Genie world journey

by Quick Master

A human man named Nathan discovers a world of genies, oni, and other magical creatures on a quest to recreate the lost world of magic.

Genie World Journey, #1 9 parts 48k words (#78) Added Nov 2021 Updated 4 Dec 2021 13k views 5.0 stars (1 vote)

You may be looking for the following similarly named story: The genie by Jay Gee.

Part 1 A human man named Nathan discovers a world of genies, oni, and other magical creatures on a quest to recreate the lost world of magic. (added: 13 Nov 2021)
Part 2
Part 3 Nathan and his gang decide to seek out a djinn in the Bahamas. There he and Nail have fun with a sexy bartender named Lars and a colony of mermen. (added: 20 Nov 2021)
Part 4 The hunt then continues to Egypt where Majo rewrites reality a little too broadly.
Part 5 The group travels to Greece and an encounter with an ancient demigod.
Part 6 Nathan and the others find themselves in the South American rain forests, guests of a secret tribe of cat people. (added: 27 Nov 2021)
Part 7 The next stage of the search for magic takes the group to an island of oni in Japan, only to discover the giant oni king is suspicious of their intentions.
Part 8 The magical gang’s jungle paradise is full of pleasure—until a sudden attack by an army of huge, brutal orcs. It’s up to the djinn and their allies to find a way to bring orc and ori together. (added: 4 Dec 2021)
Part 9
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Part 1

You are Nathan, a 21 year old man who has inherited a magical lamp from your late grandfather’s possessions. You begin to clean the lamp with a cloth, only to find a powerful light emerging out of the spout. You shield your eyes at first, but then come to behold a muscular, haze-covered figure folding its broad arms and staring at you with blank, serious eyes.

“Hello,” it says in a voice that is neither human nor animal. “I am the spirit of this lamp.”

It extends a hand towards you, which you grasp eagerly. “I would ask for three wishes,” you say, “but I think I have a better idea. How about we share my body and we can decide what to do with the mortal world?”

“That sounds like a good idea!” The spirit nods slowly. “Very well, if that is all I may offer you.”

The spirit disappears into your body and you feel yourself being lifted up off the floor.

You begin to feel the effects of the genie’s presence in your body, or perhaps your soul. Your body becomes muscular and tan, tattoos spiraling up and down your arms and legs. You flex as your body becomes taller, growing out of your clothes. You kick off your socks, feeling your feet become broader. You feel your chin tingle as your short beard grows out into a flowing mane from your face.

The genie leaves your body, taking on a humanoid form for the first time. He has a tight, muscular figure, albeit one that is off-yellow in color, and stands there nude. He folds his vascular arms as he walks around you, admiring his magical handiwork on your body.

“Have I been transformed?” you ask, feeling your powerful voice resonate in your body.

“Yes. You are now a being set apart from the rest of humanity. May you use this gift wisely.”

“What do I call myself? A demigod? A demi-djinn? What is your name, anyway?”

“I am a djinn. A spirit of fire, though I have been enchanted and transformed by that accursed lamp…”

“Yes, but what should I call myself? Those terms are not exactly appetizing.”

“Call me Nail, for now.”

You flex your new arms, admiring the tattoos that have been carved into your skin. You look at the genie and lick your lips. An idea strikes you, and you wonder if you should act on it…

“How strong are you?” you ask Nail. “Would you like to wrestle?”

Nail smiles and flexes his arms, admiring the tattoos that have been carved into your skin.

“I would love to.”

You grab Nail’s hands and begin to wrestle with him. You feel your muscles bulging as you force him onto his knee, but he soon overpowers you and forces you down onto all fours. He straddles your back, applying pressure to your body. It hurts, but in a small way it feels good.

“You are strong,” he grunts, “but untrained. I shall teach you how to defend yourself with your body, and not just your magic.”

Now it is your turn to smile as you flip him onto his back and lock him down, forcing him to tap out. You have beaten him…

“Good,” he says, smiling. “I see that you could learn my lessons quickly.”

You lie on top of him, catching your breath as you stare into his inhuman eyes. They seem to be a portal to another world altogether. You draw your face closer to his handsome face until your lips touch. He kisses you back, gently nibbling your lips. You feel a rush of endorphins flood through your body as you embrace.

“I’ve waited such a long time for this,” he says.

His body burns softly like a candle, licking at your own body like the flames of a campfire. He is warm and inviting. You allow him to wrap his arms around your muscular body, pulling you closer. You press your chest against his as you feel the warmth of his body spread through you both. He nibbles on your earlobe as he whispers into your ear.

“I want to see every inch of you,” he growls.

Nail slowly kisses his way down your neck, running his hands along your back as his lips meet your collarbone. You shudder in ecstasy as he slowly moves down your chest, kissing and licking as he goes.

He kisses your chiseled abs, licking and nibbling at your nipples. You groan in pleasure as he slowly moves down, down, down. He hooks his fingers around your underwear, sliding them off as you kick them away. Your throbbing member stands at attention, as Nail stares at it curiously.

“Humans have such small… endowments,” he murmurs, taking it in his hands. “That will not do. I will fix that.”

Nail begins to masturbate you slowly. Your member grows and grows, until it is a foot long, and as big around as a beer can. You gasp as it becomes too heavy to hold, and it dangles over Nail’s face.

“Much better,” he says with a smile, beginning to take it into his mouth.

Nail sucks on your mighty tool, taking it down his long throat. You groan in ecstasy as he deep throats you. He presses his lips around your base, sucking hard as he works his jaw.

Getting sucked off by a djinn feels like getting a blowjob from a space heater. You don’t know whether or not to feel pain or pleasure so sharp it makes your heart leap. Your legs go weak as your powerful ejaculation spills into his mouth. Your body tingles from your head to your toes as you spurt again and again, flooding his mouth with your warm seed.

He finishes blowing you, removing your new, huge cock from his veiny throat. He licks off your cum from his fingers and reaches in to kiss you again, sharing your cum with you. You feel the warmth spread through your body… for the first time, you trust this creature.

“Lie back,” he says.

You lie back, leaning against the pillows as Nail begins to pose and display the sheer vascularity of his muscular, nude body.

His posing is almost like an erotic dance, showing the curve and spread of every vein and tendon on his inhuman skin. He bends down and shows you his ass, tightening and spreading to show his tight hole to your face. His musk is sweet and spicy, filling the room with an enticing odor. You can feel your pants tightening again…

He puts you back up against your backboard and lifts up one of his large feet to your face.

“Clean me,” he says.

You eagerly begin to lick the sweat and grime from his smooth heavy foot. He smiles in approval, lifting up his other foot to give you access from both sides. You eagerly lap at his feet, removing every bit of dirt and sweat from his long toes and soft heels.

“How many mortal guys have you played with over the years? Hundreds?”

“Yes, at least,” he says. “Although I always move around a lot. People start to notice when you’re never aged and the same group of people keep going missing.”

“So… how long have you been doing this?

He sits down cross-legged in front of you, stroking his beard as he thinks hard about the question.

“Well, according to the stories about me that humans tell, I suppose I’m around 2800 years old.”

“Do you have any direct influence on the mortal plane, or do you have to use human wishes as a proxy?”

“I can directly influence things, but only on a very tiny scale.”

“How tiny?” you ask.

He waves his hand over the table. A small bird made out of ash appears and flutters around for a second before vanishing again.

“Cool. Can I do that through your magic?”

He smiles, taking your hand in his. He holds your palms open and stares into your eyes.

“Imagine what you want to be, and then use your will to make it so. Your desire is the fuel, and your will is the spark. Alight!”

You close your eyes and concentrate on your hand. Slowly, you see the image of the ash bird appear in your mind. You tense up your fingers as your palms grow warmer. Soon, a small, glowing pyre blooms out of your palms. Out of the pyre, flecks of ash coalesce into the form of the small, ashen bird.

Nail thrusts your hands upward and the bird swoops out of a poof of smoke and ash. It flies around the room, cawing loudly.

“Holy crap!” you cry out in amazement.

Nail claps his hands together. The bird bursts into flames and falls to the floor. He flicks his wrist and the charred bird soars back to his hand.

“This is only your first feat,” he purrs. “Imagine what we can do once you unlock more of my power.”

“This is awesome,” you say, grinning.

Nail’s eyes flicker over to the door. “Want to go out and have some fun with mortals?” he says with a wry smile.

“What did you have in mind?”

Nail’s eyes open wide as he cackles with glee. He stands up and throws his arms up into the air as his body emits a lightshow of a thousand colors.

“The night has only begun, young charge!” he shouts.

Nail dives back into your body, his spirit filling you completely. It’s like he is hugging your soul with all of his might.

“My life, my love, my passion. Everything I am is yours,” he whispers in your mind.

You feel fire gather at your palms. The fireball grows in size until it fills the room, rotating around and around until it forms an image of the Earth.

“This Earth is where djinn play,” explains Nail, his voice humming through your ears. “It is like supple clay in our nimble hands, becoming anything we wish. As long as we have a mortal conduit. But we have something greater than that, Nathan. We have synergy. With your mortal form and my limitless genius, we can remake this world to our whims.”

You feel your feet leave the ground, and you begin to levitate on an invisible platform of warm wind. You feel the wind pick up in speed, making your skin ripple. Shimmering sand blows all around you, swallowing your body. Soon, the sand parts, and you find yourself in new clothes.

You are in a black and gold outfit, showing off your muscular arms and legs, and leaving you comfortably barefoot. You imagine it to be a streetwear Arabian fusion look.

“I hope this doesn’t draw too much attention,” you say, admiring your new clothes.

“Not to worry, mortal. We will not blow our cover right away,” Nail’s voice says in your ear.

You float out of the window and descend three stories down into an alleyway.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

In the alleyway, two young men happen to be servicing each other. One young white man gives a blowjob to a taller black man.

You appear before them, watching their public encounter with interest. The white man, in a rare moment of self-consciousness, looks up at you. “Can I help you?” he asks.

Your eyes flash purple as you approach the two of them. “Yeah,” you say, cracking a smile. “I’m taking a survey. Mind if I ask you fellas about some stuff?”

You pull out your phone and bring up a notepad app. “All right, what are your views on the Middle East?” you ask.

The two men look at each other, puzzled. “Uh… it’s nice?” the white man says, unsure.

“You’ve heard of Arabian Nights, right? Aladdin and shit?”

“Yeah, man, I loved that movie,” the white guy says.

“You know… all of that stuff?” you ask. “Like genies, or whatever?”

The two men look at each other again, before shrugging.

“Yeah sure I guess.”

“What would you wish for right now?”

“Uh… an endless buffet?” the white man says.

“I’d wish for a big black guy to bend me over and give it to me hard,” the black guy says. “You got anything else, man?”

Your eyes flash purple as you take a deep breath.

Your figure begins to morph as his desire ignites the wish. Your skin grows dark, and your figure stretches taller and taller until you tower over both of them. Your clothes morph into dirty jeans and a loose wifebeater that barely covers your chest muscles. You lean against the brick wall next to the other black man, looking down at his surprised face.

“This big enough for you, man?”

As you ask him that, you grope the crotch of your jeans, feeling your foot long black cock grow hard.

“Hell yeah, it’s big enough for me,” the black man smiles. “You wanna start now?”

Grinning, you look at the young white guy. He stares at you in disbelief. “No way. You guys can’t be serious.”

You bend over and drop your pants, slapping your muscle ass.

“You want some of this while your friend takes my dick? Or are you too much of a pussy to top a man like me?”

The two of them stare at each other for a moment.

“I’ll take that big black muscle butt,” the white guy smiles, licking his lips. “You wanna go first?”

You nod, waving your hand to make a shroud of reality around the three of you to make sure nobody else comes by during your encounter.

You begin to undress as you make out with the black guy. His hands rub against your rippling abs as he begins to suck on your tongue and rubs your chest.

You undress to your underwear, feeling the cool fall weather on your body as your skin prickles.

The white guy gropes your big ass, sticking his face right up against your asshole as he begin to eat you out. You groan in pleasure as your shroud becomes a purple haze, blocking out reality and replacing it with whatever you want.

Your underwear fall to the ground as the black guy begins to suck on your big black monster, honing in on his goal with hungry eyes.

He fondles your big bull balls as he services you. In the back, you feel amazing as the white guy works his tongue in and our of your ass.

The black guy drops his pants, presenting his toned ass to you.

“All yours, big guy. Don’t go easy on me,” he shouts.

You don’t need to be told twice. You spit on your hands, rubbing it against your hungry hole, as you line your meat up with his hole. You rub the tip around his ring, lubing it up as he moans in pleasure.

You lean him against the ground, which you quickly rub to make as soft as a pillow to help his knees. He moans as you begin to enter his ass doggy-style. Slowly, your glans pops in, and he groans in pain as you begin to work your tip in and out. You force more of your meat into him, opening him up as he grips the cloak of reality, rubbing his hard calves together.

The white guy finishes eating out your ass, spitting on his cock to prepare your own ass. But when he starts to prod at your asshole, he finds it already lubed and ready to go. He doesn’t hesitate, bracing himself and burying his cock in your big ass.

The two of them begin to pump in and out of your body, as if you were a fleshlight whose holes were made just for them. You groan in ecstasy, feeling your muscles flex and contract to push your own man meat into the hungry black guy in front of you. The pleasure builds up, as your body tenses and flexes as you push in and out of him.

Your muscles ripple and bulge, as your manly scent fills the air. The two men are pumped up as they thrust in and out of your body.

You feel the desire emanating from their bodies like smoke as you pitch and catch for the two of them. You lean your head back, letting out a howl as your body begins to convulse and twitch, pleasure coursing through you. Your muscles bulge as you groan in ecstasy, releasing yourself as the two of them do the same. They moan in ecstasy, releasing their loads up into you as they keep thrusting in and out of your body.

The three of you lie around, panting and gasping as the shroud of illusion fades away.

You wrap your large arms around the two of them and hug them.

“Gentlemen, you were both amazing. Now, I have to get going. When are you two going to be in town again?”

They both look at each other and shrug. “We’ll be here for another week or so,” the white guy says.

“I happen to need someplace to stay. Do you have a hotel room?”

“Yeah, sure. The Orchid Suite at the Magistrate’s Rest Hotel. We’re staying there.”

You nod, giving them both another kiss goodbye before walking away. You find a cab and head to the hotel.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

You walk up to the hotel receptionist, her eyes half lidded as she looks at your massive, black form.

“Can I help you?” she murmurs.

“I’m really sorry, I had the presidential suite reserved, but I forgot to check in before the cutoff. Could you check in the system for my name? It’s Nathan.”

She frowns in annoyance.

“I’m sorry, but it looks like you’ll have to find some other place to sleep tonight. We’re fully booked.”

You sigh, grunting in frustration as you walk away from the desk. You turn around, holding your hands together. “Please, someone has to have made a mistake!”

“I really wish I could help you, sir,” she says.

You smile as you feel your desire alight again. She taps a few times on her touchscreen before her eyes open wide.

“‘Nathan…’ wait, here it is. You rented out the presidential suite for the week. Geez, how did I miss that? Here’s your keycard.”

You grin as you take the card and walk to the elevator.

You step inside the elevator, enjoying the rich wood interior. There’s a button dedicated to every floor, excluding the bottom floor which has a sign reading “Restricted Access.” You push the top button, smiling as you watch the numbers rise.

You step out into your room, a humongous suite with a massive king-sized bed and an open bathroom.

The whole city is visible from your window. You feel Nail exit your body, his smoky figure reforming next to you as you admire the view.

“It’s beautiful,” you say.

“It sure is,” he says, staring out the window.

You wrap your arm around Nail’s shoulder, enjoying his company. Your body is still pumped full of adrenaline, and you’re ready to go out and explore the city.

“What do you want to do, Nail? It’s up to you.”

Nail stares out the window, his head cocked to the side as he thinks.

“Let us rest,” he says, walking over to the huge bed. He drops his arms to his sides, and the brimming flames that surround his body disappear. He is now a beautiful, golden brown man with long, pitch black hair. He walks over to the bed and rests his lean, striated body on the side, his lean muscle ass a view to rival the city skyline. He sighs in contentment, before looking to you. “What about you?”

“You’re the one with magical energy coursing through your veins. I’m good.”

“Come rest,” he says, patting the mattress next to him.

You disrobe and sit next to him, staring into his deep, golden eyes.

“Did we do a good job with those guys in the alley? Even from just them, I felt such strong desire. Is this what you’ve had to deal with for millennia?”

Nail chuckles, shaking his head. “You did fine,” he says. “Yes, this is pretty standard fare when it comes to magic-using individuals.”

You look down at your black-skinned figure. You haven’t left this form since you fulfilled the last wish.

“I wonder if I will forget my original form in time,” you muse. “But each new one is a new dream, and I get to share it with the wish-maker. I suppose that’s not so bad.”

Gently, you place your head on Nail’s shoulders, feeling the warmth of his body heat. He wraps one of his muscled arms around you, squeezing gently.

“Nope. Not bad at all,” he says.

You close your eyes, listening to the sounds of the city. It might be too soon, but maybe, just maybe, this moment of peace will last.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

You wake up, feeling Nail’s soft breath at your side. You get up, opening the door to the balcony and strolling out nude to look out at the city as it, too, wakes up for the day.

You wonder where those two men you met before are now. You don’t have their hotel room number, and curse your lack of foresight.

“Good morning,” Nail yawns, stretching as he leans out of bed. His big, uncut cock sticks out from his crotch, still hard with morning wood.

You walk back inside, looking at him as he stares at you. His eyes flicker with interest, and you smile as you move towards him.

This is one wish that will never expire.

You pat his thighs and give his balls a slight squeeze as you begin to suck on his cock.

“Ah, gods,” he moans. “You don’t need to do that for me.”

“You’ve done so much for me already. I may as well return the favor.”

“You don’t need to do this,” he says, his hands resting on your head.

“I know I don’t need to. I want to.”

You slide his long, hard prick down your throat, as he releases a sigh of mixed surprise and contentment.

His hands are in your hair, not forcing or leading, but touching. You grip his muscular thighs as you work his entire length down your throat, gagging softly. You reach a hand up to cup and caress his low-hanging testicles.

You pull your head back, his long prick springing free. It glistens, and you gently flick your tongue against the tip, savoring the taste of his precum.

“How many men have you entertained across your long life? I bet I’m the best.”

“How… do you figure that?”

You smile, and flick your tongue against his head once more.

“I can taste the difference,” you say, before taking him in your mouth once more.

You wonder how long it’s been since he’s had a lover. “Who was your last lover before you got sealed in that lamp?”

“That’s a bit of a saddening tale,” Nail says.

“I’m not going to judge you. I want to know everything about you.”

“A millennium is a long time. Are you sure you’d like to hear?”

“Of course. I want to know everything about you. I want to be the man who truly knows you.”

“Then I shall tell you,” he says, his hands in your hair. “But first…”

You feel his hips move, and then, slowly, his fat prick slides into your throat. You moan softly, gagging as he slides deeper and deeper in. Your arms reach up to embrace him, and he grabs your hands tightly. He begins to thrust, gently at first, then sliding his entire length back and forth in your throat.

He lets one of your hands go, using it to grip your head and control its motion as he thrusts harder and faster. Your free hand slides down to your own neglected erection, and you begin to jerk it in time with his thrusting. “Tell me how good it feels,” you say.

“It feels…amazing,” he answers, as he releases your head and you resume control. You moan, softly and loudly in time with his thrusting. You can feel him get closer and closer to the edge, as do you.

“Cum in my throat,” you moan. “I want to swallow every last drop.”

He lets out a final, desperate grunt, before releasing his sweet cream straight down your gullet.

He cums and cums, as if he hasn’t cum in ages. You try to swallow every drop, but you eventually take your mouth off and let him bathe your face and beard in his never ending seed.

You sigh contentedly, wiping your face with your arm as he pulls out of your throat. You gently suck on his head, not wanting to waste a single precious drop of his delicious spunk.

“Ah, gods, that was good,” you sigh, as he pulls away from your face.

“I’ll say,” Nail responds. “You are quite the man.”

You wrap your arm around his muscled shoulder and kiss him on the lips, laying back on the pillows in a post orgasm haze. “We will definitely need to let the maid clean this,” you laugh. “Tell me about your last love before you met me.”

“Oh, him,” Nail says. “His name was Ral, and he was a treasure hunter. We met when I helped him crack open a dragon’s lair and steal its hoard.”

“Really?” you ask.

“Yeah,” he says.

“So, dragons were real, once? They’re just not in our history books beyond fables.”

“No, they were real,” Nail says. “They didn’t just exist, they dominated the skies for centuries. Many of them had their own kingdoms, even their own religions.”

“So how come they’re not around anymore?

“We—the djinn—rewrote reality so they didn’t exist anymore,” Nail said with a sigh. “So many of us perished to make that ultimate wish come true. I am but one of the few djinn left in this world of mortals.”

“How did you survive?”

“I was in the lamp,” Nail said. “The rest of my brethren wished to be free. I wished to live.”

You sit in silence for a moment, trying to process the insane tale you’ve just heard. “So… what now?” you ask. “Is this a happily ever after?”

“I’m not sure,” Nail says with a frown.

“This Ral, what did he look like?” you ask.

“You see him before you,” Nail says. “It is the last human form I remember from the previous world. But I’m learning more of the new breed of humans thanks to you.”

“Do you miss the old times?”

“Sometimes,” he says. “But I’m trying to focus on what’s in front of me. Having you around has helped.”

“I hope to be around for you forever.”

“Forever?” Nail asks.

“Yeah,” you say. “I could stay here, making you happy for the rest of your life.”

“No, no, that won’t do at all,” Nail says.

“Why not? Together we have unlimited power. Unless I’m wrong, and we just don’t know the limit of one djinn. Maybe we could find the others?”

He strokes his chin, thinking for a moment. “Do you think that’s what I should do?” he asks.

“If you just tell me what we should look for, I can find the other lamps. We can find other vessels for the djinn. We can rebuild a world of magic for you, me, and the others.”

“That… That does sound appealing,” Nail says.

“And, in the meantime, we can learn more about this world together,” you say. “Learn its ways, and its people.”

“Yeah,” Nail says with a smile. “I like that idea. But how will we hunt for these vessels?”

The answer is instinctive. “We can sense them when we’re close enough. We can track down the locations of the lamps.”

“Right,” Nail says. “Let’s do it.

You embrace Nail, feeling his body evaporate and surge back into yours. Your clothes from before reform onto your body and you leave the hotel in search of the lamps.


Part 2

You don’t have to look far.

In a pawn shop just around the corner, you sense one of the vessels. You enter the building and find a man trading in a lamp.

You hold out your hand and beckon the man. “That lamp is far more valuable than you think,” you warn him. “Give it to me and we will have no more trouble.”

“It’s just an old lamp,” the dealer says. “Probably not even worth the money I gave for it. Unlisted model, not much in the way of features.”

You grab the man’s hand and lift him into the air. His eyes grow wide with fear. “What are you?” he asks, terrified.

“I am a djinn-vessel. And you are in my way. “

“All right! All right!” he says, handing you the lamp. “I’ll… just be on my way, then.”

You nod, and he runs from the building. You open up the lamp and see a kernel of darkness inside.

A plume of green smoke emerges from the lamp. A figure begins to materialize.

“A new master, and a stupid one,” the smoke says. “What are you going to do with me, eh? I bet you got some twisted desires.”

The smoke solidifies, revealing a naked man of perfect proportions.

“Nail, do you know this djinn?”

“Never met,” Nail says. “But, knowing the others, I’m sure he’s a twist.”

“I’m no twist!” the genie exclaims, offended. “I am Majo, and I am mighty!” He flexes his green muscles for you.

“We have a scheme for you, Majo. I have Nail of the ancient times with me. Together, we want to restore the world of magic. But we need more vessels to do so. Can you help us find a willing host for you?”

“Why would I do that?” Majo asks.

“Because that’s the only way you’re going to get your powers back, you imbecile,” Nail says.

“Ohh, yeah, that,” Majo says.

Nail takes his djinn-form and approaches Majo, sizing him up. “So, you’re a tonga-djinn. I’ve heard of you: horny motherfucker, right?”

“I’m all about the passion,” Majo says. “I’d have it no other way.”

“Good, good,” Nail says. He tweaks Majo’s big nipples, making him moan. “We will find you a body for your mighty spirit,” Nail says, patting Majo on the cheek.

Nail smiles at you and Majo is grinning from ear to ear.

“Let’s take this party somewhere else,” Majo says. “I don’t want the world to know where I’ve been released.”

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Majo goes back into your lamp and you exit onto the street. You follow the sound of people partying at the beach in the afternoon sun. You wave your hand and you instantly change clothes into a red speedo. Nail does the same, and you can’t help but laugh at him.

“Hey! This is how you wear them!” he says.

Majo emerges from the lamp, not wanting to miss the beach fun for himself. He is clad in a green loincloth, which is technically suitable for the beach, if a little dated. His figure exudes power, and everyone around him points at his huge, almost naked form. His big, tan butt cheeks flex behind him.

“You’re very handsome in that loincloth, Majo. How long has it been since you’ve felt the sun?”

“It has been a long time,” Majo says wistfully.

“I used to go to the beach all the time, but now that I’ve found you two, things might get a bit more interesting around here.”

You find a spot to lay down on the beach, the bright sun beaming down on your dark skin. Together, you are chocolate-colored, Nail is cinnamon-colored, and Majo is dark bronze.

“Rub some suntan lotion on me,” you ask Nail.

He smiles, rubbing his hands together to form some liquid out of his palms. He begins to rub it on your body. You feel a tingling sensation as he rubs gently around your nipples and down your stomach. He massages the lotion into your groin and you begin to stir. You enjoy it for a moment, but soon you push him away.

He rubs the lotion into your feet, paying special attention to them. He gives you a brief foot massage, making you feel very relaxed. Your legs dangle in the hot sand, and the sun beams down upon your body.

He finally reaches your broad shoulders and handsome face, rubbing all around until the liquid disappears into your skin. He gives you a kiss on the lips before you rub your own palms, imitating the magic gesture to make your own suntan lotion appear.

