An airplane parasite

by SomeMuscleGuy

After bumping into the wrong person at the airport, Michael is infected with a parasite that was on its way to be destroyed. This parasite only has one goal in mind: Growth. Massive Growth.

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Part 1 After bumping into the wrong person at the airport, Michael is infected with a parasite that was on its way to be destroyed. This parasite only has one goal in mind: Growth. Massive Growth.
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Author’s Note

This story was inspired by Aphon's “Gym Parasite.” 


Part 1

I sprinted, as fast as I could. Only two minutes until the door closed, and my plane would depart. My eyes glanced at the gate numbers, and then back to my boarding pass.

Looking down, I ran into someone, knocking everything to the floor. They barely even budged from the hit. “I’m so sorry!” I yelled out, reaching down to help them pick up their belongings. I grabbed his suitcase, looking up.

This man was huge. 7 foot tall, wide shoulders, heavily muscled… and was outfitted in a nice, tight suit. I felt small compared to him, standing at 6’ 1”, 160 pounds. He looked around nervously before picking up his suitcase, walking off into the crowd. I sat there for a moment, apologetically, before snapping out of it and heading toward my gate. I ran up to the door, making it onto the plane only seconds before it was closed off. Whew. I breathed a sigh of relief.

I walked slowly down the aisle, looking for my seat which was located halfway down the middle of the plane. I walked down the aisle, oblivious as to what was about to happen. What I didn’t realize was when I had bumped into the man, I had picked something up from him that he was transporting. Something that wasn’t for anyone else to have. Crawling up the back of my pant leg was a parasite. It was not from planet earth, and it was being brought to a lab to be studied and destroyed, before it coincidentally found me.

It slowly slinked its way up the back of my poorly muscled right thigh, before going onto my average sized ass, sliding its way into my crack. I jumped, feeling an odd sensation down there. “What the..?” I reached around, scratching my ass momentarily.


I turned around, distracted. The flight attendant was trying to get by behind me. “Oh sorry.” I looked back up, seeing my seat number in front of me. Forgetting about it instantly, I sat down in my seat by the window, 2 other seats still free next to me. The plane was 26 rows long, with each row holding 6 seats. 3 on the left, 3 on the right. I was located on the left side of the plane. Another man who was putting luggage up into the compartment sat in the aisle seat of my row. It wasn’t long before we took off. I was the last person to board, after all. Oblivious to me, the parasite had already started infecting my system. It was very slow, but I had already begun to grow, just like it intended.

The plane sped down the runway, angling slightly until we were in the air. I watched out the window, enjoying the sight of the ground growing further and further away from me. A voice rang out over the intercoms. “This is your captain speaking. We have a pretty empty flight today, coming in at a 25% capacity. The flight time should be about 1 hour and 15 minutes. Clear skies lay ahead of us. Sit back, relax, and have a nice flight.”

I sat back in my seat and sighed, feeling the plane level out over the next 15 minutes. The world dropped away below us, and I watched the last of the Sun dip below the horizon. We were finally at cruising altitude.

I set my tray table down, placing my arms on top of it. And that’s when I felt it. I was pretty horny. I could feel my dick lolling around inside my jeans. My dick wasn’t particularly large, coming in at 5 inches, so it wasn’t noticeable through my jeans with the tray table in the way. I was average, which had its pros and cons, but I was happy with what I had.

Opting to take care of my desires later, I ignored it and started scrolling my phone, distracting myself. After a few more minutes, I just could not shake the feeling. ‘Mmmmmmf, it feels so good,’ I thought to myself. I wanted to get up right then and there and take care of it in the bathroom. But we had only been in the air for 20 minutes, and I wasn’t going to make the guy in the aisle seat get up already. I placed my hand underneath the tray table, feeling the bulge of my dick extend from my body to my upper thigh. The moment I touched it, a sensation started in the base of my cock that I had never felt before. It built in pressure, making me shift around in my seat uncomfortably, until it plateaued.

Feeling like I was about to cum, I suppressed my moans, biting my lip. But that wasn’t what happened. I could feel the fabric of my underwear slide against my cockhead as it slid itself a little further down my leg. At the same time, two mounds became more visible against the fabric of my pants, as if my balls had shifted. Simultaneously, I felt a small lurch occur throughout my body, making me jump a little. I didn’t know it yet, but I was growing.

