The cam show

by LordTronimator

A furry streamer decides to host a very special show as he decides to showcase a lotion that he found, that promises to increase the size of one’s penis. Things start out well enough before taking a very messy turn.

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This was it. This was the day. I could barely contain my excitement as I readied myself in the mirror, grinning at the cute blond furred feline staring back at me as carressed and fluffed the fur covering my arms and began to comb through my hair, making sure to pretty myself up for today was going to be a very special cam show.

I made sure to take a quick piss before grabbing the mysterious, unimposing container of lotion as I placed it on my desk and took a seat, readying up my webcam before quickly making my way to my favorite camboy site. I was immediately greeted by a barrage of other cam stars, all doing various lewd activities to themselves but I was about to blow them all out of the water. And being as popular as this sexy feline was, it shouldn’t be too hard to gather a crowd for this once in a lifetime event.

I grinned as I placed my furred hand against the mouse, clicking about a couple times and setting up my show as my webcam lit up and started to display my visage upon the monitor. Almost immediately, viewers started pouring in, getting out their greetings along with some rather flirtatious fellows telling me what they would do with me if given the chance. I smiled and waved.

“Hi guys! Sorry that its been awhile. Just been a little busy and all, preparing for a very special stream tonight!” I said as I grabbed the lotion and held it up, “do you all know what this is?”

The stream chat started lighting up with several people being confused.


‘Hand lotion?’

‘That must be some sort of lube.’

‘Are you going to be lathering up a big ass dildo?’


‘What is it? Tell us, please!’

I smiled, leaning back a bit as I began to speak. “Well, guys… you know how big my dick is, right?”

‘It’s 7 inches, right?’

‘Yeah, that’s easy. It’s 7.’

‘Almost 8 inches?’

‘Just a little over 7.’

“Most of you got that right. Haha… yeah. My dick is 7 inches but it’s no secret that I’ve always wanted to be even bigger,” I said as I lifted my feet up, teasing the foot lovers as I showed off my pink, padded soles, my clawed toes curling a bit, “I’m a pretty well sized kitty, no denying that, but… you see…” my ears flicked a bit as I smiled, “this lotion is special. In that it’s supposed to make one’s dick bigger. Don’t ask me how it works, I’ve yet to see it in action.”

‘Haha, you’re kidding, right?’

‘A little late for April Fools, don’t ya think?’

‘Now that is something I’d love to see.’

“It’s no joke. As far as I know, anyway. Haha. I hope it’s not!” I smiled as I placed the lotion down and began to remove my shirt, revealing my fuzzy, white furred belly, “hmm… so, my loyal watchers, I’m going to leave it up to you how big I get. And… rather or not I leave my pants on while it’s happening.”

‘Holy shit, that seems too good to be true!’

‘What’s the catch?’

“Well, okay. What I need you to do is donate to me and the highest voted size that you donate to, decides how much of this magic lotion I use on myself,” I explained as I tossed my shirt to the side, “and do not worry. If this stuff does not work, everyone will get a full refund. I’ll make sure of it,” I assured my watchers.

‘Do you think that’s such a good idea leaving it up to us?’

‘A lot of us are reeeeeeeal size queens. Mmm…’

‘Are you going to use it on your balls, too?’

“Hmm… you may be right, chat. Leaving it up to you might be a bit of a mistake so I’ll place a size limit, as well…” I thought for a second as I took my feet out of the camera frame, placing them on the floor as I leaned forward, “okay… you know what? The limit is 12 inches… no… scratch that… 14 inches.”

The chat seemed to be giving jeers of disappointment over the limit being so ‘small’ as I let out a soft sigh and smiled. “Sorry but any bigger and I might not be able to hide it in public. Or even be able to wear underwear.”

The chat did start easing up a little as I explained, my fingers typing away on the keyboard as I entered in the smallest donation necessary to allow for anyone to vote. Immediately, donations came flooding in as I was barely able to keep up with them all, my eyes darting across the screen as it kept lighting up with donations, my cock starting to twitch a bit from the anticipation. “Wow… you guys really want to see a 14-inch cock, don’t you? Heh… and I’m surprised by how many of you want me to keep my underwear on during the process. Thought you’d wanna see me ditch them.”

I let the donations flood in for another couple seconds before putting a cap on it and leaning back a little, letting the chat see my full body as I began to slowly slide my pants down, tugging my tail free as I kicked them to the side, sitting in nothing but a pair of bulging tighty whities. The outline of my cock showing up nicely on camera as I gulped, reading the most donated for goal. “Okay… so 14 inches… and keeping my undies on… personally, I was hoping to stay a little smaller than that but eh… I gave you a choice and you chose.”

I grabbed the waistband of my undies and tugged it down enough to expose my throbbing cock and white furred testicles. I proceeded to take the lotion and read the warnings and necessary dosages before scooping out a pretty sizeable glob and wrapping my fingers around my cock, an audible gasp escaping my lips. “O-oh… it’s cold, chat. Really cold… and… mmm… it’s tingling…” I shivered as I lathered the lotion all over my rod before moving down to my nuts, the tingling sensation starting to build and intensify, my toes curling as I moaned again, finishing up before tugging my undies up again.

“Oh… oh, guys… I think… it’s working…” my eyes rolled back as the tingling sensation worked its way over my throbbing cock and balls. It felt like I could cum any second and it looked it, too, with how visibly my cock was throbbing within my tight white undies. Those undies got even tighter, though, slowly starting to fill with my cock and balls as they visibly grew larger.

‘Holy shit! It’s working!’

‘His boner’s actually growing!’

‘I hope he measures after this!’

‘It looks like he’s going to cum from this.’

