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MIL: Men of Incredible Length

by brazboy

Ravi, or Oitresseis, is a transformed (mutated) agent of Brazil’s secret ministry dealing with magical and alien affairs. Now, a new drug—manufactured by human testicles parasitized by gooey aliens—is getting attention from his department, and it is his job to prevent its spread…

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Part 1: Codename MIL Ravi, or Oitresseis, is a transformed (mutated) agent of Brazil’s secret ministry dealing with magical and alien affairs. Now, a new drug—manufactured by human testicles parasitized by gooey aliens—is getting attention from his department, and it is his job to prevent its spread… (added: 21 Oct 2023)
Part 2: New Starts: Missions and Bodies
Part 3: Milkotine—The Alien Essence  (added: 28 Oct 2023)
Part 4: Completion
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Part 1: Codename MIL

The massive brutalist building in downtown Brasilia almost seems to shine with the reflection of the strong topical sun, due to its sturdy white exterior, made of concrete, breaking the greenery of the tired Cerrado. Its immense size and its almost alien shape is inconspicuous, however, in this brutalist capital whose shapes are so artificial, so intrusive, that they almost seem like a series of scars in the natural landscape. Under this immense rectangle of cement, however, are the headquarters of one of Brazil’s oldest and most secretive government organs—the Ministry of Magic, Interplanetary, and Legendary affairs, or MIL.

And that’s where Ravi (code-number 1.836, or mil oitocentos e trinta e seis) works, or, more specifically where he has his office, as work is oftentimes done elsewhere—and all over the place.

“And yet you want a vacation? You have just come back from Floripa,” responds Ravi’s boss, whom he knows as 1.107, or Centissete.

“Boss, travelling for work is not the same as taking time off,” replies Ravi, as he and Centissete cross the massive lobby of the old modernist building with their phenomenally long legs and overall frames. Both are, naturally, transformed beings, who no longer belong in normal society, but feel at home in this large lounge crossed by diverse creatures.

“And why would you want to travel if not for work? You’d have nothing to do out there,” Centissete shoots back, making Ravi want to slap his own face. The two towering men have similar body shapes and heights, except that Ravi is slightly fuller in muscle and taller than his boss. Besides that, both are massively different from regular people, as Ravi stands at an amazing 14 meters tall, while Centissete’s head hits his shoulder at a slightly lower 13 and a half meters.

Despite their similar sizes and even overall body frames, the two men have very different ages—Ravi being only 28 while Centissete has been in this department since at least the 1950s, given that he always complains about when the government moved from Rio to Brasilia. Walking through the main lobby, both gargantuan men have to be careful not to bump into one of their coworkers who haven’t been transformed by Milium, or whose transformations are less extreme. Many such people walk, slither or roll themselves around, sometimes avoiding the taller men, sometimes passing in between their massively long legs.

“That is exactly the point! I want to do nothing!” Ravi responds to his boss, who shrugs. With their long strides, it doesn’t take long to cross the building, and soon they are in the reception room, on the other side. After getting there Centissete bends down to talk with the secretary through the small window in the back of the reception room which leads to the main lobby, knocking on the massive wooden walls of the structure to get their attention in the other side.

“You can let the newbie in, I have his supervisor here with me,” says Centissete, as Ravi observes the small door which reaches less than a third of the way to his knees open, and then a handsome—albeit regular-sized—lad crosses it, wearing a fine suit.

“Hello, I was told to… fuuuuuuuck, what the fuuuuck!” he starts and then gasps in shock, looking at Ravi’s shoes and then up, and up, and up, endlessly, until his eyes are wide open and he stares at Ravi’s handsome and half-amused face.

“Welcome, novato. I thought you had already been introduced to the way things work here,” comments Ravi, nodding to the new guy who gasps as he stares at the towering figure ahead of him. He stays still in shock as his body is wrapped by Centissete’s hands, and he is then moved up, and up, and up, until he can talk face-to-face to Ravi and to Centissete.

“He has, but we are short-staffed, so he hasn’t seen anybody from our department yet,” explains Centissete, then telling Ravi to open his hand, which allows the newbie to lay carefully on Ravi’s immense palm. He is breathing very quickly, nervously and maybe also affected by a certain eroticism in the situation. “I need you to take him to Milium, so he can be transformed. After that, I want you in a meeting so we can brief you about your new task, back in Rio. You two will go there and take care of it, and then come back for the departmental inspection on Friday,” says Ravi’s boss, making 1.836 grumble.

“Four days? You are giving me four days to finish a task? What is it about?” asks the handsome and majestic overgrown hunk, who is now the center of newbie’s attention. The newbie clearly has a massive hardon, which Ravi can see now that he is up close to his eyes.

“It is a decent time. As you know, I can’t brief you here in the lobby, but it has to do with a new alien drug that has been going around the country causing changes in some young men,” says Centissete, and Ravi rolls his eyes.

“Of course it does, that’s 90% of what we do,” he whispers as his boss claps his hands.

“Anyway, go get the newbie to Milium, then. Didn’t you say four days is too little time? It definitely will be if you stay standing here for half of them,” responds the boss, and Ravi sighs, turns around, and goes towards the elevator. He’ll need to go deep underground to get to Milium. Centissete, meanwhile, would go to his office to do paperwork, drink some old, burned coffee, and maybe suck himself, while waiting for Ravi’s return for their meeting—at least that’s what Ravi imagines his boss does when he isn’t around, as nothing seems to ever get done without him.

“Hmhm, hrrr, nice to meet you, my name is Renato, what about you?” asks the handsome man in Ravi’s hand, as he is being carried by the fast moving titan, prompting him to sigh.

“Hi Renato, the pleasure is all mine but… you shouldn’t really reveal your real name like that,” informs Ravi, and Renato seems to really gasp and chastise himself after that obvious blunder, but Ravi simply brushes it off—he is holding the new guy high enough in the air that nobody heard it, anyway. “So, my code-number is 1.836, but you can call me Oitresseis. What is your code-number?” asks Ravi, and Renato bites his lips.

“I don’t have a code number yet,” he responds, and Ravi nods.

“Ah, yes, of course. You get one after Milium transforms you. Well, the lowest next code number is 1.901. That’ll probably be yours, I guess,” informs Ravi, before silence befalls between the two lads. Soon they reach the elevator and as Ravi has to bent, sit, and squeeze himself inside the relatively small space, only the two of them fit in at the same time—Renato sitting on Ravi’s immense abs, near to both his thick bulge and his handsome face.

Ravi is grumbling, squeezed like that in an almost fetal position as the elevator goes down and down and down. Renato, meanwhile, can’t help but stare at and appreciate Ravi’s lean and beautiful limbs, his elongated but muscular torso, and his handsome face, as well as his apparently thick bulge which barely hid an immensely long cock—surely larger than Renato himself even soft, by the looks of it.

“Wow,” whispers Renato, taking all of that in, and Ravi smirks, because he knows what is crossing Renato’s head. Traditionally the MIL only took gay men, which is both to do with Milium’s own personal ideology and a traditional view that it is less painful for gay men to be isolated from society than for straight folks. And, of course, this line of work presumed a certain level of distance for the rest of the world.

“Will I change like you, Oitresseis? Or will my changes be different? I saw some of the people in the lobby had long snake-like bodies, other had marvelously thick musclebound frames, and some even walked sporting more limbs than a spider!” asks Renato, clearly excited. Ravi smiles. It is hard not to see himself three or four years ago in this handsome naïve hunk sitting on his abs.

“Well, I don’t know. I’d say your chances are high that your changes will include some similar to mine. Most men in the interplanetary department of the MIL are lengthy, or stretchy. However, the specifics vary. It is all up to Milium,” explains Ravi, and Renato nods.

“And how does he decide… rather, how does he transform someone?” Ravi asks, and Renato grins. One of those question is so hard, and the other so simple. However, the elevator stops, and it’s time they leave—other people are waiting in line to go back up.

“Well, nobody knows the answer to the first one… if he likes you, he will ask for your opinion, but fundamentally, it’s up to him,” responds Ravi, and then he smirks. “As to the second question, you’ll see the answer soon enough,” he adds, as his massive limps stretch out of the elevator, and then he pulls his whole torso outwards, until he stretches his gigantic frame outside in the oversized hallway.

“Can you walk?” Ravi asks Renato, down under. He nods—he can walk. Problem is he can’t follow. Ravi soon picks him back up so they can reach Milium’s office faster.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Ravi and Renato sit on the old-fashioned waiting room where a handsome secretary works typing in a custom-made computer. While Renato is sitting in the one single chair for normal-sized people available, Ravi is sitting on the floor with his legs crossed. Due to his gigantic length, this means that one of his knees is rubbing against each of the two opposite walls. Ravi reads a tiny magazine, passing the pages with his nail, as Renato moves nervously on his chair, staring at the secretary.

Milium will receive you two now,” says the secretary after a beep, used to being stared at. It isn’t every day that you see a large man with sixteen arms typing with all sixteen hands on eight different keyboards. As the secretary releases that information, a large door opens in the opposite wall, leading to the next room. Ravi almost immediately stands up, and opens his palm in front of Renato.

