The biggest dick

by Ziel

"For this month’s Patreon story, someone suggested I try a story about someone whose cock begins growing, but unlike in other stories, the dude’s elation slowly gives way to apprehension as his schlong exceeds the idyllic porn-star cock and slowly grows into a massive, mega-dong."

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Nathan jogged aimlessly through the roads and suburban alleys around his house. He normally loved running. It was a great way to start the day and kept him in peak physical shape, but today he had other things weighing on his mind.

”Shit—” Nathan grumbled as he fumbled for his smart phone. The track he had been listening to had just been rudely interrupted by an obnoxious, chirpy beeping. He swiped the screen and, sure enough, his alarm was going off to indicate that he was running out of time.

Nathan looked around to get his bearings. He wasn’t too familiar with this area, but he had access to GPS and a pretty good sense of direction. He opened the map app on his phone and checked for directions. It didn’t take him long to figure out where he was and more importantly where he was headed. He glanced over towards the rising sun and then took a hard right turn into the forested area off to the side of the road. According to the map, if he just continued north he could cut through these woods and shave off almost a quarter mile from his sprint back.

Nathan ran as fast as his legs could carry him. He vaulted over roots and trudged over foliage with the greatest of ease, but the short jaunt through the forest was quickly turning into more of an ordeal than he had expected. He had been running for what felt like minutes and he still saw no end in sight of the dense vegetation. The map had made the cluster of trees look like little more than a postage stamp lot, but now that he was in it, the forest seemed to stretch on for miles.

Nathan was getting more impatient and agitated by the second. He steadily became less careful in his steps as his anger grew. At first he had been sidestepping the large, colorful mushrooms that seemed to line his path, but before long he wasn’t making even the slightest effort to dodge them. In fact he would even go so far as to divert his course enough that he could stomp down on the squishy toadstools just so he could vent some of his frustrations. By the time he had been running for twenty minutes he was punting mushrooms like footballs as he zigzagged angrily through the trees.

The forest came to a stop so suddenly that Nathan was momentarily blinded by the bright sunlight as he stepped out of the trees. The difference between the small grove he found himself in and the dense, tangled forest he had just left was literally like night and day. The sun was riding high in the sky and shone down directly on top of the little glade as if it were high noon.

”That can’t be right.” Nathan muttered angrily as he fumbled for his phone. He pulled out his mobile to check the time only to be greeted by the site of a blinking battery symbol with a slash through it. ”What!?” Nathan gasped. “I had 80% battery just a few minutes ago.” He grumbled irritably.

Nathan was so angry that he just needed someone or something to punch. He was going to miss his tournament at this rate. He had been training for this day his whole life, and now he had missed it! Nathan’s eye fell upon the only things in the tranquil glade, a neatly formed circle of the same mushrooms he had been pummeling on his way through the woods.

Nathan grumbled as he brought his huge foot down upon one of the shrooms.

”Damn.” Nathan growled as he kicked another toadstool sending it hurtling back towards the woods.

”Piece. Of.” He groaned jumped up and slammed down hard upon two separate shrooms.

”SHIT!” He roared as he turned and chucked his phone with all his might at a nearby tree.

The second the expensive device left his fingers, he realized he had made a mistake. He watched in dumbstruck horror as his phone went hurtling towards certain demise against the side of a tree. Just as it looked like his cell was about to explode into a hail of glass and circuitry, a slender, gnarled hand reached out and caught it.

”That’s quite the temper you’ve got there.” A mysterious voice said. Nathan was staring right in the direction of the voice, but he still could not see who was speaking. The voice was raspy and yet vaguely feminine as if it belonged to an old, asthmatic grandmother. ”Who’s there!?” Nathan shouted angrily.

”If only your eyes were as good as your arm, boy. I’m standing right here.” The voice replied. Nathan’s eyes went wide as he saw the figure take shape. What he had mistaken for an old, gnarled tree was actually an old, gnarled woman. Her brown skin was so wrinkled and leathery that it appeared as if her flesh was made out of bark. The color had long since faded her wispy hair leaving her tangled locks a grayish brown. Her matted hair looked as if it was made out of dried out moss that clung limply to her scalp.