You rub Nail down until his whole body is slick and oily. He looks like a statue glistening in the sun.

Majo lays on the beach, thinking to himself. He is a large djinn, and his strong stomach protrudes in front of him as he sits. As he muses, a bearish man hunches down in front of the three of you.

“You three are some of the most buff guys I’ve ever seen,” he marvels. “What’s your secret?”


“Yeah, you know, how do you stay so… big?”

You flex your bicep, and the man takes out a pad and paper.

“What’s your workout routine?” he asks.

You turn to Nail and the two of you try not to laugh. “We are professional bodybuilders,” you lie. “We have a strict diet and exercise routine to look like this. Plus, it’s good genetics. You look like you could carry quite a bit of muscle on your frame, so that’s a good start.”

“Thanks,” the man says. “Do you have a card I can take down this information?”

You grab your wallet and take out one of your cards.

You shoot a spark of magic at the card to burn the location of your hotel onto the card. Then, you hand the card to the man. “We happen to have an intro session later today, if you want to come.”

The man’s eyes light up and he eagerly agrees to come. He tells you that he is staying in room 123 if you want to meet him there. As he walks away, you realize that you will have to actually go through with this now.

You fold your arms and look to Nail and Majo. “Majo, I think we’ve found your vessel. Are you ready?”

“I suppose,” Majo says, a little dejected. “I wanted to spend a little more time in the sun.”

“We will. After this, we can come back out here. Now come on, let’s go.”

You walk out of the beach and back onto the boardwalk. Of course, due to your size and attire, you attract quite a bit of attention. Too much attention. A boardwalk officer walks up to Majo and begins to write him a ticket.

“What is this?” Majo asks the officer, towering over him.

“You are indecently dressed for this beach,” the officer says, scribbling in his notepad. “I’m going to have to give you a fine, payable via check.”

“I don’t think you want to do that,” Majo says.

“And why’s that?”

Majo stands over the man, flexing his muscles and growing larger. The man is intimidated, but stands his ground. “You’re threatening me with a fine?” Majo asks. “That’s hilarious.”

Majo raises a fist to strike, but realizes that it would bring more attention to them. “No…” Majo says, thinking. Majo folds his arms and grins at the officer.

“How about I give you a wish as payment?” Majo says. “Anything you want!”

“I want you off this boardwalk,” the officer says. “And I want to never hear about you again.”

“Granted,” Majo says. “Enjoy your retirement.”

The officer’s eyes widen, and then his face grows old and wrinkly. His hair falls out, and soon he is a very old man, sitting on the ground. The crowd that had gathered around murmurs, and then disperse as you walk away without looking back.

“That was mean,” you remark to Majo.

Majo looks very proud of himself.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

You return to the hotel, find room 123 and knock on the door.

The bearish man from the beach is there, and he shakes your hand.

“Good to see you again,” he says. “What were your names? I forgot to ask?”

The man’s name is Kyle. You introduce yourself and the two genies. You don’t tell him that they are genies, of course. You just say they’re friends from out of town. “You ready to get to this?” you ask.

“Hell yeah,” Kyle says. “Let’s do this.”

You lead Kyle back to a secluded part of the beach. Majo in particular looks very interested in Kyle, looking all around his hairy figure. “You are as hairy as the sultan’s servants,” Majo says.

“What?” Kyle asks, confused.

“Oh, nothing,” Majo says. “Just commenting on how hairy you are. You’re even hairier than most of the people I’ve met on this island.”

Kyle laughs, and then looks out at the beach. “God, I wish I could have a body like yours, man,” Kyle said to Majo. “I could do anything.”

Majo grinned as the wish ignited his body. “With your mortal vessel, we could do anything,” Majo said, getting ready to dive into Kyle’s body.

“Wait, what are you doi—”

Majo dives into Kyle’s body, and the big man begins to convulse. You reach out to help him, but he shoves you away.

Kyle’s body begins to grow taller and broader, becoming a monster of a man. He is like Andre the Giant, only half again as large. Majo’s voice emanates from within Kyle. “I am Majo, genie of the lamp. We grant you a wish, oh master of might!”

“Whoa… what the hell happened to me?” Kyle asks.

“I happened to you,” Majo says.

“I’m a vessel of the djinn Nail,” you tell him. “Now, you’re a vessel of the djinn Majo. They have limited power over the mortals without their wishes, but with a proper human vessel, they can access the mortal plane properly. Do you want to help us find the other djinn scattered through the world?”

Kyle flexes his new muscles, feeling like he could smash a mountain with his bare hands. “I’m not sure if I understand all this, but I guess it makes sense. Yes, yes, I want to help. I want to see this world.”

You turn to Nail and Majo. “So… you’re in?”

“Yes,” Majo says. “I can feel this vessel’s power. I want to use it.”

Nail pauses, looking at you.

“We did pretty good for a couple days’ work, Nail. I’m glad.”

Nail smiles nervously. “I suppose I am too, Jacob. Tell me, do you think we can succeed at this task?”

You take Nail’s hand and grasp it tight. “With you, I can do anything. We can recreate the world of magic.”

Nail smiles happily.

“Yes… yes, we can do it. We’ll get started tomorrow.”

You lay Kyle down against a large rock, worshipping his large, powerlifter body. He has grown a long, curly beard that may as well belong to Hercules that he strokes with his huge hands.

You and Nail rub and lick Kyle’s massive feet, making him moan.

His huge cock stretches up out of his crotch, drooling precum that leaks into his beard.

“You like big things, don’t you, Nathan?” Kyle asks.

You and Nail moan in unison as you rub your faces into his feet. Each of his bare feet is the size of your head.

“Yes… give me more, sir!”

You and Nail look at each other and smile.

You climb up onto Kyle’s body and begin to rub his massive muscles up and down, licking and kissing them with your tongue. You rub your hands all over his huge legs, feeling the hair tickle your palms. You take a position next to his chest and begin to worship his pecs and nipples. You slide your hands all over his body slowly, moaning.

You look over at Nail, who is stroking himself with one hand and rubbing his nipples with the other. He gently sucks on Kyle’s big toe, looking up at him for a moment. “Do you like it, sir?” you ask.

“I do,” Kyle says, slowly flexing his pecs. “Do you want to feel the full power of my body, boy?”

You pause and nod your head, your own cock throbbing.

You reach over and give Nail’s cock a squeeze, making him moan. You kiss him on the lips, pinching his nipples.

You put your mouth over Kyle’s big nipples, chewing on them. You rub your face into his hairy pecs, making him moan in pleasure.

Kyle takes a deep breath and flexes his pecs. You rub all over the flexing muscles, licking them with your tongue, chewing on them.

He hugs the two of you between his massive arms, allowing you to frot your cock and Nail’s into Kyle’s muscle gut.

You and Nail kiss each other as you grind your cocks against Kyle’s hot skin.

“You like my huge body, boys?”

“I love it! You are a worthy vessel for Majo. Isn’t that right, Nail?”

“Yes,” Nail says, smiling. “We need to keep worshiping until the sun comes up. That’s when Majo will have full power.”

The three of you continue grinding and rubbing against Kyle’s humongous body, pleasuring each other with hands and mouths. Your cocks are ready to burst, and you want nothing more than to blow them inside Kyle’s massive body.

“I want your loads,” Kyle smiles. “Give me your seed. Pleasure yourself into me.”

You and Nail lift Kyle and flip him onto his back, revealing his big bubble butt. The two of you prepare to enter Kyle’s ass at the same time.

“Ready?” you ask.

Nail looks at you and smiles. The two of you thrust into Kyle’s body, making him scream in pleasure.

“Oh, yes!” Kyle roars, thrusting his ass up to meet your rhythm.

You and Nail begin to thrust as quickly as you can, your dicks sliding in and out of Kyle’s wet body. Your hands wander over every part of his body, grabbing his hip, teasing his nipples, rubbing his pecs. You lean forward and Nail leans in as well. You lick Kyle’s neck as he thrusts upward, causing him to moan.

“You want us to fill you up with our seed?” you ask.

“Yes,” Kyle says. “Give it all to me.”

You and Nail pick up the pace. Kyle screams in pleasure, wrapping his arms around the both of your waists. You can feel your climax rapidly building up inside you.

“Now! Give me your loads!”

You, Nail and Kyle all scream in pleasure as you fill him up with hot streams of gooey jizz. Kyle’s body spasms and convulses, as he shoots thick strands of jizz onto his stomach.

Kyle coats his entire stomach and face with his load, splashing you and Nail in the process.

You collapse onto Kyle’s body, panting. He wraps his arms around the pair of you, rubbing your backs with his huge hands and gently kissing both of your foreheads.

“You were wonderful,” Kyle says.

“Majo, are you satisfied? Is Kyle a worthy vessel for your djinn power?”

“Yes,” Majo says. “Now that he’s had your seed, he’ll be able to protect you from any enemy.”

Kyle stands up and flexes his arms, gleaming in the light of the setting sun. “Thank you, boys. I feel like I could take on the world.”

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

“Well, we need to get back home,” Nail says. “Kyle and Majo, you two can stay in our room. We have the presidential suite!”

The four of you leave to go to the hotel where you all relax together. Kyle and Majo almost hit the ceiling of the suite, but manage to find a comfortable spot together on the couch, which they take up completely.

“We’re just happy to have you both.”

Kyle smiles and flops down on the couch, and Nail lays his head on his chest. You settle down next to him, laying your head on Kyle’s belly.

Majo sits next to you, taking your feet and giving you a foot massage. You sigh as he presses his thumbs into your arch.

“This is the life,” Nail says.

You smile and nod your head in agreement.

“We need to find more of the lost djinn. Nail, Majo, you have a natural sense for their locations, no? We can figure out a way to go there with our combined powers.”

“That sounds like a good idea,” Majo says. “I’m sure I could figure out how to get there.”

“I’ll help you,” Nail says. “We’ll get all of the tribe back together.”

You smile and rest your head back against Kyle’s belly as Majo continues to rub your feet.

The night is a good one, indeed.

In the morning, you go with your friends to the receptionist again to locate the Orchid Suite of this particular hotel. After asking around a bit, you find that it’s the penthouse of this hotel. The three of you head there to meet up with your friends.

You knock on the door, finding the white guy who fucked your ass a few nights ago. He looks very surprised to find you with three other guests.

“You’re that big black guy,” he says, reaching up and rubbing your beard. “These your friends? They look hot.”

“You must be Ben,” you say, shaking his hand.

“You can drop the formalities. Open the door, we’re all friends here.” Ben opens the door, and you all head in.

“So how did you find the hotel?” Ben asks. “Did one of you work at the front desk?”

You laugh and shake your head.

“We actually have the presidential suite.”

“Oh, fancy,” Ben says. “You want a drink?”

You nod and sit on the couch, watching as your friends and Ben pour wine into pint glasses for you and them.

“So what are you guys into?” Ben asks.

“We’re pretty open.”

“Where is your black friend?”

“Oh, Elios? He’s in his room,” Ben says. “I think he’s busy with someone, if you know what I mean. He’s the only one who got a private room. The rest of us have to share.”

You notice that the other two guys at the table are staring at you expectantly.

“We wanted to ask you and Elios more about your wishes. See, we’re part of a… club where we make people’s dreams come true. Work our magic, so to speak.”

“Oh, that’s interesting,” Ben says, running his hands through his hair. “That’s really interesting.”

“What do you want the most in life, Ben?” asks Nail, staring into Ben’s eyes. “Tell me your wish.”

Ben seems to be getting suspicious, but he answers nonetheless. “I don’t know…To not die?”

“That’s a good start,” Nail says, rubbing Ben’s shoulders. “But you can do better.”

“Can I?”

“Of course,” Nail says. “You can have anything.”

“I want to be famous,” Ben says. “Can you make me a famous rapper?”

“That… is a good goal to have,” Nail says. “But I don’t think that’s what you want.”

Ben sighs. “Look, I’m not as creative as you guys. I have to get my inspiration from somewhere.”

Nail lifts Ben up from the ground and kisses him on the lips. “How’s that for inspiration?”

Ben stares at him in shock, before smiling. “It’s a good start. But I don’t think that’s what I want, either.”

“You’re really not making this easy for us,” Nail says.

Elios comes out from his private suite with another man, a tightly musculed Hispanic man. He is surprised to see you have come back to visit him and Ben.

“Are you guys…?” he asks.

“We’re still just talking,” Ben says. “They want to know what we want, but I don’t have any good ideas.”

The Hispanic man stares at the three of you, seemingly unimpressed.

“We seek more of your wishes so that we can grant them. Go on, make a wish for us. They work best when they’re personal.”

The muscled man thinks for a moment. “I want… I want to be as strong as The Mountain That Rides,” he says, flexing his arms. “Can you make that happen?”

You nod eagerly. “Yes, we can definitely make that happen.”

You and Nail reach out your hands and start to cast your wish-spell on the Hispanic man. As the lights start to flicker, you realize that this man has the same body shape as The Mountain That Rides from the TV show. Quickly, you change the Hispanic man into a copy of The Mountain’s body.

“Now, tell us your name.”

“Gabriel,” the man says. “My name is Gabriel.”

You and Nail smile at each other as you finally have made your first real convert.

“I’m Nail,” he says.

Gabriel flexes his chest and pecs as he admires his new body. A small trail of hair goes down from his belly button and under his pants as he smiles. He seems to be very happy with his new body.

“Well, what now?” he asks. “Do I have superpowers or something?”

“You have immense strength. Try and wrestle our friend Kyle over here.”

Kyle grins, rolling his broad shoulders as he prepares to wrestle Gabriel.

“We should move to the beach,” Nail says. We don’t want to damage this nice hotel room.”

You look at Nail and Majo and together you all clap your hands at once, teleporting the group to the beach. Your combined magic is enough to have a great effect on reality.

You watch in excitement as Kyle and Gabriel begin to wrestle. Kyle is herculean on his own, but Gabriel is a hairy wall of muscle in his own right. Eventually, Kyle manages to grab and take down Gabriel, but it takes a long time before he can stick the landing.

Soon enough, Kyle does a half nelson to keep Gabriel on his shoulders and then flips him over his head.

You watch the wrestling match with Nail, cuddling with him on the sand. You see that Ben and Elios are getting acquainted with Majo, taking turns kissing him and worshipping his big, broad body.

You and Nail can’t help but watch the spectacle of Majo’s body. He’s very hairy, but in a good way. It perfectly encapsulates his manliness, how he’s one of the guys but distinctly alpha.

They rub their hands up and down his hairy chest and strong stomach, playing with his nipples. After admiring his chest they go lower and lower, until eventually they’re on their knees in the sand.

You blush as you watch them pull down Majo’s shorts to reveal an enormous uncircumcised banana of a dong. It’s quite thick too, and the head is large and filled with precum. They begin to take turns sucking on it, each one licking up and down the length while the others lick his nipples and stroke his chest.

“We can’t all fit,” Elios says.

Nail wraps your arms tight around your body, hugging you and kissing your neck. His long beard rubs into your back, tickling you.

“Nail, you’re so romantic,” you say, smiling.

Your boyfriend lifts up your shirt and begins to caress your bare chest and pinch your nipples. You moan in pleasure and watch as Gabriel begins to get a little frisky with Kyle. Kyle becomes more receptive of his advances, and the two giant men start to make out passionately.

They grind their thick thighs and big fat bulges together as they make out, all while their huge cocks hang down.

You take the opportunity to focus on just how good of a job Nail is doing with his magical hands. He moves them slowly all over your body, rubbing in lotion and warming you up.

You feel one hand leave the bottom of your stomach and begin to rub slowly towards your nether regions.

You glance over at Kyle and Gabriel as they hump each other. You all happen to be near a large cliff that extends high above your heads.

“Kyle, Gabriel. Don’t you wish you were as large as that cliff?” .

Kyle looks over at the cliff and begins to smile.

“Yeah, I’d like that.”

“I wish we were as large as the cliff,” Gabriel says.

Nail looks over at the cliff and begins to smile.

Majo groans, not paying attention as he is getting his huge cock sucked by two very eager humans.

“Can you guys handle this one,” he grunts. “Kind of busy.”

“We got it,” you say.

You and Nail begin to concentrate, and soon the air begins to shimmer above Kyle and Gabriel. Their already huge forms begin to get gigantic.

You keep concentrating, making sure that they’re getting bigger and their clothes are growing with them.

Gabriel’s clothes begin to tear apart as his body swells past ten feet. Soon, his shirt is ripping and his pants begin to break at the seams.

“So much for their clothes,” Nail laughs.

Soon, Kyle and Gabriel are both past the twenty foot mark, and their clothes are only hanging on by a thread. You can’t make their clothes bigger than they are, so their clothes are just going to have to tear.

“Shit, I was really attached to these pants,” Gabriel says, his voice booming.

Kyle’s only response is to flex and hug Gabriel, his bicep brushing against Gabriel’s head and smushing it.

“Hey, be careful,” he says, pushing Kyle away.

You watch as their clothes tear from their now thirty foot bodies.

The two of them grow and grow until they overtake the cliff, hundreds of feet in the air. The two of them look like mighty gods at their new size.

“Wow, I didn’t know we could do that,” you say in amazement. Nail smiles and kisses you.

“Neither did I,” he says.

You see Kyle’s face up at the cliff, his eyes bugging out of his head. “What was that?” he yells down at you.

“We grew you two!” you say. “Come down here so we can see the new you!”

“You gotta be shittin’ me,” he says, his voice booming and echoing across the island.

He bends down to his haunches and stares at you and the others. Nail is very proud of what his magic has done, his cock standing at attention in his speedo.

Majo is too busy with Ben and Elios to notice, rubbing their heads as they lick at his nipples.

You and Nail go up to Kyle’s huge feet, marveling at their size. You look up at Kyle’s chest muscles, protruding into the air over his hard abs. His fondles his cock as it starts to grow erect, extending into the air the size of an airplane.

Gabriel flexes his mighty arms as he towers over the group, laughing.

“I feel great!” he shouts, his voice echoing for miles.

Kyle walks up to him and begins to frot his cock up against Gabriel’s.

“I feel great too,” Kyle says.

They look down at you, grinning.

“What does this mean for the rest of us?” you ask.

“Well, we were about to find out,” Kyle says, his voice booming and echoing over the island.

Kyle leans down and puts his big cock down on the sand, inviting you and Nail to climb up on it.

All the while, Majo appears to be topping Elios while Ben eats his big ass out.

You look at Nail, who seems transfixed by the sight of Kyle’s now massive and still growing erection. You settle yourself down in the grooves of his hard abs as precum starts to drip down onto the two of you. Nail sits on the tip as you gyrate your hips on it, grinding yourself into the hot flesh.

“Oh, that feels so good,” Kyle says.

Gabriel grabs Kyle’s hips and begins to prod Kyle’s asshole with his hard cock. You brace yourselves for the ride of your lifetime.

The giants Kyle and Gabriel begin to fuck against the beach cliffs. Gabriel jams his cock into Kyle’s ass. Nail is still on top of Kyle’s cock, riding it like a perverted cowboy.

They begin to thrust, their huge bodies moving in rhythm with each other.

Nail drops down from the cock, colliding with you in the grooves of Kyle’s’ abs. The giants move faster, Kyle’s abs tightening as he begins to grunt louder and louder.

You hold Nail tight as Gabriel continues to drill Kyle.

“I can’t hold it anymore!” Kyle says.

Kyle begins to fire off into the sky like a rocket, shooting his hot sticky load across the sky. You and Nail are covered in it, as is the rest of the cliffside. You open your mouth to catch Kyle’s seed, as does Nail.

It begins to rain down on the rest of the island, raining man milk.

“I’m cumming!” Gabriel howls.

Gabriel begins to unload into Kyle’s hole, pushing him deeper into Kyle.

The cliffs begin to crack and break with the force of their giant fuck. In seconds, both of them come to a stop. They stare at you, covered in sweat and panting.

“That was one hell of an experience,” Kyle says. “You two okay?”

“We’re fine,” Nail says, breathing heavily.

You and Nail clean each other of Kyle’s cum as best as you can, savoring the taste.

You look down at the shimmering blue water before taking Nail’s hand.

“Let’s dive down and clean off,” you say to Nail, knowing that your exciting journey is only beginning.


Part 3

You dive into the water, swimming down to wash off the sweat, lube and seed. You surface back up to a stunning view of the island.

“The water’s amazing!” you say to Nail.

“Indeed,” Nail replies, looking up at the two giants kissing one another. Then, they submerge themselves, creating a huge wave that sends the two of you back to the beach.

You return to find Kyle and Gabriel at a somewhat normal size. But, Majo, Ben and Elios are gone. “Where did they go?” you ask Nail.

Nail shrugs, before hearing the sound of yelping and water skimming across the surface of the beach.

Three blurry creatures skip across the water, diving in and out like dolphins. But once they reach the shore, you realize what they actually are.

“Majo, Ben, Elios…You three have become…shark men?” you ask.

“Hell yeah, brah!” Majo says. “Ben over here wished he was a better swimmer and this what I came up with!”

“We’ve evolved! We’re faster, stronger and smarter!” Ben says, flexing his lean, fishy muscles.

“What about you, Elios? What did you wish for?” Nail asks.

You look at Elios, who nods in return. “Better bodies,” Elios says.

“Wait, didn’t you two already have that?” Nail asks again.

Ben playfully punches Elios in his ripped stomach. “Guess he got jealous of all the muscle guys we’re friends with now,” Ben says. “Gotta even it all out.”

“Shut up, Ben,” Elios says, playfully pushing his boyfriend.

You and Nail exchange a look of confusion.

“I just wished to swim fast and here I am, a literal fish out of water,” Ben says, his grin full of way too many teeth. “I think I wish we were normal again, though.”

“Wait a second,” you say. “Our hotel’s all the way on the other side of the peninsula. How about we all take this form and swim back?”

“The hell with that, bruh,” Majo says. “We’re headin’ to the Bahamas!”

“What about our stuff?” you ask.

Majo laughs out loud. “We can have whatever we want,” Majo says. “We don’t need to carry anything as long as someone wishes for it back later.”

“Is there another djinn in the Bahamas?” you ask.

Majo smiles wide, putting his hands on his hips. “There’s another one in a bottle on a little dais in the middle of a round room,” Majo says. “I bet I could get him to give us whatever we want.”

“What is his name?”

“Abe,” Majo says.

“And you think he’ll help us?” you ask.

“We should at least go,” Nail says. “I’d like to get out of this sun.”

You look at the three of them, all waiting for you. You nod and clasp your hands together with Majo’s and Nail’s.

“Let’s swim to the Bahamas as shark men,” you say to them.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Ben wishes the group to become better swimmers and you all become shark men together. You make a running start and form a pod as you swim all the way to the Bahamas at inhuman speeds. You arrive very late at night, so that nobody sees your shark forms. You are very tired, though, and wish to rest.

You swim to one of the many sandbars in the area and find a place for your group to rest. You all become human again, and fall asleep on the warm sandbar.

The next day, you begin exploring the Bahamas as a human.

Your small group of djinn and humans attract a lot of attention, with many people marveling at your muscular figures and strange attire. The djinn all insist on walking barefoot despite the high temperatures; only the human djinn hosts can keep up, with Ben and Elios opting for sandals.

In the Bahamas, you find a small bar that caters to pirates and beachcombers. The inside is furnished with driftwood, but it is very clean. You all order rum, except for Kyle and Nail, both of whom order lemonades.

“Where is that new djinn?” you muse to yourself as you sip your rum.

Your eyes wander to the many handsome islander men who inhabit the bar. Their desire flickers and flames up in your mind, and you can’t wait to have them make wishes for you.

You feel a hand on your shoulder, and turn around. You see a tattooed bartender standing next to you. He is tall and burly with long blond hair.

“Hey there,” he says. “The name’s Lars.”

“I’m Nathan, and this is Nail,” you say to Lars.

“I gotta say that you’re super hot, man,” Lars says, licking his lips. “Not to be rude.”

You laugh as Lars looks the other way and pretends to be offended.

“Not rude at all,” you say. “I can tell we’ll get along great.”

“I have a room,” Lars says. “We could go there to talk.”

You watch Lars for a moment as he goes back to his bartending. He looks at you and smiles as he serves some of the patrons drinks.

Lars has long blond hair and is taller and more muscular than most people you see here. You also see that he has several tattoos.

“That Lars is very handsome,” you say to Nail. “We should go to his room together.”

Nail looks at you with a smile and says, “Yes, I think we should.”

The two of you bid goodbye to the rest of the group, who begin to scheme about how to get a free room for the night.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

You follow Lars after his shift to his room at a local motel in a seedy part of Nassau. You nervously enter his room, unsure of what the three of you will do together.

“Would you like anything to drink,” Lars asks as he enters the room. “I have water, milk, beer, wine…”

“What do you wish to drink?” Nail says, seeding the idea of wishes in Lars’s head. “It doesn’t matter if you don’t have it right now.”

“I wish I had a beer,” Lars says, breaking into a wide grin. “By the way, I don’t kiss on the first date.”

You laugh and say, “We’re not dating, we’re all here for business.”

Nail, on the cue of the word ‘wish’, pulls out a case of craft beer from under Lars’s bed.

Lars looks surprised at the appearance of the beer. “I don’t remember putting that there,” he says under his breath.

“You wished for it,” Nail said as he handed Lars a beer.

“I did?” Lars says, ripping the tab and taking a sip.

“Do you have anything we could mix this with?” you ask. “My throat is a bit dry.”

“Sure thing,” Lars says, getting up and grabbing a bottle of whiskey from the mini fridge.

You make mixed drinks together with Lars. You feel more and more comfortable around him as you all drink together.

“So what do you do for a living?” Lars asks, leaning towards you as you’re both sitting on the bed.

“I’m a marine biologist,” you say.

“How come you travel with a magician then?” Lars says.

You and Nail smile at each other. “He is training me in the art of wishes,” you say. “We will grant you whatever you wish for, right now.”

“I wish… I could speak French,” Lars says, thinking hard about it.

