Shaming the boastful centaur

by DracumSum

Bill makes a joke, and a Greek goddess makes it real.

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Part 1 Bill makes a joke, and a Greek goddess makes it real. (added: 15 Oct 2022)
Part 2 Bill and Pholus decide to head to the gym where they encounter someone who takes offense to Pholus “packing”. (added: 31 Dec 2022)
Part 3 Bill and Pholus spend a delightful afternoon naked in the sun together, until they’re interrupted by their pig-like neighbor.  (added: 7 Jan 2023)
Part 4 Bill and Pholus are now learning to live with a two-foot-long, hypervirile horsecock and a 50 pound slab of throbbing manhood between their legs, respectively. And they’ve been asked to clean a stable. Wonder where I’ve heard that particular task before? (added: 29 Jul 2023)
Part 5 Beth’s experience as the only cowtaur in school gave her a lot of deep insecurities. Fortunately, she’s the subject of a malicious goddess with the power to change the past on the fly.  (added: 14 Oct 2023)
Part 6 Bill, Pholus, and Beth are firmly oversexed and loving life, aside from the whole being milked like cattle thing. Still, there’s worse things to experience in life, like the hormonal cocktail that your boobs produce being regulated and actually having sex being banned. That seems like a weirdly specific thing to talk about, doesn’t it? (added: 21 Oct 2023)
Part 7 Bill, Pholus, and Beth are borderline non-functional in society. How much further can Persephone push things?
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Part 1

Dad looked at Bill, a tad warily, and decided to give him another chance. “Son, would you like to offer a prayer before our meal?”

Bill perked up and said, “Gee willikers, sure, dad!”—sounding 12 years younger than the college freshman he was.

The entire table bowed their heads, in a worrying mixture of piety and horrified anticipation.

“Persephone, Maiden of the Spring, Queen of Hades, Mistress of the Pomegranate, bring unto me a lover whose loins are fruitful like the ripened oranges of Valencia and whose phallus would shame the boastful centaur.” He looked around the table, smirking. “Amen.”

The rest of the table sighed, and his mom made a cross.

“God damnit Bill. Do you really need to say that at the table?” Bill’s dad asked in exasperation.

Bill grinned to himself and looked around the dining room, the smile fading as he realized that his sister was already playing on her phone, and his mom was rubbing her temples as she swallowed half a glass of wine in one go.

The meal was frosty, the small talk getting crushed under the feet of Big Tech, namely in the form of Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube. Still, Bill finished his plate and went for seconds, enjoying the change from dining hall grade volume.

He looked at the port he’d poured himself before the meal, sighed, and took a large gulp, nearly finishing it. Then sighed again and tilted it over, watching the fortified wine gather in a drop, then fall, hitting the tablecloth and coloring the cream fabric blood red.

The world stood still for a moment, then came together in a bang.

From the backyard, came a crash that echoed through the neighborhood, shaking the windows and setting off all three car alarms in the back.

Everyone jumped up from the table, and looked around wildly. Dad and Jane ran for the front door, adrenaline twitchy fingers scrabbling to call 911, as Mom and Bill ran for the rear door, shoving it open.

The back garden was lit by a ring of flame, centered on a crater, cutting into both Dad’s prized lawn and Mom’s prized tulip bed. Mom grabbed a knife, presumably to stab the meteor that had crushed uncountable hours of effort in her garden, and cautiously walked out towards the crater, Bill following closely, eyes trying to see past the guttering ring of flame.

As they crossed the border of the ring of fire, a wave of... not silence, but anti-noise surged out, blanketing the entire area in not just quiet, but silence powerful enough to drive them to their knees, a sensation akin to suddenly running into hurricane force winds, overwhelming and utterly surprising.

Moments later, the car alarms stopped, and dozens of people wondered why they were standing outside, before sheepishly heading back indoors.

Mom looked around, blinked, and stood up straight. A few seconds later, she looked at the knife in her hand then walked over to the mint patch, carefully cut a few sprigs, and started to walk back inside, as Bill looked around the garden dumbfounded.

“What the hell just happened!?” he asked, getting back up, looking at the crater in utter bewilderment.

“We needed some mint to garnish the dessert. And your roommate slipped into the planned duck pond. Mind helping him out? I think he’s a little too proud to ask for it,” Mom replied, an undercurrent of suppressed loathing coloring her words, as she slipped inside. Bill looked at her, confused, then turned on his phone’s flashlight and looked inside the crater. There was an embarrassed tanned young man at the bottom.

“Erm... hello where am I?” he asked, trying to get a grip in the slippery clay. “And I think I need some help.”

“...Sure,” Bill said, reaching down and offering a hand to the newcomer. “What... how are you here?”

“No idea. Was hoping you could tell me,” he said, surprisingly upbeat. He managed to squirm around and reached up towards Bill, grabbing his hand tightly.

A wave of warmth radiated from the hand grab, and the duo twitched in shock. Then, Bill grunted and helped pull the magical teleporting stranger out of the hole.

“Many thanks,” he said, looking over himself and seeming to debate whether to clean off the clay. After a few moments’ hesitation, he sighed, and looked up at Bill. “Well, I’m Pholus. What’s your name?”

Bill was stunned now that he was able to take in all of Pholus. He was a slight young man, barely shoulder height to Bill, with curly brown hair, brown eyes, and a patchy brown beard. He wasn’t that muscular, but very defined, barely any body fat. He wasn’t a nudist, the stark tanlines on his legs and arms said he wore… something. Didn’t look like shorts, not sharp enough. All that was secondary to the organ dangling between his legs. It was almost bestial, the balls as large as eggs, his cockhead dangling a solid hand’s breath beneath those ponderous orbs. It was framed by a thin fuzz of brown hair, and the foreskin seemed to be already stretched over the glans. Pholus blushed as he realized how... fixated Bill was, and tried to cover himself up.

Bill started, and shook his head. “Sorry, my name’s Bill. You... want to get washed up?” Bill asked, suddenly very fixated on not letting the stranger go.

“You have a river nearby?”

“No? There’s a bath upstairs.”

“An upstairs bath? That sounds marvelous,” Pholus said, eyes suddenly wide and impressed.

Bill shook his head, feeling like they were talking at cross purposes. “Let’s go.” Pholus followed like an obedient puppy as the two crossed the yard and clumped upstairs, getting mud and clay on the carpet. Pholus stared at the lights for a moment, shook his head, and kept walking.

“All right, bathroom’s in here. There’s a towel over here. Soap and shampoo is here. You need anything else?”

“Erm... how do you use this?”

Bill blinked. “Did you come from space?”

“No? You can do that? I came from Päólion.”

“Where’s that?”

“Erm...” Pholus seemed unsure how to answer that.

Bill decided that Pholus was probably from space. “All right, here’s how you use the bath. This closes the drain, this adds warm water, this adds cold water, this goes in your hair. Rub it to get it soapy. Here’s the soap, and a washcloth. And here’s a towel. You know how to use a towel?”

Pholus’s lips quirked. “Rub it on wet parts?” Bill smiled and nodded, then turned and started for the door. “Wait, you’re leaving? How can I get my back?”

Bill froze and turned around. “Erm... you want me to stay in here with you?” Pholus nodded, a bit nonplussed. “All right... yeah, I can do that,” Bill said, suddenly dry mouthed.

He turned on the water, letting it warm up, and pulled off his shirt. Pholus was looking at the toilet, interested. He pressed the lever, and nodded to himself as the water in the tank flushed away. “And… this… is what you use to wipe? Do I… put it in there?”

“Erm… yeah, that’s the toilet. You wipe with the toilet paper, then just flush it with the water.”

“Huh… neat,” Pholus said, then sat down on the floor and started scraping off pieces of clay from his feet and legs, shivering a bit as his cock laid against the cold tiles. Bill remembered himself after a few moments, and, hesitating slightly, pulled off his pants, standing naked in front of the newcomer. It was hard not to try to cover himself up with his hands. He was… chubby, it had to be said, with some build from regular gym visits. His own dick wasn’t anything special, barely enough for one hand, and he was doing his best to stop it from hardening. He turned towards the bath, making sure it was a comfortable temperature, and Pholus walked up behind him.

“Huh…” he said, looking at the steam coming off the water’s surface. “I suppose water flows downhill… is there a boiler… on the top floor? That sounds dangerous…”

Bill turned around, almost chest to chest with the smaller man, his intense brown eyes staring into his own green. “As it happens, erm… no. There’s a boiler in the basement, and… well, it heats the water, and uses the pressure from the central water main to pump the water up to this floor.”

“So there’s an aqueduct leading to the house?”

“Sort of… we have it in pipes underground…”

A rich female voice laughed nearby, causing the two men to jump in surprise and turn toward the sound.

A woman wearing a toga sat on a beanbag sized floating flower, clearly enjoying the scene.

“What happens when two cute naked guys spend time alone in a private bath?” She asked, then answered her own question. “Apparently they talk about the plumbing. Don’t forget to tell him that you can let the water flow out. You don’t need to recycle it for the rest of the family.”

She rested her chin on one hand, the other holding a glass of some deep red liquid, apparently deeply amused.

Bill covered himself up, as did Pholus. “Who are you, how did you get in?”

“I’m Persephone. And you both called me with an appropriate offering. And I was just bored enough to do something about it.”

“Offering?” Bill asked. “The wine?”

She nodded. “Good vintage, enjoy the hints of pomegranate.” She took a sip of the drink. “Though, what I was more interested in was the particular phrasing.”

Bill looked at her in confusion. “What…” Persephone’s smile took on a hint of a leer and Bill’s eyes darted towards Pholus. “Oh…”

“Oh indeed.” She crossed her legs, leaning forward, inspecting the raw materials. “Of course, you two aren’t quite up to your… prayers. But I’ve always been a strong believer in hard work improving my worshipers. And in the value of a ripening crop. It’s how the harvest happens after all.” She took another sip and reclined, as Bill and Pholus both felt a wave of what felt like strong alcohol cascade over the brains. It became a lot harder to worry, and… well, Persephone would have done something if she wasn’t enjoying herself…

“Now, there is quite a bit of work to be done here. And I won’t let people call me an unfair goddess… so… what do you two propose?”

“Erm… what?” Bill asked, through the sudden feeling of drunkenness.

“What should you two do to deserve my blessings?”

“Um, complete a great challenge?”

“But there’s so much to be done here… is one challenge truly enough?” Persephone asked, as the two men shook their heads, blushing at they looked at themselves.

“What… about a bunch?” Bill offered. Pholus nodded in agreement.

“Yeah, we can complete the same quests as Hercules!” he said enthusiastically.

“You think you can complete the same tasks as Hercules?” Persephone smile was turning into a smirk. “What am I to say to such confidence? For each task you complete, you will get closer to your goals. And I will even alter the past so that people don’t question it… too much.”

“You can change the past?”

“Of course. Why do you think your mother didn’t question why there was a naked boy from Ancient Greece in the garden? Pholus is now your nudist roommate from school. Your mother is convinced that he’s led you down a path of villainy and debauchery, but would never say no to a guest. Do try to make a better impression, she’s going to give you quite the cold shoulder if you don’t get your act together.”

“But… I don’t… remember that?” Pholus said, confused.

“Of course not. It’s too simple and boring to actually press into reality, but it’ll give you a roof over your head and three meals a day, plus a cute boyfriend. Get on those quests and I’ll start filling out your backstory properly.”

The two men looked at each other, suddenly hyperaware of the other’s presence. Bill coughed. “Yeah… yeah, we can do that.”

Persephone’s smirk widened into a grin. “Then I look forward to your success.” She slowly faded from view, just leaving a lingering scent of flowers and two blushing horny men.

“Erm… you want to get into the bath?” Bill asked Pholus.

“Yeah! Yeah, that… that sounds nice.”

They clambered into the bath, and ended up back to back, feeling each other’s warmth, relaxing into the warm water.

“So… what did you pray for?” Pholus asked after a bit.

“Erm… a boyfriend with balls bigger than oranges and a cock bigger than a centaur’s.”

“What?!” Pholus yelped.

“Yeah, I’m a massive perv… It was a joke and—”

“No, no, you like big penises?”

“Yeah…?” Bill said, confused.

“That’s… not really a thing where I’m from… well… not from anyone who isn’t powerful…”


“Well, it’s this whole thing about submission and domination. You always want a partner with a smaller penis and a long foreskin… and I’m just a farmer.”

“So, you’re too big to get a date?”

He shrugged against Bill. “Well… it’s a stereotype. Farmers and satyrs, even if I’ve never met one. Huge bestial cocks for everyone not civilized enough to live in a city.” Bill’s breathing became deeper, and he shook against Pholus.

It kept going. “Are… are you masturbating against me?”

“Fuck, that sounds hot,” Bill said, and Pholus burst out laughing. Bill joined in, slowing and stopping his efforts.

“Well, I guess that’s… pretty reassuring… Guess a lot is different here.”

“Persephone said, ancient Greek… is that true?” Bill asked. Pholus shrugged.

“How could I tell what’s ancient to you? I know how to farm on a small plot of land in a place called Päólion.”

After a minute, Bill asked, “Would you recognize coins?”

Pholus shrugged again. “Does it matter? I don’t care where I am, as long as it’s a long, long way away from there. Magical lights, hot water from a tap, strange fabrics… as long as you’re here for me to ask about it, I’m happy.”

Bill blushed hard. “You… you really trust Persephone that much?”

“Well, you could have probably made that happen, but… hey, if you can fake being a god, there’s nothing I can do anyway. Might as well enjoy the water.”

“What… did you pray for?”

“Someone muscular and wise to protect me…”

“Aww. That’s adorable.”

Pholus seemed like he wanted to say more, but didn’t.

“Erm… you want me to scrub your back?” Bill asked.

“Yeah… I’d really appreciate it.”

Bill turned around and started scrubbing. “Hey, are you all right?”

“Eh… just feels a bit… tight. I’ll be all right… when I calm down,” Pholus said, sounding a bit strained.

“What are you talking about?” Bill asked, “Oh wow…” he said, looking over Pholus’s shoulder. His cock was half hard, draped nearly past his hip. The foreskin was stretched taut, and looked red and painful. “How big do you get when you’re hard?”

Pholus pointed aggressively at his dick.

“Oh… this has been going on for a while?”

“Years... Always wakes me up a few times a night.”

“And you can’t get circumcised?”

Pholus looked affronted. “Absolutely not.”

“Huh… I guess we could go talk to a doctor in the morning… see what treatments are available…” Bill said.

“You can just do that?” Pholus was surprised. “I thought they were only in large cities.”

“Erm… It’s only about half an hour to a city from here. Our general practitioner is about 45 minutes down the road.”

“What is this place?” Pholus asked, amazed.

Bill laughed a bit. “It has other problems, but let’s get you cleaned up. You feeling hungry?”

Pholus nodded. “I… could do with a bite.”

“Excellent, food should still be on the table. Let’s see if we can get you some pants.” Bill started scrubbing Pholus’s back, and helped with his legs and feet. The two were feeling giggly, being that close together, bathing in each other’s scents, mixed with the chemical freshness of shampoo and soaps, but tried to restrain themselves a bit.

“So, you’ve never been able to get hard?” Bill asked, as they were drying off.

Pholus shrugged. “For years, when this thing really started growing. Bit of a joke with the other workers. They kept assigning me to preparing the horses for breeding.” He rolled his eyes and huffed. “Something about it being the closest I’d ever get.

Bill rolled his eyes. “All right, if it’s just foreskin, it shouldn’t be too difficult to fix. If there’s something like scarring, the that’s also pretty easy, an extremely simple surgery.”

“If you say so...” Pholus said, looking around. “Erm… you said something about pants?”

“Right! My room. Let’s see if there’s something comfortable we can get you in.” He tied his towel around his waist and stepped out into the hallway, stumbling a bit from the aftereffects of meeting a goddess.

Pholus copied the action, and tried walking after him, then gave up and left the towel hung up. The bedroom was set up differently than Bill had remembered, with an inflatable mattress and an open bag.

“Erm... I guess that’s yours?” he said to Pholus, who looked inside curiously.

“Huh... these are weird...” he said, holding up a pair of pants.

“I mean, they’re what I’m wearing...” Bill said, a bit confused.

“But why not a... tunic?” Pholus asked.

“...Erm... I think those are only used for girl’s sportswear now?”

“Erm... all right.” Pholus pulled on a loose pair of sweatpants, his cock dangling down one side, and felt around in the pockets. “Huh, these are convenient,” he remarked, pulling out a wallet. “What’s this?”

“A wallet, it stores money and cards and stuff. Let’s see what’s inside it,” Bill said. He opened it to find a driver’s license, some cash, a school ID, and a school medical insurance card. “Huh, that’s useful. This makes life a bit easier.” Bill handed the wallet back to Pholus, who put it in his pants.

“All right, you ready to eat?” Bill asked, looking through the bag and tossing Pholus a shirt.

“I’m hungry for many things,” Pholus said, pulling on the top, taking in his new boyfriend’s form. Bill blushed, and threw on some of his own clothes. A few minutes later, the two headed down together.

The plates from dinner were still there, with a new spot for Pholus. It had a towel over the cushion, and the rest of the family looked up at the two as they walked in. Bill’s mom appeared pleasantly surprised, but nodded as the two took their place.

Pholus didn’t notice, he was fixated on the sheer amount of food on the table. “What... how...” He shook his head and sat down, then looked at the family using their fork and knives, and tried to imitate them.

It was a bit messy, but the family was trying to be polite to the Greek.

“So... how are you settling in?” Bill’s dad asked after a few minutes of munching. “Thanks again for spending your first day digging a pond. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a while.”

Pholus was digging in, as if he hadn’t eaten in a week. Bill waited a few seconds and answered. “Think he’s doing fine, and really appreciating your cooking. Thanks, mom.” She nodded and made an ‘it was nothing’ gesture. Bill continued.,”Yeah, felt like we got it done in a flash, at least until he slipped.”

There was a weird pressure at the base of Bill’s head, and it felt like his ears popped. A few different memories jumbled together. What had happened with the explosion, the two of them spending the day digging, Pholus naked, trying to make the best of things, and the two of them digging in muddy clothes. The first two faded. Bill could remember what had ‘happened’ but it was muddy, like vivid dream from a couple nights back.

His mom blinked. “I’m sorry that I got in such a tizzy over you two getting your clothes so dirty. If you can leave them to soak overnight, I’ll get them tomorrow.”

Pholus and Bill looked at each other, then turned back to their food. Guess this is what Persephone had meant by “reality changes.” Bill’s mom had seen him nude, and had formed a certain reality. Bill’s dad hadn’t. Which one made more sense? The one where Pholus had shoes on, apparently.

The rest of the night was fairly uneventful. Pholus was stunned enough to just take everything in and accept it as what it was. Bill was still feeling the effects of whatever Persephone had done to them.

The two headed up to bed, changed, and got into their respective beds, still not quite willing to open up.

Bill lay in bed, staring at the ceiling. Pholus did the same.

“So... what else do you want to do?” Bill asked.


“Like, after going to the doctor. We’re roommates... but I don’t want to force you to do anything...”

Pholus didn’t answer for a few minutes. “I... don’t know? I’m just following you around right now. So... what would you normally do?”

“Sleep, workout, eat, wan—” He gulped. “—watch TV, eat, repeat?”

“I guess I’ll try that? At least once?”

“Erm, yeah, sure!”

“One question, what does working out and TV mean?”

“Erm... working out is exercise? TV is a way of sending moving images to a box?” Bill said, trying to bring the level of understanding to a reasonable degree.

“Oh... all right then...” A few more minutes passed. “Erm... did I do something wrong?”

“What? No! I... just don’t know too much about you?”

“Is that why... I’m sleeping on the floor?”


“Well, it’s considered... sort of servile for someone to sleep at the foot of their master’s bed...”

“That’s... not what I intended?”

“So, is there a reason why I’m sleeping in here?”

“Erm... not really... My bed is a bit small...”

“I’m willing to cuddle.”

“You... want to cuddle?”

“Yeah... it’s nice...”

Bill’s brain was gently short circuiting. It took him a few moments to actually respond. “Er, yeah... I think I’d like that. I’d like it a lot.”

Pholus stood up, wobbling on the air mattress, then slipped into the bed and underneath the covers.

Bill was hyperaware of Pholus’s warmth, his tight, toned body right there.

Pholus shifted, and he pressed into Bill’s side.

“Erm… are you wearing any pajamas?”

“Why would I wear something? It’s comfortable underneath the blankets,” Pholus said.

Bill stiffened, and didn’t answer. Pholus shuffled away from him.

“Seriously, what’s… wrong with me? I… I thought you liked me. You certainly stared enough…”

“It’s… not you. I’m… just not sure… how to react around you?”

“What do you mean?”

“Well… what are your limits? You can’t get hard… and you’re naked in my bed… and I don’t want to hurt you… and I don’t really know you, but I feel like I know you… but...” Bill felt a pair of arms wrap around him,

“Ah… you overthink… don’t you?”

“I… wouldn’t put it that way…”

Pholus laughed quietly. “I’m sure…” After a few seconds, he continued. “How to put it… After what I asked Persephone… everything that happens to me, I deserve. I’ve put myself in your hands… and I’m willing to go as far as you are.”

“What did you ask Persephone?”

The joking, jolly mood disappeared. “Well… I asked her to give me another chance. I’d… give up everything. It wasn’t much to be honest… but it was all I could offer… if she’d give me a… I don’t… the word doesn’t… quite… make sense. It wasn’t a master… It wasn’t a friend… social superior? But… more intimate than that. Mentor? Someone who could guide me, help me, protect me… anything better than what I was going through.”

Bill rolled over and wrapped his arms around Pholus.

“Well… I’m not sure if I can do all that… but I’m damn willing to try. Fuck, now I feel like an asshole doing some bullshit about a massive dick...” Bill trailed off, hugging tighter feeling the naked man beneath him, and appreciating what he’d committed to.

“Well… it wasn’t that noble. I may have… phrased it a bit more… aggressively...” Pholus admitted after a moment

“Like what?” Bill asked.

“Well… there may have been invocations to Greek heroes… comparisons with Heracles… as bountiful as a satyr… it… got a bit horny...”

Bill laughed quietly. “Oh, we’re both fucking pervs aren’t we.”

“Not fucking yet,” Pholus said. “I’d love to suck you as deeply as I could manage… but...” He slowly worked his groin against Bill’s leg, the soft length unmistakable and very very apparent.

“I can’t wait to see how big you are… I’m such a size queen.”

“You really think that someone can help me?”

“I’m sure of it. Should be a simple surgery. You’ll be in and out in a day. Then… well, we’ll see what you can do… and whether I can take your massive cock.”

Pholus’s hand strayed down, feeling Bill’s rock hard cock. He was leaking, staining the thin pair of pants separating the two. “You’re a pretty decent size,” he said, feeling against Bill’s length, maybe a hand’s length, four inches.

Bill leaned into Pholus, kissing his neck, suddenly overwhelmed by his scent. “You don’t need to be nice...”

“No, I’m serious… It’s big enough to feel, but small enough to suck easily. This… you should be pretty happy with this. It’s a nice cock.” Bill felt Pholus’s cock start to swell, twitching as it descended down his leg, then Pholus strained his legs, and the cock slowly shrank down to flaccid. Or at least as flaccid as it could get in these circumstances. “Sorry… but… fuck… you make me horny.”

“Right…” Bill said, unsure, not wanting to hurt Pholus. “So… we want to be as chaste as possible? At least for tonight? Two equals sleeping in he same bed?”

Pholus laughed again. “You are so bad at this… but… yes. I can’t think of a better way of putting it.”

Bill rolled back onto his arm, Pholus next to him, and closed his eyes, trying to fall asleep.

Pholus’s steady breathing helped, and eventually, the two drifted off to sleep.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

The next morning, the two of them woke up to Bill’s alarm and discovered they’d started holding hands in the middle of the night. They let go, Pholus more tentatively than Bill, and rolled out of bed. A pair of gym shorts for Pholus was enough to satisfy basic decency, though didn’t hide anything, and they headed downstairs.