‘It would be so hot if he blew in his undies just from growing…’

I arched my back, my eyes rolling as my underwear got tighter and tighter before the elastic could be heard starting to give way and snapping. My cock grew longer and thicker as it pulsed and stretched my undies before a loud tearing rang out, my length freeing itself, giving a hard throb before I found myself cumming all over myself, a loud moan escaping my muzzle as I squirmed and shot my massive load for my views who seemed to be loving it.

My massive cumshot began to die down after a few minutes as I sat there, breathing heavily as cum drooled down my face and chest, the chat lighting up with excitement. The chat seemed to be loving this. Not to mention, I seemed to be nearing the top of the leaderboards for most viewed cam boy, “ha… ha… how’d you like that, chat?”

‘That was awesome!’

‘How big is it now?!’

‘I’ve never seen someone rip their undies like that, before! That’s hot as fuck!’

‘And that cumshot? Biggest I’ve ever seen.’

“Hmm… glad you boys liked it,” I said as I got out of my chair to grab a couple things. First, a face cloth to wipe myself down and second, a measuring tape to see just how big my cock was right now. It was still stiff, at least, as I sat back down and wiped my face of my jizz. “Mmm… who wants me to measure it, now?”

The chat began lighting up more with people more than excited to see just how big it was. I pulled out the tape and placed it against my throbbing prick as I let out a sigh and got it a bit closer to the camera so that the chat could see. “It got up to 11 inches. Just shy of where you guys wanted it. Should I use some more?”

The chat immediately lit up with people cheering for more. Wanting to see me go all the way. To see my twink body sporting an absolutely massive cock and I was more than willing to ablige.

“All right, then! Here comes round two,” I said as I took the lotion, scooping up a bit more as I began to lather my cock and balls in it, moaning softly as the tingling began to pick up again. Even more intense than last time as I squirmed and bit my lip. “O-oh… oh my god… this feels… c-crazy. It feels even more… unf… even more insane than b-before… ah…” I bucked my hips a bit as I felt the lotion suddenly sliding and slipped right out of my hand, landing right on my junk, upside down, and spilling most of its contents on me as my eyes widened in horror.

‘Uh oh…’

‘What’s going to happen now?’


‘Ooh, this oughta be good.’

‘Is he going to be okay…?’

My chat began lighting up with members both concerned and excited about my predicament. I scrambled pick up the nearly empty container of lotion and put it aside before grabbing a face cloth in an attempt to clean it off but it was too late. I gasped and groaned as I pulled the cloth away from my cock as it pounded away, throbbing and twitching as veins bulged out along the length before slowly growing longer and thicker. My toes curled as I cried out, my balls tugging up a little as they expanded some more before I let loose and started cumming all over the place, covering my chest, face, desk, and literally everything else in my spunk as I grew for my audience.

I shivered from the intense pleasure coursing through my body as I started to see my numbers going up, more and more viewers flocking towards my stream to watch a cock grow well beyond how big one should ever be as I started to hear the sounds of donations flooding in.

“Oh fuck! This was a mistake… this was a big m-mistake!” I gasped out as my cock flooded with cum, growing larger as I felt my legs getting forced apart by my expanding balls. The pressure kept increasing as I grew ever bigger, the donations coming in faster and faster. “Ahhhh… s-stoooop… I need h-help! Someone!” I cried out, hoping that someone in the chat would be able to call for help as I found my muscles to be far too tense for me to move all that much, so getting to the phone would be impossible.

I lifted up my footpaws and planted them against my huge, hefty nuts as I grabbed my monstrous, gushing cock with both hands, pushing it down. This would turn out to be the biggest mistake of my life as I let out a moan as the most intense pleasurable sensation ran down my spine, my tail flicking as my cock suffered its biggest surge of growth thus far, surging at least a foot or so bigger, knocking my desk to the floor as my camera landed halfway across the room, situated on me and my predicament as donation sounds continued to play through my speakers.

“Pleeeeease! Stop! Now is n-not the time for more donations! It won’t stop! It won’t stop!” I gasped as cum flooded out of me more as I found myself slipping out of my chair as I knelt down on the floor, my cock pulsing heavily as it grew more, my balls swelling out behind me as I felt myself getting lifted by them as they pushed up my rump. My toes pushed against my nuts as they expanded bigger, my cock pounding as it grew inch by inch, cum still exploding out of it as I cried out.

“This isn’t happening… oh god, this isn’t happening!” I repeated as my member grew more, surging up several inches as if to taunt me. My eyes wandered along the messy walls, ceiling, and floor of my room as my massive, growing cock ruined it as more cum splurted out of the tip, toes curling as I shivered and shook. “It’ll stop soon… i-it has to…” my nuts tensed up and surged several sizes bigger as I ended up seated atop them, my footpaws pushing up against them as I began to rub them helplessly with my padded soles and toes.

I found myself actually lying across the top of my cock soon as it kept swelling fatter and thicker, my arms wrapping around it as it refused to stop its onslaught. Cum blasting out of the tip as it grew bigger, my room starting to flood as I panted and watched the donations continue to pour in. Then my computer short circuited, cutting off the stream and leaving me alone, stuck straddling my own throbbing cock as it grew and erupted more, my balls ballooning in size behind me.

“It’s… not… g-going to… stop…” I gasped out in realization, finally giving in as I rested atop my expanding cock, cum flooding out of it as it slowly filled my room, and my balls started to squeeze against the walls, causing them to start cracking. There was nothing I could do. Doing that stream was such a stupid decision.

I could feel the sensations beginning to intensify even further as I could feel something building up. Something big. And there was nothing I could do to stop it as I hugged my own dick, rubbing it with my body, my clawed toes curling as I braced for the inevitable.

2,552 words Added May 2020 8,667 views 4.9 stars (8 votes)

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