Nathan shot the strange woman an icy glare and said, “Could I get my phone back?” His tone was anything but polite, but he wasn’t here to make friends.

”Well I suppose it is only polite, but I have seen the way you treat other people’s property. What’s to say it’d even be safe in your hands?” The old woman replied.

”You ain’t seen shit.” Nathan muttered testily. His apathetic sneer turned into a snarl as he added, “Now give it here. I’m in a hurry.”

”You’re in no position to give commands, boy.” The old woman said. The tone of her voice was so flat and icy that Nathan’s blood ran cold. Nathan tried to make a snarky comeback, but he found that the words wouldn’t come. He couldn’t even move his lips to form them. That’s when he knew that something was wrong. He tried to turn and run, but he was frozen in place. The only part of his body that seemed to still be able to move was his eyes which were now open wide in fear.

”We’re both in a hurry so I’ll make this brief.” The strange woman snarled. “You’ve come into my forest uninvited. This I could forgive, but you’ve defiled the homes of those who live here. This I cannot.”

Nathan had no idea what she was talking about. He had seen no homes anywhere. He had just kicked over a few mushrooms. That’s it. The realization suddenly hit him. This woman was the rustic equivalent of a crazy cat lady. She must believe that those mushrooms were homes to little people or something equally as insane.

”Now what shall we do with you?” She mused out loud. After a moment of pensive contemplation she perked up as if she heard something.

”Wuzzat? You gotta speak up. These ears are getting old, you know?” She replied.

”Ah yes… I see—” She murmured as if she understood what someone was saying to her. Her gaze once again fell upon Nathan, and he felt his blood freeze anew.

”The spirits tell me that you’re just as terrible around town.” The old lady said. Her grin then spread wider into the most wicked and sinister sneer that Nathan had ever seen.

”Why. There’s plenty out there who call you the biggest dick they’ve ever met.” She explained. She then chuckled wryly and added, “Why yes. I do think that’s a very apt title indeed.”

Nathan had no idea where this was going, and the crazy, old lady was in no hurry to explain any of it to him. She merely stood there and cackled menacingly. Her laughter echoed in Nathan’s ears and flooded his mind. Her laughter was so piercing and powerful that it seemed to be overpowering his other senses as well. Nathan’s head was pounding and his vision was blurring. Everything seemed so far away and yet it was as if she was screeching right into his ears. Finally it became too much for him, and he blacked out.

The next thing Nathan knew he was staring at his phone for directions. He was only half a block from his house, and he had plenty of time to spare before the tournament started. He had no idea what had just happened. Had the whole forest been a dream?

”Ugh. I need to do a better job at staying hydrated.” Nathan muttered. He shook his head and patted his cheeks in an effort to clear the residual fog from his mind and then jogged the last little bit back to his house.

The whole way home he knew that something felt off, but he couldn’t quite place it. One thing he did know was that his cock felt extremely sensitive this morning. With every step he took his hefty package bobbed and swung in the front of his shorts. The fabric of his loose, airy running shorts rubbed against his sensitive chubby and sent shockwaves through his body.

Nathan stepped up his pace and full on bolted the last few hundred feet back to his place. His dick felt absolutely amazing this morning, and there was no way he was going to let a chubby like this go unbeaten. Plus a quick wank would be just what the doctor ordered to clear his mind after that strange hallucination he had just had.

Nathan staggered into his room and immediately began peeling off his tight t-shirt. The fabric clung to his dense, sculpted muscles, but after a little tugging and shimmying he managed to pull it off. He glanced at his reflection in the full length mirror by the door and shot himself a wink. Nathan knew he was hot as hell, and he was not afraid to flaunt it. He had been body building since grade school, and now that he was in his senior year of high school he was positively jacked.

