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Hothorne Academy

By Also Known As

Description Toby is selected for a full scholarship to a prestigious prep school he’s never heard of, and from the moment he arrives he’s stunned by how amazing the place is, how hot the guys are, and the fact that he’s more turned on, moment by moment, than he’s ever been before.

Updated8 Sep 2018



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Part 1

Toby sat on his bed in his new dorm room. He had been curious more than excited about being selected to attend Hothorne Academy. He’d never heard of it, and neither had any of his friends—none of whom had been selected to attend “the most prestigious and exclusive preparatory school in the nation.”

He wasn’t too happy to be going. He didn’t even know how he’d been selected, even though his admission letter said some things about a ‘laborious and lengthy selection process’ and something about having shown ‘an aptitude and ability to accept all the benefits and advantages’ that admission to the school offered.

He’d been perfectly happy at the public high school he’d attended for two years, and looked forward to making first string on the track team and getting to state finals. He was good at swimming and diving, but track was where he really shone. He even had Olympic hopes, one day climbing on top of that pedestal and winning a gold metal.

Maybe this was a better pathway to that dream? Having never heard of Hothorne before, it was impossible to say.

And then there were all the weird rules that he’d been given inside his admissions package. Everything, it said, would be provided for him, from meals to the school uniform, which was a requirement. It said the Academy was outfitted “with the finest and most complete athletic grounds and equipment” so that even his track shoes would be given to him. He would be assigned his own top-of-the-line laptop, which would be replaced at the start of each academic year, so there was no need to bring anything at all. Not even underwear!

So, yeah, fine, he guessed, even though that meant that his precious stash of porn would stay behind, too. He highly doubted that some place as high and mighty as Hothorne Academy would allow an incoming freshman to cruise around the internet unfettered and download whatever cranked his ‘nads.

Plus… “incoming freshman?” Hadn’t he already played that part? Finding himself at the bottom of the ladder again left a bad taste in his mouth, even considering he’d only be spending two years here, unless he was “among the few selected to move forward” and become a college student at Hothorne University, which he had also never heard of. Harvard, Yale, Oxford, apparently every other college paled in comparison, if one were to believe the admissions packet’s glossy pamphlet about higher learning at H.U.

But whatever. At the moment he was just hungry and curious.

He had to admit that the place reeked of money. The grounds were beautiful, the buildings were beautiful, even his dorm room was beautiful. Thank god he’d somehow achieved a full scholarship to the place, otherwise god knows how his parents would be able to afford this place. And his parents! Jesus, they were only too happy to shove him out the door with literally nothing of his life in his hands and send him off thousands of miles away to this place.

He glanced at his new Apple Watch—and even that had been a gift of the Academy. The “Orientation Packet” he found with his name carefully embossed on the glossy white box contained the promised laptop (which he had to admit was really, really cool, but currently password-protected with a password the Orientation Packet failed to provide), an iPhone X, an Apple Watch, a map of the Academy, the whereabouts of his school uniforms (in the nearby closet, of course, five exact matching sets of clothes, then three other sets that seemed suited for the gym, and some… odd underwear in a nearby chest of drawers), along with three new pairs of shoes, and instructions to report for additional orientation at 9 a.m. sharp. His so-called smartwatch didn’t seem all that smart, and acted just like any other watch. He assumed he needed to unlock the iPhone for it to be of any use. Too bad the phone was locked as tightly as the laptop.

Since landing at the airport and taking an Uber to the school, he hadn’t yet seen another student, or even been greeted by someone from the faculty. His admissions package included directions to the dormitory and, once there, he found another envelope with his name inscribed on it with his dorm room number and its location on the third floor. Like, was he the only freshman at the school? Surely there had to be more students! I mean, he was on the third floor of the dorms. Why put him up here if he could be on the ground floor instead?

Not that he cared, really, because the dorm room was… stupid amazing. Two beds (so a roommate, no doubt) but they were both huge! Like, king-sized. He bet three or four could sleep on either one. He spent some time looking around the room and discovered there were no other clothes in the other closet or chest, so either his roommate was bringing his own or maybe he had no roommate.

Also, a school for boys? Or, he corrected, “for young men of discerning character.” Wasn’t that old fashioned and overtly sexist? Just… dudes? Maybe they had a separate Academy for girls or something.

He glanced at his Watch again and decided he ought to head over to orientation, whatever that was. It was a short jog to the building, and when he stood up he was reminded again of how… weird the uniform was.

It looked fine in the mirror—though why his room was equipped with this big-ass mirror was anyone’s guess—but its fit on his body… it felt like it was hugging everything. Starting with the undershorts. The legs felt a bit tight, the crotch was ridiculous, and even his butt felt like someone was cupping each cheek in a firm, but comfortable, grip. It made him super aware of his body in way that was both distracting and also, weirdly, sexy.

Like, he felt sexy in it, the way it caressed him and clung to him.

He took one of the undershirts next and pulled it on over his torso. It was super tight against his skin, but not in a constricting way. It was made of the same material and, again, didn’t seem to know how to wrinkle. No matter how he moved, it clung to him, but also slid across his skin in a very…sensuous way. Like he was being caressed all over. The hem was too short, exposing his navel and a couple of his carefully-developed abdominal muscles. Then again the underwear was so low on his hips that a ton of his pubic bush peeked over the edge. He could trace the trail of dark curls down his body to that eruption of soft curls crowning his dick.

It looked…sexy.

The rest of the uniform was what he more or less what Toby expected of a school uniform. Crisp white dress shirt, button-down collar, navy blue trousers and matching suit jacket, and a tie in the school colors of gold, blue, and red. The school crest was carefully embroidered over the left pocket of the jacket.

From the outside, no one would ever suspect what was going on inside of the garments. His cock tingled a bit as he walked, as if the weird (and tiny!) underwear he had been given was… stroking him. Groping him. Rubbing him. He dug his hand inside his crotch and adjusted himself again, trying to find somewhere to put his junk that it wasn’t being constantly rubbed like that, but didn’t find an adequate spot. Whether he was tucked in to the left or the right, the clothes seemed to insist that what he really wanted was constant stimulation, which just made him super-aware of his cock and made his cock want to bulge and throb in a very distracting manner.

Like he needed that!

He considered rubbing one out, that maybe a nice wank into the sink or something would relieve this weird, ever-present pressure, but now there was no time. He just hoped he wouldn’t go full hard-on in his pants when he finally encountered some other dude. Because that would be weird. “Hi, I’m Toby, and this is my prick which refuses to deflate, how are you?”

Otherwise it was a decent uniform, considering it was a uniform. The fit was a bit confining, but it was perfect, as well. Absolutely perfect, from the sleeve length on the jacket to the cuffs of the trousers. Nothing had any labels attached, so he had no idea where it came from or who made it to fit so well. And the underwear was just… weird. He’d been wearing boxer briefs for a while now, and wearing these felt like going back to jockey shorts.

When he found them in the drawer, he assumed at first they were handkerchiefs. Very slight, very white material folded up carefully, but when he picked one up, they felt amazing. He’d never felt a mortal like that. Kind of like silk, but not. Kind of like cotton, but not. And then he unfolded it and discovered it was a handkerchief at all, it was the smallest and slightest pair of underwear he’d ever seen. Mostly just a big pouch up front and nothing at all behind except a strap that had to slip up between his ass cheeks.

He might as well had gone commando for all the good these would do.