“Thanks, Cle. I love your new bracelet, by the way,” says Ravi, and the secretary smiles, fifteen hands still typing as one is raised and shows a handsome bracelet around its wrist.

“Thank you, Oitresseis. My boyfriend gave it to me for our anniversary,” Cle says with a sweet and delighted expression. Renato observes that interaction as he climbs on Ravi’s hand. Ravi then lifts him and starts walking towards the door.

“You two have great taste,” Ravi says, making Cle laugh. As Ravi walks past the large desk, Renato gasps, seeing Cle also has sixteen legs to match his arms, and that in between each pair of legs there is one amazing drooling cock, barely hidden by his immensely long skirt.

“Ah, so do you. One day you’ll find a man who’ll make your heart beat faster too, Oitresseis,” says Cle, nicely as always. The output of his cocks clearly grows as he thinks of his boyfriend.

“Pssst, Oitresseis… do administrative staff not have a code? Why did you call him Cle?” Renato tries to whisper, but in fact he has to shout to get Ravi’s attention. Ravi gets his hand closer to his face as they cross the door, so he can communicate to Renato better.

“Cle is French for key. I don’t know his real name, his code number is 1.276, but everyone calls him Cle,” explains Ravi, but soon the door closes behind them, and then suddenly a lot of lights turn on ahead. Renato turns around and gasps, in absolute shock at what he is seeing from his advantaged observation point: a magnificent creature of muscle is in the middle of the large room, wearing only one thing—a necktie around his overmuscled neck. Calling that man huge is an understatement—he is probably almost as tall as Oitresseis, but easily fifty times heavier and all of it muscle.

Or rather, muscle and cock.

Muscle, cock and balls.

That gigantic man whose immense size is more like that of a ship than that of a human can hardly move. He grunts, panting laboriously, as his muscles are constantly massaged by his faithful assistants, as they are always in need of attention. His nipples are big, red and long, and drool their own exquisite liquid down his own chest. Meanwhile, his immense rod is as long as he is tall, and his balls as heavy as the rest of him—his manly rod constantly drools its own milk, which runs down to a gutter and then to some sort of processing facility. What Renato can’t see, though, is that there are hundreds of more normal-sized cocks trembling like flowers in a garden, all sprouting from the first meter or so of the gigantic shaft, near the man’s wonderfully kept groin.

“Wow,” gasps Renato, although Ravi chooses to ignore the panting newbie’s reactions.

“Hello boss, it seems like your muscles grew again,” says Ravi, and the massive hunk laughs at the comment. Maybe the muscles have grown, maybe they hadn’t, but at this size you couldn’t tell the difference between a hundred kilos more or less just by looking.

“Good to see you, Oitresseis. Where is the new guy?” asks the boss’s deep and manly voice. Then, his two assistants nod too, greeting Ravi—each one is his own magnificent self; one a lad whose lower body is conformed by 24 thick and strong tentacles (1.096) and another one who looks perfectly normal, but can multiply his body, and is how attending to Milium in 21 different places with different and perfectly similar bodies (1.032).

“Hey,” says the one with the tentacles, as one of his amazing bulbous limbs waves towards Ravi, who nods back. At the end of each of those tentacles there is a perfect cockhead which can open and swallow or grab something, just like there is a beautiful hole between each two cockheads. No wonder he and Cle are so happy together, Ravi thinks.

“My… my god!” gasps Renato, ejaculating just from seeing all that in front of him, as Ravi slowly lowered him down near Milium’s face.

“Here he is,” says Ravi, when gasping Renato blushes, now close to Milium’s handsome but muscle-locked face, being able to appreciate how wrapped by manliness his head is, and just how immense the boss’s shoulders are. One of 1.032’s bodies is nearby, rubbing oils on Milium’s shoulders, and observing everything to guarantee security.

“Handsome,” says Milium, with a smile. “Quite well built too,” he continues analyzing Renato, who blushes.

“Thank you, sir,” he mumbles, and Milium shakes his head.

“No need to thank me, it’s true. Nature has been kind to you; it isn’t that kind to everyone,” says the man, as his whole massive muscle body seems to shake, as if to land that point. Even his cock bounced up and down, slapping the floor of the building with its gigantic weight, with a massive and wet thud. “Now, I shall be kind to you as well, lad,” says Milium with a warm smile. “What transformations would you want? Muscle, limbs, control of self, magical body parts?” he asks, and Renato is still blushing as he looks at Ravi.

“I don’t know sir, something that can be useful to my job. Something like Oitresseis, perhaps,” says Renato, as Ravi lifts his eyebrows. Milium nods, and seems to try to shrug, but his immense body is too thick even for that to be more than a gigantic wiggle of his muscular self.

“That is a good one. We can always do small changes later… just remember the changes always add up, they never revert. Even some things that seem like reversals are actually additions. Are you sure you want to become like our Oitresseis here, still?” confirms Milium, and Renato glances up at Ravi, who shrugs.

“I am content with what I have. I did get new abilities since entering here, but never did I regret any transformation I had done to myself,” admits Ravi, and Renato then nods up and down, feeling more assured.

“Yes, I’m certain,” he confirms, and Milium nods back.

“Perfect… then descend. I will need you to go down to the base of my cock and drink from different specific cocklets. 1.032 will show you which ones. After that, you’ll need to go into the cum-bathing chamber to gestate your new self for a few hours. It’ll all be over quite soon,” explains Milium, and Renato glares from his face to Ravi’s, in shock.

“Drink from your cocklets? Drink… what… cum?” he asks, gasping, in disbelieve.

“That is how he does the transformations,” Ravi explains, and Renato seems to still be stuck in frozen disbelief. “You suck his cocklets and each will transform you in one specific way. If the transformation you want has never been done before, then Milium sprouts a new cock for it. His main rod, however, ejaculates a mysterious juice which contains all possibilities in the universe. That is why after having drunk from the cocks corresponding to your changes you’ll be immersed in a bath of his cum, which will help your body mutate more quickly,” Ravi completes, and Renato finally moves, trembling.

“I… I… how many cocks will I have to suck?” he asks, his own member drooling under his pants by now, mixing more pre with his orgasmic juices. Milium smiles with the question.

“I think it was 9, right Oitresseis?” he asks the towering giant in front of him, and Ravi shakes his head.

“Eleven,” Ravi responds, Milium laughs and Renato trembles.

“Eleven… eleven cocks…” he mumbles, while Milium wobbles his majestic musclebound arms.

“Luckily for you I am extremely horny, lad. It won’t take more than an hour and a half for you to make eleven of my cocklets orgasm inside you,” proclaims Milium, as Ravi moves to grab the shocked Renato with the intention to help him down the 10 meters or so between Milium’s head and the base of his immense rod.

“An hour and a half!” gasps Ravi, and Milium laughs, before the lad recovers his mind and asks something else. “Ah, what happens if I drink from the wrong cock?”

“Easy: the wrong transformation,” responds Ravi, who is already annoyed by how much time this is all taking by now, and so he grabs Renato’s clothes with his fingers and rips them completely, getting the lad naked as his cock slaps his abs and he trembles. Ravi then grabs him and lowers him onto the base of Milium’s enormous manhood—the forest of throbbing dicks, each as big as a normal lad’s arm, literally thousands of them there, in different states of near-orgasming, drooling the pure pre glistening Milium is producing all the time.

“You won’t need clothes for this. I will be going to the meeting, novato. I’ll see you in an hour and a half or so,” says Ravi, before walking away and out of the room. Meanwhile, another of 1.032’s deliciously thick bodies comes walking over Milium’s manhood towards trembling and naked Renato.

“Hello again, newbie, I’ll show you what cocks to suck. Please don’t suck others because the changes interact with one another in different and complex ways which can often be unpredictable to those of us who don’t have the intrinsic understanding of transformation that Milium possesses,” he informs, and then kicks one of Milium’s truly enormous cocklets with his right foot. The musclebound giant shrieks and moans up above. “This one first, for your body to stretch and expand… you can start now,” says the civil servant, serious and almost seemingly annoyed, as other of his copies engages in much more interesting activities elsewhere on his boss’s body.


Part 2: New Starts: Missions and Bodies

Renato kneels in front of the first massive (and misnamed) cocklet 1.032 pointed to—a large 35-centimeter-long throbbing member—and starts stroking it up and down. The cock is fat, juicy and trembles amazingly, as it is pumped with blood which makes it hard and amazingly warm to Renato’s touch.

“Fuck, this thing is huge!” he gasps, as he licks the red mushroom crown poking outside the foreskin, then lowering the extra skin to reveal the amazing sight of the bubbling pre, and swallowing the rod with desire as much for it as for the future subsequent change to be brought upon his body.

“Boss is huge all over,” comments an unamused 1.032, as he observes Renato going up and down on the gigantic rod, his arms stroking it as his hands jerked its fat shaft harder and faster. Milium groans, way up high—it is amazing how even one tiny cock like this can have such impact in a mountain of muscles, but it can. “This one will make your body stretch,” informs 1.032, and that makes Renato moan and gag on the cock, starting to work it harder and harder, polishing the cockhead with his hungry tongue, as he desires the wonderful juices even more now that he knows what they would do to him.