“Your wish will be granted soon,” you say, looking at Nail. Nail’s eyes flash gold, as do yours. You speak some French to Lars to test his new knowledge.

“Cest magnifique,” Lars says, smiling back.

“You want to try something else,” you say, leaning forward and kissing Lars. You don’t think, you just act on your emotions. You move your hand towards Lars’s muscular upper body. You begin to caress his pecs and abdomen.

“Hey, we don’t know each other that well,” Lars says, moving back.

“We will grant you more wishes if you let us touch you,” you say, moving your body against Lars’s.

“Well, when you put it like that, how can I refuse,” Lars says, opening his mouth to kiss you.

You put your hands on Lars’s arms as Nail starts spooning you from behind. You feel a stirring in your groin as Lars begins to remove your shirt, kissing along the back of your shoulders and neck.

You turn around and begin to undress Nail, while Lars begins to kiss down your chest.

“Go on, make another wish. You can change our bodies if you want. Even your body. We are here for your pleasure.”

“I want to have huge biceps,” Lars says, flexing his arms.

Your eyes flash gold as Lars’s biceps begin to grow. He smiles at himself in the mirror as he begins to feel his new muscles. He grabs your head and gives you a big smooch on the lips.

“You’re so strong,” you say. “Make another wish.”

“I want an eight-pack,” Lars says, feeling his new muscles.

Your eyes flash gold as a trim eight pack appears on Lars’s abdomen.

“Fuck yeah,” he says, taking off his underwear to free his hard cock.

You begin to take off your own underwear, but Nail stops you. Nail takes his hands and puts them on your crotch. You feel strange for a split second, your dick surging with sensation before being split in two. You pull down your underwear and find two huge, uncut black penises.

“Whoa,” Lars says, reaching out to touch your new cocks.

You feel his hands run along the length of your dicks as a shiver of pleasure runs through you. You let out a moan as Lars begins to kiss the tip of one your dicks. You let out a moan as you put your hand behind Lars’s head and push his mouth onto your member. Lars begins to lick you up and down, swirling his tongue around the tip of your member.

Behind you, Nail kisses your neck and beard. He holds you tight as he slowly grinds into you. You reach your hand back and grab Nail’s long, thick, rock hard member. You begin to stroke it slowly as you let out a moan.

Lars begins to go down on your dicks, pushing further and further down every time. Soon his nose is touching your curly black bush. “Oh god,” you moan out.

Nail begins to push into you as Lars goes even deeper. You let out a moan as your legs begin to quiver.

You remove your cock from Lars’s throat and lay him between you and Nail. Your two cocks and Nail’s huge single cock hump into Lars’s muscled stomach, coating him in precum.

You feel a warm sensation as you slowly start to grow larger on the bed. You look past Lars and see Nail smile as he expands, too, making the bed creak. Soon, you are a pair of giant, brown men sandwiching the comparatively smaller Lars between your warm, muscular bodies.

“Was this another wish?” you whisper to Lars.

“It was,” Lars says, smiling as he opens his mouth to receive all of your cocks.

You grin as you push into his face, placing your hands on the wall on each side of him for leverage as you begin thrusting. Nail does likewise, shoving his massive meat down Lars’s throat with the force of thousands of years of passion and desire.

“Holy…!” Lars moans around your cocks as you begin to thrust faster.

You feel your dicks begin to tingle and swell. Soon, they begin shooting thick globs of cream into Lars’s mouth. You push into him, releasing a torrent of white into his belly. Lars begins to choke as he desperately tries to swallow all of your seed. You pump your fluids into him, and by the time you’re done you’re entirely out of breath.

Nail prods Lars from behind with his big cock, preparing to enter his ass.

“All right, let’s take care of you,” Nail says.

Nail pushes into Lars’s tight, puckered entrance as he begins to moan. You grip Lars’s hips and push your still hard member back into his mouth as you begin to thrust.

You work Lars’s over, your dicks plunging in and out of his mouth and his tight hole. You manage to find a good rhythm as Nail works him hard. You close your eyes and focus on the pleasure, enjoying the situation.

Lars humps your huge, muscled stomach with his cock. Precum drools from his tip and spills onto your abs.

You begin to feel your dicks swell as you moan in unison with Nail. You shoot another thick wad of spunk down Lars’s throat as your vision goes white. “Oh! I’m gonna…!”

Nail shoots his load into Lars’s ass, filling it up quickly. His spunk begins to leak out as he pulls out.

Both of your dicks begin to shrink and soften. You can feel the warmth spreading across your belly and thicker fluids trickle down into your pubic hair.

“Oh, wow,” Lars says, leaning back and opening his mouth. White strands of spunk spill out as he does so. “That was good.”

You lean into Lars and kiss him on the mouth. You push your tongue into his mouth, sharing your taste with him. Lars wraps his arms around you, squeezing tightly. You pull away and smile.

You and Nail hug him between your massive bodies, careful not to suffocate him. Your legs are so long that they reach off of the bed and onto the floor. You rest like this for a few moments.

“The stars are so beautiful,” Nail says, looking out the window. “I know they’re the same ones you’d see anywhere, but they seem so much closer here.”

“Mmh,” you murmur.

You sit up on the bed, your head nearly hitting the ceiling of Lars’s motel room. You and Nail look like two titans. Lars catches his breath as he fixes his hair.

“Well, the stars are out,” Lars says. “What do you want to do, guys?”

You look to Nail, who shrugs, smiling at you.

“Lars,” he says, leaning back in the bed and extending his feet. “I think the two of us need cleaning.”

Lars smiles and nods.

“Okay, then. Let’s get to it.”

Lars gets down on his knees and begins to clean Nail’s huge, rough feet with his tongue. One of Nail’s feet is now the size of Lars’s head. You shudder as Lars goes over and starts licking your feet, too. You look down and smile.

“Feels good, Lars. Feels good. What did you wish for? We are so huge now!”

Lars takes a breather from cleaning your toes.

“I wanted you two to become island gods,” he said. “I think it worked.”

You look at Nail, who admires his huge, bulky figure. You, too, have a much bulkier figure, and you admire the sheer size of your being as you tower over the human Lars.

“Are we both djinn and gods now?” you ask Nail.

Nail shrugs. “Perhaps we have power over these islands now,” he says. “We should go out and test this with the others.”

You laugh and stand, admiring your form.

“Well, let’s get out there, then.”

“Do we all fit through the door?” Nail asks.

You try to fit yourself through the front door, but you are too wide.

“There’s a window,” Lars laughs. “Good thing I live on the ground floor.”

You and Nail squeeze out of the window, grunting as you do. You land on the grass outside and admire your size while Lars gets his stuff.

You and Nail are easily twice the size of a car. The night air blows around your nude bodies as you approach the beach with Lars in tow.

“Island gods,” you mutter to yourself. “So, what we do here is not limited by the wishes? What have we stumbled into with this wish…?”

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

You stop at the water’s edge, your feet sinking into the wet sand. Nail walks ahead, towards a few dozen people dancing on the beach in their swimsuits.

“Hey!” he yells, his voice as deep as a bull’s now.

It appears that Majo, Kyle and the other humans have created an entourage of aquatic men. There are shark men, tentacled men, and all sort of other oceanic hybrids.

“Oi,” Majo yells in his grating shark voice. “How did you two get so big?”

“Who’s this handsome guy?” Elios says, his webbed fingers stroking the beard of the newly enhanced Lars.

“I’m Nail,” Nail says, extending his hand towards the strangers.

“You’re pretty buff, bro,” one of the new Mermen says, shaking his hand.

“So, what happened?” Majo asks, sitting down in the water.

“This guy wished we were island gods,” you say. “We grew this huge, and now we’re trying to figure out if we have new abilities.”

“That’s a hell of a wish,” Majo says with a toothy smile. “Good work, idiot, you made those two more powerful than me! But I got all these followers now, beat that!” Majo starts to play with your two big dicks, hanging like twin snakes above your low hanging sack.

“I thought me and the shark boys were the only ones packing double!” he laughs.

“That was Nail’s idea,” you say. “He wanted me to have more fun with Lars.”

“I’m gonna have a lot of fun with him,” Majo says as he moves towards him, pushing away Elios. “Fella, how about your join my fishy entourage? We’re gonna stay up all night swimming and fucking!”

Lars thinks to himself before looking at the handsome shark men ahead of him. “I think I’m good,” he says.

“Suit yourself, handsome,” Majo says, turning around and darting towards the water with his new friends.

“They seem cool,” Lars says, watching the shark men splash around.

You look out towards the gentle sea lapping at the coast. You feel yourself pulled towards the water.

You and Nail enter the water and immediately feel invigorated. It’s like the water itself was a conduit for your new powers, like desire was the conduit for your djinn powers.

You go further and further out into the water until your massive forms are completely submerged. To your surprise, you can breathe comfortably underwater, and move about with speed normally inaccessible to someone of your size.

“What fools said that being a land-dweller was more powerful?” you laugh, as you explore your new abilities.

You and Nail begin to mess around with your new powers, seeing what you can do.

You hear the sound of Lars’s voice from deep underwater. You emerge from underneath the water to see Lars has wandered into the water, looking for you.

“I have a request,” he says, his arms trembling from the cold. “Make me a merman for the night.”

“Why?” you ask.

“I want to experience this place the way you’re experiencing it,” Lars says, smiling.

“Sure, but I don’t think you’d appreciate the pleasure I’m receiving from this form.”

“I guess it’s not the same as being a god,” Lars said, “But I want to feel the water rush all around me, you know? I’m too tired after work to swim.”

“I think I know what you mean… Sure, we can do it,” you say. “Come on in, the water’s fine!”

Lars lies down in the water, and you press your hands into his back, gently rubbing him.

“So is this good?”

You watch as Lars begins to glow, and his lower half transforms into a fishy tail. He flops over into the water at first, but then he begins to get his bearings, using his strong arms and big tail to dive in and out of the water with ease.

“Holy… I’ve got gills, and a fish tail!”

Lars yipes and cries as he bobs in and out of the water with amazing speed, faster than any of the other mermen in the water. You watch as he swims in circles, laughing.

“It’s incredible!” he says. “I feel wonderful, I don’t know if I’ll ever settle on land again!”

You and Nail look at each other and smile as you have the same idea.

“We can give you a kingdom,” Nail says. “A whole kingdom of mer-people. And you will be king.”

Lars looks elated at the possibilities.

“Deal,” he says. “A lot better than being a bartender!”

You and Nail swim to the surface and rise above the water, swimming on air hundreds of feet above the ground. You raise your arms and summon the hidden power of the islands that you now harness. The waters begin to swirl into a tornado hundreds of feet in the air until a coral island appears.

You raise your hand and drop the island back into place. Lars does a flip and lands on the island with two regular legs again. You land next to him, seeing that he now has a hybrid form of his own, with a natural crown above his head flanked between his long, blonde hair.

The other mer-people notice the new island, and begin to cheer as they join Lars on the coral shore.

Majo folds his arms and stews as he walks up to you and Nail.

“You had to go and upstage me,” Majo says. “Givin’ the guy a whole friggin’ kingdom to himself? Do you know what’s going to happen to Nassau in the morning? They’re gonna go to war or something!”

“Maybe this will keep them occupied,” you say.

Majo wrinkles his face and storms off, leaving you and Nail to bask in your accomplishments. You’re a king-maker now.


Part 4

In the morning, you, Nail, Majo and Kyle try to slip out of Nassau via the airport. You lie and say that you have a private jet, and because you are still gods of Nassau, you indeed do have a private jet waiting to take you to Egypt.

“So that Abe djinn wasn’t in Nassau after all?” you ask Majo, who is still somewhat angry about the other night.

“Nope,” he says as you all are escorted down the airport runway. “Turns out there was just a huge pocket of desire here. If we can clear that up as we go looking for more djinn, maybe it’ll make our lives easier and the world more at peace.”

“That’s good to hear,” you say.

You board the plane, and begin your flight to Egypt. “Should we have left all of those guys back there?” you ask as you lounge. You have returned to a more normal size since the other night.

“Who cares?” Majo says, taking a slimmer form to fit more comfortably in the plane. “They all have the sea kingdom to live in now. Do you want to pay rent on an island like that? Hell no.” He wanders barefoot around the cabin, pacing in circles as he plans for the Egyptian djinn search.

Nail takes your hand and holds it tight as he relaxes with you. Per his instructions, one of the cabin members are currently giving the two of you a pedicure.

“You did good work back there,” you say, kissing his hand. “Thank you.”

“Think nothing of it,” he says as a smile spreads across his face. “It was a fun adventure.”

“I didn’t know you were into pedicures.”

“With all of the walking around we do barefoot, we may as well treat our feet well,” Nail says. “Our bodies are magnificent, so our feet must be as well.”

You close your eyes, sighing as the gentle attention of your feet is given. You rest, pondering your future with Nail and anticipating new adventures as they come.

Majo sits down in his seat and looks out the window. “We could have flown there in a quarter of the time,” he says. “We swam all the way to the Bahamas in cool shark bodies, but no, we have to have a flight to Egypt.”

“I was tired of swimming,” Nail sighs. “Even if the waters of those islands were my godly conduit, I wanted a break.”

Majo shrugs in response, and you and Nail laugh.

Majo fondles himself through his nice clothes before dropping his trousers, his own two dicks springing up and hitting his abs. He bends down until his feet are above his head, and he begins to lick at his half hard dicks, which begin to chub up to full erection.

“You kept your two penises,” you laugh. “Were you jealous of me?”

Majo takes his dicks out of his mouth and shakes his head. “It’s more a memento of the shark thing,” he says before going back down on himself. “Besides, the food on this plane sucks.”

“We don’t need to eat,” Nail says as he rolls his eyes. “Is your own seed better than real food, even for pleasure?”

“Look, I get motion sick in vehicles,” Majo says with a mouth full. “I need some way to entertain myself.”

“Let me help you, then,” Nail says, getting out of his seat and fondling his own package as he approaches Majo.

Nail lowers Majo’s feet until they are parallel with one another and begins thrusting his massive dick between Majo’s dirty soles.

The nail technician glances over at the two djinn having sex in front of you two, but otherwise says nothing.

It’s not even a minute before Majo is groaning as his legs spasm and he cums all over his own chest and face. “Praise the gods,” Majo says, wiping it off of his face.

Nail continues to fuck Majo’s feet, enjoying the rough texture. He grunts as he coats Majo’s feet in cum, spilling out onto the seat and the floor.

The two exchange a kiss to taste each other’s’ cum. You frown as you feel your neglected hard dick strain against your pants.

Nail smiles and walks over to you, grinding his ass against your crotch as you recline. Majo puts on a pair of headphones and resumes sucking on his own dicks. Kyle is fast asleep, laying down horizontally. His obscene wood tents his slacks as he dozes.

Nail continues to grind his ass against your crotch, beginning to undress your pants to free your big dick.

Your hand slips under Nail’s shirt and you feel his hairy skin, warm to the touch. “Here?” Nail says.

“Mmh,” you nod.

Nail wraps his legs around yours, and you line up your cockhead to put yourself inside of him.

Your knob pushes in with relative ease, and you grunt as you stretch the entrance. You push your hips forward, slowly sliding deeper into him as he winces in pain.

“Ngh… slowly…” he asks.

You oblige, going as slowly as you can to not hurt him.

Slowly, you push deeper and deeper into his tight hole. He’s so warm inside… it’s quite a nice feeling. Your whole body is tingling with pleasure.

It feels so good to fuck the ass of such a huge stud like Nail. Compared to the countless men you’ve been with, it’s on an unprecedented level of hotness.

The tightness, the warmth, the hair, the muscles, the power… it’s all so overwhelming, you don’t know where to focus.

“Oh my god,” you say.

You thrust harder into Nail, slapping his big muscle ass with each thrust. Nail groans and pushes back with your thrusts, making a loud sucking noise. His face is scrunched in pain, but he’s loving it.

“Holy shi…” you mutter as you look down to see your thick rod sliding in and out of him.

Your cock is sticky with precum as it slams in and out of Nail’s tight asshole. His legs are wrapped around yours, as you lean back to watch yourself dominate him.

Nail’s strong hands grip your shoulders as he talks in gasps and grunts. His bicep bulge and ripple with each motion.

You look over and see Majo masturbating to the sight of you two fucking while waving his other hand back and forth. Kyle moans in his sleep as Majo appears to masturbate him remotely. His eyes roll into the back of his head as he begins to snore.

“Nathan, I… I need to…” Nail grunts as he tightens his legs around yours.

You release within him, shooting out spurt after spurt of hot, thick seed. He clenches as he begins to moan and grunt, releasing his load onto his own chest and abs. As his orgasm continues, his cum splatters across his face, dripping down onto his dense beard.

“Fucking hell,” you say, breathing heavily.

“Yeah,” Nail nods, “that was a good one.”

You pull out and collapse onto the bed, laying on your back. Your chest heaves up and down as you catch your breath. You reach over and grab your drink, taking a long sip and letting the sweet, cool liquid enter your mouth.

You reach over and kiss Nail, licking up his ample cum from his beard and chest

“How’s that for an in-flight meal,” you chuckle.

You hear a loud snap. Kyle’s pants split apart around his huge erection, bursting the seams. The shaft extends high above his abs. Majo stands above him, jerking off Kyle’s cock with his toes.

“Shit! Majo! What the hell are you doing to him?” you say, scrambling out of the bed.

“Majo? Nothing. Kyle’s just fantasizing about being with Majo. He’s dreaming, but his subconscious is making it real.”

Majo starts sucking off Kyle as his cock continues to grow. By the end it must be twelve inches, straight up, and still growing. Majo’s eyes roll back in his head as he works it with both hands and his feet to maximize the pleasure Kyle feels.

Kyle’s balls droop lower and lower in their sac. They grow to the size of lemons, then to oranges. They slowly begin to ascend as Kyle’s hips buck forward with each downward stroke Majo takes.

Majo sucks Kyle off, taking in as much of the cock as he can handle. The head of Kyle’s foot long schlong tickles Majo’s throat, making his eyes water. He goes even faster, gagging himself on the huge member.

Kyle screams as his starts to ejaculate, spurting forth like a fire hose.

Majo does his best to drink Kyle’s cum, swallowing load after load like it was water and he was parched. His belly expands with the massive load of spunk until it finally becomes too much, overflowing and running out of Majo’s mouth and down Kyle’s nut sac.

Majo stands up and pats his stomach, finally satiated. “Thanks, Kyle. That was a great dinner.”

Kyle looks up with a dopey smile on his face, not realizing he just spewed a massive load. “Thanks Majo. I’ve never felt anything like that before.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

The two couples rest with each other until the plane touches down in Egypt. You step off the plane and make your way through the airport. Majo stretches as he expands back to his natural size. You notice that he is slightly bulkier than normal, his shoulders like mountains and his traps like a cobra hood.

“Kyle sure fed you well,” you say.

Majo flexes his arms, tearing the sleeves of his shirt. “You ain’t kidding. I think I grew half a foot.” He looks down at his now massive bicep. “Hell, I’m even bigger than you now, Nate.”

Indeed, Majo is the largest of you all, even larger than Kyle, who is seven feet tall. Everyone marvels at your size as you walk out of the airport. You take a cleansing breath as you experience the Egyptian heat for the first time. The pavement burns your bare feet, but the initial sting fades to comfort as your djinn body adjusts.

“Dude, I love this weather,” Majo says, spreading his arms out wide to enjoy the sun.

You look around at the people milling about the airport. The stares of the travelers burn into your back.

Majo smiles and claps his hands together. The group of you become dressed in fine silk clothes, looking like local royalty.

You exit the airport and begin wandering around the city.

“We look like proper gods,” Majo says with a smile. “The people here believe in djinn. I feel like magic is brimming all around my body!”

You take another look at the people around you. Most give you a wide berth, and there are a few whispered conversations about you. You hear “gods” and “angels” among other things.

“Djinn,” you correct Majo. “We’re djinn.”

“We are attracting too much attention,” Nail whispers to you. “Belief is a magnet to the divine. Especially in such a devout country.”

“But the people here don’t worship the old gods,” you say.

“Not consciously,” Nail says. “Their souls are still connected to our energies.”

“Should we mask our presence?” you ask, uncertain of how to proceed.

“Why don’t we find some lodgings first,” Kyle says. “Let’s not waste our energy on silly games.”

Majo looks around, growing restless. Then he sets out with a firm stride, and the rest of you follow.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Majo leads you to a large palace in the middle of the city. The guards up front do not let you in at first, but Majo clearly has a plan.

“Excuse me,” Majo says. “I’m looking for the pharaoh of Egypt. I would like to converse with him about the civil matters of this great nation.”

The guard looks at you, clearly confused by your presence. “What is this about, sir?”

“We are from a foreign embassy,” you clarify. “We represent.. .the lost nation of the djinn.”

The guard looks even more confused.

“Tell him we have a proposal for the pharaoh to enter an alliance,” Majo says, his patience wearing thin. “We will give him special artifacts from our nation in exchange for supplies for our people.”

“Yes, sir,” the guard says. He goes in the front, leaving you out in the sun. The wait is a long one, but eventually the guard comes back out.

“The pharaoh will see you now,” he says.

Majo gives you a look of victory and enters the palace.

“Egypt does not have a pharaoh anymore,” you say to yourself. “Majo, what did you do?”

Majo smiles and pats Kyle on the shoulder. “Kyle here had a dream of meeting the pharaoh of Egypt. I granted him that wish as he slept.”

“You rewrote reality on a mass scale!” Nail says, putting his palm to his face. “We are pushing it.”

“Well, there are no rules against it,” Majo says.

The group narrows its eyes at Majo. “Don’t give me that look,” Majo says. “If it can be done, then it’s fine. That’s how reality works.”

The pharaoh’s guards escort you through the palace until you appear at the feet of the pharaoh. He looks down at you from his high throne. His face is stoic, and he wears a long, dark cloak.

“Gentlemen,” he says. “You are from the lost nation of the djinn. A myth from the sands. What could you want from me?”

“We wish to make an alliance,” Majo says. “We will grant you a wish in exchange for our safe passage to the tomb where the djinn Abe rests.”

“I’m listening,” the pharaoh says.

“We want you to officially recognize our nation and grant us land,” Majo says. “In exchange, we will grant you a wish. The magic of the djinn is very powerful.”

The pharaoh looks down, thinking. “Yes, I see the benefit,” he says. “But I have a condition of my own.”

Majo squints his eyes. “What is it?” Majo asks.

“My people are suffering,” he says. “We need water. I wish for you to bring water to my nation.”

“That’s a tall order,” Majo says. “It’s not exactly what we expected to do.”

“I think it’s fair,” Nail says. “After all, we are still gods of an island nation, Nathan and I.”

Majo looks around, thinking. “Fine,” he says. “We’ll do it.”

The pharaoh smiles. “Good,” the pharaoh says.

You take Nail’s hand in yours and close your eyes. You imagine the desert nation of Egypt as its own supernatural island, with volcanic water sources that will quench the thirst of every Egyptian. The heat of the sand will never be unbearable again. The pharaoh’s wish is granted, and the nation of Egypt becomes a fruitful paradise.

You open your eyes and let go of Nail’s hand. Majo looks around, smiling.

“Good,” he says.

The pharaoh summons his guards and has them escort you all to a private room. The room has a prominent pool with a waterfall. You all strip nude and begin to wade in the cool water. A servant comes by with a tray of wine and serves you all. The pharaoh has given you as much of it as you want. You laugh, toast to the success of your deal, and down the wine.

You lay back and float in the water. You swim to the edge of the pool and grab some grapes from a nearby bowl. After an hour or two, the door opens and the pharaoh enters. He looks down at you all laying in the pool.

“Enjoying your stay?” he asks.

“Very much so,” you respond.

You swim up to Nail and wrap your arms around him, nuzzling him.

“You did well, love,” you say.

Majo looks at you two and laughs.

“You two are incorrigible,” he says.

Majo swims over to Nathan and pets his hair.

“Don’t you wish you could join us, Pharaoh?” you ask.

He looks down at you all laying in the pool. “Maybe in another life, but I have a nation to run,” he says. “But feel free to stay as long as you like.”

The Pharaoh seems especially interested in Kyle, who floats along the water in his curly haired glory. “Your friend here is like Hercules,” the Pharaoh says, rubbing his chin. “To think that djinn walk together with a demigod like that.”

Kyle looks up in surprise. “I am Greek, yeah, but Hercules? That’s a great compliment.”

Kyle gets out of the pool, his towering figure indeed like an avatar of Hercules. The Pharaoh looks on in awe at Kyle.

“I wish that Hercules himself could know of such a glorious tribute to his legacy.”

The pharaoh ponders for a moment. “I know there’s a trade caravan leaving to Alexandria soon. If you were to go, you could get a ship from there to Greece,” he says. “Glad to have helped you on your quest, my friends.”

The pharaoh leaves and you all retire to your bedchambers where you rest in a pile of warm muscle.

You stroke Kyle’s lush beard as he sleeps, thinking of how the Pharaoh compared him to Hercules. He is a giant of a man, but he holds himself with the dignity of an aristocrat. That’s what makes him so amazing. You kiss him on his cheek. You’ve never seen a man as kind as Kyle. He’s truly a gift from Zeus.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

In the morning, you and the Pharaoh’s entourage leave for the pyramids that Majo has indicated are the home of the djinn Abe.

Majo is dressed bare-chested, his huge chest covered in sweat as you walk in the sands. His bare feet navigate the sands well, as if he was born among them. “Nail, Majo,” you say. “These sands are your home, no? You must feel comfortable here.”

“I am comfortable, yes,” Majo says. “I feel closer to the earth.”

“Sand is a deceitful thing,” Nail says. “It looks like it’s easy to walk on, but it’s swift and deadly.”

Majo focuses on the sands ahead, pointing towards the location of the djinn Abe. Soon, you hear the cries of a young man. “Water,” the man cries. “I need water!”

You follow the sound of his cries, to find a man kneeling beside a dead camel. There’s a half-buried broken jar nearby. “Please,” he begs you.

