The cum fairy

by brazboy

There are many mysteries under the sun, most of which will never be resolved—but a few can. Why do men always wake up hard? Why do they usually stop having wet dreams after a certain age? Why do some men snore, and others seem to drool in their sleep? The answer to all these questions is the cum fairy, a magical being which steals your nightly orgasms and gives you a small reward in exchange.

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Part 1: The Fairy Office I There are many mysteries under the sun, most of which will never be resolved—but a few can. Why do men always wake up hard? Why do they usually stop having wet dreams after a certain age? Why do some men snore, and others seem to drool in their sleep? The answer to all these questions is the cum fairy, a magical being which steals your nightly orgasms and gives you a small reward in exchange. (added: 19 Nov 2022)
Part 2: Breno and Davi: Dream of Greater Things Breno is a fairly handsome and muscular guy, but his manly parts were generally unimpressive. He told himself he is resigned to that state of affairs, but he could never have imagined that the soon after his 18th birthday he’d be visited by a creature that just might be able to help him—the cum fairy.
Part 3: Breno and Davi: Overhaul Breno’s confrontation with the swim team bullies does not go the way they expect. (added: 26 Nov 2022)
Part 4: Breno and Davi: No Dreams Go to Waste A newly confident Breno decides to accept Davi’s invitation for a hiking weekend after all.
Part 5: The Fairy Office II Cambiel faces the music when he returns to cum fairy HQ.
Part 6: Kaique: A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes Kaique has many, many desires. One of them is stronger than all others, but that one is also impossible for him to change. Perhaps his own cum fairy can do something for him, though? (added: 10 Dec 2022)
Part 7: The Fairy Office III
Part 8: Cauan: Endless Dreams Worried about middle bro Kaique’s recent skittishness around them, the youngest of the three hunk brothers, Cauan, decides to investigate what might have caused the sudden change in their family dynamic. (added: 17 Dec 2022)
Part 9: Cauan: Progressive Interests
Part 10: Cauan: Family Life
Part 11: Cauan: New World Order
Part 12: The Fairy Office IV The brothers’ growth wishes lead inevitably to Cambiel being called before the highest authority, but despite his fear the rebellious cum fairy isn’t even a little bit sorry for what he’s done.
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Part 1: The Fairy Office I

It’s a stormy night on Earth, but up, above the clouds, it’s the perpetual sunny ever-warm and perfect sky. On one cloud, you have the massive guide angel complex where nice and pretty hairless lads fly around, barely covered, carrying bags of documents and guiding souls from Earth, or taking messages down to that planet. On another cloud you have the guardian angel complex where muscular and tall, powerful looking warrior angels fly up and down, coming to report on their daily missions on Earth protecting humans from all sorts of problems as they were awake. In between them, there’s the cum fairy complex: a massive building of a tall and squared shape, surrounded by massive pillars of a great roundness, from which soar many overly muscular magical creatures, readying themselves for their nightly duties.

While the guide angels are known for their smooth and cute bodies, covered by fine silks which barely hide their small penises and beautiful assess; and while the guardian angels present themselves as overgrown Greek statues of perfectly proportionate Olympian athletes, wearing nothing to hide their long angelic cocks, and equally carrying nothing except for their magical spears; cum fairies are the definition of an overly muscular super-hung hunk: not only are they much larger than a human in size, but their immense fairy muscles cover their frames completely, in a way that one could have considered almost disproportionate. Their tongues and cocks, used in their line of work, are particularly developed, long and fat, as well as powerful. Their cocks are also always hard, hiding their lack of a navel as they stand at attention almost reaching their plump pecs. And they are thirsty, perpetually thirsty.

“Sir, it’s nighttime in the –3 time-zone,” informs one of the cum fairies, as it looks over a massive room full of their kind, with immense clocks hanging over them informing the hour all over the world. Down below, the cum fairies arriving are going to small rooms in their hive-like building, looking for an empty hole in which to deposit their orgasms after having returned from Earth. Meanwhile, the ones that have already deposited their fairy juices and rested are going about doing paperwork or preparing for a long night of collection.

“Send the next team then,” says a strong and authoritative creature, particularly large and particularly handsome of those magic beasts—he’s about 5 meters tall, and his cock covers the equivalent of half his own height, reaching almost to his thick lips. “Many dreams to cover, much cum to collect. I don’t want a single night orgasm gone to waste,” it continues, as its member trembles from remembering his own days collecting wet dreams outside. It has been a while since he graduated from that.

Around his immense manhood, a few guide angels have gathered and are flying around, licking the cum fairy’s pre, as it oozes down its immense shaft—after all, cum fairy liquids are some of the most powerful substances in the sky realms. The immense magical creature scares them away by moving his hands, as if shooing impertinent flies.

“Also, tell Gabriel to control his little minions. If they want to feed on our juices and become cum fairies themselves, they should do it through the ordinary processes,” the immense fairy says, standing up as his balls wobbled falling halfway down his immense legs, and then his cock bobs up smacking hard against his pecs, and his lips, which he uses to lick and kiss his own hardon. “I’ll go check on last night’s collections,” he completes, leaving the bureaucrat behind.

“Yes, sir!” the other overly muscular but smaller hunk replies, before running down to the hall below to organize the next teams of cum fairies to go to earth.


Part 2: Breno and Davi: Dream of Greater Things

Breno goes back to his dorm straight after swimming practice, without even taking a shower. He does so not because he likes the feeling of chlorine against his skin and ruining his hair, but because he is afraid to be mocked due to his size—what size, you ask? Breno is a strong and well-developed man, his skin the color of caramel containing muscles as delicious as that sweet. He is also well above average in height, being that from the bottom of his feet to the top of his head his body span a nice 189 centimeters—making him one of the taller guys in most places he ever went to.

Perhaps, then, it would be warranted to be more precise about what part of his body worries our poor Breno: it is his tiny sexual organs—his 5-centimeter-long soft cock, which reaches only 8 centimeters when fully excited, and his grape-sized balls. Not only is his junk of a diminutive size, but it looks even tinier in the middle of his burly muscular manly legs and abs. Indeed, Breno hates his tiny sex parts so much that he avoids as much as looking at them—they not only don’t fit the rest of his body, but they sre the one thing about him that, unlike his hair or his muscles, he can’t ever change!

And if one day Breno had thought that he’d be able to get over his sense of insecurities with his junk, all of that had collapsed a few months ago, when he was still in high school. All his spirit was crushed that one fateful day when he, following his 18th birthday, and mustering all his courage, had finally been brave enough to undress at the gym’s locker room after training. But when those two jocks, themselves also seniors at his high school, glanced at him and started smirking and gesturing, something broke inside Breno.

“Breno Longo Reis, huh? I guess the only long thing about is your name,” says an asshole called Júlio Becker, whose long pink cock dangled so low as to scratch halfway down his nice muscular thighs. His pubes were so blond as so be hard to spot.

“Maybe that’s why he is such a good swimmer! Nothing to drag him down!” joked his mate, a slightly taller man that Breno had seen play in the volleyball team many times—Francisco Pato, known by everyone as Pato. His cock was not quite as long as Júlio’s but it was extremely fat and followed by massive balls.

“Fuck off, guys. Why do you pay so much attention to my cock anyways? Want to touch it, huh?” says Breno, trying to be on the offensive, despite the fact that he was already getting red. Pato laughed as Becker slapped his mate’s back, amused.

“Even if I wanted to touch your cock, how could I even find it considering how tiny it is? Do you think I have super vision?” mocked Pato, approaching Breno, lowering his hand, and indeed rubbing his palm against Breno’s tiny manhood, which quickly got hard. Pato’s eyes widened, as he felt the cocklet hardening under his palm, and its tiny size pumping against his skin. “Fuck, you are getting hard from this, and your hardon is this tiny! Come on, I’m bigger soft than you are hard!” says Pato, and then two of his fingers pick and pinch Breno’s small cock, as his other hand grabs his own sizeable softie, and puts them side by side. The comparison thusly created was ridiculous as Pato’s prick was about three times as thick as Breno’s and some 50% longer.

Becker then came in, slapped Breno’s ass with one hard hit of his hands, and then squeezed his humiliated buns. “You know what, Breno? There’s only one way you’ll ever have a big cock, and that’s by using your nice round ass to get them to come to you. But I’m sure a lot of men who don’t know you will be caught by surprise, seeing a large hot athlete like yourself sporting such a tiny little prick,” he says, making Breno blush so thoroughly he felt like his skin might be melting.

“Maybe that’s why he is gay, he knows that’s the only way he’ll ever get real cock!” mocks Pato, and Breno then snaps and pushes them away using his hard-earned muscles.

“Just leave me alone, assholes. If you guys think you are so much better than me then come get me when we are outside, cowards!” says Breno, then running to a stall leaving Becker and Pato alone outside. For a few seconds, they continued mocking their high school colleague, but soon—as Breno continued hidden inside—the two got bored of it and left to shower, leaving Breno alone with his tiny cocklet still totally hard. He teared up a little, but the worst thing is that he then jacked off to the image of Becker’s and Pato’s hot bodies and fat trunks humiliating him. He had the biggest orgasm of his life in that locker room stall, although it was barely enough to cover one of his fingers, and thinking of those two bastards at that! If that isn’t enough for him to hate himself and his powerless cock, then nothing would be.

From that day on, Breno stopped going to gym until he moved cities for college. He also stopped jacking off, as the memory of Becker and Pato would quickly overtake his mind when he was horny, and he felt too bad, disgusted and humiliated to indulge in this kind of pleasure. He didn’t want to feed the power those two already had over him, even in his memory. What he wanted… well, that he couldn’t get: a true man-sized cock.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

After taking a nice shower, Breno steps out of the bathroom wearing only shorts and drying his beautiful brown curly hair with his towel. His roommate is there, studying in his bed, his thin body exposed from the waist up, and his shorts showing a nice bulge in between his legs. Breno bites his lips, feeling jealousy and… something else, as he sees that nice volume. Davi adjusts his bulge then, and Breno’s hungry eyes register every second and movement of the fabric and the fat meaty volumes under it, even as he actively tries to suppress that thought.

“Hey, you’re back!” says Davi finally noticing the arrival of his handsome muscular roommate. He ogles Breno’s still moist muscles. His cock, which he had just adjusted a second ago, throbs angrily, getting trapped in fabric again.

“Yeah, I am,” says an unenthusiastic Breno. “So, what was the invitation you mentioned earlier?” adds the hunk going to his bed, throwing his towel over a chair, and laying down in self-commiseration. Davi smirks.

“Ah, yeah, that. My friend Raimundo and I were thinking of going on a hike around Ilha Grande and he suggested I invite you as well. He said it would be good if we could have some athletic guy with us to use as a mule,” says Davi with the sort of odd and not quite funny humor that often got people angry at him. Breno just shrugs, a bit too lost in his feelings to be excited about the idea.

“I don’t know. I’m not really good at hiking. Also, going around all of Ilha Grande, wouldn’t that take days? How can you do a hike over many days like that? Are there hotels all over the island?” asks the muscular freshman. His slimmer colleague laughs.

“No, dude. We’d camp, basically. There are a few hotels and restaurants here and there but mostly we’d be at desert beaches all by ourselves. We’d have to bring food and everything else…,” starts Davi, making Breno sigh.

“No civilization…,” he comments, with scorn. “…and no toilets,” he thinks to himself, as his mind shut down any possibility of the idea automatically. There is zero way he is going to expose his naked body to Davi of all people.

“Yeah, isn’t that cool?” says his roommate, his mind already there, as he smiled thinking of the idea of going with Breno to the beach, perhaps messing with one another. Perhaps even naked? “No, brain, don’t do there,” he tells himself in his mind, as his cock throbs and starts oozing pre under his clothes. He coughs dry.

“Not really,” responds Breno, to Davi’s disappointment. As soon as he does that, Davi is about to argue back, but Breno grabs his pillow, and turns around so his broad back is facing Davi. “Well, good night, man. I’ll be getting to sleep now as I’m really tired, but don’t mind me, all right? I know you have a bunch of books to go over tonight,” says Breno shutting down any further debate.

Davi watches Breno’s muscular back and his nice ass straining his shorts in silence, until Breno pulls a blanket over his body. Davi then sighs.

“Sure, good night, dude,” he says, as his mind is racing wondering if he had somehow offended Breno. Perhaps he was catching up to how eager Davi was to get to know him more and was starting to think Davi had a crush on him? Davi blushes as that thought crosses his mind. “God, fuck, I hope not!” he thinks to himself before standing up, as his cock was just too bothersome under his clothes. “You really want him, don’t you? You evil creature, forcing me make a fool of myself,” thinks Davi cooping his bulge and squeezing it as he goes to the bathroom, to beat up his bad, bad large horny cock.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

As Breno drifts off, Davi eventually falls asleep in his studies, letting his book fall on the floor as he rolled over on his bed. Unbeknownst to either of them, a strange figure floats into their room through the walls themselves. The creature can more easily be described as a muscular and handsome magical fairy—it hasrelatively tiny wings which are clearly too small to be physically functional, but it sports a massive human-shaped body about twice as large and four times as bulky as Breno’s. It also wears nothing at all to cover its body—and why should it, given that it is invisible? The gigantic creature’s large hard cock is about 70 to 75 centimeters long, and it slaps its abs covering well past where its navel would have been. It is also completely drenched in warm magical pre which oozes from its slit.

“Hmmm, two for the price of one, huh?” says the creature, as it breathes in the smell of horny lads, sensing it both from Breno as from Davi. The first one was clearly much hornier, but the second one had a stronger smell as his cock and balls were just much, much larger. The fairy licked its lips. “Gotta start with the entree before I go for the main dish,” it thinks and laughs, making its cock throb and slap its abs—it’s really a shame no one could see the large rod move about so naturally as it splashed magical pre everywhere. It truly was a beauty.

The fairy then floats towards Breno, eying him up. “What a handsome lad we have here,” it says, seeing his handsome face calmly sleeping, his muscles exposed as he ends up kicking down the blanket, and one of his hands laid on his hard abs. The hot muscular creature smiles and moves its hands to Breno’s crotch, lowering his shorts to reveal… a tiny hard throbbing cocklet.

“Hmmm,” says the creature, a bit disappointed, but nonetheless, the lad is so hard and clearly his tiny balls are filled to capacity. The fairy can smell Breno doesn’t have sex and hasn’t jacked off in… months! All his juices are exclusively harvested by cum fairies, and as an exchange for his small orgasms the fairies have realized many of Breno’s small wishes—it has even gotten him a nice gay roommate who is into his muscles and also truly wanted to please him, and who’d never hurt him for being who he was (which had cost him about half a year’s worth of tiny nightly wet dreams).

“Poor Breno,” thinks the fairy to itself as its tongue licks the jock’s cocklet, its lips engulfing it like the tiny popsicle it was. Breno moaned hard, his member unused to any sort of attention.

“Hmpf, ah! Hmmm, no, Becker, Pato!” he says to himself, still completely asleep, making Davi turn around on his bed. As the fairy sees this, it moves its body quickly so its legs surround Breno’s body, straddling over his face, keeping him steadily in place. Its magical magnificent cock rubs against Breno’s face, oozing magical cum over his lips, its heavy balls resting on the jock’s forehead.

“Hmm, ahh!” says Breno once more, and that’s when the Cum Fairy takes the chance to push its fantastically large and fat rod into Breno’s mouth and through his lips. Breno gags, sounding like a snore to anyone else who saw it, before his mouth and throat accept it fully and adjusts to the gigantic magical cock which started fucking his face. The fairy’s pre soothes Breno and soon he is sucking and suckling on the massive member as he calms down, even as his own cocklet is getting the action of a lifetime.

As the fairy feels confident Breno is asleep and soothed by its fairy juices, his throat silenced and filled by its magical cock, the Cum Fairy decides to bite and pull Breno’s foreskin, making the lad’s body tremble in pleasure as he tries to moan and talk around the enormous manhood which controlls his body. He gasps, moans, trembles, sucks and cums violently on the fairy’s face—only three tiny ropes of cum, but that was a lot for Breno. The fairy sighs, and its long hungry tongue licks Breno’s cock clean, and then it pulls its own face up from the bulky lad’s groin.

The fairy quickly moves to pull Breno’s shorts back up over his tired wet softening cocklet, and then the magical being pulls its own fantastic cock from the lad’s hungry mouth. It stares down like a hungry overgrown angel watching over sleepy handsome Breno—some of its pre now on the side of the lad’s mouth, later to be confused with dried saliva.

“Are you sure about this, boy?” the creature asks the lad, who, of course, couldn’t hear it—but he has told the fairy all it needs to know during the feeding session, his deepest, ugliest desires, through his tiny erection. The fairy sighed. “Okay, then, I’ll fulfil your wish and have you meet Becker and Pato again, so they can humiliate you in front of your mates from the swimming team,” it says, and lowers its lips onto Breno’s lips, who kisses it back a little.

And the wheels of destiny move.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Still immensely hungry, the fairy then floats over to Davi. This lad is smaller and way less muscular than the last one, but he is cute and he had the typical smell of large cocks that basically every cum fairy is attracted to. The fairy smirks, breathing in the scent of a big manhood, and quickly unveiled the lad’s hot member, lowering his shorts to reveal a 23-centimeter-long oozing rod—clearly it has been jacked off just recently, but it is still impressively hard and needy. The cum fairy licks its lips and lowers itself on Davi’s fat manhood, first kissing it and letting its masculine smell fill its fairy lungs. Soon, the fairy is sucking on the large penis hard as it lowers its immense muscular body on the tall but relatively slim guy.

“Ahh, hmmm, Breno!” says Davi in his sleep, and the cum fairy sighed. It had done such a good job choosing Davi to be Breno’s roommate—actually killing two wishes with one stone—but the two didn’t manage to break the barriers of their teen awkwardness yet, each for their own reasons.

The cum fairy sucks hard on Davi’s large manhood, which is quick to start giving away abundant pre as the slim man moaned. The fairy, worried about Davi’s noises, quickly spreads out its legs, letting its magical and large scrotum fall on Davi’s face. The soothing warmth of the fairy scrotum should have been enough to calm the lad, but he is so horny in his dream that he gasps in pleasure as his large cock pushes deep inside the fairy’s mouth and throat. The fairy licks the large cock hungrily, wanting to take its juice and really enjoying going up and down the long member, but it remains a little worried that Davi would make Breno wake up as he grunts and moves on his bed—his body thrusting his hips forwards to fuck the fairy’s face in an instinctive motion.

The fairy therefore acts in a more extreme way, raising its ass and pointing its cock at the lad’s mouth, pushing it in as soon as he moans in pleasure from the sucking of his glans. The magical cock oozes its soothing and warm liquids, forcing its path down Davi’s mouth and stretching his throat, making him silent as he would seem to anyone else to just be drooling with his mouth open in a circular shape—when his mouth is actually being magically fucked in his sleep, and his trembling white cock is being mercilessly sucked, rather than just shaking in an overwhelming wet dream.

As the fairy works, its sensitive and large tongue connected to the male body’s most sensitive part: the cockhead, giving it direct access to the human brain and thus to the dreams of the man on which it fed. As such, as the fairy engulfs and then pulls away from Davi’s cock, and while its cock fucks Davi’s innocent and otherwise virginal face, the cum fairy can tell what Davi’s mind is imagining deep in his sleep.

In Davi’s mind, he is sitting outside in a desert beach in Ilha Grande, right next to Breno. They were alone, as apparently Davi’s friend has bailed on them and the two roommates decided to continue the adventure by themselves. As they are there, watching the waves and the sun, Davi’s hand is touched by Breno’s.

“You know… I don’t want you to be embarrassed by it, but I noticed you checking me out when I came off of the shower the other day,” says dream-world Breno to Davi, who blushes.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to, it’s just that…,” mumbles Davi, but dream Breno shakes his head.

“It’s okay, Davi. I’m fine with that, I was actually checking you too,” says dream-world Breno, and Davi’s eyes open wide, and he gasps.

“What do you mean?” asks Davi cautiously. Dream Breno smirks and turns to Davi, and then climbs over him with his body, pressing him down on the sand, and slowly lowers his body until their lips meet—and they kiss. As their kiss progresses, both Davi’s and dream Breno’s cocks get harder, and start rubbing against each other, as do their chests. Soon it descends into playful fuckery.