“How was your night?” Bill’s dad asked, making eggs.

Bill muttered something, as Pholus brightened. “It was… nice. It was very nice,” he said. He yawned hugely. “Not much sleep, but… I felt better than I have in a long time.”

“Good to hear?” Bill’s dad seemed a bit unsure of the subtext, but rose to the occasion. “What are the two of you thinking of doing?”

“Well… we were planning on heading to the hospital, turns out that Pholus has a pretty annoying minor disorder we’d like to get checked out. His insurance should cover it…” Bill had looked up the policy on the insurance card before heading down. “No deductible and they cover general practitioner visits, so we should be good. Then… I don’t know. You want to work out?” he asked, turning to Pholus.

Pholus had been trying to remember what Bill had said about insurance, so nothing, then shrugged at the question “Sure, could be fun.”

Bill’s dad chuckled. “I’m sure you’ll enjoy it. Bill was nearly as much of a beanpole as you are now. You’ll do well under his tutelage.”

Bill coughed, caught in the middle of taking a drink of orange juice. “I… think you’re overselling me there, dad. I’m still about the same weight.”

“And two pants sizes down. You’re underestimating yourself.”

Bill blushed, and Pholus wasn’t sure if he should pick the conversation up. How interesting was tending an olive orchard? The rest of the meal passed in mostly silence, then the two headed back to Bill’s room where they dressed for the day. Which immediately became an issue.

“So… why can’t I wear a tunic? It’s more comfortable. And it fits better,” Pholus complained, trying to position his shorts so that they were comfortable and didn’t show off so much that it got him in trouble. The former was his main concern. The latter was Bill’s. It wasn’t exactly going well. His shaft and cockhead was clearly outlined, while his oversized balls were a larger bulge than most men needed to deal with. It was enough to be on the edge between comedy packing and realistic.

“All right… what if you… just wear looser pants?” Bill asked, finally admitting defeat.

“I have those?!”

“Well, yeah, why wouldn’t you?”

“Where I’m from, you have one piece of clothing,” Pholus said. “I… keep forgetting this bag is all mine.”

Bill looked at the bag, then to his room. It… didn’t compare. He shook his head, thinking about the present. “All right… here’s a pair of gym shorts. If… you…” He sighed. “Yeah, there’s not much that’s going to stop people from seeing that. Hopefully you don’t get in too much trouble.”

Pholus wore a dark navy shirt and a pair of black gym shorts, with a pair of grey shoes. The clothes sort of just hung on him, just accentuating his beanpole build, rather than actually being stretched across his chest and back. The folds in his shorts could have helped to disguise the bulge hanging most of the way to his knee, but… that was optimistic to say the least. Pinkie thick veins stood out proudly, and his balls were large enough to push out the crotch, making the entire package that much more evident.

That said, it made Bill’s constant erection much less noticeable.

Bill called ahead and they were lucky enough to jump on a last minute cancellation, heading in barely an hour after the two of them woke up.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Bill and Pholus sat in the waiting room together. Pholus was idly playing with one of the wire and bead things that apparently self-replicate and infest waiting rooms everywhere, more amazed by the casual use of metal than anything. Sure, there was probably metal in cars, and in decorations, but making a pointless kid’s toy like that… that took a lot of wealth.

“Mr… Pholus? No last name?” A nurse called out, and Pholus jumped up, giving Bill a happy eyeful.

“Right here, ma’am. Can Bill come?”

“Is he family?”

“Erm…” Bill began, about to say no, when.

“Absolutely! He is the closest person in my life!” Pholus declared in front of a pack of bored soccer moms with bob haircuts and highlights. At least three of them recognized Bill, and rapidly started typing on their phones.

Bill stood up, blushing, and nodded. “I’m… I’m definitely the closest he has to family.”

The nurse smiled kindly. “Well, I’m glad for you two, now… let’s get you to an examination room.” She turned and strode off briskly, the two students hurrying to catch up. She opened the door and the two went inside. She closed it. “So, what appears to be the problem?”

“I think he might have scarring around his foreskin. Or it might be too tight? Either way, he’s been having difficulty sleeping because it’ll wake him up. Oh, and he will not get a circumcision,” Bill said, as Pholus blushed. “Oh, sorry, should I have said that?”

“No no no, thank you… I’m just… really bad at talking about this stuff. This is why I need him.” The nurse nodded noting some stuff down.

“I can see why you asked him to come in with you. All right, well, I assume you don’t want me to examine you to confirm?” Pholus shook his head emphatically.

“All right, we were going to give you over to Doctor Smith, but we can rearrange stuff a bit and get Doctor Harrison here. Unless it’s more than just gender that’s an issue?”

Bill looked at Pholus, who shrugged. “I… sorry… I grew up with a bunch of men… and I’m… not… as comfortable around women?” Pholus said. “I… don’t know if I’ll be more comfortable with a man… but I don’t think I’ll be comfortable with a woman looking.”

The nurse nodded and made a few more marks. “Well, I can understand that. All right, wait here a few minutes.” She dotted something a bit aggressively, and walked out, putting the file in the holder on the outside of the door, then headed back to the receptionist’s desk.

“Are women that big an issue?” Bill asked when the door closed again.

Pholus shrugged. “I grew up in an old barn with 12 other boys. The farmers tending the vines and trees were all men. The only women I met were a couple house slaves and… well, I saw the mistress of the house. A lot... I never talked to her but...” He shivered. “She scared me.”

“All right. Is that something you want to work on?” Bill asked.

Pholus shrugged again. “Do you think I should?”

“Well, you did pretty well around the nurse… and my mom…”

Pholus shook his head. “It’s… more about… who’s in charge?” He trailed off, not sure what he could say.

Bill was about to follow up on that, when the door opened up, and an older man in a lab coat and close cropped greying hair strode in.

“All right, so you have a problem with your foreskin?” Presumably Doctor Harrison asked, glancing over the notes. Pholus nodded, surprised at how direct the doctor was. “All right, can you take off your pants? And whatever you’re packing with?”

Pholus didn’t respond, and followed the instructions, shaking a bit. The doctor looked up at him, blinked in surprise, then covered it up with a grimace.

“Sorry… I find that a lot of patients do better if they don’t have time to really think about it. You feeling all right?” Pholus managed a nod. “Good. Do you mind if I touch you to examine what might be wrong?” Pholus nodded again.

The doctor washed his hands, then pulled on a pair of gloves. He sat down, blinking as he took in the flaccid length, then carefully picked up the shaft. “And it only hurts while you have an erection?” Pholus nodded for the third time. “Okay… I think I see the problem already,” he said. “There’s a ring of scar tissue here,” he said, running his finger around Pholus’s head. “So stretching is out. I’d recommend circumcision, but that’s out as well?”

Pholus nodded. Doctor Harrison grimaced a bit. “Well, we’ll probably need to cut something, but it doesn’t need to go that far. How does cutting along here sound? About a quarter inch? It should give you enough space for the foreskin to easily slide over the glans.”

“How… dangerous is it?” Pholus said, looking down at the doctor, feeling a familiar rush of blood at the sensation of someone holding him.

“Petty minimal. Low enough that we can take care of it here, if you’re all right with that. Just a local anesthetic, and some bandaging. Shouldn’t take more than a half hour in total. There’s a slight risk of tearing, which is why I’d usually recommend circumcision, but as long as you don’t force anything, you should be fine.”

Nodding, Pholus said, “All right, let’s do it.” The doctor nodded and let go of Pholus’s member, then headed out, calling for a few nurses to assist with basic surgery.

Bill was certainly surprised by how quickly the discussion had gone, but… judging by how quickly Doctor Harrison had left the room, someone was either intimidated or just not a fan of dicks in general. Or had dealt with far, far too many dicks and just wanted to get it over with.

The room went quiet, though they could hear the hustle and bustle of the hallway outside. “That was… easy?” Pholus said, a bit unsure.

“Well, it is fairly simple. And they found the cause quickly. And Doctor Harrison probably likes surgery,” Bill said, unable to take his eyes off the length swaying off the edge of the examination table.

Pholus noticed where Bill was staring. “You really like this thing, don’t you?” he asked, lifting it up, intentionally showing off his oversized balls.

“Oh fuck yes.” Bill’s own cock surged to full hardness.

Pholus’s dick thickened and lengthened, as he reacted to Bill’s interest, then it tugged on the scar ring, and he grimaced.

“Oh… sorry,” Bill said, abashed, covering up his crotch.

Pholus laughed a bit ruefully. “No problem… It’s nice to be wanted.”

“Do… you mind if I ask how you got that scarring?”

Pholus’s lingering smile vanished. “Someone didn’t quite like an avatar of Priapus around,” he said without elaboration, and an awkward silence filled the room.

It was broken by the nurse entering, blinking in surprise. “All right, please put on this gown.” She hung it on a hook on the back of the door, then stepped out. Pholus blushed harder, and stood up, pulling off the rest of his clothes, before slipping into his gown.

“All right… I guess… I’ll see you in a bit?” Pholus said, then opened the door and headed out.

The nurse led him into another room, with a cloth covered table and a lot of machines making a lot of light. Pholus took a deep breath and sat down on the table. Doctor Harrison returned, with another assistant, clothed enough he couldn’t easily tell their gender.

“All right, we’ll be administering a local anesthetic, which will numb the entire area. You shouldn’t feel a thing, other than a very slight tugging,” The doctor said, pulling on a green gown and a face mask. The other assistant arranged some bottles, consulted some papers, then pulled out a shiny pointy thing.

“Are you ready?” They asked, after filling the pointy thing with some liquid. Pholus nodded, not quite sure what else there was to do. “All right, can you lay back, and hold your gown up? You’ll feel a slight pinch.

Pholus did, and then felt a really strange sensation. Like cold was being poured into his junk. A few minutes later, he didn’t even feel that. It was just… like he’d fallen asleep on his arm.

The assistant was talking to him the entire time, and called over to the doctor once everything had gone numb. Doctor Harrison walked over, and Pholus firmly looked at the ceiling. A moment later, and the world tilted.

Bill had called it a retcon, but whatever it was, it hit again, as the room blurred, and the feeling of the table shifted, becoming more padded, less articulated.

“All right, that should be your shot array. Thanks for being such a good sport about it,” Doctor Harrison said brightly, and Pholus realized he was back in his new normal clothes. “We’ll discharge you soon, just need to take care of some paperwork. See you both in a jiff.” He headed out, closing the door behind him.

As soon as the door closed, Pholus sat up, looking around for Bill. Bill was looking right back at him. “What just happened?!” They both asked at the same time.

“You were about to get surgery...” Bill said.

“I felt the tug of the… knife? I think it’s a knife.”

“Then we got here? Did… did we complete one of the labors?”

“You two most certainly did,” Persephone said, floating on her not-beanbag flower again, looking at the couple in amusement. “Number 2 as a matter of fact.”

“The hydra…?” Bill asked, thinking it over, then facepalmed. “We defeated the hydra by freeing Pholus’s dick?”

Persephone burst out laughing. “You most certainly did,” She managed after a minute. “I can’t think of anything outside a proper stallion that deserves to be called a hydra more. And we’ll definitely get there.”

Bill and Pholus looked at each other, the fact that they were beholden to a moderately insane goddess slowly dawning on them.

“All right… so… what do we get?” Pholus asked, deciding to either get burnt alive or get a straight answer.

“Isn’t Pholus being able to have sex reward enough?”

“I… suppose… that’s honestly pretty fair...” Bill said, a tad calmer, he wasn’t the person just under the knife.

“Oh, that was a joke. You two will find out the real answer pretty soon. I can’t wait to see how you handle the bull!” She vanished, and the door opened.

“All right, everything’s settled. You two can head out whenever you’re ready,” Dr. Henderson said.

Pholus and Bill looked at each other, grabbed their stuff, and headed to Bill’s car.

The moment they were outside the doors, they stopped. “What was that?!” they both asked, supremely confused.

“Well… she… said she likes self-improvement. I… guess getting your foreskin cut so that you can actually get hard probably counts?” Bill said.

“Yeah, but what does that have to do with a hydra?”

“What? Your monster doesn’t deserve that title? I’m guessing it’s because you cut the head of the hydra, which is how Hercules succeeded. Pity it didn’t give you two dicks.”

Pholus huffed in amusement, and leaned back in his seat, ready to be amazed by the self moving vehicle, when both men were suddenly struck with extreme itchiness.

They rubbed and scratched reflexively, Pholus over his entire body, Bill just on his chest, arms, and face, but a few seconds later it faded entirely.

Bill pulled his shirt open and saw that his chest hair had fallen out, while Pholus saw that there were two rings of hair around his legs on the carpet. A few seconds later, they’d faded.

“… interesting,” Bill said after a few seconds, rubbing his newly smooth skin. “Feels kind of nice.”

“Not going bald, I’m happy,” Pholus agreed. Then checked his junk. “And… it looks even bigger.”

“Best day for me, in that case,” Bill smiled.

“Shut up and let’s get to your stupid gym.”

“You’re getting pretty good with modern syntax.”

“Thanks! It must be all these memories of me slacking off in class and arguing on… small, rectangular, smooth...”

“Your phone?” Bill asked, a tad concerned.

“…It’s literally Greek for ‘voice’ … duh,” Pholus said, slapping his forehead. “Why does it do everything else?”

“Easier to do that than carry something for everything,” Bill said, pulling out his. “You feel comfortable trying out one of my workouts? Or you want to ease into it?”

“Let’s be stupid,” Pholus said, leaning back in his seat, and relaxing, trying to get used to the sudden change of sensation on his new hairless skin.


Part 2

Bill pulled into the parking lot of a gym, and Pholus unclenched his hands from the seat. “So… why are we here?”

“Well… I like muscles… and I like eating… so this lets me eat more and stare at muscles,” Bill said.

Pholus stared at him, then shrugged. “Fair enough. What are you thinking for me?”

“I’ll show you some basic workouts, and we can go from there. You’re probably pretty strong from working in the fields all day?”

“Erm… what do you mean by pretty strong?” Pholus said, looking at the taller man.

“Well, how much can you lift?”

“I can carry an amphora of wine with another person?”

“You know what… let’s just… get inside and we can figure out how strong you are.”

A few minutes later, they were both inside the gym. They’d finished a warmup jog around the indoor track, and Bill had wiped down a bench and was loading up the weights. Pholus had gotten over all the steel and televisions and mirrors, a bit, and could finally take in the entire room.

Pholus looked around the gym, eyebrows furrowed in confusion. “So... people come here... and... get sweaty and tired... because... they want to? Then they go to the showers and... relax?”

Bill looked up at him from a squat machine and shrugged. “Well, there’s a sauna, but I haven’t spent too much time there. Mostly take a shower and go home.”

“... Why?” Pholus asked, puzzlement growing.

“Well... people want to lose weight, or get stronger, or they are trying to work on injuries, or they’re horny and like appreciating muscles.”

“Okay... I can get the last one,” Pholus said, blushing. “All right... so... how hard is it to look like that?”

“Usually takes years of effort. Or a lot of steroids.”


“Erm... your body signal muscles to grow through something called hormones. They... uh... tell the bodyparts how to act. You can add more hormones that tell your body to become more masculine, called testosterone, pretty easily. It has some side effects, but it will help make muscle building easier. It also helps with recovery so you can workout harder for longer.”

Pholus grimaced. “So, I still need to work for muscles?”

“Pretty much. Unless some deity wants to be nice and give us them for free.”

“Then why would anyone use steroids?” Pholus asked, sitting on a nearby bench as Bill grunted and lifted his first set.

“It’s still faster? And can help with injuries.”

Pholus looked at Bill, then slid underneath a bar, and pushed. It didn’t move.

Hey! Take it easy,” Bill shouted.

A second later Pholus groaned, and relaxed. “Oww, people can lift that?” He said, looking at the half full bars, rubbing his biceps.

“Yeah, but those should be empty. Someone didn’t rerack their weights. Which could mean they’re either going to the bathroom, or they’re a douche,” Bill said, annoyed. “Let’s get you started at a lower weight.” He looked around and noticed that a bench on the other side was open. “Yeah, just use the bar right now…” Bill said, pointing towards the empty bench. He grabbed a bar from a stand and put it on the rests.

Pholus groaned, rolled off the bench and walked to the other one. He laid down and grabbed the bar, then got ready to push.

“Wait! Your hands are too far apart. Try moving them about a thumb’s length from the knurling.”


“The rough bits… they help you center on the weight.” Pholus nodded and adjusted his grip, then lifted.

“All right, bring it slowly up, pause, then slowly down,” Bill said.

“Seriously? This is easy.”

“Learning form now saves injuries later,” Bill said primly. Pholus looked at him, grunted, and followed the instructions.

“All right, that was number 8. Let’s add some weight on the next set.” Bill stepped away from Pholus’s bench and laid down on his own.

“Mind spotting me? You just need to help me grab the bar if I call for it. Then put it onto the rests here.” Pholus nodded and stood up, next to Bill’s head.

Suddenly the outline in Pholus’s pants came into clear view, and Bill could see nothing else.

He coughed. “Erm… you can stand back a bit.”

Pholus grinned. “But I think you like it when I stand here.”

It was heavy, clearly running down one pants leg, balls pushing it out. He wasn’t wearing underwear, and he thrust slightly, heavy head swinging like a pendulum. Bill stared open mouthed.

“Dude! Fucking hell, I get you’re a wimp, but do you really need to pack that much?” Someone said loudly. Pholus jumped back, and Bill looked over.

Standard gym bro douche. Down to the excessively cut out tank top, ever-present protein shake container, and fragile ego.

“Just ignore him” Bill said, then grunted and lifted the bar. He kept it slow, controlled, and went through a set of eight. He put it back against the rest and breathed out, laying there for a few seconds, breathing through his nose, then sat up and looked at Pholus. “You ready?”

Pholus nodded, and laid down, glancing over at the bench next to them. “Ignore him, he’ll fuck off eventually,” Bill reassured him.

The gym bro next to them looked affronted, grunted, huffed, snorted, then shouted as he did a lift without a spotter.

Well… he wasn’t just saline, regardless of how salty he acted.

The two continued their workout, trying to ignore the increasingly exaggerated noises next to them, carefully going through their workout, until they had finished their sets.

“All right, you still feeling good?” Bill asked Pholus, who nodded. “All right, let’s go play with pulleys.”

The two headed off, ignoring the gym bro’s angry stare.

They circulated around the gym, following a workout routine on Bill’s phone, repeatedly running into into the angry lifter. He seemed to be following up on their sets, adding weight and angry grunting his way through the harder lifts.

Finally, they were done, and stood there, panting and sweaty.

“All right… shower? Or do you want to get something to eat first?” Bill asked

“I think I know something I want to eat…” Pholus said, leaning into Bill, inhaling deeply.

Bill laughed and hugged Pholus. “Not right now, perv.”

They held each other for a few seconds, then broke apart. Bill walked over to his bag and grabbed two bottles out of it, then tossed one to Pholus. “Bottom’s up,” he said, and started drinking.

It was overly sweet, chalky, and lumpy. “Erm… thanks,” he said, trying not to make a face.

“Yeah, they don’t taste that good. But it’ll help you feel better tomorrow.”

“Oh, thank the gods, I thought you expected me to like it,” Pholus said, relief clear on his face.

“They do taste better with milk. We can try out a few and see what one you dislike the least later.”

“That’s your first protein shake!?” The two slowly turned around to face the noise.

They saw the annoying douche. He was grinning, a half empty bottle in his hands, another one behind him, presumably solely for the effect.

“Jesus fucking Christ, how small is your dick?” Bill asked reflexively, exasperated.

His face turned purple, and his eyebrow started twitching.

“Come on,” Bill said, grabbing Pholus, and walking towards the stairs.

They closed the door behind them, and Bill broke into nearly a run, jumping his way up the stairs, and speed walking once they’d gotten up a flight towards another set of stairs.

“Where are we going?” Pholus asked, finally recovered from his surprise.

“Somewhere to let that asshole cool off,” Bill replied, opening the door to the staircase and heading inside.

“You do this often?”

“Sometimes, I have a big mouth.”

“Why don’t we… I dunno, leave?”

“Because I don’t like getting trapped in a parking spot inside my car.” Bill opened another door onto an empty hallway, with a sign for a locker room at the end of the hallway. “I’ll lodge a complaint with the staff later. If they haven’t already kicked the guy out.”

They headed towards the locker room, while Bill headed to his locker, unlocked it, and pulled out two towels, and two pairs of sandals, throwing his bag inside and relocking it. “All right, to the sauna.”

Pholus looked nonplussed, and started walking over. Bill pulled out a drawstring bag, and headed inside first, pulling off his shoes and putting on the sandals, then stripping down.

“Oh, you have a room just for this?” Pholus said, brightening up. He nearly tore his clothes in his haste, and stood there, bouncing on his heels.

Bill was momentarily distracted by the pendulum, then shook his head to refocus, and hurried Pholus into the steam. He closed the door, and the panting echoing around the room slowly died down.

Pholus looked around the steam room, it was wood paneled, with wooden seats, and a steel burner with rocks in the top and a bucket of water. A nearby spigot, beaded with condensation, showed how to refill it.

“The owner of the gym apparently really likes a proper sweat after a workout,” Bill said, sitting down and starting as the hot wood pressed into his back. He slowly relaxed, towel covering his waist.

Pholus followed his example, a clear wrist thick bulge going over one thigh. “So… what are we doing here?”

“Well, did you ever go to a bathhouse?”

“I did?”

“This is sort of similar, just a place to relax and chat after getting sweaty. Then we can wash off outside.”

“Why the steam though?”

“It… feels nice?”

Pholus chuckled. “Fair enough.” He leaned back, winced at the sudden sensation, then sighed he adjusted.

“So… we’re just going to wait here for the other guy to cool off? While we get hot and sweaty?”

“Pretty much.”

“And you think that the people who work here will deal with him?”


“So why are we down here rather than… up by the main desk?”

Bill’s head lightly bounced against the bench. “Because I don’t think well under pressure?”

Pholus chucked. “You’re adorable.”

“You’re not worried?”

“Well, a bit, but we’ve already made a choice. And we might as well enjoy this while we can.” Pholus let his towel slip, and shivered as his cock slipped off his thigh, nearly a hands breath resting on the bench.

Bill’s head jerked down, and his own towel shifted as he hardened, “Have I told you that you’re really hot?”

“Not today…” Pholus said, his cock starting to lengthen. He leaned back holding his thick cock as it slowly pushed its way across the bench. He cringed as new skin was exposed to the heat, then relaxed as it pendulously lifted off. Slowly, his purple head pushed its way past the foreskin, revealing a thick mushroom, which rapidly started beading with pre.

“Holy fucking shit…” Bill said, eyes fixed on Pholus. “So… is that bigger than your forearm?”

Pholus put his elbow into his hip, then laid his arm along his dick. He gently started stroking the head, barely needing to bend his wrist. “Yeah, I think just by a bit.”

Bill leaned forward, his own dick achingly hard. He couldn’t keep his eyes off of Pholus, and eagerly ate him up. All right, he was pale, skinny, but his thick brown hair, and vivid green eyes lent an air of honest handsomeness, even beyond the massive womb crusher between his legs and the nearly egg sized balls propping it up. The pronounced veins, a nearly pinkie thick purple monster running along the top …

The cock kept growing, all of it off the bench, starting to bob with Pholus’s heart. He laughed, and it jerked up, flinging a drop of pre onto the warm stone ground.

“Wow… you really like this thing,” he said, grabbing it halfway up, and gently shaking it. Bill’s eyes followed it side to side, nearly drooling.

After a moment or two, he blinked and blushed. “Yeah… it’s… really amazing.”

Pholus blinked and blushed too. “Erm… thanks… that… that really means a lot to me… I’ve… never met someone who… well…” He started stammering, then took a deep breath and managed. “Well, it makes me feel really, really good.”