He had muscles that would put professional athletes to shame. His pecs were so large that the jutted out in front of him several inches. The thick slabs of brawn were easily as huge and thick as a pair of king-size pillows. He loved to flaunt their massive size whenever he got the chance, and thanks to the school dress code, he always wore the tightest, most form fitting t-shirts money could buy, and he was not above teasing people if it meant he could draw even more attention to how hot he was. He particularly loved teasing flat-chested chicks about how much bigger his muscle tits were compared to their little mosquito bites.

His abs were no less shredded than his chest. Each muscle of his dense, sculpted eight pack was accentuated by dark trenches. The grooves between his rippling abs were so deep and defined that light could simply not reach the bottom. The dark shadows just served to reaffirm how incredibly jacked and how devoid of unnecessary body fat he was.

Nathan did a quick double bicep flex for the mirror and smirked as his impressive lats bulged out on his sides and his huge, thick biceps flared out. His arms were simply massive. His biceps alone were close to the size of soccer balls, and that wasn’t even factoring in the immense triceps that were every bit as huge that bulged out the other side.

Nathan kicked off his running shorts and let his huge cock flop free. Nathan took a moment to check out the rest of his impressive muscles. His legs looked like tree trunks. His massive, beefy quads were thicker around than most of the girls on the cheerleading team. He loved to get them to pose next to him to really showcase their enormous size. In fact he had gotten just such a picture taken for the school yearbook just a week before. He had a girl on each side clinging to his leg like something out of a Star Wars movie poster, but unlike Luke Skywalker, Nathan had a girl for each leg and a few for his arms as well.

Nathan turned around and flexed his beefy butt cheeks for the mirror. The years in which he had spent religiously doing squats had really paid off. His ass was absolutely gigantic, and ever last ounce of booty meat was 100% solid brawn. His huge, shapely buns were like a pair of pro-sized bowling balls of pure masculine beef. He knew his fantastic ass drove girls and guys wild, and he never missed the chance to show it off. He was notorious for showing up to class wearing basketball shorts that hung low around his waist and showed off the upper half of his sculpted booty. Whenever he bent over he gave everyone around quite the eyeful, but he had never once heard anyone complain.

As much as Nathan loved to check out his lovingly sculpted body, he just couldn’t get his chubbed up cock off of his mind. His dick was so sensitive and felt so heavy that he needed to do some hands on exploration of it to clear his mind. Nathan spun back around and watched as his fat chubby and full, low hanging balls swung heavily in front of him. There was no doubt in his mind that it was bigger than yesterday, but the question was how much bigger?

Nathan scurried over to his desk and pulled out his ruler. He lined the wooden measuring stick up alongside his thick cock and gasped at the results. His dick was over seven inches! Seven inches and change! And it was still soft! Nathan was ecstatic. He couldn’t stop giggling. His dick was normally just a hair short of seven inches when it was hard. It was currently nowhere near fully boned and it blew his old record out of the water. He had no idea what was to thank for his recent growth spurt, but he wasn’t about to question it. The only question he did have was how big would it be when it got fully erect?

He couldn’t help but find out, and his excitement and arousal were making things a lot easier for him. His dick was already swelling before his very eyes, and it didn’t take long at all for his sensitive chubby to digivolve into a full-blown boner. Nathan giddily lined up his ruler beside his rock-hard hard-on and chuckled excitedly at the results. His boner was over nine inches! It was almost nine and a half inches on the dot! His dick had never been tiny per se, but he had long dreamed about having a little more to work with downstairs. Now he had just that. His dick was dangerously close to the fabled ten inches that most of the guys in the locker rooms joked about having, but his was no joke. It was honest to goodness, nine and a half inches of pure, girthy man meat.

Just thinking about how huge his dick was got him so worked up that Nathan couldn’t help but finish what he had started. He wrapped both hands around his huge thick cock and set to work. He didn’t even need to fire up some porn to help him along today. Just seeing all the extra space on his humongous shaft was getting him so worked up that he felt like he could cream at any second. He wished he had someone there with him to admire his dick and suck him off as he pounded one out. There was plenty of room on there for someone’s lips and maybe even an extra hand or two to help him along.