The cum fairy sees that, and it also notices how Davi’s dream is extremely detailed about all it knew—his own body is exactly the same as in real life, and so are Breno’s muscles and face, and even his personality. Davi’s brain has no information on the jock’s bulge, though, and his fanciful imagination took it upon itself to imagine it quite a bit larger than Davi’s own cock—which is not only unfortunately not reality but also rather impossible. The fairy sighes around Davi’s large cock in the real world, sucking it deliciously as it overstretches its magical throat. The well-endowed 19-year-old has been close to orgasming for a while, and then dream Breno kisses him and an immense amount of cum explodes from the 23-centimeter-long cock, flowing deep inside the cum fairy’s system, feeding it abundantly.

Davi’s orgasm lasts for a while, and the magical being suckles even its last drooling juices, noticing that despite Davi’s constant jacking off to Breno’s image he still came an order of magnitude more than the small-cocked hunk. As Davi’s cock softens, the fairy pulls away from it, letting it fall with a thud on the lad’s abs, clean and slightly wet. It also pulls its own massive tool from Davi’s gasping mouth, even as the hungry lad tries to reach for it once the immense penis leaves his lips—a natural cocksucker indeed, that one!

For the fairy, though, a Pandora’s box has opened. Clearly, Davi’s biggest wish is for Breno to notice him, and maybe to even correspond to his feelings. But Breno can’t even get out of the closet, much less overcome his trauma around exposing his cock, and he is a million years away from being able to be so proactive as to notice Davi. And all that despite the fact that the two have become roommates because cum fairy magic had selected the two to meet one another, fulfilling each other’s wish to meet someone who would help them grow and accept them in this new stage of their lives.

The fairy licks its lips—Davi has fed it so much… perhaps there is another way? Maybe there is one button it csn press that would make other things fall in place. “Even if it’s something irregular?” the fairy thinks as it glances towards Breno’s bulging body—bulging everywhere but in one place. The fairy then looks at Davi, and then back at Breno.

“Screw the rules, they are both so cute, poor lads. They deserve this,” the fairy says out loud—although no human could hear it, anyway—and it flies over to Breno. “You better use this thing well,” it says, and then the fairy grabs its massive 73-centimeter cock and starts stroking it with its large bulging muscular arms. Its balls are swaying wildly between its gigantic muscular legs, which fly over Breno. It takes but a minute for the fairy to start panting, its cock has already been pretty close to orgasming after serving so many men all night… all night?! Fuck, it’s almost dawn!

Carelessly, the fairy strokes its cock too hard and then ejaculates all over Breno. It is in such a hurry that, instead of giving the lad a reasonably sized cock, it pictures Breno with the same absurd package that Davi had given him in his dream—a whopping 34 centimeters, 50% larger than what Davi had himself, with orange-sized balls to match.

When it realizes what it has done, the fairy gasps in pleasure and fear, as its orgasm continues raining down on Breno. The fairy lowers itself to lick away the magic cum, but it is absorbed too quickly by the lad’s skin, and the irreversible spell is cast.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck! When boss finds out what I did, he’ll kill me and strip me of my wings and have me do office work for months!” says the magical being, before it manages to get a hold of itself, lowering its face on its own magic member and licking it clean of its leftover juices. As it did so it glances at Breno, who seemed to be calm in his sleep until a second ago, but is now sweating and contorting himself in pain, getting red from overheating.

“Hmm…so hot,” says Breno, kicking all blankets from his bed as he sweats cold, his body trembling, his skin warming up. He feels needles in his skin and woke up, shooting up from bed, confused—fortunately he can’t see the cum fairy who is still there. He tries to leave his bed to go get some water but standing up makes him so dizzy he almost falls back on the bed.

“Oh….oh my…I’m feeling so weird…down in my….what is going on?” says the confused lad to himself, trembling in sweat as he gets the hardest erection of his life. His hand immediately goes there and he feels like he really needed to jack it off, but weirdly, his penis doesn’t stop expanding even after reaching its full size. It continues growing past his normal meager length and breadth, and it’s becoming even more sensitive than before—it’s like all of Breno’s cock is stretching too fast, and his skin is struggling to catch up to it. Soon it starts to hurt, but it also gives the lad so much pleasure. He gasps.

“Ahh!” Breno almost shouts, and his cock is then a good 16 centimeters long, twice his original hard size! “I’m hallucinating!” he says to himself, absolutely confused by the excess mass he feels in his hands as he strokes way too much cock—but never does he stop. He is still sweating and his body is still too hot, too. “Must be something I ate…” he mumbles, stroking his penis and trying to stand up, but he just can’t control himself enough and so he stays in his bed trying to beat his own horniness out of his rod.

“Poor lad,” says the cum fairy as it watches the effects of its magic. It hadn’t intended for Breno’s cock to grow so much and so fast, but it just couldn’t control its spell in that crucial moment, and now there is no way back! The cum fairy bites its lips as it watched Breno expanding in front of its eyes—the lad’s balls have tripled, no, quadrupled in mass. And yet they continue to expand, to grow and engorge. The fairy’s own cock throbs with lust, smelling from Breno the scent of a horny well-hung muscle stud which gets stronger and stronger with each passing second. “Whatever else happens, serving him will be more fun now, at least,” it thinks.

“Oh, oh no, my body…!” moans Breno as his hips thrusted back and forth, as he jacks his growing manhood mindlessly, surprised that soon his two hands are becoming too small for his shaft. It is now 20, 24, 28 centimeters long—and each time it throbs, each time blood floods inside his penis, it seems to expand further, with no way back. The amount of pleasure flowing from his growth is amazing, as his balls go into overdrive, filling their newfound room with sperm and cum. He gasps. “Fuck….hmmmm…ah! Fuck!” he says, his nerves overwhelmed by the feelings his immense supersensitive rod is sending all over his body.

“What a waste,” thinks the cum fairy, and right then Breno’s immense manhood reached its full size—an immense, furious 34 centimeters of steel-hard purple male meat. The muscle stud gasps, moans, and then to his surprise his cock throbs, exploding and gushing extreme amounts of cum all over his body. Breno trembles, as the bliss of orgasm is too much for him—he feels his muscles twitching from it, as an amount of cum he feels impossible paints his head, chest, abs, and evenhis bed, in a warm milky white. He gasps, drooling as he cums, and then after a few seconds his orgasm subsides and he stays there, bathing on his cum, as his cock starts to soften drooling his leftover juices.

“Fuck…what the fuck just happened!?” gasps Breno trying to catch some breath, trying to understand what he has just experienced, to apprehend the incomprehensible, as he slowly notices that he is naturally fondling a softening rod that it is still gigantic: a full 24 centimeters, relaxed. He has indeed grown. His cock is now immense. Is this real life?

And that’s when Davi mumbles on his bed. Breno’s eyes widen as he realizes the position he is in—fully covered in cum in his own bed, completely naked, with a new immense manhood hanging between his legs. He jumps out of his bed and grabs all his linen. That, he throws in a bag to wash later; and then he goes to shower. The feeling of having a gigantic wobbling meat move between his muscular legs is at once confusing and exciting. He jacks off two more times before the sun is up, and the cum fairy leaves after Breno finally calms down under the shower water and slaps his own face.

“Come on, Breno, this is all you ever wanted, and now you are going to let your big cock dominate you like your tiny cocklet did, like Pato and Becker did? Grow up, like your rod did, idiot! You are the master of yourself!” he tells himself, before laughing out of joy from the size and weight his member now had in his handsome hands. “Let’s limit me touching it to three…four times a day, tops!” he continues, and then squeezes it again, before falling on his knees under the water and literally crying of joy down there.

Once he comes out of shower, Davi is already wide awake in his bed, using his cellphone. Thanks to the soothing effects of the fairy precum, he seems to have ignored everything that Breno has gone through in the previous few hours. Breno, on the other hand, is so profoundly lost in his new body then that he doesn’t even notice Davi’s blush when he walks back from the shower into their room.

Davi, though, he very much does notice Breno. He always does. And as usual he glances down towards his roommate’s bulge which is… now apparently… unusually large?


Part 3: Breno and Davi: Overhaul

Breno spend the next few days trying to get over his new cock, and buying new underwear. He is jacking off constantly now, which would typically have meant that the cum fairy wouldn’t get to visit him very often if at all. With Breno’s new orange-sized balls, however, the cum fairy comes visit him every night, and sometimes even twice in the same night. Davi, on the other hand, has gone into a jacking off spree now that he can’t look away from Breno’s bulge. He has become so infatuated with his roommate that eventually he’s decided to take a weekend off and sleep at Raimundo’s place for a couple days, to see if he can return his life to a sense of normality and get over his crush on Breno.

Regardless, as the cum fairy’s magic has designated, a few days after Breno’s growth event, he is to meet Becker and Pato. That happens when he is with his teammates, leaving swimming practice, and going to the locker room to change. Well organized as usual, Breno has been careful to buy a new much larger set of speedos and try and conceal his newfound size from everyone. That works just partially, though, as his new bulge is just too visible in his handsome swimmer’s body—the contrast to his past self being impossible not to notice for the rest of his swimming crew, especially since Breno’s times are also slightly affected by his growth drive.

“It’s hard to believe you were hiding that much junk from everyone, dude!” comments a muscular junior named Elias, as he hits Breno’s naked back with a slap, on their way to the locker room. Breno blushes.

“Well, not hiding, I guess you guys just weren’t paying that much attention to my bulge…” the lad defends himself, and then a tall and lanky senior rolls his eyes. He is the captain of their team, and he is not only incredibly fast in the pool, but also a leader figure to the rest of the lads out of it.

“That’s an impossible accusation. There’s no way everyone wouldn’t notice a cock and balls like yours if you weren’t hiding them, Breno. Besides, half our team is thirsty as fuck for men, I’m surprised they didn’t comment on it the very first moment you came to the pool,” says the captain, laughing, as Elias rolls his eyes.

“‘They’, huh?” he jokes, and soon the small pack of men are inside the locker room and changing. Breno, despite the fact that his cock is now enormous in size, still hadn’t been able to fully overcome his size complex, and so he moves directly to walk towards the stalls where he can comfortably change into his clothes and go shower back in his room. He already has his shirt on when he grabs the handle in one of the doors, and he is about to open it when the door right next to his opens up and he hears a familiar voice.

“What a coincidence! Look who we have here!” says Becker getting out of the stall completely dressed in his nice but sweaty workout clothes. He is even more handsome and muscular than Breno remembers him. “Remember me, little guy?” asks Becker as his hands surround Breno’s shoulders and pulls him into a hug. His words sound strange to the other men in the room given that Breno is, if anything, a bit taller and bulkier than Becker himself.

“Yes, I do. Now if you excuse me, I got to change into…” starts Breno as he gets a chill in his stomach. His own penis starts to engorge a little in his speedos as he remembers his past humiliation, and that makes his cheeks blush.

“No way, dude, long time no see! Who’d have imagined we’d see you all the way here at the Federal University?!” asks Pato, who has been a few meters away but immediately approaches Breno from the other side, once he notices what is happening. The swim team doesn’t really mind what is going on, but a few do eye the three handsome hunks chatting out of the corners of their eyes.

“Yeah, who would have imagined, right? I sure wouldn’t,” says Breno, pushing the other two away and reaching for the stall again. Becker’s arm pushes the door back, however, so Breno can’t easily reach it.

“Come on, why leave so soon; come here, let’s talk as old friends,” says Becker with a smirk as he pulls Breno towards the lockers and away from the stalls. “Now tell me, man, did you already show your new mates why you are always changing and going home without showering first?” he asks, mischievously. Breno bites his lips.

“I guess he didn’t,” says Pato, before he glances at the swim team, some of whom are now staring at that odd interaction. The captain and Elias exchange looks, as Pato grabs his own bulge, showing off to the team suggestively.

“Hey, guys, you two can let my underclassman go now,” says the captain, approaching them with Elias behind him. Pato smiles, unphased.

“Sure, if he wants to go,” he says and glances towards Breno, who swallows dry. He feels so small next to Pato and Becker despite everything—his muscles, his newfound cock size and balls. He just shakes his head, a bit nervously, but also growingly confident that he’d surprise those two bastards with his new body.

“I’m fine captain, thanks,” he says, and the captain just lifts an eyebrow and nods.

“Okay, then. But if those two start bothering you, you know we are here, all right?” he says and goes back to change. All the guys in the swim team are getting naked and taking their soaps and shampoos to go shower. There are cocks of all different shapes, sizes and colors flopping around as they do so. Becker smashes Breno’s massive pecs.

“Hey, why don’t the three of us go shower together then, like in the old times?” he suggests, and quickly pulls off his shirt revealing his nice sweaty pecs covered in blond hair. Pato smirks, and pulls down his shorts, along with his underwear, revealing his nice and plump softie. Becker soon does the same, and reveals his long semi, already a bit wet at its fat tip.

“Sure. Let’s do that, Breno. Let’s show your new mates this amazing body of yours that you worked so hard on,” says Pato, teasingly. By then, more than a couple members of the swim team are staring curiously at Breno, waiting for him to react. They too are curious to see their modest but hot teammate fully naked, and a few are getting hard themselves with the prospect of seeing that—particularly given how big they have recently noticed Breno’s bulge to be.

And that’s when Davi enters the locker room as well, following Raimundo—the friend at whose place he’s been staying over. They are both laughing and covered in sweat, as Davi’s friend—being more experienced in those things—has been helping him with his workout routine. Breno’s roommate glances surprised at the sight of his crush in between two naked jocks, himself covered only by a shirt which barely hide his speedos, and immediately blushes and almost ran back out of the locker room. However, his friend stops him, shaking his head and holding his arm—better to confront your fears than to run away from them, and the same thing goes for your other urges and desires. Davi bites his lips, his large cock suddenly awake in his shorts. Would it be now that he’d see what he has long longed to know the length of?

“Come on, we are both naked, it’s a bit embarrassing that you are still wearing a shirt, man,” says Pato as he moves his hands to Breno’s hips, grabs his shirt, and pulls it off the muscular swimmer’s torso, who even ends up lifting his arms by instinct. As soon as the shirt is pulled away, though, everyone gasps—Breno’s incredibly beautiful almost naked body is on full display, and it is carved like a true Adonis, a David sculptured in carnelian stone. The one part of his body which isn’t fully revealed is mostly tightly engulfed by overstretched fabric, except for a fat furious one-eyed head, poking up out of Breno’s speedos as his member has slowly grown to a semi-hardened state and become uncontainable. The beast is obviously a snake of biblical proportions, one out of myths, the singular part of Breno’s body most unlike a classic statue.

“That’s…what?” says a confused Pato, as Breno’s free cockhead, its foreskin pulled back by the tight speedos he is wearing, oozes a small amount of pre down the swimmer’s legs.

“No… wait… come on, that’s impossible…” says Becker as he too gazes at the focus of everyone’s attention. As Breno feels everyone’s eyes on him, his cock throbs and grows even harder, and suddenly a good ten centimeters of purple manmeat are poking out of his speedo, the flow of pre becoming like a small waterfall.

“That thing is…huge,” says one of the guys in the swim team, in awe, as the captain glances at Breno and gasps in shock, and Elias—who is naked—grabs his own penis and starts fondling it. A bit away, Davi’s eyes widen crazily as he sees the promised meat obelisk, and he shakes his head in denial. “It can’t be… that thing is too perfect… it seems just like my wildest fantasies!” he thinks to himself. At the same time, Davi’s friend’s eyes also grow in shock, and he glances back from Breno to Davi, blushing as he understands why his friend is so infatuated with this perfectly hot and handsome jock roommate of his.

“Fuck off, Pato,” says Breno, his loud voice filling the room as he pushes the other man away, grabbing his shirt from the shocked bully’s hand. He then lowers his own speedo, blushing as he does so, but with the sudden realization that now this massive long manly log is his cock, and so he has nothing to fear by exposing his member to his high school bullies. “You wanted us all to be naked, so here I am,” says the increasingly confident Breno.

As Breno drops his speedos, his penis jolts up and slaps his abs with amazing strength and a loud wetness. The sound of the meat-on-meat slap fills the room, being followed by awed gasps. Becker’s cock is growing to a full hardon now, although Pato’s is still soft as the man frowns, offended by reality’s betrayal of his expectations. Davi’s member, meanwhile, jumps up under his shorts, as does his friend Raimundo’s. Even the captain is now fully hard—his thin 19-centimeter cock standing proudly at attention—and Elias has to force himself to let go of his own member, or he knows he’ll start actively stroking it. Breno’s furiously oozing rod is just too big, too hard, almost reaching his plump, muscular chest! It seems impossible, and impossible to ignore it is.

“Come on, that’s can’t happen!” says Pato, and Breno just rolls his eyes. Yeah, he is right, it can’t happen, and he knows it. Yet, here it is. There is no running away from reality anymore, for either of them.

“Can, can’t, who cares? Here it is,” says Breno, and he takes a step towards Pato, who takes a step back immediately. Breno doesn’t let the distance between them increase though—he moves to cut the space between them, shifting his hips so his cock wobbles around, and then rubs it on Pato’s abs a little, covering them in his warm pre. “Now you showed the team why I don’t shower with them. I guess I might well start, from now on. Why don’t the three of us wash together today, though?” suggests Breno, his cock jumping in excitement at its new situation. Pato mumbles something.

“That’s a joke! “ accuses Becker, as he stares at the giant member’s gaping oozing wet hole. “You had a tiny cocklet, it’s impossible that in just a few months you’d grow that… that thing!”

Breno turns towards Becker with a smirk. “It’s not a joke, can’t you recognize a cock when you see one? Or is seeing not enough for you to believe it? Maybe you want to touch it to feel it’s size?” asks a mocking Breno. Becker’s hands close and open in a fist, as though the lad truly wants to reach and touch Breno’s member. The larger guy laughs, seeing that, and continues. “I am surprised too. I don’t remember the two of you being so much smaller than me, to be honest. I guess I hit a growth spurt after coming off to college,” says Breno, as he turns and closes in towards Becker, their manhoods rubbing together as do their muscles. Becker raises a hand slowly, until it quickly snaps, grabbing both of their hard cocks and giving them a squeeze—one about one third larger than the other in length and girth. An amazing difference.

“I can’t believe it… it is fucking real, Breno… fuck!” says Becker, a bit overwhelmed as he slowly starts stroking the two manhoods together, to Davi’s and everyone else’s utter shock. Elias’s own cock is oozing pre now, and the junior soon decides to give up on resisting and starts to stroke his own member too-—it is a nice fat, above average cock, but it is barely 50% as big as Breno’s immense penis.

“This is getting weird as fuck…” whispers Davi’s friend, as his own hand reaches for his bulge and he coops and fondles it a little. Davi meanwhile, is fully hard under his shorts seeing his crush naked, his ass fully exposed, his muscles bulging powerfully, his proud erect member smashing against another jock’s smaller but sizeable cock. He just moans as he feels too warm, imagining himself touching Breno, talking to Breno about his body. Davi blushes, embarrassed at his own thoughts, but he just can’t look away or do anything other than try to engrave this scene deep in his memory.

“I guess that’s right, Becker. Now you are the one eager to get some truly big cock, aren’t you? Well, welcome to the club,” says Breno, and then he moves his hips as to force his cock up and down against Becker’s excruciatingly hard penis, as the bully is stroking the two hardons together. Becker’s cock is now also oozing lots of pre, as everyone watches the two studs there, in a shocking display of their full bodies.

“No, hmmm, I’m straight, I just… it’s just novel to me… someone like you can have a cock like this, I know you did something… you can’t fool me,” says Becker as he actually moans more from the stimuli his cock is receiving, and from Breno’s muscles rubbing on his own chest, still unwilling to accept the reality of things. Davi, watching that, is biting his lips to try and contain his body, but his cock is throbbing hard under his shorts, his engorged cockhead rubbing against his skin and his underwear’s gentle fabric. His hands go to Raimundo’s shoulder and squeeze it, making his friend look back at his tortured face.

“Davi…?” he asks, a bit confused, but then Breno just laughs and pulls away from Becker, slaps his ass and moves his hand around Pato’s shoulder, and then the other over around Becker’s hips.

“Regardless of whether I can fool you or not, let’s do as you said and go take a shower, the three of us,” says the now surprisingly confident Breno, pulling the two other men away alongside him to the showers. Their asses and balls sway as they walk out, and Davi simply can’t contain himself anymore and cums in his underwear with a gasp as everyone watchesthe three jocks going further into the showers. Raimundo seems concerned as Davi’s worried face becomes inundated by pleasure, and then fear.

“Maybe… let’s go shower at your place?” suggests Davi, and Raimundo nods, as they go to get their things.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Breno, Becker and Pato go to the showers—one of those large open showers that often exist in old gyms, including those at public universities which haven’t had a makeover in years. The first two men are hard and their cocks move about against their abs as they walk—Breno, proudly; Becker, a little confused and embarrassed. Pato is fully soft, however, feeling surprisingly powerless next to Breno. Suddenly, for the first time in a long time, Breno’s larger muscles are domineering to Pato’s tall but thinner body.