“You mind if I try to make you feel even better?” Bill asked.

Pholus blinked, open mouthed, as Bill rolled onto his side, ready to crawl over, eyes firmly fixed on his prize.

Then the door slammed open. “Ha! Found you two!”

Said two jerked towards the open door where the douche from before was framed in the open door. His triumphant expression was replaced by one of confusion then concern and horror. “Wait… what the fuck is that!?”

Bill caught a hint of eager lust, buried underneath a mountain of personal problems.

“It’s Pholus, the biggest, best, fucking dick in the whole world,” Bill said, reaching out and gently grabbing the warm rod. Pholus’s leg jerked up, and he leaned back against the bench, suddenly overwhelmed by the unexpected sensation.

A few moments of silence filled the room. Then Pholus burst out laughing. “Why did you need to talk about it that way?” He managed after a few minutes.

“Well… it is. I love this massive thing,” Bill said, hamming it up and leaning in for a kiss.

The douche was still standing there in the door. Pholus ruffled Bill’s hair and looked at him. “You mind closing the door? You’re letting out all the heat.”

The gym bro did so, and sat down on the bench, still in his sweaty workout gear, pants tenting. “Wait… you’re… not wearing an extender? And you weren’t hard?”

Bill stopped leaning into Pholus’s hip. “No? This thing is 100% natural. And soft whenever I’m not nuzzling it. Why?”

“Well… I… really… well...” the douche, downgraded to insecure asshole, tried to articulate, stumbling over his words. Bill started to nuzzle Pholus’s dick again. He trailed off, staring as it dripped pre. He shook his head. “Erm… well, I really don’t like it when people fake their dick size…”

“Any reason why?” Bill asked, looking interested, though that might have been because he was smelling the sweaty musky log.

The insecure muscle head blushed. “I… don’t know if I have a good reason…. But how long is that thing? I’m 9 inches, so it needs to be nearly two feet long!” He tried to appear enthusiastic, but it seemed to be running hard into reality.

“Erm… I haven’t measured..,” Pholus said, then Bill interrupted.

“About 11 inches.”

“Only 11? You’re sure?”

“Pretty fucking sure,” Bill confirmed.

“But it’s longer than his forearm...”

“And he’s five feet flat,” Bill said. “Dick size is basically disconnected from height, so… it’s proportionally even huger.”

Pholus grinned and shoved his elbow into his hip again, showing off how big he was. He still couldn’t get over how much people were enjoying it, after a lifetime of being mocked.

The insecure asshole slumped against the bench, and Bill took pity on him. “Look, what’s your name?”


“Look, just because he’s stupidly big doesn’t mean that you’re not big enough.”

“Hey! I’m plenty big!”

“If you think he’s nearly three times as big as you….” Bill began, and looked at the tent. “Dude… if this is such an issue, you really should talk to a therapist. And get better dates. Sure, a big dick is fun, but… it’s absolutely not a replacement for a half decent personality and a modicum of confidence. That isn’t based on your muscles, because those are going to become harder to maintain eventually.”

Eric shrank in on himself. “Well… I… don’t think that’s fair...”

“I’m not trying to be an asshole about it, but… if you followed us around the building for 20 minutes… because you thought someone was packing to be bigger than you… you might have a problem. And seriously, trying to break your way into a sauna to show us who’s boss… dude, you need to talk with a professional,” Bill said.

Pholus was a bit lost, but nodded anyway. “It’s not healthy. Fixating on something you don’t have… no matter how much you lie about it… yeah, that just ends up poorly.”

“I… I guess I was sort of doing that?” Eric admitted, looking at the two for confirmation. They looked back at him. “Yeah… I was,” he said, then slumped back and looked at the ceiling.

After a few minutes of silence, Eric looked down at himself, covered in sweat. “Fuck… I guess I can’t stay here much longer… Erm… you mind if I talk to you two again? I’ll… I’ll try to talk with someone, get better…. But… erm… if it’s not too much to ask… can I see you two again? I promise I won’t be a douche… next time.”

“Hey, we all have our issues. As long as you don’t get creepy about it again, we can at least talk. And see where it goes from there,” Bill said.

Pholus nodded.

“Sounds good… I have a… few phone calls to make.” Eric slowly stood up, eyes staring at Pholus’s dick one last time, then headed out, closing the door behind him.

Bill’s head slumped into Pholus’s thigh with a sigh. “Fuck… I thought we were dead.”

“Me too. That was… interesting,” a familiar rich voice laughed. “Didn’t expect him to respond to you saying he needed therapy well. Guess he was in awe over Pholus. Maybe if you swung it back and forth you could get a show hypnotizing people.” Persephone slowly formed out of the steam cloud, laying down, and looking on her worshipers with interest.

Bill scrambled up and Pholus covered himself. “Erm, your goddess-ness…” Pholus began, not sure what to say.”

“Leave it. You two managed to capture the Cretan Bull, though I expected more of a threesome to be honest. How should I reward you two? I had been considering making your balls so massive you’d be as dominant in the gym as Pholus would be in a circle jerk, but… nah… let’s make you innately understanding. Just as understanding as you needed to be to get a compensating aggressively straight self-described alpha male to go to therapy.” She snapped her fingers and leered at the two as the steam thickened and she slowly faded.

Pholus and Bill looked at each other in confusion and moderate anxiety. “What… does that mean?” Pholus managed.

Bill looked at him. “What part?”

“Well, whatever change she’s giving us. I think the rest of it was fairly self-explanatory,” he replied.

“No idea, but let’s try to get washed off. Fuck this room just smells horny,” Bill said, getting up and grabbing his towel.

“Why? I kind of like it,” Pholus said, leaning back and inhaling deeply. “And I like you there, with you right in front of me.”

Bill paused and smiled. “What part? My back? My legs? Or my sweaty, needy ass?”

Pholus’s cock started rising again, the smell of sweat taking on a musky tinge.

Bill’s eyes went unfocused for a moment as he inhaled deeply. He started walking over to Pholus and dropped to his knees, head level with Pholus’s heavy balls and hefty cock. It bobbed in front of him, sweat glistening on the surface, a bead of pre forming.

Pholus’s heart was pounding in his ears, his new boyfriend staring at him with utter devotion. His cock was harder than he could ever remember, his balls pulled tightly against him. He’d spent the entire day staring at his boyfriend, and they’d handled Eric, and now… Bill was on his knees worshiping Pholus’s cock. He bit a finger as Bill tongue reached out and touched his head.

Bill’s brain was swimming in Pholus’s needy musk, the flavor of his pre slowly spreading through his mouth. He slowly moved closer, tongue tracing one of the veins, getting closer to Pholus’s crotch.

Pholus squeaked as Bill started licking, and he tensed his abs, pressure building in his groin already. His cock jumped and Bill followed after it, trying to keep the salty hunk of meat on his tongue, filling his world. Pholus bit on his finger harder, leaning away, as Bill finally reached his groin. Looking up at him, adoration etched in his eyes, Bill finally stopped his lick and inhaled deeply.

He exhaled slowly, finally getting enough clarity in his mind to talk. “Pholus… fuck… you’re amazing,” he managed. “I am going to take every inch of this monster. Then we’re going to go home and you’re going to fuck me until I can’t walk.” He reached up with his other hand and tried to wrap his hand around the shaft. His fingers didn’t meet. He moaned loudly, pre dripping from his cock, eyes fixated on the prize as Pholus squeaked again.

Bill started kissing his way up Pholus, lingering on his nipples, enjoying Pholus’s jerks as they hardened under Bill’s teeth, until they were face to face. Bill slowly went in for a kiss, as Pholus sat there, completely overwhelmed by sensation and stimulus, musk and need filling his nose and brain.

Bill’s lips on Pholus’s brought him back. They were gentle, restrained, but sweaty and salty. Pholus pressed back, pushing into his boyfriend, hard. Bill wrapped his arms around Pholus, hugging him close, bordering between kissing and a headbutt.

After a minute, the two broke apart, panting, and Bill reached back, hand around Pholus’s dick. He could feel the twink’s heartbeat through the steel hard member. “I’ve been wanting this for a long, long time,” Bill said, and moved so that the nearly foot long cock was between his legs.

Pholus lay there, head still swimming from his first kiss and makeout session. He groaned happily, and Bill could feel his cock dripping pre. Bill slowly pulled Pholus’s cock towards his hole, and leaned into it.

And leaned into it harder. He felt… comfortable, like he was sitting on a bike seat. Bill blinked, and looked down.

The cockhead was as broad as Bill’s fist, and it couldn’t spread him at all. “Well… we might need to work on this a bit,” Bill said, and slowly slid down Pholus’s cock.

Pholus squeaked again, and his cock surged. He went off like a cannon, pulsing underneath Bill, just the sensation of his legs was enough to send him over the edge.

The hot rocks in the middle of the room sizzled with the cumshots, and the room took on a new scent.

Bill looked disappointed, his iron hard cock wedged between Pholus’s stomach and his waist, as Pholus recovered from the orgasm.

“Oh Persephone… thank you… thank you,” Pholus said, eyes watering as he hugged Bill tightly. “That was the greatest thing I’ve ever felt.”

Bill smiled and hugged back. “You deserve it,” he said, kissing Pholus’s neck and tasting his sweat.

After a few minutes, Pholus’s cock started to soften, and Bill stood up. He grabbed his towel, guiltily wiped down the sauna from the congealed pearls, as Pholus walked out on unsteady legs, his cock finally soft. Bill’s was slowly going down.

Pholus opened the door and the two headed out into the bathroom, and were assaulted by the smell of exhaustion, satisfaction, and envy. “What the fuck?” Bill said out loud.

Pholus sniffed deeply. “That’s… new.”

“I… guess we can smell emotions now? Pheromones?”

“Why do we know what they smell like then?”


“Is that why you smelled so horny in there?”

Bill laughed. “Nah, that’s just how much I love you and your body.” He turned and leaned against Pholus’s sweaty form, inhaling deeply as they hugged tightly. Now that they were a bit calmer, and not in as thick a musk, he got the smells of old arousal, fear, and exhaustion, a good day’s mix of terror and success. “I… I think I can get used to this…. Just always around you… getting horny because you are...”

Pholus laughed. “And I’d love to smell this every day… and I know I will.” He hugged back. After a few moments, they broke apart and walked over to the showers, their new senses providing them with information they never knew they wanted. “… huh… there’s a lot more cum over here than… I would have thought… maybe it’s from the staff?”

“What? They have orgies here every night?” Bill joked, turning on the water, then sniffing. “Erm…. Wow, that’s… a lot more possible than I expected.”

“This… this is going to be interesting.”

“Hey, if I can smell everyone who is turned on by you, it just helps me realize how lucky I got.”

“Not if they’re turned on by you, then I’m the lucky one.”

“Nah, it’s all on you.”

“Going to need to disagree there.”

“Ha, anyway, you have some shampoo?”

“Yeah, right here.”

“You want to grab some food before we head back to the house?”

“Might as well. As long as you’re buying.”

“It’s a date then?” Bill said, his body suddenly outpouring old anxieties at the word.

“Let’s call it a date. That sounds perfect.”

Now Pholus smelled arousal, his own cock awakening again and starting to lengthen. He laughed. “We’re going to be constantly horny aren’t we?”

“Best reality,” Bill said, his cock starting to drip.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

They eventually managed to calm down and get changed, shivering a bit from the cold shower. They walked out of the locker room, and Bill gagged at the sudden overwhelming blast of sweat, need, aggression, and envy. Pholus winced, then continued walking.

“Fuck…” Bill groaned, and followed. “You mind if we get something to eat? I… fuck, I need to… adjust a bit.” It felt like his nose had been filled with gym socks, good perfume, and Pholus’s theoretical jock strap. Not strictly bad, and he liked parts of it, but it was overwhelming and aggressive to his new senses.

Pholus turned back, sniffed, winced, and nodded. Bill started walking over to a nearby smoothie bar, just a place for a good protein filled snack during or after a workout. He looked at Pholus and laughed.

That earned him a questioning look, but he shook his head and the two sat down.

“What it’ll be?” The bored looking girl manning the counter asked.

“Erm… I guess two golden delicious, delectable delights?” Bill asked, looking at Pholus, who shrugged.

The girl turned around and started slicing apples, adding them to a mix of milk, ice, protein powder, peanut butter, and other flavorings. As they went into the blender, he caught a glint of

“So… what do you want to do today?” Bill asked Pholus.

He laughed. “I’d say go somewhere it doesn’t smell so much, but I somehow think it’ll keep stinking around you.”

Bill reflexively checked his shirt, then stopped. “Heh, right. Guess we could try to grab more food, recover, then move on from there…”

The girl turned around, and placed the shakes in front of Bill and Pholus. He passed her his card, and grabbed the drink gratefully. He took a tiny sip, feeling the sweet cold momentarily overwhelm his mouth and nose. He sighed as his hind brain stopped sending so many messages to his consciousness.

Pholus did the same. “Oh… that’s nice. Just apples… sugar… you… I… I could relax like this for a long time,” he said, looking at Bill through his eyelashes.

Bill burst out laughing. “Goddess, you are such a bottom.”

“Not with what’s in his pants,” the girl behind the counter said under her breath.

Pholus grinned. “Thank you. This goober keeps thinking he’s in charge.” He took a long sip.

Bill slowly recovered. “Hi, I’m Bill. And you are?”

“Beth. You two come here regularly? And he is…?”

Pholus was still drinking. “Pholus, and I think we probably will.” Pholus nodded and stretched, his back cracking, as his loose shirt stretched tight against his poorly defined chest.

“Good to hear,” Beth said. Then stepped over to another customer.

“So… what’s in this?” Pholus asked, swirling the drink around.

“I think apples, whey, peanut butter, cinnamon, sugar, cow milk, and… probably other stuff.”

“Apples? Aren’t they… like really hard to grow?” Pholus asked, taking another sip. He winced, and stretched his leg, his ankle popping as his sock slid down his foot a bit.

“Erm… Beth?” Bill asked, then took a large drink, trying to cover his lack of knowledge.

Beth dropped off another drink and walked over. “You’re seriously asking me about how apples are grown?” Bill shifted uncomfortably, his loose shirt riding over his back. “Because I happen to make protein shakes that involve apples?” Bill nodded, his face flushed, hunching a bit.

“Well, you’re in luck, I’m studying biology, and I can say that apples are annoyingly difficult to grow,” she said proudly.

“You’re a dick, Beth,” Bill said, straightening up, as he nudged his chair back, giving his knees a bit more room.

Beth smiled happily. “Absolutely. Anyway, yes, apple trees usually take a few years to grow, then people will taste test the first crop. If it’s different than what they want, they’ll use the tree for grafting,” she said to the couple. Bill took another drink as Pholus sat there, interested in what nearly 3,000 years of agricultural development had attained.

Bill turned to Pholus, arms crossed, tugging on his fitted shirt. “Do you really want to listen to tree facts?”

Pholus grinned and nodded. “You deserve it for throwing her underneath the cart.” He playfully punched Bill.

“Ow!” Bill complained, rubbing his shoulder, the tight fabric cutting into his arm. Pholus ignored him, enraptured in a conversation about inherited genetics and displayed traits, sipping his protein shake all the while. Bill glumly took another sip, resolving to be less of a complainer next time around.

The first thing that told the two that something was going on was Pholus shivering as his abs pressed against the bare marble countertop. “What the…?” He trailed off, looking down at himself.

He’d clearly grown inches in as many minutes, his hairless abs clearly defined through an overly tight shirt, his pants straining to contain his defined thighs. “Erm… Bill?”

Bill looked up from his phone, as he switched hands, fingers cramping annoyingly. “What’s up?”

“Wasn’t… one of the tasks about golden apples?”

“Damnit!” Bill swore, getting a number of confused glances. He looked down at his drink, nearly empty. “Fuck it. In for a penny...” He downed the rest of the drink.

Pholus looked at him, then at his Styrofoam cup, and shrugged. He did the same.

The two stood up.

They’d clearly filled out, as if they’d spent their a few years properly working out, with perfect nutrition, and self care.

Pholus winced as a wave of cold passed through his body, no longer hidden by the iced shake, and he felt his shoes shrink, the socks groaning as the elastic was pulled tightly against his thicker legs. “Oh what the Hades is it now? We grow too big for clothes?”

Bill rose after him, eyes fixated on the growing twink. “Erm… not too sure about that… At least here...” He blushed, as a bulge snaked towards his hip… then kept going.

“Well, you’re looking delicious..,” Pholus said, breathing heavily, Bill’s aroused scent filling the air. He watched as Bill kicked off his shoes too, his growing feet stretching his socks.

They walked towards each other, heads swimming, dull soreness spreading through their bodies, as muscle fibers multiplied, and the time they’d spent working out flowing backwards. They hugged, feeling each other swell, one then the other growing, waiting for the sensation to end, trying not to rut their groins against each other too obviously.

A chuckle resonated in their ears, and the small, worried, crowd they’d attracted blinked and walked away, trying to remember the next set in their workout.

“So… how are you enjoying the changes so far?” Persephone asked from a sudden cloud, watching the couple awkwardly disentangle.

“What’s this one?” Pholus managed, trying to sound more tired than needy. It didn’t work.

“Oh, you two have been trying so hard, and golden apples have always been a symbol of immortality. Since I didn’t feel like turning you into grasshoppers, I decided to grant you eternal youth,” she said, smugness radiating from every pore.

“We’re immortal?” Bill asked, surprised.

“Not quite. You’ll remain youthful until you die. But… is it really youth if you aren’t everything you could be?” She asked, then snapped her fingers. Two images appeared next to the couple, a few inches shorter than them at present, one fatter, one thinner. “You’re just more you now. If you always got 9 hours of sleep, 8 glasses of water, exactly what your body wanted to eat. You’re just the best you you could be.”

“Well… I always wanted to help someone else reach that..,” Bill said, moving a lock of luxurious hair behind Pholus’s ear. He leaned in, hugging tightly, feeling years of malnutrition undoing themselves as Pholus shot upwards, approaching his own height, filling out as muscle packed itself on his own frame, just under two decades of disuse disappearing in a matter of minutes.

Pholus felt starving, sore, horny, and happy all at once, his head filled with Bill’s needy scent. He could barely function as he felt his body push and pull, pieces growing in spurts as food was given to him at essential moments in the past. He leaned in, his back cracking, as his shirt went from a gap to a belly shirt, pulled tight against his swollen shoulders, showing off his abs, which were filled in with a healthy layer of fat, enough to fuel more growth, not enough to obscure.

Both their cocks went hard, pressed against each other. They swelled, thickening and lengthening. Pholus’s finally pushed past his hip, straining his shorts, as Bill’s cockhead slipped past his waistband, purple head proudly on display, leaking pre. Their balls became heavier, denser, eagerly putting out more testosterone.

They couldn’t control themselves any longer, and they kissed eagerly, drowning in each other’s scents. Bill inhaled earthy, potent, and demanding, a body that was suddenly unleashed from years of being artificially restrained. Pholus smelt sweat, desire, and need, ready to please or be pleased. Their lips pressed against each other, as their shirts started ripping, nearly fifteen years of careful and consistent working out catching up with them, muscle fibers crushing into each other, cum gutters clearly defined, phantom memories of them coated in jizz flowing through their brains, tempting their dicks again.

The feeling of growth had started at their feet, flowed up to their heads, then went back down. First it gave them the perfect childhood from a nutrition perspective. Then it gave them a muscle fetishist’s wet dream. Years of the two working together to perfect each other, easily swelling past their loose fitting clothes’ ability to contain. It kept flowing down, and they felt their asses swell, their thighs become thick with muscle, their pants groaning then splitting, as their heavy balls dropped down, pumping sperm and testosterone into their bodies, pre beading and dripping down their hard cocks.

With a final tearing sound, their socks ripped, and the sensation was over. They felt sore, satisfied, and totally relaxed, a lifetime’s worth of pain relieving endorphins flowing through their bodies at once. Reality reassured itself and their new bodies were rapidly covered in clothes. Neither had anything that particularly showed off. It wasn’t necessary. Pholus was easily over six feet, while Bill was nearly six and a half, close in height, but enough difference to make spooning that much more comfortable. They easily weighted over 200 pounds, most of it muscle, all of it defined.

Pholus apparently had been a bit less focused on the definition, his body needed the extra calories for something, probably the half knee length anaconda in his pants. Bill ran a hand down his front, enjoying every indentation in his six pack. They were still hugging, their cocks still hard, people still staring, but it didn’t feel like it was because they were scaring anyone with their changes. It was because two of the largest people in the building were hugging, enjoying each other’s company, with two womb crushing bulges that nobody could quite ignore. The room filled with hints of jealously, desire, and need. The last was pouring off the happy couple.

Persephone, sat on her cloud, gazing at the couple with bated breath, hands clasping and unclasping as the growth ended. “You two filled out nicely… I can’t wait to see where you go next.”

Pholus and Bill let go, each looking at the other, their previous bodies still in illusionary form for comparison.

Pholus tilted his head, looking down at himself. It was… stark to say the least. The difference between the manager of a football team and the star quarterback. The most obvious difference was his height. He went from a five foot nothing stud to a six foot and change prize stallion. Muscle had packed on, the retroactive result of years of a high protein diet and careful exercise. His hair was softer, his teeth whiter, his skin clearer, dozens of small imperfections crushed under the magic of good living.

Bill’s changes were less extreme, since he’d had a better diet at the start. A few inches of height, an inch on his dick from more testosterone, and a few inches off his waist. But it was enough to push him from fairly forgettable to… still forgettable but tall. Pholus and Bill could remember really only hanging out with each other, enjoying exploring their changing bodies, absolutely coating Bill’s bathroom with cum when his parents were at his sister’s swim meets. Plenty of dedicated exercise, good food, and a healthy mindset had pushed them together, until fairly large swaths of the school regretted not reaching out to them earlier.

They kissed one last time, tenderly, one of their first kisses and the thousandth, equally enjoyed and savored. They could feel each other’s defined muscles, heavy cocks, and endless desire. And they both reveled in it.

Until there was a cough behind them.

Beth had two drinks ready for the couple. “You two lovebirds ready for your drinks? Made them special how you like it,” she said, her old joking attitude mixed with a new appreciation for the couple, some definition visible through her pants and on her forearms showing that she may have been motivated by the couple to work out as well.

Pholus and Bill pecked one last time, and grabbed their protein shakes, sitting back in the chairs they had vacated mere minutes before.


Part 3

Eventually, Pholus and Bill managed to extract themselves from the gym. After another workout. And a wank session in the sauna. And a bit more time with Beth, who worked out with the pair after her shift was over. There was a hazy musk around the couple, and they attracted quite a few admiring stares, spurring them to keep lifting iron and flexing their new improved bodies.

Still, lifting stuff was well within Pholus’s experience, and he’d spent enough time around a horse herd that his brain could understand how smell affected them. It wasn’t until the pair had walked out of the front door that there was something new.

The green blobs that he’d always seen were… there, but complex, visible!

Pholus stopped, looking at the trees that edged the sidewalk, mouth open. He could see every leaf, how they rustled against each other, as the light summer breeze pushed them around. His sight blurred again, as a big tan blob came close.

“Pholus, are you alight?” Bill asked, as his friend stood there, mouth agape at nothing.

Pholus closed his mouth and swallowed. The muscle was nice, and he liked not needing to look up at people, and a person worshiping his dick tickled... everything just so… so nicely… but, this was the first thing that really made him realize how much better his life was getting. Getting hard was… frankly fucking amazing, but being able to see Bill’s concerned face, the leaves in the trees, the insects buzzing around happily… he fervently thanked Persephone. He thanked her with all his might.

“Have I told you how amazing you are?” Pholus said, blinking and focusing on Bill, a smile spreading across his face. The words sent a shudder through Bill and his bulge twitched through his sweat soaked compression shorts.

