Cave of worshippers

by SomeMuscleGuy

After a strange workout session with his friend Ben, Mike wakes up restrained in a cave, surrounded by cultists who want to make him their muscle god.

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Part 1 After a strange workout session with his friend Ben, Mike wakes up restrained in a cave, surrounded by cultists who want to make him their muscle god. (added: 21 Jan 2023)
Part 2 Now the god of this strange muscle growth religion, Mike and his cult have some fun exploring their new bodies before making their way to the biggest shrine that the religion has to offer.  (added: 6 Apr 2024)
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5 As the Muscle Growth Ceremony begins, Mike realizes that he doesn’t know how much he is going to grow. Already triple the height and thousands of pounds beyond the largest humans, he idly wonders if the mansion will be capable of containing him, not remembering that he is destined to become a God.  (added: 20 Apr 2024)
Part 6
Part 7 Now capable of growing his body all on his own, Mike can’t help but realize that the entire city is full of people he can grow to give him even more size. As the biggest growth spurt of them all racks his body, he comes up with a plan that will take things from massive to gargantuan, no matter how chaotic the growth becomes for the people down below.  (added: 27 Apr 2024)
Part 8
Part 9 As every human in the region is overtaken by chaotic growth that is directly feeding its size to Mike and Ben, the duo finds their own growth accelerating exponentially as their bodies surge beyond what anyone and anything ever thought was possible: and that was just the beginning. (added: 8 Jun 2024)
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Part 1

The door swung open as the familiar sound of my boyfriend’s whistling echoed around the room. Someone was in a good mood today!

“Hey, hun! How are you?” I yelled excitedly, jumping up from the couch. Ben walked into view. I’d seen him hundreds, if not thousands of times over the two years that we had been together, but I still couldn’t resist him.

“Even better now!” he yelled back, leaning down and pulling me into a soft, tender kiss. My arms wrapped around his body as I pushed into him, feeling his muscles cushioning the soft impact. Ben was taller than me, coming in at 6’ 3.” He always wore clothes that showed off his well-defined muscles, which was constant eye-candy for me. Today he wore a tight athletic shirt, which wrapped and warped around his nicely defined pecs. He pushed his waist into me, which sported an already-hard cock that bulged against my midriff through his gym shorts.

I stood at 5’ 11.” I had an average build. Nothing to write home about, certainly. Today was a ‘comfy clothes’ day, meaning I was wearing your average sweat pants and loose fitting shirt. He pulled back from his embrace, looking me up and down.

“Are you going to put on your gym clothes?” he asked. I drew a breath inwards, before talking. Ben could clearly see the hesitation in my eyes.

“Are we sure today is the best day? I mean… it’s probably going to be crowded! Everyone goes to the gym in January.” I could see Ben’s posture deflate a little bit.

“Mike…” he said, putting a hand on my shoulder, “it’s okay to be nervous. I’m going to help lead you through everything. You’ll be in the best hands.” His eyes looked down at me with a warmth that filled my soul. I let out a deep sigh, breaking eye contact.

“Okay, but you’ll probably need to spot me for every lift,” I said, smirking. I poked his thick bicep with my finger, before flexing my own arms. An unimpressive, measly lump rose where my bicep was supposed to be.

“All in good time, Mike. On that note, go put on your gym attire. Let’s go! I’ll drive.”

To my surprise, the workout went really well! We tried a large assortment of both free weights and machines that worked on different muscle groups. Ben was there every step of the way, making sure I was using proper form, giving me pointers, and spotting me whenever I needed it. Nobody stared. Nobody judged. In fact, I felt fantastic that I was in a space where I could work on the health of my body! Part of me understood the drive that brought Ben here multiple times per week. The workout itself completely drained me, and left me exhausted as I lowered the bar on my final rep at the Bench Press.

“Come on, Mike. One more!” he yelled enthusiastically. My hands gripped the bar tightly as I pushed with every fiber of my being to raise it to the sky. I felt my face grow red as a drop of sweat rolled down my temple. My breath came out ragged and forced. My upper body screamed to relax, but I pushed even harder. The bar slowly rose higher and higher, before stopping about halfway up as they nearly gave up to exhaustion. Ben’s hands hovered near it, ready to catch it in case I failed.

‘Fail? I can’t fail. Just a little more!’ I thought. Light muscular definition was visible on my arms and chest as I pushed them harder than I had ever done before. My entire body shook as the final ascent was made. I grunted loud as my arms began to straighten, the pressure starting to soften on my joints. I felt an odd wave of arousal spiral through me as I heaved it up, bringing it just high enough that I could set it on the rack above me.

“10!” I screamed out, letting out a huge breath of air as the sound of clapping echoed above me.

“Damn, Mike! Now that was impressive!” I felt a water bottle slap into my hands as I gushed down the wonderful, cold liquid. My cock was rock hard, but slowly went away as I massaged my sore muscles. I wasn’t sure if I had ever pushed my body that hard before.

“Now let’s go stretch, and then let’s hit the showers!” he said happily. Seeing Ben this enthused about having a partner to go to the gym with made me feel closer to him than ever. I smiled back, raising myself off the bench so I could go stretch.

Our footsteps reverberated off the walls of the tile environment as we made our way into the showers. Although it was completely empty, the air felt wet. We walked underneath the shower heads, stripping down completely naked in the public area. I felt hesitant for a moment, but it seemed so common to Ben that I assumed nobody else would care. I eyed his pumped body for a moment. The fluorescent lights wrapped around his muscles, casting small shadows that only further accentuated how big he looked. He was by no means a professional bodybuilder, but he definitely attracted the eyes of onlookers. His clothes always hugged his muscles, a trait I had grown to love. Looking at his body motivated me to look at my own. Barely any muscular definition covered me, and my muscles felt like dead weight from how tired they were. I inwardly shrugged before reaching for the nozzle, turning the shower on. I slightly turned away from Ben to give him his own privacy. Refreshing, warm water poured over my sore shoulders as I started to rinse away all the grime from the tough day. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the relaxing aura it gave off as steam filled my nostrils. .

What I didn’t see was Ben staring at me as he noticed something odd. He was minding himself and cleaning up before it caught his eye. A sigil. It was on the middle of my back, just underneath my neck, and between my shoulder blades. It shimmered with an odd, golden glow. It was almost as if lines were etched into the surface of my skin. Ben’s eyes grew as wide as dinner plates as he came to the realization of what this meant. He instantly grew hard and leaned in even closer to confirm. He gasped, before clapping his hand over his mouth so he wouldn’t alert me.

Ben had kept a secret from me that I wasn’t aware of since the day we had met. He was a part of a very secret and divine cult of bodybuilders that worshiped the god of muscle, endowment, and strength. Cult was a light word for it. The word ‘religion’ fit even better. The entire practice was built off of old folklore stories that were passed down from generation to generation, and the only proof was one piece of writing. The only book left behind from ancient times. It talked of an ancient being who ascended, becoming a god among the people as he swelled to impossible sizes. Upon his passing many years later, it was said that there would be another. The book talked about how this same sigil would be imprinted onto the vessel that their new god was said to have. Me. It would only make itself known after a human pushes their body past its limit. This god was said to be nearly impossible to find, and could be on the most unsuspecting person at any point in history. My workout had just activated the rune, making me one piece of a two-part puzzle.

I heard a couple of footsteps depart as I opened my eyes again, turning to look at Ben, but he was gone! “Ben?” I questioned out. His towel was gone, but his shower was still on. Had he really left that quickly? I picked up my own towel, shut off the water, and headed towards the locker room. His clothes, bag, and cell phone were gone, too! My phone vibrated as a text message came through. It read: ‘I’m so sorry. I felt extremely sick all of the sudden. I’ll text you as soon as I am home!’.

I scoffed. He could have at least told me that he was heading out. How was I supposed to get home? I could have just spent the night at his place if it was such an issue, or I could have driven him if he felt sick. Annoyed, I dressed, ordered an Uber, and headed home, completely oblivious of the marking on my back.

I woke up to my phone vibrating on my bedside table. Finally. I hadn’t heard anything, but an “I’m fine” since the night before, and I was still mildly annoyed that I was abandoned at the gym last night. I picked it up, accepting the phone call. Before I could say anything, a flurry of words came through.

“Hey, Mike. Sorry about last night. I’m feeling much better today. Do you want to meet up and talk about it?” I could only stammer out a few words.


“Perfect! Meet me at our usual place, the coffee shop on the corner of 9th and Broadway. See you in 30 minutes?” he asked.

“Yeah. I’ll see you there.” I replied. The phone hung up instantly. Weird. I guess he’s super eager to make up? Sighing, I threw off my covers and got ready to go talk it out. I put on pants and a decently fitting short-sleeve shirt. With that, I walked out the door.

My car pulled into the parking lot in front of the coffee shop. The location that we met. I was a barista and he came in for multiple days straight, dropping corny pickup lines and chatting more and more. He was seemingly entranced with me. Only a week later, he asked me out. Since then, we’ve been inseparable.

“Mike, back here!” a yell emerged from the alleyway behind it. It broke me out of my trance as I curiously looked. Why wouldn’t he want to meet inside the coffee shop? I locked my car, and walked around the building, the smell of roasted coffee beans and fresh pastries wafting through the air.

“Ben?” I said, rounding the corner. No one was here. I walked down the length of the narrow openings between buildings and watched as an ominous black car parked at the far end of the alley, its doors opening. I expected Ben to step out, but instead two large, muscular men emerged, eyes locking with me. I stopped in my tracks. They walked into the alleyway, picking up pace as my heart dropped into my stomach. I flipped around, ready to leave, but Ben was there, directly behind me! He closed his hand around my nose and mouth, a cloth with a mysterious liquid pressed over me. My eyes went wide as a weird odor permeated my senses. I felt my consciousness slowly slip away as I was carried towards the car.

Weird sensations flooded through me as the passage of time occurred. Being carried. Laying on the cushions of a car. The distant radio chattering nonsense. Being carried again. A colder, crisp air flowing around me. Dampness. And then..

My eyes darted open as I drew in a huge breath of fresh air, feeling as if I had just woken up from a bad dream in my bed. My vision was foggy. I felt a cold, hard surface underneath me as I shook my head slightly. I took deep breaths as my headache quickly disappeared. The air smelled dry, but with an edge of wetness, like a fresh rain. The rest of it felt natural. Earthy. A smell I was not used to. It permeated my standard shirt and pants, rising into my sinuses. My eyes slowly cleared up as I blinked rapidly, hardly able to see anything but what came through the hallway by my door. I tried to reach my left hand up to rub my eyes, but felt the cold sensation of metal pressing against my wrist instead. What? I tried my right hand, and felt the same. My arms were bound in place. I looked down at my ankles. They were bound, too! Large, metal chains connected to the shackles that ran multiple feet away from me on every side, before being clamped to the rock beneath it. Rock?

Suddenly, torches illuminated in a large circle, making me wince from the sudden brightness in the dark space. Fwoom! They made their way around, each torch connected to a large figure in a robe, completely surrounding me. I counted 15 individual people, each one as large and as intimidating as the next. They placed their torches on the racks mounted to the walls, further illuminating the space.

“What the-who are you? Where am I? Let me go!” I yelled, hearing my voice bounce around the cave. Cave? I wasn’t in my room, after all. The light that I had seen that came in from the corner was from somewhere further up the tunnel. The space seemed to be around 30 feet tall and around 100 feet wide. I pulled at my chains, the sound of metal on metal filling my ears as I struggled to pull myself free. It was impossible. The chains were incredibly thick and hardly budged at all. You could tow a car with them.

“Relax, Mike,” said a familiar voice. The first bit of normalcy since I had woken up. I gasped, raising my head up just enough to see Ben. He wore a robe, just like all of the others, but his was a different color. A dark shade of red, instead of the typical black. He held a book in his hands. The pages were a murky shade of yellow. The spine was ripped and bound in leather. It was definitely very old.

“Ben, what the hell is going on? This isn’t funny. Let me go!” I squirmed.

“I will…if you’re good enough,” he teased. He raised the book up, making direct eye contact with me.

“I haven’t kept you in the loop, and for that, I am sorry. In fact, I never even thought for a moment that you’d be the one with such an important marking. I had almost given up. Years of my life dedicated to this cult of worshipers Looking for the marking that would set aside men from gods. You want to know why I’m out of the house so much? To find ‘the one’. We have been looking for you, Mike. For the marking that is on your back. The true god of muscle and strength.”

“What…?” I questioned, shaking my head as if I was trying to wake up again. “Marking? What marking?”

“I hadn’t noticed it until yesterday at the gym. The marking only makes itself known when the bearer of the sigil is pushed beyond his physical limit. So, my guess would be right after you struggled on the bench press and lifted your new personal best. When we were showering yesterday, I saw it. A golden emblem that graced the space just beneath your neck. A sign that this religion isn’t dying, but is instead about to be reborn for the first in thousands of years.” he explained.

“You’re talking crazy, Ben! Let. Me. Go,” I commanded.

“No, and since I didn’t expect you to believe me, let’s start the ritual, shall we?”

Ben snapped his fingers, all of the figures dropping their robes instantly, revealing their naked bodies. Every single follower was rippling with muscle, even bigger than Ben had been. Each of them was the size of a professional bodybuilder, ranging in size from impressive to obsessive roided freaks. Their cocks ranged from average to above average, but each one was hard. Some were even dripping pre as they shuddered with delight.

“What are you going to do to me?” I said, exasperated.

“You’re going to grow, Mike. Not just to my size. Not to theirs. Much… much bigger. You’re our new god, and a god deserves to swell, doesn’t he?”

“What? That’s ridiculous. It’s just fantasy, it’s—” My voice was cut off. All at once, they started chanting words from a language I couldn’t comprehend. The words matched in both unison and tone, almost like a choir. Suddenly, I felt a pressure form on the middle of my back. A warm sensation that started to spread throughout my body, filling my torso, arms, legs, and even cock. I could feel it brewing underneath my clothes. Suddenly, a glowing circle erupted around me, spreading quickly around the room. A much larger version of the sigil that was on my back was imprinted on the floor beneath me, and it was being activated! Each worshiper stood in a designated circle at the edge of the emblem.

“You can feel it, don’t you? Warmth filling every available space of your body. Your heartbeat is accelerating. Your cock is growing hard. You know you want it.,” beckoned Ben in a seductive tone. I pulled against my restraints, feeling the same warmth he talked about flow through me with a building desire. My dick grew harder than I had ever felt it get in my entire life. It swelled out of my underwear, barely peaking at the edge of the waistband of my pants. It sat flat against my body, pulsing against the bottom of my stomach as I willed it to go away, embarrassed and humiliated that this was happening.

Strange orbs of light started to cast off of every person in the room around me, aside from Ben. They congregated above me in a ball of light. A tendril emerged from it as the ball grew larger. It started to descend towards me, before smashing into my chest. I felt a jolt blow through my entire body, as if something deep inside of me had finally been activated.

The rune that surrounded us exploded with light, pulsing with a rhythm that shined across the entirety of the cave. A bassy rumble boomed with each glow, as if the cave had a heartbeat of its own. My hands clenched the shackles that bound me as the warm sensation that filled me turned hot.

