Noel’s literary gift

by brazboy

Luciano’s flatmate Noel decides to give him a special Christmas present: a notebook that guarantees that everything written in it is true. The notebook is as powerful as it sounds, although it also seems to be affected by Luciano’s desires and perhaps its own innate mischievousness, creating a snowball effect that twists the entire world. 

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First Page Luciano’s flatmate Noel decides to give him a special Christmas present: a notebook that guarantees that everything written in it is true. The notebook is as powerful as it sounds, although it also seems to be affected by Luciano’s desires and perhaps its own innate mischievousness, creating a snowball effect that twists the entire world.  (added: 24 Dec 2022)
Second Page
Third Page
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First Page

On the 21st of December, handsome Noel knocked on the door to Luciano’s room, who was studying at his desk. The tall and tan swimmer looked up, scratching his perfect abs with his thick muscular arms, and smiled at his flatmate.

“Come in,” he said, and Noel opened the door and entered inside Luciano’s nicely decorated, albeit small, individual room. Other than his desk, the room was basically comprised of a small wardrobe and a big bed, and a window to the park outside. “So, what is the matter?” asked Luciano, immediately smiling as he saw Noel.

“Hey, man, I just wanted to give you your Christmas present before heading back home,” said Noel, making Luciano grin and open one of his drawers.

“Oh! I almost forgot about that! I bought something for you guys as well!” said Luciano, as he pulled three small packages from his drawer, and Noel shook his head.

“Yeah, but this is something especially for you,” responded Noel, and Luciano raised an eyebrow.

“Oh, wow, seriously? For me? Thanks man!” he asked, curious, not seeing anything in Noel’s hands. Noel nodded, moving closer to Luciano. “And what is it?”

“Close your eyes and I’ll give it to you,” said Noel, and Luciano laughed and then, amused, he did as his handsome friend asked him to and closed his eyes shut. Noel smiled and put his hand in his pocket, while at the same time he created a portal through space and time which opened, on the other side, inside the drawer in his own desk, in his own room. He pulled from it, through the portal, a thin and long square gift wrapped with a green paper, symbolizing hope. Then, Noel laid the gift atop Luciano’s lap, and said, “There, you can open your eyes again.”

Luciano did just that and opened his eyes, shocked by how swiftly his mate had picked up his gift and laid it on his lap. He moved to quickly take it up with his two hands and scrutinize it, before signing as if he were about to open it up.

“What is this… a book? I love books but I don’t have much space in my room for them…” Luciano started saying as he moved his hands around the object looking for a way to unwrap the gift without ripping the paper all up. Noel then lowered one of his hands onto Luciano’s hand.

“It’s a secret, for now. Don’t open it until Christmas, all right? Otherwise, it won’t do,” said Noel. “When you do open it, though, remember that I’d never lie to you, and that I just want you to have the best, man. I wanted to pay you back for how amazing you have been to me during the last couple of these years.”

Luciano raised both his eyebrows in shock at the sudden confession, and put his gift atop his desk on the side, ignoring it and focusing on Noel. He stood up and quickly covered the distance between them with two steps, and he immediately lifted his arms to hug Noel, rubbing his back up and down as his delicious swimmer muscles squeezed Noel’s own well-sculptured body.

“Come on, man! No worries, I am very thankful for having you too! You make me wish I had bought you something nicer!” responded Luciano, pulling away from Noel and looking at his slightly red and embarrassed friend’s face. “Don’t worry, all right, I’ll make sure to open the gift only on Christmas… for now, come on, let’s congregate everyone else because I too want to hand you guys your gifts too, before y’all leave for the holidays,” added the handsome swimmer with a calming and warm smile, as he released Noel’s body but grabbed the three small packages he had bought for his roommates. Noel smiled, and then Noel and Luciano both called for bulky and over-muscled Breno and tall and languid Nicolas, so that Luciano could hand over his presents before their roommates each scattered to their commitments for the Christmas week.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

On December 23th, Noel was way away from his current home, back at his parents’ place, way, way north. He was all dressed up and working alongside his father, as the two of them busied themselves loading up their distribution vehicles, and checking that everything was prepared and ready to start work the following day. After finalizing checks, Noel’s dad turned towards him, and patted his son’s broad and reliable back.

“Thank you for coming home to help your old man again, Noel; you know that having you here is what your mom and I ask for Christmas every year,” he said and laughed at his own comment, while Noel turned to his father.

“I know, father,” responded the handsome lad, as he and his father left things ready in the garage and moved back to the residential part of their massive compound. Most of the workers had Christmas Eve and Christmas day off—only Noel and his immediate family were needed in that busiest of days. Noel did feel a bit overwhelmed by all this, coming back home after a whole year away and having to help his dad at work, but in a sense it really felt to him like this was the least he could do for his family.

As soon as they were back in the house properly, Noel’s father moved to the kitchen to greet Noel’s mom, but not before he turned to his son and lifted an eyebrow.

“By the way, Noel, why did you ask me for so many meters of paper from the list of naughty kids?” asks Noel’s father, as the lad was moving towards the stairs to go to his old room.

He swallowed dry. “Ah, nothing, just some projects I had in mind,” he responded, and his father frowned.

“You know how powerful that stuff is, don’t you? I trust that you remember what happened when you were a child and scribbled on the naughty’s list that the Easter Elephant was actually a Rabbit, right?” said mister Natal. Noel smirked and laughed internally, but nodded solemnly.

“Of course, father, I promise you that I didn’t do anything bad with the papers, I just used them to reward someone who was a very good boy this year, and the last few years, for all they’ve done in the past,” responded the cunning 23-year-old. Noel’s father seemed less than half convinced by the response, but then he was summed to the kitchen by Noel’s mother, and the aforementioned subject was thereafter dropped.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

After Noel had left on the 21st to spend Christmas at home working at his family’s business, Breno was picked up by some friends on the 22nd to spend the holidays with them at a beach house, while Nicolas left the day after to catch a plane and go back to the family farm for summer. Luciano, thus, was spending Christmas Eve alone in their otherwise empty apartment. Due to the heat, he closed all the windows and turned on the air conditioning, before sitting at his desk to study a bit and listen to some music. After some hours of this, Luciano stood up and went to the kitchen to grab some water, glancing at his phone and opening his social media as he crossed the different rooms, and immediately seeing a load of people commenting about Christmas and posting pictures with their families and friends.

Seeing everyone’s posts, Luciano smiled, drank his water and sent some replies before coming back to his room. As he entered his room, he glanced up from the screen, and looking at his desk he noticed the present Noel had given him a few days back, still wrapped, laying right where he had left it days before, unattended. Luciano smiled, suddenly happier despite still feeling lonely, as he remembered his mate’s cute thoughtfulness and mild discomfort as they hugged.

