Saturday Flashback Celebrity Status

Saturday Flashback: Celebrity Status

This week’s archive binge collects stories where the rich and famous get caught up in meta-man transformations. Some are famous already, others become famous thanks to their new physique and amped up magnetism, but all of them get to deal with the extra problems of experiencing hot masculine upgrades right there in the public eye. (Ew, maybe not right in the eye. And now I’m picturing Miss Coco Peru leaning forward and sneering, “It burrrns...”)

The next update is 21 March and will be all vignettes inspired by Patreon requests. If you’re a patron in one of the suggestion tiers, make sure to message me with what you’d like to see depicted in a one-scene ministory! In the meantime, thanks for visiting and enjoy the site.

Posted: 13 March 2020  • 

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