One more drop

by MegaMaker

A college water polo player, Rain, is having trouble keeping up with expectations after a lackluster swim season. Afraid of getting cut from his team, he finds a mystery serum that improve his performance. To his surprise it works and his improved performance gets the approval of his entire team and his coach and really attracts the attention of his friend River. Will the attention go his head? Will his team and coach find out? And… will there be any side effects caused by the use of the serum?

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Part 1: My First Drops A college water polo player, Rain, is having trouble keeping up with expectations after a lackluster swim season. Afraid of getting cut from his team, he finds a mystery serum that improve his performance. To his surprise it works and his improved performance gets the approval of his entire team and his coach and really attracts the attention of his friend River. Will the attention go his head? Will his team and coach find out? And… will there be any side effects caused by the use of the serum? (added: 4 Mar 2023)
Part 2: The Next Dose
Part 3: Swimmer Boys After taking a few drops of the serum, Rain is totally jacked and loves the attention he’s getting. His performance is improving rapidly and Gill is impressed. Something he’s a little worried about are the possible side effects but Rain brushes that off because his friend confesses his feelings to him. He has the approval of his friends, teammates, and Coach—how could this get any better? (added: 11 Mar 2023)
Part 4: Boys Being Boys Rain is having trouble focusing all throughout practice as he tries to control his dick. Pranks happen in the showers but best of all River and Rain share an act only the closest of swimmers can share. Things are going well for Rain, but later that day at the gym, Gill appears to be acting more uneasy toward Rain. (added: 18 Mar 2023)
Part 5: Side Effects Rain finally takes a closer look at the serum to read the side effects. All of them seem pretty spot on but he hasn’t experienced all of them yet so he’s not to alarmed. Plus he has more important things to care about—like his upcoming date.
Part 6: Date with River Rain is finally going on date with his beloved River. On their date they share their thoughts on their team and bond over there shared loved of swimming and water polo. They talk about their feelings for each other and Rain realizes how much River makes him happy. Rain also wants to River happy so he takes yet another drop. (added: 25 Mar 2023)
Part 7: Violent Talks After taking his latest drop, Rain wakes up bigger than yesterday. His body was massive and his dick was even bigger. He starts to have trouble fitting in his speedo and other clothes. Not to mention how horny he was getting. Not only that but Gill is starting to have suspicions about how Rain attained his body. Arguments ensue in the locker room and the coach has to step in. On the bright side River was so happy and getting more attached to Rain. (added: 1 Apr 2023)
Part 8: Help from Odd Places At the end of practice, Rain notices that his clothes and speedo fit even less well. He correctly assumes that he has had another growth spurt. Then the coach pulls Rain aside for stressful talk about P.E.D. use. When that is over, another teammate offers a hand of kindness and some hot gossip, then Rain gets the idea to bring River to the gym with him. (added: 8 Apr 2023)
Part 9: All the Way Working out with River instead of Gill and company reaffirms how much Rain really loves River. Their gym date starts to heat up as Rain and River finally express their true feelings and make a beautiful mess doing so.  (added: 15 Apr 2023)
Part 10: Dream Boy River and Rain head back to River’s dorm after Rain trashes his own with his cum. He meets River’s roommate and learns more about River as a person.  (added: 22 Apr 2023)
Part 11: Outburst Rain wakes up bigger and hornier than ever. He’s so horny that he begins to have trouble controlling his body. (added: 29 Apr 2023)
Part 12: Went Too Far With Rain’s body out of control he admits to himself that he needs to tell River. First they get something to eat, then Rain spills the truth. River is devastated and Rain feels terrible and regrets everything. (added: 6 May 2023)
Part 13: A Chat with a Shy Friend When Rain wakes up from his nap he realizes he's even bigger and hornier—and more troubled than ever over River. Rain tries to have a normal day, but in the Maxwell finds him sulking on a bench, and they have a heart-to-heart about his relationship with River.  (added: 13 May 2023)
Part 14: Cry Me a River Devastated by Rain’s revelations, River confides in Niles, who tries to help River understand how he feels about his boyfriend.
Part 15: When It Rains It Pours Their first polo meet has finally arrived and Rain is terrified of his own body and so is the rest of his team. In the locker room he gets into scuffle with Gill. Maxwell and Adrian are there to comfort but it’s no use. It’s the end of the line for Rain. He’s gone too far with using the serum and loses control of his body, dick and balls. What makes everything worse is that it’s in front of everyone. (added: 20 May 2023)
Part 16: Epilogue
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Part 1: My First Drops

Starting freshman year of college I was falling behind in strength and size for water polo this upcoming season. If you know anything about that sport then you know it can get rough. Being big and strong as well as fast and agile is very important. However, after the last swim season I realized that I was falling behind and the fear of getting cut from water polo was real. My times were not the greatest and I wasn’t as strong or fit as I needed to be for polo.

I had my reasons though this was my first year of college and I didn’t get to work out or eat like I hoped I could have. Getting to class on time, finishing assignments, studying as well as swimming was hard to juggle. Swimmers basically don’t have a social life and that was taking its toll, too. With our first polo practice being tomorrow morning I was getting desperate. Lucky for me I thought I’d found a solution even if it was very sketchy.

I’d obtained a serum from a less than legal source off the dark web. I didn’t want to get cut because I was falling behind so I didn’t care how sketchy it was. Competitive water sports have been my whole world since I was eight years old. I didn’t know what I would do if I couldn’t play them anymore. I’d never taken substances via dropper but if the guy who sold me the serum wasn’t lying then I’ll gain strength and muscle mass in no time.

“Okay, Rain, you can do this,” I thought.

With a dropper full of whatever this substance was in my hand I stared in the mirror in only my underwear taking one last look at my body. After not being able to go to the gym, eat right or get enough sleep for months all my muscles looked deflated and tired. My water polo career not to mention scholarships were banking on this serum working.

I squeezed out all the bitter tasting liquid. The guy said let it sit under the tongue for better absorption. It made my stomach feel kind of warm but then I felt my muscles puff and swell a little. I felt and looked like I had a really good post-workout pump. With a huge smile I watched my body pump up but then it stopped. I was surprised it worked at all and as fast as it did. By no means was I complaining but I was hoping to get bigger.

To be fair, the guy said for best results you’ll need a good night sleep, and eating enough was a big part of it. I think there were side effects listed but I didn’t read those. In fact I didn’t read anything past the directions. I flexed a little then brushed my teeth then I was off to bed. My roommate, Parker, was at the tiny desk typing away on his laptop.

“Did you do it?” he asked.

“I did, do I look any bigger?” I said.

He leaned back in his chair to look at me. “A little, maybe, but it could be the lighting. Like how a lot of guys like you rely on lighting.”

“Hey, I think I got a little bigger, but it said for best results you need sleep and proper nutrition. So when I wake up I should be bigger for sure.”

“That makes sense. When you’re sleeping your body has time to recover, repair tissues and grow. But are you sure taking that drug is really a good idea?”

“Positive. As long as nobody finds out I’ll be good. You won’t say anything, will you?”

“You know when it comes down to it. Whether you’re playing polo or not really doesn’t affect me. So, I don’t care either way.”

“Wow, all right then. You say that like playing polo and swimming isn’t my reason for living.”

He lifted an eyebrow at me. “If you wanna take a risky substance so you can keep playing in a pool with a bunch of boys in Speedos then that’s your prerogative.”

Parker went back to typing away on his computer. He always did take his classes seriously. As for his comment, I chose to let it go. I never took his sass personally, that’s just who he was.

“You’ll see. When I wake up tomorrow I’ll be huge.”

“Whatever you say.”

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

When I woke up the next morning I felt a little sore and had some pretty intense morning wood. Waking up with a hard-on had been normal for me for years. Without hesitation I rushed to the bathroom mirror to see if there were any results. That must have woken up Parker because I heard him let out a groggy groan. Sure enough with a smile on my face I saw all my muscles were much bigger than last night.

“What is going on in there?” Parker said.

“You’re not gonna believe this!” I said.

My traps were a little taller, chest a little puffier and wider that met with more swollen shoulders. My arms were thicker and rounder. My abs were a little more defined. I flexed my thighs and calves and those were meatier too then I flexed my back and my lats flared out more than before. Using my phone camera to do the mirror trick I could see how much muscle my back had now. Big back muscles were a must have if you were a D1 swimmer and polo player. I turned to the side to find my butt had gotten rounder and curvier. That actually made me blush a little.

I stepped on the scale and was excited to see I went from one hundred and sixty pounds to one hundred seventy two pounds but that wasn’t even the best part because that had to be my dick. My underwear tent looked like it was stretched out a little longer than it usually did. To make sure I went back to my room to get a ruler.

“Ew, gross dude, cover your dick. I don’t wanna see your morning wood.” He rolled over to face the wall then put his pillow over his head.

“Shut up, this is amazing, I’m jacked now.”

When I found a ruler I ran back to the bathroom then I pulled down my underwear to measure my dick. It had grown from six inches to seven inches long. The serum did say it made your muscles bigger and your penis is a type of muscle so I guess that made sense. Either way I’m not complaining. My hard-on was starting to get twitchy and a little bit of pre-cum was starting to seep out.

No big deal, I thought. I was a naturally horny guy so this happened almost every morning. I went inside the shower and leaned against the wall. With some coconut oil I started rubbin’ one out like I always did right when I woke up but it felt extra hot now that it and my muscles were bigger.

“Are you beating your meat in there?” Parker said from the other side of the door.

“Yeah, I am, now let me do it in peace!”

“I’ve got class this morning so hurry up.”

“I’ve got morning practice, don’t worry. I won’t take long.”

I rubbed and squeezed my newly swollen pecs and my abs, getting to know my new body. More pre-cum seeped out and dripped down my shaft getting caught between my fingers. I stroked faster and faster but it didn’t take much more stroking to make my boner bust. In the morning my dick was extra sensitive and today is no different. I passed the point of no return then my shaft filled with sperm peaking with three powerful thick creamy ropes of cum that hit the shower wall with a loud splat.

“I heard that. You better clean up, fuck boy!”

“I will now, shut up!” I yelled back.

My load left a big mess of white and I was kind of surprised by how much sperm I made. Then the smell hit me and it was much more pungent than normal but that made it all the more satisfying. I washed my dick and hands then the shower wall.

Then I pulled my Speedo on. It was definitely tighter on me, but I liked that new snugness. This was another reason I had to jerk every morning before practice. I can’t walk around with a Speedo boner! That would surely get me in trouble. I didn’t mind jerking every morning, though. I normally did it twice a day anyway. One when I woke up and one right before I went to bed. Occasionally, I’d sneak in one during the day but that wasn’t as common.

There was no way I was the only one who had to bust before practice either. Most guys my age wake up hard so if they’ve got hard-ons they can’t be wearing Speedos unless they jerk off first. Over the years, the more I thought about it, how dumb it was that schools made young guys have morning practice for swimming and polo.

“Hey, hurry it up there,” Parker said.

“Okay, just give me a second.”

After I sprayed some air freshener I slipped my shorts on over my Speedo. It was more convenient to do it that way especially when you were strapped for time. Then I walked out and Parker stepped right in.

“Next time can you please move faster?” he groused.

“I will, don’t worry,” I said.

Then I found my sweater, my backpack and swim bag. I took a protein bar from my stash then I went off to the aquatic center. I also had snacks in my locker. The whole way there I was messing with my crotch, probably because my Speedo that I wore as underwear was now a tighter fit. Messing with it in public wasn’t a problem because it wasn’t even six thirty a.m. Throughout my years of water sports at no point was getting up this early a pleasure. At least in college morning practice was an hour later than when I was in high school.

I got to the locker room and was greeted by some of my teammates and we exchanged a couple of fist bumps. Then we started changing into our Speedos. That’s when some of the guys noticed the difference in my physique.

“Hey, Rain, lookin’ huge my guy. Have you been working out more?” River said.

River was a very well built buff guy with long golden brown hair and chubby face with virtually no body hair. He had been my friend since last swim season. That whole time he always used the locker right next to mine. I’m not surprised he was the first to say something.

“You bet,” I said, with a grin.

“You look awesome,” he said, sounding very excited.

“Yeah, I got a new routine and have been eating better.”

That wasn’t true but I wasn’t going to tell him or anyone else that I was using some mystery serum. Parker was the only one that knew and I planned on keeping it that way.

“I can see that, keep it up,” he said.

Then the rest of the guys came by to see if River was right.

“Damn, you’re right. He’s fuckin’ ripped, don’t you think, Maxy?” Adrian said. Adrian yanked his friend Maxwell into the conversation, figuratively and literally.

“Yeah, he looks good,” Maxwell said.

That’s about as much as I was expecting to get out of Maxwell; he was usually more reserved. He was always at Adrian’s side; he was like his right hand. They had a lot in common, thicker and taller builds, higher voices and youthful facial features especially Maxwell. They were both D1 aquatic athletes so despite all that they both were strong and muscular. They also were in their third year of college unlike River and I who were still in our first. Another difference between Adrian and Maxwell is Adrian had short blonde hair and light scruff while Maxwell had short curly black hair and he couldn’t grow a beard for the life of the world. Maxwell was also pretty pale while Adrian was peachier.

The four of us had just about finished getting ready when Gill came up to me. Now Gill was a force of nature. He was six feet eight inches tall, pure tan muscle, and if I had to guess his body fat percentage was ten percent or less. Gill was a senior player, the team captain, and he was certain he was going pro after he graduated. He was a complete Giga-Chad is what he was. Not someone you messed with.

“You may be bigger, but it takes more that size to succeed here. You gotta have flawless technique and a sharp mind. You think you can do that?” Gill finally said.

“You bet!” I said.

“I like your confidence but don’t get cocky.”

His choice of words made me chuckle. “What’s so funny?” he said.

“Nothing, I’ll see you out there,” I said.

Once we all finished changing we all headed out to the pool for warm up laps but I wanted to get one last look at myself. I strapped on my head gear then went to the bathroom mirror and I had to say I looked hot in my Speedo. Especially because now it was a little tighter. I popped my chest a few times just to put a smile on my face. With my new confidence I marched my way out to the pool ready to show off to everyone.

While we were waiting in line for our warm up laps some of my other teammates complimented me on my gains and I was really starting to like this new attention. To make things even better when I got in the pool I could really see and feel my performance improvement. With my stronger shoulders, lats, back, legs, glutes and chest I could really dart through the water during our warm up laps. I was so much faster than my other teammates that I didn’t have to worry about the guy behind me accidentally touching my feet.

When we got to practicing polo I really noticed my strength increase when I’d knock into my teammates, and I could really launch the ball too. Even Coach pulled me aside to express how well I was doing compared to my lackluster swim season. Although, I had to admit during practice the urge to get hard was nagging at me even though I busted a mighty load only an hour ago. It was probably just how tight my Speedo was and I always had a sensitive dick, so nothing to worry about, I thought.

After practice was over I did have to bust a quick load in the bathroom stall. There was no way I was going to be able to focus during my classes today with that urge nagging at me the whole time. I’ve had to do that in the past so I thought nothing of it. My jerking took a little longer than I’d hoped so when I walked out of the stall most of the guys were in the shower or were changing. I decided to skip the shower today, I’d just put up with the chlorine smell like I had for years. Parker always reminded me that I smelled like chlorine.

When I got to my locker Gill was leaning against it with a smug look. He hadn’t changed and was standing there with his headgear partly stuffed in his Speedo.

“Hey, dude, I need to get in there,” I said.

“Not before you give me one of these.” He held out his fist to be bumped. “You did good out there today.”

“Thanks, man. It means a lot coming from you,” I said.

“Let’s see if you can do that again during afternoon practice today and our next practice. And don’t forget our upcoming meet.”

We exchanged fist bumps again before he went back to his locker to change. I really appreciated that Gill recognized my performance. However, I couldn’t stay for long. I had to get something substantial to eat because I was very hungry. That made sense; I did gain twelve pounds of muscle overnight and really went hard today at practice.

Swimmers ate a ton of food anyway, it just comes with being in the sport. There were a lot of students in the cafeteria. Adrian, Maxwell, and Gill were crowded together, and River was there too, sitting alone. I didn’t sit next to any of them, though. I didn’t have time to talk because I needed to down the small feast I’d gathered then get to class.

Throughout my morning classes some of my classmates asked about my new size and I was happy to entertain them with a flex or two. When it came time for lunch I ate a meal similar in size to the one I had this morning. During my afternoon classes I also got to show off a little which I enjoyed a lot. Something funny I noticed was that I got tons of praise, but none of it were from girls.

When classes were over for the day I had to go to afternoon practice, and like that morning it went amazing. For starters, Gill gave me another compliment and River seemed so happy to see me—happier than he had been that morning. Adrian and Maxwell as well as my other teammates gave some fanfare. Even after that I still had energy for a quick workout so I went to the gym and had an amazing albeit short session. I broke my personal record for my one rep max for deadlifts and was ecstatic because of it. Between afternoon practice and my workout I had an aggressive appetite but it felt good. I had a huge high protein dinner and felt awesome about it.

Later that night I was flexing in the mirror admiring my new muscles. “You done there? Some of us would like to use the bathroom for its intended purpose,” Parker said.

“Yeah, yeah, I’m done.”

“How was practice? Was it as good as you hoped?”

“I did great and even got the approval of Gill.”

“He’s the hard-ass, right?”


“As long as you know what you’re doing, then it’s whatever to me.”

That’s when I saw the bottle still sitting on the counter. Parker was about to walk into the bathroom when I stopped him.

“One second,” I said.

Should I take another one? I thought. Everybody was so impressed with my performance, even Gill, the team captain. The attention I got from all my teammates, my coach and classmates I just loved it. One more drop isn’t gonna hurt and with that I downed another dose.

“First of all, I’m not sure that was a good idea and secondly get out. I’m gonna shit myself!” Parker said.

He pushed me out of the bathroom and slammed the door in my face. I would be mad about that but I was so excited for tomorrow. I’d wake up bigger and stronger and ready to outperform my whole team.


Part 2: The Next Dose

I woke up sore like I had an intense workout the night before which I did all things considered. Yesterday, the coach pushed us pretty hard and I had a great session at the gym. I pulled my blanket off to see my body definitely gained some more muscle and my dick was really hard.

“Parker, you gotta see this!” I said.

He woke up with a lot of moaning and groaning then stretched.

“See what? Your dick? Dude I’m not gay, now put that away,” he said.

“No, dumbass my muscles are huge now!”

“Whatever, I’m going to back to sleep it’s fucking six am. Us sane people don’t get up at the ass crack of dawn for swim practice. Unless it’s for a class which I don’t have till noon.”

Typical Parker being a sass-hole but I was too excited to care about his harsh words. When I got to the mirror to see my results clearer, I gasped. My neck was thicker with even taller traps. My pecs were more swollen and wider too and jutted out even further. I had thicker lats that flared out more than before.

My shoulders looked amazing along with my arms which were giant now. Now my abs were a great six pack that had the starting of an eight pack and my obliques were starting to show through more. Same as yesterday I used my phone camera to see my back and they bulged more. Each of my thighs and calves were more powerful now with an even bigger and rounder butt. I think I could even be considered thicc at this point. I could feel how tight my underwear was around my butt and thighs. Which I thought was hot.

My boner was pushing my underwear out into a far reaching tent, it was definitely longer and thicker. I pulled down my underwear to let my boner slap my body. That made me chuckle a little. Then I hefted my balls and they were definitely bigger. I measured my boner and it was eight inches now. I couldn’t stop myself from playing with it but before I could cum I wanted to weigh myself. When I stepped on the scale it now read one hundred and eighty six pounds. I looked like it too, especially because I was only five feet eight inches tall. My height used to bother me but now that I was this ripped I didn’t care anymore. I spent a few more minutes flexing and enjoying my buff body.

Like yesterday I couldn’t wait to rub one out. Some coconut oil and rubbing later, I painted the shower walls with five solid ropes of cum. With a satisfied grin I took a few moments just to enjoy the after orgasm glow and the work of art that was my sperm splattering. So much of my creamy sperm was dripping down the wall, I couldn’t believe how big my loads were and the smell was even stronger.

Damn, that felt amazing, I thought.

“Hey, take it easy in there or you might pull a muscle!” Parker yelled.

“Oh, I’m pulling a muscle all right!” I shouted back.

“My god you’re terrible. Make sure you clean up, boner boy!”

“I will, don’t worry!”

After I cleaned up, I put on my Speedo and it was actually getting small on me. You could now see the bottom part and sides of my butt and clearly see my dick print. I liked it though because I thought it added to my hotness. To be honest, part of being in water sports was looking hot in a Speedo but you’ll never get a swimmer or polo player to admit that.

Still I wondered if it was too revealing and the coach would want me to go up a size. I’d cross that bridge when I’d get to it. My other clothes were getting too tight for me as well and I gotta say I looked kind of like a thirst bait Tiktoker but I didn’t care I looked good and felt good.

My stomach rumbled loudly. I returned my stash of protein bars and took two. Parker appeared to have fallen back asleep; he was already cranky so best not to wake him, I thought. I ate those two protein bars as I made my way to the pool and was still hungry after that. Good thing I had more snacks in my locker, a real swimmer always keeps snacks in their locker. When I got to the locker room I had a few of my quick snacks before I stripped down to my Speedo. The guys definitely noticed my bigger muscles and a few of them gave me fist bumps while complimenting me.

“Dude, you look huge,” River said.

He was acting more excited than yesterday and was even jittery. He was shuffling his feet and playing with his fingers. He also wasn’t blinking but instead staring at me. I was about to ask him why he was acting that way when Gill came over.

“But dude, I can see your dick print,” Gill said.

“I’m wearing a Speedo, what do you expect?” I said.

Adrian joined the conversation and Maxwell wasn’t far behind. “That’s fair but you got the full mushroom and sausage pizza going on down there,” Adrian said.

“What the fuck man, did you have to phrase it like that,” I said.

That got a laugh out of everyone, except Gill. Serious mode as was usual behavior for him. “What Adrian means to say is that you’re so jacked now you’re busting out that thing. You were a size thirty-four? Maybe when we get new Speedos for this season you could go up to a thirty-six,” Gill said.

It was a relief that Gill was acting this way toward me even though I was starting to rival him in size and strength. It was beyond great that I was getting recognized by the senior player, even if I was cheating.

“Nah, I’ll be fine. It’s not like I’m gonna rip it.”

“All right, just try not to get a hard-on, then you might,” Adrian said. He elbowed me a few times in the side and more laughter from all the guys traveled around the room. Gill didn’t laugh but he cracked a smile.

“Dude, it’ll be fine, shut up!” I said, chuckling with them.

I was totally not fine. The urge to get hard came back more than it did yesterday and I was fighting that horniness. I managed to keep it calm down there until after practice in which I made a sizable puddle of cum on the floor of one of the stalls. A few soft moans escaped me during the peak of my orgasm because the pleasure of my ejaculation was just that intense. When I cleaned up the mess, I left the stall to find all the guys were gone except River who was sitting on one of the benches, he turned to look at me and blushed.

“What are you still doing here?” I said.

“Uh, just taking my time, my first class isn’t for forty five minutes,” River said in a baby voice.

He sometimes did that and most of the guys thought it was annoying but I never did. He then hurried out of the locker room without another word. Weird I thought, River was an odd guy but he never acted quite like this. My first period was not until ten so unlike yesterday I had time for a shower. I’m used to the chlorine smell but other students might not be so it’s good that I had time for a shower. I also smelled faintly of sperm which was not a good look.

One large satisfying protein rich breakfast later and I was off to my first class. After my second period though Gill was waiting for me right outside the auditorium door. He had his arms crossed with an unreadable facial expression.

“S’up big guy, what’s good?” he said.

The fact he called me a big guy made it hard to contain my excitement. “It’s going great, what are you doing here?” I said.

“I wanted to ask if you wanna workout today after practice.”

On the inside I was ecstatic but I know I had to keep my cool in front of Gill. “Seriously, no cap?”

“Dead serious man, I think we’d make good gym partners.”

I was over the moon and my façade almost broke down. “Yeah, that’d be great but you’re gonna have to keep up with me.”

Gill chuckled and uncrossed his arms. “Don’t get cocky now but I’ll see you there at five tonight. How does that sound?”

“Okay, bet.”

Gill squeezed my arm making my face light up. Then he walked away with a slight grin. Later that night after classes and afternoon practice. I had a wonderful session at the gym with Gill. Today was push day but because it was after practice we didn’t have the energy to go too hard. We mainly focused on chest and tri’s. My bench press was almost as good as his and that’s nothing to sneeze at.

