Friday Flashback: Straight to Gay (Do Not Pass Go)

Friday Flashback: Orion's Treasure Trail 

Weekly Update 22 April 2023
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Weekly Update: 22 April 2023

This week’s story from me is a bit more of the Patreon-commissioned “One Hot Summer” sequel, “The Right Blend.” Hope you’re up for a little cannabis-fueled heat, and if not there’s a big pile of all kinds of sexy stuff down there. Take a look, and if you can star-upvote and comment the stories you like, you’ll be helping the authors and other other readers alike.

The Friday Flashback this week collected stories where guys find they like guys after all, so check that out if you missed it. The next update is a week hence on 29 April. In the meantime, thanks for visiting, and enjoy the site!

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The right blend, Parts 3–4 by BRK Thad finishes seducing Aleksei, not that it takes much effort on his part. But when they wake up the next morning, he discovers things didn’t go exactly as he’d expected. 13 parts Added Mar 2023 Updated 23 Sep 2023 14k views 5.0 stars (8 votes) 36k words •Always Hard•Cock Growth•Huge Balls•Huge Cock•Hyper Cock•Self-suck•Hyper Cum•Multicock•Multiarm•Multilimb•Multitongue•Replication•Muscle Growth•Muscle/Strength•Always Shirtless•Pointy Ears•Increased Libido•Getting Handsomer•Transformation•Getting Taller•Plausible Size Difference•Size Increase•Race/Ethnicity Change•Cannabis •M/M•M/M/M•M/M/M/...

The boarder, Part 8 by Mikeytron Atticus and Evan plan their trip. Atticus’s muscle growth exceeds expectations. There are hints at a darker side to Mutant Juice, the miracle muscle growth serum Evan’s been using, which Atticus will be starting on soon. There’s a close call with disaster at home. 18 parts Added Feb 2023 Updated 24 Jun 2023 46k views 4.9 stars (135 votes) 86k words (#30) •Cock Growth•Cock Pumping•Huge Cock•Hyper Muscle•Immobility•Muscle Growth•Muscle Gut•Muscle/Strength•Muscle Worship•Man Scent•Belly Growth•Feeding•Getting Handsomer•Gradual Change•Voice Deepening•Plausible Size Difference•Christmas•Thanksgiving•Valentine’s Day•Complete•Alcohol •M/M•M/M/M•M/M/M/...

The disassembly line by Alex Anders Rex finally gets to make his dream a reality.  Added Apr 2023 1,305 views 5.0 stars (4 votes) 1,246 words •Detachable•Complete •M•NS

Hank and Greyson, Part 2 by Greggrth Trey offers to let Hank and Greyson stay over while the storm rages, spoiling theur camping plans—only his guest room is a bit small for the oversized Hank. As the night progesses, things only get stranger. 3 parts Added Apr 2023 Updated 24 Jun 2023 13k views 5.0 stars (8 votes) 14k words •Cock Growth•Addiction•Hyper Muscle•Muscle Growth•Muscle Gut•Belly Growth•Getting Taller•Giants•Size Increase•Mind Control •M/M

Incubus dreams, Parts 6–7 by JJ Staxx Blake finds himself stumbling around on the university grounds, confused, alarmed, and very naked. 15 parts Added Apr 2023 Updated 2 Sep 2023 16k views 4.9 stars (21 votes) 18k words •Cock Growth•Huge Cock•Nonconsensual change•Incubus/Succubus•Witch/Warlock/Wizard•Stories with Images •M/M

My brother’s closet by brazboy Lauro has a secret: he has a huge crush on his big brother! But his big brother also has a secret, one he keeps deeply locked in his heart... and in his closet. 2 parts Added Apr 2023 Updated 29 Apr 2023 7,197 views 4.8 stars (17 votes) 11k words •Cock Growth•Huge Cock•Hyper Cock•Nipcocks•Hyper Cum•Nipple Emissions•Extra Mouths•Multi-abs•Multicock•Four Legs•Multiarm•Multileg•Multilimb•Multipec•Multitongue•Stacking•Muscle Growth•Muscle/Strength•Man Scent•Detachable•Getting Taller•Plausible Size Difference•Size Increase•Hyper Tongue•Tongue Growth•Mouthcock•Incest•Brothers •M/M

One more drop, Part 10 by MegaMaker River and Rain head back to River’s dorm after Rain trashes his own with his cum. He meets River’s roommate and learns more about River as a person.  16 parts Added Mar 2023 Updated 20 May 2023 54k views 4.9 stars (58 votes) 48k words (#71) •Always Hard•Cock Growth•Huge Balls•Ball Growth•Huge Cock•Hyper Cock•Always Cumming•Hyper Cum•Public Orgasm•Multi-abs•Addiction•Straight to Gay•Hyper Muscle•Hyper Strength•Immobility•Muscle Growth•Muscle/Strength•Muscle Worship•Always Shirtless•Public Nudity•Man Scent•Butt Growth•Increased Libido•Gradual Change•Voice Deepening•Getting Taller•Forced Growth•Plausible Size Difference•Size Increase•Getting Hairy•Lycra/Spandex•Complete •M/M

The Quadruped Society, Parts 1–2 by TreborNawoc Josh is accepted into the ancient and prestigious University of St. Eligius where he learns that amid all of the various student clubs and societies is one devoted to members of the university community with certain differences from the rest of the student body. 8 parts Added Apr 2023 Updated 29 Jul 2023 2,628 views 5.0 stars (31 votes) 15k words •Huge Cock•Extra digits•Four Legs•Multileg•Multilimb•Tongue Growth •M/M

Wrong number by screamingmoist An ambitious young man starts receiving messages from a caller he can’t ignore. Added Apr 2023 6,491 views 4.0 stars (5 votes) 7,301 words •Cock Growth•Public Orgasm•Getting Dumber•Straight to Gay•Muscle Growth•Butt Growth•Humiliation•Nonconsensual change •M/M


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