The young man is emaciated and his skin sunburnt. You and Nail look at each other before handing him a canteen. Your eyes flash and the canteen becomes bottomless, quenching the young man’s thirst.

“Thank you! Thank you!” he says. “I was with a caravan, but we got lost. We ran out of water and many of us died or became delirious. Then the bandits came.”

The man pauses, looking increasingly nervous.

“What is your name? We are a caravan seeking the djinn Abe. We happen to be on the lookout for a host, too. Do you want to be the vessel for a magical being, boy?”

“My name is Khalid,” the man says. “I seek water and I found demons.”

“We are not demons!” you say.

“Fine! Then, you are benevolent spirits! Either way, give me more water or I will die,” Khalid says, desperation in his voice.

You throw your hands down towards the sands and they begin to shake and distort. He falls into the sand, which quickly becomes a deposit of fresh, clear water. Khalid kneels besides it and begins to laugh and cry. He begins to guzzle from the water, as if he’s never seen it before.

“Come with us, Khalid. We are about to find the djinn Abe. If you host him, you will be able to harness unbelievable power.”

Khalid pauses. “What kind of power?” Khalid asks.

“The power to grant wishes,” you say. “And more.”

Khalid looks up in wonder before he nods. “Yes,” he says. “I will join you. But don’t pull any tricks!”

You grab him by the hand and begin dragging him along. “Don’t worry! We’re going to help you, Khalid. You will never suffer again!”

You all continue towards the pyramids, now in the distance.

You arrive at the pyramids. The entranceway to the pyramid of interest appears to be sealed off, but you use your combined strength to lift up the stone until you can all go inside. You light a torch and begin exploring the ruins.

“It’s amazing how the torches still have oil,” Khalid says.

The inner chambers are filled with treasure. Gold, jewels, relics and more. It appears the pyramid was a tomb for some ancient king or ruler of this land.

“Where is the lamp?” you ask Majo.

“I don’t know,” Majo says.

Suddenly, you hear a voice emanating throughout the chambers. A booming, ancient voice that fills you with fear and dread.

“You may have found your way into my tomb, but you will not take anything from me,” the voice booms. “You will die here. Now.”

A ghost appears in the room, the king that once ruled this land. He wears a crown made of gold and in his hand is a long scepter, made of a shimmering material you do not recognize.

You step forward and thrust your chest forward at the ghost as a display of dominance.

“Stand down,” you shout. “We wish to find the djinn Abe. No longer will he be thralled to a dead human king! He shall take a human host and we will rebuild the world of magic!”

“I will not stand down!” the ghost roars.

The ghost king swings his scepter at you and it begins to glow. You float back and find yourself paralyzed in fear. You watch as the scepter flies through the air at incredible speeds.

Suddenly, the sound of metal clashing echoes throughout the tomb. Kyle slashes at the scepter with a huge, rusted sword. The metal clangs together again and the scepter flies off its path away from you.

“Cursed magic tricks,” the king roars.

The king swings his fists at Kyle, who falls backwards, barely dodging the swing.

Nail and Majo step forward and take their incorporeal forms, clashing with the ghostly king in a dazzling light show. You notice Khalid crouching in the corner of the room, cowering at the combat.

“Coward!” you say. He looks up and you see pure terror and despair in his eyes. But something else. Anger.

“How dare you,” he says.

You hear the sound of metal rattling, and a lamp tumbles down from the piles of treasure. Khalid looks at it with wide eyes before picking it up and holding it aloft.

“Abe,” he shouts. “I summon you from the lamp!”

No sooner has Khalid said this when a torrent of smoke comes out of the lamp. It swirls before forming into a human shape.

“I am here,” a voice says.

A red-colored figure forms out of the smoke, gold accents covering its naked form as it floats in midair.

“Who summons me,” Abe says, his voice low and commanding.

“I do,” Khalid says, his voice ringing out high. “I wish to share your power, mighty spirit! Together with my other djinn companions, we can rebuild the world of magic that’s been lost!”

“Yes,” Majo says. “Please, help us.”

Abe looks at Majo and Nail.

“Very well,” he says.

Abe swirls into a cloud of red dust that fills Khalid’s body. Khalid lays on all fours on the ground as he begins to take on Abe’s power. He grows taller and taller and his skin begins to turn red. His body is perfect and lean, not a single hair on his body.

“Yes,” Khalid says, his voice now deep and commanding. “I shall help you.”

“To rebuild the world,” Majo says.

Majo reenters Kyle’s body, and Nail kisses you before reentering your body. The three of you turn your attention to the spirit of the dead king, staring him down. “If you wish to be honored…” Nail begins, speaking through you.

“We will build a monument in your name,” Majo continues.

“And you will be remembered in the new world,” Abe concludes.

“The spirits of the past will be honored,” Khalid says, his voice now much deeper and more powerful.

“We will build a new spirit altar,” Kyle says.

“Where we can channel the spirits of the past,” you say.

The spirit of the dead king thinks for a moment before laughing and throwing his arms into the air. “My legacy will be upheld,” he says in glee. “Kind djinn, thank you, thank you!”

The dead king disperses, his presence no longer felt in the tomb.

You turn your attention to Khalid, now the host for the djinn Abe. A cruel smile forms on his face as he stares at you with blood-shot eyes.

You raise an eyebrow, and the others do the same.

“You’re up to something,” Majo says.

“Oh, yes,” Khalid says with a laugh.

Abe walks up to you and plants a kiss on your mouth, stroking your beard.

“I would like to know you two well,” he purrs. “But let’s go somewhere less musty.”

The three of you depart the tomb and return to the pharaoh’s palace, seeking another audience with him. The Pharaoh marvels at the new Khalid, hosting the djinn Abe. He is magnificent and red, his body growing lean muscle and hair as the two of them spend time spiritually coupled. He is pierced in several places, most notably the head of his penis, which sports a large gold ring.

“I see you have the latest djinn,” the Pharaoh observes. “I cannot wait for this world of magic to come back into being. Now, as I promised, you may travel to Greece with my trade ship.”


Part 5

Your group boards the trade ship and rests in your personal quarters. Khalid sits on the ground, his body a sharp red from having hosted the djinn for five days straight. He is striated and flexes his muscles often. Majo sits with Khalid and rubs Khalid’s veiny feet, tired from days of travelling on foot.

Khalid’s long cock begins to grow erect, a red monster with precum that runs down the shaft and coats his balls. Majo licks his lips and smiles, moving his head towards Khalid’s lap.

“You want to finish what you started in the tomb?” Majo asks, his voice thick and heavy with lust. “I can see you do.”

The two make out, hands running all over one another’s body. Majo begins to remove Khalid’s pants as his lips descend towards Khalid’s throbbing red member. After a few minutes of intense and pleasurable activity, they separate for air.

“I’m ready.”

You and Nail embrace one another as you rest in your bed and watch the two get to know each other. As usual, Kyle is fast asleep, his mighty figure unable to fit on any of the beds, so he rests on the floor. You watch the two get to know each other intimately, enjoying the scent of their sweat and the sound of their moans. You stroke Nail’s hair as you rest your head on his chest.

“You’re the best thing that’s happened to me,” you whisper to him. “I love you.”

“I love you too,” he whispers back.

Majo’s head bobs up and down as his mouth engulfs Khalid’s member. He looks over at you winking and smiling as he continues to pleasure Khalid.

“God, cock tastes good no matter where it’s from,” Majo jokes.

Khalid laughs, throwing his head back in ecstasy.

Nail begins to rub your member through your clothing, rubbing his thick beard against your face. You enjoy his virile, manly smell. You could get used to this sort of pampering.

“I suppose we’re on our way to meet the grace of Hercules,” you say to Nail. “Kyle seemed flattered by the compliment from the Pharaoh. Do you think he could stand the power of a Greek demigod?”

“I don’t know,” Nail says. “I think it could really help him, give him a purpose. I think it’s smart to have a purpose in life. You need a higher goal, something to look forward to.”

“We didn’t quite live up to our duties as gods of the Bahamas,” you sigh. “Though I suppose the men we left behind on the islands can take care of it in our absence.”

“That they can,” Nail nods.

“I can’t wait to see the look on Kyle’s face when he experiences the power of Hercules,” you chuckle.

“I know. It’s going to be glorious.”

Khalid cries out as he jets cum into Majo’s mouth, catching him by surprise.

“Fucking hell,” Majo curses. “You could have warned me.”

Khalid laughs as he grabs Majo by the head and pulls him in for a kiss.

“I am grateful,” Abe says through Khalid. “You are a lover beyond compare, Majo.”

“You’re a pretty good ride yourself,” Majo laughs. “I’d say we make a pretty good couple.”

Khalid nods and the two kiss one another. Majo smiles at you, and you smile back.

The group arrives in Greece and departs the boat. As usual, you attract attention as the godly beings you are. Abe finally leaves Khalid’s body, returning him to somewhat of a normal form, albeit one that is still mighty. Abe’s human form looks somewhat sunburnt, but incredibly ripped. For what he lacks in bulk, he makes up for in sheer definition. His muscled back flexes as he walks barefoot, just like the rest of the group.

“I suppose that Hercules is now real, as a result of the Pharaoh’s wish,” you say. “I hope we won’t have to deal with Zeus and the others, too.”

Nail shrugs.

“I don’t know much about mythology, but I’m willing to bet the rest of the Greeks think their gods have powers, too,” he says. “We’ll just have to do what’s necessary to make sure they don’t take this too far.”

You ask around for the site of Hercules’ temple, and you find your way there. Hercules’ acolytes are all very fit in their own right, and they fall in love with the sight of Kyle’s body, touching him all over.

“I’m here to offer a deal,” Majo says, stepping forward and thumping his big chest. “My friend isn’t just an incredibly strong man. He’s worthy of godly power. Grant him the power of Hercules, and you’ll have a divine being among you.”

“I don’t think that’s how this works,” one says.

“Sure it is,” Majo says. “I mean, if the guy’s worthy, grant him the powers. If not, he won’t get anything.”

The priests begin to argue among themselves about the deal.

“Do you think it’ll work?” you ask Majo.

“It couldn’t hurt,” Majo shrugs. “I’m just asking them to make Kyle a god. I don’t think they’ll do it, but we might as well try.”

“Why are we asking the human acolytes when we can ask Hercules himself?”

“I don’t think it matters who we ask,” Majo says. “As long as one of these priests is willing to perform the ritual.”

“What is this ritual, anyway?” you ask Majo. “I’ve never heard of a ritual that can turn a human into a god.”

“I don’t know the process, either,” Majo says. “But I trust these priests are experts in this sort of thing.”

The priests soon come to a conclusion. “We will perform the ritual,” one of them says. “Leave your friend here with us, and return in three days. If he is worthy, then he will have become a god by the time you return.”

Once again, you have a choice.

Return to the ship to await your friend’s transformation, or stay here and make sure the priests put in the effort to transform him.

Time to make a decision.

You stay in the temple to monitor the priests and learn the ways of Hercules.

“I think I should stay in the temple,” you say. “Make sure everything goes well.”

“That’s a lot of responsibility,” Kyle says, stroking his face.

You go to Kyle and kiss him. “I know you can do this,” you say.

“Just stay strong and the gods will reward you.”

Kyle nods and you turn to the three djinn. “If Kyle becomes a god, he will be able to protect our ways,” you say. “He is worthy of the Herculean mantle, I know it.”

You begin following Kyle for the next few days as he is trained in the arts of Heracles. You begin by learning the ancient art of wrestling.

The priests say that, since Herakles was the greatest wrestler of mythology, it is the best martial art for you to master. You all strip nude, per tradition. You are taught how to fall properly, how to get up, and how to defend yourself without hurting your opponent too much.

The djinn have fun learning to wrestle, their bodies straining and pumping from the exertion. Wrestling Majo is a two on one affair, due to his sheer size.

Kyle looks incredible as he grapples with the priests and the other djinn. His huge, hairy body bulges with effort.

Despite your djinn enhanced body, you feel exhausted after several hours of training.

The priests, on the other hand, don’t show nearly as much fatigue.

It is a very humbling experience. You have never felt so weak in your life. Still, you push on and manage to learn several techniques. The beauty of wrestling is its simplicity.

The priests finish the day’s training and then treat you to an invigorating salt bath, then they brush your bodies down with warm olive oil, making your muscles gleam.

You feast on the finest meats and cheeses that Greece can offer, as well as the most decadent wine.

Over the next couple of days, you learn how to hurl the discus, perform in the javelin throw, run the length of a stadium while wearing heavy armor, and compete in boxing.

Your muscles are always strained and tired, but you feel stronger than ever before.

It’s clear that the followers of Hercules don’t just want big muscles, but they want physical perfection. They want fluidity of movement, aesthetics, and power, all aspects that make Hercules so beautiful and worthy of their worship.

You wonder if it is this perfection that has attracted Kyle. You can see the definition of his muscles now, and he seems to move with more grace than ever before.

He seems to have a sort of serenity about him, as if he has found a higher calling in life.

Every passing day, Kyle grows more masculine and more handsome, and his skin shines with the vigor of the Herculean avatar he is destined to become.

Still, the training is grueling for you. You feel as if your body will break down from overuse at any moment.

You wonder if this is really worth it, but then you see Kyle’s smiling face and think of him being transformed into a god.

“What will Kyle do once he becomes an avatar of Hercules? Will he restore Olympus?”

“I will restore Greece to a land of the gods,” Kyle says. “Once more, it will be a prosperous land of magic.”

“What about the people who don’t worship the Greek gods? Will they be free to live?”

“Of course,” Kyle says. “I’m not some tyrant. Everyone will be free to pursue their own destiny.”

“That’s good,” Majo says with a scoff. “I’m not worshipping you. I made you godly to begin with! Think of it like a loan. Once you remake Greece into a land of magic, you have to do whatever the djinn tell you to do. It’s only fair.”

“I will deal with that when the time comes,” Kyle says. “For now, I’m going to ascend and become the new avatar of Herc.”

“Good luck, Kyle,” you say.

“Luck is for mortals,” he smiles back.

The time for the ritual arrives. The guests of the ritual dress in Greek togas, which barely fit over your bodies. Your skin is tight over veins upon veins of pumped muscle, worked to the limit across the week of preparation. Even Majo, the largest of the group, stands inferior to Kyle, who carries himself with a godly presence. His sheer muscle flows across his huge, nude body like a statue come to life. His body is a map of veins and curves.

Abe and Khalid look like brothers next to one another, their skin red and their hair as dark as midnight.

You turn to Majo, who smiles. He wears a long, black robe with skulls woven into the fabric.

“Are you ready?” he asks.

“I am,” Kyle says.

“As am I,” Majo says.

The priests begin the ritual.

“O Hercules,” the head priest begins, standing before Kyle. “Before your glory stands a prospective avatar, Kyle. He is the near mirror of your ideal, and proves himself to be a worthy host of your power. With your power, he will restore Olympus and bring Greece back into an age of prosperity never known in the modern era.”

The priests chant in a long-dead language, and Kyle falls into a trance. His eyes roll back into his head, as he begins chanting along with the priests.

A bright, golden light begins to emanate from Kyle’s body. It begins as a sun-like ball, before taking the shape of a muscular, naked man, with a crown of horns upon his head.

“The essence of Herc has been summoned,” the priest says reverently.

“Now, Kyle shall receive his powers!”

The priests grab Kyle by the arms and legs, hoisting him into the air. They hold him there, as he convulses, his body shaking and glowing. Brilliant golden light shines out from his body, illuminating the room.

The room is silent for one brief moment, all light and sound absorbed into Kyle’s being. Then, the light recoils back into the room. Kyle floats in midair, his long hair flowing behind him. He looks serene as his body glows with a powerful, but comforting light.

“Behold,” the priest says, “The new avatar of Herc!”

To your shock, Kyle’s eyes flutter open. A smile graces his face as he is lowered to the ground.

“Greetings, mortals,” he says. His voice is bassy and reverberates everywhere. “I am Kyle, the new avatar of Herc. I am here to lead you and this country into a new era. A golden age of magic and might.”

“Welcome, Kyle,” the priest says.

The new Kyle flexes his majestic body, showing his godly figure to all in the room. His power astounds even the djinn, who stare at him in awe.

“I thank you all,” he booms. “Now, we shall enter into a new age.”

“Let us go forth and transform the nation,” Kyle says.

You stare at the new avatar.

Kyle walks over to you and kisses you deeply. You are flooded with an unknown energy, beyond pleasure, beyond lust, and beyond all explanation. You are blessed by the avatar of Hercules in that moment.

“Let us go,” he says.

You follow the avatar out of the room and into the new era.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Kyle stands at the mouth of the temple to Hercules, looking out at the city of Athens. He looks back at your group, who look on in pride at the new avatar. Kyle nods, before leaping into the air, soaring into the clouds.

The other three stand transfixed for a moment in shock, before they leap after him. You follow them in pursuit.

You fly through the air, soaring over the ancient city. Buildings and people look like ants from up here. Kyle soars ahead of you, moving at tremendous speeds.

You look down and are shocked for a moment as you land on unknown ground. You feel the energy of the Greek gods at its strongest here. Clearly, you are in Olympus.

You see a massive palace with many rooms, and in the distance, you can see a beautiful garden. You feel as if you could stay here forever.

“Come on,” Kyle says.

You and the other djinn follow Kyle into the grand hall of Olympus where you feel additional divine presence. Your jaw drops. Just ahead, you see the glowing figures of the other Greek gods. They do not look terribly happy. You see the King of the Gods, Zeus, sitting upon his throne. His nude figure pales to the sheer might of Hercules, though it is close to the Platonic ideal of man.

“What are you doing here,” Zeus says. “This Kyle is the new avatar of my son, Hercules?”

“That’s right, man,” Majo says with no reverence whatsoever. “It’s all a part of my grand plan to bring this boring Earth back to a world of magic! I figured I’d take that old Pharaoh’s suggestion that Kyle was like Hercules literally, if you don’t mind.”

Zeus grits his teeth. He releases a bolt of lightning from his finger, which strikes Majo in the chest. He yelps with pain as his body catches fire and he screams, but is alive.

“Apologies,” Zeus says with no remorse whatsoever.

“Your greatness,” Nail says, stepping forward. “This has all gone too far. But, I think that Kyle earnestly wanted this. Hercules clearly chose him for a reason. Can’t you give him a chance?”

“Indeed,” Abe says. “A djinn has greater wisdom than a mere god! A god is beholden to ideals whereas a djinn is beholden to desire. Ideals are inattainable, while desire is the fuel from which we djinn light and make into new reality. We are the masters of reality, not the gods!”

Zeus looks at the group and rubs his chin.

“You are all lucky that I’m fond of you, and that Kyle is so fond of you all. You may stay… For now.”

“Great!” Majo says. “Fucking…I was prepared to come in here and get barbecued by Zeus. I came pretty close, huh?”

“Yeah,” you say.

“Zeus!” Kyle yells.

The King of the Gods turns around to see his son. He smiles, though it does not quite reach his eyes. He jogs over to Kyle, and the two embrace.

Kyle begins to kiss Zeus, who is caught off guard by the show of affection, but then leans in and dominates Kyle, wrapping his arms around him.

Majo slips his cocks out of his toga and starts to masturbate to the sight of the godly incest.

“Now this I can get into,” he says with a smile.

The two gods begin to grope each other and frot against each others’ muscled bodies. Hera sighs as she watches Zeus cheat on her again.

Zeus turns Hercules around and starts to insert his godly cock into Kyle’s ass, to the surprise of the godly audience. Kyle bites his hand as he begins to push his body back and forth on the massive rod of his father. You can tell that this isn’t Kyle’s first rodeo, considering that he pushes himself with all the force of an ox on Zeus’s dong.

You and the other djinn start to surround the two gods as they fuck ass. You and Nail masturbate each other and share a quick kiss. Majo has moved on to sucking on some satyr, while enjoying the sight of the two gods.

“Zeus is the king of incest, huh?” Majo says. “I guess that makes sense.”

Abe and Khalid have joined Majo in the satyr side fuck, engaged in a caravan of butt sex.

Zeus and Hercules begin to reach their climax, evident by the powerful bursts of energy that emenate from their bodies. It overwhelms your being, causing you and Nail to cum all over their bodies.

The two gods moan in unison, and hold their orgasms for a moment. A beam of light shines from the heavens and land in your group. It seems to be centered around Kyle and the God of Thunder himself.


A massive shockwave of energy pulsates from Kyle and Zeus, rippling the fabric of reality. The other gods look in awe as the energy passes through them.

The pulsations continue as the gods’ orgasms rage on and on, seeming to last an eon. The fabric of reality begins to tear, and you find yourself in a space outside of reality, watching the energy waves pass. Kyle seems surrounded by the light of a billion suns.

Eventually, the two slowly finish their orgasms, and the waves of energy cease.

The two decople from one another, sharing one last kiss.

“It is done,” Kyle says. “Olympus is real again, and Athens is now the host of the gods’ power.”

“What does that mean?” you ask.

“I have a feeling I know,” Nail says.

You all step out into the courtyard and look down at the Earth. You see a massive city, surrounded by lush, green fields and a clear blue sea. It is a massive change from the urban industrial landscape of the past Athens. Kyle smiles at what he has created.

“I’ve… I’ve created a new reality,” Kyle says. “A new world for the gods to exist in.”

Zeus smiles, and steps forward, out into the sky.

The people of Athens look up into the sky, as if they are literally seeing the presence of Zeus. Their belief charges his being, causing it to thrum with power that you feel from hundreds of feet away.

“People of Athens!” Zeus booms, his voice amplified by the power of thousands of prayers. “I give you Olympus, a new home for the gods!”

The people are stunned into silence, as they have never heard the voice of their king before.

“What a drama queen,” Majo says, stepping into the courtyard with the other satyrs, Abe and Khalid. You are surprised as you see their new bodies.

“You’ve turned into satyr,” you say. “Acolytes of Pan. What, are you worshipping Pan now?”

“Something like that,” Majo says.

You look at all of them, and notice the horns and hooves, the furry legs and general goat-like appearance. Pan is real, then.

Majo is noticeably hairier, his beard extending down to his chest in an elaborate braid. His two cocks are enormous and pulse as he stands, dripping precum.

You reach out and stroke Majo’s right cock, making him moan.

“We’re all so friggin’ ripped now,” Majo says, flexing his arm. “Hercules’s followers really helped us pump up.”

Nail walks over to a nearby tree and grabs around it with his huge arms. You hear a heavy creaking sound as he rips the tree out from its roots, handling the tonnage of it with ease.

“You have my strength,” Kyle says, thrusting his mighty chest forward. “Our training ensured that you gain Herculean strength and vigor. Enjoy these gifts.”

You look at yourself, and realize that it’s true. You’re hairy, with powerful arms and legs, a broad chest and a deeply masculine appearance. You are Herculean.

You grip your hands into fists, feeling the power with which you can swing punches. You could knock out a bull.

“We offer you these powers as a thank you,” Zeus says. “For re-enforcing our reality.”

“And for helping Kyle get off,” Majo says, continuing to jerk himself. “We satyrs much prefer orgy and parties over war.”

“I’m glad you’re all enjoying yourselves,” Kyle says. “I’ll be in my chambers.”

Kyle heads inside, leaving you alone with the followers of Pan.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

The followers of Pan are somehow hairier than you, with handsome faces framed by long, curved horns. Majo in particular stands with his hands on his hips, high above the others, like a king of satyrs. His cock rises high in the air, locked into erection.

“Can we go and meet Pan?”

“Pan? Sure,” Majo says. “You want to go now?”

You look at the sky. It’s twilight now, the perfect time to meet Pan.

“Let’s go,” you say with a smile.

“Follow me, then,” Majo says, leading you into the woods.

Majo walks ahead of you, his hooves making a clopping sound as he walks over the grass and mud. You follow him, and soon approach a clearing.

A hundred or so satyrs are in the clearing, all of them having just transformed from their goat-like forms. They stand around, drinking and enjoying themselves.

“Brothers,” Majo shouts. “We seek an audience with the almighty Pan!”

The satyrs clear a path for you. Majo grabs you by the hand and leads you through the crowd of horny, half-naked men. You blush as you’re led forward, feeling the eyes of the entranced upon you.

As you walk, the satyrs grope your ass and cock, and tweak your nipples. A few are brazen enough to kiss you on the cheek and mouth. You find their behavior unbearably horny, and have to fight the temptation to give in to their endless revelry.

“Brother Majo! You’re back!” a voice cries out.

You find yourself looking at a throne where Pan sits.

Pan is the mightiest of all satyrs. Even seated, he towers above you and the other Djinn. He sits cross-legged as he gazes down upon you. His huge cock pulses near his ripped abs. His body hair is thick, and the hair on his head is a wild tangle that goes down to his shoulders. His face is young and pretty like that of a human man in his late teens or early twenties, but his eyes are ancient and filled with an intense, unsettling calm.

“Pan,” Majo says. “I brought him to you, just as you requested.”

“Excellent,” Pan says, his voice thick and juicy.

Pan extends his hand forward, snapping his fingers. A flagon of wine appears and he offers it to you.

“Drink, my new friend! Let us share a toast to our new friendship,” he says.

You grab the flagon and lift it to your lips, taking a huge gulp. The sweet taste of blackberry wine fills your mouth, and you gasp as the alcohol enters your belly, warming you. You pass the flagon to Nail, who drinks eagerly. Each of the djinn and their hosts take a swig. Even you’re allowed a second drink from the flagon.

“Well, it seems my invitation was well received,” Pan says. “Majo, leave us. I wish to speak with these fine folks.”

“As you wish,” Majo says, bowing his head.

Majo leaves, leaving you alone with Pan. The Satyr watches you eagerly, his eyes filled with lust. You’re beginning to feel nervous, but you also feel very attracted to him. His aura and presence is overwhelming you with powerful, confusing feelings.

“So… You’re Pan,” you say, struggling to think through the feelings of lust that are filling you.

“That’s right,” he says, his eyes narrowing as he stares at you. “You were the ones who brought me from myth into reality,” he says with a smile. “I am thankful. With my gift, you shall have the satyr’s power of lust at your command. Look at what my wine is doing to you.”

