Ascension Escape Games

by SomeMuscleGuy

Welcome to Ascension Escape Games where you have two hours to escape the largest Escape Room in the world—alone! But be careful, if you aren’t quick enough, you may just grow too large before you can find a way out.

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I have been so excited for this day for nearly a month now. Today is the day I get to finally try out the largest escape room in the country, but I’ll be completing it completely alone. I have completed nearly 200 escape rooms over the last couple years, and have built a name for myself in the Escape Room community, setting records left and right. Last month, an escape room company that goes by the name ‘Ascension Escape’ reached out to me and offered to let me try and beat their first and newest escape room, “The Ascension Room”. The catch was, I had to complete it alone. If completed, I will receive a $1,000 prize for being the first player to complete it. All I knew going in was the tagline of the room:

“The Ascension Room is the most technologically advanced escape room in the world. Reach new heights in this 50,000 sq ft experience. Can you escape in 2 hours? Or will you be lost within these very walls?”

I took work off for the scheduled date, and flew from California into Oregon. All expenses were paid for by Ascension Escape. And so here I was, driving my rental car through the deep forests toward one of the most exciting experiences of my life. After a little while, my rental car rolled up to the front gate. It loomed over my vehicle, metal twisting everywhere in fancy designs. A camera to the top left whirred to life, before a beep rang in the air, allowing me in. After passing through the front gate, the road continued for much further than I would have imagined. It must have been a few miles. I could feel both the excitement and the nervousness begin to build up in my stomach. Why would there be such a long drive to an escape room in such a barren place? I must have been 40 miles from the closest city. Before my mind could wander any further, I finally saw it. A massive warehouse loomed in front me, stretching off into the distance, trees lining the sides. This warehouse was much taller than even the tallest trees. My jaw dropped. How was I going to escape this in 2 hours? My car stopped near the front door. I took a deep breath, and then got out of my car, stretching. My nicely defined arms reached toward the sky, my shirt slightly exposing my midriff. I was in pretty good shape. Coming in at 5ft 10in, 160 pounds, with light muscular definition, good looks, and an average cock. I didn’t have much to complain about.

I looked over at the front doors. It was time.

Upon walking in the lobby, it felt eerily quiet. It was an organized, large, red room that stretched out on both sides of me. On one end was the reception desk, and on the other end was the waiting area. A clock ticked above the center, showing 2:00. A door split the left side of the room from the right, a keypad on the left. I walked up to the desk. Completely quiet. A bell sat on the front left side. I put my finger on top of the metal ringer and pressed it down firmly. DING. At the same time, a sharp pain shot through my finger. I yanked my arm back, looking at my hand. A small prick of blood was coming out of my pointer finger. I waved my hand around before putting my finger in my mouth, numbing the pain. Looking at the lobby bell, I noticed a little spike on the end. A faulty bell? Who knows. Mildly annoyed, I sat on the couch and waited. I took out my phone. No service. Sighing, I put my phone away and kicked my feet up. They would need to fix that before they went public with this room. Five minutes later, no one had arrived. After 10 minutes, it was starting to feel a bit ridiculous. Getting up, I started to explore the room. Feeling a bit sore, I stretched again. My shirt exposed my midriff, but unknown to me, it had ridden a bit higher than it was before. I walked behind the desk. The monitor wasn’t even plugged in? I looked to my right, before trying to turn on the computer. Nothing. A security camera in the corner caught my attention. It sat there, blinking. No movement. I walked back to the center point of the room, before looking up at the clock. It read 1:48. Wait, but I walked in here at 2:00..