I shook my head, trying to clear it. What just happened? I placed my hand underneath the tray table again. My dick now extended to the middle of my thigh.. I kept my hand on it for a moment. It pulsed again… then pushed out. I could feel it jump a little, but it didn’t go back down. Whenever it pulsed, it kept its new current size. My body lurched again, a small noise escaping me this time.

The man in the seat near me gave me a small glance. “Sorry, I pinched my finger in the tray table.” I looked away, embarrassed, but also so confused as to what was going on. I looked down at myself. My tray table still covered my pants, so I couldn’t see anything there, but I was still able to survey my upper body. I stood there for a moment, staring. Then it happened again. Lurch. But I noticed it this time. I actively saw my shirt rise higher on my body. I felt the neckline grow a little bit smaller. I felt the fabric come closer to my pecs. I felt my cock growing down my leg, and my balls pushing out further against the fabric. I felt my ass take up just a little more space in my seat, and my knees coming closer to the seat in front of me.

I gasped. What was happening? I felt my pecs through my shirt. I didn’t have hardly any muscular definition on my entire body, but I felt the curved outline of them protruding from my chest. In fact…I felt them growing thicker! I looked past them, back at my tray table. I could feel my thighs now touch the bottom of it. Another wave of pleasure occurred, the biggest one yet, but this time it was focused on my package. I went rigid, temporarily overwhelmed. I felt my dick grow down my leg, ending right at the top of my knee. My balls expanded outwards, making a noticeable bulge that pushed against the seams of the fabric. It was starting to feel a bit crammed. My expanding bulge started to lift the tray table up.

“Would you like anything to drink?” My eyes shot up, unsure of where that came from. “Coke, water sprite, anything?” she asked, looking at me curiously.

“I’m okay,” I groan out, feeling my shirt grow a little tighter. I could feel the cold air lick my hips, my shirt no longer covering them. She continued onwards down the aisle. I breathed a sigh of relief. This was the worst possible situation I could be in. Any larger, and I would become more noticeable. And I couldn’t leave, I was 36,000 feet in the air. If I got up to go to the bathroom, the man next to me would surely notice my bulge. And so would everyone I walk past down the aisle. But how much longer until it was noticeable anyways? It was at that moment that I felt a weird sensation flood my upper body. Like a coldness that settled at the base of each muscle. It had to be over right? I must have put on 30 pounds of muscle so far, and my cock has grown so much that it reaches my knees! I already had a package of one of the largest porn stars on earth.

As if to answer, I got hit with another wave, this one focused mainly on my upper body. My hands gripped the tray table, bracing myself for what came next. Creak. Suddenly, my biceps expanded, becoming tight within the confines of my sleeves, my triceps pushing out on the opposite side. My pecs lurched, becoming more noticeable against the front of my shirt. Abs became visible on my stomach. A 2-pack, no, a 4-pack! Rising from my stomach like bread rolls in the oven. My traps raised the collar of my shirt up toward my head. My shirt grew from a shirt that barely fit, to a shirt that was too small. It only hung down to my belly button, displaying my treasure trail that went down into my pants, almost like I wanted to tease those around me of the body that was brewing underneath. Hung down wasn’t even a proper word. It hugged my muscular upper body. Each curve. Each ridge. And it would only get smaller.

I felt my cock jump, which drew my attention elsewhere. It seemed during that growth spurt, I grew down there too. My tray table was bent up in an awkward position, now angled diagonally toward me instead of straight. My thighs pushed against the edge of my pants, my bulge now even larger on top of it. It looked like I had stuffed a volleyball in my pants. My ass had grown too, getting close to pushing against the armrests on either side of me. My feet strained the edges of my shoes, now much too small for my body.

I looked up, being able to see clearly down the rows from my seated position. I must have nearly been 7 feet tall, and close to 300 pounds of pure muscle. I had enough muscular definition to look like I hit the gym for years. Like I was a professional bodybuilder. And it wasn’t going unnoticed either. The man in the seat next to me glanced over, his jaw dropping. “What the fuck is happening to you?” he said, concerned. I looked over, shocked. I opened my mouth to speak. Before I could answer, it happened again.

As if the parasite wanted to give a favorable response, another growth wave hit. And there wasn’t any hiding this one. My cock surged, filling out my pants faster than anything else that had happened today. I felt my dick extend down my leg, straining my pants to the absolute limit, tears beginning to form. It started thickening, as if it wanted to rival the size of my thighs. My balls were right there with it, becoming visible through the front of my jeans as it pushed the tray table into a nearly full upright position. It was now looking like I stuffed two volleyballs into the front of my jeans. My back was arched, pushed against the seat, my face angling into the air.

