Cave on the Moon

by brazboy

First contact? A large cave is identified on the Moon. It is apparently ancient, but also not at all natural. Humans, curious as ever, sent a team of astronauts to investigate it. What they find changes everything, and everyone, forever…

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Part 1 First contact? A large cave is identified on the Moon. It is apparently ancient, but also not at all natural. Humans, curious as ever, sent a team of astronauts to investigate it. What they find changes everything, and everyone, forever… (added: 13 Nov 2021)
Part 2
Part 3
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Part 1

One day the different satellites and space agencies of planet Earth all got the same reading: there is a strange, apparently new hole in our old Moon. While this long and thin hole was not old—or at least, it hadn’t been discovered until now—it seem not to be a fully natural formation either, which arouse much attention in our blue ball. How come nobody had identified it before? What lay inside the hole? How deep was it? These and many other questions were soon plaguing all of mankind.

The Chinese were the first to reveal that the hole seemed to be unlike any other known geological formation on the Moon—not so much because of its size, but because of its shape, which seemed similar to the shape of thin human lips than that of a valley. Then, the Europeans released a series of pictures taken from their lunar satellites: the surface of the hole was far too smooth to be natural, and it looked more like a huge, long and thin slit than the canyons we saw on Mars or our own planet. After those photos were released to the public, newspapers starts calling it an ‘alien slit-shaped object’, although there was yet little hard evidence about its origin.

The most disturbing news, however, came a few hours later from the Americans: apparently there was a huge empty space behind the slit. Using modern machines which could measure the density of an object, it was noted that this space had a rocket-like shape, as if there were a huge missile buried inside the moon, only the tip of which could now be seen from Earth. By then it was clear that this was no normal geological formation, but most likely an alien station or base, or perhaps one built years ago by one of Earth’s space powers—although all countries in this planet denied their involvement. People naturally started imagining even stranger possibilities, like that this could be a lost Nazi base on the Moon, or, more likely, the future source of our first contact with extraterrestrial life.

All nations of the world united in trying to communicate with the slit, but, when that failed, the leading space powers decided to send a joint mission to try to investigate the hole directly. China, Europe, Russia, the US, Japan, and India—being the main space superpowers of the world—provided each one man for the mission, while, for representation purposes, two other participants were selected: one from Latin America, and the last one from Africa. That historical expedition left Earth only five days after the slit was initially revealed to the public, causing a lot of rumors to rise as to whether its existence had been known—but not revealed—by the world’s governments much prior to that date.

Regardless, what matters is that the eight representatives of our planet took to the skies, in order to engage in—and if necessary be, force—our first interplanetary contact.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

The mission lands successfully on the Moon, less than 2 kilometers away from the gigantic slit, noticing quite soon that the surface on which they landed was not what they had expected, but a smooth black and generally round ground, as if it were an immense submarine.

“These designs are too intricate… look, this looks like a handle, and this one, it’s obviously an arrow, pointing south!” says Dmitri, the Russian member of the team, pointing to the ground on which they stepped. The other members nod, and their little expedition decides to follow the direction indicated by that first arrow, and then the arrows they sees after that, until they arrive at the world-famous slit—the objective of their journey which was actually its beginning.

“Let’s go in,” says Jonathan, the American member of the crew, leading the rest of them to cross the mouth of the penis-shaped buried station. Soon, they all notice that the inside of the slit they had entered was a controlled environment, which included both Earth-like gravity and an Earth-like atmosphere, allowing them to remove their helmets and walk and explore the place normally.

“It’s crazy that there is… a normal atmosphere here,” says the Japanese member of the mission, to all and no-one at the same time.

“There is nothing normal about this, Hiro,” replies Dmitri, as they walk further inside the base in unison.

The slit, about 100 meters in width and 2000 meters in length, gives way to an ample but empty space, which the crew decides to call ‘the hangar’, conjecturing it could have been used to receive and release payloads or smaller ships, as needed. They see none such things there, though—it seems to be just that, now, a gigantic empty space, and one that was pretty poorly lit as well, as all light came either from their small flashlights or, through the slit, from the sun shining outside and the dim glow of the distant starts.

“Hey, guys, come look at this!” says Mário, the Latin American member of the crew, who had strayed from the main group a little to try to find the walls of the enormous space, and was now shedding the light of his flashlight at them, revealing intriguing images.

The other members of the group slowly come towards him and look up to the pictures his light was revealing, and decide to also aim their own lights towards the wall, revealing the most amazing scene: a series of gigantic humanoid creatures with gargantuan cocks. They seem to be entering spaceships, in the images, or just walking around doing work such as fixing things or moving things around. There are also symbols around the images which are probably writing, but of course there is no one there who could read them.

“This is so weird… it’s reminiscent of a tomb in the Valley of the Kings,” says Jonathan, surprised.

“These figures, they look a lot like… us?” says a confused Hiro, before Mário laughs.

“Well, if we were larger, had huge muscles, and a penis and balls which could fuck a mountain!” he jokes, and Antoin, the European member of the mission, tells him to shut up.

“Don’t be so vulgar, Mário! Not everyone is thinking of cock all the fucking time. These are aliens, there, most certainly! These appendages of theirs, cock-like as they may look, might have served for anything! It could be their mouths for all we know!” he says, and Mário rolls his eyes.