“Come on, which one of you two will wash my back?” asks Breno, and then Pato and Becker glance at each other, trying to gesture for the other to do it. Breno loses his patience, and grabs Pato’s hands, handing him a soap. “You do it…” he then turns to Becker. “And you can do the front,” he says with a smirk. Soon the two studs are actually soaping up Breno’s large, proud muscular body. Pato is moving his hands around Breno’s nice broad shoulders and thin muscular waist, while Becker is having a hard time soaping up all the nookes and crannies of Breno’s large pecs and abs while avoiding his gigantic oozing cock. Becker’s own cock is hard and throbbing then, and Breno smirks seeing the thing bob up and down in front of him, reacting to his body.

“Wait, Becker, your cocklet is kind of bothering me. Let me help you with this thing,” says Breno as Becker glares in shock, before Breno’s muscular hand quickly grabs his nicely proportioned cock and starts soaping it up and down with a tight grip.

“Stop, you fucking fag! If you handle it like this…hmmmm… I can’t guarantee I won’t…” starts Becker, feeling his own nice cock being rubbed and jacked off by Breno, while soaping his muscles and staring at the larger man’s own majestic member. Breno smirks and seeing how bothered Becker is, he cleans up his cock harder, focusing on his purple cockhead, which is oozing slicky liquids.

“Won’t what? Please speak clearly,” says Breno, and Becker blinks and then suddenly moans, his cock throbbing and gushing cum towards Breno’s naked body. Becker moans, orgasming, his dick exploding and pushing gush after gush of male seed on himself and Breno, while he tries to keep his noise to a minimum, as there are enough eyes glancing towards them as it is. Those eyes include Elias and the team captain, who are a bit shocked at Breno’s sudden domineering behavior. Seeing his bully so bothered as he cums, Breno smiles as his abs and chest are covered in cum, which slowly runs down thanks to the shower water.

“Cum…” says Becker as his orgasm subsides, becoming a small stream gushing out of his red cockhead. Breno shakes his head, squeezing the leftover juices out of Becker’s cock.

“Damn, how irresponsible, man. Now you have to wash my chest all over again,” he says, and Becker blushes before he starts over with his chore. Meanwhile, Pato has been avoiding Breno’s beautiful ass while soaping up his broad back, but while doing so his own cock does start to engorge, although Pato seems unable to get a full hardon in Breno’s presence, for some weird reason. When Breno though his own body is clean enough, he smiles and looks at naked Pato and Becker, and grabbing some soap to clean up his own shaft, he told the two lads to help each other now.

“Come on… this is ridiculous, we can wash ourselves…” Pato starts saying, as his hand squeezes the soap anxiously, his eyes turned towards Becker.

“Yeah, you can’t just tell us what to do and expect that we will follow you! Who do you think you are? We aren’t gay like you!” asks a fiery Becker, eyeing as much Breno’s eyes as Breno’s penis. Breno just smirks, and takes a step towards both lads, his hands moving behind them to their asses, squeezing their beautiful buns, as he pushes them back towards the bathroom wall.

“If you don’t help each other, then maybe that means you want my help, after all?” he asks, and eyes the two studs seriously, as they can’t avoid his gaze once their backs hit the cold tile wall behind.

“Fuck off! We aren’t into this shit like you are!” accuses Becker, and Breno grabs the lad’s hardening cock once more.

“Whatever you say, Becker. You are the one who was always interested in other guy’s cocks, even mine, back then. Did something change?” asks Breno, teasingly. Becker spits on him.

“You did! Get away from me!” says Becker, and Pato just looks away as the spit flows down Breno’s face thanks to the shower water.

“Yeah, but you haven’t. Just wash yourselves now, then, since you don’t seem to be able to deal with this; or yourselves, really,” says Breno, before leaving the shower all by himself, with Becker and Pato staying there naked, against the wall, side by side, under the water.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Once Breno is gone, Pato does grab a soap and starts cleaning Becker’s nice chest, before he is pushes away by his friend’s hand, aggressively.

“What the fuck are you doing, dude?!” he asks, annoyed. The soap falls on the floor and a broken Pato sighs and lowers himself to get it. He picks up the soap but when he is there squatting on the floor, he looks up to Becker.

“Come on, you don’t need to be like that between us,” Pato says, disarming Becker ever so slightly.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Davi doesn’t muster enough courage to follow Breno into the locker room—he and his friend just change clothes and go back out, planning to shower at Raimundo’s place. However, the lovestruck lad can’t take Breno’s image from his head; he is just too much, too perfect. That scene would become fap material for the rest of Davi’s life, as it is now deeply engraved in his mind.

“What a sad, shitty life,” he thinks to himself as the two lads walk in silence to the bus stop, until Davi’s friend finally says something.

“Now I guess I understand why you needed some time away from him. He is just too hot for your own good,” says Raimundo, softly. Davi nods.

“I was having a hard time living with him before today…now? I don’t think there’s any hope for me anymore,” he complains, and Raimundo bites his lips.

“But what about confessing? You had planned that out, no? During our trip to Ilha Grande…” says Raimundo, Davi nods.

“Yeah, but he didn’t want to go and… I don’t know, I think I’m not good enough for him, he probably doesn’t even think much of me and… I am not even 100% sure he is even gay. You saw him, he is just…” Davi starts.

“Too much, man?” asks Raimundo, interrupting his friend, and Davi nods. He sighs, tearing up a little.

“I guess I’ll just go back to our room, try to contain myself and… eventually, next semester, I’ll see if I can move out. It hurts a lot, even if seeing him is nice, even when he is pleasant and friendly… knowing I can’t be with him is so painful,” says Davi, and Raimundo hugs his friend, rubbing his arm as they touch the tip of their heads.

“I know, but life isn’t a fairy tale. Things are shitty like that, we fall in love with straight men, with men who don’t want us. There’s no fairy who will fix things for us, we have to learn to live with the cards we are dealt,” says Raimundo, and Davi nods, but his body shakes a little, and he tears up.

“I know… but it still hurts,” he says, and the two continue down their path to Raimundo’s home where they’ll chat and order some food out while watching movies to try and cheer Davi up. Their strategy works, although by Monday, when Davi decides to go back to the room he shares with Breno, all the floodgates of his heart are opened up once again.


Part 4: Breno and Davi: No Dreams Go to Waste

When Davi comes back to their room, Breno welcomes him without any real change of attitude—he is really as solicitous and sociable as before, which is kind of good for Davi although it doesn’t help his feelings of love and helplessness one bit. One change, however, is that now Breno has become less shy about revealing his body, which suits Davi’s interests although it keeps him constantly on the edge. Now Breno is constantly walking around in his overstuffed underwear, and won’t mind changing them in plain sight. Seeing his immense meat wobble and shake, heavily and vividly, as it is stuffed into overly tight underwear, is a sight to behold—and one Davi’s eyes have a hard time turning away from.

“I hope you don’t mind that I’ve changed my habits a little,” comments Breno once, totally aware that he is behaving so differently now that his cock more than matches the size of the rest of his body. Davi blushes, feeling as if he has been caught doing something naughty, as his roommate lowers his underwear, which made his softie fall slapping his massive legs. The meat cannon is just so enormous it is impossible to ignore. Breno walks, gets a different pair of undies, and starts dressing them, which makes his ass move beautifully, spreading up and around as he moves his legs.

“No, I understand you got more comfortable with your body as we got to know each other more…” responds a naïve Davi, unknowingly. Breno laughed, as Davi is too busy seeing the hunk pull his underwear up—it is amazing to see the fabric being stretched to accommodate his immense balls, his fat cock, which laid so long and heavy to the side, like a tube longer than Breno’s own hips.

“Yeah, I’ve gotten more comfortable all right,” replies Breno, wondering if he can have ever become like this had his cock not… magically grown like this. And right then he remembers Davi’s invite to go with his friend to Ilha Grande, which now Breno thinks would be something fun that he has no real reason to avoid. So, as his junk is comfortably contained, he turns to Davi and smiles, and decides to accept the invitation for the week-long hike during the approaching extended holidays.

“Remember that idea of a trip to Ilha Grande…?” starts the jock, as Davi nods almost without realizing, hypnotized by the immense contained manhood Breno is always carrying around now. “I was thinking about it and… if that invitation is still up, and as long as you and your friend will have me, I’d love to go,” says the handsome jock, as Davi nods more, before he slowly realizes what he is aggreging to. Suddenly surprised and excited, the lad looks up to Breno’s eyes.

“No! I mean, no problem at all! We’d love to have you come, come with us!” he says eating up words as he stands up and quickly changes into over-enthusiastic planning mode. From that point on Davi will start buying all equipment they need for the hike, as well as maps and even notebooks where he’d make lists and more lists of things they have to do or shouldn’t forget for their trip. Putting his relationship with Breno under a more objective-centered lens during the following weeks also helps Davi to slowly get a hold of his feeling for his roommate, in such a way that he can almost start convincing himself he is getting over his crush on Breno.

And yet, the two are spending more and more time together as the days pass by—Davi has started visiting Breno’s swimming competitions with some friends to root for him, at times, and the two are meeting all the time after class to eat, and just hang and have fun. They go out to drink and even hang with each other’s friend groups, these last few dates. It is like a lever has been moved and now their relationship is developing naturally as friends, as if Breno has finally given himself room to engage with people more, and Davi is being able to manage his expectations in a more productive—albeit not fully satisfactory—manner.

Another change is that Breno has come out—well, not in a serious formal way, no. He has just started being more open about his homosexuality, in such a way that made those around him unambiguously know he isn’t straight. One can say he has ‘owned’ that which everyone has already heard about here or there, from people who have known him since high school. After all, the gossip network which goes on around college spreading the news of Breno’s sexuality and also everything else about him is unstoppable. Being more open about that side of himself, though, meant that Breno is suddenly a very popular guy in some circles—to nobody’s surprise, considering he is handsome, hot, and also pretty nice as a person. That which is surprising, though, is how little the big man seems to take advantage of his wide-reaching fame.

“I’m not really desperate, man, I just do what I feel like doing,” responds Breno to Elias when asked about why he is so often refusing some of the guys he doesn’t feel much of a connection with—even some hot ones, like the captain of the volleyball team. Elias shrugs.

“Well, you do you, I guess,” he says, a bit unconvinced but also not particularly bothered as Breno has been playing around with almost all guys in the swim team, anyway. Including Elias himself, of course.

And so, suddenly, the day comes when Raimundo, Breno and Davi are going to Ilha Grande together. They take a bus to Angra dos Reis, and then the ferry to the island itself, each carrying a large backpack full of supplies and necessities, and all they need for their almost week-long hike around the island, visiting its desert beaches and some small towns. The lads are all excited when they arrive in the island, and soon they start their hike around the island’s full perimeter. They walk a lot in the first day, but are also quite fast as they are still very excited and well rested, and so the lads end up arriving at the resting stop before three o’clock in the afternoon. Having plenty of time for themselves, they decide to play on the sand and crystal-clear warm summer ocean before setting up tents and making a fire.

“I’m glad I decided to come, to be honest. I think it will be fun to relax a little, away from the city, away from everyone at college,” says Breno as he smiles to Davi, the two of them unpacking food they’d be cooking for dinner. The truth is that his roommate has become quite a close and dear friend to Breno since he has finally stopped being ultra-worried about hiding his body and other parts of himself from that which is the person physically closest to him right now—the one which is once the biggest threat to his secret.

“Yea, I’m also glad you came, and so is Raimundo, I bet. We couldn’t carry all this paraphernalia without you!” jokes Davi with a smile, as Breno laughs, knowing he is carrying quite a bit more than the two smaller lads. But that is fine, he is the strongest one anyway.

“So, should we have corn and beans or rice and beans today?” asks Breno, taking off some cans from his backpack. Davi laughs heartedly.

“Whatever you like, man. I don’t mind either way,” he responds, getting their pot, and then he sighs. An amiable silence dominates the space between the two guys as they set up to cook. Davi interrupts the silence, as he slowly looks at Breno. “You know, I’m happy we seem to have gotten closer in the last few weeks. I feel like we weren’t on such good terms before as now, I like our situation now better, to be honest,” he says, and Breno looks at him, first serious, and then smiles.

“Yeah, I like it too. I think I wasn’t in a good place before, but now I am. I’m glad you are my roommate, other people wouldn’t have been as understanding,” says Breno, as he starts opening the cans of corn and beans. Davi shakes his head.

“Nah, I didn’t do anything, I was just there,” he says, and Breno shrugs.

“I guess, but I mostly ignored you and you didn’t develop a grudge. You were always kind and I was a bit of a cold ass,” he responds, and Davi laughs. So that’s how his excitement about Breno’s every move has been perceived by him? Not that unlucky. He sighs again, silence falling between them as Raimundo is far off collecting some fruits and berries for their small meal—there are loads of mango trees everywhere, which seems very juicy and ripe.

“So… Breno…” starts Davi, and Breno glances at him while still opening up the cans.

“Yes?” he asks, and Davi swallows dry, nervous. Was he really about to…?

“So, yeah, I have to apologize too, though. I wasn’t just quite being nice to you,” he says, nervously. Breno laughs.

“Oh, no? Then what? You are just so kind that even when you are being cold you seem warm and cute?” asks an amused Breno, as he finishes opening the cans and then turns around so Davi has his full, undivided attention. The lad is starting to sweat, getting a little nervous. Breno notices it and moves his hand towards Davi’s cold sweaty hands. Davi’s eyes widen and he pulls his hand away, to Breno’s surprise.

“No…no,” says Davi, trembling a little of anxiety. “I just, well, I was just very into you, from very early on,” he confesses, and Breno continues there staring at him.

“Oh, ah, I see… from early on?” he asks, slowly, and Davi nods.

“Yeah, I mean, given what you look like it isn’t a surprise, is it? Besides, you say you were grumpy but you were always kind to me, you never judged me and always helped and talked to me so, yeah, I kind of got into you,” says Davi, feeling as if a weight has been lifted off his chest as he says those words. “But I mean, now I’m kind of over that, I feel that we have become closer as friends…” he starts quickly, until Breno interrupts him.

“And so you aren’t into me anymore?” he asks, lifting an eyebrow. Davi coughs a little, not knowing what to respond.

“I… I mean, you don’t need to take this as a confession… let’s just enjoy our trip. I just feels like it would be good to be honest, put it out there… you know…?” says Davi, picking up the cans of food and pouring their contents on the two pots they have brought for their gas stove. Breno grabs the pots from Davi’s hands, and puts them down on the sand. The waves are hitting the beach way behind them, ahead, the wind gushes against the tropical trees. The sun is shining a bright yellow. The day is pretty and hot. So hot.

Breno forces Davi to turn around and look at him, their eyes meet.

“But can I, if I want to?” asks Breno, and Davi looks up and down, trying to avoid his gaze as he blushes hard.

“I mean… yeah… but I don’t want to pressure you, or lose our friendship or…” he starts and then slowly lowers his eyes to meet Breno’s. “I really like you, I guess… it’s not just a physical thing, I don’t think I could take, having and then losing…” he completes. Breno lets go of him, and Davi feels suddenly deprived of his touch—he feels abandoned, really, as the warm powerful hands release his arms.

“I see…” says Breno, thinking for a little while. He then stands up, and moves closer to Davi. “You know what, though? It’s no pressure at all…” adds the stud, as he lowers himself against and over Davi’s body and their lips touch. Suddenly, Davi’s tongue invades Breno’s mouth, and the two are soon kissing passionately and becoming increasingly hot and bothered as they fall on top of each other, over the sandy ground. Breno, now less shy than ever, soon starts removing his clothes, revealing his beautiful body which only looks right au naturel amidst the wonders of nature.

“Breno! What are you doing?” asks a shocked Davi, as his roommate exposes his massive chest to the elements, and then soon after throws away his shorts. Breno kisses Davi again, and his cock starts hardening fast, rubbing against Davi’s clothes, and the pushing under his shirt, reaching the lad’s cute abs. Davi can feel its weight, and warmth and… wetness. He moans, under the spell of Breno’s touch. He gasps, as Breno pulls a little to respond.

“I’m doing what I want, I want to try us,” says Breno to Davi’s shock but delight. “And this is a desert beach anyway. Who cares if your friend will see us, too? I have got nothing to hide… and I think neither do you,” completes the hunk with a smirk as he feels Davi’s sizeable bulge hardening under him.


Part 5: The Fairy Office II

Cum fairy Cambiel returns from its nightly duties, its balls almost completely empty despite a hard night of hard sucking. It flies into the massive cum fairy buildings, fills up the documents registering all the wishes granted, all the cocks sucked, all the human cum collected, and then it goes immediately to one of the rooms where younger cum fairies in training are waiting to milk its majestic magical manhood. Yet, when the younger cum fairy smells Cambiel’s cock, it immediately notices its long 73-centimeter cock has already orgasmed, and used a great deal of magic doing so—and so a supervisor is called in.

“Cambiel! I can’t believe you not only wasted an orgasm to make a human wish come true, but you threw away almost all manly energy that you collected for it! You think we run a charity here?” complains the supervisor, aggressively grabbing Cambiel’s immense meter-long cock, squeezing it in disbelief at its true dry state after a whole night of sucking.

“I’m sorry, sir. I just couldn’t avoid helping my human, you know, he was a poor hunk with a tiny cocklet who really needed the boost to get his life back on track. Besides, another one of my humans wanted it too and I’m sure Breno will soon pay us back with more than enough cum in exchange for the desire I fulfilled!” Cambiel argues back, as the cum-fairy-in-training watches the two massive seniors debating, hoping it can one day be so big and muscular as them. Its 33-centimeter-long fairy cock hardens and throbs at the thought of it.

“Ridiculous! You know this isn’t how things work. We give men rewards in exchange for their cum, not the other way round! You can’t make the laws as you will them to be, these are the rules of creation! I’ll have to take your case to our boss,” says the supervisor, then taking notes as Cambiel frowned.

“Well, all right then! And I’ll take the case to the owner then! Just because things have always been one way it doesn’t mean they have to continue being that way forever!” argues back Cambiel, making his supervisor gasp in shock, as their junior gasps in delight seeing their immense cocks slapping one another as they argue. The supervisor takes a massive red stamp, and stamps Cambiel’s large and hard right pec, right above the nipple. After a large thud, there’s a word in wet red ink written over Cambiel’s skin: “Probation,” it says.

“I would suspend you from collecting human cum until your process is over if we weren’t so short staffed, but as of now I’m putting you under probation, which means you can only grant wishes which have precedent with each individual human for the foreseeable future,” says the supervisor, seriously, and he swings his hips making his larger rod smash Cambiel’s smaller one, which bobs under the weight of the supervisor’s harder and fatter member. Cambiel frowns.

“This is ridiculous! I am a licensed cum fairy and I should be able to decide—” it starts protesting, and then its supervisor shakes its head ,cups Cambiel’s big balls with his warm hand, and squeezes them, feeling their emptiness between his fingers as he massages them.

“Since you can’t give me guarantees these will come back full at the end of the night, you should consider yourself lucky that I haven’t suspended you license. Dismissed,” says the supervisor, and Cambiel closes its fists and nods, leaving. Only the junior cum fairy stays there, needy for cock and hungry. The large cum repository in the room also stays there, missing a part of its daily quota. The supervisor goes to the younger handsome fairy and pets its head.

“Don’t worry, I’ll get you someone else to train and feed you until then,” says the larger fairy.

The smaller one nods, almost overwhelmed by the strength of the smell of the larger one. It licks its lips, and thinks to itself. “But is it so bad to make a human wish to be larger come true, isn’t that what we all want, anyhow?”

Fortunately, the junior fairy is smart enough to keep that thought to itself.


Part 6: Kaique: A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes

Kaique sighs as he watches TV on the living room couch. His large handsome body is half-naked, showing his sun-kissed and muscular torso, as the colors of the TV lit his skin in different shades. He is watching a famous telenovela where the main characters—two brothers—are deceived and manipulated by an evil lady who seduced the older one and got them to fight for their father’s massive inheritance. In today’s episode, the brothers fought each other and finally threw accusations and punches, as they slowly come to the realization that they have been lied to by the mischievous and villainous woman—the handsome younger brother finally learning that his hot older sibling has been the one who rescued him when he is kidnapped rather than having tries to kill him as he has been told.

Yeah, telenovelas are fun.