The escape room timer had already begun ticking down, meaning I had just wasted 12 minutes of precious time. I walked over to the front doors. Locked. I put my hands on my head, swearing. How could I be so stupid? My sleeves had started to hug the edges of my biceps. Oblivious, I knew it was time to start looking for clues. I paced around the room, looking for anything that stood out. A calendar sat in the corner. Today’s date was circled. September 9th. I flipped the page. October 2nd was circled. Followed by November 4th, and then December 1st. 9241. 9241 has got to be the code! I briefly looked around, my eyes settling on the keypad next to the door in the center of the room. 9..2..4..1. beep. The light blinked green, and the door swung open. The room on the other side was pretty large. I’d guess it was about 20 feet by 20 feet, and about 7 feet tall. A weight bench sat in the center of the room, followed by weights of all kinds lining the walls. Every plate imaginable was in this room, ranging from 1 pound to 500 pounds. Mirrors hung on the walls.

A note sat on the bench in the middle. “Rack the proper weight combination onto the bench press, or risk speeding up your ascension process.” What did it mean by that? My timer? I looked around the room. The timer in the corner presented 1:40 left on the clock. How was I going to figure out what weights fit? I walked up to the wall on the left, pausing to look at myself in the mirror. A cirplexed look jumped across my face. Without even raising my arms, I could see my happy trail running from my lightly defined abs to the edge of my pants. Was my shirt originally this small? It lightly hugged my muscles, which also seemed a bit larger than usual? My cock stirred to life, a light outline showing through my jeans. Blushing, I turned away from the security camera in the corner. I had no clue what was happening, or if it was just my imagination, but I felt like I was slightly larger.. I flexed my bicep in the mirror, which in return showed a larger bump than I remembered.

I stood there, dumbfounded for a moment, before a slight beep rang out. It was a hint that appeared on a nearby television screen. “It might help to start on the right side..”

Snapping out of it, I pushed my odd discovery to the side. I’m here to escape, not to fantasize in the mirror. Even so, my cock throbbed within my jeans, feeling more sensitive. Ignoring it, I walked across the room to the right side. Weights from 1 pound to 50 pounds lined this side. I studied it for a moment. It went in order from least heavy to most heavy. Slowly following it, I noticed it had a repeating number! 20…21…22….23….23, a small gap, and then 25. 23 repeated twice. I picked up the spare weight, setting it next to the bench press. That didn’t really feel like 23 pounds.. I proceeded to the far end of the room. Weights from 60 pounds to 200 pounds lined this side. I counted 10 plates total. 4 colors lined this side. Red, Blue, Yellow, and Green. Each had a different amount of weights within each color. Red had 2 weights. Blue had 3 weights, followed by a large gap, and then Yellow had 2 weights, and Blue had 3 weights. 2323! It clicked in my mind instantly. I must need to rack two 23-pound weights on both sides of the benchpress. Not carrying to fact check, I swiftly walked over to the right side once again. I leaned down and picked up a second 23lb weight and jogged it over to the bench.

I placed 23lb on one side, and then an additional 23 pounds on the following side. Click. A sound emanated from the TV. “Incorrect combination. Speeding up the ascension process momentarily.” What? I thought I had it? I glanced over at the timer, prepared to see the timer ticking down faster. But nothing happened. It kept ticking down like normal, displaying 1:25 left on the clock. I grabbed the 23-pound weight off the edge, and leaned down to set it on the ground. I gasped. My pants felt… restricted. I looked down, remembering what I had just witnessed in the mirror only minutes prior. I was definitely more muscular. My head turned towards the mirror. “What the hell..?”, I whispered to nobody in particular. I looked..good. My arms were nicely muscled, displaying more definition than I had ever seen on them. My shirt hugged my frame, looking slightly too small for my decently muscled build. Was I growing? I weighed myself a few days ago and I was 160 pounds, but I looked closer to 175 pounds at this point.

My cock lurched a little bit, bringing my attention down towards my pants. My thighs pushed lightly against the edges, small creases and curves becoming visible through my pants. My meat, which was originally just slightly outlined through my pants, was much more noticeable. The same went for my balls. I sat there for a moment, dumbfounded. A robotic voice rang out from the speaker. “Ascension Process has been accelerated”. This was when I put it all together. I was growing, and the more I got incorrect, the more I would grow. The lobby pricked me when I rang it. This must be happening because of that. I ran up to the mirror, closely inspecting myself. I watched for a minute. I could see it. My clothes were very slowly getting tighter, my muscles were beginning to grow larger, my cock was slowly expanding, and I was getting… taller.