Bill laughed to himself. “I don’t think so, but I like it. You want to go and enjoy the trees? Or you want to go home?”

Pholus stepped towards Bill, his clear blue eyes filling the world. “I want to spend time with you.” Bill’s tan face blushed, and his gaze broke, looking down, as the blush intensified.

“I… let’s do that at home. I… I’d love to spend time with you, too.”

They held hands as they kept walking to the car, an extra spring in their step.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Pholus squirmed in the comfortable chair next to Bill, trying to pay attention to the TV. They were both sitting there, wearing t-shirts and shorts. Bill’s parents and sister were with them. All five of them were watching the inanest stuff, something about cooking, and it was driving Pholus insane.

He could smell them! Bill’s dad was running his hands up his mom’s thigh, his sister was grinding her crotch against a pillow, and Bill was achingly hard, leaking a steady stream of pre into his slowly soaking underwear. All of them wanted to leave and go fuck, or wank off, or do anything, but they were just sitting around!

Pholus groaned, and leaned back, his cock finally overcoming his limited control as he felt blood rushing towards it.

Bill’s thick six incher was hard to hide. You could always easily tell where when he was excited, even more now since he didn’t appear to own anything that wasn’t skin tight, keeping his egg sized balls and purple snake front and center. His flushed face, how he’d touch his mouth at every opportunity, and his grinding set Pholus on edge. It was impossible to ignore.

Jane looked up from her phone, as Pholus’s dick started pushing from excusable fabric lump into overt tent… then beyond.

He still refused to wear underwear, and he was somewhat regretting it as the bulge worked its way down, until it pushed through his leg opening, inch after inch of cock showing. Bill hurriedly put his hand on the extending spire, sending Pholus’s eyes wide, as blood surged. A few seconds later, Pholus added his hand, hiding the foot long monster, as the room went silent.

Bill’s mom and dad poured off embarrassment, his sister disbelief. After a few moments of everyone trying to ignore the obvious, and Pholus trying to hold back an approaching orgasm, Bill’s dad saved the day. “You two, go upstairs. All right, Jane, you have swim practice soon, right?”

“Erm, in like 30 minutes, but...” She bit her lip, looking at Pholus.

“Excellent! Pack your stuff. You two think you can keep it PG around here for the next few hours?” he asked, glaring at Bill.

Bill shook his head. “Nope.”

Bill’s dad grimaced. “Points for being honest. Control yourselves better next time,” he said, standing up, and walking stiff legged towards the door, his wife and daughter following, a mild stream of complaints flowing from Jane.

With a screech, and the sound of a closing door, Bill and Pholus were left alone.

“Erm… that was… quick..,” Pholus said, a bit surprised, letting go of his dick. The uncircumcised head happily spat a blob of precum, leaving Pholus’s thigh wet and glistening.

Bill laughed. “Yeah… he has a… direct view of how sex with his kids should happen. Preferably not at all, but definitely not while he’s in the building. And since he won’t get us a hotel room..,” Bill said, then reached down and pulled his shirt up and over his head, revealing his defined abs and perfect chest, framed by built biceps, all nearly hairless, giving Pholus a feast for the ages.

Well, maybe for a good month. He was built rather than Herculean.

Pholus still drank him in as if he was dying of thirst, and eagerly got up. They heard the door slam, and the car turn on, as Pholus shed his shirt too, revealing a set of worked on pecs and trim waist.

Bill turned and smiled over his shoulder. “Let’s go enjoy the high privacy fence and the nice day. What do you say?” He slowly unbuttoned his pants and unzipped, then stretched, showing off his defined back. Pholus stared, open mouthed, his cock straining against his shorts.

Leaning against a doorway, Bill stepped out of his shoes, revealing large sockless feet, and undid his pants the rest of the way, pulling them down his hairy legs. He stood there, revealing a tent in his boxers, the seductive smile never leaving his face. “You coming, stallion?”

Pholus was a bit less smooth, and grabbed at his shoes, jumping on one foot to try to follow Bill. Finally he made it through the door, just in time to see Bill step out into the sunlight. “You planned this?!” Pholus said, accusingly, half naked, trying to take his socks off.

“What? My parents always like socializing at the practices. I thought there was a good chance,” Bill said, pulling down his boxers and leaving them on the ground.

Pholus’s annoyed retort was paused by Bill’s naked form, outlined in light. He blinked, shook his head, and yanked his pants away, trying to get his spire to cooperate. It broke free, slapping against his belly, then stood proudly in front of him, dripping in its eagerness to get somewhere tight and warm.

Bill managed to keep up his graceful walk to the garden where a pair of lawn chair sat in the sunlight, the heads barely shaded. Two water bottles stood nearby, along with a bag.

“You really went all out on this!” Pholus was stunned for a third time. “Where’s the awkward dork I fell in love with a few days ago?”

“Hey, you wouldn’t believe how long I’ve fantasized about this,” Bill said, sliding into the chair, and leaning back, enjoying Pholus in the sunlight, as he blushed from head to foot.

“Erm… yeah... actually. Me too…” Pholus mumbled. “But that was usually more hot springs… and bathhouses… I hoped that someone would… you know… be willing to touch me…” he said, then walked towards Bill, remembered embarrassment hitting hard. He settled into the other chair, and Bill reached over.

“I’m more than willing to touch you,” Bill said, gently stroking the eager monster. Pholus nodded, eyes wide, glutes tight, nearly lifting him off the bench. After a few moments, when Pholus had recovered a bit, the stroking became long, slow, and practiced, and Bill continued. “So… I know that… I can remember taking you, thanks to Persephone… but… you want to help stretch me out?”

Bill’s confident air broke, and he looked embarrassed and hopeful at Pholus. “Yes!” Pholus said eagerly, bucking into Bill’s hand. “I mean… if you want to,” he said, backing off.

“Absolutely,” Bill said, standing up, and straddling over Pholus’s chair, then giving him a kiss on the nose, bathing the two of them in pure unadulterated desire. He kicked his legs over, and knelt forward, seeing a purple lollipop just begging to be sucked as his cherry presented itself to Pholus. “There’s lube in the bag… I think I’ll need to take most of your fist if I’m going to fit this monster.”

Pholus nodded, eyes staring at the pucker in front of him, and reached into the bag, missing a glint from a nearby window that barely overlooked the backyard. It couldn’t have even been comfortable to get to, someone would have needed to crane to even get a vague idea of what the two college students were doing.

Well out of hearing range, a well used pen clicked with a practiced grace, as it started to glide across the paper. A moment later, a camera was adjusted.

Pholus lubed up his fingers, and slowly started to press in on Bill’s ass. “You’re clenching… you want me to give you a blowjob to loosen you up a bit?” Pholus asked, eyebrow quirked, still enjoying the literal meaning of blowjob. Bill rolled his shoulders and licked Pholus’s cock, ass tightening further as he was vividly reminded of how massive it was. He took a deep breath, and his head went blank with the salty scent, his hole slowly loosening.

His boyfriend slowly made small circles, pressing in as the muscle relaxed. One finger slipped in, then another. After a few minutes, he added a second hand, slowly puling apart, feeling the strong experienced muscle press back, a heartbeat pounding under his questing hands. As he kept pulling, he ran a finger along a particular spot in Bill’s rear, causing him to jump and groan, trying not to make too much noise.

Pholus laughed, and managed to fit eight fingers in, all crushed together by the trained muscle. He started spreading them, giving Bill enough time to recover, before going again. It didn’t take that long, Bill’s new body was somewhat used to doing this, even if it took time and effort to widen him enough. Pholus breathed in Bill’s recently cleaned ass, and gave it a lick. He mostly tasted lube, but the sudden blast of familiar-but-not pheromones sent a spurt right into Bill’s face.

“Think you’re ready,” Pholus said, and Bill eagerly hopped off the chair, face splattered with pre. Pholus took a large squirt of lube and slathered his dick, trying not to think of the sauna too much. Bill ran his hands down his chest, highlighting his muscles, and drawing Pholus’s eye, then knelt down, breathing out slowly. He took the slippery pole, and slowly sat back, letting it press in. He shifted forward and back, trying to catch the head on his hole and slowly pressed down once he had.

The head slipped in, and Bill froze, eyes wide as he was stretched even further. He paused, trying to adjust, as Pholus tried not to thrust. Pholus’s wrist was in his mouth, and he was biting down, years of need suddenly pushed to this moment. With another deep breath, Bill slowly continued, moaning loudly as the cock started to crush his prostate, the hard member leaking a bit more at the sudden pressure.

He made it down nearly two thirds of the way, about 8 inches, before he winced, and shifted. He tried to move around, trying to get the cock through the bend, but the wince was back.

“Fuck, this is amazing, don’t hurt yourself,” Pholus said, grabbing where his dick was still showing and slowly pumping it. Bill nodded, and adjusted so he was kneeling. He slowly started thrusting up and down, his cock bouncing and splattering Pholus as he slowly picked up speed, the cock thrusting about 6 inches, stopping whenever he hit Pholus’s hand. Pholus’s other hand was eagerly roaming Bill’s body, particularly enjoying the strength and endurance of Bill’s thighs being shown off right now.

After a few minutes, Bill was gasping, and he started rolling his hips, grinding a spot against the massive head spearing into his guts. A moment later he shuddered and squirmed, as he clenched down hard on Pholus’s dick, and he sprayed cloudy fluid against Pholus’s chest.

“Fuck… that was… intense,” Bill said, and he started to bounce again.

Pholus tightened his abs, trying to last, as Bill got more and more into their fuck session. He could feel the pleasure building already, the figure above him doing no favors to his endurance. His cock was enveloped by a tight ring. Beyond it was a comfortable warmth that added velvet to the sensation. He barely had anything to compare it to, and he felt his orgasm get closer and closer with each thrust. Bill started rubbing against a specific part again, trying to get off, and both of Pholus’s hands flew to his dick, stroking in time with the frantic bobs.

With another moan, Bill came, spurting more fluid onto Pholus. With a shout, Pholus came, thrusting into Bill through his hands, his large balls pulling up and unloading blast after blast. A few seconds later, Bill started thrusting again, chasing another peak, as cum gave him a bit of lubricant.

Pholus winced. “Fuck… sorry… sensitive…” he apologized between pants. Bill pulled off regretfully, his hard cock leaking. He laid next to Pholus, smearing the two of them with cum and pre. Pholus’s hands embraced Bill, then reached lower, encompassing his spire, and slowly stroking it. Then he slid a finger into Bill’s ass, feeling for his prostate. Retconned skill knew exactly how to play with Bill, leaving him squirming and moaning until he peaked, his prostate swelling against Pholus’s skillful fingers.

Bill groaned and he finally came from his cock, spraying Pholus’s front and side for a third time with copious blasts of white, leaving it sticky and glistening. He slumped, hugging his lover into the lawn chair, slowly recovering as the scent of sex slowly drifted.

“You… were fucking amazing.” Bill managed after a minute, kissing Pholus on the cheek.

Pholus laid back, looking at the sky. “Can’t believe I fit in someone…” he said, grinning like an idiot.

Bill was overwhelmed, and managed a shuddering laugh.

The two just lay there, enjoying the sun on their bodies, and each other.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Eventually, Pholus needed to use the bathroom, and he groaned.

“Ugh… I think we need a shower. And I need a bathroom.”

“Go here, then both needs are good,” Bill said, half asleep, then smiled. He groaned, then rolled over, falling harmlessly into the grass.

Pholus stood up, his satisfied python dangling between his thighs, and started walking into the house, picking up his clothes along the way. A soft something hit him from behind. He grabbed it. A towel. “Don’t drip into the carpet!” Bill warned.

Pholus held it up and nodded. “Will do.” He wiped himself down, and headed indoors. Bill followed shortly afterwards, bringing the sex survival kit he’d whipped up. Lube, towels, snacks, cock rings, toys, water bottles, ice, everything his over-imaginative mind could think up.

Once inside, Pholus headed over to the kitchen, grabbing a drink for himself, waiting for Bill. He grinned as his boyfriend walked in, towel in his own hands, mopping up sweat and cum. “You want something? Think we still have some lemonade...”

“Nah… water will be great.” They stood around the table, drinking, grinning like idiots, staring at each other, until the doorbell rang. It had been approximately the amount of time it took a middle aged person to pull up their pants, climb down from a nosy neighbor hide, take a deep breath, check their notes, fast forward through some footage, and walk briskly around the block, before knocking.

Bill and Pholus looked at each other. “We… expecting anyone? Your parents shouldn’t be back yet, right?”

Bill shook his head, and tied his towel around his waist, grabbing his phone in case someone wanted to talk to his parents or something.

The someone knocked again, louder, more insistently.

Bill and Pholus opened the door, revealing Mrs. Crouper, a middle aged terror of the local HOA. Well, until it had been dissolved due to excessive legal bills a few years back. Now she just prowled the streets, leaving helpful notes on people’s cars and front doors. She had a face like a dried prune, with thick frown lines and heavily plucked eyebrows. Her eyes were almost always narrowed in suspicion, and she was rather heavyset, with an upturned nose that couldn’t help but put someone in the mind of an offended pig.

“Hello, Ms. Crouper—” Bill said blandly.

“Mrs.,” she corrected.

“—Mrs. Crouper. How can I help you?”

“Are you two aware that outdoors sex is illegal?”

Bill’s eye glanced towards his left, encompassing a decorative plant in a metal cage, the smart doorbell, and Pholus. “As far as I’m aware, the specific crime is more along the lines of public sex, not outdoors sex,” he said, keeping his voice level.

Mrs. Crouper looked between Pholus and Bill, her eyes narrowing slightly in glee. “Oh, the crime is quite malleable… as needed. And I so happened to spot the two of you committing such a crime on my bird cameras...”

“Over the 8 foot privacy fence?” Bill asked. “In my family’s back yard?”

“As it happens, yes. And I will of course delete the video… if you could talk to your parents about supporting a new HOA, flyers for which I’ve been distributing around the neighborhood for the past few weeks.”

“Ah, I think I’ve had a number stuffed into our mailbox.”

“Just the ones, yes.”

Pholus looked from Bill to Mrs. Crouper. “Wait, is she blackmailing you?!”

“Blackmail is such an ugly word.” Mrs. Crouper was living her dream, two 6-foot-plus gay men completely in her five-foot-nothing claws.

“But an accurate one,” Bill said mildly. Mrs. Crouper made an as-you-do hand gesture. He sighed theatrically, holding up his phone and scrolling through it. “My parents should be available. I assume you’d want something more solid than my word that I talked to them?” He peered at the screen, and slid his thumb across it, checking for something.

“You’re a clever one, aren’t you?” she gloated..

Bill pressed a number. “Hello, sorry to bother you, yes.” He waited for a couple seconds. “Oh, my neighbor recorded me and my boyfriend having sex in our private domicile, and is trying to blackmail us with the recording.”

“What?” Mrs. Crouper said, stunned.

“Yes, she is currently here. Yes, I’ll stay on the line. Oh, the entire conversation’s been recorded by our smart doorbell.”

What?! That’s illegal!”

Bill appeared to be listening to something. “Oh, the doorbell looks onto a public street, as I understand it, there’s no reasonable expectation of privacy.”

Mrs. Crouper’s gaze jumped between Bill and the smart doorbell. She darted over and tried punching the doorbell.

“Erm… she just punched the doorbell. Oh, looks like she hurt her wrist. Can you please send a patrol car? She appears to be getting violent.”

Mrs. Crouper took off her shoe and started slapping the smart doorbell. It held up remarkably well.

“Now she’s slapping the doorbell. I think you will probably be able to hear it.” Bill closed the door and locked it, watching her outside.

She was still slapping when the patrol car showed up a few minutes later. Bill opened the door again, looking at the cops. She triumphantly stared at Bill after inspecting the cracked lens. “Now it’s just your word against mine!” She grinned to Bill, as he reopened the door, keeping well away. He’d tried to clean up the worst of the mess, but was still wearing just his towel.

“Did you catch that? Yes, ‘It’s just your word against mine.’ I don’t think she realized that the footage is streamed and stored offsite.” Bill allowed himself a small smile, as two annoyed looking cops got out of their car and walked up to the house.

“Ma’am, we’re going to need to ask you to stop trespassing. If you could also answer some questions, we could get this entire situation resolved amicably.” One of the policemen said.

Pholus started, “But—” Bill put a restraining hand on his shoulder.

“These two individuals have accused me of such horrible things!” Mrs. Crouper simpered to the authority figure.

“And we’ll take any statements down at the station,” the cop reassured her. “You can say exactly what happened.”

She grinned evilly at Bill and Pholus and hobbled off towards the cop car, playing up her age.

The other cop waited until she got inside, and his partner drove off. “Are you two willing to make a statement?”

“Not until I talk to my lawyer,” Bill said, with the same bland voice. “Though I will take a picture of the damaged doorbell in your presence.” He did so, and checked the feed. “Yep, still working. Nice little gadget.”

“All right, would you be willing to provide that recording as evidence?” the cop asked.

“My lawyer will get back to you on that.”

“Is that going to be your answer to everything?”

“No, officer,” Bill said.

The officer looked at him flatly, then talked into his mic. “All right, looks like this is clear. We should be getting a follow-up from the owners’ lawyer soon. Mind routing 3-1 over to my location for a pickup?”

He wandered towards the road, and started playing on his phone.

Bill closed the door, locked it, played with his phone a bit more, then put it down. He slumped against the wall with a sigh of relief. “Fuck… that went better than I expected.”

Pholus was confused and worried. “That went well!? Now she’ll tell her story!”

“Not a problem,” Bill said, then opened his phone again. “Hey, dad. Mind sending me your lawyer’s number? Oh, Mrs. Crouper’s a peeping tom and blackmailer. Oh and she tried to destroy the doorbell that recorded her admitting to it. Yep, saved the recording. All right, I’ll send it over. Took a picture of the damage too.”

A few minutes later, Bill’s phone buzzed and he fiddled with it again. It didn’t take long to forward the relevant files. “All right… let’s go wash off. We should be good now.”

“So, can you please explain what happened?” Pholus begged, as he followed Bill upstairs to the showers.

“Okay, so, that nutter recorded us in the backyard. That’s illegal, because, gross. Then she came over and threatened us with it. Which is also illegal. She said it in front of a camera, which is legal because it points out into a public space. She then started trying to destroy it, which is also illegal. Now she’s going down to a police station where she needs to try to say what happened in a way that doesn’t contract the video and explains why she was destroying someone else’s property. While we’re going to pay someone who does that for a living to do the same. Which means we’re pretty much in the clear.”

Persephone laughed, appearing back on her cloud. “You two keep handling people differently than I expect. I was assuming overpowering pheromonal influence, instead you let her dig her own grave. Not quite as… traditional as I prefer, but I can’t argue with results, and comeuppance is always a delight.”

Pholus groaned and dropped his towel.

“Why did you do that?” Bill asked.

“Last time something happened, I got the mother of all rug burns from the stretching fabric. Keeping clothing on around her is dangerous. I can learn after the fourth time in one day,” Pholus said, wearily.

Persephone pursed her lips. “I can’t decide if I should be annoyed by you trying to predict what I will do in my infinite wisdom, or entertained because you accept this so thoroughly.” After a few seconds she laughed. “Who am I kidding, I haven’t had fun like this in centuries. You two just keep running into the perfect analogues. Congrats on defeating the Erymanthian Boar. Or pig in this case.”

Bill and Pholus looked at each other, frowning as they tried to guess what would happen next.

She paused. “Speaking of which, did you know that boars have foot long penises? I feel like you’re worth twice that.” With a flash, she disappeared and Pholus and Bill looked at each other again.

“Pholus, good call,” Bill managed, before the two felt a strange sensation in their dicks. Pholus felt a rush of blood, a burning arousal that made him reach for his member with both hands. It hardened forcing his hands apart, as it pulled his hands inch by inch forward. After a few moments, it had reached its new ruler equaling length, veins standing out in start contrast to the smooth shaft, then it erupted, spraying Bill with pearls of cum.

Pholus stood there panting, cock softening, but not shrinking, leaving him holding his dick as if it was a firehose. It’d subtly shifted, the veins were more pronounced, and the base had thickened, the root extending deeper into his groin, and wider, maybe a pinkie’s width from either thigh. He stood there, legs apart, a bit confused. He let it down, and it fell to nearly mid-thigh, slapping against one leg. Pholus gasped at the contact, and he felt another rush of blood. “Oh fuck…” he groaned, hands being forced further apart.

Bill felt itchy, and he ripped his towel off to get at his groin. He started scratching, and felt softer hair starting to grow in among the thick pubes. After a few moments, the ground started becoming covered in curly black hair, as his old hair started falling out, replaced by a thin layer of fuzz… no that was definitely fur. He looked down as his balls were left hairless, but the fur started to cover his shaft, thicker hair starting to grow through the undercoat to give him a soft hide. After a few seconds, his entire groin was covered in a layer of brown fur, and he felt his cock start to swell, becoming as hard as he could remember, but when he reached down to grab it, he didn’t feel much through the fur on the underside of his dick. He pumped it twice, then winced as a spike of pain shot through his shaft, and he let go. The pain swelled as more blood flowed to his cock, making it point nearly vertically, pressing against his belly.

The pain faded, and he felt that same annoying itching, this time with a surge of arousal, pulling his hands involuntarily to touch his new parts. He tried stroking, and it felt… fine. Like getting his scalp rubbed by Pholus, but not anything like the radiating blooms of pleasure that waking did. His fur covered flesh felt leathery, sensitive through the fur, but it did nothing for his arousal. It looked like his circumcised dick was actually shrinking, as the head was covered by hair.

Bill and Pholus looked at each other, one holding a firehose, the other feeling a new fuzzy pouch, in open mouthed confusion. “What the fuck…?” Bill trailed off.

“I… I think you have a sheath,” Pholus said.

“And that thing is soft?” Bill asked.

Pholus shook his head.. It wasn’t going to be for long. His cock surged, hardening, forcing Pholus to tense his abs and lean back as the spire of blood thickened and lengthened. It had gained another half a foot, sticking out of the stud like an iron bar, straining his tendons with it’s sheer weight, as gravity pulled it from sticking straight out to almost drooping. Pholus grabbed it and pulled it to his chest, groaning in relief as it stopped stretching everything far beyond what was intended, the head reaching just underneath his rib cage. It was heavy, spongy, still eager to grow. The touch gave it just enough stimulation to for more blood to rush in, leaving Pholus feeling light headed and dizzy. He slowly lowered himself to the floor, his cock draped across his stomach, his balls practically pumping in their sac, as his muscles started contracting. A weak dribble of cum made it out, as Pholus groaned through an orgasm, his entire reproductive system on fire as it was strained every way imaginable. The heat grew and shifted, from pain to a pleasant soreness, as he physically felt everything start to shift to deal with his new size.

He felt the base of his cock starting to expand, pressing into his thighs, until it was nearly a whole hand’s length across. His taint swelled, pushing on his balls, as the root of his cock went deeper, hooking further into his pelvis. He could feel the pressure against his prostate, until the burning shifted there too, and then it got much stronger, as it started swelling, going into overdrive as Pholus’s dick started leaking, nearly as much as when he came. It kept swelling, until Pholus thought that if he ran his hand down his stomach… a blast of pleasure so acute that it was nearly pain left him gasping on the floor, and his instinctive tensing of his pelvic floor muscles just made it worse, leaving his chest splattered with cloudy pre. His muscles kept spasming, growing bigger and stronger, until they were alternatively crushing his prostate and sending the resulting pre all over his face and the tiled floor.

He lay there gasping and moaning, giving himself an anal orgasm just because of how packed his hips and groin were now, when he felt the heat push into his balls. He could feel them start to twitch, as another orgasm approached. He clenched, and sparks shot across his eyes, as another cloudy burst of cum sprayed against the tub, over two feet away. He reached down, and pressed a finger into his ass, feeling it reflexively tighten like a vice, as his new muscles started to lift the huge spire close to vertical, easily dealing with the 50 pounds of blood filled womb annihilating meat.