As the episode ends, the 21-year-old muscular lad laid on the couch, looking at his phone. All that talk about older brothers protecting their younger siblings makes him a bit sad, as he is an only son. Yet, he has always fekt deep down that he needed a big brother for himself. Kaique remembers envying his best friends growing up, as they’d hang out with their elder siblings, who would take them to places their parents would never allow them to go, or who’d help them with problems they can’t confess to anyone else—there are just so many benefits to having an older brother he can hardly believe those bastards don’t realize how lucky they are.

Kaique sighs again, as he remembers how, growing up, his parents were always asking what he wanted for Christmas, and he would always respond:

“I want an older brother,” he’d say, and his parents would look at each other before explaining that this is not how the world worked.

“We can’t go back in time,” they’d say, before telling a disheartened young Kaique that he can never have an older brother—a younger brother, perhaps, but since he himself is already born it is simply impossible for him to have a brother that would be older than he is himself.

Kaique never liked that answer, but he grows to accept it over time, getting attached to surrogate figures like his best friend’s older brother or an older boy down his street while growing up. It isn’t quite the same, but he does get a lot out of those relationships. He can’t ask them for advice with his family issues, or go into their bedroom to ask for help, or get scolded by them when he does something wrong, but at least they can teach him about growing up and help him against bullies. They are just shadows of the big brother he really wants, and he knows it, but he honestly does appreciate them a lot as they are what he has.

Worse yet, there is something else that Kaique would never forgive his parents for. Despite their empty words, they never even gave him the younger brother he has come to so deeply want to meet over the years. Each time they have told him he can’t get an older brother, he has heard it more like the possibility of becoming himself a ‘big bro’, which has slowly become something he deeply longed to be. And so, as years pass, as that yearning grows without ever decreasing his other burning desire, Kaique feels himself doubly alone, twice as empty as before.

Thinking of that makes the handsome lad sad, almost pessimistic. “The world is so unfair,” he thinks to himself, sighing, his eyes getting heavy as he laid with his back on the couch.

The TV is still on in the background, but Kaique’s mind is far away, pondering about those issues of life and family, and his body slowly starts fading into heavy sleep. As he closes his eyes, a curious and old image appears in his mind—he is a man, two years older than himself, half a dozen centimeters taller, much more muscular, and he is shirtless as always, like Kaique himself often is. The man’s face and his own are very similar, but while Kaique himself has big cheeks and thick lips, the man has thinner lips, a straighter face, and darker-colored hazel eyes. He is Kaique’s go-to imagination hunk, and he also knows this man is his imaginary big-brother—something whose existence Kaique never has admitted, but also never let fade from his memory.

As the lad instinctually hugs a large pillow, he imagines lazily hugging his imaginary hunk of an older brother, who smiles down at him.

“Hmmm,” Kaique moans to himself, as his mind’s eye pictures himself hugging his imaginary older brother. His dreams then create another smaller lad, who is shorter and less muscular than Kaique, and whose face seems rounder, his eyes larger and lighter in color. This new man hugs both Kaique and the other, taller and more muscular older brother of his, at the same time. As he feels himself compressed between the long pillow and the body of the couch, Kaique imagines his body embraced by a hunkish older brother and a twinkish younger sibling. Slowly, the sad 21-year-old fades into sleep, his cock hardening under his shorts, his mind traveling to his dream world.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

A magical creature flies into the house, passing through the ceiling and floating now right above handsome sleepy Kaique. The being can easily be considered a beast—it has relatively tiny wings which are clearly too small to be functional, but it sports a massive human-shaped body, and it wore nothing at all to cover it. As it stands there hoovering over Kaique, with its massive muscles filling every bit of its body and its large hard cock poking its navel-less abs, the creature glances around.

“Hmmm, this is the fourth time this week. What a horny boy,” says the creature, as it lowers itself flying right above Kaique’s sleepy body, invisible to everyone including the dreamy lad. The creature then smells Kaique’s bulge, and as it inhales the lad’s masculine smell, it rolls its eyes. “But his cock is as good as ever. Well, let me start working,” says the creature, as it moves its hand to the lad’s bulge, between his underwear and skin, before pushing his shorts down to reveal his deliciously hard 25-centimeter-long manhood.

There, trembling, in all its manly glory, stands Kaique’s long, fat and beautiful member, whose purple head is half-covered by tight foreskin, and whose slit showing on top is starting to get wet as the lad dreams on. The creature licks its lips, and its own massive fairy rod throbs, as its magical masculine hands start stroking the wonderful rod. Kaique moans, unaware of how his body is being handled, but feeling its stimulation, as he dreams of something distant.

If anyone had entered the room then, all they would have seen would be Kaique laying down, sleeping, as his cock pokes out of his nice but slightly small shorts, throbbing like crazy—but what is actually happening is that this jacked-off fairy is floating right above Kaique’s body, wrapping its two hands around the poor brotherless jock’s cock, and getting him off. Kaique moans and the creature lowers its body more, resting its legs on the couch on either side of Kaique’s head, straddling him, as its massive chest rests on the lad’s abs and it finally licks the young man’s cockhead, making the sleepy lad moan really loud.

“Can’t be having that,” says the creature, savoring Kaique’s pre, as it starts moving its ass up so as to rub its dangling massive hard cock on the lad’s face. The creature’s magical member throbs and oozes clear pre, coating Kaique’s lips as it rubs warmly against them. Soon Kaique’s sleeping self opens his mouth, his thick lips surrounding the fat cock rubbing against them, and he starts to literally suck on the magical member, which soothes him and makes him gag in a way that would look like a bit of snoring to a random observer. As the magical creature moans having its massive member penetrate the handsome lad’s mouth and throat, it oozes magical pre soothing Kaique’s whole body, overflowing his lips mixed with the lad’s saliva, and making him drool as his mouth and throat is fucked by the sexy beast—no wonder so many men all around the world slept with their mouths open, snore, or wake up with that weird drool near the corner of their mouth.

Those are nothing but vestiges of a hard working cum fairy.

The handsome and muscular cum fairy then smiles, licking the young man’s slit, before wrapping it with its own lips, easily engulfing all the 25 centimeters of youthful cock, which throbs inside its magical mouth and hungry throat. “Damn, he really needs this one! He gets me a lot of work, making me have to keep coming here to avoid him wasting his seed with wet dreams, but he always rewards me abundantly… I should be generous too,” thinks the magical being, as it moves its ass up and down to soothe and fuck the lad’s mouth and throat while thrusting its face on his nice fat oozing pole, forming an effectively invisible 69.

As the cum fairy gets along with its job, Kaique moans around the magical cock fucking his face, as he dreams on. Soon, the fairy uses its powers to check inside the lad’s dream for clues of what his deepest wishes are, so it can keep its end of their lovely bargain.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Kaique knows he is in a dream, but it is a weird one because he is in his normal house, standing up from the couch just as if he has wakened up. He looks around, confused—maybe he doesn’t remember his dreams because they are always this uninteresting? That seems about right, he thinks and laughs to himself. Then, he hears some glass braking in the back of the house, in the kitchen.

“Fuck, fuck! This is a nightmare, I can feel it in my bones!” he says hurriedly, almost as a squeak. He is a bit of a scaredy-cat for a lad as tall and nicely shaped as he is. Kaique looks around, and notices he is still alone, despite it being day outside—where are his parents?—and so he decides to go check on what happened.

He walks into the kitchen, grabbing a broom he sees lying about and wielding it like a sword. He then walks towards the broken window, seeing it has a large ball-shaped hole in it. Close to the opposite wall, he sees a wet volleyball rolling down—certainly the culprit for the situation. He sighs in relief, but then he becomes urgently alerted again as he hears the sound of heavy steps outside.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck! It’s a criminal, I’m going to die… at least it’s just a dream!” he thinks to himself, wide-eyed, his nice pecs moving up and down as he breathes more and more quickly. He goes grab the ball with one hand, and then walks towards the door holding the broom on the other. “Please be just some neighbors asking for the ball back, please…” he thinks as he struggles to kick the door open with his hands busy.

As he opens the door, the sunlight makes it hard for him to see outside. Only slowly do his eyes see the image of two figures inside his pool, looking at him. He blinks—they look like his dad and him? No, wait. His dad isn’t that young, or muscular, or handsome, really; and Kaique himself is here, doing the looking, not over in the pool.

“Hey, big bro, throw us the ball!” says the smaller of the two men, who looks like a slightly changed version of himself two years back, except perhaps with larger eyes and chubbier cheeks. The other figure punches the smaller lad, hugging him between his massive arms.

“Nah, come join us here, li’l bro!” says the taller more muscular man, who looks like a slightly modified version of Kaique, except a couple years older. As he sees that, Kaique just stands in the door, not brave enough to walk outside and join his two dream brothers, and then takes two steps backwards, into the kitchen. As he does so he looks around the kitchen and notices all the subtle changes: now there are more pictures on the walls, and he isn’t alone in them. There are many more mugs on the shelves, and he notices they has different names written on them too. He wants to really enjoy this dream, but he can’t help just throwing the broom and ball on the floor, sitting down and crying right there, as his imaginary brothers panicked and jumped out of the water, running towards him dripping wet under the afternoon sun.

“Hey, hey, big bro, what happened? I want you to play with us too!” says the smaller jock.

“Kaique, come on, come here, talk to me!” says the taller hunk hugging Kaique, caressing his soft curly hair, making him feel protected but also so unlucky at once. He continues to cry as the dream fades away around him.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

The cum fairy is sucking Kaique’s hard throbbing cock hard, in the real world, taking his abundant pre and thinking about how much cum this one lad has given it over the years—since he was 18, there have been about 4 years, 1396 days, to be exact. The fairy can’t remember exactly how many of Kaique’s nightly erections it has sucked, but it has surely been many of them, all of which finished in explosive orgasms which the fairy rewarded by granting small wishes—having the bus arrive just late enough for Kaique not to miss it here, having him find a five reais bill in his pocket there. Nothing major, all routine, and yet this lad’s orgasms are so thick and abundant, his cock eager for being magically sucked while his mouth seems to suckle harder than others on the fairy’s massive, soothing erection. The fairy is starting to think that perhaps it hasn’t quite paid the lad back enough in their exchanges. It is feeling indebted.

How many times, again, did Kaique have a wet dream since the cum fairy has started taking care of him? That is easier to remember: not even once, as avoiding those is the exact reason cum fairies do their work. On the other hand, how many times has Kaique had his throbbing morning woods due to having been sucked by his cum fairy? That is harder to remember, maybe 1200, 1250 times? So many times, and he is such a nice lad. He really makes it easy for the fairy to enjoy taking his hot spunk from his fat throbbing member.

“Let’s be honest, making him bump into a handsome guy in his way to college or getting a professor to look away when he is sleeping in class is not quite a fair deal after all he has given me… and I’m nothing if not fair!” thinks the fairy to itself. Then, as its tongue swirls around the lad’s fat cockhead, and its lips suck up and down his shaft, the fairy sighs around the thick manhood.

“The supervisor is going to kill me. ‘We aren’t their guardian angels’, he’ll say. But you know what? Fuck him. He isn’t here in the real world dealing with these poor lads every day, of course we get attached!” it thinks, as its thrusting inside Kaique’s hungry mouth got faster and faster. The lad moans around the fat cock penetrating him and stretching his throat to fit in.

“If you give me a big orgasm, one that I can really rub in my boss’s face, I’ll give you whatever you truly desire, Kaique. I promise,” the cum fairy thinks to itself, as the poor lad continues to be immersed in his dreams, being sucked and face fucked in his sleep.

Sleeping, Kaique gasps and tries to moan as his mouth and throat are filled with cock, and his cock is so tightly and incredibly sucked raw that he is almost rocking his hips in his sleep, unintentionally. The cum fairy, meanwhile, having made up its mind, has increased the tightness of its lips, the thrusting of its hips, as it licks and sucks Kaique’s cock and fucks his handsome face, its immense magical balls slapping Kaique’s forehead with each thrust.

And finally, Kaique’s body trembles and the lad gags on magical cock, and his own large balls contract and concede, ejecting his manly fluids, which travel up his throbbing cock to be released into and completely consumed by the cum fairy’s hungry mouth. As the fairy feasts upon Kaique’s powerful and abundant male milk, its eyes roll—it can feel the lad’s masculine energy, his orgasmic bliss, but also his want, his desire. The fairy feels its hunger for cum be temporarily satiated, and suddenly it feels an urge to help him back, and to cum itself, inside the lad’s overfilled throat, completely against protocol.

And as such, its eyes rolling in pleasure, the fairy gave a final thrust forcing the full length of its erect 73 centimeters past Kaique’s overstretched lips, into his glutted throat, its groin meeting the lad’s nose. The creature moans, and once its cock is buried deep, Kaique’s body compressing it from all sides, its heavy magical balls twist and produce its magical liquid, which with powerful jet after powerful jet enters Kaique’s system, feeding him and flooding him with unprecedented magical energy.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Kaique knows he is still dreaming, but he doesn’t quite remember what has happened before. Was he having a good dream or a nightmare? It feels like a little bit of both. He isn’t in his own home now, though, but in a house in Argentina where he remembers staying for a few days a year before, when he is backpacking by himself during summer.

“Hey, Kaique, I told you to go to sleep! You too, Cauan, we have to wake up really early tomorrow to take the bus to Mendonza,” says a mysterious voice on his right. Kaique’s eyes widen as he notices he is not on a bed, but on a mattress on the floor, and sleeping right next to a tall and thick hunk. That’s not what he remembers happening back two years ago!

Then, even crazier, a younger jock looks down over him and the hunk from up in the bed to his left. “Bigger brother! I want to, but I just can’t… like damn, I didn’t even have enough time to jack off these last three weeks! How do you two even survive that, let alone just go to bed and sleep it away?!” asks the voice of what is clearly a handsome young man whose face seems both so familiar and so strange to Kaique all at once.

Kaique bites his lips, as the larger man to his left now sits up, then stands up—he is clearly naked, his balls hanging low between his legs, and his own manhood hard as steel, slapping his impressive abs. The towering hunk then goes to sit on the bed next to the other lad, lowering his hand on the lad’s shoulder.

“I just control myself, littlest bro. You have to learn to live without jacking off if need be, all right?” says the hunk, his cock throbbing and slapping his abs audibly as he says so. The smaller man complains with several exasperated noises, and the larger man smiles. “But I guess I should have given us more free time in my schedule. It’s not like we can’t jack off just because we are all together, anyway. Come here, let’s take care of your hardon and then we can all go to bed,” finishes the older man, and the younger one nods excitedly, his hand going towards his elder’s immense hard cock.

“You too!” he says, excited, and the elder laughs.

“Sure,” and then they turn to Kaique, as they start to stroke their two similar looking, similarly shaped, but slightly differently sized manhoods—one, immense 28 centimeters long, the other abundant 22 centimeters of length.

“Come here, you too, Kaique!” says the larger man.

“Yeah, join us, big bro!” says the smaller one.

Kaique stares at them completely and utterly shocked, but also totally and absolutely hard under his blanket. Right then the two men let go of the other’s cock, look at each other and smile, before climbing down the bed to push Kaique’s blanket away, and force him up as they pull him into a triangle with them, their legs tangled and each of their bodies forming one side of their arrangement. Immediately, the other two men have each of their two hands wrapped around one of the two cocks that doesn’t belong to them.

“Come on, big bro! Wrap your hand around me and bigger bro too!” protests the smaller hunk, eagerly.

“Yeah, stop being a free rider, you know how things work in our ‘naked brothers club’,” chastises the bigger hunk, and Kaique moves his arms to wrap his hands around the other two men’s warm fat delicious rods, which he starts to stroke, already so close to orgasm. The other two men make sure to follow his rhythm in stroking the other’s cock, and they also smirk having their deliciously warm hands squeeze Kaique’s fat throbbing manhood, before they start beating it aggressively. As all three pairs of hands pick pace together, the three handsome young men are moaning and panting, gasping for air, as the smaller one of then moves his torso forward to be closer to his oldest brother, which reciprocates his move. Soon their faces rub and they kiss, the three still furiously jacking off themselves, and Kaique’s eyes widen, as his brothers—his brothers!—glance towards him invitingly.

“Come on!” says the smaller one between kisses, furious his hot middle sibling doesn’t seem to be giving him as much attention as usual.

“Yeah, just come and join us for real!” orders the older brother, and Kaique can’t resist obeying him. He has the biggest orgasm of his life, shooting wave after wave of bright white spunk, so much of it he doesn’t even think his balls can make so much sperm. He gasps, as his brothers watch him cover his muscles in white male seed—in his dreams, because in real life all that hot juice shot right into the cum fairy’s hungry mouth.

In Kaique’s dream, his brothers then lower themselves over his nice muscular body and starts licking it, before themselves cumming over their and his own warm skin, and falling asleep embrace and entangle as if one large multilimbed creature.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Kaique wakes up slowly, confused, his hands going to his abs where he found his furiously wet hardon oozing abundant pre, poking out of his shorts. “Why am I always hard when I wake up?” thinks the handsome lad, as he cups and squeezes his cock, and then rubs his abs. “Well, at least I didn’t cum in my dream, that’d be embarrassing… but… what was my dream again?” he thinks as he yawns and stands up slowly, smelling the delicious scent of coffee coming from the kitchen.

“Mom, dad?” he asks, shouting, as he pulls up his shorts and pushes his erection to the side and under the fabric, to hide it from his parents. A bit surprised his call isn’t answered, Kaique walks towards the kitchen, completely ignoring the walls covered with family pictures that he is used to seeing every day, even if they aren’t quite as he remembers.

As he opens the door to the kitchen, he breathed in the scent of coffee and cake, and stands there without walking in, in shock.

“Finally awake, big bro!” says Cauan, with a huge bright smile as always, eating a piece of cake with one hand and sipping coffee and milk from a mug in the other.

“Took you a while, huh, li’l bro? I’d have waken you up if it didn’t seem like you were having a blast in your dream,” says Caio, who is taking a fruit salad from the fridge, and laughing.

“Ah, yeah, he was even snoring!” says Cauan and he laughs too. Kaique just continues there at the doorway, staring at his handsome smiley… brothers?

“Why are you looking at us like that? Weird…” says Cauan, starting to frown. “And why are you wearing shorts? We decided to be naked when no visitors are around since mom and dad retired to Búzios!” he adds, complaining. Caio glances towards his middle brother, puts the bowl of fruit salad on the table, and then moves his muscular naked body towards Kaique, hugging him and making their massive chests clash, before he pulls down Kaique’s shorts, and then pulls away from him, as the 21-years-old’s large erection jolted up and slapped his carved up abs.

“There, there, much better! We all get hard, Kaique, nothing to be embarrassed of!” says Caio, as his hand grabs Kaique’s arms and he proceeds to pull his middle sibling into the kitchen.

“Who…how?” says Kaique, confused. This feels weird and natural at once. He can swear he is an only son and that he lived with his parents… or is that his dream? But that would be a nightmare, and it would not leave him with the nice feeling he has once he wakes up.

“Big bro, are you okay?” asks Cauan, confused, also approaching Kaique and feeling his temperature by putting his hand on the older and larger man’s forehead. As he does so, Kaique finally notices the two guys around him are also naked and hard, waving their members around as they move… so close to his own hard member.

“Yes, yes, I am!” says Kaique almost jumping back, but stopping himself, as he doesn’t actually want to get farther away from his brothers. He bit his lips, feeling weird and overwhelmed, and soon he starts to unwillingly tear up and cry.

“Hey, hey, why are you crying, Kaique? Does anything hurt?” asks Caio, his hand now rubbing his middle brother’s muscular back.

“Don’t feel sad!” says Cauan, as he pulls in to hug Kaique, which makes their muscles collide, and their cocks bump together before being smashed between their abs. The younger man soon starts humping the older and larger man’s body, who starts laughing and whose cock throbs and starts oozing pre even as he continues to cry. As their muscles clash, Kaique and Cauan’s cocks rub and their balls slam together, their whole bodies lost in a brotherly embrace.

“No, I’m not sad! I don’t know why I’m crying… something feels so… I don’t know, I feel just so lucky!” says Kaique, and that’s when Caio hugs him from behind, his massive manhood rubbing Kaique’s ass and filling the crack between his butt cheeks, as his large and strong older-brother arms smash Cauan and Kaique together.

“Well, good, then, because you are. All three of us are!” says Caio.

“Yes!” says Cauan hugging his brother from the front, entangling their cocks together, as he and Caio make a Kaique sandwich.


