Patient zero

by SomeMuscleGuy

 After exploring a crashed meteorite, Tim and Kyle are left growing uncontrollably. The hornier they get, the larger they grow. But what happens when growth itself makes them horny?

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Only a few hundred feet left of the hike, and yet it was the most brutal. The remaining trees on the mountain vanished as we made the final ascent to the top. I watched my friend Kyle sprint the final few steps up the barren, dirt trail, disappearing from view. “

Wait up!” I yelled, quickening my pace to catch up. I heard whooping and hollering as I stumbled up the final few steps.

“Ah, what a view!” exclaimed Kyle, stretching his arms high into the sky. Before I could even look around, I put my hands on my knees, feeling my leg muscles cramping up.

“Dude, that was one of the most exhausting hikes we’ve ever been on.” I took a deep breath. “But it was so worth it.”

“Tim, you gotta look at this view, man!” shouted Kyle.

I leaned up, looking at my burly friend with a sly smile. We were both pretty well built. I was 6-foot-1, 205 pounds and have competed in a few bodybuilding competitions at this point. I have a nice build which compliments my gym shorts and tank top nicely. Kyle, on the other hand, had me beat. Filling his gym shorts and t-shirt was a 6-foot-3, 220-pound stud. We’ve been gym buddies for years, and we’ve put quite a bit of size on together. We met in high school and bonded together through thick and thin as we navigated the life of being openly gay teenagers. We were roommates in college, and now we share an apartment together as we both try to start our lives. While we’ve never officially been together through the years, we were about as comfortable as could be with each other. Best friends.

“Hey. Hey,” chirped Kyle, snapping his fingers at me. “Earth to Tim, come back to me.”

I snapped out of it, realizing I was staring at his muscular body. “Sorry, you wanted me to look at the view,” I joked, punching his shoulder.

I stepped up onto the ledge, feeling the wind gust up the mountainside. “Woah.” That was all that could be said. Our clothes whipped around as the gust seemed to only pick up, throwing dirt and small debris up at us. After a few miles’ hike, we were seemingly a few thousand feet above the ground. You could practically see the slight curve of the Earth from up here! Open grass-lands with sparse trees surrounded us, a city visible off in the distance.

“Hey, let’s get a photo to celebrate this!” I said, pulling my phone out of my pocket. We flipped around, folding our arms around each other as we took an epic photo. I stared at it for a moment happily. We both looked happy.

“Aw dude, that turned out so good,” Kyle said admittedly.

*CRACK* A loud noise split the air as we jumped, unsure of what the sound was. My head shot up to the location of the noise—the sky. I gasped. “What the—!”

I was interrupted by Kyle. “—Fuck?” he finished.

We both watched in awe as a massive meteorite painted the sky. But most pieces weren’t crossing from left to right like your typical meteorite. They were getting... larger? Our expressions turned from awe into horror as we realized it at the same time. The meteors were breaking up and coming right for us. A massive chunk the size of a building crashed at the base of the mountain, sending us tumbling backwards as the Earth shook and more chunks started to land around us.

Run!” screamed Kyle. We bobbed and weaved our way around the descending trail as debris rained all around us, looking for cover. I kept pace with Kyle as we slid into a large crevice in the rock on the side of the mountain. All we could do was wait the remaining 30 seconds as massive fragments rained across the mountain. A massive chunk the size of a suitcase landed in front of us, only feet away from our legs. A weird hissing noise released from it as it cracked open, almost as if the pressure inside was pouring out.

We sat in silence as the sounds that filled the sky came to an abrupt halt. “Is it… over?” I questioned, not expecting an answer. The temporary space hail-storm had calmed down. I got up to my feet and turned around, extending a hand in Kyle’s direction. “Come on, let’s get out of here.”

With that, we fled down the mountain as fast as we could. I would bet that no one has ever walked back on this trail so fast before. Miniature craters were everywhere scattered across the region, tiny rocks filling each individual space. Each released a similar hissing noise as we continued down the trail. Not 15 minutes later, we made it. And what sat at the bottom was the most impressive thing I had ever seen in my entire life.