“He told me to open it on Christmas proper,” he thought, and then glanced down at his phone once more and checked the hour and date: it was just 10 minutes past midnight. It was Christmas, properly and officially. As tradition said, he could open the gift.

As such, Luciano smiled and walked to his desk, sitting his nice ass comfortably on his chair, and grabbing the present with both hands. He slowly ripped the wrapping paper, trying not to destroy it too much, but ended up giving up half way through. He lifted an eyebrow as the present was slowly revealed to be a simple but well-made hand-crafted notebook. The notebook’s cover was as white as the pages, and only after opening it did Luciano’s notice that there was a note tucked between the cover and the first page. He grabbed it and read it thusly:

Dear Luciano,

I wanted to present you with something that would give you as much as you have given me. This is a notebook to help make your wishes come true, no matter how wild they are, or how stupid; how complex or how simple. Just write anything on its pages, and it will surely become true. I know this sounds like fantasy, but it really isn’t. I trust your judgment, like you have trusted mine so many times before. Just try to be specific, because if you aren’t, the book will fill in the gaps.

Be a good boy, and merry Christmas,

Reading the kind message written in his friend’s handwriting made Luciano’s heart melt and he gave a genuine smile as he put the note aside, and scratched his abs, looking at his gift and appreciating Noel’s craftsmanship. It would surely have taken him some time to make such a nice, personalized present.

“I guess something happened to Noel these days to make him behave like this,” whispered Luciano to himself, somewhat amused and somewhat worried about Noel’s mental health, but feeling overwhelmingly touched by the note and the simple nature of the individualized present he had received. Luciano grabbed a pen from his desk and immediately wrote his name on the cover, and then opened it in the first page, biting his lips as he thought about what he should write.

“Well, if everything I write down will become true, I guess I should write positive things,” mused the lad, as he smiled, and innocently started scribbling: “This Christmas I got the best gift ever,” he wrote, and immediately laughed because he realized that that was already true. Luciano then shrugged, before he continued, “and I’ll get a call from my boss saying I got a promotion,” he completed, less hopeful than amused. He laughed at his own silliness writing that useless sentence down, but then he jumped on his own seat in shock as his cellphone started ringing. Luciano’s eyes widened as he almost fearfully answered the call, his heart beating fast in anticipation.

“Hello, Luciano da Silva? This is Claro calling you to offer…” the female voice on the other side of the line started saying, and he rolled his eyes and immediately turned down the call. He laughed at himself, feeling a bit stupid for having taken Noel’s words literally even if just for one second, before throwing his cellphone on his bed.

“Silly me, of course writing something down isn’t literally going to change reality and make it true! Idiot! Simpleton!” he said, laughing and glancing at the open notebook. “I should just write whatever makes me feel good,” he thought, and, raising an eyebrow, grabed his pen again and sighed. What he didn’t realize, though, is that he had missed a second call directly from his boss while he had answered his phone—it was like the universe was joking with him, but he couldn’t even fathom it.

Luciano now just tapped his pen on the notebook’s first page’s second line, as he pondered about what to write next.

“Luciano,” he started writing, “you are a very handsome, athletic and smart young man, and anyone would be lucky to date you! You can achieve anything you want, if you put your mind to it!” he completed, and then he stared at the text, lifting an eyebrow. As he was reading it over, though, he gasped, as he felt his face get warmer, as if it were actually changing. He also felt his muscles throbbing and gaining more shape and density. Strangest of all, to his amazement, he started remembering things that he was sure hadn’t happened!

Luciano stood up gasping in shock, as his room’s light started flickering. Was there an outage? But as the light came back, the space around him had completely changed! His room now had a shelf full of medals atop his desk, and a painting he had made hung on the wall. He took a step back, confused, as his mind was flooded with memories of things that couldn’t have been: he now remembered winning basically every single competition he partook in, from athletics to chess and academics, during all of his life. He remembered excelling at everything he attempted: winning swimming competitions, sparring events, leading his football team to the national high school podium—and all that even though he also remembered being a mediocre albeit dedicated swimmer, and an only slightly above average student, at the same time! He shook his head, confused, glaring towards the notebook and reading what he wrote again.

“It can’t be!” he said, jumping on his bed and grabbing his cellphone. In shock, Luciano noticed he had a lost call from his boss. He stared in shock, and then called him back. A deep voice answered on the other side.

“Boss?” asked the now handsomer, taller and overall more attractive Luciano, surprised at how deliciously velvety his voice had become. He sounded shocked on the phone, almost afraid.

“Luciano? Oh, is it you calling back?” asked his boss’s voice, and Luciano marveled in shock, hearing the sound of children running the background. “I am sorry for calling you at this time on a holiday, but I got the confirmation yesterday and for some reason I felt the urge to inform you immediately. Congratulations, lad, you got the new managerial position! Considering your resumé it’s not really a surprise, I’m sure, but anyway, I hope this news will cheer up your Christmas,” said the boss, as his wife shouted something in the back. Luciano, meanwhile, was gasping in shock, now remembering something that he knew hadn’t been true just minutes before: being that he achieved anything he strove to do, he had simply become his company’s best-performing employee after less than six months on the job! All these new memories rewriting every little detail of his life were overwhelming, but Luciano tried not to overthink them too much as he stared towards the notebook still sitting on his desk as if it were a nuclear bomb.

“Thanks, boss, I have got to go!” responded the handsome overachiever, ending the call and gasping, as he threw his head on his pillow in shock and almost yelled, “Fuck! It’s real!” he exclaimed in utter shock, to the surprise of his neighbors.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

After realizing the notebook Noel had gifted him did quite literally exactly what it promised, Luciano went to the bathroom and stared at himself in the mirror. He pulled his shirt off, and then pushed down his pants and underwear, getting naked, and admiring his new form. He was now much, much more handsome than before, and his muscles—which were once nice but humble—now were abundant and simply put, perfectly proportioned and deliciously thick. His face was now like a perfected form of what he knew he had looked like less than five minutes prior, even if he had a parallel set of memories in his mind which told him he had always been perfectly attractive in all ways—so attractive that now, just admiring himself made his penis engorge and start hardening.

“My god where did Noel get this book?!” Luciano asked himself out loud as he appreciated his body’s image moving on the mirror, posing for himself and remembering all the times throughout his life when people asked him if he was a model, or invited him to become one—something he never did because he wasn’t interested in that kind of thing. Slowly but surely, Luciano’s gaze fell on his familiar rod. He lowered his hands to touch it and stroke it until it got hard—it was the same cock he remembered, and he had always liked it, but now it seemed so… insufficient. He bit his lips.

“I… I can change other things, there’s no reason to accept things as they are anymore,” he thought to himself, and still totally naked he ran back to his room, sat on his chair as his cock now slapped his perfectly carved out abs, and smirked, grabbing his pen. “Okay… okay, let’s try this,” he thought, and started writing.

