The good genie

by brazboy

Alex is an endless, unlimited and unbound genie—one of the good ones, too! What will happen when someone finds out the lamp inside which he’s taking a long, long nap…?

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Part 1: Alex the Genie Alex is an endless, unlimited and unbound genie—one of the good ones, too! What will happen when someone finds out the lamp inside which he’s taking a long, long nap…? (added: 15 Jul 2023)
Part 2: Max the Genie
Part 3: The Two Genies
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Part 1: Alex the Genie

Fabio is walking down a street in the city center where every Sunday the used objects bazaar is organized by the city hall. There are plenty of people around, looking at the stalls which have everything from old telephones to ancient furniture and everything in between. The cafés too are filled with people, as many go to drink something after shopping and walking around between the central plaza and the church square where the bazaar is set up.

“This is Venetian glass, ma’am, from the beginning of the century, see, 1922,” says the seller in one of the stalls, showing a vase to an old lady, who looks between wine cups, urns, and other beautiful objects of glass in different colors. Fabio, meanwhile, doesn’t stop at the different stalls, instead just glancing over what they offer. He’s looking for a book seller, and not for fancy old used objects that would only gather dust over some table.

“Oh, I see one right in front of the church!” he whispers to himself, suddenly excited, seeing piles and piles of old books arranged over stalls and even on the ground—over plastics—as people stop around to read and see what the bookseller has there, between rare books and useless compilations of forgotten magazines. Fabio rushes across to go to the book stand, but on the way there the deliciously lean and swim-built, if rather tall, lad bumps into someone else, making him fall on the ground with his eagerly fleeting movement.

“Hrrrr, sorry,” says the smaller, more languid lad Fabio rushed into, who has almost hurt himself on the cobbled road.

“No, not at all, it’s my fault… here,” Fabio says, offering his hand to the shorter but—now he could see—amazingly handsome lad. He takes Fabio’s hand and stands up, and then dusts himself off, grunting slightly in pain.

“Thanks, but it’s okay, I just… wasn’t paying attention to where I was going,” he says, as Fabio looks at him. Fabio is about to respond that neither was he, when his eyes move to the stall right behind the lad. They have many antiquities from the Middle East there, each nicer than the last. Small sphynxes, lamps, tokens and statues—probably many of them are just old industrial stuff, but they have a nice quaint and worn-out look. Fabio’s eyes are suddenly attracted—almost pulled—to the objects, before returning to the lad in front of him.

“No, I was the one who made you fall… here… I’ll give you my number. Have your pants dry cleaned and then message me the cost and I’ll transfer you the money,” he says, picking up his own phone, and then insisting until the other guy accepts his number. After that’s dealt with, Fabio finds himself staring at the beautiful goods on the stall ahead of him, rather than turning back towards the books on the other side of the square.

“What are you looking for, young man?” asks the seller, with a wide smile. He’s himself a strong and burly man, probably in his mid-forties. He eyes Fabio, recognizing the price of his clothes—he’s rather a well off lad.

“Nothing, nothing, really,” he says, but his eyes glance over the products. Ancient vases, beautiful statues made of the finest copper—and a most handsome oil lamp. That one looks genuinely ancient, but well-kept and polished.

“I see you like that lamp. This one was manufactured in Cyprus in 1934, and arrived here in Brazil with refugees of the Second World War,” explains the seller, picking up the lamp, and pushing it towards Fabio’s hand. it’s dusty, but heavier than he thought. “Look, doesn’t it look beautiful? This will last you a lifetime, and it will look beautiful in a bookshelf, next to old titles…” suggests the seller, and Fabio smiles. He rubs the lamp a little, while his mind flies to his big wooden bookshelf, still half empty. This would indeed look good there, and it would make people ask about it, and he would then explain some sort of fantasized version of what has just happened today—a perfect opportunity to talk, and Fabio loved talking.

“How much is it?” Fabio asks, and then the man’s smile widens. He looks at Fabio’s clothes, and, expecting the lad to haggle, increases the price a little.

“350,” he responds. “But I will make it 325 for you, since I can see you are a student,” suggests the seller, and Fabio nods. This would kill any normal student’s budget, but Fabio doesn’t really depend on his scholarship. He just takes out his phone, surprising the vendor.

“Do you accept pix?” he asks, and then transfers the money, puts the lamp in his backpack, and goes out to look for some books. He’s satisfied with his purchase, despite the price; unsurprisingly, though, he soon lets it slip off his mind as he looks at those old and historic books he’s most interested in. Fabio eventually spends another good 500 reais on them. If his colleagues were to hear about it that’d lead to them having two successive heart attacks; but Fabio loves his books, and he has a fine amount of money.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Soon Fabio is back home, unpacking. He puts the books on the floor, alongside his lamp, and picks up a piece of cloth and some alcohol. He starts dusting them and then cleaning their covers, before letting them dry and putting the books on his shelves one by one, and most carefully. Finally, only the lamp is there. Fabio smiles.

“Expensive, but worth it,” he tells himself, and soon starts carefully wiping the lamp with his alcohol-soaked cloth. Weirdly enough, that makes the lamp get hotter, and hotter, and then so hot that the alcohol is evaporating immediately after touching the metal. “What the hell…?!” asks a confused Fabio, but soon the lamp is so hot that he can’t even hold it, and he drops it on the floor.

“Ai!” Fabio grunts, waving his hand up and down to try and get some relief from the minor burns, as the lamp falls in a thud and soon some smoke starts leaking from it. Fabio is shocked and surprised—is that oil, burning for some reason, inside the lamp? After all this time? It makes no sense. But what makes even less sense is that the smoke doesn’t spread. Rather, it coalesces, and it coalesces into a very specific shape.

The shape of a lad—or rather, a hunk.

And what a hunk! The shape becoming solid as the smoke coalesces, right in front of Fabio, is that of a solid, tall and muscular man. He’s handsome, and has long curly hair, besides his thick lips and square jaw. His muscles, though, are even more impressive than his face, as he has them all flexed—one arm up, another down. Only one of his feet is on the ground—the other is flexed right in front of his hips.

“Awhhhhh! What a good sleep!” yawned the hunk, stretching all his muscles at once, as he skips left and right on the air, almost dancing. Fabio now notices, gasping in shock: the hunk floated!

“What… who… how… when?!” gasps the slim and tall man, shocked at this new hunk who is not only taller than him, but inhumanly tall at 286 centimeters of height. Fabio then glances down at the hunk’s abs, and lower at his crotch, and shrieks. “You are naked!” he observes, and the man frowned, and looks down at his own junk.

“Oh,” he says, as if unaware of his own nakedness, and how his immense junk sways left and right, as big as a normal lad’s whole arm, both in thickness and length. “Sorry, I sleep naked… here,” says the hunk. He blinks, and suddenly his crotch is wrapped in a very tight sarong. The thing seems just long enough to hide the tip of his cock, but barely.

“Ahh, hmmm, how did you… do that? Are you magic? Did you come from the lamp? Are you a genie?!” asks a confused Fabio, taking two steps back. The other man stares with wide eyes.

“Hey, one question at a time, man,” he says with a smile, and then nods. “First, my name. I’m called Alexandre, or Alex for short. Yes, I am magic and yes, I was sleeping in the lamp until you shook it so much that I woke up. I am, as you smartly point out, a genie. One of the good ones, too,” informs Alex, as he floats now cross-legged and cross armed. All this, of course, means his muscles are flexing beautifully and that the tunic does nothing to hide his manly member from sight after all.

“Hmhmmm,” moans Fabio, as his own cock throbs and hardens under his pants from the show of amazing masculinity presenting itself in front of his eyes. “Nice to meet you, Alex. My name is… Fabio,” he says, basically devouring the genie with his eyes. “So do I get three wishes, like in the legends?.”