“Holy shit!” I yelled, jogging up to it. In front of me was a massive crater with a ginormous meteorite towering out of it. It must have been over 5 stories tall, still smoldering from its recent journey to the ground. I could feel Kyle uneasily walking behind me as I stopped in my tracks. This was the closest I could get without the heat becoming too unbearable. A lava-like substance melted off of it, pooling onto the ground.

“I think we should go…” I could hear Kyle’s voice trail off behind me.

He was right. We had no idea if there will be more. “Okay, one moment,” I agreed. I reached into my pocket once again, grabbing out my phone and snapping a photo of the massive rock. When I was putting away my phone, I noticed it. A bulge pushed out against the front of my gym shorts. I was so caught up in the moment I hadn’t even realized. I was a pretty average size, coming in at 6 inches, so the bulge was definitely noticeable. Wanting to ease Kyle’s nerves, I turned around, laughing. “Hey Kyle, look! I’m rock hard.” I watched as his eyes rolled as he turned around to walk back to the car, smiling.

I adjusted myself as I followed Kyle, ready to call it a day. If I had only stayed another minute, I would have noticed something. The rocks were slowly crumbling apart, being eaten by our Earth’s atmosphere as an invisible chemical was released into the air. It was odorless, tasteless, and impossible to see. This gas would only hover in the atmosphere for a few minutes before dissipating entirely. Unfortunately for Kyle and I, we were exposed to something far beyond our understanding. A virus that was not from Earth. And it had already started working its magic.

Our car roared down the road as Kyle drove us back towards the city. News trucks and police cars whizzed past the opposing side of the street towards the crash site. Nothing would be left by the time they arrived. Just the craters. Any trace of the virus remained with us. I scrolled my phone past tons of ‘Breaking News’ articles. “Gigantic Meteorite impacts Eastern Coast. Largest in over a century.” They were endless. Videos were popping up all across Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube as people filmed their own experience of this crazy astrological event. I felt my cock chubbing up again as I watched the videos. Man, I was pretty horny. I saw Kyle move out of the corner of my eye as I noticed him adjusting his rock hard bulge as well. He’d always been huge, coming in at 7 inches. But wow, his bulge looked fantastic.

I shook my head and looked away, trying to occupy myself with other thoughts. Something crazy just happened, that should be the last thing I should be thinking about. I looked out the side mirror as the mountain slowly drifted away. Kyle stayed quiet with his eyes peeled to the road as we trekked closer to the city. I felt my eyes drifting, before—

“Hey.” I felt my shoulder being shaken as the car slowed to a stop. “We’re at your house.”

How long had it been? I looked at the clock. 1:58 p.m. blinked in response. Not even an hour ago we were running away for our lives, and now we were just expected to carry on like it was a normal day at home. We walked into my house, flopping onto the couch in exhaustion. Not only was today incredibly terrifying, we had also completed one of the most grueling hikes in the entire area.

I flipped on the TV to see what had developed as Kyle sat next to me on the couch. “We’re getting reports that the massive meteorite that crashed into the Earth at 1:03 p.m. have actually disappeared! The massive crater remains, but no trace has been left behind by the ominous large-scale event that occurred earlier today. We’ll keep you updated as we learn more.”

I turned down the volume as they started rambling about unrelated topics. “Disappeared?” I repeated.

“I don’t know, maybe they aren’t looking in the right spot?” responded Kyle.

“No, no that doesn’t make sense. They were showing photos at the base of the mountain.” We both sat in deep thought for a moment.

I felt my cock push against something wet, which brought my attention downwards again. I was throbbing hard down there again! I sighed exaggeratedly, adjusting it again. “I gotta go take care of this, I’ll be right back,” I said, annoyed.

I walked into the bathroom, closing the door. I leaned over the countertop. My arms looked pretty great, like they had been pumped at the gym. Which made sense—we had just been on a massive hike, and a lot of arm movement was involved. I looked down at my bulge, tracing the outline with my fingers. A soft moan left my lips as I savored the feeling. I felt it jump in response as I became more excited. “Alrighty, time to take care of you,” I said to myself.

