by Josh Dugan

No, it's not a microphone.

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You may be looking for the following similarly named story: Aaron’s adventures by phallicphan.

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Aaron had always been popular among the guys, because of his great personality and looks and especially because of his penis. It was huge! He looked like the guys you see on the Internet, with digitally-enhanced penises that could serve as a dance partner.

Only Aaron's was nicer. He always had guys around him, putting their hands on him or grabbing him, hugging him or trying to get his penis to grow huge. He was so playful and easily aroused, and when guys weren't trying to take his shirt off or his pants off, they'd be talking to him about his penis or asking him about it.

No matter what the excuse for getting together, it always came around to Aaron's wonderful penis, whether taking pictures of it or videoing it, or nuzzling it or putting it between two pieces of bread and making a huge sandwich of it.

I get hard just thinking about it—it was so huge and so beautiful, it left me breathless.

If Aaron was coming over, we'd all exchange glances and get secretly hard in anticipation of how we'd start him talking about his penis, get him hard, get the penis out and totally get our rocks off just looking at it, much less touching it, kissing it, sucking it, or whatever.

And he was so nice about it; it was like it was common property or something cool that everyone could enjoy. I loved to hear his laugh as the guys would sneak up behind him and pull his shirt off, get him in an armlock and start fumbling with his jeans to get at the penis. Aaron's penis would seem to want to join in the fun, immediately breaking out of its double prison of underwear and jeans and fitfully rising up his stomach, which only made it harder to get his belt loose as his incredible penis swelled, which in turn only made Aaron's penis bigger and more beautiful!

We would lead Aaron around the room by his penis, we'd interview each other using the penis as a giant microphone, except that soon no one wanted to talk, just to kiss and mouth the huge, beautiful penis. Aaron could speak into it himself, and the sight of him sucking his own huge penis had everyone creaming.

Of course, the word spread and guys with huge penises would gradually join our group, which was pretty well hung to start with, only Aaron was the natural star. He did inspire the really huge guys to some of the biggest hardons they had ever had, because Aaron was naturally sexy and his relaxed nature and huge penis were an irresistable combination.

He always had at least two or three guys with him, and they loved to hold him through the night, spending wonderful time with him and loving his gigantic, awesome penis. I don't know where he got all his come, unless everything he ate was converted into come, because when Aaron came he pumped what seemed like gallons of come.

We were all of us totally turned on by the penis, and when we got Aaron turned on to the point of coming we would take turns manning the huge shaft and giant head, trying to catch as much of his giant leaping spurts of come as we could.

Sometimes he would help out, sucking up as much of his come as he could while the rest of us caught our breath and wiped our mouths and faces, before we got back to sucking the remainder of his prodigious ejaculations.

It was even nice to nuzzle Aaron's penis when it was totally finished coming, because it was so warm and lazy and huge, although it immediately responded to nuzzling by becoming gigantic and hard again.

We didn't want to lose Aaron and his wonderful penis, and we didn't. We all love him like crazy, and he is a true friend to us; he remains the center of our lives and the object of our loves and endless desires.

In fact, here he comes now!

708 words Added Mar 2003 29k views (#361) 3.5 stars (11 votes)

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