And they were so…tiny! Like, the crotch was designed to hold his junk, but just barely. Again, it was like they were designed just for him… and his junk. If he did go full stiffy, his dick was gonna pop its head out and see what was going on! They held his balls like, perfectly. And when he slipped into them and looked at himself in that big huge mirror, turning around to see his bare butt and stuff, it was like they were designed just for his body, conforming so perfectly that they didn’t even wrinkle. His swimsuit, which his friends had referred to as “olive smugglers,” had been bigger than these things. But he had to admit, they were super comfy, almost like wearing nothing at all.

As he walked, now, across the green and beautiful campus grounds, the true nature of the uniform was making itself blazingly apparent. The whole outfit was behaving like his new underwear. The cloth was something soft and stretchy, not cotton exactly but not something fake and plastic, either. And as he moved, as his legs extended and his arms swung and he just walked, the clothes were caressing him constantly. His arousal was being stroked as well, and his cock was on constant throb, like a beacon to announce that he was hornier than fuck.

He paused a few times to adjust the clothes but they would inevitably go back to how they were before. Again, it was like every inch of the uniform was designed to perfectly conform to his body, like a second skin. But a second skin whose job it was to make him feel like his balls were lead weights filled with cum and his cock was three feet long and ready to shoot.

And that pocket in the underwear was just… rubbing him. Constantly. Like a soft hand stroking his cock and balls over and over, plus the string up his ass crack in back was also rubbing against him, but right at his hole! It wasn’t like any sensation he’d ever experienced before, having his butt hole rubbed. It felt… curiously agreeable to him, but it also wasn’t helping with the horniness. Every rub against his butt hole made his cock throb, and he was being rubbed and stroked and caressed with every step he took. Jogging or running made it even worse!

Or better, depending on one’s point of view, Toby thought.

He encountered—or, really, just saw—very few others on the campus as he approached the Administration Building, a huge edifice made of red brick and white marble, and the doors opened as he approached, making the old-fashioned place suddenly appear modern. They were students like him, at least he assumed they were because they were also wearing the uniform. Some looked his way and he glanced back, but everyone appeared to be on their way somewhere and unable or unwilling to stop and chat. Toby was already feeling a bit weird in his body-hugging, hard-on stroking uniform so he was in no hurry to carry on a conversation at the moment, either.

Signs inside the building directed him to Orientation and he followed them, slowly growing accustomed to the strange and erotic way his clothes fit his body. His dick was still throbbing and swollen, but he wasn’t so worried about its size and prominence anymore. In fact, a sensation of pride had suddenly replaced any embarrassment he’d been feeling, as if he wanted others to see the bulge in his pants. If anything, he wanted it to get even bigger.

The Orientation room was just a square, windowless space with a single, comfortable chair facing a large, dark screen. There were some oddly sticky patches on the arms of the chair where he laid his arms near his wrists, and some more against the back of the seat that met his neck when he settled back. Another envelope with his name on it contained instructions to relax, make certain the pads came in contact with his skin, and to sit down and await instructions.

Shortly, the room darkened and the screen lit up with the word “Welcome” on it in pleasant script above the logo for Hothorne Academy.

Then a male voice, which appeared to emanate from hidden speakers located all around the space, echoed that sentiment.

“Welcome to Hothorne Academy.” Toby’s dick throbbed hard and he felt like a gob of pre was surging up its length in direct response to the man’s rich, velvety bass. The speakers made it seem as if the man was standing beside him, or behind him. “And congratulations. You have been selected to join an exclusive, highly-talented, and very privileged group of men, all of whom have been where you sit now. Though the methods of orientation have changed over the years, the experience has remained constant. This is your first step of many along the path of becoming a Hothorne Man.”

The screen began to simply a series of faces, all male, and all of them handsome. Toby’s cock responded again, this time to these images, which started off as photographs and gradually changed into moving images. “Hothorne men have one thing in common. Passion. A passion to be the very best in everything they do, in every deed and every word. Hothorne men are honest, and trustworthy, and follow the principles set forth during their tenure at Hothorne Academy and Hothorne University in every aspect of their lives.”

The images began to change, subtly. The men on the screen were now turning towards Toby, staring out from the images directly at him. As their gazes fell on him, he felt the strong throb of his cock, again, and something like need or desire swell inside his head. The men were young, beautiful, healthy, and extraordinarily attractive in a very real sense. He was attracted to them keenly, and most strongly in a sexual fashion.

“As a Hothorne man, you will be trained to be the very best in everything you do. You will exceed your wildest hopes, and achieve the type of greatness that only the truly gifted may attain. You have already taken the first step by accepting our invitation to join this pantheon of superlative men, and now you will move forward with the help of your steward, who will be selected especially for you.”

The screen went blank and then is divided into six parts, and each section was populated with the moving images of a different young man.

As the images appeared, Toby’s cock tingled with desire and throbbed with need. He felt a warmth under the pads he’d attached to his skin as each man appeared, and he fought a nearly undeniable urge to unzip his pants, reach inside his crotch, extract his throbbing prick from its soft, caressing pocket of material and start stroking himself until he could finally unload the heavy, intensely sexual sensation that was swelling in his balls.

He had never seen such handsome men before, and they all looked at him and smiled. He gasped at their intense beauty and obvious sexual power. He wanted them with him in the room, he wanted to see them, to smell them, to touch them. He had never felt this level of desire before.

The sensation of desire and attraction built and built, as if each successive man he was shown was more beautiful than the last, and the pads grew warmer and warmer against his flesh. His eyes darted from one face to the next, his heart beating in time to the urgent throbbing of his dick, the tingling of his asshole, the sizzling of his balls. He would linger on one man’s eyes, or another man’s mouth, or another man’s neck. He was finding things attractive he’d never even noticed before. A dimple of a chin. A raised eyebrow. A flared nostril. It was like his senses were expanding, or his observations were growing intense.

Face after face after face. Man after man after man. Each new one even more beautiful than the last.

And then one of the sections of the screen was filled with the image of a man who nearly made him spontaneously explode and fill his tight, form-fitting underwear with cream. His face was the face of a god, perfect and beautiful, and his eyes were intense and gorgeous. He was clean shaven with a square jaw and dark, smoky eyes. His full lips opened as he smiled, and he seemed to acknowledge Toby’s intense reaction as if he could see him.

The pads attached to his skin grew very warm, almost uncomfortable, and his cock was painfully hard. His fingers gripped the edges of the chair’s arms and his toes were curling in his new shoes. He had never felt so strongly turned on by anything or anyone in his life. He could not take his eyes off the man’s face, he didn’t even want to blink.

And then the screen dimmed, and the pads cooled against his skin.

“Your steward has been selected. Thank you for your cooperation throughout this process. This concludes Hothorne Academy Orientation. Please return to your room. You will find find further instructions there. We hope you have a pleasant day and will enjoy your time with us at Hothorne Academy.”

The lights came up slowly and Toby looked down at the crotch of his trousers. His dick was hard as a rock, pulsing with hard throbs, and pushing insistently against the material, tenting it distinctly. No one would be able to miss it, or mistake it for something it wasn’t.

He decided he needed to do something to calm it down before going back out in public and he left the Orientation room to search for a restroom or even a janitor’s closet, basically anywhere he could find that was private.

There was, as he expected, a restroom on the same floor and he pushed the door open and went inside, starting to unzip himself even before the door shut behind him. He was surprised by the size of the room. It was huge! There were the usual privacy stalls, and then against another wall there were some other less private stalls, which was weird, and against the third wall a line of urinals spaced close together.