“What are you doing to me?!” I yelled, feeling as if my entire body was on fire!

“We’re making you into the man you’ve always been meant to be. Are you ready to ascend, little guy?” Ben questioned back.

At the same moment, I felt it. A deep, rumbling feeling that coursed through me with each pulse of the cave. A moan forced itself from my lips as my cock felt more swollen than ever, pre beginning to leak from it.

“Rrrghhh. Fuck.” I leaned my head back, closing my eyes as I felt it grow! It continued to throb, but this time it seemingly climbed my body. I felt it jump and lurch, gradually making its way out from my pants and up to my belly button. I forced my head to rise as I looked down. I could see in real time as it slid up my frame, thickening. Swelling. Growing. The bulge reached underneath my shirt now, but because of the position I was lying in, I could see an entire inch of shaft that was exposed to the air between my shirt and pants

My squirming only succeeded in raising my shirt further, having accidentally slid it up to my pecs. I was so distracted with my cock, that I hadn’t noticed my abs. I watched in a mix of horror and amazement as-one by one-they started to rise, like bread rolls in an oven. 2. No, 4. No, 6 pack abs! Just in time for my dick to elongate enough to reach the bottom of them. It had to be nearly 9 inches by now! I had always wanted a bigger dick, but this? This was huge! My balls were right behind it, swelling to the size of tennis balls. If my pants weren’t there to catch them, they’d have already nearly filled the space between my taint and the floor. Instead, they stretched against the fabric, pulling it tight as my bulge started to round them out.

My pecs bubbled underneath my shirt as small creases formed on my chest, ridges steadily rising from my skin. In just mere seconds, I watched them swell from nonexistent to toned, like I had been in the gym with a strict diet for months. I felt my back slightly edge along the cavern floor, my skin stretching to accommodate my new size. At that moment, I felt my rod swell another inch, finally reaching my bottom set of abs.

“Ben…this is big enough! It’s going to be hard to hide a bulge like this when we go to the gym!” I beckoned, trying to make him see reason. I gestured my head down to my endowment, which would already be an impossibility to easily hide in public at its impressive size of 10 inches.

“Oh, Mike. You don’t get it, do you? By the time we’re done, you’ll never fit into clothes again.” His voice grew more seductive and mischievous as the sentence went on. “Even the largest bodybuilders will feel small compared to you. But deep down, you really like that, don’t you?” he added, with an oozing amount of arousal.

Although I had never felt this way before, I had to admit that somehow, deep down, his words struck me with a level of desire that I had never felt before. I looked around me at the followers. Each one had their own separate string of light that connected to the orb above that pumped power into me. I squinted my eyes. Were they smaller than they were before? I rested my head on the sleeves that covered my arms, using it as a cushion as I stared intensely. Before I could come to a conclusion, I felt my biceps, shoulders, triceps, and traps instantly surge with size. It was enough to feel my head slightly raise higher off the ground. I sat up as much as the chains allowed me to, watching in disbelief as the nonexistent mounds of my arms built themselves up to the size of baseballs. Years of work in the gym added to me in just mere seconds. The sleeves of my shirt pulling taught.

I laid back, gasping, trying to make sense of it all. All this succeeded in achieving was feeling my traps crawl further up my neck, pulling the hem of my shirt tightly against the underside of my body-builder-like pecs. I shuddered with ecstasy. In fact, I could feel…everything growing. I closed my eyes, focusing on the feeling. Trying to shut it down. I felt my thighs harden, swelling to a size that only bodybuilders have reached. I couldn’t help but to flex them, feeling them crease and harden over and over again, straining against my pants as the pressure grew.

Ben broke the awed silence. “That’s right, Michael. Sink into the feeling. Let the growth wash over you. Since you seem to be enjoying it so much, let’s step it up a notch.”

“Wait, no, I don’t enjoy thi—” I got cut off before I could finish my sentence, noticing that my voice was deeper than it was before. The sounds of heavier chanting started, as the orb above me grew even brighter. There was going to be more?? I must already be the size of Ben! My clothes were already a size too small, if not more. How was this happening? I tugged and pulled on my chains once more, hoping that my newfound strength would have an effect on the metal, but it was a futile attempt. I collapsed backwards, panting, as the chanting stopped and the familiar tendril of light slammed into me once again.

This time, however, the energy that resonated within me felt much stronger. A boom erupted through the floor that sent dust raining from above as the sigil shined an incredible golden glow. I felt muscle and size ripple up my body this time like a vibration. I felt my toes cram into the end of my shoes as they widened to press heavier into the edges. My socks started to slip down my calves as they bulged outwards and my height shifted. My pants went from feeling too small to feeling a couple sizes too small as more heft packed onto my thighs. The seams started to stretch, trying their best to accommodate each corded ridge that emerged from my skin.

Just above it, another change coursed through my manhood. My balls gurgled, bloating with cum as the bulge that hid inside my pants started to become obscene. My thighs had already filled up most of the space inside of them, so any extra growth to my balls pushed against the top, steadily pulling the fibers of my clothes apart. In no time at all, it looked like two grapefruits were shoved into them. The lust from all the extra cum production flowed to my brain in no time at all, causing my cock to spatter pre all over my abs. It jumped nearly an inch into the air with each throb and deepened to a dark shade of red from the overstimulation. And that was before the second wave of growth hit it.

It thickened first, slowly expanding across my abs as my cockhead engorged to the size of an apple, weighing heavily against them. My abs deepened, the whispers of an 8 pack forming as they sculpted into those of a greek statue. My hands gripped the shackles tightly as a wave of pleasure surged through me, my beautiful dick effortlessly sliding further up my muscular body, reaching the top of my abs entirely! My chest heaved outwards, doubling in size in a single second as I slammed my hands into the ground with euphoria. They were the size of shelves now, extending multiple inches above the bottom of my pec valley. My shirt clung on for dear life as the seams stretched and warped. My lats flared out. Growth pushed down my arms at the same time, the shackles around my wrist becoming squeezed against my forearms as the metal dug into my skin. My growth continued up my arms, thickening them with a fresh intensity as the tearing started. First it was my sleeves, now pulled too tight against my cannon ball sized biceps. My traps didn’t do my outfit any favors as they swelled nearly double their size, forcing the neckline of my shirt in different directions and pulling the bottom of it all the way up to my pecs now. My shirt was merely a crop top now, too small for what it was attempting to cover. My back felt like boulders as it creaked along the ground, feeling heavier and more corded than ever.

I actually had a bit of slack in my chains now! My eyes darted up once again towards the cultists. They didn’t just look smaller. They were smaller. Their once pristine, massive bodies were now just huge. Still beyond your standard bodybuilder, of course, but definitely smaller. Less thickness that was packed onto each muscle. They didn’t seem to mind one bit. In fact, most of them seemed to enjoy the change, or at least enjoy the change that was happening to me. It seemed almost half of them couldn’t even keep their hands off of themselves as the orbs of light that surrounded the followers continued to flow above me.

It seems that my entire body had spread out quite a bit in the last few minutes. I looked down at myself, shocked. I didn’t just look like a bodybuilder anymore. I hardly even looked like a professional bodybuilder. I was beginning to look like a morph! My muscles were starting to look overexaggerated with size, but barely. It was my height that sealed the deal. I must have been over 8 feet tall at this rate. Standing at my feet, watching with glee was Ben. A large smile was plastered on his face as he raised his hand to the sky. The orbs obeyed his movements, changing position with them.

“Are you ready for the final phase, Mike?” I looked deliriously at him as my brain put together what was about to happen. Part of me wanted to run. To hide. Talk my way out of this mess, even. But the longer I sat lying on the cave floor, the more enticing the ways of this religion became. It was almost as if I could feel the power of the sigil pulling me in, cementing my place. Logic just barely edged ahead of my lust. I tried to speak with reason, but at the same time my cock sprayed pre on my pecs and abs. All that I could muster was a deep, guttural grunt as another 50 pounds forced themselves onto me.

“Very well, then!” Ben said gleefully. His arms arched downward with purpose as the massive circle of light pounded into my chest. The cave floor cracked, webbing out in every direction from the epicenter as rocks and debris rained down from the ceiling. The worshipers around me all fell to their knees as massive amounts of energy was pulled from their bodies, flying straight into every single one of my muscles. My toes split through my shoes as the edges frayed, my socks pulled so tight that my skin was visible through them, before they split entirely. My pants squeezed impossibly tight. The pressure was becoming too much! Just then my calves tore through my pants, followed by my quads as relief flooded through me. I felt them shove into each other as I widened my stance, making space for the added weight. My pants fluttered off to each side of me as my balls doubled in size, almost like a hose was attached to them, pumping pure cum into each of my orbs.

“Mmmmmmmmmm,” I croaked out, my hands desperately trying to break free just for the opportunity to feel my body. My shirt at this point was just an irrelevancy, pulled so tight that anyone would have guessed that my clothes were made to be transparent. The follow-up surge that overtook my upper body would ensure that even the largest of shirts would never fit again. I thought my pecs were large when they doubled before, but when they doubled this time, they seemed to flex to incomprehensible levels of huge. It was like two king sized pillows were bunch of and forced on top of me. So much size was added so quickly that I could feel the weight pushing me down. RIPPP!

My shirt practically exploded off of me, long for the world as the sound of my muscles growing filled my ears. This was also due to my traps growing again, crawling up my neck in a way that supported my head like pillows. I felt them reach the bottom of my ears as my shoulders swelled with the same intensity. My biceps looked more inhuman by the second. Like tires that sat on my arms. Veins crawling all over them as thick as cables.

My followers were now pulled forward from their knees and onto their hands. My followers? The thought fleeted away momentarily. Each one half the size they were at the start of this wave. Their muscles were still obvious, but no larger than Ben’s muscles were at this point. That’s when I felt my chin brush something on my chest.

“Huh?” I murmured in confusion. I tilted my head curiously as I saw a layer of hair sprouting across me. It spiraled and swirled as it became denser and denser, quickly spreading across my body like a wildfire. It coated my abs, which now looked so carved that you could lay your head on each one. It connected to my treasure trail, quickly extending towards my pubic area. I could feel the hair on my head and face growing, too. My stubble rapidly flourished into a perfect short beard that accentuated my chiseled jawline. The hair on my head pushed out, doubling in length in seconds as it started gathering in the canyon between my traps and my pecs. Watching my masculinity skyrocket from a 10 to an 11 was almost too much for me. My hips involuntarily lifted themselves off the ground as I dry humped the air, my low moans rolling off my tongue as the hair thickened like a carpet across my entire frame.

The only thought that was bursting through my mind was finding a way to cum. The chains on my wrists warped and bent as my forearms thrummed with growth. I pulled my legs inwards and outwards, doing anything to loosen their grip. I yanked on the chains, watching them whip the rock around it with enough power to carve out chunks of rock. But suddenly-—plink! plink! plink! plink! All 4 of the chains that bound me in place snapped due to the excessive force that pulled on them. The shackles slowly split open, forced apart from my bulging limbs. I was free!

I leaned up, whipping my head around at those around me as their size continued to suck out of them, just a hair smaller than Ben was now. I felt a hand touch my hairy chest as my naked boyfriend pressed it into me, desperate to feel my godliness. Even sitting, I was just about as tall as him. What did that make me? 12 feet tall? He leaned in closely, holding onto the top of my pecs as he whispered into my ear.

“Time for the finale,” he croaked. With that, he slammed his other hand onto my left pec. I noticed that everything from his elbows to his fingers were glowing with a mysterious power. The light shot inside of me, instantly coursing through my body as the energy flowed through me. I stood up to my full height, feeling all of my muscles weighing down on me for the first time. At a resting position, my biceps rubbed against my pecs. It was odd feeling my entire frame warp and press into itself. I still had full mobility, but I wasn’t sure how long that was going to last. My cock stood at full mast, about halfway up my abs as my balls sloshed only halfway down my thighs. I felt a lot of the new energy flow into them as I stumbled backwards. My hands gripped my shaft as I felt the transformation accelerate. My fingers were forced to spread themselves wider as it quickly became impossible to wrap both hands around. I resorted to jacking it off, pre pouring down it like a stream. It dripped down off of my balls, splattering on the floor as I went to town.

Guhh—!” I frantically moaned as my swelling manhood crawled into my pec valley. How was it even possible to be this aroused? It swelled against my hairy chest, which stimulated it like little tentacles that couldn’t be stopped. As my dick grew higher with each passing moment, it seemed that my balls weren’t left behind either. They rolled down my thick, overexaggerated thighs, becoming undeniably plump with gallons of my thick, hot seed. While they were once comparable to tennis balls, then grapefruits, and then volleyballs, they were now closing in on the circumference of yoga balls. For my size, this means that they hung down my knees, swaying and begging for release. I couldn’t deny my body what it wanted.

My attention was brought back to my growing pole. It pulsed and vibrated in anticipation, now halfway up my delicious pecs, which at this point were the size of recliners each! I craned my neck forward as much as it would allow me, guiding my cock with my hands until my tongue could reach. My knees nearly gave out from the explosion of delight that swept through me as my tongue swirled around its slit. It pushed forward another few inches, whines of suspense coming from my throat as it bumped into my chin. It was just enough for my dreams to come true. Even two pairs of hands wouldn’t be able to wrap around it now.

I placed my entire mouth around it, my eyes practically rolling into the back of my head as saliva coated the entire thing. It was far too thick to get my entire mouth around, but it was just enough to push me close to the edge. Bursts of pre launched into my throat, which I hungrily drank as I tried to milk it for more. My arms dropped limp to my sides from ecstasy as my erect shaft stood at maximum hardness, maintaining its composure right in front of me. Even Ben couldn’t keep from rubbing my huge balls as he looked up at me. The visual he saw was extraordinary. I hardly even looked human anymore. Muscle was flooded across my entire frame. I was larger than any human being on Earth. At 12 feet tall and nearly 7 feet wide, I was big enough to cast shadows over entire people. I couldn’t stop myself from bucking my hips, forcing my meat as far into the back of my throat as I could handle. Ben had different ideas, giving my thigh a mighty slap that snapped me out of my haze.

“Now seal the deal, big guy,” Ben teased. He turned himself around, spreading his cheeks for me to see. I gasped, drool practically escaping my lips as my mind melted into complete and total lust. It seemed that my followers had all stopped shrinking, sporting the build of a swimmer’s body... for now. My left hand guided my telephone pole as my right hand held onto Ben’s shoulder. All of the stimulation my cock had received had prepared it for this moment. It was absolutely covered in cum, sweat and saliva which made for easy entry. In any case, it was far beyond the largest cock that Ben had ever taken, coming in at 5 feet long.

“Oh, god. Fuck me, Mike. Prove to me what a gigantic, hulking god you are.” he begged. I pushed in slowly, watching his gorgeous bubble butt spread wider and wider as my cockhead entered his hole. A glowing aura emanated from the floor beneath him spread throughout his body. It seemed that some form of magic was taking place that allowed him to take my catapulting size. ‘Perfect’, I thought to myself.

With that, I thrusted inwards, my barrel-sized cockhead disappearing within his hole. I pushed in as deep as I could muster, my boyfriend taking every last inch of my length.

