by Josh Dugan

Star bodybuilder Rick and his followers inspire each other to build their bodies in more ways than one.

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Rick had become quite muscular since joining the new body-building club. It had taken a couple years, but he figured the time would have gone by anyway, so why not use it to work out?

He liked that he could eat like a horse and sleep wonderfully, and he liked being in a bigger and better-looking body. His legs were all smooth bulges, his hips protruded and flexed as he walked, along with almost all the muscles on his body, and his stomach was a handsome muscled grid of beauty, thin-waisted in contrast to Rick's hugely broadened shoulders.

And they were exceptionally broad and handsome, since he had grown six arms, an intensely male set of muscled arms that more or less brought everything else to a halt when Rick entered a room.

Although he worked hard on all six of them and rightfully earned the huge muscles that made his six arms so bulging, heavy and sleek, he was attractively modest about them, laughing them off as a byproduct eating too much meat and too many supplements. He even said they were what he got for exercising too much. To everyone's immense relief and gratitude, he was pretty cool about letting guys feel them, and he understood when they wanted to worship them and run their hands all over them, knowing that guys can go crazy for beautifully developed arms, especially when a guy owns six of them.

But mostly he just worked on them, along with the muscles of the rest of his body, and drove most of us insane with the the beauty of all six of his fabulously muscled arms. The whole gym generally tended to center on him. You could tell which part of the gym he was in even without seeing him, because all the eyes in the room would generally be oriented in the direction of whatever part of the gym he was in at the moment. When he crossed the room, all the heads and eyes would naturally track him, and stay on him in his new location, and then track him again as he moved to another weight station.

Guys wanted to spot him, and he'd let them, although he could spot himself, naturally, since he had two extra pairs of arms to help out whichever pair of arms he was lifting with. He'd work each pair of arms hard, and eventually all six of his arms would be tired, magnificently pumped, with muscles burning from effort. You could tell when he was really ready to quit a final set, because he'd have to use two pairs of arms to spot the pair of arms he was finishing off, since his arms were too tired for only one pair of arms to be able to spot for another.

He didn't really go for trophy boyfriends, but he had them around him all the time, shirtless to show off their muscles to him, hanging around him, feeling the muscles of his six arms, using any excuse to touch them, even to shake hands. It was a recurring joke in the gym, and when you'd hear this sort of self-conscious laughter among several guys it was usually because Rick was in the middle of them, as guys would introduce themselves to him and want to shake all three of his right hands, then all three of his left hands, not being content unless they could touch and shake all six of his heavy, handsome hands.

The cool thing was that Rick would get mildly confused and turned on by all the physical contact with his six hands and arms, and some of the guys used this as an excuse to pretend to lose count and shake all six of Rick's hands again, or they'd kind of gather those six big arms together and pull them around them, and trick Rick into a muscular, six-armed hug, which made him laugh; he was glad to oblige.

His routine was flexible, but regular enough that he was pretty much rock-hard and always growing, it seemed; it was understandable that no one could take their eyes off him, not only because of the huge, beautiful muscles of his six arms, but his workouts made him one huge, beautifully strapping male specimen, all the more fascinating with six magnificent male arms. Their huge, sleek muscles were nicely counterpointed by his sweet temperament and easy going nature, but he definitely wasn't easy-going about working the muscles of his six arms; those six long, heavy beauties thrived and bulged as he worked all six of them regularly and strenuously.

And sure enough, his example paid off as other gym members followed his lead, imitating his workout intensity and adopting his nutritional habits. Eventually, some of the younger bodybuilders grew as heavily muscled as Rick and became six-armed, and some nice bonding developed among them and Rick. A couple of them even became four-legged by added concentration on the legs.

As sexy as Rick was with his sweet personality, hugely developed bodybuilder physique and his eye-popping array of arms, muscularly clustered three on each of his broad shoulders, Rick was totally blown away by the guys who also grew four legs. You could tell he was turned on by them. The handsome kids whose muscular arms had become six looked especially good with four bodybuilder's legs, and with his usual passion colored by this new arousal, Rick worked extra hard on his massive legs. He had the advantage, as six arms gave him such power that he could hold on harder and longer to the machines that he used to increase the mass of his leg muscles.

Sure enough, the guy who had inspired so many of the younger kids to grow six hugely muscled arms was now receiving a payback of inspiration, to their delight, which inspired Rick to grow four legs. But these weren't four ordinary legs, by any stretch of the imagination. Rick grew four legs which, like the four legs of the younger six-armed bodybuilders, astounded the beholder with their muscular mass, length and grace. Everyone begged the four-legged bodybuilders to remain shoeless, which they did, following Rick's lead. Something about his smile and easy going nature walking around the gym on four handsome bare feet was so hot that all the four-footed kids gladly worked out in their four bare feet as well, to everyone's gratitude.

As you might imagine, by this time there was a tremendous amount of sex among the bodybuilders. No one could take it, seeing Rick's six muscular arms and his handsome hind legs and front legs, especially when he finally started falling for the younger six-armed bodybuilders who had grown four legs. It wasn't like they never flirted with him, and they were definitely stallions in their own right, not only in the usual sense of being hung like stallions, but literally, because of their having four colossally muscled male legs. Of course, they liked to laugh as they pointed out, stallions don't have four bare human feet, and stallions aren't hung between their front legs as well as between their back legs.

You always knew which of them had won Rick for the evening. Even though he had four gloriously muscled legs of his own now, he would, with a gentle smile, get a ride on of the four-legged stallions, usually flanked by two or three others as they headed out. The rest of us could clear our heads by jacking off two or three times, and then get on with our own workouts.

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