Nathan was reaching his limit when he heard a loud banging on his door. He was so shocked that he almost jumped right out of his desk chair. He was momentarily dazed and confused, but the second he saw the clock he knew what was up. He was going to miss his tournament!

Nathan scrambled for his bag and hastily threw on a pair of sweats. He didn’t take the time to really get presentable. He could do that later. He needed to change clothes once he got there anyway. Within five minutes of hearing the knocking he was out the door and into the passenger seat of his mom’s van.

The regional finals were held in the state capital, and that was a good two hour drive from his place. The entire way there he couldn’t get his mind off of his dick. He didn’t know why it had grown, and he didn’t particularly care. All he knew was that he was going to give those other dudes such an eyeful when it came time to measure up. Nathan was so excited that he couldn’t take his mind off of his huge cock. He wanted to just whip it out and pound one out right then and there, but even he didn’t dare do that with his mom watching.

As the trip dragged on and he got more and more excited, Nathan began to shift and fidget in his seat. With each slight motion he made, he could feel his huge, fat cock lolling and flopping about in his loose sweat pants. He just couldn’t wait to shirk his duds and let it all hang out.

When the vehicle finally pulled up to the college gym where the finals were being held, Nathan barely even managed to utter a half-hearted goodbye to his mom before hauling ass to the sign-in desk. He hastily scribbled his name and got directions to the locker rooms before bolting off to get ready to weigh in.

The weighing in process was much the same as it had been at all the other tournaments that Nathan had gone to during his high school wrestling career. There were five to six old dudes standing around looking official while scores of high-school athletes stood around clad in just their skivvies and anxiously awaited their readings. There were a few dudes who were much more secure in what they had packing that stood around bare-assed naked, and this time Nathan was right there with them. He happily shirked his clothes and took his place in line. His huge, thick cock swung heavily in time with the swishing of his hips during each exaggerated step.

His huge cock reached halfway down his thigh by this point. There was no doubt in his mind that it had grown substantially since he had measured it this morning. In fact, it seemed close to twice as big as it had the day before. There was no doubt in his mind that he had well over a foot of cock swinging between his legs at the moment.

The dude in line in front of Nathan was trying so hard not to stare at the massive, obscenely hung hottie that was in line behind him that it was actually making him more conspicuous. The dude had some decent muscles too him, but he was nowhere near as bulky as Nathan. Not to mention that the dude barely even came up to Nathan’s chest. Nathan absolutely towered over the guy.

Nathan couldn’t pass up the chance for a little good-natured shit talking before the match and decided to make a show of it. “Hey. Twerp.” Nathan barked. The dude in front of him tensed up and focused all his efforts on staring directly ahead. He did not dare even attempt to glance out of the corner of his eyes for fear that it would give him away.

”I’m talkin to you, pissant.” Nathan growled and shoved the dude’s shoulder. The dude looked pleadingly over his shoulder which just made Nathan’s playful smirk spread into a victorious sneer.

”You’re lucky you’re in the peewee leagues, runt. There’s no way you could last even one second in the ring with a real man like me.” Nathan taunted. He puffed up to his full height and flexed every muscle in his body causing his massive, sculpted brawn to bulge out fantastically. He seemed to double in size which made the much smaller guy recoil in fear and awe.

”Heh. That’s right, runt. A twerp like you wouldn’t be able to even wrestle my cock properly.” Nathan taunted. He gave his huge cock a playful shake which made the dude turn another shade of red.

”Bet you’d enjoy that though, wouldn’t you, fag?” Nathan jeered. The dude said nothing, but he recoiled and slunk back even further. Nathan was about to dish out a few more choice barbs, but his point had been made and it was the other dude’s turn to get weighed in already.

After a quick round of measurements the dude left the scale, and Nathan stepped up to take his place. Nathan felt like he was on a pedestal in front of all of these shorter, scrawnier, smaller-dicked dudes, and it was filling him with no small amount of pride. He was supposed to just stand still and let the old guys take his measurements, but he couldn’t leave it at just that. He posed and flexed for his adoring public and showed off his huge, sculpted muscles and his long, fat, knee-knocking cock.