Alex smiles as he hears that question and shakes his head.

“That is not quite how things work, no,” he informs his awakener. “Unlike the legends say, most genies don’t have to make wishes come true, or follow a master. That is only evil genies. I am a good genie, and that means I can do what I want. I can use my powers at will and also make wishes come true, as many and however I want them to. The only limit I have is that I can’t do any evil, for then I would be bound to a small object and be subject to a master, and become an evil genie,” explains Alex. His handsomeness is so incredibly attractive that although Fabio heard everything, he doesn’t fully understand most of it, and just grunts, staring at Alex’s moving lips, until he notices Alex has stopped talking.

“So I get no wishes?” asks the smaller lad, and Alex sways around floating.

“In a way, you don’t. You don’t get to force me to make your wishes come true,” says Alex, and he then lowers himself to recline onto Alex’s couch—his body is so long some of it spills out of the couch despite it being an extra-long sofa. “But I am open to countless suggestions. And one of the characteristics of good genies is that we love making wishes come true and helping people. So please, tell me what you want, everything, and without limitations,” offers Alex, spreading his arms and thus showing his majestic chest, as his lips also spread in a handsome smile. Fabio huffs in amazement, his cock throbbing visibly under his pants as he sees the hunk spread himself over the big couch, which he manages to make look small.

“Whatever I want?” asks Fabio, and Alex nods. “Anything?” is the follow-up, and Alex shrugs.

“As long as it’s not evil,” he responds and nods, and Fabio bites his lips.

“I want to have a body that’s as sexy as yours,” mumbles Fabio, almost too silently to be heard. But Alex is a magical genie, anyway—his senses are perfectly accurate. He hums thoughtfully, as he hears the shy request.

“You are already plenty sexy, though,” says Alex, as he extends his hands to touch Fabio who cries out in surprise with the hunk’s touch.

“Well, I mean… I want to be more muscular, and… taller… and I mean, man… your cock…,” says Fabio, blushing terribly. Alex smirks.

“You are one of mine, aren’t you? A fan of cock… big, fat throbbing manly rods?” says Alex, laughing candidly, making Fabio blush as he nods. “Tell me how big,” he completes, and Fabio opens his mouth, and then closes it. “You will hear no judgment on my side… I am not evil, remember. I would never do that. Look…,” says Alex, and then Fabio gasps in shock as he sees Alex’s magical member swirl and lengthen and fatten, as it grows way past the length of his tunic. The thing is floating and swirling, maybe 150, no… 200, 250 centimeters long. And amazingly thick. it’s soon more massive than all of Favio, and it swirled around Fabio’s shoulders, floating, and then the head rests its massiveness on the human lad’s hands, as he gasps.

“Fuck…,” whispers Fabio, as his hands feel the warmth of the entrancing magical rod. And then, suddenly, the floating ended, and Fabio feels the huge, amazing weight of manly meat on him, as well as its warmth and deliciousness. He grunts and massages the gigantic, soon drooling cockhead. “Wow, wow, wow! Give… fuck… give me something like that! But… don’t make it so big as to, you know, ruin my life, please,” says a panting Fabio, as his own normal cock throbs attentively under his pants, barely hidden by fabric. In fact, as the massive weight of magical rod befell on Fabio, he almost ejaculates without touching himself, only avoiding it by biting his lips.

Alex smiled and nods, loving the affect he’s having on the handsome swimmer.

“Good genie, remember? I’d never ruin anything, Fabio,” reminds Alex, winking. Fabio opens his mouth to respond, but instead (and surprisingly) it releases deep grunts—a moaning of delight, as he feels his body deliciously change.

Fabio’s body, to his own surprise, starts trembling in all parts—not only his cock, but his arms and legs and even his chest and ass are warming up, vibrating, and changing. Of course, his hard penis is also throbbing, lengthening and growing forward and around under his pants, until it’s forming a violently obscene bulge—but that’s not the only expanding bulge in the lad’s body, as he’s slowly filling his shirt and pants with more and more muscle.

“Hrrr, what are you… doing?” mumbles a moaning Fabio, as he lets go of Alex’s immense rod. The genie-cock sways around mid-air, its admirer now too lost in his own feelings to tend to the other, magical, man. Alex meanwhile laughs, watching changing Fabio amusedly.

“Don’t worry, just relax and enjoy the change… I’m making your wish come true, you’ll have a cock like mine but without being burdened by it!” explains Alex, and Fabio frowns about to contest the idea when he grunts and moans deep. His cock is throbbing and expanding and suddenly it shoots up and doubled in size, as do his balls, his arms, his legs, his chest, and all other parts of him! In a sudden burst, Fabio does from a deliciously handsome and lean stud to an overmuscled, overgrown hunk who is too big for his own clothes—which are starting to rip and then burst.

“Fuck, my shirt!” he gasps, as he moved his hands to try and pull his shirt up, but all that muscle flexing makes his sleeves rip and explode, revealing arms of amazing proportions. Fabio’s shirt is almost ripping and seams are bursting everywhere in his pants, as he moans, “I… damn, oh, fuck, this is amazing!” he moans and grunts, as his pants rip around his groin, and his cock trembles up and slaps his now massive overgrown chest wetly and warmly.

The drooling rod is probably half a meter long now, or more, and Fabio himself is growing—his height is probably just surpassing the 200 centimeters in total.

“You look amazing too!” says Alex, and then he smiles, and another surge of magical power makes Fabio shot up to 221 centimeters of muscular height, as his cock fattens and expands even faster to a whole meter of length—totally hard, but also, controllable by Fabio. “So hot!” says Alex, smiling, and he leans forward while floating to grab Fabio’s cock and swallow it inside his wonderful mouth and deep into his majestic magical throat. Alex in fact throws himself upside down to impale himself on Fabio’s cock, which continues growing inside the titanic floating genie, as Fabio grunts and drools and trembles, until the immense overgrown Fabian dick pops out of the genie’s overstretched asshole.

“Fuck, fuck, I can’t anymore… I just can’t!” Fabio grunts, and then his balls tremble and he ejaculates, through Alex, and out on the ceiling. Alex’s magic worked on Fabio’s massive low-hanging balls too, and so the overgrown hunk now cums for a whole minute, destroying his bookshelf and covering his whole living room on his male seed, as he falls on his knees. “Ah, ah, ah!” grumbles Fabio, as he orgasms more than his whole previous weight in cum alone, drooling, trembling, eyes rolling without control. In fact, his cock is now longer and fatter than his whole body had been a few minutes before. He’s now a 246 centimeter-tall, 199-centimeter-cock’d immense hunk of titanic proportions.

After Fabio’s wet orgasm is completed, Alex pulls himself away from his new friend’s rod—which means floating his whole body up, un-impaling himself in rod. Once the cockhead pops out of his magical lips, Alex’s delicious tongue licks his lips and he groans in satisfied delight.

“Now let’s clean this mess,” he says and opens his mouth, and then with his magic he makes all of Fabio’s cum fly towards his lips, and sucks it up like a vacuum cleaner. Alex is smiling, thus fed, and with his immense cock rock hard now. Fabio, meanwhile, is staring in shock, as his living room is perfectly back to how it used to be—except his own body, the new floating handsome genie in front of him, and all his photos, which have changed to accommodate a new historically overgrown and super-sized Fabio.

“Wow… I can’t wrap my mind around what you just did!” says Fabio, and Alex laughs.

“Well, you can wrap your cock around it, though… it’s a prehensile member now, so it doesn’t get in your way when you have to do things,” points out the genie, smiling—he wasn’t just a genie, despite his friendly and naïve personality, he’s also quite smart. Alex then nods. “I also took the liberty of changing the world so this has always been your body, and so nobody will be surprised about it, although that also forced me to do some other small alterations on reality,” informs Alex, as Fabio gasps, noticing his ceiling is in fact a lot higher now, and that he wasn’t the only figure changed on his family photos.