A long moan escaped my lips. I could feel the seat getting smaller against my growing size. My back started to stretch out, my shoulders becoming huge. I quickly went from being a pro bodybuilder to a record holding bodybuilder. My shirt hugged my pecs tightly, my 4-pack abs turning into a 6-pack. My shirt rode up them, now sliding just underneath my pecs, which were starting to resemble big meaty pillows. It looked like I was wearing a crop top, but even that wasn’t possible. My pecs were so large, you’d have needed to sew this shirt onto me just to fit it over them. My biceps started to tear my sleeves, filling out too much space as they burst into the size of grapefruits. The man got up out of his seat, and swiftly left. “Mmmmmm” I croaked out, enjoying the feeling, my muscles expanding, rubbing against each other as I felt pre start to leak from my cock. Even then, it didn’t last very long. I opened my eyes and looked forward. ‘Oh shit’, I thought.

Not only had I grown tall enough to see the rest of the plane, I had grown tall enough that the rest of the plane could see me. My head loomed nearly an entire foot over the top of the head rest. My shoulders protruded over the sides, nearly taking up half the space in the middle seat. I looked at the bathroom closest to me. Occupied. And besides, how would I get there without being noticed? And my cock…it was getting hard. Harder than it had ever gotten in its entire life. I could feel something slither down it, manipulating it and bending whatever it wanted to its will. I could tell that whatever this thing was, it was a part of me. Something was happening to me, and I was not in control.

My knee-knocker of a cock strained through the fabric as it grew to full mast, ripping it entirely as my cock grew thicker, harder, and longer. RIPPP. It slowly ripped up my pants as it rose higher. A mini growth burst hit, giving my pants their final send off. My cock ripped through the rest of my jeans and underwear. It flew up, smacking directly into my muscled pecs. Thankfully, the shirt muted the noise. And it was wet. So wet. A glob of pre shot from it, hitting the overhead buttons. It stood at full attention, throbbing. At the same time, my balls dropped in my lap, flooding over the edge of the seat. They hung down to the top of my calves, throbbing. It looked like someone put wet water balloons in my lap that had been purposely overfilled. The rest of my jeans melted off as my thighs got slightly bigger, leaving my entire lower body nude. At the same moment, I felt the cooling sensation enter my thick shaft, sliding up it until it found my cockhead, which was now the size of an apple. I could feel it start to pleasure me from the inside.

Instantly, I shot another load of pre. I was so sensitive. I looked around, seeing if anybody had noticed. Thankfully the plane was pretty under occupied, but I noticed a flight attendant coming down the aisle. I stretched my shirt to its absolute limit and I stuffed my cock underneath it, making a wildly noticeable bulge against the valley of my pecs. It throbbed again. I felt a small tear form between my pecs and my cockhead. I quickly opened a flight manual, covering what I could as the flight attendant walked by. Nothing. Whew. She wasn’t coming for me. This growth needed to end, or it would go past the point of no return. At this rate, I’d be walking off the plane with my balls hanging to my knees, my huge pecs stretching out my ripped shirt with my engorged, leaking cock underneath it. But this parasite was far from done.

I felt my cockhead begin to get stimulated again, but this time I was ready. Whatever it is, it’s in the top of my dick right now. I could see a soft shadow moving around. I grabbed my cock and squeezed hard, trying to rid my body of whatever was happening. But the parasite did not like that. In fact, it retaliated in the one way it knew it could, by pumping as much size as it could into me to distract me. Surge. I grew. Everywhere. All at once. I didn’t even have time to react. My balls expanded out, weighing more heavily on my lap. It felt like someone had attached a hose to me, filling up my cum factories. Whatever part of my balls that wasn’t on my lap slowly melted over the seat, extending toward the floor.

My legs grew longer, my knees hitting the seat in front of me, starting to cram themselves. My thighs and calves started fighting for space in the condensed area around me. My ass rounding out further, becoming wedged within the armrests of my seat. My back and shoulders creaked out even wider, starting to push itself against the window and covering the entire middle seat, muscles flaring everywhere. My pecs, on the other hand, were the crowning factor. They exploded with growth against the fabric, shredding my shirt down the middle in mere seconds, splitting like I was wearing a jacket. They looked like shelves, nearly pushing into the seat in front of me. Any bit of my shirt left on my biceps split off quickly, withering to the floor. It sat on me like a vest now. My biceps had to be the size of cannonballs!

