Fountain of life

by NioSatyr

During a hot summer morning, a jogger visits several unusual drinking fountains that will not only change him, but probably also the world.

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It was still early in the morning when Kirill was jogging through the city park. The air was still cool, and a gentle breeze was blowing but it promised to become another hot mid-summer day once the sun would have fully risen into the blue sky.

The trees certainly didn’t seem to notice that it hadn’t rained in almost a month, probably due to the diligent irrigation of the park personnel. They were standing tall and steady, and their leaves shielded the ground so it couldn’t charge that much heat.

But Kirill’s jog had already warmed him up considerably. The path between the buildings was much less cooled by the plants transpiration and despite not wearing more than running shorts and a mesh tank top he was sweating profusely.

In his right hand his water bottle was already empty. Luckily, he knew where a drinking fountain was, but it was still a five-minute jog till then. But feeling gravel instead of asphalt under his shoes was already a blessing.

The birds were chirping in a way that suggested it didn’t seem worth it between waking up and the heat of the summer when something shiny caught Kirill’s eye. To his left, a small path in a leaf-tunnel led to what looked like a fountain.

It was always like that, there seemed to be something new in the park every time he visited it. Not surprising, considering that it was not city-owned but belonged to an eccentric, rich old couple. They regularly ordered changes in the paths and added or removed stuff. It was kinda fun.

Kirill wasn’t too tall, so he didn’t have to duck to walk through the leaf-tunnel. When he got out the other side, he ended up on a small opening with a rather curious-looking drinking fountain in the middle of it.

It was unusually large, its basin’s size that of a car wheel. Its base had an irregular angular shape, and it was completely covered in mirrors. A lever sat at its foot and a small pole was fixed on one side of the basin.

When Kirill pushed the lever down with his foot, a small arc of water came from the pole and connected to a groove that circled around the basin before it ran into a complex system of channels etched into a block of glass.

The channels were partially open and partially closed and together with the mirrors and the sunlight it gave a truly mesmerizing image when the water flowed towards the drain. It was the size of a small plate and was shaped like a basket set into the basin.

The mirror at its base reflected Kirill’s face almost perfectly apart from the water turbulences. Looking at him was a college-aged man with shoulder-length hair.

His athleticism and curly hair he had gotten from his Namibian mother who was once a professional runner and now was the director at a local high school. And the most feared and respected PE teacher around.

As for his size and his facial features he got more after his Greek dad. Just like him he was barely 165 cm tall and while some would call him handsome, Kirill thought cute described him more accurately. The only thing he really liked about himself was his curly goatee. And his muscles of course.

Due to his mother’s enthusiasm, he got into sports early and during puberty he quickly put on muscle weight. While his father wasn’t really the sporty type and mostly put up with exercising because he “wants to be able to climb for a smooch even when I am 90,” Kirill certainly got almost addicted to sports.

It was also during that time when he noticed that he had a taste for both girls and guys and with his physique it wasn’t too hard to get them to notice him. And because he was an extreme flirt—so extreme that he had a discussion with his parents at the dinner table.

“As the school psychologist I am currently worried that half of the kids that need my advice won’t come to me because you are the reason,” his dad opened.

“Oh, come on. It can’t be that bad.”

His mum countered: “Mr. Charles, your PE teacher, said he doesn’t want to do mixed classes because you are already enough of a hazard when there are only three people always ogling you.”

“Well, but…”

“A girl from our class asked me what your interests are,” his two-year younger sister interrupted.

Her twin brother just added to it: “One? More like two thirds, plus a few guys. I am getting ambushed every day because they think I hang out with him a lot.”

“You take more after dad, you little wuss,” Kirill said while messing up his little brother’s hair. “But how should I change that? I can’t help being the hottest thing on the high school campus.”

Mum: “Don’t lift your shirt every two minutes during PE.”

Dad: “Don’t lead everyone on and flirt a lot less.”

Sister: “Wear stuff that allows you and others to breathe.”

Brother: “Show them a picture of your room.”