I dipped my hand down into my gym shorts as my hand grazed my shaft. Man, it even felt big today. I must be really chubbed up. I dropped my shorts to my ankles as I looked in the mirror. My toned thighs complimented my form nicely, and I had a pretty good set of cock and balls to match. I felt my cock lurch again as I started stroking it sensually. I don’t know if I’ve ever been this hard in my entire life!

I slowly moved my hips around as I got into a rhythm. “Thaaat’s it,” I croaked to myself. With each stroke I could feel myself getting harder and harder, pre beginning to steadily leak out of me. My left hand grazed my muscular body as my other hand teased my cock, working my pole like I was trying to clean it. I could feel the sensation beginning to rise from my balls as I picked up the pace. My other hand fondled my balls as I got closer and closer to release. Fuck, I feel so huge, I thought. It was so hard that I don’t even think I could get it to go down if I wanted to!

I felt my balls contract as I hit the motherload. I watched in lustful awe at what was unfolding. Rope after rope of cum shot out of me, splattering against the mirror in front of me. And I felt a sensation I had never felt before in my entire life. My entire body felt flushed with heat for a few moments as I stared at myself in the mirror, my dick slowing down. I’d never cum that hard before, ever!

I looked down at my cock in my hand as it remained rock hard. Oddly enough, it felt… bigger? It looked bigger, at least. I pulled out a ruler from my drawer and placed it flat against my rod. My eyes widened as I noticed the impossible. The ruler read 7 inches. Seven? I knew for a fact that I was only 6 inches last month. Was I just that hard? I looked at the ruler, and then my cock again as the thought of being a bit bigger turned me on. I felt my cock throb again, it jumping slightly as I was just about to remove the ruler. I gasped as I saw a miracle perform. Displaying on the ruler in front of me, it showed I was just a hair above 7” now. This was cause for celebration! What guy didn’t like a little extra growth?

I cleaned up and slipped my underwear and shorts back up, my cock still hard against the front of my shorts. I walked out to the living room where the TV and Kyle were located. “Okay, you’re not going to believe this, but—” I stopped in my tracks. Laying on the couch in front of me was Kyle, his shorts completely down as he stroked his engorged meat.

“Oh hey. Sorry, I couldn’t help myself and you were in the bathroom. I’ll just be a minute. I won’t make a mess, I promise.” I felt my cock jump again in response, and I swear I could feel it growing just a little bit thicker. While Kyle and I had never officially been in a relationship, we had an ‘on and off’ friends with benefits situation for years. But this…this was beyond anything I had ever seen during those few years. Not only did his muscles look pumped, but his cock looked to be nearly 8 inches long.

“I—did you grow too?” I questioned.

“Grow? What do you mean?” he asked in response.

“I know for a fact you are 7 inches. That—” I pointed at his cock, “is not 7 inches.”

I walked back to the bathroom, feeling my cock bounce around my shorts as I got the ruler out again. I didn’t notice it before, but it actually felt a bit bigger moving around in there. “Okay, got it,” I exclaimed, sitting down next to him. His hands slowly slid up and down his thick, meaty shaft as I put the ruler right next to it.

I put the ruler flat against his solid meat, measuring the length of Kyle’s endowment. My mouth dropped. “Dude… you’re 8.25 inches long.”

He gasped. “Bull. Shit.” He grabbed the ruler, placing it against himself as he checked to confirm. “What..?” We sat there confused for a moment. This was all turning me on way too much.

“All right stud, I don’t know what happened, but let’s take care of this.” My tanktop was already removed before I finished the sentence. I stripped my shorts and underwear off, my cock leaking as I approached you. God, he looked fucking amazing. I got off only 5 minutes ago, and yet I was incredibly aroused again by the sight before me. I rubbed my hands across his body-builder-like pecs and traced it down towards his 6-pack.

“Fuckk dude. That feels so good,” he groaned. His pleasure was only working me up even more. I leaned in, slowly kissing his lips as my hands squeezed his biceps. I was in absolute heaven. I grinded my cock onto Kyle’s, feeling both of our endowments getting even harder than I thought possible. He placed his hand on my shaft, caressing it up and down as we made out. When I thought I possibly couldn’t take any more, I felt a shudder roll through my entire body. And then the weirdest thing happened. I felt my cock engorging, like it was getting harder over and over again. I could feel Kyle’s fingers spread slightly as it seemingly got more erect. The shudder filled each of my muscles, my frame slightly expanding from all the added pleasure. I didn’t realize I was starting a cycle that could result in growth. Massive growth.