By this point the tip of his chubby reached his knees, and his thick cock was every bit as big around as his beefy forearms. The few dudes in the audience that could take their eyes away from his glorious muscles sure as hell couldn’t take their eyes off his immaculate cock.

Nathan was so busy posing and flexing that he hadn’t even heard the old guys read off his weight. He had put on a full ten pounds since the night before and every last ounce of that was in his cock and balls. His enormous schlong and massive, apple sized balls were now some of the biggest organs in his body.

Nathan’s first match was early in the rotation so he had to hastily cram himself into a singlet and get out onto the field. He didn’t even bother with a cup. Even if there had been one that would fit him at his current size, there was no way he wanted to hide his enormous schlong from his adoring public. Nathan took a spot on the sidelines and stood by and waited his turn. There were two matches before his own, but that didn’t mean that he couldn’t ham it up from the sidelines. Any day that he got to steal the spotlight from someone else was a good day in his book.

The first match had gone swimmingly for Nathan. None of the spectators could even focus on the two dudes who were duking it out on the matt before him. All eyes, and even some of the cameras were trained directly on him and his big, beefy body, and his huge, meaty schlong. Nathan made sure to pose and flex for the crowd as they fawned over his fantastic assets. This was quickly shaping up to be the best day of his life, but by the time they were halfway through the second match, things started to get out of hand.

The sheer size of his massive cock was beginning to weigh on his mind. The growth had been fun at first, but it was quickly starting to become a nuisance. The sheer weight of his enormous cock was pulling down on his singlet so much that the neckline of his skin-tight uniform was pulled all the way down below his chest. Under normal circumstances he would have loved to show off his huge, thick, bulging pecs for this crowd, but the audience no longer seemed enamored with his huge cock. Instead they seemed shocked, appalled, some would even say terrified.

Nathan’s dick was now as big around as his beefy biceps, and who knew how long it was. The enormous schlong curled and bent uncomfortably as it tried to fit into the front of his singlet alongside his basketball sized nuts. His dick was too big even for Nathan’s tastes, and he had long fantasized about having a huge cock. It had stopped being sexy, and was quickly getting into the realm of the grotesque. And even if he did like the look and the feel of it—which to an extent he did—there was simply no way he could fuck anyone with something this huge.

A sharp, shrill whistle pierced the air signaling the end of the match. It was now Nathan’s turn to take the stage, but he was no longer sure if he wanted to. He turned to his coach and pulled the older man aside and said, “Coach. Please. I don’t think I can go out there. This isn’t right. I think I need a doctor.”

The older man took quick glance at Nathan’s enormous package and snorted. “Hmph. I wondered what was up with that.” He muttered.

”And you didn’t think to say anything? It could be cancerous for all I know!” Nathan sputtered indignantly.

”You seemed to be having a good time so it didn’t seem to be my place to comment.” The coach replied.

”But I mean look at it! This can’t be healthy. I think I gotta get out of here. I gotta find a doctor. Get some tests done or something!” Nathan implored.

”Kid. Listen. I’m gonna level with you.” The coach said flatly. “If you leave now, you forfeit the match, plain and simple. Those talent scouts out there don’t care about what ya got between your legs so long as you deliver results. If you leave now, you can kiss that trophy and whatever scholarship you might have lined up goodbye.”

”But… I—” Nathan stammered. He knew the coach was right, and he knew that he wasn’t physically ill either. There was no nausea and no pain that went along with his growth. All that had happened was that he had an enormous cock and balls. He also knew that he had no chance of going anywhere in his life if he left now. His extra-curricular record was shit, and his grades were even worse. His wrestling was the only chance he had at getting into a good college, and even if he did get accepted there was no way in hell he could afford it without the wrestling scholarship.

Three short, sharp whistles split the air indicating that he was running out of time to make his choice. The judges were getting restless, and if they called the match before he got on the floor then it would count as a forfeit and his future would be ruined.