His thighs were splayed by his cock root already, so it took a moment for him to notice the effects of his balls swelling, but once he felt them brushing against each other and his thighs, it was impossible to ignore. He could feel the glands swelling, lengthening and burrowing past each other, as the packed on more and more mass, and his production went into overdrive. His eyes went dim as a blast of testosterone rammed into his brain and their combined need shoved him over the edge.

He came. Like a fucking fire hydrant, coating his face, the floor, the tub, and the ceiling. Blast after blast pumping through his hypersexed body.

Then it slowly started to soften, losing its fight against gravity, his legs spread as his two medicine ball sized testes ached from their sudden overproduction, resting heavily against the warm and wet tile. Eventually his cock rested heavily across his chest, reaching nearly to his rib cage. He looked down, and groaned.

“Fuck… I think I’m growing again,” Pholus said, feeling arousal starting to spark, and blood starting to flow.

Bill’s new sheath hadn’t been any less energetic. It was already as big as he was hard, and the flesh inside was… probably soft. He was pretty sure, the protective hide was very new. He kept fondling himself, as he marveled over his new fur, eyes glancing between himself and Pholus. His pink head slowly emerged as Pholus’s dick hardened and slid across his chest, slowly pushing out completely. It… looked small, compared to his sheath, aching and leaking. It was… a bit different. The head was maybe a bit flatter, the shaft thicker… then Bill’s eyes rolled back as a very sensitive ring slid out of his sheath, and a thicker mass of cock slid into view. Bill blinked in shock, as his dick kept pushing out, inch after inch, rapidly approaching Pholus’s old size.

He grabbed his cock, and started thrusting, feeling his balls swing, as the pumped in his sac. They slid between his legs, sending sparks flying up his back, as he marveled at the slick fuck rod between his hands. Each time he thrust forward, he swore he could feel it changing, thickening, the ring in the middle becoming larger, veins sticking out further. He bent over, pressing his balls together, opening his mouth to catch his cock, as his pelvic floor tensed, squeezing his prostate.

His tongue was absolutely doused with pre, and he could feel the head starting to swell and change with his tongue, becoming flatter, as a hard ridge formed and thickened, getting caught in his mouth. His tongue kept licking, feeling his piss slit open wide, forming a O that poured pre into his mouth nearly as fast as he could gulp it down.

He kept thrusting and rubbing, feeling the weight between his legs become heavier, his balls pressing back, and his prostate become more sensitive, his hands being forced apart, no longer able to wrap around his inhuman tool.

With a white hot surge, he felt his orgasm approach, hit, and overwhelm him, pouring what felt like a month’s worth of cum down his throat at once, blasting up his nose moments later, burning as it came up and leaving his head entirely overwhelmed by the funk, the smell, the taste, of cum.

A moment later, he managed to get his head off his cock, and he slumped to the floor, sliding a bit on Phlous’s baby batter, as his own load added its contribution to the mess.

He lay back, feeling his cock drool onto his stomach, slowly shrinking back into his sheath, his prostate and bladder being crowded by the thick swell of horsemeat.

“Fuck… I guess I’m going to get shamed,” Bill said happily, giggling in the afterglow, when Pholus’s words cut through. “We’re growing again?!”


Part 4

Pholus awoke the next morning cuddling Bill. He groaned, feeling a pressure on his bladder, and rolled out of bed. Well... tried. About halfway there, what felt like a 50-pound weight fell to the ground and nearly pulled him with it, as his dick eagerly jumped at the sudden sensation as it slid across silky smooth sheets. He blinked, rubbing at his eyes, and looked down.

“Persephone…” he groaned at the bicep-thick anaconda between his legs, not just laying on the bed, nearly touching the fucking ground as it dangled over his thigh. Next to him, Bill’s cock was unsheathed and dripping, an onyx forearm thick spire lifting the covers high enough to make a half decent tent.

He shook his head and swung his legs over the side of the bed, gasping as his balls slid over the edge, pulling and stretching in ways that sent shockwaves into his prostate and dick. He paused, giving himself a little time to adjust and let the sparks die down, then stood up, until his cock was swinging between his legs, 18 inches of thick soft heavy meat reaching past this knees. He started walking towards the bathroom, and it started swinging, his balls bouncing and jostling against his thighs.

It didn’t exactly hurt, but it was a fucking weird sensation that didn’t really feel good. He tried spreading his legs and waddling towards the bathroom, which mostly worked, but was slow and he probably looked pretty stupid. Still, the pressure was mounting, so he waddled along, adding a hand for support as his member started swinging again.

Finally, he was able to reach the toilet, and he had to lift with both arms to get the tube over the rim. He sighed as he was finally able to relax, and jumped at the high pressure spray, causing the porcelain to ring. Jumping would have been a bigger issue if it wasn’t for the sheer mass of the cock, which barely rippled. He relaxed his kegals for a moment and the stream approached something more… normal. Guess it took a lot of muscle to be able to actually move cum that far.

After a bit longer, Pholus sighed happily, the pressure relieved, and started back towards the bed.

By the time Pholus got back, Bill had woken up and was rubbing his eyes, yawning as his hard stallionhood stood proudly to attention, reaching nearly to the middle of his chest. “Morning, cutie. How did you sleep?” he said, smiling at his boyfriend.

Pholus smiled back. “Amazingly, I’ve never felt safer.” Pholus’s slightly more functional brain picked up on the heavy scent of cum, and how most of his body was sticky. Bill seemed to be realizing the same thing, as his nostrils flared, and his cock started dripping. “We… might want to get into the shower… and clean the sheets.”

Bill nodded, one hand reflexively sliding down his massive shaft, his eyes slowly going down Pholus’s body. They widened, and he started panting, when he saw… well, all of that wonderful package. His colon twinged, definitely saying that it wouldn’t partake in something that absurd, and he couldn’t exactly disagree. Trying to fit a foot long had been hard enough… even mostly soft, that thing would displace too many organs.

Then he looked down at himself. A two foot long spire, already enough to shame most horses, with smooth black nuts to match, highlighted by his chestnut fur.

“Huh… these… may be a tad inconvenient..,” Bill said after a few seconds.

Pholus nodded. “Walking is so annoying, everything swings.”

“How do we work out, then? Or is that build just from the amount of testosterone pumping from your balls?” Bill asked.

“Why is that the first thing to come to mind?”

“Well, I like your muscles...”

“I think your thighs have gotten a bit more toned. Hard to tell under the fur.”

Bill blushed, looking at himself. The fur was a bit patchy, unbroken only around his groin and fading away to normal by his hips and knees. But his muscles could certainly be seen even through that layer.

“Well, I guess we’ll need to figure that out. After our shower,” Bill finally managed. He stood up, thighs flexing as they took the load. He reached underneath the bed automatically and pulled out a custom jockstrap, with a button up pouch for his crotch. He stared at for a moment, shrugged and pulled it on. His balls fit perfectly, while his erection pushed through the button up area. “… I guess this is how.”

Pholus walked over to the other side of the bed and fished around until he found a larger jock strap, and pulled it on, carefully fitting his balls inside, and buttoning up the shaft holder. “Huh… guess… your parents know? This looks like the same make.”

“With this thing? They’d know the moment I tried to buy pants. But come on, let’s deal with the logistics later, I want to take a shower with you.” Bill’s erection had finally started retreating into his sheath, and he walked towards the bathroom, Pholus in tow.

“Huh… this is new..,” Bill said, looking around the bathroom. It had been redone so that it was entirely lined with tile, almost as if someone had gotten really, really annoyed by liquid damage in all directions. The shower had been expanded and Bill was pretty sure that the pipes were custom. He’d never seen a drain that large outside a communal shower. He turned on the shower and the room started filling with steam. “… I think I’m in heaven,” Bill said after a few seconds, feeling the warmth soak into his skin, as he set out towels and a rug for afterwards.

Pholus pulled off his jockstrap and walked into the shower, groaning in relief as the warm water ran over his skin. He jumped a bit as an even warmer shaft pressed against his back. “You need any help cleaning up?” Bill offered, a mischievous grin dancing around his words. Pholus’s sight nearly went gray as seemingly most of his blood rushed south.

He ground his ass against Bill, as his dick slowly extended up his stomach, then chest, then the base of his throat, the sudden shift in weight forcing him to grab convenient rubber handles in the shower. He arched his back, highlighting his ass. “I’d love you to scrub me everywhere. Maybe even use a pole for the parts you can’t reach.”

Bill’s cock jumped and splattered a line of pre across Pholus’s back. “I… think I can do that,” he managed, his libido demanding that he try to spread Pholus right now. He ran his hands down Pholus’s ribs and hips, causing him the shiver in anticipation, then he slowly pushed one finger in. “Fuck… you are so tight...” Bill moaned, feeling Pholus’s oversized prostate.

Pholus was in heaven, arched like this, his cock was bobbing nearly at eye level, Bill was right behind him, warm water was dripping on his back, and Bill was getting him ready for-

Pholus felt a spasm run up his back, as Bill slowly brushed against his prostate. His ass clamped down on the invader as hard as it could, and he could feel muscles in his groin rhythmically contracting, eagerly spraying cloudy fluid against the shower wall. And that was just a touch.

Bill wasn’t entirely sure what had happened, but Pholus sounded like he was having the time of his life, and his finger was being pulled in, pressing harder against the oversized gland. He added another finger, slowly stroking, feeling Pholus swell and pulse underneath him.

Pholus thought he was getting used to the stimulation, until Bill started toying with him. His dick splattered the wall each time he tensed his muscles, and he could feel his balls swelling, becoming even heavier as they reacted to the stimulation. He needed more. “Please fuck me!” Pholus begged.

Bill grinned and backed up. “I thought you’d never ask,” Bill said, then slowly pushed his blunt head against Pholus’s rear. Then added a little more force. His blunt head felt like a golf ball pressing against a garden hose. Unless there was a Marine making out with Pholus, he wasn’t going anywhere.

Pholus looked back confused. “Erm… is something wrong?”

“Persephone didn’t… change anything back here… And… I don’t think you’re loose enough for fisting...”

“Are you telling me that I’m re-virginized?”

Bill winced. “Probably… I definitely can’t fit this thing in.” He reached back and spread himself, then slowly pressed a finger in. Less than an inch in, he met an overstimulated prostate that wanted to be pummeled, but that didn’t really help him figure out where Pholus’s meat was supposed to go. After a few seconds of gasping, feeling his cock throb, his muscles slowly relaxing, he managed to reopen his eyes and groaned. Looking at the pearl necklace dotting Pholus’s back and hair, Bill shook his head. “Definitely not.”

“Oh…” Pholus seemed disappointed, until Bill’s hot throbbing rod slipped underneath his legs, coming to rest a little less than halfway up Pholus’s own dick.

“I think I have a solution,” Bill said, suddenly appearing by Pholus’s ear. “Lube up your hands. Start playing with us… and I’ll pummel your ass until you can’t walk. And then we can try stretching later… and see how much fun we can have. I’d love for you to be my first….”

“You’re a virgin?”

Bill grimaced, thinking back to the current reality. “It takes a very specific person to be willing to try to fuck a literal horsecock. Now can we stop talking about virginity and turn you into a messy puddle?” Bill said, new memories of surprising a number of people with proof that he wasn’t stuffing his pants suddenly appearing in his head. Plus exposure to a number of horse girls with rather off putting preferences about commitment and kids.

Pholus was going to respond, but felt the rod throbbing besides him and grabbed a bottle of silicon lube that had been left in just the right spot. He slicked up his hands and arms, then started coating their dicks. He started thrusting, the sensation of cock against cock, and cock against arm, chest, hands, thigh, and abs, adding a constant stream of slippery pre from both dicks to the silicon lube.

Bill felt every touch on his cock, especially around the medial ring, and he stood there, holding Pholus close to him as he tried to adjust to the sensation. It was so much more powerful than before, and he could feel feel his prostate eagerly supplying more pre, his balls pumping as he could already feel his orgasm building. It took him a few thrusts to remember that he was supposed to be playing with Pholus, and he slowly moved his hand onto Pholus’s ass then started putting two fingers inside. Pholus cried out at the sensation, echoing around the room as he streaks turned into a spurt, his prostate swelling under Bill’s fingers, as he pushed in, helping bring Pholus’s orgasm higher.

A few seconds later, Pholus began thrusting again, and Bill added another finger, slowly thrusting in and out of Pholus’s ass. Bill gasped as he felt a skillful tongue reach down and touch his head, slowly swirling around his sensitive flare, Pholus starting to concentrate on Bill’s most sensitive parts.

Pholus was moaning in time with Bill’s assault on his prostate, Bill was moaning in time with Pholus’s playful manipulation of his medial ring and flare. Both of them were thrusting into each other, adding the slap of sweaty heavy bodies to the sexually charged room as climax rapidly approached.

Finally, with a shout, Bill felt himself peak, shoving his hand forward, as it slowly slipped inside Pholus’s overpacked tunnel, his internal muscles went wild, forcing as much fluid as fast as they could manage. He unloaded, spraying coating about half the wall with white as his body refused to stop cumming, unloading ribbon after ribbon until it had been thoroughly shellacked.

Well, most of it went on the wall. Pholus had still been licking Bill’s cock, and got the brunt of the first few shots, Bill’s heavy musk filling his head, as Bill’s fingers sipped inside his ass, crushing his prostate against his hips, sent Pholus well over the edge, and he shouted as his monster unloaded, adding a slightly different color spackle to the abstract art they’d made together.

Again and again, the two spurted, the sensation leaving them gasping and moaning the entire time, their balls eagerly dumping what felt like nearly a liter of saved up fluid from the night before.

Eventually, it stopped, and Pholus and Bill slowly allowed themselves to lay on the ground, in the steaming water, hugging each other tightly, their semi-flaccid cocks draped over their thighs and across the tile. Bill kissed Pholus on the shoulder. “That… was amazing…”

Pholus raised a cum drenched hand and riffled through Bill’s hair. “That was one of the best experiences of my life.”

Then they heard a pounding at the door. “Great to hear that you two are so supportive and fulfilled, can you please stop using all the hot water and clean yourselves up? We’re going to the stables in an hour!” Bill’s sister, Jane, called through the door.

Bill and Pholus looked at each other in confusion. “Stables?” Pholus asked. Bill shrugged. They slowly pulled apart, and groaned at the amount of baby batter they’d need to clear.

Most of an hour later, Bill and Pholus were in the family car, snacking on some high protein shakes that were apparently prescribed by their doctors. They were back in their jock straps, their bottom wear satisfied by kilts, which definitely revealed way more than Bill’s parents would have been willing to deal with a few nights ago. Judging by the pictures in the hallway, they’d given up when puberty hit and turned a medical curiosity into a social and biological nightmare. At least Pholus living under the same roof as Bill prevented him from flooding out the bathroom every week or so and destroying the wooden floors in a hotel.

They had found out that a set of ultra-reinforced spandex was enough to let them work out, pretty much necessary with how much testosterone their bodies produced and how much muscle mass they’d accumulated. Like serious steroid users, the needed to focus on building up connected tissue, at least if they wanted their tendons to work, but they’d been politely asked not to go to the nearby gyms. Apparently it encouraged overuse of various chemicals among the smaller-egoed population. Plus it made people feel threatened in the sauna. Instead, they’d managed to borrow an unused barn at a local stable for a workout area, while Bill’s sister practiced dressage and polo.

The stable workers greeted the family familiarly, and Pholus was definitely included in that. Beth waved them over. “Good to see you two again. There’s a slight problem…. we’ve having a competition this weekend, and they used the gym for staging some of the competitors. It’ll be a few hours before you can work out.” Beth seemed a bit uncomfortable suddenly. “Erm… and I kinda got stuck with… cleaning the stalls by myself… again. I know I said that I wouldn’t ask again, but… can you two help while you’re waiting? We cleaned your boots and coveralls from last time.”

Pholus and Bill blinked at each other. This retcon was a bit more involved than the others. Though formerly biological impossibility probably had something to do with that. Can’t just explain several doctoral theses in genetics, endocrinology, and human development without some major timeline rewrites. Still, Beth looked so pleading, and eager for their help that they couldn’t say no.

“Of course,” Pholus said, reaching back into the car for another protein shake.

Bill nodded. “Happy to help.”

Beth looked up smiling, and led them to the changing room where Pholus and Bill changed into obviously custom made coveralls, before heading out to the job site.

A few minutes later, they were not quite as happy to help. The stables were deserted as the dressage competition started, and the competitors began a complex routine of introducing all the horses, the order denoting a complex system of rivalries and undercutting. Hundreds of thousands of dollars were anted here, with huge suburban upper-middle class egos on the line.

And literal piles of shit left in their wake. Pholus groaned. “When was the last time these were cleaned?” he complained.

Bill felt… strangely relaxed. The familiar scent of horse was sending strange messages through his altered physiology, mostly about being in a safe spot at the rear of the herd. He jammed his shovel into a pile and threw it into wheelbarrow. “It’s not that bad…” Bill said, then looked out of the stall and at the piles in the hallway, catching Pholus’s eye. “Okay, it’s pretty bad. Any ideas, Beth?”

Beth poked her head out from behind a stall, a tad flushed from the exertion. “We have a power washer? I don’t know how well that deals with big chunks...”

“All right, two on shovel duty, one on power washer?” Bill proposed.

Pholus looked between the two. “What’s a power washer?”

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Pholus was cackling madly as he caused another horse apple to explode. “Take that!” Bill and Beth were shoveling said crap into wheelbarrows and transporting it to the manure pile.

“Glad to see he’s having fun. Beth half laughed half grumbled, as she brought a wheelbarrow back in from the pile, passing Bill. Bill laughed and dumped his load, before following her back inside.

“Ah-ha take this!” Pholus shouted again as he heard someone walking back inside, and sprayed, soaking Beth’s chest and face.

“Hey!” She shouted standing there, dripping, her shirt sticking to her chest.

Bill walked into the stall after her. “What happened?”

“This!” Pholus said, spraying Bill square in the chest.

“Dude!” Bill shouted, more amused than annoyed. Pholus grinned, armed with the only water sprayer. The two wet friends glanced at each other.

Beth asked. “You okay with getting more wet?”

Bill shrugged. “Eh, I was planning on getting sweaty anyway.”

Beth grinned evilly, and picked up a hammer. She threw it at the fire suppression system above head, knocking off the sprinkler. Bill blinked at her dedication to pranking, breathing a sigh of relief as the hammer landed far away from everyone.

The broken fixture immediately started showering the entire stall in water, turning the trio from moderately sweaty to absolutely soaked within seconds.

“Isn’t that expensive to replace?” Bill asked, mildly, undoing his coveralls and pulling off his shirt, revealing his hairy built chest. Pholus did the same, revealing a similarly built, though hairless, chest. Beth bit her lip, glancing between the two.

“Erm… a bit… we need to get this thing replaced soon anyway… I think the funding is allocated to begin this weekend…” Beth finally managed. She kept her shirt on, but definitely kept glancing at the other two, especially as the coveralls started sticking to their lowers, as Beth tried to shut off the waterflow with a nearby emergency valve. It wasn’t working, so they decided to wait for the water container to drain out. No reason to try to shovel liquefying poo.

“Isn’t… there not supposed to be that much water?” Bill asked a few minutes later, as the water seemed like it was increasing, starting to wash away the remaining droppings. Suddenly the other fire suppressants activated, and the shower turned into a deluge, leaving Bill, Pholus, and Beth gasping against the near river flowing through the stable.

Bill groaned, and started pulling off his boots, socks, coveralls, and finally jockstrap, standing on the now clean rubber mat. “Persephone is back,” he said, and Pholus looked thoughtful for a moment, then nodded. After a second, he started stripping too. Both of them stood there naked, as Beth stared at them with wide eyes, one hand snaked underneath her shirt.

“What’s going on!?” she asked, confused and scared, eyes wide and staring.

“We’ve been cursed by a goddess,” Pholus sighed. “Every so often she shows up and rewards us.”

“Then why are you naked?!”

“Because she likes giving us stuff like this,” Bill said, lifting his massive package. Beth definitely followed the head back and forth as he let it fall back down.

Persephone’s voice filled the room. “My my my, diverting a river to clean a stable, I feel like I’ve heard that somewhere before.” The water slowly slackened, and the remainder coalesced into the floating goddess, wearing a cowgirl outfit that barely constrained her chest and rear. Modern day sensibilities or not, fertility goddesses certainly have a very directed form. “And you killed a brass bird.” She pointed to the broken fire sprinkler. “I was hoping you’d wait until this weekend, would have flowed better, but who am I to get in the way of narrative?”

Beth gaped at the newcomer, who was floating on her Horn of Plenty.

“Beth, Persephone. Persephone, Beth. Now can you retcon her? She’s not a part of this,” Bill said, stepping between the two.

“Oh, I think she can be a part of this if she wants.” Persephone purred. “She’s very attracted to big. Barely bothered with you two until you were shredded. Then decided to work at the same farm as where you two work out once Bill stopped being allowed to go to the gym? Oh, I wonder what you’d find if you looked through her phone. Imagine the scandal.”

Beth squeaked at… some memory, as both hands somehow found their way inside her clothing, eyes unable to leave Bill’s heavy swaying nuts.

“So… Beth… what do you want? You have the biggest dicks in the world, right here with you, not even hidden by a thin layer of spandex. Nothing in your collection at home even compared to them. What do you say? I won’t make it so that you must use them, but… I can certainly help you catch up with these two.”

Beth squeaked again, as her hand eagerly responded to the mental image and ripped the button ripped off her pants. Persephone grinned, “I see you’ve made your choice, but I want you to say it. I want you to admit that you’re a horny slut that wants to be filled by these two until you can’t walk. That you want to become big titted, huge assed, and full of white creamy goodness. That you can’t think of anything better than being pinned into a haystack and fucked over and over. And then I will show you how limited your imagination is. We can have so much fun together.”

Beth moaned something out, her pants zipper breaking.

“Good choice.”

Persephone looked at Bill and Pholus. “Now… what to do with you? You’ve already beyond hung like a horse. But that’s only so fun when it’s borderline impossible for anyone to enjoy you two. Sure, there’s handjobs, maybe licking, but actually sticking your cocks into someone… that’s not happening without a lot of medical intervention….” Her grin widened.

“You’re going to make it so that we don’t need our organs?” Pholus asked.

“Ooh, there’s an alternative. Then you two could walk around as cock socks for each other!” Persephone seemed to give the idea honest consideration. “But no, I think I have a better solution there than that.” She snapped and time resumed, Bill and Pholus still naked. Beth’s pants split and her hand and wrist were inside her panties. The water slowly drained from the room, leaving it sparkling, as the oats dried themselves in their trough.

“Beth… what did you say?” Bill asked slowly.

Beth ripped her shirt off, staring at the massive dangling cocks with undisguised lust. Her small breasts stood proudly, nipples hard and eager. Her muscles were pretty impressive, you could tell that she spent most of her day not studying at a farm.

Then her pants came off as she threw them against the wall with a slap. She looked frenzied, still fixated on the inhuman organs in front of her, then bent over the feeding trough, ass high, just a thin layer of soaked fabric hiding her womanhood. She spread her legs, begging to be filled,

Bill and Pholus looked at each other, unable to stop their cocks from starting to harden. Just being around Persephone tended to have that effect, and it lingered, plus there wasn’t a change yet that didn’t have some sexual aspect to it, and it was hard to say that Beth wasn’t willing… But…

“Beth… we barely know you,” Pholus said.

That jarred her out of her offering. “What? We’ve known each other for years!”

“Persephone keeps rewriting out past. We sort of have memories of what happened, and it affects our reflexes...” Bill began.

“But it can feel really weird and they actively fight against each other,” Pholus finished.

“We’d love to spend more time with you,” Bill said.

“Hell, we were willing to clean a dirty stable with you,” Pholus said.

“But...” they trailed off together.