“Why am I the only one in this family who doesn’t know how to sass others?”

With a little humbleness training from his family, he managed to not become a total egotist even though he still kept on being a show-off, bordering into exhibitionism. At least because he decided to study sport sciences he was surrounded by similarly attractive people.

He still hadn’t found anyone he would be interested in, but he’d had a couple good fucks. Kirill was certain he would find someone more permanent though.

As for the present, he noticed that he was staring awfully long at his own reflection. His dry throat reminded Kirill that he had a reason for looking at the fountain.

He took a big gulp from the clear arc of water and immediately noticed how cold it was. It was like it came directly from the mountains and not from the city’s pipe system.

Kirill certainly wasn’t the type to complain about too-refreshing water. With each gulp he felt how the chill of the live-giving liquid travelled through his throat and into his stomach.

At one point he even had to stop because he got brain frost. While his head regenerated from the freezing assault, he took the opportunity to fill up his water bottle.

Once he had his fill without getting too full for running, Kirill continued his jogging, leaving the opening through another leaf tunnel that closed behind him.

Onward, he felt even lighter than usual when jogging but after a while Kirill started to get extremely hot. Even after gulping down the entire contents of his water bottle, he only felt relief for a short time, as the heat seemed to just get worse.

Additionally, Kirill started to feel extremely horny, and his boner started to push against the crotch of his jogging shorts. His first instinct was to cut his run short and return home, but something was holding him back.

He’d always had an exhibitionistic streak but this time it made itself very noticeable. He daydreamed about people noticing his bulge and wanting to fuck him right on the spot and they would do it with everyone else wanting to watch and join.

He even considered for a moment to continue running just in his shoes and jockstrap but almost got whiplash when a mental image of his mom made him snap back to reality. They may both be adults, but she was still the stronger adult despite her age and would not take lightly to her son disturbing the public.

Kirill was torn between his desire to just drop everything and his will to stay modest. In the end he compromised between both and took off his tank top and wrapped it around his waist. This way he could show off his chest, which was socially acceptable, and somewhat conceal his raging boner. But he was still quite thirsty and for some reason he hadn’t found his usual water fountain.

He continued to jog along a path he couldn’t remember in the hope of finding one and as luck was with him, he found one.

At first Kirill mistook the green-painted metal construction for a fire hydrant but upon closer inspection he found a small water tap on its side.

Relieved he started to turn the tap but to his disappointment no water came out. He almost jogged off again when the tap broke off and almost hit him while he got sprayed with water.

“What the heck!” Kirill got startled but he wasn’t upset considering the summer heat. It actually prickled nicely on his skin. He was already soaking wet so it couldn’t hurt to enjoy it a little longer.

He turned so that also his backside got cooled down and rubbed it over his body like some expensive oil even though it was just water.

After a few minutes he decided to use his water bottle to harvest a few gulps from the constant stream. Drinking from it almost Kirill feel a little light-headed and his already high horniness seemed to increase by a few times.

“Puuhhh, I hope there is nothing poisonous in the water.” Still, he filled his water bottle up and continued running.

The sun already had risen slightly above the treetops and dried him quickly, soon leaving Kirill to heat up again. He could feel his heart pumping blood like crazy to fill his muscles with fresh oxygenated blood.

Those muscles also made themselves noticeable by feeling extremely pumped. Not just the leg muscles but his entire body like after an extensive workout. Kirill enjoyed this feeling, especially through his clouded mind. It felt like he was drunk, but on horniness instead of alcohol.

To Kirill it felt like his entire body was stretching, growing even. He considered it a by-product of his horny imagination.

He loved focusing on that feeling, how his neck thickened, his shoulders broadened, and his chest pushed out. How his arms got thicker, his biceps and triceps becoming larger.

His already chiselled abs seemed to get even more cut in his head and his butt became even larger and firmer.

Even his running shorts seemed to feel tight from getting filled by his legs, even though they are a rather baggy model. His lower legs felt more powerful and also his shoes started to get crammed.

