like a fingernail.

Still laying on the sofa, Kyle pulled his fingers out from inside of his foreskin, and explored the outside of his cock. The skin of his cock no longer felt nor looked veiny, he noticed that the bottom side of his cock had a slightly different texture than the top of it, the top part felt just like the top of his hand, and the bottom part felt like the palm of his hand as-well…or a sole of a foot. He also saw that his cock had a more foot like appearance, he could feel an arch, just like his right foot. But he felt the bottom left side of his cock, and felt another arch. Moving his hand down further to the base, he could no longer feel his sack, it had appeared to have fully merged behind the base. With both of his hands, Kyle explored behind the base of his foot-like cock, he felt the skin to be coarse. Just like a heel of a foot. While Kyle’s mind was still clouded and groggy, he was not stupid, he knew he had developed a fully formed foot, with arches on each side, and seven toes, the center one being his “big” toe, and the farthest outside toes being his pinkies. Though still encased by foreskin. He tried wiggling his new toes, but to no avail. Kyle was still rather groggy, but unusually calm despite his situation. A wave of grogginess flooded his brain, and he passed out.

Hunger awoke Kyle, and upon realizing that he passed out, he immediately looked down at his foot-cock, and felt around with his hands. He was relieved that his transformed appendage had changed very little, but there were some changes. The foreskin wrapped around his seven toes had shrunken down about a quarter of an inch. Kyle could see his new toes just barely protruding past his foreskin. He also noticed that his center big toe, had a thin layer of skin over his urethra slit. At the time, Kyle no longer had the ability to pee, but his clouded groggy mind never dwelled on that. He also saw that his cock-foot was a few inches farther away from his body. He used his hands to feel around the base, and noticed that an ankle had developed between his cock-foot and his pelvis. He tried wriggling his toes, and to his surprise, his new toes obeyed his mental commands. It was a strange feeling for Kyle to control new parts of his body, which he has never had before. He tried move his new foot-cock, but his ankle was firmly locked in place. His normal legs were slightly farther spread apart, Kyle noticed two cyst-like growths about the size of a grape, had developed under his skin. One growth between his right leg and his foot-cock, and another growth between his foot-cock and left leg. Kyle had an idea of what they might turn into, but his train of thought was disrupted by a strong growl in his stomach.

For a moment, he had forgotten why he had woken up in the first place. Still laying on his sofa, Kyle rotated his body, and firmly planted his feet on the ground. He sat upright, he looked down at his bare feet, they were about 20 inches apart, he tried to move his legs closer together, but his foot-cock and his two grape sized growths on either side, made the feat uncomfortable for him. He walked towards his kitchen, he felt awkward due to his legs being so spread apart. He was still extremely tired, but his hunger was greater. Kyle fixed the quickest meal he could: cereal.

He sat on a stool, and quietly ate his food, he looked down at his foot-cock, and wondered if he could put any weight on it. He stood up, put the stool between his feet, with his foot-cock right above it, he lowered himself until his foot-cock made contact with the stool. He rested his whole body weight on his foot-cock, and raised his two legs. He felt an odd, and pleasurable sensation as he was resting his slim body on the new appendage. He paddled his regular feet in the air, like he was riding a bicycle, while wriggling his toes on his foot-cock.

The odd sensations made Kyle extremely horny. He ran to the bathroom to jack-off. While foot-cock no longer resembled a penis, he could still feel a pleasurable sensation by rubbing what was left of his foreskin, and his sheathed-toes. He had one hand rubbing his foot-cock, and his other hand had its fingers intertwined between his new toes. Wriggling his seven toes made the sensation so much more pleasurable. He continued to furiously rub his foot-cock, he felt a buildup of pleasure around his center big toe. And right before he came, he arched all 17 of his toes upward. The force of the exiting cum, tore through the thin layer of skin covering his urethra.

The pleasure was so great, he didn’t feel pain from the tear. Kyle collapsed on the ground, his two regular feet had splotches of cum on them. He sat criss-crossed, as his cock-foot extended straight and slightly passed his folded legs. Kyle was still so horny, that he tried to bend downwards to suck on his cock-foot. But alas he was still unable to move his new ankle, nor was his athletic frame flexible enough to reach down. He grabbed his right foot, and started licking off the cum, and sucking on his big toe, all while playing with his new toes with his free hand. He didn’t get the same sensation, but he was so turned on, he didn’t care. After he licked his right foot clean, he did the same with his left. He tried jacking-off again, while he didn’t cum, the sensory overload was so much for Kyle, that he passed out on the bathroom floor.