Ohhhh!” Ben screamed with pleasure, throwing his head back against my abs. The tightness of his beautiful ass stimulated me in a way that my hands never could. I pulled out, before thrusting in again. Then again. And again. I could feel the starting of an orgasm building in the base of my balls. With each thrust, my balls swung like a pendulum, slapping off of Ben’s legs and as they gurgled and sloshed. All of my followers watched with lust as I pounded their leader into submission. The flow of power resumed from them, spiraling into me like a train that went off the rails. My grunts grew heavier and heavier as I realized that I was growing again.

“Fuck, you’re making me so huge,” I cooed to Ben. I got no response from him besides his grunting and moaning as he felt my presence swelling behind him. I thought my muscles had already peaked in size. That the growth that had swept through them was done, but I was definitely wrong. The power slammed into my back for a final time, shoving me deeper than I had ever been into Ben before as I felt it begin. My legs rumbled as hundreds of pounds seemed to pour into me at a rapid rate. My thighs quickly thickened beyond what I thought was possible as each side heavily shoved into my cock as I widened my stance further. Even most trees didn’t sport trunks as thick as mine were. My dick widened by multiple inches, stretching Ben impossibly wider as I continued thrusting.

Mixing in the growth was the final straw for my libido.

I’m…gonna…cum!!” I roared. My back arched as my thrusts became even more wild and frantic, absolutely slamming into Ben with enough force to practically lift him off the ground, impaled on my rod. My balls pulled upwards as it traveled up my massive shaft. Volleys of cum BLEW into Ben with a vengeance. Gallons of my seed flooding him as my cum factories attempted to empty every single drop.

Ohhhh-hhhhhhh-hhhh,” I continued screaming, feeling my muscles grow with an even quicker accelerated rate as my voice dropped two entire octaves in mere seconds. My traps covered my ears entirely, swelling even higher than my head, as my shoulders and biceps surpassed even the height of most of the humans in this room. It was like mountains were attached to me. They were so enormous that if one of my followers were to lay across my arms alone, their feet would barely hang over the end. My pecs blew that out of the water. They quickly became titanic ovals of muscle. Denser than the rock that surrounded this very cave. I felt them crash into my jaw, preventing me from fully opening my mouth as the swelled to the size of smart cars, clearly becoming the most erotic staple of my colossal body. My nipples spread out further on either side of me, practically facing the ground from my behemoth of a chest. The hair that covered them became a foliage as I felt my beard become even denser. If it weren’t for my catastrophically large muscles, my hair would easily hang past my broad shoulders. My feet spread across the cold rock as my height expanded. My back was incomparably, erotically gargantuan. At my thickest, I had to be nearly as wide as I was tall.

Cum continued to spew out of me, and I noticed that it was having an effect on Ben. His belly was completely full now, all of the force of my seed now spewing out from between his cheeks. Understanding he had taken enough of my godly liquid, I pulled out, an audible plop ringing throughout the cave as I turned to my worshipers. All at once, they surrounded me. The waterfall of cum that gushed out of me had hardly even slowed down. It sprayed everywhere. On the ceiling. On the walls. All over each hungry man that couldn’t get enough. Countless hands traveled my stoic body. I felt cocks grinding against me. Tongues licking my quads. Hands cupping my balls. I towered over them by almost three times their heights, around 15 feet tall. More than 10,000 pounds of pure muscle on my body alone. Each person had shrunken to about the size I was when I arrived here today. Average. But with every drop of cum that hit the cave floor, the rune that covered it glowed brighter. And brighter.

They all seemed to notice that something was happening to them at the same time. I turned to Ben, who had just recovered from his orgasmic experience with my endowment. He was looking down at his body. The same could be said for everyone in the area. It grew quiet as their hands slowly removed from my statuesque form as they began to explore theirs. The sound of creaking started to fill the air as I realized that they were growing now! Their skin swelling like balloons, forcing more and more muscle back onto their frames. In seconds I watched as they grew from their average form back into a swimmer’s body. Before long, it was the size that Ben was.

Ben. That’s right! I turned my head in his direction, and what I saw was enough to make my 5 foot cock surge forward another few inches, now parallel with my eyes. Cum continued to leak out of him, but it seemed to be absorbing. I watched as his stomach retreated, his belly quickly flattening, as mounds began to rise from his skin. A perfect set of 6 pack abs filled their place as his pecs cast shadows onto them. He stood in front of me, size increasing at an exponential rate as he surpassed even the size of professional bodybuilders. His cock was impossibly erect, standing out straight in front of him, slowly reaching its way over to me. He stumbled around as his legs forced themselves wider and his balls surged lower, already having doubled in size. I clasped my hand around his meat, gripping it tightly and jacking it off, musing in the erotic stupor it sent him into as his height started changing. 7 feet. 8 feet. 9 feet. His pecs started to cast shadows onto his abs, the torch light bending around them in a way that made him look even bigger than he was. They bulged and flexed with energy and power as his muscles started cramming into each other, beginning to fight for space. My hands continued to jerk him off as it doubled in girth, pushing forward an entire foot in seconds.

Moans filled the cave as my attention was brought back to my people. Every single one of them was 8 feet tall and packing about double the muscle they were packing when the transformation started today, which made them look positively gigantic. Their swollen, sensitive cocks throbbed against their pecs as their balls sat at their lower thighs. Each person had found their calling. They were either stroking themselves, making out with their new lover, or having sex. Perfect.

I felt Ben’s endowment push into my cock, breaking my gaze. I looked down, his monster of a cock cumming against it as it swelled to 3 feet long, frotting vertically against my 5 foot rod. I pulled him in close, hugging our manhoods between us as I felt the remaining weight pile onto him. His muscles slid against me, his size grinding into my endowment as his growth finished at a whopping 12 feet tall. I could tell from the low volume of his quick breathing that his vocal octaves had dropped quite a bit. The muscle mass that covered his body was about half of mine, and the mass that covered the rest of the group was about half of his. It was quite incredible, honestly.

“Thank you for opening my eyes,” I said, nodding my head, my voice vibrating the floor. My traps and pecs pushed against me as I made this motion, reminding me that my mobility isn’t what it once was. I would never know life without my muscles constantly rubbing against each other again. Forced into a waddle from my titanic thighs and boulder-sized balls. My pecs forcing my arms wider just to walk without grinding too heavily into my biceps. My spire of meat, tempting my lips at all times. I grunted through my lust, the aroma of masculinity sweeping through the cave.

He laid his head against me as much as his size would allow.

“You know, the foundation we have here is from only one branch of our religion. There are many more groups out there-larger groups-awaiting the time for their sigil to be activated. You are the only one that holds that power,” Ben said, poking my hairy chest.

I smiled, pushing myself deeper against the amazing love of my life, the sigil on my back glowing brighter and brighter as my brain melted with the fantasy of growing even bigger.


Part 2

The next few hours were some of the best of my life. Most of it was a blur. Everyone in the cave enjoyed their changes to the furthest degree that they could. I wasn’t even sure how many times I had cum by the time the rays of sunlight that pierced into the cave started to disappear. All of us had practically collapsed in a heap, an entanglement of muscle, cock, and my thick, white seed. 

My size still heavily outclassed every member of the cult around me. I was presently sitting at a whopping 15 feet tall, 10,000-pound frame, with a soft cock that would touch the ground if it wasn’t for my yoga-sized balls, which swung like church bells near my knees. 

I pulled Ben in closely as the sounds of snoring began to echo off of the cave walls. I swore that I could still feel the touch of everyone’s hands touching me. Praising me. Describing how muscular I was. How hung I was. How much I was going to grow. I felt a shiver of erotic pleasure run back through my cock, which gave a sudden throb near my wonderful boyfriend’s hand. His gaze lifted up, our eyes locking as he gave me a passionate smile.

“I knew you were perfect, Mike.” With that, he pushed his head against the underside of my chest, which hung off of my body by multiple feet. I felt my heart grow bigger as my right arm attempted to find its way across his shoulders. Ben had grown a lot today as well, and he most certainly was way beyond the realm of human sizes. We both were. I laughed as I felt my biceps pushed into his head long before I could get my forearm around his neck. 

“Fuck, Ben. This all feels so surreal. It all feels so... good,” I whispered the last word as I flexed my chest, watching it push out a few more inches in a momentary response. I relaxed, allowing the cool breeze to flow over me from the mouth of the cave. All that lit the cavern now was a few spare flames from various candles, and the soft, purple glow from the rune on the floor. I had maxed out the ultimate possible size that this sigil had to offer. My brain began to reflect on what Ben had mentioned earlier.

“You know, the foundation we have here is from only one branch of our religion. There are many more groups out there—larger groups—awaiting the time for their sigil to be activated. You are the only one that holds that power.”

I shifted with excitement, my own muscles feeling like pillows against the floor. You would think that a night’s sleep on the ground would be uncomfortable, but at this size, there was so much cushion that I almost didn’t even need a pillow! My traps, chest, and back were each large enough to easily support me, with room to spare. The thought of being even bigger, however, appealed heavily to me. I broke the silence with a statement.

“Ben, in the morning I want you to take me to the biggest branch. I don’t care what it takes. I want to grow even bigger,” I said enthusiastically. Uttering those words felt… right. Like it was always meant to be. I felt my dick crawl along the cave floor a few more inches as it started to push into a semi. Ben smiled, taking a deep breath as he closed his eyes. 

“Best we get a good sleep then, stud,” he chimed, before giving my cockhead a firm squeeze. In response, a small puddle of precum started to leak out of my slit once again. I grumbled happily, before beginning to work on my monster, now far too horny to be able to sleep. 


Part 3

As we packed up and journeyed our way out of the cave the next morning, a thought crossed my mind. Just 24 hours ago I was self-conscious about how small I was, and I had to be convinced to go to the gym by those that I loved. Now here I was, outclassing the largest men on Earth by nearly 20x the weight, and only wanting more. I chuckled as we began to descend the hill that the cave stood against. It was odd to be able to give context to the region, seeing as I was so disoriented not long ago. We were surprisingly not far off of a hiking trail, which sat only a few miles from the city. If any civilians had ever stumbled their way into the cave in the past, they would find nothing, seeing as the magical importance of the place could only be activated by the prophesied one, me. 

Walking was not going to be a suitable option. Our final destination was hours away. Seeing as I was now 15 feet tall, no cars would hope to fit me any longer either. That left only one option. Public transportation. It would be tough to figure out, but it would be worth it for the reward. 

Myself, Ben, and the rest of my followers were officially going to the largest rune in the country. With a little luck, we would be there by mid-afternoon. Its location was a few cities away, at a forested mansion along the city. Every one of us was prepared for what was to come. The rational part of me was nervous. What would people say when they saw my size? I was nearly as wide as I was tall! No clothes would certainly hope to fit. Hell, even a king-sized comforter would look like a cape on me. What about Ben’s size? He was only about half of my muscular size, but still was three quarters of my actual height. The rest of the cult could fit in, with their musculature that resembled amateur bodybuilders. Would we even fit in any form of transportation?

That and a million other questions spilled out of my mind as we got closer and closer to being in the public eye. Even walking felt like an entirely new experience. I had to swing each leg around the other in order for my thighs not to clash in the middle. The constant feeling of my cock slapping back and forth on them did not help either, nor did my balls, as they seemingly constantly refilled with more cum. I could physically hear the soft sound of liquid sloshing in them with every footstep I took.

On the other hand, part of me could care less what anyone thought. I was the biggest, the best, and clearly not stopping anytime soon. I was a statue of virility and masculinity. Seeing as the prophecy is true, I would only become larger, so I’d have to get used to being in the public eye anyways, right? 

After about an hour of walking, we finally made it to the final, very public stretch of road that led up to the train platform. For the most part, we had done pretty well at sticking to the trees and using nature paths to get to where we needed, but we were no longer near the edge of the city, and as we approached the tree line, we knew what needed to be done. Ahead of us was about a half mile of shops, streets, and restaurants that customers would peruse before or after departing on their trains. If we had a car, it would have been simpler and faster to go around and follow the road, but at my size, we would need to take the shortcut through the middle in order to save time in the public eye. 

I could feel my cock twitching as we walked out. It had been close to three hours since my followers had taken care of my load, and I wasn’t sure how much longer I could manage without. Even not speaking, it was like Ben could hear my thoughts.

“Tell you what, Mike. If you can make it to the next rune without cumming, I’ll make sure you get to fuck me like you never have before. What do ya say, big guy?” he teased, slapping one of my pecs. My entire body tensed up as a mix between a yell and a moan escaped my lips. My cock lurched as I willed my mind for it to stay soft. The sound of the slap caught some people’s attention as we walked down the narrow street. 

What they saw must have been the sort of stuff that starts religions. Walking down the straightaway were two men, each 2 to 3 times the height of normal humans, with thousands of pounds of muscle and multiple feet of cock spilling from their groins. Walking alongside them were 5 athletes with skin-tight clothing and large bulges to match, almost surrounding us in a protective formation. I could hear the comments already as my footsteps started to rumble down the center.

“How the fuck is he so big?”

“Can he even move with muscles that large?”

“Is that his cock while soft?!”

My heart rate picked up in speed as I tried to stare straight ahead. Every pair of eyes was locked on me. My muscles. My sweaty, overgrown, throbbing muscles. My package. My big, lengthening cock. I saw fingers pointing. Muffled words. Shocked expressions…

Every few steps my feet would crack the bricks underneath me. I swear that you could hear the bassy reverberations of every footstep in a radius of multiple feet. My overexaggerated chest blocked out the lower 1/3rd of my vision, giving me temporary relief and privacy with every person that I continued past. My shoulders were so broad that the strip of the shopping district was nearly too small! My triceps nearly brushed the canopies and awnings that hung overhead. People needed to back away into stores or alleyways just so I could walk past. Ben stood right behind, echoing words of affirmation into my ears. 

“See? They love you. You’re a god to them, and you’re only going to keep growing,” he coaxed. My breath shuddered as my cock started to angle out further in front of me. If it got fully hard, it would cause even more of a scene.

And that’s when I saw it. The train! It had just pulled up to the station. I felt my pace quicken slightly as our entire group made our way to the platform. No one dared to call authorities, or anyone, for that matter, for fear of being singled out by the titans before them. I actually started to enjoy the hundreds of pairs of eyes that settled on my frame as we made the walk. This would be the smallest they would ever see me again. 

As I approached the train, my brain started to realize that this would be more difficult than I had thought. The doors were tiny! Each train car had a single door that was about 4 feet wide and 7 feet tall! I was 10 feet wide and 15 feet tall. This would never work! Before I could open my mouth, Ben interrupted me, once again reading my mind. 

“Before you freak out—the final train car has a handicapped entrance that is much more suited to you and I. Shall we?” He offered me his hand once more. 

“Of course. You really did think of everything,” I mused in awe. 

“Ah—ah—ah,” he said, lifting a finger. I watched as his beautiful biceps curled to sizes larger than volleyballs. “We thought of everything.” He gestured around us to my fit followers, who couldn’t keep their hands from touching my own form here and there. 