“Ahhh, hmnmm, uhhhh!” he moans and gags drooling spit around the fat towering member, even as other large cocks rise and tremble around him, and slapped his body, trying to get his attention. Renato does as he has been told, though, and continues working out only the cock he has been appointed to milk, keeping the glans always inside his mouth and between his lips, even as he goes up and down on its gigantic size. “Ghwaaaaa!” he grunts and his own cock orgasms from the smells and excitement, ejaculating what amounts to nothing in that forest of cocks atop a veritably magnificent godly shaft.

“You are horny, newbie,” observes 1.032, raising an eyebrow. Usually new guys have to take the spunk from two or three cocks inside themselves before shooting uncontrollably like that. This is one of those passionate lads who dives all in, like 1.032 himself, he thinks. “Here, I’ll help you,” says 1.032, before that body kneels in front of Renato and starts biting the lower part of the shaft which Renato’s ambitious lips can never touch, and kisses it. He also grabs another one of the boss’s transforming cocks and swallows it with his ass, moaning gloriously, making all other cocks tremble at once as Milium pants and grunts up above, filling the room with delicious sex noises.

“Gyaaah!” gasps sucking Renato as he licks and swallows and never lets his boss’s cock leave his lips, surprised, lifting both eyebrows as he sees 1.032 work and fuck his boss with his ass so expertly. The multi-bodied lad laughs at the newbie’s reaction.

“You can’t take other cocks, but that doesn’t mean I can’t. We have transformed my own anus so that I can’t be changed from the rear, so I am able to take better care of boss’s cocks. You haven’t, so don’t even dream of it,” explains bowing, kissing, and fucking 1.032, as his ass moves up and down devouring one of their boss’s many amazing minirods, and his lips kiss the designated cock Renato is sucking expertly. Renato moans, the boss trembles, and with the extra stimulation Milium soon can’t take anymore—15 or 20 cocks in that sector of his body explode all at once, including the one which fills Renato’s mouth and throat and stomach with amazing overflowing cum of which he swallows as much as possible.

After grunting and swallowing seed for three minutes, Renato ends up collapsing on his back, panting with his lips drooling seed and spit, while the large cocklets around are still exploding, showering him and that one of 1.032’s bodies in amazingly hot seed. His belly is filled with spunk, though, almost distended. He grunts.

“I tried my best to take it all,” he moans, panting, as 1.032 stands up, and raises one of his feet to stomp and rub Renato’s own hardness—already needy and trembling again for a milky release.

“You did well, you sucked more spunk than most newbies manage to. Anyway, one cock done, ten to go. Follow me, the next one is a few meters away,” commands 1.032, and Renato sighs and lifts his tired self. Seeing where he is, though, and the amazing number of cocks trembling around him, he quickly recovers his libido, even as his body starts to get weirdly sensitive, tingly, and horny all over, as it absorbs the seed and his own physical shape starts to change, first unknowingly to him, but soon too obviously not to notice.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

While Renato feeds on Milium’s amazing transforming cocks, Ravi sits on a boring meeting with Centissete. The long and handsome younger hunk is sitting on an uncomfortably small chair for him, while his boss sits on a proper custom-made chair, on the other side of the large desk. He pulls some documents and now a little flask with something, and pushes them over to Ravi.

“Let me see,” mumbles the younger agent, collecting the papers and skimming through them. Ravi gasps with what he is seeing—photos of the aliens, and of overgrown humans who are almost musclebound. There are small subtitles explaining that the naked humans have become victims of the aliens and are being used to produce their drug—they kidnapped men, took over their balls, and made their dicks ejaculate alien milk instead of normal human seed. “Fuck, you mean that this drug is alien milk? Is that why these aliens have four pecs with thick nipples on them?” gasps Ravi as he talks to his boss, skimming through more and more pictures.

Centissete nods.

“Yes, Oitresseis,” he says, picking the flask up and swaying it up and down, showing there to be a liquid inside. “In fact, these aliens aren’t like you and me, they are mostly liquid, and change shape a lot during their life cycle. They reproduce not like us humans, by sex, but rather, by humping their sexual rods together and exchanging ejaculations. Once they do that, they need to feed their young their own milk, and that is why they have such abundant pecs,” explains the older agent. Oitresseis frowns.

“And how did humans enter this whole… system,” Ravi asks, and Centissete sighs.

“Page 13, Natan Noriega Neto. He was a researcher of alien biology who found out, first, that the milk of this species has incredible properties in humans—it highly incentivizes growth in men, which is not surprising given its biological role feeding and growing the young of that species; but, above all, it is highly addictive; and third, it can cause hallucinations without any sort of health consequence other than muscular and height growth, and so it has become popular in bourgeois circles all over the country,” explains the boss, but Ravi frowns, switching between papers and pointing at a figure at page 19.

“Boss, but here it says this overgrown man isn’t a user, it says pretty clearly ‘kidnapped lad used for the production of milkotine’,” starts Ravi, and Centissete nods, sighing.

“That is the worst part, Noriega Neto found out that members of these species can be forced to parasite inside human testicles. If starved and then exposed to a cock, they’ll crawl inside and parasite on the human balls. There, they will inhabit the testicles and change them, so they start making alien milk, instead of human semen. That lad you see there is basically infertile now, except to another alien. To increase his milkotine production, in fact, the traffickers forced his balls to host 7 different alien individuals there,” he explains, and Ravi gasps in shock.

“Seven!? No wonder he is so bloated and his face seems so horny…!” he exclaims, surprised, and the boss nods.

“Indeed. So, as you see, Oitresseis, we are dealing with a very complex case of interplanetary traffic, quasi-slave labor, breach of human and alien rights, forced captivity, and risking human biologic security…” explains the boss, and Ravi nods.

“All at once,” he mumbles, a bit overwhelmed.

“Yes, all at once,” his boss confirms. “That is why I need you and the newbie in Rio urgently. We have news that there is exactly one human milkotine producer now on earth, and he is located in Rio; however, his captors also have two kidnapped free roaming aliens, one in Rio and one being brought over from China. They plan on making those reproduce and then contaminating other lads to increase milkotine output. If they succeed in this plan… we may be talking of thousands of milkotine-drooling humans by the end of the month,” the boss warns him, and Ravi jumps up in shock—fortunately the ceiling isn’t so short in this office that he hits his head.

“Sir, I see… I will take care of this situation, do not worry anymore,” he says, and Centissete waves his hand, asking Oitresseis to sit down.

“Yes, you and the newbie will do it together. Here is the information you two will need, and the address of a contact in Rio. Good luck, you may go now, lad,” says the boss, handing Ravi a thick manila envelope. Ravi extends his hand and takes the envelope, which is amazingly small for men like them, although it would be gigantic to most people—he then puts it inside his pocket, and nods.

“Thank you, sir,” says a serious Ravi, and his boss waves him to the door.

“You may go now, the novato is probably already transformed and numbered. Take him and then rush to Rio. The country is counting on you two,” he says, and Ravi nods and thanks him and leaves.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Ravi enters back into Milium’s room, and looks around. Milium himself sees the giant agent arrive, while 1.096 is using his immense tentacles to rub and oil the boss’s muscular chest, and 1.032 is in more than a dozen places at once, including sitting near Milium’s face and chatting to him.

“Is my new partner transformed?” asks Ravi, and Milium looks at 1.032, who nods.

“He is, and his code will be 1.912—Novundois,” he says, and nods. “He is in the cum bath right now, but he sucked those cocks really fast, so he has been there for more than enough time for the transformation to complete already. He is an eager one,” comments 1.032. Ravi laughs.

“Is he? Eleven cocks at once, huh? He is a fighter,” Ravi says, whistling impressed. The boss grunts.

“He did suck those cocks like a master. I am more impressed with the newbies every year. Back in my days, they were shy and although they loved dick, they were always apprehensive of touching one. Now I feel the lads arrive with more experience than I have accumulated in these last 150 years!” he comments, and Ravi rolls his eyes.

“You exaggerate, sir. You have more experience with that in a year than most of us has in a lifetime,” Ravi responds, and the gigantic wall of muscle laughs, as 1.032’s body stands up.

“Yes, it is an exaggeration on my part, but the spirit is right. Back then, this is the only place a gay man could be openly gay… we were as much alien as beings from other planets, and as foreign to most of society as fairies. Now… it isn’t like that anymore. Sometimes I think… one of the purposes of my having founded this place has already died,” Milium confesses, and Ravi shakes his head, as 1.032 frowns.

Oitresseis? Pick me up, we need to go get Novundois,” 1.032 tells Ravi, and the giant agent raises the palm of his hand to the level of boss’s shoulders, so the multi-bodied civil servant can walk onto it.

“Here,” says Ravi, and 1.032 does just that, and as he puts the smaller lad on his own shoulder, he turns to boss. “No, boss… things have changed for sure, but there are still guys who can’t fit in out there. Here we can protect the whole country from unimaginable risks, while becoming… better versions of ourselves. We all have to thank you for that,” he adds. The boss smiles.