I gasped, before looking up at the security camera. “What is this??” I yelled. No response. I ran back over to the door I came in from. Locked. I grabbed a weight from the end of the 50lb section and lobbed it at the door. Crash. I threw it again. And again. Eventually the door swung open. I ran through, and was greeted by a solid metal gate on the following side. “Shit”. An alarm rang out. “Illegitimate gameplay detected, skipping 5% of the Ascension Process”. Instantly, I could tell something was happening. I backed away from the door, frantically looking around. Creak. Everything visibly expanded with each heartbeat. My muscles instantly started to hug my shirt nicely, pushing against the edges. My shirt started to form itself around my pecs. I felt my shoes begin to strain, my toes cramming themselves at the end as I grew taller. My dick jumped, sliding up my midriff until it stopped right at my belly button, precum starting to leak from it. I had never been this hard before. My balls dropped lower, increasing in size. My calves started to feel the strain of my jeans. Then just like that, it stopped. Well, not stopped. I was still growing, but I was back to the same pace I was after I placed the wrong weights on the bench.

I ran over to the security camera once again. It was closer to eye level this time. This room was only 7 feet tall, and my head was closer than I remembered. My hair was nearly brushing the ceiling. Before I could speak a word, a human voice came from the other side. “Welcome to Ascension Games. Remember, your ascension process will continue until you escape. You cannot leave. You cannot opt out. You were chosen for this. Just make sure to hurry it up. That ceiling isn’t getting any lower! But it’ll feel like it, soon enough. Good luck.” Click. The line cut out.

My eyes drifted down to the mirror once again. I looked like an official bodybuilder at this point. My shirt was too small on me. My pecs outlined the shirt, like I was showing off. My sleeves didn’t just hug my biceps and triceps, it was stretched by them. My traps lifted the edges of my shirt collar, angling into my head. My stomach was completely exposed at this point. My cock throbbed with every heartbeat. It was slightly above my belly button now, rising its way toward my abs, which were becoming more and more defined. I swear I could see it growing larger. It was probably 8 inches long. I took a step backward, the hem of my shirt brushing the top of my sensitive meat. I shuddered. Biting my lip, I suppressed the urge to moan. I turned to the side. My jeans hugged my butt incredibly well, leaving less and less to the imagination. I looked over at the clock. 1:15 displayed on the front. That’s when I noticed my hair was pushing into the ceiling. I was now almost 7 feet tall. I needed to figure out how to get out of this room.

I walked back to the center of the room. I could feel my muscles moving around each other in a way I had never felt before. My strides felt longer and longer. I spoke out loud to myself, “Okay, so 2323 is an incorrect weight combination, but I know that 23 pounds repeats on the right side, and the 4 colors in the middle make up 2, 3, 2, and, 3 for each colored section.” I walked over to the left side, which displayed weights from 60 pounds to 500 pounds. I followed the weights from lightest to heaviest. 200...220...230 ..230…250. That’s it! At the same time, I felt my head bump the ceiling. I was beginning to grow faster. I leaned down slightly, and ran back over to the far wall to confirm my suspicions. 4 colors lined this side. Red, Blue, Yellow, and Green. Red had 2 weights. Blue had 3 weights, followed by a large gap, and then Yellow had 2 weights, and Blue had 3 weights, followed by an additional gap. It wasn’t 2323, it was 230, 230! The gap represented a zero. I ducked over to the left side to grab the 230-pound weight.

Upon reaching out to it, my sleeves tore up both sides, my biceps spilling out, showing their full glory. For a bodybuilder, they started to look almost professional level. I took a deep breath before grabbing the 230-pound weight off the rack. It was still heavy, but way easier to carry now than I would have been 20 minutes ago. My legs felt the extra weight and flexed, now heavily constrained by my pants, the skin becoming visible through the seams. My balls screamed for release, steadily growing within its cloth prison. I hunched down, my neck now pressing against the ceiling as the room became more and more crammed with each passing second. My package had now grown up to the middle of my 6-pack abs, filling the space between my tight shirt and my very muscular body.

