Keep your promises

by NioSatyr

A rock band has risen to fame overnight, although not through conventional means. When the lead singer decides to not uphold their promise to the mysterious person responsible, things start to go out of control on the night of their big concert.

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This would be a great evening. Drake could feel it. Their final breakthrough. He looked at his band colleagues, his friends and, admittedly, his crushes.

It felt almost like yesterday when they were just a bunch of ragged teens playing with half-broken instruments in a garage. Even though they were now all young adults, it mostly was like that just a few months ago. RedGreenMidnightBlue, short RGMB, had been founded five years ago, when they were 16. But they had been friends since the beginning of high school. Not only their love for music but also for men had bounded them together. While Drake and Kit were both completely gay, Spike and Kuro were pan- and bisexual respectively. As they all wanted to have a decent chance on the dating market, they all started working out and drove each other to new heights regularly.

Drake, his birth name being Rowan, was the front man and lead singer of the band. His mother was Nahua and his father a descendant of the Welsh. Over the years he had gone from twiggy to 1,75 m of pure twunk, with a well-defined body and the perfect amount of bulk. When the fans were lucky, Drake would strip off his shirt in the middle of the concert and reveal his torso to the world.

Kit, full name Malakita, on the other hand was even less inhibited. The Greek guitarist mostly started the concert only in underwear and shoes and ended it in a super-tight jockstrap that left little to the imagination. Some would say he tried to overcompensate through this because he barely reached 1,70m, but Drake thought that with his big package and sizable bulk on his small body, he was perfect just like that.

Unlike Kit, both literally on the stage and metaphorically, Kuro would unbutton his shirt at most, but fan polls have told them that this kind of teasing was almost as sexy as Kit’s exhibitionism. The Japanese-Native American bassist was a bit more than 1,80 m and with a bit slenderer, but still well-defined build. With his slightly spiky black hair, he was the kind of guy to be found on a boy band and also drew most of their female fans in.

Last, but definitely not least, was Spike, whose name really didn’t reflect his personality. Birth name Levy, the 1,95m big and beefy Afro-American was very sweet and like a teddy bear. Fans admitted that in most RGMB Fuck-Marry-Kill games, Spike was getting married. His most beloved feature was his big, juicy chest that, in old rock’n’roll drummer tradition, was always on display.

Now, on the evening of their probably most important concert so far, they were dressed in their usual concert starting getups. But the way they got to this point might have not been conventional.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

It all started three months ago. Drake and the dudes were packing their stuff together after a concert in a small, but very well visited gay bar, when suddenly an androgynous figure approached the stage.

Drake got down from the stage and asked in his confident manner: “Can I help you with something? An autograph maybe?”

The person smiled an almost otherworldly smile. “Well, I really enjoyed your show, but I am not here for an autograph. I want to make you an offer.” The person’s voice didn’t give away their gender either, but it sounded so clean and alluring that Drake felt his dick chubbing up.

“Wait, are you a record agent? Hey guys…”

The beauty interrupted him. “No, I am not from a mere record label. My offer is a bit more… abstract.”

By now the other guys had come over. Kit had put on a sleeveless hoodie but otherwise still only wore a jockstrap and his shoes. His arousal over the stranger’s beauty was not easy to overlook.

As for the others, they didn’t fare much better. Spike had that giddy smile on his face that signalled one of his many crushes and Kuro’s face had gotten beet-red. Still, his eyebrows were furrowed with mistrust. “And what offer is that?” he asked.

The stranger smiled at Kuro and his faced grew even redder. “In the simplest term: Fame. I offer you fame. Not the path there. Just a little boost in popularity that makes it easier.”

Kit wrinkled his nose. “Are you some kind of influencer? You definitely have the good looks for it.”

The stranger pulled a playful pout. “I feel flattered and insulted at the same time. No, I mean literal magic.” Before Kuro or Drake could answer back, the bewitching person put their fingers on their lips. “And because I know you won’t believe me; I will give it to you anyway and only demand payment once the results kick in. But you still need to agree.”

Drake and Kuro pulled back and formed a circle with Spike and Kit. “Do you think we can trust them?” Spike asked cautiously.

Kit was more enthusiastic. “Man, it would be cool to get a magical boost.”

Kuro was particularly suspicious. “This lowkey stinks like a deal with the devil.”

Drake thought about it. The others mostly followed his decisions. “I mean, we should ask them about the price first.”