He was already pulling his belt buckle apart and preparing to shove his pants and underwear off his hips when he heard someone clear their throat.

He looked up, his hand in his crotch, his fingers grasping a hot hunk of hard dick, and there was another dude in the bathroom with him, standing at one of the urinals, jerking off. He hadn’t even noticed him when he walked in, he was so determined to get his cock out and start wanking.

“Orientation?” the other dude asked. Toby nodded. The dude smiled and took a step back, turning slightly to show Toby his own angry and very erect cock, wet with spit and visibly throbbing. “Tell me about it,” he said.

Toby laughed in spite of himself. “Dude,” he said, “what the fuck?”

“Right?” The other dude answered. He started stroking himself again, slowly, moving his hand along the thickness of his rather impressive tool with slick, wet noises even as his eyes stayed locked on Toby.

He was about the same height as Toby, maybe a little taller, with bright blonde hair cut short on the sides and back and kind of long on top, so it spilled forward into his eyes. He was growing his whiskers out except they were the same light color as his hair, so it was hard to tell. He wore glasses on his handsome face (and he was handsome, or even pretty, with those soft lips and that regal nose) and his voice was musical.

“Fuck, if I didn’t start stroking this baby I was gonna fucking explode.” He brought one hand to his face to push that cascade of gold back, stretching his head on his neck as he opened his mouth, and with the other he gripped the end of his dick and rubbed the pad of his thumb across the head, right where the lips were. “Ah, fuck,” he said, his eyes rolling inside his skull. Clearly the dude was into it and had no boundaries about someone watching.

Then again, with a dick like that, Toby thought he’d probably feel the same way.

“Mind if I…?” Toby asked.

He opened his eyes and smiled, showing rows of perfect white teeth. “Nah, dude, the more the merrier!”

Toby shoved his pants down and his boner sprang up, red and shiny and angry. The other dude pursed his lips and nodded, apparently impressed. “Fuck, dude, you look like you’re harder than I am!”

“I’m a fucking steel rod, dude. Serious.” He drooled onto his throbbing meat and started stroking, feeling the sudden intense bliss of erotic pleasure exploding all along his cock immediately.

The other dude laughed and said, “I’m Steph, by the way. Stephen, but everyone calls me Steph.”

“Toby,” answered Toby.

Steph said, “I’d shake your hand but it’s all kinda sticky at the moment.”

“No prob, dude. You do you.”

“Oh, believe me, I am!” He was stroking faster now.

Toby laughed slightly and started slowly stroking himself. The sensation reminded him of how the underwear stroked him, though this was decidedly more satisfying. “Dude, you…does your underwear…?”

Steph looked over, a wince of pleasure on his face. “Does my underwear what?”

“You know.”

His pretty features registered confusion. “Know what?”

“Does it… feel good?”

“What? Dude, I didn’t even try fitting myself into that little pouch. It’d be like trying to park a Zeppelin inside a cereal box.” He closed his eyes and bit his lip. “What do you mean, feel good?”

“Dude, it’s…” Toby looked over at the guy’s dick again. It was fucking huge! Like, bigger even than the biggest one he’d ever seen, which belonged to his friend Clark who ran track with him. That dude had a hard time squeezing all his meat into his jockstrap, and then here’s this dude with a fucking salami in his shorts. “How…” Toby started to ask, but he stopped.

The other dude didn’t even look up. “Eleven inches.” Then he groaned like a bear.

“Holy fuck!”

Steph looked over, but didn’t stop stroking. “It’s not all lollipops and rainbows, dude. No one can fit this thing, know what I mean? And everyone stares, so don’t worry about that, I’m used to it. Can’t walk through the locker room without some dude making jokes.” He gripped himself hard and his cock turned shiny and red. “It’s a stroker-choker. Seriously, dude, first person I meet I can stick myself into balls deep? That’s gonna be my life partner.”


Steph looked over and down at Toby’s exposed butt. “You fuck dudes, dude?”


“Your ass is prime.” Steph even licked his lips.


He smiled. “Sorry dude, but I am serious as a heart attack.” He hadn’t taken his gaze from Toby’s ass. “You into dudes?”

“I… never….”

“Well, look me up later, if you’re interested. I gotta feeling that in a place that’s only us guys, having a few fuck buddies is gonna be important.”

“Do… you? Fuck dudes?”

Steph grinned. “I fuck everyone. Well,” he paused, looking down at the giant piece of meat he was stroking, “I try to. But, yeah, I like a good butt fuck. You never been fucked? Never had your love nut tickled?”

“Love nut?”

“Dude. Okay, seriously, look me up later. Right now I gotta….” He jerked his chin at his raging erection, wet and hard and throbbing with obvious need.

“I know what you mean.” The underwear was still lodged in his ass crack, though, and the pouch was cupping his balls. “Dude, first thing you gotta do? Try the underwear on.” He shifted his hips and the strand of material held against his hole rubbed him gently, and he sighed as another shock of sex shot through the length of his hard-on.

Then they stood in relative silence, except for moans and occasional ‘ah fuck’s, stroking their meat until they got off.

As Toby walked back to his room, he couldn’t stop thinking about Steph and Steph’s cock and Steph’s offer. He couldn’t stop wondering what it would be like to fuck him, or to fucked by him, to feel that big dick inside him, and what he meant about a love nut and… everything. Just thinking about him, thinking about his smile, and his face, and his whiskers, and his lips, and that huge fucking cock, was getting him all horned up again.

He sucked in a deep, calming breath, his chest rising, and his tight, white undershirt rubbed his nipples in a very interesting and exciting manner. It was like there was a wire leading from his nipples to his dick when they were rubbed. He’d never experienced that before, and he had to fight an urge to lift his fingertips to his chest and start rubbing his nips himself. But the uniform seemed like it was doing an okay job of it, and it was distractingly exciting.

When he reached the dorm, some of his fellow classmates were also there, some of them discovering the orientation box on their beds or getting into their new uniforms as he passed their rooms. He almost felt envious of them, and the discoveries they were about to make. He wondered if they’d meet their own Stephs in the restrooms after their orientations, and he suddenly wanted to go find him again immediately, and make sure that when Steph was picking fuck buddies, Toby’s name was at the top of the list.

He’d never felt that way about another dude, before. Toby was feeling a lot of things he’d never felt before at Hothorne Academy.

As promised by the Orientation video, there was another box on his bed when he reached his room. There was an envelope on top of it with his name on it, and he opened that first, reading the note inside.

Welcome to Hothorne Academy.

As a freshman pledge, your initial time here at Hothorne will be a time of exploration and discovery. Hothorne Men are unique and extraordinary, reaching the highest echelon of their chosen fields. Your natural talents and passions will be honed and perfected, and new, unexpected abilities will be revealed and nourished.

To reach peak performance and to become a Hothorne Man, you will face many trials and challenges, some of them difficult. The mere fact that you have been selected to become a Hothorne Man speaks highly of your character, your potential, and your unique qualities.

Your first steps along this path start tomorrow morning, when you are introduced to your Steward, Tomas, who will become your confidant, your tutor, your partner, and your friend. Our Orientation process has been perfected over decades of practice, and you may be confident that your Steward will be perfectly suited to guide your Hothorne path. We suggest spending the rest of this day exploring the campus, meeting your fellow pledges, and familiarizing yourself with everything Hothorne Academy has to offer.

Congratulations, again, and welcome to the pantheon of Hothorne Men.