“My cock is,” he wrote, and then thought for a second, as he bit his lips, and then shrugged, throwing away useless inhibitions. “55 centimeters long, and perfectly proportionate, as are my mango-sized cum-chugging balls,” he continued, doubling his penile length and increasing his scrotum by multiple factors. Luciano immediately started moaning, feeling his rod lengthen and thicken against his abs, crawling up and up against his muscles as his balls gained fatness and weight, making his legs spread out naturally. Ricardo’s slit was drooling even more pre as his cock trembled upwards, and he panted, getting more involved in what he was writing, more focused, memories old and new swirling inside his brain and mixing with desires hidden and exposed.

“People are impressed by it, but it isn’t that abnormal to have guys who are twice as big as average, such as myself. Ten, no, twenty percent of guys are at least 40 centimeters long down there, after all,” he wrote, gasping both in shock at his writing and at his own horniness, as his trembling rod slapped his thick chest now, showering his muscles with pre, as if it approved his use of the notebook. Luciano had just significantly increased the cock size of all men in the world, making his proud old 27 centimeters the new world average! It was a big disruptive change which caused rods all around earth to engorge and enlarge at once, some even while fucking or jacking off. Of course, the owners of such rods didn’t notice as their snaked climbed up their abs as they slept, or stretched their partners deeper and wider with each thrust… but it was happening.

And yet, moaning Luciano didn’t even blink, and he surely didn’t stop writing. “All my roommates are larger than that in fact, perhaps that’s why—” he continued, and then risked going on, “that is why,” he continued, “we are so comfortable hanging together naked. We are all extremely handsome, overly muscular and well-hung guys, and we get along well. It is only natural for us, being more than 2 meters tall and having all incredibly muscular bodies which put high-level athletes to shame, that we are comfortable with each other!” he completed, and as Luciano wrote those last few lines, he felt a surge of heat inside himself, as his muscles contracted and flexed, expanding, gaining even more mass than they already had. His height also grew, accommodating his new muscles better, but those throbbed and engorged at an even faster pace than his bones shot up, making him look bulkier by the second. Luciano’s cock, now stable in size, rubbed against his growing and thickening pecs, which were becoming so large as to be able to compete with most pillows.

At the same time as he moaned, gasped and felt his body heat up and change, new memories flooded Luciano’s mind: a new teenagerhood where he was taller than almost every other guy by a palm or more, which made him the perennial center of attentions; a new college life where he was the leading athlete of three teams, and where he attracted fans like light attracts flies. He remembered now it being almost impossible to go to the locker room without having guys gawking, watching, approaching him, and asking to feel up his massive and oversized body, sometimes asking for work out tips—and of course, Luciano would usually let them touch him, showing them how to better grasp and shake his muscles and feel up all parts of him.

Luciano should have been worried with the way those changes were being produced: the world was mutating fast and wide, and if he had stopped to think about it, he’d have noticed that not only were his desires being influenced by the notebook, but that the notebook was changing the world informed by his wishes even beyond was he was plainly writing in those pages. For instance, a whole new class of 2-plus-meters tall men with 40-centimeter-or-more dongs had been created, and now comprised 20% of all men on earth, amongst which were Luciano and the three of his flatmates. A multitude of changes to architecture, world history and society were made to accommodate this new population, including social norms that were far more accepting of homoeroticism.

Not thinking about all those complications, but rather, feeling his body trembling and transforming as his room was once again redecorated, Luciano dropped his pen and immediately grabbed his cock, stroking its deliciously long and fat, oozing wet length with both hands. His room was shifting, as was his flesh—now there was a special bucket next to his extra-sturdy bed, especially placed there for collecting cum whenever Luciano needed. His memories warped again, informing him about a new version of his and all of his friend’s lives—and Luciano finally realized, as he stroked his cock while his arms and body expanded in size, gasping, that he had changed a significant portion of humanity all at once! Luciano gasped, biting his lips as he squeezed his massive rod, his arms and chest trembling and lengthening at once, as he mind visited new memories of jacking off and playing with his current and past well-endowed roommates. Thinking about it now, most of his memories now played like a porn movie, and that plus the feeling of his expanding size and his overly hung and delicious red rod made Luciano moan as his balls trembled, and he lowered his head—as somehow he knew he now was used to doing—to envelop his massive glans with his thick and perfectly hot lips, and swallow his own orgasm as it came in two dozen thick white milky jets crossing his slit at amazing speed and with surprising volume.

Luciano tasted himself for the first and thousandth time at once, sitting on his chair as his balls and growing muscles trembled, his blood boiling with exquisite orgasmic bliss. Luciano’s eyes rolled, as the now massive 215 centimeters tall giant with a cock almost a quarter the length of his body gasped and swallowed all his erupting seed, sucking and suckling from his own manly member. As he finished ejaculating, Luciano pulled his lips from around his gland with a wet plop and, panting, started licking and suckling the leftover juices drooling out of his slit. He grabbed his cum bucket and put it in front of his chair, and then let his fat softening cockhead fall into it and calmy drool and drain itself into the bucket, as his own attention moved back to the notebook. Jacking off was fun, but Luciano’s mind couldn’t help thinking about how much more fun it could soon become.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Breno woke up in the middle of the night, sweating cold. It was just past midnight, and for some reason his whole massive body was trembling, his muscles all contracting unconsciously, as his massive dong throbbed atop his abs, poking the underside of his deliciously thick pecs, which were being showered in his overflowing pre. The tall and hardy hunk moaned, lifting his hand to squeeze his rod as he slowly grew conscious of his situation.

“Hmmm, why are you trembling so bad?” he thought, unaware that his body had completely transformed in the last few minutes, and that the gigantic muscles he was using to massage his half-a-meter long cock were brand new. Breno had always been a handsome and muscular guy but, despite his memories, he had never been a towering 2-and-a-half-meter tall musclebound titan, as such things didn’t exist before the last couple minutes.

“Man… are you going to jack off again, for real?” mumbled his friend, who was sleeping beside Breno. Breno had gotten together with three of his former college mates to rent this beach house, but they had got themselves such a small place to save on money that the house’s single bedroom only really had two beds, forcing Breno’s muscular self and two of his friends to sleep on the floor, snugging together, mostly around Breno’s voluminous self.

Breno sighed, starting to raise his torso, lifting himself up. Of course, that means his cock rubbed against his abs, and then laid on his chest, trembling hungrily, as he sat up. Breno was now squeezing his massive shaft up and down as he moaned, thick pre coating his body. His mate sat up too, and touched his massive chest.

“Come on, let’s get outside... I can help you with that,” said the 191 centimeters tall muscular and also naked jock that had been sleeping on Breno’s right. Breno nodded, and the two walked outside of the bedroom, through the tiny living room and kitchen, and then to the deck outside of the small rented house.