He returned to the angelic-looking person. “What do you demand?”

The stranger smiled, causing his dick to get even harder. “Oh, you will just have to work part-time for me for a few years. You will still have time for being a band and it will be an enjoyable job, I promise.”

Drake looked back at his team. Kit was nodding his head excitedly while Spike was a bit calmer, but he also seemed sure. Kuro did show no sign of agreement or the opposite.

Drake reached out with his hand. “I guess we have a deal.”

The person looked at Drake. “My name is Iliviel and…” A devious grin appeared on their face. “… I sign my contracts with kisses.”

Kit and Spike exclaimed their disappointment. “Aw man, that’s so unfair,” Spike said.

Drake looked at Iliviel. “Considering that we all have to agree, I guess you have to kiss every one of us.”

Their smile got even wider than before. “Well, then come here boys.”

Spike looked unsure. “All of us at the same time.”

They stretched out their arms. “Of course, all at once.”

Drake grabbed Kit’s and Spike’s hands and pulled them forward. Kuro followed behind. Once he was face to face with Iliviel, they wasted no time and kissed Drake fully. They immediately plunged their tongue into his mouth but not for long as the others joined in, turning it into five-way make-out session.

Drake felt incredible. He had kept his crushes on the others secret and even though he still hadn’t come clean, this was a dream come true.

He didn’t know how long it went on. At some point, one mouth disappeared but he didn’t really care. They went on until Drake felt himself cum into his pants.

Immediately the post-nut clarity hit, and he stumbled away, but not before something sticky hit him. Kit’s dick had escaped the confines of his jockstrap and stood proudly dripping cum. He was smiling a wily grin. “Dudes, that was awesome…”

Looking at Spike and Kuro, Drake noticed wet spots on their pants too. He was relieved that he wasn’t the only one. “Okay guys, let’s pack up and then get home so we can clean up.”

Kit’s face was a wicked grimace. “Do you think the shower is big enough for all four of us?”

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

They didn’t expect it, but soon their career started to go up. They got bigger and bigger gigs over the next two months, and some of their songs even played in the radio.

And while they all agreed that RGMB’s success was amazing, they certainly appreciated the side effect that began with that make-out session. Namely, fucking each other regularly like animals. After nearly every gig they had to have a passionate foursome that wrecked both their dicks and asses, leaving their balls empty of cum. The day afterwards was spent cuddling and lazing around naked.

And then, two weeks ago, they got the offer for this major concert in the countryside. They celebrated with a ton of food and an amazing fuck-fest afterwards.

The next morning Drake woke up before the others and decided to make breakfast. He only put on some underwear and shambled groggily into the kitchen.

Just when he pulled a pan from the cabinets, his phone rang. Looking at the display he saw it was an unknown number. Annoyed, he picked up. “Hello?”

“Well, hello Drake. Are you satisfied with my services so far?”

Drake recognized the voice. “Iliviel? How did you get my number?” He was kinda creeped out.

They giggled through the speaker. “I can change fate. Getting a number is as easy as solving 2 + 2.”

Drake didn’t know how to respond to that. “What do you want?”

Iliviel huffed. “That you hold your part of the bargain. You know, part-time job?”

Drake was getting angry. “Honestly, I don’t believe any of this was your work, so I don’t see why we should work for you for free.”

“I never said anything about free. Luxurious housing and food will be on my bill.”

Drake didn’t believe them. “Still no. Get lost!”

The phone went silent and he almost expected them to throw a tantrum. Instead he heard a simple “Okay.”

Drake was taken by surprise. “Okay?”

“Yes, okay. You will regret it, but breaking a contract is always good for the party who does it last.” With that they hung up. When Drake looked at the phone, the call didn’t appear in his log.

In that moment Kuro entered the kitchen, also just in his tight boxer briefs. “Who called?”

Drake shook his head. “No one important. Telemarketers.”

Kuro seemed to not believe him for a second but then his face lit up. “What’s for breakfast?”

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

By concert time Drake had almost forgotten Iliviel’s call. He was hanging out backstage with his friends, getting slightly nervous about their big moment.

Kit noticed his anxiety. “Dude, relax. It’s just another show.” He looked at Kit’s meager getup. “Aren’t you concerned about wearing so little in front of a full crowd?”

Kit laughed out loud. “Dude, have you seen the hot guys out there? I almost want to go nude on stage for them.” Kuro grew red. “The girls I have seen so far are pretty too,” Kit added saucily.