“Right. That’s what I meant,” I corrected myself. Now that we were on the train platform, there was ample amount of space to move. I could feel phone cameras being pointed in our direction. Hell, even the security camera turned with us as we walked past it. My eyeline was parallel with it, after all. I could only wonder what the security guard in the booth nearby was thinking.

As we approached the train doors, my cock was steadily leaking precum. All of the comments and attention were really beginning to get to me. Fortunately, just as Ben said, this train was much more equipped for me. The conductor stepped to the side, speechless as he watched the cult pile on board, followed by Ben, and eventually by myself. These doors were much larger. I estimated the width to be about 9 feet, and about the same in height. Seeing as I could nearly see over the train, I fell to my knees. The pavement cracked all around me as I shimmied my way inside. 

My forearms, biceps, triceps, shoulders, and traps all creaked along the outside of the door-frame as my knees struggled to push all of my mass inside. My dick grinded along the cold metal floor as I did so, only being further lubricated by the ample amount of pre that wanted to escape me. After about a minute, I was finally inside! I sat on all fours as my body nearly pressed against the rest of the tube of the train. I angled myself so my sensitive phallus would have a bit more room as I got progressively more aroused.

I felt my heart skip a beat as the doors closed and the train began to move. We did it! The train car groaned a bit more under the added weight, but overall, it was considered a major success. Not a single person was in our region, either. Now able to relax, my brain was beginning to really start reminding me of just how horny I was. 

I felt my shoulders tense up as another large glob of precum spilled onto the floor. Easily the largest yet. The feeling of my balls pulling on my core like anvils was a continuous reminder of how full they were, and my followers could hardly keep their hands off of their king! I kept catching them adjusting their bulges, if not stroking altogether. I felt a few licks here, a kiss there, and an endless barrage of sexy comments that talked about how big I was.

I let out a few deep, burly grunts as I focused on the reward I would get for lasting until we made it. The most amazing sex with Ben. The extra powerful growth. Fulfilling the prophecy to the degree that it was meant to be fulfilled. As images of what I would become started to swirl in my mind, I decided that I would last just a little bit longer. I had no doubt in my mind that I was going to become the next god. 


Part 4

Unexpectedly, the rest of the ride went off without a hitch. It took almost 2 hours, and in that time, the entirety of the floor became absolutely coated in my seed. All that mattered was that we made it to our destination. Getting off the train was almost more difficult than getting onto it, seeing as I was completely flipped around. My body felt like it was trying to navigate similar to a gigantic bag of balloons in a car. Everything felt awkward and forced, but incredibly erotic at the same time.

The process of leaving this new area was just about as public as when we arrived at the last one, except this time, my cock was almost completely hard. After more than 5 hours of no relief, a dull aching sensation had built up in the base of my balls. It felt like even the smallest sensations could put me at risk of blowing up. Precum ran from it like a faucet, almost constantly dribbling on the floor as we made the final trek. I had to force myself to stop mindlessly stroking it many times, but even when I tried to walk normally, the constant back and forth of my body caused it to glide across my pecs and crash into my biceps. I couldn’t do this much longer. 

The train station was located on the edge of the city, just nearby the forest where the mansion stood. Coincidentally, we only had to walk about two miles. 

The afternoon sun pierced through the sky, illuminating the monstrous shadow that stood before me. It was odd seeing such bulk following me at all times. Part of me expected to keep waking up, but I knew that this was reality. Occasionally I was able to catch myself in the reflection of a window or mirror, but every part of me was so over exaggerated that I couldn’t see anywhere near the full extent of me in its image. The only people who truly knew what I looked like was everyone but me. If Ben was any indicator, then I must truly be gigantic. 

After a while of walking, everyone suddenly stopped. 

“Here we are, Mike. The largest rune in the country,” My boyfriend said with wonder, filling his deep voice. I watched his back muscles twitch and flex as he gestured to the property ahead of us. My eyes followed his arm, before settling on the house. I wouldn’t even call it a house. It was definitely more of a manor. An estate, almost. It sat three stories tall and close to 150 feet wide. Countless windows coated the exterior. A large, luscious lawn spilled out from the driveway, extending all the way from the house to the gate that we stood before. I found myself astonished. Was this really it? Was the prophecy about to be fulfilled even further? 

“You ready to grow, hon? I certainly can’t wait,” Mike cooed, walking around me. With that last sentence, he ran a hand along my shaft as he walked, before squeezing my pecs, stroking my back, and then doing the same in reverse order as he worked his way in front of me once again. An immense pressure shot through me as I had to will everything in my body to not cum in that very instant. Everything about Ben was putting me over the edge, and seeing how bloated he was with his own musclebound stature was even hotter! I could feel my muscles flexing and contorting as I shook with euphoria. Almost... there!

The gate swung open automatically as we made our way towards the monstrous mansion doors. Each stood nearly 20 feet tall and 15 feet wide, allowing me to easily pass through them into the interior. Instantly, I knew this place was different.

Statues of hyper-muscled beings with enormous cocks lined the walls, holding it up, along with ancient text that I couldn’t decipher. That same design was imprinted in the ground of the cave. The floor itself was made out of some sort of rock, perhaps marble or granite, which spilled beautifully into dark wooden pillars that spiraled up towards the 30 foot roof. Everything was carved, crowned, or designed in some way, even down to the chandeliers that hung from the ceiling. Not a single noise could be heard throughout the place aside from us, but the older aesthetic and warm lighting helped it to feel welcoming and cozy.

I was under the impression that this place was multiple stories tall, but the main area had no floors! It just went up and up until the ceiling! A balcony wrapped around a large portion of the room, overlooking the main square that we sat in presently. An intricate design snaked its way through the entirety of the granite flooring with a flow that I couldn’t discern. 

“Wow… this is it!” Ben exclaimed. His deepened voice echoed through the massive room as it bounced off of all the hard surfaces. A glint of glee shined in his eyes as he slowly took all of it in. 

“I’ve read stories…” He paused, before continuing. “I’ve studied, praised, and searched for almost a decade to find ‘the one’. This religion has been looking for ‘the one’ for thousands of years. All of us…” His voice trailed off as the sound of many footsteps started to sound from everywhere. I looked up as the empty building suddenly felt very full as nearly 100 followers surrounded us. The place was not, in fact, empty.

Many overlooked the balcony, or stood and watched in a circle surrounding us. Each and every one of them wore a black cloak that held an indistinguishable amount of muscle underneath. I knew exactly what this meant. It was time to perform the ritual. The ritual that would change everything. 

The rest of my followers from the initial crew rounded up with the rest of our religion around us as Ben and I stood in the middle, taking in the view. They all stood silently in incredulous awe as they took in the living proof that their religion meant something. That it was all worth it from the very beginning. It was real. 

“It’s time to fulfill your duty. Are you ready?” Ben cheered with excitement.

Without hesitation, I responded.


With that sentence, I heard the ceremony begin. 


Part 5

A memory struck my mind at that moment that had only taken place a few weeks ago. Ben and I were sitting at home, cuddling on the couch after a long day of work.

“How was working out today?” I asked enthusiastically, poking his well-defined chest as it pushed against the edge of his shirt. Back then, he was much bigger than me, and it was odd how much had changed in such a short amount of time.

“Oh, amazing! Today I got a fantastic workout in,” he responded happily, wrapping his arm around me as I snuggled against his biceps. I planted a kiss on them, just for fun.

“Are you still going to the same place? Or a different one?” I questioned.

“I’m always trying out new gyms, as you know. It’s hard to find the right fit,” he responded. “But I think I found a pretty good one. Feels like a community. You should try it out!” His offer hung in the air for a moment, before I responded.

“Maybe, yeah. I just don’t really know what to do,” I said, shrugging and giving a soft sigh.

“I think you’d do great. I don’t know why, I just have a good feeling about you, Mike.” Ben smiled warmly as he kissed the side of my head. I felt my heart warm up as I gave in to the offer.

“All right…but let’s start in a few weeks. As some sort of ‘New Year’s Resolution’ sort of thing,” I negotiated back.

“You know that is when everyone goes back to the gym, right? Everyone’s going to be fighting to get in the door,” Ben poked back.

“Ah, then I guess you’ll have to protect me, love. My knight in shining armor,” I mused as I snuggled into him deeper, tiredness washing over me.

It was odd now looking back. Everything seemed to click. The constant gym changes. The long workout hours. The strange books he kept in his bedside drawer that he wouldn’t talk about. All this time, Ben was looking for the prophesied one. Each new gym was a fresh spot for finding him, and all this time he had kept this religion from me that I would have thought he was crazy for being in at the time. Now here I was, standing in the middle of the largest ritual spot this religion had to offer, standing over 15 feet tall with a cock that was 5 feet long, balls that swayed around my knees, and muscles that prohibited the mobility of my body from being what it once was.

Part of me knew I would miss the simple things, like cuddling on the couch, or driving a car to work, or eating at a restaurant, but the changes that were being made now were far too important. This was something bigger than all of us. This was bigger than everything. My reality was changing, and it was time to make a new one for myself and my followers. With that, I snapped out of the memory and back into the present.


Part 6

It started the same way that the original ritual had just 24 hours earlier. You could hear all the black robes around the room dropping at once as every single one of them revealed their sexy, hung, muscled bodies towards me. My eyes traveled around the room. Some of them were muscular beyond belief, easily having been hooked to roids and working out for decades. Did I even recognize a few from world-renowned competitions? Others were taller and more well-endowed, while others were shorter and stacked to the brim with musculature. Every one of them had something in common, however. Every single person in this room was a gym rat. Dedicated to growing. Dedicated to becoming bigger. Always. I could see it in their eyes. In their bodies. In their cocks. A certain aura was given off that flowed through the room that felt… right. Their chanting filled my ears as they started talking in a language that I could only assume was that of our religion. It had a dialect that sounded almost American, but I was still unable to make out the specific words. It was chanted in almost a musical way that reminded me of my days in Choir in High School, but it had an undertone of something bigger. Something huge.

Suddenly, the floor spiraled out with a complex pattern that glowed all at once. It illuminated the room in a glaring, purple glow that filled every crevice of the room. The energy was so strong that it caused the power to go out. Torches were handed around and lit as the fiery, orange glow licked on the walls. I took note that nobody dared to place them on their designated slots on the pillars that held the place up. The cultists seemed to have a better idea of how much I would be growing than I did. How big would I be growing?

As if to answer, I felt the transformation begin. The golden mark on the back of my neck burned momentarily as it made a connection with the Earth beneath me. Just yesterday it would be easy to make out where the marking on my neck was, but right now, it was almost lost in a tangle of muscle between my enormous back and traps. My neck was practically obscured, hidden underneath them in the dip where my head was located. All of the men around the large room stroked their cocks or felt their bodies up as I began to grow. Their chanting had not stopped, and had actually grown in volume. Knowing that I was the epicenter of their stares, and that they had worked so hard on their glorious bodies for me, made me hard. Harder than I had ever been in my life. The hours every single day in the gym. The years of dedication. The financial setbacks from steroids. All of it for me. At this moment. Right now.

That was when I felt muscle begin to impact my body. I let out a gentle groan as the rune beneath seemed to flow with magical energy that was being injected straight into my veins. It was a warm feeling that filled my core and gave me a surge of energy that felt amazing. Like I could lift anything, or run as many miles as I saw fit. I flexed my arms, feeling as extra mass started to inflate them to larger sizes. Each bump and ridge across my body seemed to expand. The harsh purple lighting mixed with the orange glow of the flames, casting an almost inhuman color on me as the shadows across my form grew deeper.

I had almost forgotten just how incredible this feeling was. There was nothing like it, and the only way I could describe it was an endless orgasm that riddled my entire body that only grew in power the longer it happened. I waddled forward a step as my thighs started to expand faster, quickly brushing into my other leg as I moved it out of the way. I knew my mobility was slowly becoming lost, but I didn’t care. I wanted to be bigger. I wanted to be the biggest.

I looked down at my boyfriend, Ben, and what I saw caused my cock to lurch! He was nearly gone, almost impossible to see over my couch-sized chest as I realized that my height was expanding too, and fast! I had to be nearly 20 feet tall! I looked up, noting how I was level with the balcony now that nearly 40 men were currently standing on. I saw their muscles disappear as each pound was sucked into the rune and back into my body. I looked back at Ben to see how much he had shrunk, seeing as he was already 12 feet tall, and the biggest human aside from me. However, his muscles didn’t seem to be shrinking like the rest of the cult. He was expanding! At a rate far slower than I was, but growing nonetheless. The two of us sat in the middle of this ring of shrinking followers as their size penetrated to our core, willing our bodies to tear and reform our muscle fibers over and over again so they would only become bigger!

I clasped my cock in my hands as I felt it growing thicker and longer, matching the growth of my body perfectly. In relation to me, it was staying the same size, but to my audience, it was truly becoming a swelling spectacle. It had to be over 10 feet long now, and was as thick as a Minivan! It was pouring precum out at a worrying rate as it seeped into the edges of the rune underneath my feet, seemingly only causing the growth to become more powerful. Each drop was nearly capable of filling a cup in an instant, and I was certain that soon enough even a pool wouldn’t be enough.

The ground showed its first signs of weakness around me as my feet cracked through the rune, forcing more purple light to impact my body as each crack spread the energy more and more. The breath was nearly taken out of my lungs as I nearly started to cum in that moment, but I desired to hang on as long as I could. It was almost like every tendril of light was sensually pleasing my body in tandem, and it felt so fucking good.

“Mmmmmf. More.” I smiled as I raised my head towards the roof. I felt my traps brush the hair on the back of my head, reminding me once again that they were already the tallest part of me. I felt my heart flutter as I realized I was even taller now. How tall was I? 25 feet tall? Almost 30 feet tall? It was hard to tell, but I saw that the roof was getting lower by the moment. Nearly 5x taller than the average human and over 15,000 pounds, my own muscles were beginning to outpace some of the cultists bodies! My biceps were about as large as some of these men were tall! The same went for my extraordinary forearms, triceps, and shoulders. Each moment reminded me of my expanding size as they bumped into one another. I gave a double bi-pose, laughing with a deep, hearty voice as I could hardly even bring my arms up all the way before my biceps crashed into my shoulders. I felt my butt rounding out bigger as it began to press into the balcony behind me. Not wanting to put any of my followers in danger, I took a step forward towards the middle of the room. My pecs were the size of semis now, and hung so far off of my body that an entire group could be fully sheltered from the rain underneath them. In fact, I couldn’t even see the floor anymore. I would never see my feet again. Hell, I’d probably never even see my legs again! My head only scaled up with the core size of my body, so while it would stay slightly proportionate as my height grew, the bigger my muscles got, the smaller it would become anyway from the sheer depth that was pounding onto me. Especially as my volume only became more tremendous and absurd.

I felt a euphoric sensation as my cock started to be worked on mercilessly by what I could only assume was Ben. I could feel by the firm tugs and brawny nature of his hands that he had grown quite a bit as well! Based on the angle of his hands, I guessed that he was just about as tall as the top row of my abs and about half the thickness of me. That would make him nearly 20 feet tall!