“I don’t quite understand why my cock is throbbing so hard… I mean… I jacked off twice before going to bed, it wasn’t supposed to be like this,” said a confused Breno, stroking his rod as he sat on a chair that allowed him to watch the beach in the distance, the moon still high on the sky, and his amazing nuts hanging out of the seat. Breno’s handsome and muscular friend, Gustavo, shrugged, as he moved himself until he stood in front of massive Breno, spreading his two massive legs, and then using his own athletic arms to grab Breno’s monstrous and hungry pre-spewing rod.

“Who cares? It’s always like this… you know why we always make sure to have at least three guys when we invite you to travel with us, don’t you? Because at least one has to be babysitting your cock at all times, or you start coating everything with your sticky pre and cleaning that shit off is awful… we don’t mind it, it is what it is and we are used to it, but there’s no need to pretend otherwise. Let’s just get your hardon dealt with, all right, man?” said Gustavo, commandingly, as he lowered Breno’s rod until it was parallel to the ground, and held it with one hand in that position as his other hand stroked his own penis, until the smaller rod was hard at its deliciously thick 29 centimeters. Breno bit his lips.

“Babysit my cock! That’s ridiculous, I can perfectly take care of… ohhh, fuuuuuck!” started complaining Breno, until his eyes rolled and the bit his lips as Gustavo thick and fat throbbing cock slid inside his urethra, widening Luciano’s wet and drooling slit, and stretching his already massive rod in all direction. As Gustavo started fucking Breno’s cock with his own well-endowed manhood, Breno stops talking and starts moaning, as his large hands move to his muscular chest, and started stroking his pecs, and pinching his own nipples. “Fuck man, you are stretching my slit so wide!” gasped moaning Breno as Gustavo thrust his cock and hips back and forth, both of his hands now massaging Breno’s long shaft up and down.

“Hmmmm, better than pussy! So warm, tight and wet…!” moaned Gustavo, as he rocked his body back and forth sliding his majestic rod into and out of Breno’s gigantic member, his sizeable balls slapping the wet purple cockhead which trembled around Breno’s penis to try and push out Breno’s pre.

Naturally, Gustavo panted and started sweating under the moonlight, as his hips moved more and more frantically, until Breno gasped, wrapped his hands around Gustavo’s hips, and pulled him away from his hole. Gustavo’s cock slid out of Breno’s gapping wet slit with a plop. Released, both hard rods bob up and slap their owners’ respective abs, and as Breno pulls Gustavo towards him, Gustavo’s whole muscular body slams against Breno’s immense rod, which is trembling and throbbing and oozing on the massive hunk’s pecs and chest, until it bursts in hot wetness between the lads, gushing out liter after liter of cum which flies up and then lands around them and on the house’s cum-dump garden, coating the flowers and bushes in white male seed.

“Fuuuuuck, I really needed this one!” exclaimed panting Breno with a grumbling gasp as his massive rod starts softening and slaps Gustavo’s own nice muscles, coating him in warm oozing leftover cum. Gustavo laughed, pulling himself away from Breno and shrugging with his slippery hands, his humble cock still hard and sliding against Breno’s softening manhood.

“Yeah, yeah, I know, look, you brought those ants a tropical white Christmas,” mocked Gustavo, pointing at the small cum garden, covered in warm sticky white, before he slaps Breno’s massive cum-covered chest. “Come on, now, we have got to take a shower before we go back to bed,” he said, and larger and more muscular Breno shrugs and nods, standing up as the two of them go shower together.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Luciano had jacked off twice since he changed his body massively, using his new cum bucket and filling it to capacity before throwing the contents down the drain in the bathroom’s new designer cum drain. Now he felt more normal, like his brain had reconquered his body and taken back full control, forcing his cock to retreat back down to its fortress between Luciano’s massive and muscular trunk-thick legs. Luciano had spent some time after jacking off looking for the differences between his former and his new life which were materialized in the apartment: new pictures and medals, new appliances, differently sized furniture. That entertained him for a while, but soon the muscle hunk was pulled back to his desk, thinking but one thing: “I can do more, why not? I’ve changed many things but there is much still… far, far from perfect. Things aren’t even that different when you think about it… I was pretty conservative,” Luciano thought to himself, as he pulled his now larger chair and laid his bottom upon it, his large watermelon-sized balls swaying between his thick legs.

Luciano grabbed the pen once again, and frowns as he started writing the paragraph below the last one, holding his breath: “Cock and muscles are not the only amazing parts of men’s bodies, however. One cannot ignore the immense capacity that men’s anuses have to stretch, welcoming perfectly all sizes of cock that are sported by other men. One could have thought that that is surprising, but it isn’t since men have always fucked one another and this sort of intimate masculine bonding which all men yearn was greatly advantageous in the evolution of our species,” he wrote, and then immediately Luciano bit his lips, feeling his ass tingling, and his rear growing, warming and stretching. He was naked, which was good, but he could literally feel it as his buns gained mass with each heartbeat, stretching over the wood of the chair, becoming rounder and thicker.

Then, Luciano gasped in surprise—he didn’t know why, but his inner guts were tingling, changing, although that was less visible except by some new liquid oozing down his rear hole. And then he remembered the biology classes from high school—their new versions that now flooded his memory, rather than the old ones: the male human anus was perfect for welcoming cock, and in a sense needed it to keep its ideal functioning, kind of like an exercise. That had come to be due to the extremely social dynamics of human groups, and it was a key way to guarantee cooperation between males—in a way, this need for cock is what separates humans from ships, the textbooks wrote.

Suddenly, Luciano blushed as he remembered that there were in the world many men who—not being that sexually active—received prescriptions of wearing buttplugs for at least so many hours a day as to keep their cock-massaging and gaping rear muscles strong and healthy. Ads for new designs of such implements were even aired on TV, his memories told him! Immediately after remembering that, Luciano draw in a sharp breath, as a collection of different styles of such plugs appeared hanging from a specially designed string inside of his bathroom—with only one missing, the one that the handsome overmuscled stud felt filling his tight but needy hole, at least for now as his roommates were away for vacations.

The fact that a 40-centimeter-long mechanical cock-like buttplug materialized inside his twitching hole could have warned Luciano about the notebook’s weird and overly broad readings of what was written on it, but because this outcome in many ways (and rather benevolently) matched what Luciano would have liked to have written, he didn’t problematize it too much. Luciano just enjoyed the feelings washing through him as his massive hole was stretched by a perfectly proportioned buttplug which stretched and exercised his hole in all the right ways—ways he was now biologically wired to need. Soon, in fact, the moaning hunk realized that he could easily squeeze said mechanical plug by flexing and stretching and controlling new muscles that wrapped around it, which he had inadvertently given all male humans on earth.