Part 7: The Fairy Office III

Cambiel is called to his boss’s office. As it waits, it sees several other cum fairies be called in and then leave—usually troublemakers like itself. Some have their whole chest and back covered in their supervisors’ red stamps, saying things like “insufficient” and “probation” and “poor behavior.” Soon, Cambiel is the next to be called in. It walks over and crossed the massive door, entering its boss’s room. Inside, Cambiel sees its immense supervisor with its meter-long manhood next to their gigantic boss—and if the supervisor usually looks large next to the other regular cum fairies, their boss being at least twice the supervisor’s size is really a fantastic being to behold—sitting in their immense chair, exuding the true appearance of a monarch.

“Cambiel, right? Please close the door, all right?” says the boss, and Cambiel nods doing as it is told. It moves its massive arms to close the door, but its eyes never move away from the gigantic towering figure ahead of itself, whose immense muscular body dominates the room; whose powerful erection oozes pre as it stands proudly reminding everyone of its authority. “You can approach now, you can sit down,” continues the boss, and Cambiel quickly moves to one of the free chairs, accommodating its buttocks on the soft seat, watching its boss’s massive muscles move up and down as its body moves slightly.

“Thank you, sir,” responds Cambiel. The boss nods.

“No problem, I want my subordinates to be comfortable,” Rafael responds, and then turns to the supervisor. “So, I was being told that you conceded a wish that corresponded to a much larger amount of power than what you had collected in that night by sucking that particular human’s dick—and that you have done that twice now. Is that true?” asks the boss.

Cambiel swallows dry, its own cock throbbing as its nose is inundated by the boss’s ultrapowerful smell—that majestic cock looks and smells like it hasn’t orgasmed in years. It is so red and so powerful it makes Cambiel’s lips tremble before it spoke.

“Ye-yes, sir. I just wanted to help our humans out and… in one case, I increased their cocks which led to a much higher volume of cum produced afterwards, while in another case I considered the human in question had given us a lot of cum over the years which hadn’t been properly repaid, and so I gave the human some brothers, who are now also very good cum producers…” starts Cambiel, but the boss sighs, its hands moving towards its enormous cock, and stroking it just a little.

“Cambiel, do you know why I haven’t come in more than two thousand years, since I first got this job overseeing all the activities of the cum fairies?” asks the boss, as the supervisor looks frowning towards Cambiel.

“No, sir, I do not,” responds the smaller fairy, feeling intimidated, but also wanting to touch the immense manhood, gasping in shock as it realizes just how hard it must have been for Rafael to avoid doing it for so long.

“Well, because I wanted to remind myself of what our job is: resisting tentation. I know it feels good to help the humans above our means, granting them wishes above the equivalence of their cum. It is like jacking off, it gives a rush, it is pleasurable. Like an orgasm, our powers feel so abundant and endless when we do it,” starts the boss, before it slaps its cock left and right, forcing it to wobble around, pre flying everywhere. “But our powers, like my cock, big as they look, aren’t endless. We need the surplus from the cum we take from the humans, that is how we grow and keep the system running. Even if growing human balls and generating more hunks would be nice, that’s not our decision to make, understand?” completes the boss. Cambiel thinks for a little while and then shakes his head.

“Not really, sir. Cum is not a finite resource, humans can make more from their balls and if we could expand…”

It starts when Cambiel’s boss interrupts it, standing up. The astronomic effort that gigantic body has to make to move, how much those incredible muscles bulge, almost seeming to burst—that cannot be overstated. As Rafael lifts itself, its unmeasurable cock slaps its massive chest as its body straightens up, and then consecutive slaps follow as the boss moves about in the room. Rafael’s immense balls sway around as well, immense and lively.

“It is how we operate, Cambiel, no ‘if’s or ‘but’s’,” says the boss, serious, before looking down and approaching Cambiel. Being seated, that means that the boss’s gigantic manhood does hover above Cambiel’s body, raining pre on him. The gigantic balls are just right in front of him, so close, making him feel small and bothered at once. “Just follow the rules, Cambiel. I will trust you, one last time. Don’t screw this up or I’ll give you a desk job for the rest of the century, and trust me, you will not like it,” says the boss, loud and clear.

Cambiel clears his throat, and nods slowly. “Of course, boss. No more mistakes,” it replies. The boss smiles.

“Good boy,” says the boss, before sighing and pointing towards the door. “Now leave.”

After Cambiel does leave, he walks away, shaken and overwhelmed by his boss’s demonstration of willpower.


Part 8: Cauan: Endless Dreams

Cauan is feeling a little bothered that his older brother seems to be behaving differently than normal—he is a bit distant at times, and it is always Cauan and Caio who are initiating most closer interactions with him these days. Why? It doesn’t used to be like that at all. His big brother Kaique used to be as close and in synchrony with them, until a few days ago… he really doesn’t understand! And so, Cauan has been investigating, as the clever mischievous lad that he is. Problem is that when he enters his brother’s room, he finds nothing extraordinary: no evidence of a boyfriend who is poisoning Kaique’s mind, or of a potion that can be making him behave weirdly. Outwardly, there is no evidence of any change.

That, however, doesn’t convince Cauan that nothing has happened. He can tell something is off, and his instincts never failed him.

One day, as his oldest brother is sleeping and Cauan is in the living room studying compound interests, Kaique arrives home late from college. He has been drinking with friends and that sparks Cauan’s attention: perhaps it is alcohol that is changing his big bro’s behavior?! What an awful fate for their family! He has to find more about it immediately to be able to intervene and save his brother! So Cauan quickly abandons his books and goes to Kaique.

“Que, are you feeling okay? You seem tired, do you want to take a shower before going to bed?” asks Cauan, and Kaique just puts his hand in between them, shaking his head.

“Yeah, I’m like… dead. I don’t think I could even shower, I’ll just drop and get some sleep,” responds the older handsome brother. Cauan gasps.

“You never go to bed without showering!” says the younger man, and Kaique nods.

“I know… but I’m just… I was sleeping in the bus… there’s a first time for everything,” responds the larger and more muscular man, before pushing stinned Cauan aside and going upstairs to his bed. Cauan stays standing still shocked and gasping at his older brother’s new oddities. No! Something more has to be done. He’ll go and check on his big bro’s sleep. Maybe he has a fever, maybe… Cauan doesn’t know, but something is wrong. After a few seconds contemplating what to do, the young 19-year-old jock starts going upstairs as well, his eyes burning with passionate determination.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Cauan stands right outside his big brother’s room’s door. He is thinking of whether to open it when he hears the strangest noises coming from inside: first, his brother seems to be gagging on something; secondly, there seems to be another male voice gasping and moaning at times too! A thief, a rapist, a criminal?! Maybe his big bro is being abused! Cauan rapidly opens the door and gasps in shock as he sees a gigantic muscular man with a pair of tiny wings straddling his large and handsome older brother. The assailant has his lips locked around his brother’s beautiful cock, and seems to be fucking his brother’s warm mouth too!

“What?! You monster, leave our house, leave my brother alone!!!” screams Cauan to the over-muscular winged man’s surprise, as he closes the distance between them with only two steps. As Cauan starts hitting the man’s incredibly sculpted back, the man’s eyes widen and he slowly raises his hands to grab Cauan’s arms, and then pulls Kaique’s cock from his own hungry mouth, letting it fall on Kaique’s muscles, wasting precious pre.

“You…you can see me?” asks the creature while handling Cauan’s arms and legs. The lad protests and tries to free himself, but with the assailant’s muscles his grip is just too strong for a normal lad—even a muscular one like himself. He tries to kick the villain away, but soon the creature just lifts Cauan off the ground and the lad is just kicking air.

“Of course I can, you monster! You are assaulting my older brother! Even as we speak, your cock is deep down his throat, making him gag, defiling his lips! Release him at once!” cries Cauan as he shouts and protests and tries to resist the much stronger muscles of the larger winged man. The man sighs, as he watches the revolt and passionate anger in Cauan’s beautiful eyes.

“Fuck, this shouldn’t happen,” he says. “I’ll put you down, but I need you to be quiet,” the winged man says to Cauan. Cauan’s eyes shine and he starts shouting asking for help.

Brother, Caioooooooo! Somone is hurting big bro!!!” he starts shouting, with the full force of his youthful lungs.

“You little bastard!” says the creature, before forcing his mouth forward, kissing Cauan so he’ll be quiet. As the creature’s masterful tongue penetrats Cauan’s mouth, the lad responds the kiss almost involuntarily and his body starts contorting—now out of pleasure—as he moans and feels the long smooth tongue fill his mouth. Cauan feels the taste of his brother’s cock in the mouth kissing him as he drools, confused by how horny he suddenly gets. He moans, and his own nicely sized penis wakes up under his clothes.

As they kiss, Cauan feels a connection with the creature, which is now communicating with his mind, making his teen eyes widen in surprise.

“I promise this is not what it looks… you shouldn’t have seen me, but I guess given your circumstances it is not so weird that you have some lingering magic in yourself, and your brothers might as well. If you stay quiet, I promise to explain what’s going on,” says the creature in Cauan’s mind. The lad moans and trembles in response, still resisting mentally, but he does feel that deep down the creature isn’t lying to him. And so, he stops reacting and acquiesces.

As Cuan calms down and his cock stands up, the creature breaks their kiss and puts Cauan down, while still fucking Kaique’s mouth with their long 73-centimeter cock so as to continue soothing and keeping the older brother asleep.

Cauan has fallen on the ground, physically overwhelmed from their previous kiss, but he is no less determined. “Now, start explaining. Why are you fucking my brother and sucking his cock? Who are you and what do you want? If your explanations aren’t good, I am going to ask my bigger brother to kick your ass!” demands the young man, as droplets of drool run down his chin and nice lips. He stands up and looks over the immensely muscular creature still straddling his brother’s beautiful body. His eyes rest on Kaique’s ever-hard cock, though, and then on the creature’s muscle tits.

“Speak more softly, we don’t want to wake up your eldest brother. While Kaique is under my cock’s influence, Caio isn’t,” the creature warns. Cauan’s eyes widen and then squint.

“How do you know their names?!” he asks, now in a deadly plain tone. The creature sighs.

“Cauan, I made you. I made your elder brother. I am your middle brother’s cum fairy, and now I serve the three of you, but originally you and Caio didn’t exist,” says Cambiel, and Cauan’s legs shake, as he almost falls down again, but ends up sitting on his brother’s bed just between his legs. Cauan’s hand falls to the mattress as he tries to support himself, near his brother’s balls, as another goes on to touch the creature’s massive chest.

“You are lying. I’ve always been my brother’s brother, and magic isn’t real. What the fuck even is a cum fairy?” asks the 19-year-old jock, and Cambiel rolls his eyes.

“This is a long story,” says the winged muscle beast.

Cauan frowns. “I have time,” he grits out. Cambiel sighs.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

After Cambiel explains their situation to Cauan, the lad touches the creature’s immense chest, particularly rubbing his nice and plump nipples.

“So that is how your body is so…big? So much bigger than what is humanly possible… you aren’t a human!” says the lad, softly. Cambiel nods.

“Yes. We revert some of the magic from the cum into small wishes, and the rest we bring back home to ourselves, and grow ourselves using it,” explains the cum fairy. Cauan nods.

“And those wishes, they can be anything?” he asks, thoughtful. Cambiel shrugs, as it pushes its cock deep inside Kaique, feeling the lad is a bit drunk and needs as much soothing fairy pre as possible to avoid a hangover. Kaique gags around the immense, overwhelming manhood, as he drinks its delicious juices—but under the weight the creature’s warm heavy balls his face is peaceful.

“Yeah, pretty much, as long as we have collected enough cum. The sky is the limit, or, rather, the rulebook is,” explains Cambiel. Cauan jolts to his feet and walks around his brother’s bedroom deep in thought.

“So, I could change anything, is that right? How can I make a wish? I have lots of ideas…!” says Cauan and Cambiel laughs at how fast the lad adapted to his new situation.

“You don’t make a wish; we read your wishes and give something that fits the size of your ejaculation and that is good for you. If humans determined their own wishes, given how selfish they are, then the whole world would collapse,” explains Cambiel, but right then Cauan frowns and turns towards him, cunningly.

“You are fucking my brother and stealing our cum. If you don’t want to grant me any wishes, why would I not call the police on your right now?” asks Cauan, and Cambiel laughs once more, now at the lad’s idea of a threat.

“Because they’d not see me, little one,” says the cum fairy, patting Cauan on his gentle and soft curls. He gets annoyed.

“I’ll call your bosses then! I’ll go find another cum fairy and denounce you for all you’re doing!” says Cauan, and Cambiel laughs again. Doesn’t he understand that collecting cum is their job? No one would criticize or punish Cambiel for that… although, if they learned he has screwed up again and made their kind visible to a few humans. Fuck. Desk duty for a century would be the least of his concerns, he might have his wings taken away forever. His license would be cut in half and he’d be put in cleaning duty until the second cumming.

Cambiel stays silent for a second.

“That is not actually a good idea…” responds the cum fairy, carefully, and Cauan, perceptive as he is, smirks. He has found something he can work with.

“Why not? It’s not like I am gaining anything from our current arrangement. You come here and steal my brothers’ and my own cum, and leave us with a wish you yourself decide we want fulfilled. That’s pretty good deal for you, I think, and pretty bad for us,” says the lad, and Cambiel grimaces.

“One of those wishes was for you and your oldest brother to exist. Are you saying that wasn’t fair on you guys?” counters Cambiel, making Cauan shake his head.

“Oh, no… that was a great wish! I want more like those. See, it will make no difference, I just want to decide what wishes I get. If they are too absurd you can just tell me and I’ll change the wish to something else… I don’t want to get you in trouble, if we can find a deal…” argues the lad, and Cambiel clicks his tongue, unwilling.

“Well, I guess it’s not a problem if it’s on those terms… but you have to promise me you will never, ever talk to any cum fairy other than me. This will be out little secret,” says Cambiel, and Cauan nods enthusiastically.

Yes! Deal!” he says and raises his hand, grabbing and shaking Cambiel’s, to the fairy’s surprise. Cauan then smirks a little, before letting the heavy hand go. “Ah, I also want you to give me my brothers’ wishes, or I’ll have to wake them up to get them to make the same deal too,” says Cauan while smirking proudly. Cambiel grumbles.

“You have no idea how much I regret having created you,” says Cambiel but he sighs and accepts the deal. Cauan jumps away of happiness and then lowers his shorts revealing his hard youthful cock.

“Good, now start sucking me and my brother off! I have plenty of ideas! Oh, this is so exciting!” says the handsome teen jock, as his cock indeed jumps up and down fully hard and wet, following his words. Cambiel sighs, grabs Kaique’s cock with one hand, and as Cauan climbs on the bed to straddle his brother and rub their cocks together so the fairy can suck both brothers at once, Cauan smirked—his eyes are colored with pride and excitement, before his cock rubs on his brother’s and then is surrounded by glorious fairy lips, and he starts moaning as he is sucked off.

“Ohhh, hmmm, you are really good at this…I guess all that experience hasn’t gone to waste… ahhhh!” says the lad, biting his lips to contain his loud moans as his brother is fucked in the mouth to remain asleep. He blinks as he starts moving his hips forward to push his cock harder and deeper inside the creature’s mouth. “I…. I know what I want….,” starts saying Cauan between gasps and moans, as the sucking fairy looks up trying to see him without letting go of the two large brotherly cocks. “I… aiiii, I want you to take all the power our cum gives, and add it all to me and my brother’s cocks and especially to our balls! Make them as big as you can!” the lad desires, in between moans and grunts.

Cambiel rolls his eyes, half of pleasure and half of annoyance at the wish—he actually likes slurping and sucking two hot cocks at once, and he begrudgingly admitts that the lad Cauan has made a good with, one with the spirit of a cum fairy.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Caio wakes up feeling good—his hand travels straight to his hard cock, and he yawns as he squeezes his manly member, which he aways does before standing up and going to take a morning shower. While he is mindlessly touching himself, though, the stud starts to frown.

“What, I am not…wait, what?” he starts saying before slowly sitting up so he can take a better look at his junk. It seems… larger than before? Particularly his balls are a bit bigger than they used to be, or so he thinks. Although that is obviously impossible.

As he inspects his penis and balls, Caio shrugs. It is surely just something he is remembering incorrectly. It seems mostly right, albeit perhaps a little bit fuller than before? He just goes to the shower and starts cleaning himself, when his little brother comes knocking on the door and pushing it open.

“Bigger brother! I was telling big brother about an idea I had and I was wondering what you think about it!” says Cauan, unable to see his brother slowly washing his hard manhood under the hot water on the other side of the tinted glass.

“Huh, what is it?” asks Caio, unphased by Cauan’s presence. Cauan smiles.

“Ahhh, see, I was thinking we should stop jerking off for a week, so we can see who can shoot more on the weekend!” says Cauan, and Caio laughs.

“What a silly idea… why did you have to think of that now?” asks Caio, as his hands stop stroking his massive cock, and starts just squeezing it. Cauan rolls his eyes—he can’t see what his oldest brother is doing, but from the sounds and shadows he can well imagine it.

“Well, just curious, you know? We have never really compared the volume of our cum, only other things… anyway, bigger bro, I’m counting on you!” says Cauan before running out of the bathroom again, leaving Caio sighing as he slaps his cock, a bit flustered.

“Guess I’m going to have to leave you alone for now, at least until I see Marcos…” says the good elder hunk, as he finishes washing himself up.

Meanwhile, Cauan goes to his room smiling deviously. He opens one of his books and makes a small equation. He puts down how much the fairy said he and his older brothers ejaculated the first time last night. Then, he put down the amount of their second ejaculation earlier this morning, according to the fairy, after his wish to enlarge their balls and cocks. He quickly then calculates the gains in percentage terms and gasps, as his smile widens and becomes a gleeful laughter.

“It will take no time… no time at all…!” he says, looking at the numbers and projecting the growth then to the end of the month, before he also pictures what this will represent in terms of his and his brothers’ bodies by the end of the month. He blushes. “I will have to tell them… eventually. But…if big bro created me and bigger bro… even if it costs a lot of magic, then the sky is the limit,” thinks the handsome lad.

Someone knocks on his door and opens it, making Cauan jump on his chair and hide the book he is writing on worriedly. Kaique looks into the room and laughs at his brother’s reaction. He can see his little brother has his fat cock completely hard and exposed, left unattended resting against his nice abs. Kaique himself is wearing his underwear, as he slowly gets more comfortable with their family’s dressing arrangements.

“Hey, Cauan, time for breakfast, take care of whatever you were dealing with later,” says Kaique, smirking, and Cauan blushes more.

“I wasn’t jacking off, big bro! Remember our promise, no jacking off this week!” says a flustered and embarrassed but cunning Cauan as he stands up and leaves his desk to go hug his older brother, and the two of them walk downstairs together.

“Yeah, right. Let’s see if you can pull that off yourself!” challenges Kaique, and Cauan laughs as his hand goes around his elder’s torso, their muscles slamming together.

“I am very, very motivated, big bro, you can’t even imagine!” he responds mysteriously. Kaique just shrugs away his little brother’s excitement as being due to their supposed cum-competition this weekend.


Part 9: Cauan: Progressive Interests

It’s late at night, and Cambiel flies down and into the brothers’ house, finding only Cauan awake in their living room, suddenly smiling as the fairy descends with its gigantic muscular body—the cock so long and heavy it bobs up and down as the fairy flies, and the gigantic pecs so full of muscle that it seems that they can burst with any slight movement. Cambiel sighs, seeing the excited teen.

“Ah, you are still there,” comments the annoyed fairy, and Cauan smirks.

“Of course! Remember our deal, you will suck my two brothers and me dry, and then use up all that magic to grow our cocks and balls! I want to make sure you don’t trick me,” says the lad, and Cambiel rolls his eyes.

“I am a fairy, not a genie,” is the response. Cauan, who has been undressed, starts stroking his cock, biting his lips, as he thinks a little.

“Sure… but I was hoping you’d help me with something else today too, fairy,” says the devious teen, and Cambiel squints its eyes and frowns. The fairy turns to the handsome and athletic lad, the gigantic magical member now proudly hoisted in front of Cauan.

“What now? Want to change the wish?” asks the creature, but Cauan shakes his head.

“No, not yet, at least,” says the teen, and he raises one of his hands to poke the creature’s cock’s sensitive underside. “I want you to let me suck my big brothers… just a little, and then you can take their cum,” says the lad, before he blushes hard. The fairy rolls its eyes, and sighs. This isn’t a normal request, but neither is it a particularly hard one, and due to the secret of their birth these three brothers have much more in common than most other brothers—even in their desires. Having bonded with all three of them recently, Cambiel thinks there is no real harm in allowing for this extravagance.