I slowly walked over to the bench press, which was starting to look pretty small. My shoes split open at the sides. I placed the first weight on the left rack. I walked back toward the left side. I grabbed the second 230lb weight. My back muscles flared out, seams beginning to rip across my shirt everywhere. Upon picking it up, an additional noise chimed out. “Final puzzle piece collected, Ascension skipping to 15%.” I gasped, rushing my way back toward the bench press. GLORP. I started to quickly expand in all directions. I trudged my way across the room. I had to start angling my back toward the ceiling since even my neck was too tall at this point. My pants split everywhere, falling apart. My heavily muscled legs burst out. My shoes melted off, my socks being stretched as my feet grew larger and larger. My cock surged forward rising up underneath my pecs, which now looked huge. It felt like someone was holding my dick, pulling it forward, stretching it out, longer and thicker. And it felt orgasmic. I could feel it building up deep inside. I was almost there, though!

Before I could even get the weight over to the bench, my balls seized and I let go. The pleasure was so intense, I was brought to my hands and knees. Upon hitting the ground, rope after rope of jizz sprayed out of me, absolutely coating everything underneath my shredded shirt. Moan after moan escaped my lips, each sound getting deeper and deeper as I grew. I bucked my hips back and forth for what seemed like an eternity, lost in the pleasure and growth. Cum rolled down my hot, sweaty, muscular body, getting lost in the creases. When it finally ended, I let out a sigh of relief. I brought my hands up, leaning on my knees, and that’s when I felt it. Even on my knees, I couldn’t put my head up. I was still growing, and fast. I still had to put the weight on the bench!

I reached down, picking up the 230-pound weight with more ease than I ever had, and placed it on the right side of the rack. Ding. A green light blared and one of the walls popped out. This door was blended in to look like the wall. I looked at the timer. 1:00. 1 hour. I looked at the mirror, and almost came again just from looking at myself. In the reflection, I saw an 8-and-a-half-foot tall, 600-pound man looking back at me. My muscles heavily shined from my own mixture of sweat and cum. My shirt at this point was just shreds lightly hanging off of my body, my cock pinned underneath my pecs by stray fabric that wrapped tightly around my muscles, extending up past my 8-pack abs. It was still throbbing against my body, leaking cum constantly. My balls were now spilling out of my underwear, which was full to the brim, hanging down to my knees. It may have well been the floor, considering I couldn’t stand if I wanted to. My back looked huge. From the side, I was so thick, my obliques becoming incredibly defined. My legs looked like tree trunks, pure power visible through every curve. A light layering of hair covered my body that wasn’t there previously. My jawline had become more chiseled.

“30 seconds remaining until room locks. Ascension process accelerated.” I snapped out of it. I needed to escape! I crawled my way toward the next room, unable to stay propped up on my knees any longer. My muscles all glided past each other, bumping into everything. I was not used to being this size. The frays of my shirt snapped, my cock dropping onto the ground in front of me as I crawled. It slid across the ground as I moved, being pushed in front of me, parallel with my large, meaty pecs. The friction of the ground on my cock led to me cumming more and more as I made my way to the exit. I was on a different plane of sensitivity at this point. While crawling, I could feel the ceiling begin to press against my back. I need to go faster! “15 seconds remaining.” Thoughts raced through my mind. What if I don’t get out? Do I keep growing? Do I stay like this permanently? I crawled past the security camera, which now seemed like a toy. The ceiling had begun to really press against my back. I was starting to pass into the territory of being too massive for the room. My muscles were fighting for space in this tiny area. I was almost at the door… “5 seconds remaining”. I slid my way through the door and into the next room. The door closed behind me. I could feel my growth slow down..for now. It was time to solve the next room.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

