The party

by OllyGolly

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Tanner Rydell and True Troy were honestly the two biggest men on campus. Only figuratively though. They weren’t particularly muscular but to say they weren’t strong was a total lie. They spend at least an hour a day in the gym together making sure the other doesn’t quit lifting. They didn’t go overboard, though. They knew some didn’t like huge amounts of muscle.

Tanner was lighting up a cigarette after getting off work. He worked in a busy law firm, sorting papers and taking small cases. He was studying law at the college. He just had to smoke to get through his day at Dunn & Associates.

“Rydell? You smoke?” His boss, the one and only Mr. Dunn himself, said to his young assistant.

“How can I not in this business?” Tanner replied. “What are you doing out here, anyhow?” Mr. Dunn seemed skittish, as if he didn’t really know the answer to that question. He always knew the answer.

“Well, um…. I wanted to ch-check u-up on you.” He said stumbling over his words. Tanner simply laughed. He put his cigarette up to his mouth again and sucked, creating a billowing cloud of cancerous smoke in his lungs. He blissfully ejected the smoke into the air in donut-shaped puffs.

“Oh, I’m sorry. Did you want a smoke?” Tanner asked his boss. Mr. Dunn skitted in place for a moment. “Sir?” Tanner asked again, wondering if Mr. Dunn hadn’t heard him. Suddenly, Mr. Dunn grabbed Tanner by the tie and pulled him in for a sloppy makeout session. At first, Tanner was surprised. Tanner was openly gay but he had no clue about his boss. He thought Dunn had a wife but that couldn’t be the case with the passion he’s showing right. After the confusion subsided, Tanner went along for the ride, readily. But then something weird happened.

“NO! TANNER, HE IS NOT THE ONE! YOU MUST SAVE YOURSELF FOR TONIGHT!” A voice blared into Tanner’s head. He pulled off in pain of the loud voice.

“Oh, did I bite your tongue?” Mr. Dunn said. Tanner shook his head, unable to form a coherent response immediately.

“Sorry, Mr. Dunn. I just got a splitting headache. We can continue this… “meeting” on Monday. Goodbye.” Tanner said, stumbling off. Mr. Dunn was still confused but he let the boy go. If he said he had a headache, that’s what was wrong.

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