Weekly Update 9 October 2021
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Weekly Update: 9 October 2021

This week I had a yen to go back to “Twinning: The College Years” and finally get everyone moving in the direction of that public exhibition of their multiplied hotness at the Shelbyville Street Fair, which they’ve been talking about, in terms of posted story parts, since August of 2018. Some people just cannot get out of the house! Of course, it didn’t help them any that last time I updated this tale, in 2019, I was on a big kick of exploring the ramifications of magical transformations through their impact beyond the central characters, and so ended up spending two whole chapters talking about the Wills’ next-door neighbor (though with a special surprise guest-star at the end). This time, it’s all about the Kevins and Wills—though who they meet at the street fair once they actually get there will be another story. (No, I didn’t get them to the street fair yet. Look, I got them out the door, okay?)

There’s a lot of good stuff down there, so make sure to check all that out and star-vote what you like. The Friday Flashback this week was a collection of stories from around October 2013, so make sure to check that out if you haven’t already. And I want to extend my humble, yet colossal, gratitude to my beloved Patreonites, and to any who want to join the guild.

As a result of something unexpected having come up in real life, there will be no update a week hence. Instead, the next update will be 23 October. In the meantime, thanks for visiting, and enjoy the site.

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