I looked up, exhausted. I was sweaty, I was horny, and I was disoriented. I surveyed the room around me. This room was widely different from the last one. Ahead of me was a long room, I’d guess about 100 feet long, 50 feet tall, and 30 feet wide. Tiles lined the floor leading all the way to the opposite end where a huge door was placed. A voice rang out over the speaker. “Make your way to the opposite side without triggering the incorrect tiles, or it may just speed up your ascension process.” Each tile had a symbol on it with a different groove. Each groove had a different color engraved into it. Orange, Yellow, Purple, Red, Green, and Blue were visible. I slowly got to my feet, my package rising with me, level with my pecs. My balls, which were now extremely bloated, hung down past my knees. Everything was scaled up in here. In fact, it was hard to tell I had grown taller at all. But I knew deep down that I was huge. I could see the crease of the door that had just closed behind me. That room was 7 feet tall, and that doorway only reached up to my rippling 8 pack abs. I turned back around. I looked down at the tiles. My pecs, which hung off my frame like pillows, prevented me from seeing my feet. My underwear was stretched to its limit, absolutely straining me everywhere. Tears lined every possible curve, not leaving anything to the imagination of what it was holding. Not even holding. What it was supporting. Seemingly only the straps and waistband were left, leaving me looking like I was wearing a thong that was way too tight for me. The tightness of the waistband wrapped tightly around the shaft of my cock, keeping it raised upright. The leg holes were almost incinerated by the pure size of my thighs. My socks had long since lost the fight with my feet, which looked to be a size beyond anything human. I took a deep breath, and then looked back at the tiles. There were 50 rows of tiles, about 30 tiles thick in a long rectangular shape. I glanced over at the timer once again. 0:50 flashed across the clock. Less than an hour. I walked up to the first row of tiles. Colors of all kinds were in front of me. For the first row, 4 colors were visible more than once and repeated until the row ended. I had no idea where to start. There were 5 red tiles, 5 blue tiles, 5 yellow tiles, and 5 green tiles. I thought hard on this for a moment. Literally. My cock was constantly flowing precum at this point, dripping down each indentation on my body.

I decided on my first tile. Red. Red is a good starting place, since it’s at the start of the rainbow. 5 red tiles were placed on the ground. The middle seems like a good place to start. I looked around my large pecs and massive cock, which seemed like it was getting all the more massive. I stepped onto the first tile. Beep. “Incorrect tile, skipping 1% of the ascension process.” Whump. Instantly, I felt everything expand at once. My feet spread their way across the tile slightly. The remaining straps of my underwear started to fray. My pecs covered a little bit more of my vision as my cock jumped up another inch, now almost taller than my pecs. My back flared out just a little bit wider.

I held my breath. That was wrong! I looked ahead of me at the second row. There must be a pattern. The second row had every color of the rainbow. If I were to follow the rainbow, it should go... Red, then Orange..? I looked around. On the furthest red tile on the right, the color orange preceded it. Then yellow. Then green. The pattern! I stepped backward to the starting line. I just needed to follow the colors of the rainbow tiles to get to the other side. I stepped on the far right, red tile. I slowly stepped onto the orange tile and winced. Nothing? Good. And there I went. I followed each tile. Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, and Purple. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. The further I went I could feel myself growing larger and larger. Each tile was getting more difficult to step on. Not only could I barely see over my pecs and cock, but my feet were almost too large, my toes and heels on the edges of each tile, and my balls were now hanging down to my ankles, threatening to scrape the floor.

I glanced another peek at the clock. 40 minutes left. I was 24 tiles in of 50. Following the pattern was easy, it was the size I was growing to that was getting difficult. Red, Orange, Yellow…I reached my foot out to Green. At the same time, a large glob of cum fell off my cock and landed on the tile next to me, which was Red. “No!” I screamed, as the speaker rang out. “Incorrect tile, skipping 1% of the ascension process.” Groan. Instantly, the waistband of my underwear snapped. Fluttering onto another random tile. “Incorrect tile, skipping 1% of the ascension process.” That was 2% in mere seconds!! My cock lurched, growing up past my pecs, nearly to my collarbone. My feet started to grow over the edges of the tiles, pushing into the other ones. My balls started to brush the ground. My abs slowly melted from an 8-pack to a 10-pack. Pure power was emanating from me. All at the same time, my feet hit both the tile in front of me and behind me, my balls hit the ground, putting pressure on the tiles on the left and right, and my massive dick spurt a volley of cum, landing across another random pressure plate. And I was only halfway done!

