by M.M.69

 An ordinary guy with an extraordinary ability gets the guy of his dreams.

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Look, I’m not a bad guy.

I’m just a regular dude who happens to have an amazing ability.

For some reason, whenever I’m aroused, I can alter reality through nothing more than my words. In an ordinary conversation with someone, all I have to do is suggest something is true and suddenly it is. Combined with the requirement that I be aroused for this to take effect, needless to say almost all the changes are sexual in nature.

I can vividly remember the first time this happened, the time I discovered my incredible abilities. It was my eleventh birthday party at the community pool. I live alone with my dad and we were poolside with all my friends, sitting at a table, laughing and enjoying copious amounts of pizza. I looked over to the side of the pool and noticed the lifeguard. For the first time in my life, something stirred in my loins. He had just climbed out of the pool, and I watched as beads of water rolled down his impressively toned bod, his pillowy pecs glistening above his cut six-pack, a few veins bulging in his thick gorgeous arms. The droplets on his mouth-watering torso met their end once they reached his bright-red speedo that clung tightly to a lewd bulge and perky ass.

One thing led to another, and about ten minutes later my dad was getting his ass absolutely blasted by the lifeguard, right in front of all my friends and their parents. The lifeguard now had a fat footlong schlong, and drove into my dad’s magically-acquired nude gymnast bod with supernatural strength while my dad’s new thick massive horsecock swung around, freely flinging pony pre onto the group of us. My eyes nervously darted around, searching for any signs of alarm among the party. Amazingly, nobody seemed to have any issue with the events transpiring before them. My friends and their parents just continued conversating whilst droplets of my dad’s stallion-sauce rained down on them. To be honest, I don’t know how I managed to have a conversation that resulted in my dad being hung—literally—like a horse. Not to mention he was having passionate sex with the hunky lifeguard although previously he was straight-as-an-arrow.

From the beginning, I decided I would be careful with my abilities, and never do something outright world-altering. It would be small stuff, a little more muscle here, a little open casual sex there. I made it to where I could freely jerk it whenever and wherever I wanted. By the time I was in my mid-teens, I also began growing a desire for extras. The idea of guys with more than two bulging arms, more than one fat cock, more than one thick tongue, was overwhelmingly tantalizing. Soon enough, there wasn’t a guy in my school who wasn’t built like a gymnast and sported at least something extra. But even then, I managed not to go crazy with it. I enjoyed keeping things moderately grounded in realism, making sure the whole world didn’t devolve into a massive orgy.

Of course, given my ability to openly masturbate, I did it a lot at home around my dad and, since he was the only one around, he received quite a few improvements over the years. He still had the ripped lifetime-gymnast build from my eleventh birthday party, along with the massive musky horsecock. But by my eighteenth birthday, he had two heads both adorned with his handsome smiling face, six bulging veiny arms all ending in seven-fingered hands, an impossibly chiseled ten-pack, and a second ass right behind the first, his rear crotch containing the same meaty equine appendage as the one up front. I loved how the flared head of his rear cock pressed up against the underside of his front huge sweaty ballsack, each grapefruit-sized orb forced to either side of the wide leaking tip. I am twenty-three now, and I am not ashamed to admit that I have had sex with my dad many many times. It’s been five years since my eighteenth birthday, and ever since I walked into my bedroom on that fateful night and found him kneeling on my bed, presenting me his huge dark asshole with a bright red bow tied around his back, I just couldn’t help myself.

I am also proud to admit that since that night, I haven’t really felt it necessary to alter him any further. There’s just something about his muscly DILF boytaur form that feels complete to me. Literally in the five years since, the only thing I’ve added to my dad is a second body. Okay, maybe that’s a pretty massive change, but watching him have sex with his clone is also the hottest sight in history. Both my dads are permanently nude, permanently erect, and idly stroke themselves or each other no matter where they are. And, of course, nobody ever bats an eye.