It was a good feeling for him but unfortunately his tank top got loose and dropped to the ground. Annoyed, Kirill stopped and turned to pick it up. When he squatted to get it, his shorts tore with a loud ripping sound and fell to the ground.

This snapped him back somewhat to reality. Baffled, Kirill looked at the torn leftovers and noticed how he only wore his shoes and his jockstrap. He picked all of his garments up and took inventory of himself.

The strange feeling of getting more muscular wasn’t just a feeling—it had actually happened. He touched himself all over to make sure it wasn’t just a very vivid dream.

He flexed his arms and bounced his pecs with their now large nipples. He then finally took notice off his surroundings and realized how everything had shrunk.

Or rather, Kirill had grown. He hadn’t a reliable scale for measurement at hand, but he had to be at least two meters tall. He pinched himself.

Nope, this was not a dream. It was real. Kirill barely could contain his excitement. And his libido was slowly driving him crazy. He had to jack off, right now.

He looked around and actually was disappointed when he noticed that he was alone. He certainly would have loved for someone to see him.

He slipped his right hand into his jockstrap and started stroking his cock. God, it was so sensitive. Kirill let out load moans. He wanted people to hear him, to know that he was here and enjoying himself.

Fantasies of men and women, but especially buff men, coming up to him and joining him in his public display of pleasure started to fill his mind.

With this mental image and his immense horniness, it didn’t take him long to cum. The first shot went right through the fabric of the pouch and possibly travelled two metres far. After that followed a series of cum shots that had to be at least ten if not twenty in total.

Relieved Kirill looked at the traces of his deed and decided to leave it like that for others to see. His libido seemed somewhat manageable now.

But he still wanted to get bigger. He picked up his water bottle he dropped, screwed the lid off and chugged down the entire contents in one go.

The effect was instantaneous, but it wasn’t muscle growth. Instead, his horniness came back completely, five times stronger than before his record-shattering orgasm.

And he got thirsty. So thirsty. Kirill knew he had to find another water fountain. So, he ran.

He ran faster than even before in his life and with a completely new endurance. He ran so fast, he almost missed the gurgling sound of water.

This was not a drinking fountain, but an ordinary park fountain made of marble. Well, not that ordinary, as it was shaped into a rather lewd sculpturÂe.

On top of it sat four satyrs, with dicks the size of their torsos and spew water forth from them. The water rained into a basin with four overflows lined up with the four satyr’s dicks.

Kirill didn’t waste much time. He leaned over the basin, blocking one of the overflows with his crotch and stretched to reach the satyr dick.

He was too short by a few centimetres but once he started drinking, he could feel himself growing and touched the smooth marble with his lips.

While he was drinking, his cock grew disproportionately to his body. While lying in water, it started to stretch the pouch of the jockstrap till it finally snapped.

As the rest of him was growing as well, the waistband and his shoes didn’t last much longer either. Kirill didn’t care anymore; he was sick of being imprisoned by fabric.

His muscles started to bulge out even more and his nipples started to tingle, even itch a little bit while growing even larger.

Kirill pinched them to get rid of that itchy feeling and almost let go off the smooth marble cock when a mini orgasm shook him. His hand felt like it was covered in cum.

He then started to milk himself, first one pec, then the other. It felt like bliss to Kirill, growing slowly larger while feeling his growing cock rub against the smooth basin and milking himself.

But after a while, he was full, and the feeling of growth had stopped. Disappointed he let go of the marble satyr’s dick. Only to light up once he looked at himself.

He was now really buff, and his nipples almost filled a quarter of his pecs. He had grown another meter and most amazingly, his cock now reached under his pecs and his balls were the size of watermelons.

His cock was now permanently leaking but the fluid rather had the consistency of cum than of pre. Steadily it flowed down his enormous dick and over his large balls and to finally drip on the ground where even the grass seemed to grow visibly from the nutrients inside it.

But also, Kirill’s senses had changed. They were now much sharper and if he would have seen himself, he would have noticed that his eyes were now deep green and had slit pupils.

