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A dad helps his son through his first transformation into a WereQueer.

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I watched the full moon come up. While I always looked forward to full moons, this one was special. This was the first full moon after my son's 18th birthday. Actually, it was my son's 18th. Like all males in my line, he was born on the first day of the full moon. We'd had a party that day with all his friends, but I made sure it was over by late afternoon. As the full moon rose, huge on the horizon, its ghostly light filled the twilight with sharp shadows. Between my legs, I felt its power as my cock and nuts began to swell and grow.

I was naked, my 6’4 frame standing in the window watching the moon. Hard muscles lined my body in a taut swimmer's build. Strong, lean muscles bound my legs, and even before the moon rose, my penis was of breathtaking proportions. Fully limp, it dangled 15 inches from my hairy crotch, a wrist-thick hose. Behind it, a nut sack that belonged on a bull hung down, each orb as big as a coconut. When I got hard, which happens often, just over 2 feet of arm-thick dick stuck out from my groin, straight out, a foot around, with a head bigger than my fist. Precum ran from my dick like a stream, and I came in pints, not teaspoons like a “normal” human.

But that was normally, not during the full moon. As the moon bathed me in its light, I felt my groin tingle like I was getting hard, but I wasn't, not yet. I watched as my limp dick grew, getting fatter, longer, heavier. Two feet of limp dick, now three. My nuts swelled even more impressively, by the time my outrageous penis hit a yard long, limp, my nuts were larger than watermelons, and hung well past my knees.

From my son's room I heard screams of surprise, wonder, shock and a touch of pain. I smiled. Almost every one of us goes through our initial transformation at least somewhat clothed, and when you grow from a perfectly average cock to one that reaches to the floor, well, pants stop cutting it.

I walked over to my son's room, my monstrous limp pecker swinging about a foot above the floor. It would almost drag on the ground, but the mammoth nut-sack behind it held a good portion of it up. The door to his room flew open, and there he was naked, and somewhat panicked.

He was quite a sight! 18, youthful, smooth and still boyish. Long blond hair, blue eyes (don't' as me now, I'm dark haired, dark eyed), and my eyes widened when I saw how he had grown!

I knew from spying on him that his dick was a normal 18-year old 6-incher, which he, like any teen, had been jerking off since he was 11 years. He found out about guys just before he got his driver's license, and Tommy (my son) and his best friend Rick lost their cherries to each other soon after. O.k., so it isn't the most scrupulous thing to do, spying on your own son while he sucks dick for the first time, or jerks off his buddies, or such, but hey, how else was I supposed to keep up on my son's development. O.k., that's a lame excuse. I just liked watching two 16 year-old boys go at it, especially when one is my son. Rick was also a damn hung teen boy! Tommy couldn't get enough of Rick's 9-inch teen dick, and to give Rick his due, he loved having my son cum in his mouth.

But what was throbbing between his legs was a bit larger than Rick's 9-incher. At the sight of it, my 36-inch limp pecker began to grow, but my son's was already rock hard. It still looked like a teen boy's rod and nuts, but the WereQueer gene had gone overboard. Normally, we grew from an average dick to a 2-footer or so on the first transformation, with the rest growing as you finished puberty. Not my son! His 18 year-old penis was as massive as my own 35 year-old cock. Four feet of throbbing dick stuck out from in front of him, each nut bigger than a watermelon (yes, I know I've used that analogy before, but it's hard to find things to compare our nuts to!), and precum spitting out the tip. He looked at me, panic and lust in his face.

We were about 5 feet apart, so our dicks overlapped by several feet. I could feel hot splashes on my body from his precum, and I could see his body getting wet with mine. I saw his nostrils flare as he smelled my scent, and I could feel my head filling with his. I knew from experience that soon he would be beyond reason, that soon lust would fill him. It takes a few transformations before you can control the lust rampaging through your body, and longer before you can control what happens when you smell another WereQueer in heat.

I decided to help him through this moment, so I did exactly what my dad did to me, 19 years ago. I turned around, our dicks slamming against each other, causing us both to grunt is pleasure, and bent over, my nuts hanging past my knees, almost to my ankles, my erect dick sticking past my face, drooling precum into the hall carpet.

The sight of my manhole did it. Reason totally left him as the sight of a hole to fuck filled his eyes. He lunged forward, and I felt his massive, bulbous cockhead ricochet off my ass. I reached back and grabbed it and lowered him down until he was on target. Without any thought, he lunged forward, and I grunted as I felt him split me in two. His dickhead, half as wide as my hips, popped in, followed by a good foot of shaft as he powered into me. Good thing WereQueers can take anything up their ass without damage! I felt him shove more and more shaft into me, loosing his cock-cherry to my hole (his anal cherry would come later that night). Soon 3 of his 4 feet of dick were in me and I started encouraging him to fuck me.

“C'mon Son, plough your dad with that monster dick! Fuck me like you fuck Rick!”

Nothing so intelligible was coming from his mouth, only incoherent groans and shouts of lust. He power-fucked my gaping hole, taking foot long thrusts, and I could feel his head carve a path through my guts; however, something don't change even when you're a WereQueer, and one of those things is that 18 year-olds cum very quickly.