Spike hid his face in his hands. “Please, stop talking. I avoided thinking about the huge and hot audience.” It was clear that they all needed a little nerve-calmer.

In that moment someone knocked at the door. “Yes!” Drake called out.

The door opened and a pretty punk girl with a tray of drinks entered. Drake didn’t need to look at Spike’s and Kuro’s faces to know she already had them under her spell but something about her seemed familiar.

“Do you guys want some drinks? I come from the bar; you know.”

Kit walked over to her. “Yes, these three nervous nellies certainly need some alcohol to ease up. Thanks, beautiful!”

She smiled brightly while handing Kit the tray. “Thanks shortcake, but I know I am not your type. But if the tall ones unclench their butt cheeks a bit, I will gladly peg their asses.”

Kuro coughed audibly while Spike whimpered like a lost puppy. Kit winked at her. “Maybe after the concert. They need their glutes still.” Drake snorted. Kit would always flirt on their behalf.

The girl left and said something like “See you after the show!”

Once the door closed Spike let out a big “Whoa!”

Kit nudged Drake. “She totally has their asses.”

Drake grinned. “Dude, she would have our asses too if we were into girls. When did we ever meet someone with a presence that alluring?”

In that moment it clicked. The girl reminded Drake of Iliviel. He shook his head. They looked totally different. Impossible that they were the same person.

He turned to the drinks. While the glasses looked fancy, the drinks looked like very little more than dyed, alcoholic sugar water. But hey, at least they were in their colours.

“I guess everyone takes their respective colour.” Drake took the red drink. The glass had an intricate dragon handle that turned into a relief on the actual cup.

Kit took the green glass that looked kinda like a tea kettle, just that the body was that of a masturbating man with goat legs and the spout his completely oversized dick. On the inside Drake could see a high double glass pipe. He had no idea what the purpose of this strange construct was. The answer came when Kit took a shot glass with the same green drink and poured it into the head of the glass. Suddenly the drink overflowed inside the double glass tube, pouring into the dick-spout.

Kit chuckled while putting his finger on the tip of the glass dick to stop the flow. “Pffff, you can’t get more Greek than a Pythagorean Cup in the shape of a masturbating satyr. No idea if the drinks good, but I will enjoy sucking the little dude off.”

In the meantime, Spike struggled with his blue drink inside of what looked like a glass horn cucumber. He had to wrap his hand around the glass without getting stabbed by the admittedly blunt thorns.

Kuro’s glass was almost as plain as the black liquid inside of it. Sure, it looked like an extremely muscled torso with some oversized pecs but compared to the craftsmanship of Drake’s or Kit’s glasses it looked like a cheap souvenir.

Drake raised his dragon glass. “Well guys, cheers!” He put the fancy cup to his lips and downed the liquid. He was actually surprised by the good taste. An incredible combination of sweet, salty, and alcoholic flavours hit his taste buds.

At the same time Kit let the satyr pour his contents into his mouth while Spike and Kuro downed their drinks just as Drake. Despite the beverages being pretty sizeable, they downed them all in one go and were left wanting for more.

Drake shook his head. “Puahh! Feeling better everyone?”

Kuro put up a thumb. “Guys, I think my pre-show jitters are completely gone.”

Spike was now sitting upright and didn’t slouch as usual to hide his true height. Kit beamed for his friend. “Hey, someone’s getting out of their shell! Should we pull your drum set more to the front today?”

Spike jumped up. “Yes!”

Drake felt himself boning up. Seeing the shy Spike so confident really made him happy and the drummer look sexier. “Okay guys, then it’s settled. Spike is gonna get a main spotlight and a solo today!”

Drake felt like he couldn’t sit still anymore. He had to get up on stage now.

On the way there he spoke to one of the tech crew members and told them that they wanted a bright spotlight on Spike and maybe pull his drum set more to the front if possible. They immediately spoke through their head-mic and informed the rest of the crew.

When they finally got out on stage the workers were already moving Spike’s drum set. Drake looked over the crowd and to the bar where he saw the punk girl diligently handing out drinks. They were not in fancy glasses, but in reusable plastic cups. They clearly looked like the ones she handed out to the band and if they energized the crowd as much as them, it would be a real party.

Drake grabbed the mic and shouted: “Hello, you sick fuckers!” The crowd cheered loudly for the band. “Are you ready for the party of your life?” The crowd screamed back enthusiastically.