Kyle opened his eyes and then did a double take. “Tim...”

I continued feeling his muscles as I was lost in the moment. “Tim...”

I opened my eyes, slightly annoyed at having to stop. “What?” I asked, disappointed.

“Are you sitting up right now?” he asked.

“Sitting up, no why would I be—” My voice caught in my throat.

“Hold on, stand up.” We both scrambled to our feet as we looked each other in the eyes. I couldn’t believe it. For the first time in my entire life, I was taller than Kyle? But how would that be possible? “Are we growing..?” I asked nobody in particular.

I clasped the ruler on the couch, bringing it back over to us. I placed it against my dick as my jaw dropped. Displaying on the edges of the ruler was 8 inches of cock. Turned on by this, my cock throbbed. I watched it grow another millimeter. No, 2 millimeters. I dropped the ruler in surprise as my eyes shot back to Kyle. It wasn’t just me growing. We both were. I could already tell that his muscles were slightly bigger. I thought they were just pumped earlier, but I could see now that they were larger than they used to be. Not by much, but they were larger. “You’re growing too.”

Kyle looked at me with a look of lust and confusion. “This doesn’t make any sense.” He responded.

“Hang on a moment!” I ran back towards the bathroom, bringing out a scale, placing it in front of us. “Okay, you first!” I beckoned to him.

I watched Kyle step on the scale as the numbers started rising below him. We looked at each other. The scale read 240 pounds. “How much did you weigh when you checked after the gym yesterday?” I asked.

“I swear it was no more than 220 pounds.” he responded, shocked.

“Okay, let’s do me.” I brushed him off to the side as I stepped onto it, holding my breath. My jaw dropped even further as I watched it rise to 245 pounds. “Holy shit. I was 205 pounds this morning.”

I looked over at Kyle. Knowing how much weight I had put on, I suddenly noticed everything about my body. My arms looked big. A decent mound showed up before, but now it looked like an entire tennis ball was under my biceps. My chest and abs had more definition than before, too. I could never quite achieve a 6 pack, but one was definitely visible now. And my cock… I swear it was already a bit larger than before. It was achingly hard, reaching all the way up to my belly button, if not slightly past it. I must have gained 20 pounds since we got home. “What is happening to us..?” I asked.

I looked down at the scale again. 246 pounds. I stared for a bit as I tried to make sense of it all. 247 pounds. I gasped, stepping off the scale. I heard him moan as I looked over. His cock leaked a few drops of pre onto the floor. He was already looking just a smidge larger than before.

“Kyle… We didn’t just grow. We are actively growing,” I said, completely speechless.

“Just..gotta..get off, real quick,” he responded. I watched as he jerked his rod of a cock.

A thought flickered across my mind. “Hang on, step on the scale real quick, and then continue.” I guided him over to it, watching his feet step up. 244 pounds. Already 4 pounds added in mere minutes. I watched with wild curiosity as he stroked himself, wild with lust as he started getting closer to getting off. 245 pounds. I could already feel my cock dripping as I watched him enjoy the pleasure. 247 pounds. His pace quickened as his breathing got shallower. 249 pounds. This was it. I watched his hips buck back and forth as large shots of cum shot out, hitting the ceiling with excessive force. And not just a little bit either. A lot. I couldn’t believe just how much liquid was really emptying from his swelling balls. My eyes flicked down to the scale. 255 pounds. I watched as his load started to empty and he looked down at the scale. 258 pounds. 14 pounds in less than two minutes.

“What the fuck…” he whispered. The scale visibly slowed down in how much weight was being added as soon as he came.

“Okay. We need to figure this out.” I paced around the room, sliding my clothes back on. My package was snugger than ever before, making a sizable bulge on the front of my shorts. The waistband of them slightly pulled against my body, a bit too tight. Speaking of tight, my tank top straps formed around my shoulders nicely as my chest was slightly visible through the arm holes. We were now both the same size, rivaling both height and weight. In just a little over 1 hour, we had put on a crazy amount of our body mass.