When we finished our workout we flexed in the bathroom mirror together to take a few progress pics and we had an awesome time. He posted those on his Instagram and tagged me in them. I wanted to take shirtless pics with Gill but I don’t know if we’re on that level yet. My appetite was legendary so I had a large high protein healthy dinner. Gill didn’t join me but I kind of wished he did.

When I returned to my dorm I went right to the mirror to flex some more and took a few shirtless pics then posted them to Instagram in a slide show. Even though my workout was a while ago my pump was still insane.

“Enjoying yourself in there?” Parker said.

Leaving the door open was a mistake because now I had to hear it from Parker.

“Yes I am, and Gill and I had a great workout together. My bench is going up and I’m only getting bigger and better at polo. He even recognizes it,” I said.

“You know if he finds out you’re on some drug, he’s gonna flip out.”

“He doesn’t have to know that and he’s never gonna find out.”

“In any case, you’re lucky I’m straight or I’d be all over you right now.”

“You know something I’ve noticed is that all the compliments I’ve been getting are from guys. Like Gill and I posted a few progress pics today and I posted some pics of just myself too but all the comments about how yoked we are, are from dudes.”

“A win is a win,” he said.

“Facts,” I said.

“Anyway, don’t stay up too late flexing to yourself, you gotta get up early.”

“I won’t, mom,” I said jokingly.

Anyway, when I checked the post of me and Gill it got more six hundred and fifty likes over the course of a few hours, which was incredible.

“Hey, take a look at this. I’m pretty popular.” I showed Parker my phone.

“Damn, that’s a lot of likes in such a short amount of time. I always knew you were a cocky man-whore.”

“Oh my god, shut up,” I said.

“I’m just messin’. But seriously don’t let the attention go to your head,” he said.

“I won’t, I swear. I just can’t believe how jacked I’m getting.”

I returned to the bathroom to brush my teeth but that bottle was taunting me to take another dose. My performance was doing better than anyone’s on the team and I was even getting bigger than Gill and even he was giving me positive feedback. All those likes on that post were all because of this serum. If I were bigger, maybe Gill would want to be my permanent gym partner. Either way I’d look awesome, everyone around me certainly thought so.

“Parker, I’m gonna take another drop!”

“I’d say that’s a bad idea but, hey, it’s your life, not mine.”

I downed another dropper full then brushed my teeth before going to sleep.


Part 3: Swimmer Boys

The first thing I noticed when I woke up, other than my intense soreness, was not only that I had a raging hard-on but that I felt something wet inside my underwear. I pulled open the covers to find my underwear was stretched into a massive tent and it had a stain on the tip. I haven’t had a wet dream in a long time but then again I was getting a lot hornier lately.

Maybe, I should read the side effects of that serum. Then again I was always a very thirsty guy and this did happen from time to time so nothing to worry about, I thought. If this happens again I’ll read the side effects to see if that’s the cause of my heightened sex drive. I sat on the edge of my bed to do some stretches because the soreness was actually a lot to handle. Parker’s phone alarm went off. Today was the other day he had class this early.

“Morning,”‘ I said.

Parker rolled over to look at me then threw his pillow at me. I caught it without trouble.

“Rain, my guy, you’re gonna have to start covering your dick. I don’t want to wake up to your hard-ons every day.”

“Sorry, I’ll take care of it.”

“Never doubted that for a second. Also dude, you have to look in the mirror. You’re massive now.”

I could already tell when I woke up that all my muscles were even bigger than yesterday but when I got to the bathroom to look in the mirror I was stunned. The first thing I noticed was how massive and wide my pecs had grown and how tall and thick my traps were. My shoulders were beautifully large and round that connected to immense arms and forearms. My lats were like wings and my abs were almost at an eight pack with solid obliques. When I angled my phone camera to view my back, it was rippling with bulging muscle.

I stomped my foot on the ground to flex my robust thighs and plump calves. My butt was even bigger and rounder than yesterday. I stepped on the scale to check my weight and was very excited to see it read one hundred and ninety eight pounds. I was enormous and I’d soon break the two hundred mark and I felt as amazing as I looked.

“Make it quick, this morning I have class and I don’t want to be late again!” Parker said.

“Don’t worry I won’t take long.”

Speaking of that I pulled down my underwear causing my dick to slap my abs again. With the ruler I measured my boner and now it was a whopping nine inches. It was a work of art to me so long and thick with huge round balls. It was so potent and fertile. It was amazing. How can this get any better? A large lump of pre-cum oozed out of my boner then made the long descent down my shaft. I couldn’t wait any longer. I had to cum!

With a huge smile, I leaned against the shower wall then lubed up my dick then started beating it like no tomorrow. My dick felt harder than ever before and even more rigid. Using some extra coconut oil I coated my pecs, abs and shoulders then rubbed and squeezed all my massive sexy muscles.

The pleasure was so strong that I had to squeeze my eyes shut and I had to hold back moans. It only took a few strokes to make my boner burst with eight powerful jets of jizz. A few of the jets hit me right in the chin and a few others hit my oiled up body before I could push my boner down so the rest would splash on the wall of the shower.

After I finished busting I had to wait a few minutes to shake off the extreme cum drunkenness. When I opened my eyes they stung from how strong the fumes of my cum were but I loved that smell. It was masculine and invigorating. The rest of my cum splashed all over the wall was a massive white splatter. My cum was so thick and syrupy as it slowly dripped down the wall, my sperm count must be getting higher. I showered off the cum and coconut oil but the room still smelled of sperm. I had to use the rest of the air freshener to dampen the smell.

When I tried to pull on my speedo I was actually starting to have some trouble. My waist was getting too wide and fitting my butt, thighs and bulge in there was a fight. My speedo could no longer cover my entire butt and was really tight. My dick print was more pronounced too. I looked very sexy in it but there was a good chance that my team and coach would be put off by it but I’d cross that bridge when I’d get to it.

Similarly, my shorts and shirt were also becoming too small for me but whatever I thought it just added to my new sexy style. Especially because I chose to go sleeveless today. My shorts were mid thigh that hugged my butt very tightly showing off all my new curves.

“This year, please!” Parker yelled from the other side of the door.

“I’m almost done.”

I left the bathroom and Parker rushed in. He wasn’t the only one on a time crunch. For breakfast I downed a protein shake and two bars before running to the pool and like yesterday I was still peckish. Lucky for me I still had some snacks in my locker to eat, I was going to have restock soon though. When I got there I was welcomed with fist bumps from River, Gill, Adrian and Maxwell. Then I stripped down to my considerably small and tight speedo that caused the guys to give me some odd looks. A part of me kinda liked those looks.

“I know I need a new speedo,” I said.

“Is that a snorkel in your speedo or are you happy to see us?” Adrian said.

“Shut up, you’re just jealous he looks like a supermodel,” River said.

Speaking of River, his eyes were so wide and he wasn’t blinking. He wasn’t smiling though in fact he looked really nervous.

“Thanks man,” I said.

I held my fist to be bumped and he did. This is when I noticed how big my hands had gotten. River had some pretty big chubby hands but mine still were bigger. Larger hands were good for water sports so I wasn’t complaining.

“Congratulations, you’re definitely the most jacked guy on the team now,” Gill admitted.

To be funny I popped my massive chest to show off. Then I tighten my abs to make it into an eight pack.

“Oh, you wanna play that game,” Gill said jokingly.

He popped his pecs while getting up close and personal with me. This was the first time Gill had shown a more easygoing side and I was excited he was okay with dicking around for once.

“Ladies, ladies. You both need to go bra shopping,” Adrian said in an exaggerated gay voice.

He did that voice so well, I questioned if he was straight. The surrounding teammates laughed and Gill and I fist bumped before giving eachother a quick bro-hug. Then Adrian slapped Gill’s speedo clad butt. The whole team gasped. Gill whipped around and slammed Adrian against a locker. He shrieked in a much shriller voice than I thought he could produce.

“Don’t ever do that again,” Gill said.

I’d never seen as much fear in a man’s eyes than what was in Adrian’s eyes.

“Okay, I swear I won’t, I swear. Please, I have a wife and kids to feed!” Adrian said.

“No you don’t, moron,” Maxwell said.

“You’re right, I don’t but please don’t hurt me,” Adrian said in that shrill voice again.

Gill let go of Adrian then he pretended to hide behind Maxwell. Maxwell rolled his eyes.

“Anyway, Rain, you’re gonna have to get a bigger one before our new ones come in for this season. Seriously, are you trying to look like a porno parody version of a polo player?” Gill said.

“I’m not, I swear, I’m just so ripped now you know,” I said with a grin.

“I’ll say, you’re so ripped we should have brought some glue,” Adrian said.

“That was a terrible pun,” Maxwell said.

“Yeah I know,” Adrian said.

I thought about taking another dose of that serum. The attention and the approval was better than I could have imagined.

“Not gonna lie, you got a nice ass now. You’re almost as thicc as my boy Maxy here,” Adrian said.

“Hey, I told you to quit staring at my butt it isn’t that big!” Maxwell said.

Considering Maxwell even at twenty one still sounded like a twelve year old, his instruction had no teeth to it. What didn’t help was Adrian was right, Maxwell had a big butt and his speedo really did him no favors in terms of hiding that.

“Dude, who are you trying to fool, you got a dump truck back there,” Adrian said before slapping Maxwell’s speedo clad butt as hard as he could. His scream sounded like a toddler’s and his face turned red. For some reason Adrian could never keep his hands to himself. I had to keep my guard up because I’d rather not have a red handprint on my ass.

“That hurt,” Maxwell said as he rubbed his butt.

The whole team laughed and even Maxwell did eventually, still red in the face. River motioned for everyone to calm down as he walked up to me.

“Hey, Rain, Gill mentioned that you needed to get a new speedo before the new ones come in but you won’t have to bother. I wanted to reward you with something for all your hard work so I ordered this for you after our first day of practice and I even paid for overnight shipping so it would arrive sooner,” River said.

“Oh, you didn’t have too.”

“Rain, I wanted to. You must have really taken to heart what we and the coach said about you being behind during swim season,” River said, before he came up to me with a package and gave it to me.

“River you are the greatest you seriously didn’t have too.”

“Open it, pwease,” River said in his baby voice.

I opened the bag and pulled out a wad of colorful lycra and of course it was a brand new speedo in our team colors, orange and black that was a size up from my current one. It had claw mark designs on it and it looked really cool.

“River, thank you so much, it’s really cool looking,” I said.

“The first day I noticed you’re getting a bit too big for your current speedo so I got you a new one that’s bigger but that’s not all read the back,” River said.

I turned it around to the back and the word Beast was printed on it.

“It’s perfect, I don’t even know what to say, thank you,” I said.

“I got it off the TYR website. Honestly, I think they make better swim briefs then the actual speedo brand does,” River said.

That last comment caused an uproar of debate from the entire team. Every guy was arguing about what brand made the best swim brief from speedo, to Arena to TYR. Then they started arguing about who makes the best goggles, the best swim caps, or the best flippers and paddle boards. Some even started arguing about tech-suits and jammers. The open floor debate made my head hurt. River must have felt the same way because he shouted for everyone to shut up.

“Thank you,” River said to everyone.

“Thanks again River, you’re the best,” I said as I gave him a big hug.

He hugged me back but not like a friend. It was a real one with his chin on my trap and he even rubbed his hands all over my gigantic back muscles while squeezing our speedo clad bodies together really hard. This hug lasted long enough to be considered not just a hug but an embrace. I couldn’t put my finger on it but I really felt comforted by River’s hug. We finally separated and the whole team was looking at us with grins and bated breath. River on the other hand looked even more nervous.

“Uh, River, why’d you hug me like that and guys what’s going on? Why are you all staring at us?”

“Rain, can I ask you something?” River said.


“We met last swim season so I know that we haven’t known each other forever but I really like you.”

Color rushed to my face then to his. Some of the guys couldn’t contain their giggles, this made River more jittery. I think I knew what he was gonna ask me.

“I wanted to know if you wanted to go on a date with me?”

I could tell he was resisting using his baby voice when he said that. I looked around the room and the whole team was eager to hear my response. The longer I thought about it the more concerned he looked till I finally broke the answer.

“Sure, we can go on a date.”

I almost choked on my words. I wasn’t sure why I said yes but I’m glad I did. The whole team cheered with applause and whistling. Adrian started a chant of my name then Gill and Maxwell joined in and soon the whole team did too. I felt so embarrassed but proud at the same time. I really did it, I said yes and I was gonna go on a date with a guy but not just any guy, my friend and favorite teammate. I’d never had feelings for a guy but for some reason I just couldn’t say no to a sweet boy like River.

“Thank you, Rain. We’ll figure out where to go and what to do when practice is over but first try on your new speedo!”

River smiled like all his awkwardness washed away. I pulled down my old speedo and some of the guys, especially River, stared at my dick.

“What?” I said as I pulled on my new speedo and tied the drawstring.

“Your dick, when did it get so…” River said.

“Big?” I said with a grin.

“Yeah,” he said.

“Dunno, but I’m not complaining and I’m sure you’re not,” I said.

“That was so outta pocket,” River said with shame.

“River, my boy, you got yourself a catch, he’s super jacked and hung like a horse,” Adrian teased.

“Stop it,” he said as his face turned so red he looked sunburned.

“What Adrian’s trying to say that you’re a lucky guy,” Maxwell said.

“C’mon model that new suit, flex for us!” Adrian said.

I did a good pose that squeezed my pecs and tri’s and to be funny Adrian did a pose next to me. He wasn’t even close to my size so that got a laugh out of everyone. Then Gill came up next to us then squeezed my arm.

“You’re huge bro, I’m proud of you. Let’s take a picture together,” he said.

He and I went over to the mirror along with River, and Adrian also dragged Maxwell to the mirror with us.

“All right, boys, big flex,” Gill said.

Gill held up his phone and opened the camera then flexed his huge bicep. We all did the best double front bicep pose we could except Maxwell. He was way too shy for that kind of stuff so he just put his arm around Adrian making him smile. We all smiled and Gill took a picture. River wrapped his arms around me to steal a quick hug, I thought that was cute.

“Make sure you tag me,” I said.

“I will, no worries but I’ll have to sensor your bulge or my post will get taken down. Honestly, River ordered that new speedo for you yesterday thinking it would fit you but it looks like you outgrew it in the time it took to get here,” Gill said.

“Shut up, it’s not that bad,” I said.

Coach Hudson finally yelled at all of us to quit screwing around and get our asses in the pool for warm up laps. Gill and I did a quick chest bump though before we all walked out. River stayed close to me and Maxwell followed Adrian in a similar way.


Part 4: Boys Being Boys

Keeping my dick soft during practice was a challenge. My mind was filled with thoughts of River. He was really cute and sweet and the fact that he had the courage to ask me out on a date in front of everyone no less and gave me such a thoughtful gift really made me happy. Too happy to where I felt myself stiffening at some points throughout practice. I got a half chub which was still bigger than an average guy’s half chub. I just hope nobody noticed. Swimming was getting awkward now that I had so much meat between my legs. I loved my new speedo though, I felt tough and cool in it.

By the time practice was over I had to rush to the stalls because I couldn’t hold it anymore. My dick was boning up so fast that by the time I got to the stalls I was at my full nine inches and my speedo tent looked ridiculous. I pulled my boner out of the leg hole of my speedo and started jacking off. My knees turned to jello, I let out a few soft moans and I felt light headed as I felt I was about to bust. It only took a couple of strokes before I busted out an unbelievable amount of cum. It started as a solid beam that shot straight up splattering all over my face and pecs then dripped down my abs.

When I regained enough strength to push down my rock hard rigid boner I could hear the beam of cum hit the stall door. When I opened my eyes the stall door was dripping in white. There was also a sizable puddle on the floor too. Cum was dripping off my still wet body. The odor was very strong, even stronger than the last time I came and I really hoped none of the guys could smell it.

Maybe I really should go back and read what the side effects were because my boners were getting out of control and my loads were massive. Don’t get me wrong, every time I came I was sent to paradise but I did it so much and with so much force it was getting out of hand. I cleaned myself off with toilet paper in the stall then shoved my dick back in my speedo then cleaned up the rest of my mess, using almost half the roll, before exiting the stall and heading to the showers.

Hopefully none of my teammates could figure out what I did in that stall and hopefully they never figured out that I’ve been doing it for two days now. I’m just glad nobody asked. That would be really embarrassing if they did.

“Rain, can you pwease shower next to me?” River said in a baby voice.

By the looks of it River had reserved the shower next to him.

“Sure River,” I said.

River took off his head gear to let his long fluffy blonde hair loose. He bleached his hair at the end of swim season but didn’t shave it all off like most of us did and I could see the natural golden brown start to grow in at the roots.

I’m not sure what I was supposed to do so I just showered like normal. River and I just passed glances at each other as we rinsed off the chlorine and for me the cum smell too. I’d never looked too deeply at River’s body but I couldn’t stop myself from examining his features. He was no Gill but that didn’t mean he wasn’t muscular. River was considerably buff and very nice to look at. He was a D1 athlete after all. Adrian looked at us with a devious grin from the shower across from us.

“What?” I said, rolling my eyes.

“You two are just adorable.”


River didn’t say anything but he did smile. Adrian whispered something in Maxwell’s ear who was showering next to him and Maxwell’s eyes widened. Then Adrian walked over to me.

“What are you doing?” I said.

“You’ve got some huge back muscles these days, don’t cha’,” he said with a grin.

“Yeah, I do.”

I wasn’t sure where Adrian was going with this.

“You know what big back muscles are good for?”


“Yes but also this.”

Before I had time to react, Adrian whipped his hand at my back making the loudest, wettest back slap I’d ever experienced. I yelped, sounding like a dying animal and slowly fell to my knees then on all fours while my back was engulfed in burning pain. The whole team started laughing in an uproar and even River couldn’t stop himself from laughing along with them.

“You’ve got a pretty intense red handprint on your back,” River said through his laughter. This means war, I thought. When I could regain my composure I retaliated with a counter slap right on Adrian’s chest. This knocked him on the shower floor and he screamed, laughed and cried at the same time in the shrillest voice.

To top it all off Adrian had an even bigger and redder handprint on his chest. I didn’t even think I hit him that hard, I must not be used to my own strength. The coach told us to quit screwing around, again. We did as he asked and stopped dicking around. River finished washing up before I did and he asked me to meet him by his locker.

“Hey Rain,” he said when I met up with him.

“Hey River.”

“Can I put lotion on your back?”

That was the most sacred act for swimmers, divers and polo players the world over. Only the closest of friends could do that for each other. Surprisingly, River had never asked to do it for me till now, I wonder why. Now that I think about it, Maxwell always did it for Adrian. Nobody ever did it for Gill.

“Sure you can do that.”

River took out a bottle of lotion and began rubbing down my back. There was no way he wasn’t enjoying squeezing and massaging my enormous rippling back muscles and I cracked a smile at that. Then again I had no room to talk because I liked River’s soft hands on me.

“What you did to Adrian was pretty funny and you must be really strong if you can knock him down with just a single hit.”

“Yeah, it was pretty funny, is there still a red handprint on my back?”

“Oh, yeah there is.”

“It’s fine I got him back for that.”

River chuckled.

“You sure did.”

“So what were you thinking for our date tonight,” I asked.

River was now rubbing my shoulders, traps, and neck. His touch was beautiful and I didn’t want him to stop.

“Maybe I can go to the gym with you and Gill?”

“I don’t know about that. Gill is very selective about who he goes to the gym with.”

“Then what about a club or restaurant.”

“We are broke college water polo players. We swim, eat and sleep then repeat,” I said.

“Big facts right there, then how about something simple like a walk around campus,” he said.

“That sounds great. I’m down.”

River finished rubbing lotion all over me, then I turned around to give him a full big hug. We were both still in our speedos so when he hugged me every inch of our near naked bodies touched. He squeezed me tight enough so our bulges pressed against each other. He had hugged me many times during swim season but never like this before and now it felt like I could feel his love.

“I’ll come by your dorm tonight after noon practice, does that sound good?”

“How about six thirty. I’d like to get a quick workout with Gill. Is that okay?” I said.

“Sure, that’s fine.”

Today I only had a few classes so when they were done I headed to the pool for afternoon practice. Unsurprisingly, I had to bust a load in the stall before practice and again had to use almost half a roll of toilet paper to clean up the mess. River was more than happy to see me and we changed next to each other. We had done that all during last swim season but now it felt different.

Anyways, during warm up laps he stayed close to me and I didn’t find this annoying but really cute and sweet. When it wasn’t our turn to be in the pool River was of course never far and he got a few hugs out of me during this time. I wasn’t really a hugger but River was changing my mind on that.

“Rain and River sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G!” Adrian chanted.

“Grow up or shut up!” I yelled.

“Adrian, we haven’t even gone on our first date yet!” River said.

I spiked the ball to Adrian. Out of nowhere Maxwell breached the water like a dolphin and blocked it with his forearm forcing it back at me. I caught it then passed it off to Gill. What Maxwell did was pretty Impressive. Adrian certainly seemed smug about it.

“That’s my Maxy.”

“He’s just sayin’ you two are cute together,” Maxwell said.

Gill threw the ball as hard as he could, hitting Adrian in the head so hard it bounced back into Gill’s hand. Then he spiked it at Maxwell, he tried to dive out of the way but it bounced off his head into me then bounced off my head then hit River right in the face. Maxwell even got a bloody nose from how hard he was hit with the ball. If anyone could turn three guys into a human pinball machine with a polo ball it would be Gill.

“Focus, all of you, we’ve got our first meet coming up and we can’t lose!” Gill yelled.

The rest of the team followed his orders like soldiers. After a demonstration like that, who wouldn’t. When afternoon practice was over River and I rubbed lotion on each other’s back again. Then I had another fantastic work out with Gill. This time Adrian and Maxwell tagged along as well.

I did feel bad that Gill invited Adrian and Maxwell but I couldn’t invite River. Especially because Gill invited them without telling me. The first thing he did was apologize to Maxwell for giving him a bloody nose at practice so maybe that was why he invited him. It was a form of apology and Maxwell can’t go anywhere without Adrian so I guess it’s fine that he’s here.

Throughout the session Adrian was really touchy toward Maxwell even giving his butt another strong slap after one of his squatting sets. Something that was a bit off was how Gill was acting, though. On the outside he was congratulatory but there was something off about his tone of voice when he’d compliment me. Something makes me think he didn’t like that I was out performing him like I was getting higher rep ranges and with heavier weight than him. My squats were cleaner and with more weight. He blamed it on my shorter height giving me an advantage but I knew the real reason it was that serum.


Part 5: Side Effects

Our lifting session ended with some progress pictures in the gym locker room mirror. What excited me was Gill took his shirt off this time so I did too. Maxwell didn’t want to take his shirt off and or even be in the picture but Adrian basically tore it off him then pulled him from the mirror with us. Today was leg day so we all pulled up our shorts to show off that quad pump. We didn’t need to take off our shirts for this but why not. We were swimmers, we had perfect upper and lower bodies all year round. This time Adrian took the picture then air dropped it to us before posting it, tagging all of us of course.

I was feeling good about life. I got a great lift in with the squad and even got comfortable enough to take shirtless pics with Gill. We spend most of our time together in speedos so I’m not sure why that was such a hurdle to get over. Whatever swimmers were weird like that.

Even better, I had a date coming up. Taking that serum was the best choice of my life. We said our goodbyes and Gill was the last to give me a fist bump. He also didn’t give me an arm squeeze like he had before. That was odd but I didn’t have time to think about it because I had to run to my dorm because I had a raging boner.

Something I didn’t mention to the guys but all throughout practice and our lift I had the impulse to cum, really badly. I was really tempted to do it after practice or in the gym bathrooms but I should be able to control my dick long enough to get back to my dorm. Parker was sitting at his computer typing away as usual.

“Did Gill let you suck his cock yet?” he said.

I didn’t have time to respond to that, I had to bust immediately. I shut the bathroom door then I gave the shower wall a new coat of white paint. There was so much cum more than this morning and when I came before practice. Huge big patches of white slimy cum covered so much of the wall it was staggering. When I could shake off my orgasmic bliss I showered off myself and the wall then got out to read the bottle.

Side effects may include:
- Increased sex drive
- Nocturnal emissions
- Increased ejaculation volume
- Increased frequency of erections
- Soreness
- Spontaneous Muscular Growth spurts
- Spontaneous ejaculations

All those were spot on and that last one seemed a little scary and I only had a small growth spurt when I took my first dose. That last one hasn’t happened yet so maybe I could get away with another dose or two and even so how bad could it be? Maybe I’ll just have a couple drops of pre-cum and that would be it. More importantly I had to worry about my date with River who should be here any minute.