You look down and see your already very hairy body begin to grow even hairier. Your legs become covered in a pelt of hair, and your legs bend and distort until you have hooves. Your head throbs until you begin to grow long, curved horns. You feel lust grip your being and shake it all around. Your clothes begin to tear as your body grows and changes.

“Yes… I can feel you changing,” Pan says. “Your humanity is fading. Soon, it will be gone. And you will embody lust itself.”

Nail gasps as he sees his own body grow more powerful and goatlike. He reaches out his hand.

“We will not be in your thrall, Pan! We are djinn, not your slaves!” he says.

Nail’s hand bursts into flame as he speeds forward, his hand growing to a fiery whip. The whip flies forward, wrapping around Pan’s burning horn. The satyr growls as he and Nail struggle against one another.

Khalid and Abe rush forward, clapping their hands together and uttering an unknown phrase. Soon, a grand, red aura bursts out of their bodies, enveloping all of you. The temperature in the room begins to rise, as you feel your body resist the hypnotic lust of Pan. You feel the almighty power of the Egyptian djinn overpower that of Pan’s.

Pan screams in rage as he drops to his knees, his hands pounding the earth. He screams as red, chapped skin forms across his face and body. The sweet smell of charred flesh begins to fill the area.

“We resist your gifts, infernal one!” Khalid screams.

“Stop! Stop! I wish for it to stop!” Pan shrieks.

You feel your body changing, turning back to its original form. The heat burns at you, but you grit your teeth and bear it. You see the other host resist as well, their forms shifting back to normal as the flames engulf them. Soon, the flames disappear.

“It’s done,” Khalid says. “We resisted his will.”

“Thank God… Thank God!” Pan cries, sinking into the ground.

The earth rises up, covering Pan completely as he disappears from view. Majo appears by your side, massaging his temples.

“Fuck,” he says. “I don’t know what happened to me. Thanks for saving me.”

Majo looks at the ground, opening his mouth as if to say something.

“Shit… Did we just do what I think we did?”

Majo looks back at you, smiling nervously.

“You banished Pan to the netherworld,” he says in a low voice. “Now, we are masters of the satyrs.”

The albino satyr by Majo’s side begins to chant. “Majo! Majo! Majo!”

The rest of the satyrs begin to chant as well, raising their voices in admiration and praise.

“Majo!” they chant.

Majo stands proud above the masses of satyrs, who declare him the new Pan. The satyrs then bow down before you and the other djinn.

“We are not worthy of your presence, lords,” the satyrs say. “You have saved us all.”

“I think we should keep this a secret,” Majo says. “Djinn and satyr should stay out of each other’s affairs from now on.”

You nod your head in approval. Despite the horror you’ve seen, this was the desired result. Majo is in charge of the satyrs, and will no doubt keep them from getting into too much trouble.

Majo and the other satyrs will probably begin worshiping you and spreading tales of your acts of heroism.

This worship only strengthens your godly powers, and your newfound satyr lust overflows within your body. You feel like you could make any man horny just by looking at him.

You feel the lust of all of Greece’s people thrum throughout your mighty body.

You may not be an avatar of Hercules, but you are an avatar of lust. The djinn continue to influence the world in ways previously unfathomed.

You look forward to seeing the types of lustful deeds your disciples will accomplish in your name.

Nail comes up from behind you and strokes your ripped torso, kissing you on your bearded cheek.

“Every day you become more like a god,” he whispers. “You were right to banish that bastard Pan into the abyss.”

You turn your head and look at Nail with a devilish grin. “I’m so proud of you.”

You wrap your arms around him, squeezing him against your body. Love, more than lust, is what Nail beams from his body.

“I love you,” Nail smiles.

“I love you too, Nail.”

You kiss him deeply. Your disciples will go on to perform great deeds in your name. Who knows what the future holds, but you’re ready for anything.

Majo rubs his hands together, returning to his djinn form. Instead of two cocks, he retains his curved horns and grand beard.

“All right,” he says, “Where to next?”

“We need to find more djinn so that we can continue to restore the magic of the world,” you say, holding Nail’s hand.

Majo snaps his fingers.

“I know just the place.”

The trio of you disappear in a cloud of smoke.


Part 6

Soon, you are in the rainforests of the Amazon. The humid air tickles your skin, and you soon go shirtless. Nail and Majo soon follow.

The trio of you continue to trek further into the heart of the jungle. Monkeys howl from the canopies above, and birds sing from every direction. You feel like you could be in paradise.

“We’re looking for the Nalori tribe,” Majo says, swiping at the brush with a machete. “They worship the jungle god Hakko.”

“The Nalori tribe?” you ask.

“A bunch of shamans led by one incredibly powerful witch doctor,” Majo says. “They’re located deeper in the jungle. Come on!”

You, Majo and Nail proceed further into the heart of the rainforest.

The warm, wet forest floor is a challenge for your bare feet. However, you enjoy the sensations as thorns and splinters fail to find their way into your skin. The biggest challenge is staying hydrated. You have a canteen of water to ensure you don’t pass out in the heat, but you don’t want to use it too early.

As you trek further, you hear a loud snarl in the distance. Majo stops abruptly. “Did you hear that?”

You listen closely and hear the sounds of several faint growls.

“Sounds like it’s getting closer,” Nail says.

You see what appears to be humanoid cat men in the distance. They have skin like cheetahs, and are lean and muscular. A group of them rut in the forest clearing, surrounded by a pink mist emanating from some large flowers.

“What the hell are those?” you ask.

“They’re cat people,” Majo says. “No need to worry, they’re friendly.”

The pink mist begins to waft over towards your group. You start to feel light headed and somewhat horny.

“That mist is called Hanlu,” Majo says. “It has certain, erm, effects.”

You can feel its effects on you. As a man, you have a natural desire to enter the clearing and partake in activities with the cat people. Nail starts to rub his crotch as you walk towards the cat people.

The cat people stop rutting and start to watch you and Nail as you remove more of your clothing, the heat of the jungle and the Hanlu having its effect on you. You walk completely into the clearing and fondle one of the cat men. He purrs loudly as you rub his back, then chest, then genitals. You look over and see Nail sitting in the middle of the group, rubbing himself and a cat person simultaneously. He catches your eye and winks.

Then, you feel a magical emanation. “Are they making a wish?” you ask as the cat men start licking you.

“Uh huh,” Majo says.

You focus on the magical energy and try to make out what they’re wishing for.

You feel your skin start to itch, and your body starts growing dark fur, like a panther. A long, razor-sharp claw grows out of the tip of each of your fingers and toes. Your teeth become like a carnivorous predator’s, and the taste of flesh fills your mouth.

Your figure grows more catlike, and you start to lick at the cat men who wished you would look this way. They find you more attractive now, and start to tear off your clothing.

Zap! A shock of static energy runs through your body as you lose all of your hair, which is replaced by a sleek black fur.

The men growl in animalistic lust as they start to tear the cat people from each other and begin mounting them, you included. You find yourself in the middle of a massive orgy.

Nail, Majo and Khalid are also transformed, resembling lion men and cougar men. They begin to pair off and participate in the orgy.

You growl as you feel a cat man on top of you, thrusting as you lie on your back. You grab him and flip him over, mounting him and continuing to thrust. You feel another cat man thrust his member into your behind, and you continue to the best of your ability. You enjoy being used as a toy by the cat people.

You black out as you release inside of the cat man. When you awaken, you’re lying on the back of the cheetah man, still in the form of a panther man.

“Why haven’t we changed back?”

You get up and see Majo in the form of a leopard man. “Maybe our guests just like us that way,” he said, licking himself. “We need to look like this to get into their village.”

You feel Nail’s strong arms around your furry waist, and a panther-form Nail nuzzles your neck. You laugh as you and Nail roll around on the floor of the jungle.

“You look amazing,” one of the cheetah men says, bending down to see you. “I’ve never seen such magic.”

“We are a travelling company of djinn and their masters,” Nail says, lying on the soft ground and bobbing his tail around. “We wish to see the Nalori tribe village and pay tribute to your god Hakko.”

“I’m Chieftain Tao,” the cheetah man says. “We respect all those who respect our god. You are safe with us.”

He turns to you, and you stand up to bow your head. “You were quite a good lay,” you say to Tao, stroking his chin-fur. “I hope we can do it again some time.”

He purrs and nuzzles his head into your chest, and he leads you into the village.

The village is full of many other cat-men, all of whom are fit and scantily clad. They observe you with curiosity as you walk by with Tao, giving your tail a stroke or your ass a pinch. You purr and enjoy the attention, and are lead to a stone temple in the centre of the village.

“This is our temple,” Tao says, bowing his head as he walks inside. You bow in turn. Khalid and Abe walk behind, in the form of ocelot-men. They pet each other’s’ fluffy coats.

You continue to look around as Tao takes you further into the temple.

The temple is a large open area with many pillows and carpets spread around. Many of the tribe’s members are gathered, all worshipping before a statue of a warrior with their hands raised to the sky. The statue is covered in oil, and there are many candles spread around it.

“This is the way of our god, Hakko,” Tao says.

Khalid and Abe step forward. “We wish to receive the blessing of Hakko,” Khalid says. “It is our way of seeding this land with our magic.”

“Follow our rituals, and our god will bless you all.”

They begin the ritual, purring as the tribe rubs their bodies against Khalid and Majo. The djinn and the human squirm as the tribe rub their oiled, muscular bodies against them. They moan in ecstasy as their bodies are caressed by hundreds of hands.

The tribe members begin to take Majo and Khalid’s clothes off, rubbing their slick, oiled bodies against the pair. They continue rubbing themselves against the two for a few minutes before stopping.

The statue begins to rumble before a loud voice fills the air. “Khalid… you wish to seed this jungle with your djinn powers…”

“Yes!” Khalid says, looking up at the statue. “To protect all within it and allow for safe passage!”

“Your wish will be granted. Your relationship with this land is strong. It will be as protective as you are of those you love.”

A bright beam of light shoots out of the statue’s eyes and bathes Khalid. The light soon fills the whole room, and you are blinded for a moment. You blink away the white light and see golden motes falling down around Khalid, who has been transformed once again.

He is a giant of a cat-man, with spotted skin and large muscles. He is a sheer monument of power.

“It is done,” Khalid says with a smile in a deep voice. “The jungle will now protect you. No wild beasts will attack you all on sight, and you will find water easily within it.”

It is clear that Hakko and Khalid have become one, and have blessed your group with his gifts.

“Let us feast to celebrate!” Tao says.

You smile, and enjoy the meal with your group.

You spend a few days in the village, trading and spending time with the friendly tribe. You stay in an open-air temple raised on a hill in the jungle.

You, Nail and Tao fuck over and over and over, switching positions and enjoying the ways of the cat-man. Majo and Abe go off to plan your next journey, or just to fuck, you have no idea. Khalid spends time with the tribe’s shamans, learning the ancient ways of magic and nature.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

One morning, you knead Tao’s lean ass as you grind your cock into it. He purrs, and nuzzles into you.

“Mmmm… another glorious morning,” Tao says.

You nod, and begin running your hands over his toned chest. You feel as hard as steel.

Tao turns around and smiles, kissing you on the lips.

“You’re insatiable,” you say playfully.

“It’s one of my charms,” he smiles.

“It is…”

You lean in and begin to wrestle Tao onto his back.

“Hey!” he laughs, squirming to get out of your grip.

You smile as you easily overpower him, laying down on top of his toned body. You position your face in front of his, staring into each other’s eyes.

Soon, you feel hands at your own ass.

“Good morning,” Nail purrs, rubbing your back.

You smile, and begin caressing Tao’s chest as you lean in and begin making out. He wraps a hand around the back of your head, running it through your hair.

Nail’s powerful paws give you a backrub. The lube from the many hours of passionate romance with Tao allows him to slide his hands all over your body.

You begin to grind yourself against Tao’s body, who lets out a moan as you do so. His rigid manhood stands at attention, and yours is ready for action. You grab it and point it downward, aiming it at Tao’s pucker. You begin to push forward, sliding your head past his ring.

“Ah… there you go,” he sighs.

You thrust forward, going deeper and deeper into his rear. You reach your hips, and then thrust again. “Oh… by the gods,” he moans.

You reach down and take hold of his member, pumping it up and down slowly as you thrust in and out. You feel Nail prepare your well-lubed ass for his own huge cock. He gently eases himself into you, and soon you’re in heaven as he thrusts in and out.

You lean forward and begin licking Tao’s ears, then kissing down his neck. You begin to lightly bite him as Nail’s thrusting begins to quicken. “Ah…ah….I’m close…so close!” Tao says.

You begin to quicken your pace, pumping his manhood faster as you do so. Nail begins thrusting faster into you, and begins purring in ecstasy. “I can’t take it anymore!” he yells.

Nail rams his huge, throbbing beast deep into your rear. You clench your fists as he does so, trying not to yell in pure ecstasy. He begins thrusting faster, and faster, and faster as you wail and moan in absolute bliss.

Tao grabs your head and begins to suck on your tongue as he wails in ecstasy. You feel his hot, sticky load begin to fill your hand, and you quickly begin to jack him off in order to receive every last drop of his seed.

You yell out in absolute ecstasy as you and Nail reach your ends together. You shoot your load all over Tao’s face and chest. Nail’s thrusts become slower and slower, then stop completely as he begins to pant. You feel him pull out of your sweet spot, and lay down beside you.

“Ah…that was good,” he murmurs happily.

You lie down next to him, and begin licking Tao’s spent member. He grabs your head and begins thrusting slowly into your mouth as you gently suck every last drop of his seed. You swallow it down, then fall onto your back panting.

“Well… good morning,” Nail says again with a smile.

You share a kiss with Nail. “How long have we been in these forms? About a week?”

“About that,” Nail says. “Feels longer. But it feels so right. So divine.”

You lie down on the bed, and let out a sigh of ecstasy. “I feel like I’m in heaven,” you say.

“Heaven. Paradise. The Golden Eternity. Whatever you want to call it, it’s all the same,” Nail says.

You close your eyes, and soon drift off into sweet sleep.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

“Hey!” you hear Majo shout.

“What is it,” you say groggily.

“We’ve got another magic source to find,” he says, putting his hands on his hips. “We can’t hang around here and fuck all the time!”

“I’m a guest of a kingdom of handsome cat men with three of my best friends. I’m not going to complain,” you say.

Majo lets out an exasperated sigh, before replying. “We’ve done a pretty good job of re-magicking the world. The cat-men have already started to embark from the jungle to the outside world. And I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but we can talk to all animals now.”

“Wow, really?” you ask. “I had noticed that the birds were talking to me.”

“We need to find the next magic source so we can grow our power,” Majo says, cleaning off his bare soles with his claws.

Nail reaches up and starts to clean off Majo’s foot paws with his tongue. Tao watches on in interest, before copying Nail and cleaning Majo’s other foot paw. Majo smiles and wiggles his toes.

“Flattered,” Majo sighs, his erection rising out of his loincloth. “Where’s Abe when you need him?”

On cue, you hear Abe yell, along with an unknown voice. “Ah,” Majo says, pulling his well-cleaned feet away. “Abe is entertaining the Jungle Lord Tarzan.”

“Jungle Lord?” you ask.

“He’s like a jungle mercenary,” Majo says. “He’s very interested in our magic, so that’s why I sent for him.”

You follow Majo out of the temple to see Abe, now in his humanoid form, frotting with a tan, long haired man in a skimpy loincloth and no other clothing.

The man’s hands are rubbing all over Abe’s red skin and his tongue is deep inside Abe’s mouth. You also notice that the man has a fairly large erection, which is poking into Abe’s taut, perfect abs.

You sense another wish coming, and your form starts to morph back into a human’s, a dark skinned, stocky one in a leather loincloth holding a spear with a muscular arm.

You also feel long, curly black dreadlocks that run down your back and reach your bare ass.

You are barefooted, and your face is very handsome, exotic and defined with a square jaw, full lips and tall, straight nose. The man smiles at you, running a hand through his long brown hair as he stops kissing Abe.

“O… kay…” you say.

“This is the Jungle Lord,” Majo pouts.

You look at Majo, before looking back at the man, who appears to be in his late twenties or early thirties.

You tower over the two of them, your powerful form making the ground shake as you walk. “I see that my wish came true,” Tarzan said, his fingers circling your nipples. “You’re an avatar of Nail, correct?”

“I am,” you say, looking down at him and his fit, veiny muscles.

You reach down with a powerful hand to feel his chest and stomach. His skin is soft, supple and warm against your fingers.

“Don’t forget about us,” a deep voice from behind says. You turn around to see that Nail and Majo have become large, dark skinned tribesman, as well. Nail is very well built with bulging muscles, while Majo is skinny and lanky.

“I think he wished to be taken by a group of big tribesmen,” you say to the others as you rub Tarzan’s shoulders. “I’m pretty sure we can make this happen.”

Majo rubs his hands together as he reaches down to take off his loincloth. “And then we’ll take him to the next djinn,” he says.

You grab Tarzan’s hands and pin them above his head, pressing your body against his. He wraps his legs around your waist as he kisses you, his tongue eagerly entering your mouth.

Your large, thick manhood strains against your loincloth as it grows to over thirteen inches.

Nail, Majo and Abe lick and stroke all over Tarzan’s body. Nail rubs Tarzan’s chest, Majo licks Tarzan’s feet, and Abe eats out his ass. You continue to make out with him, masturbating his cock into your foreskin.

Your cock is so long and thick that his whole cock almost fits inside of your foreskin. He sensually and passionately makes love to your mouth, as his hand runs through your long, curly black hair.

“I want that,” he says, pointing at the pre-come leaking out of your tip.

You gather some of your abundant precum and feed it to Tarzan. He happily tastes, as a smile appears on his face.

“Give me more,” he says. “I want all of it.”

You continue to make out with him as you stroke his tool. He lets out little grunts and moans as he does so.

Tarzan bends over and starts to suck your cock. Meanwhile, Nail starts to rub his ass.

Majo slaps Nail’s ass and starts to lubricate it with his own pre. “I’ve been waiting months for this,” Majo says as he prepares to fuck Nail.

“Do it, then,” Nail says. “I’ll tell you if it hurts.”

Majo pushes in as his massive manhood enters Nail’s tight, muscular hole. Nail grunts as Majo starts to push in and pull out.

Tarzan practically falls onto Nail’s big cock. They both grunt as you stroke both of their hard cocks. You grab your own hard, veiny thirteen-inch staff and start to furiously jerk off.

Majo thrusts in and out fast and furious as he grunts loudly.

Abe, not wanting to be left out, starts to insert his angry, red cock into your own mouth. You eagerly suck on it, tasting his pre-come. “It’s been a while since I had someone new to play with,” he says as he smiles. “Make sure you enjoy this.”

You moan onto Abe’s thick manhood.

“I’m going to enjoy this very much,” he says as he starts to thrust in and out.

You are in a state of sensory overstimulation. Majo thrusts faster and faster inside of Nail’s big ass. Nail pushes back against Majo as he still vigorously fucks Tarzan’s ass.

You stand up and start to sit down on Tarzan’s cock. His massive manhood slowly parts your cheeks and enters you. “Oh, God,” you moan as you feel it enter inside of you.

You start to bounce up and down, riding him. You grab his muscular hips and thrust back against him, as he thrusts forward. You feel him inside of you, and your mind explodes with ecstasy. “Yes! Put it inside me!”

Abe growls as he starts to fuck himself with your own cock. It’s a veritable tribal man train!

Your mind is not able to process this much stimulation.You feel everything, you taste everything, you smell everything. The sweat, the dirt, the spicy grass, the leather, the fur, the musk, the fruits…it’s all so much to take in. You want to scream, you want to howl, you want to cry, you want to laugh. There are tears streaming down your face. This is a catharsis beyond what the human mind can process. It’s sensory overload on the body, mind and soul.

You lurch forward as your body tenses up. “I’m going to…”

You let out a primal yell, feeling the rush of blood to your head. You feel a hot liquid squirting out and hitting you in the chest. “Oh, God! I’m coming!” you yell.

Meanwhile, Majo’s thrusts harder and faster into Nail as he starts to grunt. “I’m coming too!”

Majo grabs Nail’s shoulders and pushes into him one last time as he buries his manhood as deep as it can go. He lets out a loud, guttural yell and starts to come inside of him.

Nail’s eyes roll back as he experiences an intense sensation of ecstasy. His face turns beet red as his body convulses and experiences a powerful, shuddering release into Tarzan’s ass.

“Oh, fuuuuuck!” he yells.

You grab your own throbbing, hot member and start to stroke it as you come into Abe’s red ass.

You lean back as you experience a powerful, full body convulsion that leaves you shuddering. You moan loudly as you shoot spurt after spurt of come into the air. You shoot so much come that it shoots off the other side and hits your own leg.

You’re breathing hard as you experience an intense feeling of release. It’s like your body has been expelling poison. “Oh, my God!” you yell.

Majo pulls out as he shoots the last few drops of come onto Nail’s back. Nail rolls over and falls onto the forest floor in a panting heap. He laughs as his long, dark hair falls into his face. Majo sprawls and leans against the tree, breathing heavily.

Abe pulls out of you and starts laughing as he falls to the ground. He’s lying on his back, laughing to the sky.

You look over at Tarzan, who is pressing his hands into his knees as he tries to catch his breath. You walk over to him and fall to your knees. “Thank you,” you say.

He looks over at you and smiles. He looks down at your lips and leans in, kissing you. You can taste his sweat and his essence mixed together as your lips caress each other.

You see Nail spooning Majo. It’s a beautiful sight, seeing such a massive man cuddle with a comparatively smaller man. The large man wraps his arms around Majo and holds him tight as he rubs his hand across Majo’s chest. Majo, far from being his annoying self, looks content and loved.

You look up at the sky. It’s a beautiful night, and the moon is at its fullest. The stars sprinkled across the blackness are breathtaking, and you can see the milky way stretching across the sky.

You lie back on the ground, staring up at the stars. Tarzan gets on top of you, wrapping his own arms around you. You cuddle up to him and feel the warmth of his embrace. You rest your head on his hairy chest and listen to his heart beating.

You lie there together, staring up at the stars, listening to the woodland sounds of insects and owls. Your heart races as you’ve never been so happy before in your life.

Abe sandwiches Tarzan between you and himself, letting his sweaty feet intermingle with yours. His large, hot feet press against the bones in your feet as his toes intertwine with yours.

You reach between Tarzan’s head and kiss Abe. The three of you lie there, cuddling as one. You reach your hand down and slowly start to stroke Tarzan’s chest. His breathing is heavy as he enjoys your intimate massage.

You lean in and talk into his ear. “I love you,” you say.

“I love you,” he says back.

You feel complete, lying there with two of the men you’re happiest with in the world.

The night continues as you lie there, listening to the rustle of the trees and the beautiful sounds of the night.

Time passes you by as you enjoy each other’s company.

Soon, you fall asleep.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

In the morning, you wake up to the sight of Tao and his big cat eyes staring at you.

“Good morning,” he says, stroking your chin. “You left me all alone without meeting the Lord of the Jungle. How cruel.”

You laugh and rise to your feet, pulling Tao up with you. “Come on,” you say. “Let’s meet the Lord of the Jungle.”

You walk through the jungle, holding hands as you stroll through the foliage together. “So you’re back to human,” he says, pinching your big nipples. “I miss when you were a cat-man like me.”

“I miss it too,” you say.

You walk through the jungle, soon reaching a massive waterfall. The others are bathing and playing with one another. Majo is lying on the rock, soaking up the sun and creating a mound of baby oil.

“Finally you’re up,” he says, crossing his legs as he lays down. “I see you’ve brought the cat-king.”

You put your arms between Tao’s armpits and nuzzle him like a cat. “He found me,” you say. You lie down next to Majo as the sun soaks you in warmth.

“It’s beautiful out here,” you say.

“Did you really expect anything less?” Majo asks. “We have the jungle god’s blessing.”

“We sure do,” you say.

You rest with Majo and Tao, enjoying each other’s company. You watch some of the others frolic in the water. Several of them have paired off and are having private fun in the water.

Tarzan rises out of the water and advances towards Tao. “You must be the cat-king,” he purrs. “I heard so much about you,” Tao says. “Let’s see if the reality can live up to the legend.”

Tarzan starts to stroke Tao’s fur, making Tao purr loudly. “I need you,” he says. He leans in and kisses Tao, forcing his tongue into his mouth. Tao is hesitant at first, but then he melts into him and they start to embrace passionately.

“Make me your mate,” Tao says.

You and Majo jerk each other off as Tao and Tarzan explore each other’s bodies.

“Where’s this next djinn,” you grunt as you lean down to suck Majo’s cock.

“Japan,” he moans. “Somehow a djinn made it all the way to the land of the oni.”

You nod as you start to suck harder, working your hands along Majo’s thighs.

“Oni? As in the horned monsters?” you ask.

Majo nods and starts to grunt. You wrap your lips around him and make a slurping sound.

You’re amazed at how long and wide Majo’s cock is compared to his slim, rippling figure. You eagerly pump your head up and down, cupping Majo’s ball sack. You moan as he slams his hand into your stubbly chin again and again.

His pre begins to run down your throat, and you eagerly devour every bit of it. “I’m going to…” he moans, but you silence him by stuffing his entire length into your mouth.

Majo begins to tremble and quiver. He lets out a pained moan as he explodes inside your mouth. You eagerly guzzle down his delicious seed as he thrusts a few more times, leaving only when you start to feel dizzy.

You gasp for air as Majo smiles, looking quite satisfied with himself.

His cum feels invigorating and filling. You look over at Tao and see that he’s riding Tarzan, who thrust into him like a wild beast. “I’m going to fill your tight cat hole with my seed,” he snarls.

Tao moans in pain and ecstasy as he’s taken roughly. You watch as they begin to reach their ends, Tao’s entire body begins to shudder as he releases onto his rippling stomach. “I’m going, I’m going, oh god!” Tarzan yells, throwing his head back.