“But they do look human. Look, even their faces resemble those of our species,” he says and points his lantern up, revealing the features that were attached to one of those monstrous bodies represented on the wall. He looks like a handsome young human male, although one could say no-one was quite that handsome in real life.

“Maybe…” says Antoin, who is starting to doubt his own logic as he faced the hard evidence in front of him—regardless of how irrational it is. “Maybe these are not them, but us! Maybe they built this base for us to find it?” he conjectures, almost in a whisper, and this time Johnathan is the one to laugh and pat Antoin on the back.

“How would they know what humans look like if this has been buried here since times immemorial? Besides, we don’t look like that, unless you are talking about someone’s weird pornographic dreams. No, this must be just another case of… convergent evolution!” says the American, and the other members have to nod and accept that theory, as it is what made the most sense to them—and to any reasonably rational scientific mind, working with the evidence they had collected up to this point.

“Well, that is unless this space was built by a past human civilization? Perhaps Atlantis,” starts Antoin, before Jonathan laughed and shook his head, hugging the Frenchman and bringing him closer to his body.

“You are going to even less scientific-based answers there, my friend. Let’s just stick to what we can see. We know for a fact no human has been to the moon before 1969 and this structure has certainly been here since much before that,” he replies, and the topic soon died out.

Immediately after the eight of them explore the rest of the space, looking at other sections of the wall just to find more representations of gigantic, titanic and well-endowed human-like figures, as well as scenes of what they imagine is what the hangar looked like when being used. There are some portrayals of plants, and even one image of two alien figures touching their large cock-like appendages, but while Mário stays there looking at it for a while, he does not alert anyone else of its existence.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Exploring the walls, they soon find a gate leading further inside the tube-shaped base. It seems to be closed, initially, but it opens up automatically when the team gets close enough to it, to their immense surprise. There is, then, a small debate about whether or not to proceed—they all agree that the whole point of their mission is to explore as deep inside the mysterious space as possible, and as such they decide to continue, but leaving one member behind to report to Earth in case something happens and the others can’t return.

Antoin choses to stay behind, so he can spend his time studying those beautiful and mysterious figures on the walls, and maybe find clues of their origin. All the other seven continue, now relying only in their own flashlights for illumination, as the skylight doesn’t reach that far inside the vast area ahead of them.

“This space is vast!” says Yichen, the Chinese member of their group, as his voice echoes around the new pitch-black environment they investigates. “Look at that!” he then says, as he points his light at a large number of thick and tall obelisk-shaped monument and ran towards them. Some of them are a meter-and-a-half tall; others, twice or thrice as large. Weirdly, the objects seem warm to the touch, despite there being no other sign of activity to create this heat anywhere else in the base they were exploring.

“Weirdly warm, and again…” Mário starts saying, until he is interrupted by Jonathan.

“Cock-shaped,” says the American in a sigh, finding the slit on top of one of the smaller obelisks, and putting his hand in, noticing it was even warmer inside, and that having his arm in there actually felt quite nice, but then removing it when he realizes what that must have looked like to the other members of the crew. “I think… this must be a ventilator of sorts. This heat must be coming from whatever is powering this thing, down below,” he conjectures, and the other men nod, not necessarily in agreement, but because this is as much of a good explanation as any other they could muster. They simply didn’t have enough information to be able to formulate scientific hypothesis, let alone test them.

They soon continue their investigation.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

The men go on walking, until Akin, the African member of the expedition, shouts out to the rest. “Look out! There are some large holes in the floor here,” he says, alerting the other guys and making them all direct their lights to the ground at once. In front of them, they now see, are several hundred holes of unknown depth and different widths—some a few meters around, while other seem to be big enough to fit their whole spaceship with ease.

“This is crazy, what were those for?” asks Mário, surprised, kneeling on the edge of one of the holes and trying to see how deep it went—he couldn’t tell, his light didn’t go far enough to reach the bottom.

“Who knows?” asks Jonathan, “Maybe they were elevators to move cargo between here and the lower levels? It’s impossible to know just from looking,” he says, and the men continue to investigate. Soon Hiro notices the walls of the holes are not made of the same harsh cold metal as the ground on which they are walking.

“I… I can’t quite reach it, but it seems to be some sort of… fluffy material, maybe a type of plastic?” he says, and Jonathan soon lays down on his belly to try to reach inside one of the holes with his longer arm to feel the material.

“Yeah, it’s quite soft, and also surprisingly sturdy… but I don’t think I’ve ever touched something quite like this, it’s like a mixture of cotton, plastic and wool,” he says, a bit surprised, before standing up again. “Probably some sort of alien technology.”

Mário is walking away, looking down before each step to be sure he won’t fall in a hole, but then looking up to try to find the walls of this massive room to see if they reveal any clues as to what those holes and protuberances were for.

“Well, why would you put something like that on the walls of an elevator, though?” he ponders out loud, slowly, as he carefully advances.

Jonathan shudders. “Who knows? Maybe they didn’t want to break their loads as they were bringing them up? I’m not an alien, Mário, of course I can’t tell any more than you can,” he says, a bit annoyed as he feels the team is expecting a bit too much from him. He doesn’t know better than them, they have all been in there for the same amount of time and seen the same things, and they are all experts in their respective fields, after all. But, unfortunately, nothing useful enough in helping understand this alien base could be found in any field of study existing on Earth.