Toby looked inside the envelope and found an 8x10 black and white picture of the man he had seen on the screen in Orientation that set his balls aflame. This had to be Tomas. He swallowed dryly looking at the still photograph, experiencing again, though to a far lesser degree, that sensation of desire and need as he gazed on the impossibly attractive face captured in the photo. He sighed contentedly, anxious and excited for the next morning to come as quickly as possible.

“Tomas.” He said the name aloud. “Tomas.” It felt like a prayer.

His dick was throbbing—again!—but his stomach was rumbling as well, and his stomach won out. He hadn’t eaten anything since he got here, and he was suddenly starving.

Walking out of the dorms, he saw a few other guys coming back in, undoubtedly having just come from their own Orientation sessions judging by the looks on their faces and some of the bulges in their uniforms. His own cock throbbed again in recognition of that sensation, and a couple of the dudes looked at him, and his bulge, and smiled, nodding a silent understanding. He noticed that a couple of those gazes lingered for a long time on his body as he passed, as if they were making a mental catalog of him. He could almost feel their eyes on his butt.

Like everything else about Hawthorne, the cafeteria defied his expectations. It was more like a restaurant or a lounge, with rich red carpeting, dark wood panels on the walls, and tables set about the large floor with crisp white linens on their surfaces and bright, spotless silverware arranged just-so at each table setting.

There were a few other guys in there as well, and most sat alone at their own tables, probably either still processing whatever the fuck was happening or maybe imagining the faces of their Stewards. Toby certainly couldn’t forget Tomas’s handsome face. But Toby decided he needed to check out what someone else had been experiencing. Steph said he didn’t even try on the underwear, which was a shame. How many other dudes were missing out, and did they know something he didn’t?

There was one dude who caught his eye, a tall dude with excellent posture and cheekbones that could cut glass. His face was all handsome angles and smooth skin, and his eyes green. He smiled at Toby and Toby took that as an invitation.

“Do you mind if I…?” he asked, setting his hand on a chair opposite the tall dude.

“Oh, please do!” The dude had an accent, British or something. Maybe Australian? Toby wanted to hear him speak more so he could determine it.

He pulled out the chair and sat down. His magic underwear tightened against his hole and grabbed onto his junk like a hand that was kneading his prick. He jumped, slightly, and sighed, and the other dude laughed. “Underwear?” He asked.

Toby nodded. “Yep. It’s kinda….”

“I know. It’s kinda….” He wiggled his eyebrows and bit his bottom lip. “I’m Theo.”

“Toby.” He looked down at the empty plate in front of the other boy. Most of it was gone, but it smelled delicious and was a far cry from what he expected out of a school cafeteria. “Whoa,” he said. Sliced meat, brown gravy, potatoes au gratin.

Theo looked down and nodded. “I know. It’s crazy.” He looked up and smiled. “It’s all pretty crazy.”

Toby tilted his head curiously. “Been through orientation, yet?”

Theo shook his head. “Just got here. My Orientation is…” He lifted his hand and checked the Apple Watch on his wrist, “…two hours away.”



“I’d say prepare yourself but I don’t think there’s any way to do that.”

“Is it hard?”

Toby made a weird face and reached down to his cock, which was trying to be hard very urgently. But he knew what Theo was asking. “Nah, dude, easy as pie. You just sit there and… orientate.”

“What’s that mean?”

“I don’t want to spoil it for you. But… you’ll enjoy it. I think. At least, I did.” He thought about the experience again, and realized how weird it was. Sitting in a chair and staring at the faces of handsome men until you’re so hot and bothered you have to go rub one out or your balls are gonna pop. That was some weird shit. “Where are you from?”

“The accent?” Toby nodded. “Australia. Melbourne. Not Sydney. Everyone always assumes we’re all from Sydney for some reason.”

“I didn’t assume,” Toby said. “I like it.”

“The accent? I wish I could get rid of it. Makes me stick out.”

Toby looked at his chiseled features and the way that he sat, so upright and sturdy, his sandy hair and those green, green eyes, and thought he’d stand out anywhere just by showing up. “It’s nice,” he complimented, and he repeated, “I like it.”

“It’s a nuisance,” Theo said, but his eyes gazed back with a new light.

Toby’s stomach rumbled again and he looked around. “So how do I get some food? Is there a line or….”

“Oh, no, did you bring your phone?”

“The iPhone?”

“Yeah. Pull it out.” Toby did, and the device—which was still locked for now—woke up. It seemed to recognize where it was, and though he hadn’t synched his face with the scanner it offered him a screen with a menu and the Hawthorne logo at the top.

The menu was… extensive. “Jesus,” he murmured. He thumbed through it just to see how long it was. It was as if anything he wanted was available. “Jesus,” he said again.

“Yeah, so, you just click on what you want. And then… well, I’d say prepare yourself, but…” And he shrugged as he put another bite of his meal in his mouth, happily.

Toby clicked on a couple of things and put the phone away, looking around again during the lull in the conversation. Maybe a half-dozen other dudes were in the cafeteria with him, not including Theo. No one was looking at their phone, which is what he would have expected in any other situation. Fuck, he’d be looking at his own phone if it wasn’t locked, but having no access to it was making him look for things to do.

“Where are you from,” Theo asked, politely.

“Little town in California you’ve never heard of, probably.”

“Near Los Angeles, or near San Francisco?”

“Kinda neither. Between them. There’s a big valley down the center of the state. I’m from the southern end of that.”

“Is it nice?”

“It’s a pit, but I had some great friends and school was okay. I’m in track. Swimming too, and diving, but I love track.”

“Really? Me, too! I’m long distance. Marathons and Ironmans and… like that. I love running, pushing myself, pushing my body.”

“I’m more track and field. Mix it up. I… I always hoped I’d get to the Olympics. Decathlon.”

“That sounds cool,” Theo said, grinning. Then his eyes drifted south like he was checking Toby out. “You do look kind of… muscular. For a track star.”

“Thanks? I guess? It takes a lot of stamina and strength. Pole vault and discus. Hauling your ass up over a poll a mile in the air.”

Theo nodded. “Uh huh, that makes sense. You look… good.”

“Thanks. You too.”

“I’m too thin and too tall, but long legs are kind of an unfair advantage in running so I shouldn’t complain.”

“Being tall is cool. You can see concerts over everyone else’s head.”

Theo shrugged. “I’d rather be more muscular, like you.”

“Well, I mean, I haven’t seen the gym yet but if you wanna work out buddy or whatever, I’d be….”

“Really? That’d be great!” Theo seemed genuinely enthused by the offer.

Toby was about to respond in kind when there was a polite tone to his left and he looked over. His meal was floating there, or at least he thought it was before the meal was lifting itself towards the surface of the table and sliding in front of him, and he realized that a small robot had appeared seemingly out of nowhere and was providing his food to him. After setting his plate before him, and the smell of his food was wafting around him, the robot’s voice, masculine and thin, said “If you would care for anything else, please use the menu. I hope you enjoy your hamburger with French fries and Coke Zero.”

Then the robot silently scooted away as he watched.

“The fuck?”

“I know,” Theo agreed. “Kinda cool, though.”

Toby was suddenly too hungry to care. He grabbed the hamburger in his hands, opened his mouth, and took a huge bite.

It was marvelous. Amazing. Delicious. Juicy and warm and perfectly seasoned. The bun was soft and warm, the cheese was melty, the pickles salty and garlicky. “Holy fuck!”

“It’s all like that. It’s all amazing. And it just gets more amazing the more you eat.”

“They put THC in this or something?”

Theo smiled. “Possibly. I hadn’t considered that, but it would explain… things.”

