Vodka and cereal

by Seth Peterson

A night of hard drinking and the lovely inhibitions it quashes leads me into yet another transformational adventure! Like bizarre yet exotic bodies? Cereal being eaten of out unexpected body parts? Coconut vodka? Read what happens when things go a little off the rails.

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God, it’s been a rough day. I blink lazily as I recline on the table, my legs three feet over the side. My hands bump the end of the bed before moving up to rub my knees, their absurd size slowly moving up before scooping some cereal out of my chest divot. Ah, I should probably explain.

My name used to be Noah. My life turned around (for better or worse, I have yet to decide) this morning. I go to a summer camp in the summers (duh). Seven weeks of fun, sun, tennis and stuff, and hot boys. It’s an all boys camp, and for a total flamer like me, it’s paradise. It’s the kind of place where two boys will spoon each other all night and no one bats an eye...except for me, of course. The straightest boys get to do the gayest shit, am I right? Well, there was one boy above the rest who was just an absolute stud. His name was Mike, and he was a counselor-in-training in my cabin. One of those guys that maybe doesn’t make a huge impression, but once you notice how nice they are, you become obsessed. Know what I’m saying?

Well, Mike was tall, about six one or so. Beautifully tan skin, almost like he was slightly Mexican or something. Nice black curly-ish hair, with a long, lean body, a tight hockey butt, and the cutest, most plush lips I’ve seen on a guy. After I noticed those lips, I was a sucker. He was one of those kids who was just blissfully dumb. Happy-go-lucky and a pure joy to be around, even if he was dumb as a rock. But of course, I knew I had no shot. Being perhaps the only gay guy at a boys summer camp was torture, one hundred percent. And when Mike and Sean are just sitting there and stroking each other’s gets rough, you know?

Anyway, one night I went out drinking with the guys. They go every other night, but I hate beer. Tastes like horse piss to me. So I just play DD for them and bring food. They love me. But tonight my good bud brought some coconut vodka. And oh baby, let me tell you, I fell in love. Hammered in the next half hour. Didn’t let myself get so wasted I blacked out, but definitely tipsy enough to have a great time. And a good time I had. I won’t indulge you in the details, but just know that despite being the shortest staff, I was soon proclaimed the biggest. Fun stuff.

Going back to my cabin, I tried my best to be sneaky. But when the ground is spinning, being stealthy is not quite plausible. But it was close to two, and the CIT’s should be in bed by eleven. But when I stumbled into my cabin, Mike was still up, watching a movie on his phone. He looked up and I put on the most stoic act of my career. To my credit, I lasted to the bathroom. But then the siren call of vodka shots took its toll and I yukked it right in the sink. Mike’s head shot up and he checked to see the kids were asleep before quickly coming to my aid.

“You okay, man?”

Still fuzzy and absurdly loose-minded, I spat hard before looking up at him.

“Hey, you’re wicked cute, know it?”

He blushed hard, chuckling.

“Are you drunk, man?”

I ‘psh’ed loudly and flipped my hair.

“Obviously. Can’t you smell the coconut in my vomit?”

He looked away, smiling nervously.

“I think you need to get to sleep, man.”

I got up, smiling softly.

“Nah, I’m just teasing. Need some water and then I’ll turn in.”

I filled my Nalgene and chugged it, sighing before groaning and hopping into my bed. Registering Mike still hesitantly standing, I chuckled.

“Sorry for freaking you out, Mike. You can go back to your movie. I’ll be fine by morning. Promise.”

There was a brief pause, and then...

“You really think I’m cute?”

Well, if that didn’t sober me up quick, I don’t know what could. I blinked a few times, hope blossoming in my mind like a firework. I gazed up to find him looking at me, his innocent face full of an emotion I couldn’t quite figure out. Now, normal me would have pussied out and made a clever excuse, but my liver was still battling excessive amounts of liquor, so I forged ahead.

“Well, yeah. Why wouldn’t I? Look at you!”

He smiled slightly, looking down at me.

“A-are you gay, Noah?”

“Thoroughly! But that’s never stopped me before!”

He blinked a few times, taking it in.

“So...those times you cuddled...or make an innuendo...?”

I sighed. Nothing like assumption to ruin a thought.

“Imagine I was a girl. Would you just assume that because I snuggle I crush on you? And does that mean Sean is a flamer for you too?”