It was at this moment that I realized that this growth wasn’t going to end before I outgrew the manor. There would be a point where the rune would no longer be able to support such a size, but I wasn’t entirely sure when that would be, and it didn’t seem to be slowing down yet!

“Fuckkk. Watch me grow bigger. Beefier. Hornier!” I beckoned to my followers. Some of their bodies were shaking with excitement as they came over and over again at the hot sight of their god fulfilling the prophecy. Others started evacuation procedures that had been planned out in advance once they had started this ritual. It involved leading everyone to the very edge of the doorways on every side. They still had contact with the rune and could watch all the carnage ensue as they continued to shrink and give their size to me.

At this point, it seemed like half of their bulk had been drained. Many of them still had impressive builds, but nothing like they had been prior, and that was okay. They built all of it for me. Why else would they have done it?

I moved my arms around as I tried to get a feel for my mobility at the present moment, and it seemed like I only had about 40% mobility left. Maybe 45% if I was being generous. Most movements that would have been simple yesterday, I could only do less than half of right now, and we weren’t even done growing yet.

I felt my traps begin to press into the ceiling as I realized that I was truly about to outgrow this place. Wanting to see if I could save this lovely establishment, I hunched my body down slightly as the rune splintered into thousands of pieces underneath me. It wasn’t capable of holding such weight up. The light only got brighter as it impacted my growth even more. Everything I did seemed to accelerate it. All I needed to do was simply exist, and I would become bigger while the sigil burned brightly. Leaning forward caused my overwhelmingly large chest to completely wipe out the balcony in front of me. Each of my pecs was so wide that it nearly filled half of the room now. Like water towers of brawn. My ass crashed into the backside of the balcony, causing the debris to rain down as my back and thighs caught up. I was pushing this establishment to its limit, and I knew it wouldn’t last much longer. My body was even wider than I was tall now, and I knew that it would only get more chaotic as it went.

“Ben, wait outside, now. Keep growing. Keep swelling. I’ll be with you soon,” I croaked out. Even over the sounds of my muscles expanding, I knew he could hear it. In fact, I was sure that everyone outside could hear it. My voice was a rumble now that was too deep to not follow, and the volume of it was absurd.

“Fuck yeah. Grow even bigger, hon. I want to see you become gigantic. Grow for your followers. Grow for me!” he yelled seductively. His own voice was also incredibly deep, and I felt both even hornier for having heard his teasing calls. A small sense of relief washed over me as I heard his footsteps walk towards the door, before I heard it smash entirely as he tried to exit. He was far too large to use the door. I chuckled as I realized I had forgotten about that, but at least he was safely outside with the others now.

Even alone in the manor with my growth, I felt the presence of all 100 men surrounding me. I could hear the comments. Their sensual moans. Each catcall.

“Oh fuck, he’s really filling the whole place up!” I heard one say.

“God, look at his traps! They’re pushing through the ceiling! Each of them has to be as large as a train!” I heard another say.

I moaned heavier as my cock pressed into the wall beneath me, forcing itself out the hole that Ben had made as precum spilled down the steps of the mansion and at the feet of my followers. My phallus could fill a large moving truck if placed inside! It was so heavy that it pointed away from me at a 45-degree downward angle, giving the cultists perfect access to stroke it all over as they forfeited more size to me.

I felt my body thrashing around in ecstasy as my arms pressed into the walls, followed by my legs, my ass, and my back. My traps were already piercing the ceiling. There was nowhere to move. Nowhere to go. All I could do now was grow. I grunted in sexual frustration as I struggled to move for a moment, the extraordinarily dense, marble walls and my limited mobility almost trapping me for a second before my growth outpaced it.


Everything buckled at once as my growth became too powerful for the walls of the manor to hold back. My shrinking followers took many steps backward as they saw an egregious amount of skin spill out every crack that formed around it. Each throb of my dick tore the exit larger and larger as it began to spread down the outside steps. My legs overflowed the bounds of the territory as they exploded through the walls. In just a few moments, the mansion went from a perfect appearance to a pile of rubble as muscle, height, and cock took over everything. Nobody could have guessed that the growth would be so hot. So brutally erotic. The words on the pages were thousands of years old, so after countless translations it was difficult to know for certain the exact amount of growth each rune contained, and how it would look.

I roared as huge globs of pre sprayed down the steps, causing a river of seed to flow at the feet of the large group of men as I outgrew the building entirely. Up and up I ascended, growth pounding into every limb of my body with so much force that you could physically see each surge as thousands of pounds spread across them.

This growth was not lost on Ben, either, who was now fully working on my cock as he straddled it. His mobility was at around 50-60% for the moment, but he was still hyper beyond belief presently. His own erect cock beckoned at his lips with every moment he was aroused, as his balls each sank to his lower thighs. At 30 feet tall, Ben was about half of my height, and he was dedicating every moment of his erotic bliss to me.

I started to sway my hips, forcing my cock to slide against all of the men as I felt their smaller bodies try and praise every bit of me that had outgrown the rubble. I couldn’t see them over my chest, but I definitely felt them. I guessed that their bodies were pretty strapped for muscle now. Each human being now was slightly toned with average cocks whereas before they were some of the biggest in society. Not a single soul stood above 6 feet tall now, and knowing that they had given all of their hard work to me only pushed me further over the edge.

The mansion was completely gone now, entirely smashed under my 55-foot, overly muscled frame. The entirety of my abs were completely covered by my pecs now, so voluminous and large that they nearly touched my thighs at a standing position. In fact, only one of my thighs would fit in the manor now if it hadn’t crumbled. My biceps would reach from nearly the floor to the ceiling. The vast expanse of width and height in my own physique was becoming hard to compare to anything from just how intense my growth had become.

A moment of realization hit me as I remembered that I was outside now. A 60-foot-tall mythical being exposed to the open air. I had to be nearly 90 feet wide, my mobility becoming so obnoxiously limited that waddling was becoming difficult. Everything rammed into one another like puzzle pieces that misaligned, and I loved it. Knowing that everyone could see me for the man I was only made me harder. I heard distinguishable moans cry out from below as they felt my cock surge another 2 feet in an instant.

It was all too much for me. I couldn’t hold on any longer. My breaths started to shake as my growth began to level off. Feeling so muscle bound and exposed, while nearly 100 men praised my stature was too many things to feel at once. I could feel every hand. I could hear every comment. I loved every stare, and every pound of fresh size that enveloped me.

“G-gonna C-c—c—” My voice gave out as my own sensations became too much for me to think about speaking. Everyone crowded around as my balls pulled upwards as the chaos unleashed. Enormous, hot globs of cum began to spray out of my dick like a firehose. It absolutely coated every single person, causing many to begin cumming instantly in response. Those who had already gotten off multiple times since my growth spurt began found themselves dropping to their knees as they involuntarily cummed over and over and over again. Any remaining musculature on the biggest bodies left was zapped away as everyone officially dropped to a toned stature. A size that would still be respected if they were to go out in public.

My own orgasmic moans cried out so loudly that windows shattered nearby. If nobody had known I was here before, they certainly did now. I could tell that this would bring about a massive amount of attention, but I didn’t care anymore. I wasn’t the same person that I was before my growth began. All that mattered was more. All that mattered was fulfilling the prophecy, and I would get every ounce of size that I desired, and then more.

My face felt flushed as hundreds, if not thousands, of gallons of seed continued to release from my house-sized balls. Ben, being as big as he was, pumped my cock while yelling seductive comments of his own.

“Yeah, baby, keep cumming. Keep growing. Grow for me. Yeah… that’s right.”

“Bigger. Bigger. Bigger!”

“Fuckkk, I know you want to keep growing. Keep expanding. Feels so fucking good, doesn’t it?”

All that and more entered my ears in almost a muffled whisper as my muscles nearly blocked all of it out from their sheer size, especially over the erotic sounds of cum that continued to escape my body.

Just as quickly as it had begun, I felt the growth begin to fade as the purple lighting underneath me dimmed. At 65 feet tall and being so overly blown with muscle that I could hardly move, I felt almost a sense of disappointment as I felt my body begin to settle. But I knew the fun wasn’t over yet. I could hear the moans of all of my followers below growing in volume as I remembered what happened when they came in contact with my cum. They grew.

Even a few minutes after my cumming had stopped, nearly all of them were completely lost in the moment. Every single one of them was fixated on both praising me and enjoying their new-found growth. Even Ben was growing, beckoning them to drink more as muscle began to rapidly pound their bodies once again. Fortunately, all of them were already naked, so none of them needed to worry about outgrowing their clothes as they quickly inflated.

Their bodies easily surpassed the build of a swimmer’s body as it passed into a gym rat, before it passed into a professional bodybuilder once again! Many were ecstatic to already have the size back that they worked so hard for. Their plan was to go right back to the gym the next day to work out even more, so they could grow me even bigger. Seeing as they didn’t need to do that any longer, I had a different plan in mind.

I felt myself already beginning to grow hard again as I heard their moaning grow deeper as they started to swell beyond the size they even were before. Many found themselves in shock as they passed even the largest bodybuilders. Muscle, cock, and even a little bit of height spread across their bloating bodies. I enjoyed knowing that their cocks were growing to pornstar levels of huge. Easily breaching 8 inches, then 10 inches, and then an entire foot in length! Balls sank lower as their lewd nature took over their minds again, only ready to worship me more as they all bulked up to over 400 pounds of brawn.

The logical next step would be to find another branch. If I can find another branch, I could start absorbing size from it as well. Over time I could slowly get bigger and bigger, but it would be quite the hassle, especially at my current, nearly immobile size. Besides, I didn’t want to wait that long to keep growing. I wanted to keep growing here. Right now. I only want more. Instead, a new epiphany clicked in my brain.

After completely maxing out this temple of its power, the largest temple in the world for this religion, I had felt a change of sorts happen deep within me. Somehow, I knew that I now had power over the rune. If I had power over it, then I could change how it worked.

With that, the symbol that was etched into the ground instantly barreled with light once again, shining brightly into the fiery sky as the sun worked its way toward the horizon. Everyone snapped back to reality as their growth dropped off instantly. Murmurs of wonder and admiration traveled through the horny crowd as they realized the rune had been reactivated. Not just reactivated, but rewired. This time, instead of a purple light emanating from the sigil, it was now a deep shade of red.

The mark on my neck burned hotter than I had ever felt it burn before. If it was capable of reaching the light, you’d see it was also now red. I didn’t need a temple any longer. I am the sigil. I am the temple.


Part 7

My cheeks hurt from how hard I was smiling as I began to absorb size once again from my people. The red rune behind me spiderwebbed outwards as it began to spread across the ground at a rate of multiple feet per second. I could feel its energy coursing through my veins as I willed the symbol to spread across the entire region. The bigger it expanded, the bigger I would expand. The more reach it had, the faster I would grow.

Instantly, my growth resumed with a vengeance as I began to steal the tens of thousands of pounds of size that I had just gifted to the cultists. My cock at this point was incapable of releasing any less than gallons of cum per second as it throbbed and lurched with a newfound resurgence of growth. Ben was loving every single second of this, especially as his own growth picked up as a result of me growing faster.

“Grow, Mike. Grow! Bigger! More!” he thundered out, using his monumental body to rub anything he could reach of mine. I felt his hands caressing everything. My abs, which were each larger than entire studio apartments. My thighs, which were now double the width of the manor. My ass, which looked like planetariums now! Each of them was so round that you’d have to jog around it just to see the other side before it started growing too fast. He also seemed to have no trouble reaching my pecs, but that’s probably because each one was as large as an Olympic swimming pool! They hung off of me like patios. Gravity pulled them down, 100% obscuring the entirety of my abdomen unless you were at a very specific angle. Multiple people could reach around my forearms and they’d still have trouble reaching halfway across. My body was like a centurion tree compared to a person, and I could tell that this was only the beginning of my power.

I was rapidly becoming addicted to the sensation. No matter how much my body swelled, it gave me deep pleasure to grow even bigger. Would there be a limit to my appetite? Would I ever be satiated? How big would I even want to grow before enough was enough? As it stood right now, I felt like my desired end goal was far away. I never wanted this feeling to stop. I wanted to feel the throes of immobility take me over. I wanted to feel everything melt away as my own body and boyfriend became the only things I would ever care for.

The thoughts only made me greedier and hornier, and I could feel it feeding back into me rate of growth directly as my balls dropped a few feet, cum beginning to gurgle into them at a rate of thousands of gallons per minute. A helicopter flew in the distance, clearly alerted to my presence as it veered off course. I could only imagine what I looked like on the horizon. Over 100 feet and hundreds of thousands of tons of endless muscle. A cock longer than mobile homes, grinding into the Earth and against the rune as it skittered outwards even faster. I couldn’t help myself any longer as my hips bucked back and forth, over and over again as my hands rubbed what they could of my ever-expanding pecs. All the intense sensations were melting any rational thought. All of my senses were dialed up to 20, and I couldn’t get enough of it.


My body instantly heaved outwards by almost double its size. The rune exploded in circumference, launching itself out in all directions by nearly a mile as it prepared my body for its impending growth. A thunderous roar vibrated for multiple miles as I nearly lost my balance.

Fuckkkkkk!” The word escaped my mouth without a second thought. I grew so quickly and so intensely, that things happened out of order. It all started in my cock as it began to grow along the ground at a rate of tens of feet per second! Each throb caused it to lurch so much bigger, and all I could do was moan as it grew. 70 feet. 80 feet. 100 feet. 120 feet. 140 feet. Then it stopped. It was so long now that I couldn’t even hope to hold it any longer, but fortunately my growth would change very quickly as I felt the rest of my body begin to catch up. My balls followed suit, dropping like anchors as they smashed into the glowing, red ground underneath me. It only caused me to grow faster as they spread out behind my legs. Each of my cum factories was larger than the entire manor now! Hell, one of my knees could now fill the entire property.

A wave of erotic bliss washed over me as I felt myself growing harder. And harder. And harder. I couldn’t believe how horny I was feeling all of a sudden, and it was translating directly into my dick. Even at its magnificent size, it started to rise. I saw it enter my field of vision as it arched toward the sky, now beginning to protrude from me at a vertical, diagonal angle. I was shocked that it was able to hold itself up, but I was so off my rocker that I didn’t even care.

My legs grew next, expanding with an overwhelming passion as they blossomed into the size of city blocks! How was it even possible that tens of thousands of pounds could just magically inflate to my legs? It seemed that no matter how large in scale the growth got, it only got bigger in every way! I attempted to take a step forward, but had so much trouble that I knew I needed to wait until this burst of growth was over. I felt their height pushing upwards as my view of the horizon suddenly shot up. And up. And up. My upper body was next, and it seemed to inflate all at once. I genuinely was beginning to feel like an overinflated balloon, and it was fantastic. My arms, abs, pecs, back, and traps all contorted and seized as their own city-block-sized growth erupted into them. My body was shaking so badly from being pounded with so much size that I hardly even felt in control anymore. I flexed my arms as large as I could in front of me, relishing in that indescribable feeling as I felt my musculature cram into one another in every way. The larger I grew, the more my cock and balls leveled back out. My balls swung heavily near my knees as my cock bobbed away in front of me.

