Site Update 2 May 2020

Site Update: 2 May 2020

My contribution to the update this time around is a set of varied vignettes based on scenes requested by my Patreon sponsors. The idea is that they’re once-scene shorts, and some of them conform to that; a few I couldn’t help but flesh out a bit more. Basing stories on patron suggestions is oddly liberating, though, like boarding a train at random from the station and seeing where it takes you.

The new stuff this week also includes another big batch of stories from contributors, with lots of tastes and interests addressed. Hope you enjoy, and as always please upvote and comment on the stories that amuse, arouse, intrigue, or beguile you.

Next update is 16 May. In the meantime be well, thanks for visiting, and enjoy the site.

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This week’s new stuff:


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