I felt his dick get even harder, like a rod of hot steel, the head swell, filling my guts even more, then he screamed and I felt the first burst of sperm fill me. For a solid minute his first jet blasted into me, then a second jet, as large as the first. As deep as my ass is, there was too much cum even for it. On the 3rd blast, his juice sprayed back at him, coating his nuts and groin, as did the next dozen shots. By the time he was done, him, my back and legs, and the floor, not to mention his the entire front of his body, were dripping with 18 year-old cum.

I too had cum, from feeling my son's 48 inch penis cum inside me, the cum arching out from my dick some splashing on my face, the rest shooting down the hall, 8, 10, 12 feet until it splashed against my bedroom door. The length from us to my bedroom was also soaked in cum.

He pulled out from me, slowing shrinking down to limpness, only 3 feet dangling over his enormous nuts. Mine too had subsided, but I knew it wouldn't last long.

“Dad?” he asked, his voice almost a whisper, “What the hell is going on! I mean, there I was standing in my room, suddenly my dick swelled so much it busted my pants, I come out here, and you're naked and I just fucked you!!” His voice rose as he spoke, climbing towards a panic. I hurried to explain before he either got hard again and had to cum before thinking properly, or he got himself into a good panic!

“Son, Son, Son!” I said, eventually having to shout to be heard over him. “Everything is perfectly O.K., you're just a WereQueer.”

That stopped him in his tracks.

“WereQueer?” he asked, “What the Hell is that?”

“It's just like a Werewolf,” I explained, “only, well, different.”

“Yeah, I can see that,” he replied wryly. I smiled. If he could start to joke about it, then he was starting to calm down.

I invited him into my bedroom to explain further. I explained how we'd been around for a long time, and that every full moon, his cock and lust would grow to immense proportions. By the time I got that out, his cock was growing again, blood flowed to it as he got hard, and soon his pecker was sticking straight up, past his head, spitting precum over both of us. I pushed him down rolled him over so he was lying on his dick, the head well past his own head, wetting my bed.

Before he could say anything, I got behind him and put my dickhead against his ass. My cock was almost as wide as his teen hips, and I could hardly wait to take his boyhole.

Tommy was writhing on top of his cock, the head sticking out past his own head, pissing precum onto my pillows. His mouth and both hands were moving over as much cock as he could. My own 4-foot meat was causing a river to run down his crack, pooling in the incredible mass of his nut sack.

I let my weight fall down on him, and his hole started to open. He was screaming in ecastcy, and I was doing the same! Ever since my son had been born I had been thinking about his day—the day my son became a full WereQueer. The head shoved into him, and his hips and belly expanded to take the volleyball sized head. I shoved and grunted, and a foot of shaft slipped in. I was about halfway in and knew he probably couldn't take me, until he reared back on his knees and took another foot into himself in one thrust. His mighty young dick exploded! I could feel his monster-nuts draw up against mine, and his ass clenched, and I watched as his enormous cockhead opened, and his 2nd WereQueer load sprayed out. Since he was almost at the headrest of my bed, it splashed against it, spraying back and over us. As the first hot splashes of my son's cum landed on me, I began to unload myself into him.

I lay on top of him, 3 feet of dick buried in his guts, my cum pissing out in a steady fountain. I knew how I came. For 5 solid minutes I shot cum like a hose…no blasts, just a steady stream that shot out a good 10, 15 feet, or would have if it wasn't spraying into my son's boy hole, filling it up and spraying out of his full hole. Then the stream started to subside, and after 10 total minutes, I was done. My son had come again, and my room was ankle deep in man-juice.

We spent the rest of the night fucking, sucking and playing with our enormous dicks. He sat on me, his dick between us, the 2 of us working it over, all sorts of stuff! All the fun you can have with 2 four-foot dicks, nut sacks that are as big as Glad trash bags, and loads that are properly measured in gallons (and lots of them!) Now, let me tell you how WereQueer is supposed to work. The gene hits, your cock grows to immense proportions, and the next morning you no longer have 4 feet of dick (4 feet is average for a WereQueer. The King of the WereQueers had an 8 foot dick during the full moon, and a 4 footer, normally!), but you do have at least a foot or so! Then over the next few years as you finish puberty; you grow, the average being 2 footer, with it doubling during the Full Moon. That's what mine did. Imagine my surprise when I woke up the next morning, next to my son, and he was sporting something bigger than mine!

He was lying there, asleep. Arching over his thigh was 30 inches, 2 1/2 feet, of limp dick, with nuts that had barely shrunk from the night before. As I watched, his penis began to grow, and soon 3 1/2 feet of super-teen pecker stood up along his chest, the head dripping precum into his face. I knew soon he'd wake up from that, and from the way he was hard, I knew he'd wake up needing to cum. He started to wake due to the precum dripping into his face, and when he woke up, the first thing he saw was his Daddy bent over, his own rock-hard 2-footer throbbing, nuts drawn up. My boy, overcome with lust, didn't even think. He just ran over and rammed his super-cock home. I screamed as his monster-dong split me open, and continued as he pumped me for several hours, cumming every few minutes, filling my ass to overflowing, until the floor was ankle-deep in our splooge, both his and mine.

As we came down from our father/son orgy, and my own dick got to spend some time in my son's ass, I started to wonder…the WereQueer hierarchy is decided by the biggest dick. I've fucked around with the King of the WereQueers, and talked to him, and his dick wasn't as big as my son's when he first transformed. Could my son be the next king? If his cock growth continued, he sure would be!

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