It was perfect. The mobility loss. The catastrophic growth. The increasing size. The spreading rune. This couldn’t be stopped, and I didn’t even know what to expect next. I was presently over 250 feet tall and almost double that in width. The illumination of the fiery colors of the glowing rune against the sunset that painted the sky only caused my body to look like it was something straight out of the end times. As I continued to grow, I could feel Ben growing right there with me. I took comfort in hearing his constant orgasms and moaning, unable to control his growth to any better degree than I could. He was just along for the ride. As big as I wanted to become, he would have no choice but to become that big with me, and I had no idea how far I wanted to go, but I still felt unsatisfied.

Those in the city just a little more than a mile away had begun to flee. Wouldn’t you if you saw such a thing brewing so close to you? This had never been seen before. What was happening to me was a myth. A fairy tale in some horny person’s dreams Humans shouldn’t be able to grow like this, but yet here I was. When people first saw what was happening, they had to stand and watch for a moment. Why was something like this happening? Was it some freak allergic reaction? Was the air contaminated? Why were there two men growing? Were other growing men dotted beneath them? It was hard to tell from such a distance as they rushed down the stairwells and to their cars.

I heard the blare of a train horn as it caught my attention to my right. It was far enough away that I could see them just over my chest. Off in the distance I saw the small train cars chugging away from us. The same one that I had squeezed into only an hour ago. To think now that the entire train from beginning to end wasn’t even half my width of 500 feet drove me wild. I had to cum again. I needed to get off. I could feel the power of my followers beginning to dwindle as their remaining size was drained away by myself and Ben. I needed to grow as much as I could with what happened next.

I willed my body to move. At 265 feet tall, I didn’t need to move very far. Just a few steps would do. Any distance to close in closer to the city would change everything. I widened my legs as far as they could possibly go, while still standing, as I attempted to swing my left leg around the right. Success! As my foot landed on the ground, the entire neighborhood shook. I just needed to take a few more steps.


I successfully took another step.


I felt my heartbeat growing faster as I got closer.


Could I really do it?


Over a couple minutes, I slowly made my way towards the city as Ben and the massive group of followers trailed closely alongside me. My feet left extremely large craters in their wake, and every step I traveled spread the red, glowing rune even further. Just as I had hoped, a single monster glob of precum that leaked from my cock nearly filled swimming pools. Cum flowed through the gutters, clogging drains, coating lawns, and even involving a few unsuspecting people in a new growing facade.

The entire way I stroked myself. Any bit of my manhood that I could reach was pleasured to the maximum. Ben continued to coo compliments my way, making sure I was only edged further as he slapped my muscles, willing them to grow bigger and bigger. With the endless amount of cum in my balls, the constant arousal, the biggest muscles, and the prospect of more on my mind, I knew it would take no time at all for me to explode once again. Precum didn’t do very much to keep my followers growing enough to keep giving me size, but the cum from the base of my balls was so potent that I knew that this next load would change everything.

In any case, during the small journey, I continued to swell. So much so, that by the time I stopped moving, about 2 miles from the city, I was over 300 feet tall! My breaths heaved my chest up and down. It was so large that I nearly had trouble looking straight anymore. My pecs had an upward curve to them. I leaned forward slightly to get a view of the ground of the city ahead as I prepared myself for what was to come. This action caused my thighs to bump into my chest. I was barely hunched at all and I couldn’t lean forward anymore. This was the reality of becoming a God.

The original 100 followers that were now at my feet were now back to being toned once more. They needed energy, and I was about to give it to them. Each was so small and incomparable that I was almost forgetting they were there. Their moans were long since drowned out by the sound of my growth. How many times had they cum already? 3 times? 4 times? More? Whatever the number was, the day was far from over.

As I began to focus on the biggest orgasm of humanity, I heard sirens off in the distance. Unsurprisingly, calls had come in about a giant walking towards a city. As odd of an occurrence as this was, there had to be some sort of response. That was what they were meant to be, after all. They would be too late, however.

Whatever mobility I had left by now I used to pleasure anything I could get a handle on. My nipples. My dick. My balls. Even just feeling my muscles. Feeling the new ridges. The deepening crevices. The extraordinary size. Thinking of growing even bigger. Watching as everyone saw me become the beacon of humanity.

I got there in no time at all. Especially as Ben said the final words that would put me over the edge.

“Cum for me, stud. Show them all who their GOD is!”

This orgasm was more akin to a volcano eruption. I was certain the blast could be heard for over 10 miles. My vision went foggy as my ears started to ring. My face felt hot. My entire body tingled as so much blood rushed to my manhood that I was sure I was going to faint. What would that be like? A 315-foot titan falling over would be quite the sight. Surely it would cause an Earthquake. While I was lost in the throes of my orgasm, the real chaos started to spread like a virus in the streets below.

Each arc of cum easily launched its way into the city. When your balls are so large they can fill multiple grain silos in an instant, it tends to show just how much seed is capable of spreading over a few minutes.

Those in the streets looked up in horror as monstrous globs of cum began to coat everything. Houses. Buildings. Cars. Streets. People. The changes began almost at the exact instant that humans came in contact with the warm, sticky substance. It seemed that the only ones who grew were adult males, and their changes were small at best. At the same time, the ground split across the entire city as the rune spread so fast that everyone was caught within its snare.

Those who were driving their cars found themselves growing rapidly as their bodies expanded. Imagine just driving a car one moment, and the next your clothes are peeling off as you grow beyond the size of some of the largest bodybuilders on Earth. They scrambled to escape through the doors, only to realize their seatbelts were still attached and were strained too tight to pull free. Cocks surged through their pants and towards the pedals as their balls overflow their laps. As their heights also expanded, they found their cars shrinking around them as they began to helplessly cum, splattering all their seed through the interior until they would outgrow it completely.

Others tripped over their legs as only their thighs grew first, exploding to three times their width before the rest of their body could desperately hope to catch up. A few men fled into an elevator, before their very bodies started to betray them. Their cocks instantly orgasmed down their trousers as their balls swelled larger and larger. Their cocks stayed the same, however, forcing gallons of cum to endlessly spray through their horny dicks as their bodies slowly grew in the cramped space.

A nearby helicopter was hit with a shot of cum as all of the recipients inside started to grow hyper. The plane made an emergency landing in a field nearby as their cocks started to spiral out of control. All three of the men fell to their knees or on their backs as it swelled down their legs, before splitting their pants off entirely! 1 foot. 2 feet. 4 feet. 6 feet! Balls swelled down their laps as they practically became immobilized by their own packages.

A gay couple in a restaurant started to stagger towards the door as their muscles grew faster than their legs could carry them. Both swelled with thousands of pounds of muscle in seconds. Clothes exploded off like confetti as nearby customers fled through the doors before the immense couple could make it there. If they ever made it there at all. Their legs started to waddle into one another, before they grew so large they couldn’t even do more than a small shuffle! By the time the pair made it to the door, they were so wide that exiting was not a feasible option. They’d instead have to wait until they outgrew the building. Their arms were forced outwards as these 6-foot-tall men were showered in over 10,000 pounds of muscle. One muscle was indistinguishable from the next, and they couldn’t do anything about their throbbing cocks that began to grow up their bodies as they were overtaken by complete and utter immobility. Another 10,000, 20,000, and eventually 50,000 pounds would continue to careen onto their forms, ensuring that endless amounts of size would eventually be able to be absorbed by their God. That would be, unless their growth wasn’t happening faster than it could be absorbed. In that case, they would be subject to a massive wave of never-ending, increasingly immobile surges of size.

A common side effect was the constant cumming. These shots of cum were so potent that anyone who came in contact with it would be subjected to endless orgasms until the main titans’ growth stopped. That would be if it ever did. They clawed wildly at their pants, desperate to get their hands on their cocks as their balls started to fill any available space within. Before they knew it, everyone was growing in one way or another. Hulking out of their clothes in bars, cocks spilling through their underwear at the sink in bathrooms, and libidos skyrocketing as people found themselves sucking others off, themselves off, or just straight-up having sex in the streets. The sewers turned into cum-run-offs. All the men could do was breed. Grow. Worship.

The pheromones coming off of the cum was so potent that even smelling it would cause growth to occur. As a result, it didn’t matter if you were inside or outside. The growth had the same impact. The very faint waft of my cum was enough to swell every single male pedestrian in a one-mile radius to double their size. It seemed that the longer I grew, the more contagious my growth was to others. And I wanted to pursue it even further. The streets became a warzone of cum and growth. Many found themselves filling the entire street with height, muscle, and cock. Those poor pilots helplessly tried to stroke their flagpole-sized dicks and car-sized balls, all while their size was prepared to be absorbed.

Even if they were somehow able to escape my cum, or the smells of it, it would be nearly impossible to escape the light coming off of the rune. The red glow alone was enough to make certain that people would swell beyond the likes of the largest bodybuilders on the planet. The prophecy stated that in a rare instance, the prophesied one may be able to start a chain of growth. It was never known over the last few thousand years that the growth would be so widespread that it would change the face of the human race as we knew it.

My followers received the most growth of all, and the growth that they received was quite forgiving and proportionate. Seeing as they were a part of the religion, their size interests were taken into account. The true physiques that they wanted to grow to, as long as it was all for their master, was made into fact. Muscle bubbled underneath as over 200,000 pounds of muscle spread between the 100 men, forcing both their bodies and heights to larger degrees as every single one of them swelled beyond 8 feet tall. Their entire bodies were completely dedicated to making me cum even more, every muscle and striation working overtime as they attempted to milk my cock dry as it continued to cum harder and harder. Gone were the days of working out for years on end to obtain minimal amounts of muscle. In mere seconds they bouldered past the size of the largest bodybuilders on the planet, before doubling that, and then tripling that!

The waves of growth were so intense in the city that I could actually see some entanglements of size and muscle from this far away. Ben and I were still tens of thousands of pounds beyond the biggest of the big, but there were some pretty impressive humans that were growing over there. It seemed that the more they resisted the growth, the more they grew.

I was loving every moment as my cum continued to rocket out of me. I loved the stares I was getting. I loved knowing that I was changing history. I loved losing my mobility. I couldn’t get enough. I still needed more, and that was exactly what was going to happen.

Finally, after what seemed like multiple minutes of coming, I felt the fog in my brain clear as the wave of growth finally began to hit.


Part 8

A magnitude 2.5 earthquake now constantly rattled the region as growth punched through my expanding body. Instantly I was overwhelmed by the fresh power that willed itself through my limbs as everything started to fight to pull itself in one direction or another. My hands were clenched so tightly that my knuckles were aching. Everything burned, but not in an unpleasant way. It felt similar to the soreness of working out: A pleasant pain that only brought more size on. My package felt incredibly massive in its own right. I could feel the massive log of weight pulling down on my groin as multiple feet of dick continued to pack onto the end. Don’t even get me started on my balls. Each was so large in circumference that if I were to squat, they would overfill entire Olympic swimming pools!

I could tell that Ben was now growing too from the deepening moans that crested over the top of my chest. His vocals were rising in volume, and it was getting easier and easier to hear him as growth surged through both of us. In fact, I was even beginning to see the tops of his traps as he continued to work on praising every inch of my body. His endless flood of compliments didn’t seem to end.

“Fuck, I just love how big you are.”

“You’ll never be large enough. Mmff—bigger, love. Bigger!”

Nobody is as gigantic as you. Nobody is as hot as you. Become their god, Mike. Keep growing!”

I couldn’t believe how horny he was already making me. I thrust my hips forward, my dick stooping lower as it ballooned out once more. The amount I was cumming had slowed down considerably, but it was nearly impossible now to fully stop. Leaking precum for me now consisted of oozing hundreds of gallons per second, but that was okay. It gave my followers even more substance to continue growing with, which in turn would feed me more size.

Very quickly 400 feet turned into 500 feet, which then turned into 600 feet! The city seemed to shrink by the moment as the buildings started to steadily become lower in comparison to me. I estimated that I was taller than about half the city, but a few of the high-rises still had some distance on me. Fortunately, the growth seemed to only be increasing in power as the tens of thousands of humans across the city started to shrink as every pound was sucked into my stature.

Some humans on the outer edges were lucky enough as they shrank just enough to get their feet back under them so they could run. Perhaps their 10,000-pound, hyper-muscled frame shrank to 1,000 pounds, giving them mobility once more as they staggered through the streets like a naked muscle morph. And perhaps others were finally able to stop cumming as their 10-foot cocks halved themselves in size and their balls stopped dragging on the ground. Of course, running would be a futile attempt anyway. Once I grew even bigger, they would be sucked back into an even more powerful growth wave.

Others that were a medium distance from me found that they didn’t lose any size at all. They were gaining and losing at the same rate, forcing their current physique to be the smallest they would ever become again. It didn’t matter how big they currently were. No matter how immobile, hyper, or freaky any particular person was, this would be their new reality.

Those that were closest to me found that their growth spurts were hardly affected at all. Relentless, endless growth of all kinds rattled through them, forcing 5,000 pounds to become 10,000, before 20,000, and so on. However, there was a maximum limit of size that these people could receive before their height would stop expanding altogether. Once they hit 15 feet tall, the powers of the rune would start converting height into the size of other kinds. It was genuinely impressive how much faster their muscles or packages would start growing once they hit their limits. Of course, their overall size could exceed 15 feet still. Their manhoods and physique could expand as large as they ever needed to grow, but the human at the center couldn’t get any bigger than that.

The thing is, no matter how big anyone was destined to grow, it would be incomparable from what was yet to come.

I found myself lusting after Ben more than I ever had in my life. Seeing his traps rise into view as his own body contorted with hundreds of thousands of pounds of size really told me just how fast his growth was increasing! In fact, he was even beginning to catch up! His traps seemed to loom on forever and ever. I wondered when they would stop! They were clearly far beyond his head, but seeing as they stretched higher, foot by foot, gave me a sense of scale for just how colossal we were truly becoming. It would take multiple humans stacked on top of each other just to reach the top of them from his head! At that point, I finally saw his face. His jawline was incredibly masculine, like that of a Greek god. No extra pound of fat sat on his face, causing all of his features to look sharp and sexy. The beautiful, white smile that I had grown so used to beamed up at me as an impossibly deep laugh exited his mouth.

“Didn’t think we’d ever grow this much, but it’s so hot.” Ben flexed his arms as he said it, really beginning to show off his mobility loss as he raised them as high as he could. He could hardly get his biceps past the midway point, and his lats stopped them from dropping to his sides completely. I felt pressure against the underside of my chest as I watched his cock begin to grow over them, looming closer to my face as cum drooled over my pecs and towards the streets below. I flexed my entire upper body, my chest locking his cock into place between my pecs as they pushed on either side of his shaft. My own dick was spread between Ben’s legs, nearly pinned to the ground under his balls as it throbbed repetitively.

“I want to fuck you so bad!” I begged, my own horniness bringing me to my most core human instinct. I could feel my breath shuddering as I watched his manhood extend even higher. I was fortunate that Ben had grown so much; otherwise, I wouldn’t have been able to see him at all. Parts of me were beginning to get… too big. Not too big in the sense that I wanted it to stop. I never wanted it to stop. My chest was rising so much that I couldn’t even see straight anymore. I needed to strain my neck just to see the horizon, and if it wasn’t for the major gap between my pecs, I wasn’t sure I’d be able to see the horizon at all! I knew that eventually I’d be swallowed by total immobility, but I was going to enjoy every second until then. Plus, I had another idea.