“One! Two! 1, 2, 3, 4!” Like that they started their first song. Drake could feel the energy rush through and looking at his buddies and the people below, he noticed he wasn’t the only one.

Throughout the song he got continuously hotter and hornier. Maybe there was a bit more in the drinks that just sugar and alcohol. But it felt so good to Drake.

He suddenly had an idea. As the finale of the first song approached, he put his mic back on its stand. He gripped the neck of his shirt and on the last note tore it apart, revealing his torso to the audience.

The reaction was very enthusiastic as the crowd cheered and clapped. Drake could feel the sweat running down his body and as he looked at Kuro to his left he noticed his dress-shirt was open as well, even though he’d apparently lost a few buttons in the process.

On his right, Kit hadn’t damaged his clothes, but his hard dick was sticking out of his shorts while he lolled out his tongue in the lewdest way possible.

Looking back at Kuro, Drake saw he hadn’t removed any items of clothing or showed a boner, but apparently flexed his muscular, bare upper body for the audience. No wonder they were so excited.

Looking back at the audience Drake noticed that a lot of the guys who were holding cups from the bar, also seemed to lose their inhibitions. Lots of them were shirtless and some of them were even making out and groping each other.

Drake knew that if he can help it, he would make the crowd even randier. “Thank you, thank you, you are a hot bunch and an amazing audience to have!” Cheers came from the crowd.

“And you know who helped us getting excited? The drinks from the bar, so go there and get your own cup, so we really can get this party started!” The crowd got even noisier, and he looked at the people pushing towards the bar.

Kit went over to him and shouted in his ear. “This is awesome! Wonder how many we can get to strip?”

Drake shouted back: “If it would go my way, this would become a full fuck-fest!”

Kit fist bumped him. “Totally, bro!”

Drake announced the next song. He picked one that had a guitar solo for Kit to stand in the spotlight with his big dick out.

As the song progressed, the lead singer noticed how some guys lost it completely and stripped completely naked, starting to jerk off in the middle of the crowd. A few of the braver ones came up the stage and fucked right at the barriers.

Drake couldn’t take it anymore. Once Kit’s solo started, he whipped out his cock and started jerking off. Normally it was about average but today it felt extra thick and long. Before Kit’s solo ended, he came and almost shot to the fucking couples at the barrier. He was a little disappointed at not reaching them, but beside him Kit was launching a big volley of cum from a cock the size of his forearm handsfree while still rocking that solo. Determined not to be outshined, Drake regained his composure to sing for the final part of the song.

Once the final note was played, the crowd clapped again, although not as loud as before because a lot of their hands were busy. Drake looked at Kuro, and to his surprise, he had stripped down completely during Kit’s solo.

Kuro was normally the most reserved but now he flexed his body for the crowd and apparently loved it. Drake was amazed at this turn of events and looked back at Spike, only to freeze in fear.

Spike’s skin had turned an azure blue and he was now taller than before. No, his body was still the same size but somehow his chest was higher. In horror and arousal Drake watched a new set of pecs emerge on Spike’s body.

Drake knew this was wrong, he wanted to cry for help when suddenly a blast of liquid hit him. Looking over at the bar, he saw that they had apparently used a hose to cover the entire audience in a watery substance and it had also had hit Drake.

Suddenly he felt his worries disappear. This was too hot to be concerned. He watched as beneath Spike’s original pair of arms appeared a new set. As they unfurled, his cock grew out of his shorts until it reached between the two rows of abs.

Immediately he started using his lower pair of arms to massage his new and improved dick. With his upper pair on the other hand, he picked up his drumsticks again. Drake knew what he wanted to do.

He turned back to the mic. “Well, it turns out this concert won’t be much about music anymore. But before we give in to our pleasure completely, give it up for Spike’s drum solo!” The crowd cheered and moaned, and Spike started to give the most amazing drummer solo in sex orgy concert history.

Drake knew he wouldn’t be able to focus on singing, so he turned to Kuro instead. The other man was panting, and his cock was the size of a two-liter bottle. Drake couldn’t resist and kissed him, while grinding their cocks together.

He could feel their bodies gaining size and mass. First slowly, and then faster and faster. As their shoulder muscles grew bigger and their back muscles wider, the last vestiges of Drake’s shirt tore apart and dropped to the ground. The little leftovers of his sleeves were obliterated by his growing biceps and triceps. All the while Kuro’s body went through the same muscular changes.