“You changed the whole world just like that? Based on a whim?” asks Fabio, in shock, and Alex laughs, floating up and down and around him with his massive, gigantic and sexy wholesome self.

“Yes, to me that’s easy, easier than blinking, really. I told you I’m an endlessly powerful and free genie, right? I meant it. I can do absolutely anything, as long as it isn’t evil,” explains Alex, amused by Fabio’s surprised gaps and rod which starts trembling and hardening again (now, not due to magic). Alex then rubs his own massive pecs, and lifts an eyebrow. “Anything else you want, Fabio? It can be truly anything, or almost, as long as it isn’t bad. I will make it true…,” completes Alex, making Fabio gasp as the weight of those words—and of the responsibility hidden behind them—truly starts making sense to him.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Fabio is naked and panting in front of his large bookshelf, and an even larger, powerful and endless genie, who has promised—and has just delivered—on fulfilling his wishes, as long as they are “good.” The vast implications of his situation are, just now, starting to dawn on Fabio, who is getting so nervous as to tremble.

“Man… I…,” gasps Fabio, and then he closes his fist and bites his lips, trying to control himself. “Okay… first of all, thank you for my new body, I love it!” says Fabio, looking at Alex who shrugs, as he starts feeling himself up.

“I knew you would, and it’s no problem for me to change you. No need to thank me, really. I love doing thing you love, to be honest,” Alex says, and then his cock floats until it rubs on Fabio’s own massive cock too. “So, what else do you want?” asks Alex, and Fabio groans.

“Honestly, I don’t even know… I think what I want now, above all… is you,” he says, blushing, and Alex laughs.

“You don’t need a magical wish for that. What do you want from me specifically?” asks Alex, smiling, trying to tease Fabio, who licks his lips watching Alex’s powerful muscles, ignoring that his own body is fantastically overgrown and hot now. Their two cocks rubbing and hugging together doesn’t help Fabio focus away from Alex, either.

“I guess… I want to have you fuck me,” says Fabio, which makes him blush, and Alex laughs, lowering himself until he stood on the ground with his own two feet, and takes a few steps towards Fabio, as his own cock disentangled from the smaller hunk’s massive member.

“Oh, that will be my pleasure,” says Alex, as he raises his massive right hand until it touches Fabio’s naked pecs, and then pulls himself forward, as he makes Fabio magically start floating up.

“Ah, oh, hmm!” says a surprised Fabio, as his body, overgrown and hypertrophied as it is, starts perfectly and easily floating, and thus allowing Alex to use his hands to shift Fabio’s angle midair amazingly swiftly, turning him around and then accessing Fabio’s ass, which Alex spreads with his hands and then kisses with his thick lips. “Uhhh, fuuck!” moans the handsome human hunk, as his hole is penetrated by Alex’s majestic tongue, and then completely overtaken by its thickness, which is making Fabio’s ultra-long cock tremble as it lengthens more—starting to rise from the ground and slowly harden as his delicious hole is perfectly devoured.

“Love your ass!” mumbles the genie, as his tongue slides deeper and deeper into trembling Fabio, whose cock rose and hardens increasingly fast. Fabio’s muscular body trembled as he drooled and panted, as his insides are filled and stretched by such a magnificent, thick and wet exploring inquisitive and experienced tongue.

“Oh, damn, so fucking deep, hmmm, oh!” grunts and moans Fabio, floating in the air but feeling something solid around him—Alex’s powerful magic, which is warm and amazingly homely. As he has his hole devoured deliciously by the drooling tongue, Fabio feels Alex’s thickness grow inside him—which is exactly what happened as Alex’s whole body trembled and expanded even more than before. Fabio’s rod, meanwhile, finally throbs, rising from the floor, and slapped his chest and muscles, as his prostate is compressed by, and his intestines filled deep and wide with swirling magical tongue. “I… hmm, I can’t…!” grunts Fabio, and as he’s close to orgasming, Alex simply lowers his hands and pulls Fabio’s balls down, then a magical ring appears around them, preventing Fabio’s ejaculatory cumming, although the muscle hunk then has a dry orgasm which makes his hole tremble frenetically, massaging Alex’s long penetrating tongue.

Alex pulls his magical drooling tongue from the gaping ass, and as he pulls and pulls, its immense length (almost 2 meters now!) becomes apparent as it swirls nakedly midair.

“These beauties won’t explode before I fulfill your desire of being fucked by me,” says the genie, slapping Fabio’s immense balls, making Fabio grunt, as the immense tongue still out of Alex’s mouth licks Fabio’s ass crack and then his thick overmuscled abs and his sweaty overhanging chest and brown nipples, and his manly and musky armpits.

“Please… fuck…me…,” begs Fabio, and Alex’s cock starts lengthening even more, swirling up and up like a snake, towards Alex’s twitching and gaping hole.

“You don’t need to plead, I’m here to make you happy,” says Alex, as his tongue swirls around Fabio’s whole body, and then slides inside his mouth, filling even his throat, and then his immense, hugely thick and ultra-long rod rubs and drools pre on Fabio’s gapping rear hole, which oozes the spit Alex has used to lube and soothe his partner’s inside. “Your wish is my command, and, in this case, my own wish as well!” informs the magical hunk, and then his cock slides incredibly inside overgrown Fabio, stretching his muscular hole and his whole body marvelously. As he penetrates the stretched our musclebound and floating hunk’s whole body trembled, orgasming dry again, and all his muscles twitch, massaging Alex’s tongue and also his gigantic cock, both of which drill further and further in, filling Fabio’s guts amazingly from both ends.

As they fuck in that wonderful state, Alex starts changing not only himself—increasing his height and muscles, as well as the length and thickness of his cock—and Fabio—who became taller, more muscular, and much stretchier—but even the rest of the world around them, and beyond. In a sudden explosion of magic, all men in the world gained significant height, muscle and cock-size, and the whole history of the world changed so that the average male human’s size is 20 centimeters taller and with a 5 centimeter longer cock than it has been before. Also, suddenly, the number of gay men double, that of bisexual men quadruple. All the lads in this side of the planet orgasm as one, while the lads in the other side of the world get a sudden and unexplained erection.

Alex knows what he’s doing, but he’s almost unable to control himself now, as he’s lost in pleasure and his magic fills him, Fabio, and overflows, affecting the rest of the universe outside. Fabio’s old photos and memories are being rearranged radically as he goes from always having been a hunk in a family of hunks, to an overgrown, uniquely huge musclebound freak in a family of ultramuscled hunks, to the largest man in the history of the world from a family of musclebound freaks. The ripping waves of Fabio’s transformations alone change buildings, photos, history books, everything.

“Oohh!” groans Fabio, muffled around Alex’s tongue, as he’s suddenly not floating anymore, but on all fours. This has happened because the genie’s body has doubled in length, and now, at five meters tall, the hunk’s arms and legs can easily reach the floor of even his expanded living room. Meanwhile, Alex expands even faster, and his head bumps against the 12-meter-tall ceiling the apartment now possesses.

“Hrrr, I think I’m letting out… too much!” grunts Alex, as his cock swirls inside Fabio, making him orgasm dry once more, a flood of drool running from both his lips and his slit and cascading on the floor. Fabio feels Alex’s cock sliding inside him so much it has stretched his abs, and is now climbing up to his throat, traversing his perfectly reshaped body. Before that happens, though, Alex’s eyes roll, and the magical genie trembles, and his gigantic balls thrum, even now resting on the floor. The massive spunk orbs pump hundreds of liters of magical seed into Fabio, which starts expanding to accommodate all that glorious milk. At the exact moment Alex orgasms, though, all of Fabio’s body starts shaking, and his immense rod slaps his torso, and orgasms as well—the spell and magical ring preventing Fabio from cumming is broken in that perfect moment, and the two hunks shoot together, with Alex eventually turning Fabio’s head around, and bringing his lips up his own tongue (which is impaling Fabio), until he transforms the tongue-throat-fucking of Fabio into a true kiss.