Enjoying those powerful changes, however, in no way made Luciano stop writing, as he continued: “And, on the other end, the male mouth and neck have not only developed to engulf cock and to avoid the waste of abundant sexual juices, but human males also evolved exquisite and comparatively massive and muscular ever-wet tongues to be able to tend to their mate’s cocks,” he wrote, and then gasped in shock as his tongue doubled in his mouth and his cock throbbed against his abs, becoming two and then three hard half-a-meter-long hungry rods. Inadvertently, Luciano has just increased the number of tongues and cocks that men possessed all over the world!

“Fuck, fuck… how can I deal with two tongues and three cocks?!” he asked himself, thinking of rewriting that last part, but then deciding that there was absolutely no need to be parsimonious—his notebook was not for scientific conjecture, but for literary fun. And thus, he smirked, letting his two massive longue tongues swirl outside of his lips, like drooling snakes, as he continued scribbling. “Of course, the multiplicity of cocks and tongues doesn’t affect all men, however, but only those who, like me and so many of us, have been endowed with multiple limbs. In my case, for example, I’m fortunate enough to have four arms, which allows me to tend to all of my three cocks whenever needed. There are other cases like mine, and others less or more extreme, like Nicolas who has three pairs of arms and legs,” wrote Luciano, as he gasped, his massive torso stretching more upwards, adding another pair of massive muscular pecs below the existing one, and also new rolls of abs to boot. Quickly, two small budding arms surged from his torso, growing in size until they become a thick and perfectly sized second pair of lower arms under his usual two. Luciano’s new hands grabbed and started squeezing his new side cocks immediately, as he used the upper arms to continue writing and holding the notebook in place, moaning.

“It is truly fantastic how well designed the masculine body is,” he wrote, biting his lips as he stroked his two side cocks, and the one in the middle slapped his precious abs and his new thick pair of lower pecs. “How beautiful and how much pleasure it brings, and how productive it is in terms of its liquids and labor. It is almost hard to believe that such muscular and handsome creatures as men evolved naturally, their towering rods, their amazing muscles and their height! It is not every day that I see men such as myself, towering over three meters tall and with cocks that cover a full meter in length but…,” he wrote, raising the size of the average men and cock proportionately to his own, and then gasped deep and moaned as his muscles gained mass, becoming rounder and harder and more massive. Luciano’s four massive arms now rubbed against one another even at rest, and much more so as he wrote and beat his rods at once. Luciano’s whole mass was trembling as he squeezed and stroked his cocks which engorged and grew around his also expanding hands, as he shot up in muscle mass and height once more, and as he hummed and gasped lost in the mix of new memories and even newer fantasies. And so he continued writing.

“But when I do—which thinking about it now, is not so abnormal anyway, as we are many—I am always continuously impressed, it never gets old,” he wrote, and suddenly men all over the world who were old became handsome and young once more, as the aging process basically slowed down after 25 and men who were 80 or 90 would still look like they were in their late 30s and early 40s. That last change turned all of history completely upside down, making the world both more populated by perfectly matured hunks and sturdy handsome lads, but also rewriting history and Luciano’s whole life almost completely. That last innocent sentence increased substantially how much the notebook’s changes affected the world in all sorts of ways, including physically. Overwhelmed as memories and dreams swirled and mixed with pre-orgasmic bliss and need in his mind, Luciano couldn’t help but gasp and tremble as he still jacked his two side cocks, although he bit his lips and managed to continue writing a few more lines.

“It is amazing living like this, and sharing each other’s massive organism-gasms! We are all so fucking lucky!” he scribbled in the end of the page, and then gasped letting his pen fall as his twin side-cocks, each a meter in length, trembled and delivered copious milk all over his desk, his massive four pecs and twelve abs, coating even Luciano’s thick hair and handsome face in his overly productive male juices. As he came for a prolonged moment, Luciano gasped and drooled as his massive twin tongues trembled, his salivary glans squirting spit as his body was overwhelmed with bliss all over—his four regal nipples squirting delicious fluids too, as all his muscles trembled in apparent biological chaos. It was Luciano’s first, although also thousandth, organism-gasm.

As he slowly recovered from his life-changing whole-body orgasm, Luciano feared having ruined the book, but he quickly realized that its pages were completely unaffected by everything other than ordinary ink. Calmed, but slowly horny once again, Luciano stood up at 3,50 meters tall, his head almost scratching the ceiling at this point, and went to the bathroom, so he could jack off once again and experiment those wonderful feelings until they became as ordinary to him as he memories told him they were without having to worry much about cleaning up later.


Second Page

Luciano woke up drooling, after falling asleep in their apartment’s bathtub, early in the morning. Slowly, he raised his four hands and groped his massive chest, which shocked him somewhat—he had always been tight and had always had a nice body, but this? He didn’t use to have pecs as broad as televisions and as thick as pillows, much less two pairs of them! And they surely didn’t use to be crowned with nice drooling nipples either! Then he gasps, as he feels his cocks trembling, noticing that he had three of them throbbing atop his abs. Immediately thereafter, as he groped his oozing slits, and moaned from it, he realizes that he is sleeping covered not in warm water, but in a pool of his own pre!

In shock, Luciano gasped and lifts himself, pre splashing everywhere and drooling down his enormous muscles, as his mind was flooded with new and old memories—he had changed himself, and the world. That was real, and this was his new self! This was his new reality! He started groping his body, realizing it was truly hot and deliciously existent—his buns were this thick now, and his hungry rear hole was indeed penetrated by a thick 80-centimeters-long plug to help keep his muscles comfortable down there.

Luciano then remembered the notebook, and he immediately felt tempted to leave the bathroom to write on it again—he could even write himself clean for God’s sake! But breathing in and out as his mind processed his new body and state, he slowly convinced himself that a few minutes washing and exploring his new body and settling down in it wouldn’t be bad. Therefore, Luciano lowered himself, flexing his massive muscles, and unclogged the special cum-drainer in the bathtub before turning on the hot water, washing himself with soap and scrubbing all his massively thick muscles with his four massive arms—the parts which he couldn’t reach were cleaned with a long and natural sponge which was deliciously hard and scratchy on the skin.

Washing his godly body, Luciano could not resists touching, feeling and squeezing all parts of his delicious muscles—they was still new to him, despite him also remembering always having been this big and hot. Still, Luciano felt a constant thrill of everlasting novelty as he touched his thick muscular ass with his lower hands, and his body told him that those perfect round beachball-sized humps were indeed his. Soon, Luciano’s upper hands were fondling and stroking two of his cocks under the warm shower, until he noticed—and them remembered—the sperm-draining hole in the wall.

The sperm-draining hole was a part of the normal residential showering facilities for guys his size. It was comprised of a round hole in the wall, which was filled with a special type of foam. All a hunk had to do was slide his hard rod inside the hole, forcing with his manly wood that the foam opened itself for his member, offering delicious albeit futile resistance. The well-endowed man then slammed his cock in and out of the hole at will, until he ejaculated inside, and the hole’s draining system would take care of his load, which could be flushed or re-used in the garden. Then, after the hunk released his seed as much and as many times as needed, the stud simply pressed a button and his cock was showered with deliciously warm water, squeezed and soaped and cleansed by the moving and twisting foam, which used an electric motor to swirl and vibrate around the aforementioned virile rod, beating it violently.