Beth blinked, tears in her eyes, starting to take deep breaths, trying to keep herself under control. “O… kay… I... I think I get your point… it feels… really really shitty… but… I think I get your point.” She slowly stood up, and stretched, wincing as she felt the effects from shoveling waste all day. “Fuck, I am sore.”

A moment later, her and Bill’s stomachs growled. Pholus was looking at the two and himself for what, if anything, was changing.

Beth walked over to her clothes but they were pretty much ruined. They were soaked, covered in mud, and she really, really didn’t want to put them back on. Her stomach was growling insistently.

“Fuck… we have any food around here?” She muttered out loud.

Bill sniffed the air. “There’s the oats.”

Pholus looked at the magically dried oats. “Come on, that’s obviously the trigger. Just go the kitchen, everyone’s at the ceremony.”

Bill and Beth were already neck deep in the trough, eating eagerly. Pholus sighed, rubbing his temples.

Pholus’s eyes were drawn to Bill’s ass, framing his balls and sheath. They were darker than the rest of him, a highlight that just couldn’t be ignored. He was vividly reminded that his hyper-productive balls hadn’t been drained all day, and was pretty sure he could see the effects, them swollen and even heavier than usual, begging to be drained.

Bill’s ass was slowly… shifting, becoming darker, fur spreading and becoming more solid, as his ass became even thicker with muscle, forcing him to spread his legs further.

Next to him, Beth’s underwear was audibly straining as the pounds of oats she was eating was pumping her already impressive rear with muscle and fat, forcing her to shift her weight and sit back, causing a wide rip along the crack. She noticed, but didn’t care, still eagerly eating, like she was starving.

Pholus had walked over to Bill and was admiring him. Rock solid, strong, capable, and… he slowly ran his hand down Bill’s taint, clearly extremely sensitive, based on how quickly Bill’s cock dropped, leaking pre onto the cleaned floor. Pholus slowly ran his hand over Bill’s larger ass, and started gently probing his hole. His finger easily slid in, and Bill barely noticed. Another finger followed, then another, slowly brushing up against Bill’s prostate. Bill pressed back, unable to stop eating, trying to get more pressure on his pleasure button, when his asshole started to swell up, pushing out, as Pholus’s fingers started getting pulled in.

Pholus was slowly jacking off his spire, the feeling of one hand barely anything against the full length, when he realized that he was wrist deep in his boyfriend. Pholus’s dick throbbed, and hardened fully, dripping a constant flow of slippery pre.

Pholus pulled his hand out, aiming his length at Bill. “Bill… I think I can fit… can I fuck you?” Bill eagerly nodded, and tried to reach back to open himself up. He couldn’t reach, and grunted in annoyance. “Don’t worry… I got this…” Pholus said, barely able to breathe, and lined himself up. Then pushed.

Both men groaned loudly, as Bill’s turned into a needy moan. Pholus easily spread Bill’s doughnut, his head sinking in with a pop, and the two stood there, panting, waiting for Bill to be ready. Bill was torn, he needed to eat, but he also needed Pholus to keep going. He could feel his ass being stretched beyond any reasonable size, but… fuck it felt amazing. He gave a thumbs up, and Pholus started thrusting.

Pholus had been so fixated on Bill’s rear that he hadn’t been exactly paying attention to anything else that had happened. Bill had been growing. Bill had been growing a lot. He’d been crawling back, giving himself more room whenever his back had been complaining. Pholus stood there, stunned, then realized something. He could go all out. He growled, and started thrusting for real, his three foot length sliding in and out of Bill as far as he could manage, all the power in his hips and legs working to make it deeper.

On the first real thrust, Bill screamed into his oats, as his prostate was suddenly under attack by an eager battering ram, the ground beneath him becoming covered in cloudy white fluid as he sprayed again and again. His changes accelerated, fur spreading along his new height, two nubs just below where his waist used to be slowly forming and growing, pushing towards the ground.

Pholus felt himself getting close, and came, hugging Bill’s hips, his thrusts slowing down for a moment or two as he dumped a large thick load into his boyfriend, before being overcome with lust again, and resuming his jackhammer-like frantic pace. Bill kept pushing into him, harder and harder, nearly shoving him off balance. As much as he wanted to fuck Bill through the stable wall, he kept being pushed back, step after step, until he was most of the way towards the opposite wall.

Bill’s body reacted to each dose of cum like he had been hit by a lightning bolt. He shouted again, and his back cracked, right where the fur stopped. He frantically shifted, trying to find a new comfortable position to eat, eventually backing up again, pressing as hard as he could into his boyfriend, scarfing down food as his new lower half started to bulk out again, far more than his mostly human torso. His new front nubs lengthened, forming into knees, then forming a foot. Moments later two new legs touched the ground, folding up automatically, his now rear legs lifting his bulk off the ground to give Pholus a better angle.

It took a while; each time Pholus came into Bill, his changes accelerated, his chest barreling out, a new stomach clearly forming. His feet shifting as his big toe became larger and larger, until his foot had faded out entirely, before a heavy dark hoof formed out of his oversized toenail. They only noticed it when Bill stomped his approval of Pholus’s efforts, and the clomp echoed around the room. His entire body had clearly shifted to be quadruped, his human torso standing as an exception, a mane running down his back, as the hair on his head shifted to a mohawk. His dick and balls were more proportional, but still large, his horse body corded with thick muscle, similar to a Clydesdale right down to his unshorn fetlocks and sheer capable size.

Covered in sweat and exhausted, Pholus finally slid out of Bill’s ass, which held onto him as long as it could, pulling him clean as he slipped out.

“Fuck… that was intense,” Pholus muttered, his hand resting on his boyfriend’s hindquarters.

Bill groaned and pulled his head out of the trough. “Yeah… woah… that’s… wow.”

Then they looked over at Beth.


Part 5

Beth had grown up always feeling different. That wasn’t necessarily too surprising, since she was the only cowtaur in school. It hadn’t been too bad in elementary school. Sure, there were looks, and whispers, but being head and shoulders taller than anyone else meant that she could kick their butts up and down the field at recess and gym.

Middle school was bad.

High school was worse. After switching to another one, more in the country, she managed to fall into a routine of home, school, the race track, home. Then puberty hit, and even that fragile stability fell apart. It… wasn’t a good time.

Then she happened to glance out the window in junior year, and she couldn’t tear her eyes away.

A centaur was running around the track as his built arms pumped, doing lap after lap. She squeaked whenever she could spot his hindquarters, everything proudly on full display. She started chewing on a finger, sparks flowing down her spine, as her shirt tented, her pinkie sized nipples signaling their interest, begging for attention.

She tried not to rub her legs together, but couldn’t resist pressing her shoulders back, putting more pressure on her chest, as she bit her finger, staring outside and watching the centaur run.

The bell took her by surprise, and she looked around wildly as the room cleared out. The centaur panted as he started cooling down, kicking his legs and stretching. She sat there, still watching, as another student walked out towards the track. The centaur jumped into a canter, running towards the newcomer, and hugged him tightly.

That was enough for Beth. She slowly got up, a ball of heat between her legs begging for her attention, but she kept her head down, as she walked towards her parent’s car. She felt… hyperaware of everything around her. People leaning in slightly too close to chat, phenomenal clouds saying that people were available, clothes chosen to show off bulging muscle and… other parts. She blushed and hurried to the car, catching a few stares as she did so.

“Everything all right, Beth?” her mom asked, as she got into the car, flushed and panting. Beth nodded, head 250 meters away, trying to remember everything she could. The rest of the night passed in a blur. Schoolwork and food cowered under her intent to get alone in her room, as her parents glanced at each other in concern.

Still, it wasn’t long before she was naked in her bedroom, blushing harder as she idly rolled her nipples between two fingers, her ass pressed against a bedpost through a pair of underwear. She hesitantly started playing with herself, the centaur fixed in her mind. Sparks of pleasure shot through her, as her sex moistened and filled the room with her scent. She felt her tail flick up, trying to attract someone to her behind where… the image of the centaur running was replaced with him looking at her, nose flared, as he slowly tore his shirt apart, revealing his tight stomach and broad pecs. She could see… something between his legs, but she couldn’t quite picture it, as he slowly circled her, just as needy in her imagination as she was in real life. She breathed a quick “Please...,” all but begging as he slowly walked up behind her, chest to her back as—

She blinked her way to reality, as she felt warm liquid dripping over her hand. She looked down and saw rich white milk leaking from her breasts. They felt tender, tight, and… well… good. She put her shirt back on, as she headed for the bathroom, then froze in horror as she ran into her dad.

He was dressed in his usual kilt, and he curiously sniffed the air. Her eyes went wide, and she wished she had closed the door. He blinked and refocused on Beth. “Oh sorry, I’m looking for a gas leak. Thought I smelt hydrogen sulfide on the stairs.” He smiled and wandered past, pausing to smell along the hallway.

Beth darted into the bathroom and grabbed a towel, glad that her dad hadn’t seen the wet spots over her nipples, too fixated on getting back to toying with herself to notice the slightly glowing book on Greek myths.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

The next day, Beth left the soaked towel in the bathroom to dry. Her top was a bit tighter, her bra a bit more abrasive to her chest, but otherwise she felt pretty good. That said, the day was… boring and distracting. She couldn’t stop glancing at her classmates, still very aware of… bulges and curves. It was hard to focus on the teachers, as a low level of constant arousal kept begging for attention, the slowly building pressure in her chest not helping matters. It’d been fun last night, but she couldn’t drain either… breast… fully. She blushed again, and tried to concentrate on wave functions as the physics teacher droned on.

Finally the last bell rang, and she headed to the car, her chest starting to hurt a bit. Her mom took a different turn from the school, heading out of town.

“So… there’s something I forgot?” Beth asked, trying to remember why they might be going somewhere.

“Oh no… Your father set up something with your old stable.” She seemed nearly as blush-y as Beth was feeling.

“Erm… I can’t really run anymore…” Beth said, confused.

“They… also have other services. You seemed a bit—” She groped for words. “—pent up.”

“Oh,” Beth said, then blushed harder. The ride continued with an air of agonizing embarrassment for the two.

When Beth stepped out, it was like being hit by wall of sound. What had just been “barn smell” when she was younger suddenly had a lot more information that was much more relevant to her. She knew there were a few males, and they were aggressively informing the world that they were very male. She felt her body react, as her shirt tenting, as she unconsciously pulled her legs apart.

“Beth!” her mom said sharply, jarring the young adult into motion. Her mom had prepared for this moment. Rather than talk to one of the workers, she had a series of flash cards she passed to him. A large number seemed unused before he jabbed a finger towards a barn.

Beth’s mom imitated him, then she briskly walked towards the car, leaving Beth by herself.

She blinked in surprise, then started walking, trepidation slowly building, the smell of thick heavy virile… Her brain short circuited before the thought could finish.

As she stepped in, and her eyes adjusted to the indoor light, her mouth fell open. In one of the stalls, the centaur from school was leaning against the wall, sweaty and flushed. He blinked and looked up at her. “Oh hi. You’re… Beth, right?”

Her mouth stayed open, as she took in his shoulders and built arms, the sound of a pump. She blinked back to the present, and managed to close her mouth. “Erm- yes! I’m Beth. I- I- I’m sorry, what’s your name? And how do you know me?”

“I’m Bill, we were in the same home economics class two years ago.” An awkward silence filled the room as Beth wished she could evaporate. “Erm… your apple pies were really good?” he added after a moment, as a stable-hand walked in.

“All right, Beth? We have the milker set up over here,” she said to Beth. “First time?” she asked, sympathetically, flipping through the sheets. She wished she could spontaneously combust. Maybe boil into some invisible gas. Be anywhere else, but she nodded. “Capital. All right, are you comfortable with being touched?”

She thought about it for a moment, then nearly shook her head, before looking at Bill and nodded. The stablehand opened a stall and led Beth in. “All right, if you could remove your top, I’ll get these on. The emergency off switches are here and here. If you’re uncomfortable, you can adjust suction with this lever.” The stable-hand continued walking Beth through the safety procedures, smoothly getting her shirt off, and chest cleaned, before attaching the milkers. Beth gasped loudly as suction was applied, sparks flashing across her eyes.

It took her a few minutes for her brain to wrap itself around the new sensation, and she realized that she was moaning in time with the suction. In front of… her eyes snapped open as she looked at Bill. He wasn’t much better, panting in time with the sound of…

Her eyes went wide as she realized that she could see the top of his lower half, braced over a… post, thrusting into…

She moaned loudly, as more milk poured into a nearby collection vessel. Bill braced, pushing forward as hard as he could, trying to keep silent. He stood there, panting, as Beth relaxed against the padded wall, head scrambled as it tried to wrap around everything that was going on, her head swimming in his scent as she pressed against a convenient rubber bound post between her legs.

That lasted a few cycles before either of them managed to work up the courage to speak. “So… hard to reach?” Beth asked randomly, then wanted to swallow her fist.

Bill laughed. “I’d gotten used to fitting between my mattress and bed. Dad got a bit pissed off when I flooded it out and ruined the carpet.” His eyes went wide as he realized what he had shared. He idly looked at a nearby wall, seemingly pondering if he could through hit hard enough to reverse time. “You have a fun story?” he finally managed.

Beth shook her head. “I… think my dad noticed last night. And may have seen the soaked towel…” She didn’t really blush, since she was in a state of constant blush, but it may have gotten a tad deeper.

“Ah…” Bill said, as the door opened and a human walked in. “Pholus!” he called out eagerly.

Beth ducked her head, trying to hide from the newcomer, as the smell of potent virile male seemingly doubled.

“Hey Bill. How’s your hip? You looked a bit unsure on that trail run,” Pholus said, as he opened a stall and started setting up his own machine. Beth blinked and looked up.

“Nah, I’m fine. Really just needed to be drained, kept jostling everything around. I know that I shouldn’t wear a jockstrap, but fuck… I need to figure out if I should be drained before or after a run because they both suck.”

“With how you fuck, you’re not going to be rested if you do before,” Pholus said, relaxing until his head was barely poking over the walls.

“So… are you…” Beth asked, struggling to articulate what she was trying to say. She made a few hand gestures of her thumb going into a ring made by her other hand.

“I’m bigger than he is,” Pholus said somewhere between annoyed and proud. “Neither of us can fit in fucking shit. Good training for squats though.”

Beth’s head got scrambled again, as the post behind her started to bend a bit. Eventually all three of them ran dry, and Beth stumbled off to the car where her dad was waiting. She stared out of the window the entire way back, not willing to look at her dad, totally overwhelmed by the day.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

“Hey Bill, Pholus,” Beth said, as she got out of the car, seeing her friends working out. “They waved back, as she stepped into the changing room, and rapidly threw on her spandex. She walked back out, winecork-sized nipples clearly visible through her top, relaxing into the familiar cloud of musk that followed the two, her body reacting and adding her own scent to the musk of active weightlifting.

Bill had a harness on, pulling a sled across the ground with several concrete blocks on the back. Pholus was standing in the weights area, inside a hex bar.

“You need any more weight?” she asked, trotting around the two as she warmed up. Pholus grunted and shook his head, then started his next set. Bill’s tail perked up and he waved as Beth trotted by.

Smiling, he shook his head. “How are you doing though?” he asked, sweat beading against his bare chest and shoulders.

Beth felt her stomach clench and her tail twitch. She smiled back. “Doing pretty well!” Can’t wait to get started!” She grabbed her harness and got into the equipment, then started hauling.

These were the best and worst days of her week. When she was deep into a workout, able to spend time with Bill and Pholus, either in the stalls or in the yard, knowing she was improving herself with two hunky men. It left her stomach in knots, her head swimming in their scents, and made her feel pent up for days, usually until the next milking. The workouts had really helped her fill out, she still blushed whenever she thought of the first set of shirts she had outgrown.

Most of an hour later, the trio finished and headed to the shower. Somehow Pholus’s shirt had ended up on the floor with Bill’s, and his jockstrap had popped a couple buttons revealing… Beth couldn’t finish the thought without blushing. Still… it wasn’t like Beth was fully dressed. Her sports bra had come off when she’d finished the warm up and started lifting for real.

“Hey, it’s my 20th birthday, and I was wondering if you two wanted to grab dinner with me? Then maybe hang out together?” she asked hopefully. Bill and Pholus looked at each other, then nodded in unison.

“Absolutely,” Bill said.

“I’m hungry enough to eat a horse.” Pholus grinned.

Beth laughed as Bill blushed red. He managed to recover. “Like last night?”

Pholus slapped his ass. “Absolutely.” He ran a hand down Bull’s flank. “And I loved every moment.”

Beth glanced from one to the other. Bill was blushing profusely, Pholus was rubbing where he slapped. “You okay, cutie?” he asked softly.

Bill blushed harder. “Yeah… just… still not used to you saying stuff like that. It… feels nice.”

Pholus walked up and kissed Bill on the neck, then walked towards the showers, shedding clothes as he went.

Bill looked at Beth, taking deep breaths. “You… okay with him being there? I know you get uncomfortable…” He trailed off.

Beth shrugged. “I… I kinda like you two acting like that. It’s adorable,” she admitted, biting a finger. “And hot.”

“All right… your dad picking us up after this?” he asked. “We have our school clothes.”

“That sounds perfect,” Beth said, and cantered off towards the showers, eager to get started.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

They’d been dropped off by Beth’s dad, who probably had certain… expectations. He’d sent Beth a list of taur friendly hotels nearby, along with an early birthday gift that was about the amount for a good night out and a room.

Beth, Bill, and Pholus were standing around a plate of greasy sandwiches, fries, and empty rows of alcoholic milkshakes, and were just feeling it start to hit them.

“Can’t believe I never knew about these,” Bill said, drinking another one. “All I’ve had was beer, and that tastes like crap.”

“You’ve tasted crap?” Pholus snarked.

“Yeah, you don’t wipe as well as you should.” Bill laughed, and hugged his friend.

Beth smiled, and took a sip, enjoying the cool burn as it slid down her throat. The room was emptying out, but the bartender was still there, and there were still a lot of ice cream tubs behind the counter. “So… another round?”

Bill and Beth were large enough that it was borderline impossible to get them drunk. Pholus claimed his liver was superhuman. Still, they drank enough to at least be… more relaxed around each other. Normally there was always a hint of blush, embarrassment, thoughts about what they could share. Maybe it was the unusually hard workout, the greasy meal, general horniness, the alcohol, or a mix of all of it, but they finally relaxed enough to vent. Or to vent about substance.

Sure, school was always a valid topic. So were assholes at school. So were dumb people online. Insecurities? Nope. Direct questions about someone you were attracted to? Absolutely not. How the hell Pholus walked around with 50 pounds between his legs?

“Well, it’s something you get sort of used to. And why I do so many squats. Definitely can’t manage many pull-ups though,” Pholus said as Beth realized that she had asked him out loud.

She blushed, as Bill opened his mouth. “So… how big are you?” His eyes went wide, as Beth told him. He blinked again and shook his head. “I meant… how big are your… you know,” she blushed and told him again.

“Oh… that… I just realized I have no idea how boobs are measured.”

That led them down an interesting rabbit hole. “Really, I just wish there was something that could prop these up. Bras just aren’t supportive enough, and they destroy elastic,” she complained, pulling at her overburdened shirt, her nipples clearly showing through. It took a few moments for Bill and Pholus to recover, but they managed to drag their eyes back up to her face.

Beth smiled, and asked a random question that popped into her head, trying to embarrass them as much. “So… how the hell do you two buy condoms?”

“Erm… we really don’t,” Bill said.

“He doesn’t fit in anyone.” Pholus pointed. “We’re… trying with me topping. He always chickens out when we compare.”

“You’re big!” Bill said, loudly enough to get some stares and snickers. “Well it’s true,” he continued, more quietly.

Beth looked through her phone. “Hey… you two want to go to a store my dad recommended nearby?”

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

“Your dad recommended this?” Pholus asked, a tad uncomfortably. The store was that sort of… restrained that made people a bit suspicious about what happened behind the blacked out windows. There was a display of a dummy in a suit with a pup mask on. It looked about as… classy, for lack of a better term, as it could. Beth shrugged and walked in, the other two in tow. The front door was large enough for Beth and Bill to fit underneath without ducking.

Inside, there was a bull-taur behind the counter. “What can I do for you three tonight?” he asked in a smooth baritone.

Bill and Pholus were dumbstruck, blushing, staring at the ground, trying not to stare at the columns of dildos reaching from the floor to the ceiling, or the models, or the tanks of lube or the… oh the carpet was decorated in patterns of various figures fucking. They tried to generally not look. It was up to Beth. “Do you have any condoms that would fit my friends? And something that will keep these in place?” She lifted her boobs and let them drop.

“How does a steel reinforced corset sound? I have a steel forge in the back to custom fit it. Either of you two need something similar?” he asked Bill and Pholus.

Bill opened his mouth, blushed hard, and closed it again. “All right, maybe next time,” the bull-taur asked. “Hey, Devon, can you measure these two?”

There was the sound of fabric rubbing against skin and hair, the slap of a wet towel hitting the ground, and a wild haired young man popped out from behind the counter. “Will do. Can I see some ID?” Majority was confirmed. Then, “And do I have permission to touch you two?”

Beth followed the bull-taur, to the fitting area, interested in what it felt like to give her back a break. The shop proprietor was… impressively skilled with his hammer and hydraulic press, and it wasn’t long enough for Beth to get totally sober before she was practically prancing before Bill and Pholus, who were blushing profusely as they each held a large box with a lot of Xs in front of an L. The shop assistant was rearranging merchandise, leaving them mostly alone. It seemed more like embarrassment than honest discomfort, and they kept glancing at each other’s boxes. Then they saw Beth.

She’d gotten a black leather number with golden threading and a lot of steel reinforcement. She was already hourglass shaped, so it mostly just linked together as support, spreading the weight of her chest across her entire torso and over her hips, lifting and spreading them in ways that a bra had never managed. There was air circulation, there was a feeling of lightness, and the leather went so so well with her skin. She couldn’t resist a spring in her step, which definitely caught Bill and Pholus’s attentions.

“You look... amazing!” Bill managed.

Pholus’s mouth just hung open, his pants starting to strain.

“Hey, I need to see you two in your purchase,” she purred, putting her arms around them in a hug.

Their blush drained away in surprise, the shop assistant suppressed a laugh.

“And know just the place,” Beth said, slapping a card down on the cash register, wanting to get out of there as soon as possible, confidence and sexiness radiating from her posture.” She glanced at the others. “Erm… that is, if you two are okay with it?” she added, looking at the two stunned men.

“Yes!” Bill responded eagerly. Pholus nodded too, still awestruck.

The trio hurried out of the store as soon as the card was rung up.

“Ah, young love,” the assistant said, getting back into his customary place underneath the bull-taur, hooking up his oversized strap on. The bull-taur laughed, easing back onto the thick head.

“You’re a romantic at heart.,” he murmured, before leaning back and starting to leak all over the younger man.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

The hotel was… direct. Minimal staff, that could be seen, no cameras, that could be seen, low lighting, and a self-check-in system. “… What does your dad get up to?” Pholus asked, shivering in the dim light. Beth wasn’t about to let something right out of a bad movie about 1980s New York stop her. She had a corset of gold and two logs to swallow.

Minutes later, keycard in hand, she headed to the elevator, clearly intended for taur sizes. They fit in easily, and the scale along the ceiling barely budged. Bill’s hooves clomped audibly as he shifted from foot to foot, and Pholus wasn’t much better.

They jumped as the door dinged open, and Beth led them towards their room. They stepped over the threshold and blinked. “Okay… I can see why your dad recommended this. Even if he’s weird.”

It was unironically a nice room. Two tauric resting posts were present for if Beth or Bill wanted to get some sleep, with supports for their legs, just enough to take pressure off their hooves, and an adjustable pad for their torso. There was a cot for Pholus, and a complex breeding post setup, making it easy for any of them to slip underneath anyone else. It even came with a number of boxes for Pholus to stand on. But that was secondary to the pile of pillows and beanbags around the large TV dominating the room, though the stripper’s pole in the corner and multiple mini fridges to the side shows that it was probably intended as a recovery spot or to tantalize with a hotter couple on the screen.