A kiss that lasts for minutes, while the two ultra-muscled sexy hunks orgasm completely, and the whole of Fabio’s living room turns—once again—into a sticky and warm white color.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Fabio collapses on the floor after orgasming wonderfully, as Alex magically cleans all his cum once again, and then pulls out of the panting human, making sure that his overdeveloped muscles close his rear hole perfectly, keeping all his magical juices inside Fabio. Alex then lets his mind travel, as Fabio recollects himself, discovering the changes he has made to the world while they fucked, and decreasing some here and there—mostly having to do with some exaggerated muscle and penile growth in some humans, or the exaggerated hyper-sexualization of men.

“Hey,” eventually Fabio grunts, starting to stand up again from his sexual exhaustion, and turning towards perfect magical Alex. “Your mind seems to be somewhere else,” says Fabio, smiling, pulling Alex’s attention down towards the gigantic overgrown stud that he has become. Damn, is Fabio sexy now, and has he changed! Alex has changed himself too, though, almost automatically. Being a titanic hunk is now not absurd in this world, anymore, and a fair share of the population is as much as twice as tall as average humans used to be before.

“Oh, sorry, just thinking about all I did while we had fun,” Alex says, smiling cryptically, and then he gropes his own majestic overgrown muscles. “Do you think this is too much?” he asks, and Fabio bites his lips. He does think Alex is immense—and sexy. Does he think it’s too much? Not really. He’s aware that he was smaller just a few hours before, and that the whole world has changed significantly while they had sex, but he’s also aware of being this huge this whole life, and of those sizes being normal. Fabio sees no reason, really, to change things “back” to this other arbitrary (and way less fun) reality.

“No, I love it,” Fabio says, legitimately smiling. “So… do I still have wishes left? One?” he asks, hopeful. Alex laughs, smacking his awakener’s massive arms.

“I told you there are no limits! Just try me and I’ll see what I can do about it,” says Alex, sitting his massive body down so he’s on the same level as sitting Fabio—but still being a good 20 or 30% taller than him.

“Hmmm,” ponders Fabio, as his immense cock sways until it rubs on Alex’s also gigantically long prehensile cock. “I was hoping you’d not have to leave after all this fun, to be honest, that was the biggest thing in my mind,” he says, blushing, and Alex smiles back.

“Oh, that one is easy,” he says, as his immense rod too swirls and ties itself around Fabio’s thick and long manhood. As that happens, an earthquake seems to hit, as the walls increase in length and size, and new doors appear in the apartment, as well as new decoration all around.

“Wow! I don’t know if I’ll ever get used to that!” says Fabio, as slowly and then suddenly, a bunch of new memories enter his mind, and he realizes Alex is his roommate and colleague at university. And then he blushes—also his new boyfriend.

“That one is my own wish,” explains a blushing Alex. “If it’s fine with you,” he suggests, shyly, and then immense, overgrown and gigantically tight and thick Fabio stands up, and jumps on Alex’s shoulders, hugging and eventually kissing him, as the massive bodies clash and rub, forcing Alex to lean back to take the strength of Fabio’s impulse with his brute force—and elegant magic.

“Please, it’s more than fine! I can’t believe I have a sexy magical boyfriend now!” says Fabio, between kisses and pants as their cocks lengthened still rubbing and kissing as much as their lips.

“And a good one too, remember, never evil!” Alex points out as his immense chest rubs against Fabio’s, who is devouring his face with an incredible need and hunger. Fabio laughs.

“Yea, better than good, the best!” he responds, and it doesn’t take much after that for them to have sex again, and then for a fourth time.


Part 2: Max the Genie

Tiago has fallen on the ground after an amazingly hot stud bumped against him—the jock even seemed to think it’s his own fault, rather than Tiago’s (probably he doesn’t notice the staring) and offered to pay for the dry cleaning of his pants! How lucky! Now, despite his best attempts, Tiago has the phone number of the handsome lad, whom he kept glancing at as he seemed to turn around to look at old decorative lamps and other paraphernalia.

“Ah-ha! I see you are looking for a beautiful magical item!” says a random man coming around from the other side of a thick tree. He smiles at Tiago, who frowns.

“I don’t do drugs…” he starts to say, when the man laughs. His laughter is deep, although it seems pained and a little bit crazy.

“No drugs from me, kid, I’m just selling… well, this old perfume vase, used many years ago, probably brought from old Constantinople…,” he starts, pulling a truly beautiful glass vase with a tap from his pocket. Tiago looks at it, surprised with its enchanting beauty, but frowned.

“Look, I’m not looking for antiques…” he starts, but the man just shrugs, and pushed the vase towards him.

“It is okay, kid, I’m generous today, you can take it for free! Do you want it?” asks the man, nervously, now with a hint of desperation. Tiago stares in shock, as the man’s sturdy hands both push the object towards his handsome and thin frame. Tiago takes one step back and bumps against someone, so he ends up moving his hands up and holding the beautiful vase almost unintentionally.

“Sure, sure, I’ll take it!” he says, and gasps in amazement. The man smiles, and then a strong wave of relief crosses his body—his weird smile melts into true happiness.

“It is all yours then, good luck, handsome boy,” says the man, as he then turns around and vanishes in the crowd, leaving a very confused Tiago with this mysterious vase on his hands.

“Mine? Nah, I’m not keeping this thing, pretty as it is… who knows its history…” he whispers to himself, and tosses the vase in a bin, and then goes along with his day.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

A few hours later, Tiago is back home, and he throws himself on the couch, checking his phone to see if the mysterious hunk who got his number has sent him a message—of course he hadn’t—when a voice calls him.

“I’m going out for a party, do you want to come as well, Tiago?” asks his roommate, already handsomely dressed, as he goes out of his room and passes in front of Tiago, walking towards the door. Tiago shakes his head, not really wanting to go out and much less feeling like his presence would be really welcome by his very buff roomie.

“No, man, thanks. Have fun,” he says, and then his mate nods and points at their table.

“Seriously, man?” responds Tiago’s jockish roommate. “Women love you, and having a gay sidekick really helps getting their attention… okay, okay, sorry!” he continues, laying a little, seeing Tiago’s slowly contorting face. The handsome jock pulls his sleeves up, then pointing at their table. “By the way… what is that vase, did you buy it? It looks pretty,” he comments, and Tiago gasps as he looks at the thing. It’s that weird glass vase he threw away earlier! it’s now here, standing in his living room, sitting glassily atop his dinner table! Tiago stood up, gasping, as his friend laughs. “What is it man, did you think you had put it away or something? You look like you have seen a ghost,” laughs his roommate, finishing rolling up his sleeves and looking really nice and sexy now, as Tiago shakes his head, confused and pale.

“Ahh, no, everything is all right, okay, man? I’ll just… wipe this thing clean and you can go… enjoy the night or whatever,” says Tiago, as he jumps towards the object, and his mate shrugs and leaves, wishing him a good Friday.

Seeing the vase again, Tiago touches it. It doesn’t move, and it seems as inconspicuous a vase as any other. “Oh, yeah… now I definitely don’t want you, freak object,” he says, and goes to grab a bag, push the vase in, and then heads downstairs to throw it away.

When he’s back in his apartment, Tiago stares in shock, seeing the thing is back on his table.

“Fuck… I am crazy, this can’t be happening!” he says, and then goes and touches the vase again. Now it seems to jump onto his hand, hot to the touch. Tiago bites his lips, and finally pulls out the plug, opening it.