We were gonna have a walk around campus so I probably didn’t need to wear anything fancy and good thing too because all my nice clothes didn’t fit me anymore. Not saying my other clothes were comfortable they too were getting really tight but honestly I liked that feeling it made me feel bigger. I decided to go with one of my gym shark cut offs and gym shorts. This was River we’re talking about here. We already knew each other pretty well. It’s not like I have to make a good first impression. Best part is in the state where we live, even though springtime is very warm. That was honestly part of the reason we picked this college. I left the bathroom and changed into my planned outfit.

“So did you?” Parker said.

“Do what?”

“Suck Gill’s cock?”


“I mean the way you simp for him I’d think that was the next step.”

“I admire his work ethic, his fortitude and his leadership but I don’t wanna suck his dick.”

“Could have fooled me.”

“It’s not like that but what is, is River actually asked me out today.”

Parker stopped typing to look at me.

“There’s a lot to unpack there. First of all, isn’t he the one who talks in the UwU voice?”

“Yeah, he is.”

“And here I thought you into tough manly men.”

“River’s pretty tough. He’s a ripped athlete. I wouldn’t underestimate him.”

“All right then and secondly did you say yes?”

“I did.”

“I always knew you were gay.”

“What how?”

Parker turned to look at me.

“You’ve been hanging around buff guys in speedos your whole life. To last as long as you have in that sport. You’ve got to be at least a little gay or bi.”

“Shut up.”

“Am I wrong?”

“No but still shut up. We’re just the most wholesome sport in the world.”

“Except maybe the wrestlers.”

Parker used to be a wrestler so he must be speaking from experience.

“Fair point but we’re still a pretty accepting group of guys.”

“So are you sucking River’s cock tonight?”

“Jesus Christ no, this is our first date and what is with you and cock tonight?”

“I don’t know, I’ve just been in a cocky mood, kind of like you have the past few days.”

“I’m gonna ignore that last statement. Anyway, we’re gonna walk around campus and just hang out.”

“Are you going in that outfit?”


“I mean you looked mega jacked but I would dress a little nicer.”

“It’s the only clothes I have that fit me and I think River will like it.”

“You’ve got serious fuck-boi energy.”

I rolled my eyes.

“Anyway, River should be here soon.”

“Good luck, man, and I mean that.”

“Thank you.”


Part 6: Date with River

To avoid River interacting with Parker I waited outside my dorm. Then I heard someone coming up the stairs and my heart skipped a beat when I saw River. He was wearing almost the same thing I was. Black tank top under shirt, short gym shorts and a headband to get his messy locks out of his face. He honestly looked really cute, especially because he always wore vans with patterned socks. The socks he had on now had light sabers on them. He smiled at me before giving me a big hug. Again rubbing my back while his chin was on my shoulder. I didn’t know River was this affectionate.

“This is weird, it’s like I’m looking at you for the first time,” he said, not letting go of me.

“It’s still just me.”

“But it’s different now that we’re going on a date, we’re not just hangin’ out or at practice.”

“I don’t think of it as that different. You’ve always been my friend. I guess this is why.”

“It’s been a game of wanting to be close with you but not to close because I had to be careful not to get too close or else I might scare you off,” he said.

River pulled away from our hug then averted his eyes from me. Somehow, I had to break the tension so I said what I was thinking a second ago.

“You know, I don’t know how I never noticed this but you’re really cute.”

River’s eyes widened and he blushed causing me to blush.

“You really think that?”

“Yeah, you gotta sweet, soft baby face with good muscles but not too much you’re very boyish if that makes any sense.”

“Am I as baby faced as Maxwell?”

“Honestly, yeah.”

River chuckled.

“We’ll, I’ve sorta felt the same way with you. I thought you wore your muscles very well and now you’re even more yoked now, you look like a Greek god.”

That got a chuckle from me.

“Thank you.”

“Can I feel your arm?”

“Sure. I’ll give you something special.”

I flexed my arm so hard it made the big vein on my bicep pop. River stroked my arm similarly to how he massaged my back earlier today. Touch must be his love language. Then the two of us just stood there staring at each other unblinking.

“Let’s get out of here before the sun goes down,” I said.

I was about to start walking but River cleared his throat. “Hey, Rain, can we maybe hold hands?” he said in his baby voice.

I had no idea how I could say no. River took my hand which gave me a shock but quickly became warm and comforting. “You know no matter how big you get, you somehow keep your soft hands.”

“Is that a bad thing?” I said.

“No, I like that.”

“Well, your hand is even softer and chubbier than mine,” I said.

“Yeah, I know, they’re my flippers, you know, because I’m a swimmer,” he said in his baby voice. He smiled at me.

“I don’t know how you managed to make yourself cuter but you did.”

That made him smile so bright, it rivaled the sun.

“Thank you,” I said.

The two of us headed down the hall with our hands between us and soon we were outside just talking about simple stuff. Things like how much morning practice sucked and how the coach needed to stop putting brackets on our laps. Also how hitting your hand on the lane rope was hell on earth. We also talked about our classes and such.

We were simply enjoying each other’s company like we always did but now there was a closer feeling to it. Some of the other students gave us looks. Whether it was because of my size or the fact that two guys were holding hands I’ll never know it could be a bit of both. Either way I didn’t care because I was with my sweet River. When we made it to a field of grass that was inside the campus, I asked River if we could stop to sit down.

“Sure sounds good,” he said.

We both sat down but then soon River lay down. Our hands were still locked together and I loved that feeling. There still was one question that bugged me though. “Hey, River, how long have you known you were gay?”

“I found out some time in middle school. It’s hard to lie to yourself when you can’t stop staring at your speedo clad teammates.”

“That is fair so when did you realize you liked me more than a friend?”

“During the last swim season, the first day of practice.”


“You were so nice to me, letting me hug you on day one. You didn’t mind when I talked like a baby or that I was still into nerdy stuff. You shared your locker snacks when I was out. What’s not to love?”

“You just couldn’t help yourself huh?” I said.

“I wanted to spend every minute with you,” River said.

“Is that why you wanted your locker next to mine?”

“Yeah sowwy,” he said in his baby voice.

“You’re very sensitive, you know that?”

“That’s why I’ll make a great social worker.”

“Still wanna be a social worker?”


“Admit it, you just wanna do that so you coach swimming and polo.”

“Well, duh, but don’t throw stones if you live in a glass house but at the rate you’re growing I think you should become a pro powerlifter or bodybuilder instead of a econ teacher.”

I laughed. “You think I could do that?”

“Sure you could, big boy,” he squeezed my shoulder. “You really got some boulder shoulders, by the way.”

“Thank you, but then, why did you keep being gay a secret for so long?”

“I’m on a team with a bunch of buffed up guys in speedos. I was afraid that if any of them found out it would spread like wildfire and I’d be bullied off the team or worse you’d figure out I was into you and then stop talking to me.”

“That’s funny that you mention that because I was just talking to my roommate, you know Parker. We were talking about how inclusive water sports are. I think you’d be fine if you came out to all the guys.”

“I agree with you, but that doesn’t mean there wasn’t a chance things could go wrong and it was a risk not worth taking.”

“All the guys seemed supportive, though.”

“That was Adrian’s doing. This all happened on our first day of practice and Adrian noticed how much I was staring at you in the locker room and throughout practice. Finally he confronted me about this and I tried to deny it but Adrian called cap on that and I caved. Not gonna lie I sobbed in Adrian’s arms while Maxwell watched when I was telling him about how much I loved you.”

“Really, Adrian would be comforting like that?”

“Yeah, I’m surprised too.”

“Then did he tell the rest of the team then?”

“He told Gill and with their help they convinced me that I should ask you out and they organized the audience we had as well. Adrian also recommended I should get you a gift.”

“Did you want the whole team to watch?”

“No but it was affirming to know that I had their support after thinking for so long that I didn’t.”

“I’m glad the team was behind you all the way, I’m sure it helped with the confidence.”

“It did.”

“Say, what do you think of the guys on our team?” I asked.

“I think Gill takes polo too seriously and I think Adrian doesn’t take it seriously enough. And I think Maxwell could be less shy, but have you noticed he’s really skilled.”

“I noticed that, too. It’s weird to think that the shy baby boy is no joke.”

River pulled in his knees then rested his chin on them. He made a pouty face while curling his lower lip then made his eyes look as sad as possible. “What’s wrong with being a baby boy?” he said. He cranked up his baby voice to obnoxious levels. I almost couldn’t understand what he was saying, that’s how intense it was.

“Oh my fucking god, River, stop it!” I pushed him a little and that made him laugh. Then he pushed me back then the two of us got into a playful wrestle.

“And what about me?” I said.

“I think you’re buff and beautiful and a good guy.”

“Thanks, buddy.”

“What do you think of me?”

“I think you’re a cutie who deserves love from a man like me.” I smiled at him and he smiled back.

“If you believe that, then can I tell you something?”

“You can tell me anything, River.”

River let go of my hand and sat up. “I really don’t want to tell you, but I think you should know if we’re gonna make this work.”

“What is it?”

“Promise you won’t be mad.”

Now I was getting frustrated. “Just tell me. It can’t be that bad.”

“Okay, here goes. When I went home after our first swim practice last semester. I got off thinking of you and you were the only thing that occupied my mind whenever I jerked from then on.”

I wasn’t sure how to answer that. River was a good friend and he confessed something really personal to me right now but maybe that’s why he felt comfortable telling me that. The real question was did I feel comfortable knowing that. I had no idea why but the thought of River doing thought didn’t feel wrong and a part of me wasn’t surprised. I had no room to talk. I’ve been jerking like crazy for the past few days.

“If you were anyone else that would be really creepy, especially because of how many times you’ve seen me in a speedo or naked.”

“I know, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have done that but I couldn’t help it. Please don’t hate me.” He turned to look at the sky.

“You made it in the end, we are on a date. Now, I almost wanna apologize for making you wait so long.”

“Well, don’t do that, that wouldn’t be right either.”

The two of us went silent for a few minutes. “Better question is, when did you realize you were into guys?” he said.

“T.B.H., today, I think. I don’t know but just the way you asked me I didn’t know how I could say no. It just felt right at that moment.”

River continued to stare at the sky until I put my arm around him and he turned to look at me.

“Hey, Rain, does this mean you like me more than a friend and we can make this official?”

“I think so, yeah. I love you buddy. I think you were my perfect match this whole time and I didn’t even know it.”

River rolled over to look at me. “Then can we cuddle as boyfriends?”

I thought about this for a second. It was hard not to think that anything physical with River was anything other than platonic but maybe it was time to take things to the next level. His hugs were so sweet and soft so his cuddling skills must be even better. “Sure,” I said.

River laid his head on my chest with his arms wrapped around me and I too embraced him. My heart jumped a little from feeling his head touch my chest. His pillowly yet strong body filled me with nothing but comfort and warmth. His weight felt so perfect on top of me he was a D1 athlete so despite his softer exterior he was very muscular and strong.

“You’re so big and buff I could use you like a pillow,” he used his baby voice again.

“Am I a comfortable pillow?”


“You’re so soft I could use you like a soft animal.”

“Am I a comfy stuffed animal?”


River smiled before relaxing his head on my chest and rubbing my bare arm with his unbelievably soft hand. One problem though my dick started to stir from all that. River kept rubbing me and I couldn’t stop myself from hardening to my full nine inches. My boner was very noticeable through my gym shorts but River’s eyes were closed and he didn’t say anything but I’m sure he felt it. I certainly was starting to get fidgety.

“Hey, River,” I said.

“Yeah,” he said through his sleepiness.

“Uh… never mind,” I said.

Eventually, I started rubbing his back from underneath his shirt, feeling each of his back muscles like he did for me and that made him smile the whole time while he was snoozing on top of me. We laid there until it was dark out which wasn’t that much longer considering the sun was already setting. I was still hard as a rock the whole time and I could feel the pressure was about to hit its maximum. I nudged River awake then said,

“I think we should get going before you are eaten by mosquitos.”

“Why would they target me?”

“It’s because you’re so sweet.”

I smiled at River and he smiled back while blushing.

“You think you’re so funny. But yeah it’s getting late and I still have homework to do and I’m sure you do too.”

We held hands the entire time we walked back to his dorm room. I tried pulling my shirt over my hard-on but it was too short and my dick was too big. I should have brought a sweater. Luckily River didn’t say anything but I could catch him placing glances at my crotch every so often. When we got back to River’s dorm he stood in the doorway not wanting to shut it.

“I guess this is good night?” he said.

“Yeah, it is. Good night buddy.”

He gave me a big hug and I thought he was about to kiss me but he didn’t. There was no way he didn’t feel my rock hard boner though and I felt myself fill with embarrassment. River messed with his crotch and a quick glance to his crotch revealed that he was starting to tent his shorts.

“Yeah uh…, I had a great time. I’ll see you tomorrow at practice and good night big guy,” he said before shutting the door.

There was absolutely no way I was gonna make it back to my dorm so I ran into one of the bathrooms at the end of River’s dorm hall. When I found an empty stall I tore off all my clothes and began aggressively beating my rock hard boner as the thoughts of River crowded my head.

It wasn’t too long before I came, busting all over the place. It was all over the back wall and I made a puddle on the floor and even one of the many beams hit the ceiling. Not to mention all the cum that was covering my pecs, abs and even my face. My boner didn’t go soft so I had to make this a multi-shot.

When I finally calmed my dick down I had to spend a decent amount of time cleaning up the absolute mess I made. This is why I liked jerking in the showers. It would have been easier if I had running water to use, like when I jerk in the morning.

Luckily the ceiling tiles were white but nothing could hide that pungent smell of sperm and hormones. I was thinking about River the whole time which definitely added to the intensity of my load and the high chance that he was doing the same thing made it even more hot. I just couldn’t believe how much I loved River in arms. He was so cute and sweet. I felt lonely without him near. I was still put a little on edge by the fact he’d been jerking to thoughts of me but I should take that as a compliment. He was my friend but now he was my boyfriend and that was something special. Parker was just about ready to settle into bed when I walked in.

“Did you fuck yet?” Parker said.

“For the love of god, no and why do you care so much anyway!” I said.

“Because after taking so much of that serum you can’t control your dick and I doubt he doesn’t want your huge shlong. So, I thought this was gonna be one of those ‘fuck on the first date’ scenarios.”

“We just laid together in the grass and talked about our feelings. It was a great time, thanks for asking.”

“A better question is, are you gonna jerk thinking about him?”

“I already did that in the bathroom on his floor.”

“You think he’s doing the same?”

“Without a shadow of a doubt.”

“Well, I hope it works out for you two but the real question is are you gonna take another dose?”

“I don’t know, but I’m thinking about it.”

“Be careful you get so big you’ll explode.”

“Very funny.”

“For real, I hope you’re not gonna run into any unforeseen side effects.”

“Nothing but good things have come from taking that serum so I think I’ll be fine.”

“Whatever man, if it makes you happy then it’s none of my business.”

Parker rolled over and put his pillow over his head. I went to the bathroom to get ready for bed. Get ready for bed and flex in the mirror a little of course. I took my shirt off and damn River was right. I was really getting huge. I think during our little nap I grew a little more actually maybe that was it meant by growth spurts. I looked like I had an insane post workout pump and I liked that. I put on the speedo he got me and took a few pictures of myself flexing in it with a bright smile then sent it to River, he’d definitely get some use out of it.

“Are you flexing to yourself in there?” Parker yelled.

“No, I’m brushing my teeth.”

“That’s so cap.”

“Yeah, you got me there.”

That very second my boner came back in full force and I chuckled at how ridiculous my speedo tent looked. To help, this time I went to River’s Instagram and used a few of the pictures he posted of himself in his speedos. I thought it was only fair because not only had River been doing the same but he was most likely doing it right now. I found one from last swim season and I remembered this picture because I was in it right next to River with Adrian and Maxwell hugging in the background.

Something I didn’t notice when the picture was taken was that River had a hard-on. How adorable was that, I thought. I went right back to beating my meat, not even taking off my speedo. I just let it out there through the leg hole and busted my load. Somehow my loads were still full and powerful even though I already busted several massive loads a few minutes ago.

My boner was being even more stubborn and wouldn’t go soft so this also had to be a multi-shot session and I used a lot of coconut oil. Not just on my dick but I rubbed it all over my muscles imagining it was River’s soft hand. When I finally calmed myself down I showered and cleaned up all the sperm I unleashed. I got out of the shower then saw the bottle and somehow I thought it was looking back at me. Parker said I should take it easy but I had nothing to lose and everything to gain by using more.

River did say he loved guys with huge muscles and the team was very supportive of me, I thought. How could one more hurt? I swallowed another dropper full then did my nightly things before going to bed, happy that I would see my River tomorrow.


Part 7: Violent Talks

When I woke up the next morning I could barely move because of how sore my muscles were and my bones were aching too now. By the looks of the dark spot on my blanket, I had another wet dream and this one was more intense than the last one. There was no denying that my boner was bigger as I could see the hard shaft under the covers. Sweat coated my body making the whole room smell like hormones. Parker wasn’t awake yet and good thing too because I’m sure he was gonna give me hell for making this room smell like a locker room.

I pulled off my blanket to find my boner was stretching my underwear and I’m sure the size of my thighs, and butt weren’t helping that. My waist also looked like it gained width. Similar to my blanket, a big patch of white stained the front of my underwear. My morning wood was still raging even after my wet dream.

I rolled out of bed and did my best to stretch and massage my newly grown muscles and when I went to scratch my back I could feel how big my bicep was getting because it was getting harder to reach around my lat. When I walked to the bathroom I could feel my muscular chunky thighs and butt bounce and jiggle and my pecs did the same. When I saw myself in the mirror I was stunned by the display and even got chills.

I was a monstrosity of extremely developed muscles. My neck was thick and was starting to disappear and my arms were slightly pushed away by my lats when I flared them into a lat spread. My chest jutted out more and widened so much that even a single pec was a huge slab of muscle. River said I had boulder shoulders yesterday so he’ll be blown away when he sees how big they are now. My abs were a defined eight pack now and my obliques were finally showing through in full force. My earlier observation was right, my hips had gotten wider. My butt was even chunkier too and my calves were so plump. I’m so glad my calves were getting bigger too, I always struggled to develop those.

When I pulled down my stained and torn underwear, my mega boner slapped my abs with force. The slapping sound was so cartoonish it made me crack a smile. When I measured the length of my hard-on with the ruler. It was now a solid ten inches and that wasn’t taking into account the girth or balls which had also increased greatly in size. I was getting close to breaking the world record and couldn’t wait till I did. I stepped on the scale and was excited to see I broke the two hundred mark and was now two hundred and twenty six pounds.

Words couldn’t describe how sexy and powerful I felt. I couldn’t stop myself from smiling ear to ear as I flexed in the mirror while playing with myself. I could get used to this, I thought as I rubbed my smooth muscles and did some poses. A part of me was still in disbelief of how big and strong my body was now. I couldn’t wait to dominate at practice and meets and look good doing it. River will be elated, Gill will be impressed and my coach will be proud. Everything is going to be right with the world. Taking that serum was the best choice of my entire life.

Unfortunately, my flexibility was starting to diminish and for water sports that wasn’t a good thing. I’ll just have to spend more time doing stretches. Maybe, I’ll ask River if he could be my warm up partner. I’m sure he’d love that. Speaking of which, I opened my phone to see that River responded to the pictures I sent him with the flame and heart emoji.

“Can’t wait to see you at practice,” I texted back.

I did another front double bicep pose but that second my boner throbbed and a rope of cum shot out hitting the mirror. That ejaculation was so strong it made my knees wobble but it felt so good. By this point enough pre-cum had seeped out to make a trail down my shaft and drip off my balls. Into the shower I went but I couldn’t even finish lubing my boner before I busted numerous ropes of cum with extreme force.

I lost count of how many ropes there were but a few of them hit the ceiling then the rest splashed all over my muscular body. I came enough to coat my pecs and have the rest drip down my abs and make a puddle. The sheer force of my busting made me dizzy and feel weak, even light headed. I’d never been this cum drunk before. Like yesterday my dick wasn’t softening and a second round wasn’t enough either nor was a third, however a fourth was enough to make it calm down.

“Why does it smell like sw-ass in here!” Parker said from the main room.

“Sorry about that, I’ll buy more air freshener!” I said.

“Also, I don’t have class for a few hours but don’t you have practice soon.”

I checked my phone and saw the time. I had less than thirty minutes to get to the aquatic center. When I fully snapped out of my cum drunkenness, I took a moment to observe the display of white I made. My balls were huge now but there was no way I stored all that in there. I must be making it faster than I can get rid of it. The bottle did say it increased ejaculation volume and that would explain the constant boners and wet dreams but I didn’t think it would be this much.

As much as I loved my new body I had to find a way to deal with my excessive thirst better. I wanted to stare at my colossal cum coated body but I had to get moving or I’d be late. I turned on the shower and got to washing off all the sperm. With how thick my cum was getting I was afraid I’ll clog the drain one of these days. Due to being short on time my shower had to be P.T.A.

When I got out I just stared at myself in the mirror for a few more seconds still not believing how buff I was getting. Pulling on my speedo was a challenge. Shoving my thick round butt and mega cock in there was a battle in and of itself but my wider waist and very powerful beefy thighs weren’t doing me any favors. The bottom and sides of my butt were exposed like when I wore my old speedo when I was smaller. The outline of my dick was very visible again and if I got a boner in this it would surely pop out of the leg hole or waistband. Lastly, the elastic of the leg holes and waistband were digging into me now. Still fit me better than my torn underwear though. When I finished getting dressed, which wasn’t easy as all my clothes were too small for me now, my stomach growled, I needed to eat something. I went to my snack stash when Parker just stared at me wide eyed.

“What?” I asked.

“You’re gigantic,” he said.

“I know, thanks for noticing!”

“Your clothes look like they’re strangling you.”

“To be honest they are.”

“You think you might have gone a little too far using that serum?”

“Not at all and I can’t wait to show off to my team.”

“You might wanna hurry or you’ll be late.”

Parker was right, I checked the time and realized I was going to be late if I didn’t get a move on. I made a protein shake with four scoops then drank it as I ran to the aquatic center. I was definitely gonna have to jerk one last time before I got in the pool. In fact I felt my dick hardening inside my speedo the whole walk to the aquatic center. I tried my best to not get hard but it was still a semi the whole time.

During my walk I checked the post on Gill’s Instagram and there were so many likes and even a few comments from various companies asking if either of us would be “ambassadors” for their brand. I was smart enough to know those were scams but the thought of me attracting that much attention was amazing. Then I checked the post on Adrian’s Instagram and there were a similar amount of likes and comments. Like my last post with Gill, all the praising comments about our gains were from guys not girls.

The phrase Looking huge, king and goat emojis with my name being tagged were numerous. Other people posted the flexing arm emoji along with the fire emoji. All the praise directed at me filled me with excitement. Oddly enough I saw a notification appear on my phone and I checked it to see it was a DM from Maxwell of all guys.

Hey, Rain, just a heads up Gill is mad at you, I think. He’s gonna have a talk with you when he sees you at practice. Also he told me and Adrian not to warn you so you didn’t hear this from me or Adrian.

The excitement about my body faded away because there was only one thing Gill could be mad about. I was about to message Maxwell asking for more details but I’d see Gill soon. When I got there I passed Gill who tried to get my attention and pulled myself into a stall, stripped down to my speedo, pulled my ten inch boner out of the leg hole and busted a quick but large load. To save on the mess I stood up and pushed my giant boner down so the stream of cum could get in the toilet and from the outside it must have sounded like I was peeing but I still had to clean up a little because the longer I came the weaker my knees got making it harder to focus on aiming.

The beam of sperm hit the rim and back of the toilet but I was able to get most of it in the bowl. When I finished cumming I didn’t even bother putting my shorts or shirt back on. I just left the stall in my speedo as I strapped my headgear on.

“So what did you need?” I said to Gill.

There wasn’t any fanfare like yesterday or the day before but serious and concerned looks from Maxwell, Adrian and especially from Gill. He and Adrian along with Maxwell were waiting by my locker. They had already changed and even had their headgear on. Maxwell looked like he was just trying to avoid this whole situation by staying behind Adrian. I looked around, River was nowhere to be found.

“Hey guys, am I huge or what?” I said with a forced smile and I squeezed my pecs together.

“Yeah, you’re jacked but…,” Adrian started to say before Gill cut him off.

“Look there’s no good way to ask this but are you juicing?” Gill said.