Nathan grumbled in disgust and turned and bolted towards the matt. His massive cock and balls bobbed and wobbled obscenely in his singlet as he did so. His bulge was now so massive that it stretching his singlet past its limits. The neckline of his suit was now plunging so low that all eight of his sculpted abs were on display. The neckline was so low that even the base of his gargantuan cock could be seen. His dick was so thick that it was as fat as his beefy waistline. There was no telling how long it was, but it had to be even longer than his legs at this point. His two, enormous nuts were closing in on the size of beach balls and were crammed uncomfortably into the skin-tight spandex suit.

As Nathan made the slow, steady trek to the match he could hear all the murmurs from the audience. They were no longer fawning over him and his huge cock. They now sounded worried and disgusted. There were plenty out there mocking him for his dick. Many of them did not believe it was real. They had watched it swell up before their very eyes, but somehow they thought it was a trick, some stupid prank or something.

The ref blew his whistle to signify the start of the match. The second the whistle blew, Nathan’s opponent was on him. Nathan tried to move off to the side and avoid the initial lunge, but he was too slow. His massive package was weighing him down far too much to move properly. His enormous cock and massive balls had him off balance and encumbered.

Nathan was pinned down, but not for long. His competitive nature began to override his anxiety. There was no way he could lose; not after all he had done to get here. Not after all those years of training and bulking. Nathan gritted his teeth and fought back. He shoved back with all his might, but to his surprise his opponent got off and began to retreat. Nathan staggered to his feet and was about let loose a few choice taunts and launch his counterattack, but he soon saw what it was that caused his opponent to flee.

During the scuffle, the straps on Nathan’s singlet had snapped causing his massive junk to spill free of its spandex prison, but that alone wouldn’t have been enough to frighten off a hardened athlete. It wasn’t even the sheer size of Nathan’s cock and balls that had done it; it was the rapid expansion of his package that had caused his opponent to flee.

Nathan stared on in slack-jawed awe at his cock. Already the beast was longer and wider than his mom’s mini-van. His nuts were the size of golf carts, and both his cock and his balls were swelling at an alarming rate. The tip of his cock had already swelled its way onto the neighboring matt and had knocked over the two combatants. The massive, spongy head of Nathan’s enormous cock dwarfed the two rivals.

As Nathan’s cock grew and grew, spectators and sports faculty alike began to make a mad dash for the exits. People shoved and pushed their way through the doorways to escape the expanding wall of erogenous flesh, but Nathan could not flee with them. He could do nothing but watch on in muted awe from his perch atop his own gargantuan nuts.

Already the tip of his chubbed up cock was mashing against the wall on the opposite side of the basketball court which had been converted into a wrestling arena. His mountainous balls shoved aside judges’ tables and folding chairs as they continued their steady march towards the bleachers on either side.

The arena had been completely evacuated, but a familiar, raspy cackle flooded the auditorium. Nathan glanced over to see one lone, old lady seated on the top row of the bleachers. The haggard, bark-skinned woman seemed somehow familiar, but Nathan couldn’t quite place it. It was as if he had seen her in a dream, but every last memory of the encounter had long since dissolved into the murk of his subconscious.

The woman melted into the shadows, but her cackling continued to echo through Nathan’s ears as his cock and balls continued to swell unchecked. His nuts had long since made landfall against the sides of the bleachers, and the steady expansion of his mountainous nuts was beginning to crush and warp the metal benches.

His dong had long since outgrown the basketball court and had to fold backwards in order to fit in the cramped auditorium. Nathan soon found himself face to face with the massive head of his own colossal cock. Even just the massive, spongy tip dwarfed his whole body. Even the humongous slit of his cockhead was taller than he was.

He could feel the rafters digging into the soft flesh of the underside of his chubbed up cock. He could hear the concrete walls cracking and crumbling as his gargantuan nuts became too big for them to hold back. He could hear the metal roof creaking and warping against the onslaught of his ever-growing cock. There was no doubt in Nathan’s mind that he would soon outgrow the entire auditorium, and there was no telling when, or if his growth would ever stop—

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