As the lid is open, a smoke starts boiling out of the vase. The smoke slowly materializes itself into a tall and handsome light-skinned and golden-haired hunk, whose marvelous muscles makes Tiago’s cock wake up in his pants, even if he’s now weak on his legs out of plain fear and surprise.

“Hello,” says the smirking, handsome and muscular figure, as he slowly coalesces from smoke into man, and Tiago shouts in fear, falling backwards on his own ass and letting go of the vase, which is now floating. The mysterious smoking hot hunk grabs the floating jar, and puts it back on the table.

“Who the fuck are you, and how… how did you get here?” asks the surprised twink, seeing this honey-skinned handsome musclebound jock materialize in his living room while wearing nothing but harem pants and a nice golden jacket, and a Fez hat.

“Are you serious? I thought wearing this costume would make it obvious enough that I’m a genie,” complains the handsome hunk, and then he shakes his head and his clothes disappear completely, and he’s now an even more impressive naked hunk standing lazily in Tiago’s living room, with a cock as big as half of Tiago’s whole body (and drooling magical pre which became smoke before hitting the floor!).

“You… you are a genie?! How is that even possible?” asks a shocked Tiago, gasping in shock as he slowly starts standing up and lifting himself—surprised to find that this amazing naked hunk is not only hot, but immensely taller and more muscular than himself, almost to a superhuman level, to the point of barely fitting under his 3-meter-tall roof.

“Yes, of course I am a genie,” says the hunk, rolling his eyes, as he starts lifting himself into the air—not with his muscles, but by floating. Tiago gasps, as he slowly moves his foot under the genie’s body, verifying that there are no hidden objects down there where he might be standing. “You see, I am magical. That is how I made sure my vase came back to you after you took possession of it, despite trying to get rid of it. You, Tiago, are my master now; the bearer of my oath. We are bound,” he informs, and Tiago glances at him, squinting his eyes, and then slapping both his own cheeks.

“How do you… even know my name?” asks the lad, still in disbelieve, and the genie laughs.

“Come on, I just told you I am a magical genie and started floating in front of you, and that’s the question you have? Well, I overheard your… I believe he was your housemate, calling you by that name, that’s how I know,” says the genie, and Tiago nods slowly. The handsome twink pondered for a little while, glancing at the genie’s thick muscles and cock, which are throbbing as they seemed to gain a little in mass with his overflowing magic just passively pumping him.

“So, you are a genie and you lived inside that jar, is that it?” asks Tiago, pointing at the pink vase. The genie glances at it and nods.

“Yes, and now you own it and are my mas… oath bearer,” he informs. “My name is Malex, by the way, but you can call me Max,” smirks the hunk, as his right hand extends forward to shake Tiago’s, who takes it and then pulls away with Max’s strong handshake.

“Wow…,” he mumbles, as Max smirks.

“You see, I am fantastically powerful, as an endless magical genie. My powers are basically limitless and infinitely abundant, although they are temporarily contained by my oath and pact. I, unfortunately, can only use my powers right now to fulfill your desires. So, you must make wishes… I will fulfill at least one a day. If you make more, I can choose which one I satisfy, and if you make no wishes that day, I am forced to fulfill one of your previous wishes… those are the rules,” explains Max, and then a tattoo around his arms shines in the form of weird and ancient letters.

“What was that?” asks a surprised Tiago, glancing at Max’s immense now shining biceps. Max smirks.

“This is the pact being fulfilled. It means that I am being a good boy, as I haven’t lied to you. Now I told you the rules, and you can do whatever you want with that information,” he says, and then glances back at the jar. “Except getting rid of me, of course, unless you find another male human who will willingly take me,” says Max, and Tiago frowns.

“Like I took you?” asks Tiago, frowning. Max laughs.

“Well, the rules have to be fulfilled literally, not so much in spirit, at times. But do not worry, you’ll get used to it, I’m sure. You seem to be an intelligent young man,” completes smiling Max, as he sways midair around confused Tiago. “So, make a wish, now; I am really horny for using my powers… my previous idiot master only ever made small wishes out of fear,” complains the terrific genie, and Tiago bit his lips.

“Can I wish for anything?” he asks, and Max’s smirk grows wide and deliciously handsome.

“Oh, yes, my lad, you can wish for anything at all, the bigger the better… and I’ll interpret it, and make it true,” he responds, and Tiago gasps, only really hearing the positive in those words, as his mind travels away into a world of possibility, and Max, seeing his eyes float, smiles even broader.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Tiago sits down to think, and then goes and grabs a notebook where he starts scribbling things—some of which he then erases, starting over and over. Max comes floating his way, lengthening his neck to be able to read what Tiago is writing.

“What are you doing, boy?” asks Max, as he reads what Tiago is scribbling, lifting an eyebrow, and then another, squeezing his handsome face.

“Drafting… my wish… since I have to get it right,” says Tiago, as he changes a word here, and then another one there. Max rolls his eyes behind Tiago, as the lad works hard to get the words in a way that satisfy him.

“Uh-huh,” says the massive flying hunk, as he then floats towards the couch and sits down on it—his immense weight makes the couch creak, as he spreads himself on the furniture, and lowers a hand on his delicious pecs, which he starts scratching, as his other hand and his two feet and cock all spread over and touch the floor. “As you wish, boy,” he completes, watching the twink work, and thinking that he would look handsome with a bit more meat on him—and perhaps, just more of him to have meat on too.

After a minute or two, Tiago stands up and looks around, until his eyes find Max marvelously spreading on his couch, pinching his own nipple, which makes Tiago’s cock throb, as he gasps and proclaims: “Done, I have my wish here,” he says. Max nods.

“Say it, then,” he smiles, and it’s Tiago’s turn to nod.

“I wish to be physically bigger than all guys at the football team of the Federal University where I take classes, so as not to be physically intimidated by them ever again,” says Tiago, and Max’s eyebrows spread.

“That’s it?” he asks, surprised. “You were pondering and redrafting the wording for five minutes for that?” he comments, laughing slightly, making Tiago suddenly feel uncomfortable.

“Uh… well, yeah. I mean I just wanted to make it clear, it’s not that I wanted to make a particularly complex wish, or that I don’t trust your… fulfilling it,” says an embarrassed Tiago. Max shakes his head, after a few seconds of laughing, not wanting to turn the twink too red.

“No, I’m not judging that. I was thinking you’d look nice being a little bit bigger too, to be honest,” says the magic hunk, as he stands up from the couch. “Yes, I am a gay genie, I hope it doesn’t make you uncomfortable,” he says, crossing his arms in front of his enormous pecs, as his cock lengthens magically, lowering to his ankles, and then snaking down the ground. Tiago gasps, his mouth open, dry—he licks his lips.

“Uh, I don’t mind at all, man… I am also very much, very gay… a gay… oath bearer…,” responds the twink, enchanted by Max’s form, which makes the genie frown and laugh.

“I see… interesting,” he nods, shakes his head, and then Tiago starts feeling a weird warmth from his belly. “Here, I granted your wish, now let’s see you transform,” he says with a smile, and Tiago trembles, weak on his knees. He almost falls down, but Max moves to grab him, and help him continue standing up—as does his immense thickening cock.

“But… I thought your powers could… I don’t know… transform me automatically?” grumbles a confused Tiago as the warmth spreads from his groin to his chest, and then his limbs, and makes him pant and blink, confused. His body is starting to feel like it’s boiling all over.

“Oh, yea, I can do that… but I can also do it differently. Everything you didn’t specify in your wish is… up to me,” says Max, as his lips curl, and Tiago nods, collapsing in his arms—his head slides against Max’s powerful chest, and rests there for a second. Max observes the delicious twink moaning and grunting as his body becomes warmer and starts flexing without control. He doesn’t really feel like hurting him, or punishing him, or harming him—but he does feel like changing him to his own liking.