Toby paused mid-bite. “Things? What things?”

“Well, I mean, you’re great to talk to and everything, no offense, but did it occur to you that I finished eating and I’m still sitting here?”

“Well, no. I mean, I just thought….”

“Oh! I like you!” Theo’s face looked slightly alarmed. “I mean, you know, I like you as a friend. But… there’s another reason I can’t stand up.”

“Another reason?”

“Another. Reason.”

“What other reason.”

“Well, to be blunt, I have the hard-on to end all hard-ons shoving against the underside of the table.”

Toby laughed despite himself. “Really?” Theo nodded, seriously. “Fuck, dude, who doesn’t?” Toby scooted his chair back and stood on his feet, showing off an evident and prodigious erection running sideways towards his hip in his butt-hugging pants. He smiled at it and rubbed it fondly.

Theo’s mouth had dropped open and he was staring at the massive hard-on that Toby so proudly showed off. “Fuck.”

Toby petted his erection. “Dude.”

Theo stood up, hit something hard against the table, winced, sucked air between his teeth, twisted to the side slightly and stood to his full six-and-a-half-foot height.

Toby stopped petting his dog and looked up. “Holy shit!”

Was every dude he was going to meet at this place going to be sporting so much wood? Even on Theo’s taller frame, it was evident that his prick would be a prize-winner, second only to what Steph was packing. A thick, massive shank of sex was nearly sticking its swollen head out of his waistband.

“It won’t go down,” Theo said.

“Dude. I know. I know.” He reached down and grabbed his rod. “I know.”

“If I don’t do something about this soon….”

“So? Do something about it.”


“Jerk off. Or….” Toby’s eyebrow rose. “Suck it yourself.”

“Suck it?”

He shrugged, adjusted himself, and sat back down, wincing slightly. “Ever tried it? Looks like you’re long enough to just bend over and swallow it.”

“I’ve…never tried.” He was just standing there in front of Toby with a massive hard-on in his tight pants.


“Well, what?”

Toby waved in a general direction. “Go…jerk off or something! Unless you want to wander around campus with… that in your pants.” Theo lowered his hands over his erection—even both of them couldn’t cover it entirely—and blushed. Toby found his pink cheeks and nervous smile… attractive. “There’s probably a restroom near the entrance, dude.”

Theo swallowed drily, looked down, looked up, and walked awkwardly in the direction Toby indicated.

“Dude,” Toby murmured, as he imagined what Theo looked like naked with that massive shank pointed at Toby’s mouth.

Toby ate his lunch alone. Theo never turned back up, so either it was taking longer to come than he had ever experienced or the dude was taking Toby up on his suggestion and trying to suck himself. Either way, it made Toby’s imagination jump into overdrive and his cock was doing its own version of The Erection That Won’t Go Down, but he decided for some privacy instead of another bathroom wank, and headed back to the dorms.

Activity there was still rising as more students arrived. It was easy to tell who had been through Orientation and who hadn’t. The thing was like the most powerful aphrodisiac in the world and some dudes had sturdy and prominent evidence of participation—or at least, that was Toby’s assumption. Maybe everyone was just extraordinarily horny today for some reason.

Still, he’d never seen so much wood being flaunted with so much pride before.

He got back to his own room, unzipped, plucked his hard-on from its happy pouch, leaped onto one of the giant beds and started stroking with oblivious abandon.

God, it felt so good! He felt thick, deep waves of bliss erupting from his prick as he stroked, slicking his hand and his cock in spit, and writhed in ecstasy as the underwear rubbed itself against his butt hole with even the slightest movement of his hips.

His was gulping in air and feeling his balls tingle and was just about to shoot when a familiar voice, quite close to him, said, “Need any help with that?”

He opened his eyes, shocked and alarmed, and looked at Steph standing in the open doorway of his room, arms crossed over his chest, that fat rod in his pants as swollen as a ripe fruit, with a smile on his handsome face. “I was going to suggest you close the door if you want some privacy, but then why deny the rest of us the joy of watching?”

“Dude, what the fuck?”

Part 2

He decided he would be called Steph from now on, and not Steve. Steve was a straight dude’s name, and he was not a straight dude, and he was tired of pretending that he was. He considered going by Stephen, but landed on Steph because it sounded European, or at least a lot more interesting than Steve.

So he would be Steph at this school, and try to forget Steve. Steve was boring. Steve was predictable. Steve was…dead. No more Steve.

Only Steph.

He smiled again, thinking about the year to come at this school, a year he would use to change everything. It was exciting and a little scary, but he leaned into the exciting part and tried to ignore the scary.

He would ask the guys he liked out. Most of them would turn him down, but maybe one or two would be brave, like Steph would be, and just say fuck everyone else and do what they fucking well pleased, and got their dicks sucked by a dude who liked to suck dick.

The whole school was only dudes. In a whole school of dudes, surely some of them had to be gay, too. Or even bi! Or just curious, and he could settle for curious, if curious meant he could suck their dicks or they would try to suck on his, assuming they didn’t take a look at his cock and run screaming in the opposite direction.

The older dudes at the park, they all liked his big dick. Some…well, most of them were…not great looking. And not young. And not, like, sexy. Steph would be sexy! Steph would ooze sex out of his pores and wipe sex off his brow and lick sex from his lips. Steph would be out and proud and sucking dicks and maybe…maybe he’d get to fuck someone.

He was good at fucking, or so he had been told, usually while he was fucking someone. He supposed if you liked getting fucked by a cock, getting fucked by a big cock was even better. And there were a few dudes—size queens—who got hard just looking at his cock. Just…looking at it.

Steve—Steph shook his head with a grin on his lips. Dudes who liked dick liked big dicks, and he was lucky enough to own one. He reached towards his crowded crotch and squeezed his meat, feeling it throb against his palm. He was a gay teenaged horndog with a god-given length of meaty prick and a sex drive that seemed constant and hungry.

And now here he was at a school filled with other teenaged horndogs.

He told everyone he owned a 10-inch cock, but it was really more like eight. He could tell people it was ten because it looked like a 10-inch cock, and dudes who didn’t have that much meat down there never measured their own because they didn’t want to know how big they actually were, they wanted to believe they had their own 8 solid inches of throbbing sex, but when he looked around he was always the biggest dude in the room, so claiming ten inches was easy.

Maybe he could say eleven here. Another inch wouldn’t matter since he was already lying, and, he told himself as he squeezed his dick and felt himself growing hard and thick, it looked like eleven when it was at full power, throbbing with hard pulses and drooling pre.

Eleven. Sure, why not?

He was standing in his room looking in the mirror at himself dressed in his new school uniform. His cock was staggeringly obvious in these pants. He laughed when he looked at the thong they expected him to wear, that little pouch for all his meat? No fucking way. So now, Steph, the super-gay dude at Hothorne Academy with the 11-inch prick and a hunger to fuck, was born.

He had an hour before “Orientation,” whatever the fuck that was, so he decided to get the lay of the land—and hopefully a lay—and parade himself around in this ridiculously tight uniform that showcased his meat like an ad.

He liked how it gripped his limbs, too. He’d only started working out a couple of years ago. He’d avoided it because he wasn’t too sporty, in the first place, and would the other dudes think he was gay if he was spending time building his muscles at the gym if he wasn’t also mowing those dudes down on the football field? He was tall and lanky and didn’t think his body would respond to pushing iron around, but he had been wrong.