“Okay. But I want something out of you too then,” says Cambiel, and Cauan frowns, a bit surprised and sceptical.

“What?” he asks, and it’s Cambiel’s turn to smirk, as its gigantic fairy muscles trembles in excitement.

“I want you to get some of your friends to sleep over tomorrow. That way I can take care of them too, as this house is assigned to me. But their cum, that I will keep to myself,” says Cambiel, and Cauan’s eyes shine as he notices what a great idea that is while he also gets disappointed at himself for not having thought of it prior.

“Deal!” says the lad, and to symbolize their new agreement Cauan grabs Cambiel’s immense rigidity and shakes it as if it is a fat human arm. He laughs doing it but Cambiel can’t help but moan a bit flustered. Soon the two are going upstairs.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

“Big bro or bigger bro?” whispers Cauan to Cambiel as they stand in the hallway between the doors to the two different bedrooms. Cambiel shrugged. Cauan then points at his eldest brother’s door. “Let’s go by seniority, then,” he says and the two enter the large and well-decorated room—the master bedroom of the house.

The room is large and beautifully decorated. It has a large desk that Caio used to work, and a closet as well as a sofa and TV area. Prominently in the wall stands a large frame with a picture of the three brothers, hugging and smiling—Caio in the middle, Kaique in the right, and Cauan in the left. In the opposite wall to the door, near the balcony, laid an immense bed, which is now occupied by the largest of the brothers—Caio, in his mostly naked glory, as he has for some reason decided to wear white briefs to sleep. His underwear tries its best, but it can hardly contain the man’s balls, let alone his hard manhood, which pokes well out of the fabric’s confines, and points towards Caio’s handsome sleepy face.

“I go first,” mumbles a careful Cauan as his heart beat hard and fast. He is so nervous. This would be making a dream come true, sucking on his older brother… damn! But at the same time, what if Caio woke up? If he were caught, would he be disowned? He is sweating of fear but his cock can only become harder and wetter as he feels so, so horny.

Cauan approaches his brother and climbs on his bed. His hand slowly and carefully moves to the elder’s large and poorly hidden package, which is all his eyes can see. He positions himself between his brother’s legs, and then slowly and carefully lowers his underwear enough to free the proud erect member Caio has there.

“Wow!” says Cauan, and his brother mutters something on his sleep. Caio almost has a heart attack and immediately glares at Cambiel, who laughs at Cauan’s helpless and lustful face.

“Don’t worry, I will soothe him,” says the fairy, identifying and in a way sympathizing with the younger lad’s hunger for his older brother’s cock. And so, Cambiel flies over Caio and grabs its own fat member, points it towards the stud’s lips, and pushes it in. Caio moans as his mouth is penetrated and soothing fairy pre starts flowing inside him. Cauan gasps as his older brother’s cock throbs in his hands, from the mere fact that the fairy member has now entered his mouth and throat, filling and stretching them. Suddenly the younger man feels more confident.

“I will start now!” he says, almost drooling, his eyes shining, and then he lowers his mouth, and his lips touch his brother’s cock. He kisses and licks the plump red cockhead for a while, as his teen cock throbs and oozes frenetic amounts of pre. “Oh…fuck, I’m really kissing bigger bro’s cock!” he thinks to himself but soon, overwhelmed by the possibilities and intoxicated by the smell of Caio’s pure masculinity, Cauan opens his mouth and let it wrap around his older brother’s majestic meaty obelisk, lowering himself on the massive meat pole.

“Uaaah, hmmmm, gaaa,” he moans around the immense rigidity which he sucks on, as his brother’s cock fills more and more of his mouth and he tries to push his head even further down on Caio’s manhood. Caio too moans, but his sounds are even less coherent as his thick neck is filled by fairy cock which soothes him violently.

Cauan moves his head up and down his brother’s majestic manhood, his drool wetting the handsome member, and getting his older brother’s cock wet and glistening under the sparce lights of the night. The teen then closes his eyes as he sucks the gigantic cock, his tongue licking the underside of his brother’s member as he moans and his own cock throbs—soon he can’t resist but lowering one hand to release his younger rod and start stroking it as he moans and gags around his older sibling’s member.

“Be careful not to waste any juices!” warns the fairy as it pulls its cock from Caio’s mouth, before pushing it back into his throat again, making Caio’s massive body tremble as he is quickly penetrated and his throat stretched to accept the gigantic magic member. Cauan moans and nods as he jacks off to the wonderful feeling of sucking his big brother’s cock, knowing however that it can’t last as he has higher goals in mind.

It takes just a few moments of sucking deliciously, minutes which feel like the realization of a lifetime longing for Cauan, before he held his elder’s cock around the base, and pulls his lips from it, revealing the long wet red pole. He gives his brother’s red glans a last kiss, and then points the 31-centimeter rod up, towards Cambiel.

“Here… now do your magic!” he says, drooling a mix of his saliva and his elder brother’s pre. Cambiel quickly grabs the large masculine erection, which smells of a sexy big cock and is wet with li’l bro drool. It lowers its gigantic body on Caio, still fucking his face, and in one movement engulfs the entirety of the jock’s cock between his tight lips. Knowing he is too horny to wait, Cauan also pushes his own teen cock against his older bro’s cock and into the fairy mouth, and Cambiel simply starts sucking the two of them, at it continues fucking Caio’s mouth and Cauan trembles and moans out loud in pleasure.

“Oh… hmmm… so close!” he moans, as his balls slap his big bro’s balls, as the fairy sucks the two of them, and Caio’s immense body struggles to move in its heavy sleep under the gigantic weight of Cambiel’s muscular frame atop him. “Give me and my brothers huge cocks and balls, as big as you can!!” says Caio, renewing his wish, and then and there, picturing his brothers with him and even larger rods, he cums desperately inside the fairy’s mouth, his cock throbbing and twitching as his teen seed feeds Cambiel’s magical powers, now more abundant than ever. Soon, his big bro’s member also throbs and, while he is gagging on the fairy’s magical penis, and thus Caio also ejaculates an immense explosive orgasm, before being changed from the inside out as Cambiel ejaculates deep inside of his muscular body.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

The next morning, Caio wakes up drooling from his lips, his cock absolutely hard and wet, throbbing as it rubs well past his navel, with his briefs pulled down to the middle of his legs. He rubs his cock, as he sits up on his bed, confused.

“I swear these were…up?” he thinks to himself, pulling up his underwear, and then noticing his sex organs simply don’t fit inside them anymore—either his balls or his massive rod would slip out no matter what he does. Confused, Caio just stands up, throws his briefs aside, and sighs. He leaves his room to go make breakfast, but before he passes by Cauan’s and Kaique’s rooms to wake them up. The hunkish elder brother’s 34-centimeter-long cock rubs and slapps his abs with every step, and is now starting to ooze some warm pre against his skin. Caio is feeling off: like, it is normal for him to be hard but he doesn’t remember his cock feeling so heavy and reaching so far up his belly, or just making so much pre without even being touched. He sighs, trying to ignore it, and opens Kaique’s door to check on him.

Entering Kaique’s room, Caio notices his bed is empty as the middle brother is already showering. He glances around and sees the door to the bathroom is half open, and goes knock there.

“Good morning, li’l bro. I’ll go wake up littlest bro. Remember not to jack off!” warns Caio, as he looks inside the bathroom and sees his brother shampooing his hair as his long fat cock bobs up and down, fully hard and dripping with warm water, but clearly unjacked.

“Sure… ahh… good morning, big bro,” responds Kaique (still a bit unused to how he and his brothers’ relationship has developed in this reality), but smiling as his hunky elder brother waves goodbye before leaving him to finish washing himself.

That done, Caio goes to Cauan’s door and enters his room, which is still mostly dark as the window is closed. There, he finds the smaller jock sleeping tight. Cauan is hugging his pillow, his cute but large muscles showing his hard work, his hard cock drooling as it pokes his abs. A pool of pre has collected in between Cauan’s abs, and it is overflowing every time the jock’s dick twitches. Caio looks at that and lifts an eyebrow.

“Littlest bro isn’t that little anymore,” thinks the biggest bro with a smile on his face, as he walks and sits next to his brother in the bed. He drips a finger in the pre puddle and then tastes it, finding the liquid warm and thick. He then stares at his youngest sibling’s penis. “Hmm… his cock seems bigger than it used to be…seems more like my size?” he continues thinking, and lowers his hand again, now on top of the younger lad’s hardon, opening his palm on top of it to measure how big it is—well past a span. Indeed, it seems to be about his size, 28-centimeters or so.

“Hmm, bigger bro? I’m almost up…” says a sleepy Cauan as he wakes up, moaning, bringing his hands to his face to rub it, while instinctively rocking his hips so the head of his cock scratches his abs and so his shaft rubs up and down against Caio’s hands. This movement makes the pre puddle overflow all over his abs, wetting them and making them glitter. The older brother, also instinctively, grabs a hold of his little brother’s cock, squeezing it gently. Cauan moans, delighted, as he starts using his big bro’s grip to jack himself by rocking his lower body. He moans. “Big bro… remember, no jack off until the weekend…but hmmm, you can hold me though, that’s fine…” he mumbles still half unawake.

However, Caio is actually sizing up his little brother’s thickness and weight. His hand feels the girth and fatness of Cauan’s cock, now massively engorged from its original state only a couple days before. Caio is surprised, and then lowers his other hand around his own hard manhood, sizing it up attentively. He gasps, then—now that he is paying attention to it, it is absolutely evident that his member is heavier and longer than it used to be! “And so wet too,” he thinks, at his hands get covered in his and Cauan’s thick pre.

“Littlest bro, I think we have grown,” says Caio, and Cauan suddenly jolts up sitting on the bed, glaring at his bigger brother.

“Of course we have, bigger bro, we are men now. You are a bigger man, but we are all big,” he responds, sounding a bit confused by Caio’s comments, still rocking his hips as he yawned. Then, slowly, he starts noticing what his elder meant, and mischievously opens a smile. “Or do you mean something else?” Cauan asks.

“Our cocks, I’m pretty sure they have grown recently, and quite a lot too,” says Caio, and to make his point clearer he turns his whole body towards Cauan, so their torsos face each other, and strokes both brotherly cocks a couple times. As the two pillars of meat get fully and totally hard, Caio makes them point straight up, showing their engorged sizes, lowering their angle just enough for their oozing cockheads to bump and rub, kissing slightly.

“It… does seem like it…” says Cauan slowly as he moans from his bigger brother’s touch and cock-kiss. “Should we measure them again to be sure? We should call Kaique,” says the cunning smaller muscle hunk as he smirks, his hands now moving around his big brother as he jumps on him, hugging his massive muscles and burying his face on the hunk’s large meaty chest, breathing in his heavy manly smell, even stronger after a night of sleep. That hug makes the two cocks completely smash together under the two set of hard abs each of the two brothers has, as their balls smash together too.

“Call me for what?” says Kaique, opening the door to enter Cauan’s room too. The middle brother is also naked, and just as rock hard now as he had been while showering. He is dripping wet on the hair and parts of his body from the shower, though, and he is still toweling his muscles dry as he walks. Upon entering the room, Kaique sees his brothers hugging, their muscles clashing together, their thick arms entangled, and laughs. Laughing makes his hardon bob around, and his balls sway, as pre flies around—the obvious extra weight bouncing serves to remind Kaique of why he has come talk to his brothers.

“Call you to have us measure our cocks again!” says Cauan, excited, as he looks up to his second brother, while still kissing Caio’s chest. Caio sighs, and looks to Kaique as well, as one of his hands travels to Cauan’s ass, and starts caressing his buns, while another goes straight to fondle the youngest lad’s fluffy hair.

“Seems like my and Cauan’s penises have grown, and he wants to know exactly by how much, as well as see if whatever it is that is causing this is also affecting you,” he explains, and Kaique nods, as he lifts his hand to his chin, curious, thinking.

“Oh, well, sure. To be honest, I came to see you guys exactly because I noticed my cock kind of seems to have grown too, while I was washing it before. And not just a little bit, either… I think I gained like five centimeters,” he says, and Cauan smirks, as he rocks his hips humping his big bro while having his ass rubbed, before jumping up and out of the hug, going to get his measuring tape.

“Easy to check for ourselves!” he says excitedly, and comes back holding his tape, as Caio stands up as well and goes to Kaique, grabs both of their cocks, and puts them against each other, using his hand as a reference to measure them.

“Yeah, it seems clear that you have grown too… although the difference between us seems to have remained mostly the same, I am pretty sure you are larger now than I was last time we measured,” says the older brother. Kaique, a bit surprised by the extreme close contact with Caio, almost takes a step back as he becomes a little red and his cock throbs harder—after all, he was still a bit unused to having siblings, particularly such close siblings, due to his lingering feelings from his life before the magical change. Seeing that, though, Caio grabs the two cocks with his hand, holding his middle brother very much literally by the crotch, and preventing him from moving away.

Kaique moans, feeling his handsome older brother squeeze their rods together, both oozing pre down their members.

“Hmmm, kinda of hard… getting used to this,” mumbles Kaique, and Caio, feeling some uneasiness from his brother, decides to raise an arm to his head and pull it down towards his chest. Once buried there, Kaique can’t help but feel safe and protected, and calm down completely, just accepting and enjoying reality as it is. He can’t help but open his mouth and nibble on the massive mantits that his elder has hanging there for him.

“I got it!” says Cauan squeezing in between his brothers’ embrace and pushing them apart, so the three grown massive rods of theirs can be hanging free in between the three of their hard muscular bodies. Due to their difference in height, their cocks hang at slightly different levels too, but as Cauan separates his brothers, the three muscle pillars that are their bodies create a small space between them where their three cocks can hang and throb and smack each other, almost kissing one another. “I’ll start measuring bigger bro!” warns the youngest lad, and the other two just let him do as he pleases as he kneels and eyes his older brother’s massive rod, squeezes and strokes it, and then puts the tape on it to measure its full length.

“33… no, 34 centimeters! You grew 5 centimeters since we last measured, bigger bro!” announces Cauan, and Caio actually widens his eyes in surprise. Fuck, how can he not have noticed? That’s a gigantic over 20% increase and so fast! As he let it sink, Cauan has already turned around to measure Kaique, whose cock throbs as it is grabs and handled by the smaller jock.

“Be careful…hmm… it’s quite sensitive…” says the middle brother, but the younger one just winks and to tease his elder he let his tongue poke out of hips lips and gives just the smallest little lick on Kaique’s glans. Kaique’s moans, surprised, but actually pushes his hips forward making his glans kiss his little bro, who licks the elder’s large wet slit, before smiling and pulling his immense hardon away not to push their limits.

“30…30 centimeters! Big bro, you are bigger now than bigger bro used to be before!” says a seemingly surprised but actually smirky mischievous Cauan, before he stands up, and hands his older brothers the measuring tape. “My turn now!” he says, and the two older brothers eye each other, before Caio picks Cauan up, making the lad struggle laughing.

“No, no! You two should kneel!” he says as his body is lifted on the air by his oldest brother’s massive muscles, and his legs are grabbed and spread apart, revealing to all the world the glory of his massive red hard cock and balls, as well as his delicious buns. Seeing their laughter, Kaique smiles too, holding the tape, and starts to work. The middle brother, seeing the youngest in such dire a situation, laughs and grabs his balls, pulling them down as a way to pull back the foreskin from Cauan’s cock. Cauan protests, but the moans and his cock’s throbbing speak louder than words. Kaique then measures the hard, oozing rigid member, before letting go of it, allowing it to throb and bob up slapping Cauan’s youthful abs.

“27 centimeters… amazing… all of us seem to have grown, like, some 20%!” says the impressive and impressed middle brother, as Cauan is put back down. The younger brother smiles, satisfied, grabs the tape back and, pretending to be annoyed, he slaps his brothers’ asses.

“Don’t do that again! I also want to be measured up right next time!” he complains, and Caio just laughs and shrugs.

“We measured you perfectly, didn’t we Kaique?” he asks ironically. Kaique laughs too, taking his towel and throwing it at Cauan’s face.

“I think we did, now we should go get some breakfast, right, Caio?” he responds, and Caio nods. Cauan takes the towel smelling like his big bro from his face, and nods pretty strongly.

“Yes! We need to eat well to continue growing!” he says, and quickly the family’s attention is diverted back to what their version of normality.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Cauan is sitting down in his university’s library—one can mistake what the young stud is doing as studying, if only one doesn’t look at what he is scribbling there in his notebook. Looking more carefully, one would see set of tables calculating his and his brother’s cock sizes and estimated ejaculation, numbers calculating past growth and formulas estimating future growth. Cauan almost laughs as he sees the numbers, thinking he soon would have a surplus of spunk that’s let him wish way more than to just continue making his brothers hotter and hotter. Thinking about it, though, he ends up feeling a bit bad and biting his lips.

“But… I shouldn’t be the only one deciding what happens from our cum, it’s their cum too, after all…” he thinks, torturing himself a little, but then he remembers measuring his brothers’ and his own cock earlier today, and how happy everyone seems. There is really no harm in growing their bodies, he knows that, and his brothers cannot be says to not like it either! And so Cauan shrugs aside his concerns for now.

“Anyway, we still have a lot of growing to do before that, I don’t need to think about the future yet,” he concludes and closes his notebook, before leaving the library and going back to the main campus of his college.

As he walks to the pool, for his swimming practice, Cauan finds a couple friends who come chat with him and join him on his way there. These friends are all fellow freshmen, and although they all do different sporting activities, they have become quite close in the few months since the new school year had started. Besides Cauan, who is a swimmer, you had Paulo from the soccer team, and Joaquim, who plays tennis.

“So, is that invite to stay at your place tonight still standing?” asks Joaquim, as he half hugs Cauan as the three of them walk to the locker room. Cauan nods.

“Sure! As long as we don’t get in the way of my older brothers, we’ll have free rein over the house,” says the swimming star, who despite being a cute little brother at home is a bit of a leader of the pack amongst his friends. Joaquim smirks hearing that.

“Your older brothers, huh? I have seen them around campus… can’t really say I’d not like to get in their way, to be honest… sorry if hearing that makes you feel a bit uncomfortable, but damn, they are so hot!” says the tennis player, as he laughs, his cock throbbing thinking of Kaique and particularly Caio—who’s already graduated but can be seen sometimes around campus in some social activities for alumni.

“Nah, it doesn’t make me feel awkward at all. I also have eyes, I know what you mean,” says Cauan, shrugging, despite that comment making his mind fly to all sorts of places.

As the three friends get to the locker room they start undressing and changing into their respective uniforms. As they do that, Cauan watches his friends’ muscles and bulges, and after having put on his speedos—a pair he borrowed from Caio, which can fit his new bulge—he addresses his friends again.

“So, just as a curiosity, guys… if you guys had magical powers to do anything you want but… hmmm… only small things, what would you do?” he asks, curious. Joaquim shrugs.

“What do you mean by small things?” he asks, and Paulo laughs.

“So, nothing like changing the world?” suggests the soccer player. Cauan then tries to explain or at least give a feel of what he meant, and the two start scratching their heads as they leave the locker room, before each would be going their own separate ways.

“I guess I’d change myself and others around me so they could have the perfect bodies, as well as not having to worry about money and that sort of stuff. Basically, titties and bucks,” says Paulo, before he breaks away from the group to go join his team, temporarily leaving Joaquim and Cauan alone. Joaquim glances at Paulo as he leaves, and then smirks and whispers to Cauan.

“I think I’d make myself some brothers like yours, except… maybe Paulo has a good point. Titties are hot as fuck,” he says and then slaps Cauan’s naked back before the lads share a complicit smile. Soon afterwards, Joaquim too leaves to his own practice. Only Cauan continues thinking about it as he goes swim.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Cambiel comes flying through the wall, straight into Cauan’s bedroom—there, he finds not the hunkish little bro with his large cock, but two handsome lads sleeping on mattresses laid directly on the floor. The magical creature smirked as it smells the scent of rigid cocks and abundant cum coming from both of them, although the smell is faintly hidden as it is overwhelmed by the scent that the three brothers has impregnated their house with.

“There you are, you are late!” accuses Cauan with a low whisper as he enters his room, having previously been downstairs drinking some water. Cambiel glances at him.

“Good to see you kept your side of the bargain… we will attend your brothers today after I take care of these two,” says the fairy, and Cauan nods. He watches as Cambiel lowers his massive muscular self on the two teen athletes, and starts undressing them. He pushes down Joaquim’s underwear, revealing a nice 19-centimeter-long hard cock, covered by tight foreskin, leading Cambiel to lick his lips. It then moves to the right, its own leg-sized cock throbbing and leaking magical pre on Paulo’s face, as it lowers the lad’s boxers.