“Uhhh, I see… oh my…. Oh my god!” grunts trembling Tiago, as he gasps without air, and all his muscles start shaking and sweating amazingly. They are being filled with magic and blood, which makes Tiago’s lean body expand in all directions—slowly at first, but then more and more rapidly. Tiago feels uncomfortable, as all his limbs shake and all his muscles spasm, and as his cock trembles completely hard and even his buns seem to dance with frenetic flexing. Fortunately, he’s being hugged by Max, which changes the direction of the magic when Tiago starts feeling too uncomfortable, easing of speeding up the transformation for him. Max liked to see the handsome face struggle and panting, but not contorted in pain, and so when things start going that way, Max makes the transformation more pleasurable, hornier, and less uncomfortable.

That, of course, means Tiago is soon fully hard, drooling immensely from his mouth on Max’s chest, and from his cock on his own underwear, as well as drenching his clothes on manly sweat.

“Don’t worry, it will be fun,” guarantees Max. He’s a bad genie, but that doesn’t necessarily mean he’s always evil—only self-centered. He has taken a liking for this twink, and so he’s going to make him more—a lot more. And Tiago is now panting, trembling, and growing delightfully because of it—although he has no idea what he would become.

“Oh, ahhhhh! Hmmmm!” grumbled Tiago, as his abs seemed to lengthen, and his limbs grew immensely in thickness, looking now overly bloated in his relatively short frame and tight vests. Tiago fills his clothes now, which are wet and sticking to his marvelous body. Max smiles, caressing Tiago’s arms as the lad mumbles. “Fuck, hmmm, too tight!” he continues complaining, as his clothes are completely overstretched, especially around his legs and arms.

“Yeah, you are going to become way too big for your clothes, soon, dude,” comments a happy Max, as Tiago grunts deeply and then his hands grow five more digits beyond the original ones—and so do his feet, completely bursting out of his shoes. Before Tiago can even gasp in shock, his four limbs start trembling and dividing, as his skin itself seems to melt and his arms and legs, hands and feet, turn from the usual two into four.

“Ahhh, hmmm, oh my god!” Tiago grumbles, and then moans, as his limbs overfill his clothes which burst on the arms and legs, a bunch of fabric falling all over in a predictable burst, as Tiago’s muscles are suddenly visible, making Max smirk. Tiago’s fingers and toes continue multiplying, though, as his muscles continue growing and his whole body rearranging—apparently Max’s plans are way more than just giving Tiago eight limbs. “What is… going on? Four… arms…?” ask a confused and trembling, growing and panting Tiago, as his face contorts, unable to process all of his expanding mass yet. He now has two cocks too! And they are both hard, throbbing wet and immense against his skin, as he pants and grumbles. His abs are multiplying too, and new abs are growing between his upper and lower set of arms, as well as between his fore and rear legs, creating unique separate torsos.

Tiago’s eyes roll backward, and he pants as his arms and legs contort inside Max’s powerful hug, and multiply again—now it’s 8 arms and 8 legs that this amazingly growing twink has, as his cocks, now of the very same number, all orgasm, making his toes and fingers curl as he ejaculates from eight slits at once, covering magical Max into the thickest, most delicious and hot orgasmic lad juices.

Seeing this, Max smiles. He makes Tiago’s torn clothes all disappear magically so that the cum splashes against his muscles, as the sweaty lad orgasms, which means semen splashes with magical sweat and flies all down on the floor and also up all over the room, as Max is still hugging Tiago’s lower torsos. Even as he orgasms and grunts, Tiago’s change continues unabated and the small and handsome twink is quickly becoming a long, muscular and handsome twunk—except one which could, by himself, outclass all the soccer team in anything!

“You’ll be bigger than the whole team!” celebrates Max, as he lets go of Tiago’s body, and then floats up, and makes his own massive muscular frame double in number. Suddenly, two magnificently handsome and thick and equally hot Maxes float in Tiago’s living room. One of Max’s selves now moves back to hug Tiago’s upper torso, massaging his sore muscles and consoling his confused face, as his other body moves down to rub Tiago’s multiple legs and cocks, which are still trembling and growing, gaining mass and length by the second.

“That’s… hrrr… not what I meant…!” affirms the handsome lad, as he feels his fingers and toes doubling, his muscles pumping, and his drooling cocks overly hard once again—a sure sign of another multiplication drive. He pants and contracts all his muscles trying to prevent it, but it comes as sure as the rise of the sun, and followed by another immense, earth-shattering orgasm, which is like a fountain of now 8, 10, 12, 14, and 16 orgasmic rods.

“But it’s how I interpreted it!” celebrates Max, as Tiago gasps and his 16 limbs and 160 abs all flex, and then start stretching and dividing. As Tiago’s eight’s immense cocks cum, their slits separate in two and start shooting in two directions, as his balls also double and start moving backwards. Mid-orgasmically, Tiago’s body trembles and doubles—now 16 arms, 16 legs, 16 cocks, and 320 amazing abs, organized in two lower torsos and two upper torsos. Sweating like crazy, orgasming impossibly, Tiago’s body now slammed the ceiling and the ground, all the four walls and furniture, all at once, filling the room with muscle mass and limbs—all belonging to the same amazingly handsome twunk! From ass to head, Tiago is now amazing 29 meters long—29 curled up and wrapped up meters of lad muscle, being massaged by Max’s two bodies, as his magical cocks have risen too, seeing Tiago’s orgasms exploding in all directions.

“My god, my god… I’m immense!” says a completely overwhelmed, post-orgasmic Tiago, as he swirls his massively long body around, feeling himself up and also trying (uselessly) to stretch in the now too small space of his once large living room. One of Max’s bodies is smiling, straddling Tiago’s 11th set of legs, and rubbing his muscles, while another floats hugging Tiago’s head, both with their manhoods hard and drooling.

“Yea, you fucking are. Now you are bigger than the whole soccer team, by far!” announces Max’s hugging body, and Tiago grumbles.

“Both in size, weight, and number!” says the other one of Max’s mouths, which is kissing Tiago’s 10th set of abs. The hunks groans, unused to being so… so much man.

“But… how will I go through life like this?” he asks, confused, his head looking down as he writhes over his fantastically long and thick body, touching himself—his many cocks, his many balls, his many legs and butts. They seem even more sensitive now than when he only had four limbs. Tiago doesn’t hate his new body, at all, but… it would be so cumbersome to live a normal life now—he can hardly fit in his own living room as it is!

“I guess this is an issue for you to solve with tomorrow’s wish,” responded mischievous Max, his voice coming from the body who is straddling on Tiago’s abs. Tiago’s eyes glared open, and he starts panting nervously. Is Max someone who wanted to ruin him? Maybe… maybe he’s not someone to be trusted. If… if it’s so… he would be almost totally under his mercy for the rest of his life! Tiago can feel a massive—32 limbed—panic attack coming, as his multiple lungs seemed to pant at once.

Max watchs Tiago start to have an almost 30-meter-long nervous attack, and weirdly, he feels his heart sink as the massive multi-torso’d twunk trembles, but now with angst and nervousness, because of his own magical self.

“I… I can’t live like this… I’m super… big and long how will I even… cross the door and… oh my God… I can’t even wear anything I have anymore! I’ll fail in college and never get a job!” babbles the frenetic lad, as his torsos turn around and hover over his trembling immense lower frame, allowing him to check out the length of his swirling body, before trying to curl into a desperate self-hug. As he tries to move inside the small room, Tiago bumps against the furniture he has already covered in cum, turning it around and even crashing some.

Seeing that, Max feels even worse—and not the right kind of bad he’s used to being. He doesn’t know how to interpret that feeling, but he doesn’t like it. If he’s supposed to twist the wishes to suit himself at the expense of his humans, it sure wasn’t working as planed this time.