“Incorrect tiles, skipping 6% of the ascension process.” Surge. All at once, I started to expand. Panicking, I looked up. The ceiling must have been 50 feet tall. I was getting close to being halfway there. I looked forward. About 50 feet ahead of me was it. The doorway. An indescribable feeling of power like no other rose inside me. I couldn’t follow the pattern to the end. I have to dash to it. I am growing too big. With that, I took a step forward, my feet pressing multiple squares, my balls hitting every tile I walked over. “Incorrect tile, skipping ERROR% of the ascension process.”

And then it fully hit me. Grow. My cock steadily rose up to my collarbone. And then up towards my mouth. And then at eye level. My pecs grew into absolute shelves, rivaling the largest pillows you’ve ever seen. My biceps were growing so large, I could barely move my arms in front of me as I took each step. My triceps rippled across my arms, leading into my traps, which were beginning to press into each side of my head. My ass became perfectly sculpted, 2 large globes that invited anything. My thighs and calves looked insane. My feet couldn’t even fit on a tile anymore. They pressed multiple at once. I felt myself growing wider, taller, thicker. More inhuman. I was three quarts of the way across the tiles. Another step. “Incorrect tiles, skipping ERROR% of the ascension process.” GROW. I roared, my moans echoing out across the facility. Each noise got lower in pitch than the last. Each crevice of my body became deeper and deeper as my muscles expanded outwards. I wasn’t just huge. I was MASSIVE.

That was when I felt it again. The ceiling. My head bumped the ceiling! I started to lean down, this once massive space feeling more cramped than ever. My back and arms grew so wide, I started to feel the walls push against them. At this point, I was hitting almost every tile imaginable. The speaker was going crazy. I leaned forward, almost putting myself in a prone position as I began to crawl out, my cock straddled beneath me. It was now past my eye level, getting closer to being even taller than me. My balls dragged behind me. My muscles elevated me off the ground. My arms started to smoosh into the walls. My rippling, massive back started to push against the ceiling. Just…a bit…further. My head slid through the doorway, the rest of my body growing behind me. My traps pushed heavily against the sides of my head. My pecs started pushing up under my chin. My once 10-pack abs turned into a 14-pack. I strained, and pushed with all my might into the next room. Halfway out. My sides pushed against the doorways, threatening to trap me forever. I yelled as loud as I could before pulling myself the rest of the way through, before collapsing. I was in the final room now. I breathed a sigh of relief, before collapsing from exhaustion, the growth slowing down once again.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

A while later, I sat up, before taking in the room around me. The clock on the wall showed 0:15 remaining. Less than 20 minutes until I either escaped or was stuck here. I looked up. I could tell I grew larger during my exhaustion. I tried to get to my knees. I was nearly immobile at this point. My cock sat slightly above my head, a constant stream of cum sliding off of it. My balls heavily rested on the floor, slowly filling up with more and more seed. I had to be 100 feet tall. Muscled beyond anything in existence. My pecs were larger than the largest king sized beds. You could lose a quarter in the space between my abs. My back flared out so wide, and my arms were nearly stuck at a 90 degree angle. My thighs weren’t just as large as tree trunks, they were nearly double that. My feet were even larger..

A voice rang out once again. “This is the final room. It will also be the most challenging room to fit in depending on what you choose. Good luck.” Click.