I started the conversation. “Okay listen. Clearly we’re both growing because of something that happened today at the mountain. I don’t know what, but something happened.” Kyle nodded in agreement. I could see his pecs prominently displayed in his shirt as he slid it back on. We weren’t quite professional bodybuilder status, but we were starting to look like gym rats. “From what just happened on the scale, we know that the more horny and sensitive we get, the faster we grow.” I looked back at him to confirm he understood my statement.

“All right, I’m still following,” he said.

I continued talking. “We need to figure out what’s happening before we grow too large. Clearly we’re getting hornier, and the growth is accelerating, too.” I looked down at my bulge. It already looked slightly more stretched out than a minute before. Or was it just my imagination? I couldn’t tell.

“Clearly this is related to the meteorite incident earlier today. I say we start there.” I pointed at the TV.

“But nothing’s left. They already said that,” Kyle answered anxiously.

“We need to try at least,” I said. I stepped back on the scale. 270 pounds. “And we need to hurry,” I added.

The car roared down the road on its way back the same way we had come from just earlier that day.

“Just focus on the road,” I advised Kyle. I was even having a little bit of trouble. Feeling the extra bulk on my arms, chest, legs, and package as I sat in the passenger seat was certainly hard to ignore. Especially with the light vibrations of the road shooting up through our bodies. I looked down at myself again. God. We must have each put on another 20 pounds since we left the house. I gave a quick flex, watching my biceps bunch up to the size of baseballs now. I placed my hands on my lap, my larger bulge lolling around in my shorts, looking like I was stuffing a salami down there.

“You were saying?” Kyle replied in an exaggerated tone as he glanced at me. He’s right. If we want to truly figure out what is going on, we need to keep our heads on straight before it’s too late. I put my hands at my side, trying to force it out of my head as our car neared our destination.

The car stopped. Must have dozed off again, I thought as I opened the car door. The fresh mountain air rushed in to meet me as I took it in the familiar environment. I stretched, feeling my tank top tightly rise up my body to the bottom of my 6-pack abs, reminding me that I had already put on 100 pounds in just a few hours. Even when putting my arms back down to my sides, the bottom of my stomach was visible.

My eyes shot over to Kyle. I felt my cock jump in my pants as I watched him get out of the car, his muscles rubbing against the edges of the door as he strained more than he needed to in the past. I closed my eyes tight, turning my head away as I felt my cock slowly slide against the fabric. Was that me growing? Getting hard? I don’t know. What I do know is, it is getting easier to lose control. Scattered rays of sunlight floated through the air, combing perfectly with the fog that lightly rolled across the environment. We walked back to where it all happened just earlier that day. I could feel my dick chubbing up at the thought of being back in this place. Something about it called to me. I could definitely tell that my bulge was starting to become pretty noticeable. And heavy.

“People have definitely been here since we were,” Kyle chimed in. He is right. Tire tracks lined the road. This made sense, however. It seems we arrived after all the buzz from the news trucks and first responders.

Not even two minutes after we left the car, I saw it. A massive crater. But just as the news had stated, nothing was there. Just the crater.

“Well, I guess we should take a closer look,” I suggested. Kyle and I leaned over the edge, climbing into the crater. It was pretty deep. It was easily more than triple the height of our heads and wider than an entire building. My hands felt a bit of a zap as I descended down the ledge, using the slanted walls of the crater to reach the bottom.

“Here, let me help you,” I told Kyle as I helped lower him down. I placed a hand underneath his thicker, juicy thighs as I felt the corded muscles shift around with exertion. Just the sheer thought of his muscles contorting and bursting out of his clothes made me horny beyond belief. I could feel the straps of my tank top heavily pushing against my shoulders as I helped him all the way down.

“Tim, careful buddy…” I snapped out of it.

“What?” I questioned back defensively.