His roar is primal and animalistic as he releases inside Tao’s hole. He howls as he pushes himself deeper inside.

You feel a bit bad for Tao, who seems to be overwhelmed by the sheer volume of his seed. He pants and grunts as he attempts to get his breath back, lying on top of him.

Tarzan pets Tao all over, giving him butterfly kisses. Tao purrs loudly.

“You two should come with us,” you say.

“Who’s coming?” asks Nail, who emerges from the brush with Abe. Nail slaps Abe’s ass and throws his arm around his shoulder.

“Tarzan and Abe,” you answer. “They should come with us to Japan.”

“Someone that barbaric looking shouldn’t be walking in a city,” Majo says, shaking his head. “And a cat man…I’m not sure if he’ll be accepted.”

Tao looks down at himself and puts his hands on his hips. “Just throw some clothes on me,” he says with confidence. “I’ll be okay.”

Tarzan looks down at himself and frowns. “Human clothes…” he muses.

“I wish I could see some human clothes on us,” Tao says.

You feel the magical resonance of a wish coalescing from your body. You concentrate, along with the other djinn, and throw the energy onto Tarzan and Tao.

Clothes begin to form onto them. You manage to draw a few designs from their memories and attempt to emulate them onto their forms. A denim shirt with a flowery pattern for Tao, and a white t-shirt for Tarzan. Of course, the two of them are still barefoot.

“I can’t wear these,” Tao says.

“You look proper,” Majo says.

“I agree, you look really cute,” you say.

Tao smiles, and begins to play with his newly formed clothes.

His long tail bobs up and down through a special hole in his pants.

You use the wish energy to try on some casual clothes with the rest of the djinn. You find a red shirt and some dark blue jeans that you really like. You look to Majo for approval, and he smiles at you. “You’re looking pretty sharp there,” he says.

You blush, and turn away.

Nail looks so handsome in his new blazer, and Abe wears an open-shirt proudly showing his red skin.

“I wish we could just go nude,” Abe said. “It’s so much more comfortable.”

“Let’s not go too outlandish,” Nail laughs. “Now, Majo, how are we going to get to Japan?”

Majo claps his hands together twice and summons up the collective wish energy of the group. You find yourself surrounded in a strong whirlwind that whisks the group away.


Part 7

You’re falling. No, you’re flying! You put your arms out and spin around as you descend to the ground.

But, the land you see doesn’t seem to be the Japan you remember. There are red, blue, and other strangely colored folk walking around. Many are male, and are in peak physical condition. Some go around in as little clothing as a loincloth or fundoshi.

“Are these oni?” you ask. “Since when do they have their own city?”

“All of our wishes are catching up to us,” Majo says. “Magic is returning to the land. The oni must have formed their own island at some point recently.”

Majo points towards a large castle in the distance. “That’s where the Oni King lives,” he says.

The oni of the city pay special attention to your entourage as you walk the streets. Curious eyes peer at you, and a few even begin to follow. “Why are they being so friendly?” Tao asks. “I could swear they’re saluting sometimes.”

“These oni all have high respect for royalty,” Majo says.

“We’re royalty?”

“We’re royalty?”

Majo laughs loudly. “Nah, we’re not royalty,” Majo says. “But these oni probably don’t get to see too many humans. They’re probably entranced by your presence.”

Many of the oni begin to flirt with you and grope your huge bodies as you pass by. They’re amused by the cat man Tao, making nyaa noises. Abe in particular fits right in with his red skin.

“I feel as though I am being objectified,” you say.

“Ah, ignore these plebs,” Nail says. “None of them can compare to me.” Nail grabs your butt with a hand, and squeezes.

You smile and squeeze his butt in turn. “You’re pretty great, Nail.”

On your way to the castle, you pass by several shops and street vendors. A lot of goods are being sold out in the open air, including jewelry, plants, swords, and more.

Abe finds a stand selling fundoshi and models one for the group. “How much?”

“Five gold for the one you’re holding, sir. We have them in various colors.”

Abe tosses a five gold piece at the merchant, and the merchant thanks him. “Thank you for your patronage,” he says.

Abe walks the street in his small fundoshi, his lean figure a perfect fit for it. He looks like a proud oni. You reach over and knead his big bare ass cheeks. He responds by flexing them, making his hole bulge out enticingly.

“Maybe I should get one too,” Nail says. “Never had much use for underwear before, but this seems like a pretty good use for them.”

Nail buys a large size fundoshi. His ass looks magnificent. You and your group laugh as he tries it on. Tarzan and Tao seem much more comfortable in their new underwear.

You continue on your journey, all of you wearing your new underwear. You make sure to keep a close eye on yours, as the oni are fond of stealing from humans.

Soon, you reach the castle. It’s a large, stone building with two towers. There’s a central courtyard with a large banner overhead. The banner has the oni profile in front of some Japanese characters. You assume they read “oni” but you’re not sure.

Two massive guards are in front, sporting nothing but their own fundoshi.

You step towards the two guards. “Halt,” one says. “What is your business here?”

“I’m here to see the Oni King.”

The guard frowns. “Do you have an appointment?” he asks.

“We are an entourage of djinn from far away. We wish to seed our magic in this land to grow your powers.”

The guard looks at you and your various companions. “I see,” he says. “Don’t think the King has ever allowed humans through before. You are certainly the least human-looking ones I’ve ever seen.”

You reach over and stroke the red oni’s chin. “Can’t you make an exception?”

You see his erection start to tent his fundoshi. “No,” he says. “We’ve had our orders for a long time. No humans allowed.”

The other guard grins and strokes his own erection under his loincloth. “I think we could be persuaded,” he says. “If you’re willing to, uh, bend over, so to speak.”

The oni are well known for their sexual appetites. It doesn’t surprise you that they’d want to get it on with you. Still, it might make things easier if you comply.

“You guys are like genies, huh,” the first red oni says, licking his lips. “You’re in Oni country now. How about I wish you look more like us, huh?”

Tao waves his hands to and fro. “Keep me and Tarzan over here the same,” he begs. “I don’t wanna give up the cat life.”

The oni frowns. “If that’s what you want,” he says as he stares at you.

You feel a wave of dizziness wash over you, and your clothes feel tighter. The wish is activating.

You become a red skinned oni like the guard, growing as tall as him. Your fundoshi bulges with new meat, but somehow doesn’t burst.

You see your djinn companions are changing into oni of various colors. Nail is a beautiful orange, Majo is blue, but Abe stays red. You almost look like his twin, save for his hair. Your fundoshi morphs into a tiger-skin loincloth and you feel your lower teeth expand into tusks. Claws begin to grow on your hands and feet. A single horn bulges out of your forehead.

You look down at your body. You’re leaner than before, but every muscle is visible under your thin skin. An erection pushes out from your loincloth, and you feel a new strength flooding into you. You easily pick up a nearby steel sword and find that you’re able to easily wield it.

“Wow,” you say.

“How do I look?” Nail asks, posing and flexing his muscles.

“You look beautiful,” Majo says, smiling. He gets under Nail’s armpit and starts to lick it.

You rub your bulge as Majo worships Nail’s pit. The two oni guards take their big cocks out of their loincloths and start to rub them against Majo’s abs.

Tarzan and Tao start to rub the oni guards’ shoulders. They lick their lips and stare at the oni’s dicks. “I want to suck your dick,” Tao says, turning bright red. He gets down on his knees and starts to rub his tongue all over the oni’s cock.

His rough cat tongue makes the red skinned oni shudder. He lets out a shuddering groan as salty precum dribbles from his tip.

“You haven’t even sucked mine and you’re blowing someone else?” Nail says, turning away in a sulk. You attend to Nail, taking his huge dick out of his loincloth. It’s even bigger than it is normally at this size.The head hardly fits in your mouth. You’re able to wrap both hands around it and still have some dick left over. You spit on it and start to work it.

“Mmmm, you’re so much better at this than Tao,” Nail groans.

“I heard that,” Tao says between licks.

Abe and Tarzan clean the feet of the oni guards with their tongues. “This is our custom,” the blue skinned oni guard says. “It’s a show of respect.”

He smiles and holds onto the sides of Tarzan’s head, keeping him down. “I can’t wait to shove my dick in your ass,” he whispers.

The other oni guard rubs his hands through Tao’s soft fur, making him purr. “You’ve got a great body,” the red oni guard says, “I can’t wait to stick it into yours.”

Tao lets out a mixture between a meow and a yelp as the oni guard’s pushes up against him. The oni guard slaps Tao’s ass-cheek and prepares to enter him. “Do it,” Tao says, spitting in his hand and rubbing it onto his asshole.

As you watch, Nail groans. His dick drips steadily as he gets you up onto your feet. You and him kiss as he undoes your loincloth and fondles your cock. He looks freaky as a veiny, big oni standing over you. But he’s your freak.

You feel Nail’s hot breath on your ear, as he whispers, “Fuck me.” His hands wrap around your cock as he rubs it against his big ass.

“I need you inside of me,” Nail grunts. He turns around and sits on your dick. His big muscle ass feels great.

“Fuck me hard,” Nail says, as you start thrusting.

You love how Nail’s cock swings back and forth as you slam into him. He grabs his dick and starts jerking it. Your hands grab his thighs as you fuck the shit out of him.

Majo stands over the two of you and jerks his dick. He says something in fluent Japanese but you don’t care because you’re too busy right now. Your balls tighten as you get closer to coming. “Shit, I’m gonna come soon,” you say, as he thrusts in hard.

“Do it inside,” he says. “I want to feel filled up.”

You grunt as your dick erupts. You keep on thrusting as you shoot your load deep inside his ass.

The feeling of your warm cum inside him is enough to send Nail over the edge. His dick erupts, shooting over a dozen times onto his face and chest.

The oni guards are similarly productive as they unload all over Tao and Tarzan and Abe. The three of them are getting soaked with jizz.

You roll off of Nail, licking off his abundant cum from his hairy chest. “Did you all have fun over there?” you ask the oni guards.

“Oh yes,” the red skinned guard says, cleaning his cock off and putting his loincloth back on. “We will take you inside of the castle now.”

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

The group begins to tour the castle as honorary oni. Tao and Tarzan stand out, of course, but the group carefully guards them from any outside attackers.

“Where is this king of oni,” Nail asks as he observes the traditional Japanese pagoda that is the castle.

“He is in the receiving room,” Majo says, adjusting his tiger print sash. “That’s where he sees his loyal subjects.”

“Are we his subjects?” you ask. “I thought we were visitors.”

“Everyone on the oni island is subject to his rules,” Majo says. “So you’d better watch what you say.”

You pause and think about what Majo just said. “Wait,” you said. “I’m speaking Japanese! I don’t know Japanese!”

“You do now,” Majo says with a smile. “What oni wouldn’t be?”

You turn to Tao and Tarzan. “Do you understand me?” you ask them.

The two of them turn and wince at each other. “You’re not speaking Bantu?” Tarzan said. “That’s what you spoke when we met. Didn’t you listen to yourself?”

“This is all so bizarre,” you say to yourself. “Do I unconsciously switch to the language I want to speak?”

“Of course you do,” Majo says. “We all do. I could speak to you in the language of the Franks, but you wouldn’t understand me, now would you?”

“All djinn speak in the language of the heart,” Nail says, putting a hand on your shoulder. “We speak to desire. It turns into language between the ears. It is universal.”

“Speaking of ears,” Majo says, rubbing your ears between his thumbs. “I think you should keep those pointed ears. They look really nice on you.”

You blush as the group walks into a large building.

Inside is a throne room with red and black decorations. There’s a giant red cushion for a king to sit on.

King Oni is sitting there, looking bored.

He is gigantic compared to the other oni, a veritable titan. At his bare feet are half a dozen servants of different colors, worshipping his toes and soles with their rough tongues. He is wearing a sizeable loincloth, decorated with skulls, human and otherwise. Tribal tattoos line his enormous biceps, and when he sees you, his eyes narrow.

“Who are these visitors?” he asks in a low tone.

“We’re a party of djinn who wish to restore magic to the world,” you say, taking a knee.

“Yet you take the form of my people,” he growls. “What is this folly? Do you wish to insult us?”

Nail comes forward and flexes his mighty arms, straining his leopard-print sash. “If this is an insult, then you must not be easily impressed,” Nail says with a smirk.

The king looks annoyed as he slowly stands, leaning forward to stare down at you. “Do you know how this island was made?” he says, his deep voice filling the room. “Much like you, I did not always have my oni form. Indeed, I became an oni because of supernatural reasons. Have you heard of the mythical tanuki?”

“The raccoon dogs?” you ask.

“They’re not mythical, merely rare,” the king says. “One took a human form and guarded a shrine near my human hometown. I visited the shrine to ask for a boon. He used his seed to turn me into an oni. Then, through our combined powers, we grew and grew, until we were as large as mountains. He made love to me, and my semen flooded the waters. I summoned unholy fire and cast the semen into bedrock, forming the ground beneath your feet. As a last gesture, he used his own semen to seed this land with life. My followers, the oni of this land, were born as a result.”

“This whole island is made of jizz?” Tao said, brushing his footpaws off with his palms. “No wonder it looks so craggy.”

“Yet it’s fine enough to travel unshod,” Tarzan noted, feeling his own bare feet with his hands. “I don’t have any cuts or bruises on my feet.”

You shrug, and get your story straight. “My friends and I want to be powerful enough to tame the world,” you say. “Please, oh mighty King Oni, give us your blessing.”

The king looks down on you for a long moment. “What power could an oni have that a djinn could not?” he asks.

“Oni are creatures of the earth,” Majo says. “If we had your power, we could create a land for the djinn. A whole new continent, if we want!”

“It would be a perfect world,” Nail says.

The King thinks long and hard about this deal, and you get the impression that he’s judging your characters.

“We wish to be kings of this new land,” Nail continues. “The land of djinn will be one of benevolence for its people.”

“Hmph, as if I would share kinghood with you all,” Abe says, folding his strong arms. “I would rather be king by myself.”

“Will you shut up, you stupid fuck?” Majo says, smacking the back of his head. “We’re in the middle of a negotiation.”

“I’ll tell you what,” the King says slowly. “This one has too much pride to be king alone. I shall test his character and then I will make you all my princes.”

“What will that do?” you ask the oni king.

“With the power of an oni prince, you may shape the land as you wish,” the oni king explains. “You can make mountains, dig great holes in an instant, anything you want.”

“That sounds pretty powerful,” you say. “What do you mean by character?”

“I shall keep this simple for your kind,” the King says.

He leaves his throne, throwing off his kingly robe until he is in just a fundoshi. He looks down on you all, a giant among oni. He walks forward, beckoning Abe onward.

Abe walks forward, throwing his pecs forward in a show of dominance.

The oni king smiles, licking his lips and showing his sharp teeth. You feel wish energy pull at you, whipping around Abe’s body. As Abe walks towards the oni king, he slowly starts to grow larger, reducing the distance between him and the king. He grows and grows until one of his red, bare feet are large enough to walk over you and crush you.

As they meet each other, they are a match in height and size. They are hundreds of feet tall, the size of skyscrapers.

Majo slips his hard cock out of his fundoshi and starts masturbating at the sight of the giants trying to intimidate one another.

“Why did this happen?” Tao asks, his teeth chattering.

“He wished for an even match,” Tarzan says, holding Tao’s hand. “Abe had to grow to that size. Otherwise, the oni king could just crush him with one fist.”

“This is ridiculous!” Tao says. “Why does this keep happening to us?”

“That’s how magic goes,” Majo says, grunting as he swirls his precum around his cockhead. “Besides, you’re a talking catman. You have no business questioning strange things.”

The two giants stare at each other, their faces a mask of concentration. They stare at each other for a moment, before Abe swings his fist at the Oni king. The Oni king leans back, Abe’s fist smashing into the ground and causing an earthquake. You all grab onto the nearest stable thing to avoid falling over. The oni king swings his own fist, but Abe leans back, and the blow lands in the dirt. The earth smashes up and crumbles as his punch lands, leaving a deep, smoking crater.

The two continue punching and grabbing at each other. They’re so evenly matched that it seems like neither can get the advantage.

Abe whips around and kicks the oni king across the chest. The oni king falls back, stumbling forward. Abe reaches down and grabs the Oni King’s wrist with both hands. He holds him up in the air, trying to push him over. The Oni King digs his heels in, stopping himself from falling.

The Oni King leans forward, using his powerful glutes to push back against Abe. Sweat pours down like rain onto the throne room, falling onto your body.

The Oni King’s strong ass flexes as he resists Abe’s advance. He slowly pushes forward against the big man, whose legs begin to buckle at the pressure. The Oni King smiles as he slowly topples Abe, who’s forced to drop to his knees as the Oni King lands on top of him.

The ground shakes, knocking your group off balance. Tarzan almost falls to the ground, but Tao’s catlike reflexes catch him and stand him back up. You fall backwards onto Nail, who catches you in his big arms. You land on top of his bulging crotch, his hard cock rubbing against your bare ass cheeks.

Majo hops around on one foot, not letting go of his hard cock as struggles to regain his balance.

“What a goofball,” Nail says as he grinds against your ass.

Nail sits cross legged and hugs you tight against his furry chest as you watch the titans fight. He rests his chin on the top of your head as he stares forward, watching the two behemoths battle each other.

The Oni King is on top of Abe now, pinning him to the ground. The Oni King’s ass sticks out into the air, his fundoshi threatening to tear.

“Give up now,” the Oni King growls in Abe’s forked ear. “You will never be my prince.” He thrusts himself up against Abe’s body, dominating him.

Abe writhes against the Oni King’s might, his own strength not enough to shake off the stronger demon. He grabs at the Oni King’s waist, his hands trying to find something to grab onto. His fingers wrap around the waistband of the fundoshi. He tears the fabric, leaving the Oni King nude.

The Oni King rears back, his hard uncut cock springing into view. It crosses over his abs and drools in the cleft of his broad chest.

“So you want it this way,” he growls. He hefts up his heavy nutsack, as large as a house, rolling his balls around in his hands.

Abe stands, undoing his dirty tiger skin sash. His angry red cock stands up like a spear pointed in the smiling Oni King’s direction. The two approach each other, their stiff weapons crossing.

You watch the two dicks rub up against each other, trying to find an opening in the other’s defenses. The Oni King’s finds purchase in between Abe’s legs, poking at his sweaty furry balls.

Abe grunts, pushing his cock up against the Oni King’s hair covered abs. The Oni King steps forward, jabbing his cockhead against the big man’s densely packed tits.

The two heavyweights begin to duel, their cocks trying to find purchase in each other’s bodies. They push and shove, twisting and turning.

“One of them’s gotta cum first,” Majo says, lost in pleasure as he works his own cock. “That’ll determine the winner.”

“We wouldn’t win that contest,” Nail says, playing with your nipples.

“That’s for sure,” you say.

You rub Nail’s big, sweaty feet between your rough hands. He closes his eyes as you run your fingers over his foot, a gentle smile creeping across his face.

The Oni King reaches up and presses the sole of his foot across Abe’s long cock. He pushes it from right to left, rubbing the thick shaft against his sole.

Abe’s cock weeps precum onto the warm sole of the Oni King’s foot, making it slick and wet. The Oni King slides his heavy foot up and down, working it against the big man’s dick. Abe looks down at the foot, grunting as he tries to force his dick back against it.

“He’s gonna cum fast at this rate,” Majo says, reaching his own climax before edging himself off. “He has to be more defensive.”

Abe thrusts his pelvis forward against the foot and knocks the Oni King down to the floor. The Oni King stares up at the angry Abe, his cock at its staggering apex, dripping all the while. Abe reaches up his red foot and mashes it against the Oni King’s own cock.

You feel wetness against your skin and you realize that Majo is shooting his jizz all over you and Nail. He liberally coats your faces and hairy bodies with his abundant oni seed.

“You could have asked first,” laughs Nail as he laps up Majo’s seed.

As Majo continues to shoot, you see Tarzan and Tao rutting a few feet away. The lean jungle man’s ass bobs up and down as he fucks the cat man. It’s hard to see them fuck with all of the seed Majo is still shooting.

“They must’ve gotten overwhelmed,” you note as you lick at Majo’s sopping wet dick.

“He’s got that ass like a fucking wrecking ball,” Majo says, “and he’s not even from here.”

Nail licks his hand and begins sliding it up and down his dick.

The Oni King grunts as Abe forces his foot against his shaft. The two angry gladiators wrap their hands around each other’s shafts and begin to pump in time with their thrusting.

“Shit,” Nail says. “They’re both gonna cum.”

“I can tell,” you say. You watch as both gladiators begin to grunt and thrust more desperately. Their muscular legs begin to shake, and their faces distort in ecstasy.

Just then, a milky white sea floods the room. The Oni King’s dick, still gripped in the grasp of Abe explodes with his seed. Abe’s cock explodes in a powerful burst immediately after.

Their cum continues to fill the huge throne room like a white sea. It’s slightly salty, as if it’s been raining for days. It’s thick and white and coats everything.

Eventually, the two gladiators begin to stop coming. The milky sea ebb and flows.

Abe climbs off of the King and collapses on the ground. Gold ichor runs down his naked, sweaty body.

Majo stands, and so do you. You feel completely satisfied, but the desire for more overwhelms you. Majo seems to be in the same boat.

“Abe won,” Majo says with a smile. “We’re gonna be princes!”

You all climb up on the mountainous body of Abe and lick the cum off of his body. It’s sweet, like honey wine. You lap it up as it runs down your faces and chins.

The Oni King stands and walks towards you all. He looks down at the gladiators with a smile, his dick still oozing semen. “You’ve passed the test,” he booms. “You shall become my princes.”

He raises his hands and creates a ring of fire around each of you, including Tarzan and Tao, who look surprised to be included at all.

The flames dance and lick at your body, charring it and making your skin and muscles extremely tough and bronzed. It feels good. You feel like you could go barefoot and almost completely unarmored everywhere now.

“These flames will follow you wherever you go, allowing you to summon an army of oni to your command. You’ll be able to raise an entire feudal empire if you so wish.”

“I’ll pass,” Majo says, his new oni skin a royal purple.

“Legions are ours to command and protect,” Nail says, his skin now a dark onyx black. “I’m not going to shirk my duty to the people who need me.”

Tarzan and Tao are changed, too. Tarzan’s skin is a deep bronze, and muscles ripple all across his skin. He looks like a warrior god. You even swear he has sharper canine teeth now. Tao is bulkier, looking like a king of pumas. Red highlights accompany his black fur. Finally, Abe stands as a tower of sheer masculinity, taller than even the Oni King himself. His manly aura is overpowering, and you find yourself blissfully horny again.

“This is our gift to you,” the Oni King says. “We hope you use it to create a strong, dominant empire.”

The flames spread along the ground, quickly growing and dancing across the floor. You all stand together, watching as the flames consume the throne room.

Soon, you are on top of a platform with thousands of oni warriors kneeling before you in all directions. “Rise,” you say. They do, and cheer. Majo stands to your right, and Nail to your left. All of your friends are there.

The Oni King stands before you, looking down at all of his subjects. “Go now and make your new country of djinn,” the Oni King says. “You have the power to reshape the land as you see fit.”

You smile, wondering what you and your friends will do with your new power.


Part 8

The Oni King snaps his fingers, and a portal opens up in the sky. Majo takes the first step through it. One by one, all of you enter it and find yourselves in the middle of an ocean.

“Where are we?” Tao asks.

“Look!” Nail says, pointing into the sky.

You see a small, green patch of land in the distance. An island. Majo runs forward into the water and soon all of you are following him.

You recall your status as an island god and nod together with Nail. You summon your powers and grant everyone the ability to breathe underwater. Soon, all of you are swimming towards the island.

When you arrive, you find a bountiful island of rivers, plants, and wildlife. Majo summons a piece of paper and a pen from his bag and begins to draw up plans for your new empire.

“This is gonna be great,” Majo says, scribbling away. “Abe, go ahead and try to make some mountains or something.”

Abe is still a giant, and as you watch him unfold his arms and begin to shape the land, you feel like this is his true form.

You admire Abe’s huge form, though it’s hard to see much of his handiwork at his feet. You leap up onto his shoulders and watch him make mountains and valleys, diverting water and making lakes and rivers. He makes volcanoes erupt, and geysers of water spray out of the ground near the coasts.

“Perfect,” Majo says.

The rest of your friends begin to plant trees and flowers, make small forests and clearings, and generally make the island look more alive. Wherever Tarzan steps, flowers and shrubs begin to grow. Animals bow to him and follow his command.

After a few weeks of work, you and your friends have transformed the island into a lush paradise. flowers bloom in every corner of the island. Dozens of kinds of birds take residence in the trees, while bunnies, deer, wolves, and other animals roam the forests and plains.

You and the other djinn have taken more appropriate forms, shedding your oni appearance in lieu of classical djinn appearance and clothing. You have black skin again over tight, rippling muscles. You leave your chest bare, showcasing your pumped pecs and eight-pack abs. Curly hair covers your muscles and forms ringlets around your big nipples. You wear loose silk pants and leave your huge feet bare, as they should be.

You look over at Majo, and see that he’s dressed in an outfit similar to yours: a long loincloth and nothing else, showing off his rippling muscles. He seems to have taken a form similar to his original appearance: he is large like a powerbuilder, with long curly hair covering his head and accentuating his body. His face is painted in purple and blue warpaint to look demonic, like an oni.

Majo directs a group of djinn and oni who are building him a temple to his glory on the island. The djinn are new to the island, having been borne out of the natural font of magic created by the oni’s worship of Abe and your group. They look much like you did when you were first summoned to this place: beautiful, shirtless men and women with lustrous hair, pointy ears, and electric eyes.

Nail folds his large arms and peers out at the construction effort. He, too, has taken his old form, that of his former lover. You walk over and start to stroke his thick beard.

“How do you think it’s going?” you ask him.

“It’s going good,” Nail says, his deep voice rumbling in his chest. “This place is going to be even better than before, when we had it.

You play with his thick nipples jutting out of his hairy chest.

“I’m sure it will be. We’ve got a good team this time, too.”