“Thank you, lad, I’ll keep that in mind. Now go, work awaits,” he says, and Ravi nods, and, following the instructions that one of 1.032’s bodies shouts at him, Ravi goes and kneels close to the boss’s cockhead. Ravi helps 1.032 down, and then the worker pushes a few buttons, opening a massive hole in the floor, which leads to a gigantic pool of cum.

“He is in there… I can use the machine to ‘fish’ him out, or you can pull him up with your long limbs, Oitresseis. Whichever you chose,” he offers Ravi, who shrugs. “Pulling him is quicker,” suggests 1.032, and Ravi just lowers himself and submerges his arms deep in the pool of cum. He feels the cum on his skin, smooth, perfect, tingly and warm. It feels delicious, but it doesn’t change him, as the spunk he ingested way back has already been digested, and thus his body wasn’t predisposed to changing any more.

Swaying his arms inside the pool of cum, Ravi finds Renato’s transformed body—he seems to have grown a lot!—and immediately embraces him and pulls him up. Soon, Renato’s sleepy face appears from under the cum, spunk drooling all over his skin, completely peaceful. As soon as he feels the air, though, he starts breathing by instinct and gasps, waking up.

“What the fuck, what the fuck happened?!” he asks, sitting up and then standing up. He towers over even Ravi now, who is kneeling. In fact, even if standing, Renato is now almost a full meter taller than Ravi, at slightly above 1503 centimeters of height. Ravi looks up at his partner’s confused face.

“You transformed, Novundois, you are one of us for good now,” says 1.032, seriously and matter-of-factly.

“Welcome,” says a warmer Ravi, standing up and slapping Renato on his sticky cum-covered back. “Now let’s get you washed and dressed, and then I’ll brief you on our mission,” he says, and Renato gasps, seeing his handsome face so up close and normal.

“We… we are the same size!?” he asks, gasping and almost falling backwards, slipping on the boss’s cum. Ravi laughs.

“Come on, try to control yourself. We can’t have you step on 1.032, even if that is just one of his countless bodies,” warns the senior agent, who then shakes his head. “And no, we are not the same size, you are… taller than me now. But don’t worry, we’ll have clothes for you, Novundois. We are always ready,” Ravi informs, and Renato almost collapses, weak in his legs at the fantastic news, although his cock, on the contrary, stands up and slaps his massive and well-defined abs.

“I’m… so fucking tall now… and what about the other changes?” he asks excitedly, as Ravi moves to help him stabilize and not fall down causing a mess. Ravi sighs.

“You’ll have time to explore them later. We have a mission to fulfill and the storeroom closes at four,” Ravi informs, and Renato frowns, seeming suspicious at this new information. “What? We might deal with aliens and magic, but we are still a government department,” he says, and so, quickly, the lads go on their way to get ready to leave for Rio.


Part 3: Milkotine—The Alien Essence

Ravi and Renato travel in a special multi-dimensional car provided by MIL—it has an old design, so that outside it looks like an Opala Diplomata, but inside it is fantastically large and modernly decorated with all the things an agent of the MIL can desire. They travel all the way from Brasilia to Rio de Janeiro, eventually stopping by the old port, downtown.

“First, we need to talk to an informer in an old warehouse here… here, come with me. And be swift while outside, we don’t want to attract too much attention,” says Ravi, and Renato nods. Despite being now one of the tallest humans in the world, he has not been in this form for very long, and inside the multi-dimensional car he has felt mostly average. Now, outside, it would be his first true experience as a massively long and muscular transformed human.

“Sure, Oitresseis, I’m ready,” says Renato, hiding his weapon, which is gigantic, but not that hard to disguise around his enormous body. Ravi nods and opens the door, and squeezes his massive frame outside of the car, prompting Renato to do the same.

The scene would have been amazing, if it weren’t all dark outside. A tiny and old Opala Diplomata has its two doors open, and out of them spreads massively long and handsome legs and feet, and then arms and hands. For a second, it seems like the car has become a spider, with eight massively long limbs stretching out of it, but soon torsos are squeezed out of the doors, and the two ultra-tall agents appeared in their full form.

“This way,” says Ravi, indicating Renato to follow him in between the warehouses which are, literally, shorter than the two hunks. They look around to avoid people as they walk but, fortunately, the old port is quite an empty place at this hour—only a few security dogs react to their presence by barking, but nothing else alerted anyone of their presence. Soon the two towering agents find what they are looking for—the ancient warehouse of the government docking company. They squeeze themselves through the massive cargo door, and inside. Neither Ravi or Renato can properly stand inside, but almost, as the place is 13 meters or so in height—they only needed to lean a little bit forward.

“Good to see you, agent,” says a deep voice from a balcony in the third floor, looking at the massive open space of the lobby. Ravi and Renato turn around, seeing three men staring at them—the one who has talked, absolutely covered in muscle, is wearing nothing but an extremely long dress, almost like a tunic. The tunic does make his immense body seem less obviously huge, but one can see the thickness of his shoulders quite clearly, as well as how hard it is for him to move his thick and massive arms. The other two men with him are leaner and taller, at 2 and a half meters each—they have guns, and seem uninterested in the conversation. Guards.

“Good to see you too, Casagrande,” says Ravi, looking down towards the man, despite his being in the third floor. “I see your muscles continue growing… did you not get the last package of the shrinking milk?” asks the agent, and the man smirks.

“Oh, I did, it is just that my boyfriend and I have decided to… ease down the intake. We’ll see how much I can grow without it becoming a hassle before I start taking the milk again,” says Casagrande with a smile, and one can see his cock throb under his robe, creating a bump which throbs and soon produced a stain of pre on the fabric. “Uhhh, but this doesn’t matter now, agent. I have the information your boss has asked about. The drug lords are bringing the other alien to Rio by boat. I don’t know exactly which ship it is in, but it will arrive tomorrow, and they plan on unloading it at night and then uniting the two aliens to breed together. You will find them and be able to prevent them if you go to the port at that hour,” informs Casagrande, and Ravi nods.

“How many of them will be there?” asks massive Renato, his head bent as he is the tallest and bigger even than the building. Casagrande glances at him.

“Your new partner?” asks the overmuscled drug lord. Ravi nods.

“They seem to be making them more and more handsome every year,” he jokes and Casagrande laughs.

“Indeed, this one is like a flower in the desert, although you aren’t one to say so yourself,” jokes Casagrande, making Renato blush. He then turns to the new monumental agent and nods. “I can’t say for certain how many men they’ll have there, but certainly not many. They don’t want to alert the local authorities and they still need to defend their hideout—they only have one producer of their milkotine up to now, and they can’t afford letting him be stolen by a rival gang,” explained the magnificent muscle hunk, as something seems to move under the fabric of his tunic, besides his wobbling cock.

“Thanks for that information, Casagrande. Do you need help coming down?” offers Ravi, and the massive muscle hunk nods.

“That’d be of great use to me, agent… for someone my size, climbing stairs is not exactly easy,” mumbles the muscular informer. Ravi then raises one hand and grabs the man, squeezing him between his fingers. The muscle hunk moans, as his guards observe his muscular self-constrained inside one single immense and powerfully manly hand. “Wait… hmmm, not so hard… hmmm,” moans the man, compressed, having his muscles squeezing and his cock compacted against his thick chest and abs.

“I can’t risk having you fall, Casagrande. Just hold for a second,” informs Ravi, then lowering the man who gasps and pants, and who starts to move his hips to hump Ravi’s fingers with his nicely sized cock, ending up fucking his own tits as well as Ravi’s fingers.

“Hmm, fuck… I forgot how that felt like… hmmm, this is even better than a massage…” mumbles the informer as he is laid down, and then as soon as his cock isn’t superbly squeezed against his muscles, he pants and falls on all fours and ejaculates. Liters and liters of milk are pumped under his robes, making his body and clothes all sticky and wet, as his balls contract between his overly muscular legs. Lacking movement, there is nothing the informer can do other than pant and tremble, as his guards rush down the stairs to help him up and then remove the dirty robe, replacing it with a new one.

“Thank you again for the information, Casagrande. You’ll get your extra supplies of shrinking milk, as per the agreement,” says Ravi, walking out of the contrived space and then back to their car, with Renato following him. The two of them leave the panting post-orgasmic smiley Casagrande by himself, as his guards help him move out of the building through another exit.

“Is he a trustworthy source, Oitresseis? He looks like a criminal,” asks Renato, once the two overly big hunks are back inside their Opala.

“He is a criminal. Nobody knows why but his body started expanding slowly after he became an adult, and that helped him create one of the strongest cartels in Brazil. Also, he eventually found out that lads that he fucked in the ass grew in muscle, which helped him form one of the strongest groups of minions in the world, all loyal directly to him,” explains Ravi, making Renato gasp. When he is about to protest, though, Ravi continues. “However, he grew and grew more and more until he was muscle-bound, and that almost made him lose everything: he was betrayed by some who thought they could use his cock without his consent. He’d be a bound muscle blimp now if it weren’t for our intervention and pact. We started providing him with shrinking spunk collected from one of Milium’s cocks in exchange for his collaboration. Now he is back to a size that allows him to control his gang, and while we allow him to continue with his illegal activities, he keeps an eye for us on alien and magical or legendary affairs around Rio’s underground scene.”