He looked away.

“N-no, sorry. I don’t really...”

“It’s fine, man. Happens more than you’d think.”

He sat on the edge of my bed, his face unreadable in the blackness of the room.

“B-but you don’t really get it. I’m bi.”

Alcohol detoxification increased by nine thousand percent. My breath came a little ragged and I stared dumbly.

“Y-you are?”

“Yeah. I haven’t told anyone. It’s weird, you know?”

“I do. A camp full of boys? Everyone’s a secret homophobe.”

“Oh my god, exactly! It’s horrible!”

There was a secret connection made then; a sort of realization that felt really good.

“But...I should tell you. You’re not really my type.”

My heart sank. Expected, but still painfully annoying.

“Yeah, I get it...”

“Not yet, anyway.”


“What do you mean ‘not yet?’“

Mike shifted visibly, realizing he’d said something he shouldn’t have.

“N-nothing. Slip of the tongue.”

“Uh huh. Come on, Gress (his last name, so often interchangeable with his first like most people here), spill the beans.”

Something was happening here...something exciting. Mike flushed hard (I assumed in the dark) and sighed.

“You can’t tell anyone.”

“I won’t if you don’t spill tonight’s dirty little secret.”

He nodded, looking around, as if seven year olds could understand the situation.

“I stuff to people. Weird stuff.”

I was sorely tempted to make a wise comment, but the room swayed again, so I stayed put.

“I can change people...but it’s not really in my control...well, maybe I should just show you.”

Hundreds of transformation videos flashed through my head. It couldn’t be...what was he talking about?

“All right. Can you stand, man?”

I stepped out of bed, trying to cease that incessant shifting of the floor. The water was doing me good, but it would be a few hours before I was sober again. Mike looked down at me, breathing a little quicker.

“Again, it’s out of my hands...but I think it’s temporary. Pretty sure, anyway.”

“Come again?”

But it was too late. He put his large hand on my head and I felt a massive jolt spasm through my body. Wowza! I jerked back, trying to regain my balance, only to find my balance was really off. Looking back, I found my shoulders pushing back in a way they shouldn’t have.

“O-oh my...”

Mike looked around before taking my arm.

“We should go outside.”

I allowed him to drag me out as I felt my shoulders shift even further, pushing my forearms up and out. I realized they had just become double jointed, hence the position. Didn’t look bad at all, strangely exotic, even. Then a fiery jolt down my arms jerked me again. Moaning in discomfort, I watched my arms twitch and spasm, their form losing rigidity as they seemed to melt and flow. I thought I was losing my limbs until they hardened and reformed, but easily a good four inches lower. Now I just looked gangly and bizarre with the huge shoulders and tremendous arms. I looked at Mike, but he just shrugged.

“Like I said...weird.”

I opened my mouth to say something, but stopped as my insides lit up like a fire. Bending over in pain, I gasped for air as liquid heat seemed to bubble inside me. As I clutched my stomach, the pain seemed to hone in on my chest. Grunting, I rubbed the source of my discomfort as the searing pain lessened to a dull ache. Feeling a strange pressure just in between my pecs, I lightly poked the spot before taking off my shirt to examine the sensation.

Gingerly feeling the middle of my chest, a sudden exhalation forced the breath out of me. No sooner had the air left me then my breastbone suddenly caved inward, creating a deep chest divot. I moaned in shock, fingering the new, strange crater in my chest.


The liquid fire started up anew, causing me to bend over again. But the sensation channeled all over, not just in my new pec divot. Groaning in annoyance, I suddenly felt my legs cramp and kink. Yelling, I dropped to the ground, holding my legs out. They began to pulse and throb rhythmically, my eyes widening as I took in that spectacle. Mike was staring, mouth slightly agape as my legs began to jerk outward, growing longer and leaner with every throb. We both stared in mute shock as they just grew and grew and GREW, putting even my ridiculous arms to shame. I looked so disproportionate, with those huge shoulders, behemoth arms, mammoth legs and tiny torso of mine.

As soon as the feeling and growth stopped, I tried to stand. My new legs were wobbly and shaky, my body unused to the extra...had to be at least six inches on me. My legs had dispensed all the soccer muscle over those new inches, making my legs look streamlined and sleek. Mixed feelings about it, really. Just as I was about to regret this whole thing, my upper body shot skyward. I jerked and gasped as three quick pulses shot my torso up at least six inches, matching my new legs. My chest quivered before smashing inward again, my arms stretching longer until they remained near my knees.