“Yeah, could be,” Mário responds, slowly. “Or it could be this…” he then goes on, lifting his light to show, not the wall, but a few gigantic tubes coming from the ceiling above them, hanging way up but close to aligned with the holes in terms of angle and overall position.

“Damn!” says Akin, surprised at those gigantic tubes on top of them, most of them vastly larger than a human body. It’s hard to imagine what kind of activity demanded so many large tubes so close to one another.

“Don’t they seem a little smaller than the holes, though?” asks a surprised Jonathan, looking up and pointing his light up as well, to find a massive forest of tubes of all sizes up there.

“They do…” responds Yichen. “Maybe there was some sort of mass, a holder or something, between them and the holes, when they were brought together. Something that has been lost to time,” he imagines, as he sees the immense tubes above their heads, and the gigantic holes below.

“That’s very possible, I imagine not many things would survive unscathed from whenever this place was buried or built here until today,” responds an amazed Akin, before turning his light to the walls far away and seeing yet another door.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

This time all the astronauts pass to the next room; there, amidst total darkness, they explore their third alien environment. Akin goes ahead, and then he almost trips on something.

“Guys, there’s something here!” he says, recovering his balance, and they all move their lights towards Akin. Shaurya, the Indian crewmember, whistles in surprise, as their lights reveal a sea of weird, low statues ahead of them, as plentiful as corn before a harvest. They are all about a meter in height, and they all have two legs, and two arms, like a human; in fact, they were very much like small humans, except for their faces lacking any features of a human other than eyes and mouths. They seem to be outstandingly hard and extremely heavy, but, stationed (almost piled up) as they are, they still have several different visible forms—some have their arms up, other have them down or to the sides, and so on.

While everyone investigates the many hundreds of thousands of those statues ahead of them, Mário finds the wall of the room and reveals that there, too, it is covered by majestic images.

“Look, I think those little things between the humanoid titans are these statues; maybe they are not really statues, but small service robots, like the ones people have been creating on Earth,” he says, and the others suddenly look at the many well-crafted images of the small robots going around and doing different chores while the gigantic aliens (if proportions were right, probably at least 15 meters in height, excluding their appendages) walked and worked in between them.

“That’s crazy. We should try to take at least one back to Earth for research!” says the Yichen, and Jonathan just laughs.

“Try to lift one of them, then. They each weigh more than a small car,” he says, and Yichen defiantly does try such a thing, but he only manages to lift the statue a bit above the ground and only for a few seconds, before it falls back to where it was with a loud thump.

“No… let’s just… continue investigating. That’s more productive,” he says, after he gives up.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

And so they go around the piles and piles of statues, finding another opening into another room. The next one, however, is nothing like the previous spaces they had toured. This room is large, and mostly empty—although they see some of the cock-shaped heat-emitting obelisks here as well, albeit of a much larger size than the ones they had seen before. The biggest difference, however, is that looking up, they can see the night sky. Since no such opening had been identified from the outside, despite the ample knowledge humans had of the Moon’s surface, they can only conclude that this was indeed a closed space, but that somehow the ceiling was made with some sort of a see-through material—at least from one side.

Owing to this the room is fairly well lit, seeming more like a night of full moon on Earth than the complete darkness of the previous spaces. The wonderful sight above them makes all the astronauts of this international team immediately look up, except Hiro who looks around the obelisks, feeling their heat and even hugging them with his whole body, and then walking to the other protuberances from the ground—which seem to form desks, or something that, to him, resembles a desk.

Mário, for his part, soon looks towards the walls of this new space where he sees even more even images. He doesn’t point his light at them because, here, the brightness of the galaxy is enough to allow him to see—if not well, at least the whole wall at once. What he sees shocks him: it is this room, he believes, except several of the large humanoid creatures are working on the tables, as if using screens and commands; in the middle of them all, however, stands a gigantic ball—no, two; three balls. He looks around, and sees nothing of its likeness inside this space as it is now.

This surprises him—are the images he sees not really representations of this space, or are they representations of it as it had once been, and now it had irrevocably changed? He would bet on the second option, as it seems more reasonable; but why, and how, had those three massive balls been moved? Maybe when this facility, or spacecraft, or whatever was abandoned? He sighs, as those images give him more questions than answers.

“Guys, I think this… I think we might be in the control room of this whole base,” he says, slowly and unsure, but as those words leave his mouth, they sound right. As different and far removed from his reality as the aliens who built this space must have been, he can recognize the resolve, the systematicity, the hierarchy, and maybe even the overall feeling that they were trying to convey in their wall art. Like themselves, these were astronauts, and this was their control room, just a bigger, more complex and advanced (and now abandoned) version of the very environment they had back in their own small vessel.

The others hear him and then look towards the walls that Mário is appreciating. But then, suddenly, they are all interrupted by a scream. Mário looks back to see that it was coming from Jonathan. The American, as he was still looking to the sky, had starts walked towards Mário, and has fallen into an enormous hole in the middle of control room—his whole body plummeting into what is a gigantic and true pit, a hole larger than even the largest one they had seen in the previous rooms.

Jonathan screams for a few seconds as he falls, sending thrills of fear through the others. They all run to the edge of the pit, but by now Jonathan has fallen so far he cannot even be seen anymore, only heard. And then the screaming stops, and a weird burst of green light shoots from the pit outwards. They are all left temporarily dizzy by the powerful light.