And then once Coach Tucker noticed him in there all the time, he started to help him out with how to really use the weight room (and his diet) to start putting on some real muscle. Now he had pecs—well, the start of pecs—and some abs (if he tightened his belly just right) and had a hunger for more. The new Steph was determined to build up a body to match his cock—big and thick and ready to fuck.

The campus was immaculate. Lots of green trees, lots of green lawns, lots of flower plots and ivy. It was beautiful—and so were the other students! If he had dreamed up what a school for boys would be like, Hothorne did him one better. His dick was throbbing hot and hard with nearly every step as he spied another handsome dude, and if the dude was wearing the school uniform already it was almost like wandering around a locker room.

Every dude’s bod was on display, and every dude’s bod was amazing. Jesus, it was like the place sent out buses to pick up only the best-looking young men from every school and cart them here for Steph to ogle.

Steph got plenty of eye contact himself, and it was frequently focused on what was between his legs. He was used to that, of course, but he found himself frequently focused on the same area, because a lot of the dudes were wandering around campus hard as rocks!

Seriously, everywhere he looked there was another boner. It was like a parade or something, like every dude wanted to go out and show off their meat, but when they saw what Steph was carrying their eyes bugged out and their mouths dropped open and he’d just smile and nod a silent acknowledgement, like “Yep, it’s 100% real.”

All this hard meat was making him even hornier, which he would have doubted possible before wandering around the campus checking out the guys. Some of them had to be gay, didn’t they? The way they were checking him out wasn’t unusual. Again, dudes always wanted to see his dick. Back home they’d check him out in the locker room, or in the showers, or even when he was taking a piss. Hell, one time, on a dare, he’d pulled it free while sitting in class! It turned him on so much, having it right out there in public with the other students looking at it, that he got so hard he couldn’t easily stick it back in his pants at the end of class.

He winced just thinking about trying to force his hard-on back inside his jeans like that. But reaching down now, running his hand along its length as it pulsed and throbbed, he bet it was even bigger. And somehow, the pants that came with this new uniform seem almost designed to accommodate him—even stroke him as he walked.

He swallowed dryly and licked his lips. If he didn’t pump out a load soon, his balls were gonna explode. He’d prefer to find a friendly face—or hand (or mouth)—to help him out, but he didn’t think he could wait long enough to suss out if some dude wanted to suck him or punch him, so he wandered into the nearest building to find a restroom and a nice, private stall to use.

When he found the Men’s Room, it wasn’t unoccupied. In fact, he recognized the wet, stroking sound coming from one of the stalls as he walked in. A smile crept across his lips as he heard the dude pause when he realized someone else had joined him. “Don’t let me interrupt,” Steph said. “Sounds like you’re having a good time in there.”

A voice, high and pretty, answered, “Um, sort of?”

“Dude, don’t worry. I’m here for the same reason. Got a fat load in my balls.”

The other boy laughed slightly. “Yeah,” he said.

Steph unbuckled and unzipped, pushing his hand inside his pants and pulling out his massive meat. It was hot in his hand, and red and shiny. It bloomed even bigger now that it was uncaged. He drooled some spit onto his grip and started to slowly stroke himself with wet, sloppy noises, groaning with obvious bliss.

“Dude,” the other dude said from behind the stall door.

“Dude,” Steph responded gruffly, feeling his balls tingles and deep shocks of erotic power throbbing along every inch of his prodigious tool.

The lock on the stall door slid aside and the door slowly opened. Steph looked up from his prick, not stopping for an instant, and looked at the face of a blonde young man with pillowy lips and the bluest eyes he’d ever seen. His mouth was open slightly as he gazed on Steph’s monster with a look that Steph was familiar with—something like reverence or wonder.

“Dude,” the blonde-haired boy said again, licking his lips.

Steph started shifting his hips, fucking his grip with the length of his cock. “Eleven inches,” he boasted. Then he leaned over and drooled another delivery of spit on his meat and continued to fuck his tight grip.

The blonde dude leaned back and his own hard-on popped up. It was thick and wet, not nearly as large as Steph’s monster but more than a mouthful.

“Make you a deal,” Steph said. “I’ll help you with yours if you help me with mine.”

“Dude,” the boy said, grinning.

“Dude,” Steph answered.

His name was Aaron, the blonde dude, and though he didn’t try to suck Steph’s huge cock, his hands were talented enough to make up for it. He more or less paid worship to the massive shank of sex, gazing on it with something like reverence or need as he slowly stroked and squeezed Steph until he exploded, pumping fat gouts of cum from his cannon that painted the sink in the restroom with cream.

For his part, Steph had fallen to his knees and greedily swallowed Aaron’s fat prick inside his warm, wet mouth, licking and sucking him for only a minute or two before he felt the cock swell and lengthen and start pumping salty spunk against his tonsils, and he swallowed it all greedily.

Steph liked sucking cocks. He thought he was good at it, and certainly no one ever complained. He watched porn to improve his technique, because there wasn’t a class for cocksucking. And Aaron was pretty verbal, which helped, telling Steph what felt good and what didn’t. Maybe Aaron got his cock sucked a lot. It was a pretty cock, fat and hard as a rock, and his cum was tasty.

As they both cleaned up Steph’s copious load with paper towels, they agreed to meet up often and continue to explore their mutual interests. Steph wanted to kill Aaron, his lips were so soft looking and pillowy, but didn’t know how to approach that desire. He was still Steve in most respects, and he hadn’t learned to ask for what he wanted.

But he squeezed Aaron on the butt before he left, the tips of his fingers nearly crawling towards his asshole behind the tight uniform pants that adhered to his ass like a second skin, and Aaron didn’t seem to object.

After getting off, Steph realized he was nearly late for his Orientation appointment, and he jogged across the campus to get there in time. Even having emptied his balls so completely, the sensation of the uniform trousers rubbing against his equipment was making him hard all over again! Jesus, was he ever going to get soft again?

He was a bit hot and sweaty when he wandered into the Orientation session, and he sat down and tried to steady his breath so no one knew he was almost late. Leaving a poor impression on the first day was not what he wanted.

It finally occurred to him that he had yet to meet a single adult this morning. No one had greeted him, and all the instructions were just written down and left for him to find. In one way, he was glad of that, but in another it was just weird. Where were the teachers? Where was the administration? And not a single building he had tried or a single room within those buildings were locked. It was like…they trusted him or something.


Shortly after sitting down and making sure some weird plates embedded in the comfortable chair came in contact with his skin (and adjusting his still-firm semi-hard-on along his pant leg) the lights dimmed and a strong male voice said, “Welcome to Hothorne Academy.”

A chill went down Steph’s spine. It was like the voice was sucking his dick! He’d never been so turned on by just a voice before. “You have been selected to join an exclusive, highly-talented, and very privileged group of men, all of whom have been where you sit now.” The voice continued speaking, and shortly the screen that was mounted on the wall before him lit up and began to broadcast a series of what Steph took to be the faces of Hothorne graduates, all male, and all gorgeous.

It was like thumbing through a porn catalogue, except all the men were wearing suits and ties. It was just a series of head shots, but with each successive image Steph found his libido growing hotter and hotter.

These were the most beautiful men that Steph had ever seen. His cock was throbbing and he felt a sizzling delivery of pre erupting up his inches as the presentation continued. Man after gorgeous man staring into the camera—looking at him, sitting there, sweaty and hot and hard as a rock.

The voice said, “You have already taken the first step by accepting our invitation to join this pantheon of superlative men, and now you will move forward with the help of your steward, who will be selected especially for you.”