Drake’s legs grew bigger and thicker, soon tearing apart his pants with a rending sound. His underwear followed suit quickly as his balls grew large enough to reach halfway down to his knees.

While Kuro’s and Drake’s cocks grew in length and girth, the muscles they passed were growing. Their sixpacks became eight packs, with each ab looking like a solid ball of stone.

When the changes and the tips of their cocks reached their pecs, Drake noticed it was getting more difficult to kiss Kuro. Not only because Kuro was still a little bit higher than Drake, even though both of them grew taller than 3 m, but also because his pecs expanded tremendously.

Drake backed off and watched Kuro’s chest expand while his skin turned black and his hair turned white, almost like they were swapping colours. On his forehead, two small blood-red horns appeared.

While Drake’s muscle growth had slowed down already, Kuro was still getting more ripped, almost to a point where it looked out of proportion even on his current height. Between his pitch-black lips, pearly white tusks and fangs emerged, giving his otherwise handsome face a feral look. On his hands and feet his nails changed as well, turning into snow-white claws.

But the most prominent change still happened on his chest. His nipples filled almost half of his pecs and stretched out even longer. Soon, they took the shapes of (comparatively) small cocks.

Kuro didn’t waste any time and grabbed them with his big hands. He came immediately from the pleasure and sprayed cum from all of his three cocks on Drake.

The slightly smaller, but still big man enjoyed the feeling, but couldn’t focus on it for long, as his own transformation continued. A splitting headache signalled to him that he grew horns as well. He could fell fangs push out of his lips as his nose broadened slightly and his ears grew into points. At the same time, scales started to grow all over his body. They were red like rubies and only left his face, the front of his neck and torso and the insides of his arms and legs untouched.

While he looked at his hands getting completely covered by scales and his nails growing into sharp claws, something similar happened to his feet. But they also grew longer and took on a more draconic stance.

Drake toppled over when he felt sharp pains on his shoulder blades and tailbone. Slowly, nubs emerged from these three spots, with the ones on his upper back being faster. It didn’t take long for them to grow into big, majestic dragon wings that Drake stretched because they were still a little bit stiff.

He looked over his back to watch his tail grow but was surprised when it didn’t take the shape he expected. Instead of a pointy end, the tail ended in a big cockhead, larger than his own. Drake already fantasized about sucking his extra-long tail cock off.

Looking back at Kuro he saw how the pitch-black demon was jerking his nipcocks into the direction of the audience. The crowd in turn was now almost completely clothes-free, either because of exhibitionism, sex, or transformation of their own, even though none of them reached Drake’s and Kuro’s fantastic proportions.

A moan that didn’t sound as pleasant as the rest of them made Drake turn around. He saw Kit on the ground and was surprised that he was still his original size considering his cock was the first to grow.

It already had started, as far as Drake could see. Kit’s legs had become extremely hairy while on his head two ram horns were slowly curling around his pointed ears. When Kit looked up at Drake, he could see his nose had grown broader just like his.

“Hey buddy, are you okay?”

Kit looked like he was in pain. “No, I got the worst case of blue balls ever. FFFFFffff..” He sucked air through his teeth as his legs contorted.

His feet turned into fleshy knobs that soon were covered by black keratin. His legs turned digitigrade like that of a goat and were soon covered completely by fur. At the same time his muscles started to swell and while they became not as exaggerated as Drake’s or even Kuro’s, they were still very noticeable. Simultaneously a white puddle formed beneath Kit.

“Better now?”

Another moan. “No dude, that’s just pre.” Drake looked in shock as Kit turned on his back and revealing his pulsing member.

His hard cock reached literally to his mouth and was as girthy as his torso. Kit’s balls were the size of prize pumpkins. Drake could only look in awe as his love-head released copious amounts of pre with each heartbeat.

“Awwwww!” Suddenly Kit’s package started to grow again, and Drake was afraid he could get crushed by it. So, he grabbed him by the shoulders and pulled him upright. He barely reached to Drake’s hips.

While Kit grew further, Drake noticed how veins formed in strange ways on Kit’s body. Soon, they were all over him and he shuffled around in Drake’s hands. “Dude, what are you doing?” His cockhead was level with Drake’s belly button now and lurched a big portion of pre on his dick.