Mário can’t see anything for a few seconds—he can still hear, though, and what he hears is quite weird and unsettling: it’s moans, Jonathan’s moans, coming from below them, from inside the pit.


Part 2

As the light shines on the room, all the men are confused—a feeling that only grows as Jonathan’s moans start to be heard, and then to grow in volume and intensity. And that was not the only thing growing, as soon they realized. Mário, recovering his vision, notices that Akin and Hiro—who are closest to him—are visibly larger and more muscular than he remembered them being. Then, looking down at himself, he notices the same thing is happening to him, and panics as he starts moaning in pleasure.

Yichen, who has been the closest to the pit, is contorting himself in delightful bliss on the ground—his muscles have all expanded, as has his height, and soon his suit is shattered by his newfound size, revealing an expanding cock and growing balls. Soon he is oozing pre from his cockslit, and moaning furiously as he lowers his growing organ against a desk and tries to hump it to get more stimulation.

“My god, my god, what is happening!!??” he asks as his body continues to expand into a wall of muscle, and his cock into a meaty pillar. His pre is covering more and more of the desk-like feature he is humping, and his balls are now laying on the floor as he thrusts his gigantic penis against it, his arms and legs growing in stature.

“Damn, this is… absurd!” says Mário, himself growing quickly, but also noticing that he has been partly shielded from the light by a desk and by Akin’s body. The African lad, however, is quickly becoming almost as monstrous as Yichen—except he has found sucking his own enormous cock a better strategy than humping the furniture.

Mário tries to stand up, control his moans, and get the crew’s attention, but Akin and Yichen are too immersed in pleasure and growth to be able to notice him—or care. With Dmitri it’s even worse: he has grown majestically, his cock now being larger than his whole body was before. When Mário tries to get him to pay attention to him by shaking his arm, the Russian stud simply manhandles and picks Mário up, and uses him for a good half a minute as a cockring with which to masturbate—that is just how large the Russian astronaut has grown in a few minutes!

Thankfully, Mário uses Dmitri’s precum, which made his enormous organ slippery, to slide away from his grip, and the Russian—too worried with pleasuring his cock—simply continues stroking himself instead of going after his lost toy.

Mário has better luck with Hiro and Shaurya, as they had also apparently been shielded from the light by either objects or the bodies of the other guys. Their growths are also incredibly sexy and orgasmic, pleasurable and maddening, but at least they manage to control themselves and talk—even if Hiro jacked off as they did so and Shaurya stroked his newfound gigantic arms and pectoral muscles, paying special attention to his large nipples.

“We have to get out of here now!” says a worried Mário, slowly licking his cockhead as it slapped his pecs, positioning itself just too close to his hungry mouth for him to resist it. He forces himself to concentrate. “We don’t know what changed us and if we will continue changing! If we do, we might not be able to take off if we wait much longer!”

“I agree, but what are we going to do with the other guys? Dmitri, Yichen and Akin, they are too absorbed in the change and we can’t move them by ourselves… they have become too large!” responds Akin as he strokes his pecs, until he finds his nipples and starts pinching them.

“I don’t know… we can’t just leave them behind!” Mário responds, between licking and then finally putting his whole mouth around his cockhead, in the same way Akin had been doing. He moans violently and easily grows a few more centimeters as he did so, but none of them notices any change—other than the pleasure—because they are growing more or less in unison.

And then it all changes. Jonathan’s moans have become too loud, too lewd, and now a huge orb is coming up the gigantic pit where he had fallen. The orbs—Mário now sees there are three of them—are being pushed up by a mysterious force, as they continue to expand in size. Thinking about it for a second, the three astronauts soon notice Jonathan’s moans were coming from one of the orbs.

“No… those orbs, they are him!” says Hiro, completely shocked, and now pumping his member with even more gusto, as he realizes those three orbs are actually his colleague’s body—two of them were his actual testicles; the third, is his muscular body overgrown to immobility, except his ever-moaning face, which he can still control.

“Fuck! We definitely can’t move him!” Mário says, realizing what their colleague and friend had become: his cock now fills the gigantic whole, which, strangely, is making a noise of sudden movement down there, as if it has started to milk their American colleague. Jonathan is now suddenly moaning even more than before.

“True,” says Hiro, becoming more and more concerned. “But, I think something is happening. The base, this whole thing, seems to be awakening!” he says, and as he says it, it was obvious, and not just because the hole in which Jonathan’s cock is inserted (and filling) is somehow moving and milking him. A few of the servo-statues that in the room next doors are now flaring up and are moving around, going to Akin, Dmitri and Yichen, grabbing the first two and moving them to the other previous rooms, while letting the third stay where he is but helping him jack off—at least one of the robots thinking that the proper way to do it was to drill his ass slowly but surely, using his thick missile-shaped, pre-slicked arm.

They watch that happen for a few seconds, until they hear Jonathan grunt and his enormous building-sized balls contract and twist.

“Fuck, let’s… let’s just run for it!” Akin shouts, putting what the other two were thinking in words—they all know that Jonathan’s orgasm is going to do something. Something is going to happen, something big—and soon!

And so, they run, as their bodies continue to expand, as their cocks bob up and down; as their balls eventually almost come to drag on the floor, they run. And then the machines attack: they want to please them, to help them cum and relax, and to clean them. It is hard to resist, but at least the moving statues didn’t seem to be willing to hurt them, and so Hiro and Mário manage to pass through and overcome their intervention, although Akin stays behind, being jacked off by their arms, and sucked and kissed by their robotic mouths, stuck in long lasting bliss.