“No, of course not!” I said.

That was a lie of course but there was no way I was gonna admit I was using a mystery serum to attain this body.

“Your muscles have gotten bigger every day and I’ve seen you lift some pretty extreme weight with ease. There’s no way you’re natty. You gotta be on something,” Gill said.

“I can attest to that at our lift yesterday. You were moving some really heavy weight,” Adrian said.

“My hair isn’t falling out and my back isn’t covered in acne so where’s your proof,” I said.

“Yeah, and he doesn’t have a roid gut or gross veins,” River said.

River came up from behind me to give me a big hug and put his chin on my trap. Not sure where he was earlier but I’m glad he was here now.

“See, River, knows what’s right,” I said.

“Of course he’d agree with you, he wants to get plowed by you,” Gill said.

“Hey!” River yelled.

“Okay, that’s outta pocket, even I wouldn’t say that,” Adrian said.

I told River to take it easy and Adrian told Gill the same thing. That’s when Maxwell stepped up.

“Look, Rain, we’re only looking out for you. We said you were behind during swim season and we’re very happy with your progress and we can respect that but we don’t want you to hurt yourself over this, be honest with us, have you been taking drugs?” he said.

The fact that Maxwell finally spoke after being silent in the background really proves that Gill dragged Maxwell and Adrian in this against their will.

“I’m not taking roids. I swear,” I said.

In my mind I wasn’t totally lying, just not telling the whole truth. Whatever that serum was, it obviously wasn’t roids because the side effects weren’t the same and plus roids didn’t work as fast as this either. I know that was complete copium but that’s how I saw it.

“Liar, look at you I bet you can’t even reach around your lats anymore!” Gill said.

That statement was pretty accurate but that didn’t mean I was admitting I was taking that serum.

“You can trust me, I swear I’m not juicing!”

Gill stared at me with an intense serious gaze.

“I respected you for your dedication and progress but I can’t believe you’d lie about this,” Gill said.

Then a nasty thought invaded my mind. If I couldn’t persuade him to believe me, maybe bruising his ego would be good enough.

“You’re just jealous I’m bigger and stronger than you.”

Something inside Gill must have snapped. He got real close to me and was probably gonna give me hell but I stood my ground. If he swings at me I could take it. Our other teammates were gathering around and started chanting.

“You think that’s what this is about!” Gill yelled before pushing me. I pushed him back.

“You wanna go!” I shouted back.

The whole team except Adrian, River and Maxwell chanted Fight! Fight! Fight!

I thought that only happened in low budget high school movies but I guess not. Maxwell and Adrian looked at each with fear and were about to stop Gill from swinging at me when Coach Hudson stepped out of his office.

“Listen up, all of you knock it off!” he yelled at the top of his lungs and blew his whistle.

“Now, I don’t know what the hell is going on in here but get your asses moving and out to the pool. All of you are doing an extra 520 today for warm ups!”

Adrian and Maxwell pulled Gill away from me but I knew he was still seething with anger. The only thing I could do was let it go and turn my attention to what really mattered.

“Hey, buddy,” I said, turning around to look at him.

“Hey big guy. You okay?”

He used his baby voice.

“Yeah, I’m not afraid of Gill.”

“If I were as swole as you I wouldn’t be either like damn you’re lookin’ massive today.”

“You know it.”

I stroked my chest and abs to demonstrate that, I knew he’d like to see that. He took off his shirt and pulled down his shorts. He was looking cute as ever in his speedo and seeing that ease my nerves but it did make me horny so I had to really restrain myself so as to not get hard again. That became even more difficult when he gave me a big hug.

“I got your text last night.”

I smiled. “How did I look?”

“Buff and Beautiful.”

“Thanks buddy.”

“Can I ask you something away from the guys?” River said in his baby voice.


We both walked over to an area of the locker room where nobody was. Gill gave me an intense gaze as we did this. Adrian and Maxwell definitely were trying to reason with him.

“What’s going on buddy?”

“I wanted to ask you about something from last night on our date. I was too afraid to ask you because it was only our first date but I just gotta tell you something.”

I didn’t say a word because I knew he was gonna ask about my hard-on and embarrassment filled my entire massive body.

“And it’s that I felt that we probably should have done something a bit more special than just a walk in the park,” he continued.

“Did you want to go out somewhere? We’ve already been over this swimmers don’t have the time or the energy for that stuff.”

“Yeah, I know. Sleep, swim, eat, repeat and squeeze class and homework in there but I wasn’t thinking about going out somewhere.”

River shuffled his feet and fidgeted with his fingers. He was also trying so hard to not look me directly in the eye. It was unbelievable how cute he became when he acted like this.

“You’re my best friend and as much as I liked cuddling, I wish we could have done more, you know something more intimate.” he paused for a moment. “You remember what Gill said a second ago, well he wasn’t wrong,” he said in his baby voice.

A shock of nervousness swelled in my body, the kind that you feel deep in your chest and stomach.

“River, are you asking me if I want to…Sleep with me?”

River’s face turned red and he looked straight down at the floor. He nodded and my dick jumped from the thought of that but I had to keep that beast asleep or else there would be no way I could hide it from River. His gaze flashed toward my dick then snapped back to my eyes. I did the same and he too was pretty much at a semi. We both just stared at each other in silence.

“Guys get out here, coach is wondering where you’re at!” Adrian yelled from the doorway.

“We should probably get moving, coach is already mad at us,” River said.

“Yeah, we’ll talk more about this after practice.”

Thank god that Adrian disrupted us. If we stood there any longer my dick would be standing straight up. During warm up laps and extra punishment laps, Gill and I were put in the same lane. Him and I were constantly trying to pass each other to show one and another up. That whole time that urge to get hard was more intense than ever so after we finished I had to run to the bathroom and bust a quick load. The second River said he wanted to have sex with me all I could think about was that. Quick though it may have been but small, not even close.

I was smart though to do it in the shower area so I could shoot my load on the drain then use the shower to wash it all down the drain. Honestly, I spent more time cumming than stroking and my knees got so wobbly I thought I was gonna fall. Some cum did get on my pecs and abs and down my thighs a little but lucky for me I could just use the shower to rinse off. When I left the locker room the coach stopped me before I could go back in the pool.

“Hey, Rain, what took you so long?” Coach Hudson said.

“Nothin’ just nature calls,” I said.

“Anyway, I wanted to talk to you after practice. I heard what you guys were talking about earlier and some of the guys have been expressing some concerns about you. Come see me in my office after practice.”

“Yes, sir, no problem.”

There was no way the coach wasn’t gonna talk about my recent size and strength increase and I wasn’t really sure what I was gonna tell him. If this ended with a drug test I’m not sure if I would pass. The serum I was using wasn’t roids or sarms. Then again I didn’t know if they tested for specific drugs or if that mattered. Either way if Coach found out I’d be in huge trouble.

The rest of practice was agonizing. Having to focus on playing while not getting another hard-on was more difficult than ever. Especially, now that I had stronger feelings for River and there was a good chance we were going to go all the way soon. Like yesterday I got a semi and was having trouble keeping it even at that level. Keeping focus was another struggle, my gaze would automatically drift to River.

He was just so cute in his tight baby blue speedo that perfectly displayed and exposed his chunky round butt, all his beautiful muscles and that sweet baby face perfectly framed by his headgear. I loved how he had a tuft of hair pulled out from his head gear that drooped over his forehead. He tied both the string on his headgear and the drawstring of his speedo in neat bows, how cute was that. Watching the water drip off his muscles and his face being red like he was blushing. I can’t believe I’ve known him since last swim season yet I hadn’t noticed all this but now I couldn’t look away.

“Rain!” Gill said as the ball hit me in the head.

“What huh,” I said.

“Quit staring at River’s ass and pay attention,” Gill yelled.

“I wasn’t!” I said.

“That’s cap, now get your head out of the gutter,” he said.

I snapped myself back into focus and got back to the task at hand. It wasn’t worth entertaining his comment with a response. Treading water was becoming different probably because of how heavy I was getting. The amount of meat between my legs wasn’t helping but I made up for it by being stronger than every guy on my team.

Having bigger hands made throwing and catching the ball extremely easy not to mention how fast I could move through the water. Being a solid wall of dense muscle also made me immovable. I could crash through the guys with ease. Even Gill was having trouble pushing me around. He tried to pull my shoulder back while kicking the back of my knee in. A classic maneuver to get past a guy in polo but I was too sturdy for him. I’d block the ball even if it wasn’t my pass to get him back for that. Gill and I definitely were in a cold war like this all throughout practice.


Part 8: Help from Odd Places

When practice was over I was the first to get out of the pool because my dick was about to bone up to its full size, but the coach stopped me.

“Hey, Rain, remember to see me in my office, okay?” he said.

“Yeah, sure, definitely,” I said as I ran past him.

My dick was tenting my speedo to the maximum by the time I burst into one of the stalls. I popped my enormous boner out of the leg hole. Using both hands, I jacked off with vengeance. The shaft became so hard it felt like steel and the head became so bulbous it turned purple and so rigid I really had to put some muscle into pointing it toward the toilet.

Pre-cum was dripping out in abundance and I used it like lube. I couldn’t stop thinking about River. Thoughts of his beautiful face and body as well as his sweet affectionate personality filled my mind. The pressure rose and I reached the point of no return. Right before I busted I lost my grip of my boner, letting it hit my body with a wet audible slapping noise.

My overinflated boner came with so much force the solid beam of cum hit me right in the chin and splattered all over my face, then dripped down like a white syrup waterfall all down my pecs and abs. I couldn’t help but let out a few quick grunts as my cum coated the front of my body then dripped down my legs then spilled on the floor making a puddle. I just had to hope none of the guys or my coach heard any of this.

I let out a deep breath, then had to snap out of my cum-drunkenness immediately to clean my face and body and the puddle I made. But I couldn’t get rid of the hormonal sperm smell. Luckily my dick had softened enough after just a single bust, so I shoved it back in my speedo then hobbled my way out of the stall, still a little dizzy from my busting.

One of these days they were gonna figure out what I was doing but hopefully I could find a solution for this other than jerking a million times a day. I got more than a few looks in the showers, but River was by my side the whole time so that made it easy to ignore everyone. He even hugged me underneath the shower for a little while. Same as yesterday he put lotion on my back and I loved every second of it, then I did the same for him. When I was finished I told River I had to talk to the coach and asked him to wait outside for me.

I struggled to get my shorts on and I didn’t have any underwear to use because none of the pairs I had fit anymore and my speedo was still wet so I couldn’t use that. I couldn’t use my old spare speedos either because they were way too small. My shirt was equally hard to put on. My pecs jutted out so far that it forced my shirt to creep up on my stomach showing the bottom part of my abs. Good thing my sweater fixed that but that didn’t change the fact that I was being constricted on every inch of my body and I was going commando.

Something I also hadn’t noticed this morning was that my shoes didn’t fit anymore either so I had to use my flip flops but even they were too small. Even more annoying is that I now had to adjust the straps on my backpack too because my chest jutted out too far. My clothes were tight this morning but they weren’t this tight. I think during practice I might have had another random growth spurt. I sure felt like I did.

“Coach, you wanted to see me?” I said when I got to his office.

“Yeah, it’s been brought to my attention that you’ve been putting on a lot of muscle lately and I can tell too.”


“Making gains is good and you’re out doing everyone on the team, but at the rate you’re growing there’s been some concern that you might be using performance enhancing drugs.”

“No sir, I haven’t,” I said.

“Well, see that’s just it. I’m responsible not just at the beginning of the year but also year round to submit a document asking for a drug test if there is sufficient suspicion that a student is using any P.E.D.s.”

My whole massive body froze. If that test came back positive I could lose eligibility for an entire year or worse the whole rest of my college career. Water polo and swimming meant the world to me. I don’t know what I’d do if I couldn’t do those anymore. The whole reason I started using that serum is so I wouldn’t get kicked off the team. That’s not even taking into consideration that this serum probably wasn’t legal.

“Yes, sir, I understand.”

“If you haven’t been on steroids, S.A.R.M.s, Tren, or whatever else is out there these days then you shouldn’t have anything to worry about,” he said.

Coach stood up from his chair and gave me a pat on my shoulder before giving me an uneasy smile.

“Rain, you’re a good kid and player. I saw what happened with you and River and I thought it was awesome that the whole team had your back. You guys are one of the best teams I’ve seen in a long time.”

“Thanks, coach, I really do love him. River means a lot to me and so does the rest of the team.”

“I just hope the test comes back negative. It will be in a few days, all right. In the meantime there have been other complaints about something, but this one is much easier to fix. What’s your waist band size these days?” he continued.

“I currently wear a size 36 but I’m thinking I’m a size 38 now.”

He opened up a drawer in his file cabinet labeled “Spares” and took out two sealed clear plastic bags, looked at them for a second to read the label, then handed them to me.

“Here, try those. Hopefully they fit better. They’re from last year and I always keep extras just in case a student needs a new one. One is a size 40 and the other one is 42. You can have both. The suits for this season will be coming soon but for now you’ll have to wear the vintage ones.”


I wasn’t here last year so I thought it was neat that I got to wear a suit only upperclassmen had. They were definitely not as cool as the one River got me but that one was sadly becoming too small. I wasn’t wearing underwear because they didn’t fit me anymore so before I left the locker room I wanted to put on the size 42 one. Right as I was about to do that I saw Adrian. He was standing by my locker with his arms crossed. He wasn’t changed and still had his headgear tucked in his speedo.

“Hey, Rain, can I talk to you?” he said.

“What’s up, what do you need?”

“I heard what the coach was talking to you about and I need to talk to you in private.”

“Let me guess, this about my alleged ‘roid use.”

“Yes and no. First, be honest with me. Have you been taking any drugs?”

“No, I swear.”

Adrian stayed silent and instead just gave me a concerned look. “Okay, well I’m aware of your other problem and I know how to help you with that.”

“Coach just gave me two bigger speedos, so what problem are you talking about?”

“How much you are fuckin’ rubbin’ one out these days.”

My eyes flashed and I felt myself blush. “What makes you say that?”

“I can hear you beating your meat in the stall every morning before and after practice and at afternoon practice as well. Also the smell is pretty strong, it was obvious that when you went to the bathroom you busted in the showers because the smell was still there.”

I tried not to make a face. He went on. “Not only that, it was obvious that you were staring at River’s ass throughout practice and you were having trouble focusing because of it. Gill was complaining to me about it. And do I need to mention that your half-chubs are bigger than most guys’ full hard-ons?”

A few seconds of dead silence passed. “Wow…, you…, uh…, really have me cornered.”

“Look, Rain, I don’t know what’s going on with your body, whether you’re on drugs or going through some kind of weird second, more intense puberty. Bottom line is you can’t walk around in a speedo if you can’t control your dick, especially at your size. And jerking a hundred times a day isn’t sustainable.”

I must have looked like a total deer in the headlights and I was speechless. He really had me figured out and I was shocked at how much he paid that much attention. “Sorry, I can’t help it,” I said. “I’m just a horny guy.”

“Now to be fair, I get it. I’ve had my fair share of speedo boners. We all have, especially during morning practice. Seriously, I don’t know whose bright idea it was to stick a bunch of young buff guys in speedos then swim at 6 a.m. when our hormones are at their highest.”

“Right, that’s what I’m saying.”

“Again… if you gotta choke the chicken before practice or at a meet I get it, jerking before, during or after meets or practice is just part of the deal, but you’re doing it way too much to be normal, so here’s a solution I came up with years ago.”

He handed me a sealed condom sized bag but it was clear and had a rubber ring in it. “Is this a cock ring?”


“Dude, I’m not gonna wear a cock ring.”

“You have to unless you wanna get pulled aside by Coach and have him explain to you why you can’t walk around with a speedo boner.”

“You know what, that sounds so much worse. Fine.” I took the cock ring from him.

“Some advice? Put it on right after you bust and make all your sessions multi-shots so you can really get it out of your system. Never sleep with it and make sure to wash it and if it breaks just tell me and I’ll give you a new one. Lastly, take it off every now and again throughout the day so you don’t cut off circulation down there for too long.” He patted my shoulder.

“You seem to have a lot of knowledge of this subject.”

“I don’t share this story often, but years ago in high school I got a hard-on during a game and I became the laughingstock of my team and soon the whole school found out. From that day forward I was called Boner Boy. This went on until I graduated and from then on. I wouldn’t wish that upon even my worst enemies.”

I’d had no idea Adrian had gone through all that. To me and I’m sure the rest of the team he was just the joker of the group, but I guess he’d had his fair share of struggles.

“Wow. thanks man. Not gonna lie, most of my sessions are already multi-shots.”

“Damn, real horndog over here.”

“Wait, before I go I gotta ask, are you wearing one now?”

He squeezed his speedo bulge. “You bet.”

I nodded. “Okay then.”

“Don’t tell anyone this, only because I shouldn’t be telling anyone, but Maxy is in the same boat.”

“Really? Maxwell, of all guys?”

“Oh, yeah, he’s a very thirsty boy.”

“I would never have thought that.”

“He’s really self-conscious about his sexuality and hates it when he’s hard. Long story short he grew up in a traditional Christian household that thought all things sex should only be used to have kids and having feelings for the same sex was a huge faux pas. Also, busting a nut was punished, too, so my poor shy boy literally and figuratively held in those feelings and urges for years.”

“Jeez, I can only imagine how hard that must have been. I can’t go six hours without jerking, I can’t imagine how he did it for years.”

“Yeah, and his family hates the gays, so you know what they do. They sign him up for swimming. My god, the irony kills me.”

Adrian started laughing and couldn’t help but agree with him on that. They didn’t want their son to be gay but they put him on a swim team and stuck him in a speedo.

“Don’t feel too bad because he’s got good ol’ Adrian to blow his back out seven days a week.” He patted his bare chest.

“Wait, what?”

“You only joined this year so wouldn’t knew this, but Maxy and I have been fuck buddies since last year.”

“Huh. Suddenly, you grabbing his butt and constantly touching him makes a whole lot of sense.”

Now that I thought about it, Maxwell had manservant vibes whenever he was around Adrian. They had always been each other’s lotion buddies, too, but I’d never given it a second thought.

“Yeah, he’s a tall, sweet, cute, chonky buff boi. He’s so soft spoken too, which I love. How can you go wrong?”

I thought about how River checked off most of those boxes too. “You know what, that’s based. So are you two, like, dating, or just fuck buddies and nothing more?”

“Okay, here’s the tea. We’ve banged more times than I can count. It started just as a friends-with-benefits thing, but Maxy and I have been cuddling after we have sex. Recently he’s been kissing me in private. If you ask me, he’s developing real feelings and I think it’s adorable.”

“Well, do you like him more than just a partner?”

“Without a doubt, he’s my baby boy that I’m gonna rescue from his bible nutty family. I’m waiting for him to ask me though. I don’t wanna scare him off.”

“If I recall, you tore off his shirt for a picture and grabbed his butt like it’s your toy, You don’t think that will scare him off?”

“I’m just trying to get him to come out of his shell, you know. He also doesn’t wanna believe how pretty and cute he is. He really doesn’t realize how jacked and handsome he is. You have no idea how long it took me to get him to switch from jammer’s to speedos. He’s got such a juicy ass and thick thighs and he’s afraid to show off. He might be a bottom but he’s got a good dick too. He’ll come around eventually. Don’t question my methods!” he added with a grin.

“All right, then, I hope it works out for you guys.”

I held out my fist to be bumped and Adrian obliged. Then he also gave my chest the bean dip, which got a chuckle out of me. That’s Adrian for you.

“Does Gill know you and Maxwell are a thing?”

“I hope not. I slapped Gill’s ass a few days ago. If he finds out I’m gay as fuck I’ll be sleeping with one eye open for the rest of my college career.”

“That’s understandable.”

“While we’re on the subject of tea. You wanna know something else about Gill that I think you’ll find funny?”

“Fuck yeah, let’s hear the tea.”

“Neither you nor River would know this because this was when Gill, Maxwell, and I were in our summer league last year. This was when we traveled to Germany to compete and it was super fun, by the way. Here’s the thing and you’re not gonna believe me. You have to promise never to say anything about this, but Gill got a massive, and I mean massive, speedo boner during a meet! Make no mistake, that man is packing some heat down there. If my heart wasn’t with Maxy I’d be all over that man.”

I couldn’t help but laugh long enough for my abs to hurt. “Really, him of all people. What did you guys say?” I said, when I could calm my laughter.

“We didn’t say anything because by then we knew if we said something he’d drown our sorry asses.”

“Yeah, I mean if you said something to him you would have admitted you were staring at his dick.”

“I swear, something I noticed is that the longer the game went on, the bigger his boner was getting. I swear his fucking boner was fucking gigantic by the time the game was over. No cap, there were holes in the seams of his speedo and a dark stain at the tip. I caught glimpses of him messing with it as it got bigger and longer too. We all thought this man was gonna rip his speedo off and cum where he stood!”

“Jesus Christ, that’s insane. You’re making that up!”

“No cap, dead ass, these are all straight facts.”

“Did he at least push it to his hip, like we all do if that happens?”

“No he didn’t! He let it tent straight out. We all saw his bare shaft and balls hanging out from the leg holes. Let me tell you his balls are pretty huge too.”

“Jesus Christ, that’s so crazy. How long do you think it got?”

“Oh, man by the end it was definitely well into double digits.”

“Damn, I swear speedos were not made with guys with huge dicks or hard-ons in mind.” A part of me still thought Adrian was making this up but I was sure at least some of it was true.

“No kidding. What’s even funnier is that I heard him beating his meat in a stall when the match was over. Kinda like what you do every day.”

“God damn, that’s priceless right there. He’s such a hard ass but even he gets horny. What do you think got him so boned up?”

“My guess? It’s because a foreign, cute, tall, buff boy from the other team was chatting with him at the beginning of the game but that’s my theory. Also you don’t get muscles like him without being horny.”

“Honestly that made my day, and yeah, I can relate to that.”

“But seriously, never bring that up to him, or anyone else. I’d like my face to stay pretty and if he ever hurt Maxy I don’t know what I’d do.”

“My god, Adrian, you crack me up.”

“I try. Now gimme a big hug big boy, I think you need it. Also low key I’m a slut and I wanna get a taste of what River’s getting.”

That made me laugh again. “Good god, my guy.” That’s Adrian for you. We hugged and his hands massaged my back thoroughly.

“Also, isn’t River waiting for you out there?”

“Shoot, he is.”

Adrian changed and while he did that I put my new size 42 speedo on because I had to wear something under my shorts—couldn’t risk my massive dick being seen through one of my leg holes. However, my bulge was still stuck out like a sore thumb. While I was at it I also put on the cock ring and it was definitely something I’d have to get used to.

Someone squeezed my arm as I walked out and it was of course River. “Hey, big guy,” he said.

“Hey, buddy.”

“What took you so long? Did Coach really talk your ear off that whole time? Whatever you guys were talking about must have been funny if you laughed that hard.”

“I was talking to Adrian for a little while, but long story short the coach is gonna get me drug tested.”

“What? That sucks. I bet this is Gill or Adrian’s doing.”

From how Adrian talked to me just now I didn’t think it was him, but Gill I could definitely see doing it. Either way I wasn’t going to hunt Gill down and confront him about it not worth the trouble. “It was probably Gill, but that’s nothing you should worry about,” I said.

“Gill’s just jealous he’s not the biggest guy on the team anymore.”

“Yeah…” I said.

I should have been relieved that River thought that way but I knew it wasn’t true. As much as I hated to say it, Gill was right—I was taking something, just not what they thought. A part of me felt a level of guilt for lying to such a perfect innocent boy. I felt like I didn’t deserve him because of my deceit.

“Well, don’t let it get you down. Hey, I’ll come to your dorm when afternoon practice is over and we could you know. Maybe, talk about stuff.”

The fact that he was still afraid to directly ask me to have sex with him was endearing. A bit sad, too, but in a cute way.

“I think after what happened today I gotta hit the gym and blow off some steam. And I don’t think Gill will be joining me.”

River looked adorably nervous. “Do you still want me to come by your dorm?”

“Of course. It’ll just be later okay.” Then I got an idea. “Hey, buddy, you wanna come with me to the gym?”

He gave me another big hug that came with a back rub. “I’d love that,” he said.

“We’ll go after noon practice for a quick lift. How does that sound?”

“Okay, bet.”

I didn’t bother telling River every detail of my talk with Adrian. A big part of that conversion was not my business to share, but it was mostly because I didn’t want to reveal to River that I was losing control of my dick. Worrying him was the last thing I wanted to do.