Anyway, today is a Saturday, and my best friend Luke is supposed to pick me up and take me to the YMCA to work out with him. Luke had been my best friend since we were both about eight, long before I discovered my abilities. Even at that young age, I felt myself drawn to him. He was a typical extroverted athletic type, having generously ‘adopted’ me as his quiet awkward friend. I always wondered if there was something more between us, but he was always dating some girl. Despite my attraction toward him, I kept his sexuality as it was. Some sanctimonious part of me found the thought of altering his mind so deeply to be unacceptable, even though I had done it to countless boys over the years, including my dad. In the end, I only made a few select changes to my best friend’s body.

The doorbell rang.

I descended the stairs to find my two identical double-headed boytaur dads having slow sensual sex in the living room. One had mounted the other from behind, the former resting his front legs heavily atop the lower back of the latter, thrusting his giant black horsemeat in and out of my other dad’s hind-ass while all six of his hands caressed and groped the muscly chest in front of him. Both of my dads let out muffled moans as both of their pairs of heads made out with each other. Upon seeing my entrance into the room, the front dad broke off from his kiss with himself.

“Hey, sport, would you mind getting the door?” his left head asked.

“Sure, dad,” I responded, being completely used to the sight of my dads in the throes of passion.

I crossed the room to the front door and opened it. There, standing before me, was the only-slightly-altered form of my hunky best friend. He smiled widely, wearing nothing but a snug pair of tighty-whiteys. Thanks to a few libido-laced words a few years ago, this was now all he ever wore, which was great because it showed off his impressively toned body. It was also great because his undies always displayed the shameless bulge of his dormant twin fourteen-inch trouser snakes, coiled around each other within the thin fabric. As an unexpected consequence of these changes, I unfortunately made him even more popular with women. I pushed this regret to the side, instead just enjoying the sight of my sexy athletic crush, his short brown hair, his sparkling blue eyes, his juicy pecs, his thick erect nipples.

“Hey David,” he greeted cheerfully. “You ready to go?”

“Yeah, let’s head out,” I told him.

As I stepped out the door, he leaned inside to say hello to my dads.

“Oh hey Luke!” my dad in the back said with his right head. “How’s it goin’?” asked the front dad with his left.

“It’s goin’ good,” Luke replied. “David and I should be back in a couple hours.”

“Sounds good!” all four of my dad’s heads answered in unison before Luke closed the door. It still amazed me how he could look upon my freakish doubled dads having sex and think nothing of it.

Luke and I worked out for about an hour. Obviously, with nothing more than a horny statement I could blow myself up into the most ripped man who had ever lived, but where was the fun in that? Most of my attention was spent watching Luke lift weights, anyway.

Afterward, we hit the showers. Thanks to some self-imposed improvements, I had no reservations about baring my body to the men at the Y. My body had been built through both honest workouts and the occasional casual statement in conversation with friends. I now had a pleasingly lean frame and an impressive but not insane fat ten-inch dick, although I kept myself at my meager 5’10” height. Something about my friend towering over me was so thrilling to me, and to that end I have even grown him taller in the past. Now Luke was an astonishing 6’8”, and I eyed him from the side as we both stood under our respective shower-heads.

Like with the lifeguard all those years ago, I was captivated by the sight of the water running down his body. Streams of clear liquid poured down his hot torso, and I followed one of those streams as it made its way across his muscular back before running over his meaty bubbly tush. Only a foot away were his two exposed cocks, both in their flaccid eight-inch states as the hot water trickled off of them.

Luke looked over at me, his eyes trailing down to my groin before grinning.

“Hey man, you about to jerk off?” he asked.

“Huh?” I responded, snapping out of my aroused stupor and meeting his gaze.

“Your cock is rock-hard, dude,” he said before chuckling.

I looked down to see my rigid ten-incher spearing out between my legs, throbbing with need as it was caressed by the warmth of the water.

“Oh, uh,” I stammered. “It’s actually because of the water.”

Luke’s brow furrowed. “What do you mean?”