That is when they hear Jonathan’s final moan—a loud one, almost piercing their ears, clearly orgasmic. His balls tremble and his cock shoots enormous amounts of male juice down inside the city-sized space structure in which they stand. Mário and Hiro don’t see that happening, and neither do they see the complete and utter happiness across Jonathan’s face as his immense penis is pleased and drained by the huge hole in which he found himself stuck, but they know exactly what is happening—and, even more so because, as soon as Jonathan’s seed leaves his slit and enters wherever it was that the base wanted it, several instruments flare up, lights are turned on, and a sudden and enormous noise is heard. A second later, unbeknownst to them, a huge ray of green light has been shot from the structure’s massive slit, completely bathing Antoin’s whole body and the half of planet Earth which is facing the Moon at that moment.

For now, Mário and Hiro continue running through the second room; there the machines are going through their businesses, apparently reactivating the long-sleeping equipment to stir up the whole structure back to life and restarting systems that hadn’t worked in centuries, perhaps even millennia. The two transforming men run, only being able to carry the growing weight of their balls and cocks because their muscles and legs had also expanded consistently.

“Look, Mário! There’s Dmitri and Akin!” yells Hiro, attracting Mário’s attention to two of the large holes on the ground they had previously seen—one of them was completely taken by Dmitri’s cock, while the other one is slowly being filled by Akin’s still-expanding manhood. What is even more impressive was that their balls were to the side, and their asses were turned upwards, and soon the two running astronauts notice that those large tubes on the ceiling were slowly moving down towards their colleagues’ exposed assholes.

“My God, this place is absolutely unbelievable!” cries Mário in shock, but for a second or two he ponders whether he should stop running and just join his colleagues—they seem to be in so much pleasure, their cocks being milked to exhaustion, their muscles and balls being fondled by the robots, and, from what he had seen on the walls he is almost sure that soon the machines would take care of all their other needs as well. Whether the aliens had been human or not, Mário now was pretty sure that this whole place was a life support system for a colony of their kind, one which was close enough to humans that it could support Earthlings, too… after some alterations to their subjects.

The two continue to run, however, and soon they see Yichen, sitting longingly and then moving his ass up and down one of the cock-like obelisks near the final exit towards the hangar. They almost manage to ignore him, but his eyes fix on them, and acknowledge their presence—they seem to invite Mário and Hiro to join him, though, more than to be asking for help. Hiro moves towards Yichen, thinking of how he could pull his now much larger friend from the more than two-meter-long alien dildo which fills his ass, but Mário stops him by putting a hand on his overdeveloped shoulder.

“He wants to stay, and we don’t have much more time to lose,” he says, and it’s true, their balls are almost touching the ground as they walk, and soon the temptation of the pleasures of the alien Moon-base would be too big for them. If they didn’t leave now, they’d probably choose to stay; and so, they leave the final door, to the slit where they found almost all the thousands of cubic meters of space occupied by cock and muscle. As soon as they touch it, they hear loud, moaning words and recognize the voice and French accent: Antoin.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

The powerful green ray which the alien base blazed on Earth, changing forever our planet, went through the slit of the cock-like structure; Antoin, being in the space at the time, had his body inundated by a power many times greater than the one that affected Jonathan, and his cells, all his being, reacted accordingly. He has now become a truly gigantic mass of muscle, cock and balls, and the last obstacle Hiro and Mário would have to overcome to get outside of the weird alien object and be able to get back to their spaceship.

Mário goes ahead, starting to climb the mass of Antoin’s muscles, using the attrition between their skin to move fast, even if that made his cock throb and ooze even more precum than it would otherwise. Hiro went after him, but finds himself climbing Antoin’s incredibly long and thick cock, which starts to elongate as Hiro’s own sizeable body touches the gigantic Frenchman, nullifying his advances.

“What… who is touching me?!” cries a confused Antoin in between moans, although a lot of pleasure is coming simply from existing at his size, particularly considering how much his muscles touched his other muscles, and how compressed his whole body feels in that huge space, creating constant stimuli.

“It’s us, Antoin; Mário and Hiro!” responds the Brazilian man, as he and Hiro climb between Antoin’s muscles and cock to try to get to the other side of his gigantic body and push outside the slit back to the surface of the Moon.

“What happened and where is everyone else?” asks the mountain of a man, as he feels the small hands and small bodies of his colleagues touching and crawling through his much larger frame.

“They changed as well and decided to stay,” explains Mário, and then Antoin moans. Looking behind them, Hiro sees that this was because the robots have reached them and are now working around Antoin’s bus-sized cockhead.

“I don’t want to stay, I want to go back home!” says the Frenchman before many successive moans, as his cockhead starts releasing huge amounts of pre which almost washes the little robots away—but they were designed against such eventualities and continue the laborious work of pleasing Antoin’s cockhead.

“I… I don’t think you have much of a choice, my friend,” responds Hiro, as he breathes in the delicious manly smell of Antoin’s impossible body, aware that the only structure he had ever seen capable of housing his colleague now was exactly the one they are trying to leave—there is simply no reasonable way to get him back to Earth.