As we pressed beyond 800 feet tall, I saw Ben begin to flip around without a moment of hesitation. It took nearly a minute as he tried to work his way around his own body. I enjoyed the show as I watched it happen. His football-field-sized pecs cast shadows across the land beneath as I saw his side-profile display itself to me like a feast upon my eyes. His body was so thick and swollen that I couldn’t even see all of him within my eyeline, and as his full back came into view, I found myself enamored with every crease and crevice. The setting sun made each muscle look even more immense than it already was. It was actually difficult to discern which muscle belonged to which muscle groups. His back looked like a mountain that you could scale. I felt myself begin to grow faster as I realized that I was even bigger than him in every way.

I strained against my muscles as I willed my hands to grab my cock. It took considerable effort, but I was so beyond horny now that my phallus stuck straight out in front of me. Gravity had no say as I began to align it with the enormous bubble butt of my boyfriend. So much cum was pouring out of it that it took nearly no effort at all to begin the process. I took a very wide step forward as I began to push myself in. We were so deep into each other’s fantasies that his body accepted mine instantly. I felt my knees nearly buckle under the intense sensations that flowed through my dick. Was it possible that I was even more sensitive now? Would there ever be a limit to how good this could continue to feel?

I took another step forward as multiple feet began to disappear inside of Ben. I couldn’t see his head over his monumental traps, but I could hear his gasps and grunts as he pushed back against me.

Anyone who hadn’t been transformed into a growing pile of size watched in horror as the two giants started to have intercourse in the most public spotlight on Earth. Livestreams and news articles were beginning to spread like quickfire as the headlines started to pop up everywhere. An Amber Alert was even sent out to warn anyone in a 50-mile radius.

A nearby news anchor interrupted the local broadcast and said the following.

“Breaking News right now…” The slightly chubby man scratched his cheek, before stacking his papers in front of him. A worried expression sat on his face. He took a deep breath, before continuing.

“Only minutes ago, this video was captured from a chopper before it went down. Please be warned, the contents may be inappropriate or disturbing.” With that, the screen flicked to the helicopter’s camera. The video started with the live feed beginning where someone in the back seat of the city helicopter tour pulled out their phone and began documenting it to their Instagram Live page. It showed the two inhuman, naked beings on the horizon, as they began cumming, each shot arching through the air. The moment that started, the rest of the chaos started to unfold. A huge shot scattered itself across the windshield as the helicopter banked right.

The camera panned to the front seat as both the pilot and the copilot started to grunt. A ripping sound echoed throughout the cabin as their hands pulled to their groins. The stream showed everything as the two males watched their cocks grow to over a foot long, before it continued. As it hit two feet, panic began to spread through the cabin. Their muscles started to rip through their shirts as each person found their height begin to rise towards the roof. A flurry of words were thrown out as the helicopter swooped towards a nearby park for an emergency landing. By the time they landed, no clothes remained on their hulking bodies. The doors were torn off as they came tumbling out. The streamer dropped their phone as it tumbled into the grass, pointing towards the horizon.

Everyone got to see first-hand as their packages started inflating out of control. First to the size of their bodies, but then so much bigger as their masculinity peaked beyond anything that was ever known. Three males, just completely immobilized by their own cock and balls. It was the same chopper that had been flying just a few minutes ago, but filmed in 4k for the world to see. As the camera was left undisturbed in the grass, huge globs of cum were scattered through the city behind the growing humans. The camera captured everything, such as ordinary people becoming monsters after just moments of exposure. It cut back to the anchor as he continued talking.

“I am being told this is completely real, and I have confirmed it for myself. The microphone cuts out the extra noise, but we can hear the chaos spreading right now. We have also noticed that the ground has split open, revealing miles of red glowing cracks that are spreading throughout the city. We don’t know if it’s a virus. We don’t have any information. Seek shelter. Stay inside. Be careful. I’m Jerry Aftmo—” His voice cut out instantly as a strange look came over his face. It melted from concern to pleasure as he started to rock his hips back and forth. Suddenly, his shirt exploded off as his pecs surged beyond everything else as the table in front of him flipped over. The fat that was on his body was instantly replaced with muscle. Well, everything but his stomach. His stomach also exploded outward with growth as it pushed even beyond his chest! It extended so far from his body that you could nearly lay on it! Everything else scrambled to catch up as thousands of pounds of muscle and multiple feet of height and cock began to overwhelm him as he began to repeat the same word.




The feed cut to black as the entire stage was taken over by his hulking body.

It was instantly trending on every social media platform as people debated everywhere if such a thing could be faked. Surely it was some kind of social prank, right? It was definitely an easier explanation. Very quickly it was understood that this was actually happening as people made phone calls, checked traffic cams, or even went inside to see for themselves.

As we hit over 1,000 feet tall, I was almost entirely inside of Ben now. Every single building in downtown was now smaller than me, and I could physically see them shrinking as every part of my body scaled up to more immense sizes. How large was my cock? Around 500 feet long? 600 feet? It was hard to tell when the measure of the foot now felt like millimeters to scale. All I knew for certain was that it filled Ben up to the extreme. I wasn’t even sure how he was able to fit so much inside of him. Perhaps some magic of the rune was at play, because I was truthfully surprised when I felt my thighs come into complete contact with his ass. My balls swayed near my shins like the world’s largest wrecking balls as my stadium-sized pecs pressed into Ben’s back. Each one of my abs was the width of a building now, and only exploding in size more and more by the second.

Now completely penetrating Ben, both of us were lost in euphoric hell. To say it felt amazing was understatement. It felt impossibly incredible. Without a second to waste, I leaned in as close as I could to Ben’s ears and thundered out the words I had been waiting to say for a long time.

“Time to become Gods, stud.” My voice rumbled. I could feel his body tense up as he trembled in anticipation and glee. We had both already become Gods, but in the grand scheme of things, we were still tiny. I needed more. And so I began to thrust my hips back and forth like a machine that needed to be oiled up. I started off slow and steady as I adjusted to my new, evergrowing size. I tried to wrap my hands around Ben, but no muscles on the human body were meant to be anywhere near this large, so such a task was impossible. I strained my arms outwards and managed to get a grip on his lats, which looked like wings as they spread from his back and up towards his arms.

“I’m ready.” Ben responded with full confidence. With that, I picked up the pace.


Part 9

I knew way below us that our followers were still having the time of their life. I wasn’t sure if the movement I felt towards my feet was them, or if it was the debris that was beginning to rain down as my stance was too wide to avoid some of the smaller buildings now. Even on the outskirts of the city, it was beginning to look smaller by the moment as we blew past 1,500 feet tall. I could see between my enormous pecs the last of the tallest building in the city, coming in at around 900 feet tall, before I grew beyond being able to see it any longer. My focus was then entirely tuned into my boyfriend. My wonderful, loving, caring, growing boyfriend. He was a fraction of my size, and I could see him growing even faster the longer I was inside of him. All that precum was changing him from the inside out, and some deep part of me knew that his cum was becoming just as life-changing as mine was.

At this point, we were both in a full rhythm. My balls were larger than if two of the Las Vegas spheres were placed side by side, and their wet slapping against the backs of Ben’s thighs drove me even crazier. How far did the sound of our growth spread now? Surely it could be heard for miles. Our own bodies must be visible across entire cities!

I imagined for a moment what people were thinking as they watched two titans growing at a rate of over 10 feet per second. Were they scared? Were they disgusted? Did they want to join in on the madness? The red rune continued to spread outwards like a cracking plate of glass. Even someone running at full sprint away from it would be caught in the growth that would keep them in place until I could grow them even bigger, before absorbing all of their size.

The dull ache quickly spread through my entire groin as I welcomed the incoming event. This one would change everything. There was no turning back from the obscene size we were both about to gain, but there was no turning back from how big we already were, so why not push our bodies and minds to their limits? How far could this growth take us before it ended? I wanted to find out, and I was becoming addicted to the feeling of always becoming bigger.

Quicker than I was prepared for, the orgasm rushed up through my skyscraper-sized dick and into Ben. I let out a mighty roar as an entire lake’s worth of seed dumped into my inflating boyfriend at a mesmerizing rate. I continued to gyrate my hips like it was the last orgasm I would ever have as I felt my entire body go numb from the intense sensations. Feeling himself filling up with my seed, Ben let go at the same moment as his own body went into overdrive. I watched in awe as his rate of growth surged to an egregious degree as everything stretched outwards. His arms cratered out larger. His traps swallowed his head even more. The striations on his back deepened.

He wasn’t capable of becoming bigger than me, but some of his proportions certainly were. His own manhood was shooting load after load as each shot started to flood the city with cum. The growth for everyone below increased as well. The poor gay couple that was in the diner found themselves outgrowing it entirely as they were lost under 20 tons of muscle. The pilots who needed to land were now more cock and balls than man, each of their packages more than 10x their size! Others had perfect proportions and continued having intense gay sex in the streets as they started to ingest as much of my boyfriend’s cum as they could. As quickly as they started gaining size, many started to lose size as my plan went into effect.

Ben’s stomach was massive now, so bloated with cum that it looked like the world’s largest beer belly. Spectators were able to watch in real-time as it was directly transformed into muscle mass as his stomach shrank and was quickly replaced with an even more perfect set of colossal 10-pack abs.

Instantly, Ben began to shrink as I both pumped more size into him and took it away at the same time. I giddily watched as thousands of pounds were added in a single second, just for it to be pumped back into me. However, the bigger I grew, the faster he would grow, so it all evened out.

2,000 feet.

I felt high on my own growth as my eyes jogged around loosely in my head. It felt like I was seeing the world through drunk goggles. I felt light headed, but more in tune with everything than I had ever been. The was just dipping behind the horizon now, causing the red runes to be the primary light source beneath as it continued to glow brighter. What was happening must have made the visual look like something straight out of Revelation as the illumination struggled to wrap itself around our colossal frames.

4,000 feet.

I still found myself lost in the most intense orgasm of my life as I continued to absorb more size from all around. Impressively enough, Ben was also still orgasming. His cum shots had only grown in scale as they shot entire cities over now. Speaking of, the city now struggled to reach even up to our knees! It was rapidly becoming a thought of the past. Irrelevant. A mountain range sat in the distance that looked about level with us. The peak was tall enough to receive snow whereas the bottom was a desert. Were we really that tall now? Was our reality becoming different that fast?

I could hear the cracking way off in the distance of the rune scattering even wider. It had to be more than 50 miles wide and gaining speed. The further it spread, the faster I could feel myself growing. Speaking of growing, I shifted my gaze upwards as I noticed just how far beyond my head my traps were. They were like satellite dishes that sat above a house. I brought my head down as far as I could before I realized I couldn’t even see over my pecs at all anymore. The gap between them that I was using as a window had grown too high.

For some reason this turned me on even more. Impossibly, I started to cum even harder. I felt my grip loosen on Ben’s back as the rest of my body grew too large, pushing me away from him as my city-sized cock stayed firmly inside of him. We were both an entanglement of muscle, moans, and cum now as we firmly punched beyond 7,500 feet. The sun almost looked like it was rising from how fast our vertical ascension was happening.

Our bodies were more than double in width than in height, and the mobility issues that came with that were beginning to become starkly apparent. I estimated that I only had about 20% mobility left as I tried to move my limbs around. My legs were coming close to being spread to their furthest width. My quads were so wide that they were parallel with the edges of my shoulders. I knew that there were humans down there that were lost to tens, if not hundreds of thousands of pounds of muscle and cock, even if their height was still the same as it was when they woke up today. I took comfort in knowing that they were in the deepest sexual trances they had ever been in. The pleasure they were receiving was so harsh that their brains could only think of growing, and I empathized heavily with that feeling since I was in the same boat.

As we finally hit 10,000 feet, I felt a happiness settle in my heart. I never dreamed of becoming this big in my entire life. The city was no more the height of a curb to me now. Surely I was visible for more than 100 miles. I felt I could even reach the clouds now. Some loomed in the distance around us, but most still sat higher. I felt the happiness fade as I realized I wasn’t satisfied. I wasn’t even close. As cum continued to surge into Ben, I began to pump even harder. In and out. In and out. In and out. Heavier. Faster. More. Grow. Even faster. Grow more. Much faster. Bigger.

Ben was a heavy assortment of slurred words and horny whimpers as he just grew and grew and grew. He loved every single moment, and couldn’t believe himself that just yesterday he was normal. Mortal. Now he was impaled on the largest dick in existence with the guy of his dreams at the helm of it after he figured out that his religion was worth something. That there was truth to the years and years of believing in it.

The wide range in front of us started to look like Christmas day as it was completely coated in pure white. The churning in our balls was seemingly infinite, and no matter how much we came, it just kept cumming!

10,000 feet quickly became 20,000 feet as I realized that we were passing through a cloud. A cloud! It drifted past us as I felt the water vapors settle across my skin. I could feel singular droplets of liquid roll down into crevices with impossible depths as it mixed with sweat and cum. Wanting to see the land around us, I leaned forward at the waist so I could just try to get a glimpse of the ground, but it was impossible. All I could see was the very top of the mountain range in the distance, before I grew too tall to ever hope to see it again. It looked tiny now. Something that took over 2 hours to drive over in a car could now be squashed under my own feet. In fact, one of my feet alone would probably cover the entire city now.

The entire time as these thoughts ravaged my mind, I continued to pound Ben. He was completely moving with it, being certain to move back and forth with me to ensure maximum pleasure, and it was working. I had thought that this entire time I was still cumming, but it seemed that I was wrong, because before I knew it, I started to cum even more violently once more. I definitely did cum before, but it seemed the growth that followed was so intense that what used to be cum was now precum. This was the new baseline now.

I felt my vision go black as I nearly fainted. Nothing could possibly feel this good. But yet it did, and it was happening right now. I couldn’t even imagine what Ben was feeling as his belly kept bulging to more and more disproportionate distances as millions of gallons of my thick, hot cum continued to empty into him. He was growing faster than he ever had before, but I was absorbing his incoming size so fast that he was actually shrinking! I felt more weight on my package as he tried to stand on the tips of his toes to fit as much as he could inside of me as he shrank to a fraction of my size, but my physique was accelerating so fast that I could feel his feet lift off the ground entirely! His back arched into my torso as this brought him to the brink of his own next major orgasm. Cum shots the width of city blocks effortlessly spewed into the air as size exploded onto both of us.

30,000 feet. I almost swore I saw a plane flying in the distance before it veered out of the way quickly. I was almost certain that every passenger on that aircraft was finding themselves growing out of control, hence the quick departure.

40,000 feet. Every possible cloud in the sky was way below us now as we easily pushed through the stratosphere. A major portion of the entire state was visible from up here, and I felt a change in the air pressure as my ears popped. Scale was beginning to become irrelevant to me. The lands beneath would simply look like a microchip now.