“Yeah, uh, something they put in the water here makes you super horny.”

I watched in amazement as both of Luke’s cocks immediately began lengthening, swelling with blood as his mind was filled with arousal from the newly-enhanced water. My best friend let out a little groan before gazing at his twin meat-towers, now throbbing at their full 14” lengths right next to each other. He reached both his hands down and gripped the two of them at their base, slowly sliding his hands up the shafts then back down again.

“So that’s why I always end up jacking off when I shower here, haha!” Luke commented, moaning softly from the sensations of his double dicks.

I looked across to the other end of the showers to see the only other two men in there gradually shifting toward each other. Both of them were impressively muscular, and were soon getting a little ‘friendly’ thanks to effects of the water.

However, I turned my attention back to my crush. Admittedly, the water was affecting me heavily as well, and I was now stroking it as my horniness grew ever higher. My eyes flew all over Luke’s body, attempting to take in every possible aspect of his sexy beefy form as he stroked himself. I didn’t even notice as my inhibitions faded away, my reluctance to alter my friend in whatever way I wanted.

More than anything… I wanted him.

“Yeah, and that’s not all this water does,” I added.


“Uhh, each time a guy showers here, by the end he’s grown an extra of something on his body.”

“Ah, that explains this!” Luke said before opening his mouth wide and extending his tongue… er… tongues. I almost came right there just from the sight of my hot friend’s two long tongues writhing back and forth. He sucked the two of them back in before continuing. “I’ve had that second tongue since the last time I came here, I guess now I know why, haha!”

I wanted to feel those tongues in my mouth so bad. I figured I should just suggest it bluntly. “Hey Luke, you want nothing more than to kiss me right now, right?”

Luke actually blushed and averted his gaze. “I mean… yeah… but only if you want me to.”

“Trust me, dude, I want you to.”

Luke smiled widely and stepped over to me. He released his fat tools so he could wrap his wide hands around my slender waist. The two of us stared into each other’s eyes for a moment before he leaned his head down and met his lips with mine. Our mouths opened and in an instant his twin tongues were swirling around my one. I essentially melted in his embrace. It was like fireworks going off in my head. I didn’t even notice that I had sprouted an extra pair of arms thanks to the magic water, right below the originals. My top two hands were pressed against my hunky lover’s thick pecs while I subconsciously slid my lower two hands down to grip his massive meaty asscheeks.

The two of us were lost in bliss as we made out for several minutes. Meanwhile, the two guys across the room were now openly having sex. One guy had the hands of his front torso pressed up against the wall while his rear torso hugged the one in front, both of his heads looking back at the other guy with lust-filled eyes. The other guy now had three legs, his middle leg a copy of his left leg, and drilled the first guy in his tight ass with one of his two respectable eight-inchers.

With the showers filling with the slapping sounds of the two freakish guys freely fornicating, Luke and I finally broke our earth-shattering kiss and gazed again into each other’s eyes. Finally, I decided it was time to make him mine.

“Luke?” I asked softly.

“Yeah?” he whispered back.

“You want to be my boyfriend, right?”

He grinned. “I’ve wanted that the entire time I’ve known you, Davey.”

Even though I knew this was merely a result of my powers, my heart still did a somersault. And so what if it was caused by my abilities? Through my words, his feelings for me were now real. Like, fully, completely, really real.

“I always thought you and your dads were together, though,” Luke added.

I almost laughed. “Nah, not really. We just have sex sometimes.”

“That’s hot,” he said bluntly. The two of us were now pressing our bodies close to each other, our three rigid cocks squeezed tightly between us. “Then let’s do it. Let’s be together.”

We both smiled at each other and joined lips again, this kiss even better than the last one. I savored every moment of our three tongues wrestling as our combined six arms caressed each other lovingly.

I couldn’t believe I had reservations about doing this before. All these years, I’ve watched countless girls get to know him in a way I refused to allow myself to. All this time I spent observing from the sidelines.

He’s mine now.


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