Slowly understanding his situation, Antoin starts to try to move. He gets more and more distressed, causing his muscles to tremble and his balls to be squeezed against the inside walls of the structure inside which he is contained. The amount of precum overflowing from his cockhead increases, and Mário and Hiro have a harder time climbing and crossing the human meat hill as it trembles and moves and his muscles change place as he does so. Eventually Hiro is caught between two of Antoin’s muscles, and he collapses there, having orgasm after orgasm as Antoin’s movements press and stimulate his whole body, as much as his cock. The taste and smell of Antoin’s body has already hypnotized Hiro, and his orgasms on his friend’s skin take the final scraps of willpower he had.

Mário gets to the other side, and once there he notices he is alone. Trying to hear what is going on, he notices Antoin’s moans and grunts became intermingled with Hiro’s own, as the latter fucks the former’s muscles, and they both get each other off repeatedly.

Mário is now alone, a single messenger to deliver the news—and failure—of their expedition back to Earth. And even he is completely changed: he was now close to 6 meters in height, and his cock stands taller than his head as it now covers 3.5 meters in length. His balls are so immense and heavy that they’d touch the floor had his legs not elongated and gained much needed muscle. He has become a monster, and maybe it would have been better to stay, but he decides it is his duty to go back home and report on the bravery of his colleagues.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Mário returns to Earth to see it much transformed: half the planet had been affected by the powerful green transformative ray, which had turned all male humans in one side of the planet into gigantic muscular and extra-hung hunks. The effects were particularly strong in a circle of 300 kilometers of radius which had been directly hit by the center of the ray. Moreover, studies had revealed that the structure that he and his colleagues had investigated was actually the core of the Moon itself, and that the natural satellite had naturally built up around it over the many thousands of millennia.

After overcoming the initial hurdles of the transformation of humanity, it was discovered that the ray had only affected humans, giving rise to a few theories about the alien Moon base and its objectives: maybe the ray only affected intelligent species? Maybe the way it affected humans was just a coincidence? Or maybe the object had somehow been designed to only affect humans thusly?

People debated this subject a lot, but Mário’s testimony helped convince many that the third argument must have been correct: after all, the first narrative was considered too self-congratulatory, while the second one was considered too unlikely given the imagery and happenings witnessed by Mário while inside the alien base. After much debate, a second mission to the alien Moon structure was planned with much more care than the first one, but it would still take many years for it to take place. Until then, we can only affirm that our small blue planet Earth has been forever changed by the discovery of the alien Moon base, but that no true and satisfactory answer or explanation about its aim or origin has yet been found, and even now it continues to be a mystery.


Part 3

The night when everything changed, there was a massive explosion on the Moon. First, everyone in this half of Earth sees a bright green light—brighter than the sun, stronger than the aurora borealis. After the light stopped, a few seconds before its effects were truly felt, people sees comets in the sky—the leftovers of rocks and dust sent flying off the Moon towards our planet by the massive explosion. It was quite a sight, but it would most likely have been forgotten had it not been for what happened afterwards.

For a few seconds, the amount and size of those meteors dominated everyone’s minds. “That’s beautiful,” or, “I hope none of them fall back on Earth” were the main thoughts that crossed the minds of people in this hemisphere. And then everything starts to truly change forever. Men, lads and boys all starts shaking and fell to the ground. Wherever there were men driving, cars hit one another, bus fell out of bridges, trains collided and planes fell down from the sky. In other less horrible situations, men just starts to shake and tremble, as women tried to assist them, as our bodies starts convulsing—and then, finally, expanding and expanding without respite.

There are some scenes from that day that have become iconic: swimmers in a competition in Brasilia jumping on the pool as their normal muscular selves, and halfway through the competition they started to expand, until their shoulders are wider than the lanes they occupied, and so they starts bumping into one another. A few second later, they had become so large as to reach the floor of the pool, and so real swimming stopped. Soon, water was overflowing the pool as their muscles filled the hole in the ground—as their cocks and bodies made the pool filled with men, and not water. This certainly must have shocked a lot of viewers in Asia or Australia who didn’t experience the transformation first hand, and who surely must not have understood what was going on in their TV screens—although, to be fair, neither were the swimmers really understanding what was going on with their bodies.

Another famous situation happened in a lecture that was being live-streamed online from Buenos Aires, as the green light suddenly made all men in the audience as well as the lecturer started growing as the women ran away—soon, the seats were more than filled with muscles and cocks pointing up, some of them leaking precum, others shooting their seed to the ceiling due to the extreme pleasure caused by the transformation. The lecturer, probably because he was closer to the windows, was the one who grew the most in that case—he, a 29-year-old professor, sees a huge expansion of his cock and balls, although his body continue almost normal-sized. His manhood became so immense that it covered the whole length of the lecture hall, climbing even over the body of his muscular students, and then throbbed furiously breaking the ceiling of the building before making cum rain on the whole place and even the street and parking lot nearby.

Another name for the transformation in big cities like Buenos Aires or São Paulo became “the day when cum rained”—although that would from then on become a pretty normal occurrence.

My favorite video, however—for the sheer irony of the situation—was that of a man who jumped off a bridge at the exact moment the green light shone. He tried to kill himself as a normal man, but ended up hitting the water with a 5-meter cock to absorb his fall, and a huge muscular body which weighted more than an elephant, creating a huge wave when he hit the river while at the same time barely harming his now strong and masculine frame.