The screen divided into a grid and six different faces showed up. Steph literally gasped. He didn’t even notice as the small pads against his wrists and neck grew gradually warmer as his eyes flickered from face to face, taking in the succession of handsome men.

His gaze lingered on the features he found most attractive. That man’s smoldering gaze. The other man’s strong chin. The way that man’s hair fell when he moved his head. The full lips on another man. The thick muscular neck of yet another.

As faces came and went, they were growing increasingly beautiful. He began to notice that their features were starting to settle into patterns, and that the things he was most attracted to remained constant, while things that didn’t personally arouse him decreased.

The parade of faces slowed as this sensation of perfection grew keener and keener until a face appeared that made Steph gasp and sigh and squirm in his seat. He had never seen a man as beautiful, and as he focused his attention on the man’s perfection the image turned to gaze back at him, and Steph nearly exploded inside his pants when the man smiled and slightly nodded at him.

Then the screen went dark, the heated pads against his flesh cooled, the lights rose and that cum-pumping voice said, “Your steward has been selected. Thank you for your cooperation throughout this process.”

The first thing Steph had to do—and he had to do it, there wasn’t even a question in his mind—was jerk off. It felt like his whole body was a dick, and it was filled with cum, and he was going to explode unless he pumped his load out of his balled immediately. He more or less ran to the nearest restroom and was unzipping and extracting his throbbing meat before he was even through the door.

His cock was burning hot, pumped full of blood and hard as steel. He started stroking himself dry, rubbing his fingers over the head and leaning against the cool tiles over the urinal for support, his legs nearly giving out from being so horned up that he could hardly even stand.

He’d barely begun to get himself off when the door opened and another dude appeared, and he looked to be in the same state of high sexual agitation.

“Orientation?” the Steph asked, breathlessly. The other dude, who had a cute face, nodded. Steph smiled back and stepped away from the urinal, displaying his mighty beast slick with spit and sweat. “Tell me about it,” he added.

The other dude laughed, his eyes going wide at the sight of Steph’s meat. “Dude,” he said, “what the fuck?”

Steph huffed out a laugh of his own. “Right?” He watched the new dude watching his cock as he stroked himself slowly, putting on a show of sorts, displaying his prize. “Fuck, if I didn’t start stroking this baby I was gonna fucking explode.” Steph pushed his hair back, sweaty strands hanging into his eyes, and stretched his neck. He rubbed his thumb across the spongey mushroom head of the monster attached to his loins and moaned, “Ah, fuck.”

“Mind if I…?” The new dude asked asked.

He opened his eyes and smiled, showing rows of perfect white teeth. “Nah, dude, the more the merrier!”

The new dude’s name was Toby, and Steph marked him as someone to look up later. He was cute, like Aaron, and maybe a little handsomer. Not as tall as Steph, but he had a nice knob on him that Steph would suck in a heartbeat. He didn’t get a strong gay vibe off him, but any dude who wanted to stroke one out standing beside him at a urinal was okay in Steph’s book.

Even after pumping a fresh creamy load—his second big delivery in as many hours!—Steph was still feeling randy. Toby had mentioned something weird about the underwear that Steph wasn’t wearing, how it made him feel sexy or something, which prompted a new curiosity in Steph’s head (though he didn’t think it was possible to feel hornier than he already did since arriving on campus this morning).

Still, what could it hurt?

He highly doubted that the little white pouch was going to be capable of containing his big sausage and meatballs, but Toby seemed so…convinced. He gave Steph the impression that the underwear felt so good that just wearing it was making Toby’s equipment throb.

And that was something Steph wanted to feel for himself.

Walking back to his dorm room, he noticed that the dudes in uniform all had prominent bulges in their pants, and he wondered if they were all wearing the underwear. Now he was kind of anxious to try it, to see if Toby was just bullshitting him or if the reason every other dude was hard was because of that silken touch against their pricks.

His own hardness wasn’t too difficult to understand. Owning a heavy slab of cock meat meant he was almost constantly aware of it. He could never ignore the burden hanging in his jeans, and these pants were doing their own job of caressing him. If the underwear felt even better than that!

He was standing in his room holding one of the tiny clean, white things in his hands, stretching it out to see how he could manage himself into them.

It seemed like an impossible task. The pouch was barely big enough to hold a pickle, let alone a salami. It was stretchy, sure, but….

He kicked off his school shoes, stripped off his school trousers, and pulled the tiny straps of the nearly-there underwear up his long legs. A thin strap worked itself between his butt cheeks and he started to sort of fold or bend or work his thick inches of cock inside the pouch.

Just like Toby described it, the underwear was indeed “weird.” As he moved his cock and balls into the pouch, all that equipment became surrounded by the material, and it clung to him in a very agreeable manner. He started to adjust himself for a better fit but it was like the underwear adjusted itself to him.

He looked in the mirror, turning slightly, and looked at his crotch. There was all his meat contained inside the pocket. It looked tight on him but it felt…amazing. Almost like he wasn’t wearing anything. The material, whatever it was, was so light and breathable. He started to walk towards the mirror and gasped out loud.

Something was licking his butt hole. Something was squeezing his dick. Something was cupping his balls and stroking his meat. He took a few more steps.

Fuck! Fuck! What the fuck?

He looked down and ran his hand across the surface of the underwear. A warm caress ran the entire length of his meat as if he’d just stroked himself. He walked around the room with his eyes closed to concentrate on the sensations. The underwear was rubbing against his asshole. It was stroking his dick and licking his balls. It was somehow delivering these sensations with every movement, and even when he sat down and the strap between his butt cheeks tightened, it was like…almost exactly like…someone’s fingers probing for entry against his hole.

Holy fuck, he loved this underwear! He never wanted to take it off!

Taking another stroll around campus seemed called for. Steph wanted to fully experience whatever the fuck this underwear did to his undercarriage, and he was particularly enjoying the way the butt strap rubbed against his hole.

He loved rim jobs. They were nearly as good as blow jobs, but harder to come by. Most dudes had some weird hangups about their butts, and even for Steph, the first time another dude was down there and started licking his hole, he squirmed and moaned with pleasure even as he fought an urge to push the dude’s tongue away from his ass.

But the dude seemed to be enjoying doing it as much as Steph—or Steve, at the time—enjoyed having it done to him. It never even occurred to him that it would feel like that, to have someone lapping at his back door and pushing his tongue inside his hole, but the dude was practically pulling him open to get to the soft, warmness inside him and after only a few seconds of that dude’s tongue licking him, Steve decided it was one of his favorite things.

It still took him a while to try it on another guy, but that dude’s reaction was the same as his had been. Surprise, and then embarrassment, and then opening himself up as wide as he could to let Steve’s tongue do its dirty work.

Now the underwear was doing a good imitation of a tentative but talented tongue licking his hole with every stride. Did it feel like this for every dude walking around? Did they even know what that sensation was? He decided he needed to go look up Toby to thank him for the information, and by thank him he meant go down on his joint and suck him until he came.

He found his new friend, unsurprisingly, in his own room lying on his bed with his hard-on in his hand and a look of ecstasy on his face.

“Need any help with that?” Toby opened his eyes and looked up, his grip around his erection. Steph smiled and added, “I was going to suggest you close the door if you want some privacy, but then why deny the rest of us the joy of watching?”

“Dude, what the fuck?”

Steph reached down and cupped his meat. “I was feeling randy and thought I’d look you up. Looks like you’re suffering the same fate.”