“You were staring. And, well, you’re harder than a rock.” I looked down, gasping. He was right. My cock was fully hard, and definitely larger than it had ever been so far. It pushed straight out from me, nearly an entire foot, making an impossibly large tent in front of me. I gasped, adjusting it so it was supported by my waistband, sticking straight up. Even so, it sat higher than my belly button, coming up to the first row of abs. Since my tanktop didn’t even cover my waistband at this point, you could see an inch or two of my thickening shaft before the hem of my shirt covered my throbbing cockhead.

“Fuckk,” Kyle said erotically as he looked at my morphing form. “Let’s just keep moving.”

We walked down the dirt crater until we reached the bottom. The further down I walked, the harder I could feel myself getting. Every inch of my body wanted me to get even closer to the center. I could tell it was having an effect on Kyle too. Even he was erect beyond belief at this point. I could see the sleeves of his shirt straining against his bulging biceps. I knelt down, running my hand along the ground, looking for signs. But there was none. It just felt like..dirt. Not even a small trace of the meteorites remained. But..I did feel like I had to be here. A calling. To those who were present when the meteors fell that absorbed the wonderful chemical. I felt a certain energy radiating off the dirt as I dug my hands through it. I moaned, feeling my cock shoot a small load of pre against my deepening abs. Kyle looked down at me inquisitively, watching as I ran my hands through the dirt, almost as if I were trying to gather it.

“Actually… are we sure it’s such a good idea to be back here?” asked Kyle. I stood up, taking in the energy as I rolled my neck, feeling it coursing through my body. I groaned again as I felt my shirt grow tighter. I could feel his eyes staring at my thickening rod as it slid up towards the top of my abs.

“I think we should leave…” Kyle said worriedly, as I started feeling my body. My thoughts feel cloudy. I’ve never been this horny in my entire life. I closed my eyes, relishing the feeling as I felt his hand tug on mine, his voice muddled and distant as I leaned into the feeling. Kyle watched in lust-filled horror as he could physically see my muscles expand. Slowly, but still expanding all the same. My tank top grew tighter against my ballooning frame, the straps growing closer to their limit with each moment. The bottom of my shirt barely even covered my abs anymore, but held tightly enough to my body, that the only part of it that wasn’t touching me was the fabric that strapped around my swelling cock. But even so, behind my thick, veiny shaft, my 6-pack abs started to transform into an 8-pack.

The sides of my pecs were visible through the arm holes before, but now they were nearly exiting them entirely as they grew thicker and beefier with each passing moment, now larger than a dictionary each! I could also feel my shirt stretching along my back, the fabric increasingly stretching thinner as it started to struggle to contain me. My hands drifted up and down my body as I slowly rocked my hips back and forth. My shorts were getting pretty tight now as well. My balls had expanded so much that it looked like entire grapefruits were stuffed down there. The weight of them alone slightly pulled my shorts down, revealing more and more of my groin. My ass bulged out, a beyond-perfect bubble butt appearing as my thighs stretched the leg holes of my shorts to the limit. I had quickly gone from ripped to shredded. Easily rivaling the size of professional bodybuilders, with an endowment that was impossibly larger.

Even in Kyle’s rational mind, it was hard not to gain pleasure from such an awe-inducing visual. Just imagine watching your gay best friend balloon in front of you, slowly becoming the man of your dreams as he only wants more and more size. Even he could barely refrain from touching his own growing body as he felt his pleasure build up even more. His cock was practically slowly unraveling within the confines of his shorts as his own build grew even beefier. I slid my cock out from the cloth prison of my shirt it was confined to, wrapping my hands around its slick shaft. It was throbbing so hard I could hear my heartbeat in my ears as I watched it swell even larger.

I could feel my fingers slowly being forced apart as it thickened larger than my abs. I rubbed its swelling length up and down as my moans grew deeper as my vocal chords expanded. At this rate, I was beyond even the largest bodybuilder on Earth. I had to be over 400 pounds of pure, rippling muscle with one of the largest cocks on the planet to match. I felt the yanks on my arm grow stronger as a growing Kyle tried to pull me away, his body expanding at a rapid rate now as well. His shorts became so bloated that tiny tears were starting to form across his legs. Between his cock, balls, thighs, and ass, the bulge was so extreme that it looked like an air hose had been pumped into a sealed space. But all the excessive force he was using trying to pull me away was having an effect. The exertion on his upper body was coinciding with his lust, growing him faster. His shirt filled out to the max as his feet dug into the ground, yanking me with all his might. All his feet did was activate the dormant chemicals that lied within our bloodstreams, only quickening the pace at which we grew.