Kyle woke up, he had completely lost track of time, but that was the last thing he cared about. He propped up his upper body, his legs still criss-crossed on the floor, sticky with the un-licked dried cum. His back was sore from the awkward position he passed out in. His cock-foot had lost all the properties that made it into a cock. The foreskin had been completely absorbed, and no longer visible. The middle big toe no longer had signs of a urethra at the tip. His toenails had finished growing. He saw that his new leg had grew about a foot and a half, though it still lacked a knee. But Kyle could see a small bulge in the middle of his short, but slim leg; he figured that it would become his new knee. Switching his gaze to the now more defined bumps on either side of his new leg, Kyle noticed that the skin covering the grape sized bumps had the texture and look of a nut-sack. He looked at his developing nuts, and saw a small stub growing with a small slit near the bulbous tip, right over his sack.

The same was happening to his other mirrored growth. Kyle had long forgotten about his fear, and had no interest of calling anyone for help, as he was excited for his two new cocks, which would probably finish developing within a day or two. Still sitting on the floor, Kyle noticed the sensation of a pillow lodged between his ass-cheeks. Feeling around with his hands, he felt an ass-cheek between his two regular ones. “Does this mean I got two assholes now?” Kyle sighed, not sure whether he liked that as much as his two growing cocks. He felt around deeper with his fingers “Yep, I do have to assholes, I wonder how using the toilet will work now.” He sighed, not completely unhappy, as he waged it was a decent tradeoff, if that meant having two cocks and a third foot. Kyle stood up, his short, but slender center leg made it a bit of a challenge, but Kyle eventually managed to stand.

He looked at his full sized mirror, his new foot was around the height of his normal knees. He further inspected his developing cocks. He wanted to jack-off so bad, wanting to explore the new feeling of multiple cocks, but he could tell that they weren’t ready yet. Kyle took a shower, cleaned off his bathroom mess. Kyle didn’t like the feeling of sleeping in the nude, so he put on an old tank top, he figured that wearing boxers would be too uncomfortable for him, so he found the biggest pair of basketball shorts he had, and stuffed his normal left leg, and his middle shorter leg into one pant-leg, and his right leg into the other like normal. Kyle wasn’t as tired as before, but he knew that his body changed only when he slept, and he could not wait to finish transforming. He figured if he went to sleep now, it would speed up the process.

Waking up early morning, Kyle immediately looked down at his waist. He could see the bulges between his legs had gotten much bigger. And his middle leg that was resting on top of his left leg had grown, and was the length of that other two. Still laying down, he delightedly raised his center leg, as far as his left pant-leg would allow. He smiled as he wriggled his seven toes, I loved the feeling of his crowded digits on a foot that was just barely wider than his regular feet. Kyle moved his body so his three bare feet were planted on the ground, he pushed them close together, he wriggled all 17 of his toes. He smiled, seeing that many toes move made him giddy.

He has never found feet attractive before, but seeing his feet, and toes moving in unison made Kyle horny. He could feel his stiffening cocks under his shorts were ready. But before he decided to jack-off, he wanted to walk with his three legs. He stood up from the bed with little effort, the feeling of his weight being evenly distributed by three supports felt great. He took the first step with his right foot, he then took a second step with his center foot, and finally took a third step with his left foot. The stride he took was longer than his right leg. Kyle instinctively moved his right leg forward, and repeated the process. Kyle admired at how natural it felt, and how his legs moved with ease. The thought of how much better he could be at mountain climbing, and running, got him excited.

Walking around his room, Kyle looked down at his toned legs moving gracefully in perfect synchronized strides, he smiled, as it reminded him of a millipede. Kyle walked to the bathroom, despite living by himself, he closed and locked the door. He was so excited about jacking-off, he forgot to inspect his now rock hard cocks in the mirror. He turned on the shower, and waited until the water was at the right temperature. He sat down on the shower floor, stretching his three legs. He looked down at his two, seven inch long hard cocks already dripping with pre cum. The extra set of genitals gave Kyle a strong libido that he has never experienced before. He couldn’t wait, his cocks were aching for attention. He started jacking-off, one hand on each cock. The feeling was so overwhelming, Kyle unconsciously led out loud moans that escaped from his mouth. He furiously kept rubbing, as he felt pressure building up on both of his cocks, he rubbed harder, and faster. His right one was the first to go, followed by his left one. Kyle moaned loudly as he arched his back, and curled all 17 of his toes. The feeling was overpowering at first, but slowly calmed down.

Kyle was in complete bliss. Still massaging his now semi-hard cocks, Kyle closed his eyes enjoying the warm water falling on his body, as it cleaned off the cum off his chest. Kyle rested on the shower floor, his eyes closed for what felt like hours, he enjoyed the feeling of water droplets hitting his now flaccid cocks, and running down towards his center leg. He thought about the blue goo. While a big portion of the mystical liquid had spilled on the floor, and his legs, the container, though broken, still had a sizeable amount of goo resting by his trash can. “I wonder what would happen in I pour the rest on my upper body—” He smiled. It was just a faint idea, but the more he thought about it, the more he welcomed the idea.

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