“But… but! Doesn’t that mean we are turning our eyes away from his crimes?!” gasps a shocked Renato. Ravi shrugs.

“Yes… but that’s with the police. We are the MIL, our business is protecting our planet and species, not fighting overly muscular drug lords,” explains Ravi, and then he starts driving them away from the harbor. “Novundois, now I’ll take us to the old headquarters of the MIL. That’s where we’ll spend the night,” he says and turns the car 180 degrees around to take the other lane in the avenue.

“Oh, oh, all right!” says the newbie, grabbing the handles as the car accelerates.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

The two agents work through the night going through some documents in the old base, in an office provided to them by the local management, before going to sleep in one of the quarters designated for overly big men, now, for once, as roommates in extra-long bunk beds. The two of them have showered and are wearing MIL-branded underwear and shorts.

Oitresseis,” says Renato, and Ravi grumbles.

“What?” he asks, and Renato rubs his own naked chest—they are both sleeping only in their shorts due to the hot tropical weather.

“I was wondering about this new life, after having been transformed by Milium. I know this means I am not a civilian anymore, but… completely disappearing from the world, I didn’t know it would feel this… weird,” says the newbie, and Ravi sighs. He has heard this before—last time, from his own mouth. He just turns around on his bunk bed.

“Look, we didn’t disappear from the world, only from the records. We can still contact people who were significant to us, if they exist, as long as it doesn’t endanger MIL. Besides, we still live… look, most people I know have more fulfilling lives within MIL than they did outside,” says Ravi, and Renato seems to roll around on his bed too.

“Even you?” he asks, and Ravi stays silent for a while.

“Yes, even me,” he says, softly, and it isn’t a lie. “Although I am not as lucky as other people, I feel better now. I love my body and how people respect me, which is not something I could have says before. I also love my job, it makes me feel useful,” admits Ravi, going much beyond his usual policy of keeping a professional distance in this kind of environments. Renato seems to hum in agreement.

“I hope I’ll feel like that too, soon,” he says, and then turns around on his bed to the other side. “I think I did this more to flee from my past than to build a future,” he completes. Ravi touches the ceiling, close to his hand.

“That is okay, too. As long as we are alive, we are building our future,” he comments, almost inconsequently. Renato doesn’t respond from a while.

“Good night, Oitresseis,” he just says, snuggling with his pillow.

“Good night, Renato. You can call me Ravi when we are alone,” says 1.836, making Renato smile in the dark, and then the two go to sleep.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Renato and Ravi leave the old base through an elevator, appearing at night with their gigantic bodies in the middle of one of the old historic neighborhoods of the former Brazilian capital, eventually walking into the streets from a large and old abandoned building. They are both wearing wonderful suits, and carrying their rather oversized weapons (proper, however, for their amazing size). Ravi walks ahead, while Renato comes behind him, both trying to be as discreet as possible for men of their gigantic size. Immense as they are, they are able to look above many of the old palaces and warehouses in this part of town, as they walk all the way to the harbor, an easy walk over the relatively short walls without even batting an eye. Once in their destination, the gargantuan agents hide between the piles of containers, searching for where the gang would be picking up their cargo.

“There, that ship,” says Ravi, signaling to Renato a gigantic cargo ship which is being suspiciously unloaded in the middle of the night. Renato nods, and the two start going in that direction. Soon, in the distance, the two massive overgrown agents see a circle of powerfully armed and smartly dressed men following the lowering of a cargo container.

“That must be the one…” whispers Renato, and Ravi nods and signals for him to be silent and move to the other side, to cover the other escape route, which he does. Meanwhile, from the vantage point of his extreme height, Ravi watches a massive crane lowering and then setting the container on the ground.

“Here it is,” says a voice. “Open it,” it orders, and then four big workers use hammers to burst the locks on the container’s doors. Then, it is wide open, as the owner of the original voice comes to the light and smiles—it is Noriega Neto—and the workers gasp. “Pull him out,” he commands, and then the workers enter the container and pull out what seems like a massive glass tube, with a thick juice inside—a young man, but with liquid skin and body. He floats in a thinner liquid, and seems to be a lad-shaped thicker and colored liquid inside.

“Bastards!” says Ravi, as he finally sees one of those enslaved aliens. They are also smart living creatures and since they can live in human testicles and reproduce in men it does make sense that they look so much like humans too. The poor lad, who seems to be rather young too, looks close to crying inside his glass prison.

“With this, we have all of the aliens on earth under our possession. We will soon dominate the drug market with our milkotine. Bring it to the truck!” shouts Noriega Neto, and the workers turn around to pull the massive glass tube towards the truck nearby, which has its own doors open. That is when Ravi nods to Renato on the other side of the big open area, and the two simply get out from in between the piles of containers and into the dim light of the cargo ship illuminating the action, weapons pointing down.

“Not tonight, we are apprehending this illegal alien under the code of interplanetary biosecurity, article 3, paragraphs 7c and 7d. You have the right to surrender him, and remain silent as you are conducted to the MIL for further interrogation!” warns Ravi, and the boss frowned.

“Fuck, the MIL!” shouted one of the guards, and they turn around towards and start shooting at Ravi. Ravi just rolls his eyes, though, as the bullets fly his way and then penetrate his clothes, but simply get absorbed and then spit out by his crawling skin when they actually hits his body. Ravi—and by extension Renato—is basically indestructible, as much as he is extremely stretchy.

“Stop them!” Ravi shouts, as he sees the workers trying to rush with the massive glass tube to the truck and Noriega Neto running to his own expensive luxury car. At once, Renato appears on the other side, and extends his hands as he lowers his body closer to the ground—something amazing happens right then: Ravi’s massive hand expands and stretches as his arm grows longer and longer, to be able to reach the ground. He uses his hand to make a wall in between the tube and the truck.

“Not this way!” he alerts, and the workers shout in fear.

“Monster! It’s the aliens!” they shout and disperse to different sides, as they let the massive tube fall on the ground and roll, to the terrified shock of the alien lad inside it. At the very same time, the guards notice Renato’s presence on the other side, and start shooting at him too, to no avail.

“Oh, no, you won’t!” says Ravi, mildly annoyed, as he lowers his hand around three guards at a time and picks them up. They start panting, crying and trembling, resisting to the overpowering muscles the agent has around them. “Don’t worry, I’ll give you guys a comfortable ride to the MIL,” he says, and then Ravi brings his hand to his mouth and opens his lips, and then swallows the three trembling men whole. Finally, Noriega Neto is driving away, the truck falls to the side as a shocked Renato sees Ravi swallow three big burly guards and bumps on the relatively tiny truck.

“My God you just… swallowed… killed… three men…” gasps Renato, as Ravi shakes his head and points down. Renato glances to the ground and he notices his immense foot stepped on the big container, completely crushing it, as the guards flee alongside the civilian workers now.

“We can’t let them run, or they’ll alert their guys. We still need to rescue the other aliens and the humans being used to produce milkotine,” reminds the senior agent, and Renato nods, bringing his thoughts back under control. “Remember that trick I told you about?” he asks, and Renato nods softly now. “Well, time to use it,” he orders, and both hunks then grunt.

Nothing seems to change, until one looks at their long legs. Something—or, rather, some things—are clearly swirling and crawling down there, lower and lower, filling both legs of their black pants and then moving down, and down, and down, until they popped next to their shoes.

“Fuck, Oitresseis… how do you do this without… orgasming…?” moans Renato, and that is when thick bulbous figures crawl out of the long legs of their pants—they seem like sentient snakes, but they are actually immense prehensile cocks. They swirl around away from the massive hunks in all directions, drooling, swirling between the containers, searching and smelling for their prey—or, rather, the wrong-doers they needed to capture.

“Hmmm, self-control and… I leave one cock to the side constantly ejaculating, when I do this,” grunts Ravi, and Renato then notices one of Ravi’s five dozen swirling snake-like slithering massive rods is actually turned towards the pier and ejaculating massively out in the bay. He gasps and swirls a prehensile cock in that general direction and does the same, almost unintentionally slithering it over Ravi’s fatter member, so both cockheads bumped, squeezing—almost snugging—together.

“Oh, owwwwh, ahhhhhhh fuuuucking amazing!” moans Renato as he lets all his seed be pumped to that one cock which, like Ravi’s, starts ejaculating almost as if pissing, turning the water along the port and soon much of the bay white and filling it with transformed semen.

“Hmm, oh, while our cocks rub all around the harbor and look for the fugitives, let us deal with the apprehended alien,” says Ravi, as he lowers himself towards the ground once more and grabs the glass tube. He brings it close to his eye, and the creature inside shrieks clearly filled with terror—it is just a lad used to violence and abuse, after all. He has no fault of his own on how his body is being used or about to have been used by these criminals.

While Ravi’s and Renato’s cocks search around—and find several of the men either swirling around them and bring them to custody inside Renato’s stomach, or swallow them if they resist—the constantly edging Renato choses to break the glass between his fingers, releasing the gooey alien in his hands and out into the open.