My cock, now released from its fabric prison, rose higher. It slid up the crater of my pecs and stopped near the top of them, now as tall as my chest, and nearly as wide as a barrel in front of me. A huge puddle of pre formed on my seat as I felt the pleasure build further and further. My head rose higher and higher, bumping into the ceiling! I spread my legs out as wide as they could, giving my knees as much room as possible. But still, I grew taller.

My head hit the button panel above me, pressing the button that called for the flight attendant. Looking up in horror, I tried to stop it from activating, but it was too late. I was growing too large. People were chatting behind my back, clearly shocked at what was unfolding before them. “How is he so huge?” “What’s happening to him?” “How can he move with that much muscle packed onto his body?” “Is that his cock?”. I felt the parasite spread to all parts of my body, only wanting to grow, expand, and pleasure me further.

I leaned down, feeling the growth start to pick up again. I had to get out of my seat and into the aisle. It was getting..too..crammed. My cock sat in front of me, wedged between my massive pecs and the seat ahead. My ass bent the armrests to the side, making way for as much space as possible, as my back covered both my seat and the middle seat. At the same time, the flight attendant started walking down the aisle. What she saw made her instantly turn around. Heading towards the middle of the plane was a man that was nearly 9 feet tall, 750 pounds of muscle, with a long, meaty cock that reached up to his king-sized pillow pecs, wedged between the seats, trying to move toward the aisle. I grunted, my voice way deeper than it was 30 minutes ago. A load of pre shot once again, hitting the opposite wall as my cock jumped. She saw my muscles slowly flex, then grow out even more! She turned around, running towards the cockpit. Anything left of my shirt snapped off, my muscles continuing to surge.

Within moments I heard the loudspeaker click on. “Due to an usual circumstance, we will be making an emergency landing shortly. Thank you.”

Fully standing up, I hunched my head down further, my back pushing into the control panel above my head, breaking it. I could feel the plane begin to descend. Anyone left in their seats rushed to the back of the plane as I made my way toward the middle. The seats bent around me, unable to stay in place against my massive muscles. I knew that once I got into the aisle, I would have a lot more space, both height-wise and width. The old familiar feeling hit me once again as my entire body lurched.

Fuckkk,” I screamed out, my voice dropping another octave. I shimmied my way toward the aisle, my tree trunk thighs expanding further, pushing heavily into the fabric of the seats. I wasn’t immobile yet, but I was nearing it. The parasite started to stimulate my body all at once, at the same time that I grew. With each heartbeat, you could see me growing bigger, larger, and more inhuman. “Fuck, I’m getting so big.”

I finally squeezed my way into the aisle, gasping at the free space made available to me. I was completely naked, and I was a Titan. I flexed my biceps, watching them bunch up so large it could fill a suitcase. Even in the aisle, my pecs were becoming so titanic I could barely turn around. They hung over a foot off my body. My abs weren’t just a 6 pack anymore, they closely resembled a 10 pack! My cock bucked with even more size, rising up to my lips. My balls produced more and more cum, finally touching the floor. I wasn’t even able to stand up to my full height. I must have been 10 feet tall now, nearing 1,200 pounds of pure muscle, with a cock to match it. I faced away from the crowd at the back of the plane. They didn’t need to see this. I could feel the parasite moving around my body, and I was going to make sure it gave me the growth I truly deserved.

With all my might, I grabbed onto the area I felt it the most. My pecs. And in response, it retaliated, just as I had hoped. Although it seemed impossible, I grew even larger. Facing the cabin door, leaning forward so my shoulders touched the ceiling, I felt the growth explode into me. My arms grew so large, that each one took up each side of an entire row. My biceps were larger than an entire seat. My pecs also spilled out, becoming so large that my nipples went in opposite directions, pointing to the floor. They grew into an absolute shelf, rivaling the size of twin beds. I could feel my pecs grow up into my jaw, nearly limiting the use of my mouth. My traps grew so thick around my head that it started muffling my hearing. My legs grew so wide and corded that the seats broke off, pushing away, giving me room for more growth. The craters in my abs grew so deep that it cast shadows. My balls spread out on the floor, sloshing around with pure pleasure.