“Dude. It won’t go down.” He looked down at his prick in his grip, swollen and hard and drooling pre. “I’ve never felt this horny in my whole fucking life.”

“I tried the underwear, at your suggestion,” Steph reported.

Toby arched an eyebrow. “And?”

Steph unbuckled his belt, unzipped his trousers, pushed them off his hips, and displayed how his equipment was being hugged and lovingly embraced by the unusual and magical little white pouch. “I don’t know how it all fits inside this thing, but Jesus fucking Christ I am never taking it off.” He did a small dance or something, shifting his hips and moaning slightly. “I don’t know what this is doing to my butt hole or how it is doing it, but I want more.”


Steph stopped dancing and started kneading his junk, making it swell and bulge. “Scoot over dude. I’m coming in.”

Steph jogged forward and leaped onto the bed, jostling Toby in the process. Then he spun over and pushed himself against the headboard, fluffing the pillows and generally making himself at home. Toby just laughed and sat next to him on the bed, two dudes stroking their dongs together like it was nothing out of the ordinary.

“Shoot for distance?” Steph suggested as he pulled himself free of the white pouch that had been caressing his junk. Toby marveled again at Steph’s enormity, and now that he could literally reach out and touch it, his cock looked even bigger.

“Jesus, you’re huge,” he murmured in wonder.

“Size isn’t everything,” Steph offered. “I’m also a great fuck.”

“Dude, shut up!”

“I’m just putting it out there.” He looked at the swollen prick throbbing in Toby’s grip. “You’ve got a thick piece of meat yourself, you know. Girthy, as they say.”

Toby looked down. “Thanks?”

As Toby stroked himself, he kept looking at Steph’s cock. First it was sly, sideways glances, not wanting to seem like he was excited and turned on just looking at a prick that huge. Steph stroked himself with slow, passionate, very intense self-love, watching his hand moving up and down the fat inches, peeling the foreskin back and playing with the head, biting his bottom lip when a sudden, unexpected thrill of sex powered its way through his body.

But he noticed Toby’s interest, and with a knowing smile he asked, “Wanna kiss it?”

Toby looked up, guiltily. “Huh?”

“Just kiss it. If you want to.”

“Kiss it?”

Steph nodded, gripping his dick and holding it motionless. “Just a soft kiss, right there, on the tip.”

Toby licked his lips. “Okay,” he said, and he leaned down, over Steph’s crotch, and pursed his lips before pressing them against the weeping mouth of the huge cock. It was warm, but felt soft against his lips, and he tasted Steph’s salty, warm pre on his lips as he pulled away. He licked that off and went back for more, kissing the top again, and opening his lips slightly, and pressing his tongue against the mushroom head.

Steph watched with interest and anticipation. Yeah, he knew Toby wanted this. The way he was watching, the way he was breathing, the way he was flushed and warm beside him. Toby wanted his prick.

His new friend’s mouth opened and he moved it all the way over the entire plump head of Steph’s fat cock, sucking gently to pull more slick honey from the fount. Steph watched the back of Toby’s head move as he sucked so soft and gentle, then his tongue, slick and hot, was pressing against his dick.

“Go on. Take it, if you want to. Suck it. Suck me.”

Toby started moving his mouth down Steph’s cock. Steph didn’t know if Toby was practiced at this, but he suspected not. Still, he was getting enormously turned on by the attention and evident love that Toby was paying his cock. Soft, wet noises were coming from Toby’s mouth as he slowly drew Steph’s cock inside, farther and farther, until it was nudging the back of his throat.

Then he stopped and was going to pull off.

“Breathe through your nose,” Steph advised. “Just stay there a second. You’re okay. Everything is okay.” He placed his hand on Toby’s head and pet him like a good dog. A very good dog.

Toby closed his eyes and concentrated on the sensation of Steph’s hot, throbbing meat inside his mouth. He wanted to feel him come inside his mouth. He wanted to feel the hot jets of cream surging up Steph’s mammoth meat and swell in the shaft and bloat the head before he shoved a fat fountain of cum inside his mouth, flooding his senses with sex.

He licked and sucked and kissed Steph’s cock, slowly, reverently, with passion and worshipful attention. Steph gasped and groaned, not at Toby’s talent but at Toby’s desire. Toby moved his hand on Steph’s shaft and squeezed and stroked, and Steph removed his hand and moved it to the bed, gripping the sheets hard as Toby’s passion increased. He felt a surging delivery of pre pump up his inches and deliver itself to Toby’s hungry mouth, and Toby groaned against him. He could feel it in his prick. And toby squeezed him again, wanting more.

“Stroke it,” Steph adviced. “Don’t squeeze it. Stroke me while you suck me.” He pet his head, praising him. “You’re doing so good, Toby. You’re doing so, so good. You feel so, so good.”

Toby moaned again, his mouth overflowing with Steph’s monster.

“Aw, fuck, son you feel so good. So fucking good. You want me to come? Do you want my cum in your mouth?” Toby nodded. “You want to swallow my big load?” Nod.

Yes, indeed. Steph was going to feel right at home at Hothorne.

When Toby woke up the next morning—Saturday—Steph was lying beside him in his huge bed. They were both naked, and Steph’s long arms surrounded him warmly. His cock was hard, as it usually was in the morning, and he needed to pee pretty badly. The alarm was shrieking its call and Steph groaned and starting flailing wildly to silence it.

That was when Toby, laughing slightly, looked up to see the silhouette of a man standing in his open doorway. He sat up quickly and said, “What the fuck?”

Steph was still flailing. “Fucking, alarm, fucking, early, fucking fuck.”

The silhouette said, “Good morning, gentlemen.”

Toby gulped and Steph stopped flailing. It was evident that both young men were completely naked, that Toby was sporting an heroic hard-on, and that the two of them had spent the night together in the same bed. Toby’s heart was already racing, but now he felt the hot flush of embarrassment wash over his whole body, and he tried to quickly hide his erection using the top sheet, which was tangled in Steph’s legs.

Steph was lying on his belly, now, with his bare-ass butt pointed at the odd man in the room. Finally, Toby said, meekly, “Good morning,” and tried to think of a logical explanation for the scene he was besides one involving the two of them having had sex all night long between short bouts of sleeping. It was like the two of them couldn’t get enough of each other, just the proximity of the other naked body was enough to nudge them from sleep again and start fooling around with each other using their hands, mouths, dicks, assholes, and whatever else came into contact.

Toby’s cock was pulsing dully, standing thick and hard like a flagpole. Steph finally turned over, brushed his hand through his hair, scratched an itch on his belly, licked his lips, untangled himself from the sheets, stood up, gathered his clothes, nodded at the man, and then at Toby, and beat a hasty retreat.

“I, um….”

The man simply stood there, like a shadow, and said, “Did you enjoy your first day at Hothorne, Mr. Hill?” Hearing his name said so formally made his cock twitch for some reason.

“I… did.”

“And your first night? I trust that was equally… fulfilling?”

“It… was.”

“Very good. Allow me to introduce myself.” The man stepped forward and Toby’s cock switched again, hard, and started throbbing with need. Toby recognized the face immediately, but the man’s next words confirmed his reaction. “My name is Tomas Fernandez Esteban Cortes. I am your Steward.”

Toby swallowed hard and his cock throbbed hard. “Fuck,” he said.

Description Toby is selected for a full scholarship to a prestigious prep school he’s never heard of, and from the moment he arrives he’s stunned by how amazing the place is, how hot the guys are, and the fact that he’s more turned on, moment by moment, than he’s ever been before.

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