Part 9: All the Way

Going through classes was torture. All I could think about was my upcoming drug test. That and the fact that my dick was being constricted by a cock ring. Don’t get me wrong, the cock ring helped. I did what Adrian suggested and took it off a few times throughout the day. When I did that it immediately boned up to its full ten inches and to make it go soft I had to jerk it.

I did as Adrian recommended and made them all multi-shots, doing that did make huge creamy puddles and splatters all inside the walls and floor whatever poor stall I was using at the time. These loads were similar to one that I left in River’s dorm hall bathroom but at least I was starting to get the hang of busting into the toilet.

Something else to note was I had three huge meals throughout the day. I made sure to have a high protein intake with those meals though. Combine polo with working out and how big my muscles were getting, I really needed as much nutrition as I could get.

After the last period I rubbed out a load in the nearby bathroom and again made a big mess. Despite the ruckus that went down during morning practice, afternoon practice was pretty tame. The tension between Gill and I was still raging on though. He was going out of his way to make practice harder for me so I did the same for him.

For whatever reason the coach ended practice early today. In my experience when the coach calls it early, be thankful and don’t question it. One quick bust in the stalls later and I found River by his locker with a huge smile. Adrian winked at me as he and I left the locker room with our hands held together. At least someone was on my side.

Gill was not at the gym when I got there with River. I knew he wasn’t going to want to lift with me. Adrian and Maxwell weren’t there either but I knew that ahead of time. During practice he told me that he was going to spend some alone time with Maxwell. It didn’t take a genius to figure out that Maxwell was going to get plowed by Adrian.

River being here was more than enough for me. He looked so cute in his tight gym shorts, tank top and headband. When I was deadlifting he was a one man hype squad. It was nothing like working out with Gill who was always stone cold and serious. River expressed so much joy when I deadlifted four hundred and five pounds for eight reps. This was why I loved River. He had such playful energy and knew how to have fun with anything. The leg pump from that deadlift was so intense the bottom hem of my shorts ripped a little and my butt looked so thick in my tight gym shorts. There’s no way River didn’t notice this.

Something I couldn’t help but notice was how plump River’s butt was too. Staring at River in his cute gym outfit was more than enough to make me hard. I wanted to save my load for later but I couldn’t hold it in. As hot as it would be to shower with River, I liked this gym and didn’t want to get banned if we got caught. I guess we could have showered back at my dorm but I needed to jerk right this instant.

I jerked during my post workout shower which was a lot better than jerking in a stall. Once I finished painting the inside walls and parts of the ceiling of the shower cubicle white I used the water to wash it all away. Luckily, the coach gave me two speedos so I had some clean underwear to change into but the second I pulled on the size forty speedo I could feel that it was really tight and revealing. I’m regretting not wearing this one as underwear first.

“What took you so long?” River said.

River had finished his shower before me and was sitting on one of the benches in the locker area. By the looks of it he was playing Pokémon Go on his phone. That made me crack a smile.

“Nothing, I just like to relax in the shower.”

“Can we take progress pics together? Like, what you did with Gill and Maxwell and Adrian.”

“Of course we can.”

We took off our shirts then I pulled up the legs of my shorts to show off the pump my quads had. He did the same and while his legs by no means were as big or defined as mine his thighs were still very impressive. My dick would be fully hard if it weren’t for the cock ring. Needless to say, River was very happy that he got to flex shirtless with me in a picture. I posted it and made sure he was tagged in it.

Then he gave me a hug which was becoming our love language. We went to the cafeteria and both got something to eat. River and I were eating some pretty big meals but mine was bigger. On our walk back to my dorm I was feeling that urge was coming back, already. It had to have been from all the anticipation of what River and I were gonna do. We reached the floor that my dorm was on and saw Parker walk out.

“You got my text?”

“I did, next time give some more notice.”

I texted Parker during my workout that River and I were gonna need the dorm to ourselves and after some haggling he obliged. He wanted free tickets to my first polo meet, which reminded me it was tomorrow.

“Sorry, I had as much notice as you did.”

River blushed and looked away from Parker.

“So this is the River I keep hearing about?”

“That’s me,” he used his baby voice.

River smiled his cheeky smile. Parker seemed to be put off by the baby voice that River used. “You two have fun now but try not to make a mess. Also, I bought some more Febreeze, please use it, and just text me when I can come back,” Parker said.

“Don’t worry, we won’t make a mess. And I’ll open the window and use some Febreeze,” I said.

The two of us entered and the first thing River did was give me a hug.

“You really like hugs don’t you.”

“Who wouldn’t wanna hug a guy like you?”

I chuckled. “I could say the same for you.”

We stayed in our embrace for a little longer just rubbing each other’s backs. We broke away from our hug. Then River sat on the edge of my bed, shuffling his feet. I sat on the desk chair and it wheezed then sank lower under my weight. We both laughed at that.

“I’ve been meaning to ask you—how much you weigh?” River said.

“Last time I checked, two hundred and thirty six pounds.”

“Dude, you’re ripped!” River said.

“Yeah, but now everyone thinks I’m on drugs.”

“I don’t think you’re on drugs, you don’t have back acne and your hair isn’t falling out.”

“That’s what I said, but that wasn’t enough for Gill.”

“Also…” he paused. “I mean we’ve all seen your speedo bulge and it doesn’t look like you take roids, if you know what I mean.” I felt my face turn red. “If you wanna say… how big is it?”

“My dick?”


River’s feet shuffled and I took a deep breath. “Eight soft, ten hard.”

River’s eyes flared. “That’s huge,” he said.

“I know. It’s a little tough to fit that all in a speedo. Coach actually gave me two pairs from last year that were bigger because the really cool one you got me is already too small and therefore too revealing.”

“That’s sad, you already outgrew the one I got you. Hey, maybe I could get you another one and maybe we can get matching ones.”

“You don’t have to do that buddy, it’s fine.”

“Well, okay just be careful you don’t rip your new ones during a game.”

“Yeah, could you imagine?”

River was now noticeably jittery and I was starting to sweat. The longer I looked at River the more my thirst rose and I wouldn’t be able to keep it in much longer. So, I got up from my chair and sat on the bed next to him then put my humongous arm around his neck then pulled him close. Such a sweet cute baby-faced boy, what a lucky guy I was to have him by my side. He wrapped his arms around me in an intimate hug. Even resting his head in the corner of my neck and began nuzzling me.

“I love you Rain, you know that.”

“I love you too, buddy.”

“And I want to do more with you.”

“I do too.”

He reached under my shirt and rubbed my muscles, never breaking eye contact with me. River was unblinking and even some water started to flow in them. “Can I take your shirt off?”


River did just that and his eyes widened, they were so big and blue like crystal clear water, was there anything River had that wasn’t beautiful. He continued to massage my chest and abs.

“I’ve seen you shirtless so many times but it feels so different.”

“That’s because you’re my boyfriend now.”

With my larger hand I reached underneath his shirt to rub his back. He shuddered at my touch but quickly became relaxed.

“You like that, don’t you?” I said.

“I do. Rain, on our first date I attempted to kiss you but I was too afraid to and I have to tell you I was so angry at myself, please I want to kiss you.”

My huge body became absolutely filled with passion for River. Without another word I connected my lips to his. Just this kiss was enough to send shock waves of pure ecstasy through me. We finally parted our lips to breath and River pulled his shirt off then embraced me in an unbreakable hug. We laid back on my bed still in each other’s arms.

“I got to tell you the second you left last night I jerked off thinking about you. Then when you sent me that picture of yourself in your speedo, I had to jerk again right away and used it to jerk that next morning. It’s the reason I was a little late today.”

That made me smile even more. That’s why River wasn’t present for the start of the argument in the locker room. I can’t be mad though I was almost late for the same reason.

“That’s why I sent it. And to be honest I used pictures on your instagram when I was jerking last night. I guess we’re even for all those times you jerked thinking about me,” I said.

River was now aggressively rubbing my chest and abs and I was rubbing his too.

“I saw there was a picture we took last swim season and I didn’t notice then but you were hard in it,” I said.

“I know which one you are talking about. It was the last meet and it was right after you hugged me. I’m just really glad you didn’t notice that I was hard.”

“Honestly, I thought it was really cute. You with a gold medal around your neck with that cute baby face and cheeky smile with goggles on your forehead all while you had a speedo boner. You’re the best boy a man could ask for.”

“Thanks, Rain, that means a lot coming from you.”

We went back to kissing for a few minutes before I spoke up again. “Are we gonna do this? Are we gonna go all the way?” I asked.

“I would love that,” he said.

He pulled off his shorts and it turns out he was also wearing a speedo like underwear, his was plain black. I could see he was hard as a rock and there was a small stain at the tip.

“What are you looking at?” he said.

“Nothing, just… why do you have to be so cute in your little speedo?”

“Why do you have to be so ripped?”

“Because I need to make you happy.”

River smiled.

“It’s your turn,” I pulled down my shorts revealing that I was wearing the speedo coach gave me earlier today. River looked excited.

“Yay, I’m not the only one who wears my speedos like underwear.”

“It’s the only form of underwear that fits me anymore and it’s so comfy especially when your thighs, butt and dick are so big you know.”

“Yeah you do have some tree trunks on you. I wear them like underwear because I love the feel of it and I just love swimming that much.”

I flexed my thigh for him and he squeezed it. That sent shockwaves through my body.

“I think it’s hot that you wear your speedos like underwear,” he said in his baby voice.

“You saw my shorts were mid-thigh and tight as ever, also a little ripped when we were at the gym.”

“I know and I think that’s hot too. Can I feel it?”

“Feel my dick?”

“Yes.” He wanted my dick and he was more than ready.

“Of course.” I reached in my speedo and took off the cock ring and damn was that a relief. River looked puzzled.

“Why were you wearing that?”

“Long story but Adrian gave it to me earlier, it helps keep me soft.”

“That’s kinda funny. Can I feel it now?”

“I would love that.”

River slowly reached over and squeezed my speedo bulge giving a gentle but firm massage. Within seconds my dick boned up to its full size creating a ten inch tent that stretched my speedo so far the waistband and leg hole pulled away from my body letting my big balls fall out through them.

A few large lumps of pre-cum oozed out seeping through the fabric of my speedo making a dark spot at the tip. All I could do was smile at River with a hint of embarrassment as he chuckled.

“Woah…,” River muttered.

“Yeah, I know it’s huge.”

“I know you said it was ten inches but now that I see it in person and it hardened so fast, and the pre-cum. Your balls are huge too.”

“I’m a horny guy, what can I say?”

“Now I know why Adrian gave you that cock ring. I’m imagining you walking around the pool with your giant boner tenting your speedo.”

We both chuckled but River didn’t know that was a very real fear of mine.

“I think I’d get thrown off the team but that would be hot.”

I put my palm on the top of my boner and pushed it down while smiling at River.

“I’ve gotten my fair share of speedo boners before and I gotta say. Whoever thought it was a good idea to stick a bunch of buff hormonal boys in speedos and make them have practice in the morning when their hormones were at their peak was asking for boners.”

“Same, I think I’ve seen more hard-ons in my days of swimming and polo than on most porn websites.”

He laughed at my joke and damn even his laugh was cute and filled with playful energy. “I’ll tell you sometimes when I get speedo boners I’ve made some pretty gnarly cum stains on the inside of a few of my speedos just from pre-cum,” River said.

“That’s happened to me too. I think that’s just part of being in water sports,” I said.

“I always jerk first thing in the morning to try and prevent that because you know I can’t walk around with a speedo boner.”

“Tell me about it, my boner is a solid ten inches.”

“You know, Rain, I know you jack off a lot in the stalls before and after practice.”

I took in a deep breath of embarrassment. “You knew that the whole time?”

“Yeah, remember when I said I was just taking my time the other day, well that was a lie. I was listening to you beating it.”

“Am I that loud?”

“There’s the smell too. And you’re wearing a tight speedo that barely fits you so I could see your half chubs.”

That made Adrian and River. I wondered if any other guys knew. I sure hoped not.

“Well, right now it’s not a half chub.”

“No…no…it’s not, can I touch it again?”

A large squirt of cum seeped through the fabric of my speedo making the dark spot on it even bigger. I just smiled at River.

“I’ll take that as a yes,” River continued.

I pulled off my speedo, now completely naked. River had one hand rubbing my chest and the other jacking me off and I was sent to a new level of heaven. Every few strokes a small rope of pre-cum would squirt out making a small puddle on my abs filling my belly button. Soon my whole ten inch shaft was coated in pre-cum and so was River’s hand.

“Jeez, dude save some for your load,” he said.

“Trust me... there... will… be…. plenty,” I gasped out.

“You don’t need lube when you pre-cum this much do you?” he said.

“Nope,” I gasped out again.

He kissed me again this time on the side of my cheek. “You know, next time… I’ll get you a bright red speedo with the white plus sign on it so we can role play as a lifeguard and a drowning victim.”

“Classic,” I choked out.

Then I reached over into his speedo to start jerking him off. He jumped when I gripped it.

“It’s a boner, not a bench bar.”

“Sorry,” I loosened my grip a little.

His dick wasn’t nearly as big as mine, especially because of how big my hand was now but that didn’t distract from how much I loved it in my hand. River let go of my dick letting it slap my abs and he stopped rubbing my pecs.

“Your calluses are a little painful. Do you have any lotion?” he said.

“I’ve got coconut oil.”

“You use that too?”

“Been using it for years.”

“Can you go get that?”


I went to the bathroom and came back with the jar. River took a glob of coconut oil and lubed his dick. River then took another huge glob and smeared it all over my chest, abs, lats, traps and shoulders and of course my big boner.

“You really like guys with big muscles don’t you?”

“I really like you and your big muscles. “

We went back to jerking each other off while he rubbed my oiled up body with his free hand. Our lips connected this time with our tongues. River put his chunky thigh over mine then pulled himself closer to me. We were so deep in our love only a crow bar could pull us apart. At some point we needed air so our lips parted. Some more water had welled in River’s eyes and he was almost crying.

“I love you,” he said mere millimeters away from my face.

“I love you too.”

“Can I do something kinky?”

“Like what?

He put his pre-cum covered hand on my chest and began smearing all over it making sure to heft the immense muscle and rub my nipple. All this did was make more cum squirt from my boner. Then to my amazement he started licking up the cum puddle that had formed on my abs. I could only let my head back and enjoy the sensations I was receiving.


“River, that was pretty weird but it was pretty hot.”

He returned to massaging all my oiled up muscles. After days of being sore and aching from the dramatic increase in muscle mass a deep massage from River was a god send.

“You have so much muscle, you’re so big and strong. I just want to be held by you forever.”

I only smiled at him before he climbed up to my face so we could go back to kissing. He kept rubbing the front of my body as we did.

“Rain, can we do more?” he said.

“You wanna suck on it?”

“It’s really big, but I wanna try.”

“Please don’t choke.”

“I promise I won’t.”

I sat up and River got on the floor on his knees and visibly struggled to yank my boner down to make it parallel to the floor. With both his hands gripping my massive member he began sucking as much of it as he could. Somehow the sexual pleasure got stronger and then he started jerking the exposed part of my boner. I let out a very long deep sexual moan as I instinctively began bucking my hips.

“I love you,” I tried to say through my thick pleasure.

I could feel my pre-cum squirt out as his tongue worked my shaft. Being a swimmer and polo player he could hold his breath for a long time so he was sucking for a long time. When he finally let go of it, it slapped my abs with force making a wet noise. Another rope of pre-cum shot out this one hit River square in the face. River laughed and so did I. He wiped the cum off his face then licked his fingers clean.

“Damn, that’s amazing but I want to go further,” he whispered.

“You want me to go inside you, don’t you?”

He put both his soft hands on my traps then whispered mere millimeters from my face. “Yes.”

We kissed again.

“How do you want to do it?”

“You’re so big and strong, I want you to surround me and hold me like I’m your little buddy.”

He laid on my bed facing up then motioned for me to come over. I was now hovering above him on all fours. He held me by my massive lats and rubbed them with his soft hands. “Lay on top of me,” he said.

I gently lowered myself on top of him so our bodies would compress together. Our boners were sandwiched between us and my pre-cum filled any empty space. He was rubbing my back and I couldn’t help but grind our dicks together while we passionately made out. We continued to make out while he felt each of my beefy back muscles, thick neck and my oversized smooth shoulders and traps that dwarfed his soft baby hands.

“Put it inside me,” he said in hush voice.

“Are you sure buddy, It’s ten inches. I don’t want to hurt you.”

“You won’t. I’ve been waiting for this a long time.”

It took some work to position my boner right in front of his chunky plump butt due to its length. When it lined up I slowly pushed it in there inch by inch. River squeezed his eyes shut and water welled out in a few tears. Then the moans and grunts came as his stomach contracted like he was gasping for air. He wrapped his legs around my waist holding on to me like his life depended on it. I cradled him to the point of suffocation. I never wanted to let him go.

When my dick got to the halfway mark the pleasure became so intense that my head lightened and vision blurred. So much blood was being pumped into my boner I felt like I was going to pass out. I can’t imagine what River was feeling right now. So much of my pre-cum was seeping out of Rivers butt it was dripping on the bed. My load was gonna be ferocious, I could already feel my cum boiling in my heavy balls.

Our moans and grunts became louder and louder the deeper I pushed it in. I was now squeezing him as tight as I could with all my strength making sure he was safe and consumed by my muscles. River’s boner was rubbing against my abs and I could feel his pre-cum smear all over them. My thrusting sped up becoming powerful and mechanical.

I pumped, pumped, and pumped like no tomorrow. My boner was so hard it was causing me pain but I liked that pain. River’s moaning and crying was like music to me and was so loud I’m sure everyone in the two dorms beside us heard him. Then creamy warm slippery fluid filled the space between us, I made River cum.

That sent me over the edge. My volcanic dick was about to erupt. I roared in pleasure like an animal then my cum blasted out of my boner. Cum surged out of my shaft like a high powered washer hose. So forceful was the torrent of sperm I was having trouble breathing and I was choking for air.

There was so much cum I filled River immediately and sperm exploded out of his butt. I couldn’t keep in for long or I’d hurt him. I pulled my dick out making it slap my abs all while it still was making a solid jet of warm creamy white fluid. Extra ropes shot out in all directions and more oozed down my shaft like lava down a volcano. Sperm sprayed all over me, River and the inside of the bunk bed.

Cum refused to stop blasting out of my boner. An unimaginable amount of sperm continued to splatter all over the place. The pleasure kept rising and the cum eruption only got stronger. River put his hands up to try to stop the stray beams of cum from hitting him in the face.

“Rain!” River yelled.


My cum cannon wasn’t stopping and River and I were thoroughly hosed down in my sperm. We looked like we were covered in a thick layer of icing. After what felt like hours, my cum finally slowed to a peter. Then it stopped with few remaining ropes and globs choking out. I had to rest for a few minutes before saying anything because busting a gallon of cum like that takes a lot out of you.

“You okay, buddy?” I said.

“Never been better, how about you?” he said.

I let myself fall onto River knocking the wind of him. I wrapped him in my arms and squeezed with every ounce of my inhuman strength. We were swimming in our cum but I didn’t care, I needed to be close to him.

“You’re crushing me,” he squeaked out.

“That’s okay,” I said, then showered him with cummy kisses.

“I don’t know where we’re gonna sleep, you ruined the whole bed and we are just covered you in your jizz. I didn’t even know a guy could cum that much.”

“Well, I can and it’s because I love you.”

“You’re balls are huge but there’s no way it stored all this.”

“I make it faster, then I can get rid of it.”

“Is that why you’ve always gotta bust so much in a day?”


“How many times did you bust today already?”

“I think about five times.”

“And you busted a swimming pool’s worth of cum even after all that. I’m terrified by what your morning loads are like.”

“You’ll find out in the morning how about that.”

That made River smile. “You’re beautiful, you know that?”

“You’re cute as hell you know that?”

His soft hands rubbed my back muscles spreading cum all over it, I heard him sniff. “Your cum is so potent, it’s making my eyes water.”

“Yeah, we should clean up and shower then get ready for bed.”

I lifted my humongous body off of River which made tons of cum strings stretch between us kinda like pulling apart a sandwich with melted cheese. River looked so cute covered in my white creamy fluid I had to give him another quick cummy kiss on his soft cum covered cheek.

Unlike at the gym earlier this time we showered together. That was tricky because I was becoming too big to fit in there and with River in there with me it was a squeeze. But it was worth being naked under the water with the love of my life. River even played with my dick a little and I loved that. When I was with River like this, I didn’t care about what the team thought of me or winning meets or even the drug test I just cared about him.

As you could imagine my arms were too big for me to reach my back so River washed that for me and in turn I washed River’s fluffy long golden brown hair. He was so cute with foamy shampoo on his head. This was made even better by the fact that River’s cheeky smile never faded from his face as we cuddled in there for a little longer before leaving.

“Hey, what’s that?” River asked.

He was referring to the bottle on the counter. I forgot I left the mystery serum out and now I had to come up with a lie that River would believe.

“That’s fish oil.”

“Oh, okay, usually they are labeled and aren’t in a tiny tan bottle.”

“It’s a generic brand. I buy it that way because it’s cheaper.”

“I see. Must be nasty taking fish oil like that.”

“It is, but it’s a small price to pay for being economic. Remember we’re broke college kids.”

“There’s the econ teacher in you.”

Thankfully he didn’t ask any more questions. We rubbed coconut oil on each other’s backs like we did after practice. I really enjoyed River massaging my back muscles and I’m sure he loved having my big strong hands rub his. Then it was his turn and he lovingly rubbed all my muscles. I wrapped a towel around my waste then swaddled River in one like a baby.

“Can you carry me?”

He made a cheeky smile and used his baby voice. I rolled my eyes but how could I say no to that.

“Of course.”

I scooped River up in my arms holding him like a baby. With my new strength this was beyond easy. Then I saw the mess of cum I left on the bed and the smell still filled the room.

“Uh where are we gonna sleep? Because even if we clean it the best we can, the mattress is still soaked through,” I asked.

“Well, I don’t trust the top bunk to be-able to support both of us, especially considering how heavy you are. I don’t think Parker would be okay with us sleeping in his bed. How about after we clean up and get dressed, we can go back to my dorm? My roommate might be a little put off by us but he’s super chill.”

“Yeah, that sounds good to me.”

Parker is definitely going to wonder why the mattress is that stained white and I’ll have to make sure I use enough air freshener to mask that hormonal man scent.


Part 10: Dream Boy

We rinsed out the blanket and sheets in the shower the best we could but ultimately decided that the mattress was absolutely toast. Not sure what I was going to do about that but right now I had more important things to worry about. Making sure River was happy was top priority. We both got dressed which for me was very difficult. I looked the type of cocky fuck boy who wears clothes that are too tight to make their muscles look bigger.

“Okay, ready to go?” River said.

“Yeah, one second. Let me go to the bathroom.”

I went to the bathroom and looked at my reflection real quick, I saw how gigantic I was but if I was bigger? River would love that. He played with all my muscles and I loved the feeling of his hands rubbing all over me. I made River so happy when I made love with him but if my dick and muscles were bigger that would make him happier.

That bottle was taunting me, teasing me even. I read the side effects one more time then thought how bad could they get? Only when the costs outweigh the benefits is when something is not worth it. For right now I was getting a whole lot of benefits so I took another dose. To make it sound like I went to the bathroom I flushed the toilet then ran the sink for a few seconds. River gave me a hug the moment I walked out. He made sure to rub his face on my chest and his hands all over my back. There was no way I could not ruffle his bleached hair while he did that.

“Okay, are we ready to go?” I asked.


River laced his fingers between mine and we were out the door. His dorm was not too far from mine, only a few floors up. I’m not sure how I never noticed how my footsteps made the wooden stairs creak because they were very loud. River opened the door to let us in and his roommate was lying face up on his bed messing around on his phone. By the sounds of it he was playing Clash of Clans.

“Hi there, you must be Rain,” he said.

“Yep, that’s me.”

“I’m Niles, and damn River you weren’t kidding when you said he was fuckin’ mega yoked!”

“You think I was cappin’? Look at this hunk of muscle!”

“Thanks,” I said as I rolled my eyes.

“I’m serious, I thought you were like you know you’re above average athletic but you’re fuckin’ massive!”

River came up from behind me, wrapped his arms around me to give me a squeeze and put his chin on my trap and leaned his face against mine.

“Yep, and he’s all mine,” he said in his baby voice.

“What I did say about talking like that while you were around me?” Niles said.

“Sowwy,” River said. “I mean sorry, it’s a habit,” River continued.

Niles only rolled his eyes. “I thought you said you guys were staying at his dorm tonight. Did you forget something?”