Bill walked over to the TV, and started looking through the cabinets. ‘Hey! They have a Nintendo 64 with Melee!”

Beth looked from the TV, to the breeding posts, and sighed. She had a feeling she knew how this was going to go. “All right, let’s get a few matches in,” she smiled, expertly throwing her pile of pillows together. Bill and Pholus did the same, and the game started.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

“How are you so good with Eponia?” Bill demanded from Pholus, after he’d charged through the both of them and sent them flying off the screen.

Pholus grinned and said, “I get horses.”

Bill blushed a bit, and Beth took the opening. “All right, if you get horses, how about we make this a bit more interesting?”

Pholus cocked his head. “All right, what are you talking about?”

“Strip game?”

“Only if you keep that corset on,” Bill agreed, changing his stance to as subdued as possible.

Beth followed him, as Pholus grinned and sat on his knees, hiding his endowments. Sure, taurs might not wear as much clothes as a biped, but it wasn’t like they couldn’t lean to the side just so, and open their legs, spilling everything for everyone to see. There were a common enough series of modesty gestures for most taurs to follow them reflexively.

Pholus grinned, and restarted the game, confident he was going to see two languishing taurs within a few rounds.

As it happened, he was only partially correct, and his shirt had joined Bill’s on the ground, as his pants creaked, his attention split between charging from one side of the map to the other and the throbbing horsecock a few feet away. Beth was doing pretty well, the two men had mostly concentrated on each other, but it was getting hard to focus with the scents swimming in the air.

At just the wrong moment, Bill got in a lucky hit with a ranged strike and barely knocked her character past recovery. “Fuck!” she shouted, the soundproof room making it echo longer than expected. She pulled off her corset and tossed it at him.

Laughing, he caught it, and put it carefully to the side, as a random event occurred and a large horn of plenty blew onscreen from the side.

“What the hell? You can do that in a memory?!” Bill demanded, he looked around, as if he was seeing the world for the first time. “Was I always this shy?” he demanded of Pholus.

Pholus shrugged. “I have no idea, I’m still trying to figure out how my fingers can do all that.” He started trying to figure out how to hold the controller. “Am I supposed to have a third hand as well as a third leg?”

They looked at Beth, who blinked, trying to figure out what was going on. Her old, new memories hit her like a ton of bricks, and she slapped her hands to her face. “Oh my god, you two were so adorable together. I can’t believe that you were too scared to admit how much you like each other for years and just kept pretending that you were wanking each other off as a favor.”

Bill rubbed his temples. “Oh god… I was such a dweeb.”

“Nah, it’s cute,” Pholus said, agreeing with Beth. He looked at her a bit curiously. “Why… are you so hot right now?” he asked, honestly confused why he was horny as the borderline fertility deity lay there in front of him, topless, everything on display.

“Oh come on Pholus, you said that you were traumatized by the mistress of the farm, think of it as intensive therapy. Bill got a few scars fixed from younger misadventures. Beth… well, she didn’t quite qualify for that upgrade, but now you can help her out a bit,” Persephone said, her voice a tad less overpowering now that it was coming through an audio card.

“What did we do now?” Pholus asked, looking around. “Don’t tell me that me jizzing in the bathroom impregnated someone or something.”

“Seriously?! I would have loved to suck you off,” Beth said crossly.

“No, you just managed to find the girdle of an Amazon,” Persephone said.

“Excuse me?” Bill asked, confused.

“Okay…. that’s less of a stretch than a few of the others,” Pholus admitted, looking at the gold stitched corset of the muscular Beth. He started taking off his pants and jockstrap. “If you’re going to do anything, can you boost my muscles? They’re big but this thing between my leg keeps getting bigger faster.”

Persephone laughed. “No… nothing quite like that. I just want to… give Beth a bit of help. And take you two along for the ride.”

Beth’s face itched, as her hair grew longer, turning blond, as her fur became silky smooth. Her lips grew thicker, gaining a natural pout, and she swore her eyelashes were growing longer, giving her a perfect mascara outline at all times. More memories flooded in, middle school and high school going perfectly, her always being popular as she blossomed from cute to bombshell, quickly finding Bill and Pholus and becoming fast friends. Them bonding through their bodily changes, learning from each other, this night being the apex of a lengthy and enjoyable journey of self-exploration, as every peer she had in school cowered underneath her intelligence, appearance, and poise, not to mention her massive-

“Fuck, I’m a Mary Sue,” Beth said, disgustedly. “Look, I had problems but I was working through them with these two, you don’t need to do all this.” She stood up to her full height, hands on hips, looking down at Persephone.

“Erm… Beth, we’re not much better off,” a deep, powerful voice that struck right down between her legs said, even if it was moderated by lingering early adult lack of confidence.

A slightly higher voice, almost designed to sing in harmony with the first, groaned. “Great, why the hell do I know how to do a moisturizing routine?”

Beth looked up. Bill and Pholus had been changed. It wasn’t nearly as drastically as before where Bill had turned into a centaur, but it was drastic in other ways. His features had been taken by a Renaissance Master, crushed through geometric perfection, given a dash of idealized Roman strength and dumped on a still uncoordinated weight lifter. The result was the type of build that made married women suddenly want to dig a pool and hire a cabana boy, though in this case it would probably be closer to plowing a field of… some Freudian allusion. Probably lettuce. He was taller, darker, more handsome, with strong features, high defined cheekbones, and perfectly curled hair that had just the right look of “I don’t care” to show that he knew what he was doing. His fur was sleek and glossy, his tail perfectly braided, and his skin entirely free of any blemishes.

Pholus had been hit by the same hot stick as the other two, abet a tad more conventionally. Piercing green eyes, olive toned skin, and curly hair made him look like he’d just walked off a magazine shoot. Beth could have sworn that there was a slight breeze around him always causing his hair to blow in just the right way.

There was still enough of their previous personalities that the room suddenly filled with achingly demanding pheromones, as the two men rapidly hardened, the sheer size of their cocks sending a mix of desire and ache through Beth’s body. She couldn’t ignore her body’s demands as she walked over to the two, slowly drawing Pholus into a kiss as she ran a hand along Bill’s flank and chest, her tail eagerly exposing herself to his gaze.

Pholus eagerly responded, his strong hands running up her waist and hips, cupping one breast as he stood on tip toe to reach her sweet mouth.

“I need you,” all three of them said, almost at the same time. Beth blushed, her newly tanned skin highlighting her blond hair, as she added, “Both of you.”

They followed their bodies, their new instincts and practiced movements, over to the breeding post, as Pholus got into position at the bottom, his unreasonably massive dick sticking feet into the air, as Beth stood in the middle, legs planted, arms against the port’s reinforced grips. She felt Bill’s breath on her ass, as her tail flicked from side to side, dousing him in pheromones and need. She took another few steps forward, and felt Pholus’s dick sticking between her legs, the burning hot spire inches away from her entrance. Bill started walking forward, and she felt the anticipation growing with each and every step, starting to sweat as her heart raced and she gasped, her chest heaving. Bill’s strong hands, wrapped around her, as he pulled her close, and kissed her neck.

“Are you ready?” he asked, as she moaned her response.

“Yes,” she said and melted into his strong capable arms. After a moment, both holes spread under familiar invaders, easily sliding into her needy tunnels, Pholus wearing a condom, no matter how much she wanted to feel her womb flooded by his cum.

The trio slowly started fucking, filling the room with their combined cries, as they set a slow, relaxed pace, more focused on being with each other than getting to orgasm. But the orgasm promised to be pretty amazing too.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Beth looked up from the empty oat hopper, instincts telling her that she had both two and four legs, as her new taur body asserted itself. She looked up at Bill and Pholus, even hotter than they’d been seconds ago, still covered in cum and sweat. She smiled, cupping her chest, a newly familiar pout begging for their attention. “Are you two really going to leave little old me alone?” She stretched, showing off her body, as Bill and Pholus hardened again, and presented herself, barely needing to wait a few seconds before she was completed with her two amazing lovers.


Part 6

“So… what are we going to do about Persephone?” Beth asked, when they’d finally been satisfied and managed to clean up the stables. Bill and Pholus were both aware of a constant undercurrent of need coming off of her, but it wasn’t like they didn’t feel the same from each other.

“What do you mean?” Bill asked., his brain still swimming from all the recent changes, and the amount of hormones in his objectively minutes old body.

“This is insane. My life is entirely different. I’m… like absurdly happy that I can be with you two, but I was planning on being a biologist. Nobody’s going to take me seriously with blond hair and tits the size of udders.”

Pholus nodded slowly, not really hearing over said udders.

“Good to see you got over your fear of women,” Bill managed, nudging him.

Beth rolled her vibrant eyes and decided to ban all adjectives associated with her from her train of thought. A moment of staring at Bill’s perfectly white teeth made her extend it to the three of them. Her libido shrugged; it was still going to have mains voltage running through it at all times. “Okay, so you two are running through the 12 labors of Hercules, guessing off the stable, the brass birds, and the girdle.”

“Here it is, by the way,” Pholus said, grabbing it off a hook in the wall. Beth automatically refastened it, sighing as her weight was redistributed.

“Thanks, but what other ones have you two gotten?” Beth asked.

“Hydra, Bull, Apples, Stable, Birds, Boar, and Girdle,” Bill listed, and Beth winced.

“And… we’re halfway through and you two are huge, dicked supermodels with the only cow in the world large enough to take you? And we have the Mares left.” She shivered at what that could imply.

“Mares, Lion, cattle, Cerberus, Hind,” Bill confirmed.

“And what triggered all this again?”

Bill slapped his forehead and dragged his hand down, wrinkling his strong but delicate visage. “I asked for a lover whose dick was bigger than a centaur’s.”

“Hence you being a centaur because Pholus’s dick needs to be bigger than that?” Beth asked.

Pholus grinned and nodded.

“What did you ask for?” she asked Pholus.

Pholus’s grin shrank. “I wished for someone who would protect me, accept me for who I was, and appreciate me for all of me.”

“So… both of those appear to be… fulfilled,” she said, “Did you two tack on anything else?”

“I… like big muscles… so I brought up Hercules,” Pholus said.

“So… that’s the reasoning, you need to complete the 12 labors?”

“With a new time changing transformation for each one. And I swear they’ve been getting more extreme,” Bill confirmed.

“All right, so we probably want to try to avoid them?”

Pholus laughed a bit glumly. “She has a very broad interpretation of what the tasks mean.”

“Okay, but let’s try to approach this rationally. What could the Mares mean?” Beth asked, as Bill shifted his weight, causing his oversized stallionhood to come back into view.

“Hey, all this baby batter needs to go somewhere.”

“You think so? That seems… a bit… like wrong? They’re not… aware.”

“Probably not, she hasn’t had us do anything like… morally gross. Just weird and big,” Pholus said.

“Having hundreds of kids would probably qualify as ‘stealing away mares.’” Bill said. Pholus and Beth looked at each other, a tad tempted. Beth’s nipples sending all the right signals up her spine as they pressed against the warm leather, while Pholus’s cock extended a few inches.

“Is it wrong that I sort of find that hot? Like not with horses, but people who can realize what’s happening,” Pholus asked. “Like, you’re already a stud...”

Bill rubbed his forehead. “You two want to talk about this over coffee or something? My brain is starting to hurt.” He got to his feet, and walked out of the building, stark naked. Beth and Pholus looked at each other trying to figure out if this was a kink he’d been retconned with or if he was just fed up with everything. Beth finished latching her corset, while Pholus squeezed himself into his jockstrap and a tunic.

The dressage festival was partially done, so there were a few competitors hanging around the stables as they had fallen out. The sight of an 8 foot tall hunk definitely turned more than a few heads, and it just became greater as Pholus and Beth joined. “Man, we are not doing favors for anyone’s self-esteem,” he murmured to Beth.

She nodded. “It feels like half my memories are of me reassuring friends that they’re not worthless. Seriously, I got Mary-Sue’d so hard. Did you know I was the youngest cow-taur to ever win both a child beauty pageant and break 1000 kilos at the local weight lifting competition? And I think child beauty pageant are gross! Fucking retcon.”

Pholus blushed. “Yep… because I remember meeting you at one of the pageant. I don’t know why, but I remember meeting you there.”

They both shuddered. “We need to get off this timeline as soon as possible,” Bill agreed, opening the door for the other two. “We’re close to the up-our-own-asses singularity, from which only bad ideas come.”

“What’s the plan?” Pholus asked, pouring the other two coffees. His newly improved metabolism frowned at him, offering more energy, but at this point it was for more for a semblance of normality rather than tempting yet another intrusive memory of being borderline worshiped in the shower.

“We need to figure out a change that affects a wider swath. Something that shifts it from ‘Three supernaturally beautiful, kind, and strong sex gods appeared and were worshiped’,” Bill said.

“Why the sudden push?” Beth asked. “You seemed to be more willing to go along with the flow.”

“Then what was just happening to me and my best friend extended to you, and now it’s causing serious mental harm to people around us. There’s no way that we’re ‘solving’ teenage inadequacy by being good friends. We need to trigger another change that affects a broader swatch of humanity, or gets us confined here just fucking. Either are fine by me.”

“So… which one?” Pholus asked.

“I… don’t know,” Bill sighed. “I’d rather not just be stuck in a room, but if it was with you two, I can think of worse fates.”

“And affecting so many people seems like a… recipe for unintended side effects. I’m not sure if I want to be the focus of a fertility cult or something,” Beth said. “Either of you want milk? I’m feeling a tad full.”

Pholus passed his mug towards Beth, and she added milk until it was nearly full, waiting for him to say stop. When she looked at him questioningly, he shrugged. “I like you a lot more than coffee.”

Beth blushed and adjusted her corset again, trying not to preen too hard. She reached out with her hand and held Pholus’s, already imagining what they’d do later that night. Judging by the sound of straining fabric underneath the table, Pholus was doing the same. And, from the small flock of confused looking horse girls that had been accumulating, they were going to be featuring in some fantasies.

Bill slammed his fist down on the table, breaking the spell. “Dammit, this is what I’m talking about. Beth, Pholus, I think I love you two. You are amazing and generous, and I’ve known you my entire life. And I also know you’re both insecure weaklings who got lucky enough to be blessed to not be… that. Like me. And … that’s a big deal, but… fuck… I don’t know how much more I can take. Does the sound of a herd of hundreds seem amazing? Hell yeah. Endless pregnant bellies, huge spires between people’s legs, people being milked, playing video games, working out, whatever. I really really want that. But… what it implies for so many people and what we know about each other and how we’d get there? I don’t know. It’s wrong.”

The flock of interested horse girls had stared dispersing as his rant got louder and more intense.

“Bill...” Beth said, taking his hand.

“Who fucking cares? Either they’ll remember and they’ll find it hot after the next change or reality will be rewritten and it doesn’t matter.” He sighed and lay his head on the table. “Fuck, my body is telling me that I need to go work out, eat, fuck something, in that order. And I want to do all of it. But… why the fuck is something being imposed on me, despite it being literally what my brain is programmed to want to do, so fucking annoying?”

Pholus had been remarkably quiet, sitting there and drinking his milky coffee. “All right… I think I might have a solution. This is Persephone having fun, right? We just need to reach the end in such a way that it’s not fun for her.”

Beth looked at him. “What do you mean?”

“She’s a fertility goddess, or goddess of the harvest. Similar, depends on what specific cult you want to look at, We might be bountiful, but… bounty doesn’t mean more. Okay, it totally means more, but I have an idea there.” Pholus pulled out his phone, browsing his contacts. “Beth, you’re still friends with people studying biochem?”

“Yeah, I think so...” Beth trailed off, as Bill poured an entire pot of coffee down his throat. “Can you explain?”

Pholus grinned as he started making a few calls, grabbing his computer from his bag and booting up R.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

“So, a major part of lion pack dynamics is the short reproductive age of male lions, they’re only virile for 2 to 3 years. The females remain fertile for much much longer, which means that there’s competition for the pride leader, despite the females being the ones that do everything,” Pholus said.

“All right….” Bill replied, a tad confused.

“And we’re basically paragons of sexuality,” Pholus continued.

“So?” Bill and Beth asked, after a few seconds of thought.

“Well, ever since we got phenomenal detection, I’ve been trying to see how much is ‘us’ versus people seeing us and wanting to tap it. And I grabbed Beth’s friend from school to try a moderately unethical experiment.” Pholus started smiling.

“Which is?”

“Our cum and milk versus Viagra.”

“… Excuse me?” Bill asked, confused and worried.

“Look, it’s pretty simple, they’ve both been approved for human consumption, Beth’s milk is a major part of the Stable’s popularity as an ice cream place, while our cum is used as a food safe additive and thickener for a number of protein shakes.”

“And you looked this up… when?”

Pholus scoffed. “You don’t think a studding company would allow that much product to go down the drains, do you?” He thought back to some half-forgotten negotiations. “Because we didn’t agree for it to be used for having babies, since we were still in high school. And dozens of our offspring are a lot harder to backwards justify than approval as a food additive, anyway.”

“And?” Beth asked.

“I told your friend that this region has a statistically significant increase of children for people who are upper middle class and higher, namely those more likely to be involved in the Stable.”

“… Are you serious?” Bill asked. “I thought you said that dozens of kids was hard to justify.”

Pholus sighed. “You two are way too trusting of reality as it appears. No, I did subgroup analysis until I found a K value of less than 0.05 and managed to backwards justify it as a connection to the Stable.”

“And what does this have to do with lions?”

“Mate, if we can improve on Viagra, we’ve just become more bountiful without producing more bounty. It’s seed going to waste in nursing homes, along with improving their cardiovascular health. We’d be beating the curse of the lions! It’s a better metaphorical connection than some of the shit Persephone has pulled,” Pholus said proudly.

Sarcastic clapping filled the room as the world froze. Bill groaned as a drop of coffee hung in midair rather than falling into his mouth. “Congrats. You managed to make people happy. Such a rebellious little mortal,” Persephone said, appearing in a white lab coat, splattered in… issue. “Now rather than encouraging mortals your age to have sex and be fruitful, or even being fruitful among each other, you’re the basis for a cure to age related ED and lack of sexual interest.”

She sighed. “I preferred the other rebellious actions. It was funny when you stripped naked as soon as I appeared, just like back home. This? Sure, you’re making people happy, but it’s so… boring. There’s no risk, no life.” She stroked her chin. “Maybe that’s the solution.. Not quite as… interesting, but… Oh well, let’s see.” She snapped her fingers, smirking over an undercurrent of annoyance. “Of course I could just break the theme, had a whole thing lined up where the pack dynamics shifted towards more of a lion’s pride, everyone just jumping on Pholus’s dick, but you do that anyway. Let’s… lean into the new.”

The now familiar world shift happened, Pholus and Bill wincing as burning lines traced their way through their balls, while Beth rubbed her suddenly aching chest. “Have fun!” Persephone said, fading from reality, until only her grin remained.

The world around Beth, Bill, and Pholus shifted a tad, the flock of interested horse riders blinked and walked off, and the room became more… comfortable. Beth and Bill were sitting in padded frames that helped support their bodies, rather than sitting on the ground. Pholus’s chair had a large cutout for his balls. Along the wall was what looked like a buffet, while a TV screen displayed the results of recent tests on their production, recommending different foods from the buffet. There was a countdown for the three of them.

Pholus walked over, reflexively drinking from a bottle that had appeared in his hand. “Guess… it worked?” he said tentatively. “At least, it’s just… us.”

Beth blushed, happy that she was included in the group. Bill’s stomach rumbled, and he headed over to the buffet, stocking up on foods that he wanted, strangely close to what the screen recommended, and grabbed a large protein shake. “So… what? We’re human cattle?”

Pholus shrugged. “I guess, if you want to look at that way. The other way you can look at it is that we get to spend all day hanging out, working out, eating, and being paid for the privilege. It’s like being sponsored as a body builder, except people will spend half the time staring at your dick rather than two thirds.”

Bill cocked a smile. “Eh, there’s worse jobs. Y’all want to get in a few rounds of Smash before the next milking?”

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

The stalls were a bit different. Larger, cleaner, more medical. The process was about the same, though the constant observation was a tad different. How… Pholus couldn’t describe it as anything but intense, though not in the fun way. It was aimed at maximizing extraction, a job, not because they wanted relief or to be with each other. He could remember the difference between when they’d been hanging out, just draining each other because of their overproductive systems, when they could really just enjoy each other’s presence and… you know… fuck because they liked each other. From the moment the lubed electrical stimulator had slipped between his experienced ass cheeks, to the moment the machine had dinged and he’d been allowed to leave, panting with the longest orgasm of his life… this just felt like work. Fun work, but work.

He laughed as he trudged down the hallway, Beth’s breasts swinging, Bill’s balls filling his view. He’d come a long, long way from wishing he could actually cum, and he felt just as unsatisfied.

“Ugh… so why were they intent on draining us completely?” Bill asked.

Pholus thought back to his days back as a biopharm major. “Basically our fluids have a natural hormone that stimulates people’s gonads. I may have happened upon it during our first orgy, and published a paper.”

“And we all just happen to have it?” Beth asked, a bit grumpily. She’d gotten a bit annoyed at how much her breasts changed from before to after milking, and the girdle showed it off a tad too much. They were still well oversized for her torso, but the cups lifting and separating really didn’t flatter her in the same way when she was this empty.

“You’re asking if the stacked cowgirl, virile centaur, and most hung man ever are oversexed?” Pholus laughed. Beth perked up a bit. It was going to take a bit of time to get over some of the insecurities from two worlds ago, and every complement sent a tingle across her clit.

“Why do we need to do this anyway? Surely if you identified what hormone causes this effect, they can synthesize it?” Beth asked.

“Not necessarily with hormones. Even some forms of birth control come from natural sources, such as pregnant mares, because…. Well, life is complex. And doctors certainly don’t give our stuff out without significant treatment and standardization procedures, but it really does depend on us. Which is why they want us to stick together and eat certain foods.”

Bill grunted, annoyed but accepting. “Just feels like I’m a...” He trailed off as he glanced at Beth, her black and white fur stark against the grey chair

“Don’t worry, I feel the same way too,” she agreed with him. “Feels… weirdly good? Like, it’s nice to know that people depend on me, even if it’s for something as simple as what I’d do anyway. Speaking of which, why don’t I have an udder? You’ve laid underneath my crotch often enough, playing with everything down there,” Beth asked Pholus.

Pholus coughed, and answered.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

The three weren’t allowed alcohol. Normally the constant stream of orgasms, even if they were mostly to her clit and with electrostimulation, didn’t make Beth regret it that much, but she really really wanted a stiff drink right about now. “What the fuck do you mean that I can’t have sex?”

“The doctors are 95% sure that you’d be able to take birth control without affecting your hormonal makeup,” Pholus began.

Bill finished, “The FDA doesn’t really care.”

Beth stared at her plate of food. She could remember all the pasts she’d been through. In three-quarters of them, Bill and Pholus were friends, outside the borders of acceptable sex. Extremely interested, the reason why she’d bought certain items off of certain online stores, loosening herself up just in case, even if she could never take them for real, but she’d finally been able to be stuffed with their meat, completely delirious with pleasure due to their thicknesses and caring touch. Now, she had an entire memory of being sexually satisfied by some of her best friends, and it had been torn away. And dildos cast on their exact dimensions absolutely didn’t help in the slightest. She remembered the sheer joy it was losing her virginity was on the night she got the corset still wrapping her torso.