It makes one ponder how many lives were claimed, but also saved, by the transformation.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

I, myself, experienced the transformation that night—in fact, I was quite close to the center of the 300km circle in our planet which had been directly facing the Moon slit, exactly the area where the effects of the ray were strongest. I will never forget where I was then—as the transformation is one of those experiences one simply can’t avoid having carved in their memory: I was in a park with friends, enjoying cold beer during a warm summer night, when the green light overwhelmed our eyes. First, we were all blinded, but soon our vision recovered, and then came the meteors shower. Not even ten second later my friends and I were shaking—not in pain, but in pleasure. The women almost immediately starts shouting, trying to get to us and shake us back to our senses, but that’s when our bodies starts expanding more and more quickly. It happened to all of us more or less at once, and it was amazing.

The sensations I felt then are hard to describe to those who didn’t experience the transformation—growing is like a pump after working out, an erection, a massive orgasm and flexing all your muscles hard, all at once, and continuously for a long period of time, except it doesn’t end after the peak; there is just another peak after the last. And it is all much stronger, particularly as you grow and compound—it is like the human brain wasn’t made to absorb this much sensation at once, which, to be fair, it probably wasn’t.

In my particular case, my muscles grew at the same time as my limbs and torso extended, making me grow in size, weight, and muscle all at once more or less proportionately. I later learned this is partly because I was outside at the time, in a place where we could be bathed by the light more or less uniformly. Many were not so lucky. Some of my other friends became muscle-bound, ball-bound or cock-bound, due to having grown in more disproportionate ways—although they say their experience was and continues to be no less pleasurable and memorable than mine.

In my case, not much after I starts shaking and growing my clothes were being ripped apart by my expanding body, but that wasn’t a problem because the same was happening to literally all other men in this half of the world—the women then just starts screaming in fear and running away from us, but me and my other friends continue growing, lost in bliss, until we became so large that our bodies were expanding on top of one another. I, myself, ended up growing on top of Antônio, but with another friend’s massive cock expanding on top of me and slowly wetting me as it oozed pre abundantly—which is normal, as the stage of growth greatly stimulates your balls and all other areas of the male anatomy.

I remember growing for many minutes, feeling my friend’s cock on top of me, weighing down on my muscles as they grew and I had to breathe in more and more quickly. Meanwhile my own cock expanded, hardened, and then grew long and rose up until it collapsed on top of my body with a wet slam, making my friend also moan loudly as his cock was hit by mine, and our manhoods throbbed and oozed together. I remember resting my face on Antônio’s meaty pecs as I moaned in pleasure—because growing puts a man in a state of absolute ecstasy—and the weird feeling of his pecs expanding bellow me, becoming larger and meatier, as a fourth friend’s hand starts stroking my own pecs.

When the madness was over, we tried to sit up, but notices that our bodies were entangled with one another—cocks, arms, legs, we were all in one huge meat fest, touching, holding, above and below each other’s overgrown body parts. We were also extremely sensitive everywhere, which meant we had all grown gigantic erections. I remember looking at the friend on which I laid—Antônio—and when I first recovered my senses the first thing I did was to turn around and search for his large nipples, and take one of them in my mouth for sucking. Almost immediately after, my hands reached for the cock which rested on top of me—the one which belonged to my other mate, Carlos—and started stroking it, generating a symphony of moans from the three of us which, was soon joined by Mateus—who was stroking my pecs while having his own manhood licked by Carlos, who was positioned above me but below him.

As that started, Antônio moved his hands to get my cock—which now extended past my head—and host it in his mouth, while Carlos fondled my balls with one hand, and Antônio’s with the other. We soon became a huge orgasmic mass, sucking, stroking and pleasing each other, as soon Mateus decided to move and hug Carlos’s cock with his whole body to stroke his shaft—which forced me to move in such a way that my cock ended up locked as well in between his arms, while Antônio had to force my dick in an awkward position to continue sucking me.

In a little while, I was fucking Antônio’s mouth while being on top of him—his cock nested between my butt cheeks, and humping my ass and back. Meanwhile, Carlos’s cock was sliding against mine, while being jacked off together with mine by my powerful arms, while he himself jacked off and sucked Mateus’s cock, who was now sitting on bellow mine and Carlos’s cock, which he hugged and stroked, as well as making out with Carlos’s in a powerful symbiotic hug. It didn’t take us long to cum for the first time in that position, and we tried many other positions during that first night, as we explored more of what our bodies could do with their new amazing sizes.

That night, as we moved our legs and arms to better get a hold of each other, we hit some trees which ended up collapsing—and Carlos’s feet destroyed a lake while my hand smashed about a half a dozen cars in the nearby parking lot, as we simply didn’t know how to handle our sizes well yet. As we tried to hug and smash our muscles together, the leg of one of us ended up hitting and making the façade of the National Museum crumble, while later on, Antônio’s orgasm hit a Ferris Wheel and made it fall on its side due to the strength and inertia of his cum hitting it—the rest of the amusement park soon ended up drenched with cum as well. Not much later, when Carlos laid in all fours to take my cock up his ass, his manhood ended up digging a new lake in the ground of the premises, which we soon filled with warm male seed as well as covered the trees and flowers nearby in the nutritious juice. All these things, and others, may seem like a lot, but they are but a drop in a bucket when you consider what millions of other men like us did that day, at the same time.