Luciano, having—at the same time—never used this system before and used it constantly, smirked at the chance of experiencing the delicious milking and automatic washing on that most sensitive part of his massive body. The lad slid his enormous meter-long central cock inside the sperm-draining hole and started fucking it, his six balls slapping and slamming the bathroom wall faster and harder as he grunted, thrusting his hips back and forth as two of his four hands massaged his side cocks (the other two playing with his buns), until he orgasmed and his rods all trembled at once, releasing abundant milk inside the hole and all over him. Luciano then pressed the button, and his center cock was showered with soap and warm water, and violently washed and polished by the machine, as the poor lad trembled and drooled under the warm shower water, shocked by the violence and consequent bliss with which the machine treated his midrod. When the washing was done, Luciano was panting and short of breath, but his midcock came out of the machine perfectly clean and tidy, while his post-orgasmic side penises were resting against his massive arms, still drooling cum.

Luciano then milked and drained his side cocks, washed up all his sex juices, and soaped and cleaned his massive muscles with the experience of someone who was used to being a musclebound giant. Quickly he dried himself with a towel and then went out of the shower to his room, carrying his dangling balls and cocks which swayed delightfully exposed. Entering his room, Luciano found Noel’s gift exactly where he had left it: sitting atop his desk, his pen still resting on it. Luciano sat on his now reinforced chair, and grabbed his pen with his upper right hand. He smirked, as his lower right hand turned the page.

“Now I know that this is the real deal… I can really change anything I want!” he thought to himself, ecstatic, and bit his lips, a bit overwhelmed with the responsibility that this realization brought upon his gigantic two sets of shoulders. Finally, Luciano shrugged, thinking that as long as he had that book there was no reason to be nervous—he could always change things in the future, and even change time back, anyway! He just needed to have fun for now, it being literally useless to worry about possible bad consequences which could be undone, anyhow.

Reassured and smiling, Luciano started writing in the first line of the second page. “It is very fortunate that we live in a world where men are used to helping one another, and where taboos like incest and having public sex are considered more than irrelevant, but even negative, as they would prevent lads from learning from one another how to properly deal with their bodies in all different contexts where they need to use them. It wouldn’t be easy for young men to manage their gigantic sexual prowess, their large muscular bodies, their cocks averaging around two meters in length, and their multiple limbs which vary from lad to lad, without that knowledge and experience shared by other men they trust, available in different spaces and in diverse opportunities. This is especially crucial considering that the spectrum of male sexuality basically centers around exclusive homosexuality, and so dealing with men is itself the most important skill,” he wrote, and then he stopped for a second, frowning, as his own cocks started trembling and growing as Luciano realized he had just quadrupled the size of men’s cocks all over the world, and also his own, which he had previously defined in a roundabout way as twice the size of the average.

As he felt his cocks grow to a full four meters and twenty of limp fatness, sliding out of his chair in three different direction and then resting on the floor below, comfortably nested on his sides or between his legs, Luciano though that it wouldn’t be too good to make it too unlikely for humans to reproduce, and then continued writing.

“That is also why its fortunate that men can get pregnant from other men, although when that happens three quarters of their children will also be men ,” he wrote, and then smiled, satisfied with himself, but continued without even a second to rethink. “Which is something that many people favored throughout history as, given that men’s average height is of four… or rather, six meters, and given their average weight of 500 kilograms of sheer muscle, men were much more productive than women in the era of labor-intensive agriculture,” he wrote, as he felt his own muscles ballooning, and his height rising incredibly too, basically doubling, as his body got bigger and warmer and his muscles thicker and broader all at once.

As he grew once more, Luciano panted, and now his whole room and the whole building shook like an earthquake—expanding in size to accommodate all those new oversized men, which were now not a minority, but a majority of mankind. In fact, even furniture was getting larger now—all, except for Noel’s unreplaceable gift, seemed to be getting re-sized for this new expanded reality.

As he wrote, though, Luciano’s mind got flooded with new images of his new past—now instead of being a towering giant amongst generously-sized but incomparable hunks throughout all of his life, he remembered being a titan amongst (slightly lesser) titans. That was surely fun, it had always been fun, but it was not quite as fun as having been larger than almost everyone. And so, as his muscles shook and filled his growing body, even as he sweated cold and his chair changed in material and size, and as he had to readjust his whole writing position to sit sideways as his chest became too thick for his mighty arms to close in front of his torso, Luciano continued writing.

“Size being an advantage, though, there was always a level of specialization. Even now my roommates and I, for example, average at 10 meters of height with much stronger bodies than average guys, and our cocks and balls are also proportionately larger, certainly due to our families’ histories in the past, perhaps as warriors or workers in particular professions,” wrote Luciano, and then he felt the building around him tremble and shake again as it became a specialized housing unit for those larger and even more massive hunks like himself, as he shrugged and thought that he didn’t need to invent excuses for what he wanted to happen to happen—the world, fate, or the notebook would easily rationalize things for him anyway. He just needed to write, write and change things. Write and change himself, as his rods grew like snakes now to eight meters. Write and change his neighbors, who were now all male and all massively oversized, too large even for this world where men averaged at 6 meters of height and 500 kilograms of muscular weight! As those changes took effect, Luciano’s center cock coiled and slid under his also oversized desk, as his two massive sidecocks slid under his massive bed or laid lazily over the middle of the room, forming an amazing amalgamation of 24 meters of cock around Luciano.

As Luciano’s muscles throbbed and gained mass and size and definition, his body shot up in height and his limbs too grew perfectly proportionately. It didn’t take long after that for Luciano to get to the bottom of the page, and when he did, he let go of the pen. His muscles were all rubbing one against the other, and his limp rods were exquisitely squeezed and coiled between or under specialized furniture, each almost as long now as he was tall. Luciano knew, as his four hands were now free, that he had changed a lot of things at once. One of his hands immediately went to his chest, and squeezed his upper pecs, which caused his nipples to drool sweet milk; his second hand went to his fat and enormous center cock, pulling the head up, which he knew and felt was protected by a condom-like plastic sheet so se could drag it around and not get everything sticky. He removed this sheet from all his three cockheads, and then pulled his three fat shafts up, letting them rest over three of his shoulders—two atop his lower shoulders, hugged by his massive upper arms. Luciano’s two other hands, meanwhile, were working basically massaging his restless shafts around his abs, making him feel warm and comfortable.