Bill and Pholus had shifted from their normal places, hugging her closely. Her hormones were in overdrive from their proximity, their scents, knowing that they were right there, willing to fuck her until she couldn’t move, but unable to because she could get pregnant. And there wasn’t a condom yet designed to hold back their loads. They’d tried, but… Persephone had gotten her revenge a bit. The moment Pholus or Bill started, their loads literally became supernatural. It was the current topic of three research papers, one in biology, one in chemistry, and a physics paper related to a novel space propulsion design, though practical experimentation had been ruled out by three different ethics boards. And the email chain of trying to book a vomit comet to test the effects of cumming in orbit was still plastered on multiple cubicles at NASA.

“And if I got pregnant?” Beth asked, edging into semi-worn ground.

Bill responded. “You’re protected by law. You could get pregnant, develop an udder, and then we’d be able to fuck you as much as you’d want. And the doctors, FDA, and the AARP could shove it. Even before our tests on whether or not the hormone cocktail is biologically interchangeable.” He’d been going for pre-law when Pholus’s paper had attracted the attention of a couple pharmaceutical companies. After that, it’d been a bit harder to get internships when it was public knowledge that his cum could potentially brainwash a judge into supporting his argument in return for a quickie in their chambers. Turns out that “A better Viagra” makes for great human interest stories online and in print, even in prepub form.

Beth groaned, letting her face fall into her mashed potatoes. “And one of the Herculean tasks involved stealing a herd of cattle. Which probably means our kids,” she said, ignoring the gravy in her hair.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Bill and Pholus had done their best, but a fisting isn’t the same as a two foot cock cumming right against a cervix, as way too many memories showed. And every time they’d tired coitus interruptus, it had been a literal thrust before they’d painted Beth’s back and the wall behind her in cum. It’d gotten to the point that the doctors supervising the extraction had started devising tools to extract based on quickly placing a tube over their dicks, but Beth had put her hoof down. She wasn’t turning her ongoing sexual dissatisfaction into a profit making opportunity.

“Fuck it,” she said, one day on the way back from a milking session, her crotch blazing as she stared at Bill’s balls swaying and Pholus’s dick and balls tucked between his legs. The other two looked back, confused. “There’s nobody else I’d want to have kids with. Ever. Flat out. You two are my best friends, and we’ve been together long enough. I don’t care. Fuck me pregnant.”

Beth would have laughed at how quickly their dicks had hardened if it wasn’t for how horny she was, Persephone’s magic giving them a ninth wind just to rub it in. Beth blushed as she saw their dick lengthen and lengthen. It… really wasn’t often she saw them at full hardness given their… jobs. She could hear them shout and moan, but that was behind a barrier. She mostly depended on memory, and she could have sworn they’d just gotten more impressive from that point.

Pholus licked his lips, swallowing. “You sure? We don’t need to give in. We can find an alternative...”

Beth laughed. “Sure. But all the methods you’ve thought of involve Bill fucking a herd of horses.”

Bill neighed, then frowned, annoyed at his new expression of annoyance. “I’ll do it if it means you don’t need to have a kid.”

“But… in any other situation… I’d love to have a kid with you two. You’re amazing. I… I love you two. You’re my everything. It’s Persephone and my stubbornness saying no, not you two..,” she said walking up to them and pulling them close. That was a bit of a mistake. She could smell their musk, and it was reaching right down to her crotch. She could feel her slit opening, begging to be filled. She wanted them, she could remember years together. She could remember spending time with them, doing everything, just relaxed as they filled her, casually enjoying it because nothing felt more fulfilling. And if Persephone wanted them to have a herd together… well, she could imagine a worse fate. Especially if it meant that she wasn’t this fucking frustrated, even if her boobs were empty.

Pholus took a deep breath. “How do you want it?”

Beth started outlining a pretty simple fantasy that had been dominating her senses since she started this timeline.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

“This feels a tad…. Direct?” Bill said, forelegs over a breeding bar. Pholus nodded beneath him, cocks pressed together.

“Look, I’ve had you in both holes. I’ve never had both of you in a hole,” Beth said.

That was totally true. They wouldn’t have fit back then. Beth had spent a lot of time slowly working herself up to try to fit way too much back there, trying to alleviate the need she experienced every time she saw them thrusting into the fuck-sleeves they used multiple times a day. In a way it was… really awful, seeing them like that. In another, well… they all loved each other’s smells, and trying to do it on their own reduced output by nearly a third so… there had been a lot of kissing and groping, after they’d gotten the systems a bit more flexible.

But also…. It just felt fucking amazing being stretched just beyond what she could normally take. She loved feeling a burn in her holes, two massive dildos or plugs slowly forcing her muscles to gap well beyond what nature had ever intended, but what Bill and Pholus possessed, the knowledge that her body was literally made for them, just as Bill’s ass was the only other thing that could take Pholus’s huge throbbing shaft.

Beth squirmed against her milking harness, the suction cups running at well below capacity, her tail flicking back and forth as the motorized cart drew her two lover closer and closer.

She felt a pair of hands grab her ass, then another pair of hands join them and she moaned loudly, the pumps working aggressively to keep up. And that had just been their touch.

It was seconds later, but felt like days before she felt the first of their massive throbbing heads. Of course it was Pholus, ever since she’d heard about this stupid prayer, she been satisfied that he would always be the bigger man in the relationship, but it was barely before his head had slipped in that the broad flat stallionhood of Bill was pressing against her dripping slit. At one time, she may have considered a few inches enough to ruin a relationship, but… fuck, that was totally irrelevant against the feet of cock both of them had. She pushed back, trying to force the two inside, but was thwarted at the sheer diameter. It wasn’t something that she could easily handle at the best of times. The dildos they’d commissioned for her birthday were… undersized almost? Maybe not quite as inflated as they could be. Either way, she felt that delicious spread, more powerful even when she’d managed to fit a third toy into the mix, that absolute joy that she was broken for any man, horse, or dildo, tied to the biggest, most muscular, virile men in the entire w-

That was enough, just that knowledge. She came. She felt the build and crash peak, with her lovers barely halfway inside, her nipples absolutely spraying milk as Persephone’s curse hit with full vengeance, overwhelming the suction until it dripped onto the ground, too much milk for even custom designed overengineered systems to handle. She saw sparks, felt pleasure radiate up her spine, as she collapsed against the bounds holding her in place. Whatever euphemism she tried wasn’t going to encompass the level of pure rightness, joy, she felt knowing that her best friends and now lovers were able to give her. The only thing that could drive her higher was the feeling of a sea of cum filling her needy cunt.

Then it all disappeared.

“Fuck you, you bitch ass motherfucking cunt!” she screamed, even the afterglow stolen by the figure sitting on a horn of plenty, her juices dripping off the textured surface. “You knew what I wanted!”

Persephone smirked, her nipples pressing against her wrappings that pretended to be a toga. “Of course, but I’m not about to end this here. Kids add too much drama. But… let’s say that oh… the FDA was slightly less stuck up, or you decided to artificially induce lactation. I know your dad would have been a fan for you mastering your body like that. But… whatever it is, now you’ve been exposed to progesterone, and the paper says that the outcome is the same, so… let’s have some fun. I imagine that Pholus and Bill would probably love a slightly more hyperactive pair of balls, I know your indirect clients will. And that just adds to the deliciousness of it. You barely make it through your virginity not pregnant. You induce lactation, trying to get a bit more feeling out of the sheer virility of your boy toys, and now… now you’re stuck with it. Knowing that the moment that you’re off hormones, you’re going to be pregnant.”

Persephone’s grin faded into a sneer. “You’re all mine. You don’t have any freedom here. And it’s high time you realized it. Be thankful that you’re not 19 and pregnant, trying to explain why your life is as fucked up as it is. I expect a little more cooperation for the rest.”

Persephone slowly faded, the world mostly remaining the same. The three looked at each other, their supernatural libidos the only thing keeping this vaguely hot, when the change hit. For Beth, it was pressure in her… udder. She knew she had four nipples down there, Pholus had sucked them enough, but… feeling them press out, growing from buds into sausages, to almost dick sized lengths, memories of laying on her back as Bill and Pholus stroked them, sending shivers up her spine, as she played with herself, enjoying their company, as it shifted from merely comfortable to exploratory and sexual, seeing what they could do with their unique bodies… She’d tried to convince them to join her, but when they’d talked with a doctor they’d learned that their bodies produced too many male hormones. Even huge dosages would just… encourage their balls to swell. Which ended up happening, as one fun lecture from Bill’s absurdly uncomfortable mom had demonstrated, when the two had flooded out the bathroom, warping the floorboards, leaving the two of them forced to walk with bowling ball sized ‘nads. Then the next growth spurt had pushed them past that point, leaving Pholus barely able to walk as his entire reproductive system swelled even further. They’d needed to replace the pipes twice, and the smell of cum in the garden had taken weeks to go away. Even regular milkings at the horse track hadn’t done much.

Bill and Pholus lost it when their balls touched, then firmly pressed against each other. They unleashed, pouring mixed cum into Beth, barely halfway in. There was maybe five seconds worth of panting, confused, desperation as their bodies paused, their minds overwhelmed. Then the next wave hit.

Pholus and Bill could feel their cum regenerating, getting hotter, as it slowly pushed backwards towards their balls, new larger tubes growing, new glands developing, strange twisted passages building in their pelvises and balls, delivering new hormones and effects, slowly mutating to the point that any kid would be equally virile and fertile once puberty hit like a truck. Then what that implied hit like a brick wall of cum and shared love.

Beth screamed, her breasts swelling as new hormones crashed into her system, encouraged by her self-exploration of semi-legal chemicals, seeking for that much more joy. She could remember people making fun of the time that she’d made a presentation while her milk filled tits slowly turned her sweatshirt dark, the nipples on her breasts growing until she could hold them with her hands, leaving her moaning in the shower as she milked them until they ached. The memory of rubbing her lower four against her bed until she was a overwhelmed wreck at home, the sheer joy of the wet spots when she woke up and felt pressure, a strange mixture of pride and embarrassment as she needed to ask for another four milkers at the Stable. Bill and Pholus delighting in figuring out what they could do.

It was getting increasingly hard to remember anything that they did that wasn’t sexually tinged. But it wasn’t like they really cared when Bill and Pholus shouted their need and slammed forward, eagerly thrusting against each other, inside Beth, aching to reach her womb and fill it. Her tight tunnel, the familiar sensation of their dicks pressed against each other, stroking eagerly, it was… nothing other than bliss.

The trio felt complete, exactly as they should be, rutting each other like animals as their bodies and libidos roared their approval, Beth one cumshot away from being bloated by calf.

They came again. This time Beth clamped down, trying to welcome as much cum as she could, the hot liquid sending shivers up her spine, each spurt a tiny orgasm against the backdrop of bliss that was being turned into a cock sleeve for the largest guys in the world. After that orgasm, Bill and Pholus fell out of sync, thrusting on their own, borderline delirious by the sensation.

It was a long, wet night, and it continued, though just reflexively until the next morning, when the doctors walked in and sighed at the wasted product. Bill was balls deep, kissing and fondling Beth, Pholus completely submerged in their musk, still on the bench, cock and thighs glazed in cum. Beth was mostly passed out, her holes stretched until a bodybuilder could fist it without touching the sides, her nipples and udder properly drained for the first time in what felt like years. Beth murmured into Bill’s ear. “I really really love you two.” And gave him a kiss. Her thighs squeezed Pholus. Judging by his happy groan, he felt the same.


Part 7

Pholus looked down when he awoke, seeing a very familiar sight. A pillar bigger than anyone could take, with a pair of balls that could impregnate a Japanese city in a day. That particular measurement had been pretty funny at the time. Knowing that he produced up to 20 liters of cum with optimal nutrition was a bit less so. Especially given that it meant a cock hole he could stick his thumb down.

He’d done the math one time. He came over 11 meters (35 feet) a day. 11 meters of hypervirile hormone filled, supernaturally charged jizz, capable of either making him the most prolific father in history, or giving elderly men and women a good night out. He groaned, his hips popping as he shifted his weight, his balls large enough to force them apart at night. It hadn’t been as much an issue when he’d fallen asleep against Bill’s perfect ass, though the rug burn was a bit annoying, but waking up alone because all of them had been totally drained was… almost demoralizing. Their bodies couldn’t handle being together, at least not without a couple IV tubes to prevent them from totally dehydrating as their dreams became increasingly focused on bodies bathing in their cum and pregnant bellies… He groaned in frustration as that mere thought was enough to soak the bedspread, his body eager for another day of release.

He rolled out of bed, muscles tensing to hold up his swaying sack, as he forced it behind his legs. He remembered when a jockstrap could contain his body. Not anymore, as his dick and balls rested comfortably against his knees, constantly dripping a stream of cloudy pre. They’d given up on living at home. It was just… too much. Their parents and siblings affected by the cloud of musk that constantly followed them, the therapy sessions for dealing with inadequacy. Bill had even gotten a paternity test, his dad unable to quite believe that his son was…

As usual Pholus’s breath was taken away when he saw best friends. They radiated an aura of… he couldn’t describe it as anything other than attraction, even when they were matted, smelly, and drinking their first chemically balanced shake of the morning. He grabbed his, and joined them, settling into his usual spot, pelvis thanking him for giving his balls some support against a molded padded surface.

“So… what’s left?” he asked, sipping.

“Same as usual. A day of fun fucking some tubes and then a night of fun fucking some tunnels,” Bill said, as Beth blushed, her nipples tenting already.

“And what about Persephone?” Beth asked, unable to resist pressing her shoulders back, her nipples leaking against the fabric.

Bill made a face. “Cerberus, Cattle, and Hind,” he confirmed. “I have no idea what the Hind would be. Cerberus could be three puppies if we wanted to get it over with… Cattle, ugh, I don’t even what to think about it.”

Beth made a face. “Look, you two are amazing as partners, and my sex life has never been better in any of my memories, but… fuck, Pholus can barely walk. I don’t want to give her ideas. I’m not even sure what three puppies would encourage her to do.”

“What is a hind anyway?” Pholus asked. “I know it has to do with the Argonauts, but I don’t remember much about it.”

“I think it’s a legendary leather bit of fabric. They killed a something and skinned it, before the Ship of Theseus lost the entire crew in tragic Greek hubris,” Bill said.

Beth groaned. “No, that’s the Golden Fleece. The Hind was a deer,” she said. Sometimes the boy’s habit of sneaking off in the middle of class and flooding the third floor bathroom meant that they lacked a certain experience with the classics. Of course, she joined them extremely frequently, but she at least would look stuff up.

The other two looked surprised. “I thought that was a good flow. The Argonauts was a cool story,” Bill said. “So many possibilities to break it.”

“So… what? You thought we needed to look for a golden piece of vellum and... we’ll, what? Grow to the size of boats?” Beth joked.

Bill’s face went white, as he stared at the TV. Normally, it was running porn, to help them get in the mood and raise the baseline level of horny. This time… there was a line of the interchangeable doctors the three of them vaguely remembered hanging around. Pholus remembered his paper that had changed their lives, that had been years ago. Since then, they’d been reacting to each other, becoming larger and larger, producing more and more, tests to increase their output being trialed and run, always accepted when they were horny enough, as in any time between when they’d doused the bedroom with their morning wood and when they got to breakfast.

There was a person on screen. Talking about the Nobel Prize in Medicine. Apparently ratcheting up Humanity’s horniness and average dick/bust size had had some… effects. It wasn’t exactly the fix to everything, but, it was undeniable that violent crime rates had fallen, and the endemic declining population had been halted. Thanks to them.

And, with the gold medal, came a vellum certificate. “Fuck you, Persephone,” Bill groaned.

The world shifted, Persephone laughing at taking their exact words. Wasn’t like there was a such thing as a definitive myth anyway, just what people remembered.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Bill, Beth, and Pholus couldn’t remember the last time they’d walked. They were too heavy, their bodies too needy. Most of the day was passed in a haze of jizz, milk, and injections. So many IVs to keep them hydrated and producing at maximum rates.

It had been… sort of an ego thing at first. Bill and Pholus, showing off to each other. Pholus had been the one to respond most favorably. Bill regretted the day he’d grown longer than his torso, his chest pressing against his massive shaft when he was standing. The moment he’d finally been larger than his best friend. That’s when Pholus had asked for a few more of the experimental treatments. Beth had followed suit. She used to be able to reach the ground with her front legs. Then had come the harness, since there was too much pressure. Her growing breasts had fixed that soon enough. The surgeries to deal with her legs being spread too wide weren’t… a good memory.

Still, they’d encountered the same. Growing well beyond anything reasonable. Nothing that could possibly fit in… to be honest anything.

Occasionally they all emerged from their libido induced haze at once. And managed to catch a game of Smash. To chat. To enjoy a good meal together, rather than just the IVs.

Occasionally, it felt like Persephone won. They were trapped in their bodies, a slave to their lusts, exactly where she wanted.

“Bill?” Pholus asked, voice a bit rusty from not speaking except to moan, or scream.

“I’m here,” Bill replied. It’d taken a couple trucks, but they’d managed to arrange themselves so that they could hold hands. It… helped. It really helped, even when they couldn’t consciously squeeze back. All three of them together.

“You two up?” Beth asked, squeezing Bill’s other hand.

“Yep.” “Yeah,” Bill and Pholus said.

“Two more to go. Cerberus and the Cattle,” Bill said after a few seconds of silence.

“You really want to tempt her?” Pholus asked, looking in front of him, his cock most of the length of the warehouse, his balls larger than the average suburban pool.

Beth laughed, exhausted already. “Fuck it. We’ve been through this shit together.”

The three sat there in silence for a minute, desperately holding onto each other. “Thank you. For being here. Helping me stay sane,” Bill said.

Pholus laughed a bit. “I should say the same thing. I’d still rather be here than in Greece.”

Beth groaned, as the automated fuck machine behind her started up, signaling that they’d reached the limit of their synced break. “You know… I don’t regret it. You two were amazing. I loved watching you two grow. And I loved how much you helped me grow.”

Pholus felt the familiar shock of the prostate stim kicking into gear. “Bill, Beth… I love you two. There’s nobody I’d prefer to be with.”

Bill felt his two best friends dissolve into mindless pleasure, knowing that there was only so long until he joined them. He tried to slump, held in place by hormone and full body orgasm built muscle. In front of him, Persephone faded into reality. “So… you know where Cerberus is?” she asked, looking down at the trio.

“Us,” Bill said confidently. “Three minds, effectively one body, trapped in Hades.”

Persephone grinned. “And this is what happens when mortals try to win against a Greek god-”

“Except this isn’t defeat. We’re here, together, and none of us would exchange that for anyone. We might not see each other often, but it just makes our time together that much sweeter. And who cares if we can’t fuck. We’re in a long distance relationship, but I can smell Pholus and Beth any time I want. I can feel their touch on my skin.” Bill made a twisted smile. “Persephone, this is exactly what I wanted. I’m shamed that I tried to have a bigger dick than Pholus in this reality, but I got the perfect lovers, and we’re going to make it through all this.” His smile widened into an ironic, but surprisingly genuine grin. “Thank you. For what it’s worth. You answered my prayer. And I think you did the same for Beth and Pholus.” He squeezed his lover’s hands, even if the last time they’d had sex was years ago, as he heard his own electrostim unit start to charge.

As it unleashed, sending his brain into near unconsciousness, he saw Persephone staring at the trio, with an inscrutable expression on her face.

And he felt the same increasingly familiar shift in the world, as everything changed.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

“Oh my fucking god, get some pants on you perv!” A familiar shout rang out across the backyard, as Bill blinked his way awake.

“Come on, Jane, I know you love staring at Pholus,” Bill said reflexively, years of chiding his sister on her borderline worship of his boyfriend easily rising to his lips. He managed to catch her blushing as she turned heel and stormed off.

The sun had barely risen, Jane had probably been sent to check on the trio in case they wanted to go to the gym at the Stables before the dressage competition started. Bill relaxed into the chair, confident that Pholus, Beth, and him could go a day without spending time around a horse. Or cow for that matter.

He rolled over, and happily stared at his boyfriend, his uncircumcised cock draped over his leg, balls resting heavily on the chair’s padding, a pair of glasses nearby. Beth was looking pretty great too, her large firm breasts a counterpoint to her thin waist and hint of abs. A number of veins ran across her overswollen chest, her thick nipples almost looking painfully erect.

His own cockhead pushing past his bellybutton shocked him enough to wake up fully, and look around. The bonfire they’d set in his parent’s backyard had burnt out fully, the empty bottles helping to explain why they were naked. Though… he fondly remembered the yoga session from yesterday where he’d been able to spend an hour staring at his lovers’ hairless snatch and balls…. They’d gotten pretty used to nudity at school.

Pholus and Beth slowly stirred, as they heard Bill’s parents drive off before they had to deal with his perverted friends leading him down a path of sin and debauchery. Pholus looked at Bill with a lazy satisfied smile on his face. “How are you doing, cutie?” he asked, before stretching and sitting up, Bill’s cock jumped at the sight of his lats and abs accentuated by the stretch.

Beth reached down and felt herself, shivering as her hands passed her sensitive nipples, coming back wet with milk. “Ugh… I feel so full… you two want a protein shake? Or at least to help me unload?”

A murmur of horny assent and they stood up, build, perfectly tanned bodies in the early morning light, hard and soft in all the right places, then walked in doors. It took Beth and Pholus to realize how much different the world was now, and they looked at Bill. “So… we won?” Pholus asked, hesitantly.

Bill shrugged. “You’ve read enough Greek tragedies that you know there isn’t a ‘winner’,” he said. “I just… didn’t say that we lost. And I guess that was enough. Even when our lives were all sex, us being together was enough.”

Beth laughed. “Look at you trying to add a moral when my boobs could displace a ship.”

Bill shrugged. “Hey, Demeter is the vindictive one. Persephone… probably has a caustic view of relationships.”

“So… milking, then working out?” Pholus asked, trying to move the conversation on from the gods when they’d been so recently the subject of one of their displeasure. “Rather than doing comparative religion?”

Beth grabbed her familiar milking kit, and a few calcium supplements. She sat down on a towel, already starting to rub against the soft fabric, her nipples hardening back up until they pointed aggressively out.

Bill and Pholus settled into a familiar routine of helping her milk, occasional brushes against each other teasing, promising for a fun time during the workout, and a lengthy cleaning session of the wrestling mat. They hugged, panting, cocks at full attention, as Beth panted and moaned her way through her first orgasm of the day, playing with her hormonally grown clit. “You two are the absolute worst,” she said, as the suction ran dry and she finally could finish bottling and putting away her morning’s production.

Bill and Pholus grinned, and turned towards her, a line of spit linking their mouths as the pulled apart, revealing their almost inhumanly long dicks, Pholus’s slightly longer, Bill’s maybe a tad thicker with the hint of a ring about halfway up.

“I’m sure you feel the same way when we’re tied up and you’re bouncing on us at the same time,” Pholus said, hand gently rubbing both of them, holding them vertical so they could comfortably hug.

“Or when you peg both of us at the same time. Seriously where the hell do you find something bigger than our boyfriend?” Bill asked, ass reflexively tightening at the memory.

Beth blushed happily, her nipples and clit hardening again. “Come on, let’s get a workout in today. This time, you’re not tapping out until I’m finished.”

“You have some IV lines set up?” Pholus asked.

The trio laughed easily, as they opened the door, heading into the soundproofed basement.

The trio looked forward to the rest of their summer vacation. Beth loved her corset. Pholus loved his muscular boy and girlfriend, and Bill certainly wasn’t complaining. It was a summer of bliss in the normal college experience, Pholus studying pre-med, Bill studying pre-law, Beth enjoying their pre-cum and debating a degree in fertility medicine. They felt pretty confident about the outcomes, after all, they’d gone through it at least once before. The sound of kissing and giggling emanated from the still open door, slowly replaced by the sound of weights hitting pads.

Back in the garden, an ancient statue that had been there forever, but none of the trio could remember being there forever yesterday, stood. It looked dejected, like it had lost a contest, as it reared back showing its hardened genitals to the world, a Horn of Plenty on one ear. And, yes, it was just slightly smaller than Pholus.

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