“Don’t worry, lad, you have rights in this planet under the charter of universal rights. What is your name?” asks Ravi, feeling many of his cocks trapping fugitives but also some… swirling around other cocks? He glanced at Renato, who blushed, and shrugs. One can only guess that they are both a bit out of control of their own desires, and some of their many ultra-long members have started frotting deliciously. But it is okay, even with 12 cocks rubbing and swirling together in different places, a good 36 cocks are still searching for villains all around the port.

“My name is… Oyurrasteyum… there is so much juice around, and I’m starving… can I have some?” he asks, and Ravi frowns.

“You… can, if you don’t parasite my balls, you can suck my seed for a while,” says Ravi, and Oyurrasteyum frowns.

“Ah…ah… we don’t do that out of our free will. We are forced by the humans… we like living in human balls but we like the seed above all and we respect human biology… it’s just when we are trapped in there and starved that we have to… to survive… if we are milked… then we have to… do that…” he explains, while trying to find the right words. It’s clear he doesn’t speak Portuguese all that well.

Ravi, meanwhile, nods. One of his immense long swirling cocks snakes up and up and up around himself, and then slithers closer to Oyurrasteyum. Slowly, grunting, Ravi re-channels his constant orgasm from his pipe-cock chugging it on the bay—which quickly got dryer—to that other cock now pumping endless seed on his hand, which rains down on the harbor like an abundant waterfall.

“Wow!” gasps Oyurrasteyum, moving in the form of a goo-lad, approaching the immense cock and covering it with his own liquid body. At the same time as he moans and starts being filled with spunk, Ravi’s now dry pipe-cock starts swirling around Renato’s pump cock, and Ravi grunts, as Oyurrasteyum’s goo body actually encircles his cockhead and massages it amazingly with his liquid self.

“Fuuuuck, drink all you want!” gasps Ravi, as his juice makes Oyurrasteyum grow, and grow, and grow, until he becomes a huge ball of cum surrounded by a tiny layer of goo, barely in the shape of a lad anymore.

That’s when he lets Ravi’s cockhead pop out of him, and the immense member, still ejaculating, falls down many meters towards the port like a tree after being cut, but orgasming wet and abundantly in warm liquid like a hose.

“Hrrrrhhh, ate so much… need to digest now…” grumblesd overstuffed Oyurrasteyum, as Renato pats a panting Ravi on the shoulders.

Oitresseis, I think… no… my cocks have swirled around all harbor twice already. I think we found everyone and… Noriega Neto escaped,” he says, grunting in orgasmic fashion too. Renato is pretty sure Ravi’s cocks have also finished their search as all their 24 cocks (48 in total) are rubbing together and kissing now, except the two orgasmic ones, which are only rubbing and frotting.

“Hrrr, you are right… I have swal… contained all the other people we saw. Let’s take them to the headquarters, send Oyu… Oyurra… Oyurras.. you know, this lad,” says Ravi, raising his hand which held the gigantic now grumbling ball of an alien, “…to the Social Service department, and then go rescue the other aliens and lads.”

Renato grunts, as he starts retracting his cocks. “Yes, sir,” he says, and then soon the two are on their way.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Ravi and Renato walk back to the old headquarters where they leave Oyurrasteyum to be cared for by experts, who would help treat him as well as interview with him to check his story. Ravi also releases from his bowel the people he has captured, who come out all gaping and covered in spit, and ready to collaborate with the MIL. As soon as they get the minimum information from them, the two lads run to their car and to drive to a supposedly small and unassuming warehouse in the periphery of the city. Ravi parks the old Opala in an almost empty road where all houses have their lights out, except the one warehouse in the end of the street, close to a main avenue.

“Now… things worked well at the port but we let Noriega Neto escape. We have to capture him, as well as the young man being used to manufacture milkotine, and the one other free-roaming alien they have,” says Ravi, and Renato nods, already moving to open the door of the car. “Wait… remember this is… a secured place, and they are waiting for us. It is likely that they’ll have stronger defenses here than they did in the pier,” warns the most experienced hunk. Rodrigo nods again.

“Sure thing, Ravi… I’ll be careful,” he says, and opens and door and squeezes himself outside. Ravi sighs and does the same, and the two towering hunks walk to different sides of the warehouse, and then on the count of three, kick out two different doors and slide themselves in—the ceiling is high enough that they can stand up, but barely.

“Stop there, Noriega Neto, we are here to capture you and your minions!” shouts Ravi, as he pushes through and inside the building, then gasping in shock at what he sees. Noriega Neto isn’t there, although the lad that has been changed by the aliens into a milk-making machine is—his immense muscular self is stretched on a bed, his balls hanging on the floor with seven aliens swirling inside, as his cock is pumped by an immense milking machine, which has a tube connected to it which led to an immense milk storage tank. This guy gasps, his mouth drooling around another tube that constantly feeds him processed protein-shake.

“Fuck!” says an angry Ravi, checking this suspiciously empty environment. No one else is there, and even the glass tube which should be hosting the free-roaming alien is empty.

“Where… are they?” asks Renato, confused, as Ravi frowns and lowers himself to grab the feeding hole and pull it from the poor overgrown milk lad’s mouth. He gasps and drool and grunts, panting, as the tube continues pushing and now wasting protein-shake. The overmuscled and overfed hunk grumbled confused, and blinked his eyes—clearly, stuck in that immense size and endless orgasmic pleasure, he has a hard time recollecting coherent thoughts.

“A…bove…” he grunts, and Renato frowned, as Ravi’s eyes open wide and he turns around.

From the ceiling of the warehouse, jumps in a dozen or so superbly muscled hunks, who attack Ravi and Renato directly on the shoulders, aiming for their heads. Worse, even, a modified human is there too, one with an amazingly long snake lower body, which quickly tries to swirl around Ravi’s neck and choke him. Noriega, meanwhile, stays up in the roof, outside of a large open skylight, laughing.

“I’m going to end you two, before you kill my business… I’ll make you addicted to my milkotine, and you’ll have no option but to come back for more!” he laughs, as he presses a button which makes the milkotine storage tank explode, releasing a tsunami of the delicious liquid in all directions, and flooding the whole warehouse.

“Fuck!” shouted Ravi, as he tries to grab the naga hunk, who slithers slickly between his hands trying to squeeze his overgrown neck. Renato, meanwhile, is trying to push the hunkish guards away from his head like mosquitos, but—albeit small—there are so many of them rubbing his shoulders and climbing his neck to attack his face with bites and punches that it is annoying.

“Ouch, my eyes!” shouts Renato, losing patience and then shaking his head as the tsunami hits, making all guards fly on the liquid wave which almost makes him, too, swallow some milkotine, although he manages to close his mouth.

“Fuck, what is that!” exclaims Ravi, seeing a gigantic blob of sticky spunk sway towards Renato from inside what is the milk tank. “Isn’t that… an alien?!” he gasps, his own body now mostly covered in milk, as he manages to grab and swallow the naga, slurping him like a damn long and thick noodle, and hosting him inside his immense self. The blob, which is easily 10 meters tall but equally as thick, is absorbing even more of the milkotine, and quickly processing it, probably because being an alien liquid it is close to its alien biology and easier to consume than human semen.

“The other free roaming alien!” gasps Renato, as Noriega Neto laughs outside, as a helicopter throws him a rope ladder and he flies away.

“Enjoy being consumed by goo!” shouts Noriega Neto until he disappears on the distance and the massive other alien sways his gigantic wobbly self towards Renato.

Apparently, the other alien intended for breeding isn’t exactly a slave of Noriega Neto, but a partner… and he is now supposed to swallow and kill the two agents.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

The situation is dire: in the floor of the immense warehouse laid dozens of guards who are trembling from having ingested all that milkotine, as their bodies swell with muscle and grow in height incredibly quickly, which shatters their clothes and makes their growing cocks start orgasming like fireworks atop their own bodies. Their collective moans sounded like a symphony, as the two cum-covered giants glare at this immense thing—this blob—moving towards Ravi as it expands. The former milk-producing lad, meanwhile, continues being milked by the machine, and his cum (pure milkotine) is pumped like a waterfall into the destroyed tank.

“You, stop right there, we will release you from captivity!” says Renato, and the immense blob of milk and goo laughs, trembling as it moves towards the giant.

“Captivity? I will populate this world with my descendants, and colonize these wonderful manly parts you call testicles with my sons! Why would I want to stop that?!” he laughs, as his immense overgrown gooey body touches and starts swallowing Renato’s hand. Renato tries to pull his hand away, but the suction of the liquid is too strong—incredibly strong, and even being touched by it turns Renato amazingly horny.

“You… fuck! Let go of me!” Renato grunts, trying to pull away from the goo, as he shakes his arm and his own rod hardens under his extremely big clothes. The gooey alien then touches Renato’s foot too, as it swirls up and up around his arm, massaging him perfectly, trying to get to Renato’s mouth.

“I imagine how much better it is to be hosted by someone like you than a normal human… but no… I’ll have you inside me and feed you my good, as I feed on your orgasms… at least for now… I have heard what you did in the port… painting the bay white… with that much semen I can possibly swallow the whole of Rio by myself,” moans the alien, as he covers more and more of grunting Renato’s body, making him hornier and hornier, as the younger agent looks at Ravi with pain and hurt in his eyes.