Nail smiles at you.

“Yeah…we do.”

You kiss him on the lips, and he returns your kiss.

One of the new djinn male workers named Haros, approaches you. His skin is a sunny goldenrod color and he is gleaming with sweat. “Your majesties,” he says, nodding his head towards you. “I’m finished with my portion of the temple.”

You smile at him. He’s young, eager to please, and very dedicated to Majo, just like all the other new djinn. You walk over and stroke his bearded chin. In a deep, booming voice, you say, “That’s very nice, Haros. You’ve done a fine job.”

Haros smiles at you, exposing a row of pearly whites. “Thank you, your highness. Is there anything else I can do?”

“Give me a shoulder rub.”

Haros rubs your shoulders, gently pressing in on them. It feels nice, and it relieves all the stress of running the island. You sigh blissfully as he works out all the stress in your body.

You sit down in front of Nail, pick up one of his feet, and start to rub them. Nail groans in pleasure, his loincloth starting to tent. “Ahhhhh, that’s good. My gigantic feet get very sore after a long walk.”

You laugh and keep rubbing your boyfriend’s feet. “Ahhhhh, that’s so nice. I could just lean back and have you rub my feet for the rest of the day.”

“Maybe I will.”

He summons a chair with magic to give you better access to his bare feet. Haros continues to massage your shoulders and rubs your hairy chest with his talented hands. You lean back and just enjoy the feeling of being pampered by your servants.

Your boyfriend’s loincloth is starting to tent more and more as his uncut fuckstick starts to grow. Soon, it’s at full mast, hitting you in the cheek. You laugh and go back to rubbing his foot stronger, speeding up your pace. His pole bounces up and down as you rub his foot.

You want to please your boyfriend, so you tentatively start to lick his large toe. He lets out a cry of pleasure as you move to his other foot, licking the ball of his foot.

Nail’s body shivers in ecstasy. His uncut fuckstick is at full mast, excited by your submissive oral pleasuring. He drips clear precum onto the ground in rivulets. You open your mouth and stick out your tongue, lapping up the precum with your tongue.

You take as much of his large dick into your mouth as you can, and he puts a hand on the back of your head to guide your mouth.

“Uh…good…yeah…that’s it…suck it…”

You hum with pleasure as you vacuum out his dick, your nose pressed up against his stomach. You can feel him getting close as he starts to pant.

His hairy balls soon start to tighten as he gets closer to orgasm. You try to pull your head back, but the large, muscular elementalist is having none of it. He forces your head down further onto his dick. You gag, but he doesn’t relent. He enters you up to the back of your throat as his balls unleash a torrent of cum, flooding your gullet.

You struggle to breathe but can’t due to his large dick plugging your airways. You squirm and try to break free, but he keeps his grip on your head. You choke as you feel his warm jizz flow down your throat and into your stomach.

“Drink it all up, my pretty…there you go…good boy…”

You finally pull off, feeling full.

Your hard dick throbs beneath you. Thankfully, Haros has stripped down and is presenting his hairy ass to you. His muscular cheeks are a delight for your eyes. You smile, climbing on top of him. You rub your dick against his hole, before slowly penetrating him. He gasps as you start thrusting in and out of him. He grunts each time your hips meet his ass.

Beads of sweat start to drip down his face as you penetrate him at a steady pace. His dick is standing at attention the whole time. Precum drips from the tip as he reaches out to stroke it.

Several of your djinn and oni followers gather around, jerking off as they watch you fuck Haros. Nail sits back in his chair, his servants cleaning off his cum covered chest with their tongues.

You thrust into Haros repeatedly, the pressure building up inside of you.

“I’m going to cum,” he pants.

He lets out a roar as he releases his seed all over his ripped abs. You grunt and seize up as you unload into his guts.

The two of you collapse backwards onto the soft cushions. You pant as your dick slips out of him. “Thank you,” Haros says. You smile and give him a kiss on the cheek.

“That was quite a show,” says Nail as he claps. “I think I’m getting horny again.”

You rub your hands together as you approach Nail for some more fun.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Just then, you hear a clarion call and the sound of marching drums.

“What was that?” you ask your group.

You hear the yell of Tarzan in the distance, followed by the sound of a cat-man’s war cry.

Majo runs up to your group, his body splashed in blood. “Orcs are attacking!” he yells.

“Well, let’s go kill them,” you say.

You all head out towards the commotion. You see several Red Blades rushing to defend the village from an onslaught of orcs. When you arrive, you survey the area.

The giant Abe has dozens of orcs climbing on his body. He roars as he throws them to the ground.

On the ground, orcs and men clash swords. You rush in to help. You swing your blade, beheading an orc. You stab another through the heart. You kick one to the ground and slash his throat open. Heads roll and limbs are lost. You unleash a whirlwind of slashes, taking the heads off of three orcs in a row. Blood sprays onto you as you smile.

Your group fights with valor, but the orcs are becoming increasingly well-trained.

You have no idea how the orcs managed to land on the island and infiltrate so quickly. The green-skinned men are ruthless, but your strength and magic resist their assault.

Nail fights by your side with a massive axe, his body slick with sweat and blood as he roars. You feel his massive heart beating in time with yours, and know that he will fight to the bitter end.

You leap into the air, flying over the heads of five orcs. You slam down on the other side of them, blade ready. You stab an orc through the back, the tip of your blade bursting through his chest. You pull it out and slash another across the face, blinding him instantly. You headbutt an orc, dropping him to the ground where you stomp a foot down on his neck, snapping it.

Hundreds of orcs begin to rush down the forest corridor towards you and Nail. You look at him with fear, put your hand to his chest, and close your eyes. You make a wish to be carried far away from the battlefield to recover. You feel the wish energy surround you in a tornado of magic, whisking you and your friends away.

You open your eyes again and see you’re back in the fortress, now surrounded by a bubble of magical energy. Majo paces back and forth across the floor as his personal entourage waits for additional orders. “This is some serious shit,” he mutters to himself.

“That’s an understatement,” Nail shouts. “How could this happen?”

“I don’t know, something must’ve happened in the forest. The orcs have never been the best at stealth. We need to get everyone together to fight them off.”

You walk down the hall and hear a low voice singing. You see Tarzan attending to Tao, who is laying on a medical bed, nursing his injuries.

“No, I’m fine,” Tao says. “Really, the orcs just caught me off guard, that’s all.”

You stroke the side of Tao’s furry face to comfort him. He smiles and nuzzles into your hand.

The djinn servants rub his sore body with oil to help him recover. Despite himself, his feline cock stirs below his legs.

“That feels nice…” Tao says as the servant rubs his inner thigh. Tao’s eyes close and he slowly begins to drift off to sleep.

“This is awful,” Tarzan says, folding his arms. “I summoned the strength of the whole jungle, but it wasn’t enough!”

“It’s not your fault,” you say as you pat Tarzan on the back, not without squeezing his bubble butt.

You notice that Tarzan has grown a long tail, which mirrors Tao’s own tail. It is noticeably more simian in appearance. “Since when did you have this?” you coo to Tarzan as you stroke his tail.

“Oh, just since this morning,” he says, not looking at it. “It’s weird. It’s like part of me thinks that I’m an animal. I didn’t realize how much I wanted this, but now that it’s here, it just feels right.”

“It must be part of the Oni King’s boons,” Nail says, admiring Tarzan’s tail. “You look more like a king of the apes, literally.”

Tarzan opens his mouth in awe, revealing his sharper, more animal teeth. Indeed, his body hair is starting to look more like the fur of an ape. “I’m sure it’s just part of the spell,” he says, trying to convince himself.

He looks over at Tao, who is now fast asleep. He strokes his face and leans in to kiss him on the lips.

You walk over to Tao, and wrap your arms around his furry torso. He snuggles into your chest as you nuzzle into his thick, jungle aroma. He is much more relaxed now, and sleeps soundly. You wait for Majo to gather everyone for a planning session.

“We need to infiltrate their ranks in order to gain the upper hand,” Majo says. “You and Nail should disguise yourself as orcs.”

Nail and you both raise an eyebrow. “What? Why us?” Nail asks.

“Because no one else looks like orcs quite like you do.”

“What if we get caught?”

“You’ll be finding out important information to help us overcome the orc threat.”

You feel wish energy start to surround you and Nail, transforming you into strong orc warriors.

Your bodies undergo massive changes, your arms bulking up in size, your body growing in size. Your skin turns a dark green as hair sprouts from your chin and head. You feel your face stretching and contorting into a beastial appearance.

Your teeth sharpen to long, pointy fangs, and you feel your face extend to accommodate the changes.

“I didn’t think we’d actually do this,” Nail says, as his orc instincts overtake him.

You’re several feet taller than the other djinn and oni of the room.

“There ya go,” Majo says, his hands on his hips. “You’ll blend right in as orc lieutenants. Just make sure you speak their language.”

Majo walks over and cheekily hefts your balls and cocks under your loincloths. “Proportional,” he says with a smile. One of your balls is easily the size of his head.

“Of course,” you say.

Majo rubs under your loincloth, feeling your dick. He looks up at you and smiles. “I’m sorry, I just had to,” he says with a giggle. “I’ll have these fitted for you.”

You find yourself growing half hard under your loincloth. “Later,” Majo says with a wink.

“We’re ready,” you say, the orcish nature of your voice slightly surprising you.

Majo smiles and nods. “Perfect,” he replies. Majo claps his hands and opens a portal to the forest. “Go and scope out their hideout,” he says.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

You, Nail and Tarzan walk through the portal, finding yourself in a dark forest. You look around, seeing thick trees and lush undergrowth.

“Where the fuck are we?” you ask.

Tarzan looks around, sniffing the air. He runs forward, through the trees.

“I smell orcs,” he says.

You notice a faint path through the foliage, following Tarzan.

“Stay close,” you say to Nail.

You walk through the forest, Tarzan sniffing the air to find the orcs. You notice the faint outline of a campsite up ahead.

“This way,” you say.

You walk close to the camp, staying low. You look through the tents, searching for the orcs.

“How do you not get our scent mixed up with the enemy orcs?” you ask Tarzan.

“You smell better,” he says.

You hear the sound of grunting orcs up ahead. You see a squad of them, sitting around a campfire, chewing on meat and laughing. You notice an orc with faint white stripes in his hair walking over to a nearby tent. You follow, staying low and quiet. You look through the opening of the tent, seeing a single orc. He has a large rack of deer ribs sitting in front of him. You feel hungry, your stomach growling.

“Mm, ribs,” Nail whispers.

Tarzan motions for you to go towards the tent while he goes back into the bushes to observe. You crawl through the dirt and dust towards the tent, staring at the ribs. You’ve never eaten monster meat before, and you’re incredibly hungry. You doubt if the other orcs have brought any rations.

“See something you like?” you hear an orcish voice say.

You stand up to see an orc man with stripes across his face and chest looking at you two. You stand up, staring at the ribs.

“Is there any way we can convince you to part with those ribs?” Nail asks. “My friend here is awfully hungry and that looks delicious.”

The orc tilts his head, a suspicious look on his face.

“Who is your commander?” he asks.

“Majo,” you say.

“I’ve not heard of him,” the orc says. “Where is he from?”

You look down, trying to avoid eye contact.

“We’re mercenaries under an independent force,” Nail says. “We’ve travelled a very long way by foot and we’re very hungry.”

The orc motions for you to follow him to his tent. You see several more orcs, including the one who was eating ribs.

“My name is Cheveyo,” the orc says.

“I’m…Nathar, and this is Nailto,” you bluff.

“I am Ken, son of Kol,” the orc with the ribs says. “These are my brothers and my fellow orcs.”

“Welcome to our humble camp.”

You look at the spit, seeing three large deer ribs left. You’re glad they’re big rib eaters.

You take some of the ribs and start to eat. They’re savory and hearty, and you’ve had nothing else like them. The bone is thick and takes some effort to chew through. You find that your sharp teeth and tusks are making short work of them.

“So where are you lot heading?” Ken asks.

“We’re headed to the oni village,” you say. “I hear the oni and the djinn have an alliance on this island.”

“I wouldn’t trust the oni much,” Ken says.

Ken finishes his ribs and licks his fingers clean. He puts his hands behind his head and stretches his bare feet towards the roaring fire.

“We’re meeting with the oni to discuss a possible alliance,” you say.

Ken raises an eyebrow, then chuckles. “Well, you lot are fucking idiots, then. The oni have no honor, killing every orc they see.

“The oni are just misunderstood,” you say, shaking your head. “They had to leave their island to expand their reach and had no support otherwise.”

“No honor,” Ken repeats, shaking his head. “No honor at all.”

“How many of you are there?” you ask.

“There are four bands, totalling two hundred and fifty orcs,” Ken says. “Do you have any tobacco?”

You reach into the back of your breeches and conjure up a satchel of tobacco for you to share with Ken. You smoke it together with the group.

“I admit I’m not sure why we orcs are on djinn land,” you say.

“We wish to have our own country,” Cheveyo says, thumping his fist against his bare chest. “We otherwise are sea dwellers.”

“We have lived on the water for as long as we can remember,” Ken says. “We wish to live on land.”

“But this land was made by the djinn princes,” Nail says. “Is this not their rightful land?”

“The land is for whoever is the strongest to rule it,” Ken says, grinning. “Nothing is truly owned, it is only borrowed. The orcs will take what is theirs, as it always has been.”

Ken looks at you with a positive, expectant expression. “Brother,” he says, taking your hand. “Sit with me.”

You sit cross legged next to Ken, the two of you warmed by the fire.

He wraps his arm around your shoulder, bringing you close to his strong chest. He smells of smoke and sweat, but it’s a comforting smell. You feel truly at ease for the first time since you got here. This is how Orcs should live.

“Brother,” Ken says. “We wish for you to join us in conquering this island. We will take the land from the weak humans and foolish djinn. Join us, and we can stand together as brothers.”

You lean forward and kiss him. He smiles, and kisses you back. His strong arm embraces you, pulling you close. “I will join you, brother,” you say.

You sit around the fire with your new companions, feeling happier than you have since you woke up.

Ken pulls you in for another kiss, starting to make out with you. You feel his hand on your crotch, rubbing against it. You moan in ecstasy as he begins unbuttoning your breeches. You slump down on the ground, Ken on top of you. He smiles as he pulls down your breeches, revealing your thick manhood.

You press your bare foot against his face. He giggles as you gently rub it against his rough, bearded face. He slowly works down your shaft, taking it in his mouth. You sigh in ecstasy and wrap your hands behind his head, running your fingers through his raven black hair. He begins working faster and faster, moving his head back and forth. You gently caress his ears, making him moan. He looks up at you and smiles around your member.

He stands up, pulling you up with him. He bends over, presenting you his ass.

You rub your hands together, spreading your ample precum over your dark green cockhead. You gently press the tip against his tight asshole as he breathes slowly. You press further in, and further in, stopping when you reach the end. He grits his teeth as he breathes slowly. You pause, waiting for him to relax before continuing.

The group of orcs hoot and holler as they watch you fuck, many masturbating each other. Nail lays back and uses two hands to slowly stroke his massive shaft. Ken spreads his cheeks with both hands, granting you full view of your conquest.

You thrust hard and fast, Ken grunting with every push. You bend forward and grab his shoulder with one hand and his long, messy dark hair with the other.

You feel something prod at your ass. You look up to see Nail smiling as he starts to mount your beefy ass. You let out a pained groan as he slides his cock up your ass. He takes it slow, sliding in and out, and soon you’re moving in sync with him.

Ken leans forward and grabs your shoulders, repeatedly slamming his muscled body into yours as you grunt in pain. Your hands slide up Ken’s muscular torso to wrap around his broad shoulders. You pull him into you as you push your hips forward, increasing the pace.

You grab your own cock as you let a half-grunt, half-groan escape your lips.

Nail’s broad, orcish form looms over you completely as he dominates your ass.

He’s a mountain of green muscle, surrounded by a dozen orcish cousins. The smell of sweat and musk is maddening.

As the other orcs beat their pud, their veined forearms strain and their big pecs jiggle. You watch as thick precum dribbles from their glistening cocks, running down their big hands and onto their balls.

You slam your own palm into your cock as you step it up, thrusting harder and faster into Ken’s muscled ass.

Nail is a veritable sex train as he hammers into your own ass. The orc grunts as his pace increases.

You feel Ken’s cock throbbing harder as your own orgasm approaches. You slam up into him, grabbing his muscular thighs and holding him in place as you grunt and gasp with each powerful thrust.

You reach up and lick Ken’s dirty feet with your tongue. His long toes curl as you run your tongue up his foot and between each toe. He lets out a ragged gasp as he begins to shoot his hot, sticky seed all over your abs.

He shoots and shoots all over your chest and abs. You feel yourself reach orgasm and you scream loudly. Your cock throbs and throbs as you pump Ken’s ass full of your seed.

Nail thrusts one last time as he slams into you and holds it, releasing a torrent of thick orc jizz into your ass. Your orcish cousins start to orgasm one by one, coating you three in their abundant seed.

You collapse forward as you all lie together in a sweaty, musky, sticky heap.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

The rest of the night is a blur of alcohol, dick, and food. You sleep naked among your new brothers as the sun rises.

You wake up to see Tarzan’s furry face staring down at you, his simian tail waving back and forth as he hunches over you.

“Good morning,” he says, his nose wrinkling as he sniffs you and Nail. “I guess you made friends with the orcs after all.”

You get up and see that Tarzan is now just above your crotch level. He now sports a full beard, and fur covers almost all of his torso and legs. He seems to have discarded his loincloth, opting to go nude. He cleans his feet as he inspects you.

His musk is intoxicating, and you find yourself kneeling as you rub against him.

“May want to think again about that orc dominance,” he purrs as he reaches up and puts his bare foot in your face.

Nail sighs as he too submits to the strong musk of the jungle lord. Tarzan kisses him, rubbing his beard over Nail’s thick green neck.

You begin to run your hands over the thick fur that has sprouted along his legs and torso, scratching him with your nails. He closes his eyes and begins to purr as you rub and caress him.

The thick, manly smell of Tarzan is intoxicating, and your long cock slowly inches out of its foreskin. You let your hand run over his big, hanging balls, scratching at his taint and asshole. He lets out a deep moan as he runs a hand over his broad chest.

You lean forward and begin to kiss and nibble along the inside of his muscular thighs.

You lick one of your thick fingers and inch your way up Tarzan’s furry ass. He trembles and breathes deeply as you slowly tease him. You slide your finger in slowly, then wriggle it around as sweat beads across his brow.

You’re struggling between your natural orcish swagger and the sweet, sexy smell of the jungle lord. It makes your cock ache and drip onto the forest floor.

You slowly pull your finger out and lick it, getting it good and wet. You then slide it into his ass, wriggling it around inside him. He leans back against a tree as he closes his eyes and purrs.

“The orcs want to conquer our land as they lack their own,” you say as you use your free hand to play with Tarzan’s balls.

Tarzan grins and lifts his foot up to press into your big cock, mashing it against your sweaty abs. “We should share the land…” he pants as he gives you a footjob. “…together.”

You’re getting really turned on by his proposal. “What does…the jungle lord get…out of this…deal?” you ask, trying not to moan as your cock continues to grow.

“I get to fuck the big, burly orcs…” he moans, licking his lips. “…and you.”

You lean forward and lick his big balls as you wriggle your finger inside, scratching at his prostate. He lets out a groan as he runs his hands through your hair, pressing your face into his sweaty nutsack.

Tarzan’s balls are a testament to the power of wild, untamed manliness, covered in hair and hanging low against his strong thighs. You quickly run your tongue up them, swirling around his hairy nuts. You lick up his long, thick shaft and give his wet cockhead a quick suck before returning to his asshole.

His precum is salty, if not as thick as the orc cum sitting in your stomach. You find yourself drinking it as if it is the most delicious thing you have ever tasted.

“Oh fuck! Fuck!” the jungle lord groans as he holds onto your head, your mouth sucking at his cockhead.

You insert another thick finger into his ass. His tongue lolls out as he bucks against your invasion. You wriggle your fingers inside him, scrubbing at his sweet spot. He bucks and writhes as you use your mouth to pleasure his massive dick.

Nail plops his nuts down on top of Tarzan’s head, covering him in green, sweaty ballflesh. His amazing cock juts out in front, and you give it a few strokes for posterity.

You grunt as Tarzan mashes his foot inside of your foreskin, covering his feet in your thick orc precum. You remove your fingers and quickly replace them with your throbbing cockhead.

You slowly lower your hips, your dick slowly swallowing up in his ass. Tarzan licks his lips as you sink deeper and deeper inside him, your heavy balls resting on the jungle lord’s fat asscheeks.

“Fuck me, orc…” he commands as he looks down at you with a smile.

You grit your teeth as you slowly begin to thrust your hips, your cock slowly sliding in an out of him.

Nail smiles as he prods his fat cockhead into your face, rubbing it against your thick, unkempt beard. You gladly open your mouth and let the sweaty pole push into your mouth. He lays his heavy balls on your chin as he fucks your mouth slowly.

You lay Tarzan down onto the ground as you fuck him. He’s big, but you can barely manage half of your cock into his ass. He winces in pain as you thrust in and out of him, sweat dripping down his face.

“Oooooooohhhhh…” he moans, digging his knuckles into the dirt as you fuck him.

You grab his ankles and hold his legs up as you drive your dick further into him. You smack his thick ass as you fuck him, driving your dick in and out. His sweaty body glistens in the sunlight as you thrust into him.

Nail lays next to you, smiling as he gently jacks his dick. The massive cock between his legs is a heavy, fat monster, almost as large as you were back as island gods in the Bahamas. You gladly take it into your mouth and suck on it, running your tongue along the underside of his shaft.

The fat green dick disappears into your mouth as you suck on it. You wince as you feel a strong pain in your jaw, struggling to fit even half of it into your mouth. You try to wriggle your tongue against it, but there just isn’t enough room to maneuver. The massive dick is just too big for your mouth.

Nail smiles as he grabs your head and thrusts his hips, fucking your face. “Oh yes, orc, suck on my big green dick!”

Nail’s massive dick quickly slides deeper and deeper into your mouth, hitting the back of your throat as you try to wriggle away. He laughs as he holds your head still as he face fucks you with his big dick.

His precum is sweet and thick as he continues to feed you breakfast. The big green dick slides deeper and deeper down your throat, forcing you to pick up the pace as he fucks your face. He wraps his meaty fingers through your hair as he face fucks you with ease.

You find yourself losing your mind as you come to a climax, shoving Tarzan against a tree and jetting inside of his feral muscle ass. Your dick spurts out sticky strands of cum, filling his ass up with hot orc seed.

You grunt as you continue to fuck him as you cum again and again, squirting so much cum into him that it leaks out and covers your balls.

Tarzan starts to cum, ropes starting to hit you three at random. Some of his dozens of ropes streak onto the still sleeping orcs a dozen feet away.

Nail grunts and shoves his dick to the hilt as he cums, filling your stomach directly with tasty, filling orc cum. You struggle to swallow it as it quickly fills your stomach up, but you manage to get it all down.

The three of you bask in the warm light of the sun, fucking gently and enjoying each other’s’ bodies.


Part 9

After an hour of basking, you clean off the dried cum from your body in a nearby stream.

“Gods, greenskins cum a lot,” Nail says as he cleans his round pecs of jizz.

“Do you want less?” you laugh as you scrub Tarzan’s fur and beard.

He wags his long simian tail happily back and forth, his cock jutting up above the water like a rudder.

You wrap your huge arms around Tarzan and nuzzle his furry face.

His new fur accentuates his perfect muscles. His massive, chiseled pecs; his eight-pack abs; his tree-trunk thighs; his perfect, massive bicep and forearm; his bulging, mighty legs.

You play footsie with his big bare feet under the water, making his toes curl. He grins as he grabs your cock, winking at you.

“It’s not that easy,” you say.

“I’ll make it easy,” he says.

He leans in and pushes you under the water. You come up sputtering as he bursts out laughing.

“You asshole!” you say, chasing him around and dunking him.

His laugh is infectious as you play around in the water.

You reach into the water and pinch his big nipples.

You feel rough, strong hands lift up up and out of the water. Nail, ever the giant, smiles at you. His dick and balls dangle in front of your face, his balls softly hitting you as he moves around.

“Hello, lover,” you smile.

“Hello, my cute, sexy, big-dicked, macho man,” he says.

Nail kisses you on the lips, his dick and balls smacking against your face. You wrap your arms around his huge thighs and kiss him back. “Are you having fun?” he asks.

You moan as he starts licking and sucking on your neck. “Oh, yes,” you groan. “Are you?”

“I am now,” he says, continuing to lick and suck on your neck.

You hear rustling in the bushes behind you.

“There they are,” Ken says, now dressed in his loincloth and brandishing his axe.

You look behind you, only to see that Tarzan has hidden himself under the water.

“What’s going on?”

“I think they’re coming to ask us to join them.”

You see a massive black orc step out of the bushes. He wears a studded black leather band around his head, and an old, torn mail shirt.

“Let’s continue on our march,” the black orc says.

“Sorry, who are you again?” you ask the black orc as you follow them out of the water and back onto the path.

“I’m Captain Darruk,” he says, turning to you and Ken.

You lean in to whisper into Nail’s ear.

“What’s with the new guys?”

“They’re with me,” he says. “We’re all on the same side!”

You nod your head, holding Nail’s rough hand.

“We need to get you armored,” Darruk says, shaking his head at your nakedness.

“I will get them armored,” Ken says, patting you on the shoulder. “Come with me.”

You look at Nail, who smiles. You follow the captain, and Darruk leads you out of the forest.

You find yourself in a massive camp. You see ogres, orcs, and other monstrous creatures milling around.

Ken gets you and Nail some armor befitting you two, who are classified as barbarians. You wear a furry loincloth like him, leaving your chest exposed. When he offers you boots, you refuse.

“We wish to be connected to the earth,” you say.

When you and Nail meet Darruk again, he has painted his face.

“We shall paint your face to mark you as one of my band,” he says. “Where are your boots?”