Cities in this hemisphere changed forever—some buildings collapsed; others were perforated by cock. Mountains gained new caves as men tried to find places to fuck; and in some places whole neighborhoods were brought to the ground as the men living there expanded into beasts and tried to wiggle around, destroying houses and stores as they got used to their new size. Cities all around the continent slept and woke covered in cum, with some cocks larger than building now being the biggest structures in the skylines of many places. Society was forever changed. Now, someone who hasn’t lived through the transformation might find the idea of this happening weird—but that would be a mistake. That night has since made this a normal scene in our part of the world (although even more so then than now, as there was a certain hypnotic and mind-blowing nature to the sudden expansion of all men in our half of planet Earth at once).

Life did certainly return to a form of normal, after that, but that was a new normal which would have been unimaginable before.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Since that night, we have learned to live with our new bodies. I, for example, can’t take cars or public transportation anymore and so I walk everywhere—that is not simply because of a minor discomfort or something trivial like that, I simply don’t fit inside them anymore, or inside most buildings for that matter. That is what happens when you become 18 meters tall overnight and when your cock can get to 10 meters when hard—you would be better off just avoiding crowded and congested places entirely, although society can’t avoid us as we are counted in the hundreds of millions.

Mateus, however, decided to try, and go live in the hinterland working in construction and in mines—which he is really good at as he has both the knowledge from his engineering background and the strength of a thousand men to back him up. There, far from civilization, he can also jack his 9-meter-long cock whenever he wants, and he can also spread the run-off of his orgasms a large area which he helps keep ever green and well-watered. He is now planning on getting into agriculture, as people have found out that the fruits from the forest where he jacks off are particularly juicy and sweet.

As much as I envy his careless life far from any town—sleeping under the night sky and fucking the mountains when your hand isn’t enough—I cannot say I envy him. In comparison to my life, his is harsh—always lifting stones and carrying things, helping build up hydropower plants, destroy hills for highways to pass through, and other difficult stuff like that. That is also why he is always dirty, despite using one of the many large lakes in the region to wash himself—still, it is hard to be fully clean when you live in the hills. But one thing I do have to admit: if anything, Mateus proves that to our planet people being 180 or 1800 centimeters of height doesn’t make that much of a difference. Earth can have us both and either way.

Carlos took a different path—he is now living in the new suburbs designed to accommodate people who went through the transformation, and is working from home for one of our country’s largest banks. Since he loves the city life, he is always taking his 16 meters tall body downtown to watch a soccer match or a play at the open-air theaters, although those are very disputed events due to the reduced capacity they now have thanks to the huge average size of our male population.

In reality, in our part of the world cities had to be almost completely re-structured. The old cities are now inhabited only by women and foreigners, while men are building their own suburbs where we can live in our own scale. Surprisingly to all, apparently babies who have not been exposed to the transformation are also growing to sizes that were previously considered abnormal—in this case, even women. In the long term, therefore, I think traditional cities will be mostly abandoned. Right now, however, that is not the case, and thus when we visit the old neighborhoods, we have to be very careful not to destroy anything.

Antônio, being the most politically active of us, is the one who joined the new political party created to defend the interests of transformed men, and as such he is always participating in political protests such as sitting on government buildings or jacking off his 7.5m cock on public places to bring attention to the needs of the millions of men who simply don’t fit in our old infrastructure anymore. They filled the Maracanä stadium with cum for a protest once, and there were many complains until transformed men went and helped clean it back up again. Honestly, despite so many being transformed and our needs being obvious, such actions don’t have so much support by the general public because we all have friends and family who didn’t transform and when they cum on populated areas it always leads to some property destruction and at times even deaths due to flooding.

I, on the other hand, have started a travel blog. As much as I love being amongst large men like myself, I just can’t get enough of going to places unaffected by the transformation and being unique there—seeing the looks of the people there as they see me is thrilling, as is walking around with my cock swaying from one side to the other, sliding against their glass buildings as I go on with my tourism ever-so-carefully not to crush anyone. I feel like Godzilla or King Kong, and it is so satisfying to me that sometimes my cock becomes wet and my pre starts dripping on the street bellow me, as people walk between my legs and cockhead.

I loved visiting New York, for example—that was hard and expensive to do because now they have a special visa for transformed men, and only allow 1000 of us to visit the city annually. Still, I would say it was 100% worthwhile. Walking through their main streets seeing the small American cars pass in between my legs, my cock longer and bigger than any of them, quickly made me hard. Then, oozing my pre onto their streets as people opened their umbrellas below made me feel a sort of power which, honestly, I don’t think any human should have. My cock thought differently, as it throbbed violently and I decided to go to Battery Park so I could stand looking to the river and jack my manhood off, to the amazement of onlookers. After some ten minutes of indulging in self-pleasure, I came violently covering the waters in a white thick juice, before going back to my sight-seeing as my cock now dribbled cum from my slit down onto the streets and passersby.

Another favorite of mine was the beautiful Paris where I delighted in seeing such a marvelous city of low-rise building which were in some cases just a bit taller than me. The wide boulevards made walking around the city easy, as the untransformed humans filmed me and ran into shops as I passed through their way, but the sheer number of trees that reached around my face was a bit annoying, and I ended up shaking some of then and even making one fall when I wasn’t paying enough attention where I was going as I tried to find my way by checking a massive map.

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