“Fuck, shit!” shouts Ravi, confused about what to do, until he smirks. “Be hosted inside balls, huh?” whispers Ravi, and then he lowers his hands and rips his pants and underwear, revealing his gigantic dong, which starts swirling like a snake.

“Ahahaha, you think that will attract me more than swallowing this lad? Think again!” responds the alien, as his gooey body envelops most of Renato’s legs and arms, but not yet his torso and groin and head. Renato is desperate, but shakes his head.

“I don’t want you to turn infertile…!” he says, noticing what Ravi is about to do as his cock trembles and lengthened and grew in side, fattening as well, becoming even larger than one of Ravi’s amazing legs. Ravi shakes his head, though.

“Don’t worry, Novundois, I have plenty of balls to fertilize anything I want,” responds Ravi, as his growing ball sack divides in two, same as his snaking cock. One of the immense cockheads swirls to the base of the immense alien, and then pokes inside him. The alien laughs, squeezing and massaging the cockhead.

“Aahahahaha, idiot, now you are also mine! I’ll consume the two biggest sources of manly juice in the world at once!” laughs the alien, his whole body trembling as he says so, but Ravi just shakes his head, as his cock starts swallowing, and swallowing, immense amounts of liquid goo being sucked into his cock and then ending on one of his ball sacks, which grow, and grow and grow between his legs, becoming heavier and heavier until it rests solidly on the ground.

“No, you are wrong. I’m the one who will have you!” shouts Ravi, thrusting his lips as the volume of the huge blob diminished, being sucked into his growing and fattening rod and then immensely stretching balls. He grunts, as more and more of the alien vanishes, first in confusion and then in shock and fear. He lets go of Ravi, as his volume decreases, and tries to move away from Ravi’s sucking dick, but the suction of Ravi’s cock is way too strong for a gooey alien to escape from. He is slurped and sucked into him, until his balls are full, and his cock drooling, as the alien vanishes shouting.

“No, noooo, fucking human, you are sucking me inside your balls! I am not to be a prisoner, I am to suck on human juices, not the other way roooooound!!!” protests the alien, until the last drop of his body is swallowed by Ravi, whose cock then starts snaking around satisfied.

“Hmmm, under custody… hmmmm, fuck, he is swirling hard in there… trying to make me cum…” grunts Ravi, as his cocks throb and drool much pre while his immense testicles tremble.

Renato, now released and panting, nods. He extends his hand to the base of Ravi’s longest cock, and grabs it, squeezing hard.

“Uhhhh, hmmm, fuck!” moans Ravi, in pleasured delight. Renato smiles, now super close to him, looking him in the face, their massive overgrown and extended bodies rubbing.

“I doubt he can go anywhere now…” says Renato, and then his lips touch Ravi’s. “Thanks for saving me, Oitresseis,” he says, and Ravi grunts, rubbing his lips against Renato’s too. His other cock starts swirling up Renato’s right leg, squeezing it, and then under his briefs.

“Hmmm, no need to thank me… we are partners, aren’t we?” grunts Ravi, and Renato nods.

“Partners,” says the younger agent. “Maybe in another way too?” he asks, his eyes staring deep on Ravi’s as their lips and noses rub. Ravi hums.

“We are not only agents, we are still our own men,” responds Ravi, and Renato nods.

“This is my own,” he responds, and then kisses his senior, as Ravi’s cock immediately slides and pops inside Renato’s hungry and deliciously hot and tight hole. The two hunks crumble in the manliest, most delicious kiss possible, as Ravi’s cock digs deeper and deeper inside Renato, whose cock also starts swirling towards Ravi’s own deliciously perfect hole.

And so, the two hunks fuck and kiss in the middle of the destroyed scene—they fall on the ground panting, causing a small earth-quake, and their shaking bodies almost destroy the warehouse they have just invaded as they fuck. Fortunately, though, the two manage to finish off without much incident, and are smiling sitting next to one another as they call the cleaning crew.

“What do we do now?” asks Renato, as his hands stroke Ravi’s abs. Right then, a crew of cleaners appears in vans and starts taking care of all the alien juice which has flowed over the warehouse and even down neighboring streets. Some juice is also drooling down Ravi’s and Renato’s assholes, but this is another story.

“Agents, we have this under control, you can go rest,” says a big burly centaur, dressed in a protection suit, as the rest of his team enters the building. Ravi nods, and then looks at Renato.

“Well,” says Ravi, standing up, still half naked. He lowers his hand and grabs the overgrown and overmasculine milk-producing lad. “First we get cleaned, and then take this one back to base to get the aliens removed from his balls…” starts Ravi, and then he pulls the hunk from his cock pump, making his rod slide and pop out of the machine and slap—always drooling—his own overgrown muscles.

“Owhnnnn, hmmm!” moans the constantly orgasming dude, this one so immense Ravi needed two hands to squeeze his muscles and cock so it stops drooling—although that makes his balls grow at a considerable pace.

“Then we have all the paperwork,” continues Ravi, and then he smiles at Renato. “And then, we take care of ourselves, if we can wait that long,” he completes, and Renato nods.

And the two men departure back to their Opala.


Part 4: Completion

Renato and Ravi return to the old base, with the senior agent carrying his massive balls as well as all the prisoners inside him. Getting there, Ravi lets his cock grow and slide into a special alien-containment tank and then ejaculates into it, forcing the free-roaming alien to go under a very thick and messy arrest.

“What do we do with Oyurrasteyum and the lad who was being milked for the drug?” asks Renato, as he watches Ravi ejaculating masterfully into the tank, while caressing his senior’s thinning second ball sack.

“First, we try to get the seven aliens released from his balls, and then we talk to him… as for Oyurra… you know… he has to decide what he wants to do. We could send him back home, I suppose, or help him here on earth—we take care of plenty of aliens under MIL’s jurisdiction,” explains Ravi, slowly moaning as he retracted his cock back into his body after having ejaculated. “This one, though, is off to jail,” completes the agent, tapping the immense tank he just filled with goo and spunk, as the prisoner insides show off a middle finger.

The two giant hunks then walk across the old headquarters, carrying the large tank filled with the gooey alien, who is still trembling inside, confused with the experience of being swollen, contained in testicles, and then released. They pass through some doors, usually having to bow as they are welcomed by different agents. They let one of the guards take the gooey tank away, while they go to a long corridor and end up in a comfortable—albeit small—operation room.

“How is the removal going?” asks Ravi, as he looks to the milked lad trembling and panting incredibly. His muscles are all covered in sweat as his immense throbbing cock is being penetrated by a thick machine, all the while his member is being stroked by a handsome hunk with ten hands, using a white cum-covered uniform. The muscular ten-limbed hunk turns around, without stopping the six-arm stroking of the lad’s cock, two-arm cooping and massaging of his balls, and the final two arms controlling the machine which drilled inside his patient’s member.

“I already removed two aliens from inside his balls. Four more want to go and… I think we can separate them,” says the doctor, as sweat dripped from his handsome brow, but his two-armed nurse cleaned it—while his three other arms are massaging the overgrown patient’s pecs and other muscles, to relax him.

“Two… plus four? What about the last one?” asks Renato, confused, counting with his fingers. The doctor grunts, as the machine moves and drills and the lad moans deep and his cock explodes with seed around the machine. Ejaculation shoots over the room and covers everyone in milky and sticky alien spunk.

“Another one! Yes!” celebrates the doctor, as a vial in the outside of the machine filled with an alien goo as the patient continues trembling and orgasming and his balls decreasing a little bit more in size. The nurse picks the vial, put it next to other two colorful vials filled with goo on which milk is being pumped, and then replaced it on the machine with an empty one.

“There are undernourished… seven in the same set of human balls… it must have been like torture for them…” says the nurse, as he attached another milk tube to the new full vial, and the goo inside moves up to start drinking from it and growing. Interestingly, all those goo aliens are also male.

“The last alien… apparently his name is Agalemeon,” interrupts the doctor, as he slightly changes the direction of the pressure of the cock-drilling machine. “He is dating the patient and so they wish to be united for now,” he grunts, and Ravi spreads his eyebrow.

“Oh,” he says, and then the doctor continues.

“They also want to… join the MIL,” he continues, and then looks towards Ravi. “You can take care of the paperwork, right?” he asks, and Ravi nods, as the doctor looks back into the cock he is milking and also drilling with a machine at once. That’s when Renato notices the doctor’s own immense rod is penetrating and apparently swirling inside the patient’s stretched-out anus—surely massaging the prostate perfectly is also a part of the procedure.

“Sure,” responds Ravi, as the doctor grunts.

“Hmmm, fuck, now I almost came myself!” he says, and then pants, stopping for a second to concentrate before continuing the operation, as Ravi and Renato left.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Ravi and Renato take another turn on the hallways and then go downstairs. They pass through many agents, most of whom greet Oitresseis, as Ravi is well-known in the business. When they are alone going down the relatively small staircase—for their size, at least—Renato starts biting his lips.

“So, the lad who was transformed and his alien boyfriend will enter the MIL without a civil servant examination?” asks Renato, and Ravi hmphs.

