Weekly Update 2 October 2021
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Weekly Update: 2 October 2021

Welcome to the latest Vignette Party! That’s where I write one-scene stories from prompts offered up by my wonderful and sexy suggestion-level Patreonites, and this time I have four such tales. I’m trying to get away from my habit of naming my stories “The X”, so this week we have “The Book in the Basement Stacks” (a cursed-book yarn), “Climax Doesn’t Always Mean Release” (extended edging and orgasm), and “Don’t Scroll!” (lusty image in a Picthread feed); all that plus the fourth prompt was new chapter for “Tell Me About My Boner”, which also fits the title branch-out bit nicely. As usual I had a great time writing stories based on the suggestions of others—it exercises slightly different writing muscles, I find, like using your left hand instead of your right, so to speak. Plus there are a lot of great contributions down there as well this week, so I hope you find plenty to enjoy. Make sure to comment and upvote on the stories you like.

This week I also made a small addition to the site: there’s now a unit conversion feature, linked to on every story page, with sliders for things like cock size, weight, and height. If you’ve been puzzling over how big a 30cm cock is, or what 220 pounds of muscle means in kilograms, maybe this will help. Or you can just play with the sliders. :) Also this week, a minor milestone: this week I passed 250 stories posted on the site. It’s not necessarily something to be proud of—it’s as much a sign of my tendency to write lots of chapter ones rather than buckling down and finishing what I start as it is of my prolixity—but, anyway, there it is.

The Friday Flashback this week was a collection of stories featuring guys named Charles and variants thereof, so check that out if you didn’t already. Deep and humble thanks to all my Patreonites—you really do make all this possible, and if you’re not one and you want to explore joining up, here’s the link. The next update is a week hence, on 9 October, and in the meantime thanks for visiting, and enjoy the site.

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