“My body feels like a cock. A super-sensitive cock.” He stroked his giant cock that now was almost level with Drake’s own. “My body is even more sensitive than my junk. I can sit comfortably on my balls, but you just holding me drives me crazy.”

Drake looked down at Kit’s ball sack. It was now so large it filled the entire room between his legs and spread them apart. He would maybe be able to waddle with this, but now walk normally. At least the growth had now stopped.

“UuuhhAAAHHH!” Kit seemed to be in real agony as his giant cock lurched again and sprayed pre in Drake’s face. “Drake, please fuck me.”

Drake looked at his own cock. Kit’s package reached up to his collarbone, but his actual body had barely more girth than Drake’s dick. “Kit, buddy, no way am I going to fit.”

He now noticed how Kit was drooling pre from his mouth. “Please, I can’t take it anymore.” Drake was conflicted. If he didn’t do anything, Kit would probably die from the world’s most extreme case of blue balls and if he fucked him, he could irreparably rearrange his organs.

“Oh, for fuck’s sake, please let him be stretchy from his transformation.” The dragon man picked the satyr up and put his ass on the top of his cock, giving him a beautiful view of Kit’s deliciously muscled back.

“Are you ready?” Kit only moaned in agony. Determined Drake grabbed his small body in his big hands and slowly pushed him down. Like a water hose the satyrs cock sprayed thick viscous precum over the crowd.

Drake’s eyes were bulging out. He stopped in fear of pressing all internal organs into Kit’s ball sack. “Drake, don’t stop!”

“But… but…”

“The pressure in my balls is going down. Keep pushing!”

Trusting his friend, he continued pushing him down. And by Kit’s body language, he really seemed to relax significantly. Drake still expected him to scream from pain but was relieved when he actually hilted.

He felt his anxiety decrease dramatically and finally had the opportunity to admire how awesome Kit’s body felt around his cock. It considerably distended, but still looked very and well-defined. “And now?”

Kit looked up at Drake’s face with a lusty grin. “Use me like a fucking flesh light.”

Pushing Kit up again was almost painful for Drake. It felt like he was tearing a part of himself away. So even though he didn’t want to go to fast at first, he basically slammed Kit back down again.

The same amount of pre that came out slowly during the first round exploded all at once from Kit’s cock, covering the madly fucking crowd. “Oh yeah, that’s the spot… Do it again!”

Encouraged by Kit’s enthusiasm, Drake started to furiously push him up and down. He could feel their balls colliding with each other and Kit’s own much bigger cock slapping against his belly was felt by Drake through his own dick inside of Kit.

All the while the crowd got bathed in Kit’s pre and soon it rose to an average human’s knee. It was a mess and it made everyone even hornier, making them fuck even harder.

And while Drake enjoyed fucking Kit very much, he always only balanced along the edge and never got over it. And Kit wasn’t also producing more cum. “This isn’t working!”

“Okay, stop!” Drake let go off Kit who glided down his cock. “At least my balls empty as fast as they are filling like this.” Drake looked at the constant stream of pre from Kit’s dick. It was a miracle that they didn’t explode before.

He then noticed that Spike had stopped his drummer solo. Drake turned around with Kit still on his cock and handsfree to look at the blue guy.

What they saw was almost as hot as Kit on Drake’s cock. Spike had grown to be at least 5 m tall and was even more muscular than Kuro. His four pecs were bulging with muscles and looked like king-size beds. Orange spikes had grown all over his body, on his head, his shoulders, his chest, his back, even on his upper arms down to his elbows. Just above his butt, an incredibly thick tail emerged, which, unlike Drake’s, ended in a point and was covered in spikes as well.

Drake and the others looked at his face and realized he was still their sweet teddy bear Spike, just bigger and hornier. And he had all reason to be, considering his package.

While his balls dangled almost down to his knees, his cock reached up to his collarbone and was very, very thick. He smiled a sharp-toothed grin. “I guess it’s my time to join you.”

With all four giant hands he grabbed his ultra-thick cock and still wasn’t able to encircle it completely. His loud moans reverberated through the air and made more than a few fans cum.

But while the blue giant was jerking himself off, something strange happened to his cock. Ridges appeared on it, four in total and they only got deeper. At the same time his ball sack dropped even lower, practically to his ankles, but his nuts didn’t grow any bigger. Drake only understood what was happening once he saw the four cum slits on Spike’s dick.