50,000 feet. A height where oxygen shouldn’t even be breathable, but yet we were fairing just fine. I felt more energized than I had ever felt in my life, and as Ben’s body continued to absorb the copious amounts of cum I had dispelled into him, his features only became more exaggerated. That was when it hit me. The growth hadn’t slowed down at all. In fact, it was only increasing in speed. No matter how big I was getting, I only grew more.

I was taken aback as I started cumming again! This time with no buildup whatsoever. My entire body trembled as the Earth below shook like a magnitude 5.0 earthquake. Sonic shockwaves rippled across our bodies now as everything tried to outgrow the other. If I were able to see the ground, I would be able to see the country zooming out at an incredible pace. Ben was fiercely screaming as his own orgasm doubled, and then tripled in power.

Mooooooooooore!” He echoed. Clouds well below were blown away from the sheer power as 100,000 feet in height became a reality. Mobility was now down to 10% as I strained to move my muscles almost at all! My arms were beginning to force themselves out to my sides as I ran out of room to spread my legs. Somehow Ben and I were staying perfectly connected as our intercourse continued. I couldn’t even see him at all anymore. My chest was so gargantuan that my chin was angled at an upwards angle as it loomed what had to be thousands of feet above me. I couldn’t even see the top of my traps anymore! I still had about a 40-degree cone of light above me, but I wasn’t sure how much longer that would really last. I felt my vision fade for a bit as I was lost in the moment.

As 200,000 feet rapidly turned to 400,000 feet, and 400,000 feet turned into 800,000 feet, I felt as gravity started to shift. We were growing at a rate of more than 10,000 feet per second now, and I was having trouble distinguishing when one orgasm started and another stopped, up until it got even stronger. The baseline just kept rising, and the pleasure only got more intense.

The sky grew progressively darker as we rose up into it. At first I thought it was dark because it was becoming nighttime, but then I realized something. The sky I was seeing above wasn’t the atmosphere anymore. It was turning into outer space. I felt a bump of fear as I wondered if I’d even be able to breathe, but as the hundreds of thousands of feet of height continued to settle into my physique, I realized that I didn’t need to breathe at all. The ropes of cum that were launching off of Ben’s 700,000 foot cock were beginning to look like they were traveling further now. Almost as if it had a harder time dropping! His own endowment was capable of casting a shadow across entire states now! Our own musculature was more than 2,000,000 feet in width, meaning we were even wider than the state of California! Each load of cum would overflow the Grand Canyon in seconds!

I felt wonderful as an incalculable amount of pressure was taken off of my limbs as we only grew higher, officially passing 1,000,000 feet in height. We had officially entered the Exosphere. Anything beyond this was pure space. A few satellites hovered nearby, but they looked inconsequential to what we were.

I knew that soon enough, the Earth would be swallowed by our own mass if this continued. Ben knew this too. I felt like we had a link with each other that helped us understand each other’s emotions to an unnatural extent. But I didn’t care any more. By now the entire Earth was being rained upon by Ben’s magical seed as the low gravity carried it around the globe. The entire world was experiencing growth like the city once had, and before long, every single one of them would want to contribute size to us. To me.

Ben spoke for the first time in a long time. He was so lost in his own size this whole time that he hadn’t thought to speak. The only word he did speak willed me on further.

“Grow, Mike.”

The realization that I would outgrow this place I once called home was enough to set me off again. And again. And again. Each cum shot was like a higher strength orgasm in succession of one another. I knew that my pecs were each larger than the United States now, and I knew that I was wider than the entire continent, and I knew that the oceans were now like a puddle to me, but size was all I craved now. Nothing else mattered but growing. Nothing would stop this growth. Ever.


Our bodies exploded to double their size, instantly bringing my mobility down to 5% as I began to struggle to move at all. My own balls would smother the entirety of this side of the planet now if they dropped any lower than my ankles. Even my toes were larger than entire states. Millions upon millions of stars blinked in the sky as I looked up at the narrowing cone of vision above my head. Ben and I couldn’t keep our moans from stopping now. An endless barrage of size just kept barreling into our bodies like nukes as our bodies contorted, seized, and grew all over again.


This time our bodies didn’t double in size. They tripled in size. I could hardly even comprehend what was happening anymore. My body was being violently rocked to such a degree that I couldn’t stop cumming harder and harder. Even the smallest movement set off a whole new chain of pleasure that rattled me to my core. Gravity was lost completely as we were tossed off the face of the Earth entirely. As we started to turn, I got my first view of the Earth in a long time as I realized that I was as tall as the entire floating ball.

The rune spread across the entire globe now. Now that I was able to see it from further away, I was able to make out what it looked like. I had just thought that random cracks were forming, but now I could see that it was the same marking that I had on my back. It circled the entirety of the globe and pulsed so brightly that I nearly winced as I looked up at it through the space between my over bloated trap and chest muscles. The Earth was painted in a series of white and red between our cum and the sigil. Even the oceans seemed to have been completely replaced with our seed.

My greed for size wasn’t satiated. Not at all. As the rune pulsed over and over again, I felt a deeper connection with the universe than I had ever felt in my life. I reached a realization. A feeling that I could do something that I didn’t know I could do. If I was able to absorb energy from humans, then surely I could absorb energy from other forms of life. Without hesitation, I tried it.

As we grew to double the size of the planet, I watched as a hazy filter started to appear over it. It looked like it was being distorted and stretched as it began to float towards me. It was the size of a yoga ball in comparison to me, and I watched in anticipation as it crashed into my body. I found myself gasping as the wind was knocked out of me, something I didn’t even think was possible when we were floating in space with no oxygen. The feeling that replaced it though was much more intense.

Energy like I had never thought was possible flooded to the furthest reach of my entire frame, before..


The Earth was absorbed into me, setting off a chain reaction that wouldn’t just change the planet’s history. It would change the history of existence as we know it. Ben and I both thrashed around wildly as our bodies started to glow in correspondence with the rune, before our orgasms increased ten-fold.

I couldn’t even tell you how much time passed before I was even somewhat cognisant again. Each moment built on the last, and when I came to, I was growing so fast that I was admittedly a bit disoriented. I could feel Ben still impaled on my colossal dick as he took in an infinite amount of energy alongside me, and what I noticed next was even crazier.

I gasped as just beyond me I saw many of the solar system’s planets being sucked in towards me at a dangerous rate. I didn’t even realize it, but Mars was already being sucked dry of energy. I almost screamed as I saw Jupiter, the largest planet in the solar system, careening at us. It was so much larger than me that I was certain I was about to die. I tried to brace my arms up, but found that I was almost completely immobile now. My arms barely flinched as I tried to protect myself, until…

The moment our bodies made contact with Jupiter, I realized that I had nothing to worry about at all. It instantly started to absorb into my body as my body doubled, tripled, quadrupled, and then even nuked to a size over 20x larger than it had been before! I was growing so fast that I was having trouble comprehending true size anymore. Jupiter started to become lost to my own growth. At first it was about 10x my height, and then it was about 5x my height, before it eventually was the same size. I realized that in just a matter of moments, I had outgrown my previous size by many, many times. By the time that thought was over, Jupiter was no more than a soccer ball to me. Before I could react, it was almost gone!

1,300 Earths could fit inside of Jupiter once, and yet I had just completely outgrown it entirely. A sense of greed and desire spread so deeply through my core that I couldn’t help but share the news.

“We’re going to outgrow everything, Ben.” I cheered.

“I wouldn’t want anything else for us, love.” He responded through moans. I could tell that he was barely hanging onto the logical side of his brain. He was becoming just as much of a greedy bitch for size as I was.

Other planets started to absorb into me as I started a checklist of sorts. Saturn, Uranus, Pluto, Mercury, Neptune, and even Venus all lost the battle for size as noticed the area around us got brighter. So much brighter. I couldn’t even hope to see it as I looked up at the 20% slot of light that sat an endless amount of miles above my head in the canyon between my own upper body muscles.

For some reason, it hadn’t even come to my mind. I had forgotten about the largest energy source in the solar system. The sun. Our bodies at this point were pure temples of muscle and size, but even I was a bit concerned if the heat would be an issue.

As I felt it begin to absorb as well, I felt a wave of relief wash over me. Nothing really would stop this growth. Even so, the sun was monstrous in comparison to Jupiter. It was so bright that I was thankful for the endless expanse of bumps and mounds that covered my frame, or else I risked the chance of being blinded! The heat wasn’t an issue at all either. More energy to feast on. Besides, Gods didn’t need to worry, did they?

Drifting in space as my body absorbed the largest thing I could comprehend existing was a strange feeling. Especially as the light got darker, and darker, and darker. Eventually, it was gone entirely! If it weren’t for the glowing runes scattered across our bodies, it would have been completely black aside from the stars!

The impending growth spurt was unlike anything that could be described. We grew so fast that I had nothing to compare it to. A fun science fact popped into my head as my orgasm grew stronger by 100-fold. 1,000 Jupiters could fit into the sun once. Yet, I had just swallowed the sun by outgrowing its size by more than 100x in less than a minute. What would happen next?

I was a mess of lewd energy at this point. A horny mess that tried so desperately to continue humping his immobile boyfriend. Ben’s stomach was so far distended with fresh seed to be processed that the size started inflating elsewhere. His cock continued to rise above him by more than double his height as his balls spread beyond his own feet. He was essentially an immobilized, cumming planet on his own now.

Between the both of us, the solar system was completely gone now. Every meteor, rock, planet, and satellite had been absorbed with one goal in mind: growth. I felt multiple different things begin to ping off of all sorts of different places around my body as I realized that stars themselves were being sucked in now. Out of curiosity, I tried to move my arm, but found it completely impossible. I was now 100% immobile. No matter how hard I tried, I was unable to even bend my wrist. My fingers themselves were practically swallowed up. Everything else was like trying to cram an infinite amount of balloons in a standard-sized car. Before I knew it, millions of stars a second were pinging off of me. In return, I came even harder. By cumming even harder, I was able to absorb even more, both from the galaxy around me and from Ben. Occasionally I would hear him moaning, or making some sort of noise, but by now he was almost completely taken over by lust. Only able to cum and grow, like the rest of existence.

“Bigger.” I desperately grunted as I felt another 50,000,000 stars absorb into my physique. I didn’t even know what I looked like anymore, but that was the furthest thing from my mind. I just needed all of it. I needed everything. In response, I came so hard that the solar system would be wiped out in one shot. Fortunately, Ben absorbed every drop and grew with it just to give back to me so I could become even bigger.

As time moved on, everything only got more intense. No matter how large I grew, it seemed that a small window of light sat above as my traps and chest ballooned higher and higher. I guessed that I had to be 3x, or even 4x wider than I was tall now. But how could I even tell? As billions of stars turned into tens of billions of stars, I still felt every pound of muscle and cock that surged into my form.

As I broke through the Milky Way, I stared in wonder at the endless amounts of galaxies that hovered in the skies around me. The feeling that ran through me as I watched them all begin to absorb into my body was indescribable. The bigger I got, the bigger the gravitational pull of my body got. It didn’t matter how large I grew. I would only ever absorb more, and give more to Ben in return.

Having done an essay on the Universe in college, I remembered that there were something like 2 trillion galaxies in just the observable universe. I laughed with glee as all of them were sucked in so fast that the sky was like a tornado of light and magic. Monumental, sweeping shockwaves of red swept off of my body as the rune glowed brighter than the sun. It reached for billions of lightyears, spreading as far as the universe has been observed as everything was pulled into me at once.

“MOOOOOOOOOORE!! GIVE ME MOREEEEEE!” I thundered. In just that sentence, I had expanded by 10x my size. My orgasm increased by twice that. My mobility was lost even further. More was simply the only answer. Galaxies flickered across me like specs of dust in the wind as they became irrelevant on their own. I wasn’t sure how long I was sitting there in euphoria. All I knew was that I grew for a long time. It could have simply been days, but it also could have been minutes. Thoughts of the day before felt like a different lifetime, and every moment before that felt so inconsequential.

“BOW DOWN TO YOUR GOD!” I continued to roar. Endless shockwaves rippled outwards as an infinite amount of galaxies became a part of me. Every shot of cum that continued to erupt from Ben was always progressively stronger, and his mind was practically gone from how much pleasure he was enduring. He still remembered everything, but all he could focus on was how wonderful it felt to be impaled on his boyfriend’s dick, endlessly growing as over 2 trillion galaxies were absorbed in such a short span of time.

Suddenly, all of the specs of dust seemed to disappear entirely as a different energy settled across the universe. I felt something press against me. At first I thought it was some huge new superstar I wasn’t aware of, but this felt different. It was like a barrier. The barrier of the universe. My growth had accelerated by an indeterminable number in just the last minute alone, so it wasn’t long before it started to press on all sides of me. From what I could see so far away above us, it was like a blanket of cosmic energy. I felt it through my Universe-sized body as it blanketed across every crevice. Every canyon. Every striation. Every bump, mound, and muscle. It cupped my balls, which were as large as my legs, and propped up my pecs, butt, and feet. It pressed into Ben and wrapped around him as well. In a matter of minutes, I felt everything as the boundary of the Universe wrapped around us like the largest muscle suits of all time. The pressure increased as it became more akin to a second skin. Like an outfit I would never be able to remove. I felt it settle across my body as I grew to double the size of the universe, and then triple, and then bigger. It even wrapped around Ben’s cock, seemingly coaxing it to cum even harder; his cum shots escaped the boundary itself and spread into whatever was beyond.

It expanded with our bodies, only willing them to grow bigger as it fed us an infinite amount of energy. Everything in the universe had been absorbed, but we seemed to spread well beyond that. All the while, I continued to have the hottest, most intense, orgasmic sex in all of existence.

As size became harder and harder to scale, the universe eventually became like a speck of dust to us. Eventually, clusters of realities seemed to come about, but even those were absorbed almost instantly as the bounds of what was possible seemed to warp and bend. Anything that had ever been theorized about existence was overtaken as I became the epicenter of it.

Our growth continued to explode so intensely. I couldn’t stop cumming if I ever even wanted to. I couldn’t stop growing if I wanted my body to stop. My body wanted this. My brain wanted this. Ben wanted this. Existence wanted this. From the beginning of time, this was meant to happen. I was meant to grow today. Ben was meant to find me. I was meant to be with my wonderful boyfriend for all of time. We were meant to be Gods.

“I love you, Ben.” I said with a fuller heart than I had ever felt before. My voice was so deep that it couldn’t even be heard anymore by anyone but my lover. I felt myself tear up slightly as I realized I would be inside of him for all of time. I couldn’t have asked for anything better.

“I love you too, Mike,” he said back passionately, before continuing his long session of moaning as our sensations increased by more than 100x in an instant once more.

I smiled as I reflected on the past 36 hours. Part of me knew I would miss the simple things: A walk in the park, a car ride, watching TV at home. On the flip side, I knew this new reality was much better. Endless pleasure. Endless size. Always growing bigger. And bigger. And bigger. The universe was going to be wrapped around us for eternity as we stretched its bounds and made new realities. After a few beats of silence, Ben said the words that I knew would force me to swell even faster.

“Mike, I need you to GROW for me!”

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