I shook my head, trying to place my new body. God, I was quite a bit taller than Mike now! I had to be six five at least! Jesus...then the hot feeling spread into my face and I felt my features rearranging, my hair burning. Aw...I had been kinda cute, too! I felt my eyes shift, my hair itching as I began to feel it creeping down my face and neck. Huffing in delight, I felt my face pop and stretch, altering its shape and features. Finally the feeling of hot wax subsided, leaving me to pant in exhaustion, my face dripping with sweat.

Seeing Mike’s awestruck face, I lurched my way into the nearby lodge, stumbling into the bathroom. I actually had to duck a little to catch my reflection, but my breath caught in my throat when I did. God, I looked hot! Long, fluffy blond hair, ice blue eyes, an aquiline nose and firm, manly lips. I took a minute to examine my new body as well. What had seemed bizarre and deformed before now seemed...well, gorgeous. It was the most exotically unique and beautiful body I’d ever seen. The concave chest, enormous arms, lanky limbs, all of it just added a new flavor to my previously bland form.

Walking out of the bathroom, I chuckled as I took in Mike’s face. He looked me up and down, blinking numbly.

“Am I your type yet?”

He pulled me into a bruising kiss, one I was all too happy to reciprocate. His plush lips, the ones I had dreamed about, now pushed into my own as his lovely tongue slipped into my mouth. His arms slipped around me as we made out, his hands exploring my new, firm, bubble butt. After a few glorious seconds of wet kissing, he ran his hands down and over my curvaceous, hourglass-like, erotically bumpy body. Fingering my chest cavity, he grinned seductively.

“Can you lie down on the table? I wanna try something.”

I was all too happy to oblige. It was way past curfew, so there was no chance of anyone walking in on us. He left for a brief space, leaving me to gaze on my new, glorious body. As I let my eyes drift to my cock, I briefly realized nothing had changed there. Well, eight and a half was pretty damn impressive, even by super stud standards. Mike soon returned with a box of cereal and a half gallon of milk from the walk-in. I guessed his purpose instantly and couldn’t help but grin.

“Holy shit. Kinky much?”

He shrugged, blushing.

“It’ll be hot, man.”

Oh yes, it would. Leaning back, I let him pour a nice bowl’s worth of Frosted Flakes into my chest divot, followed by the milk. I arched my back against the cold of it, but forced myself to be calm. Then I felt Mike’s lips brushing my skin as he pushed his head into the makeshift bowl. I groaned, rubbing my hands through his long, silky hair as he actually ate out of my chest. As he got closer and closer to my skin as the cereal slowly vanished, I had to control myself so that I didn’t jerk and buck uncontrollably. It just felt so good.

As he finally hit skin and began to slowly lick the remnants of milk from my hole, I felt a wonderful tingle alight in my muscles. Mmf, something else? Mike must have felt it too, because he straightened up, blinking.


I glanced at my arm as a flicker of movement caught my eye. The muscle in my lanky arms was slowly filling out, as it was all over me. My legs began stocking up, my bubble butt pushed harder against the table, and my shoulders began to broaden. My pecs began to push outward, and my stomach hardened into a prominent muscle gut, abs visible but swollen. My muscles didn’t grow too much, enough to make me look athletic but not monstrous. I caught Mike’s eye, who grinned at my newest change. As I watched, his lips plumped up a decent amount while his frame burst upward to match my own height. Nothing dramatic, but oh baby, it was certainly enough.

He leaned in to kiss me, my huge hand going to rub the decent sliver of skin exposed under his shirt. Mmf, we’d both be needing some new clothes. Mike chuckled, rubbing my pumped pecs and kissing my hard gut.

“I’m gonna get us some more cereal.”

“All right, handsome.”

He walked back in, leaving me to grin to myself, taking a handful of leftover cereal. I realized I was still slightly drunk and shook my head in disbelief. Maybe this was all a hallucination. Maybe I would wake up tomorrow hung over and my plain old self. But if this was real...oh man, I was gonna have fun. And as Mike came back, grinning like an idiot, I sighed happily. Rough day, yeah, but man had it been glorious.


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