I continued stroking myself, my cares melting away as I became obsessed with my growing body. I never wanted to stop. I liked the feeling of my clothes stretching so tight they started to tear. I liked the feeling of my cock rising up into my pec valley, as my pecs pushed out to the size of king sized pillows. And I loved the feeling of my head growing further away from the ground as my height only increased. My shoes started to split as my socks strained to contain my elongating feet. My biceps passed the size of bowling balls! I could feel the ridges of my traps growing up at an angle towards my head, only stretching my shirt further. It was at this point I felt the largest yank of them pull against my bulging arms. It threw me off balance, snapping me out of the temporary trance I was in.

Tim!” Kyle yelled. I saw his face flood with relief as he realized I was back with him. I shook my head, clearing it as I took full notice of my size. I was massive. I must be over 500 pounds and 7 ½ feet tall! And Kyle..he must’ve been 450 pounds and 7 feet tall. Small tears lined my entire outfit as I heard them slowly spreading. My eyes then followed his body down, widening as I saw his obscene bulge tearing through his shorts everywhere as well.

Tim! We need to go!” Kyle screamed.

“Y-you’re right,” I replied. I noticed that my voice was considerably deeper, easily rivaling a bass in choir. We started walking forward, my rigid shaft now so large I could bend my head down and lick it if I wanted to. I can’t, I thought. I need…to keep myself…under control. I felt its weight bobbing in front of me as pre leaked off of it like a fountain, puddling around my feet as I walked. The sheer weight of my balls kept pulling my shorts down, making it nearly impossible to contain them. I swear I could physically hear my cum factories sloshing, producing more as a quickening rate. I stretched my shirt as tight as it would go, placing my impossibly erect cock underneath it. My hope was that it would help me keep my hands off of it. It stayed pinned against my body, jumping with anticipation with each step. It looked like I stuffed a telephone pole between my shirt and my body. It was just a tad above my pec valley now, beginning to slowly get closer to being level with my nipples. Pre practically dumped off of it, instantly soaking through my shirt and flowing down my rippling frame.

We made it to the upper edge of the crater, our lumbering forms having difficulty getting over the lip as our muscles rubbed against each other in a way no human has ever experienced. As we swiftly walked to the car, I could feel disappointment forming in the back of my mind that I couldn’t stay longer. That I couldn’t have the most mind-bending orgasm. That I couldn’t keep growing, and bury myself in the dirt as the electrifying feeling spread more and more. I forced the thought out of my head. If we wanted to stop this before we became too large, we were starting to run out of time.

We made it to the car, nearly an entire foot larger in size than when we had left, but with a bunch more mass. Getting into the car wasn’t just difficult, it was nearly impossible. I pushed the seat back as far as I could, leaning it back as well. Even so, it was quite the effort! If I was driving, it would have been impossible with how thick I had become. Fortunately, Kyle was a bit smaller than me, so he was still able to fit. For now. The seats creaked as we both squeezed into the car, the tires’ suspension audibly groaning with the added weight. The steering wheel was nearly smothered by Kyle’s pecs as his bulge hung nearly down to his knees, flooding off the front of his seat. His hair brushed the ceiling as his thick arms rested on the steering wheel.

I watched as the rest of glorious biceps burst through the sleeves. I felt my cock jump, pinned against my pecs. I could feel more tears forming across the clothes on my body. We are still growing. Even sitting, I had to lean my head forward to be able to fit in the car.

“What do we do now?” I asked Kyle. He looked up at me, thinking methodically.

“I think we need to go to a doctor. Maybe they could figure out what’s going on. Or at least find someone who does. Clearly going to the site of the place that grew us was a bad idea. It’s time we reach out for help.” It was the best lead we had. I nodded, as the car kicked into drive and we sped off down the road once again.

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