His heightened sense of smell picked something up. Something that smelt like the fountain but also differently. Despite his intense desire to jerk his new cock off, he sought out the curious smell.

He left the paths and delved right into the bushes. Despite his enormous size, Kirill had no trouble navigating through the greenery. It was almost as if the foliage was making room for him.

When he finally emerged into the sunlight again, he found himself at the edge of a small lake with crystal clear water. He instinctively knew what he had to do.

Without hesitation, he waded into the water. At the deepest point, it barely reached over Kirill’s hips. He let himself fall back into the water.

Being submerged, he felt absolutely peaceful. The last of his verbal thoughts faded away and left him with a pure desire for pleasure and giving.

He didn’t need to breathe but he still got all the oxygen he needed; the water was breathing for Kirill. And it was doing so much more for him.

While the lake continued what the fountains have started, it also changed the young man in completely different ways.

Kirill’s legs started to contort. His feet elongated, with his toes fusing into a single fleshy knob. Soon the knob got covered in black keratin, revealing the design to be cloven goat hooves.

At the same time, hair started to sprout on Kirill’s body. Especially his lower body was soon covered in black curly fur. The only exception was his ball sack, which only got partitioned into two parts by the fur.

A treasure trail grew between his abs and pecs. Above them it expanded into a curly crest. On his elbows tufts of black fur emerged.

The lake continued its work on Kirill’s head and above his butt. Slowly, two goat tails were growing from the base of his spine, while four knobs appeared on his forehead.

They grew red and irritated, only to heal completely once the two pairs of horns pierced through the skin. The outer pair was larger and made a full circle like a ram while the inner pair was smaller and only became two spikes that seemingly grew out of their larger brothers.

On the side of his head, his ears grew into points while two smaller earlobes fused with them to create a leaf-like shape. A second pair of eyes appeared on Kirill’s face.

His mouth grew wider to make room for his two long pointed tongues that came forth between his jagged teeth. His nose grew more animalistic and broader and would have been moist even if he wasn’t in the lake.

Now another drastic change of Kirill’s form was initiated as he seemingly grew disproportionate in height, only to reveal that below his original pair of pecs with their giant nipples appeared another pair just as big.

Out of the sides he grew another pair of arms, just like his old ones. He immediately knew how to use them and made them caress his growing body.

Slowly Kirill was outgrowing the small lake, which wasn’t good as his transformation still wasn’t complete. His giant cock and balls were now out of the water.

Instinctively he rolled over and started grinding against the lake’s floor while the body of water induced the final part of the transformation.

Kirill’s cock stretched longer and gained girth rapidly. It reached between the groove of his upper pecs where his hungry mouth and two tongues could easily tease the giant head.

The leaking cumslit split into two, with one tongue in each of them. Slowly but surely, they pushed apart, and Kirill was only able to keep his tongues in due to their lengths.

Then the cocks were finally separate. Their girth was now too much for the new-born nature spirit to pleasure them both at the same time. So, he kept switching between them while his four hands kept massaging his four leaking pecs and two giant cocks.

Kirill got up on his knees. He was now easily over 12 m tall and even kneeling his head reached over the treetops. His balls sloshed with the cum that was continuously produced in them.

They swelled larger and larger till they completely filled the space between his thighs and then some. If he would be standing, Kirill’s ball sack would be dangling between his knees. He was finally ready.

With a primal roar he ejaculated his first live-gifting load. The white treasure shot up into the air and rained down upon the park, turning the half-tame vegetation into a dense forest and infecting everyone it touched to become part of Kirill’s spirit herd.

They would come to him and assist him in being a granter of life and energy for nature, drinking the milk from his chest to gain strength and spread the wilderness once again across the world, transforming others just like them.

Kirill wasn’t thinking about any of this. He was now a creature of pure pleasure, only made to cum time after time, only pausing while sleeping and even then, the constant leaking from his ever-hard cocks and chest would make a river of life.

It wasn’t clear where one orgasm ended and the next began as Kirill just kept pleasuring himself. He was completely and utterly wrapped in absolute bliss.

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