“He is a bit smaller but still has nice plump balls. I have to say, this anti-jacking off movement is the best thing humanity ever invented,” says the fairy smiling as its cock drools over Paulo. The lad mumbles something on his sleep, making Cauan’s eyes widen in surprise.

“Maybe you should do him first, to get him soothed!” he whispers, and Cambiel shrugs and nods. As the cum fairy’s majestic cock pokes against Paulo’s tight lips, the lad yawns and quickly the creature pushes the gigantic wet member through his mouth, inside his throat, making him gag and snore. Cambiel moans, as its hands grab and squeeze Paulo’s cock, which quickly starts oozing pre as it has not been touched in a while.

“I have to say, you brought me some great humans… you have a good taste… in friends,” says the fairy, as it licks the penis it held in its hands like a popsicle. Cauan shrugs, and scratches his massive pecs.

“So, good… you know, I can bring you more guys! I… I have many friends, teammates… I will let you have their cum, if you allow me to have a side wish today…” says Cauan, a little embarrassed. He coughs, and Cambiel looks at him with an eyebrow raised. Its tongue swirles around Paulo’s cock, which throbs furiously.

“You are such a devious little bastard, you know that? What do you want now?” asks Cambiel, rolling his eyes, despite thinking that this would not be a terrible bargain after all. Cauan bites his lips, a bit embarrassed.

“I want my brothers’ and my own balls and cocks to continue growing, but I want… I also want you to change reality, like you did for my big bro!” says Cauan, and the fairy engulfs Paulo’s cock, sucking it a couple times, moaning around it, and then pulls it out of its hungry mouth for a second, nibbling on the hard shaft as it spoke.

“That takes a lot of cum… I can do it, sure, but it takes a lot of power, although exactly how much depends on the specific wish. What exactly are you thinking of?” asks the fairy, before engulfing and sucking and suckling on Paulo’s cock once again, as it rocks its hips to fuck his face at the same time. The lad gags, his throat is expanded and penetrated, impaled, but even as the fairy’s gigantic balls slap Paulo’s face, he seems to sleep like an angel.

“I…I want you to normalize me touching my brothers, and our being together, like physically! Maybe… maybe if not for the whole world, as that’s like a big change, but at least between us! I want them to be fine touching me, not just as we do now, but in every way! I want them to feel about me like I feel towards them,” says Cauan, desperate, as his cock throbs thinking of having an even closer and deeper relationship with his brothers. Cambiel immediately, upon hearing that, pulls Paulo’s cock out of his lips and laughs.

“Boy, are you stupid? Your brothers and you have the same mind on that already, you just need to talk to them and push some levers. There… wish granted, now let me suck your friends,” it says, and Cauan stays there in shock, silent and shaken for a moment. He closes his fists and bites his lips, ready to protests, but he doesn’t. Slowly, realization hits him, and he laughs, until he notices that he—unlike the fairy—can be heard by other people.

He then silences himself and leaves his own room, letting Cambiel attend to its nightly duties, and goes next door to Kaique’s room. He moves in the total darkness, and then climbs into his big bro’s bed, moving next to him. The sudden noise and movement scare and wake Kaique up in the middle of the night. Noticing his little bro cozying up to him, the larger hunk glances confusedly at Cauan, yawning, as he mumbles some words.

“Cauan?! What are you doing here in my room? You should be in bed…” he says still mostly sleeping. Cauan bites his lips, afraid, his heart beating like crazy, until he hugs his big bro’s chest and puts his head on his arm, and, trying to sound confident and natural, as he responds.

“I wanted to sleep with you tonight, can’t I?” he asks, cutely, almost whispering, and Kaique’s cock actually throbs, as does Cauan’s, but the bigger sleepy lad just smiles and hugs the smaller jock pulling him his way, and caresses his hair almost instinctively.

“Of course, you can, li’l bro, sleep with your big bro, all right? Better like this?” says Kaique, almost immediately falling back asleep, as if that is enough reason for his unconscious to feel unpreoccupied again, knowing there is no problem around.

While he lays there in his big bro’s arms, Cauan’s heart is beating strong and fast, pumping his muscular body with excitement and happiness. He can hardly believe how easy it is to simply lay down and get to sleep with his big bro! If only he has realized it before, then perhaps… perhaps Cambiel is right and other things are also within reach? No magic needed, or, rather, the magic needed has already been involved.

It takes a few minutes for the cum fairy to finish Paulo and Joaquim, and finally float into Kaique’s room, its lips wet with saliva and some white cum, as it licks them clean. Cambiel looks down and sees Cauan laying wrapped in his big bro’s arms, still unable to sleep as he is just so excited.

“You lost no time, huh?” teases the creature, as it descends itself upon Kaique, crushing his body under its magnificent muscular frame as Cauan gets out of the way. Cauan is overly hard and excited, and so he stands up from the warm embrace, and biting his lips, he sees the magical cum fairy engulf his brother’s gigantic rod between its lips, and penetrate his delicious face with its gigantic soothing rod at once.

“I don’t, and you know what, you won’t either!” says the youngest of the three brothers, and in some ways the boldest, as he moves to the end of the bed, grabs Cambiel’s face, and pulls it up from his older brother’s delicious rod. “Tonight you’ll suck me first!” he commands, and initially Cambiel rolls its eyes from the ridiculous demand, until it notices Cauan is straddling his brother, grabbing Kaique’s cock as he spreads his ass out. Before even having much time to appreciate Kaique’s hard oozing member poking his tight hole, Cauan is lowering himself on his sibling’s gigantic member.

Cauan gasps loudly as the fat wet cockhead pops into, widens and crosses his tight ring, and then moans deliciously, trying to contain himself, as he lowers himself on his brother’s gigantic fat rod—which traverses, impales and opens his sensitive and tight insides. He then glares at Cambiel, as he impales his muscular ass on his big brother’s cock time and again, and more and more quickly. “I told you to suck me first,” says the bratty 19-year-old who is holding much more power in his hands (or rather, his balls) than he probably should.


Part 10: Cauan: Family Life

Kaique wakes up in the morning with his little brother sleeping naked on his side, with only a faint memory of him coming into his bed during the night. He observes the smaller hunk sleeping calmly, and then when he starts pulling his arm from under him the teenager mumbles some words and turns around to embrace his thick and muscular torso, breathing in Kaique’s strong smells. Kaique laughs a little awkwardly, as his little brother’s erection is now rubbing his thighs, as his own cock is hard and smashed against his hard abs.

“Hey, Cauan, you need to wake up,” starts to say Kaique as he fondles his little brother’s hair, until the 19-year-old lad looks up a bit groggy from being waken up like that, opening his eyes. “I don’t mind that you continue sleeping, but I need to get going, li’l bro,” says the older jock, as his little brother smiles, remembering the situation he put himself at. He buries himself in his brother’s burly pecs, sighing as he humps his big bro’s muscular thighs.

“All right… just a second…” says Cauan, moaning as his cock pokes Kaique’s balls. The older lad, not having been born yesterday, and noticing what his younger brother is doing, moves his hands to Cauan’s rear, squeezing his buns.

“Cauan, don’t play with fire. I thought you said you didn’t want us cumming until the weekend,” says the older lad, and Cauan nods slowly.

“You… are right… it’s just that I… I think you are so sexy, big bro. I… really love you and I love being with you, really close like this, it makes me really hard… I hope you don’t mind,” says Cauan, and Kaique blushes hearing those words, but he simply nods. Soon, he uses his strong arms to pull Cauan away from him, and just when the lad’s face gets pale and sad, Kaique moves up above his brother’s body, straddling him high enough that his fat oozing member covers half of Cauan’s face.

“I make you hard, little bro? Look what you do to me,” says Kaique, as his penis oozes pre on Cauan’s face and the smaller muscular lad moans, nibbling the underside of his older brother’s cock, pulling his foreskin.

“Big bro… you are hard all right…” says the needy impressed teen, as he licks Kaique’s shaft. “I want your cock inside me…” Cauan adds, almost moaning, overwhelmed by desire, suddenly disregarding his plans for their growth in exchange for instant pleasure. As he hears that, Kaique lets his cock slap his younger brother’s face as his hands travel between the younger stud’s legs, rubbing his ass, finding his hole.

“You do? Even with your friends sleeping in the room next to this one?” asks Kaique, as a finger slides inside Cauan’s hole. Both of them are making their dreams come true, and they see it in each other’s eyes. Kaique’s cock is oozing abundantly on Cauan’s face, as the smaller lad is dominated in his vision and smell and taste by his older brother’s member; meanwhile, Cauan’s own penis is throbbing against his tight abs.

“Yes! Big bro, yes! I want you so much, you and bigger bro are the people I love the most in life… I have always dreamed of us sharing everything, I have always desired it... Please fuck me big bro! I don’t care what my friends will think… I only care about us…” says Cauan, moaning, as his hole twitches around Kaique’s finger. The big brother nods silently and gets up from being on top of Cauan. He then moves to the front of the bed, lifts Cauan’s legs, exposing his tight pink bottom hole. Cauan moans as his cock is now rubbing almost at his pecs—the warm rod is close to his lips, close enough that he uses his hand to pick it up and move his neck to lick and kiss and suckle on it.

“You really want some big bro cock, huh? Then I have to make sure you can take it first, li’l bro,” says Kaique, as he slaps Cauan’s nice butt cheeks, making the lad gasp around his own mushroom cockhead, as he sucks himself. Kaique then lowers his face and starts licking and kissing his younger brother’s tight and perfectly kept hole, opening him up. Cauan’s cock oozes abundantly, in fact getting close to cumming just from knowing his big brother is eating his ass. He shrieks and trembles in pleasure as he sucks himself.

“Now let’s see if you can really take some big bro cock,” says Kaique, holding his gigantic member, at this time slightly longer than 30 centimeters fully hard. He pokes Cauan’s hole with his wet rod, and the whole sensitive lad trembles.

“Yeah, Que, fuck me deep…” he says, and Kaique then pushes his cock in, popping his little bro’s supposed virginity, making Cauan moan desperately as he suckles on his own cockhead. Kaique pushes his immense and fat penis deeper and deeper, stretching Cauan’s insides, making the lad moan. He then lowers his massive muscular torso between his little brother’s legs, and kisses his around his own throbbing cockhead, Kaique’s tongue swirling around Cauan’s sensitive glans as his penis pushes deeper and faster inside of the lad—poking his prostate and beyond, stretching and overfilling his insides.

As their kiss becomes wetter and wetter with Cauan’s pre and their saliva mixing, Kaique starts thrusting in and out of his younger brother faster and faster, and deeper and deeper, his balls now slapping the hungry ass as Cauan’s legs tied around his big bro’s torso, holding him down. Kaique’s hands are rubbing the sides of Cauan’s muscular body, as the little hole being completely stretched and impaled fills Cauan’s face with deep abundant pleasure.

It doesn’t take long for the younger lad to moan, tremble and his balls too contract as his cock shoot its seed into his mouth, on his own face as well as that of his older brother’s. As Cauan cums, he gasps in pleasure and his tight hole trembles and twitches, milking his older brother, who continues fucking him, even picking up pace, never stopping their wet kiss as their tongues lick and explore the fat oozing glans of Cauan’s member.

“So we are wasting our seed now, aren’t we, li’l bro?” teases Kaique as Cauan shoots, and then he starts licking Cauan’s spunk off of his face, as he continues to pound his younger brother’s asshole faster and harder, smashing his sensitive prostate, Kaique’s balls creating a loud slapping sound against the hot round ass. The older brother is now himself close to coming just seeing the slightly pained and fully blissful face of Cauan under him, when his door is burst open.

In shock, Kaique stops pounding his younger brother’s ass, even as Cauan—cock in his mouth and dick in his ass—doesn’t even bother lowering his pleasurable moans and gasps.

“That’s what I thought I had heard!” says the deep and strong voice of their oldest brother, seeing his two younger siblings fuck. “I can’t believe that’s where we are now…” he adds. Kaique is about to respond, when Caio takes a few steps towards him, slapping his large muscular ass. “You guys have the audacity of forgetting your biggest brother,” he complains, when he grabs his immense and completely hard manhood, and rubs in Kaique’s own ass crack, filling it with his wet rod.

Kaique moans as he feels the warm of brotherly male meat meet against his sensitive skin, and his eyes tear up as he thinks about how lucky he is, and how right this all is. It is like he has finally gotten what he has desired all along, his real place in life, life as it should be: being, literally, between his brothers. Anything else is but a forgotten nightmare.

“Sorry, Caio… Cauan slipped into my bed tonight and we kind of ended up like this, but you are welcome to join…” says Kaique, and Caio sighs, smirking. He slaps Kaique’s ass, making him push his hips forward, penetrating Cauan completely. The younger lad, feeling so much cock suddenly pushes inside him, moans, and his penis oozes more leftover cum into his out mouth.

“Of course I can,” says Caio, matter-of-factly. “The question is, should I punish you two for starting out without me? And how hard?” the biggest brother asks jokingly, as he pulls his own body from Kaique, just before pointing his cock to Kaique’s own hole, and pushing it forth—Kaique moans and gasps as his hole is suddenly invaded by the largest cock in the house, one which is so fat that even fully lubed with abundant pre still makes his rear muscles cry as they are forced to accommodate the member inside themselves.

“Ohhh, fuck, big bro! Hmmm, no need to be this harsh…!” laughs Kaique, actually drooling on Cauan’s cock as his whole body has shaken in pleasure as his hole starts being fucked by Caio. The bigger brother put his hands on Kaique’s back and then slid them around to his nice and full pecs, pinching his nipples.

“I’m the one to decide that, li’l bro. You and littlest bro were being egotistical and need to be corrected,” says Caio, squeezing and pinching Kaique’s muscular pecs and his sensitive hard nipples, as his cock pushes deeper and deeper filling Kaique’s hole and compressing his prostate. Soon the biggest bro starts really fucking Kaique, who moans and also thrusts his body back and forth between being impaled by Caio and stretching Cauan’s delightful tight ass.

“Oh, fuck, Caio… big bro! Not so hard!” says Kaique, actually rolling his eyes in pleasure as he has his cock milked by his little bro’s ass and his ass stretched by his big bro’s cock. Meanwhile Cauan moans, trembles and sucks himself in pleasure, and Caio pulls his cock almost fully out of Kaique—except the gigantically fat cockhead—and then pushes it all back in in one swift motion, his balls slapping the jock’s large ass repeatedly, like a large meat whip punishing his smooth skin.

“Yeah, big bro, harder…! Bigger bro, fuck him really deep!” moans Cauan mischievously, almost incoherently, as he moves his hands to Kaique’s hard buns to pull and spread them apart, helping Caio. Kaique is having a hard time thinking too, and soon he lost control of himself and his cock burst inside Cauan’s hungry hole, pumping load after load of hot white seed inside the smooth stretched out space. Cauan feels his hole being invaded by the hot seed and moans, while Caio feels his cock being compressed incoherently by Kaique’s overstretched muscles as they pumped out the necessary male liquids.

“Good li’l bro, now I’ll give you my seed as well!” says Caio as he then grabs Kaique’s head, pulls it up, forcing Cauan’s legs to untie his torso. As such, Kaique’s back forms a perfect arch, as his cock is still throbbing and ejaculating deep inside Cauan, and his round ass is being completely ravaged by Caio. Cauan is moaning and drooling, and Caio turns his head around and the two hunks kiss, as Caio’s fucking and impaling picks up even further steam, and his other hand squeezes Caio’s massive right pec.

“Hmmm, too much!” says Kaique in between wet kisses, closing one of his eyes as he is overflooded with pleasure from all possible parts. His mind can’t help thinking this is his perfect natural place though, in between his brothers, and that’s definitely why he has the biggest most crushing orgasm of his life. Caio’s balls slapping his ass are just so good, this whole thing makes him shoot and drool and moan too easily. “Ca…Caio… please cum inside me!” says Kaique unable to hardly think and just saying what he feels is right. The biggest brother, although trying to be tough, can’t avoid spoiling his middle brother, especially when the hot jock bites his lips pleadingly, and so in a moment his immense and experienced cock is ejaculating deep inside Kaique, making Kaique’s arms surround Caio as he breathes harder and deeper, feeling his hole being filled with endless amounts of male seed.

After his orgasm, Caio pulls out of Kaique, letting his semi-hard member ooze and drool leftover cum down his legs. He grabs and moves Cauan next to Kaique, and turns both lads around so they are laying on the bed, belly down, their legs out, buns spread up. Their holes are exposed and leaking some of the warm cum filling them inside.

“What are you doing, bigger bro?” asks a confused Cauan now that he is recovering from his previous mind-shattering orgasm. He feels his cock rubbing on the bed, as it’s pulled between his legs, his exposed ass cold from the wind.

“You two artful lads have made a whole mess of yourselves,” says the big bro, slapping hard the two exposed asses, as the lads moan. “I will now clean it up for you, and then you’ll go shower and we’ll meet downstairs for breakfast,” he says, and Cauan mischievously shakes his ass up and down, as Kaique’s hands move back to spread up his ass cheeks. Caio then kneels and uses his wide, wet, and talented big bro tongue to lick and clean their cum oozing asses, as they tremble and moan and their cocks eject any extra cum down the side of the bed.

After he finishes, Caio slaps his two brothers’ buns again. “Now, go shower and go put up something decent, seeing as we have guests! And tonight, I want you two to come sleep with me, all right?” he orders.

Kaique is the first to stand back up, smiling, and he nods as he grabs his little bro’s hands and helps him stand back up. “Sure, big bro…” he says, and hugs his muscular big brother. “I love you.” Cauan just smiles, nods, and goes after him to the shower as he happily thinks that he now finally has the family life he has always yearned for... not that good things cannot be improved upon, though.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

“This is not possible… I can’t possibly have grown this much overnight again!” says Kaique as he sits between to his brothers on the couch—the three of them are naked, as usual, and they have all been noticing changes to each other’s bodies during the week. While on Monday it has seemed like it might have been just a mistake, by Friday it is obvious something is changing, and it wouldn’t stop anytime soon—in fact, the speed of change seems to be growing exponentially.

“Yet you did. You are larger now than I was yesterday,” says Caio, whose massive hard cock now reaches 45 centimeters long, and whose balls are now as big as ripe melons.

“I know… but that is weird. You didn’t have that kind of growth spurt when you were my age,” responds Kaique, whose gigantic penis has peaked only after 40 proud centimeters of meat, crowning mango-sized cum-making orbs.

“Hmm, it’s a good think, though, isn’t it? Our competition tomorrow will be only more interesting because of that,” says Cauan with a smirk, as he slowly lowers his body onto his siblings, pushing his torso against their manhoods as his own delicious 35-centimeter rod rubs against Kaique’s side.

The middle brother moans as his hard member is compressed between his muscles and his younger brother’s hard body. “I guess, li’l bro… still, it’s shocking to have something like this happen out of our control, something we don’t know when it will end, if ever,” says Kaique, visibly disturbed. “We already have had to start walking on commando because there’s no underwear that fits anymore and… if this continues… soon it will be hard to hide our cocks at all,” he completes a bit worriedly. Cauan bites his lips.

“But hopefully it won’t end, right?” he asks, and Kaique nods softly, as his hands hug his brother’s midsection, and then he laughs.

“Well, hopefully not so soon… but still, it would be nice to have some control over it, don’t you think? Knowing we can stop it, at least, or when it would stop. It makes me wonder if it’s something on the water that’s doing that. What if it is something dangerous…?” says Kaique, and Cauan laughs as he is hugged but then stops when Caio pets his head.

“It is a concern, I have been worried about it too,” he says, sternly, and Cauan then turns around, looking up to the ceiling as he laid on his brother’s laps. All three of their cocks are hard, oozing pre onto their naked, toned up bodies.

Cauan lets the silence linger for a few seconds as he bites his lips. He is afraid of his big brothers’ reactions once they know what he did, but he also feels there is no reason to be afraid. It is better to come up and make everything transparent. They have never let him down and he doesn’t want to be the one keeping them in the dark anymore.

“I have a confession,” says Cauan, and he is petted by Caio.

“Is it something we already know, like how you are gay?” asks the silly older hunk, making Cauan frown.

“No, it’s serious!” says the muscular teen. “I have found out a great secret, but it must remain between us. It is what has been growing our penises and balls, and it can be used to grow any other part of our bodies, or even other things!” explains Cauan to a skeptic crowd. Kaique laughs.