I started to grow so tall that I was bent 90 degrees at the waist. No, so tall that I was needing to lay down! My body moved forward, expanding, as I was forced into a prone position, flattening all the rows around me. My back became so thick that I could feel the true ceiling of the aircraft push into me. Luggage compartments crushed and crumpled as my boulder-sized shoulders grew impossibly wider. I moved my arms in front of me, my shoulders growing into each wall. And it saved the best part for last. My cock. My moans shook the interior of the plane, losing myself to the pleasure. I felt it grow below me. It grew from my mouth to my eyes. Them to the top of my head. Then beyond. I watched it grow along the middle of the aisle, thickening until it wedged itself between the seats. But even then it grew longer. Each moment spread into a thousand as I watched it elongate further and further, becoming thicker, heavier, veinier, and more sensitive.

But just as quick as it started, it stopped. I sat there for a moment, panting. I was nearly musclebound. Stuck. Horny. I was wedged in this tube of a plane. My head turned to look outside, barely able to see over my muscles. I could see the ground growing near. We were about to land. Had I been growing for that long? My attention was brought back to my cock. It protruded out in front of me nearly 25 feet. I must have been 18 feet tall, and impossibly thick. Nearly 5,000 pounds of ripped muscle. But my cock…It was massive. It throbbed, jumping up and down, begging for release, wedged against the seats. I wasn’t one to back down from a challenge. I moved my arms forward as much as I could, placing my hands on my shaft. I could tell I was still growing slowly. The walls grew smaller with every minute. My back pushed back into the ceiling. I glanced out the window again. Less than 2 minutes ‘til we landed.

My hands shuffled up my massive shaft. Each crevice of my arms cast massive shadows. Muscle was packed on muscle. And I could see them still growing larger. I started moving my hips back and forth, dragging my cockhead against the seats in the aisle ahead. “Ohhhh fuck.” I said in a low moan. “That’s it..”. It felt amazing. So I continued. It was all I could do. The crowd at the back of the plane could only see the backside of me. My ass bobbing up and down with each movement, flexing with each muscle, as thick as the entire width of the plane. My legs slowly growing down the aisle toward them. My balls sloshing around with liquid. My back expanding increasingly wider. And the sounds… pure animalistic sounds of pleasure. A deep, rumbling voice.

My eyes caught the view of the outside window again. The wheels were about to touch down. I could feel the parasite wanted the same thing as me. Release. And it helped. I could feel my cock vibrating against the floor of the plane. I felt the parasite stimulate everything all at once, once again. My muscles. My pecs. My balls. And especially, my cock. I roared. I could barely hang on any longer. At the same time, the wheels touched on the ground. Everything combined into the most pleasurable orgasm of all of humanity. My eyes rolled back into my head as the pressure flew up my cock. And then I came. Volley after volley exploded out of me, spraying against the pilot’s door. My moans dropped even lower, audible even from outside the plane. Cum gushed everywhere, flooding the floor of the aircraft. I felt the aircraft slow to a stop, but even so, I kept cumming. My hips, even limited with room, kept bucking and gyrating, eager to empty my entire load.

The crowd went out the back door of the aircraft. The pilots rushed out the cabin door inbetween spurts, taking the slide onto the tarmac. But my orgasm only grew in pleasure, and I could feel my growth accelerating. My muscles expanded further until no more space could be filled. Pressure formed around me as I realized I had grown to the entire width of the tube of the plane. My arms started to break through the sides of the plane. My back grew into the ceiling. My cock mashed into the cockpit, a name that was meant for it, and my feet hit the backside of the aircraft. I was as large as the aircraft now. Unable to take my weight any longer, the floor of the plane gave way. I landed on my soft, pillowy pecs, which extended more than 10 feet off my body. My balls were the size of mini vans. My cock was half as large as the plane. My thighs were thicker than an entire plane aisle. My arms were even thicker. My pecs were so wide that I couldn’t reach over them if I wanted to. My traps blocked out most of my hearing, but the only thing I could focus on was my grunts.

I laid there for many moments, cumming, growing, and feeling an endless torrent of pleasure as the plane rolled to the side, my body emerging from underneath it. I laid in the ruins of an aircraft. I could feel the pleasure dying down as my cock went from spraying like a fire-hose, to leaking steadily. I sighed with contention. I was the perfect size, and this was how I wanted to be. I could barely move, so packed with muscle that I looked like a mountain sprawled across the ground. My cock stretched ahead of me, nearly double my 100 foot height. My balls pooled underneath me, padding my monumental form. I looked ahead of me on the pavement, struggling to see over my bulbous pecs. I could see something moving on the tarmac. It looked alien, but I knew I had some sort of odd connection with it. Just from the way I felt, I could tell it was what grew me. It was now no longer inside of me, but that didn’t mean its business was over. Far from it, in fact. I watched it slide its way across the ground, ready to infect another eager grower.

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