The genie

by Jay Gee

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I was recently rummaging through an antique store when I came upon an old Chinese puzzle box. In picking it up, I thought that it felt heavy for its size. Being a collector of these boxes, I decided to buy the box to take home and play with. When I took it up to the shop owner to purchase it, he commented that the box had been in his store for about 5 years and that from time to time he would try to open it, but could never figure it out. As I was leaving the store after purchasing the box, I thought that I heard the proprietor mumble something like “be careful what you wish for.” I was sure that I'd misunderstood him, so I just waved and left the shop.

That night after dinner, I finished some chores that I had to do around the house and settled down to unravel the secret of the puzzle box. I must have played with it for about an hour when I realized that the more that I concentrated on trying to open it, the hornier I got—thinking about my sock fetish. Finally when I was just about to give up, I was able to open the box. There was a puff of what I perceived to be dust when it initially opened, and after opening several more compartments I came upon the last one. It contained the cocoon of a silk worm and a small piece of paper, about the size of the fortune from a fortune cookie. As I looked at it, I could have sworn that the letters changed, which I just attributed to being tired, since it was after midnight. The fortune said, “You're wildest sexual desires can come true if you believe.” I just laughed and said out loud, “Yeah, right, only in my dreams.” and headed off to bed, bringing the box into my bedroom and setting it on the nightstand next to my bed.

That night, I had the most sexual dream that I could recall involving my secret fantasy. It was one of those dreams that are so intense that I could recall colors, smells, and the feel the touch of the other people involved. In my dream, I dreamt that a silkworm had crawled out of the cocoon and across the room into my clothes hamper. As I watched, the hamper fell over and my dirty clothes spilled out onto the floor. Then I could see the silkworm crawl into one of my sheer black silk socks, then out and into its mate. It was hypnotic to watch, as the silkworm would crawl back and forth between the two socks, drawing them together with its silk thread and concealing them in a new cocoon. As I watched the cocoon grew until it was about 6' long.

By this point, I was sitting cross-legged on my bed, mesmerized by the sight. Then the cocoon stopped growing and started spinning to the point where it stood on end and then when it stopped, the most beautiful man that I'd ever seen was standing before me. From what I could see, he was the epitome of my fantasy man—about 6’2”, dark wavy hair, sparkling blue eyes, a deep tan, long fingers with manicured nails, and classic good looks with a model's body. He was wearing a navy blue, double-breasted suit, white shirt with French cuffs, silk tie, pocket square, braces, highly polished, low cut, burgundy, Italian loafers on about size 11 feet, and sheer navy silk socks. He smiled and introduced himself as Bennett and extended his hand in friendship to shake mine.

I must have been sitting there with my mouth open, staring, and not able to speak, because he then proceeded to explain that he was a genie who could fulfill sexual desires and took the form and the dress of the person who represented my ultimate sexual desires. He then commented that it had been a very long time since he had been a man for homosexual desires, but was there to serve me however I wished. He then proceeded to thank me for loan of my socks and for such a perfect, beautiful body. Being confident that this was in fact a dream, I began to ask him what he was wearing underneath his clothing. He replied that I already knew, a white silk athletic undershirt and sheer black silk boxers. I then moved over to him and asked him if I could see.

He then asked if I preferred to have him just step out of his suit or if I wanted to undress him myself. I opted to have him just step out of his suit. It was incredible to see him just step to the side and stand there side-by-side with the clothing, in a manner that you'd see when undressing a paper doll. The body that he displayed beneath his socks and underwear was a wet dream come true. Playing along with this interactive dream, I then walked up to him and began to caress him, kissing him, pulling him in close, wishing that we could become one. As if I had spoken out loud, he replied that he was a genie and that if that was what I truly wanted, then all I would have to do is wish.

He then pulled me closer and gave me the most passionate kiss I've ever known. So intense that I immediately came, coating the two of us. Somehow sensing that I was overcome by what had just happened, he gently guided me back to my bed to sit down. He then placed one foot on the bed and told me to go ahead and touch it. As I reached for it, I realized that I could see through his/my sock. I looked up at him, and he repeated the fact that he was a genie who could fulfill my sexual desires, and knew that invisibility was one of them. I then asked him if he could turn invisible and he said yes and proceeded to fade until all that remained standing in front of me were socks and underwear, fully formed and moving with each breath that he took. He then slipped off his shoes and began wiggling his toes. Now fully believing him,

I asked him how many wishes I could receive. His response was seven, as it was the 7th of the month. I asked him to reappear, slowly as if being poured back into the garments, first filling them, and then revealing the rest of his body outside of them. After seeing this, I knew that I could finally realize my sexual fantasy, so for my first wish, I asked him if he could reach into my mind and fulfill it. He then said, “As it is wished, so it shall be; your wish is granted.” With that he stood me up and slowly undressed me. As he did I could see in the mirror behind him that as he removed my athletic undershirt, the upper part of my body disappeared, then as he removed my boxers the lower part disappeared. Next he began undressing himself, first removing his right sock, then the left, then the undershirt, and finally the boxers, carefully laying them on the bed. It was incredible to caress and explore his invisible body with my invisible hands. He responded to my touch and reciprocated visiting all of my erotic zones.

When he reached my feet, I could stand no more and again exploded over us. With that he told me that I was now ready to be dressed and he began dressing me in the reverse order of how he removed the garments—first the boxers, next the undershirt, then the left sock, and finally the right. As he dressed me, I could feel the change as I assumed his body. As it happened, I was consumed in wave after wave of intense orgasm. When it was over, I stood there in my room looking at myself as Bennett in the mirror. Bennett then whispered in my ear, telling me how beautiful I was and how he desired me. I asked him to reappear, which he did and we stood there as twins. He then made love to me, but this time it was different because I could not only feel his touch, but I could also feel what he did as I touched him.

We spent the rest of the night reveling in each other, bring ourselves to multiple orgasms as we used our hand, tongues and mouths to make love to each other's feet before drifting off to sleep. When my alarm went off at 5:00 the next morning, I surveyed my bedroom for any sign of the night before. All was as it was. The hamper was upright in the corner. Again, confident in the knowledge that what I had experienced was just a very powerful dream, I got dressed in my gym clothes and began to pack my gym bag with my clothes for the day before heading off to the gym.

However, as I went to turn off the light on my nightstand, I noticed what appeared to be the fortune from the box. Figuring that I'd forgotten to put it back inside the box, I picked it up. Again, I thought that the letters were rearranging themselves. This time when I read it, it said, “As it is wished, so it shall be; your wish is granted—Bennett” I was totally taken aback and just sort of collapsed onto the bed—“IT HAD ONLY BEEN A DREAM!!!” was what my rational mind screamed. After a few minutes of rationalizing things, I regained my composure and left for the gym.

Similarly Named Stories: You might be looking for: “John” by BRK.

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