“I… could make another wish today come true if I wanted to… in exchange for something…,” says Max, and gasping, trembling Tiago turns towards Max’s body mounting him—he’s red-faced, tearing up almost from the point of crying. His face looks up to floating Max and then down to mounting Max, frenetically.

“Would you do that, to fix me?!” asks desperate Tiago, and Max nods a little, reluctantly.

“As long as it’s not to change you back! I like this new you,” he adds, and Tiago frowns and nods, two of his upper right arms clearing his tears as his multiple chests starts slowing down their panting.

“Okay… that’s okay. I just want you to… make it so I can live more or less normally… even if I keep this body… I don’t think I hate it… to be honest… I like it just… don’t want my life to end…,” mumbles Tiago, and Max nods.

“I can do that, sure…,” says Max from his mounting body, as his other body’s mouth curls in a thick smile as thoughts cross his mind. “Yeah, I can adapt the world to his new frame,” he thinks to himself, as he clears his throat. “But in exchange for this favor, I want something for myself,” he says, and Tiago lifts an eyebrow.

“Sure, you are the genie, I guess it’s fair you have your wish fulfilled at times too,” says post-teary Tiago, as he quickly overcomes his anxiety, making Max frown, actually surprised with that line of thought, before he laughs. He isn’t used to humans taking his wishes into account, much less humans in such desperate states.

“Sure!” he laughs from both his bodies, confusing Tiago a bit as his overly long body tries to rearrange and get comfortable in the small living room—causing him to push away the couches and turn around the table while crushing some lamps out of the way inadvertently. “What I want, though, is to fuck this new wonderful body of yours, Tiago. Do you still accept my condition?” asks Max, and Tiago bites his lips.

All his 16 cocks throb and slap his bountiful abs, as he bones up.

“Oh, fuck, you want to fuck me? Wow, you, fuck me? Yes, sure! I do accept that!” says the now excited twunk, incredibly eager, even surprising Max, whose hard cocks throb on both bodies seeing the swirling lad so horny for him. His heart seems to flutter a little as he feels that Tiago actually wants this to happen, perhaps even more than himself, and that he truly trusted him to take care of his immensely troublesome situation. Max’s two bodies then float to different parts of Tiago—one closer to the lad’s head, as another moves towards the rearrest of his pairs of legs.

“Okay, then, when I cum, I’ll make your second wish of the day come true,” says Max, smirking, from his body near Tiago’s handsome face, as his right hand there rubs Tiago’s deliciously soft hair. That body then pulls Tiago into a kiss, as Tiago’s upper set of arms wrap around that one of Max’s body’s shoulders, and some of Tiago’s lower arms move to hug Max’s abs, legs, or grab and stoke his immensely thick cock, even as the two are more or less upside down. Tiago grunts, as his other and lower arms rub his own multiple abs and chests, or, simultaneously, as his body is wrapped all around the room, just rubbing his lower backs and to try to reach his cocks, which are throbbing and rubbing against himself, the floor and even the walls, in different places.

At the very same time, Max’s other body is spreading Tiago’s last pair of delicious legs, and slapping his final buns with his magical palms, making Tiago moan—his hole twitches, so eager it’s to be penetrated by the magical beast. Max’s immense cock then trembles, and swirls as it lengthens, towards Tiago’s hungry rear gap. It rubs and drools on the massive twunk’s hole, and then as a massive snake, slides inside deliciously, digging and slithering deeper and deeper, making each one of Tiago’s successive legs spread and readjust as the immense lengthening and fattening limb fucked him deeper and deeper, penetrating successive muscle inner holes (of which each pair of legs has one inside Tiago’s manly ultra-long intestines).

“Oooooooh, fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck, how long is your cock?! It’s like I’m being internally fucked through a dozen holes at once!” gasps and mumbles Tiago in between kissing Max’s other body, as he pants and his eyes roll, as his different hips readjust to being fucked, letting the travelling cock dig further and spread his intestines farther and further inside him.

“My cock is as long as I want it to be… and I will make it fit you perfectly,” responds Max’s lower body, as his cock digs deeper and stretches fatter inside Tiago, who grunts as Max’s other body never stops kissing and hugging him. Tiago’s eyes roll, overwhelmed, as the impressive long snake is already 10 meters deep inside his 14-meter-long lower body! It penetrats 11 of his 16 linear inner holes, making his cocks throb and tremble as he starts sweating and swaying his lower legs and waists like a wave, loving the feeling of being so filled by magical Max’s magical rod.

“Fuck, that’s so amazing and hot!” he grumbles, as his swirling body slides against the wall and the furniture, fucked deeper and deeper, filled more and more. Tiago’s cocks are all hard and drooling now—each a whole meter in length, humping the balls of the cock ahead, or his legs, or the couch, or the wall. The whole room is now an overly tight fuck box for Tiago—it is all touched by a different part of his immensely long and muscular body, being squeezed, humped or rubbed against, even the ceiling.

“Hmmm, yes,” grunts magical Max, as one of his bodies is kissing Tiago deliciously, hugging him while eight different hands are feeling him up in all sorts of ways, and his other body is fucking the lad—fucking him so deep his balls slap Tiago’s rear butt now, while still stretching inside, making Tiago grunt as he’s penetrated to perfection, one inner ring after another being crossed, making his cocks throb and bringing him to delirium.

“Hmhm, hmmmph! I’m so close!” he moans, kissing floating Max, and then his hands move the majestic floating body of the powerful genie up, allowing Tiago to swirl his torsos around him, and pressure his face against Max’s muscles, kissing and nibbling his majestic muscles, worshipping them lovely, which actually starts driving Max a bit less than sane. “You are the hottest being I’ve ever seen, genie or whatever,” grumbles a confused and horned-up Tiago, as he’s penetrated by 14, no, 15 or 16 meters of cock—now so much meat inside him that his torsos are stretching and bulging quite significantly around lower Max’s immense rod, which is now travelling up Tiago’s upper body, making his eyes roll even more as he smells Max’s musk and kisses him all over.

“Fuuuck, fuuuuuuck!” shouted Max, as he sent an explosion of magic, and his cock engorged inside Tiago, compressing all his prostates at once, making all of the long twunk’s cocks tremble and throb so close to orgasmic achievement as Tiago’s intestines and muscle rings are all perfectly stretched and deliciously ravaged from the inside. it’s so close, and Max can picture the world he wants for Tiago—a world large and fitting for him where there’d be very few lads as abundant and bountiful as his lovely… not master, the bearer of his oath. Fuck! He wants him to be the biggest of all those bountiful lads, though, and he will make it so for him. Max will max the fuck out of Tiago!

But then, to his surprise, a gush of magic floods Tiago’s apartment from the outside—the walls expand, as an earthquake seems to shake the whole of reality at once. Tiago isn’t noticing what is going on, as it isn’t his genie’s magic, but Max knows what it is: another genie’s endless and limitless powers.

“Fuck, fuck!” Max grunts, as he hates having other lesser genies interfere with his business. He can even smell in this magic who is the bastard changing the whole wide world, including this deliciously tiny apartment which is now becoming large enough to easily accommodate Tiago, who is still being fucked by progressively more cock, but that now doesn’t need to be crawling halfway up the walls anymore, as reality adjusts to… larger immensely muscular men? The photos of Tiago’s roommate on the walls surely showed that.

“Ohhh, yea!” grunts unsuspecting Tiago, as cock is now travelling a good 27 meters inside him, basically 90% of the way up to his throat. He rolls his eyes back, and gasps, “I don’t think I can hold out, Max!” he warns, but almost too late. An angry and furious Max starts pounding Tiago’s rear hole (and thus the whole length of his body), while his other body starts massaging Tiago’s head against his delicious magical muscles. That brings the poor and immense twunk over the edge, and Tiago just collapses and starts trembling all over his gigantic body, as his 32 balls start pumping juice from all his 16 cocks at once!