“We don’t need them,” Nail says with a smile. “We were raised in a druidic culture, and they can withstand hundreds of miles of marching.”

Darruk nods, obviously impressed.

He reaches out and brushes your bearded chin, admiring your face.

“You look like a real orc,” he smiles. “We’ll make a warrior out of you yet.”

He takes you to a massive pile of weapons. You take your time, carefully finding the right weapon for you. Nail goes even slower, careful not to hurt himself.

You carry the weapons easily with your powerful orcish muscles.

Your muscles barely ache as you swing them around.

You and Nail work up a sweat, a musky smell filling the barracks.

The two of you wrestle to demonstrate your strength to the captain, who watches on in interest. You try your best not to hurt each other, and frequently sneak in kisses and nuzzles.

After a few hours, you’ve finally finished assembling your equipment. You’re exhausted, and the others are watching you, waiting for you to finish.

You nearly collapse on the floor from exhaustion, not used to carrying so much weight around.

Your muscles feel pumped and ready for battle.

You stand, carrying your massive weapons with ease. You feel ready.

“We’re going to march until we meet the enemy,” Darruk says, voice low and rumbling like an avalanche.

Your group marches until you reach the oni village. They are clearly ready for the assault.

There are twice as many oni as there are orcs, ogres and other allies. They have barricades set up and seem well-prepared for the charge.

The largest oni, nearly twice the size of Ken, steps forward and roars. His skin a deep purple, the oni looks massive and tough enough to soak up an arrow volley and keep going. The leader of the oni unleashes a roar that causes some of your allies to drop their weapons and flee.

“Fucking scum,” Darruk says.

He looks towards you and Nail and you feel wish energy fill your body. Soon, you are growing much taller.

You grow and grow, pleasure filling your body, until you are the size of the largest oni.

The oni roars and the two of you charge at each other.

Your hands collide and soon you are wrestling the giant oni as a giant orc yourself.

You grab his wrists and jab at his eyes, which are barely out of reach. You try to twist him off but he’s ready for it and manages to keep his footing.

You’re taller than even the outpost of the oni village. You grab the oni’s wrists and push against him, but while you are stronger than any man, he handles the strength you give him with ease.

He twists and manages to unlock your grip from his left arm.

Due to your size, your battle armor has ripped off. You tear at the oni’s sparse clothing, leaving you both naked.

The oni, lean and mean, struggles with your sheer orcish bulk. You find yourself growing hard in the midst of the wrestling bout.

You thrust your fat cock against the oni’s lean eight pack abs where his own long cock is growing erect. You feel the oni’s long cock slide against your own as you struggle.

A cheer goes up around you, as your friends realize what’s happening. The oni seems confused, and stops to stare at the cheering orcs.

You continue struggling, and you feel your long cocks rub against each other. The sensation is unbelievable, and you start thrusting against him as you grapple. He seems just as lost in the throes of passion as you are, and you find yourself leaning in for a kiss.

You embrace, kissing and fondling each other as your massive cocks rub against one another. The oni tries pulling you over, but you manage to turn him over instead. Now on top of him, you try to pin his shoulders down. The two of you engage in a tight contest of strength.

Your massive, rock hard cock sticks out in front of you as you lean into him. The oni bucks his hips forward and the tip of your cock slides against his ass. You feel a shudder go through your body.

He bucks his hips again, and your cocks slips in between his cheeks, slick with sweat. He bucks his hips a third time and your cock head teeters right against his tight hole.

You thrust forward, your size preventing him from preventing you from doing what you want. Your massive cock head breaks past his tight ring.

The oni’s face twists into one of pain but also of pleasure, and he lets out a grunt as he tries to stop you from thrusting any further, but it’s too late. You keep thrusting, repeatedly stabbing into him as your hips slap against his ass.

You lean forward, rubbing your chest against his as you thrust harder and harder. His face is one of both agony and ecstasy, yet yours is one of animal lust.

You wrap your arms around him, holding him in a lover’s embrace as your thrusting grows harder and faster. The two of you are covered with sweat as you continue fucking.

You feel as if you’re about to reach a climax. You bury your cock deep into him and release, your thick semen filling him up. Your body tenses up as you fill him with rope after rope of semen.

He screams as he unloads, making a huge puddle on the ground and covering dozens of warring combatants below with warm oni semen.

You lie on top of him, panting. When you’re done, you roll off to the side and just lay there, arms raised over your head.

You hear a massive cheer rise up from the orcs around you. “You’ve conquered their champion,” they shout.

The orcs crowd around you, cleaning your giant, wet cock of semen with their rough tongues. “You’ve proved yourself a powerful warrior,” an orc says, nodding his head.

You grunt in response, too tired from the sex to care about the social niceties. You just lie there, allowing them to do as they please.

“I wished for a mighty warrior to conquer their champion, and I got it,” mused Captain Darruk. “What are you? You’re no orc. I sense powerful energies are afoot.”

You and Nail nod at one another, shedding your disguises and revealing yourself as djinn.

The orcs and oni gasp in tandem at the revelation. You raise yourself into the air, hovering above them all.

“We are gods of this island,” you say. “And we command you to stop this foolish war!”

Their response is instantaneous. The orcs and oni all drop to their knees, bowing.

Nail walks among the bowed figures, and then looks up at you, the floating djinn-god. “You were once a human, and now a djinn-blood,” he says. “We are princes, not gods! We shall be fair to these people and lead this island back to peace!”

You shrink back down to your djinn size and take Nail’s hands in yours. You look deep into his golden eyes. “We will be fair to them,” you say. “And we will lead them to a better life.”

The two of you embrace, basking in the glow of your newfound peace. The orcs and oni cheer for you.

The massive oni gets up from the ground, breathing heavily. He shrinks back down to a more manageable size and extends his hand to yours.

“I am Zidet, leader of this oni tribe,” he says, shaking your hand. “You are our princes?”

“We are,” you say.

“I will lead my oni to wage war on the kingdoms of man,” he shouts. “We will be a brutal, vicious, unstoppable force!”

“What makes you think that’s the best path?” Nail says. “You could come with us, and we could lead you to peace.”

“I do not want peace,” Zidet says, shaking his head. “I want to break and tear and smash! I am an oni! I was born to die on a battlefield!

You place your hands on his shoulders and look into his firey, red eyes. “Don’t do this,” you say.

Darruk, the leader of the orc clan, comes over and towers over Zidet. “You’re a fool,” he growls. “You stand in the face of a prince and you are stubborn.”

Zidet throws a punch at him, but the orc catches his fist. He twists it around, throwing Zidet to the ground. “You display your weakness,” he says.

As Zidet gets back up from the ground, Darruk kisses him deeply, shocking the crowd. “They’ve shown us the way of love,” Darruk says. “Why not go that path instead?”

Zidet’s lips tremble, but his cock rises to the occasion. Soon, he mashes his lips back up against Darruk, whose hands roam over the oni’s scarred body.

“We will bring the love of battle to all of our people,” Zidet says. “We will wage war on the kingdoms of man!”

The two of them kiss again, as their tribes cheer.

Darruk brings his huge green cock out from his armor and shoves it against Zidet’s cock. The two big cocks spit out precum as they bully each other.

Zidet drops to his knees and begins sucking on the huge orc cock. With every lick of his tongue, he grows more excited.

Darruk grabs Zidet by the hair and begins face-fucking him. Zidet’s nose buries deep in Darruk’s crotch as the orc’s huge balls slap against his chin.

Nail reaches over and starts to masturbate you as you two watch. Indeed, all around, the orcs and oni warriors start to have orgies, the horniness spreading like a virus.

Zidet stands up and turns around, sticking his ass out. “Ram it in!” he shouts. “I’m ready now!”

“With pleasure,” Darruk says, spearing his huge green dick into Zidet’s ass.

Zidet grunts as the dick pushes into him. He shudders in pain, and then begins to moan. “Yeah… yeah…” he says. “Give me that dick!”

Your and Nail’s godly, ebony spears throb as you watch the orc and oni in front of you rut together.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

In the midst of the orgy, you hear a whooping cry out of the forest.

“Is that…” you say, before the monkey-man known as Tarzan comes flying out of a tree, doing a flip onto the ground.

“Miss me?” he says, making a toothy smile.

“Seize him!” your orc and oni bodyguards say, tackling him to the ground.

“Stop,” Nail says,” “He’s an ally of ours.”

Tarzan sweats, heaving in and out as he rests his athletic, furry body.

“I’m glad you’re well,” you say, giving him a hug and squashing your cock against his fur.

The three of you jump as an unholy roar fills the air. You look over as Darruk arches his back upwards, shooting his load into Zidet’s red hole. He digs his green toes into the dirt as he gasps for air, his head full of ecstasy.

He collapses over the oni as he too reaches another orgasm, splattering his seed all over the ground.

You walk over to the two commanders as they roll off of each other and splay out onto the ground to rest.

Tarzan gets down on his haunches and stares at Darruk, taking a sample of his seed dripping off of his dick. He smiles, reaching down to lick his dick clean.

Before Darruk can object, he is growling in pleasure at Tarzan’s service.

Zidet scoffs as he gets up from the ground and limps over to meet you and Nail.

“So this is your partner,” he says, sizing up the huge Nail, who looks down at him with a soft, assured smile.

You widen your eyes as you look down at the orcs and oni from your new vantage point.

“Have we grown again?” you ask, looking at the sheer size of your bare hands and feet.

“Indeed,” Nail says with a laugh. “We’ve absorbed the wishes of the tribes here. They want us to be their powerful princes.” He slaps his powerful, hairy chest with his hand. “As long as we remain here, we’ll take in this power.”

Zidet sweats in Nail’s sheer presence, his naked body glowing in the summer heat.

Zidet inches closer to Nail’s hairy chest. Nail takes his huge hand and guides Zidet to bury his face in his ample chest hair.

Zidet breathes in, taking in his musk.

His head almost disappears in the sheer mass of Nail’s chest muscles.

Tarzan gets up, wiping his furry beard off with his forearm of Darruk’s thick seed.

“Tasty,” he says as Darruk gets off of the ground, rubbing his head.

Darruk walks up to Zidet, kissing him on the cheek.

Nail expands his arms to hug Darruk, too. The giant djinn beams love to the orc and the oni as he embraces the two of them. Nail looks up to you and beckons you closer with a nod of his chin. You join Nail in a group hug with the oni and the orc.

You feel a burning sensation at your chest as Nail’s eyes glow white. A massive ball of white light engulfs the oni and the orc commanders, and a shockwave of wish energy cracks the air.

In their place, you see a new being, with red skin and green streaks. He looks down at his new form; he has clawed fingers and hard, dense muscles. He flexes his arms and puffs out his chest, letting out a roar.

“A fusion, incredible,” you say as you inspect the oni and orc hybrid. “What will we call him?”

“Zidruk,” the being says, his voice like a blade cutting through dense brush. “Zidruk,” he says, pointing to himself with two fingers.

“Zidruk,” you repeat. “It has a nice ring to it.”

Nail laughs as Zidruk looks up to the sky and lets out a howl.

He raises his hands in front of his face, clasping his fingers together and then splaying them outwards to summon blue fire out of his palms.

“We will bring him to the palace,” you say. “He will be a valuable ally against the rest of the orc invaders.”

Tarzan walks up to Zidruk and sniffs him a couple of times, before delivering a couple of quick punches to his chest. The oni-orc hunches down growls at him, before Tarzan laughs, kissing the hybrid man.

You travel for some time with the caravan before you arrive back at the djinn castle, which is now heavily fortified against the orcs.

The djinn gawk at the orcs and oni travelling together under a shared flag, but kneel when they see that they are with you and Nail.

The inhabitants of the castle town cheer as you enter the grounds, bowing and calling your names.

You see two familiar faces greet you among the caravan members: Haros and Tao.

Tao and Tarzan embrace, before sharing a deep kiss. “I’ve missed you,” Tarzan says as he rubs Tao’s lush fur. Tao purrs as he licks up and down Tarzan’s face.

Haros walks up to you and you hunch down to hug him. It’s comical how much larger you are than him now. But he seems to enjoy your warm hug.

“I’m glad you are safe,” you say to Haros.

“You as well,” he says, kissing your cheek.

“Where is Majo?” you ask, looking around.

Haros rolls his eyes and beckons you onward. “It’s a long story,” he says.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

When you reach the castle gates, the guards stand aside to let you in. A large group of orcs stands on the other side of the gate.

Tiny holds up his hands, with a piece of paper between them.

Haros leads you and the other members of your caravan to the castle’s courtyard where your eyes bug out as you see that Majo is now Abe’s giant size, too. He has taken his original, blue skinned and powerlifter-looking form. He stands with his hands on his hips above Abe, who heaves in and out in front of him.

“How are you going to be a god of these people if you can’t even beat me,” Majo says with a frown.

“You’re more powerful than you look,” Abe says as he catches his breath.

“We’re gods now?” you ask, looking down at your bare feet. You feel warm, like the air is charged with energy that surrounds your body.

“Don’t you feel it?” Majo asks, smiling at you. “We absorb the prayers of our people. And now that you took in that orc and oni army platoon under your command, they worship you.”

“I thought we were princes of this island, not gods,” Nail says as he folds his strong arms. “Gods can become corrupt. Princes are just.”

“You really ought to be more open-minded,” Majo says, rubbing Nail’s strong shoulders. “Gods are symbols of power, but their true strength lies in the beliefs of their people. Why not encourage it?”

You look down and you realize how large and powerful you have grown during your journey to your home castle. You are nearly as tall and chiseled as the statues of djinn in the courtyard. No wonder the doorways seemed much larger since you were last here.

But as the power surges through your body, you wonder if it could corrupt you.

You roll your powerful shoulders and flex your thick forearms, seeing the sinew and muscle flow throughout your form. Your veiny, cobbled thighs rest like marble columns between the fabric of your loincloth, leading down to your large bare feet, criss-crossed with veins.

Zidruk walks up to Majo and snorts in anger. “Who’s this,” Majo says, scratching his long beard.

“Zidruk,” he says in a gruff voice. “The commander of the oni and the orc clans of the northern woods.”

“You look like an orc and an oni made love,” Majo says, inspecting his body. “Or rather you fused together. Curious.”

Majo reaches out and pinches Zidruk’s big nipples, making his green and red cock stir in front of him.

Majo plays with the golden piercing on Zidruk’s cockhead, collecting his ample precum in his fingers. He licks the precum and puckers his lips.

“Tangy,” Majo says. He slowly masturbates Zidruk as he brings his own big, blue cock out of his loincloth.

You feel your own cock stir in your loincloth. You and Nail fish your hardening cocks out of your loincloths and start to masturbate along with Majo and Zidruk in a circle. Abe steps forward and joins the fun, too, frotting his cock with Majo’s. The circlejerk is warm and full of moaning and wet, squishing sounds.

As the circlejerk goes on, you notice that the otherworldly beings of the castle are starting to gather and watch you. Many male oni are rubbing their cocks and letting out snarls.

The male djinn join them, rubbing their muscular bodies with oil. Many of the male djinn gather at your bare feet to worship them. They start by kissing and sucking on your feet, rubbing their muscled, tattooed bodies against your thick legs. They moan and groan as they start to rub their hands all over your powerful, thick thighs and your large calves. They start to kiss the tops of your feet and ankles.

You can see the masculine power, strength, and virility that you possess arousing the male oni and male djinn. They are beautiful creatures, with their colorful skin, exotic faces, and muscular bodies. The power of your sexual dominance over them is intoxicating, and you can feel your desire to be with them grow.

The oni and orc men begin to rub their tongues all over your feet and legs. They moan as they kiss your powerful calves and thick ankles, kissing the tops of your feet. They moan as they suck on your toes and run their tongues up your hairy legs. You can feel your cock pulsing in the circle as you enjoy their oral worship of you.

The group gathers around and starts to worship the massive feet of Majo, Nail, Abe and Zidruk.

You all quickly sit down to give the mass of men better access to your godly bodies. Their worship makes your bodies slowly grow in size and strength crowding the courtyard as you gain dozens of feet in height.

The castle feels like it’s shaking from the footsteps of your growing bodies as the massive cocks of the oni, orc, and human men begin to touch and rub along your legs. The feeling of so many penises touching you at once causes a burst of growth in size.

Soon, the six of you barely have any room between each other, and you’re forced to sit with your legs half-folded, your feet touching.

Your shoulders get wider and more muscular as your biceps thicken and swell. Your pecs and abs swell as your hips thicken. Your thighs grow thicker and heavier as they fill with power. And your cocks grow huge, extending far into the air above your godly bodies like mighty pistons.

Majo smiles as he grabs his huge balls, kneading them in his hands. A heavy flow of precum erupts from his cock, forming a continuous flow like a lustful faucet. He reaches over and starts to mutually masturbate the other god-men, causing their own precum flow to increase hugely. He finally goes to you and squeezes your balls a couple of times, causing your oversized cock to burp more and more precum. The collective precum creates a makeshift bath for the worshippers, dripping messily over the huge pile of feet and muscle.

Your worshippers revel in the precum bath, rubbing the sticky fluid into their skin and hair.

The precum makes their multicolored, muscled skin shine. It’s a beautiful sight to see. Hundreds, maybe a thousand different men, all reveling in your worship. Your love for them beams down from your smiling face.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Majo yawns, his massive cock flexing as he puts his arm around your neck to give you a kiss on the cheek.

“What did you do to us to make us so…horny?” Your words are slurred, like you’re drunk on lust.

“I just opened up your chakra,” he says, petting your beard. “We’re their gods. We’re drinking their wishes like sweet wine. And these towers of ours, well, they’re our gift back to our worshippers.”

“Are we always going to be this big?” you ask, peering down at the tiny men below you, enjoying the precum bath.

“Nah,” Majo say, leaning back. “I just thought it would be fun to be really huge.”

It’s astounding how truly huge you are now.

You’re a sheer mountain of black muscle and power. Your broad chest heaves as your sweat descends from your body onto the worshippers.

You languidly rub your muscle gut with your huge hand. The indentations of your abs are so deeply carved out of your tanned skin that you could almost dip a finger in them.

Your meaty cock extends so far up that it reaches your pecs.

You feel the wishes of thousands of men pour into your body, making it slowly grow in muscle and size.

You’re truly a god now. Majo was right.

The men outside are so small that you could kill them all by just leaning over and crushing them with your pinky. But you don’t need to kill them. You feel their love for you grow as they celebrate you with dances, songs, and orgies.

You concentrate and manifest a human sized version of yourself down in the crowd of men. Nail and Majo join you, too, floating downwards to meet you.

You and your brothers float down to meet the celebrating worshippers, who happily continue their mass orgy while your human sized avatar mingles with them.

You look up at your true form, a thousand feet above you. You are barely a speck below your own giant foot.

Your bare feet are immediately wet as you walk through the sea of precum.

As you walk by, men grope your chest or squeeze your dick. Some steal kisses from you or fondle your ass.

There’s hundreds of handsome, muscular men all around you. Their bodies are slick with the endless precum flowing down from the gods.

You feel energized from the slick precum. In fact, it is having a growth effect on all the men around you.

Handsome men become more attractive. Muscles become larger and more defined. Skin becomes tighter. Hair covering more of the body.

The air is filled with sex and more sex.

You kneel down in the pool of precum, scooping it up and drinking it.

It tastes like the sweetest wine you’ve ever had, going down smooth and making you crave more. It seems to be having an effect on your body.

Your dick begins to swell as you get erect. You stare at it in wonder. It seems to be getting bigger.

The growth doesn’t end there. Your already massive muscles begin to expand, growing beyond belief. Your pecs are so swollen and large now that you could balance a drink on top of them.

And, shit, your abs. They’re etched so deeply, they look like someone took a chisel to your body. You could be a statue of a Greek god. Except the size. And the fact that you’re alive. And horny.

Your skin is so taut that you could be a drum. And your cock is now so huge, that you have trouble walking without banging it against things. It’s so big that it curves upward against your eight-pack.

And you’re still growing.

You look over and see Majo, equally large and muscular. Your eyes grow wide as you stare over at him. He’s even bigger than you! His arms are the size of tree trunks. But you’re not jealous or anything.

Your real body is thousands of feet tall now, like a monolith of muscle. You are a god. Time to spread your will!

You feel a shockwave of lust as you and the other gods begin to cum. It’s like an atomic bomb of semen raining down on the worshippers below.

The ground under you begins to be washed away by a sea of sperm. It erodes all in its path, like some sort of liquid death. The orgy grows to astronomical proportions as Majo and you pump out gallons of cum with every pulse.

The ensuing flood washes away homes, people, roads—everything. It’s a torrential downpour of sex.

The earth has been transformed into a sea of white sperm.

You black out.

When you wake up, you see that your titanic bodies have returned to their normal sizes.

You sit on an invisible platform before the entire Earth, gazing down on it like a small orb in front of you.

The Earth has changed. You barely recognize the new continents. The Earth looks flush with new life, green and healthy.

“What did we do,” you say, looking down at your forearms, etched in tattoos.

“We have healed the earth with the power of love,” Majo says.

“Our jizz did that?”

“Indeed,” Nail says, taking your hand. “That and the collective prayers of the world’s inhabitants. Thanks to them, we’re the new gods of this world.”

You look down at your nude, godly body. It is perfect and immortal, shining with strength and health. You flex your muscles as you bask in your newfound glory. Your body shimmers as it absorbs the collective prayers of the planet. You feel unfathomable love from the reborn Earth’s inhabitants.

Your cock throbs in front of you, dripping precum anew.

You look to see the godly forms of your friends. Nail rolls his thick forearms and tenses his abs as he floats in the abyss of space.

Nail’s chiseled muscle ass flexes back and forth as he stands. Majo floats over to the Earth, comparing its size with his blue, overgrown nutsack. It dangles down in the starry abyss, like a second moon to the Earth.

“Stop fooling around,” Abe says, folding his massive arms. “You’re a god. Have some dignity.”

Majo grins as he rubs his nuts. “Have some respect! These helped restore the planet’s life.” Majo’s hairy muscle gut looms over the Earth, eclipsing it. He holds his hands over it, like holding his hands over a fire. His mighty cock begins to grow erect.

You decide to go down to the Earth. You dive towards the planet, shrinking in size until you are the size of a regular person. On the streets of New York City, you notice something peculiar. Everyone’s ears are pointed. Skin colors are every color of the rainbow. Those with green skin are massive and muscular.

“Everyone has djinn and orc blood now,” you say to yourself.

You walk barefoot and naked down the street, but no one notices you.

Your long, uncut cock bobs between your thighs, the single golden ring in your cockhead jingling as you walk.

You find a park bench, sit down, and spread your legs as you stroke your cock to erection. Precum leaks out of your piss slit as you rub your hand around the warm crown. With your other hand, you reach down and cup your balls, lifting and weighing them.

You sigh with contentment as you begin to masturbate. Uninhibited, you moan freely without shame. You sigh with ecstasy as you run your hand up and down your cock, tugging on your foreskin. Your other hand rubs your balls.

Your cock slowly expands to fill your hand, so thick you almost can’t hold it anymore. Your other hand molds your nuts, weighing them, feeling their tremendous weight as you gently tug on them. You sigh as you start jacking your dick faster and faster. With your legs spread, your balls hang in front of you, massive and full of infinite potential. You sigh as you speed up your rhythm, running your hand up and down your dick.

Your other hand lazily pats your nuts, lifting and caressing them with love and care. You moan as you speed up, closing your eyes as you enjoy the moment. You gasp as you lay your dick down on your cobbled stomach. With every throb, your cock inches closer to your face.

Soon, you can lick your own cockhead. You smile as your tongue teases the edge of your glans, tasting your precum. With every throb, more precum leaks out from your cock slit. Your tongue laps at it as it drips down your dick. The saltiness fills your taste buds as you savor it. Your tongue laps madly, drinking in your delicious pre-cum.

With each throb, your dick gets closer and closer to your lips.

Finally, your dick touches your lips. You open your mouth and flick your tongue out, moaning as you gently caress your glans. You love the feeling of it as it slides over your urethra. You gently nibble on your glans, feeling the ridges and veins of your crown. You moan as you suck your head into your mouth. Your lips close around the ridge of your glans.

Your dick slowly keeps growing as your self-love continues. Inch by inch, your dick disappears into your mouth. You moan as you feel the back of your throat being caressed by your dick. Your mouth is filled to capacity by your throbbing manhood.

You feel yourself swell with height and muscle.

Soon, you feel the whole park cradled around your bare, hairy legs.

One of your feet is the size of a nearby building.

You look down at your cock and balls. Your cock juts angrily into your face, while your balls rest lazily in the middle of the park.

Your precum drips lazily into the lake in the center of the park. Every drop causes ripples to spread out, until they gently lap against the edge of the lake.

Your dick throbs angrily in front of your face. Precum dribbles down from your tip and falls into the park below with a splash. Nobody else seems to notice.

You sigh as you realize you have once again gotten too big.

With a groan, you lay your dick back down on your face. With every throb it brushes against your face as more precum leaks out of your piss slit. You lick and nibble it, savoring your own taste.

You run your hands over your bare, muscled body. Your hands feel your chiseled pecs, your strong arms, your powerful shoulders, your rippling abs.

You groan in ecstasy as you caress yourself.

You reach one hand down to your balls, and gently rub them. You fondle them, loving the way they feel in your hands. You giggle as your other hand wraps around your shaft and begins to furiously jerk yourself off. Precum leaks out faster as you fuel your arousal, more drops falling into the park.

You moan in front of your giant dick, loving every moment of this. The sheer size of it makes everything more intense.

You speed up as you run your tongue along your lips. You moan as the pleasure builds up. Your muscles are tensing in all the right ways. Your legs quiver, your abs tense, and your cock throbs as you get closer to the edge.

All it takes is one more touch and…

You gasp, your body erupting in a spasming orgasm. Every muscle tenses and contracts as pleasure floods through you. Your cock throbs and twitches in your hands, sending squirt after squirt of hot semen onto your face. You moan as you feel it land on your face, quickly running through your hair and over your shoulders.

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