“I know, I don’t love it either, but it is the policy. Since they were involved in an alien-human interaction incident, we need to give them a special exam. Even if they can’t pass, they’ll still be taken care of by MIL, those are the rules,” says Ravi, shrugging, as his shoulders rubbed on the walls. The space is, indeed, not made for immense lads like them.

“Even if they are dating?” asks Renato, and Ravi frowns, stopping in the middle of the staircase. He’d have a hard time turning around, so he doesn’t, he just shrugs, as Renato behind and above him sees his immense back bowing, trying to move inside the small and restricted space.

“What does that have to do? We can date inside the MIL or even outside, as long as its someone who either has information clearance or… from whom you can keep a secret,” explains Ravi, and Renato nods.

“Ah, I see,” he says, and Ravi starts to walk downwards again. Soon they read a door, and Ravi grabs the handle. “You could date me, then?” asks an almost cryptic Renato. Ravi bites his lips, but he feels Renato’s breath on his back, as perfectly as he fells his own breathing slowing down, and his heart speeding up.

“I could, yes,” he says, his cocks (he’s had two for a while now) lengthening under his pants, reaching his ankles by now.

“Would you, though?” asks Renato, as his own cock slides down to the floor as well, almost incontrollably, as he grunts. Finally, the three cocks meet and kiss and swirl together as Ravi and Renato moan.

“I’d fucking love to!” says Ravi, turning around in that tiny constained space, as Renato too moves to give him some space, as their three snaking cocks rub and swirl around, kissing and frotting together, making the two men pant.

“Then let’s do it!” moans Renato, his arms wrapping around Ravi, pulling him between the ceiling and himself, as their cocks are already rubbing and sliding. One of Ravi’s two cocks, however, starts crawling up Renato’s other leg.

“Already at it,” moans Ravi, as he pulls his torso up against Renato’s, and finally their two mouths close in an immensely deep kiss, right when Ravi’s cock slides and rubs on Renato’s asshole, and slides in making both Renato and Ravi tremble amazingly, as their two free cocks rub and kiss drooling on one another.

Meanwhile, another random agent using the stairs sees it massively filled by these two oversized and muscular stretchy giants, and grunts, rolling his eyes, going over Ravi’s and Renato’s legs to access the door and leave.

“Why is it always in the stairs that dudes chose to kiss?” he asks, as he leaves the new couple to themselves.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

After finishing their business and managing to get themselves out though the staircase door, the two smiling hunks fix their clothes as they walk to the cell where Oyurrasteyum is being kept under arrest. It is a nice, comfortable room, but the gooey alien is nowhere to be found in it—rather, he is in the bathroom, staying inside a water-filled bathtub with the tap running.

“Oh, hey,” Oyurrasteyum says, lifting his gooey body from the tub, shaping at least his torso like that of a muscular and handsome lad. “Sorry I have just become… used to being in a small space… kind of,” he says, pointing to his liquid body filling the tub, some water flowing down to the tiled floor and a drain, but most being absorbed by him.

“No problem,” says Ravi, kneeling so he can get closer to the alien. “How are you doing?” he asks. Oyurrasteyum grunts.

“Fine… thank you for feeding me earlier, I still have to… process some of that cum,” he says, his handsome face looking up at Ravi. “Thank you for everything, really… freeing me, and all that, too,” he says, grunting as his body is still growing from absorbing water falling down on his gooey self.

“No problem, it was our job,” Ravi responds, and looks back towards Renato, who lowers his back too, behind Ravi, getting closer and above Oyurrasteyum.

“Absolutely, man, don’t worry about it,” he says and the alien nods slowly, apparently blushing now that two handsome hunks are in his bathroom. His whole liquid body trembles, and he gets a gooey erection, without even wanting to, before he deforms his cock trying to play it as if nothing has happened. Ravi smirks.

“So, I’ve come here with a mission. We need to get you settled somehow. Do you want to get back to your planet or… stay here under the auspices of our agency?” asks Ravi, and Oyurrasteyum bites his liquid lips with his liquid teeth. His people look a lot like humans, and even more so now that he is staring at these immense human hunks. They are very attractive to him.

“I wouldn’t know… but I have nothing back home I… was kidnapped and sent from planet to planet for years… I don’t even remember what it is like there…” says Oyurrasteyum, and Ravi and Renato look to one another. Rave clears his throat.

“Uhhh, I see… that’s not a problem, all right? We will get you a new life on Earth, if that is what you want,” says Ravi, and then Renato barges in.

“How old are you again?” he asks, and Oyurrasteyum frowns.

“I… my species ages different than yours. We start sexually maturing at 15 and end our sexual development at 25, in Earth years. I am 26,” Oyurrasteyum says, and then he laughs. “I am a fully grown man,” he completes, and then Renato nods.

“Then you were kidnapped as the equivalent of a human child?” Renato asks, and Ravi turns around and stares at him as if telling him to stop with that line of argument. Oyurrasteyum, however, just nods.

“I was kidnapped at 10,” he says, and Ravi gasps a little hearing that. He shakes his head.

“It will be fine, all right, man. We will get you a new life on Earth or… wherever you want it to be,” he guarantees, and Oyurrasteyum nods slowly as Renato bites his lips.

“For now, though, can you feed me more?” Oyurrasteyum asks blushing, and Ravi ends up laughing, as he and Renato prepare a thick and amazing cum bath for the rescued gooey alien.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Three gigantic hunks are walking through the lobby of the MIL headquarters in Brasilia—Centissete, Oitresseis, and the tallest of them all, Novumdois. In between their legs, and around their feet, magical, alien and mythological creatures walk all around—but the hunks are careful not to hurt anyone, especially the novice and handsomest of them all.

“I am glad you managed to go, sort everything and come back before the inspection,” says Centissete, as he grabs the super high handle of his massive office, and then opened the door, allowing the two other lads as tall as small buildings inside. While he sat on his comfortable immense chair, Ravi and Renato have to sit on smaller and less comfortable ones.

“Well, not everything, Noriega Neto is still on the run,” comments Renato, but Ravi shrugs and just puts his hand on his boyfriend’s knee, shaking his head. Renato shrugs and puts his hand atop his boyfriends, and their two matching boyfriend bracelets touch.

“Well, regardless… did you two really have to bring three new recruits with you? Do you have any idea how much paperwork that is going to force me… I mean, how difficult that is on our team? And right before the winter break, too…” complains Centissete, as he sighs, throwing himself on his immense chair.

“Sir, we are aware of that, but you know as well as I do that it’s the MIL’s policy to integrate anyone affected by alien biology or interaction if they so desire…” says Ravi, and his boss raises his hand and waves it signaling for the handsome agent to shush for a little while.

“Yes, yes, I know… anyway, you two will be doing the training of at least one of them, understood?” asks a serious Centissete, as he moves some papers about. “This alien lad… Oya… Oyu… Oyurra…” he starts, and then Renato clears his throat and interrupts him.

“Oyurrasteyum,” he corrects, and the boss throws the paper down.

“Exactly that one!” Centissete confirms, and Renato actually smiles, when a loud bell rings and then a weird voice comes out of the old intercom system, almost impossible for Renato to understand. “Yes, let them in!” responds the boss, while clicking some buttons.

Renato turns around to wait for the door to open, but Ravi laughs. He puts his hand on his boyfriend’s shoulder, and then calls his attention to a smaller human-sized (3 meters tall) door on the wall leading straight to the oversized table in between the massive hunks and their boss. That relatively petite door opened and through it came a handsome gooey and well-dressed Oyurrasteyum.

“Sir, I am ready to serve!” says the handsome lad. “Thank you for having me!” he completes, glancing up towards Centissete. The boss sighs and points to the two hunks on the other side of the table.

“Since you are an alien, and Milium’s powers only work in humans, I’ll simply give you a code, lad. You’ll be 1.901… and these two will be the senior agents who will train you,” informs Centissete, and then Oyurrasteyum turns around, and opens a wide smile as he sees his two saviors there, looking down at him—he also involuntarily licks his lips, seeing Oitressesis, but not even Ravi notices that.

“Thank you, sir!” says 1.901, before turning towards Ravi and Renato again. “I’ll be under your care!” he informs, and Renato moves a hand next to him so Oyurrasteyum can sway and move atop it, and then be brought to his senior’s shoulder.

“Come on, don’t be so formal, Oyu… Novizerum!” says Ravi, as he lowers the new agent next to his own neck. Oyurrasteyum swayed a little, afraid of falling even from such burly muscles, but eventually finds strong ground grabbing Ravi’s ear.

Soon, the three lads are walking out of their boss’s office, and about to go out to Ravi’s own office (Renato didn’t have one yet, and much less 1.901) to fill out paperwork. Just before closed the door, though, Renato stands there and lifted an eyebrow.

“Ah, boss… by the way, just a question… why do we call the agents by their code without the thousands, except Milium?” asks Renato, and Centissete looks up and laughs.

“Because he founded MIL, and we are all his men, aren’t we? We are agents of MIL, it doesn’t have to be says twice,” responds the boss, and Renato lifted both eyebrows a bit confused.

“Ah,” he just stated, closed the door, and goes after his boyfriend and partner, and their new alien co-worker, even more confused than before.

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