“We didn’t forget anything,” River said, shooting a glance at me.

“Uh, let’s just say there isn’t a decent place to sleep there anymore,” I said.

“What do you mean by that, exactly?” Niles said.

“His load completely soaked the mattress and we don’t wanna risk breaking the top bunk with our combined weight,” River said.

“Woah, dude, T.M.I,” Niles said.

“You asked,” River said.

“Just don’t fuck each other while you’re here.”

River rolled his eyes from that and so did I. “Get comfy, big guy, I gotta brush my teeth,” River said.

River left to go to the bathroom, leaving Niles and me alone. “Is it okay if we sleep in our underwear or is that to gay for you?” I said.

He put his phone down looking like I disrupted his game. “I don’t know if River ever told you but he’s usually in his speedos when he’s hanging around here. When he’s doing homework, playing on his Switch, or even napping, he’s usually wearing one.”

“He never told me that. I think that’s cute but I get it, seeing a guy’s almost bare ass and bulge probably gets old.”

“I honestly let him do it because, imma be real with you, I don’t think he’s all there. Lucky for me River’s a cute athletic guy and not some hairy old man. So, it’s not too harsh on the eyes.”

I did not disagree—River was very easy on the eyes—but I was not sure what he meant by saying River was not all there. “You don’t think he’s all there, mentally?” I said.

“Listen, he talks in that weird baby voice. His interests are all nerdy things and is very clingy. And he’s obsessed with swimming and polo.”

“I can confirm he’s very clingy. And I’ll tell you that being interested in those sports inherently makes you insane. I include myself.”

“Yeah, but you know for all of my complaints, River, he couldn’t hurt a fly.”

“That’s not true, when he’s in the water he can get very violent.”

“I can’t imagine.”

“I swear he’s vicious in the water.”

Niles arched a brow. “If you say so. I’ll be careful next time I insult his favorite Pokémon.”

I could only roll my eyes at that. “Anyway, we’re getting off topic. Can we sleep in our underwear or not?”

“If it makes River happy then go for it.”

He went back to looking at his phone—he was playing more Clash of Clans. I took my shirt and shorts off before sitting on the edge of River’s bed. His bed wheezed under my weight. He had a body pillow sized mushroom squish-mallow and his blanket was Pokémon themed. His pillow case even had a Grogu design from The Mandalorian on it too.

The thought of River sleeping with these every night really showed how unashamed he was about his interests. He was into nerdy stuff but that’s what I loved about him and I hope nothing ever changed that. On the wall next to his bed was an array of posters. There was a Star Wars one, a Hunger Games one and a Minecraft one. He even had a bean bag chair that patterned like a polo ball. I was lost looking at all this stuff when Niles spoke up.

“You know, I thought the idea that polo players and swimmers wore their speedos like underwear was just something River did,” he said.

“It’s currently the only underwear that fits me,” I said.

“I see and again, damn, dude, no homo but you are massive in more ways than one. River’s a lucky guy to have you for a boyfriend.”

“Thanks. I think I’m lucky to have River as a boyfriend.”

Him saying “no homo” was cringey but whatever, he was letting River and me sleep near naked in his dorm so I couldn’t be too mad.

“Nah, man, I mean it. You’re a pile of enormous smooth muscles, with a giant shlong and a pretty face. I hope you’re treating River like a prince.”

His honesty was admirable.

“I do whatever I can to make him happy because he makes me happy.”

“You know he talks about you all the time? When he came back after your guy’s first date all he could do was tell me about how happy he was to finally be in your arms.”


“Yeah, and after that he jerked in the bathroom for almost an hour. He strangled that squishmallow begging that it could be you. Then when he got that picture of you flexing in your speedo (and yes, he showed me), he ran back to the bathroom and jerked for almost another hour.”

I thought about him jerking that much in such a short span of time could be unhealthy, but then again I remembered how much I was jerking these days and how I had no place to judge.

“I love him and I know he loves me more than anything. Being with him is the biggest reason why I enjoy life.”

I was not sure what made me happier at this point: competitive water sports or River.

“Just make sure you’re being good to him. Do you have any idea how broken he would be if something happened to you or you hurt him in some way?”

River came out of the bathroom in one of his white speedos that had pineapples on it, looking adorable as ever. He hugged me. “I thought we could wear matching pjs,” he said in his baby voice. Niles shot him a look so he hid behind me. “Sorry, I did it again.”

“That baby voice doesn’t annoy you?” Niles asked.

“I think it’s very on brand for my little buddy,” I said.

“He uses that all the time and I think it’s annoying.”

River squeezed me tighter. “No more talking, sleepy time,” he said in his baby voice.

“Okay buddy.”

I turned to look at Niles and his arms were crossed as if to remind me that I need to treat him perfectly. Either that, or he was annoyed that River used his baby voice again. River released me then pushed his squishmallows aside.

“I’m not gonna need Mr. Mushy, am I?”

“You named it Mr. Mushy?”


“My god, can you get any cuter.”

I never thought I’d be into the sweet baby boys, but then again I didn’t think I’d be into guys at all. We gave each other a quick kiss before he then guided us both into bed. He laid on top of me using me like a mattress and my chest as a pillow and with my massive body I cocooned him then pulled the covers up.

With his soft baby face resting so comfortably on my pecs, I just loved his weight pressed against me as well as his bulge. I couldn’t help but kiss the top of his head. He just looked so small and precious on top of me like he was my baby. I rubbed his back with one hand and his head with the other. I almost wanted to shed a tear at how perfect this was.

“Hey, River, what’s your favorite Pokémon?” I asked.


“A long time ago when I was into that stuff, my favorite was Gyarados.”

“We both love water types because we’re swimmers!” River said. He rubbed his cheek against my bare chest with a smile.

“Aw, that’s adorable,” Niles said in a semi-sarcastic tone.

“Hey, can you get the lights?” I asked.

“Yeah, I can, just this once.”

This was the happiest I’d ever been and it was all because of River. I couldn’t wait for my most recent dose to take effect. I can only imagine how happy River’s gonna be when he sees how big and strong I get.


Part 11: Outburst

The next morning every muscle on my body burned and all my bones ached. I’d become too wide and too tall for the bed and was half falling off it. My feet touched the end and my head was touching the backboard. My dick was so hard and it was engulfed with an itchy sensation. The space between River and me felt wet and slippery. The smell of sweat and sperm filled the room. Wet dream? More like a flooding nightmare.

I looked down at River and his head looked so small compared to my now larger and wider chest. My nose itched but when I tried to scratch it I really could see and feel how massive my bicep was. My arm had to be as big as my head. My hands and forearms were bigger too. That movement woke up River and with a yawn he said.

“Good morning buddy—whoa!”


“Your neck. Or lack thereof.”

“What about my neck?”

“You barely have a neck anymore. Your traps and chest absorbed it.”

“Oh no, that’s not good!” I said loud enough to wake up Niles.

“Also, I can feel your morning wood and that’s kinda funny. Also you definitely had a wet dream and that’s hot and hilarious at the same time.”

“Calm down, buddy,” I said.

“I can’t help it, you’re so big now it’s amazing,” he said in his baby voice. He squeezed me as hard as he could while pressing his face into my pecs.

“Wait, I gotta look in the mirror.”

River rolled off me and then I struggled to even sit up from all the soreness. Every muscle I had burned with pain so much that I had to sit on the edge of the bed to rest while I stretched. River’s stomach had some of my sperm on it from last night on it. I wanted to think that was hot but it was scary that my dick was producing that much sperm. I had to admit he looked cute especially because he had his own morning wood inside his speedo but I couldn’t think about that right now.

“What the fuck, dude? Put that away!” Niles said, cringing and looking away.

He did that in response to seeing my massive bare boner popping out from the waistband of my speedo. My speedo fit even less and was being stretched even more. That was bad because this was the size forty-two one coach gave me and it already was too small on me.

“Sorry,” I said, as I pulled the blanket over it.

My boner had grown longer and thicker with an even bigger head and my balls were bigger too.

“I can’t believe how big you’ve grown. You look godly. I think you’re even taller now and you’re definitely wider and all your muscles are so big!” His eyes were wide and he was almost drooling.

“River, you’re gonna have to chill.”

“Seriously, River,” Niles said.

“I can’t help it, I’ve got the buffest boyfriend in the world!” he said using his baby voice. He came to my side to give me a strong hug. His hands explored all my new muscles. I loved his touch but I couldn’t let that distract me right now.

“River, let go, I gotta see myself in the mirror.”

With great hesitation River let go of me and made a pouty face. Then I pulled myself off the bed and using the blanket to cover my exposed dick I lumbered my way into the bathroom. What was even more scary is that my shoulders were so broad and inflated that they came close to touching both sides of the door jamb. When I finally got a good look at myself I gasped.

“Oh…, my…, god!”

I had turned into a wall of stunning god-like muscle. My neck had maybe two or three inches left and my head looked small. My pecs almost touched my chin. My arms which were pushed away by my thick lats and had to be three times the size of my head, same with my shoulders. I had a full stacked eight pack and my obliques were rippling. The width of waist increased too.

My thighs were so thick and powerful I could see each muscle group and they rubbed together when I walked and my calves were very plump and fanned out wider. My feet and hands also grew in size as well. I turned sideways to see my butt had formed a huge chunky shelf. It had inflated so much that the back part of my speedo could no longer cover the entire surface and each of my cheeks were spilling out.

Something else scared me was my face broke out a little. Thankfully my forehead, nose and chin stayed clear. I shave maybe once a every two weeks but this morning I could use a shave.

Now for the most terrifying part which had to be the sheer size of my gigantic boner. It was so tall it surpassed my belly button and the head was near my pecs. Each of the veins were popping and my balls were so swollen and engorged not to mention heavy. It was twitching with pleasure and I felt like I could cum any second.

“River, come in here!” I yelled.

River squeezed himself in this tiny bathroom then got a huge smile on his face. That’s when I noticed how tall I’d grown. The serum had done a number on my bone structure. I could feel it too. They were all aching. River used to be taller than me but now he was at my chest level.

“Oh, my god, Rain, look at you, you’re a big buff giant! Gill’s got nothing on you now!”

I couldn’t care less about Gill right now. I was too terrified by my own massive body to even think about that. We had a meet later today but I didn’t care about that either.

“Can you get me the ruler?”

He left then came back shortly with a ruler. He handed it to me and I measured my dick, it was longer than it.

“My boner is longer than a foot, that’s not good!”

“What are you talking about? I’ve got a trophy boyfriend now!”

“My god, please this is serious.” To say I was starting to regret taking that last dose would be the understatement of the century.

“Please, just find a tape measure.”

“One second. I think Niles has one.”

River poked his head out the door and asked Niles if he had a tape measure. Niles gave River and I a few colorful remarks. A few moments later Niles handed River the tape measure through the door and then he handed it to me.

“It’s fourteen solid inches!”

“That’s awesome! I think your whole body is the most gorgeous thing imaginable. Like you still have no veins, extended gut or sinewy muscles, just beautifully portioned smooth muscles that are so full and plump you look like a ripped mythic giant. No unwanted body hair growth but your face could use some maintenance. I’ve got stuff to help you with that. You look like a sexier off-brand Nick walker with a bigger dick and prettier face. I’m sure you could bench press an SUV too.”

River hugged my arm and rubbed his face on my huge shoulder. That curved my stress a little but I was still freaking out.

“I’m glad you like how I look but my speedo barely fits me anymore and I just got it yesterday and I doubt my other clothes will fit me either not to mention how much mobility I lost and now I’m taller—what are people gonna think!” Panic was starting to set in and I was afraid that I was going to scare River. That was the last thing I wanted to do.

“Well, first of all you should rub one out, then we’ll see what size it softens to—then maybe your speedo will fit better. And I’d love to help you with that.”

River’s been drooling over me since we woke up so no surprise he wanted to make me cum with him as soon as possible. His touch always eased my nerves so maybe I needed this.

“Of course! Let’s get going, buddy.”

River locked the door then took out a jar of coconut oil and began lubing up my boner with both hands. This caused my whole inhuman body to tense, then the room around me blurred and I could only see River with his own morning wood in his cute tiny speedo. My breathing picked up and a bead of sweat dripped down the side of my face.

Combine that with the burning pleasure that filled my mutated boner and I couldn’t hold it anymore. I tried to stop myself but I couldn’t. I picked up the one hundred and ninety pound boy with minimal effort, tore off his speedo then shoved every inch of my thick dick inside him and used him like a sex toy.

All control had been lost as I pumped! pumped! and pumped! like no tomorrow. I pressed River’s tiny head into the cleavage of my enormous pecs and squeezed him as tight as I could. I man handled his butt with my huge hands too. So much blood was being forced into my boner that my head began to become light and airy and I could see stars.

Tears were welling in my eyes as I grunted and moaned so loud I think everyone on this floor could hear me. I was like an elephant in heat and I couldn’t stop myself. River was moaning too but it was suppressed from how hard I pressed his face into my chest, I just hoped he could breathe. River had cum and his sperm smeared against my abs but all that did was make me go faster and harder. My balls and shaft reached the boiling point and my head got so light, vision so blurry that I thought I was gonna pass out. My knees buckled and I fell on the floor with a loud thump right before cum surged from my boner like a broken fire hydrant. I had to be giving River’s insides a power wash with my cum.

“Rain!” River gasped out.

There was no way I could respond to that, I was in too much sexual pleasure. So much cum was spilling on the floor I was creating an expansive puddle. Between that and my sweat the smell was so strong it filled the room with an extreme hormonal male musk. I fell back onto the side of the wall but my boner wouldn’t stop cumming. My dick burned and my whole body was shuddering throughout my whole orgasm.

After some time the cum deluge finally ended and I was exhausted and gasping for air. I pulled River off my boner and just hugged him. We both just stayed there silent in our rough breathing covered in sweat and sperm. The floor looked like milk had been spilled everywhere and my boner was still choking out smaller ropes of cum.

“Buddy, are you okay?” I said when I finally regained some consciousness.

“I’m hanging in there, but—what was that?”

“I don’t know, I’m sorry, I don’t know what came over me.”

That was a lie. I knew exactly what came over me: that serum had increased my sex drive to uncontrollable levels.

“I thought it was hot at first, but after you wouldn’t stop cumming I was getting scared. How did you even make this much sperm?”

“I don’t know, but please tell me you’re okay.”

“Honestly, it was kinda fun but I could use some warning next time. I’m a bit sore down there but that didn’t even calm you down. You’re still hard.”

“I’m not gonna make you go through that again, I’m just gonna rub it out and hopefully soften that way.”

“What’s going on in there and what’s that smell!” Niles said from the other room.

“Don’t worry about it!” River yelled back.

“I’m sorry I ruined your speedo.”

“It’s okay I have loads of other pairs. I’ll clean up and you try to get soft okay.”

“I’m sorry, River,” I said with shame.

I took off my cum-soaked speedo and washed in the sink, then hung it on the towel hook to dry. Then I crammed myself in the shower to continue jacking off. Meanwhile River struggled to put on a pair of shorts that he left in the bathroom from last night. The whole time he was sopping up the mess I made he was stumbling. I must have really done a number on him. Me on the other hand busted more than a few times before I finally went soft. Sweaty and exhausted, I stayed in the shower just resting as I ran the shower to flush the cum down.

River was about to squeeze himself in the shower with me but I told him I wanted to shower alone. He was understanding enough to let me do that but he also couldn’t go back into the room with Niles still in there due to the fact that he was covered in my cum. So he waited in the bathroom while I showered.

Washing up was a struggle, my muscles really hindered my flexibility. When I stepped out I realized other than my speedo that barely fit me anymore I didn’t have clothes to wear. My shorts and shirt certainly weren’t gonna fit.

“What am I gonna wear aside from this?” I said, struggling to pull my still damp speedo on.

“As much as I would like you to just walk around in your speedo all day, I know that ain’t gonna fly. Here, after I shower maybe we can ask Niles if he might have something.”

I left River to shower and went into the main room where Niles was. He was on his computer with a text book open. How he was able to do homework while I was loudly plowing River was impressive.

Several minutes of stuffing and rearranging later I finally managed to squeeze all my junk in my speedo. My butt still spilled out a bit more than could be considered modest even for a speedo. Not to mention my cock was so big, even soft, that my dick print looked ridiculous.

“Are you having trouble there?” Niles said.

“Just a little I’ll be fine,” I said.

“You’re gonna walk around at your meet like that?”

“I don’t have much of a choice.”

“You don’t have any bigger ones? And I’m guessing jammers aren’t an option.” He flipped the pages of his textbook then wrote something down on a notepad.

“Do you see these thighs? Plus, for polo jammers are really uncomfortable.”

“I getcha. Also, do I even wanna know what happened in there?” he said.

“I lost control of myself.”

“Is River okay? I heard moaning and screaming and you roaring like an animal.”

“He’s fine for the most part.”

“Okay, but look at you, your muscles are so huge now can you can’t even move.”

“Yeah, I know. I’m way bigger than any polo player or swimmer needs to be and I’m not very flexible anymore.”

“What’s happening to you? Are you okay?” he said.

“I’m not sure what’s happening to me, but I’m sure I’ll be fine.”

That was a total lie and complete copium but what else was I gonna say. I was already scared I didn’t need to implicate River’s roommate. Lord knows my own roommate has had enough of me.

“You know, Rain, I would say you look like you’re on roids but your gut isn’t sticking out and your veins don’t look like a road map. Not to mention you aren’t showing any other symptoms of roid use. Your face broke out but like that happens to a lot of people. You actually look pretty handsome for a guy who surpassed human size.”

“Thanks, I guess.”

I sat on the edge of River’s bed and it squealed under my weight. For some reason I needed to be comforted by something, so I picked up Mr. Mushy and squeezed it. Niles gave me a weird look but I didn’t care. I needed to hold something and River was still in the shower.

“What’s taking River so long?” I said.

“He usually spends a lot of time in the bathroom. He’s got a beauty regime to fulfill.”

“Is that how he keeps his skin so smooth and clear?”

“You think he gets that baby skin naturally?”

“I don’t know. I just use Irish spring and then generic lotion.”

“River’s got an array of shaving products and moisturizers and acne creams.”

“Huh, this whole time I thought he just had his perfect complexion naturally.”

“Yeah, no, he’s really picky about that stuff.”

It never occurred to me that River put effort into something like that. I guess if you have baby soft skin with pretty much no body hair and spend most of your time in a chlorinated pool you have to have a robust skin care routine.

“Do you have any other clothes to wear other than your speedo?” Niles said.

“I was gonna ask if you had anything. River said you might?”

“Actually, I think I could loan you out something to wear,” Niles said. He got up from his desk then went to his closet. After some digging he found a shirt and threw it at me. “That might fit you, or at least be better than what you were wearing last night,” he added.

The shirt was an XXXL Twenty One Pilots band T-shirt. When I put it on, it was still very tight especially around my arms, lats and chest but it was something. “Thanks man, but I still need pants of some kind.”

“Here, let me see if I can find a pair of shorts.”

Some more digging later and he threw some basic gym shorts at me. Those were just as tight and my bulge still stuck out like a sore thumb and my butt looked extra curvy. Beggars can’t be choosers, I thought. “Thank you for the clothes, I owe you one.”

“You look ready for a concert, just like I was back in high school.”

“These would never fit you, so why do you have them? Are you just that big a fan of Twenty One Pilots?” I said.

He showed me a picture on his phone.

“Is that you? I can’t believe it!” I said.

“I used to be about 300 pounds, but after many and I mean many years I trimmed down to what you see today. I kept those as a reminder of how far I’ve come. That and I just like Twenty One Pilots that much.”

“That’s really impressive, actually. Then do you want these back at some point?”

“Nah, you can keep ‘em. I can see you’re going through a tough time managing your weight as well, and neither of those fit me anymore. I just hope you find out what is going on with you and make sure it’s not harmful.”

River came out of the bathroom. “Hey big guy,” he said. He wasn’t wearing anything but a towel. He quickly put clothes on and I was thankful because just looking at him made me feel horny. “Are you enjoying Mr. Mushy?”

“Yes but he’s not as good as you.”

He pushed the squishmallow out of my arms then came to my side to hug me.

“Adorable,” Niles said.

“Tonight before we go to bed I’ll show you how to clear away some of that acne.”

“Thanks, buddy.”

“I can leave, if you guys wanna get cuddly with each other?” Niles said. His tone was not accusatory; instead he genuinely sounded like he wanted to give us space.

“You don’t have to, we can…”

“Nah, man, you’re good I’m hungry and could use a study break.”

“All right, if you’re sure you’re okay with us basically kicking you out of your own dorm.”

“Hey, it’s River’s dorm too.”

River rested his head on my shoulder and squeezed me tighter.

“Adorable, see you guys later and good luck. Rain, I hope you figure out what’s going on with your body. Also both of you good luck in your game today. Home game, right?”

“Yeah, it’s a home game,” I said.

“Go Jackrabbits!” he said.

“You bet,” River said.

“Just make sure you light a candle or something in the bathroom. It still smells like jizz in there.”

“Will do,” River said.

“One more thing before you go. You’re not mad we loudly banged in the bathroom while you were here?” I said.

“Dude, this is a college dormitory. I gotta hear people bang almost every night and I can’t say I haven’t contributed to that at times.”

“Well then, good for you.” I said.

Niles winked at us then left me and River alone. I scooped up River and gently laid us in bed. I don’t even know how to begin to make up for what I did to him. He didn’t seem to be upset about what I did but I was upset about what I did.

“You’re lucky it’s the weekend and that we don’t have morning practice. We can’t do what we did on the days we have morning practice,” I said.

“I know,” River said. He sighed. “I love you Rain, and having sex with you has made my life even better. But I think your sex drive might be becoming a problem.”

That made my heart sink. “I know.”

“What do you think is causing this rapid growth and increased sex drive?” he said.

“I don’t know.” More lies, but honestly I did not know what those drugs were either.

“You think maybe we should see a doctor about this.”

“No, anything but that.”

“Why not? You had a violent hormonal outburst and you’ve been growing nonstop for days. Something is going on with you. I’m not saying I don’t enjoy your size and strength but this can’t be healthy.”

“Because…. because.”

“Because what?”

I really hurt River, even if he was not saying I did. Maybe it’s time I come clean with him. I don’t know how he will react but I should tell him. He had a right to know. Right when I was about to speak up my stomach growled so loud River heard it and gave me a look.

“You’re hungry, I aren’t you.”

“Yeah, can we go get food then can I show you something back at my dorm?”

“Okay fine, but the minute we’re done you’re gonna show me that thing.”

“I promise.”

River looked very concerned and scared even. “Okay, big guy....”


Part 12: Went Too Far

In the cafeteria I definitely got more than a few looks when I was standing in line. They all must have been stunned by how much I was putting on my two trays. More astounded looks came my way when I started feasting on the banquet I got. River was no exception he looked at me with wide eyes the whole time. My brain was screaming at me that I needed lots of protein and calories. Gaining a stupid amount of muscle would do that.

“Uh…, that’s a lot of food buddy,” River said.

“I know,” I said between bites.

River was not far behind though he too had a huge breakfast. For all of his childish behavior he was still a D1 athlete and had the build and appetite to prove it. Eating tons of food was just part of being a swimmer after all. A common joke about swimmers is that we can eat two hundred cheese burgers and still look fabulous. River finished before me and waited patiently for me to finish. The second I did River asked,

“You ready to show me that thing?”


What I did to River was unacceptable and I didn’t want to do that to him again. The least I could do was come clean. I took a deep breath then said,

“Let’s clean up then we’re gonna go back to my dorm and I can show you that something.”

River got that same frightened look in his eye when I first told him that I had something to show him.

“Okay.” He did not use his baby voice.

We cleaned up our table then walked back to my dorm. He of course had his fingers laced between mine the whole time, though he was not gripping me as tightly as he usually did. When we entered the smell of hormones hit us. Parker was nowhere to be found.

“Pfew, it smells musky in here,” River said.

“Yeah, I know,” I said.

“Remember the mattress is still ruined. We’re gonna have to replace that,” he said.

“Yeah, wait, what’s that?” I said.

A piece of paper was taped to the bathroom door with terrible handwriting. It was a note from Parker and it read.

I came back last night and I didn’t know where you were but I could smell your jizz and sweat from down the hall. You should start wearing stronger deodorant. This place smelled like two fuck bois plowed each other that and chlorine. Oh wait, that’s exactly what happened. I’ve got studying to do so I’ll be in the library if you need me. Good luck at your first game. I’ll see you there. You’ll be hard to miss. Thanks again for the free ticket. Tell River I said hi. Go Jack Rabbits!