At that point, everything happened really fast. Inside his ball sack, Spike’s balls multiplied till they were eight in total, making his nut sack proportionately almost as big as Kit’s. Although, his was easier to handle due to containing eight nuts than two big ones.

Then finally his cocks separated, each as thick as his upper arms and dripping enough precum each to fill a bathtub. His hands each picked one of them and started to furiously jerk them off.

In less than a minute he came with a bombastic roar and covered the audience in almost as much cum as Kit. Practically everyone except Kit and Drake came with him.

But while they didn’t get sweet release, something clicked in Drake, and he suddenly had a kind of out-of-body experience. Or rather, an expanded body experience.

He and Kit looked at each other. Drake reached out a hand and caressed Kit’s cheek gently. The feeling was intense, like touching his own cock, but a million times more intense. Kit was his cock.

The satyr spit out a big chunk of pre-cum. “Dude, that was amazing. Jerk me… you… us off!” Drake couldn’t say no to that. He started moving his hands across Kit’s cock-body. First slowly as to not disturb the connection and then he got faster and faster.

It was indescribable. He and Kit were still separate people, but they shared the same body, the same feelings. Kit was right, their cock-body was more sensitive than their oversized cock and now that he had become an actual cock in spirit, it was even more extreme.

But their oversized package was still sensitive enough for Drake to feel what was wrong with them. A big clump in their big cock’s urethra was blocking the semen, but not the fluids from the cum and made it impossible to come. At least unless they came hard enough. Drake immediately got to work, and Kit was helping him. While the dragon massaged their whole cock-body, the satyr massaged their cock-body’s chest and pinched its nipples.

But just as much as they shared their feelings, their desires were visible to the other as well. Kit could see his friend’s love for him and the rest of the band and responded by showing that he felt just like Drake.

They still had to ask the other two but knowing that both of them were already in love with each other was awesome already.

A less emotional and more physical desire that invaded Drake’s mind was Kit’s love for having something up his ass and it made his own feel empty.

He wanted to ask Kuro to help them out, but he was already pounding Spike’s ass and making him cum almost non-stop from his four cocks. But Kit was already ahead of him. He took control of their tail cock and inserted it at once in their body’s ass.

Unfortunately for Kit this made the precum swell up in their cock-body and as they were still two separate physical entities, he had to breathe.

Drake wouldn’t let his lover suffer as he kissed the satyr and used his proportionately bigger tongue to spoon out and swallow the pre-cum, allowing Kit to breathe through his large nose.

They continued to hold their kiss like this, and Drake regained control over their tail cock and started pumping it in and out their bodies ass. He definitely had to try this again once they were separated.

Making out with Kit was basically like sucking himself off and plunging his tongue into their cock-body’s throat was like sounding their urethras, which they both have tried and seriously enjoyed. This, combined with jerking off their cock-body and fucking their body with their own tail cock soon made them realize that the real orgasm was close. They could feel how the clump was shivering and then they finally came.

With a resounding boom the clump shot out of their oversized cock into the sky and exploded like a firework into a true deluge of sperm. But the two weren’t paying attention to the white rain as they were completely in their own world.

But only for a few seconds, as not only their oversized cock came but also their cock-body. A true fountain of cum started to come from their cock-bodies head, knocking their bodies head away from it and making it impossible for them to breathe together.

Drake was in unimaginable bliss, but he knew that Kit wouldn’t be able to survive this forever. With all his willpower he pushed the satyr off his own cock, breaking the connection. As Kit landed on the stage, he started to truly come from his own hyper cock and coughed up the last remnants of his time as a cock-body, leaving him only with his pre-flavoured saliva.

In the meantime, Drake roared and came into his own ass and all over Kit’s body. He didn’t know how long his orgasm lasted but considering that the satyr was basically covered in a white blanket and surrounded by a big pond that overflowed from the stage and the dragon mans belly was noticeable distended from his tail cocks cum, it was probably too long for Kit to survive.

Exhausted he dropped to his side. But Drake still had to make sure his boyfriend was okay and crawled over to him. “Are you all right?” Kit looked at his face and for the first time he noticed that the satyrs eyes had become a malachite green. “Hey.”

Kit reached out his normal-sized hand to grab Drake’s oversized claws. They could have fallen asleep right there in the puddle of cum when the audience made themselves noticeable.

