The blessing

by MuscleMusic

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“So, now that you’re moving in, there is something I can’t wait to tell you.” Brian’s voice was hushed as we opened beers in the kitchen, but I could tell he was more excited about this than anything else we had ever discussed. I was just moving into The Manor, and this was already one of the happiest days of my life.

I’m a closeted bi-sexual man who leans a bit more towards gay than straight. Living in the Deep South, I’ve learned to live with my secret attraction, but today tested my resolve more than most. It was a hot summer day in L.A. (Lower Alabama), and we had spent most of it carrying my junk inside. By we, I mean my new housemates and I—Miguel, Adrian, Hunter, Sean, and Brian. As the sun threatened to melt the sidewalk, clothing fell like leaves in autumn revealing five perfect bodies with hardly a pound of fat between them. All of them boasted cobblestone abs, perfectly proportioned pecs, and arms cut from living stone.

Miguel and Sean, are both fairly short (around 5’7”) and both avid climbers with rugged bodies to show for their efforts. The similarities end there. Sean is a thin, wiry Irishman whose hair is as red as his skin is pail. Miguel is a perpetually tanned Latino with dark hair and eyes. Seans’s arms bulge wider than his torso is thick—presumably from pulling himself up any number of cliffs, while Miguel, a former wrestler and football player, looks like a body builder. His pecs bulged obscenely under a too-tight t-shirt that morning, but really came to life in the half-naked sunlight. Freed from the shadow of his shirt, his ass resembled a shelf protruding from a narrow waist.

Hunter is taller and thin, boasting a swimmer’s build. Though not as intimidating a figure as Miguel, he takes his appearance seriously. He always looks like he just stepped out of a GQ cover. His best features were his deep green eyes (perhaps inspiration for his name?), smooth skin, and thick, black hair.

Adrian and Brian were the tallest of the group, about 6’4”. The former had done some modeling after graduation, though he hated it when others brought it up (I’ve still not found the pictures, though not for lack of internet searching). Despite his “modesty”, he obviously retained the tight physique—he must run miles every day. His ice blue eyes are daily temptations, and given time, will be my downfall—if I am lucky.

Brian obviously spent a lot of time bulking up. A former high school basketball star, he was once the typical lanky adolescent. In the years since, he channeled his energies into recreating Michelangelo’s David plus a few pounds of muscle. Though he can’t hold a candle to Miguel’s size and strength, the world is a more beautiful place thanks to his efforts.

Of the five, only Hunter and Brian are related—brothers. The others met when students at the local university and had lived here varying amounts of time. Brian bought the house a few years ago and had lived here the longest. Miguel and Adrian had moved in later and replaced Brian’s first housemates. Sean and Hunter were the most recent additions, aside from now, me.

We all took seats around the large dining room table as Brian continued. “Once you know the secret, you will have to carry it with you forever, but I’m sure that won’t be a problem. Just to be sure, though, if you ever tell this secret to anyone who doesn’t live here, you will lose any benefits you’ve gained from the secret, and you’ll have to move out. We’ll deny everything, and you’ll look like a fool. Any questions?”

After that kind of introduction, I had nothing but questions. But I was the new guy, so I shook my head. I’ve known Brian for several months, and I feel like I can trust him. And what do I have to lose? I’m good at keeping secrets; you already know that.

“Great. Let’s get down to it.” As he continued to speak, I looked around the table. Miguel, Adrian, Hunter, and Sean looked at Brian as if he were speaking the gospel for the one and only time they would ever hear it.

“This house, The Manor, is a special place,” Brian continued. “When it was built years ago, someone cast a magical blessing on the basement. That blessing affects only those who have been initiated, and initiation is reserved only for those who live here. Have you noticed that all of the current and former residents of The Manor have something in common?”

I didn’t even have to think about it. As I’ve described above, every man who has ever lived here—and I’ve met several former residents, some who lived here before Brian bought the place—has been a model of fitness. Given the secret that I’ve already shared with you, you’ve probably figured out why I started hanging out here, and why I’m so ecstatic about moving in. The thought of seeing these guys run to and from the shower in various states of undress is a sight I’m all too anxious to observe regularly.

Somehow, I maintain my composure, replying with fake innocence, “Not really.”

Brian smiled like the cat who ate the proverbial canary. “Then guys, we’ll have to show him.”

It was like Christmas morning for a kindergartner, except that the five-year-old was housed in my adult body. All five guys stood up and started taking off what little clothing they still had on—right there in the dining room. I felt like I had found an all-you-can eat fitness buffet—sculpted bubble butts and legs of steel all around. Any one of them could have posed for the cover of Men’s Fitness. I’ve seen these guys eat like pigs and drink anything they could find all night long. I know they must spend every waking minute running or lifting.

And just when I thought I couldn’t take any more, the underwear hit the floor. I saw five soft cocks, and the shortest one was at least five inches long and hanging from Miguel’s crotch. Adrian’s was easily eight. They loved showing off. A couple of helicopters, a few gentle tugs, and I was in shock and Heaven at the same time.

“So,” Brian continued with a knowing glance, “you never noticed ANY of this?” He gestured around the room and smiled. I was speechless—would they think me stupid, or have I given myself away? “I’ve seen you peeking—looking out the corner of your eye when you thought no one was looking.” Shit. He knows. I’m busted, and I’m about to become the butt of a truly sick joke. “But don’t worry.” This is going to be bad. “If I hadn’t noticed, I wouldn’t have let you move in.”

What? From speechless to confused. A couple of guys snickered. Their dicks bounced. My heart fluttered.

Quietly, Brian looked me in the eyes. “Anyone who doesn’t at least peek won’t survive initiation.”

What in the world does that mean?

“This is the ‘blessing’. Interested?”

I found my voice just in the nick of time. “Absolutely.”


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