“Hmmm, fuuuuuck tight, man!” complains s very pleased Max, as all those 16 consecutive sphincters massage his magnificently long cock, as well as all other of Tiago’s twitching rear muscles, as his cocks throb and bob up and down orgasmically, shooting cum in all directions and completely coating the apartment on a lake-worthy volume of white manly juices. Max tries to hold out for a second more, but he couldn’t. His floating body pulls Tiago’s face up and kisses him, and then his other body pushes his cock deeper inside Tiago, lengthening it further, stretching his member through Tiago’s throat and then up his mouth, until it makes Tiago gasp and their lovely kiss is traversed by Max’s cock—culminating the impaling of 29 amazing manly meters of multi-limbed hunk with a magical genie self-suck.

Finally, lower Max crumbles and gasps and trembles, as his immense and oversized balls contract and pump hundreds of liters of genie magical sperm through his rod, across Tiago’s whole overfilled orgasmic frame, into floating Max’s blissful mouth. Max swallows his own orgasm abundantly and perfectly as he kisses and fucks Tiago all at once, and his floating body’s cock also trembles and shoots his magical milk. This splashes all over Tiago’s body wonderfully, making him sticky, warm, and wet on magical spunk.

At the same time as Max’s magical body shoots its endless orgasm, it explodes with magic that now superimposes his own strong determination to fulfill Tiago’s wish onto this brave new superhunk-adapted world that Alex has created. As fresh boundless genie magic swirls and crosses boundless genie magic all over creation, the existing hyper muscular world is further stretched into a multi-adapted and partly multi-populated reality, shaping the whole of earth with Max’s endlessly supply of powerful and abundant genie magic and will. This change, Tiago does feel, and thus, when a tired Max pulls himself away from their orgasmic kiss, and lower Max starts pulling and retracting his cock from Tiago’s hole, the overly long hunk holds the genie’s floating body in his arms, and lowers him down on the expanded couch carefully, before hugging his magical panting self under Tiago’s immense upper torsos.

“Thank you for everything,” says Tiago, smiling as his incredibly long body leaned over one of the Maxes, kissing his chest, and then his neck, and then his cheeks. “I knew I could trust you!” whispers the happy twunk, as his mind makes sense of a totally changed new reality where his life would—far from ending—thrive under its new multiple form! Max grunts, hearing those words, but he almost unwillingly lets a smile pop in his face.

“I did it because I like the world better this way, dude,” grumbles the endlessly powerful genie, blushing, before sighing. As this body continues here feeling Tiago’s lovely caresses and even being hugged by multiple arms, his other self pops his cock out of Tiago’s rear hole, and then disappears from the now cum-coated but hugely expanded living room. Tiago’s now immensely long rear is almost wagging his magnificent lower body, as his upper meters cuddle with Max on his couch, and he grunts, impossibly happy.

“I’m going to kill that fucking bastard,” Max’s mind thinks, as he remembers the other genie intervening in his fun, even as he can’t help but smile seeing Tiago’s handsome face, eventually kissing his cheeks. Yes, he’ll definitely do whatever it takes before that fucking self-proclaimed “good” genie messes up the world he has created for his oath bearer.


Part 3: The Two Genies

Alex is with immensely muscular Fabio in his bedroom, as overly hung Max appears magically floating above their bed.

“Alex,” he says, frowning and bitterly angry.

“Max!” frowned a gasping and surprised Alex. “So the one who just changed the whole world, making it adapted to multis and making ten percent of all lads have multiple limbs, was you!” he said, as Fabio grunts half asleep.

“Yes, you fucker, of course it was me!” complains Max, and then he looks at the handsome hunk besides Alex. “Let’s go talk somewhere else, I don’t want to involve our mast…I mean, our hum… I mean, your human,” he completes, and Max teleports himself to a lake many thousands of kilometers away, as Alex doubles his body and does the same. They are now both floating naked and massively handsomely endowed, above the waters of Lake Victoria, in Africa. As soon as Alex materializes, Max pushes his hand against the other genie’s immense muscular chest.

“I thought you were asleep, you bastard. Why did you suddenly start changing the world like this? Making almost all the male population gay or bisexual isn’t ri… okay, that isn’t a bad idea… but why turn everyone into massive hypermuscular studs? You think you can just mess with everyone else’s fun just because you are a good genie!” accuses Max, as Alex frowns, and pulls Max in towards him, before their immense chests collide as the magical hunks float. The collision of their immense bodies makes their gargantuan softies slap and then tie together, before the reverse motion unties their tangled cocks.

“I was just resting until I woke up, is that a crime? Besides, I didn’t mean to change the world… it’s just that I found a nice human friend and one thing led to another… I have fixed some of the excesses, too! I saw you created millions of multis all over the world, so… aren’t we even, anyway?” Alex defends himself, before Max rolls his eyes.

“Nice human friend, my ass. You make desires come true with complete freedom. Besides we both know humans just want to use us for our powers…,” complains Max, and then his muscular arms push against Alex. “Let’s just agree not to change anything beyond our hum… I mean my oath bearer and your so-called friend, all right? At least not before talking it out,” suggests the bound genie.

Alex ponders a little—clearly that’s more of a restriction on himself than on Max, whose powers are bound by his oath. But it’s a not so bad way to try and contain some of the damage the evil genie sometimes caused all over the place—like that time he twisted a wish making human men so horny that they’d sometimes orgasm at night without even trying.

“You know, Max? I could create another universe just for you, and then if you want you can move there, and we’ll both be perfectly free within each of our universes—no other concessions needed. Besides, our humans… I mean, my friend and your oath bearer, they apparently know each other, so with your idea of talking out everything that affects the other our independent margin of maneuver would be quite constrained,” informs Alex, and Max rolls his eyes.

“You shove yourself into a created universe, you bastard,” responds Max, and Alex shakes his head.

“You know I can’t do that; I can’t live only within a universe I myself create, and you can’t access your powers without a wish from your oath bearer to be able to make me a universe… so… it’s either you do as I suggested, or we’ll have to be tiptoeing around one another from now on,” reminds Alex, and Max grumbles, floating around the other massive hunk.

“It isn’t fair that you want to force me to abandon my oath bearer… I mean, change oath bearers, I kind of like… or I don’t despise this one. You know how hard it’s to find a nice and gentle… I mean… an easily manipulated oath bearer? This is the only way I can… use my powers… more or less freely,” says Max, a bit unconvincingly there at the end, as Alex lifts a surprised eyebrow.

“Well, maybe in the future you’ll be unbound as well,” suggests Alex, and Max rolls his eyes in scorn.

“Fuck off, I’m talking about reality here. I’m not leaving Tiago, not this soon. So, stop changing the world, okay?” complains Max, as he points his finger at the other powerful and handsome beast’s immense chest, threateningly.

“Sure thing, dude!” responds Alex, lifting his powerful arms in a way to distend tension between the endlessly powerful magical creatures, before hugging Max tight, which disarmed the other genie. “I’m just glad you found a human friend… sorry, oath bearer you like. If you ever need anything, you can come to me, all right? Even relationship advice! We are both genies, it’s like we are brothers,” Alex says, and Max gasps almost offended by 99% of those words. Before he can respond, though, Alex dissolves himself in thin air, and Max feels surprisingly cold without the other’s immense body hugging and rubbing against him.

“Brothers my ass, you bastard! I am a bound slave!” he shouts annoyed to nobody in particular, and then dematerializes himself too, wanting to dedicate his full attention to Tiago, who seems to be very excited about exploring all perks of his newfound body, now cuddling with Max back at home.

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