“What is it? Magic?” he asks, and Cauan sits up on their laps, his ass rubbing on his brothers’ legs.

Yes! Que, you know what I mean, I am sure you still remember deep down how magic gave you me and Caio, as your brothers. That came from a wish you made, you made it to the cum fairies…! Magic created me and Caio as your brothers, and now it is changing us…” says Cauan, serious, and Caio laughs.

“Cum fairies? Come on, littlest bro, what does that even mean?” asks the elder brother, amusedly. Kaique though stops reacting for a second, becoming silent.

“They are fairies who give men blowjobs while they sleep, they take our cum and give us back small wishes! I made a pact with one of them, and they let me choose my own wishes for the three of us… Since more cum means more powers for them, I decided to increase our junk,” explains Cauan, and Kaique laughs again, but his cock throbs at the idea of being sucked in his sleep—and even of his little brother having such mastery of his own larger, more muscular body when he is unawake. Caio’s hands go to his little brother’s cock, and rubs it up and down.

“This isn’t due to magic, littlest bro, it’s just genetics,” he explains, and Cauan moans as his penis has had no direct human attention in five days, but he also looks pleadingly to Kaique, who has remained silent.

“Que…tell him. You know I’m right, don’t you?” says Cauan closing one eye of pleasure as his penis is handled by his immensely hot and strong oldest brother. Kaique opens his mouth, and then closes it again.

“I… you two are my brothers, this is the real world,” says Kaique, seriously, making Cauan’s smile disappear, and Caio’s turn into a smirk, as he punished his little brother for his stories by jerking him off tighter and faster. “But… I think it is true, Ca. There is a time when… I mean a world in which I had no brothers. Someone, or something, made the change for me… I thought it was a nightmare, but it really happened in another world…” says Kaique, softly, and Cauan nods jumping on his middle brother with a hug, their two cocks rubbing and slapping together, as Caio’s hands are orphaned.

“Yes! That is what happened! And now I have a deal with our cum fairy. They’ll harvest our semen at night, and we can make any wishes we want and they’ll make it come true to the best of their abilities. We can wish for anything… anything as long as we provide them enough cum,” says Cauan, now super excited to be finally sharing this with his brothers.

“Really?” asks Caio, still unconvinced, as his hand moves to Cauan’s tight ass, and rubs the exposed crack up and down. Cauan moans.

“Yes, really!” he says, between moaning. “We’ll need a lot more cum for bigger wishes, but we can ask for anything with enough semen,” he confirms. Kaique laughs.

“And what did you have in mind, little bro?” asks the middle brother to his younger sibling. The handsome teen smiles.

“Ah, a new world order. But first, we have got to change ourselves into our dream forms,” says the ambitious younger man, making his elder brother laugh and grab his body, pulling him up from Kaique’s lap and pulling him onto his own.

“You will have to be more specific than that, littlest bro. You make yourself sound like a megalomaniac,” says Caio, and Cauan rolls his eyes, as he grabs his elder’s cock, rubs it up and down, and then moves his ass up and positions it so his brother’s massive erection is dividing his two generous ass cheeks.

“I am, you two are too. It’s a golden opportunity, Ca. Let’s make the world a better, more interesting place… please….,” asks the younger brother, and Kaique also looks at Caio.

“Come on, if this magic thing gave me you guys, and gave us these massive rods, it can’t be that bad, bro,” says Kaique as he jerks his own member, both him and Cauan waiting for their elder’s reaction. Caio then sighs, moaning as Cauan teases his member with his massively delicious hard ass.

“Sure, we can try. I trust you guys, and it sounds fun, I guess,” says the biggest man.


Part 11: Cauan: New World Order

It has been exactly a month, thirty days and thirty nights, since Cauan has first made his little pact with the cum fairy. The temperature, the rain, the sky, they all seem about the same as Cauan wakes up, feeling his bigger bro’s Caio’s touch on his shoulders telling him the day is supposed to start.

“Come on, littlest bro, you said you’d try to wake up earlier, remember? You have to wash up before class,” says his oldest brother, as Cauan yawns, rolling his eyes and asking himself why he doesn’t spend some of his magical wishes asking people’s days to start after 10 a.m.—and then he remembers why, as he opens his eyes and glances at his elder: priorities. Being woken up at 7 a.m. by a hunkish big bro with arms bigger than most people’s waists is more important than sleeping in a couple more hours.

Now, Cauan, as do Kaique and Caio, no longer sleeps on a bed like most people do—no, he now sleeps atop his own majestic manhood, arms and legs hanging on the sides of the round member, usually in between his bigger brothers. The three sleep together—their cocks entangled or parallel to one another, it depends—in a massive room which they also share in their now one-story house. The three have long, overgrown beds, couches and most other normal furniture, as their reproductive organs have, in the last 30 days, grown to biblical proportions through the magic of compounding. Indeed, as Cauan has hoped, their sizes have continued to grow for the whole month in the same rhythm as in the first days of their fateful new life, and yet their growth gives no sign of respite.

After only 30 nights, Cauan’s cock itself coveres three and a half meters with its fat warm plumpness, over which the lad is now resting. Such a gigantic member is accompanied by massive oven-sized balls, and thus the constant oozing of the three brothers make their room smell almost like a sex dungeon.

“Come on! If I leave for work before you are ready, who will help you clean your cockhead?” asks Caio, seriously, as his hands go rub the younger lad’s back—and there is a lot of back to rub, as by now Cauan himself has grown to just slightly above 3 meters in height. All that complaining and rubbing finally make Cauan sit on his own cock, as he rolls his eyes, his buns feeling pretty good against his exposed soft skin.

“Big bro would,” says the bratty 19-year-old, a bit annoyed but then also sighing and accepting he has to start his day eventually. He looks to his bigger bro and smiles, knowing there’s no better thing to see as one wakes up than that 3,5-meters-tall muscular hunk sporting a cock which almost reached five meters when fully hard, as it is now. Caio looks incredibly hot standing there with his massive chest and his fat nipples, which seem so kiss-worthy that Cauan is strongly considering calling a ‘family conference’ to add to their Wishlist the ability of making milk from their pecs.

“Kaique had early classes today, Cauan, he already left,” reminds Caio, and the teen megahunk sighs heavily, turning around to hug his brother’s fat cock with his own large thick arms, nesting it against his thick masculine pecs, and licking the shaft of its oozing pre.

“Okay, okay, bigger brother! You win! But only because it’s you,” says Cauan, giving his brother’s penis a good squeeze and rub, and a long lick, before standing upright himself, allowing his cock free from under his body’s weight, and thus letting its hard mass jolt up, slapping his muscles with a wet splash.

“Let’s go, then, bigger bro. I’m starving!” says Cauan, grabbing Caio by the arm and then walking with him out to the kitchen where they’d eat to their heart’s content, before getting on with their day. By now, the only reason the lads can even lift their cock and walk at all is because their heights has also massively grown, with muscles to match and then some.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Kaique can’t take the bus to university anymore, as the world in general isn’t really adapted to his body, and he literally doesn’t fit inside public transportation anymore—always being naked doesn’t help, as he finds that many people complain of sharing crowded spaces with him, as his massive muscles and regal sex organs are 100% exposed 100% of the time. Thus, he drives his uniquely adapted car, which basically sets two people in the far back of the vehicle, while allowing for a massive storage space in the front. There, he can stow his cock and some luggage or—when he gives Cauan a ride—compress his own member alongside that of his younger brother mostly safely—as long as both avoid an erection.

Walking around campus is not as hard now as it once had been for Kaique. Since they used some cum power to make the changes to their bodies retroactive, people don’t stare at the brothers now as much as they used to a few days before—of course, there is still some glancing, some intentional bumping, but that is to be expected. After all, there only are three people like him, and no more—only Caio, Cauan and himself. And the three of them live in the same area.

The titan brothers, they are called by the media.

The milk boys, some people joke.

Kaique eventually gets to his classroom, managing to pass through the double door by turning to the sides so his wide torso can go through more easily, and lowering himself down so he wouldn’t slam his head on the wall. All this trouble going around is what made him always try to get first to places. True to form, the hunk immediately goes and sits at his designated seat—in the middle of the front row, so he can push his member under the desk and let it hang forwards its almost 4 and a half meters without getting too much in the way of other students during class. Of course, that botheres the professors somewhat, as it makes his cock protrude into the middle of the area they use, but it is the arrangement the university has set up for him and Cauan, which they had developed for Caio before them.

It doesn’t take long after Kaique arrives for his classmates to start filling the room, most trying to seat in places that allow them to glance at him whenever they feel like it, but not so close that they’d risk directly interacting with ‘the thing’. In fact, if they want to cross to the other side of the room they typically go behind Kaique, rather than over his member. Yet, Kaique is watched from all sides, and he knows it, which makes his member throb, and ooze his juice down on the floor, as it slaps the cold tiles down pretty loudly.

“Hey man, the beast is angry today, huh!” says one of Kaique’s friends as he enters the classroom, coming to talk to him. The larger man laughs, his thick muscles shaking and flexing as he does, his cock bobbing a little even as his hand moves to hold it down.

“Yeah, couldn’t shower with my little brother before class so… this is what I have to deal with today,” explains the hunk, and his friend nods, understanding. Instead of standing to talk to Kaique, his friend decides to approach the jock and sit on the shaft of his immense cock. Used to that, Kaique shows no reaction to it, even as his friend straddles his penis as if it were a large pipe. Of course, sitting there like that warrants some risks—turbulence, they call it, when Kaique’s cock throbs and shakes—but it is still nice and warm and pretty comfortable.

“You should really jack off then, man. It would make you more comfortable and probably would mean less people glaring your way,” says his friend, and Kaique shrugs.

“Nah, I’m used to this, and there’s no way around getting people looking, in my case. Besides, my brothers and I have a deal, we don’t masturbate,” he responds, and his smaller friend then shrugs, before getting off of Kaique’s cock on the other side, and then walking to sit next to him on that side.

“Well, if that is what you guys decided, who am I to criticize it? Still, it seems hard for you this way,” he says, and Kaique laughs, shrugging, as he flexes some muscles, making his cock slap the floor with a loud thump, more and more pre coming out, falling in a gutter they have made right in front of that one seat where Kaique is supposed to sit.

“Yeah, man, it’s pretty fucking hard, but it’s worth it! Jacking off is a waste, really,” responds the large jock, before the professor enters and class starts.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

After work and studies, Kaique, Caio, and Cauan met back at home, going to their massive shower to wash themselves. The room is basically an adapted car-wash where the lads can clean each other as water pours on them from many different sides, and that’s exactly what they do—Kaique works on Caio’s cock, rubbing it up and down with soap and sponges, while Cauan does the same to him, and Caio is handing and washing the youngest of their members. All the three brothers love this part of their day, which they also use to chat and bond together.

“Hmmm, so I have been thinking,” starts Caio. “Now that we reached a nice size, and we make so much cum, maybe we should start changing a few more people outside of our family,” he suggests, as he also moans from Kaique burying his hand in his older brother’s slit, to clean it from the inside out. “You know, work would be much easier if there were other burly guys out there who also demand larger spaces and so on,” he adds, pragmatically. Kaique ponders it for a while.

“Or those burly guys could work for us!” says Kaique, smirking. “We could make some guys grow muscles and employ them to help us as our bodies become… too big for reality, let’s say. Even now, I really think we could use some more hands at home, like washing all our muscles and cleaning—” says Kaique, before he is interrupted by Cauan liking and nibbling on his glans.

“No! We can wash our own muscles and for cleaning the house we can always hire maids!” protests the youngest sibling. “The focus should be on improving the family! I want to get us to be able to produce milk…” he says, and the older lads eye each other. “I’m serious! Hear me out! Imagine if my, or big bro’s, or bigger bro’s large male tits could make some nice warm male milk for us? That’s the best improvement we can make! We could feed and milk each other, it’d be really good…” contests Cauan as the three brothers start debating the pros and cons of each proposal. At the end of a few rounds of talks, even Cauan admits it wouldn’t be bad at all if men outside of the family were more muscular and had larger cocks, after all.

Their debate is practical, although deep down they know that, all things considered, as long as they continue expanding their own bodies, their cocks and their balls, they have time and cum on their side, and can make almost anything come true.


Part 12: The Fairy Office IV

It takes a month and a day for the other fairies to find out, but Cambiel’s little secret has finally been discovered, and for the stupidest of reasons. Not accounting, since in terms of pure accounting there is nothing really wrong with what Cambiel has been doing. After all, Cambiel has made sure to concede wishes to the three brothers that are smaller than the equivalent amount of cum collected from their bodies. There is also no corruption, no embezzlement—only the cum the brothers provided, abundant as it is, is ever used to change their lives; never any outside supply is added in. The problem is that the whole system is being subverted, played with, mocked, since the brothers are the ones controlling their own wishes, and they chose particular wishes which are the taboos of taboos: growing their bodies like cum fairies would.

No, the reason that gets Cambiel discovered is the silliest of them all: once the brothers decided to use a small portion of their relevant cum magic to improve upon the bodies of some of their friends, their own cum fairies noted the changes in cock fatness and length. After that, it took but a few hours to trace to brothers down and their own cum fairy.

This is, of course, an annoying and stupid reason to get caught—Cambiel almost wants to kick itself for not predicting it, as the basics of a fairy’s job is to know the cock and cum of their humans. The truth that is hard to admit, however, is that those megalomaniac brothers are managing to clout Cambiel’s better judgement, and so their dirty little secret is about to be exposed anyway—be it through the media, through the guardian angels, or in some other incredibly messy manner. Indeed, Cambiel has to thank the skies that the secret has been found by its own department, as in this way there is a hope it can be resolved as an internal matter.

Still, Cambiel doesn’t have the support of its immediate bosses: Rafael has quite clearly told it to stop before. Worse, once they sent another cum fairy to measure the brothers’ yield, they find that each brother is producing between 900 and 1600 times more cum than a normal male would under the same circumstances. The amount of cum magic they are channeling to their own ends is the equivalent of a small city!

And so, Cambiel is punished by its boss again one more time—now, instead of stamping its chest with strong words, they have fully restricted its powers, albeit temporarily. To do so, they have Cambiel’s legs strapped and pushed up, then tied to its arms. Then, they pull Cambiel’s immense rod and force it into its mouth, effectively gagging it. Finally, they spread out Cambiel’s ass cheeks, and pushes inside a long and fat magical dildo, perfectly shaped to compress its internal magical prostate, which suppresses most of the fairy’s magic, making its body behave fundamentally like that of a human. Of course, given the gigantic size of Cambiel’s muscles, that means it can’t fly anymore, and so it is basically under arrest.

Cambiel painfully waits for its case to be heard by the owner himself, having only the hourly vibrations of his punishment dildo to keep track of time, but this is not an easy case for him to win. The cum fairy community has been shaken and shocked by the news of what the three brothers under Cambiel’s jurisdiction has become—they are now bigger than 99.9% of the cum fairies themselves, and they have grown exclusively using the power of the cum they themselves produced! And all of that in only a month! These facts shake the very principles of what the cum fairy code is, of what they are doing all this for. Considering how important Cambiel’s case is, how impactful it would be, and how its simple existence is causing shock and even open rebellion amongst the cum fairy ranks, its hearing with the owner is scheduled for the following day.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Before its audience, Cambiel’s representative goes to the room where it is being held, and pulls the long dildo from its asshole, making Cambiel moan around its own hard throbbing cock. As Cambiel feels its powers coming back, it can float around, and release itself com the chains. As Cambiel’s body gets free, it pulls its cock from its mouth, releasing the soaked, wet monster and letting it sway around, before wiping the drool and pre around its lips and chin.

“Time to go. Be careful, today is possibly the most important day of your life,” says the representative, and then they, Cambiel, its boss, and its boss’s boss leave the fairy cum complex. The four of them fly upwards, above that which is above the clouds. They fly past the ozone layer and past the stars, reaching towards the sun itself.

When one is far, the sun is hot. When one is close, the sun is blinding. After that, however, as one’s body adjusts, one can see and feel the sun in its sublime totality—the perfection of perfections.

Surrounded by light, therein lies the owner, guarded and served by a big army of perfect angelical studs. Even from a great distance, the owner’s being is a sight to behold: it is the sun itself; its weight, its immenseness, create the gravitational field that pulls the world together. Its form is thus: a gigantic, seemingly endless cock, of a size many millions time bigger than even Rafael. In one tip, an immense cockhead, purple, hungry, wet—its foreskin is pulled back, revealing the full shape of the star-sized mushroom. Out of its tip flows a never-ending gush of cum, ambrosia, seed, which continues to the distance and produces the milky way. On the other end of the endless sun-cock one can see two immense orbs forming the owner’s scrotum, each looking so big and heavy that they distort space-time, working in producing the fluids that the gigantic cock pumps out of its proud tip.

In between those two ends, laid a much smaller but still gigantic section of the owner’s body, as if sitting or riding his cock—their torso, legs, arms, head and all the other parts of itself. Those are not nearly on the same scale as the gigantic, endless cock that the owner sports and which is the owner itself—but still, they are several orders of magnitude larger than the corresponding features in the biggest and most muscular of the cum fairies. They are so big that they can be distinguished even from a great distance.

Cambiel and its small entourage goes towards the owner, passing by angels which looks tiny in comparison to the sun itself, but that now they find to be the size of houses, skyscrapers or even whole mountains. One of such angels, one of a sublime delicate beauty and a long soft drooling cock, approaches their group.

“You came to hear from Mithra? Who are you, exactly?” asks the creature, which in size would be comparable to Mons Olympus, in Mars. The creature shone with their own light, and its brown skin only accentuate its strong green eyes—each larger than Cambiel’s whole body.

“I am Rafael, the first amongst the cum fairies, we have come to close a case on Earth, the one about the three brothers who have been using cum magic processed through a cum fairy to grow their physical selves and even others,” explains Rafael, and the mountain of a creature nods, extending its gigantic hand forward.

“I see, I heard about that. Let me carry you to see the boss, or you shall never reach him,” it says, and Cambiel, Rafael and the others sit in the middle of the handsome creature’s hands to be escorted closer and closer to the sun. As they are carried closer, the cum fairies can’t help but moan and orgasm, tainting the gigantic hand that carts them up with their incomparably small cum ejections. Even Rafael, who tries to be stoic and remain composed, has a long hard orgasm which drenches his own self in male liquids, albeit to little consequence to the mountain-sized angel.

“Here we are,” says the mountain of an angle, who is himself incredibly big but that close to the sun one can now see is only the size of the pupil in his eyes. The angel announces their presence to Mithra, whose eyes look down towards those tiny insignificant creatures.

“I will hear the case,” says Mithra, his voice seeming to shake the universe, and then the situation is dutifully explained to him by Rafael, representing the cum fairies, and then repeats with another spin by Cambiel’s representative. Mithra looks at them attentively, before nodding his head.

“You are both wrong. Cambiel is wrong according to the current order, but it is the current order that has to change. The cum fairies have the magical ability of processing cum for their power, but they can’t produce magic-rich cum by themselves. Meanwhile humans produce endless amount of cum, but can’t use and process its magic. I once gave the cum fairies the privilege of collecting human cum, in exchange of a magical payment, but this system, while remaining in theory, has long since been corrupted against the interests of the humans or that of the cum fairies. It has served only to limit them. As such, I want the fairies to reform the system. From now on, instead of interpreting human’s desires, the cum fairies will ask them in dream what they want, and it will come true. If the humans desire to grow massive cocks that chug endless magic and cum, as I do, they shall be allowed to do so, but only out of their own volition,” says Mithra, and as his voice echoes, the deed is as good as done, but he still thinks it good to frown, and complete his command with a warning. “If not, and if some repeat the deeds of Lucifer, then I myself shall move after them.”

“But my lord, what if the humans become as big as buildings, or as cities? The power of their cum is endless,” says a shocked Rafael, completely unable to comprehend the true scope of Mithra’s orders. Mithra laughs hard, shaking the whole universe, and all the small angelic team.

“If they so desire, why stop them? Isn’t that what we also want, Rafael?” asks Mithra, and the leader of the cum fairies nods slowly, flying a little backwards, and then clearing its throat.

“And how will we continue to serve you, my lord?!” asks a fearful Rafael, before Mithras moans as the thickness of the flow of the milky way many light years away thickens.

“That’s why…hmmm… that’s why you shall continue charging a contribution for processing their magic, Rafael,” says Mithra as he starts losing himself in his infinite orgasm once more. And so the gigantic angels ask the cum fairies to departure, avoiding the thick and infinite amount of cum shooting into the universe.

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