“Encore! Encore! Encore!” The crowd was horny and still too pent up to go to sleep. Unlike Drake and Kit looked like they weren’t going to get soft in a long time, but they were too exhausted to do anything.

Kuro walked over to them and kneeled down. “You two go get some rest. Me and Spike have more cocks than you anyway. I just would like to find out how this happened, but for now we can only enjoy it.”

“Just let me carry you.” Drake was determined to fulfil his duty as freshly baked boyfriend and tried to pick Kit up but didn’t watch his step and stumbled.

“Well, I already expected to never be able to walk again, so I am going to enjoy it.”

After they had gotten up again, he and Drake had noticed that Kit’s balls were now smaller than before. Instead of going all the way to his ankles, they now only reached to his shins. He still waddled like crazy, but at least he didn’t have to worry about stepping on his scrotum.

His cock wasn’t a concern either, despite still being as tall as the satyr himself—it stood proudly upright, spurting massive amounts of cum with every orgasmic wave that hit the strong man.

“I just hope that you stop cumming at some point.”

“Well, no.” They both got startled and looked in the direction of the voice. On a crate a familiar figure was sitting.

Drenched in cum and wearing the clothes of the punk girl that brought them their drinks, but the indescribably beautiful face was unmistakable: Iliviel. “Already regretting your decision to shoot me down, dragon boy?”

Kit looked angrily at Drake. “What have you done?”

It was Iliviel that answered. “Oh, I called him two weeks ago and demanded payment for my fate-altering services. He still refused to cooperate even after telling him about the benefits. Him breaking the contract allowed me to… adapt the price, if you know what I mean.”

Kit looked at Drake. “Would you still have transformed us then?” he asked the androgymous stranger.

Iliviel laid their head to the side. “Yes and no. With a little bit of camouflage, you would have passed as humans and would have been able to continue your band career. But now you and everyone who attended this concert will have to work for me. And while I would have let you go after ten years, with or without transformations according to your wishes, you will have to work for me ‘til I don’t need you anymore.”

“And when will that be?” Kit looked unfamiliarly serious.

They shrugged their shoulders. “No idea. Maybe one year, maybe a decade, maybe ‘til even my magic won’t be able to extend your lifespans.”

Drake felt like he needed to say something, but Kit continued. “You probably already know how to transport everyone?” They nodded. “Good. Don’t show yourself to Kuro or Spike and don’t let them know otherwise that you are behind this.”

Drake looked at Kit in surprise. “But, why…?”

“I want you to tell them yourself that you have fucked up. Not only because it is right, but also because I hope Kuro won’t be as mad if you do. I don’t want us to fall apart over something like this.”

Iliviel jumped off from the crate. “If that’s all you want. They won’t even know that I was here today. Bye boys.” And with that they vanished into the night.

Drake looked to the ground. He couldn’t look his boyfriend in the eyes. Bad idea, because he just had to walk up to the significantly taller dragon man and look into his face.

“I am sorry, I really messed this up.”

Kit reached up with his arms. “Pick me up, I don’t want to get neck pain from talking with you.”

Hesitantly he complied. He put the smaller satyr on his cock who wrapped his legs around it like he was riding a horse. He was still not completely even with his face, but it was enough. He had to push his ever-cumming cock to the side, but he was already used to that.

Kit looked in his boyfriend’s eyes. “You really fucked up.” Drake tried to divert his gaze, but Kit wasn’t done. “But to be honest, I wouldn’t have believed them either. Sure, I would have agreed to join at first because it would have been nice, but not more.”

Drake looked at Kit. His expression was soft and understanding. “Kuro would have probably reacted similarly to you but with a bit more tact. The only one who wouldn’t have fucked this up would have probably been our sweet, sweet Spike who always helps the elderly ladies.” Kit grimaced. “Look, what I am trying to say is…”

Drake leaned forward to kiss him. His saliva still tasted strongly like pre-cum. “Thank you,” Frake said.

Now it was Kit’s turn to look embarrassed. “Just because you fucked up, doesn’t mean you don’t deserve a good fuck… I am still here for you. Just, realize that I am still lowkey mad at you.”

Drake felt a little more relaxed. “Even though it feels good?”

“Even though it feels very good. Cumming all the time is amazing. I hope for your sake though that this body can do orgasm-ception, otherwise I will retract my statement about the good fuck. Now let’s find a good place to sleep, I am tired.”

With that Drake started walking. “You won’t let me down, will you?”


That night, they slept together under the stars.

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