He had drawn a smiley face at the bottom of the page.

“Why Parker didn’t just text you is a little weird,” River said.

“He likes to be passive-aggressive, so this is on brand for him,” I said.

“Anyway, you needed to show me something.”

“Yes I do. Stay here I need to get something from the bathroom, it’s related to my recent size increase.”

“Okay…” He now sounded very scared.

I squeezed myself in the bathroom where I’d left the serum. A million thoughts went through my head like what River was going to think. Would he still love me? Would he force me to go to a doctor? Would he report me to the school officials?

Would something really sadistic happen like he’d want me to take more or worse take it himself. Those last two options seemed really unlikely but I couldn’t stop my anxious mind from thinking of every possible outcome. I took the bottle then went to sit next to River on the floor then I handed him the bottle and he just looked at it.

“This isn’t fish oil, is it?” River said.

“No, they aren’t. But I don’t know what they are but I’ve been taking it the past few days and it’s been the cause of my rapid muscle growth, cock growth and higher sex drive and recently the acne and scruff too.”

Tears were forming in River’s eyes as he read the instructions and side effects. Then he dropped the bottle on the floor and buried his face in his hands and began to cry. What a dreadful sight it was to see such a happy boy become overcome with despair.


I tried to put my arm around him but he pushed it away.

“Don’t touch me.”

That alone was enough to break my heart. River had been nothing but happy for days and seeing him break down so quickly caused me a deep internal pain like I’d never felt before. Even though I was huge I felt smaller than ever.

“Little buddy—” I tried to say.

“Don’t call me that. Just shut up.” After that I scooted away to give him space. “Do you love me or are those drugs making you so horny you can help but fuck me!” he yelled through his sobbing tears.

I felt even smaller. “Of course I love you.”

He still had his face buried in his hands. His face was getting red and he was coughing and almost choking.

“There’s no way you’re gonna pass your drug test! You know what, I hope you fail it! And get kicked off the team and expelled! And to think I stuck up for you when Gill accused you! I can’t wait for Gill to find out!” he shouted at me.

River was right, now that I had grown taller and was so packed with over inflated muscles there was no way it wasn’t going to go unnoticed. Why did I take that dose last night, what I was thinking. Actually, I know what I was thinking, I was thinking with my dick. I had the strength and size of a god but all I felt was weak and helpless and this little boy rightful called me out.

“Where did you even get that?” River yelled.

“Some guy on the internet.”

“You’re so stupid. These could have killed you!” He pushed me again.

“I know, I know. I am.”

“I can’t even look at you without feeling sick.”

River got up with his face buried in his hands still crying as he ran out of my dorm. After how much I had lied to River I didn’t think I had the right to stop him. He was very angry with me and I didn’t blame him. I sat back on the floor feeling weak, worthless, and brainless.

What I had done this morning really hurt River and that was only the start of it. I was probably going to be kicked off the team when I inevitably was going to fail that test. I hadn’t even thought of this at all but what were parents gonna think when I got home after this semester. What were other students gonna think? What would my teachers say, hopefully they wouldn’t say anything. What about jobs? What employer would hire a monster like me? Everything was crumbling around me and it was all my fault.

It was the weekend so I didn’t have class today, and good thing too because with all that had happened I had to take time to think about my mistakes. Things were going so well at first. I was a healthy size with big hunky muscles and all the guys were happy for me. I out performed everyone even Gill the team captain and I even got the most perfect dream boy for a boyfriend. But I had to take it too far and now look at me.

I went from a hot muscle god to a grotesque monster of mass. I had to use a cock ring to control my dick. None of my clothes fit me anymore. I ate like an animal more than I already did. My whole team thought I was on roids—but worst of all I scared away the best thing that had ever happened to me. My beloved baby River was furious with me, but worse, was afraid of me. I didn’t think all the gold medals and trophies in the world could make up for that.

The bottle was still on the floor so I picked it up and gave it another read to see if there was any way to reverse this. There were only the directions and side effects, nothing about reversing it. I could always ask the guy I bought it from, but what am I gonna do—just send him an email? The chances of him answering were slim to none. I got this off the dark web for crying out loud and there was no way these were legal.

I went into the bathroom to weigh myself and it read two hundred and eighty eight pounds.

That did me no favors to help with my stress. I needed to lay down for a little bit. The bed was still ruined so I just laid on the floor which was not comfy at all and I wished I had River back in my arms. River or not, I needed to rest my eyes. I got naked, as my clothes were still restrictive and wearing nothing was more comfortable, and of course I took off the cock ring. My pillow and blanket weren’t ruined so I had those at least. Then I set a timer on my phone.


Part 13: A Chat with a Shy Friend

I woke up not because of my phone timer but because my wet dream was strong enough to startle me awake. My chest, abs and face were flooded with cum. All my muscles were burning and somehow even bigger than before. My dick was longer and thicker and my balls even more swollen. Movement was a struggle as my muscles had gotten so big it hindered my mobility. The soreness wasn’t helping either.

Sleeping even for the little time that I did was enough to cause a growth spurt. Random growth spurts were possible as was written on the bottle but getting one right now was the worst time. I hadn’t even taken another dose which meant my body chemistry had to be severely altered by this point. I heaved to pick myself off the floor. To get into the bathroom I had to duck and turn sideways.

“!” I shouted when I saw myself.

My frame had grown tremendously making me wider and definitely taller but even that was not enough to accommodate all my over blown muscles. Every muscle was inflated to momentous size. The shelf of my pecs touched my chin when I looked down and my traps hindered my neck movement.

My torso was getting rectangular and my waist was losing the tightness it had before. I stepped on the scale and shook in fear to see I was now three hundred and thirty six pounds. I had broken the three hundred mark and I looked at it too. Just that little nap added all that mass and density. This serum must have an exponential effect. I wish it would have said that on the label.

My dick had also grown more than a few inches and the head reached the middle of my pecs and felt like white hot steel. That made my heart skip a beat. Another fear invaded my mind, would I wake up bigger tomorrow or would I get more growth spurts, that’s something I didn’t want to think about.

My dick twitched and a thick long rope of cum shot out, splattering on the mirror. Must be another spontaneous ejaculation. That wasn’t too bad, just one rope and some ooze, I told myself. However, there was no way this was going to soften on its own, I had to cum. Like usual I stood in the shower and beat my hard cock with fury. The thickness, the rigidity and the length were unbelievable. I needed two hands and lots of coconut oil to coat it. My dick had gotten so sensitive that it did not take much to make it cum.

Sperm blasted out of my boner in a solid stream of white that splattered all over the ceiling, the mirror and the walls. So much did I cum that the walls coated in white. That wasn’t even counting all the sperm that was dripping off my body. My dick wasn’t softening even after that monstrous load so I had to make this one a multi-shot. I had to jerk my dick so much that I was sweating and my arms were getting sore by the time I could make it go down. All my sperm covered the shower walls, the tub, the mirror, the ceiling and a lot was dripping off my mutated muscular hulking body.

This was terrible. What if I got a boner in the middle of class or worse during the meet. Hopefully with the amount I came just now and the help of the tight cock ring I could at least make it to the end of the day. I showered in shame and had to really scrub to get all my viscous jizz down the drain. It was game day and for swimmers that meant body hair removal.

For me that wasn’t much, my chest, back, stomach and arms were always smooth. I removed my pubes and gave my under arms a good trimming. When I tried to reach my face though that’s when I ran into problems. No matter how hard I squeezed my bicep I couldn’t get the razor anywhere near my face. It was fine, facial hair removal wasn’t as important for polo as it was for racing and times. Then I took a good long look in the mirror.

“Damn…” I muttered.

I really was a hulking giant. On the bright side my gut still didn’t extend outward like a bodybuilder’s and my proportions were still good for the most part. If that splat I made on the mirror was a spontaneous ejaculation as listed in the side effects then maybe I could handle this.

That did not mean I was not at an inhuman size and my dick was still out of control but I was trying to look on the bright side. I pulled on my speedo and it fit me even less than it did before. It was stretched to the max and even then you could see the bottom, top and sides of my enormous chunky butt. My balls could be seen peeking through the leg holes and my dick was print was even worse. I had to wear it lower too because of how much my cock weighed it down.

Even the waistband was being pulled away slightly. I put the cock ring on which had trouble fitting around even my softy. It was so tight that circulation was definitely cut off and that caused a lot of discomfort. Then I had to fight to rearrange my dick so it would fit in my overstretched speedo then I tied it to the draw string as tight as I could. With that I was able to barely fit everything in there. My butt still showed far more than could be considered modest even for speedo standards and I was just going to have to make my peace with that.

Luckily I could get most of my dick in there. The outline was outrageous but I think I could pass at least till I could get a bigger one. The clothes Niles gave me were almost too small already but I had to wear something. With a pair of scissors I cut the sleeves off making it into a makeshift stringer. I definitely looked like a gym douche but there wasn’t much I could do about that. I was just going to have to live with it.

For the rest of the day I promised myself not to jerk at all. I’d been doing it so much it was making me sick and I needed to control myself. This was a challenge more than a promise but all the guilt I was feeling about River did help dampen the urge. When I felt myself stiffening, I would just remember what I did to him and how I can’t let that happen ever again. I didn’t have class today like I said before but I had to go to the library for some homework which I was nervous about. Maybe I would see Parker there.

People stared at me but nobody asked me any probing questions except one of the students asked me “since when did you like Twenty one Pilots?” That would be funny if my mind was not thinking about a million other things right now. I checked my phone often, which was tricky due to the size of my fingers, but River hadn’t texted me at all. I really wanted to text him myself but every time I picked up my phone I couldn’t bring myself to do it.

I also checked Gill’s Instagram and saw that the pictures that we took a few days ago were deleted. Just the icing on the fucking cake, I thought. While I was there I checked my own page and looked at my last post. Compared to how massive I was now, I looked small in that picture. Then I checked the one on Adrian’s Instagram and at least that one was still up.

Parker was not in the library like I thought he would be, no idea where he was but I’m sure he will be at my game. A part of me was glad about that. I’m sure if he saw me he’d sass me about how big I was getting. Throughout the day I didn’t see River at all which only added to my anxiety. What I did see were a few of my teammates and they did give me looks but I avoided talking to them best I could. At one point I walked past Gill and Maxwell. Out of the corner of my eye I could see Gill was going to approach me but Maxwell stopped him. I’m sure Gill wanted to give me hell when it was time for our game. That was going to be fun, I thought.

When lunch time came I made the people sitting nearby do double takes as I feasted on the mass of food I had. I must have looked like a beast while I was eating because many students were staring. Part of me was using this as a way to cope with what I did to River. I’m sure that wasn’t healthy but neither was taking a mystery substance that turned me into a buffed up horny giant. I used to be praised for my size but now that I looked like the slightly prettier hulk people were probably afraid of me. After what I did to River they were right.

More students, more concerned looks finally it was almost game time. By this point my crotch was starting to get really twitchy, think of that feeling of having to go to the bathroom but instead it was cum. I had to keep it calm, I needed to keep my dick under control, I told myself for River’s sake. I sat on a bench near the aquatics center and took up more than half of it.


I thought it was going to be Parker but when I looked down it was Maxwell. His face was obscured by the shelf of my chest.

“Hi,” was all I said.

“Looking huge man!” His voice had a feigned excitement to it.


“Mind if I sit next to you?”

“If you can fit.”

He squeezed himself on what little space was left on the bench. “Do you know where River is? I haven’t seen him all day and he isn’t answering any of my texts,” Maxwell said.

“Do you see him regularly on the weekends?”

“He never told you? We go to Gamer Club on the weekends.”

“He never told me that but that makes sense for him. Have you seen his dorm?”

“Yeah, I have. He’s a funny guy.”

“Truth be told, I don’t know where he is and I’m worried about him.”


“Uh.., you wanna know something?”

Maxwell crossed his arms and he made a pouty face. “You told Adrian some very personal stuff yesterday and he also told you some pretty personal things about himself and I. It would only be fair if you shared something personal to me. If you’re wondering, River texted Adrian last night asking for confirmation on if he gave you a cock ring. Then Adrian, the blabber mouth that he is, spilled all the tea about him and I to River.”

Something told me he was not happy that Adrian spilled the tea about their secret relationship, or the fact that he’d spilled it all to River too. For as shy as Maxwell was I was sure he had strong opinions on what had been going down between myself and the team.

“You see, I hurt him this morning in a sexual way… and I hurt him in other ways too.”

Maxwell stared at me with an expression of concern and probably some confusion. I was trying to formulate words but I didn’t know if he would understand. “I just went too far in more ways than one. Let’s just put it that way.”

“Okay, I see.”

I dipped my head, an action which was stopped by my chest, then I broke internally and shouted. “I’m losing control of my body and I hurt the best thing that’s ever happened to me and now my body won’t stop growing!”

We both sat in silence and some of the other students who walked by gave us glances. I stood up from the bench in anger.

“What are you looking at?” I yelled back.

Maxwell gently held my forearm and tugged on it. It was like how he and Adrian stopped Gill from throwing hands with me. “Nothin’ to see here,” Maxwell told the passers-by.

Then they all went about their business. I sat back down and Maxwell turned his attention to me.

“Be honest with me, are you taking drugs? I ask this as your friend who is concerned for your health and I speak for Adrian too. I’ll tell you right now when he talked to you last and you told him you weren’t, he didn’t believe you at all.”

I didn’t respond to that, only stared at the ground. “I hope River is doing okay,” I said.

I could tell Maxwell was not satisfied with my response.

“Maybe you’ll see him at the meet. He’s on the starting lineup for shallow defense.”

“You think the coach is going to let me play?”

“I think so. I don’t know why he wouldn’t.”

I could think of a few reasons, I thought. The two of us sat back in silence again. He was still holding my arm and a part of me thought that it was comforting.

“Believe it or not, I think I know what you’re going through.”

“What do you mean?”

“There was a time I was afraid of my body too. Growing up in a household like mine, a lot of things weren’t allowed. I was told masturbation was a sin and sex should only be used to have kids. It goes without saying that being gay was forbidden too.”

“Adrian told me about that and that must have been rough on you. I’m sorry you had to go through that.”

“What made it worse was when I got a little older, old enough to start having feelings, I was terrified because I couldn’t stop myself from staring at handsome guys.”

“Let me guess, you thought your teammates were hot and you couldn’t stop staring at them.”

Maxwell squinted at me with an expression of contempt. “You know, if my parents didn’t want me to turn out gay, I don’t know why they shoved me in a speedo then threw me on a swim team with other boys in speedos. Seriously, they didn’t think that was going to have lasting consequences.”

For all that had happened today that comment got a laugh out of me. “I think a lot of us are in that boat.”

“Can you blame me? Being surrounded by pretty buff boys in speedos for so many years. I couldn’t help myself from staring at other boys’ muscles and barely covered junk.”

“Yeah, I getcha.”

“One day I caught myself staring at one of my teammates and my heart sank when I realized I was staring at his butt and crotch. I got an erection from that, but lucky me, I hid under the water and the cold water calmed it down.”

“Did Adrian tell you he had a similar thing happen to him?”

“Yeah, and Gill too. I think it’s a rite of passage for swimmers to get hard in their speedos at least once.”

“I bet you went home and jerked thinking about him didn’t you?”

He gave me another expression of contempt. “My point is I broke a lot of rules because I couldn’t control myself. I jacked off and was drowning in thoughts of him and the other hot speedo boys on my team. I couldn’t control my body but it was making me happy. I was made to feel shameful for what my body wanted but I couldn’t help it.”

“Where does Adrian play into all this?”

“It’s kinda a long story. Before I met Adrian I tried to jerk as little as possible. Sometimes I’d go months without jerking.”

“And how did that go for you?”

“Not great, I grinded in my sleep and got wet dreams. Anyway, I was napping one day and I hadn’t jerked in over three months.”

“I think I know where this is going.”

“I had a wet dream and Adrian caught me.”

“How did he know if you were under a blanket?”

“I wasn’t under a blanket. I was on top of it.”

“You were also not wearing pants and that’s how he saw it?”

Maxwell blushed. “Um…, I like wearing my speedos when I sleep and I busted so much I soaked the whole front side.”

That got another laugh out of me. “You’re worse than River.”

“Hey, they’re so comfy to sleep in and I wear them as underwear too. Don’t let Adrian fool you, he does it too!” He pulled down the hem of his shorts enough to show that he was wearing this season’s team speedo.

“I stand by what I said before.”

“Anyway, Adrian woke me up and I freaked out. He saw me cum in my speedo and he also said that he knew I grinded in my sleep. He told me he knew what I was going through and that there was no use in hiding it.”

“You know he’s really good at that. He had an airtight case when he approached me yesterday. He also had some hot tea about Gill.”

“I know! You can’t hide anything from him.”

“Anyway, so what happened after that?”

“We started jerking together but then he started sucking me off and I sucked him off then finally he took it to the next level and we do it almost every night.”

“Can I guess something else about you two and promise you won’t be mad.” Maxwell squinted at me again. “You and Adrian do stuff in your speedos don’t you.”

He pushed me a little while blushing red as a tomato. “Shut up, how’d you guess? Adrian told you, didn’t he?”

“I swear he didn’t. I guessed that because River and I did the same thing.”

“Speedos are hot, what can I say?”

“No doubt about that.”

“I think I’m going to ask Adrian if he wants to be my boyfriend and not just my fuck buddy. I really love him and he makes me happy. After we graduate I wanna run away with him and marry him. Maybe you should think about what makes you most happy in this world. Is it water sports or is it River.”

I thought about how much River made me happy and how I ruined my chances to be with him.


“It’s almost game time but before I go there’s one thing you should know. Gill wasn’t the one who expressed concerns about you to coach.”

“What are you saying?”

“I’m saying I was worried about you.”

I didn’t say anything, only stared at the floor.

“See you at the game. One more thing, when Gill saw you walk by earlier. He was gonna give you a piece of his mind but I told him wait at least wait until the meet. I’m not saying I stopped him but I bought you some time. He’s really mad at you, is all I’m saying.”

Maxwell got up and left. It was nice of him to check on me but I still felt guilty for what I did to River and now Gill was waiting for me. Not sure where Adrian was in all this and thought about texting Parker as if he would be of any help though. He’s been critical of my use of the drug this whole time and the last thing I need is him saying “I told you so.” or something to that effect.

Our polo meet was an hour or so away and luckily it was a home game, I don’t think I’d be very comfortable on a bus. A long time had passed since I last jerked but I had to keep in it. Focusing on my breathing and the cock ring were helping but I didn’t know how much longer I could hold it in.


Part 14: Cry Me a River

River’s point of view

I wrapped myself up in my blanket like a burrito and locked myself in my dorm. I had been profusely crying into my pillow for so long that I thought I was gonna puke or pass out. My head, neck, eyes, face and even my stomach were killing me. Never have I ever experienced such sheer unadulterated misery. Mr. Mushy wasn’t even enough to make me feel better. The man I loved finally embraced my feelings and we even made pure perfect love. We were gonna be together forever but it had to be too good to be true. Our first home game was soon. I was in no shape to play and I didn’t want to confront my teammates either. What was I gonna do, I thought.

“Are you okay?”

It was Niles. I lifted my tear and snot covered red, puffy face from my pillow and looked him dead in the eye. Niles cringed from the train wreck that was my face.

“Do I look okay?”

“Not even a little, what happened?”

“You’ll never understand.”

I rolled over to face away from him then went back to sobbing.

“I can try, c’mon talk to uncle Niles.”

This wasn’t the first time I had talked about my feelings with Niles. Last time I had a talk with “uncle Niles” was not too long ago. It was when I was going to ask Rain out.

“I hate it when you call yourself that.”

“And I hate when you talk like a baby.”

“But am I a baby, a big dumb baby boy who fell for a bigger, even dumber boy.” I used my baby voice.

“Okay, you’re gonna have to stop talking like that if you want my help.”

Little do people know I had very little control of that voice. It just comes out when I’m talking about my feelings. I know people find it annoying but I can’t help it. At least Rain never thought it was annoying.

“Fine, I’ll stop.”

“Good, now let me guess this is about Rain, isn’t it?”

“What the fucking hell else would this be about, a failed test?”

I’d never swore in front of Niles and he definitely was taken aback by that.

“You cried almost as hard when your pet axolotl died.”

“Hey, I loved that little guy,” I said in my baby voice.

Niles was definitely annoyed by that but I didn’t care, at this point I was having an out of body experience. Therefore he could get over it. “And you loved that big guy too, but something happened between you and him didn’t it?”

“Do you want the long version or the short version?” I said.

“Whichever version you feel most comfortable with.”

I rolled around and sat on the edge of the bed to face Niles who was sitting on his own bed. “I loved him for who he was and when he started getting huge and buff I thought I hit the jackpot. Not to get too personal but I was really looking forward to making love with him too.”

“If I were gay and I saw what he was packing in his speedo I’d be too.”

“Shut up,” I said.

“Am I wrong?”

“My argument is shut up. Now, remember this morning when we had some pretty rough sex in the bathroom.”

“How could I forget? You two could have used more air freshener by the way. I can still smell that man’s jizz.”

“Sowwy…,” I said in my baby voice.

Niles rolled his eyes. “It’s okay. I’d be more mad if you weren’t crying up a lung, but please continue.”

“Anyway, I thought the unprompted sex was exciting, if a bit scary. Having a huge dick shoved inside you is fun until you feel your insides being rearranged.”

“Okay, I didn’t need to know that.”

“Sorry. The point is his sex drive was getting out of control. You know he was jerking several times a day. Like before, during and after our practices. In the morning, the afternoon and before bed. I asked him if we should maybe get that checked out. He said no and then said he’d show me why he was like that.”

“He’s using some kind of drug isn’t he?”

“Yeah, he is.”

“Are you surprised?”

“When he started getting bigger by the day I didn’t want to believe it. To be fair he wasn’t showing side effects like a roid gut and he only broke out today. Trust me his dick wasn’t getting smaller, which is what roids usually do.”

“I see what you’re saying but you’d think a man that’s gaining pounds of muscle overnight and even getting taller and wider has got to be using some kind of substance to achieve that.”

“Yeah, but I didn’t want to think my perfect man was lying to me.”

“It’s tough, I get it. When I was obese I thought about starving myself to lose weight. That obviously didn’t work. My point is that I know what it’s like to not be happy with your body.”

“But now what am I gonna do? I’ve lost my boyfriend and I’ve got a meet to go to and I’m on the starting lineup. But I’m really in no shape to play polo.”

“Well, I think I can help with one of those.”


“I’ll start by asking, why did you fall in love with Rain in the first place?”

“He was always by my side and he never was bothered by my baby voice. It just felt natural to be closer with him.”

“And what part of that was about his body?”

“I mean, he looked very hot in a speedo, especially because he’s had great muscles, but that’s just a bonus. And plus what swimmer doesn’t look hot in his speedo?”

“Can’t argue that, the only reason people show up to swim meets or watch the summer Olympics is to see sexy guys in speedos.”

“It’s the only reason I watch them every four years, and I play those sports.”

Niles rolled his eyes, then crossed his legs and took off his glasses to clean them. “Regardless, think about it this way. You didn’t fall in love with him because of his body so why would you fall out of love because of it? If you truly love this guy then that shouldn’t change your mind.”

“I don’t know what to say to that.”

“I say you and him still have something special and you should go talk to him and express your feelings. I have a feeling that he feels really bad for what he did to you and that he’ll do anything to make up for it.”

I took out my phone to check the time. The meet was a half hour away. I still had time to make it down there. “You know what, I’ll give him another chance. Thanks Niles.” I stood up from my bed triumphantly letting my blanket fall to the floor dramatically.

“Do you ever wear anything other than your speedo?” Niles said.

“Nope.” I ran up to him to give him a hug.

“You and your hugs.”

“Hugging in my middle name.”

I put some actual clothes on then grabbed my swim bag and ran off to the aquatic center. I had a boyfriend to fall in love with all over again and meet to win.


Part 15: When It Rains It Pours

When I got to the locker room all the guys stared at me in shock. Gill definitely appeared enraged by my presence. Maxwell and Adrian just looked concerned. I went to my locker in embarrassment trying to avoid eye contact with any of the guys. From my peripheral vision I could see Gill was approaching and he did not look happy.

“Rain!” he said from behind me.

I did not turn around or respond to that, instead I kept trying to open my locker. Doing that wasn’t easy because of how big my hands were.

“Rain, what the hell is going on with you and where the hell is River, he’s supposed to be on our starting lineup and he’s not here!”