I sat up. My cock now stretched higher than my head… slightly. I was so thick. I took stock of my situation in this room. The room was about triple my height and thickness. A large button sat on the left wall that was Blue, and another large button sat on the right wall, that was Red. The text above the blue button stated, “Press to finish your ascension” and the text above the red button stated, “Press to escape”. I didn’t know what to choose. Was it really that simple? How much of the ascension process had I already completed? I knew the choice I had to make. I lumbered forward to the red button on the right wall, and held my hand over it. “Press to Escape”. I pushed it. It was the safer option of the two. Instantly a ring chimed out. Another announcement had begun. “Congrats, you have completed the final step to escaping.” I breathed a sigh of relief. “We didn’t mention how you would escape though. This is the final message.” A click then occurred. The robotic voice then chimed out, “Escape in progress. Fulfilling 200% of the Ascension Process.” 200%?? And that’s when I felt it. A large blanket of static covered my body. Something huge was about to happen. How would this help me escape?!

And then it completely hit me. Surgeeeeee. Everything expanded at once. I could hear my muscles growing. Everywhere. My already-too-big biceps grew impossibly larger. My legs that were larger around than the largest trees were beyond that. They looked like silos! My cock, which was already slightly taller than me, continued to rise up. I could feel myself growing larger, taller, and more muscular in every way. Muscles slid against muscles, forcing me to become more and more of an immobile freak! My balls expanded across the ground, too large to get a handle on. My 14 pack accelerated into a much freakier, larger 16 pack. I didn’t even know it was possible to have such washboard abs. My pecs absolutely covered my vision at this point. They were so large, they hung over 10 feet off the front of my body. My impossibly large cock hugged the crater in between them.

And even still, I grew. This room that was triple my size slowly started to fill out, somehow starting to get small. My legs continued to add more and more size, growing me taller and taller. Suddenly, my cock hit the ceiling. The ceiling?? I braced my arm against the walls, mashing the Blue button by accident. “Completing ascension process”. GLOOORP. More growth. More size. I noticed the growth, and I needed more. The pleasure is just..too..good. Greedy for any size I could get, I continued to hit the blue button. Impossible amounts of muscle began to pack onto my body. My traps pushed against the side of my head. My pecs now touched the other side of the room, locking up underneath my jaw. My back started hugging the wall. My arms trapped themselves at my sides as I grew into an absolute giant. My cock mashed against the ceiling, curving itself around the room. I started tucking in, trying to create as much space as possible. There wasn’t any leftover space, though. Was I going to be trapped in here?

As if to answer my question, the walls started to strain, and buckle. Air rushed in through the open gaps. Deciding I’d had enough of this, I stood up straight. The walls blew off, the facility crumbling down to the ground around me. My feet spread out across the ground, covering more and more distance. My balls continued to balloon. And my cock…it must have been double my height. It jetted into the sky at a straight up angle. My muscles continued to inflate. The mounting pressure came to an accumulation. Instantly, I shot the largest, whitest ropes I had ever seen. Pure screams of pleasure launched from my lips as my voice rumbled across the forest. I was a muscle god, larger than any creature that had ever walked this earth. I humped the air wildly, trying to please myself in any wall possible. My muscle bound arms sliding up and down my humongous cock.

Off in the distance, I could see the city I drove from. I could tell I was just as tall as the tallest buildings. Had I really grown that much? The trees of the forest reached up to my calves. I could feel my muscles beginning to slow their growing pace. I was lost in the pleasure. To an ordinary person, I was no longer a human of this world. I was nearly 1,000 feet in height. Muscles covered muscles. Each part of me had an impossible amount of definition. Each curve of my body shimmered in the light, mixed with sweat and cum. I must have been tens of thousands of pounds heavy. My cock rose high in the sky above, a constant waterfall running down it onto my impossibly gigantic pecs. I could barely move, and that was okay.

Moaning, I looked at the facility below. The ground rumbled with my animalistic sounds. Ascension Escape Games had turned into an absolute wreckage. I smiled. Not only have I escaped, I have ascended beyond mankind. And with that, my attention went back to my body, ready to please it once again. That’s when I noticed a familiar tingling sensation...

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