Then, Luciano stood up immediately and, completely naked, he left the apartment to go outside to a Christmas jackoff that he knew was happening in the park in front of their building. It was not only his own body that had changed, or even his home—holidays, culture, the country, the city, it was all different now. Incredibly long car designs crossed the street carrying handsome men inside, always with their engines at the back as the massive front storage space was kept for welcoming passenger cocks, for example. Similarly, as Luciano left his building and crossed the street, his eyes saw what only he recognized as the new type of Christmas trees: imperial palms, covered not in fake snow but in fake cum, representing the everlasting hardness of male’s throbbing wet rods even during the harshest times of the year.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Nicolas was sleeping almost until lunchtime, since he and his family had had a long Christmas supper and gift exchange the night before, and even after that, he had had to take care of both his younger brothers whom he hadn’t met in months, making sure to fill their holes with his towering older and more experienced manhood, one at a time, and then feeding them from his amazingly plump milk-squirting nipples. As such, he woke up atop his two large younger brothers, each stacked atop the younger one—19-year-old Nelson was the one bellow, laying belly down on their sturdy bed, his 8-meter-long body squashed by his older brothers’ weight, his four legs spread wide apart as are his two thick arms, and his own two cocks throbbing and oozing down the side of the bed, rubbing together, as his two asses were covered by his elder’s two set of balls, and his double holes were filled by his elder’s sleepy and throbbing twin erections.

Atop Nelson laid 21-year-old Natan, whose double cocks rose from his two crotches, as he had two sets of legs like his younger sibling. His twin erections were hidden as they were fully engulfed and being milked by Nelson’s naturally contracting and squeezing rear muscles, so perfectly designed for milking big bro cock’s out of their delicious and warm juices. Natan’s nine meters of thick and compacted muscles rested atop Nelson’s body, surrounding and protecting the younger lad’s massive body almost completely, as the middle brother slept with his arms wrapped around Nelson’s amazingly thick younger arms. Above the other two, there laid Nicolas, whose two immense manhoods were fully engulfed inside Natan’s long and deliciously tight twin holes. Nicolas only had two legs and one ass himself, but from his single crotch rose two 4 and a half meter-long cocks which he used to open up his younger brothers and fill them up, as his three arm sets created a sort of massively thick and muscular cage around them—his six big bro nipples drooling milk as he smelled his younger brothers under him, whose asses trembled as the three brothers breathed in and out in unison, and moved their bodies fucking and caressing one another.

Seeing that as he came into their bedroom, the hunks’ older cousin came and slapped Nicolas’s single but deliciously hard ass loudly and hard, making the oldest of the three brothers moan and move his hips up and down instinctively, fucking gasping Natan’s tight but hungry holes, which trembled massaging his elder’s deliciously massive cocks.

“Wake up, Nico, it’s lunchtime already. Grandpa wants our help later on with the farm,” said cousin Ulisses, himself almost ten meters in height, his sole rod softly wrapped over his shoulders and swinging behind him around as low as his sturdy masculine ass. “Come on, man!” said the cousin, rolling his eyes and giving Nicolas’s buns a sequence of four hard slaps, one with each of his hands, which left his pink ass cheeks burning red, and made the muscular giant gasp and start moving up.

“Come on, Uli, fuck, I haven’t seen my brothers in months, I had to fuck them for hours, and all you and grandpa can think about is kicking down those trees, milking our tits and damming that useless river in the edge of the farm. Do you really think that if you, Paulo and I go down there we can’t block that stream in fifteen minutes? Stop being such a pain in the ass! I came here to relax, not to work!” complained Nicolas as he pulled himself away from his deliciously muscular and tall younger brothers, his cocks also sliding out of Natan as he did so, making the younger lad moan and mumble even if half awake, his little bro rear muscles trembling and amazingly milking Nicolas’ sturdy cocks.

“Bro… come on… leave your cock in me… I missed your cock…,” mumbled Natan, only half-awake. As Nicolas’s cocks slid out of his middle brother, they trembled being tightly milked of their leftover juices by the lad’s perfectly adapted body and, once released, the twin rods popped out of the tight now drooling holes, bobbing up heavily slapping Nicolas’s chests, before the hunk waved his hips to make his rods bump against Ulisses, who rolled his eyes in annoyance, and grabbed his cousin’s twin rods with his upper pair of hands, while his lower hands were crossed over Ulisses’s massive lower chest—nip-cocks resting perfectly over that basket-like self-embrace.

“Do you think I don’t have work back home too? That’s not the point. Grandpa asked for help, so we help grandpa, you spoiled brat! Remember that it was this farm that paid for your college tuition and that its thanks to it that you don’t have student debt!” cursed Ulisses, as he smacked Nicolas’s cockheads punishingly with his thick hands, making the younger stud tremble, as his rods became wetter and redder.

“Let go of my cocks, man! You aren’t my older brother!” cursed Nicolas trying to pull his rods away, but smart Ulisses hugged each of the twin cocks right below their glans with his upper arms, uncrossing his lower arms which now moved to slap and tease Nicolas’s slits. Thanks to that devious and expert strategy, Nicolas’s cocks couldn’t be easily pulled away from his older cousin’s grip. Hearing his younger cousin’s words, the 25-year-old older lad frowned and gasped in shock, and smacked Nicolas’s rods once more, squeezing his glans harshly.

“I’m your older cousin, that’s what I am, you bratty boy!” responded Ulisses, while he lowered his lower hands and then slid his lower arms inside of Nicolas’s respective throbbing manhoods all the way to the elbow, making Nicolas tremble and gasp, moaning and shaking as he tried to pull his rod away. He moaned, and noded, lifting his six hands, framed by his enormously thick arms, as his pecs drooled his thick juices.

“Okay, okay…. Fuuuuck, man…. Damn, your arm is thick! I get it! I’m sorry, Uli! I’ll get ready! Count me in!” he conceded, moaning and mumbling. “I just need to feed my little brothers first and I’ll be out!” he said gasping in shock from the urethral penetration as his body started sweating in pleasure, his muscles trembling from the delight in such a way that his pecs were now squirting and wasting big bro milk. Seeing that concession, Ulisses nodded back, pulling his now incredibly wet arms from his younger cousin’s slits, and licking his fingers.

“Okay, I’ll be waiting for the three of your outside in thirty minutes,” said Ulisses, and then he releases Nicolas’s furious throbbing and wet rods, as Natan moaned, his holes empty trembling and gaping of need. The 21-year-old giant turned around, waking up, and glances at his older brother and cousin.

“Bro… my assholes are empty…,” he complained, as he frowned, and then started raising and lifting his lower body using the strength of his four legs to fuck his younger brother Nelson, who moaned deep crushed under the weight of Natan’s heavy muscles. “If you aren’t going to fill me, brother… then I really need my plugs… and I want milk…,” he mumbled annoyed as Nicolas shrugged, glancing at Ulisses, as if saying ‘I told you’, and the older cousin sighed, before leaving the room.

“I said half an hour!” he emphasized and left the three brothers to their own machinations.