“I don’t know where River is,” I said.

I tried to stay calm as I said that. After all that had happened today, keeping my temper was a trial.

“Maxwell said he wasn’t at his stupid club today and that River never misses that,” Gill said.

“Look, I don’t know where he is, okay?”

I pulled my shirt off and the guys became even more wide eyed and even Gill stepped back. Then I pulled down my shorts. Now only in my overstuffed speedo that barely fit me the guys looked appalled by my display of over developed and over sized hulking muscles and massive junk. My added height and width certainly wasn’t helping.

“Look at you, there’s no way you’re not stuffed full of drugs!” Gill said.

“Shut up, I already have a drug test coming up, you’ll find out then.”

Gill got real close to me but even at six seven he had to look up. To think I was that much taller than him and wider too. There was no way that went unnoticed. The shelf of my pecs obscured his face too, making talking to him even more awkward.

“Do you have any idea what kind of trouble you can get into? And you’re gonna hurt the whole team. The board is gonna think we’re all doping at this rate.”

“Just shut up!” I said.

I had had enough and pushed Gill, he fell on the floor and I wasn’t even pushing that hard. The whole team gasped and some of them pulled out their phones. He jumped back and tried to push me back but I didn’t even budge a millimeter. I was ready to throw hands. At this size I wasn’t afraid of Gill. He punched my abs and I didn’t feel a thing. It looked like he really hurt his hand in the process too.

“You wanna try that again!” I yelled.

Gill with his other hand punched in my pec. I barely felt it that too and he appeared to hurt his other hand.

“My turn,” I said.

I lumbered closer to him ready to give him hell. The whole team watched in fear but then coach left his office and shouted,

“Both you knock it off!”

We all looked over to the coach who was definitely beyond pissed off.

“Leave the kid alone, we already got the test coming till then stop accusing him, it isn’t gonna do anything. All your new suits have arrived now, quit fighting and get moving.”

Gill looked like he was about to say something but Maxwell and Adrian stepped forward so he let it go. The guys lined up in front of the coaches office to get their new suits and head gear. When it was my turn the coach gave me a sad look before handing me the sealed plastic bag.

When I returned to my locker, I took out this season’s speedo and there was no way this was gonna fit me now. It was ordered when I was still a size thirty four, who knows how big my waist was now so this tiny thing wasn’t going to fit me. As for my headgear, there was so much muscle on my arms it made it hard to reach my head and subsequently put my headgear on. Maxwell and Adrian noticed my struggle and walked over to me. They both looked so small to me, even the buff Maxwell.

“Having trouble there?” Adrian said.

“Yeah, just a little.”

“Here, I’ll help you,” he said.

I had to sit down on one of the benches so Adrian could reach up to my head. He put on my head gear for me then tied the string as well.


I thought him and Maxwell would leave but they didn’t. They stood there staring at me. I thought they were going to say something but didn’t so I did.

“I’m a monster. A big hulking monster of mass and muscle,” I said.

“I wasn’t thinking that,” Adrian said.

“I wasn’t thinking that either. If someone like River could love you then there’s no way you could be a monster,” Maxwell said.

I didn’t deserve someone like River.

“Did Maxwell tell you what I did to him today?” I said.

“He did and I think that’s scary but you’ll find a way to control yourself I’m sure of it,” Adrian said.

“Also, I’m sorry about Gill. I swear we tried to stop him,” Maxwell said.

“It’s whatever at this point,” I said.

Adrian sat on one side of me and Maxwell the other but I didn’t even look at either of them.

“I don’t want you to get into a real fight with him, you could easily crush him and I don’t want you to do that,” Adrian said. “The two of us can pull back Gill but I don’t think even the three of us could stop you. I think Gill really hurt himself punching you. He’s wrapping up his knuckles with gauze right now with the trainer right now.”

I didn’t respond to that. They said I wasn’t a monster but I knew in my heart that’s what I’d become.

“If it means you won’t get into a real brawl with Gill, just know he didn’t formally report you to the coach, I did,” Maxwell said.

I just looked at the ground.

“Anyway, I hope whatever is between you and River clears up and the drug test comes back negative,” Adrian said.

“Yeah, thanks.”

“Has the ring been helping?”

I sighed.

“Yeah, a little but it’s so tight it hurts.”

“It’s all part of being in the Cock Ring Gang,” Adrian said in a fake celebratory voice.

Maxwell only rolled his eyes. I forgot Adrian told me that Maxwell also had to wear one to keep his dick down.

“Your speedo is really small though and I’m not surprised our new ones didn’t fit you. I’m surprised nobody, especially Gill, commented on how you’re about to bust out of that thing,” Maxwell said.

“There’s not much I can do about that.”

“Yeah, hey maybe invest in some custom fit ones and get a cool pattern and colors,” Maxwell said.

“Okay, thanks Maxy,” I said.

“Well, I’ll see you out there and maybe River will show up, you never know,” Adrian said.

Adrian tried to give me a fist bump but I declined. Maxwell tried to give me a hug but I still declined. Then both of them refused and hugged me anyway. As much as I didn’t want to admit it I really needed this. I wrapped my enormous arms around them and held them tightly. They looked so small in my arms and it frightened me. A few moments of silent hugging later and they left. Not before Adrian rubbed my massive shoulder a little.

Like the first day of practice when I started taking that serum I looked in the mirror before I walked out. Unlike that time, this time I was too afraid to pose, the sheer size of my muscles scared me. My face looked really rough with the acne that popped up on my cheeks and I could really do without the shadow. I was the last one out of the locker room. Being both too tall and too wide for the exit way, fitting through it was also a struggle.

When our teams did the traditional line up and hand shake everyone was afraid to shake my giant meaty mitt of a hand. I was so much taller than everyone on the opposing team too. Everyone from the other team to the people in the stands were staring at me. The other team looked more terrified than my own and the audience looked mortified. I’m sure the audience was all staring at my inhuman muscles and over stuffed speedo. I just hope they weren’t too fixated on my obscene bulge or massive exposed butt too much. Parker was up there though and he was cheering for me, that was a comforting sight.

The second I got in the pool, that’s when I truly realized how tall I’d gotten. The water only rose to my chest so compared to everyone else who was neck deep or more I must have been a complete giant. Treading water was so much work because I had no buoyancy, anymore but I had enough strength to make up for it.

The whistle blew and the match had started but still no River to be found, I was really starting to worry about him. A part of me almost didn’t want him to show up because if he saw me now he’d be heartbroken all over again. I had to stop thinking about him because I had to focus on playing. Adrian could sub in for River’s position but we really need his specific skills.

Everything was going fine at first if a bit awkward. Movement was becoming difficult and adjusting my dick every few seconds was getting annoying. The guys on both teams would cringe every time I had to do it. What made it worse was every time I touched it, I felt a jolt of pleasure rush through my dick. The tightness of my speedo rubbing my junk and butt really was not helping, especially because the water made it cling to me. It was only made worse when I’d knock it into the guys especially if they brushed up against it. That problem regulated itself because most of them were too afraid to come near. They probably thought I could crush their entire team in one fell swoop. They were probably right.

On the bright side my now insane size was coming in handy to defend my team and blocking the ball was easier than ever and my strength out matched anyone. I could really slap the ball with extreme force and breach the water with ease. Blocking was no problem for me either and crashing through their defense was nothing. Something else that I noticed was because my lungs were probably huge I could stay underwater for a very long time.

However, the longer the game went on, it was getting tougher and tougher to stay soft. All that rubbing from my wet speedo combined with my unnatural sex drive, I was feeling that horniness fill my body, like an overflowing dam. I was really giving it my all to not get hard. I went from jerking every few hours to trying to stop cold turkey, that was a bad idea in hindsight. I was right in front of the goal and just passed the ball when I finally couldn’t take it anymore.

My heart sank and my whole massive body shuddered in fear. If my crotch got any hotter it could boil the water in this pool. I was having trouble moving my legs because of how much pressure was building down there. My feet touched the floor but I didn’t care I passed the ball anyway. I took a deep breath and stared at everybody while I prepared for the impending embarrassment I was about to endure.

“I’m…sorry…guys…I…can’t…,” I said.

With a long organic exhale my dick started rapidly hardening, boning up at lightning speed making the cock ring snap. My speedo tented so far my huge engorged balls fell out of the legs holes and the waistband pulled away from my body revealing the top part of my boner. It refused to stop growing and kept stretching the fabric more and more, making the back part of my speedo dig into my butt. The guys who were close enough to see me were either laughing or looked like they were gonna throw up. My boner was so big you could clearly see it even under the choppy water.

“Number 16’s got a big boner!” a guy from the other team shouted.

Every guy either backed away or left the pool entirely. There were gasps coming from the stands and the ref. The coaches were trying to handle this situation but it was hopeless the whole crowd was in disarray. Parker was up there just covering his face, he must be going through some real second hand embarrassment. As my dick kept hardening I stood there deep in my shame as my boner kept lengthening, thickening and the head got more swollen seemingly endlessly. Then fear mixed with my embarrassment when I heard a thread snap.

“No! Stop, stop, this can’t be happening!”

With my palm I tried to push my boner back but that didn’t help at all and it kept growing, getting longer, thicker and harder by the second. I heard more tearing noises and threads snapping. It was getting too big to be contained in my speedo then suddenly.


My speedo ripped clean off and my boner flung up, breaching the water with a splash and hitting my abs with force making a loud wet slapping noise. It kept getting longer till it was at my chest level and my balls began expanding too. I was now completely naked with a gargantuan throbbing boner that was reaching for my forehead and massive cum filled balls. I let out another orgasmic exhale. What happened next scared me even more. Every single one of my muscles started pulsing and flexing. This could only mean one thing, I was going to grow again.

“No!…No!…No!” I shouted.

I shot up in height and as every single muscle I had even ones I didn’t know I had inflated like balloons right before my eyes. My traps reached my ears and my chest pressed hard against my chin. Those oversized muscles buried my head. My head grew giving me a splitting headache. It grew enough to tear my headgear off but it was still half buried by my chest and traps.

Each of my arm’s were pushed up even more by my lats. If I couldn’t reach my face before, my biceps certainly wouldn’t allow that now and my tri’s weren’t far behind growing humongous too. I was starting to lose my wrists as my forearms and hands grew. My back was spasming. I could feel all my back muscles fight for space as they bulged and grew too.

My shoulders must have tripled in size. I felt my abs contract rapidly and I felt an uncomfortable bulging at the top of my abs. Somehow my eight pack turned into a ten pack with even more pronounced obliques. My thighs grew into huge hunks of meaty muscle and my calves grew to almost as big as they were. My thighs were so meaty that I had to widen my stance. My butt had to be absolutely ginormous by now as I could feel the immense weight behind me.

Even more terrifying was that my boner was still growing this whole time. The head of my dick was up to my eye level and my balls had to be bigger than polo balls. My knees were at the water level of the pool and I had so much muscle that a lot of flexibility was lost. Somehow I was still growing taller, wider and every single one of my muscles were battling for space on my body as they grew bigger and bigger by the second. My transformation must be terrifying to every witness.

“Make it stop!” I cried out.

It was hopeless I’d become a giant grotesque monster of hulking muscle with an equally grotesque boner and balls. But even worse I was an embarrassment. Everyone had long gotten out of the pool and I was left alone in the water. Then an intense burning heat filled my boner and it kept getting hotter until it started itching and twitching.

“No, no, no!” I yelled.

This can’t be happening, I thought. My worst fear came true. The bulbous head turned purple and as well as the shaft and all the veins popped. My monster boner hitched and some pre-cum dripped out. The throbbing got so intense it felt it was jacking itself off. Then I remembered the last symptom of that serum. I had it feeling it wasn’t gonna be a few ropes like it had been the last few times. I squeezed my fist to my sides along with my eyes and without much warning beyond my heart thumping faster and dick throbbing with it.

My boner became volcanic, erupting an absolutely cataclysmic amount of cum! A thick solid creamy white torrent of sperm that looked like a geyser exploded straight up well above my head and splashed on the ceiling! The surge of cum was so powerful it burned the inside of my shaft and stung with orgasmic pain and pleasure. My balls were vibrating as they produced and pumped sperm through my dick. Then it all rained back down splashing and splattering all over my body, coating my head, face, traps, shoulder and pecs. My pecs became coated in cum then I felt it drip down my abs filling every groove. More cum flowed down my arms and even down my back.

Cum kept pumping out of my boner and I started choking because of the orgasmic ecstasy that consumed me. My prostate was aching and my balls were boiling. People were freaking out as they saw my inhuman masculine display. Through my agonizing pleasure I could hear screaming and fearful panic as people ran out of the aquatic center. Even Parker ran off. I don’t blame them, if I saw a giant muscle bound man rip his speedo with his boner and suddenly grow three times as big then cum so much he turned the pool white, I would run too.

My knees were getting weak so I had to lean against the edge of the pool but my boner refused to stop cumming. The pool had to be more cum than water and it was over flowing by now. I was completely drenched in my own cum but I wouldn’t stop! The sexual pleasure prevented me from moving so all I could do was wait it out as my balls emptied themselves. My ejaculation lasted so long I thought it would never end. Along with the solid beam that was hitting the ceiling, an innumerable amount of ropes were blasting out in all directions. On top of that more massive globs of cum were busting out a drenching my shaft and flowing into the pool.

Disgusting intrusive thoughts of violently plowing River crowded my mind. I lost control of my hands and began jacking off to make even more cum blast out, my boner felt like solid white hot titanium. I lost even more control of myself and started grinding my beyond giant mutated boner against the edge of the pool. All that did was make even more cum explode out at high speed. My brain was focused on one thing; making cum and busting it out.

I think almost an hour passed when I finally finished cumming. The water looked more like glue and was thick and viscous. The smell was intoxicatingly sexual and repulsive at the same time. My whole body reverberated with pain and pleasure. I stood there engulfed in the organismic afterglow as my massive cum drenched body dripped with slimy white sperm, sweat and water. I was having trouble breathing and through my blurred vision I could see everyone had left and I was alone. I didn’t think it was possible to be this cum drunk, I felt sick and like I was going to pass out or throw up. My prostate as well as my cock and balls felt so sore and tender. My head felt like a cloud and there was a ringing in my ears.

I really blew it this time, what was I gonna do, I thought to myself. So much muscle, cock and cum. My load was everywhere, the pool, the floor, even the ceiling was well coated. Everything in this room and the room itself looked like it was painted white. I let myself sink into the pool of sticky cum and just tried to tilt my head back to relax. I say tried because my traps were preventing that. Even sitting down the water only went up to my waist. What’s wrong with me, I thought.

I had permanently mutated myself into a hulking horny giant and committed an act of public indecency so severe there was no way I wasn’t gonna get punished for this. I hadn’t taken the drug test yet but there was no way I was gonna pass it but that was the least of my worries. I’m sure the police and school officials were gonna be here soon too. I really screwed up big time with this.

“Hey there, big guy,” said a familiar voice.

I couldn’t turn my head so I only turned my eyes to see River standing by the locker room entrance. He hadn’t changed into his speedo or headgear but was wearing his team jacket and sweatpants.

“Hi, River,” I said.

He came up next to me with his hand over his nose then surveyed my display of sperm. “It smells worse than when you busted in my bathroom this morning.”

“I know.”

“Jeez, man, you ruined this pool.”

“I know.”

“It’s gonna have to be drained and scrubbed and the university is not gonna be happy about that.”

“I know.”

“Rain, look at you, covered in your jizz and you’ve well surpassed human size. You’re so tall and your muscles are so huge you look CGI’d or photo shopped like a muscled up cartoon character.”

“Yeah, I know.”

I was starting to get annoyed.

“Do I even have to mention your other thing?”

He gave a concerned look in the direction of my giant dick that was only now finished busting its last few ropes of cum.

“No, I know that’s massive too.”

“Where’d your speedo go? You didn’t come out here naked did you?”

“My boner ripped it off.”

River chuckled. “Then we need to get you a new one, huh? One that’s custom and can fit your massive body.”


River came up next to me and held my huge cum covered hand.

“You know, Rain, no matter how big you get you still never lost your soft hands.”

Despite what I just endured, that made me smile.

“Thanks River, I’ve got some pretty big flippers now.”


We went quiet for a few minutes.

“Rain, big guy.”

“Yeah, little buddy.”

“I didn’t love you for your size, I loved you for who you were and even if you screwed up by taking that serum you’re still you and I love you.”

“But I thought you said you loved guys with big muscles and that’s the main reason you clung to me.”

“I said I love you and your big muscles. I never wanted you to hurt yourself over it and remember I’ve loved you before you started taking that drug.”

We went quiet again. Then Adrian and Maxwell walked out through the locker room. They hadn’t changed and were in their speedos. The two of them looked like they couldn’t totally avoid my cum-tastrophy in time because they were dipping with my jizz. Adrian looked somewhere between smug and disappointed. Maxwell’s eyes were unblinking as he surveyed the scene. Gill nor any of my other teammates were to be found and I was thankful for that.

“Rain where do I even begin?” Adrian said.

“I don’t know but I found River.”

“Yeah, we told him what happened as he was walking through the locker room,” Maxwell said.

“Would you blame me if I didn’t believe them?” River said.

“No I wouldn’t. Is Gill coming out?” I said.

“If I had to guess he’s reporting you to the school officials by now, so no,” Adrian said.

“Great,” I groaned.

“River told us about that special serum of yours by the way,” Maxwell said.

River tried to look innocent.

“I would be mad about that but there’s no reason to be mad at this point,” I said.

“Rain, my guy, I have to ask—why’d you do it?” Maxwell said.

“I was scared I was gonna be cut from the team because I wasn’t strong enough to compete.”

“So you took that serum to get bigger and stronger,” Maxwell said.

“Yeah and then everyone started supporting me. Gill, the all-star team captain, was working out with me and you two were nothing but supportive. River and I started dating and I wanted to be bigger and stronger for him. So I just had to take more because I loved the attention and the success. But I took it too far and now look at me.”

“You’re too big to fit in anywhere and so horny you could fill a swimming pool with your own cum,” Adrian said.


“I think you should quit the team before any drama starts over it and you might get expelled so I’d drop out before that happens,” River said.

“I was thinking the same thing. You’re probably right. I was falling behind before I started taking that serum so I probably should look into other interests anyway. You make me happy more than water sports ever did.” I said.

“Even if you’re not swimming or playing polo, will you still wear speedos to the pool or beach?” River said.

“Of course, buddy, I know you’d love to see that.”

With my huge hand I played with River’s hair. He didn’t seem to mind that my hand was covered in cum.

“I can imagine that news outlets or documentarists are gonna wanna cover this story,” River said.

“You think so?”

“Yeah, I can already see the headlines, something like Local university student takes a mystery substance and becomes the real life hulk. Or something like that,” River said.

“As long as you get paid and we get to be in the interviews with you two,” Adrian said.

The four of us laughed. River let go of my hand then took off his shirt then pulled down his pants revealing he was wearing his team speedo under it, looking cute as ever. The sight of my perfect boy in his speedo made a hardy rope of cum blast from my boner.

“Oops, sorry...” I said.

Adrian laughed while River only blushed. He sat next to me then slid himself in the creamy water.

“What are you doing?” I said.

“Giving you a big hug, big guy.”

He said in his baby voice then swam through my syrupy cum right in front of me and squeezed me as hard as he could, his face pressing against my abs. River looked so small compared to me but so cute and the peaceful look of contentment scrolled across his face made me smile.

“Promise me you won’t take any more of that drug?” He said.

“I promise.”

I tried my best to mimic River’s baby voice. That made his smile so much as he pressed his face deep into my abs.

“Promise we’ll be together forever.”

“I promise.”

I mimicked his voice again.

“All right, I have to,” Adrian said.

He walked over to the bleachers where his phone was in a puddle of cum. After he wiped the cum off he started scrolling on it.

“What are you doing?” I said.

“One second. There it is,” he said.

He started playing “Monster” by Lady Gaga from his phone.

“Oh, my god, Adrian,” Maxwell said.

That got a strong eye roll from the three of us.

“Hey, Rain, I have a question,” Maxwell said.


“How much of that serum is left?”

“Half the bottle, why?”

Maxwell put his arm around Adrian and pulled him closer. “Oh, no reason.”

Adrian’s eyes widened and the color drained from his face as he gulped.

“What? You always said, you like big boys,” Maxwell said.

“I sure love my big boy,” River said.

Adrian pushed Maxwell into the pool of cum.

“Hey!” Maxwell yelled when he surfaced.

Adrian put his phone down then dove in after him. They both got into a petty splashing fight with my cum that turned into them making out. This ended with both of them getting boners as evidenced by their huge speedo tents. When they finished fighting they swam up to me and River.

“You know, Rain, what did was high key crazy from the serum to what you did to this pool it was all crazy,” Adrian said.

“What’s more crazy, all that or the sheer amount of guys getting off to this story over the course of fifteen chapters,” I said.

The four of us laughed again then made an intimate group hug.


Part 16: Epilogue

The police, the fire department, an ambulance and even the local news showed up. The whole aquatic center had to be blocked off and deemed a biohazard and it took several weeks to clean up the entire mess. They also had to knock down a wall to get me out of the building which wasn’t cheap. The university had to cancel all home games and rent out a local fitness center for practices for the rest of the season. They were not happy about any of that. I can’t say I blame them. That lost me any friendships I had with my team except Maxwell and Adrian. I was basically made to quit the team and drop out but I was going to do that anyway.

I did get arrested for public indecency but the court ruled it only a misdemeanor. I pleaded guilty and all I had to do was pay some fines for actual damages and some for punitive damages. Those fines would take years to pay off. No one was hurt except what was left of my dignity, so that helped my case.

This story eventually made national headlines and I was even on tv a few times for interviews and was even in a magazine. You’d be surprised how little those pay. Explaining everything to my parents was not the easiest to say the least. At least I got to introduce them to River at the same time. Adrian and Maxwell were there to help out too.

That day while I was in the police station they brought in several doctors to do drug testing and other tests. They even took a sperm sample, which was easy. I made plenty of that. I told them about the serum. There was no point in hiding it. Strange though all of the tests came back negative. There was not a single trace of it in my system. They also determined there was no reversing this and that the serum completely changed by body chemistry and even my cells on a molecular level. When they asked me if I had more I told them I didn’t. Which was a complete lie.

In reality Maxwell ended up using the rest of it after he graduated. He grew into a hyper muscular giant just like me. He was excited to be a buff giant and he had me to help walk him through it too. It was an odd sight seeing Maxwell with all that muscle and for once in his life five o’ clock shadow. He did have a mega cum eruption after his last dose. Unlike me because he knew it was an inevitability so he did it in a secure private place. The fours of us started living together, giants and giant lovers have to stick together.

All in all him and Adrian were living their best lives. They couldn’t be happier and I couldn’t be happier for them. Yes, we do have foursomes and yes they can last for hours, if you were wondering. Let’s just say Adrian was right, Maxwell really knows how to bottom. His butt grew bigger than mine and he was the only one who could take my dick. The four of us developed a semi-polyamorous relationship with each other. Lastly, according to Gill’s Instagram, he did eventually get himself a boyfriend. Turns out Gill was going out with another guy on our team. I swear everyone on that team was gay.

As for me and River. He finished school and became a social worker like he always wanted. For me I became a lifeguard at a big name water park, every swimmer’s dream. The state where we lived was warm and sunny most of the year so it was basically year round employment. It didn’t pay 50K like River was making but paid well enough. I was just happy I found a job where I could wear a tight speedo all day. I had to get custom fit ones and even then they were still hard to squeeze into. River and I got several pairs of matching patterned ones too. We also got many sets of four matching pairs so Adrian, River, Maxwell and I could match. We wear them every time we have beach days together. If you’re wondering yes, the four of us did fuck at the beach many times.

Anyways, being a lifeguard was perfect for me and the kids loved it too. They loved using me like a jungle gym. One kid refers to me as Mr. Hulk which warmed my giant heart. On Halloween I either go as The Hulk or The Thing. One year River went as Robin Hood and I went as Little John. The kids in our neighborhood loved to come by each year. It really made me want to have a kid of my own one day.

The best nights were when River could use me like a bed, pillow and blanket all at once. I loved everything about him from his quirky interests to his sweet personality. A part of me wanted to contact the guy who sold me the serum and get some answers but I let it go. I didn’t need to know. I was a ten-foot-tall, hyper-cocked, speedo-wearing, near-immobile buff giant. I was happy and so was River and that’s all that mattered.


Author’s Note

Thank you all for taking the time to read my story. The end of “One More Drop” will be the last of my stories for a long while. Hope you all enjoyed it.

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