Third Page

Luciano jerked his cock in the park along other large studs, close to the large artificial Christmas palm tree that the city hall put up for visitors, in order the celebrate the bountifulness of their rods, which covered the lake in a good meter-deep layer of male spunk. After that, he went out to eat at a restaurant, spending his Christmas day alone as usual. He was still mesmerized by all the giant hunks going about their lives everywhere—even the smaller ones, at 4 and 5 meters of height, were incredibly sexy to his eyes, although most other people though those massive hunks walking around naked was as natural as the sun rising in the east. However, Luciano couldn’t help but feel sad that he was still alone, until he remembered that he could also change that with the help of his notebook.

Soon, Luciano was back home, sitting on his reinforced-steel chair, atop his massive desk, turned sideways so his lower right arms could write on his uncomfortably small notebook. He turned to a fresh and unspoiled third page, and then pondered a little about what he should write. In a sense, changing everyone and their bodies was something that he had done easily and had had no qualms about, but he felt a bit bad about changing people’s minds. He started writing several times, but ended up scratching it as he couldn’t think of a phrasing that he’d feel comfortably having written.

Soon, however, he painstakingly started scribbling some words: “I wish I won’t be alone at Christmas,” he wrote, and then sighed, knowing that to be already true, anyway, and as his four pecs drooled milk, he continued writing. “Please send me someone to stay with me,” it said, and Luciano laughed, noticing that he was starting to almost personify the notebook, but then he jumped off his own seat when someone knocked on the living room’s door. Luciano immediately stood up, almost tripping on his own massive rods and balls, and ran to the living room, his three cocks drooling as he dragged them around on the ground without a care in the world, and then he quickly got to the open the door.

“Hello, I am from the ‘Help a Lad’ foundation, we help lonely lads to find hunks who can fill their holes on the weekend and on holidas with some real warm meaty rod so their holes are healthy and…,” started the large man standing outside, smiling as he looked up at Luciano, waiving his two muscular arms to try and be engaging, exposing that under them he had two dangling rods with their respective balls. Luciano sighed and quickly retorted that he wasn’t interested and closed the door, almost impolitely. He looked up to the sky.

“Very funny!” he cursed the book, and then he gasped in shock as a laugh came from behind him.

“What’s funny?” asked the deep masculine voice, making Luciano gasp in shock and almost fall back as he turned around too fast, getting his large feet entangled in his three massive swirly limp rods. What he saw, or who he saw, sitting on his couch, was Noel, or a new improved version of him: an 11-meter-tall towering hunk who sported two pairs of legs and three pairs of arms, both massively muscular and deliciously powerful. In between each of his legs there were two fat 3,5-meter-long cocks, and his torso was comprised of 16 amazingly deep abs and 6 deliciously thick pecs, crowned not by nipple but by proportionately massive nipcocks. Noel was also fully naked except by a Santa Claus hat on his head, covering most of his hair.

“Noel! What, how did you get here?! Weren’t you working with your father or something?!” asked a surprised Luciano, and Noel nodded.

“I am, but for some reason I felt an urge to come see how you are doing…,” he said, crossing his six mighty arms in front of his deliciously thick wobbly and meaty pecs. “I don’t have much time but… I kind wanted to see you, I guess. How did you like my gift?” asked Noel, and Luciano frowned.

“It is amazing, I… might have used it a bit much?” responded Luciano, and Noel laughed, standing up.

“No, you did more or less what I thought you would…,” explained Noel, walking towards Luciano, and Luciano scratched his massive center cock, confused. “Except, I have to say, I didn’t think you’d make all guys in the world become gay,” he added with a smirk. Luciano laughed awkwardly.

“We… I can always change it back if you think I overdid it, I guess,” said the tricocked stud, and Noel shook his head.

“I know, but no, I love your work, you were even more creative than I would have been, honestly. I really like it,” said Noel, and Luciano blushed and laughed, as his triplet cocks trembled, starting to harden as they drooled on the ground. Noel’s cocks were also gaining fatness as he walks to Luciano, his massive butts swaying left and right as his four scrotums dance under his long back connecting his two sets of legs.

“Thanks, I was a bit unsure at times, to be honest… and there were things I wanted to ask that I wasn’t bold enough to,” confessed Luciano, and Noel was soon closing the space between them. Their cocks are already massively rubbing and oozing together, but the rest of their bodies are still more or less far apart.

“Really, like what?” asked Noel. “Let’s see if it is the same thing I’ve been thinking of,” challenged the hunk, and Luciano swallowed dry.

“You,” confessed Luciano. “I wanted you, man,” he said, and Noel smiled and then his six arms opened wide and slide around and behind Luciano’s massive body, as Noel opened his lips letting his two massive fat and drooling tongues slide outside and penetrate Luciano’s mouth, swirling with Luciano’s own two powerful and wet snake-like tongues. Their immense tongues were now swirling and sliding together, as their gigantic powerful chests collided and rubbed, lubed by abundant milk, and their cocks rose between their legs, rubbing against their torsos, heads and more cocks, as the two men formed a 10-arm-hug—becoming a squeezed confusion of kissing wetness and rubbing muscle. The two fell and slid against the wall as they lost their breath, their cocks trembling and drooling pool-like quantities of pre, which drained down to special gutters, their minds too focused on each other to mind how their massive selves were inadvertently pushing furniture aside and covering the house in sweat and pre.

“Fuck, is this real?” asked Luciano, and Noel nodded, smiling.

“It is, and many more things will be, anything you want, you just have to write it down,” he responded, and then they fell on the floor, Noel under Luciano, smashing down two of Luciano’s cocks, as Noel locked his four legs around Luciano, exposing, in so doing, his own magnificent ass, which he used two of his lower arms to spread apart as a third picked one of Luciano’s cocks to start pushing inside him.

“What I want now is you,” said a moaning and gasping Luciano, as his rods all trembled and hardened, but he felt special pleasure coming not from his side rods slapping furniture but from his center rod being pushed against his flatmate’s ass, and then gasped, still kissing Noel, as his rod popped inside the six-armed male, and slid in, being milked by all of Noel’s thick and powerful cock-milking muscles. As soon as Noel felt his hole being split by Luciano’s cock, his hands moved to spread Luciano’s own buns and start pushing one of Noel’s massive long cocks inside his roommate’s ass, to the gasping and delightful pleasure of both the men involved. They continued kissing and gasping and rolling, but were now also fucking each other at the same time.

“That wish you don’t even have to write down…!” moaned a gasping Noel, as a breeze of fresh summer air entered the apartment from outside. In Luciano’s room, it was strong enough to flip all of the empty pages of the magic notebook, leaving it open on the very last page, which seemed to have a very small passage written at its very bottom, with legible but scrambled lettering: “I love, you, man; always yours, Noel,” it said.

3 parts 12k words Added Dec 2022 8,920 views 4.6 stars (17 votes)

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